Half in the Bag: Warm Bodies and Movie 43

February 7, 2013441 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss some movie that they’ve already forgotten the title of, as well as the critically darling, Movie 43.

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  • My favourite tv show that is not on tv.

  • Richard

    ugh, movie 43. ill never be able to look at steve merchant the same.

  • cant wait to see wat they have to say!

  • Gilly


  • Jay “The Rapist” Bauman


  • Lionel Bee

    Believe in yourself, and you will be free.

  • Mike “The Kike Killer”Stoklasa

    Fuck black people!

  • Merchant.

    Le Lucky Merchant says: Im dying lauren.

  • Finally

    My name has never been so relevant.

  • Jordan


    Seriously though, love you guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Dudumsn

    Oh Jesus Christ it’s not even funny anymore. Please stop that.



  • HANS


  • Mothetra

    Holy fuck, shut the fuck up you lonely retarded virgin

  • Keep up the good work guys.

    Love it. And Movie 43 was rubbish. Glad i avoided it.

  • Thank God for the Extra reruns on HBO. Made me forget that he was in it.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Ha its the Charlie the Unicorn song.

  • Astounding.

  • Jordan

    I heard that too

  • brownbox

    Great stuff guys 🙂

  • On warm bodies: So it’s like Ghost Rider 2. A good director gets a bad script dumped on him because paycheck.

  • Rich “Bitch” Evans


  • Eyespy

    Oh look it’s Honey from the 1st Grabowski season!

  • twat

    Hey guys, normally I make stupid fucking jokes when I comment on your reviews, but today I just wanted to say I am loving your new release schedule. Thank you so much for the entertainment you’ve given me over the past couple years you’ve been doing these. I hope they’re still as fun to make as they are to watch.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  • I want to see the uncut part of Mike laughing after the 9/11 comment from Jay.

  • classic paul dano


  • damnit I was so hoping that this episode would end with the ghost girl with the beercooler between her legs.. Missed opportunity I say!

  • Cassie

    This video had better acting than I expect Movie 43 to have had… that you could talk about the movie as if it weren’t complete shit without breaking into a laugh every 2 seconds…

  • you comment posting people sicken me

  • Two movies I never intend to see

  • I completely thought that Warm Bodies was a parody of the whole Twilight idea of a girl falling in love with an undead monster. Looking at it from that point of view, I imagine the movie is more entertaining.

  • contagioned

    I’ll go watch Movie 43 right now

  • CalamityCorp

    Seriously, for the love of all that is holy, stop adding those fucking screamers. Thank you!

  • GoCompare Guy

    I heard Movie 43 is one of the sorriest sacks of shit going, but damn.

    And the premise of Warm Bodies says to me that it started life as a straight up parody of Twilight, only some suit somewhere figured they’d make more money of going for the Twihard demographic instead of mocking it, so they gave up the parody schtick and just decided to be another one of those films. Tis a shame, parodys need to move away from Wayans brothers shit and head back to Hot Shots…

  • Mike fills the water cooler with beer, so they drink it all. That’s why they gave Movie 43 such a “great” review: because they were completely pissed.

  • Classic Gilchrist


  • Sylveria

    When they’re talking about Movie 43, I can’t tell if they’re talking about real scenes in the movie or just shit they’ve made up. Everything I’ve seen about it looks awful enough for me to believe the movie actually contains that stuff.

  • James

    heavily disappointed that you guys couldn’t see the obvious satire in warm bodies, I thought you guys were smarter.

  • corina

    Oh they did, but there is such a thing as badly done satire. Hence the comparison to Shaun of the Dead, an example of good zombie satire.

  • nickelbak

    Jay called Mike a mook, Jay conformed for rackist

  • Yeah, Warm Bodies might not be the most innovative thing on the market, but it’s a well written and well acted rom-com.

    Movie 43, on the other hand, is the cinematic equivalent of a war crime

  • Derek

    GREAT. First we got that red headed girl taking Mike away from us, now we got ghost girl customer taking Jay away from us. We’re all fucked.

  • Oh, boy! I can’t wait to hear what terrible things Mike and Jay have to say about a movie that everybody else loves. Seriously, ghostGirl was funny as all “get out!”

  • Steve B.

    I’m 99% certain they were just freestyling an imaginary description of the movie. That said, I’m also 99% certain that if the Farrelly Brothers used Mike and Jay’s review as the basis for Movie 44, no one would notice the difference.


    Did I do that right?

  • Mathew

    Was it Lauren? I am so confused.

  • Awesome episode, maybe your funniest so far.

    Movie 43 sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo very funny. I HAVE TO GO SEE IT, because jokes + comedy + poop + celebrities = funny

  • For some reason, down here in Brazil the distributor decided to name Warm Bodies “My Boyfriend Is a Zombie” (in Portuguese, of course)

    Makes it all a little more depressing.

  • capitandelespacio

    Well, it’s a progress. Best than “Where’s the next Plinkett review”. Keep the medication, there’s still hope for you.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    Nice work, Angels! But I’m afraid there’s far more work to do! You’re going to have to go undercover as strippers and see A Good Day To Die Hard. And then “Top Gun: An IMAX 3D Experience”. I’m so sorry, Angels…

  • Steve B.

    I don’t think anyone is favorably comparing Warm Bodies to Shaun of the Dead, but I have to admit, I am getting a little bit sick of hearing about how “stupid” the premise of Warm Bodies is. How is this premise any more or less ridiculous than the premise of every other zombie movie ever made? Zombies are already inherently ridiculous.

    Also, I’m guessing the satire the above poster is suggesting that Mike and Jay may have missed is not the satire of zombie movies, but the satire of Twilight-style teen monster romance stories. Mike and Jay suggest that Warm Bodies was a cynical attempt to duplicate Twilight, but the premise alone is pretty obviously a joke at Twilight’s expense.

  • dumb 13 y.o.

    Where’s Yoko, aka Jess?

  • sharkinspace

    13 years! 13 YEARS!!!

  • Jay


  • Derek

    I’m actually kind of disappointed. I like going to see bad movies, and I was legitimately going to go see Movie 43 after this review. But after watching it, I’m not sure if it’s so bad it’s good, or just so stupid it has no redeeming qualities.

  • Jay

    at least you dont have cancer. Like me

  • Naes

    So yeah or nah on seeing Movie 43? 5% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes can’t be wrong. Also please review that movie with the girl and the horse.

  • Hannibal_32

    Great review, guys.. I notice in the Twitter Feed that a Mr. Plinkett release may be forthcoming. What a glorious time to be an RLM fan..

  • Hash Nazi

    You just ruined Romeo and Juliet for me

  • Leo Ladenson

    Your jokes are funnier than your sucking up.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    This seems more like a therapeutic exercise than a review. I would take it as a warning that the sheer banality of the film will break your brain.

  • Herbert Hoover IV

    I find it somewhat depressing that some people in the comments thought these guys were being serious with their Movie43 review. *WHOOSH*

  • eh

    The Yoko comments. I love that you don’t hesitate to call your fans on their bullshit.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Spoilers. Jesus Christ. Asshole.

  • capitandelespacio

    Yes, the “Yoko” thing it’s akwardly stupid.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Let’s pretend this is a TV show.

  • capitandelespacio

    Is that sarcasm?

  • AdamCoates

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard during a HITB review than with Movie 43.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Ghost Girl had the triple purpose of keeping the beer cold, lampooning Jess’s detractors, and proving that Jay isn’t ghey ’cause he’s got a girlfriend now.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Halle Berry’s comedic chops = boobs.

  • Movie 43: “Look at how offensive and controversial we are! This movie is sooooo edgy! It’s perfectly fine because we are pretty and famous and we get away with it! But if you do it, it’s WRONG because you’re not being politically correct! Hah!” Oh, the hilarity.

  • capitandelespacio

    It’s gonna…

  • Oh God… the sarcasm.. I don’t know how much more I can take…

    Seriously, though, great episode.

  • Roger Eibert,

    I’ve just been to see “Movie 43” because you assholes recommended it and it was a total piece of shit. This is the last time take your retarded ass advice on movies!!

  • /tv/ – Television & Film


  • Heather Mills

    I don’t care if Jay is fucking that ghost as long as she doesn’t appear on the “Best Of The Worst” panel talking her uninteresting ghosty bollox.

  • thomas040

    Let me just say: I’d pay MONEY if you were on itunes … i really hope you make enough on the advertisements, because i fucking LOVE your show.!

  • Great job guys again. Freakin’ genius !

  • Rich Evans

    Where is fake Plinkett? An old VHS materializing inside his skull wouldn’t actually kill him FGS….GET REAL GUYS!

