Half in the Bag: The Wolverine vs. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

August 16, 2013935 Comments

Jay and Mike take on The Wolverine and also discuss the film that came before that, Xmen origins: Will. i. Amverine.

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  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I’ll just say, before I even watch the episode, that it’s great to have HITB back.

    • JackMarco

      It is it?

      • Arin Hanson

        What fun would be life without Half in the Bag?

      • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

        I love when these guys review moopies

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        It is… *drinks beer* … BUT.

  • cornholio

    nice beard, jay

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    And Jay looks weird with a beard.

  • Gagarin

    Merchandise idea: Half In The Bag drinking game!

    • Alistahr Wells

      take a shot every time they say schlock?

    • just asking

      Why do I need a drinking game to drink?

      • Gagarin


  • Bavaria

    Nice pedobeard, Jay!

    • CantBanThis

      no such thing as a pedobeard. only the pedostache.

  • TheTruth

    Just want to mention that Pixar was uninvolved in Planes. It was a Disney film only.

    • Martín Galarza Flores

      Well, John Lasseter was the executive producer of Planes, and he also directed both Cars movies and is the chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney.

      Besides, the animation style of Planes is really similar to Cars’, and it is meant to be a Cars spin-off, so it’s easy to confuse it as a Pixar movie. Except that Pixar movies are usually good, and Planes is not.

      • kzap333

        “Executive Producer” is a meaningless title in terms of creative input.
        It just means, “we convinced this person to slap their name on this in return for a bundle of cash”.
        Spielberg was an Executive Producer on Bay’s Transformers movies, but they have nothing to do with him really.

        • Martín Galarza Flores

          Still, its animation being similar to Cars, and the fact that it is menat as a Cars spin-off, make it easy for people to mistake Planes as a Pixar movie.

          • kzap333

            Except for quality, it’s of course meant to be part of the time franchise, so I can see the confusion for a layman but Mike and Jay are far from laypeople.
            Planes was originally meant to be a direct-to-DVD film, if that were the case I think more people would have spotted it as a cash in from Dinsey and nothing to do with Pixar.
            At some point Disney executives must have thought “fuck it! We can release this crap in a cinema and get a few extra buck, it’s not like we’ve got a reputation to uphold”.
            The only people I feel happy for are the actors, who would have thought they were signing on a for a direct-to-DVD film and ended up getting a theatrical film on their résumé.

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            I don’t think it’s much to be proud of the fact that you were a voice actor in a forgettable Disney movie. Just saying.

          • kzap333

            I know a lot of actors and they’d be super happy just to get a paid gig, if they were in a theatrically released film (even a forgettable Disney one) they’d be over the moon and once they’ve got one it could lead to them getting more roles down the road.

          • Now I Get It

            True. A lot of actors would be super happy just to be invited to a script reading, even if no one else picks up the beer.

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            True, true that.

      • joshg

        Because Planes is not a Pixar movie.

        And I think the Pixar animators might take issue with the statement that the animation styles are similar.

        • Martín Galarza Flores

          They do look familiar.

          Wasn’t there a plane in any of both Cars movies? The planes in, um, Planes, look really similar to that one.

      • kzap333

        “and Planes is not.”
        Oh good lord. Don’t tell me you’ve seen it? I feel so sorry for you if that’s the case.
        The feeling I get when I hear someone watched Planes is similar to how I feel for someone who watches a film from The Asylum by mistake.

        • Martín Galarza Flores

          Yes I have. What can I tell you, I have little cousins. It’s just so forgettable and lazy.

          The Asylum movies can be entertaining when you see it as what it’s meant, a “mockbuster”, a movie that prays on a big-budget film to, as HITB once said, “fool fathers in a videostore”. You laugh at their cheap special effects, their lack of actual actors or the stupid scripts.

          • kzap333

            That’s the comparison I was drawing Planes was made by Disney to “fool fathers in a videostore into thinking it was a Pixar film” but then they realized they could make more money if they fooled people in the cinema instead.
            It was never intended to be a “real” movie, just a cheap cash-in on a property they own, like Tarzan and Jane or The Lion King 3.
            I’m just surprised they managed to fool Mike and Jay as well.

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            Well, aside from the movie not having the Pixar title card, or the actual quality of the film, there’s nothing that indicates that this isn’t a Pixar film. It’s not like all Disney movies have a personal stamp that makes you think “that’s a Disney movie!”. Other than the titlecard.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Delivering a package? Did Mike transform into that pedophile from their Wheel of the Worst episode?

  • Mini Daddy

    Digging the new look, Jay.

  • Scrotum Phillips

    I don’t know if you guys actually read these but, in the comics Silver Samurai is in HYDRA as is Viper, in fact Viper also goes by the name Lady Hydra. They were both mutants, and the way this was handled was to dodge any Disney/Marvel things while trying to stick to the books.

  • TheTruth

    Glad to see them making fun of those idiots who call them Marvel fanboys.

  • bonersville

    Nice Irate Gaymer pun!

  • Zach F

    These guys are from Ann Arbor, Michigan?

    • scockery

      No, they are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If they lived in A2 (Ann Arbor to you outsiders) I’d know about it.

      Via their youtube account:

      “Red Letter Media is my movie company I formed years back when I lived in Arizona. I live in Milwaukee, WI now and continue to do video production and make short films and video reviews as well.”

      • Hughe Jackhammerman

        It says at the bottom of the page where they’re at as well ;)

  • guest

    I would really like to know what you guys think of only god forgives.

  • Jay

    Yay, new episodes .

  • https://twitter.com/theericlarson monsieur larson

    meg ryan’s bush

    • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

      I’d just like you to know that I read your comment in Zorak’s voice, making it even funnier

  • Constantine1985

    X-mensOriginsWolverineThisMovieSux was such an unbelievable kick to the nuts, to this day, I’m still recuperating – my balls will never be the same; I won’t see daWolverine because I’m afraid it might be the final nail on the coffin, thus making me sterile. Bollocks.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Also, Jay looks quite a bit older with the moustache added to his beard.

    • or pick a name

      Stop noticing his facial hairs, or we will be etting even less RLM material… You know, it takes a long time to grow his childish beard/moustache.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    “The January Jones character”.

  • Dennis Cornetta


  • Matthew Shannon

    i excite

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Xmen origins: Will. i. Amverine.

    • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

      see the exciting origin story of how he got dat boom boom POW

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        “We hunted our own kind, Logan. Thersa special place ‘n’ hell for da things we did”

        • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

          there’s a special place in hell for people who make pop music.

          • Now I Get It

            Alanis Morissette, Scarlett Johansson, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin.

          • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

            Will Smith’s wife.

            WHO…. can TeLL mE how-to-love-YOUU

  • Joe Bloggs

    0.46 dat match cut

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    “It is it?”

    I don’t think a question can be structured like that. Just saying.

  • Foxxy

    YOu EpIC HaCkS :D

  • Matthew Shannon

    i think its just hip to hate on anything that has ryan reynolds in it that isnt waiting or van wilder

    • Harry Palm

      That’s because almost anything that Ryan Reynolds is in sucks.

      • sepiajack


      • Now I Get It

        Alanis Morissette, Scarlett Johansson, Cole Porter, and – why not? – Irving Berlin.

  • Chris Stephen Dyas

    i thought the suit was designed so that the Japanese guy could take wolverines powers by force if he didn’t give them to him. The suit was adamantium cos wolverine can pretty much fuck up any other metal. and it was a samurai because the old japanese guy like the silver samurai or something

  • yetifarmer09

    Hey Jay, nice beard.

  • Matthew Shannon

    the big robots were a big part of the x-men series. but, i don’t remember any robo-samurai

    • yetifarmer09

      In the comic series the samurai was there, it just wasn’t a robot. From what I can remember it was Mariko’s (Wolverine’s love interest in the film and wife in the comics at the time) father or brother or something. He still had the adamantium armour though.

    • Harry Palm

      The robo-samurai is based on the Silver Samurai. He’s from the comics.

  • Fat N’ Sad

    The title of this review alone made me jizz muhself.

  • Omar

    Felt this was an attempt at a serious film but feared to get away from superhero mainstream humor and commit instead to something sophisticated, nuanced and with balls. The humor in the movie made him look dumb and passive until script convenience needs him to change to the bad-ass
    My biggest issues were with Wolverine himself and his abilities both being untrue to the character.
    -Logan does not fight like a man that has survived a WMD. He does not have the confidence, intelligence or instinct of someone that can NOT be killed and has been around for centuries.
    -He seems a bit scared of being on a private jet in strong turbulence.
    -He easily lets himself be lead around by Yukio at the beginning of the movie.
    -He doesn’t defend Mariko when her father slaps her.
    -When Logan is losing his healing ability the fact that he has a metal skeleton does not affect his overall health.
    -Mariko is kidnapped right under his nose
    -His Adamantium claws did not cut through the Ninja Swords or Marikos fathers sword (audience is never told if these were also adamantium.)
    -His relationship w/Mariko is too simplistic and childish and all it accomplished was to flush any realism and serious tone down the drain

    • Harry Palm

      I’m not really defending the movie itself or anything, but to be fair, they established in the first X-Men movie that Wolverine doesn’t like flying.

      • Omar

        I’m cool with that in the first movie, just not in this one because we see him survive that bomb right at the beginning

    • scockery

      At the end of the first Wolverine movie, he lost most of his memories, so confidence, intelligence and instinct are questionable.

      His healing ability was supressed, not entirely lost. It wouldn’t have done the plotters good if Logan died from metal poisoning before they extracted whatever they wanted (bone marrow?).

      • Omar

        Ok… and if you really want to enjoy this movie it would make more sense perhaps that movie Wolverine IS very old and DOES know other cultures and languages like Japanese and only pretends to be a dumb, ignorant baby to have the bad guys reveal their plans and play Mariko into teaching him shit to get her in the sack.

        Mariko is somewhere in the autism spectrum, which explains why Yukio was adopted to be her friend, it also explains her oblivious reactions to Wolverine and dangerous situations.

        No theory as yet on how to explain silver (Adamantium samurai) cutting off Wolverines claws and leaving him w/the bone for the rest of the X franchise.

  • Cameron

    So glad you guys finally addressed the accusations that you’re all Marvel-fanboys and hate DC. It’s not true, everyone, stop saying it. They’ve liked and disliked movies from each, and I don’t think Jay is lying about not knowing who is from what. I barely do, because I’m in the same camp- I watch movies, and have never read a comic in my life.

    • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

      Totally. If that were true they wouldn’t have taken such a massive and deserved shit on The Amazing Spider-Man. Even Rich Evans, the only one who could actually be called a Marvel fanboy, agreed that it “failed as a movie first”.

      The only thing that’s influencing their opinions is lots and lots a beer.

    • Cameron Vale

      It’s not true, it’s bullshit, I did not hate them, I did NOT.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    The survival of Professor X is explained in the after-credits scene of X-Men: The Last Stand, just so you guys know.

    • Hack Fraud Asshole

      How the fuck did he got his body back again?

      • scockery

        Reconstructed it using a 3D printer and uh…mutant such and such.

        • Paul Woodcock

          wait…what? I can 3D print a life sized Patrick Stewart? I must get on this pronto!

        • Hack Fraud Asshole

          Ooooh. Was that why the Professor X looked like a 3D cartoon character in Origins: Wolverine? Wait the timeline doesn’t make any sense…

          What a plothole!

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        I’m guessing you haven’t seen the after-credits scene I’m talking about, so I’ll break it down for you.

        There is a scene early on where Professor X is teaching an ethics class in the school. He asks the students the ethical consequences of transferring a man’s conscience into the body of another man who’s currently in a coma, and is being taken care of by Moira MacTaggert.

        The class abruptly ends when the Proffesor senses Jean, I think. But the point is that he actually did transfer his conscience to that man’s body moments after being killed by Jean.

        The man in a coma was actually Xavier’s twin, as explained in the audio commentary for X-Men: The Last Stand.

    • Bea Arthur

      He returned from the Netherworld of the Force?

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        I guess Eru sent him back so he could fulfill his task of destroying Sauron.

        No but seriously, watch the movie again and watch the end-credits scene. It’s really cool.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      It is really ‘explained’ or just shown that he’s alive in a hospital bed?

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        It is explained, because there was a scene early in the movie where Xavier asks some students about the ethics in transferring a conscience into a body of a man in coma, which he showed in a video was being taken care of by Moira MacTaggert.

        Also, the audio commentary for The Last Stand further explained that the man was Xavier’s twin, whose conscience had been eliminated by baby Xavier’s growing mutant powers.

        • His only weakness

          But…transferring yourself into the body of someone with brain damage doesn’t cure the brain damage….

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            Xavier’s twin was in coma not because of brain damage but because he had no conscience, since Xavier’s telepatic powers basically killed him inside their mother’s womb. According to Dr. McTaggert, his body was fine, it worked perfectly.

            So, it was possible for the conscience void of the twin to be filled with the mind of Xavier. If they stick with that scene from The Last Stand, that’s the reason why he reappears in The Wolverine and in Days of Future Past, and looking exactly the same.

            My only problem with this explanation is that there’s no reason at all for Xavier’s twin to also have non-working legs. Unless of course, Xavier’s conscience had already been so accostumed to not have use of his legs that he probably “turned off” the legs of his twin’s body. But now I’m just especulating. Fox may even come up with a different explanation to why Xavier is still alive in Days of Future Past.

          • Died from bed sores

            Why would they keep a brain dead baby on life support for 50+ years?

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            Seriously? That’s what’s hard to believe about a mutant who can read minds and before dying transferred his conscience to the body of a brain dead man?

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            There’s only so much suspension of disbelief one can handle.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Xavier’s twin? What a shit idea.

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            In the comics Xavier actually had a twin, but it was a female and became a villain. She was named Cassandra Nova. She was also a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers. And she’s also bald.

  • Harry Palm

    Be glad you weren’t reading comics in the mid-90′s when every single comic on the shelf had Wolverine on the cover.

    • Paul Woodcock

      even the Archie comics…man that was a crossover and a half!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Wow, this was the most entertaining HitB review in quite a while. A lot of clever jokes, a wide variety of humour, and a decent analysis. Jay summed up nicely how I felt about The Wolverine. I liked that it was stripped down and the action wasn’t too far fetched, until the ending…

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      On another note, I missed quite a bit of dialog that was spoken in Japanese because I saw the movie in South Korea, so instead of English subtitles for the Japanese parts there were Korean subtitles. Anyone remember any plot points that I would have missed during the Japanese parts? I got the overall idea of what was happening, but I may have missed stuff.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      Those scenes of X-Men Origins Wolverine are some of the funniest things i’ve seen in HITB these past few episodes.

  • Baló Timár

    I’ve found myself genuinely caring for the characters in The Wolverine, the actress who played Mariko did a decent job and her character was written well. I was very exited when Logan dashed off to save her. Until he meets the Samurai I was totally with the movie. Things just fell apart after that. Origins was just a [insert hyperbole here]. Also: Deadpool. Fucking Deadpool. The biggest opportunity in comic adaptations ever completely missed. You can get some entertainment out of it I suppose, but in the end it just feels like a cheap waste of time. During the whole thing I was thinking I’d rather watch X2. Watching The Wolverine however was good fun and the ninja/yakuza scenes alone worth the ticket price.

    • Omar

      Was the Mariko character retarded?

    • IsolateMutate

      I thought Ryan Reynolds was fine as Wade Wilson and he would’ve probably made a solid Deadpool, but that THING they called Deadpool at the end.. Yeah, I think everything that can be said about that part has been said already.

  • kalebhargress

    wolveine is a pretty boring super hero when you think about it, should have made wolverine an actual wolf.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Twilight made werewolves into actual wolves. Is that the route you want to take? Well, IS IT?!

      • sepiajack

        It is it?

        werewolves area always freakier when its some dude with a hairy face and fangs, instead of just morphing into a wolf. Not even WETA can make cgi wolves (or wargs) look right, and there’s something about how the man becomes smaller when turning into the wolf that is less scary.

        But a werewolf like the wolfman, or even the jack nicholson werewolf is the better way to go in my books

        • Percy Gryce

          An American Werewolf in London. ‘Nuff said.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            An American Wolverine in Japan.

          • Percy Gryce

            That’s right, Jay!

    • RoCr

      …can’t tell if serious…

      Just in case: a wolverine is not a wolf.

  • Percy Gryce

    I see the boys got the book on VCR repair that I sent them. I sent it to them out of my deep concern for their professional development and out the goodness of my heart and as part of my attention-whoremongering–but mostly as part of my attention-whoremongering.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Troubleshooting & Repairing VCRs?

      • Percy Gryce

        You got that right.

    • sepiajack

      Nice! Good work!

      • Percy Gryce

        When I was Christmas shopping at the Goodwill last December I saw that book. My first thought was: present for dad!

        But two weeks ago the prison sent the book back, and I wasn’t going to keep that shit, so I mailed it to Jay.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Wait, so what you’re saying, is that…

          You celebrate Christmas?

          • Percy Gryce

            But we call it X-Mas: First Class Holiday.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            That sounds like some weird mutation of the original holiday, which itself was a weird mutation of previous holidays.

          • Cameron Vale


  • sepiajack

    A great Half in the Bag!!

    The reason Xmen Origins Wolverine looks so cheap is it actually an unfinished movie, with unfinished VFX. Fox rushed that movie to market 1) because they like to set their release dates ahead of time, which is dumb (see also the tim burton planet of the apes) and 2) because they were trying to hold onto the xmen movie rights which revert back to Marvel if they don’t make a movie often enough (see also Sony with the Amazing Spiderman).

    Not that the movie would be amazing if they’d been given more time, but that’s why the roger rabbit FX and whatnot.

    This effected Xmen First class to a lesser extent, but it was made on a similarly rushed schedule (casting was done in January, and the movie was out in June!!)

    • IsolateMutate

      With that First Class fact in mind, it’s a miracle it was as good as it was. Probably my favorite of the X-Men movies, and quite possibly because it’s about the best X-Men characters (Xavier, Magneto and Mystique) and because the only appearance Wolverine has is absolutely hilarious and so true to the character.

      • sepiajack

        Agreed. I remember dreading that movie because of its terrible production schedule, and it was going to be about teenybopper xmen, but it turned out so well! One of those ‘it shouldn’t have worked but it did’, except for january jones. she was awful.

        I was also happy they reused the 5 seconds of xmen1 that I was in so I got to be in that one as well.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Which 5 seconds?

          Also, very impressed with X-Men: First Class. Imagine what that movie would have been like had they not been rushed!

          • sepiajack

            In the magneto origin in the nazi concentration camp, I’m the prisoner pushing the wheelbarrow that kid magneto sees

          • Mark Bisone

            Thank you for this, sepiajack. At long last, I can complete my Six Degrees of Sir Ian McKellen in a single move.

            Take that, racism!

          • sepiajack

            Yeah Sir Ian and I were looking for a project to collaborate on that would make use of his star power and my ability to push wheelbarrows in the rain for 5 seconds.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            I will be looking forward to that movie.

          • Percy Gryce
          • sepiajack

            Yep, 0:43 thru 0:47. People talk about 15min of fame but that’s my 5 seconds. It was cool though, the second unit director who shot that bit also shot all the rebel forces stuff for the battle of Hoth in Empire strikes back. I got to meet Singer as well.

