Half in the Bag: The Resident Evil Series

September 21, 2012494 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the Resident Evil series.

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  • Booker

    Great to have you guys back

  • I dick just got really semi hard!!

  • First

    Get off your lazy fucking asses and give us what we want nobody cares about half in the bag!

  • bullshit!

  • guest

    Will you guys do The Master when it’s released?

  • Mike Hunt

    who in their right mind wouldnt enjoy Half in the Bag?

  • ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • Blood is still on the wall behind them, hahaha

  • Showbiz rule numer 2/3: You have to go away to come back…
    Nice to have you back, I love 1/2 in the Bag!

  • stephen

    Half In the bag is awesome!

  • Because it took soooo much effort to make a bitchy statement on the internet. Jolly on you! (And I enjoy Half if the Bag. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.)

  • Rich Evans laughing = always a good episode lol

  • FilmFlimFlam

    Speak for yourself

  • Sykus

    Good lord that guy’s laugh is killing me painfully.

  • Kane

    The water DIDN’T SHUT OFF, you can still see it, centre of shot. Look closely, you can see it hitting the floor. Dirty birds!

  • Wayne Pollock

    Rich Evans Laugh is the best. I want it as a ring tone.

  • anon

    woosh, over the head

  • Wayne Pollock


    Half in the Bag rocks.

  • I want Rich Evans’ laughter to be downloadable as a 24h looped MP3 file. I’ll make it the soundtrack to my life.

  • stolliosis

    It’s great you guys are back:) Buuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt . . . when is the next Plinkett Review coming? Have in the Bag is still funny.

  • I swear the giant licker is one size when the car hits it and then 10 times larger when it crashes through the facade

  • John117

    Watch the Indiana jones review and that comment will make sense

  • Dat laugh!

  • Cabbage

    Well, that went right over everybody’s head.

  • Wayne Pollock

    When Mike speaking with a speech impediment and stairing at the camera made me laugh harder than I’d laughed in months. Poor Jay looked like he was struggling not to laugh his arse off.

  • farnley smiggotts

    Is that it?

  • Finally! It is great to have you guys back. This review is so dense.

  • Kalvin Crunchie

    New character: “Special Mike” is in order… more Special Mike please…

  • Kermit Clambake

    That motorcycle jump through the glass was taken from Miss Piggy’s big moment in The Great Muppet Caper. It’s a pretty direct ripoff, and a side-by-side comparison is quite comical to watch.

  • This was so funny. Good job guys ! πŸ˜€
    RE movies are garbage. That’s pretty much it.

  • Ah, crap, I missed a reference! Sarcasm and the internet are a tricky combination. Thanks for the reminder, lol!!

  • Now that’s a multipass.

  • The Critic

    I’d give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. This could be the new formula of Half in the Bag:
    –Begin with silly self-degrading joke
    –Introduce film to be ‘reviewed’
    –Tell joke which references something (flash picture on screen)
    –Jay to begin self-important ‘critic’ schtick, then begin ‘review’
    –Mike raises eyebrows, makes joke which is a pun on someone’s name being similar to someone else’s
    –Criticize (and/or defend) movie for a few minutes with Mike beginning his ‘officially serious critic’ mode
    –play clips, play clips of them watching the film
    –Veer off of ‘serious critic’ mode into a side-joke which is played as long as possible
    –cut back to clip of movie, begin ‘serious critic’ mode again.
    –Defend their own position of how and why they are ‘serious’ but not really serious
    –Mike begins ‘filmmaking 101’ sermon/and/or Jay begins criticizing people who hate a film/and/or filmmaker whom Jay would like to defend
    –Insert crude humor/fart joke/shit joke/ barf joke/ dick joke/etc
    –Mike and Jay then recap with, ‘so how did you like the film?’
    –cut to Plinkett to remind people that “they’re the guys who did the Plinkett reviews…remember? remember?”

    Got it? Oh boy… this will only last so long…

  • playdude92

    Seize the moment and come up with a new character for Rich to play.

    Great to have you back.

  • Coattails

    Remember these are the guys who gave us the Plinkett reviews of Star Wars. Remember? Dontchya remember? Remember that? Don’t forget that. By the way, did you know these guys gave us Plinkett? Remember? Oh, yeah, and remember Plinkett?

  • Solid continuity.

  • guest


  • guest

    It’s a movie discussion series. They spend the bulk of the episodes DISCUSSING MOVIES. Gee you know what else is formulaic? The News. Boy, the news is the same thing every day. Just some people sitting behind a desk. How formulaic!

  • Gable

    I literally just died from laughing during that last scene in part 1

  • eldar_cavalier

    BEST HALF IN THE BAG EVER. So funny guys. Love the new site too. Rich Evans your crazy ass laugh is disturbing my cats. You guys are the best.