  • rhino36

    s the gerbil thing in movie 43 real? if it is, the guys making this movie are criminaly insane

  • ZAZ

    This shouldn’t be called Half in the Bag it should be called “Fuck off, Ghost!”.

  • Mark Bisone

    I loved the scene in Movie 43 where Elizabeth Banks gives Josh Duhamel a hot coffee enema and then he farts the Star Spangled. So patriotic and moving.

  • Oh my GOSH! C’mon guys, why didn’t they just put the ghost in the beer!? what a crazy couple of cunts 😀

  • No Seriously

    I didn’t get jay commenting at how it’s silly love cures zombies, when for the longest time zombies were created due to fucking magic and that’s a-ok

  • Mario Grueso Otalo

    How many million views do the care boars have already you hacks?

  • “A play written seven hundred years ago.” That states it’s ending in the beginning of the play. We put create importance for spoilers unnecessarily.

  • When I saw the trailer for Warm Bodies I thought it was sort of.. a parody of Twilight? I mean, the premise is ridiculous and I think it knows that and that’s sort of “the joke,” right? 😮

  • Marvin Falz

    This feast of a Half in the Bag feels like a classic Half in the Bag episode with Grabowskis undertones.

  • Dog Shit

    Wow mike and joy have gone full sarcasm in the movie 43 review… you all know what that means

  • Woody Allen

    They are making shit up about “Movie 43,” In the actual movie Richard Gere buys a fur hat that’s actually alive and keeps shitting everywhere when he isn’t looking like in people’s drinks or in their purses etc which is really funny and also Hugh Jackman plays a struggling actor who sells his soul to the devil (played by Harvey Weinstein – see what they did there?!! – so clever!) to get a part in a movie called “Sex Men” where he Fucks Halle Berry dressed as a 6 foot latex cock with a marsupial pouch which hides Danny DeVito.

  • Will Stutts

    especially what with the asian surgery. i mean, he doesn’t look like that normally you guys! DUH!!!!!

  • Will Stutts

    or a bout of mexican diarrea poop

  • I’m so sorry! Is it catching? I had no idea that germs could carry via internet! I’d better be more careful what I log on to!

  • tv

    Rich-drug dealer

    Someone call the cops!

  • Shakespeare

    700 years ago is quite the exaggeration

  • stacy

    Your reviews are becoming more evil with every new episode, mike and jay!

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    I see Warm Bodies as a Hollywood-ified version of Up With Dead People.

  • epic takedown of Movie 43…bravo

  • I actually kinda liked Movie 43. I mean, there were certain sections that were offensive to my sensibilities (a guy had balls on his neck, that was the joke… for like five entire minutes). But some of it was pretty entertaining, like Robin speed dating. It seemed to get better as it progressed.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the “review.” It was among the most entertaining things they’ve done. But I would have liked an honest commentary on the unique style of filming this movie adapted, even if the style was a complete shit idea.

  • playdude92

    These Hollywood stars being in this “movie” would be prostitution if it wasn´t filmed.

  • Deepthroat

    Thumbing through my catalogue, this could be the best episode.

  • You guys do Milwaukee proud.

    Love the work as usual

  • Meester Smeeth

    How the hell can you guys slag off Haunted House and then turn rounds and suck Movie 43’s dick when Movie 43’s suck and Haunted House was awesomes? It don’t make a lick of sense!

  • They are being facetious. Movie 43 was bullshit….so they made a review that was nothing but bullshit. Nothing they described actually happened in the movie.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Oh, I see. Thank you very much for explaining it to me. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Am I the only one who thought of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 when I learned about WARM BODIES?

  • Christopher Kulik

    Funny you say that because one of the Farrelly Brothers directed one of the segments in MOVIE 43.

  • Maddison

    the layers of sarcasm in this video are infinite

  • Dellaroccokc

    So at 21:20, is it hinting that Jay is all in Mike’s mind, and that everything we know is a lie? Whaaaaa?

  • Chad

    Another nice one. Keep em coming. Glad I found the Plinkett reviews years ago, and glad to be following now. Nobody else is discussing film in the same way you guys are. It’s good to see you guys are blowing up.

  • Sfing

    I know this video is new because Marvin Falz hasn’t gone through every reply and typed up a hundred long responses fellating RLM yet.

  • iHeart

    You are the reason Movie 43 was made. The source of all morony.

  • Half Machine Lip Moves

    I was feeling the same way, but then I read a review and… yeah
    they made it all up. Of course that does not mean the movie is less brainless.

  • iHeart

    I love the ghost. I mean, seriously bro, how cold is she! And considering Jay’s tremendous disgust of the human body and bodily fluids, this romance is a match made in hell.

  • iHeart

    You read the entire comment. Now who’s to blame!

  • Sir David Attenborough

    I’ve been studying lions all my life, but I had no idea, that this big cats where such “thumbs up” seeking whores.

  • doggie pooooop

  • hjkh

    half in the bag is alright

  • The Pandaman

    I was honestly hoping they would reverse it and start a real review like they did with Skyfall.

  • Jay


  • I LOL’d when Mike “acted” the jerking off of a Gerbil… :S

  • Manioc

    It’s the ol’ bait and switch!

  • MuhDick
  • Anonymous Coward

    The instant I saw the trailer for Movie 43 it looked like a completely transparent version of Jack and Jill, I’m honestly surprised it cost *only* 6 million

  • The Pandaman

    I had to look that up to confirm it. How did that movie, with all of those different celebrities and directors, only cost $6 Million? How the hell did they get any of them on board? “Hey, we have a five minute part for you in a movie about farts and cooking dog shit. You won’t get paid. Want in?”

  • Manioc

    I thought she’d drink all the beer and piss it out ice cold into Robert Downey Jr.’s mouth and he’d puke it out everywhere and The Aristocrats!

  • Marcus Jones

    On Warm Bodies: Several times you refer to it as a drama… only then to show a bunch of comedic trailer shots, think you may have briefly forgotten what the word “drama” means. As for Movie 43: despite the fact that you were clearly making stuff up about it that sounds “plausible” as a joke, the funniest thing about that part of the review was the 9/11 joke… and I’m totally being serious about that.

  • Marcus Jones

    Actually it started as a novel as I understand it. The premiss is slightly altered but for the most part the movie played out the way it was designed (for better or worse).

  • whatever

    The ending was great!

  • Marcus Jones

    *lifts up skirt and tweaks nozzle for a stream of cold beer* yeah, definite missed opportunity.

  • Roberto Feijoo

    Great episode I hope you discuss Horse Fuckers Vol 6 next week.

  • Lauren I’m Dying

    Jay raped the ghost to death, I’m not joking

  • Steve B.

    Peter Farrelly didn’t just direct a sketch for Movie 43, he was the brainchild behind it. He conceived the project, produced the film, and recruited the huge pool of acting talent to participate. He named the film. Movie 43 is his.

  • mike “heil hitler” stoklasa

    Mike hates Mexicans and other races

  • Kviii

    I know it’s early in 2013 but it’s going to be hard to top the Movie 43 review, RLM. You’ve set the bar.

    Also, truly baffled that people leaving replies thought this was a serious Movie 43 review. If you don’t understand sarcasm or humor then why does RLM appeal to you?

  • BOBO

    I was talking with a friend a few days ago and he said that he saw Movie 43 and liked it. LIKED IT BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUNNY. He then went on to describe some scene with people dressed as Batman and Robin but in a WACKY situation. I said it sounded fucking stupid and he said, “Lighten up its a movie.” I wanted to kill him.

  • Bassbait

    The funniest part of Movie 43 was when George Clooney was at a dinner table with Jason Alexander, and then every customer in the restaurant proceeded to shake Clooney’s hand, and then slap their dinner plate on Jason Alexander’s head! And they ALL had spaghetti! And the funniest part was when Jason Alexander FREAKED OUT, and demanded to know why everyone was doing this to him, and they all yelled “BECAUSE YOU’RE BALD!!!” And it was funny because it’s true! Bald people suck and we should make fun of them for being bald.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Where’s fake Plinkett?

  • Steve Reeves


  • Steve Reeves

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to say I’m a huge fan, Mr. Statham.

  • Steve Reeves

    Yeah, what an asshole telling artists that they are fans and appreciate all the hard work they’ve done for our entertainment over the years. Fuck you, Twat!

  • Steve Reeves

    You misspelled “fucking moron” as “friend”.

  • Steve Reeves

    The “Warm Bodies” bit kind of let me down because it’s not as good when you guys are reviewing a movie you feel ambivalent about. But then the Movie 43 review came along and you TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELVES!!!

  • Steve Reeves

    Women are the worst.