            The funny thing is the old distillery district here in Toronto where they shot this back in 1999 has been completely restored and cleaned up and is now one of the nicest/trendiest places to go drinking. Just had some beers back in May for a friends Bachelor party at the exact spot I was standing when we shot this scene 14 years ago.

          • sepiajack

            Here’s a pic I took of it this summer…

          • Mark Bisone

            Yeah. I was actually surprised I liked it at all, since I didn’t like the other three (four? five?) movies. There were places they could have polished the script, though. I think they could have done a little more with Kevin Bacon in the Comedy Helmet, too.

  • Mark Bisone

    I once got blackout drunk and accidentally lived in Ann Arbor for a month. Believe it or not, I even saw a wolverine there! Or maybe it was a raccoon. Either way, it had a lovely singing voice.

    Great show, guys.

    • scockery

      There’s a whole team of Wolverines there.

    • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

      being constantly drunk is really the only way to deal with living in Michigan.

    • Percy Gryce

      “it had a lovely singing voice”

      I just got it: a reference to Theodore Miller’s starring role in the musical Les Misérables.

      • Mark Bisone

        I like to call him “TheoBORE Miller”, because he’s so BORing.

  • Ninja Ned

    You know the review clips from the positive “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” review where the guy said he gave it an A+ and stuff like that? Where were they from?

    • Guest

      I was looking to know this, too. Anyone have an idea? Did they have someone read a text review of the movie, or was it an actual review voiced by someone?

      • Omar

        Harry Knowles? Not really sure

    • JackMarco

      So that you can watch the video, trash the guy, and copy exactly what Mike and Jay said into his comment section?

    • IsolateMutate

      Pretty sure it was the infamous Irate Gamer, known in particular for being a carbon copy of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

      • Guest

        To be fair, Irate Gamer isn’t a carbon copy of the AVGN anymore. In his early days he was and there are still some similarities but I think IG has moved away from that. Honestly, nowadays I would rather watch IG than AVGN. IG’s videos are terrible but some of them are so bad they’re good while AVGN hasn’t made an entertaining review in a very long time.

        • Jon Fite

          Yeah, his AVGN reviews have been sub-par, but his “James and Mike Play” videos have more than made up for it.

    • Hackfraud

      It was the Irate Gamer

    • Guest
      • winterd

        the RLM youtube account commented on the video two weeks ago…

  • both yoricks

    14 years old is not almost 20, Mike. That kind of reasoning is why I can’t live near playgrounds anymore.

    • sepiajack

      It took me a second, but I got it… what can I say, its friday after work and I’m half in the bag myself

    • Cameron Vale

      • Kenlin Bros

        Fun minigame for the rewatch: Mike’s right hand.

        (Not recommended for the mature)

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        This image is the reason why my sides are now in orbit.

    • Guest

      I think this comment has the highest number of ‘likes’ that I have ever seen!

  • glenn

    and he was like bah

  • kalebhargress

    i live in ann arbor 0_o

  • Anon

    Did it take you this long to make another HitB episode because you had to wait until Jay’s beard can grow out?

  • Ron Jeromy

    Is Wolverine’s cock covered in Adamantiam?

    • Ron Jeromy is an idiot.

      Kill yourself.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Just because it’s a ‘bone’r doesn’t mean it’s made of ‘bone’.

      • Supermeerkat

        Since you haven’t seen Wolverine’s cock, how do you know?

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Who said I haven’t seen Wolverine’s cock?…

          • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

            well you know… his name is HUGE ackman..

  • JackMarco

    Anyone else googled Meg Ryan to see if she really died? XD

    • Gagarin

      LOL, that was hilarious because it was so random. I knew she wasn’t dead but I was thinking “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER FACCEEEE” because she went too crazy with the plastic surgery. Instead of aging gracefully she became, well, …weird. PRETTY still but, not her.

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  • Cameron Cook

    Aw man, I was hoping for The Conjuring to be on the next HitB :(

  • DoctorKillpatient

    Is Mr. Plinkett inside large silver samurai suit?

    • IsolateMutate

      It’s Rich Evans. If you listen closely during the action sequenses, you can hear a high pitched laughter muffled by the sounds of Vincent Price saying numbers for some reason.

  • Ethan

    Mike, you are not alone. I lost track who was on which side. There was one scene after the train fight were Wolverine walked up to the Japanese woman on the train, and she said: “What’s Wrong?” There was an attempted assassination and kidnapping the same day this all happened, and she seemed completely fine and oblivious.

    If this movie wasn’t so unintentionally hilarious, it would’ve been boring.

    • Omar

      The Japanese woman (Mariko) is retarted. They explain it in the movie

      • Percy Gryce
        • Omar

          Well… she’s somewhere in the autism spectrum, which explains why Yukio was adopted to be her friend, it also explains her oblivious reactions to Wolverine and dangerous situations

          • John

            Autism is not the same thing as being retarded or ‘retarted’ as you call it.

          • Omar

            I know. Will remember to check my spelling and keep things PC. Fuck Movies

  • Bearlegdairy

    Oh hey there Half in the Bag. How are things going in LAST WEEK LAND?

    *home run trot*

  • Jim

    Excellent stuff indeed, a new Half in the Bag! I’m not going to watch it yet though, oh no. I am going to wait until I have time for a nice sit down relax with a lovely cup of tea….THEN I shall watch it.

  • Roccy

    Mike and Jay are the ones who knock.

    • whip

      If people really don’t know who Mike and Jay are anymore, they should probably tread lightly.

    • cplapd

      All other reviewers need to say out of their territory.

  • Marcos

    Still waiting for a good Wolverine movie.
    There are continual individual Wolverine stories since 1988! 25 years of some real good stories and they still mess up the movies this bad.

    • Guest

      Hollywood hacks never seem to know what it is that makes these characters work so well and has made them endure for so long.

  • Mark Bisone

    Look, the real problem with this Wolverine the Wolverine (and also some X-men) franchise is that they passed up on Glen Danzig for the role. Danziglessness is a common casting problem these days.

  • The Wizard hipster

    Jay needs to grow a bushier beard and wear a pork pie hat if he wants to be a proper hipster!

  • Percy Gryce

    Actually, I think they should compare and contrast movies–exactly like they did here. In fact, that’s what they’re best at.

    Was Mike being ironic when he said that–or just chocolate wasted?

  • And make the credits 9 minutes

    You guys missed a perfect opportunity to shove in an after credits scene.

    • Percy Gryce

      You mean you missed it? It was the best part of this ep.

  • anonymous

    need an elysium review!

    • an internet film critic

      It sucked balls.
      Here you go, a summary review.

  • Jon Fite

    Wait, was that Chris Bores that they shit on with the “All that and a bag of potato chips” clip? That sure sounded like him, and he definitely would say something that incomprehensibly dumb.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Yeah, it was him.

    • Guest
    • http://acestream.com/ ACEdotcom

      it sure is. the irate gamer is the biggest bag of trash on the internet.

      • Guest

        He’s far from being the biggest bag of trash on the internet. There’s no denying his videos are terrible but for me some of his videos are so bad they’re good.

        • Jay Stein

          Just like Comic-book Girl 19…

      • Dasby

        Irate Gamer isn’t the biggest bag of trash on the internet…Harry Knowles is on the internet, after all. Be sure to contribute to Harry’s ridiculous Kickstarter, btw! Because he needs 100K to pay his tax…I mean, do a second season of his wonderful online show!

        • http://acestream.com/ ACEdotcom

          you make a very sound point. IG is like the small bag of trash that was to big to put in the trash can, so you set it out on the curb next to the REALLY bog bag of trash.

  • tappedout

    What’s going on with the lighting? All those years we were used to nice, even tv lighting and now you had to get fancy?

    • brownbox

      I guess they like things that are different…

  • brownbox

    Speaking of movies with low production values.. This episode of half in the bag felt phoned in. Where’s plinket? Where my story stuff apart from that 15 second phone call at the end?
    I’d be more my but am convincing myself you guys are spending most of you’re time on Space Cop. If so all is forgiven.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      It’s yore, not you’re.


    • Gagarin

      I think that’s what they’ve said, at least, that’s what Rich has posted on the forum. Filming while the weather is good and the days long.

      If they kept trying to “top” each previous episode they’vd have burnt out in 2011. I’m okay with some episodes shorter than others, some episodes having robots fighting, and some episodes showing us not to eat rat poison. All of them all the time would be like… FUTURE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW, IN THE FUTURE OF SPACEEEEEE.

  • http://kingengrishkube.deviantart.com/ kube of Nazareth over 9000

    Plinket in Jamaica?

  • beurbs

    around 20 mins in he says “if you’re gonna make a movie about Wolverine going to Japan and fighting the Japanese underworld, make it cool”

    that is actually what happened in the comics, it’s mostly based on the Wolverine limited series Volume 1 with gritty art by the awesome Frank Miller of Sin City etc, and it’s very good with regard to Mike’s statement. I don’t know why Hollywood always feels it has to update things or have this “more, better, different” mentality when the source material is already great. I’m not a purist but every problem with this script would’ve been solved by sticking closer to the comics

    • http://kingengrishkube.deviantart.com/ kube of Nazareth over 9000

      I had so low expectations about this that i m rather glad it wasnt that bad.. you re totally right; with less “inventions” this could have turned pretty well imo, but this conclusion was like a crap cherry on an already not really good cake.. well i ve seen far worse adaptations from comics <<(pretty much everything) so i quite enjoyed it nevertheless.
      Its still a shame to do that with this part of Logan's mythology(i admit the original story is probably too austere for mainstream audiences)…

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      They could have just had a simple plot about Wolverine fighting Yakuza, and it would have actually been pretty cool. And he would have had the necessary character development to lead you up to the next film. Didn’t have to have giant robot Silver Samurai.

      • beurbs

        exactly. people aren’t so dumb that they need made-up characters tons of CGI and giant robots in order to enjoy something inherently awesome like mutant Yakuza fights

  • Larrylongballs

    Surprised you guys didn’t mention the fact that wolverine had bone claws when he saved the japenese soldier. Also, the first X-Men film was set in the near future. Are these films still set in he near future or has our present caught up?

    • His name?

      He’s a cop, from the future, in the past.

  • http://acestream.com/ ACEdotcom

    true story – i got banned from The Irate Gamer’s youtube channel by his mother. really. i cant make that stuff up.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      What did you do, dis his favourite game and make him angry because he’s an angry video game n- er, irate gamer?

      • http://acestream.com/ ACEdotcom

        actually i casually pointed out how old one of the reviews that was posted was. it was for a game that had been out for 6 months. suddenly his mom (ladybuggin777) came along and started insulting me because i didnt see the point of posting a review for a game that had been out for so long.

        His reviews have sucked for…ever and having his mother do his dirty work is just pathetic.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          When you still live with your mom, you expect her to do your dirty work for you [Irate Gamer's situation].

  • playdude92 .

    Eh, I guess I´ll go see Elysium instead of this.

    • Logan

      Definitely go see Elysium, it was fuckin awesome, probably the best movie of the summer besides Pacific Rim.

      • dollar store cashier wife

        the action got ruined by terrible usage of shaky cam,foster and copley were god damn awful,the pacing was garbage and the script is nothing more then cardboard characters,laughable dialogue and the most ham fisted social/political commentary.Fuck elysium fuck it with no lube.

  • juchmis

    Planes isn’t Pixar. It’s Disney’s animation studio (I forget the name) and Disney. So Disney & Disney. If it were Disney & Pixar it might’ve, _might’ve_, been good.

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      but it looks exactly like pixar and probably have the same people working on it so it really doesn’t matter.

      • juchmis

        Just for the fuck of it I hopped on my GNU/Linux box and used my IMDB scraper to retrieve the full cast & crew of Cars 2 and Monsters University (two Pixar films) and the cast & crew of Planes. I then used cybermancy to analyze the lists and find matches. There were two.

        Brent Musburger (voice of “Brent Mustangburger” – same character in Cars 2)
        John Lasseter (director & “writer” of Cars 2 -> producer of Planes)

        No one from the VFX/Art/Sound/etc departments is the same between them, indeed no one from Pixar is involved in Planes. Only a voice actor and a Disney producer are shared between the two projects.

        So, fuck you I guess.

        do resurch bettur fegget

        • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

          Do you always try this hard to win pretend arguments on the internet? No one cares.

          If the director of the Cars is involved in this project (even though he’s just a producer) I’m sure he will have some influence over the final film, but that’s just my opinion.

          Don’t bother posting your pretentious response to this comment. I’m not going to respond to some kid who’s desperate to look smart.

          • juchmis


            We haven’t spoken in so long because I was eagerly awaiting a snailmail response from Walt Disney Animation Studios. A nice lady named Traci appreciated the “fanmail”, and described producer involvement in Disney features as “minimal”, and more involved in procuring things like merchandise production and collaborating on advertising and whatnot. As long as the movie is “family friendly material”, producers aren’t generally in or around the studios.

            Also, screw off! I’ve no need to “look smart” to you. I correct ignorance wherever I see it, even on the Web. Every little bit helps!

  • K

    Logan dropped outta plane to skip across the water? Wouldn’t the weight of his adamanateeuuuuuum drowned him? What a plot hole!

    • He can’t drown cause reasons

      He walked along the bottom, like Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • hafabee

    Appreciate the spoiler alert guys thanks, been dying to see this movie it looks fantastic and didn’t want any big reveals! Glad you guys liked it.

  • Bacchus

    Loved how Mike said “Gatsby”. Cringed at the origins claw effects. I only saw it once but still can’t quite believe they were that awful.

  • CorbeauNoir

    You guys didn’t even mention the leaked workprint of Origins, which was by far the comedy event of the year

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      The studio was so pissed. lol.

  • whip

    OMG, I can’t believe Mike mispronounced Snikt! I’m never watching these hack job, DC fanboys again!

    • Cameron Vale

      I just figured out how to put these images in here.

      • sepiajack

        Yeah I couldn’t figure out how people were doing that for the longest time

  • Dontcaredontknow

    Point 1) So RLM really DO read the comment section? Well good for you guys!
    Point 2) Fuck Comic movies. When I say this looked crap on screen, some random fan is gonna scream: “BUT THAT WAS IN THE COMIC BOOK, DUH!”. When I said that I really liked Watchmen, everybody is like “BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE”. Seriously, give it a rest, fans. Even my girlfriend, who does not know a single fucking thing about Watchmen enjoyed it and undesrtood what the bloody story and idea was about.
    Point 3) Hey, Marvel! Where is my Deadpool or Shocker movie?! Lazy ass hacks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      Blame Fox for not bringing us a Deadpool film.

      Fuck you Rupert Murdoch.

      • Rick McCullam

        I hear Rick Berman was involved.

    • Paul Woodcock

      Watchmen’s good, fuck the haters!

    • Bacchus

      I thought Watchmen was a good adap, one of the better ones in recent times. If you read about the movie’s tortured development history you realize it’s lucky it got made at all.

      And Deadpool movie? Meh. But Deadpool late night cartoon with Nolan North as the voice? Yes please.

  • Simon Lundmark

    The Wolverine is primarily about the reconstruction of Logan as a person after his regression to the point of literally living like an animal. It’s about his re-connection with the world, and it uses japan to great effect to create some rather dream-like visuals that establish a sense of estrangement for the character. Then it utilises japanese customs and constructs that were invented to… essentially keep/make people civilised… to slowly bring Logan’s humanity back. It’s admirably low-key, and perhaps completely unsuitable considering the expectations on this type of movie.

    If you don’t care about the character journey – and you might have to go into it already caring – there certainly isn’t much “intrigue” to get caught up in. My friend who I went to see it with shared Mike’s experience completely. He just couldn’t engage with it. It’s indeed apples and oranges, but I for one am really glad we got this movie. It’s not perfect, but very singular — a Drive meets Batman Begins (or Re-begins I guess) in many ways.

    • catnep

      Thanks for the different take. This actually has me reconsidering my original decision not to see it.

      • Simon Lundmark

        This is a record-breakingly late reply, but I haven’t been around for a while.

        I’m happy to hear it! :)

        • catnep

          And I have still not seen Wolverine! I’m thinking we’ll do a “rental” on that. Actually we’ll have to since it seems to be gone from our local cinemas! Thanks again, Simon.

  • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi
    • catnep

      I just want to applaud the photographer for getting the chair in focus!

      • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

        It’s actually a video, I don’t know why it chose that frame for a thumbnail…

        • catnep

          Aha, I was cruising by and didn’t see the above it. I thought it was Thom Yorke at first!

  • Tess

    First: Another great HITB.

    Second: Totally agree with Mike on this one.
    Third: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review Elysium. I literally left the theater thinking “I wonder what the RLM boys think about this one…”.

    Finally: Jay, your beard is hot.

    • Anonymouse

      Elysium is clearly the movie with the most subtle social commentary of all time!

      • juchmis

        I’m going to assume you’re kidding.

        • Wombat

          Think he was being sarcastic.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          No, he’s adulting.

    • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

      I second your request for a review of that film. I can’t wait to hear how they mispronounce Elysium.

      “Welcome to Half in The Bag, I’m Mike, this is Jay, and we just saw…. Elizabeth?”

      • winterd


        • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

          Winterd, why would we want wily witticisms when we watch webisodes?

          • Kenlin Bros

            Don’t be a smart-assonance.

    • Orpick Aname

      It’s very disappointing Blumpkin took 4 years to make a dumbed down version of District 9.

    • Paul Schumann

      Ditto. I wonder if they would agree that the critics’ have overly simplistic characterizations of his films. http://takimag.com/article/elysium_neill_blomkamp_fools_the_critics_again_steve_sailer/print#axzz2ccGs0WGe This review made me rethink District 9 from being merely about apartheid.

  • Luke

    What the fuck?? All of a sudden, Jay’s beard isn’t shit! How did this happen so suddenly? Has he been taking some sort of beard-enhancing drugs? Or has he drawn it on with a pen?

    • catnep

      It’s so neat I’m suspicious it isn’t real.

    • Puberty

      He became a man.

  • Dontcaredontknow


  • thelionroars

    14 is almost 20? That kind of thinking will get you prison time…

  • The Summer of George

    Val Kilmner got fat.

    • Johnny Two Melons

      Val Kilmer didn’t get fat. The world got skinny.

      • The Summer of George


        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Ha. Didn’t even notice.

  • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

    When X-Origins: Wolverine came out I was one of many who downloaded the unfinished leaked version (and never gave this film any money). I still believe it was leaked by someone who was A. working on the movie, B. knew that everything in it was total shit, and C. was left alone with a rough cut disk long enough to upload it to the forum communities as a fuck you to the whole project. They deserved to have that piece of shit leaked just for what they did to Deadpool, let alone everything else in the film.

  • FrozenNorth

    Just wanted to say that “Planes” is not a Pixar movie, just a Disney movie. No Pixar writing or input.

  • Turisas

    Hi fucks I didn’t miss you at all.. I’m going to buy your dvds and bluerays or vhs tapes i dont care. Summer is over get back to work and make me laugh again.. regards bored fan from Finland.. Do you you retards even know where Finland is.. Meh our polarbears are fine and I like to fuck my cat aswel.. bad emglish you said.. go fuck yourself..

  • Sammy32

    Mike’s close up is overlit you frauds. Did Space Cop light this scene?

