Half in the Bag: Zaat!

April 30, 2012263 Comments

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  • Best birthday present ever.  

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    NO HOMO!

  • This movie was titled “The Blood Waters of Dr. Z.” On MST3K….weird.

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  • guest

    This seems similar to The Blood Waters of Doctor Z, a movie MST3K covered, strangely similar.

  • Ttcleveland

    Love it!

  • Landporpus

    Mike in Shorts! Good God!

  • Guest

    I was hoping rich plinkett would die so mike could steal his identity and become the star wars plinkett. ;.;

  • Earthbound_X

    Wow, the picture and sound quality of the film here is much higher then the MST3K The Blood Waters of Dr. Z version of the film they did.

  • Jawsphobia

    Where is that set?  Is it in your garage?  

    What if they do a prequel to Zaat and it is brilliant?

  • Mr. Baux

    Review Godmonster of Indian Flats. It’s even weirder in my opinion.

  • JCDenton

    Good thing I had to stay up all night to study Calculus, now I can watch these frauds!

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    It seems like in every Episode of Half in the Bag yalls Living Room gets Cluttered even worse then the Last!

  • Mechagodzilla

    You guys have to see Death Curse of Tartu and Sting of Death, both produced by the Miami-based Thunderbird International.  Your brain will make your face make faces without you noticing.

    Also, like Warf, the reason for Plinkett being there is getting less and less important.

  • AnonyMoose

    What’s that music that’s played during the “Zaat Tripping” Montage that you also use in many other productions?

  • I need another bowl of zoloft

  • zaat was amazing!

    did ya did ya see what i did there?

  • Mcfly

     You’re asking for continuity with something that doesn’t require it.

  • Mcfly

     If you have to say “No homo” then you’re being a homo.

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    i’m planning revenge on my friends

  • I heart pizza rolls

    Was that the Kurlin Nescar I heard at10:25? Holy shit whats that doing there?

  • Hahaha nice inclusion of the “idol toss” sound clip from Star Trek: Generations! You are a sly one, Stoklasa!

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    Thank you, I was really needing half in the bag right now.

  • I think this was my favorite intro. And Mike’s hair looks so cute like that.

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    I thought you said you weren’t hungry?
    -OH riiight. I’m not

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    Look, I don’t know much.  But I do know this – Mike should never wear shorts.

  • Sycho_sid2001

    If you Boys are Interested this is Blood Waters of Dr. Z on MST3K and is on Netflix on demand right now

  • Ashhaas

    Worst movie I’ve ever seen: High Crusades.  It’s the movie Roland Emmerich produced immediately before Independence Day….check it out.

  • Bring_me_tp

     must be my birthday

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    Yes I found this fourteen years ago thanks to Mike and the Bots, Poopie.

  • I have been waiting around for days in my underwear waiting for a new half in the bag. i smell really really bad. but it was worth the wait. thank you gentlemen

  • No

     That’s the first thing I thought when I watched this.  It looks like Zaat! is the unedited version of Blood Waters of Dr. Z

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    Trash that room. Trash it!

  • Dmo1986

    This is when this show is at it’s best. When you guys are reviewing terrible C-movies. And the worse you treat plinkett’s apartment the better.

  • Guest

    Plus they were shown to coexist in the Indiana Jones trailer.

  • Potato Chips

    Gee these guys really like their beer. <:D

  • Gloomu Uptu

    Did you add the “Kurlan Naiskos breaking” stock sound at 10:24 or was it originally in the movie?

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    I thought love was the fifth element?

  • Mr E

    Whats with the slow running? It makes no sense!

  • Gloomu Uptu

    They didn’t want to trip on the bottles, stupid.

  • DrClown

    it’s a running gag. GEDDIT???

  • Gergely Szabó

    destroying is always fxxing funy 🙂

  • Niko

    “Greatest Room-trashing scene in cinematic history”

  • This is one of the best MST3k’s IMHO.  I loves it, and highly recommend everyone to check it out.

  • I saw this on MST3K…

  • Guest

    That was a dream sequence, not canon.

  • Foxhole

    I want to dock my canoe in RML’s port, man.

  • Guest

    I remember seeing that chain feed through the bottom of PeeWee’s bike, how we laughed and laughed.

  • Johnmatrixjmc

    Another great episode.  Thanks.

  • Guest

    I remember this MST3K episode. 

  • user

    The RLM studio’s landlord must cringe at the mess they make!

  • Guest

    I just had a LolMcMuffin for breakfast, thank you!

  • I just wanna stick my penis in their butthole.