  • Anonymous Coward

    I think Hollywood just honestly hates everybody now

  • phillysportsfan

    half in the bag is 2nd only to my fleshlight in terms of favorite things

  • crapface

    Honestly, the only reason that they went completely sarcastic with movie 43 is that they would most likely be suicidal if they actually talked about it…

  • irk

    I am a little disappointed about the review for Warm Bodies. The review made it seem like it was all about the girl in the movie… but the entire time it follows the guy zombie and how he becomes more human, not being weird and trying to express himself. The intro to the movie describes zombies to be actually people who just do their routines day in and day out and might as well be dead. This idea is shoved into the viewers by glimpses of people on their phones and the guy zombie walking around like there is really nothing to live life for as everyone waddles around and never actually communicate with anyone. The involvement of the girl in the guy’s life brings back what he really needed to be human again and the same to other zombies who realize love is something to live for.

    The bonies, the completely dead zombie go after the guy because he is becoming less of a zombie, therefore food. As to the difference between eating a zombie and a regular person was never touched upon but it didn’t harm the movie in my opinion.

    I feel like you guys missed the mark on the Warm Bodies review.

  • Brook

    Wait wait wait wait! Am I the only one who noticed Jay disappeared in the middle of the Movie 43 segment?

  • IamSMERT

    One of the best HitB IMHO, a veritable smorgasbord of sarcasm. ROFL

    Can someone clarify Zombie rules for me:

    If you die and are raised, you are undead. But, if bitten by a zombie are you dead? And don’t zombies also eat people entirely, what happens to those victims? Seems like if someone was only bitten by a zombie they could theoretically be cured.


  • Christopher Kulik

    Oh lord, now I feel a little ashamed for liking THE THREE STOOGES movie.

  • Christopher Kulik

    I have to say it: I’m so annoyed and tired of those Disneyland resort ads, that I’ve decided to withhold all of my support for Disney products in 2013.

  • name

    I was just kind of turned off by the conspicuous “hey, this hasn’t been done yet” line of thinking that would actually prompt someone to make a movie about such a dumb idea.

  • Yoko_is_Okay_with_Me

    I was the one who started the “Yoko” thing about Mike’s GF making the first Best of the Worst video awkward.

    I felt bad after she yelled at me on the forums.

    Sorry. 🙁


  • Derek is probably a gay

    “…girl taking Mike away from us…” What are you a faggot?

  • ML Kennedy

    I kinda want you guys to watch “My Boyfriend’s Back” and “Idle Hands” now to compare the teenage zom-rom-coms.

  • Bobo

    Later he said his GF made him go see it, and while that might be true he still thought the “iBabe” segment was a laugh riot.

  • Internet Cotillion

    You never apologize. This is internet etiquette 101.

  • Rich_Evans_Fan

    Did these things really happen in Movie 43 or are you joking around? I really can’t tell. It sounds disgusting, but not in a funny way.

  • CorbeauNoir

    The worst part is they’re apparently doing a movie of The Host so Jay and Mike’s postulating over what new teenage-girl-loves-random-horror-creature movie will come out next has already come true.

  • CorbeauNoir

    From what I’ve heard of the synposis(es?) I don’t think so. Apparently the whole ‘joke’ behind the Hugh Jackman bit is that he has a scrotum on his neck.

  • thanks

    Thanks for the episode, entertaining as always

  • Rick Berman

    I enjoyed the part where they had the dinner party and the black guy fell into the pool and couldn’t swim. He was about to drown, but then someone came by and said “who wants watermellon” and he found the strength to jump out of the pool onto dry land. Then some cops ran up to the black guy and started hitting him with batons, saying “he’s trying to steal the watermelon.”

    See, they make these connections. It’s very subtle and you have to look out for it.

  • JoeJoe

    What “13 Year Old” would know who Yoko Ono is? I hope that was supposed to be an ironic insult – because it was limp.

    Seriously, Google “Bill Burr Yoko Ono” and re-watch the end of the first Best of the Worst. Notice how Mike doesn’t something completely out of character and is polite and completely full of shit when downplaying someone’s “wrong choice”. Compare this to his brutal and purposely unfair retort to Gillian about “What’s Your Number?”. Notice any difference? WhoooopShhhhh!

  • Jigsaw

    Are… are… are you saying that they made the “neckbearded hipster” remark on the last Half in the Bag episode to call my bullshit and not to laud my pure awesomeness and astute analysis (hehehehe, there is the word “anal” in analysis… hehehehehe)? What the fuck?!

  • JoeJoe

    Liar. I was the one that brought up the name Yoko Ono, because that and Sponge Bob are things that a 13 year old like me are well-versed with.

  • Jigsaw

    Nothing beats Half in the Bag. Nothing. You hear me? If you do you should up your medication, because I typed this.

  • Jigsaw

    That sounds dirty.

  • guest

    Holy shit, dude. Kill yourself.

  • JoeJoe

    Yeah, Swordfish was a pretty good comedy then.

  • Jigsaw

    I listened to the Tropic Thunder audio commentary today and it seems that lots of people really didn’t recognize Tom Cruise until his identity was revealed in the post movie credits. That should give you an indication about how many numbskulls are roaming around out there. The zombie apocalypse did arrive a long time ago, people…

  • alfaecotangoromeo

    … that review for movie 43, were you serious, or just ironic? I actually felt tempted to watch it, oh the irony.

  • Jegsimmons

    oh shit, they just slammed /tv/ board of 4chan. HA!!!

  • AaronRodgers12

    Thumbs up if you’re watching this in 2013!!!!

  • Your review of Movie 43 was like some kind of horrible nightmare world…

    Oh… Oooh!

  • gn

    I may have been the first person to refer to Jessi as Yoko, it was meant as a joke. If it got under her skin and bothered her, I apologize.

  • ForwardEarth

    A zombie bite is fatal, but death is not instantaneous. So theoretically, if there were a cure, a bite victim could be saved if he or she were treated in time. In most incarnations of the mythos, once you’re dead, you’re done. As for the ones who are eaten entirely, they’re eaten entirely.

  • em

    I like it better when they dont give in and reference the comments, like they’re above that. otherwise it feels like the comments got to em.

  • MlvlM

    Hey, tell that cougher to keep it down at 11:47

  • iamtravis182

    I’ll take the bait and switch any day, along with Mike’s classic “OH Fuck!”. Genius.

  • RobbedZombie

    You’ve got your three types of zombies: you’ve got your fantasy, demonic, glowing eye, zombies. Then you got your scientific/realistic/scfi zombies that are either brought back with chemicals/viruses/etc by reanimating the body with basic instincts, or by parasitic causes like plagas/necromophs/Outer Limits episode ”From Within” that take over and control the body.

  • searanox

    Your review of Movie 43 was higher comedy than that piece of dog shit could ever aspire to be.

  • CorbeauNoir

    I *always* jump slightly when the end of a HitB episode is suddenly followed with an obnoxious blast of christmas music

  • Seth

    The Movie 43 review was fucking hysterical. Thanks guys.

  • Adhf

    I’m surprised nobody has pointed out that the customer in the video is also the customer of the hardware store in Death Wish.

  • searanox

    Also, you guys have the funniest spit takes in the business.

  • Stone, Emma

    haha that emma stone gerbil!… I want it up my ass O_O

    <:D or should I say, burro for our Mexican friends so they know what I'm talking about

  • Crindy

    Nice product placement for Amp, you hack-frauds.

  • Does no one nowadays realize Romeo and Juliet was satire? You shouldn’t try and make serious dramas recreating it. Shakespeare is making fun of stupid teenage emotional schlock.

  • his cock


  • i love mike’s fake laugh at 14:35

  • FixBoars

    What these guys said ^

  • HungryEthiopianChild

    Cancer is nothing. Try having aids for a week…

  • Genitals

    What’s with the Punisher avatar? Prepubescent much?

  • MrSeriousManWithPenisInFace

    Merchant and Gervais are hacks. Pilkington is the real genius of that group…

  • I heard the idea and thought it was stupid, but when I saw the trailer I thought it was genius because it seemed to approach the material ironically and making fun of the whole undead love genre.

    I’m really hoping this film didn’t take itself seriously. It sounds like it did, from how you guys talk about it.

  • Yeah, that was weird.

  • Craig

    I hope you know there are going to be stupid people who thought you were serious about Movie 43 and I pity them but it also makes me think of what a sarcastic ass I am.

  • The movie looks like shit and the premise is dumb.

  • Stop fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are going to be torn apart if we keep this up

  • Guest

    On the contrary, it is you whould should be killing himself.
    Haha! Two can play at this game!

  • that’s the joke

  • Isn’t it more sad that movies have sunk so low that the review was believable at all?

