Half in the Bag: Transformers 3 and upcoming Feeding Frenzy screening

July 20, 2011

Sorry for the delay, folks, but here’s the latest Half in the Bag…a bloated, self indulgent, disjointed mess of a review for a bloated, self indulgent, disjointed mess of a movie!

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Also, if you’re in the Chicago area on Friday, July 29, stop by Cyphan Con! The RLM gang will have a booth there, and the con is even hosting a screening of our film Feeding Frenzy at 1:00 pm, followed by a Q&A. Good times!

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  • Sic Coyote

    These movies, for me, seem to get better each film, slightly, starting from a low point. At least more entertaining to a transformers fan. I agree with this review about missing the first 70 mins, I was watching this in the theatre thinking, cut this scene, cut that scene,edit this joke out etc. and made a my own cut when I got home which pretty much cut 30 minutes out of the first half of the film and I think it still made sense. Cut out all of Sam/BigLips/Parents/Malcovich’s early scenes for one trim some more of Sam’s whining later on. It’s still big and stupid but at least it’s more focused and gets into the plot a damn sight faster.

  • Duckler

    Plot? heh.

  • Jack Park

    I respect Michael bay. He knows exactly what he makes and some of his best efforts are genuinely good I.e. Armageddon, the island.

  • Jack Park

    Oh and, the end was hilarious. Keep it up

  • Those movies suck.

  • Biji M.

    this is, for real, the best review of ALL. TIME. it’s literally a genius solution to a big problem: “how to review the utterly incomprehensible garbble of a “Transformer” movie?” well, they’ve clinched it: you review it with NOTHING BUT A BARRAGE OF QUESTIONS. it’s literally, actually very brilliant. it couldn’t have been done another way, and red letter cracked it. Geniuses, both.

  • Biji M.

    *sigh* shame on you, Mr. Spielberg.

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