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  • AnAltruisticEgoist

    LMFAO, fuckbot 5000

  • aisbauer

    You guys gonna review Iron Sky when it comes to US theaters?

  • Why does Plinkett’s voice sound so much different in this than it does in the reviews? It’s weird.

  • Cuz it’s a different guy. In the Plinkett reviews, Mike does the voice.

  • Qbertmariostarfox

    Actually it’s because it’s a different plinkett. Watch the trailer for Indiana Jones 4.

  • Joetheripper424

    sam raimi should have made the three stooges movie, he would have done it with class.

  • Jeremy Pike


  • I just watched the review of Zaat, hilarious stuff! I’ve got a suggestion for you guys regarding aweful low budget movies. It’s called Frankenfish – I rented this one time in my student days for a laugh and boy did I laugh!! Check out the Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankenfish

  • Because Mike does the voice for the Plinkett reviews but not the half in the bag reviews!!

  • Grizzle McThornbody

    And yet it’s the same Plinkett. Watch the Revenge of Nadine. Basically there’s no right answer. 

  • Guest

     Because it doesn’t matter.

  • Thomas

    Have you guys watched Dark Harvest 2: The Maize? It is the worst movie I have ever seen, and I’m not sure it will ever be topped. We found it at Blockbuster years ago (a few months after Dark Harvest- it’s a ‘sequel’ but 100% unrelated. there’s a third as well I have yet to see). It’s so bad it’s beyond funny and back into bad. It takes a week for the pain to fade, and eventually there are a number of good jokes that spawn from it (though it is less funny than Troll 2).

  • Guest

    Though in some of the older reviews I think they had Mike’s voice at the very beginning.

  • Rogue

    Just want to express this: I love Half in the Bag (and the Plinkett reviews)! I keep checking the website every day to see whether you’ve uploaded anything new. Love your reviews and the way you execute them. Love the occasional “skits” you do in the episode. Please, just keep up doing this show.


  • tit


  • tit

    i mean fish

  • JuggerNautSack

    Agreed. Burton’s best film was ED WOOD. It was also Johnny Depp’s best performance before FEAR AND LOATHING. 
    I attended a test screening for BIG FISH… I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of the film. The same thing happened when I rented it some months later. 
    Burton is just terrible when it comes to pacing his stories. He is a visual master, indeed. 

  • Tony Gasperetti

    I want you guys to do a review on DEATHLIST. Please! I’ve been dying to see a review of this movie! You guys obviously either love or hate that movie so much that it makes a cameo in a lot of your older short videos.

  • Dman581

    God you guys are hilarious. To hell with the Siskel and Ebert clones, Mike n’ Jay should have their own TV show. Except it would have to be on HBO so it could be uncensored.

  • Whaaaaaaaaat happened to all the comments? I only see 20 of them now.

  • Aston

    I’m surprised that there was no specific mention of Michael Fassbender’s performance. I thought he was the highlight of the film. Otherwise, great review! Especially the Shatner voice. “What would God need with a starship?”

  • Orcguy51

    http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/uswn1/prometheus_everything_explained_and_analysed/ This explains everything, and most of it is confirmed by Mr. Scott himself.

  • The Mage

    twice a week i go to work and have about 3 hours to kill, and this website is a big part of that so thank you! It’s funny because you act poor, but we all know you’re pullin in fat cash from these ads, Relics & Heirlooms Enfants Perdus, I know they are payin mad cheddar for the exposure you give em.
    Some ideas from a humble fan:
    1) half in the bag mail bag episode??
    2) Review of an HBO special like Game of Thrones?
    3) Review of terrible prime time cable shows?
    4) That hot chick from Game Station just sitting their doing random tasks like grating cheese?
    5) Weekly or BI weekly episodes?
    6) Chocolate microscopes?
    7) That hot chick from game station just sitting around doing a pull and peel cheese stick? oh baby..
    8)cool directors chairs?
    9)A scene where you dive into your big pile of ad revenue money like Uncle Scrooge?
    10) That hot chick from game station just sitting around and hawking your wares like an Adam Sandler movie 🙂

  • Artemis

    Repeat to yourself “it’s just a show.”