  • DrForester

    Was shown on MST3K and renamed as “The Blood Waters of Dr. Z”

  • Me

    This movie’s so cool SNL built a whole skit around it. What’s Up Wit Zaat?

  • Derek_Sye

    I was thinking the exact same thing.

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    Gosh! is Half in The Bag changing location?? 

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    I have to get a hold of this film. Great video.

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    Damn, beat me to it.

    Gotta swear I’ve heard that sound effect in at least 20 different places by now.

  • dickless

    i wish i understood the point of any of this.

  • Marneteen

    You two are freak’n adorable! Love it!

  • Bulrim

    For that what the hell is going on feeling you should try “A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell” 

  • David

    Sargassum: The weed of deceit!

  • Heartagram__666

    30 episodes already? keep em comming, bra’s!

  • Heartagram__666

    30 episodes already? keep em comming, bra’s!

  • Gattick

    How many episodes will that set survive?

  • TickTock

    You guys might enjoy another crazy critter ditty from Florida called BLOOD FREAK (1972).


  • robert

    I don’t think that hippie scene was in the MST3K version. Now I gotta see the blu ray. 

  • Bell110

    I would like to thank everyone for pointing out that this was on MST3K.

  • bob

    you fuck that room up, zaat

  • HALF IN THE BAG: put the lotion in the basket!

  • Your comparing this movie to Citizen Kane?

  • So many awesome things in this review. Way to go on making it! …Quick question: Its no big deal or anything… But why was my ip address I banned from the forums? Did a bunch of females get together and complain about my views and opinions on that touchy subject that shall not be named? Because I deleted all of those posts and replaced them with chickens… :/

    Like I said, it doesn’t matter to me, I was kind of stuck on the board anyway, so now I have a shit load of free time on my hands. I will always love RLM despite my ban from the forums. I talked about something I shouldn’t have talked about and all of the females got pissed off about it i guess. Which is fine. I respect there anger and getting me banned. I am not a female, so I dont know what the hell I am talking about, I just threw my opinion out there and now that I might of got banned for it, I have learned my lesson, and will keep my opinions on THAT touchy subject to myself. I never want to talk about or hear any one else talk about THAT subject ever again. People from the forums no what touchy female subject I am talking about. The forums I am no longer apart of. 🙁 

    LoL, but its cool. It was fun while it lasted and I accept my ban with pride and dignity. I understand you guys did what you thought best and I understand. -The Orgasmic Fire…

    …NOTE: this is the last time I mention I am or was the orgasmic fire. Oh and its ok if you delete this post. Just so long as Mike or Jay see it and know that I am cool with getting banned over that stupid females only topic I shouldn’t of been in. Were cool, your cool, you guys are awesome and I am completely ok about it. Cant stress that fact enough. Peace, and I cant wait for your next video!

  • adw

    I would love to see a “behind the scenes” of this particular review. Just an uneditet shot of one of the cameras. Nice job, as always.

  • me

    Great Episode, thx guys!

  • oscillator

    With every new episode, I just love Half in the Bag more and more and more. You guys are awesome:)

  • MolokoLynx

    Mike and Jay, you should really check out a VHS movie from 1984 called Black Devil Doll From Hell. 

  • Kyle

    I saw this on MST3K!

  • Guest

    I wish you guys would devote more energy to speaking out against the total dogshit movies we see in the theaters today. That is your special purpose. Reviewing Xaat is like beating up a retard.

  • Actually they work there ass off and cleanup after every shoot. They are probably the hardest working film critics in the whole world!

  • I completely cracked up at 19:56, Zaat just nonchalantly sauntering up to the door in a film where he’s meant to be a terribly menacing creature, brilliant.

  • Guest

    It’s feels like forever since I watched you guys.

  • I loved seeing Mike in the Plinkett jacket… It suits him well, and when the camera focused in on just his arm grabbing the cheese burger it brought back so many awesome memories of the Plinkett reviews! Cant wait to see the full length movie guys(or the next review, where is it already?)! Mike should play as the real life Mr. Plinkett in the full length movie, if you ever make one, which you should!!

  • guest

    this intro is the BeST YET! love it. the smoking, the completely abused room, a cheeseburger in the DVD case and Mike coughing out a piece of Burger is all great. nice comedic timing. please keep on escalating. 

  • Fido_Montoya

    As others have mentioned, this was featured in an episode of MST3K. if you’re looking for it, the version they ridiculed was called ‘The Blood Waters of Dr Z’.

  • Guest

     Oh noes, he’s too mainstream now! Just look at those other people that guy’s interviewed.
    Well, at least he’s humble.