  • Benjamen Dalius

    jesus christ guys, can you upload a new HITB review already? it’s been five hours already, pull your finger out


  • Dodge

    I think the Ann Arbor reference is only because the University of Michigan mascot is the Wolverine.

    • Ann Arbor is a whore

      It’s subtle.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Almost TOO subtle…

  • Kes

    Could you guys please review Elysium. I have already seen it and know you guys will probably recommend it (for sure), but still very much interested in what you have to say about it… especially Foster’s mindbogglingly bad acting.

    • Wombat

      Why would they recommend Elysium? They clearly made a joke about it in the end, how Hollywood heavy-handededly, ham-fists these social issues into films. I see them passing on it.

      • Kes

        I assume of course that you are a regular viewer of RLM and thus you should know that regardless of Mike and Jay’s personal opinion about these movies, they still make their recommendations at the end of each episode based on whether the movie is worth spending you time and money on, which Elysium is. For example they have recommended X-men First Class in the past but they are still criticizing it now.

      • aaron johnson

        I thought it had to do with X-men’s shoddy history of being an allegory for prejudice towards gays and minorities?

  • George Lucas

    Hey, assholes! Go watch “Kick Ass 2″ cos its a piece of shit compared to “Kick Ass” or go watch “Elysium” cos that’s a straight fucking rip-off of “District 9″!……Fuck it! Don’t watch anything, cinema is dead! Go rent seasons 1-3 of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix instead!

    • Johnny Two Melons

      George Lucas, you raped my childhood, you fucking hack!

    • Jon

      I would suggest that one reads the Walking Dead comics instead before that show. Far superiour!

    • Nicolas Big Daddy Cage

      Yeah I want to see them pan Kick Ass 2, considering they didn’t even think the first one was that great (they liked Super better) and Kick Ass 2 is worse in every way compared to the first one.

  • Cameron Vale

    X Men Origins Wolverine was okay. It made me pretty angry a few times, mostly because of how badly the characters were handled (especially Gambit, Deadpool, and Sabretooth) but there were some good things too.


    RIP in peace Mike Stoklasa, killed by the blades of Yakuza assassins.

    • Johnny Two Melons

      Rest in peace in peace?



        • Johnny Two Melons

          Apologies. I meant to belittle your grief with insults and sarcasm.

      • or mpt

        I believe he meant rip in(to) pieces.

      • Cameron Vale

        No, RIP in peace. RIP.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      He has shamed the honour of RLM fans all over Japan.

      He shall commit sudoku for the crimes he has committed.

    • Cameron Vale


  • Lauren Fitzgerald

    “I don’t care really, about this whole little adventure.” <- that covers it all, right there.

  • Percy Gryce

    I am going to legally change my Disqus profile name to “Theodore Miller.”

    • Paul Schumann

      I can dig it.

      btw, you hear about this? http://takimag.com/article/elysium_neill_blomkamp_fools_the_critics_again_steve_sailer/print#axzz2ccGs0WGe I was gonna write Elysium off as a Matt Damon vehicle but the director seems to be doing his own thing, contrary to what the popular opinions are about the film.

      • Percy Gryce

        Right on, brother. I was going to mention this, but you beat me to the punch.

        Yes, Steve Sailor has nailed this one, as he points out that the critics have totally missed what both District 9 and Elysium are about:

        District 9: The critics think it’s about South African whites mistreating blacks under apartheid, while the director has actually said that it’s about South African blacks mistreating Zimbabwean black refugees after apartheid.

        Elysium: The critics think it’s about the 99% versus the 1%, while the director has actually said that it’s about the horrors resulting from mass third-world immigration.

        It’s a bit political for RLM, but it is the kind of irony they appreciate and it does have to do with movies, so maybe they’ll get into it.

  • The Pandaman

    Jay is so committed to that beard

  • Jeff

    Totally agree with Mike on this one.

  • johno

    Guys, come back to Toronto. Fan expo is only weeks away

  • Christopher Rivera

    The movie messed up a lot of the wolverine material. The whole falling in love thing was to drop a hint that he will have a future son named Daken due to his little fling. The huge samurai was supposed to be silver samurai but he got shafted due to not really being popular and them wanting to compress this into a typical movie lengths.

    All in all it had great potential but due to the whole having to fit into a movies typical time slot

    Also great review guys!

  • Hipsters are better than you

    Technically, his real name is James Howlett. “Logan” was just a nickname attributed to Wolverine after he lost his memory. Check your facts you hacks!

    U stoopid hakks don’t know nuthin about comic books. U shouldn’t review comic book movies unless you like comic books and u can appreciatate the stories. Check your facks!!

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      its fax*, knot facks. u fukin fagit

  • beavobeave

    Skip Woods is what happened to X-men Origins: Wolverine. That guy is movie script cancer

  • Alex Humphrey

    He’s at home, taking a nap.

  • SCguy

    Please try to avoid spoilers. I live in Japan, and the movie doesn’t come out here until September. Which is really strange, seeing as how the movie both takes place and was filmed in Japan.

    • i speak the truth

      So come back here in September, idiot.

      • SCguy

        Not quite sure how I am an idiot. I do plan to watch the full review after I have seen the movie in September. Also, what is wrong with you? I mean, is your own ego so bad that you have to resort to name calling? If so, then you are either 12 or a liberal.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Ouu, a political jab. Nice one. Next time you should throw in some racism as well, idiot.

          • SCguy

            Was that “Ouu” supposed to be an “Ooh” or an “Ow”? Either way, you spelt it wrong. And I’m supposed to be the idiot?

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            ‘Ooh’ looks like an extended ‘oh’, which wasn’t the sound I was trying to convey. ‘Ow’ looks like someone reacting to an injury, also not my intention. ‘Ouu’ is what I meant. You’re actually trying to correct my spelling of a SOUND.

            All that aside, I agree with ‘i speak the truth’. You shouldn’t bitch about spoilers when you’re on a website where two guys have a 30+ minute, in-depth review of the film. It’s bound to contain spoilers. Just come back here in September after you’ve viewed the movie and enjoy the free content.

            Also, only called you an idiot because the first guy did [and because I thought your comments were idiotic].

            It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

    • Gagarin

      Uh, wrong place.

  • http://www.scream-movie.net/ Charles Petrosky

    What’s with the beards switching places?

  • gitarre7

    Laughed my ass off at the intro in particular because just a few days ago I was given the wrong number for my local post office branch by the national USPS customer service. It was a phone sex line.

  • Shaun Higgins

    I don’t watch Irate Gamer so when I saw the “Potato Chips” clip, I immediately thought Confused Matthew. Someone else I don’t watch and who extremely pisses me off.

    That was relevant, right?

    • Viewreview

      Yeah.. I tried with that guy (Mathew) again and again, since I am addicted to watching dorks reviewing whatever.
      He usually has one thing in a movie that pisses him off, which is repeated over and over again, getting louder and louder. Well.. his Back to the Future review is quite watchable.

      As for Irate gamer… yeah, I watch anything regarding reviews… (i.e. Linkaras Power Ranger reviews, despite the fact that I hate Power Rangers)

      but watching him goes to far.
      Am I missing out on something?

      • aaron johnson

        I thought of Confused Matthew as well. Third on the list was Movie Bob who is a colossal dork.

        • Reviewview

          If we are a criticising reviewers now, I have something to say about: Movie Dorkness from the agony booth. This women amazes me with her picks of very interesting movies or TV shows. All the stuff I really like gets a review by her. Yet I cannot watch her for more than 1 and a half minute. Her voice…. I am sorry to say tha, since she might be an intelligent and attractive person… but I can’t stand her voice. I sit through Confused Mathew with his unbearable screaming. I saw all the Nostalgia Critics with.. well his unbearable screaming.. I had a hard time getting into Plinkett Reviews, 4 years ago, because of the voice. I really would like to see her reviews.. but I really can’t, Subtitles might help… but then she is also incredibly unfunny.
          I am really sorry to say that. I am nothing but a lazy commenter sitting somewhere and critising hard work, which is an easy thing to do. But I try to be constructive:

          Dear Sophie, you have an incredible good choice for your movie reviews. Even that strange Sherlock Holmes movie from the 70′s, no one knew about (but I did). I really want to watch your stuff, but I don’t know how.

    • Gagarin

      I appreciated his Generations and Prequel comments… “What kind of Jedi ARE THESE? Peace and justice my ass!”. It helped me realize that Star Wars was *actually* (and unintentionally) the story of how a corrupt religion and society was destroyed. The Voyager one, too. Also, the Simba smackdown. Didn’t really keep up after that.

      Not as fun as RLM or Plinkett, though.

    • Cameron Vale


  • VashTheStampede

    was that a review from Irate Gamer? one of the lamest internet reviewers I’ve ever seen

  • Adolf

    I just love how Mike and Jay seem like they’re tired and worn out by all these big dumb movies.

    • Alex Lee

      Makes you wonder if they’ll review Much Ado About Nothing. That’s a small, generally considered smart, movie.

      • Cameron Vale

        They review movies that people watch.

    • Now I Get It

      Something like when Principal Skinner confesses to admiring Mrs. Krabappel’s ability “to be personally offended by broad social trends.”

  • Rick McC

    This was by far one of the best HITB episodes. Made my night.

  • Baló Timár

    Chris Bores. Huh. This guy is really aptly named.

  • name

    Hey, assholes. I’m no X-Men fan, but even I know why the old Japanese guy wasn’t covering his bones with the adamantium shit. Logan could survive such procedure only because of his healing power, so it is impossible for a normal human to survive it.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    Thanks for reviewing this! I was on the fence about it. I liked the action and I actually got more about character motivation and so on from this than you did, but the script was just so random…

    It’s weird that The Wolverine kept referencing X-Men 3 with all the Jean Grey scenes. It’s easily the least liked of the X-Men movies and probably the one the fewest people went to see. So making scenes assuming you know what happened is a bit presumptive to me.

    The basic character arc is that Wolverine is depressed and lost but can’t really resist his do-gooding nature, due to the bear scene. He grows to accept it because of all the Japan stuff. It gets confusing if you try to make any more sense of it than that, unfortunately.

    You guys are totally right though. This movie was alright, but I’m done with Wolverine movies. With any luck your prediction is wrong and Wolverine won’t have a huge role in Days of Future Past… but probably he will.

    • Alex Lee

      The Jean Grey scenes make much more sense than his love interest in Origins, what’s-her-face.

      I agree with Jay; it’s a very simple story and it does it well up until we get to the Silver Samurai/Viper fights. At least it’s climatic, even though it’s flawed.

      • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

        Silver Samurai… okay. It’s set up a little bit because we know the character from the comics, or at the very least they make reference to it earlier in the film, and hey, it’s in Japan. Throw in everything Japanese. Wolverine fights ninjas, later he has to fight a Samurai.

        Viper… that so threw me off on so many levels. It reminded me of how Amazing Spider-Man got so derailed because it was trying to tell a serious story but just had a giant lizard monster. Wolverine was fighting a man from his past who wanted his healing powers, telling him he doesn’t deserve it… and then there’s a snake-lady who was “just evil”, to quote from the movie.

        • Alex Lee

          Oh yeah, I hated Viper too, largely because she’s just there to move the plot along and to allow Logan to actually be in peril. And I’m not that wild about about the giant robot fight either due to the comic book tradition of deus ex machina revivals.

          What I meant at the time I wrote it is that the action that follows is falling action, which is not what happens in Into Darkness after the death scene.

    • sepiajack

      Actually I think in terms of box office X3 was the most successful of the first three films. I could be wrong about that, but that’s the way I remember it.

      • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

        X-Men (2000) – $157,299,717
        X2 (2003) – $214,948,780
        X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) – $234,360,014
        (US box office numbers from IMDB)

        That is nuts! Thankfully Hollywood didn’t get the wrong idea from this though, to keep throwing Brett Rattner work.

        • sepiajack

          Part of it makes sense though, it’s the expectations based on the last installment, X2 was awesome so everyone was really excited for 3.

          It works with the Batman movies also, Batman Begins surprised a lot of people, especially because the previous one was Batman and Robin, but with the TDK people knew the potential they could expect.

          I’m really excited for Days of Future Past, I think it could end up being as good or better than X2 potentially.

      • robephiles

        X3 was the highest grossing movie of the series but it also has the biggest budget of any of the six X-men films so far. The budget was 210 million and its international box office was 459 million. X2 only made 408 million but its budget was only 110 million. So far X2 has been the most profitable of the X-men movies. They have steadily made less with each sequel. The Wolverine could reverse this by making more than First Class but it is pretty close right now. It will either make the same or slightly less even though it has a lower budget than First Class.

      • robephiles

        X3 was the highest grossing movie of the series but it also has the biggest budget of any of the six X-men films so far. The budget was 210 million and its international box office was 459 million. X2 only made 408 million but its budget was only 110 million. So far X2 has been the most profitable of the X-men movies. They have steadily made less with each sequel. The Wolverine could reverse this by making more than First Class but it is pretty close right now. It will either make the same or slightly less even though it has a lower budget than First Class.

        • sepiajack

          Agreed. I think DoFP will be the big game changer, since it seems to have a bigger scope and budget than the previous ones, they’ve been shooting for quite a while, and for once FOX seems to be taking their time and letting Singer do his thing instead of rushing it out.

          I know one of the execs (in a rare moment of wisdom for their ilk) said they were surprised that Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Xmen first class performed a lot better than they expected, and the main reason seemed to be scripts, so they wanted to let the sequels have some breathing time to get the scripts right.

          Hopefully that’s not all talk.

          • robephiles

            I think either Days of Future Past will be the movie that reinvigorates the franchise or the one that kills it. The budget will probably be at least as big as the third X-men movie, if not bigger, and it has a lot of characters.

            If it is a good movie and everything works then it might pull them out of the downward spiral but it could be a disaster with that many characters and juggling both histories.

            For a studio that seems to think X-men is such a cash cow, Fox has been treating the franchise pretty badly. They have realized they need to do something like Marvel did with The Avengers. I think that is what they are going for.

          • sepiajack

            Yeah I agree with your assessment for the most part, I know they have X-Force in development which would be the first time they try at one of the spinoff teams. They could easily do multi film arcs and crossovers like the marvel avengers films with how

        • Cameron Vale

          They gave Brett Ratner the largest budget of any X-Men film ever? Why?

  • EXbob

    I actually really enjoyed Xmen Origins: Wolverine. Not sure why people hated it but I guess it must have messed up some of the comic book stuff. But as a stand alone film I had a lot of fun with it. This is coming from a person who really didn’t like the first three X-Men movies.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You know, these Red Letter Media guys are like a one trick pony. Pretty soon they’ll run out of steam and we’ll notice just how easily we’ve all been played. All they’ve got going for them are the Plinkett reviews…

    …Half in the Bag, Best of the Worst/Wheel of the Worst, their random short videos, their low budget movies. Like, some one. Can you sense the hackness coming out? The worst thing is that they do all these with creativity, wit, a good eye for crass humour that never feels crass and somehow mix it with well thought out points; they have a real know how of how movies are made and what makes movies good. They use their low budget to their advantage and that adds to the charm of their videos. It’s becoming old really quickly. I predict the fall of the empire here pretty soon. Anyone else with me?

    • Taco Eater

      If that’s how you feel, it’s pretty simple, dude. Just stop watching. Leave the rest of us to enjoy their “creativity, wit, a good eye for crass humour that never feels crass and somehow mix it with well thought out points; they have a real know how of how movies are made and what makes movies good” and STFU.

      • salisbury

        Looks like a postive review of RLM, with a little fakout in the beginning. I think he gotcha!

        • salisbury

          er…make that a “FAKE out”. Dammit.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        I have a feeling that by quoting that specific line that you could tell I was praising RLM.

    • Taco Loco

      No. No one else is with you.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        I should apologize that my sarcasm wasn’t as obvious as I was hoping it to be. I thought I was clearly saying that RLM was awesome at what they do.

    • Justin

      Jesus christ you guys are dumb

    • Now I Get It

      Fall, no. Change, yes.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        I’m guessing a few people thought I was dissing them judging by the 3 down-votes. I probably should have made my praise a bit less vague.

        • Now I Get It

          Your post is ambiguous, no question.

          On the one hand, you’ve set up a few contradictions – RLM is a one trick pony & RLM has many varied programs; RLM are hacks & RLM has creative heft; RLM is charming and resourceful & RLM is getting old – that are so obvious that the post reads like it’s meant to be funny. On the other, these contradictions are just obvious and not absurd, so, it also reads like a serious effort to sort them all out to some conclusion.

          This ambiguity – that you seem to be both accepting and rejecting these contradictions – might, in turn, explain the almost evenly split up/down votes. Or it could be that, as these contradictions can’t lead to any particular conclusion but you’ve drawn one anyway, those votes are in response to your prediction that RLM will end soon. We just don’t know.

          My own prediction is for continued growth, but that’s a different argument.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Everything would be MUCH clearer had I spoken these words and not typed them. Anything negative I said about them were the sarcastic parts, although that’s sometime’s difficult to convey through type.

          • Now I Get It

            Too true. As a poster, you’re like a composer whose musicians can all read music well enough. Unfortunately, the subtler notes of sarcasm are best played by ear.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Aha. Good analogy.

          • Now I Get It

            Thanks. Two clicks on the edit button later, the analogy turned out pretty well. In any case, I hope your chance to reply cleared your conscience on the matter. (You don’t have to answer that.)

  • Nick

    Mike likes Origins! Thank god… I thought I was the only one. Favourite X-Men movie.

    • sepiajack

      It’s not my favorite, but I do enjoy it

  • chris

    So glad you guys are back. Fuck Christopher Bores.

    • Fritz

      Isn’t his full name Christopher Care Bores?
      If so, fuck him for that, too. He usually appears after watching a funny internet show with his obnoxious Jingle Bells tune and badly drawn Medusa-whores.

    • Tim

      Indeed! CB needs to thank Mike and Jay for reminding people that the Irate Gamer (i.e. cheap AVGN knock-off) actually exists.

      Wait, that isn’t a good thing. Unless you’re really into generic, half-assed, uninspired 2-3 minute movie reviews on YouTube.

  • Benzo

    Adamandtheantium… what?

  • David

    I have that exact “Troubleshooting and Repairing VCRs: Second Edition” book.

  • Daniel Bellfield

    it is it?

  • Shaner5000

    The problem I had with the plot: If I was a billionaire looking to gain healing powers to stop and reverse my aging, I wouldn’t go after the arguably deadliest mutant in the world. I’d use my resources to find one of the thousands of other mutants out there with healing powers but without claws and a killer instinct (remember, this is the full X Men universe, there are millions and millions of muties out there, one or two of them have to be healers). There must be some down-on-their-luck mutants out there (of the Morlocks maybe?) willing to trade their powers for a couple mill.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      The problem I had with Batman was that no one could figure out he was Bruce Wayne!!!!!!!1!!

      Seriously, though, you have to have SOME suspension of disbelief or you won’t be able to really enjoy most fictional stories.

  • Jason Ross

    Where’s muscles glasses?

  • Freddie

    To continue on the Star Wars analogy; To me the Wolverine Origin story was kinda’ like Episode 1… X-men 3 was bad compared to the first two, but we survived it. Then came the origin story and something was forever broken…

  • Meester Smeeth

    Is Plinkett in Japan fighting a guy in a robot Plinkett suit?