  • Ulysses S. Rant

    I have never been able to load a blip video =[ Is it an Australia thing? Guess i’ll wait for the youtube upload, unless those don’t happen anymore because loladrevenue

  • Acid

    Rich Evans laughing is like getting pure joy pneumatically drilled into your ears. I love it.

  • stag

    Rich Evans as Mr. Plinkett has been around long before the Plinkett reviews. They don’t use him to remind people of the Plinkett reviews. They use him because they always have.

  • Did you know on one of the special features for the first Resident Evil film, which most have been recorded after the Dawn of the Dead remake the director takes credits for the zombie revival in pop culture?
    Not saying that the film was a precursor to it or even that he knew it was going to happen but that Resident Evil was responsible for brining the genre back.

  • matt

    RLM should release a soundtrack just of Rich Evans laughing. I’d buy one.

  • DD

    I want whatever weed these guys are smoking

  • evo

    Oh god I lost it at that last part.

  • Why did Rich Evans have life vest on?

  • Asshole

    Wow! Suffering through all the RE “movies” is quite an achievement. However! I dare to argue that it is nothing in comparison to this guys mental self mutilation: http://www.pelit.fi/blogit/juho-kuorikoski-juhon-jaemaet/uwe-boll-all-night-long-osa-1-2.

    You should promote our beloved Uwe just a little bit. That guy only watched the videogame movies. You do the other ones! That Auschwitz one seemed like a true masterpiece!

  • tiv

    I was laughing as well. :))

  • Could you release the full tapes of you guys watching the films…I need to hear more of Rich’s laughter…

  • Was anyone else hoping part 2 would just be 20 solid minutes of them laughing?

  • Jesus guys I can’t finish this… That guys laugh is painful. Edit that shit.

  • guest

    Something that’s depressing about these movies is that they’re both A. complete garbage and B. don’t even have any connection to the games at all, so they’re not even enjoyable to fanboys. Literally the only similarity between the movies and games is that some characters have the same names in both. Hell, Alice isn’t even in the games.

  • desi

    I’m going to get Mike, Jay, and Rich to my house. I’m going to lock the door. Turn off the lights. Grab a knife. Then cut open a bag of Cheetos and force them to watch a marathon of terrible movies. My life will then be complete.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Fuck you, Rick Berman.

  • Topdek

    I almost cried laughing when Mike puts on his baby voice and makes recommendations for the next Resident Evil movie. “Thword.”

    You two should watch Silent Hill sometime; it’s also based on a video game, but I hear it’s actually a pretty decent horror movie.

  • Redblaze27

    You guys need to realize what infuriates the fans of Resident Evil is that none of the characters from the actual game actually accomplish anything at all, only the character made solely for these movies does anything(Alice). Also, the second film is the only time the movies even somewhat attempt to follow the plot from one of the games.

    These movies are essentially really awful fanfic’s with a Mary Sue for a protagonist.

  • Anthony D

    By far this is the best HITB review. I dont think Ive laughed this hard in a long time.

  • Esper

    So I’m not the only one getting sick of Jay’s hypocrisy regarding movies he chooses to justify the flaws of? Jay can knitpick the shit out of films he doesn’t like, but people are idiots if they do the same to films he does.

  • Esper

    So I’m not the only one getting sick of Jay’s hypocrisy regarding movies he chooses to justify the flaws of? Jay can knitpick the shit out of films he doesn’t like, but people are idiots if they do the same to films he does.

  • Nick

    That part were Mike was acting like the typical dumb movie consumer was great. You should totally start a new character with that, like the “test market dumb ass.”

  • nick


  • AdamCoates

    The 4th Resident Evil was recently added to Netflix so I decided to watch it. I immediately regretted that decision. I really don’t remember much of the other three, but I really enjoyed this review. As always it’s more entertaining to watch you guys talk about a movie than it is to actually watch that movie (or 5, as the case may be)

  • seriouslyseriousbrodude

    most annoying laughter a human can muster. please never feature that guy again.

  • Turkey

    Pretty painful to watch this one, not because of Rich Evans’ glorious laughter but because of the damn advertisement popping up literally every 2 minutes which expands to nearly full screen anyway when I click the x to close it out.

  • George superman

    ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • George superman

    fuck you

  • I know you guys rip into resident evil as a video game(which it kinda deserves) but THESE MOVIES ARE FUCKING ABORTIONS OF THE RESIDENT EVIL GAME FRANCHISE.


  • upvoted for justice.

  • George superman

    Did anyone else see care boars episode after the review too? Or is it me just going insane?