  • Guest

     It’s their Wilhelm Scream

  • sigaba

    I don’t see why you guys feel the need to always sweeten the sound effects of the clips.  We get it, you’re in love with Sound Ideas 6032, track 77, index 4 “Clay Pot: Break”

    Also, “The Patriot” was a ‘scope 2.35 show, you don’t matte anamorphic prints.  I dunno what you saw at the top of the frame.

  • Weetsy

    Black Devil Doll may be the most sublime piece of cinema I have ever seen in my life.

  • prometheus next

  • Fakeemail

    If you plan on doing more long reviews, plinkett or otherwise, this downtime for films, responsible for the lack of Half in the Bag episodes and this one being about an old bad movie, is the best time to work on such.

  • S

    Just want to put my vote in and say – reviewing weird old movies is great! I enjoy all the episodes but this one was my favorite!

  • Zaat is just a christian comentary on the evils evolution…”I ain’t no retarded fish frog.”

  • Guest (Uninvited)

    I now want to see a review for this “Things” movie.  You should not have tantalized me so. The flames of my obsession shall consume us all.

  • Nute CuntRay

     NAALTCFBIB = “Nothing at all like the catfish but it’s beautiful.”

  • Nute CuntRay


  • Leo Ladenson

    Where are the Rich Evans reaction shots?

  • Guest

    Your reviewing license is revoked.  Talking about this movie and not mentioning MST3K is an epic fail.

  • Craigscout86

     I did find this puzzling.

  • Guest

    Any idea where to get that sound effect?

  • bb-15

    This was the first Half in the Bag where the movie being reviewed was so bad that I gave up after about half way. And I’m a fan of several bad films.

    BB 😉

  • Kie4avp

    Maybe the funniest episode so far!

  • Guest

    “The movie was also featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater.”

    Yeah, that would have made the conversation so much more riveting!

  •  It’s to piss off people like you

  • Guest

    Here’s a craaaazy theory for you: maybe they just think it’s funny.

  • I for one don’t give a solitary shit about whether or not MST3K covered this movie. Thanks for not mentioning it, I’m tired of “nerd institutions” in general dominating any online discussions of a thing.

  • redletterjay

    Yes, this.

  • Granreycero

    Is Mr.Plinkett going to review anything soon?

  • fuck off.

  • Dicecapade

    Zaat looks like Bloodwaters of Doctor Z to me but I could be wrong.

  • TranceRufus

    The montage of Zaat tripping on shit had me in tears.

  • Choraldo

     Is it the same movie or a different movie with the same plot?

  • The Guest

    awesome. The review was good but that final shot of you guys barricading the door, was hilarious. i dont usually like slap stick style comedy but this was so well done. id like to see you guys make an entire movie,

    Also AVENGERS review plox k tnx

  • It is my contention that Greedo’s basis in fact comes from the second monster that emerges from this old lady’s giner in Haxan: Witchcraft through the Ages, at 0:18:

  • Guest

    They DID make an entire movie and it’s hilarious:


  • Dumbass


  • Infernocanuck

    Gents:  One day, you should give up all pretense and just look in the camera and say, “Listen, we just want to spend 5 minutes trashing our set.  Enjoy!”

  • sigaba

    I’m just surprised they used it after Plinkett specifically pointed it out when they overused it (very same ceramic break, mind you) in “Generations”.  He’s gonna lock them up in his basement if he ever turns up alive.

  • I kept waiting for one of you to drunkenly stumble into that pile of bottles and bleed out.

  • Dylan

    It’s the same movie, Zaat is the “true” title of sorts.

  • I can’t believe you never mentioned MST3K or it’s other title, “Bloodwaters of Dr. Z”. It’s the only reason anyone even knows about the movie. 

  • Calvin J.

     I was waiting for them to mention that the entire video. And the Sarcasm Fish.

  • Steve B.

    Yeah, I don’t mind the exclusion of  any MST3k mention. I love the show, but it wouldn’t have really added anything. Also Mike & Jay  cover stuff that wasn’t even in the MST3k episode, like the “hippie scene”. 

  • Steve B.

    Also, to be honest, I don’t even think Dr. Z was one of MST3k’s better episodes. I’m not surprised someone would forget it.

  • SomeBloke

    It turns out…this movie is on Blu-Ray/DVD. Sorry if this seems spammy. Just wanted to let the word out there. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006OT0TD4/

  • Jack Colby

    Nerd Trivia: Actually, Greedo was an existing mask from an old Bird’s Eye peas commercial that was altered a bit for use in Star Wars.