  • Your analysis may be correct, but it doesn’t make the movie clever or interesting.

  • Fred

    Where the hell did Jay go, you fraud hacks?!

  • Mark Bisone


  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick. Hahahaha!!

  • You guys always have such great transitions/into’s to the review segments 🙂

  • zeitguest

    I was becoming increasingly horrified on a visceral level for them as they described what they had watched.

    They should be seated at the back of an ambulance with an army blanket around their shoulders where someone can tell them it’s over,they’re safe now.

  • Derek Is Probably Gay is gay

    Little do you know, Mike’s level of awesomeness has reached the level where if you DON’T want him, you’re gay.

  • Marvin Falz

    The second review segment. The Movie 43 sarcasm fantasy segment receives some power from the Grabowskis undertones.

  • zeitguest

    right, but do the zombie digestion systems still work, like once the zombie eats you do you get pooped out? Or does the zombie keep trying to eat and just overflow from all the people he’s already swallowed?

    Do pooping zombies eventually end up with really stuffed trousers? I don’t think the mechanics of zombie apocalypse have really been worked out yet, but I’m sure Lindelof will have all the answers for us in WWZ. Not long now.

  • zeitguest

    ..but in any case I think WW Z will feature a LOT of zombie poop.

    Remember I predicted it here first.

  • ForwardEarth

    It’s a good question that I don’t think has ever been addressed. The one zombie I’ve seen, on The Walking Dead, that ate an entire person by itself, sat immobilized afterwords. Maybe that’s what happens when they’re too full to keep eating. I don’t see how their digestion could actually work. Although maybe they osmose the flesh to slow their decay. That’s an interesting notion.

  • gUeSt

    Yoko is the least effective of the insults from last episode, so in the interests of 2 wrongs never make a right but 3 do,

    you are both a couple neckbeard hackfraud fanbois with no girlfriends – unless you teach film at the local community college, then all the above is true except you are with a different redheaded coed every night god damn you.

  • guest

    See here now, the lowest-hanging fruit on the internets is accusing someone of being a girl, gay, or a child. You’d have to be a retard to use easy insults like that. Have some standards and be a clever, funny asshole like the rest of us here. Geez I feel like the butler from Down-Town Abbey – STANDARDS!!!

  • DirtyOldMan

    Holy macaroni! I just Google’d that Ghost Girl actress (Keri Lynn Sanfelippo). She’s quite the hottie, and has lots of very revealing photos on her website. Good on ya Jay, plow that twat!

  • David T.

    There are forums?

  • peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenis

    Go back to YouTube fuckwad.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    People are not brainchildren. Ideas are brainchildren. They are children of the brain. Peter Farrelly was the brain, not the brainchild.

    You’re welcome.

  • Not_so_Yoko

    Heh, I thought I was the first one and another guy on here thought he was the first.

    That may tell something in itself.

    Yeah, I too never meant to hurt her feelings, it was a joke (she obviously isn’t going to break up the company, like Yoko is accused of doing to the beetles).

    That being said she didn’t seem good for the show, most people out there suck on camera, and while she wasn’t all that bad, she wasn’t adding to the show like the others did. Also the pillow was awkward as hell, and it’s normally not good to bring your girlfriend into your business.

    She yelled at me in the forums, and I felt bad about that one. I hope she understands that internet comments are to be scoffed at, but we should remember that our comments can make people feel bad “in real life”.

    (Also, I don’t register my name in the comments as they keep getting deleted so my name is often times different.)

  • Rich_Evans_Fan

    Ah, some are making fun of people like me asking this. I asked as I know nothing about the film and Hollywood is putting out some baaaaad films the last few years (and some really great ones!) so there sarcastic acting was not so far fetched as to what one expects to see in the theaters these days.

  • Jigsaw

    What’s with the no face? Lacking imagination much? Well, of course you do. Otherwise you would have called yourself Penis McCoocherson or something.

  • Jamalaldinalafghani

    I work at a job where everybody is always saying edgy controversial things and sexually harassing the women physically and grabbing their asses. One time I made a comment that a girls pants look like underwear and I got written up and nearly fired. Then I read a book telling me that feelings of being unjustly wronged may lead to post traumatic stress disorder.

  • FUCKBOT 5000

    No, it’s aids…

  • FUCKBOT 5000

    Oh, hi Mark.

  • ALK

    WINTER IS COMINGGGG (no really Wisconsin….there’s a big ass snowstorm headed your way.)

  • Steve B.

    I would post a snarky response to try to take you to task for your pedantry, but if I did, I would just be trying to cover up the fact that I actually do feel kind of stupid for misusing the term brainchild.

  • Steve B.

    The premise of zombie movies in general is dumb. A disease that can only spread through direct physical contact with mindless, unarmed carriers who can be readily identified as carriers by simple visual inspection would be easily contained by the military. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to tell a good story with zombies.

  • JIDF

    is Mike uncut? Once again, gossips about his racism are proven to be true.

  • Venny

    Mike, Jay, I know you’re probably not going to read or acknowledge this, but I want to try anyway. My theory is that you didn’t actually go see Movie 43. Not just because you sarcastically re-told non-existent skits: that much is obvious. It’s the nature of the skits that you’re describing here that makes me think so. The types of jokes you describe aren’t really present in the film. Perhaps, you took it at face value and just assumed it was similar to Haunted House? Because it is not.

  • Joe Syxpac

    They just ruined dog poo for me.

  • Gayfatmexicanjew

    I don’t know what you were watching. Movies49 is the bestest movies of all the world movies in the world. And this review was the bestest episode, because I never know when I laugh with Jay and Mike, when they say things and I don’t understand. But this time I laugh bc they were so funny all the time. All the time saying so much funny things I understand now and so funny sounds. Shriiiing booing haha..

    When’s the next plinkett review I dont understands?!

  • Nonononono

    Noo. I am even more 13 year old than you. So it should have been me who started this all.

  • Fan

    Hence the weird sound. They like to do that.

  • Unimportant37b

    Yeah, I already saw him here. He is a true inspiration. I always wanted to be that crazy and really respond to everything.. but that takes too much valuable time, I already waste on reading all these comments here… which are hilarious. Please (don’t) go to that guy with the glasses and (just believe me) try reading comments for the new Nostalgia Critic (Yeah his new show already Game Stationed). I prefer Marvin Falz anytime, though he must have another Nickname there.. I think he is Speedy Eric.

  • Your all gay in the eyes of ME

    Hey you gaytards, faggots-ses-orons. Your mother is gay with your father. That makes you all SUPER-GAY 5000.

  • Mark Bisone

    O, hai doggy!

  • Gayfatmexicanjew

    My favourite part was, when the chinese man was yelling at the gay man, who started dry humping him in the restaurant for no reason, and no one could understand the chinese man because of his accent. And when he escaped he knocked over a ladder with yellow paint, which splashed all over him and then he even bit into these white Icecones, which totally looked like he had two huge front teeth. And all he could say was:’ Shing Shang Shong.’ Over and over. Just like in the real world. There was so much to learn about real life in this movie…

  • Dontwatchit

    You may have gone too far in a few places.

  • KHMac

    I hate it when people complain about a movie “not following the science” of being a zombie, or vampire, or werewolf. These are FICTIONAL creatures! To paraphrase a popular saying “How do you kill a zombie? Any fucking way you want.”

  • Spiderman

    The problem is that a zombie movie is already causing the audience to bring their willing suspension of disbelief to the very brink.

    It’s not that zombies aren’t already ridiculous. It’s that rather than doing something alternatively ridiculous, they just heaped on more ridiculousness to the point that even Doctor Who fans will have to call bullshit.

  • Omg, if Jay isn’t real. How do we know we are?? :S

  • Marvin Falz

    Why do you think I’m constantly watching Half in the Bag? To be constantly reminded that I don’t exist!

  • Venny

    The joke wasn’t so much that as it was watching Kate Winslet squirm, because even though the scrotum was apparent to her, nobody else in the room (including Hugh himself) would acknowledge it.

  • brett

    How can it be cold? I put it in the “Water Cooler”.

    lol. You guys are awesome. I love the best of the worst too.

  • Hans Müller

    Why would they put a ghost in the beer? That doesn’t make sense. There are no such things as ghosts. It would also be very scary beer.

  • An old friend

    I don’t know whats real anymore…

  • guest

    let’s see if we can figure this one out… his jokes were jokes, so they were funnier than when he wasn’t joking. huh. weird. surprising even. I guess that WAS worthy of commentary.

    but then cats have no sense of humor so I don’t know how a lion would notice or even be able to enjoy the difference

  • Wait, they go on a cruise ship? Like in Jack and Jill? Hmm.