  • mister_benn

    You guys need to get the RedLetterMedia Archives Vol.1 DVD it explains it all in detail. Plus there’s lots [ie shit-loads] of other stuff on it too. Yes I do commission.

  • D

    like MST3K its just a show so just relax 🙂

  • William Ventura

    Yo plinket, wheres my Garbage Pail Kids movie review!!

  • The Amazing Spiderman review isn’t working. The link to the review comes up with page not found and the video at the top of this page is also giving a network error. Seems like blip is down.

  • Ronald Mcdonald

    Now see I liked this movie way better than the other three. It helps that I really hate Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

  • DiscipleOfTheWatch

    They already have their own show. Why does it have to be on TV? I haven’t watched any TV at all for almost 8 years, so if this was on TV I would have missed it.

  • DirtMcGirt

    I walked out of the theater after watching The Amazing Spiderman feeling more dirty than when I watched Gummo. The movie sucked, I am sick of people rationalizing it poorly.

  • Ben Cooper

    Because he’s not a hero.
    He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.
    A Dark Knight

  • michael

    wheres the hd?

  • GhostlyTaco

    When *SPOILER* Alfred sees bruce at the end there isnt really anything convoluted. Alfred told bruce about where he goes. to that same cafe every year. So bruce does his homework anytime between this and the nuke, find out what cafe it was etc etc. moves there and goes to the cafe when alfred has his vacation he sees alfred and gets on with his life.

  • Rich Evens was the original Harry S. Plinkett. Then when Mike Stoklasa started doing his reviews, he used the character. He just used the Plinkett character and modified the voice insted of just having Rich read a script while acting as Plinkett. Infact, I’d like to see them redo the reviews and have Rich do the voice over. That would be interesting!

  • Hey, is Rich pregnant that he cannot attend the shootings or what??

  • I love half in the bag guys! I especially love it when you dig up the random awful bargain bin titles and do reviews of them. I’ve now had the pleasure of watching films like Zaat! and Black Ninja. I was wondering, have you seen ‘The Toxic Avenger’, I would love to see your reaction and review of this the piece of cinematic what-thef-fuck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27E4Qfj7iEY

  • Kuato

    There should be prizes for correctly guessing the plot twists on Half In The Bag before a particular episode airs. I’ll bet anything that the next review will be about the new Total Recall, and the resolution to the VCR repairman assassination conspiracy plot will be that none of it was real. Because, like Mike said, the second rule for making good movies is to have the film end with the revelation that it is a dream.

  • You guys have to review 10,000 BC!! That was the worst movie I ever saw in a theater! I will never get this phrase out of my head; “Tik Tik NOOOO!!”
    The whole audience was rolling around laughing (the half that didn’t walk out of the theater that is).

  • Tracy

    How the hell can you have a season finale when there are still 4 effing months left in 2012? That’s a third of a year you wankers. Love you =)

  • Rebecka

    Looking forward to some new episodes… /poke /nudge you guys still alive?

  • Jodie

    I’m chain watching the Plinkett Star Wars reviews, it’s been going on for about three weeks now. Can’t stop.

  • DREDD 3D

    AMAZING MOVIE, no one saw it and it only made 10 million in america, we will not get another one and damn to hell all the people that saw it online and did not go to the theater

  • I too daily check in hope to find new material from you guys. I still end up watching the same shit ive seen before but i honestly cant get enough. theres something special here and i cant get enough. Redlettermedia is in the archive of good shit. good job boys and keep it coming! all over you faaaaaaaaaaaaace!

  • S13g

    Got laid after dredd, didnt after looper, nuff said.

  • James Crawley

    Then donate mutha trucka!

    As soon as I stop being a broke ass I’m going to donate on a weekly basis to this website. I fucking love it and I wish Half in the Bag got a time slot on adult swim or something.

