Captain America and The Rocketeer

  • Frid

    Hi guys, love your show. I wonder if you did the “Friends with benefits”-clp deliberately as a joke?

  • Richard Abbott

    Red Skelton? Wow – I though he was dead.

  • Mr. Dick

    I am displeased with your comic book knowledge.

  • JohnWaynman

    I think it was a combination of the understated performance by the main characters (undoubtedly a wish fulfilment, nothing seems to get to Captain America or shatter his fearlessness, but still), Tommy Lee Jones phoning it in in a way that has to be seen to be believed, as well as Hugo Weaving having just a little bit too much fun with the role, and the, indeed, very “formulaic” plot development hiding behind the woolly, foggy “period piece” atmosphere..

    It has all the elements of a movie… but somehow seems to resemble one rather than being one.

    But I saw all that in a rather positive way, as it’s a very uplifting and fun movie. It’s just I can kinda see their point.

  • JohnWaynman

    Yea, now don’t be coming crying and weeping with your gender issues here, PLEASE.

    First of all, CA is an entirely male-centered wish fulfillment film – if it’s anyone’s shallow fantasy to become strong and hot and get the girl, it’s the male viewer’s. Not a misogynistic movie, and undoubtedly relatable for many women, that’s still the focus.

    Secondly, of course, you’re just citing gender cliches from stand up routines, not so much reality – because for every woman complaining about “shallow men”, there will be one openly swooning over some “hottie” with awesome sweaty abs.
    Why can’t the women have their eye candy?

    And thirdly, this movie simply doesn’t fall into that line, he makes the transformation after only a few scenes they have together, and then it still takes a while until a romance surfaces.
    There’s no “you like him now because he’s hot” vibe going on anywhere, you should rather watch Slither for that.

    And hey, at the end of the day, why should she be interested in dating some skinny small guy if she’s just not into that kind of thing? I hear jealousy shining through – go resolve your issues somewhere else, please.

  • JohnWaynman

    Uh, no, this movie makes far, far more sense than the prequels – and it has more likeable, sympathetic actors/characters and better lines.

    I could go into detail, but that would be wasted on you anyway.

    (As for the “patriotism”, it’s set in a “fantasy counterpart” universe, and doesn’t sing odes to politicians and military leaders – there’s just the overall sentiment of America being on the “good side” and showing a bunch of characters that happen to be very positive.
    They also don’t show how bad the Nazis could get, after all. Or even the Empire. It’s just a “fighting cartoon nazis” fantasy flick, get over it.

  • George Superman

    Thats actually a true story.

    On the other hand the guy could eat more and work out more right? Or have an interesting job? Or have a good paying job?

    I mean: If he were an artist (for example) even looking like that hed be knee deep in p$@$ believe you me.

    Also if I learned anything during my whole life: being nice will not make the girl sleep with you. Shit@##$ on your hand has a more chance of making her sleep with you. Dont know why, always found it stupid.
    With a little effort its not that hard to be confident and not as nice though so her not interested in him is his fault I think. Unless one is horribly obese or disfigured or crippled one can really get any girl if he does and says the right things. Really.

  • yankeepunk3000

    I actually didn’t like the first part of captian america. . .i hated the dancing and singing crap. . .but i didnt like the second part either, it was overall a bad movie for me. . .
    P.S. the ending to this vid made me laugh soooo bad. . .I watched it twice laughed so hard

  • Kidakor

    That’s more a prejudice of the white, skinny, male writers than a double standard of women…

  • Rocketeer was a favorite as a “kid.”

    K, bye

  • At 15:45 I had to stop. I occasionally disagree with you guys on certain elements of critique, but the Rocketeer is, in fact, one of my hands down favorite films of all time. It was just so good. Telling a good, fairly easy to digest, adventure story in a mature, fun manner should be the ultimate goal of most filmmakers and this had it in spades. *applause*

  • DrWholigan

    Kay, but wouldn’t they have been in their own segregated units? The black guy definitely would have been. And didn’t the guy say he was specifically Japanese? Does that matter since that’s who “the enemy” was? It’s a popcorn movie anyways, it’s just a little insulting to our intelligence to pretend we were always as racial-equality-minded as we are today

  • Agarax

    He formed his unit from the guys he rescued from a POW camp, so I imagine that the soldiers there were from a mix of units.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely Hollywood playing the diversity game, however it is still not too far fetched.