  • cancerkid 5000

    …but when I’m at the clinic for my chemo I always shout “Now THIS is pod racing!”

  • Proc

    Ah the ending of that had me in tears

  • claptrap

    (points and laughs)

  • Rich Evans

    I love listening to Rod Stewart’s classic “Let’s Get It On” while watching Horsefuckers Vol. 6 in 3D.

  • Some Old Punk

    This movie tries desperately to be the new Kentucky Fried Movie and fails hard to be a complete waste of film that was.

  • weeza-goin-gayyyy

    shiiiit do you realize how much money turning gay is gonna cost me just in furniture? replacing all my comfortable stuff with leather and chrome – shit, unless I’m one of those antiqueing gays which’ll be even more expensive. damn you I was gonna spend that cash on the latest Call of Du– wait is that a mint condition Chippendale over there? ah fuck. damn you!!!

  • Some Punk

    The trailer for Warm Bodies is the most innovative thing on the market. It shows that you can have an entire movie in the time it takes for a trailer. The movie on the the hand shows what happens when you shoot the editor of the trailer before he gets to touch the movie.

  • guest

    they ruin eeeeeverything. especially sex. oh fuck wait don’t post, don’t post don’t post… shit.

  • Famer Joe

    Now hold on there! You take that back! Plowing twats is a serious business that shouldn’t be made light of. Everyday there are dozens of young farmhands that are seriously injured due to improper handling of the typical twat.

  • I love these sarcastic reviews. 😀

  • playdude92

    At this point, what´s it matter?

    We are at the bottom of what can be explained and at some point audiences are just watching someone farting and giggling aftwerwards. Not much to talk about.

  • capitandelespacio

    Aw, man, that’s awfull… I almost feel sorry for you… quoting The Phantom Menace… my my.

  • guest

    The Phantom Menace: overshadowing cancer for 13 years and counting.

  • nebakhet

    dude you need to seriously look up zombies on the internet they are real in the past there have been zombies in documented evidence

  • nebakhet

    and look at him now: dead for over 300 years
    moral of story: be wary of criticizing what you don’t understand or in over 300 years time you might be dead too

  • nebakhet

    I am also surprised no-one picked up on this, it’s almost like they haven’t been taking detailed episode notes.

  • nebakhet

    the digestive system of the zombie actually functions in overdrive as it is connected to their general hunger for flesh. They don’t absorb nutrients from what they consume however. As a result zombie poo is not like human poo at all. It is very loose and tends to dribble down their legs so you wouldn’t likely achieve the stuffed trousers scenario you are hoping for.

  • charlie

    2nd part had me laughing my ass off.

  • nebakhet

    i quite liked the part where they were all at the German band camp and the man with the mustache accidentally farted in the multi-faith chapel and ran out and locked the door and all the rabbis inside collapsed from the gas. Although that said I realize some people find jokes about vietnam distasteful.

  • guest

    I think “brainchild” has something to do with Athena jumping straight out of Zeus’s head when she was born – hope that wasnt a breach birth or anything.

    instead of brainchild you could try prodigy, phenom, whiz, maybe wunderkind. if you want to be called a neckbeard, that is

  • nebakhet

    pretty sure lots of 13 years olds know who Yoko Ono is. The Phantom Menace is rated PG not R.

  • Steve Reeves

    I LOL’d.

  • Steve Reeves


  • nebakhet

    Because it’s not about what’s realistic in our world, it’s about what is realistic in the world the story portrays.

    For example in Star Wars a Jedi deflecting a blaster rifle shot with a light saber while blind-folded is entirely realistic. It fits the established rules of what a Jedi can do. But a Jedi transforming into a bat and flying off into the night isn’t realistic. Everyone would go WTF?

    Rules can be introduced and bent but if you go too far the audience will suffer catastrophic disbelief and become detached from the story.

    Zombies being cured by love is definitely jumping the shark. It’s a major new rule that doesn’t cleverly follow from any established trait of zombies to make sense. Perhaps if zombies were created by hate it would be possible to set up love as the antidote. But as it stands it just sticks out as breaking the realism rules of the world they have portrayed.

  • HA! Too funny. 🙂

  • nebakhet

    the 9/11 part was very funny (<– hope this doesn't get me added to a no-fly list)

  • I burst out laughing at that part. 😛 I also have a feeling they didn’t even watch Movie 43 [they talked about being able to review a movie like that without watching it back on A Haunted House review], which makes it even funnier.

  • Lisa


  • “little gerbil erection”

  • Mark Bisone


  • Movie 43 is the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

  • HorseLoadSwallower

    Good idea guys, being assholes to your fans and all. That’s pretty smart. Oh and deleting comments and all of that — Kim-Jong-Clever is what I call that. Keep up the good, important work. I’m glad to see that nothing is beneath you guys.

  • You see, I was being sarcastic. Because it definitely is not. It’s actually quiet a bad movie.

  • jroldo

    i honestly can’t tell if you guys hated movie 43 or loved it 0.o

  • Rich_Evans_Fan

    They do a few “shady” things, more than deleting comments, but that’s business.

    If a comment might negativity affect their business, possibly starting an avalanche of trolling, or something along those lines, yeah, they’ll delete it as I would too.

  • Rich_Evans_Fan

    48p brah, you’ll never go back after you try it.

  • Guest

    You guys should really watch Birdemic: Shock and Terror

  • Edward James Almost

    Touching story… i almost came.

  • Joe

    It’s “artistes.”

  • Joe

    Maybe he just wants to read jokes in the comments instead of gushy fan mail?

  • Janko

    Does the guy that obviously plays Mr. Plinkett have to be so dull?

  • They think it’s a dreadful movie.

  • Doug

    The best part of this review is that I’m still not sure if they are actually recommending Movie 43 or not.

  • That shot where Jay is inexplicably missing may be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Mothetra

    I wasn’t talking about the guys in the video

  • The Movie 43 part of the review was kind of nightmarish and panic-inducing. You guys need to make a fucking horror movie, a weird Lynchian, ethereal one.

  • If you don’t like Mike then why the fuck are you on this site?

  • Marvin Falz

    I just had the marvelous idea to open up a Red Letter Media fan club and name it “Gay for Mike and Jay” … … on second thought I better not. 😉

  • pigmeu

    you are both retards, one picked a fight for no reason and the other got his jimmies rustled.
    fuck yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • pigmeu

    bravo lucas

  • pigmeu

    the bait and switch was better

  • pigmeu

    it is all true, jay is just cgi

  • To be fair

    To be fair, though, check out the Fuck Bot press conference @ 1:34.

  • pigmeu

    good to see that you have awesome tastes.
    now post a new fucking video you hackfrog

  • FuckBot 5000

    All humans be quiet.

  • pigmeu

    im in total lesbians with this video

  • pigmeu

    well then, that changes EVERYTHING.

  • Kamui

    another great episode guys keep up the great work

  • JoeJoe is an idiot

    Way to totally back up their joke about this being an immature attitude.

    Do you really not understand the difference between Mike counterpointing someone that’s trying to genuinely defend a piece of shit like What’s Your Number and a group of friends goofing around about a bunch of movies that they all know are shit and just having fun with? There’s no “wrong choice” when you’re talking about a bunch of comically horrible movies. Grow up.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Kinda makes you wonder has Mike been talking to himself this whole time? Has the whole thing been in his head? Are we part of his fantasy? Or did Jay disappear because it’s all in Jay’s head, and he was being Mike at that moment? Are they both dead? Have they been dead this whole time? What do the numbers mean? Who is Jacob? Who framed Roger Rabbit? Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? Dude, where’s my car?

  • Definitely had a Fight Club kind of vibe to it, eh? Whoops! *spoilers*

  • Redbull Werewolf

    I loved the yoko jokes.. Take that internet nerds

  • guest

    well yeah that would be weird for people to compliment redlettermedia on their work in the comments section of their work.

    I mean, if mike and jay specifically said they hated praise on their webzone, we’d definitely want to do it but otherwise its just weird and inappropriate to do that here

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    I wonder if this idea for a sketch was somehow inspired by Poop In The Pants Movie.

  • Steve Reeves

    I show them… I record everything!!!

  • nebakhet

    oh wait i got downvoted for trolling? seriously?

  • the name

    the satire no one’s seeing is the review itself. the irony actually starts at the beginning of the episode, not the second half.

  • That’s the RLM spirit

    See, now that’s the RLM spirit: wry, ironic, contrary.

    Quite unlike Twat’s pious fan letter. I mean, I just don’t get Twat.

    Oh, that didn’t come out right. That didn’t come out right at all. I’m so sorry.