  • waldo.pepper
    • RoCr

      What the fuck did I just watch? I’m not going to be killed in seven days, am I?

      • waldo.pepper

        Look into it a little. You might stumble upon a great film.

  • Chris Pendlebury

    this show is so good now it should be on cable

  • Kes

    As Mike I did not engage at all with THE wolverine. Most annoying for me though was that wolverine keeps saying he is ‘not the wolverine anymore’ with reference to the fact that he does not fight… yet he does continuously so in the movie.

  • Hans Solo


    • kjellmakrell

      Thanks ants. Thants.

      • Hans Solo

        Weirdo kat! Weirdat!

      • Paul Schumann

        Highly approve of this reference.

  • Paul Woodcock

    when’s the next…Plinkett/BOTW/HITB/whatever you neck bearded hipster hacks? Or hacksters as you should now be called!

  • Weirdo

    Viper is played by russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, not January Jones.

    • couldntpickaname

      Yes, they also say that Elysium is a Matt LeBlanc’s movie.

      • Workpigs

        FRAUDS. I mean what kind of exceptional individual doesn’t know who Hugh Grant is? He’s only played Wolverine 7 times!

        • Johnny Two Melons

          In an alternate universe there was a Wolverine TV show in the ’80s starring Lee Majors.

          • Workpigs

            Did I give you permission to talk?

          • Johnny Two Melons

            I get my orders from a disembodied voice that sounds like Ian McKellen.

    • Johnny Two Melons

      Mike Stoklasa is played by Greg Grunberg.

    • Duckler

      Wolverine is played by Ben Vereen.

      • Cyberxion

        Charlie Sheen, Ben Vareen, shrink to the size of a Lima bean!

    • Dan

      Mike’s mind is turning in to mush from reviewing all of these summer blockbusters. He’s forgetting things more and getting the names of things jumbled up.

  • Jason Ross

    9.1 / 10

  • Daniel Bakke

    I really don’t mind the Blip style advertising. Just wait 10 seconds and skip. No regrets after disabling Adblock on this site.

  • Bris Ben

    Mike, you got this masturbation behind the counter thing happening

  • Rob Rose
  • Rob Rose


  • John Krzeminski

    Is the other critic that they keep playing clips of the hack known as “The Irate Gamer?”

    • Tim

      Yes. It’s astounding how bad those “Irate” reviews are; they are the epitome of lazy.

      • aaron johnson

        I WAS WONDERING WHO THAT WAS. I was kicking myself trying to figure out whose voice that was. It seemed so familiar.


    Jay is a weeaboo

    • Workpigs

      I could see that.

  • Paul

    Plinkett is calling from the MATRIX!!! WHEN’S THE NEXT PLINKETT REVIEW!!!?

  • Mike

    Starring Huge Jacked Man

  • Chris Power

    I remember the whole drama over the “rough” version of Wolverine:origins being released online (which admittedly I watched). Makes me wonder if they either punished the fx house that leaked it by releasing a sub-par version or just said “fuck it – why finish it now?” and sent out what they had Black Ninja style.

  • I just make shit up

    Does anybody remember the original Wolverine movie from the late 70s?

  • Ass

    Am I the only guy who is tired of the film industry jacking off to Wolverine? There was a time when I thought Wolverine was awesome, and that was X-Men 2. Now I am just wondering when they will shut up about him.
    The Wolverine movies insist upon the badassery of Wolverine so much that it makes it impossible for me to actually think he is cool anymore. It is like watching all of those close-ups of Stallone’s rock hard abs and not getting the feeling that the movie is trying too hard.

    • http://www.awesometania.com John T. Hill

      Dude, you’ve been a fan of Wolverine since X-Men 2? Da-yum son! That’s old school!

      I’m certainly not going to question the cred of your opinion now.

      • Bob

        Yeah well I’ve been a fan of Wolverine since the FIRST X-Men movie way back in 2000! Beat that if you dare!

        • Professor Xylophone

          You guys should all read a classic novel, or something.

          It will bore the shit out of you all, but at least you can die, saying: well, at least I read something in my life, once.

          • Bob

            Well naturally, one can’t be a fan of Wolverine AND enjoy other forms of literature. Consider us schooled and we shall get right on that, Sir!

          • Professor Xylophone

            Okay, please keep my suggestion from my previous comment in mind, if you agree with one or more of the following statements:
            - I think Marvel is superior to DC.
            - I think DC is superior to Marvel.
            - I don’t like X-Men 3, because Angel was portrayed badly.
            - I don’t like Ironman 3 because the Mandarin was portrayed badly.
            - I don’t like Green Lantern because Parallax was too weak.
            - I don’t like any Marvel movie, because DC rules.
            - I don’t like any DC Movie because Marvel rules.
            - I hate Marvel/DC movie (x) because it clearly took too much liberties from the comic (x), from issue (y) to issue (z).
            - I can easily fill in the x’s, y’s, and z’s for several comic franchises.

          • Guest

            I shall have a go…

            -I have a preference for Marvel, but I don’t really know about superiour. I generally prefer the Marvel characters simply because these are the ones Imainly grew up with, but Batman has always been a favourite. I don’t hate DC though and think that both companies have great characters and titles.
            -See above

            -I didn’t like it for a number of reasons.Mainly because it’s a bad film.I do get a chuckle out of the cheesy ‘so bad it’s good’ “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch” line though. I recently found out that was an internet meme BEFORE the movie and they just put that in there which makes it worse, hence funnier.

            -Loved the Mandarin twist. It was a breath of fresh air.
            -Never seen it because it’s supposed to be turd.
            -I’m not too hung up on them needing to be just like the comics so long as it’s a good movie and they get the characters and tone right. Not a fan of dark n broody Spidey or Superman for instance. If people want them to be just like the comics then in that case most Marvel origin movies should be set in the 60s.
            -Not sure about that. I’ll know more than the average Joe on the street, but I still need to check wikipedia on things frequently for info that I don’t know or have simply forgotten.

            How did I do? ;-D

          • Professor Xylophone

            Yeah, you passed. Lowering sarcasm and smug shields. I can be a nerd, too when it comes to the right franchise. I just found that excessive comic book readers, tend to be.. well..these bad kind of nerds, that couldn’t understand that there are people not knowing or caring about the difference between Marvel and DC.
            Oh and ‘Green Lantern’ is not a very good Superhero movie, but the place at the bottom of the barrell is undeserved. IMO Fantastic Four 1 & 2, Catwomen, Electra, Balde Trinity, Daredevil and perhaps more are worse.

      • Ass

        The funny thing is that I didn’t claim to have any kind of special authority to back up my opinion and some guy is still trying to prove that his E penis is bigger than mine.

        Okay, dude. You E peen is bigger. Don’t cut me bro.

    • Liz Frazier

      I absolutely agree with you but I don’t see it changing in the future. It’s a bad habit that came over from the comics: Wolverine is a kind of mutant mascot for Marvel. At least in the comic book world, Wolverine also had his own series, so it was kind of a release valve that gave the fans what they wanted without shoehorning him unnecessarily into the main X-Titles. In the movies, however, I think the studio is afraid to release anything without a Wolverine safety net. Wolverine is the poster boy of Marvel’s mutant titles in the same way that Spiderman and Captain America are for the hero titles (In the movie universe Iron Man has nudged out Cap).

      You see, when the time comes to sell stuff, Marketing knows that these are the faces to shove down my throat. Because I’ve seen them…I’ve seen them before…and seeing the same shit again that I’ve seen before makes me warm and fuzzy…and it makes me buy stuff…because I’ve seen it before…and I don’t like things that are different (this is how the human brain works according to marketing principles).

      The sad thing is that now the other characters are so underdeveloped that they’re kind of boring. Prime example: Rogue would have been an awesome subject for a standalone movie if they hadn’t turned her into a watered down Jubilee/Kitty Pryde. (Note to studio execs: Wolverine is not the only X-Man with a haunted, shadowy past that would be fun to explore!!)

      • sepiajack

        I know that even before the movies a lot of little kids think Wolverine is called ‘X-man’ and he’s sort of the one xman character that reaches the iconic recognizably levels in the same arena as spiderman, batman, superman, where kids seem to know about them through osmosis no matter how much or how little exposure they have to them. I think for really small kids there’s aware there’s ‘that guy with the claws… xman’ before they ever find out about x-men as a team or what its all about

        • Liz Frazier

          You’re right. I won’t even deny the marketing value of having such an iconic character. But then they started neglecting developing other characters in favor of Wolverine-centric storylines and now you’re starting to see people getting burnt out on the character such as the OP above. It’s poor storytelling and short term thinking.

          • sepiajack

            Oh I completely agree, I do wish they would focus more on cyclops and others, I was more just commenting on why I think Wolverine has been used so prevalently in all the movies, a lot of people take issue with it, and to an extent I understand why, but its just one of those things with the hollywood business. Wolverine is a rugid badass anti-hero who has that ‘men want to be him, and women want to be with him’ quality that studios are always looking for. Alternatively Cyclops is a by the book guy, who is pretty intense and can never show his face.

            I’m a big cyclops fan in the comics, and I know he could be made interesting in the movies, but that IS the reason why he likely never will be. The studio & producers see Wolvie as the Han Solo of the series, and Cyclops as the nerd.

            In general hollywood has always had trouble presenting a team dynamic in any sort of big movies, they usually default to the leader or audience window character instead of showing a real collaboration of equals, which is a shame.

        • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

          A lot of the core X-Men characters have enough going on in their lore to make for much more development of their characters. That’s what made X-Men: First Class fun, because it didn’t need Wolverine and was interesting enough as it was. The other characters really can carry a film if a good script is written for them, but considering the money being pumped in it’s most likely that studios just want to play it safe.

          So the question now is whether they’re basing Days of Future Past on what made First Class successful, or what’s making The Wolverine successful.

          • sepiajack

            I think most likely it will be a bit of both, Wolverine seems to be a key player in the new movie, but I’m presuming most of it takes place in the 1970s so will have the first class characters, or some of them anyways featured prominently.

            As a flip side to the whole ‘too much wolverine’ thing, I have to say though, I’m really impressed with Hugh Jackman’s dedication to the character and sticking with the franchise for… what is DoFP the 7th or 8th entry? Most actors would have jumped ship after 1 or 2, especially in a case like his where he was a no name then became a huge star as a result.

            Imagine they’d gotten Russell Crowe like they were originally trying to? I can’t imagine him even doing X2 lead alone X3, 2 stand alones, and a cameo in first class

          • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

            I don’t know diddlysquat about Hugh Jackman. So either he really likes the character and playing in these films, or they pay him well. Either way, it really is nice that there’s apparently little vanity in trying to break out from that role and pretend it didn’t happen or like he’s moved on to more artsy stuff.

            As much as I love the overall Days of Future Past story, I really wonder how they’re going to keep it from being a big clusterfuck. Two teams of X-Men from future and past communicating and cooperating to change a timeline sounds like a really, really big story that needs slower pacing but could have trouble even within a 2.5 hour running time.

          • sepiajack

            I’m just speculating but my gut feeling is it will be structured like Back to the Future.

            Starts in present day or the future, a dark future with xmen hunted and destroyed by sentinels, that basically picks up from the after credit scene in the wolverine.

            Wolverine goes back in time to the 1970s, where the majority of the films running time takes place with him and the first class characters.

            At the end he goes back to the present/future and things are better because of the time travel.

            It don’t think it will be a case of all these characters meeting their past selves through the whole movie. I might be wrong.

            But hey with the first X-Men people complained there weren’t enough mutants, now with DoFP people are worried there are too many. We shall have to wait and see.

          • JP

            I’ve seen Hugh Jackman in a couple of interviews and he honestly comes across as one of the most genuine and down to earth actors in Hollywood. I can normally spot fakeness very easily, didn’t get that from him at all. He just seems like a really decent bloke.

          • sepiajack

            Agreed. I think part of it comes from actors who get their big break a bit older, instead of as a teen or 20 something. Steve Carell always strikes me the same way, Vera Farmiga as well.

            I remember a great interview with him for Xmen1 where he got a call in the middle of the night, they had to replace the original guy they cast as wolverine, dougray scott because M:I 2 had run 6 months over schedule. So he flies from Australia to Toronto, gets to customs, has no idea anything about Xmen at this point, just that he has an acting gig.

            The customs guy says “here for business or pleasure?” or whatever they ask. Jackman says: “for work” the guy asks what his profession is, jackman says he’s an actor, here to shoot a movie. The guy asks what movie, Jackman says xmen.

            The customs guy’s eyes widen, Jackman doesn’t understand why. Customs guy asks who he is playing, Jackman says ‘some guy called wolverine’, the customs guy hands him something and asks him to sign, Jackman asks if they are some sort of customs forms? and the guy says “no, I just want your autograph, my son is going to go apeshit when he finds out I met wolverine!”

            Apparently Jackman realized then that this was a big deal and started researching the character, the comics etc. Its a pretty funny story.

          • Now I Get It

            “Agreed. I think part of it….”

            I think it was somewhere in the special features of Colin Quinn’s “Long Story Short” that Jerry Seinfeld remarks that he’d met Jackman a couple of times, at dinner parties or something, and concluded that he’s a perfect human being in every respect. So…?

    • Deadpool got jobbed also

      Yeah I don’t get it either. Pretty much every single other character is more interesting than he is. We already know everything about him – they shoved in our faces for multiple movies already. I don’t care about him. I want to see an X-Men movie, NOT a Wolverine movie.

  • BubbaHo-Tep

    RLM – the slowest loading page on the Internet, 2 years running.

    • JamesDrox

      Loads quick for me, maybe your net speed?

      • sepiajack

        Yeah it’s always fast for me.

        • getit

          You could almost say it’s, lightning fast


          • sepiajack

            That’s right Jay!

            (and or..)

            It is it?

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      Mine slows down noticably if I’m logged into Disqus. Maybe that’s your problem. If I decide to log out it’s just fine.

  • Chemical

    What is it with Ricks?

  • Mike’s gynecologist

    Mike, you need to stop sucking nerd-cock, and go back to cynical criticism. Who gives a shit about some woolwerine and crappy summer movies, go do a Plinkett review and throw Jay and all those degenerate little cunts from Best of the Worst back where they belong: behind the scenes.
    PS: You missed your HIV-test date.

    • NotoriousPAT

      But–but–why would Mike need a gynecologist???

    • HeftyJo

      Fuck this fucking gynecomastia bullshit.

  • Sniktbub

    Fortunately the Ann Arbor District Library still has eight remaining copies of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    • jnoble


  • Unit609Idiot

    With all the Chris Bores references, is this setting up a glorious return of Gamesplaytion 2.1? Is that where Fake Plinkett is?

  • http://jesse-the-art-maker.deviantart.com/ Jesse Ray Garza

    Oh my god you guys are alive!!!!

  • Volchonok

    I could have sworn I remember Jay saying he really liked Dark Knight Rises. During the Half in the Bag review, I believe he said it “Fucking ruled”.

    • Flawfilial

      Mike was being sarcastic. They were joking about how some commenters complain that they’re “Marvelites” even though they bashed Captain America and praised Dark Knight Rises.

      • sepiajack

        I was glad they made a joke about that.

      • I’m Sh!t stirring

        It hurts cause it’s true. Just look at how little joy and enthusiasm they had in tearing down Origins Wolverine compared to Resident Evil which had comics done by DC.

        • Flawfilial

          I’m assuming that since you’re name implies that you’re only here to stir shit, then you KNOW that your post was fucking retarded and you’re just trying to get an angry reaction.
          I love masturbating to vitriolic word-vomit on the internet as much as the next guy, but on Redlettermedia, can’t we just agree to leave this ridiculous Marvel vs. DC feud behind us? How many Marvel movies on this website have Mike and Jay given a positive review, anyway? Their reaction to Thor was tepid AT BEST. They hated Captain America. They hated The Amazing Spiderman. They didn’t really like X-Men: First Class. They only enjoyed Ghost Rider because it was Nick Cage-style schlock. Oh, but they thought the Avengers and Iron Man 3 were fun movies so CLEARLY they’re Marvel fanboys.
          Buy, hey! They gave Dark Knight Rises a glowing review and they repeatedly mock the fans who keep begging for Mr. Plinkett to tear the Dark Knight apart. Surely they don’t mind DC movies THAT much.
          Oh, but wait… they panned Man of Steel, a movie that was far too morose and “gritty” (THERE’S a word Hollywood execs use to jam their fingers down your ass-wallet) for a movie about a space-alien superhero who is supposed to be a superpowered Boyscout and NOW they’re Marvelites. They even brought Rich Evans along to criticize the film! That reminds me of those three guys who also criticized the Amazing Spiderman for being too dark and gritty for its own good.
          Mike and Jay needed to bring along Rich Evans for the Spiderman review, because they didn’t really know much about the source material and Rich Evans openly admitted that he hasn’t been following Spiderman for years– THERE’S your Marvelites!
          Mike said he doesn’t know “shit-fuck” about Ghost Rider.
          Hell, in THIS! FUCKING! REVIEW! Mike said he didn’t read the source material for this movie.
          Get it through your thick skull that maybe Mike and Jay don’t give as much of a shit about brand names as you do and they just like it when stories are well-told. You know you’re in the wrong here.

          • Flawfilial

            Oh, I realized that I used “you’re” when I should’ve used “your.” Sorry.

          • Flawless

            Oh, I realized that you are getting totally pissed on an obvious sarcastic comment. lmt….

            It is clear that Jay and Mike are total Marvelites, and they just made Half in the bag, because they wanted to suck on Stan Lees old wrinkled dick. Grow up, you immature marvel comic nerds and be a DCilian, which is much more mature.

          • Flawfilial

            “Obviously sarcastic?”
            If you were being sarcastic, then I apologize for being snippy, but what’s “obvious?” Commenters have typed things like that on this site and MEANT it, so excuse me.

          • Flawless

            Yeah, you could be right, too. It is hard to tell with written sarcasm.. but I thought Resident Evil DC Comics are a bit far fetched. Well, I could be wrong.

            Let’s just agree on Marvel makes the better movies in the last 15 years, but DC got the better Heroes franchises.

            Also: All Dark Knight Movies top all Marvel movies (though not by far).
            Spiderman is better than Superman.
            Ironman stinks – Rober Downey Jr. does not (especially not as Ironman)
            Green Lantern is really bad, but all Fantastic 4 Movies are far worse.
            These ‘facts’ can be easily accepted by any Marvel, or DC Fan. Am I right?

          • Guest

            Yep, let’s all agree with your opinions or ‘facts’ as you call them. Hmmm…what a strange fellow.

          • Flawless

            So you see, what I did there.. or you don’t. Because it was like a thing.
            I am really ‘s-u-p-r-i-s-e-d’ that not everyone agrees with my ‘f-a-c-t-s’ like ‘S-p-i-d-e-r-m-a-n is better than S-u-p-e-r-m-a-n’….

          • Guest

            You are an unusual fellow indeed.

          • Flawless

            Let’s watch the latest episode of ALF together <3

          • Guest

            You know, I would love that. :-) Sorry for calling you an unusual fellow by the way. For some reason your last two comments were under a different name until I refreshed the page.To me, you appeared as some new person who was saying something completely random.:-/

          • Pob

            They didn’t ‘hate’ Captain America. They thought it was just ‘ok’ like Thor. They also liked First Class as I recall so they are CLEARLY FILTHY MARVELITES!!!!!!

