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  • Nyk

    Woot! First Half in the Bag of the New Year!

  • Joon

    porno = singular, porn = plural. One says “a porno,” or simply “porn.” Drove me crazy during the Gordon-Levitt review.

  • Billy Nunez


  • TapewormBike

    You should watch more singular porn and not worry so much.

  • Robby

    Speaking of big balls, have you seen Django Unchained? Oh wait, that was last year.

  • AlanMorlock

    Both are just shortened version of pornography anyways.

  • andypants1989

    Oh boy do I love watching a porn or two

  • Normally I agree with Jay and Mike, but I did not like You’re Next. Yes, it did subvert my expectations, but the subversion was nothing new or exciting.

  • Andy

    The Winter Soldier was a real turkey, I could hardly sit through it the second time.

  • Brant_Alan

    I still don’t understand that joke.

  • Duckler

    Hey, I can’t find Lightning Fast VCR Repair in my Yellow Pages.. What the hell, man?

  • Well, despite Mike’s recommendation, I’ll still pass on this movie. I’m tired of special effects and cities being destroyed. I would rather watch a good character movie. However, there are not many new character movies being made anymore. I might as well watch the movie Wait Until Dark, The Hustler, White Heat, Mister Roberts, The French Connection, Ronin or Operation Crossbow.

  • ThatGuy

    Or you just might look a little, just a little harder and find those “character movies” outside of Hollywood. I know it may be hard to believe, but there are movies being made outside of Hollywood. Here’s a secret tip but don’t tell anyone: they make really good movies outside of the US. I hope I didn’t blow your mind.

  • Actually, you are right. I have already watch a few Korean movies. I was amazed by the movie 71 Into the Fire. Now that’s some good acting! 🙂

  • Guest

    Jay, could you put together all those moments when Mike nervously shakes his right thigh and edit them with, you know, a music or something, I don’t know. I don’t want to do this myself because I’m so lazy right now but this could be entertaining. Way more entertaining than, let’s say, waiting for another Half in the Bag. Fuck, I’m so bored right now, I could rewatch all 72 episodes in a row ’cause my life is so boring.

  • Daniel Feldspar

    I know it’s not your usual MO, but I think How to Train Your Dragon 2 bears reviewing and I would love to hear your opinions about it.

  • ScottMintred

    What do you mean “this movie”? You’re commenting in the section of 2014 HitB episodes, in which there are 17 movies that have been fully reviewed at the time I’m writing this. I guess you’re talking about Godzilla because you don’t like to see cities being destroyed, and IIRC Mike recommended it. Or are you talking about Captain America the Soforth? Do cities get destroyed in that one? Are you some kind of secret retard?

  • ScottMintred

    Please provide a citation. The dictionary says that they’re synonyms. Porno = porn. Pornos = Porns.

  • What are you talking about? You need to read my statement again. LOL

  • Nemo Curat

    I finally watched your convention reviews and they were great and i’m guessing that you guys got burnt out on conventions which I can’t blame you for. The thing is though, I loved them so please suffer again so I can have a few giggles, kthnxbye.

  • Nemo Curat

    What’s your opinions on the guy that did Bagul 2 the Electric Boogaloo directing a Marvel movie because he is doing a marvel movie? Let us know because I value your opinions.

  • A Little Too Raph

    Hey guys…special request.

    You do take special requests right?

    I’m just going to go ahead and assume you take special requests all the time.

    Can you do a marathon of the Death Wish movies and then review them? They started off solid but got ridiculous as they went on. In other words, comedy gold.

    Anyway, I’m a big fan, you are all awesome.

  • Shane Walsh

    They should review Guardians Of The Galaxy after it’s released.

  • bore84

    Argh! Blip sucks…

  • Brian Ritter

    Gentlemen, Half in the Bag sucks al teh diks. More Plinkett, please, and not the goddam animated series.

    RLM is at its best when you guys make advanced cinematic arguments about movies we’ve already seen. Nobody comes to you guys for an actual review like to find out what movies we should see. We’re also not looking for a “all the little fuck-ups in this movie” episode, although I will admit that the Star Trek “hi, yeah, why didn’t…” character is really funny. We want insightful analysis, like Plinkett’s arguments about the proh-tuh-gah-nist in Phantom Menace or the milquetoast tonal shift in the newest Indiana Jones movie.

