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  • Trilby Neckbeardly, Esq.

    no mention of Mira Sorvino who after her Oscar (mighty aphrodite) went on to star in R&MHSR and went on still…into obscurity. c’mon, Lisa Whodrow?!

  • Chelsea Schwartz

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  • And then

    Couldnt you just loan me money instead?

  • Adam Baldwin

    If Max were to just pass his ideas to you guys before making a movie, he’d be very successful.

  • Adam Baldwin

    I really like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and I had no idea that this movie had nothing to do with the original Cloverfield, which I didn’t like at all.

  • Whocares

    I know you guys don’t care about the opinion of one stupid fan, but I liked this a lot. You ought to continue to do TV series once in a while if you can.

  • Stingo

    How the fuck has Jay not seen the Ocean’s movies? WTFuckingF!?

  • KarmikCykle

    Probably the same way I haven’t: by not watching them.

  • Stingo

    Some rando not seeing a movie is no big deal. A respected movie critic like Jay not seeing these movies is a different thing.


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