  • 1971?  It did have that “Deliverance” feel to it.  

  • Crowtrobot99

    I Agree. Now “Track of the Moon Beast” there’s an awesome MST3K episode. Johnny Longbow and his stew, poopie.

  • Ygyfhsdyh

    This movie sucks ass……its the last time I watch anything you guys recommend!! Rubbish story….no cgi….seriously wtf dudes???!! Go review the new Avengers movie assholes!!!!

  • J Glassyocean

    Great review as usual. Although I’m starting to think you guys make these videos as an excuse to clank bottles a lot.

  • Ghetto Capitalist

    I’m your host, a guy named Ghost. I’m a capitalist and I deserve more respect! 

  • Strelnikov

    Jay, “Zaat” is what is called “regional film making”, where people outside of Hollywood make movies for regional or national distribution. Usually these movies are low budget genre flicks….the movies of Larry Buchanan fit that description perfectly; they were all made in Texas and shown in the Southern drive-in circuit or on Southern UHF stations.

    I think the people who made “Zaat” heard that one of the film directors at the Centron Corporation made “Carnival of Souls” and said to themselves,”if he could make a horror film, we could make a monster movie!”

    They were dead wrong.

  • Luke

    what the fuck….? you didn’t watch the video at all did you?

  • Strelnikov

     But this review proves that the grade-Z movies of 40 years ago are on the same level as the shit blockbusters of today….it’s evidence of film devolution.

    Jerry Casale and the Mothersbaugh brothers would be so proud.

  • Strelnikov

     No, they banned you for emoticon use.

  • Strelnikov

     But it’s a house!

  • Guest

    I totally disagree, Zaat was made by incompetent yokels for fifteen dollars, I’m talking about movies made by supposed professionals who have the full weight of the Hollywood machine behind them.

  • Lady Bandit

    made from corn, spices, chicken *sign* ….ONIONS…

  • Guest

     …as if you’ve ever watched one.

  • Ldaltomare

    I like it when you review old movies because it means you can use footage other than what was in the trailer! So when you describe a scene you can SHOW up what you’re talking about!

    Also, at 11:10 she doesn’t plug her nose, she puts that air tube into her mouth.

  • Guest

    I nearly died laughing at the super awkward run/walk at the end.

  • Stick

    Probably killed so many fish for this movie

  • Robby

    Awesome episode. Jay’s “I put a glory hole in Plinkett’s bathroom,” and Mike’s “I think George Lucas is familiar with Zaat” had me in stiches.

  • Guest

     He couldn’t watch it with them because he’s trapped in his Gamestation

  • Guest

     I think their comedy is a little over your head.

  • Smokey MacPot

    It definitely needed more tits.

  • Guest

    Now ZAAT!… was a movie.

  • Brandon Summers

    Are you guys on a John Waters kick? That’s the opening from “Female Trouble” and that fried chicken music was in “Pecker”. Is it because of Clayton Prince?

  • Guest

    They started the review saying it was a terrible movie. Zaat is part of the “it’s so bad, it’s good” category. It’s not for everyone, but some people get a kick out of watching movies that were so poorly made that it’s funny. The movie is campy, and I enjoy seeing the exaggerated, absurd, and awkward quality of Zaat. That’s why I like Galaxy Invader, it’s why I like Troll 2. That said, you’re right it’s a terrible movie. However, like I said they never presented it as high quality entertainment. Just as a stupid movie to laugh at. 

  • Mike

    More ad spam, please

  • Small note here: ZaAt was completed in 1970 and was trademarked in 1971. However, it did not see a theatrical release of any kind til 1980.

    I remember this because I read the NY Daily News a TON and there was a section called “The Phantom of the Movies”. The writer would go to Times Square and see the most obscure films which would now be direct-to-video, such as Boggy Creek II: And the Adventure Continues.

    The Phantom, aka Joe Kane, now has his own movie site: http://www.videoscopemag.com/

  •  Herk Harvey admitted he was influenced by foreign cinema, so there ya go.

  • hobum

    guys…you HAVE to review Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 film “Hausu” (or “House”). It’s the best kind of B-horror, but Japanese, and just…I can’t even…aaduguhghh

  • Hellno

    Good looks on smoking the BLM 100s (Basic Light Menthol 100), You have indeed picked the trashiest smokes for your character. Good looks.

  • Strelnikov

    Did you watch the review? The people who made this piece of shit made industrial films before trying to make a real movie. It may not have been a good film, but “incompetent yokels” make movies like “Manos: The Hands of Fate” or “The Crawling Terror” or “Curse of the Cannibal Confederates.”