  • You’re a very mysterious man, Christopher “Battles”.

  • If I recall Cap’s diverse unit was just them combining Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos with Captain America.

  • Enda Rochford
  • JJtoob

    I’ve always liked Rocketeer, especially the girl, she was my inspiration in my younger days if you know what I mean.

  • JJ

    I feel like I should say that all those things you guys had a problem with are actually things from the comic book. Those random guys are the Suicide Squad and the cube is the Cosmic Cube, which has significance to the Avengers storyline.

    The problem I saw with the movie was that they needed to do a whole era of Captain America comics and condense it all into a single movie so that they could timeskip him over to the current day so he could be present for the new movie.

  • Red Skelton is in it? Fuck yes I’m watching it now!

  • She was heavily based on popular pin-up model Bettie Page

  • decora

    your comment taught me one thing. i am glad i grew up and don’t think like you anymore.

  • Marvel clearly cared little for those of us truly invested in the Captain America character! I mean, the last line of the movie is “I had a date” and yet the post-credit sequence is just a trailer for The Avengers? I wanted to see Steve Rogers track down his love interest Peggy, finding her senile and decrepit in some retirement home and then promptly make sweet love on her! Disappointing.

  • meyoume

    The first half was Captain America origin, the second half was a set up for the avengers.

  • splimis

    Plinkett has a car? Oh god.

  • Cole Christie

    we have to keep in mind the movie is suppose to be a throw back to old hollywood so things like that should be expected

  • Sully

    The Rocketeer is one of my top 5 comic book movies of all time. Good ‘ol fashioned, classic, filmmaking at its best. Tonally it was perfect.

  • Morbo

    The best part of The Rocketeer is at the end when Timothy Dalton smirks “I’m going to miss Hollywood.” Then he crashes into the Hollywoodland sign and takes out the “land” part.

    So he did miss Hollywood.

  • steve trevor

    Is Jennifer Conelly back when she wasn’t a skeleton

  • Mike Jakermen

    I don’t know if this post is suppose to be saying anything positive about women or not.

  • tre_tokyo

    if you want to know why asians are put in movies like this, you should check out the versions of marvel movies that are released in china. the asian characters are re-written, with prolonged scenes (with the movie’s actors sometimes) to reflect what i’m guessing is possible social morales that the american characters don’t portray. for example, there is a ten minute long scene added to iron man 3 where the chinese doctor prattles on to a nurse about something. i don’t speak the language, but from the way he’s introduced at the beginning of the film, it looks like he’s speaking about how he will be the one to save tony stark’s heart despite the insult (making him the true hero, i guess?) it’s the whole green-hornet-called-“the kato show”-in-china thing. which is *fine*, y’know… whatever. but it does degrade the quality and vision of the filmakers who are aware they have to put these things in their movies for money’s sake.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    This was the first Half in the Bag episode I saw, 1 year ago. I remember thinking why did the Mr. Plinkett from the Star Wars reviews and the beginning of this very episode sound different from the one that appears later.

    Of course, over the past year I’ve watched most of the videos they have done, and I have even seen one of their movies, Feeding Frenzy.

    This has to be my favorite independent movie company (or whatever the fuck it is). I just hope they keep doing their amazing job. Love ya, Red Letter Media! (truth is, it does sound like a porn company, you are totally right)

  • HEYitsnotbraindead

    yeah maybe on the baycrap movies they said that but when you listen to the actual people who made the original Transformers show (and comics and the like) said they wanted to stay far away from a toy commercial type show”lets forget the toys and make the best show we can” sure it has it goofs (like ANY show) but i give people like Flint Dille (TF show) Simon Furman (TF comics) Bob Forward (TF Beastwars) and really Bob Budiansky (who actually gave the toys their names, personalities and wrote the basic story of the TF universe) allot of credit. they made an effort into trying to create entertainment. its ironic don’t you think that the live action movies (not the first time TF was in live action btw) have pee pee, scrotum and humping jokes yet the ‘toy commercial’ shows have concepts like friendship, betrayal, cost of war, love, death, conquest, resistance, all the good stuff. even more so in the comics and spin-off shows like Beastwars. its a shame that all the work THESE people have done to attempt to create quality only for an ass like Bay to come round and go ”pee, pee hihi”

  • stripeyunderpants


  • Reuben Isuck Andsodoyou

    Especially after Bond.