            I din’t really think that they’re ‘Marvelites’ (whatever that is), I just wanted to see what it felt like to actually type that inane sentence.

    • AnthonyMcEdwards

      Yeah, it was just a joke about the commenters here, you neckbeard hipster.

    • Dan

      It was sarcasm. Some Man of Steel mentalists didn’t like the Half in the Bag review of their crappy, forgettable film so they called Mike and Jay ‘Marvelites’ and other such not at all embarrassing terms which don’t make us more rational and sane comic book fans cringe in the slightest.

      • Volchonok

        Aha. I’ve never been good at detecting sarcasm unless it’s really in my face. I’m kinda new to these guys so I still need to learn the signs ^^ Thanks for clarifying.

  • Luke Altomare

    • Workpigs

      Thanks for that.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      What episode and time stamp is this from? I feel like this is right before he let out a very obnoxious laugh in the STID review over a lame joke by Jay.

  • KMD

    Now you need to sit Rich Evans down to watch some Irate Gamer and Haunted Investigators episodes. It’ll maybe be the first time he doesn’t laugh even once.

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      That would be a great sequel to the Vincent Price 1 2 3 Camera vid. In fact, RLM should just make a new series comprised entirely of Rich Evans laughing at ridiculous stuff on the internet. “Rich Evans Reacts” that would be priceless.

  • the new “meme”

    ” I’m disappointed.. a vote down without an actual response or challenge to what I said.

    It’s sort of like “well I don’t care YOU ARE JUST WRONG!” childish response. No substance.

    Explain to me why this stupid ad hominem fallacy is legitimate.

    Explain to me why someone has to have also tried to do similar work in a field in order to challenge the quality of some other work?

    It’s textbook ad hominem fallacy. Discrediting someone personally in order to discredit their opinion.

    Come on, back that opinion up. You think I’m wrong? Tell me why it’s wrong.

    Or is it that someone can’t tell me that it’s wrong, but has already invested themselves into the silly response above that I responded to.. and now they can’t budge from that position? Is that thumb down you Ramone? :)

    By Whip

    • Guest

      Who are you quoting? What is the person you’re quoting talking about?

      • the new “meme”

        It’s a response by user “whip” (who has either decided not to participate or is using another nickname such as “guest” ) to a SINGLE,yes ONE ,1 downvote.

        It needs to be qouted as an example of “head up own ass” and an example of obsession with like- I mean votes.

        Facebook is cancer.

        • whip

          The real truth of the matter here is the above poster is someone who has been obsessed with me going back to a comment on the Man of Steel video where I made him look like an idiot for saying something stupid. And he has been utterly obsessed with me since, constantly trying to call me out, ridicule me, mimic me, etc.

          Even though I long since walked away from those discussions and completely ignored this person. I only made a few snarky comments early on, and was over it. But this idiot has continued to obsess with me like this, for over a month now.

          It couldn’t be more obvious that this individual is completely butt hurt over what I said. The truth hurt too much. There is no rational reason for someone to obsess and constantly try to engage with someone who has long since walked away from the stupid pissing match.

          He can’t let it go. It’s actually disturbing.

          This persons ridiculous complaints are also just some kind of psychological projection. All the attitudes he tries to assign to me are clearly his own failings. Obsessed with like votes or Facebook? He’s the one who keeps trying to force a bunch of crappy ridiculous memes to be popular. He’s the one who is trying way too hard and forcing way too much.

          I didn’t care about a fucking downvote. I was challenging the person to defend their position. I was interested in the debate.

          I wasn’t going to respond to any more of this, but this persons obsession and level of butthurt disturbs me greatly. What the fuck is wrong with you? Get over it kid. It’s fucking pathetic you can’t see how badly this reflects on you.

          • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

            He’s mad over a downvote? You have got to be kidding me… I hope that guy is a kid, that’s the only excuse for being that immature and stupid.

          • mirrorr mirror on the wall

            “Even though I long since walked away from those discussions”

            Sure you did.

            I mean it shows.

    • Franklin Floratos

      ‘Ad hominem fallacy’

      • it’s not a debate

        Ad water …and figs

      • catnep


        • Now I Get It

          You forgot Wallace Shawn’s limp, I mean lisp.

          • catnep

            Oops, my apologies to the great Vizzini. ‘InconTHEEEvabullll!’ That was a such a good movie…

          • Now I Get It

            I just rewatched the sequence leading to the “battles of wits” scene, in case I was wrong about Vizzini’s lisp. It’s not overly juicy but it’s there, fortunately, so I don’t have to use the absurd lie I devised in case it wasn’t.

            Such a good movie, as you say. I saw it twice on its theatrical release and got a bit caught up again just now.

            HOWEVER, the battle of wits scene has a flaw that still distracts me.

          • catnep

            LOL @ absurd lie… Maybe you can recycle it for later. It’s been ages (like VHS era) since I’ve watched TPB, but I definitely plan to view it again. What was the flaw? Something with the goblets?

          • Now I Get It

            I have to abandon my post for work. But if you watch this space FOR ALL DAY, and make sure nobody takes it, I’ll backatcha. But if somebody takes it, like if this comment gets deleted or something – like we talked about before? – then I’m going to have to stay at work for a long, long, really long time, and you might not get your questions answered. Ever. I might even have to divorce your mother, I’m just not sure what’s going to happen. This is all on you FOR ALL DAY, okay? So, I’m going to go now, and don’t forget to give the cat its ear medicine.

          • catnep

            People here work? I’m shocked.

          • Now I Get It

            Your instincts are correct. I’m only here to watch other people work then to wonder what that’s like. My other absurd lie would have been that all of Vizzini’s dialogue was dubbed, after Patinkin refused to play Inigo with a lisp like Manuel on “Fawlty Towers” – “I am from Barthelona” – and that Shawn had to undergo speech therapy to complete his part or be fired.

            As for the distracting flaw, yes, it’s about the goblets. But it’s really a quibble about how Wm. Goldman composes dialogue, and only sort of raises questions about plot holes but not really, because he solved that scene’s structure so elegantly. I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but it catches my ear every time.

          • catnep

            OK, I’ve YouTubed it and decided you must have a steely eye for these things that I do not. Alas and alack. I can never “see” stereograms either!

            Hope you’re not commenting from work! You might get a reputation for being a good multi-tasker and y’ know… no good will come of that. Ha.

          • Now I Get It

            Yeah, that particular scene is really pretty advanced, as a lesson in managing the checks and balances of dramatic writing. Goldman turned his dread fear of losing the audience into a remarkable talent for alternating the upper-hand between characters several times within a single scene. There’s a reason he was among the first million-dollar screenwriters, and that’s pretty much it.

            As for work, I’ve got a day off from my friends’ farm, where I never bring my computer anyway, so, I’m never tempted. And what my body lacks in midi-chlorians, it makes up for in bizarre zoological germs, I’m sure.

          • catnep

            “Farmboy!” I believe they’re calling midi-chlorians from the countryside “happy germs” now. You should absorb as many of those as you can.

          • Now I Get It

            I’ll see what I can do to keep the horses sneezing on me, the rabbits peeing on me, the wasps stinging me, and the spiders nesting in my hair. …Oh, and the barn cats nosing into my sandwiches, a whole other level of molecular goodness I don’t even want to contemplate.

          • catnep

            I’ve been thinking about this and drawing stick figures to help me visualize. It seems to me that the horse sneezes should dislodge the hair spiders at least, as well as disperse the wasps, if I’m calculating the velocity correctly with which a horse can sneeze, multiplying that by several horses. It also sounds like the barn cats have entered into an unholy alliance with the rabbits to distract you from your sammiches!

          • Now I Get It

            I wish you’d posted your drawing to help ME visualise.

            As it was, when I drew up to the horses, the spiders jumped them going after the flies around their eyes. Blinded by venom, the panicked animals charged from the paddock, then crashed through the slabs of the compound, smashing the hutches and scattering the rabbits.

            Within minutes, peace officers, called by a vengeful neighbour across the lane who just knew something like this was going to happen, began to arrive in air conditioned vans to load the surviving animals as evidence in a charge of animal cruelty. The last officer had barely stepped from his van when he fell back, staggered by the sight of so many bunnies eating their own dead.

            A second officer running in to help him up stumbled himself, as though caught by an invisible wire, then flew up out of sight into a windbreak of trees, as a giant austracantha minas, or jewel spider, crashed downward through limbs like a great horned counterweight.

            A police photographer snapped this photograph of the horrendous arachnid at its most seductive, hanging upside down and shedding its skin, as they must before a big meal.


            The barn cats, apparently on break from mouse disposal, were heard to muse, “Only in this business.” Unholy pricks.

          • catnep

            Well, that was a perfectly riveting tale! All this time I’ve believed the jewel spider was extinct since the late 90s or so. (shudder) I should have known she’d found available lodging somewhere in Mordor, from which she would eventually emerge to terrorize us all once again with her piercing screams, dressed in what looks like a sausage casing. You should really have this story made into a graphic novel… or a rudimentary cave drawing at least!

          • Now I Get It

            Well, thank you, you are as gracious as the spider queen herself, who could have left us all hanging in the trees as snacks but did not (for some reason). Instead, she took her lines of sticky poetry and left (for God knows where).

            As a result, a graphic novel might find funding from the sale of the farm’s surviving buildings and other effects. And as I did not alone survive to tell the tale, no one can doubt that it is “based on a true story,” a claim that should guarantee good sales (I’m led to believe). It’s all over but the auction, really.

            …UNLESS some of the survivors decide to cash in on the ordeal themselves. Hmm. I may have to summon Her Worship’s return, after all, to dispose of the witnesses. But what charms must I possess that she would eat them yet leave me alive? (Now there’s a toughy.)

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    “… but it’s when he works as a team… that he says things like “Bub” and “Fuck you” and *mumbled jargon* “I’m gunna go off an do this thing over here…”.”

    • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

      that’s some real technical analsis

      • Infernal Dude

        Analsis sounds painful and potentially messy.

  • tjp77

    How is it that Mike honestly didn’t know that Yakuza is a real thing? I feel like that’s the kind of thing he’d have known by this point in his life.

    • sepiajack

      He also couldn’t remember Hugh Jackman’s name… might be all the beer

      • JP

        Maybe he’s got the aaaaaalzheimer’s. It’s a thing.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          He better start taking his brain medicine.

  • jubalbiggs

    It is such an amazing shame that this happened instead of Jackman in the next Avengers movie. Now THAT would have been good.

    • sepiajack

      Who did you want them to cast Jackman as?

      • Bryan Guitarist

        Wolverine, of course.

        • sepiajack


          You want Wolverine to be on the Avengers?

          • jnoble

            If it means he can murder all of them and put some sense back in to the world of superhero movies.

          • sepiajack

            I prefer the X-men universe kept separate from the rest of Marvel, it causes so many problems in the comics and was sited by a lot of writers as the reason that Marvel would never let them pull the pin on doing the sentinel’s rule the world days of future past future, post apocalyptic type stuff because it would mean the rest of the marvel heros are also dead

  • TJ

    When Mike said that X-Men 1 is almost 20 years old, it honestly scared me to death! Then I worked it out and discovered that he was REEEAAAALLY rounding up, so I breathed a sigh of relief and my heart settled down.

    • HeftyJo

      Wellll if you were REEEAAAALLY following the rules of rounding you’d say it was 10 years old. They were just exaggerating and being silly.

    • jnoble

      14 years is a really long time in the ADHD world of pop culture, rounding rules not-withstanding.

  • Jayless

    Too bad the cool gene doesn’t cause claws to protrude from his feet. That would be hilarious.

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      In the comics there’s a female clone of him named X-23 who has two claws in her hands and one claw in each foot.

      • Jim

        She looks like a sexy little minx!

        • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

          It’s kind of funny that this is apparently the result from just turning Wolverine female. ;)

      • Jayless

        I see. So the cool gene provides for exactly 6 claws; No more, no less.
        Makes sense.

  • Boris

    I half agree with them. I do love Wolverine and the comic books have done great things and stories with him (though he is a little over exposed). His solo series has had great runs too. I am however a little fed up of him in movies now because he’s just overshadowed the other characters. I want to see Cyclops explored more too. Cyclops is my favourite X-Man.

    • HeftyJo

      I think a Cyclops, Colossus match-up would be cool. One guy is ground and pound the other is sniping from the hills.

  • meh

    I recognize the fact that you guys aren’t “comic book nerds” so I can definitely forgive your confusion, essentially most of the problems and confusion you guys have towards these two films is the fault of the screenwriters and not the comics, Wolverine Origins is basically a classic example of Hollywood fucking around with source material to make a stupid movie that’ll appeal to the masses, the only thing that isn’t entirely obliterated in that film was the fact that Wolverine grew up in a mansion in Canada and the gardener was screwing his mom, everything else took established idea and characters and warped them into bizarre caricatures. As far as the Wolverine goes it’s actually very loosely based on a story from the comics, and keeps only about 30% of the plot and story ideas, Viper is not a mutant in the comics and is more of a Cobra Commander from GI Joe-esque criminal mastermind, and Silver Samurai is just a highly skilled samurai with a mutant power that enables him to cut through most anything except adamantium, so basically from now on if you’re watching something in one of these movies and think it’s really stupid or poorly executed chances are it’s the idiots writing the films and not the comics fault

  • Dick75

    The main character of any story has to have some kind of understanding of what’s happening around him. Depending on the character the understanding can range from “everything” to “who he has to fight.” The problem I had with The Wolverine is that Wolverine’s understanding didn’t really match his character. Wolverine is a brute. He’s not very bright which is why it’s so easy to mess with his head psychically and his one redeeming quality is that he’s good in a fight, due in no small part to his healing factor. In this movie however Wolverine was doing a lot of the thinking and unraveling the mysteries around him. Which I found strange because he did have a side kick who should have been doing that for him. The truest to Wolverine moment *spoilers* was when he invaded the ninja village with no plan from the front expecting to simply barge through with his wolverine-ness. I would say that was my only real complaint about this movie. Also that damn robot in the end, which really didn’t make any sense.

  • a reminder

    Dear Jay and Mike, and the entire Red Letter Media crew:

    I’ve noticed that there has been an alarming flood of whiny fanboy
    babies and dipshit assholes all over the comments section(s) of your
    page, more and more so in the past few weeks (months?). Particularly on
    this episode. On behalf of us all, I want to apologize for this
    appalling and baffling Zergling rush of irritating buffoons exclaiming
    that you did this review without seeing the movie, turned into cynical
    pricks, lost your touch, sold out to Marvel, or otherwise taking your
    opinions personally, etc. These young children and their tirades do not
    reflect the views of your actual fans. I think I can speak for all of us
    yadda yadda blah blah ….you know the rest….


    self appointed something or another thing or something thing..thing

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      Yeah, I can’t believe people actually thought Jay sold out to the Marvel franchise. I’ve seen all these reviews and I’ve never once thought such bullshit.

      Just because you guys are fans of something doesn’t mean you need to throw a shit storm because HITB doesn’t like it.

      • Just Justin

        Man of Steel fans are crazy. Their film didn’t turn out to be the comic book movie classic that they all thought it would be, so they had to shout very loud in order to convince themselves as well as others. It’s very simple and textbook psychology.

        • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

          Why is it that new Superman movies never seem to work out? : / I almost feel bad for the fans…

    • Seewhatyoudidthere^

      Is this already on ‘Know your meme’?

  • williamsn411

    My biggest issue with “The Wolverine” was what Mike touched on about the motivations of the characters. While I was watching the movie I kept asking myself “why is this character doing that?”. I thought the acting, action and special effects were good. I just wish the movie was more clear as to why characters were doing what they were doing.

  • themorphinetango

    2 days shy of a month without Half in the Bag. I should be reimbursed for all the times I came here and had nothing new to watch while I eat a bowl of hotdogs. Get your head outta yer ass!

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      They just posted this video on the 16th of August… so probably not for awhile. : ( Maybe there will be a new Best of the Worst soon?

    • HeftyJo

      Cut up hot dogs with a whole bottle of barbecue sauce is the bomb.

  • themorphinetango

    when’s the next half in the bag review?

  • daniel

    I am right next door to the ann arbor library as i’m watching this right now.

  • dennett316

    How in the hell do you guys know about Chris “The Irate Gamer” Bores and his cavalcade of absolute ignorance and stupidity?

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      I know right?! I was surprised. They must have googled reviews just to see what other people said and that trash came up.

      • Harry Butters

        The only reason i found RLM is because of my utter distaste for the Star Wars prequels. It was so prevalent that i actually went on youtube seeing if anyone agreed with me or if i was the only one, i found their review, and when i first heard the voice i was like, geez who is this LOSER??? then i realized it was a schtick and have been a fan ever since.

    • Tim

      I came across Bores a bit after I came across James Rolfe, basically through a random YouTube search. It only took watching 1 or 2 episodes of “The Irate Gamer” to realize that Bores was ripping off AVGN, particularly when Bores started dropping phrases straight out of an AVGN episode.

      As horrible as Bores’ video game and movie reviews are, they are Citizen Kane compared to Bores’ foray into ghost-hunting with his “Haunted Investigators” series (which are on YouTube if you’re interested; there are even some good riffs of them too). The only thing good one can say about “Haunted Investigators” is that the Buddhist Priest guy has a beard about as epic as Jay’s.

  • Memoman

    No, don’t fight Deadpool out in the open either! He has the advantage there, as well. Fight him somewhere closed, narrow, where he doesn’t have as much freedom to teleport around you. Somewhere to cover your back, without deadly pitfalls.

  • Jon Fite

    The real question is, did they already know about Bores beforehand, or did they discover his video while researching reviews of X-Men Origins and were immediately dumbfounded and had to put clips of it in their review?

    • Pob

      I would guess the latter. They don’t strike me as the videogame types. I think that Rich is the video game fan of the 3.

      • Whatopinion

        In their Plinkett documentary, they stated that they weren’t aware of the ongoing reviewing culture, when they released their Generation Review. If that is true, I think they might at least peked into some of the more known territories. Usually these reviewers didn’t mention each other, that much. Especially if they aren’t working for the same site.
        I assume Rich, at least knew beforehand of the IRate Gamer.
        Hey guys, here’s an idea for resurrection Gamestation: Rich as the Irate Gamer. Here’s a parody:

        • Cameron Vale

          It was actually a trend for a while to do parodies of the Irate Gamer, and yet you picked that one?

  • catnep

    I’ve decided Jay’s beard is special FX. http://www.childofthe1980s.com/2007/10/05/wooly-willy/

    • Meester Smeeth

      So, what you’re saying is that Jay has a Wooly Willy?

      • catnep

        Yes, exactly. On his face.

        • Meester Smeeth

          This makes me smile.

          • Oh snap!

            We can see that on your avatar, you fucking robot.

          • Meester Smeeth

            Oh snap!

  • Olock

    THe end reminded you of Iron Man? I expected the review to talk about the Japanese stereotype shoven in the movie, you could make a drinking game out of that.

  • it is it

    it is it?