    My point was that “Zaat” has a story that could easily be made into one of these very pretty, but very dumb, horror movies they’ve been cranking out the last ten years.

  • Strelnikov

    It’s obvious that Harvey saw “Nosferatu” or possibly “Vampyr” and all the creepy building shots remind me of “Last Year at Marienbad”, so yeah, I can agree he was influenced.

  • Strelnikov

    It’s my understanding that “Zaat” hit the Southern movie circuit (drive-ins and second-run movie houses) right after it was made, and was actually re-released in the mid 1970s because the first run was a dud. It might not have hit the NYC grindhouses until 1980 because some of these releasing companies would whore movies out to death (I heard that “The Hellcats”, that Ross Hagen late-1960s biker movie, made a million dollars because it stayed in theaters for years.)

  • Strelnikov

    I tried to get the Bad Movie Fiends podcast interested in that flick, but they woulden’t touch it because it was a Critereon release and thus too expensive or some other bullshit excuse.

    I agree with you; that movie has to be seen to be believed.

  • Deak Thefreak

    I would say that such a movie style would be ripe for parody except 1) such movies are self-parody and 2) John Landis already did that in 1973.

    Now go watch Myra Breckinridge because I hate you.

  • Dee

    I actually want to buy the blue ray.

    Always wondered if you guys liked Incepton or any of the Potter movies.

    And for the lolz, you must review the Twilight saga. Believe me you will get 9 million hits, from people that also hate it and fangirls wanting to kill you.

  • Smokey MacPot

    or fangirls wanting to bang you.

  • Nooo nooo fuck Zaat! I want Plinkett. PLINKETT!!

  • Cleretic

    One of the most fun parts of Half in the Bag is seeing you guys just take so much joy in finding new ways and reasons to destroy your own set. It’s fantastic.

  •  Oh, please. Myra Breckinridge isn’t as bad as that –  to torture someone, force them to watch Sextette.

  • Ohad

    this show junped the shark ever since the VCR became conscience.
     I still like it thou.

  • This was an MST3K movie called ”

  • TremblingEagle

    yeah, I was wondering…what are the chances of two movies being this bizarre? Interesting to know the back-story on how it came to be made tho.

  • Ninsaru

    isn’t this movie actually called “Blood Waters of Dr. Z”?

  • Bob97

    Awesome! Please more reviews of bad movies! Those are the best!

  • thefreeist

    Terrific spit-take by Jay.
    Room looks fine, Plinkett will never notice

  • MattintheCrown

    Considering how Zaat’s hands hands had the tendency to lacerate the skin of people he grabbed, I can see how he’d decide that he’d need a lady friend.

  • Sd

    Hmmm… MST3K already did this… kinda of like the plot for your awful game show… damn dudes…. are you really ripping them off?

  • Sd

    So did Mike and Jay…

  • Sd

    No, it’s a free clip which has been used for decades now. It was used in Diablo II and a lot of other video games as well.

  • The MST3K version didn’t have the extended opening of Leopold doing NOTHING, and there was no hippie scene in Blood Waters either.

  • Original title was “ZaAt”. “Blood Waters of Dr. Z” was the version cut down for TV.

  • Hazel867

    how is reviewing a movie that MST3K riffed ripping them off

  • Nonay

    review The Avengers NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, and Things

  • joe_wells32

    You do realise how dumb you must be come onto here just to post that. Also, MST3K and RLM have totally different ways of viewing a movie. Just because one looked at something before the other makes it a rip-off? Please refer to my first point.

  • Your set looked really dangerous in this episode. Be careful guys.

  • Srjoben

    I think you missed what he actually said, their new show Gamestation 2.0 is basically the same setup as MST3k.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this. It was called The Blood Waters of Dr. Z and the Mystery Science Theater crew did a riff of it.
    I can’t remember all of it though. Is this the one where there was a couple just sitting in their living room and suddenly their house explodes for no reason?

  • simonsaidso

    I think by the end of the reviewing year the room should be nothing but a flood of beer bottles reaching to the ceiling.

  • TV’s Rob

    No, that one was Parts: The Clonus Horror.

  • Anonymous

    Please so street trash .

  • Howso?

  • Fakename

    Thank god you guys reviewed this instead of The Avengers.

  • Septapus

    Mike looks as if he was smoking copious amounts of weed the night before.

  • Nick

    C’mon guys, the point of this movie is obvious. This movie flawlessly built up to a riveting climax as Zaat destroyed the Curlin Nescar with a ball peen hammer.  I’m surprised and appalled you missed it.