  • George Superman

    Those are so fucking awesome series I cannot picture my free time without it. Serously youve beaten how i met your mother, big bang theory and south park in my eyes – youre doing great work and I cannot stop being impressed how good those series (and the plinkett ones) are considering youre an ‘amateur’ group.

  • The Postman

    I actually had fun during this movie. But not because it was scary or thought out well or clever. No, it was terrible and shitty. It was funny, though. I don’t know why, but some of the dialogue made me chuckle. And it was intentionally that way. In fact, the movie seemed more funny than scary. Which confuses me greatly. It was like a comedy with jump scares. That’s it.

  • i would love to see what you guys think of the film “The Comedy.” i know you’re at least somewhat familiar with Tim Heidecker and i’m curious as to your thoughts on seeing hin in such a unique film and in a dramatic role.

  • dan.gilbert

    As long as hell isn’t populated by the popcorn-munching, question-asking, perpetual-fart emitting fuckwits that have put me off cinema for life, I’ll be comfy with my fate.

  • alex

    You guys should review Cloud Atlas. I thought it was amazing, but a lot of people didn’t. I’d love to see what you have to say about it

  • Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sweeney Todd all beg to differ.

  • You guys should review Dracula 3000. Hilariously awful film in every conceivable way.

  • Luis

    I dont like to see Mr.Blinkett played by that guy, I dont know his name. He doesnt do it very well, plus he looks too young and clean. Mr.Blinkett is best portrayed as a cartoon and also just listening to his voice.

  • anon

    Who’s Mr. Blinkett?

  • Chrissy

    They are NOT slavishly faithful to the books. That’s why after the first one I vomited all over myself and cried myself to sleep. Then preceded never to tell anyone until this moment that I had read and enjoyed them.

  • Regan


  • Herman P. Weideltrousers

    Any chance of you guys reviewing Spielberg’s Lincoln?


    Come on.

  • good thing they made him up and can do what they want with they’re character. just enjoy the show.

  • Nice choice. I wanna see if they could handle the racist, crude, undertone of Disney’s “Hunchback Of Notre Dam ” wow that movie is a mind fuck for children.

  • dennett316

    That guy in the background who always has something in his eye.

    Thank you! I’m here all week….try the veal!

  • squint

    when are you guys gonna review the hobbit?

  • Azariah

    Please review Lincoln and An Unexpected Journey!

  • Tyrany43

    Can’t wait to see Phil return for another B-fest talk

  • good god, with the amount of shit up-coming this year, half in the bag will have a lot to talk about

  • Sean W.

    You could also buy the app. It’s only a couple bucks, but it lets you watch the reviews on your phone and set up notifications for new ones. Nice easy way to toss a couple bucks at these guys to say thanks (as well as keeping you up to date if you can’t get to the site daily).

  • Shanehill

    came for plinkett, gave half in the bag a shot – and now I am hooked! fantastic job guys…

  • Rogue

    Back when I posted that comment I was fucking broke as well! Now I can follow your advice and throw a dime – I’ll throw in something on your behalf as well, ha!

  • HueyTheDoc

    you guys are absolutely fucking epic, love your work. please don’t stop making videos, you bring laughter to countless numbers of people. thanks for all your hard work!

  • JimJim Geoff GeoffJim

    I would rather watch your reviews than watch most films.

  • halfinthebagfuckmovies

    half in t he bag fuck movies

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    That’s what Linus carries around in ‘Peanuts’.

  • Lola Lazerface

    Stop saying “epic.”

  • TheJanitor

    Stop saying “”epic””.

  • SkaMP

    Stop saying “””epic”””


  • ostrichanother

    Stop saying “”””epic””””.

  • ostrichanother

    Half in the bag and Best of the worst are my favorites. I am binge watching everything trying to catch up with all these vids

  • yonderTheGreat

    Stop saying “saying”

  • yonderTheGreat

    Pay up.


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