  • Yes! So glad you guys are raping this franchise. Piss poor on every level, yet its fanbase gets bigger and bigger.

  • Good to have you back, gentlemen.

  • Broham Johnson

    Different kind of movies, but I enjoyed them much more than these pieces of trash. The CG Resident Evil movies. I recommend them, but it may be hard to follow if you have no idea about the game series.

  • Indeed!

    Can you guys make Rich Evans available for rental so the rest of us can rent him out to watch terrible movies with us?

  • James

    I missed you guys.

  • I honestly think you guys give these movies way more credit than they deserve. The first one was the only one I could get in to at all, it at least had some semblance of plot. The second one was bearable, albeit barely. The third and up though are terrible, and were more than enough for me to decide to not see the new one. There’s almost no way these movies could get even worse.

  • SayWhaaa

    Can you please review Last Ounce of Courage? That way I can make up my mind on whether or not to watch it.

  • lolcat

    ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • Big R

    Ripley actually did have a daughter, who died of old age while Ripley was floating in space between Alien and Aliens. But we all got your point.

  • Naes

    I can’t get the video to work. Is there an update or something? My flash player is up to date but no BLIP videos are working.

  • I could watch Rich Evans watch anything

  • Marcus Jones

    At first I was confused with the youtube trailer as to why you guys cracked up during the Wesker fight… but now I totally understand, you were already on the verge of insanity by that point anyway. You’ve never played any of the games that feature more characterization and intelligent plot in a single badly dubbed minute of game play than this series has shown in a decade so you had no reason to even dislike the liberties taken with the story. All you could do is take it for what you could see, a series of horribly cheesy action horror flicks.

  • Marcus Jones

    I can accept that the game might have been responsible… but not that god awful first movie.

  • Jay already claimed on the forums that he will. It’s just not showing in Milwaukee, yet.

  • Having not watched the movies, and ignoring the pointlessness of discussing Umbrella as if it made sense, can someone explain how Umbrella planned to make money selling a zombie virus to governments when the entire world was already destroyed and overrun with zombies?

  • ex1lepr0

    I laughed myself to tears at the end of part one. Rich Evans has the best laugh ever, and what the fuck was coming out of that guy’s mouth? And how the fuck did he..just…XDDDDD :’D

  • Its like a live action Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • Johnny Strauss

    Holy fuck, when do we get to see the whole ‘Juggle Your Way to Health and Beauty’ show??

  • Johnny Strauss

    Yea, tell me about it. The way these guys put so many hours into providing free, quality entertainment is really deserving of scorn. Don’t like the structure? Stop paying for it. Oh, right.

  • K D


  • Xeno

    Well. That’s it folks. Gotta wait another three months for the next Half in the Bag. (It’s really a lot of hard work you know, drinking all those beers.)

  • Xeno

    I can tell you the review before they even see the movie. “The Director’s a hack. The movie makes no sense. It’s funny, silly, and stupid, and Jay’s great so fuck off.” See, now you don’t need to wait for the next episode.

  • what


  • guest

    Until they took a month or so off, they were pretty consistently releasing Half in the Bag episodes every two weeks or so. Now that they’re back at it, I’m sure it’ll be the same way. What are you talking about?

  • Living with a zombie

    I love these movies. I think they define so bad it’s good.

  • Glen Stensland

    What if all these movies are a lead-in to a SIXTH movie where we learn EEVVVERYYTHING is a ‘scenario-bubble’ – Truman Show manufactured world; and inside this world, Alice is being tested as a solution in case the world ever does succumb to a zombie plague.

    That’s why Umbrella is such a generically bad and comical villain. It’s also why there are so many abrupt story changes – like the whole world being desert one minute and then normal(with water) the next : these are all scenario changes to test Alice’s ability to adapt and respond.

  • No Jocelyn in a cat suit? It was the perfect time! Epic fail!

  • Mark Bisone

    The climax/orgasm of Resident Evil 4 was goddamn cinematic bliss on tap. Thanks for letting us relive the hilariousness though Rich’s womanish shrieking. White room, white dude, black dog, black heart. P.W.S.A. stabbed art in the head and everybody won.

  • Wow, I’ve inspired imitation. I never expected that and it will probably never happen again.
    This is the pinnacle of my life.

  • OMG. It happened again, I don’t care if you’re mocking me, I’m soo happy right now (and a little drunk) people are quoting me on the internet for once.
    I said something that matters.
    I’m calling my parents.
    I hope this becomes a meme.

  • Harry

    I don’t want to hear that laugh again as long as I live

  • hey man, im a socially akward bearded guy, and i hate these movies. lol

  • Here’s a comment; why does Mike and Jay need to dress up to watch movies? Do they think the people in the movies can see them, like back in the 50s?