    “Well shit now I’m a catfish man. I ain’t gonna nab this broad as a catfish man!”

    I LOLed. Words to live by.

  • Aetr

    Loved the “Female trouble” background.

  • Micah Paul

    When the girl gets dunked, she’s actually grabbing a breathing tube and puts it in her mouth as she goes under. 

  • Guest

    What in the fuck is wrong with you two!? Did NEITHER OF YOU watch mst3k!?

    How is that possible? 


  • Ben


    Y’all should do this for your next review of an awful sci-fi film.

  • Srjoben

     In the general sense that it uses the framing device of a guy on a space station who is given media to talk about against his will.

  • Hwgw

    your reviews are so relaxing, thank you so much for your work jay and mike

  • Fucko

    street trash fucking rules

  • CLANK4001


  • Sarge081089

    is it me or are our two intrepid reviewers becoming like Mr. Plinkett?

  • Avacadomastr

     The more time you spend in Plinkett’s lair.. the more he infects you..

  • the pharmacy-trashing scene is clearly an homage to citizen kane

  • Yeah this was one of the later years MST3K episodes. How did you guys not watch MST3K or mention  that since I’m sure 90% of the RLM/HITB fan base is in some way, like myself connected to what the MST3K/RiffTrax guys have done before.

  • Mick Travis

    Alexandre Phillippe was an idiot to choose going to Hollywood instead of hanging out with you guys, drinking beer, and watching ZAAT.  

  • Asian

    “After Last Season” will have you shout more questions. The entire set was either made of, or decorated by printer paper. True facts.

  • Topdek


    Link to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode featuring “Blood Waters of Dr. Z”, another title used for “Zaat”.

    I particularly love Crow T. Robot’s impression of the emo scientist in one of the sketches (“At just the right moment, ATTACK!”)

  • Trekkie Gnossis

    Thanks for the MST3K reference. It was killing me. I kept saying to myself, this looks so fucking familiar. I swear it was on MST3K, but there was no “ZAAT” on MST3K, it was of course a terrible copy of the “Blood Waters of Dr. Z”. It looks like you got a much better DVD copy of it! Kudos/

  • Topdek

    I disagree. Zaat is an obscure B movie (compared to, like, Plan 9 from Outer Space) and the fact that it was riffed on an internationally famous TV show over a decade ago should have been mentioned, if the HttB crew were aware of it.

    It doesn’t diminish the hilarity of this HttB episode and I learned a lot more about Zaat through this episode. However, one observation on the MST3K episode might have been useful here, about the Zaat costume: “His head is paper-mache over a gas mask”

  • nobody loves you

  • best drink spit reaction ever

  • skagboy

    you guys should make more reviews of this type of bizzarre B-movies

  • fikus

    super rivju

  • emanuel reuter

    i hope they didn’t kill those fish’ to make the movie

  • GoonieGooGoo

    I’m gonna watch Zaat right now. Thanks to Mike and that fucking hack Jay Bauman for introducing this movie.

  • Guest

    “mom! dad! i love you both. please dont make me choose!” naw i love mst3k, but why should HITB have to mention it,

  • I swear, these guys just love trashing their set. XD

  • UnShame

    They’re showing their favorite scene in the movie and it’s just that monster trashing the room a little bit. I guess they really like breaking and throwing things on the ground…

  • Fuck you. It’s not a matter of something dominating a discussion. It’s about giving a wink and nod to those who came before you. It’s a general sign of respect, and the Red Letter folks seem to have very little for anyone…which helps explain their minuscule audience.

  • myself

    I think Dune by David Lynch might be an interesting review.

  • MrButtons08

    this movie is on Netflix but it is called Blood Waters of Dr. Z

  • cocksaplenty

    it’s an endurance test, i’ll say.

  • cocksaplenty

    thus, Best of the Worst fulfilled your wish

  • cocksaplenty

    too bad they did both, eh?

  • cocksaplenty

    disappointed they cleaned up and moved?

  • cocksaplenty

    we’ve waited more than a goddamn year for Things; the RLM crew should all review it, all 6 of them, in one sitting, bc that looks like a masterpiece of badness; if The Room is Citizen Kane of bad movies, then Things is the Terminator 2 of bad movies.

  • cocksaplenty

    well, since they reviewed the last Twilight movie on HITB, I don’t think Plinkett can review them all; it’ll just ruin the flow of reviewing the first four movies and leaving Plinkett incomplete bc Mike and Jay reviewed it.