  • Max Kohnke

    The Rocketeer, an under-appreciated film.

  • Canadian Guy

    Hey, Love you guys. But fucking hell, park the bigoted Americophile “history” crap. FYI -442 Regiment, 100th Infantry Battalion and 552 Artillery were composed almost entirely of Japanese Americans whose families where in internment camps. 442 was the most highly decorated unit in your army in WWII. 6,000 Japanese Americans also served in your Military Intelligence Service. Black soldiers fought in every Allied army in WWII. In your army, in Europe, black soldiers formed the 452 Anti-Aircraft Battalion, the 761 Tank Battalion and the Tuskegee Airmen. Over 120,000 black men fought in your army in over 60 regimental and battalion sized formations. Black soldiers were integrated with white-only formations to fill out the ranks to hold the lines in the Battle of the Bulge. Also, handicapped and injured soldiers served in your armies on all fronts -and included your WWII Commander and Chief.

    The appearance of foreign, wheel-chair bound, black and asian soldiers in Captain America is firmly grounded in historical fact.

    So, for the love of Christ, stick to film criticism, and go take a history course before you vomit bigoted shit about your history and peoples!
    lovingly yours
    Canadian Guy

  • Pissernacht

    Uh…fuck Canada?

  • Canadian Guy

    Na, we’re unfuckable. Beat you guys down 3 times don’t forget. Anyway, I don’t think you unerstand da words dat are commin outta ma mouth -“you ain’t as bad as everyone tinks you is, yous did good shit with good peoples in dat second war, so stop tryin to deny it.”

    Jeez -sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be nice…

  • Pissernacht

    …so basically what you’re saying is, “yeah, Canada likes taking it in the rear from guys who drink cheap beer”.

    Got it.

  • Canadian Guy

    Boy, that was some logical jump you made there. I think you lost me with your amazing mental gymnastics. BTW -you guys don’t have beer. But that’s ok, just as long as you keep buying our expensive oil and keep us all filthy rich and our free medical care affordable.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    You are wrong. Regiments were segregated in WWII just as Mike says, you would never see white and black soldiers fighting in the same unit as you see in Captain America. You go off on a psychotic megalomaniacal rant when it has noting to do with the points made. Mike isn’t claiming that African and Japanese Americans didn’t serve in the war, merely that in a unit with whites you wouldn’t see them. Checkmate atheists.

  • Canadian Guy

    Wow. Delusion at its finest. If I am wrong then your official army history is wrong, as is the historic record of the combined armed forces of the entire British Empire. Mike claimed no Japanese soldiers could be in the movie because they would be in camps -but your most highly decorated regiment was Japanese, and Japanese served in your forces. Check
    Mike says blacks and whites did not serve together -but they did ALL THE TIME. Black Americans and Africans served along side and within British Empire forces, they also served alongside and integrated with your forces, as I mentioned, at the Battle of the Bulge, and under white officers in most “black only” units, etc.. You also assume, for some unfathomable reason that all the blacks in the movie are American -talk about megalomania- you win on that score for sure. Check
    But aside from all of that, it is a fictional movie about a fictional superhero, in a fictional world. Anything is possible in science fiction and fantasy, except, apparently the acceptance of minority groups. Looks like there are still cultural barriers even in the world of the imagination. Its so sad.

  • Canadian Guy

    Oh, look at this, black and white soldiers in the same unit in Italy. Must be Photoshopped.

  • Canadian Guy

    This black soldier getting a medal on a WW2 war ship from Nimitz didn’t happen either.

  • Canadian Guy

    Oh my god, this is impossible. An Asian female aviator in WWII. I must have created this photo with my magic computer Photoshop thing. Because I am “wrong” and this never happened.

  • Pissernacht

    What the hell? Who drank all my Tsingtao?

    …bastards keep running off with my beer…anyway, happy to help!