  • Sparkylicious

    Thanks for doing a proper HITB you hacks

  • Jake

    When they review a comic book movie, I like it when they have Rich aboard as he is the comic book guy of the three. Though they do a good enough job on their own. They seem to understand what makes these characters work far better than many comic book fans online who don’t have a clue!

    • dollar store cashier wife

      As long as it has fan service shots it’s a 10/10!

  • deerstop

    I love Hugh Jackman, he’s the sexiest and the most charismatic man alive. <3 So in this case I'm very easy to please (just cast Hugh Jackman, and I will like the film). I'm probably the only person on the planet who re-watches Van Helsing on regular basis. That said… For some reason I liked X-Men Origins better. It had a lot of Hugh in it, and I actually felt something during a couple of scenes. New movie seemed okay at first, but JEZUZ I was so horribly bored at the end. I wanted to die during The Big Robot fight. Level of boredom 10/10. Also I appreciate director's attempt to make Hugh Jackman's character more like the real Wolverine from comics. In comics he's just like that: dumb, rude, rushes to every fight without thinking. His brilliant infiltration plans are usually "Attack enemy base, let them capture me, and then we will see". :) However in the movie this new Hugh Jackman was boring to me (yeah, sorry).

    • Dr. Cox

      I suppose I could riff a list of things that I care as little about as your post. Lemme see, uhh… Low-carb diets. Michael Moore.
      The Republican National Convention. Kabbalah and all Kabbalah-related
      products. Hi-def TV, the Bush daughters, wireless hot spots, ‘The O.C.’,
      the U.N., recycling, getting Punk’d, Danny Gans, the Latin Grammys, the
      real Grammys. Jeff, that Wiggle who sleeps too darn much! The Yankees
      payroll, all the red states, all the blue states, every hybrid car,
      every talk show host! Everything on the planet, everything in the solar
      system, everything everything everything everything everything
      everything – eve – everything that exists – past, present and future, in
      all discovered and undiscovered dimensions. Oh! And Hugh Jackman.

      • deerstop

        Yeah, my brother hates him too. :) At ease, soldier. To each his own.

        • Dr. Cox

          That reference went so far over your head it is now in low earth orbit.

        • Dr. Cox
  • Mark Robinson

    Pretty sure during their review of The Dark Knight Rises, Jay said he liked it

    • Guest

      He did, Mike was being sarcastic when he said Jay hated The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight. He was joking about how DC fanboys accused them of being Marvel fanboys when they gave Man of Steel a negative review.

    • Alex Mac Dougall

      that’s the joke

  • StopCivilisation

    Really nice show this time Mike and Jay! Interesting disussion!

  • Paul Schumann

    I understand Mike’s point about Boba Fett, but I still want to see a movie about Mandalorian culture as existing in the midst of Galactic civil war. Based on Karen Traviss’ work with Republic Commando and Gears of War, if she was involved with the screenplay, I’d feel confident that the script at least would be excellent.
    The way the studios work though, we’ll probably end up with 5 Boba Fett movies just like there are 5 Wolverine movies…

    • Alex Lee

      Unfortunately, we see a bit about Mandalorian culture in The Clone Wars cartoon series, where their country is neutral despite a terrorist organization attempting to get involved in the war.

      I always thought that was bizarre, myself.

      • Paul Schumann

        Yeah. It is unfortunate since Lucas effectively gave a cease and desist to Traviss’s novels with the Clone Wars series. Her warrior culture based on honor and family wasn’t what old George wanted. I’d recommend reading her series if you haven’t. More reason to loathe Lucas lol… he killed an awesome series just before the last book was to be written and declared it not “canon” so the illogical Clone Wars version of Mandalorians could replace it.

  • Strelnikov

    So Plinkett is living….

    in their back room?
    up Jay’s ass?
    in a house which is remarkably similar to his last house because it’s a joke?
    in Slovakia?
    with Doug Walker in a gay marriage?

    • bananna hammock

      The smart money is that they had to strike the Plinkett set to film portions of “Space Cop,” once that finishes they will probably rebuild the original set… Just like they did when they moved studios (there is a time lapse video of them rebuilding Plinkett’s house). The joke will be that his *old house* is identical to the house he has been living in since episode 1 HItB.

  • Arpad

    The Irate Gamer has deleted all Red Letter Media related comments from under his Wolverine video, I hope the party s just getting started. Lets go there and comment more – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRmwALXpGbw

    • Jake

      Well he certainly isn’t all that and a packet of crisps. (I’m British)

      • IhateIrate

        Hey guys, I don’t have a Youtube account. The comments over there seemed quit uninspired, up until now. And I know, you guys over here are amongst the greatest insulter in the world (save for the russians). Can someone of you take action? I mean in a funny/destructive way. (Come on, that face really deserves it)

        • bitch cassidy

          NYPA… mu-fuggah!

          • Stillnotinlove

            Had to google NYPA.
            Yeah you’re right, bitch. Got myself a Youtube account to get the dirty work done…
            Already deleted…

    • winzentween

      lol oh that who said that but ironically surely he agreed with Mike as Mike gave xmow a double thumbs up lol

    • winzentween

      lol i just watched his ridiculous shill review and when he says ‘x3 was a serious piece of cred’ i died laughing and he lost all cred 4ever lol no offense to the guy but based on that 1 review he should stick to his day job, if he has one as he don’t know jack about film or super heroes portrayal on the big screen though evenone is entitled to his or her or its opinion, i suppose :D

    • Tim

      Geez, what a thin-skinned “critic”. You’d think he’d be thankful for getting other people to pay notice to his site.

  • irate gamer


    • bitch cassidy

      So much autism in one picture…

  • Fdhd

    You get less ad time with adblocker, they say the ads are only 30s, but that’s untrue when there are multiple ads.

  • winzentween

    ahhhh 1 beard goes another grows back…..jay and wizard battle of the beards.
    I agree with Mike and JAy on this (OMG!!!!!) XMOW is more fun but technically a poor film with very shoody effects even upon release while TW is a smaller well made film with some fantastic visuals but it is a little boring and serious and equally as dumb and out of kilter to the main franchise. I am amazed that when they mentioned x3 they did not slay it…..they were very kind as that film nearly killed the franchise as it is truly terrible and has equally bad effects and no plot at all. I think we might need a total reboot as none of these films are on par with x1 and 2 and even the future past had terrible effects and a very messy ending so who knows what mixed bag of chips we will get with the next and hopefully final installment ….Also, anyone else think that this last wolverine film wasnt actually much like a wolverine film due to the powers being gone? (my friend said this and I know what he means as if I wanted to see a guy who could not heal himself when cut then I would look in the mirror while shaving lol prob explains why i keep cutting if im looking else where :?)

  • james

    Planes wasn’t a Pixar film. =

    • Ass

      Why can’t they just stick to making cartoons to sell their shit like Hasbro? Disney has at least two TV channels, right? I say keep that shit out the theaters.

      Oh wait, we just saw 3 Transformers movies. Fuck Hasbro.

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    Oh great, you guys found Deathlist! :-D (reference to the commentary track for Gorilla Interrupted, now available in the official Red Letter Media store on DVD and digital download* (*digital download does not feature commentary track))

  • milky_cereal

    When’s the next Game Station 2.0, HiTB, Plinkett review, SpaceCop trailer, Wheel of the Worst, Best of the Worst, Grabowskis…

    • Nails w/o Milk

      Never, In a few weeks, who knows, eventually, Sooner or Later, Later or Sooner, Never.

      • Gorrister

        What about the next Care Boars?

        • bananna hammock

          Seriously… I would love if they made a new careboars, and just snuck it in (no updates or anything) with a visually similar introduction… Just to fuck with people on the brain pills.

        • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

          Fuck that. We need a TV series.
          Ask those hacks to hire some animators from a poor Asian country.

  • bb-15

    Not metioned by Mike or Jay;

    1. SPOILER; In the extra scene at the end there are funny (imo) Lord of the Rings references.
    - Magneto/(Gandalf) says something like; ‘Dark forces are rising’.
    - Wolverine/(Aragorn) tells the resurrected Dr. X something like; ‘This is not possible’.

    2. Motivations for Wolverine;
    * Wolverine wants to do a favor for a dying man.
    - He went to Japan to see someone who was dying that he met during World War 2.

    * Wolverine likes to protect people and even animals.
    - He did this with Rogue in the earlier films. He is protective of a bear in this film.
    - Wolverine wants to protect the grandaugher. Why?
    - He meets the grandaughter who is not only being abused but her father is planning to kill her. (She will inherit the company from her grandfather. The father wants to get the company.)
    - The father had hired the Yakusa (gangsters) to kill his daughter.
    - Wolverine tells the father that he would have to live with trying to kill his daughter.

    * Why is the suit adamantium? Why the gadgets to take away Wolverine’s power?
    - Because the grandfather saw that Wolverine did not accept the offer of growing old and death from the grandfather.
    The grandfather thought he would have to force Wolverine to give up his power.
    And that meant having to fight.

    • Marvelite

      This was very detailed and politely uttered. Points you made were valid and well observed. The comment looks graphically appealing, too.
      But you disagreed with RLMs opinion, or hinted that their review might be flawed, so:

      • bb-15

        Ha ha! I love RLM. I just think Mike just missed what happened in parts of the movie.

        • Marvelite

          I like them, too. And occasionally my opinion differs from theirs… it is a only natural thing. Unfortunately one usually gets flamed around here, when uttering such ‘blasphemy’. To that I say: not cool.

    • Wombat

      Wolverine likes to protect people and animals? I thought the Rogue thing was because Sabortooth was after her, and he had a grudge with Sabortooth. So wasn’t really protecting her, just wound up that way. Similar to how he winds up joining the X-men.

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        First, it’s Sabertooth, not Sabortooth.

        In X-Men (2000), Logan and Sabertooth don’t know each other. This is retconned in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, by explaining that they’re both brothers and having Logan lose his memory, explaning why he doesn’t recognize his brother in the original X-Men, but Sabertooth never lost his memory, and he looks really different in both movies.

        • English Bob

          It’s sabretooth, you fucking americlaps.

          • Martín Galarza Flores

            Yep. I mispelled, sorry.

        • Random

          One theory was that Sabretooth was regressing to a more animalistic state between “Origins” and “X-Men,” and hence his long-term memory might be fading away.

        • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

          Surprise! It’s your old friend Sabortooth

    • Martín Galarza Flores

      1. You’re just exaggerating (I can’t really think of a better word, but I would like to) the reference, it’s most likely not a reference. And it’s Professor X, not Dr. X.

      2. *Wrong. That was what he initially wanted to do, but after old Yashida seemingly dies, Wolverine really has no motivation, other that to get his powers back, which is a really vague motivation for a big-budget superhero movie.

      *Ha he ever protected an animal before in the X-Men movies? I don’t think so. Besides, Wolverine and Mariko do fall in love with each other for no real reason. And it’s Yakuza.

      *The suit didn’t have to be adamantium. Old Yashida has no reason to believe he would have to fight Wolverine, since Viper had kidnapped and imprisoned him. Even if it had to be adamantium, he didn’t have to have a sword, or look like a giant samurai. The suit could’ve just been a practicall machine, with no other purpose than to take Logan’s powers and keep Yashida alive. No reason for Yashida to make it out of adamantium or have it be a giant samurai.

      • bb-15

        “Wolverine had no motivation”

        After the grandfather died, he was protecting the grandaughter. Wolverine can take a protector role.

        “Wolverine and Mariko do fall in love.. for no real reason”

        A woman can fall in love with her bodyguard. It happens in real life.

        “No reason for Yashida to make it out of adamantium”

        Only that metal can cut Wolverine’s claws.

        “or have it be a giant samurai.”

        We don’t need another Iron Man clone suit.
        Yashida was a Japanese officer so he liked the giant samurai design.

        • Martín Galarza Flores

          -Wolverine didn’t really have anything to do in the movie, other than figuring out why his powers were gone. And he didn’t do a very good job protecting Mariko, since he was sleeping when they took her.

          -Probably, but they still had no real reason to fall in love, other than he being his bodyguard.

          -The sword obviously had to be made of adamantium, but not the whole armor. And there’s no reason for it to be a giant samurai, since Yashida didn’t have any reason to think he would have to fight Wolverine. Think for a second that Wolverine didn’t break free and Yashida succeded in cutting his claws with the sword while he was still tied up and he inserted those three things into his hand, effectively taking his powers, and then killing Wolverine, or letting him go. If that happened, what would be the point of the armor being made of adamantium, or making it look like a samurai? Other that, of course, making fanboys scream “It’s the Silver Samurai!”.

          • bb-15

            “-Wolverine didn’t really have anything to do in the movie, other than figuring out why his powers were gone.”

            He figured out why people were trying to kill Marko and he was protecting Mariko from numerous enemies. And he fell in love with Mariko.

            ” And he didn’t do a very good job protecting Mariko”

            Without the Wolverine Mariko would have been dead.
            - She was not killed, so he did his job.

            “they still had no real reason to fall in love, other than he being his bodyguard.”

            Falling in love with a bodyguard has happened in our world and in other films.

            “Think for a second that Wolverine didn’t break free and Yashida succeded in cutting his claws with the sword while he was still tied up … what would be the point of the armor being made of adamantium,”

            The point is that anyone who knows about the Wolverine would understand that it would be possible for him to break free.
            - Yashida is not the typical dumb James Bond villain who figures the hero can never escape.
            - Yashida had a back up plan. He could fight the Wolverine if he had to. Because he had the adamantium suit.

            “or making it look like a samurai?”

            The robot suit looks like a samurai because;
            1. The story takes place in Japan,

            - Yashida was Japanese officer,
            - And the samurai is an iconic image of a warrior in Japan.

            2. The film makers did not want to have an Iron Man clone robot suit.

  • decora

    The Air Force Collaboratory.

    Your idea could change everything.

  • Alex Mac Dougall

    I’m with mike on this one, I prefer fun junk, to boring meh.

  • Connor

    I feel that this review is a return to form, and am in agreement with everything they said.

  • poopfeast420

    Another point is that now Hugh Jackman ‘is’ Wolverine and can’t be changed without it looking ridiculous, they cant really make a X-men movie with one of the biggest lead actors in the world cast as a secondary or tertiary character.

    • Find me guilty

      Though it might be disputable if she is still one of the biggest lead actresses, but Halle Berry suited the backseat quite good. Honorable mentions: Gwyneth Paltrow in the Avengers.

    • Alex Lee

      At least he’s not twisting the studio’s nuts like Robert Downey Jr. is.

      • Poopfeast420

        yes wont someone please think of Big Hollywood Studios

  • Lightning Fast VCR Repair Man

    I was getting a little nervous when there wasn’t a HITB in over a week. Looking forward to a Kickass 2 or Elysium review.

    • catnep

      We just got back from seeing Elysium and now I really want to what Mike & Jay think of “Australian Kenny Loggins” the cringeworthy villain. I kept waiting for him to break into “Danger Zone.”

      • Alex Lee

        I suspect that Jay did not like the movie, largely because of the shaky camera during the action…and it was an action movie. We know he does not like it in The Hunger Games review.

        If they do review it, I’d like them to compare it to Robocop, because Max is the anti-thesis to Robocop even though they have similar amounts of brutality before the introduction of the suit.

        And they both have an evil, corporate-like* villain in it.

        *I mean it as a all-business person who does ilegal stuff for more power.

        • catnep

          As evil corporate villains go, have to say I wasn’t so impressed with Jodie Foster’s performance in this. I was also confused as to why Max/Matt Damon and her character never crossed paths in the story. It seemed like that should have happened and might have made the story more interesting (for me anyway). I could have done without the childhood sweetheart storyline completely. They focused too much on that. IMO. Overall, I liked Oblivion better than Elysium as dystopian ‘sci-fi’ goes.

          • Alex Lee

            While I agree that Foster wasn’t utilized to the best of her ability, except being in well-made business suits, I think the childhood sweetheart love interest had to be there for Max to show his ability to care about others. It was a set up for him to be the sacrificial hero. Without it, he would have no reason to upload the reboot code.

            That being said, I thought the reboot code being lethal didn’t make any sense. I guess that it had to be uploaded through direct neural interface, but even then, why would the CEO mogul make a code that would kill its user when it was intended for Delacourt, who may or may not have betrayed him. Was he trying to kill her?

            Maybe that’s the reason why my eyes were on fire when I saw this movie; the intrigue didn’t make sense and the shaky camera.

  • kenchun24

    Duhn duhn duhnnnn! (I love cliffhangers,and this retrospective on the WolverXmine films.)

  • Liquidus

    When’s the next Monkey Man short, you hack frauds! It is it?

  • johno

    Now I am in the mood for a bag of potato chips. But…what flavor?

    • Liquidus

      Dingleberry, the taste of the season.

    • catnep

      Had to snoop through your profile first to help me divine the answer. Poutine!

      • Now I Get It

        I love poutine. I used it to grout my arteries into a single mosaic of death.

        • catnep

          And yet you live! You must have found the golden midi-chlorians hidden in the recipe.

          • Now I Get It

            Thanks for this. I just spent a half hour on Wookieepedia reading into “midi-chlorians”, which turns out to be one of those hybrid concepts that combines two opposite things – science and theology – and winds up being negating both of them.

            I love it when a casual mention like this pans out some timeless truth like that: opposites detract. …And yet I live!

          • catnep

            Hahaha. Anytime! I also injected a little Willie Wonka there.

    • Just Justin


  • Guestieguest

    Almost did a spit take when you said, “Oh, no you DIDN’T!” While watching “The Wolverine” in the theater I politely asked a very loud black woman to be quiet during the movie and she actually replied with “Oh, no he DIDN’T!” No lie.

    • Viggeo Morgenstein


  • Now I Get It

    Apropos of nothing, but when, about one minute into it, Irategamer says “Now I could go on and on about this film,” he sounds exactly like a young John Candy. He just does. It’s a thing of both tone and diction. And the overall effect is, unsurprisingly, one of parody, even though that’s not his intent.


  • tank

    Looked like Mike wanted to contrast the 2 Wolverine films to have an interesting discussion/analysis and Jay was like whatever.
    Fake Plinkett should’ve replaced Jay this episode, it’s totally cool that Jay doesn’t care much about these films but it’s boring to watch

    • Just Justin

      I know, it wasn’t fair really because Mike was good enough to fake interest during the Evil Dead episode. Jay should have returned the favour!

    • Taft you FUCK

      Same thing happened in the Last Stand review session. Mike was out of it from the start, whereas Jay had a nostalgia boner for how cheesy and silly it was.

      They both have their moments of indifference.

    • decora

      i agree. if only they listened to people like you, then my death may never have happened!

  • Lin

    Lots of crazy mathematics in this episode. 14 years is nearly 20. Ian McKellan is 112, Mike checked out a 4 year old movie from the library 6 years ago. I love it!! I also love how Jay keeps saying ‘oh snap’. I want that to become his catchphrase if possible.

    • Bill

      The other thing is, “X-Men” opened July 14, 2000 in the U.S. So it’s 13 years old, not 14.

  • Bob JaBopistan

    Whoever said the Mr. Clean comment on the Irate Gamer video, thank you. Thank you so much.

  • Guest

    Maybe Origins should be erased from the movie canon and it can solve the continuity mess?