  • margaret

    The novel’s original idea (which doesn’t sound like it was represented at all in the movie) was that zombies can absorb the feelings/memories of people they eat; R had just eaten the girl’s boyfriend, and thus felt protective of her. He keeps pieces of the boyfriend and snacks on them occasionally. Something that took off with that idea in a more *adult* fashion and de-emphasized the “transformative power of love” bit could have been a creepy, disturbing, interesting, satirical horror movie. But, of course, it being Hollywood, they had to water it down to the lowest common denominator to get teenage butts in seats.

  • Mastermind

    I think “mastermind” was the word he was looking for.

  • margaret

    Shawn of the Dead drew the same comparisons between zombies/people who mindlessly mimic routine. That was a well-executed movie. This was not. Shawn of the Dead took that idea and made a zombie movie. Warm Bodies made a teen romance. Having a philosophical framework for a movie is not nearly as important as the story that’s hanging on it.

  • asdfghjkl

    Hearing you scream at the end of every review Mike makes my day a little better.

  • Tiffany

    Thank you Mike and Jay for reviewing these movies! They were begging to be ridiculed.

  • frogguest

    Onlee eeef zhey wear ze beret!!!

  • jumb

    I can’t tell if Movie 43 is funny or if sarcasm is funny?

    I think neither.

  • The Gust

    Lol, top comment

  • guest

    I gotta say the Totino’s Pizza Rolls was still the most effective ad we’ve had. Whenever a new plinkett comes out I actually go buy some so I can munch on em with some of that milk stout they sometimes drink while I watch the review. So basically I’m like a NASCAR fan only with redlettermedia. Do a little product placement and I buy it. Maybe the better comparison is Oprah.

  • I think you were a little too hard on Warm Bodies, although I think I prefer that you err on the side of saying a movie is worse than it is rather than saying a movie is better than it is.

    It doesn’t bother me at all that the zombies cured themselves by magic because zombie movies are already about the dead coming to life by magic. Sometimes they throw some science fiction in there but the mechanism for how the dead can be reanimated is never the point of the movie.

    Since you said you didn’t get what the point was, I think you may have missed some of the metaphors. Like with many zombie movies, the zombies represent some kind of trend that has been taking over a culture. I think in this case it has to do with R’s opening monologue. The zombies are dead because they don’t have a reason to live. They’ve forgotten how to enjoy life. And when Julie says to R “What are you?” I think the implication is that she had been lumping all boys into the same category and didn’t realize that some guys are different. I think there are a lot of dumb things about the movie, but I also appreciate how deep the metaphors and symbolism run. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I actually didn’t even think of Romeo and Juliet until watching this review.

  • Guest

    I love how right off the bat they send a big fuck you to the commenters remarking how the mystery girl in Best of the Worst 1 was “Yoko”

  • I am the key to all this.

  • ExplainingAJokeMakesItFunnier

    The ending to this episode is funnier than the entirety of Movie 43.

  • Who You Gonna Call

    Jay is obviously dead. Why do you think he’s dating the ghost girl?

  • William Shakesman

    Some day, people will think the Star Wars Prequels were created as parodies of the Plinkett reviews….

  • namerang

    I feel your pain, and I shall absolve you of it.

    Mike and Jay are parodying themselves and their fans in the warm bodies review. “I’m grumpy because movies are cynical cash grabs and twilight sucks and this movie doesn’t do anything new or interesting even though zombies can now be cured with love which outrages me because that’s new and I don’t like things that are new and I COULD GO ON”

    The unbroken irony from start to finish in the Movie 43 review *actually* started in the warm bodies review.

  • bb-15

    Mike and Jay get to show their movie knowledge in the first review and then their comedy chops in the second. A nice combination with top notch, surreal sarcasm at the end.

  • If you want metaphors in a Zombie movie, stick to Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and even Land of the Dead. Those films do allegory correctly and don’t try to appeal to teenage girls.

  • jc

    I liked Warm Bodies.

  • Marvin Falz

    Hey guys! Today I’ve stumbled upon this prophecy regarding 9/11:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY_Ie9LYHv4 (The Harbinger — Explained)

    Explore the prophetic warning signs that link the Old Testament Scripture found in the prophet Isaiah 9:8-10 to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in America.

    The United States of America was founded upon the God of the Bible.

    Elliott Nesch and Raymond Schwab share some astonishing prophetic discoveries linking the 9/11 attacks to ancient Israel’s apostasy and subsequent judgment of God through the Assyrians. Schwab and Nesch travel to New York City, the birthplace and gate of America, to preach the eight prophetic heralds of God’s judgment on 9/11 and call the American people to repent from their sins and turn to God through faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Sounds like MEATBALLS III and RHINESTONE are modern comic masterpieces compared to MOVIE 43. Hope you guys do those two films for the next Best of the Worst! 🙂

  • yoootooobeexplainer

    4 people were watching from the year 2510 from their bombed-out post-apocalyptic wasteland living on the dead bodies of their fellows while avoiding the giant cockroaches and were just jealous.

  • guest

    Ah but you’re not considering people caught during the zombie apocalypse while scuba diving or surfing in neoprene suits, wearing leather parachute pants with drawstrings on the ends… and especially fly-fishermen with those waterproof overalls. I suspect we haven’t seen these people on film because the filmmakers are being overly evasive about the whole zombiepoop issue.

  • Larson

    Hoo boy. Looks like you finally jumped the shark there, Marvy boy.

  • Skagboy

    my eyes hurt from watching this over and over again…

  • guest

    I’ll have you know I normally have to pay to have my jimmies rustled – sometimes if money is tight I can only have a single jimmy rustled – so a freebie like that was like finding a nickle on a sidewalk. Yee-haw.

  • so is having sex with a zombie still considered necrophilia?

  • also, i think that the subtle clues that your review of movie 43 was sarcastic were just a bit too subtle

  • Robby

    Only if you finish inside it.

  • Robby

    What’s up with the bell noise I always hear throughout every episode of half in the Bag? Is it thrown in there randomly or is it actually supposed to be for specific things that happen?

  • Guest

    They already made a love story with a girl and a Mummy. It was called The Mummy.

  • Guest

    Clearly a thematic callback to Half in the Bag, Episode 6 – Scream 4 and No Brand Con.

  • Marvin Falz

    As if I was trying to jump the shark, condescending guy.

  • Piecewise

    Come on guys, try listening next time.

    The reason the boneys attacked them is because R and the girl had a heart beat. And they attack anything with a heart beat. It says that right in the goddamn trailer; you don’t even have to watch the movie to know that.

  • guest

    It’s said in the movie that the Boneys are specifically targeting R and Julie even though they’re nowhere around them at the time. The idea that mindless corpses would do something like this that involves a plan and attack is stupid.

  • This guy

    Hey guys, I just got a sweet new pair of headphones and I just wanted to say that Jay, your voice has the clarity of an angel’s. Your mic must be set up perfectly. Mike, your voice sounds like it’s coming from inside a whale’s cavernous dumper. Your mic is fucked up. Oh, and good show.

  • kingmonkey

    “Love: didn’t make the zombies human again, it was protoculture.

  • winzentween

    Who is the ghost babe?

  • The PwnUltimate

    You mean Sex and the City?

  • Whups Fuck

    I didn’t see the movie.

  • MikeR

    I don’t even think they watched it 😛

  • Bernard Streudel

    That 9/11 joke was awesome.

  • Marvin Falz

    I was like “What?! Coincidence?”

  • The sarcasm almost drowned me this morning.

  • da

    Anyone else freaked out when Jay vanished for a second????WTF

  • My Xbox 360 sounded like it was about to overheat and Red Ring. Dumped a bag of ice on top of it. Problem solved! *thumbs up*

  • Fracken

    That was both relevant and enlightening. Thank you.

  • A_creative_name

    I have to agree with what some others have said here. I typically agree with RLM, but I think they missed the mark on “Warm Bodies.” I’ll grant that there are a lot of elements pulled from other sources, but it is a solid social commentary with light humor. Quotes like Julia saying that R was trying to ‘live more’ or ‘be more human’ than any other living person she had met, is one example. Yes, R found life through love thus making this movie more of a romance. Yet, at the end another zombie transforms back to life while simply taking in a moment while looking at a lake. Yes, this is something we have seen in other zombie movies, even with good humor such as “Shaun of the Dead.” But I thought it was solid contemporary restatement.

    Overall, yes it is obvious much of this is reused, rehashed, but there is definitely something to like about this movie. It should not be dismissed…. Also, “Movie 43” is crap.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I love the Movie 43 review. I’ve watched it three or four times and I’ve recommended to friends. Great work, RLM!

