Extras: Hollywood Trends

  • Pablo Martinez

    The one and only comment.

  • Pissernacht

    Mike and Jay use comedy to relieve that niggling, existential doubt toward humanity we all feel radiating outward from Hollywood…

  • Pissernacht


    The kickass effects are gone! Where’s the *dun dunk-a dun-dun dun dunk-a dun* music for Rip Van Winkle? Or the techno music for the Humpty-Dumpty fight?

  • Malum

    I want to see Jay and Mike actually watch Bridge to Terabithia and go “Oh. Jesus christ.”

  • David Fausset

    Mike is so hilarious.

  • Leo Silva

    jokes apart, soon or later some hollywood executve will watch this vid and the next morning he’ll say to his bosses he has new and exciting ideas for new movies.

  • ThatGuy

    Pinocchio would be made by the guys who made Saw and about a creepy ass puppet that comes to life to kill everyone. The twist: in the end Pinocchio takes off a mask to reveal it was Chucky all along.

  • Robbie

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that the Pinocchio movie is actually happening.


  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    “How’s that? Just right?”
    effing L.O.L.

  • Joe

    I could listen to Mike make up movies all day. He should have a podcast or something where he and Jay just are given a dumb premise and make up movies.

    Also it’s remarkable how few people comment on these somewhat older episodes, I can’t be the only person who watched every episode multiple times, right?

    EDIT: Just finished the episode and forgot the very best line: “You know what’s weird, Jay? Jokes are now real”

  • Blu

    I’ll give it this, it has a nice cover/poster art. It doesn’t have the stupid cliche’s seen on the covers Mike and Jay made up that would easily be passable as hollywood box art. The minimalism is nice, but I doubt that says anything good about the movie. Besides the fact that it will probably change to fit hollywood clusterfuck standards.

  • DocMorgan

    omg I just died laughing. “A darker version of the classic children’s tale…” hahahahahahahahaha

    Directed by Guillermo Del Toro hahahahah

  • g0dzilli

    You are not alone, my friend.

  • Asmodeusz

    I would like to watch The Wall, when it will come out?

  • Asmodeusz

    If Guillermo Del Toro is directing this, it may not be such a bad movie to watch.

  • Matthew Jette

    See folks, jokes really do come true…***press 12 gauge to temple.***

  • “You know why? Because why not.” lol

  • Rusty Galloway

    After Space Cop they seriously need to consider making The Wall themselves.

  • Rusty Galloway

    It’s okay grandpa, we know what YOU think Pinocchio is what with that old Disney movie from 1940. That’s ancient history though. Kids today might have seen it once when they went over to grandmas house and she popped the old VHS in so she could keep browsing facebook unhindered, but it bored them to tears. There wasn’t any real violence or loud sounds! It was just a big creatively written and inspired adventure brought to life by colorful characters of both good and bad, whereby life lessons could be learned and exploration of what it is to be a real boy really is. That god-awful outdated mess isn’t going to stand a chance to this gritty dark thriller made for all ages, not just boys anymore you chauvinist pigs. In fact, I bet the twist will be that Pinocchio actually wants to be a “real girl” and Gepetto, the old simple minded and morally wrong fool, will be absolutely horrified by the idea of his boy puppet wanting to be a girl instead of the boy puppet he was born as. What a progressive and modern twist on such an outdated tale! Truly we have come a long way and if you disagree then you are a bigot.

  • Brett Burrett

    As long as they drop all that ‘conscience’ crap what a bunch of loser bullshit


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