    • bananna hammock

      It kind of already has, hasn’t it? I mean the Wolverine movie was supposed to launch a whole series of “X-Men Origins” movies. From what we saw in the original wolverine movie was a set up for either a gambit movie, or a cyclop movie. Which could have been great because you could make a bad ass movie about Cyclops and Havok. You know, the weird circumstances of their parents death (fucking aliens) to their powers, Alex summers was originally a bad guy (IIRC), scott is a boyscout… There is a lot of grade-A material that could make one really solid, tense, and action packed movie.

      But no… lets just make another wolverine movie instead.

    • David D. Davidson

      Due to it being badly received and it just being a bad movie on the whole, Origins is not considered cannon, The Wolverine and First Class established this.

    • decora

      comic books, as a medium, have massive continuity problems. i wouldn’t really expect the movies to do any better.

  • Mr Funshine

    How many pictures of Chris Bores does one comment page need to have!

  • The epsiode was lacking a bit.

    I don’t know if it’s because you guys saw two soul less Wolverine movies, but this episode felt kind of soul less. My general review for the Wolverine movies is they are both worst than cancer, and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine might be up there with Anakin Skywalker for the most boring, uninteresting PTSD emo fuck ever put on to screen.

    Also web people making fun of irategamer is like comedians making fun of Carlos Mencia. It was funny and cool to point of these theives 5 years ago, but now it’s really played out to rag on them.

    • CB

      I had no context for irategamer but now that I know it’s like Carlos Mencia, who it will always be timely to mock as long as they still exist and somehow still exist oh god why do they still exist, I can fully appreciate that aspect of this episode. Thanks!

    • decora

      indeed. your argument is too strong for my egg cross.

  • Михаил Амбаров

    just sit back and wait for x-men days of future past…

  • omgnoway

    I wonder if they go to the movies with their VCR outfits XD I was so sick of action movies after this summer I just can’t bring myself to see this film. Mostly because I’m sick of Wolverine too! If you’re not going to do anything with the 200 other characters, Fox, sell the fucking X-men back to Marvel! And untie the phone cord guys!

  • Junkie

    Are you assholes gonna review Only God Forgives?

  • Seymour Hersh

    Lets face it, 3 way reviews with Rich Evans are much more entertaining than the standard 2 way reviews. Fake Plinkett should regenerate like Dr. Who, that way the Wizard hipster, Beaker or Yoko could seamlesly step into the roll without damaging the show’s gritty realism,

    • Whatnow?

      You guys have a thing for nicknames, ’round here.

    • Heywhereismyhat

      Calling the-woman-sometimes-in-best-of-the-worst-who’s-name-I-don’t-know “Yoko” makes no sense.

      • Becker

        Some strange people thought that she would become the Yoko Ono to Mike’s John Lennon, even though she has been his girlfriend for a while now (before HITB for sure) from what I gather. The boys poked fun at it in a HITB episode calling it a retarded 13 year old remark or some such.

    • Franklin Floratos

      You know, I think the reason they killed off Plinkett was so they wouldn’t have to do another Plinkett Review. That’s why I was so disillusioned with their review of ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ (one of my favourite movies): it would have been better had Mr Harry A.S. Plinkett been the one reviewing the movie, as he would have been able to put forward his positive view of the 2009 movie and thus draw a more accurate and impartial comparison and conclusion. Mike, Jay and Rich seemed to just want to try and go against everything Plinkett said about the first movie in every way humanly possible and to destroy any positivity they or we ever had while simultaneously and subtly stating, “Plinkett’s dead. We rule your internet now!”. This is sad, because until that point I was a fan of Mike and Jay’s. I’m just waiting for a return to form.

  • chippy

    “Cannot play this episode” ?
    What have you messed up ?

  • Billy Gibbons
    • Now I Get It

      You know, I have a charm, too, that enables me to do anything that I want instantly. Only instead of a spell which must not be named, it’s a word which must. I just say “Now!” and my body miraculously follows. It’s how I got out of bed this morning.

  • Guestieguest

    I am more on the “Jay” side of this discussion.

  • Ryan Lewis McKeon

    X-men first Class is by far the best of the series. I worship these guys, but they’re wrong about that one being anything but brilliant.

    • Rob

      First Class was a piece of shit.

    • corporal corpuscle

      I think they were talking mostly about the special effects. You have to admit there were some pretty bad made-for-tv tier FX shots in the movie. Banshee flying stood out as particularly bad.

      • sepiajack

        I find it funny people complain about the flying so much in first class, since a lot of it was done practically, by dangling stunt people and actors from helicopters.

        That movie was made in under 6 months which is ridiculously fast for a big summer movie, so a lot of things that would have been digital had to be done practically on set. The rushed shooting/post production schedule has Fox to blame though. Which is what went wrong with Origins wolverine.

        • CB

          Why is it funny that people complain about a terrible special effect just because it was (partly) done practically? I mean yes over-use of CGI is usually to blame for terrible effects these days but it’s hardly the only thing that makes them bad. Also, the CGI in that effect sucked so if actually dangling a guy from some strings was to the shot’s credit then that credit was spent and sent into a swriling vortex of debt by the everything else.

          • sepiajack

            Well what I was getting at is people complaining it looked ‘fake’ but in the case of a lot of the flying stuff they really were flying for all intents and purposes.

    • Viggeo Morgenstein

      You sir, are a fucking idiot and a fool. First Class was nearly the cinematic travesty that Last Stand was. The script was terrible, the performances across the board were all awful (with the mild exception of Fassbender and Mcavoy). The whole visual aesthetic was ugly as sin, from the poorly shot, fish-bowl lens style cinematography, to the shitty cgi effects, and especially the silly costumes, makeup and set design. Terrible villains, a completely contrived plot, juvenile, self-aware dialogue, heavy handed themes, etc. The film is a fucking disaster. Doesn’t hold a candle to the balls of Singer’s 2 fine films.

      Please, I would love to hear you attempt to articulate what it was about First Class that made it so “brilliant”.

      Do your fuckin’ worst, pal.

      • jnoble

        I must be the only person who thought Kevin Bacon was a decent villain. That doesn’t mean the rest of the movie was worth anything.

        • Viggeo Morgenstein

          Ohhhh so you’re the one I’ve heard about. There have been rumors of your existence but I never believed it, myself.


          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            By the way, I loved you on “Fringe”.

          • jnoble

            Oh god, I haven’t seen Fringe in so long. I forgot that that actor’s name. I had to look it up. My name’s not John though.

          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            Well you just ruined my evening, sir.

          • jnoble

            That means mine has been made.

            What has my life become?

          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            A deserted wasteland of failures and missed opportunities. Much like mine has become… I live in my mother’s cellar. At least I think it’s my mother who occasionally brings me leftovers and table scraps every couple of days… It’s comforting to think that the individual that sustains my pathetic existence is my flesh and blood mother who loves me unconditionally… Yet I never see their face, as they’re always wearing a hazmat suit. They don’t say a word. They just drop off the bucket (which also serves as my toilet) next to my custom built futon. (custom made as I am morbidly obese).

            I haven’t seen the light of day for approximately 8 years or so. Haven’t felt my legs in quite some time either. I have mobility in my arms and eyeballs and not much more. My head does move side to side a bit, but the layers of fat around my neck make it physically impossible for me to look down. Additionally I suffer from a most extreme case of Halitosis (the medical term for bad breath). The only way to describe it would be something akin to a combination of a rotting mammal carcass with week old human afterbirth.

            Concordantly, my penis (due to lack of use, blood flow, and hygiene) rotted and fell off not too long ago. Don’t worry, it was pathetically small anyway. I wouldn’t even refer to it as a “penis”. It was more like a… nodule of flesh… or a cyst, as opposed to a functioning male reproductive organ. So anyway, now i just kind of have this…. opening, where my genitals should be. So the urine just kind of leaks out sporadically.

            So how’s life going for you, jnoble?

          • jnoble

            Better now that have given thought to leaving the planet I share with you.

          • Heywhereismyhat

            … still boring.

      • Sincere as fuck

        It was a good movie because it showed us the origin stories of all of all of the characters. The Kevin Bacon special effects where especially believable, and some of the coolest mutant powers where in that movie. It was cool that he could steal other people’s powers, which is a rather unique mutant power to have. It was scary, because Kevin Bacon was a Nazi so it was more scary than a simple villain like the guy from X-Men 2 who seemed to lack motivation and was a mustache-twirler type of villain.

        We had to deal with complex issues that were handled subtlely and with great thought put into it. It made Magneto a more sympathetic character because it showed us the justification for all of his actions. We know that he is obsessed because he was targeted in the Holocaust, which connects the movie to the real world and makes it much more mature.

        Especially important was the movie’s emphasis on how the good guys can become the bad guys at any time. It felt like real life, because we see that the line between good and evil is not as easy to see as some would argue. And Xavier was paralyzed in a tasteful way that helped show us the character development that he would later go through.

        • Viggeo Morgenstein

          Excuse me, are we talking about the same movie? Did you just accuse X-Men First Class of being…. “subtle”? The fuck? That movie was about as subtle as a fist up your ass. It was painfully obvious what themes they tried to explore but they were all done so in the most heavy-handed, lazy, and sloppy manner. The total lack of subtlety was one of the biggest gripes I had with the film for christsake.

          All of the things you praised it for were either plot points, character arcs, or general themes that were present in the film. But nowhere did you comment on the EXECUTION of any of it. Which is precisely where the film failed. In it’s execution. As I stated before, in terms of the casting, performances, costumes/makeup/effects/set design/cinematography, the score, the writing (especially the dialogue), etc. All of these things were sloppy and amateur. I understood the idea of each and every scene or character, what they were going for, but they failed to execute it properly in literally each and every scene. The dialogue would ruin a scene. Or a performance. Or the music. Or the shitty visual aesthetic. Something ruined every scene in the fucking movie.

          How do you not see this? Lower standards? Not taking film seriously? Simple lack of intellect? I don’t know but it bugs the living shit out of me.

          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            Shit, that turned out to be a long ass post.

          • Guest

            Yes, but the question is….was YOUR post as ‘sincere as fuck’ as his? ;-)

          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            Viggeo is ALWAYS sincere…

          • Sincere as fuck

            Relax. I just wanted to see you rage some more. Of course First Class sucks.

          • Viggeo Morgenstein


          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            I had to get the defibrillator out and everything as i typed that shit up.

          • Viggeo Morgenstein

            Well played, sir. Viggeo doesn’t get played very often.

            So i must give “props” where “props” is due.

          • Matthew Sanders

            “Well played, sir,” is something hipsters regurgitate to make up for a lack of wit. In this instance you used it in a half-hearted attempt to make up for, what you took to be, a loss of prestige.

            Your last 20+ posts have been ill thought out rants on the inconsequential or words resembling sentences, but without actual meaning or an ability to add to the conversation.

            You destroyed your reputation. Don’t worry about trying to save face. Just leave.

          • Becker

            “Well played, sir. Viggeo doesn’t get played very often.”


            I find that quite difficult to believe, because you walked right in to that one and it was pretty damn obvious.

          • Franklin Floratos

            I’ve read all your comments, and you, sir, have utterly convinced me to detest that which you write with a passion as ardent as Magneto’s rage. If I go to Hell, I’ll be seeing you there.

      • Meester Smeeth

        Chicks in their underwear. And Kevin Bacon.

      • decora

        could you please stop writing?

      • Heywhereismyhat

        Your post is boring and you are boring.

    • Martín Galarza Flores

      Nope. First Class was good, but some of the secondary actors are terrible, the film had horrible special effects, and then script was nothing to marvel about. Only Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy saved this film.

      Try watching X2 again. Now that’s the best of the series.

    • Obviously FakeAlias

      They liked it, though, they just thought the special effects were terrible.

  • iamsean90

    I thought the reason he was drilling into wolverines bones was the fact that your immune system comes from your bone marrow & that is what Silver Samurai was trying to get. My biggest problem with the whole plot has to do with origins, because in origins they gave Ryan Reynolds Wolverine’s healing power without taking it from him. That was like 30 years before this movie in the timeline & Silver Samurai who was obsessed with Logan couldn’t figure out that you only needed a little DNA to take copy his power & there was no reason Logan had to lose it for him to gain it.

    • Viggeo Morgenstein

      Are you seriously complaining and/or taking seriously the fucking “canon” that the dreadful piece of cinematic afterbirth known as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, “establishes” and that some other film may have the gall to contradict it?


    • decora

      i misread “Silver Samurai” as “Sarah Silverman”

      • Alex Lee

        That fight would have been incredible.

  • Rob

    The Wolverine would have been a lot better if they hadn’t tacked on the stupid love interest. How many times do we have to watch Wolverine fall for some bitch? The movie needed more intrigue and less ham-fisted sexual tension.

    • Viggeo Morgenstein

      I ham-fisted a fat chick once.

      • Viggeo Morgenstein

        I also “Heavy handed” her as well.

        Bitch lost a tooth.

        • Matthew Sanders

          Fuck you. Either you are an ass who really does smack women around or you are an ass who thinks joking about domestic violence is funny.

    • decora

      or maybe, just maybe, an action hero could stick with the same woman for more than one film?

  • BunnyFooFoo

    I want to stick my three drills into your claw holes. In a totally non-sexual way, that is.

    • drinkmoarwolvertine

      Is it still okay if I have a boner?

      • Matthew Sanders

        Sure, but be careful, that’s the only part of your body not laced with adamantium.

        • drinkmoarwolvertine

          Its full of bonermantium.

  • Obfuscationist

    Just a toss out to RLM here, self-generated market research, perhaps.

    Or just drunkenness. That’s perty likely . . .

    I’ve never seen nor read anything to do with “X-men.” Last Hollywood film I saw was . . . “Master & Commander”?

    Having lived in Japan and bathed with yakuza, the question of how laughably “The Wolverine” portrayed the country might interest me, but you guys don’t really go into that. Not a complaint. I mean, Jay has a friend living in Korea, but . . .

    But I love RLM from “Monkey Man” to “The Grabowskis” to “Best of the Worst.” I’m watching this for the second time and love watching Mike and Jay dissect these films far more than I would enjoy watching the films themselves. Keep up the great work!

    Now I’m off to watch Nakashima Tetsuya’s “Kokuhaku”: a monumental meditation on vengeance, with directorial skills worthy of Kubrick and a sense of horror that Hitchcock would have admired. No yakuza, though. Might have to go with “Brother” or “Fudoh: The New Generation” to scratch that itch . . .


    • sepiajack

      it would have been cool if Fox had just gotten an actual Japanese director with experience in doing gritty Yakuza movies, and said: we’ll give you a big budget, make us a bonafide yakuza movie, but it has to have Wolverine as the lead ‘fish out of water’, and it has to be releasable with a PG 13.

      X2 got around the violence really well using great sound design and stuff.

    • Matthew Sanders

      Just hearing Hugh Jackman mispronounce the few Japanese words he was given in the clips played in this episode of Half in the Bag were annoying. Pronouncing Japanese isn’t that hard; a lot is pronounced like Spanish. Was it too much to ask a Japanese speaker to coach him?

      • ahalloway

        That’s something I’ve never understood about Japanese being used in Hollywood movies. It’s almost always mispronounced, yet it’s one of the easiest languages to pronounce because it’s phonetic.

    • decora

      uhmm… stop it with the stalker shit. you are freaking out the king of bavaria.

  • Nick

    Wait, isn’t this Best of the Worst Wolverine edition? Where’s Shoji Tabuchi when you need him?

  • John

    I’m surprised they didn’t rip this new one to shreds.

    Why is there a CGI bear? Even fucking Anchorman managed to use real bears.

    What about all the unnecessary ninja flips?

    Or that the one broad JUST SO HAPPENS can foresee deaths? A power that is extremely beneficial, yet is not even explained, and also is not even really explored in the film.

    What about the fact that his healing factor didn’t work but he still got shot a million times – shit didn’t slow him down at all. And when his claws went out he didn’t goddamn bleed everywhere?

    At no point do you ever think anything bad is ever going to happen to Wolverine. And if there are no stakes you can’t feel anything. Because of this, I think it would be better to make every Wolverine movie a revenge film (Gladiator, Payback, etc). Where someone kills or destroys something he loves, then he spends the rest of the film killing his way to the bad guy. At least then the audience can have some emotional stake while watching it.

    • Liam Neeson wins

      Taken 3: Liam Neeson vs The Wolverine

    • CB

      This is yet another reason why Wolverine worked better in the X-Men movies — the solution to every problem isn’t “Wolverine stabs it without getting hurt” because the villain can instantly neutralize him. You still “know” nothing bad is going to happen to him, but when Magneto holds him up and his claws start to flex you also know that at least in context the threat is real.

    • Alex Lee

      The threat to him was shoehorned in with Viper’s actions, which nerfed-but didn’t neutralize-his healing abilities. This is why he can still use his claws and retract them without gaping holes in his hands.

      Eh, still don’t like Viper in this movie.

    • Drain

      Semi Pro had a good looking bear scene; but it may have just been someone in a suit for parts of it. But I’d rather have that than fucking CGI. Fuck, I hate CGI. People are so afraid to pay that little extra for alien makeup or monster suits these days. They’d rather pay less for CGI, and it look like garbage. Movies like The Thing used actual effects; and that’s why it was awesome. Now it’s all fancy computer crap…

      • John

        It has to be less expensive to rent a bear and hire a carny with a tranq gun than have a staff of 7000 cgi people.

  • cobrazombie

    I liked The Wolverine better, except for the PG-13 violence and generic end-of-level-boss fight ending.

  • Jayless

    Soo, metal detector, a thing at Japanese airports it is it?

  • darius_sinclair

    LMAO. Yall picking on the Irate Gamer. That dude is cool. But he’s very corny.

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      What’s “cool” about him?

      • darius_sinclair

        He actually cares about what he does. he enjoys himself and keeps doing what he loves regardless of naysayers. That is commendable.

        • qt314

          So did hitler.

          • whip

            Annnndd… GODWINNED!

        • Guest

          I’m all for ‘each to their own’ so long as they’re not doing any harm, but he did shamelessly rip off someone elses internet shtick. He also had the nerve to try and score points when James was having some fan trouble over a kickstarter misunderstanding about a year or so back. The guy’s an arse.

          • darius_sinclair

            Geez. I didn’t even think this comment would get noticed. lol. But yeah, he isn’t great by any means. I subscribed to him originally because he was doing the history of video games with great detail, and no one else was. But like someone said else where, he lost focus on the art and only cared about money.

          • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

            I’ve often questioned IGs facts. If you’re legitimately interested in the history of video games theres a few shows you might like better. I recommend All your history are belong to us or AVGN.

          • darius_sinclair

            Oh, I know all about All Your History. Did just isn’t consistent enough. But yeah, i’m pretty versed with the YouTube universe. lol. I’m a journalist myself. And video game reviews are one of my lanes.

    • poo

      do reserche before commenting

      • Matthew Sanders

        Proofread before commenting.

    • iamtravis182

      I went ahead and watched a couple of Irate Gamer’s videos…

      “Corny” is a nice way of saying that he has zero comedic ability, and is painful to watch when he isn’t talking about retro games.

      Don’t believe me? This picture sums it up pretty well. The comedy is dripping off of this image.

  • Zap Rowsdower

    why you no make Word War Z review?

    • Paul Schumann

      it was just mediocre enough and passable enough…
      nothing outstandingly good or bad about it.