  • Canadian Guy

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

    … isn’t it a crime to take a guys beer in the States? Up here we drive beer thieves to the city limits and abandon them in the freezing wastes to die alone, unloved and unburied. Polar bears and wolves general eat the carcasses.

  • Hale

    The point is that it wasn’t the norm though. It happened, but it was extremely, EXTREMELY uncommon. You usually don’t see WWII movies with the degree of racial integration that was in Captain America unless it’s about a specific unit that did practice this. And even then, they say quite clearly that it works to an extent because in this because it’s a historic-fantasy film.

  • Canadian Guy

    The point is that they question the “historical accuracy” of the appearance of black and asian men in a movie in which there is a fictional superhero, and a fictional guy with a red skull trying to make use of an alien energy source to power a bomber that was never built, for an evil organization that did not exist, and wherein all German soldiers nonsensically spoke English to each other. I think we can let the film off the hook for its “unbelievable” and “inaccurate” use of visible minorities that “obviously” pander to “political correctness”.

  • Pissernacht

    Jesus! You know what? There’s a lot we can we learn from Canada…where I come from there’s usually just fisticuffs involved in beer theft, but you guy? Shit, bringing NATURE into the equation…well that just seems all kinds of right.

  • Name

    Hahaha you put way too much importance on nationality, “Canadian Guy”. Basing your identity around your country is pretty sad. Also go back to youtube and stop that racist-ass shit like “you unerstand da words dat are commin outta ma mouth”. That’s fucking terrible.

  • Canadian Guy

    Americans base their entire identity around their nation. Why would anyone else doing that be odd to you? Oh… unless you believe in United States exceptionalism, where every rule, law, precedent, norm, policy, behaviour, attitude, act and expectation are unique to the US and you are beholden to no one, and no one else can hold themselves to your self-proclaimed righteous standards. So no one else can be a nationalist or patriot because that is against your interests and parochial bias of the US as the only place on earth worthy of nationalist and patriotic allegiance. How very quaint.
    Racism you little turd DOES NOT EXIST. Because there are NO RACES. There is bigotry and discrimination based on class, colour, culture, sex, gender, nationality, origin, language, and a lot of other stuff. And until a person ACTS in a way that prevents a person or group from living their lives as they choose it is nothing but words. Have a good long think about that -person with no “name”- coming from a country with no human rights legislation, millions of poor, no universal health care, miserable social programs, third-world level education and health outcomes, the biggest national debt in the world, legislated discrimination against pregnant women and “minority” groups, and that has not ratified one single international human rights convention.

  • Name

    I love watching you extrapolate so much random shit about me that is all false lol. You have serious insecurity issues when you have to write an essay every time your precious patriotism is questioned. I feel like you watch movies and the news and are upset that no one gives a shit about Canada so you take to the Internet to whine about the States so people will notice you. It’s funny though so please go on.

  • Canadian Guy

    How do you know I am Canadian? By my online handle? You must work for the CIA: see everything, know nothing. Luckily you are getting your asses handed to you once again in Russian Crimea. When will you ever learn humility?

  • Name

    Please keep going. I love watching you try to grasp for straws because you want to make me as mad as you are I guess? But sorry I don’t live in the US…

  • Canadian Guy

    Dude I am so totally not angry. I couldn’t care where you live. You are still gormless.

  • Canadian Guy

    🙂 haters gotta hate. I don’t hate anything or anyone. Anger won’t solve anything, nor will pretense, cynicism, disavowing responsibility, Teflon rhetoric or a stand-offish holier than thou attitudes.

  • Name

    Perturbed enough to post two replies to get your point across I guess. I’m sorry I have upset you sir, there’s no need for insults… however quaint they may be.

  • Lat

    Dude, they never once said that it was strange that these different people were fighting in the war, they said it was funny how Captain America had a team of people of different nationalities. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when the comics were written, no such team was assembled.

  • Canadian Guy

    🙂 I’m not letting these Wisconians hurt me. I love their stuff and think they have a brilliant take on film criticism, particularly in the manner in which they clinically and mercilessly conduct their vivisection of Lucas’ Star Wars “movies”. But when they get all stupid when it comes to bigotry and politics I’ve just got to challenge their intellectual laziness. Its a weakness of mine I guess.