  • Ben

    Why did plinkett leave in the first place? It’s never revealed what “things” he needed to figure out…

  • GoodGuy Grayson

    RIP Don Barton.

  • Apparently Mr. Barton was not happy with his film Zaat being used on Mystery Science Theater 3000. http://www.mst3kinfo.com/?p=15572

  • nocussing


  • capnmorgan5150

    Didn’t even realize I had already seen this on MST3K because it was under the title “Blood Waters of Dr. Z” instead of “Zaat”.

  • Fanch

    Zaaaat! looks like the shapeshifting salt-eater from Star Trick. But not like a human-catfish hybrid! This movie seems pretty awesome. A pure nanar (a french slang term for “B to Z movies we like to love/hate while laughing”)!

  • Sage

    Arguably the best episode of HitB I’ve seen.

  • Adrian Hernandez

    Mike and Jay are like the Siskel and Ebert of the Internet.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Will everyone please not compare this show to Mystery Science Theater?
    Here’s the difference:
    Half in the Bag: “This is how you do camerawork for feature films. This is how you do camerawork for factual films.”
    Mystery Science Theater: “Seaweed? LOL, he said ‘weed’!”
    Now shut up!

  • TapewormBike

    Plot hole!

  • Vornado 630

    Wow, both of those shows sound mind numbingly boring and sophomoric. Thankfully HITB and MST3K are both far more entertaining and intelligent than you present them to be.

  • Cole Christie


  • ThomasHFoolery

    Is it me or does Dr. Zaat guy look like an emo scientist version of Teller from Penn & Teller?

  • stripeyunderpants

    Holy FUCK, what a pig sty! The set just keeps getting more and more trashed. Eventually, they’ll be doing the reviews from behind a giant pile of beer bottles, food wrappers, and busted equipment, with only the tops of their heads showing.

  • Pablo Martinez

    At 23:45 you can cleary see that jay makes the wall bounce. GREAT WAY OF BREAKING THE SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF YOU HACKS.

    (I’m looking forward to watch Zaat! BTW)

  • Matthew Jette

    Okay so I just got done with Fateful Findings and I don’t think I have seen something as Bad-Good, not to be mixed with Good-Bad, as this film. If you can find it, good for you and enjoy. If you liked to room, this film is for you.

  • AndyAce83

    “[N-word] lover”, “Check that would you hon?”. I don´t think it was his black son, but a part of the rainbow of love.

  • dungeon master

    “Damn, Lou, why did’nt you tell us sooner?!”

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    A lot of the story details were sounding eerily familiar, so I had to look it up as well. I feel better now, lol. I couldn’t imagine how I could have ever ended up seeing this, if it wasn’t due to that show. (And yet another of the many clumsy title-changes for the distribution versions Best Brains used.)

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Hmm, that doesn’t really sound anything like an MST3K joke. If you’re going to dismiss the show, at least try a little harder while doing it. 😐

  • naah

    the beginning looks just like Eraserhead.

  • ikdks

    Zaat isn’t the name of the fishmonster. Zaat is the name of the formula.

    Z sub A and A sub T. Zaat!!!!

  • ¡David Oakes! 

    Zaat was all like ” Where the lady zaat ? “

  • Billy Nunez

    You fuck that room up, Zaat.

  • SomeAss

    What’s Zaat?

  • Mr. Herrmateeyowish

    they didn’t use that sound effect in generations, that was added for comedic effect in the review to highlight the fact that the prop was used unthinkingly, something that should have meant something to the character was just random debris.

    anyways this is very important 3 years after your comment.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Except that might make me laugh, whereas “Seaweed? LOL, he said ‘weed’!” never would. A huge part of jokes is in the phrasing, in addition to who’s delivering it (I could guess it was a Crow joke before I even went back to look). Additionally, part of the absurdity comes from the ridiculous pretentious name of the thing, and the idea of smoking it plays off that.
    A lot of RLM humor, on the other hand, comes from mispronouncing names, misidentifying people, or saying stupid things, but it’s carried off in such a way that makes it work. That still doesn’t make what they’re doing highbrow or significant on a constant basis. Their work is a hodgepodge of actual critique and the crew’s brand of silly sense of humor and taste for B-horror.
    Ultimately, the failure of Alcade’s comparison is that he’s setting up a false extreme, as neither fake example really clicks with the source it’s being attributed to. I don’t care if he doesn’t like MST3K, but he clearly doesn’t understand what makes it work for those who do or how to adeptly satirize it.