      • Alex Lee

        At least Lindeof didn’t ruin that movie. That’s something.

    • Matthew Sanders

      why Zap no brain juice make go-go?

    • iamtravis182

      Or they didn’t watch it because they’re busy making a real movie: SPPAAAAAACE COP!

  • JustSomeFaggot

    I could easily be wrong about this, but the bullet-train scene looks incredibly retarded (sfx-wise) by comparison to Mission: Impossible 1′s train scene, which came out in like…1996.

    • Alex Lee

      You’re probably right. That train fight in Wolverine is my second most hated scene in that movie. The first being the Viper fight.

      • Matthew Sanders

        This is off-topic, but after spending a few minutes on YouTube, reading you spell “you’re” correctly has had a strangely disproportionately positive effect on my mood. Thank you for not being retarded.

        • Alex Lee

          Umm, cool. That’s nice to hear, I guess.

        • Liquidus

          Now we just need someone to spell “would’ve” instead of “would of” and someone to say “et cetera” instead of “ex cetera”. Thank you in advance.

          • Franklin Floratos

            Finally, someone else who notices the appalling grammar online!

  • Whatfivedollarsgetoutofhere

    Damn it when is the next Mr Plikit aminated

    • Matthew Sanders

      Mr. Plinket Animated is not produced by Red Letter Media.

      • Front Door Voter

        ^ No shit. Red Letter Media is actually funny. The animated Plinkett sucks my balls.

        • Drain

          I agree. I hate how every time a RLM video ends; it auto cycles and starts a shitty animation video. I saw half of it and thought it was some of the most retarded shit I’ve seen in a while. It reminds me of South Park, which was funny back in 2000. This is 2013. We’re beyond the flash age.

          • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

            Care Boars..Why does that have to be the show that loops after every new episode? :(

  • cacalips

    This is the true story of Stan Romanek right?

  • Matthew Sanders

    Oh, I know, did Mr. Plinkett call from Hawaii?

  • Harry Butters

    ooooh new half in the bag soundboard, yay

  • Sully

    Mother of God. I go on vacation and you released a new HITB whilst I was away. Best homecoming present of ma life.

  • stane

    interesting review; personally I’d rather watch Wolverine Origins twice in a row than ever bore myself with the Wolverine again. Origins might have shit effects and questionable acting, but it’s just so much more entertaining to me.

  • Neil FUCKING Thompson

    Ok first off, i love your guys work, second im not a fanboy of Comic book characters, i did grow up with them but im not drewl spaz kill over it. However, i wish to say that unless this video is ment for all the rude, dickheaded no nothings on THIS TOPIC, people that randomly wanderd into a theater, i am confused why you have to sit there and fake laugh at poor drawn out jokes that dont even reach the point of sarcasm if you had, did, or taken two moments to glance/read or watch anything about this character in the past…oh 25 years?

    The film is a work of art in what it was trying to do, to show honor and pride, tech vs nature, what we all struggle with and all wish at one point could do physically or be so drawn by attention seeking droves to do.

    I must restate, i DO enjoy your work, and I am not a fanboy. But THIS particular attempt at humor you are going for is for drunks and stoners. NO-ONE person who is a fan of Wolverine, this Films Soul character will think this is funny.

    To be blunt your really pan-handling to a very….very…VERY. select group of your fans with this video, and that group i pity because, man..you just love to step on childrens toys in front of them do you not?

    As always, fine work in the set and lead in and post up, you two are beyond amusing at your airs of stupidity that frankly far to many are as so lazy to notice creep into your own lives.

    P.s. I did not leave this as an insult, i left it in light so you both can realize that your being blind only due to your own hand in your eyes, this is a horrible, horrible cry for attention.


    You really hate the kids that could afford comics and cable television when you where growing up.

    Thank you both,
    With balanced levels of respect

    Neil A Thompson

    • iamtravis182

      Chill the fuck out dude. They’re just saying what they honestly think, which is why we watch them.

      I loved Man of Steel, they didn’t. Who gives a shit?

    • LKD

      I agree too, you are seeing things that aren’t there. They were pretty respectful about the Wolverine genre and I agree with a lot about what they had to say. They complimented the different movies and specifically pointed out that they are fan boys but watching the movies from a unbiased point of view with respect.

      I have my complaints about a couple reviews that they did where I found no basis for their judgement, but they handled this instance respectfully.

    • Maddog

      Dude, grow a thicker skin. Unless you made the movie, why take it so personally. Also, comics aren’t for kids anymore. Sorry.

      • Drain

        Comics are for anyone that finds them interesting. They always were. The reason kids don’t care anymore now is because they have Call of Duty.

        • Maddog

          True. but what I’m saying is that there aren’t very many age appropriate comics for kids. Batman’s too dark, x-men is too dark, it’s very hard for kids to find a good superhero story that isn’t absurdly violent or overly sexualized.

          • Alex Lee

            Spiderman seems geared for kids. Rich Evans certainly seems to think so in The Amazing Spiderman review.

          • Maddog

            He did say that. But in comic books currently, Peter Parker died after switching bodies with Doc Oct. Happy-go-lucky, geeky lovable peter parker died in the body of an old, evil man. Heavy stuff for a kid to read.

    • Franklin Floratos

      Um, it;s actually “you’re”. Bit of friendly grammatical advice.

      • Now I Get It

        Leaving aside the substance of OP’s comment, which is interesting – what the downward spike in PC sales signals most, to me, is that fewer people are buying machines for the purpose of writing, and writing well. But are students really writing essays on their phones now and just saving their work in The Cloud? Or are they just not writing at all?

        By the way, I know from your previous posts that your own misplaced semi-colon is neither an hypocrisy nor an ironic lapse, but just a typo.

        • Franklin Floratos

          Where was that?

          • Now I Get It

            We exchanged replies on the same thread last month on RLM’s “White House Down” and “Lone Ranger” reviews, and elsewhere you’ve posted similar comments that show a decent concern for grammar, online manners, and so forth.

          • Franklin Floratos

            Thanks. There are intelligent people online, it would appear. I appreciate the decency that you have exhibited

          • Drain

            I’m another of the rare minority in this regard. Hello, fellow intelligent person. Too bad IQ tests aren’t required to use forums, eh? You know half the people out there would fail 6th grade material.

          • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

            Do you really judge people by how they type? Well, I’m glad you offer advice without being a jerk about it, but I like to think that most people who type without using proper grammar, spelling, etc. are just lazy, not necessarily stupid.

    • Obviously FakeAlias

      A touch of the ’tism.

    • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

      Why are you so angry? I might be able to take half the points you made seriously if you didn’t sound like you were raging out. I really hope HITB doesn’t waste their time reading comments like this.

    • dr. back hair

      its half in the bag. if you were expecting something serious and deep go watch someone else. this isnt any different than any other review they have done. they are honest with their opinions. if you don’t agree, COOL. lots of people don’t. you didnt make any point in all your rambling except that you’re butthurt that they didnt agree with your take on the films. and if you didnt catch his review of the star wars movies, he doesnt give a fuck about the comic or novel or any other articles related to the characters of the films. its about the movie itself and these were not exactly great. they werent even that hard on them compared to many others they review so i dont see why you’re so angry

  • Maddog

    Mike. I love you.

    • http://redlettermedia.com/ Mike Stoklasa


  • williamsn411

    IMO, “The Wolverine” was alright but completely forgettable. One of the things that bothered me was the motivations of the characters. I had no idea why any of the characters were doing what they were doing. Also, I didn’t buy the love story between Wolverine and the guy’s granddaughter.

  • David D. Davidson

    You guys compared Origins with Batman and Robin, That is actually more accurate than you would believe, both films were so terrible that the next film basically rebooted the franchise.

  • Walter Sobchak

    A really great HitB episode but the latest BotW was easily the weakest of that series.

  • Octos

    Just two things, and my comment will probably be lost in the flood
    1- While it was based on his solo comics, the actual story is not and many things are different
    2- Professor X surviving is actually in X3. There was a man in a coma which foreshadows Xavier transferring his consciousness into him before he explodes, and I think there is an after credits scene (there were different after credits scenes for that one, most people only remember Magneto moving the chess piece)

  • swameleon

    I wish you jews would bring out a review every week YOU KEEP ME WAITING TO LONG! I need my fix man

    • Drain

      They are working on other things too you know. They are no doubt working hard to film Space Cop and might even be working on the next Plinkett episode too. I hope it’s for Twilight or Matrix.

  • Drain

    I wish they’d stop making Wolverine movies and try something else. A movie about Nightcrawler and the circus before Xmen 2 would have been great. But no, we needed another Wolverine story. His timeline is one confused mess now. I won’t even bother watching this new one. I saw Xmen 1-3. I saw Xmen Origins. OK. I GOT IT. NO MORE WOLVERINE PLEASE. I never saw First Class. I should just watch that.

    • keredd1010

      I agree, no more Wolverine movies but a Nightcrawler movie and THE CIRCUS? Just think about that for a second.

      • Drain

        I did, and it’s as good an idea for a movie as any. Ideally, it’d take place during then after that, or before, during, and after. In any case, you have a whole timeline before he was in Xmen 2; which could easily have its own story and a movie if done right. But that’ll never happen, so I guess we should just go watch The Last Circus instead.

        • http://mishi-sketch.tumblr.com/ Mishi

          I think your idea sounds cool. But I’m guessing the movie studios probably don’t think he has as much of an audience as wolverine which is a shame. Maybe just a movie featuring several of the supporting characters origin stories, beast, nightcrawler, x23, rogue. etc

      • http://www.facebook.com/dokercody.duffin Doker Cody Duffin

        Pee-Wee had a circus movie.

  • waltkovacs

    The movie is a bit conviluted, but what I could gather (when it got to the end) was that:

    (a) The Viper slipped him the heart robot to supress his powers so he would be easier to capture.

    (b) the suit was a failsafe in case Wolverine didn’t give up his powers willingly, and part (a) didn’t work either, he knew he’d have to fight Wolverine to take his powers. [The adamantium, specifically the heated sword part, would be needed to chop his claws off].

    The “end game” was always to drain what I assume is the bone marrow to get the powers, everything else was just a way to get to that point (since Wolverine isn’t exactly easy to just capture and steal the powers from.

    The film sort of suffers for the sake of it’s “twist” ending, it can’t really explain what is going on to keep the obvious twist from being revealed.

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  • Trent

    Whats the review they keep referencing?

  • Patrick Brian

    So why didn’t you see Elysium?

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      They got fork in the brain.

  • Pingback: Red Letter Media Half in the Bag: The Wolverine vs. X-Men Origins: Wolverine : | Personal stuff

  • jnorris441

    I’m convinced that when this was filmed, they had no plan for where Mr. Plinkett was

  • salaamender

    Anyone ever get the feeling that Jay has a gay crush on Mike?

    • smeghead

      No never got that feeling

      • Honestly

        I just want to hug him and say thanks.

    • Derrick Cryderman

      You’re just jealous that you don’t make sweet love to Mike every night like Jay does.

      • wikiality

        Aren’t we all?

    • Matthew Sanders

      No, what I think you are sensing is the slight eagerness with which Jay speaks to Mike and unconsciously seeks validation because, most likely unintentionally, Mike speaks down to Jay and is not afraid to disagree with Jay’s opinion while Jay will say he agrees with Mike, but then state a contradictory opinion.

      • salaamender

        Yes, very true. If you watch the Best of the Worst with Robot Jox you can see how different Jay is when Mike isn’t around. He’s much much more assertive and more Alpha. I kinda like the Alpha Jay better.

        • Let Plinkett be Plinkett

          Everybody need to get out moar… I mean more… shit it’s happening to me now.

    • wikiality

      Yes, and he’s opening himself up to obvious fangirl livejournal slash and the illustrious “creative LGBT art” of pahael and deviantart. It’s the bashful blush, duck head down, look away and giggle that he gets for sure. Reminds me of how the internets ‘sploded after AVGN vs. NC or the Pat the NES Punk crossover episode. You can’t have anything survive on the internet for too long without people getting pervy with it.

    • http://redlettermedia.com/ Mike Stoklasa

      Can you blame him though?

      • Martín Galarza Flores

        Does it go both ways?

        • http://redlettermedia.com/ Mike Stoklasa

          No,but let’s hope Jillian does…

  • deathson_IVXLCQ

    you are missing the piont with the wolverine movie and character this time: the movie was made as a trailer for the PS3 new sequels of games Wolverine.

  • theGreatZamboni

    Pixar had nothing to do with Planes…same studio that did Wreck It Ralph

    • bitch cassidy

      you mean Disney?

    • AnIntelligentPerson

      Nope. Wreck-it-Ralph was made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, which is the studio that made Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty and so on…

      Planes was made by DisneyToon Studios which is a smaller studio from Disney. DisneyToon often does straight-to-video sequels like Return to Neverland, Jungle Book 2, Bambi 2. Sometimes they make their own movies that get theatrical releases like A Goofy Movie and Planes.

      But yeah, they are two different studios.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dokercody.duffin Doker Cody Duffin

    I know it’s been said, but i’m bothered enough that i’m going to repeat it for effect.

    PIXAR DIDN’T DO PLANES! It’s the crappy B-Movie studio that puts out the straight to DVD movies.

    • TapewormBike

      Fair enough, but the fact that they let universe they created raped by another studio (and the ass of that universe was achy since cars 2 as well) still makes them responsible for it and it lowers their credibility.

      • IPledgeAllegiancetoMonsterMash

        I wonder if/how ‘Planes’ fits into this…


        • TapewormBike

          I guess, if there is anything to that theory. it’s in the same part of timeline as Cars. I don’t think that Pixar guys subscribe to that theory themselves, but I like the idea of a general creepiness behind their cutesy stuff.

  • Frito Lay Me Down Softly

    This review is indeed all that and a bag of potato chips.

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  • Brad dayag


    Just kidding, I love you guys,

  • The 8th Passenger

    You guys really should watch and review Elysium. It’s so pathetic and stupid yet thinks it’s so smart and clever I’m sure RLM would find amusing ways to rip it to shreds.

  • worrytron


  • Baron Teapot

    What I don’t understand is how Wolverine can block anything with his adamantium claws. Yeah, his skeleton is covered in adamantium, but aren’t the claws held in place by his muscles and tendons? They’re not held in place by some sort of adamantium tube, right?

    If I’m wrong, ’cause I honestly don’t really know, then please tell me. Wolverine makes me laugh – the way he talks about how he’s so dark and tortured.

    • Pissernacht

      You’re curious as to why his claws don’t just get ripped out of his body, aren’t you? The best explanation I can give is that he also has super strong, inhumanly durable flesh because of his constant healing. In essence, his muscles keep repairing even as they’re being ripped up.

      I’m no expert on X-Men mutant powers, so take all of that with a grain of salt, or, fuck it, a whole shaker’s worth, but it is the best I’ve got for you.

      • Baron Teapot

        Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. There’s nothing holding them in place, so when you swing a sword or whatever at the claws, it should tear them right off his hands! :-)

        • Pissernacht

          Yeah, that always bothered me too, just like plenty of other things about superheroes. Trying to explain everything is the quickest route to madness.

  • Charlie_Bailey

    I bought a copy of X-men Origins Wolverine from a market stall when it was in theatres, turns out to have been the best possible version: the unfinished one. Stunt Wires, grey CG polygons, explosions that aren’t there… outstanding :)

    • TapewormBike

      Oh man, that sounds like the way to do it.

    • strand0410

      That one is the best. It highlights how often they abused that shitty green screen effect in scenes that should not have required special effects. The infamous Professor X finale or Agent Zero’s mid-air reloading come to mind. Really? Not even prop guns? You had to CGI in clips?

      The movie’s otherwise a flaming turd but the unfinished effects are brilliant.

      • http://www.meatspin.com JudgeDredd

        they need to do this for all movies…

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  • Sativa Indica

    I like how they reference the king of schlock, The Irate Gamer.

  • Baron Teapot

    Did you understand my question? I could explain it for you if you’d like some help.

  • p_radicator

    Ha ha, the kids running at the end, that is so lame. I didn’t notice the first time, but my brain did.

  • Anthony D.

    “Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy’ or “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy” are the two acceptable names for the films. Just thought you should know.

  • Anthony D.

    This guy’s whole existence is such a pathetic joke.

  • ikilledacat

    The first half of Wolverine Origins was actually watchable, but the second half just fell apart. They really pissed on canon they already established and destroyed Deadpool/Gambit who are beloved charas. It’s not even worth listing the many faults of the picture as they’re too numerous.
    The Wolverine was pretty god awful. It would’ve been interesting to see what Aronofsky would have done with it. You really have to remove your brain to even slightly enjoy it. One of the biggest disconnects was that he lost healing factor, but some how wasn’t bleeding out his knuckles and survived a lot of blood loss. The movie’s internal logic was baffling and by this point I’m fed up with Wolverine as a chara as every x-men movie was focused on him exclusively. Can’t wait for X-Men future’s past which will follow his chara even more…ugh…kill me now.

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  • http://www.treerockcreations.com Tree Rock Creations

    Yep, believe it or not, I agree with Mike on this one. Wolverine is better in a group. I can’t wait to hear what RLM has to say about X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    • Martín Galarza Flores

      In the movies that’s true, but some great stories have been made in the comicbook highlighting Wolverine as a stand alone character. There haven’t been many, but there are. For example, the story The Wolverine is based on.

      Still, that’s not really important. If the third act of the movies hadn’t been so videogame-ish (race to the final tower to beat the big boss!) it would’ve been a great film, I suppose.

      • Alex Lee

        Yeah, I preferred the son as the Silver Samurai because he’s just a guy and isn’t doing some dumb, cliche thing like get into a robot suit after everyone else thinks he’s dead.

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  • heylook

    So, now that Days of Flablahblah is out, does that mean the post-credits sequence of The Wolverine takes place BEFORE the future in DOFP but IN the NEW timeline Wolverine created by going back to the 1970s? Anyone? Anyone?

    • Martín Galarza Flores

      I don’t know why you would think that The Wolverine’s post-credits sequence takes place in the new post-DoFP timeline.

      The whole point of Wolverine seeing the Trask Industries TV commercial, meeting Magneto and revealing Xavier and Magneto are buddies again was to lead towards DoFP.

      In the new timeline Wolverine created going back to 1973 Trask Industries are probably not even a thing, since Bolivar Trask got arrested for selling military secrets and the Sentinels never got past Mark 1.

      We don’t know, but probably Xavier and Magneto aren’t buddies anymore, since Magneto wasn’t there at the end of DoFP in the new happy future, and everyone who had previously been killed had now never died in the first place.

      • heylook

        Oh yeah, I forgot about the TV commercial!

        I was just saying it b/c Xavier was ALIVE in the current day at the end of The Wolverine — something which is still up in the air. That is, we know Xavier returns (b/c he exists in the DOFP future), but we never found out how. (Last we saw, Xavier’s voice came out of another person’s body.)

      • Anthony D.

        The real question we need to ask ourselves is how much time took place between the end of The Wolverine and the beginning of DoFP. The world is totally fine in that post-credits scene and then total dystopian apocalypse at the beginning of DoFP. They make it seem like they’ve been fighting for years as well. Magneto and Xavier aren’t exactly young guys in The Wolverine either. Doesn’t really make much sense when you think about it (not that I’m saying anyone should think about it, DoFP was awesome).

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