    Love your work. So much talent. Just want to make it the best possible. Thanks

  • Ricky Spanish

    I can’t believe I’m so sucked into this website. I actual started wondering the other day, “How will they get beer if they’re now drifting off to sea?”
    Mother of God.
    So yeah, I’m a huge fan. Best part of being a new fan to RLM is digging into the previous stuff you’ve done. Yesterday I did a Grabowski’s marathon. Had no idea that stuff was even on here.
    I’ve thrown a comment here and there on the site…made a request or two. (Yeah, I’m the guy who requested more Gillian…as long as she was barefoot)
    In all seriousness though – I don’t want to request that you do more of one thing vs the other. I think the content is brilliant. I just wish it was updated / uploaded more frequently.
    Mike & Jay are the balls. Viva Rich Evans.

  • Daniel Emmett Schmidt

    I couldn’t disagree more… dawg. And also I care so little I… I’m sorry. I just can’t keep doing this. This rationally argumenting on internet forums…

    Please just don’t take my Half in the Bag away. I have very little in my life that makes me look forward to January.

  • Kyle Battle

    I can’t get enough Rich Ev..er- Evin? Evan? eh whatever…give me more him.

  • bassbait

    I think arg-you-meant to say “arguing”

  • bassbait

    “Plinkett eats” is the best video this website has produced to date. Also more Gamestation 2.0

  • David Lee Fuhrmaneck

    Aw man, I love Gillian! I will join your coalition for more episodes with her barefoot 😀 I believe you and I are like-minded individuals in that way and I know exactly which Best of the Worst episode you’re thinking of.

  • David Lee Fuhrmaneck

    Damn! Another to be continued?? Why must they keep Desolation of Smauging us?!

  • John Mack

    I really enjoyed watching the tv series the shield

  • RugbyStu

    As a huge Lord of the Rings fan I would really love to see a Plinkett review on these movies. I did think there were some good parts smattered throughout these films and some good acting despite the overall bland mehness particular I enjoyed Thorin Oakenshields decent into gold/power lust and madness that character along with Smaug and the Bard had a lot of potential and I didn’t mind the tough and old dwarves (no idea their names) as they began to stand up to and question him. The acting was superior then the Star Wars prequels. It would be interesting to see them compare Thorin with Anakin there were some interesting similarities and difference, I mean was he ever really a likeable good character its debateable (like how Anakin was always a whineing dick)? They could have been a bit more subtle with Thorin I didn’t like the “he has dragon disease” instead of saying it just show it. It would be interesting to compare his death with Boromir’s too which had a similar theme of redemption but Boromirs was just so much more impactful and resonated much stronger.

    If Jackson had the balls to cut things down and remove whole chunks that did nothing, shaped it better these could have been a lot stronger there were parts that felt superior to the Star Wars prequels other bits definitely were mimicking them in their ridiculous cartoonishness.

    But it is amazing the difference I just bought the extended Directors cut of Lord of the Rings all you need to do is watch the first 10 minutes of Fellowship the way that movie sucks in the audience with great epic story telling and then the way it sets the tone and scene with the shire you don’t need to be told things, you feel them, the warmth between the characters and the real tangible setting of the shire that you can easily identify with and then juxtaposition of this idyllic setting with the dark ominous black riders and sense of impending doom is just brilliant.

    Hobbit movies felt like movies nothing more, Lord of the Rings felt like you were actually on an escapist emotional journey and at times you were exhausted, times they went a little over the top or did some stupid things but largely right on the money and by the end you as a viewer almost feel a sense of achievement as you are invested in the characters and journey. Lots of similarities between the original Star Wars and original LOTR that would be interesting to explore very similar powerful themes.

  • Pedro Werneck

    Speak for yourself. I watched everything, and I really enjoy Half in the Bag.

  • DemiMOAR

    I’ve watched all three of the movies and I don’t remember one damn thing about any of them.

    I literally just saw the screener for the newest one yesterday, and I can’t remember anything about it.

    This trilogy is absolutely dogshit.

  • Cirric Fylenco

    I definitely come to RLM for actual reviews to decide what to see.

  • My last ever VHS purchase was Fellowship of the Ring just because I liked how much more compelling that simple stripped down intro was compared to the bloated mess in the Director’s Cut.

  • yonderTheGreat


  • EJ

    They need to bring back Blip so you could see the same commercial 9 times whenever you watched a video.


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