  • Cameron Vale

    But don’t you think it’s possible that the people who made Captain America didn’t actually know their history at all, and that you’re just an apologist making up excuses for why their movie is accurate? Also, why are you explaining that black people actually did fight in WWII? Mike said that himself in the video. Your comment would be very hostile, if it wasn’t completely insane.

  • Canadian Guy

    The idea that commenting out of ignorance is excusable for guys that spend as much energy and time as these do on understanding cinema, content, etc.. is really not on. MIke said they fought, but segregated, and as such that they would not be in “mixed” units as shown in this movie -about which he says that the mix of black and white soldiers gives the movie a more Vietnam vibe. He also contextualises the Captain America team as an international group. So not only do these guys demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the degree to which frontline troops mixed it up in combat, he assumes that segregation was the norm in all other allied armies. Hence the presentation of a mixed Captain America team is said to make no sense and to detract from the movie. In fact, the presentation of mixed international teams shows a much clearer picture of the real WWII, is refreshing to see in cinema of any genre, and enhances the movie in every way.
    My comment is hostile. It is insane to think that we can forever pretend that our white forefathers define historic reality, that the US experience defines the experience of others, or that ignorance is an excuse for bigotry.

  • Bly12

    That’s Doris “Dorie” Miller, a cook, just as Mike said.

  • Bly12

    That’s at a base. While they were at the same base, they were still segregated.

  • Canadian Guy

    And? Does the role matter? He is a sailor, serving in “mixed” company (which apparently never happened), who fought for his country, and is being rewarded for his bravery. He is an example of hundreds of such instances.

  • Canadian Guy

    Nope. They were not. As you can see in the photo, and as we know from the reality on the ground. And since when does being “at a base” negate the observation that blacks and whites in your armed forces served together? You can’t claim they never fought along side whites and then draw a line around every instance where it can be shown that they did, saying that that is an exception.

  • Canadian Guy

    Dude you insulted me from the second line of your first post. Get used to being slapped down. When you sow ignorance and insults you can expect to get them thrown right back at you.

  • Panda

    You are very confused. As a fellow Canadian I would advise you to quit correcting foreigners on their own history.

    It’s very hard to tell what you’re trying to say. I think your final points end up in contradiction to your first ones. It’s also hard to tell where you draw the line between historical discussion and film criticism. You need to organize your thoughts more cohesively if you want anyone to take your points seriously.

    It’s fun to get mad, though. I get it.

  • Bly12

    Please read this:

    Segregation existed in the military until 1948 when Harry Truman abolished it via executive order. I’ll retract what I said about them only living together in bases. They also fought “together” but different regiments fought together constantly. African Americans were also given the harder missions in the war.

    Also, on the other comment about Dorie Miller you said “hundreds of examples” presumably of African Americans winning medals. That’s not exactly true either.

  • Bly12

    Actually, the United States itself invaded Canada only twice. Once in the American Revolution and once in the War of 1812 in very poorly planned strategies.

    In the 1930’s, the United States developed a plan to invade all of its neighbors, specifically Canada, just in case.

  • Canadian Guy

    Oh man. Start at the top. Watch the video. Listen carefully. Then read my first comment. The critique made in this episode is that Captain America’s international team could not have non-whites because units where segregated in WWII. They conflate their perception of US military history with every other allied army on the ground in Europe, to conclude that non-whites appearing in the movie panders to political correctness and detracts from the movie. Their first premise is flawed and what follows is a cascade of idiocy.

  • Canadian Guy

    The “segregated” minority groups that are said by Mike and Jay to have not participated in combat roles in the war (such as Asians and blacks), and as such could not be reasonably presumed to be in Captain America’s international team, won hundreds of awards for their combat roles in the US forces and thousands across all the allied armies. The highest decorated regiment in US forces in WW2 was comprised largely of Japanese Americans.
    Under Lieutenant General Lee over 2,000 black Americans were assigned to white combat units as early as December 1944, and the first black Brigadier General was integrated into a mixed-colour command structure.
    This is aside from the tens of thousands of Asian and black men and women who served in allied armies across Europe, who could have comprised Captain America’s international team.