  • highway788

    (I realized I misstyped. It’s Sargassum. (I’m currently writing German subtitles for Zaat, and that’s one I had to look up^^))

    I am completely unfamiliar with MST3K. I just watched the first two minutes of the Zaat one, and hearing the weed thing, I thought there might be something to the guy’s argument, but you lay down your case calmly and rationally. Hats off to that. I have to admit, that probably, without knowing HITB, I might be a bit put off and irritated about their humour at first.
    About the mispronouncing/misidentifying thing. I first noticed it in Mr Plinkett’s Star Wars Ep. 2 review with Boba/Jengo Fett. To me this feels less like humour, but more like a clever, sneaky trap to potential trolls. As in “You hacks, your review is shit. You clearly weren’t even paying attention for half the movie. The guy you mean is called Jengo Fett. Boba is the little kid!” And then they would realize that they have no actual, real counterargument against RLM, and thus proving them right. I believe Mike and Jay (and the rest of the crew) know exactly what they’re doing, even in the parts that aren’t scripted.
    Sorry, tangent, but I wanted to get that off my chest.

    So you seem to be one of the smart ones around here. If you feel like it, pitch me MST3K in a way that makes me want to watch it. I’d like to know why so many people like it.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    I think you’re right, that is how the mispronunciation/misidentification thing started, but after a while producing content you start to develop repetitive habits in your performance (arguably even lazy ones). They even do it during BOTW episodes, which are not movies almost-anyone would get defensive about. It’s never gotten to the point where I’d find it obnoxious, but I don’t always think it’s especially creative either.
    I’ve never been much for trying to convert people to liking things I like, acquired tastes and all… but I could tell you why I like Mystery Science Theater.
    A: I grew up with it, and there were few things that could make me laugh as hard as that show did during my childhood.
    B: Making jokes at that frequency over a movie, television show, etc. is a lot more difficult of an art form than it may initially appear. There are a ton of examples of people failing to pull it off out there on the internet, just to drive that home. It takes an exhaustive amount of re-viewings and writing in advance, without even getting into the careful timing and delivery during the performance and whether you even have the right type of voice to pull it off. I used to think they were ad-libbing it all when I was young, but that’s because I was dumb (as children are).
    C: I developed a lot of affection for the characters of Joel, Mike, and the bots over the course of watching many episodes, and that adds another layer of meta-experience to the show (not sure if I even used meta correctly there, but banzai!).
    …It makes everything very cozy, because you feel like you’re sitting down with a bunch of friends to watch a bad movie and mock it together. It’s also interesting to see what jokes get assigned to which character as Joel, Mike, Tom, and Crow each have fairly distinct personalities. All the primary cast of MST3K have gone on to do subsequent “riffing” projects as themselves after it all ended, but I still kind of miss that aspect of character framing that existed in the original show.
    That being said, not everyone finds MST3K funny or enjoyable. I even have such wastrels as friends sometimes, and there’s really no point arguing over tastes.
    If you do feel like giving it a full-episode try sometime, “Pumaman” (season 10 episode 3) is one of my all-time favorites. It’s also one of a small selection of films they’ve covered that I don’t even mind sitting through on its own.

    PS: How did you get condemned to the fate of writing subtitles for “Zaat”?” Is that part of the deutsch penal system? 🙁

  • highway788

    Thanks, that’s great. I’ll definitely check out Pumaman and go from there 😀

    I already figured the part how it’s like watching a movie with your friends, from the little bit that I saw. I just don’t know anybody who has even heard of that show (that I know of). That’s not the kind of show that gets dubbed and shown over here.

    And about the subtitles. I’m Swiss, studying in Austria and I have quite a few German friends. I checked out Samurai Cop and Galaxy Invader and a few other B-movies that RLM talked about and I had a great time, so I’d like to enjoy them with a few of my friends whose English isn’t as strong as mine (not trying to brag or anything ^^). And I saw it as a way to pick up a new skill, meaning improving my translations and subtitling stuff, which I would like to do for several things, like certain YouTube videos I’d like my parents to check out.

    Oh and
    http://bit (dot) ly/1LNBVa5
    I hate my brain…

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    That’s some very dedicated hang-out prep. Hopefully there’s some way to share the subtitles outside of your immediate circle, after doing all that work (but I suppose that depends how much you want to skirt on the murkier territories of copyright law).
    As to your gif… Well, we’re all a little mental aren’t we? I have to curb-stomp those kind of impulses all the time myself, being the dumb girl that I am.

  • nocussing

    This could use a Best of the Worst treatment.

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    rainforest cafe is a midwest classic. loved going there with my grandma in northern illinois burbs as a kid.

  • JonahFalcon

    Actually, ZaAt.

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