  • ZorroMeansFox

    Hello, guys. Keep up the terrific snarky and playful work. I just wanted to note, RE: Your “Warm Bodies” breakdown: The film it seems to most resemble in structure is “Daybreakers” –what with THAT film’s militaristic daddy figure, the male protagonist trying to regain his humanity/falling back into a love-and-sun-filled world, the sub-strata of “more evil” vampire creatures who have lost “all their human characteristics,” etc.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    was that during the 9/11 news footage?

  • mrsjane

    Hello Mike & Jay, I wanted to say that this was a great HITB episode. Movie 43…wow, I have never ever seen such a bad movie like this. Why Kate Winslet? After the amazing character you displayed in Titanic, why get sucked into this?The stupidity in the skits you guys presented of this movie is unbelievable. “Would you Poop on me?” Seriously? Why would any adult find that funny, unless they are very stupid themselves? The sketch with the guy and girl with HPV was just awkward.. and the rest…wow… no further comments.

    As for Warm Bodies, I was glad that the vampires were not sparkling! .I also did not find anything in the plot clever or humorous in any way. This movie does not seem to have any depth in the story. In the meantime…

    Sincerely, RLM fan.

  • joe40001

    I wish you guys wouldn’t review such cerebral movies, it makes your commentary really difficult to follow.

  • mrsjane

    Correction: * I was glad that the zombies were not sparkling!*

  • I saw Warm Bodies because it looked like a funny movie about zombies and romance from the point of view of the Zombie. And that’s exactly what it was. I never even thought about Twilight before or during the movie. I can see how the basic kneejerk comparisons to Twilight come from, but I think they’re fairly unfounded.

    One thing about this review that kept rubbing me the wrong way, was how Mike and Jay kept insisting this was a teen romance movie. It is pretty far from that in my opinion as the characters aren’t teenagers. And the movie isn’t really about a forbidden love, considering that Julie’s father doesn’t even learn about his existence until 3/4ths into the movie.

    I’m pretty surprised Mike and Jay couldn’t separate their pre-conceived notions from what actually happens in the movie.

  • DanceK

    When Mike said “It’s an exotic meat” around 17:50. I want Mike to speak like that for an entire Half in the Bag episode. And then stab Jay in the eye.

  • DanceK

    Hey fuck you, Rick Bergman! Oh, wait, you’re not Rick Bergman…

  • The writer of this piece is an idiot and probably hasn’t seen any of the movies they mention here, but it gives me hope that this movie tanked massively.


  • Draconis

    I thought this Warm Bodies movie was dumb as hell when I first saw it. But it has an actual decent twist that is obviously not done well. You have a zombie apocalypse with the added bit where people can be cured of said condition. However they are flesh eating plague carriers until they are either saved or degenerate into something feral that is rotted. That has a nice body horror angle. If you get infected there is hope but its impractical and hard/rare to accomplish.

  • Eddie

    I would not be too harsh on this film. To be honest, it appeared to be a dark comedy to me. At least that is the impression i got. So it is meant to be silly. It has a lot of laughable moments and at least it is not Twilight.

  • Tylorp

    Brilliant Minds and all that


  • Tylorp

    Brilliant Minds and all that


  • Obviously, Warm Bodies did have the teen romance going on, and yes, there was the implied romeo and juliet them; however, it was also about human interaction and being connected. The scene when he imagines the past in the airport clearly shows that humans were becoming less and less connected with cell phones and computers and such.

    The zombies are an analogue to those lost people, the depressed people of the modern era. They infect other people with their disease as well. It was also telling how he got out of his funk with the memories of her boyfriend. They were lost, didn’t know how to connect, and had to do it through the brains of the living (thus explains why they eat brains in this zombie universe).

    As he falls in love, he connects again, so he starts to come back to life. It affects the other zombies, just like depression/zombie virus affected living humans.

    The Bonies (not Bonsies or whatever you called them) were past the state of the zombies/depression. They were utterly lost. They wanted all things living (i.e. not depressed) dead and gone. They are meant to destroy hope. When they saw the hope, their aim was to snuff it out.

    There was a deeper meaning in the movie despite the teen romance. You just have to go in with an opened mind, and not one closed off because of terrible movies/writings in Twilight. Don’t be jaded and bitter.

    Pick up the book, and give it a read. It’s worth it.

  • Jimmy

    Rebbit has raped internet culture. These comments are god awful. Damn nerd dads and soccer moms ruining everything.

  • Just so you know, the NChick crew is writing a book where a girl falls in love with Cthulhu.

  • Jay

    lol wow with all of your criticisms I thought you would be able to write, act or well do anything else.

  • boo

    When you were making fun of warm bodies’ premise by making more ridiculous premieses for movies, I thought that was the point of warm bodies. Vampires are incapable of passion, but zombies are incapable of cognition so the idea is stupider so it has to be a joke, right?

  • Mister Kamikaze


    Something Awful’s “Current Releases” came kind-of-sort-of to the same conclusion you did regarding the allegorical aspect of Warm Bodies, although Jay Dub interpreted zombieism as being emotionally stunted rather than outright depression with R being a typical modern day awkward teen that’s so self-conscious that they’re essentially a mind lamenting being trapped in a painfully awkward body. As such, he gives it credit for having really interesting ideas, but (like Mike and Jay) regrets that it has such a sloppy execution and unfortunate narrative decisions, especially by the end.

    Honestly, as much as I really love allegory and working out underlying themes and philosophies, zombies since Night of the Living Dead (at least with Romero) have always been symbols for something else – natural disaster, consumerism, class warfare – so having your zombies be symbolic is not really enough to carry your story anymore.

  • yeah, they were freestyling it. the point of their mockery was to suggest that the movie was as banal as an aristocrats joke, wherein there’s no intelligent thought gone into the joke writing, and the fact that the movie (much like the aristocrats jokes) is just a series of repulsive moments engineered to “shock” the audience. it’s a horrible fucking movie, and it was clear in their tone that they thought it was just as horrible. the fact that the movie has no respect for it’s audience or comedy in general (i hope you feel bad about this, farrely brothers) is apparent; thus “half in the bag” and red letter media deny it an honest and respectful review.

  • goddamm……i’d be embarrassed to have my name attached to this movie. i wonder sometimes. how the fuck did so many A list talent end up in this movie, even after being handed the script? what the fuck was their manager and agent telling them to convince them that this would be some kind of comic masterpiece? it’s a 90 minute piss, puke, fart, shit and sex joke – complete with stupid stereotypical tropes, bottom feeding humor and tasteless premise? there’s a way to do low brow, and this isn’t it. i’m hoping that “this is the end” with the apatow clan can show the farelly brothers how it’s really done.

  • where the helll is jay on 21:20? is this a play on the time? i’m freaking out!

  • joker13221

    could someone please tell me what the music at the beggining is?

  • I have watched this episode at least 20 times. Punching up the sarcasm with goofy sfx is absolutely fucking hilarious.

  • sarcasm entertainment verdict: so funny

  • Justme

    Because destroying Dracula isn’t enough.

  • Ash

    Is your complete disrespect of a review suppose to mimic what a complete disrespect of movie 43 was?

  • Grinder

    Hey guys, i am a big fan of your show. I have question – where the fuck did you see these moments you are talking about in Movie 43? The movie is hysterical, i love it. I love your comments but there is no Kate Winslet on a ship, no Richard Gear pooping. I don`t get it. You must have made the perfect joke on us. Actually – well done!

  • AJ_Olding

    So compared to Twilight its an Oscar winner, but otherwise its mediocre.

  • AlcaldeEste

    This is the Movie 43 review translated: “It’s a series of sketches that are extremely lazily written and every joke is written to appeal to the lowest common denominator: Sex jokes, fart jokes and stereotypes. In fact, they are so lazily written, it’s like they were just making shit up on the spot and putting it in the movie. Like this!”
    I like the way you told them very courteously: “There’s no Richard Gere pooping in the movie.” Like they recently saw the movie, but they didn’t know that there was no Richard Gere pooping in it? I think I fell off your train of logic there.

  • Nick

    Hey, did you know that in The Incredibles, the teenage girl becomes invisible when people look directly at her, because she’s a shy teenager? That’s like … fucking deep, man. Like symbolic and stuff. And also has never ever been done before.
    Also, like a boy and a girl from two different groups that can’t have each other because of extraneous circumstances. Star-crossed lovers, if you will. And they’re called R & Julie?
    What do you get when you combine deep symbolism with a bold and original premise and sprinkle it with an homage to great movies like Twillight: Warm Bodies, of course.

  • ConsiderPhlebas

    Romeo and Juliet’s relationship doesn’t get found out till they’re dead. You don’t need to be told something is forbidden when it’s really obvious. Like if your dad really hates zombies, and you fall in love with a zombie?