  • Canadian Guy

    3 times. Your revolt and 1812. Then in the 1860’s the United States acting as a rogue nation gave comfort and support to Fenian terrorists who launched raids into Canada. We mobilised over that and then created a confederation of British colonies that became Canada.

  • Cameron Vale

    Mike was obviously talking about American forces, not Allied forces in general, that’s why he said “black soldiers fought in WWII, they even fought in the Civil War.” And Captain America’s team did contain a Brit and Frenchman, but they were still American.

  • Mike Jakermen

    Guys Guys. This is based on a Comic Book. Not World History. If we can have a man with Super Strength beating up on a Guy with a Red Head. Then we can Have Whites, Blacks and Asian shooting Rayguns at Nazis.

  • Canadian Guy

    Agreed! That’s what I also said about two months ago in various posts. But apparently the majority of commentators are hung up on the idea that minorities are in the movie, and actually were in the war. Which utterly fascinates me. So I’m pushing back. Here’s from one of my older posts.

    “…it is a fictional movie about a fictional superhero, in a fictional world. Anything is possible in science fiction and fantasy, except, apparently the acceptance of minority groups. Looks like there are still cultural barriers even in the world of the imagination. Its so sad.”

  • Akeuw

    Just a reminder that if you don’t cook your burgers on the grill then it is not a real burger.

  • Joe Syxpac

    What an odd conversation. On one side we have a Canadian telling the US how progressive their military was and on the other side we have “Nuh-uh! We were super-duper racist!”

    Usually it’s the other way around.

  • Canadian Guy

    Much of the US government system is wrecked and morally your country is standing on quicksand. But the US has an enormous number of wonderfully level headed people who award merit and see value in everyone. Sometimes you are too hard on yourselves. Sometimes too soft. Somehow it always seems to be applied to the wrong issue. Love Captain America! But ditch the A on the forehead and the rouge blanc et blue tutu.

  • Joe Syxpac

    To quote Cap “You think the letter on my head stands for France?”

    If you take a character that was developed specifically for propaganda then take away all the propaganda than you may as well make a whole new character.

    It’s better to let Captain America be Captain America, otherwise you end up with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

  • JudgeDredd

    At the risk of being accused of being a “Nolan fanboy” Batman Begins is a terrible fucking example…as the conflict stems both from the prota-gonist’s origin and the themes of the story…i seriously have no idea what they’re talking about…”oh the mechanism was a little cheese? really?” i dont see why that should matter so much. anyway great review as always guys…but seriously maybe sit down and watch BB again…


    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Akeuw

    I can’t help it if you are a disgusting fat body, but cooking your own burgers ensures that you have diligence and ambition.


    Is English your first language? Your writing looks like it was google translated from a Japanese advert for washing up liquid or something.

    And I always cook my own burgers dipshit, I just prefer the crust you get when you cook them on a flat top or in a pan.

  • Akeuw

    Well you’re just a pussy, and a faggot.

  • Jacob De Paz

    Is this video not working for anyone else?

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Just tested, and it wouldn’t play for me either. :X
    (And here I thought we had solved all the buggy videos with Troll II… Accursed Blip!)

  • Exactly!

  • Fuck Me I’m January

    It’s working now

  • pondwhale

    Man, you are a dickhead. How do you go through life like that?

  • sonicjrjr14 .


  • Haydee Muhamood

    True enough. AND the look of his group, known as “Sgt. Fury’s Howling Commandos”/The Howling Commandos, was completely based on the comics. They were a diverse group and the movie followed its source material diligently. Attached are a few images of original comic covers released from 1963-1965.
    His connection to Red Skull was the fact that they had been injected with the same serum. Furthermore, I agree with the complaint about the majority of Hydra’s technology being too advanced for the time period; BUT I stipulate that the use of the “Tesseract” (glowing blue cube) was a necessary set-up for The Avengers films AND a plausible weapon in a world where the serum for Capt. American is possible. When dealing in a universe, such as Marvel’s, where you have superpowers, multidimensional beings, and impossible technological means, you really can’t bitch about the small stuff. I mean you can wrap your head around Red Skull being who and what he is, but the idea of laser-beam weapons is where you draw the line? Come on…
    Also, The Rocketeer is (and always has been) my favorite movie of all time! I consider it the perfect movie!!! Nazi’s, mobsters, action, romance, comedy, a dashing lead, a drop-dead gorgeous damsel, Timothy Dalton, Alan Arkin, and Paul Sorvino…this movie couldn’t get any better if you tried!!! It even has the guy from “Lost” as “Howard Hughes” and blends in tiny pieces of historical accuracy.~

  • You Got the Problem

    I agree that Captain America could have been better but it didn’t fall apart to the extent they make it sound like.