  • Grinder

    Ok i get it. It`s just i recently saw the movie and i have watched the review several times and really wanted to see those scenes.

  • whatiswrongwithyou

    holy chit you liked the movie

    how old are you? srs question

  • Battle Salmon

    That jump scare at the beginning with the Ghost Girl sent me into a giggle fit for some reason.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Enjoying it not realizing it was dog shit? Are you sure this ain’t a metaphor for the whole movie?

  • VasiddisaV

    Wow, I Iaughed in a really inappropriate way at that final line in the Movie 43. Well done Jay, well done.

  • Scott

    thats the joke you plebe

  • Mike Jakermen

    Frankly i was hoping for a Teenage Romance movie with Frankenstein’s Monster or The Creature From the Black Lagoon.

  • matt

    I thought the Love curing the Zombies was supposed to be a joke, making fun of the power of love trope that runs rampant through teen fiction.

  • Mercerdes

    hater i love warm bodies i love the main ators grr not cool not cool and the people have a name

  • Ruby

    So as a 14 year old girl who read the book before the film came out and as someone who enjoys zombie movies, I may have been the perfect person for the film in terms of liking it the most, and, I have to say there were more good bits than I would have thought. The intro with R narrating the story so far was pretty engaging and the fight scene was quite fun, if completely far fetched (Julie didn’t kill a single zombie until someone shouted ‘shoot them in the head’ to her. Who, having lived in an apocalypse and qualified to go on a scouting mission need to be told that?). Rob Corddry did a good job as M.
    Anyway, the film got rid of a lot of crap from the book (Which has a review from Stephanie Meyer on the front, saying how great it is. Why am I not surprised?). For one thing, no matter how ham-fisted the film was in referencing Romeo and Juliet, it gets worse in the book.
    Prior to meeting Julie and killing her boyfriend Perry (In the play, Romeo kills Parris, who asks to be lain down beside Juliet’s body to die.), R has a quick fling with an unnamed Rosaline, who has an affair, though R doesn’t care about her at this point because of Julie. The book goes as far as describing a ceremony in which the Boneys marry R and Rosaline and give them some zombie children to look after. It’s weird and so dull that I would be tempted to gnaw my own leg off in an attempt not to die from so much boredom.
    Of course, the balcony scene where R tries to climb up to Julie’s room is even worse- I give you a real quote from the book;
    ”Jules!’ a voice calls from inside the house’
    And now Romeo and Juliet;
    ‘Nurse calls within’
    May I say that the voice calling from inside the house in the book is Nora- Julie’s friend who is training to be a Nurse.
    So really, considering what it was working from, Warm Bodies did fairly well. Unlike Twilight I enjoyed it a little bit and afterwards I didn’t get punched in the face for not spending every waking hour raving about it.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    This is fucking priceless. Omfg these guys need to have their own show, some sort of comedy act, SOMETHING. they are fucking hilarious and have good knowledge of film. I forsee them on the same level as broken lizard

  • Mike Hawkson Yu

    this is their own show.

  • Steven Taylor

    this movie is making fun of the aspect of it. basically it is a parody of the twilight kind of story.

  • Turkules

    You ever see a horse taking a dump?

  • Gene Parmesan

    I have a theory about Mike and Jay’s review of Movie 43. Unfortunately I just saw that piece of shit, and I feel if Mike and Jay really did watch it they would agree that it was far more dastardly than your run of the mill low brow comedy. The levels of fourth wall breaking, coupled with the depths of comedic horror ruined me forever. It was like watching celebrities being held hostage and forced to laugh during the taping of a snuff film. If Jack and Jill was cynical this was pure evil captured on film.
    I think that Mike and Jay endured these pains and knew if they gave it a serious review some people would be a bit curious to see how terrible it really was. They knew that and didn’t want anyone to experience that kind of pain, so instead they made a hilarious review completely writing off the movie as “just one of those”. Their sarcasm created a subversion that kept a lot of people safe, I just wish I would’ve listened.

  • Robert Christopher Hayes

    Their review of “Movie 43” was funnier than the movie itself (duh!).

  • TapewormBike

    I have not seen the “whole” Movie 43 and it does look really fucking dumb from all the promotions, BUT I was able to find James Gunns segment and in my horrible unchecked fanboyism for that man, I found it quite funny and enjoyable. No way I would pay money for that, but besides the gross out pissing scene (which is a cliché in this type of a movie) I thought it is nice little dumb concept, making Roger Rabbit about fucking horrible jealous murderous cat.

    Pssst, here it is


  • TapewormBike

    As a 25 year old guy I think “What the fuck is 14 year old girl doing in here?”. But then, you seem to be the smart kind, so I get it.

  • Dr. A

    Gesgengeh, wajaja

  • shyamasundara

    Hooly crap, movie 43 funniest review yet

  • Robert Fitl

    Stopping zombies with the power of love is not a new concept. I refer you to the Japanese movie Stacy. Hilarious.

  • Len Kabasinski

    the power of love curing zombies thing was pretty gay….but up till that point I really liked WARM BODIES. (still do actually just hate the end “cure” bit)

  • AndyAce83

    Perhaps I am being a bit conservative here, but I don’t think I would have liked it if my daughter turned into a necrophiliac either.

    The trailer of Warm Bodies makes me mad so I will never ever see that movie, I may die and resurrect and only love could save me and who in their right mind would love a corps with inner monologues?

    Also I think most of Romero´s Zombie movies are good. Even the newer ones.

  • Marvin Falz

    I totally agree, it’s weird to love a corpse. It is more believable that a boy who had grown up without a father is able to love a machine which at least looks like a man, speaks with an Austrian accent and which protects him. I’ve seen Silent Running a couple of days ago, you know, that hippie in space who kills off his three colleagues to protect the last forests from final extinction. Since he’s the only human on board he reprograms some drone robots which can hardly be described as resembling a human. He reprograms them, talks to them, treats them as his friends. That’s so weird, not because of how the movie shows the guy socialising with robots, but because it really is.

  • AndyAce83

    Yeah, I remember that one. Or I know that I have seen it. Isnt it some kind of dome in space and long driving sequences in it?

    But yeah, I could much more understand that. Even that new movie with the OS with a voice thing that just came out. Think Phoenix is in it to.

    If the trailer of Warm Bodies is correct, it seems that the girl got a instant attraction from the zombie. They go into wherever they are, someone kills off her real boyfriend and while they do that she looks into his eyes and falls in love… with a corpse that she has yet to see any personality in. Instant attraction to corps must be necrophilia.

  • Marvin Falz

    Yes, that’e the one. Three ships with three large glass domes on each of them and long but imo not too long driving sequences. There is one shot where the three domes look like the eyes of a fly.

    I think you mean Her.

    Must be a necrophiliac. I guess the more PC way would be calling her a corpse chaser. 😉

  • Kelsie

    My favorite joke in all of Half in the Bag is Jay’s at the end of the Movie 43 review when he says, “It was a really odd note to end the movie on just ten minutes of news footage of 9/11.” I burst out laughing if I even think about it, which is terrible, because it means that my automatic reaction to hearing about 9/11 is to crack up laughing.

  • Lat

    There’s more to it than the joke itself, too. The fact that Mike spits out his beer when he hears the joke proves that their stuff is improved which makes me love them even more.

  • Epifanes


  • Otto T

    These things aren’t in the movie! D:<

  • Anders Hass

    Youtube version not available 🙁

  • agianagain

    So is this completely lost, forever, and ever, and ever?

    Universe, you are a cunt.


  • fred

    Shit. This episode was really great.

  • Rezuaq
  • fred

    So apparently someone from reddit tweeted Jay and he said they were planning on re-uploading it.

  • Jonah Falcon

    So, I saw Warm Bodies. It was toothless and stupid. Perfect for the Twilight crowd.

  • Captain Hackfraud

    I dimly remember watching Movie 43 but I only knew they were making these stories up cause I have a vague recollection of Hugh Jackman at a dinner date and he had a scrotum on his neck and that was the joke. What a movie…

  • Kgprophet

    The only problem when RLM is describing what happens in Movie 43, they are saying everything with such a level of sarcasm, people may not realise that these scenes REALLY ARE IN THIS GOD FUCKING AWFUL MOVIE. (Except when they mention 9/11, no that wasn’t in the movie). I was convinced all these big name stars were forced to be in Movie 43 because they all had relatives kidnapped at gunpoint.

  • Troicinet

    This video is unavailable on 1/2/2017. Could it be re-uploaded? It was not available directly on YouTube either. Thanks.

  • DudeJon

    None of those seems are in the movie though

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