  • Mike Magnum

    Im just going to say it. I like this movie. Its not as good as Winter Solider. And Sure it turns into a pretty big montage half way through and Hugo Weaving was over the top. But overall i enjoy Steve Rogers arc. As for it not being historically accurate. Its a Comic Book Movie. If i want to watch a movie about how the military was racist and how minorities over came it. I would watch the tuskegee airmen. If you can have a guy with bulging muscles kicking a guy with a red skull in the balls. Then Surely you can have Whites, Asians and Blacks fighting Nazi’s together. Even with Rayguns. Its Still Better than the Matt Salinger and Reb Brown Versions.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    “Most recent superhero movies have not been superhero movies, they’re like off-the-wall characters. Even Superman Returns wasn’t a superhero movie, he’s dark and tortured…”

    Boy, they did not see something like Man of Steel coming. Talk about dark and tortured. I’d rather watch Superman Returns several times again than to watch Man of Steel.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    “She’s the love interest because she’s the girl in the movie.”

    They must be really surprised that such a one dimensional character is getting her own TV show. If they even know it. Which they probably don’t. Or don’t even care.

  • Red Skeleton

    You fuck up, aint nobody asked you!

  • John Wright

    “Black soldiers fought in every Allied army in WWII. In your army, in Europe, black soldiers formed the 452 Anti-Aircraft Battalion, the 761 Tank Battalion and the Tuskegee Airmen.”

    Yeah those are segregated units. They clearly pointed out that blacks did serve but in segregated units so try again, eh.

  • John Wright

    The point was the reason the filmmakers did it.

  • John Wright

    They are made up for PC reasons because if you follow your own link you’ll find that the Howling Commandos aren’t the same characters they used in the movie. Where’s the black guys in the Howling Commandos? They did it to be PC.

  • John Wright

    “This guy says the Rocketeer was “cheesy” but he obviously fails to realize what the original Captain America was. Yeah, it was the same pro-US propaganda cheese. “GO GET ‘EM, BOYS!” ”

    Did you even watch the video? That’s what they like about the Rocketeer and they were hoping to get the same tone out of the Captain America movie which they didn’t.

  • John Wright

    Look up the definition of “segregated”. They clearly said they weren’t claiming those people never served but that they served in their own segregated units back in WWII.

  • Asmodeusz

    She’s the love interest cause comic books said so isn’t a good argument neither. They were talking about the move and how it was made, not about Marvel universe.

  • mcdanieldrew

    I remember I saw Captain America and Harry Potter 7.2 as double feature and Captain America made Harry P seem good

  • Navon Sensei

    In a more recent episode Mike reiterated how much he liked The Rocketeer. That finally convinced me to see this movie myself, which I never had before for some reason. I really liked it fore it’s simple story, understandable characters and for the fact that The Rocketeer isn’t overused and Cliff wasn’t undefeatable at any time. The only thing that bothered me was the zepplin with the giant swatsika on it, that traveled from germany all across the states to Hollywood undetected.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    It’s insane watching a self-admitted Star Trek geek like Mike pretend that he doesn’t understand genre films for the purpose of giving Captain America a bad review.

    They made just about the best origin film they could make for this character based on the original source material. Shit like Hydra, etc. wasn’t added to the movie for the sake of political correctness so much as for the sake of not pissing off fanboys by radically deviating from the original material. I find it hilarious to imagine these guys sitting in the theater seething in pretentious rage thinking, “how dare they sanitize this!”

  • Ren1

    The way they mention the political correctness of the movie doesn’t really make it seem like they seethed in pretentious rage upon witnessing it.

  • Andrew Thompson.

    a) this was before radar.
    b) hindenburg did the trip all the time. covered in swastikas.

  • Otto T

    Cream Corn and Chocolate Pudding :C


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