  • Mark Bisone

    (because fucking just fuckvomiting shitfuck fuckoff)

  • Sean

    This was brilliant! I loved seeing all you guys together laughing. I did the same thing about a year ago, don’t ask me why. Terrible films. Keep up the great work guys!

  • RyanInAZ

    Use Firefox and get addblock plus or something like that…never see an ad again

  • RyanInAZ

    sorry adblock plus

  • Rich Evans’ laugh is both beautiful and horrifying! πŸ˜€

  • Rorton1985

    Is that blood on the wall behind you?

  • nkutz


  • MatthewMelange

    actually the first two movies follow the plot of the games, a haunted mansion with a lab, and raccoon city

  • RobinOttens

    Hey, I’m a fan of the games (up to the fifth one at least). And I really doubt following the games any closer would make for better scripts. By now the game stories are essentially awful fanfics as well, with boring caricatures for characters. And the bar wasn’t even set that high from the start. They’re fun for the way they play, not their writing.

    In some way I’m glad the movie deviates and goes it’s own separate way. As fanservice for anyone who’s played the games, these movies fail hard, but that ‘canon’ Resident Evil CG movie was way less fun to watch.


    Tried for like 30 minutes to read the number on the “Call Phil!” note behind Jay. Reloaded the video in HD and it’s a 555 number. Cruel.

  • Walmsley

    You insult all good video game characters by referring to the character in these movies as video-game like!

  • namico

    milla jovovich is the marilyn monroe of action movies

  • b

    change your DNS settings

  • Tater

    I wish there were more Resident Evil movies so this was longer.

  • I was half expecting Keanu Reeves to show up in RE4…

  • Comment

    Rich’s laugh is fucking incredible. Best part of the whole review.

  • Oh and….Ripley DID have time for a family: she had a daughter, and the Nostromo mission was her last run before the girl’s birthday. Unfortunately, after she blew it up and spent 50 years floating around in space, her daughter had already passed away. Source: Deleted Scene from ALIENS where Burke gives Ripley the information.

  • Mrs.Plinkett

    Most excellent! *runs and gets popcorn*

  • I liked the part where he said the funny thing about the movie, and then when they both said the funny thing. And then I liked the part where they said funny things all three of them.

    I want the next episode to be them saying funny things in space. And then they could wear space helmets and have helium in the air and make funny voices and say funny things. I would like that and then I would watch it and it would be funny and I like funny things on the internet because it’s funny and I like that.

  • Rick Rickerson

    New Content! *Choir of angels*

  • Plonkett

    The people demand Plinkett. Give the people what they want you war criminals.

  • BudDud

    That Resident Evil on the moon premise sounds like something I’m sure we’ll see, actually…

  • Guest

    Her hotness appears to be the only redeeming factor of the films.

  • claus

    Thanks for making me smile and laugh so much it hurt.Oh my god I crapped my pants. Also, I enjoyed this episode a whole lot.

  • I think 28 Days Later (2002) is usually credited with reinvigorating the zombie sub-genre.

  • Wordy Rappinghood

    apply yourself next time

  • Leo Ladenson

    What is Rich Evans wearing? His anti-cat-dander vest?

  • Mr. Poop


  • Dick75

    I never watched any of these movies. Thanks to you guys I will continue to do so. Not sure if that’s what you wanted but that’s the result.

  • Name

    Mike should scrap Plinkett and do reviews in that retarded comicbook store guy voice.

  • Dubs

    I nearly shat myself @ Mike’s monologue/parody of fanboys at the end. How Jay managed to keep a straight face the whole time I’ll never know.

  • Alice Prospero has got to be the biggest Mary-Sue in story-telling history.

  • Great review. Glad Half in the Bag is back. I would love to see a review of the Saw series by RLM. I think Rich would really enjoy plowing through all 7 movies in a single sitting.

  • Bob Johnson

    Half in the Bag has become my new MST3K and this episode is my new Space Mutiny.

  • Viraus

    “Thordth” is just the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

  • guest

    they even ripped off the “Throw a Toilet through glass” scene from the Dawn of the Dead remake…

  • J64

    If you look at the floor during the shower scene, you can see the water bouncing off of the floor. It gets hard to see the water falling in some scenes because it blends in with the vertical pipe behind it, but it’s still running.

  • What is with all the FUCKING ads?!

  • stop with all the damn pop up ads.

  • Rich Evans’ laughter was really making this unwatchable. I came very close to turning it off. We need a version with all of his laughter muted.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Great review and awesome to have you guys back. But Mike, you went full retard. Never go full retard, man!

  • josh

    good job again fellas!

  • No, 28 Days Later was the one that brought it back. Notice how the first RE never had running zombies in their movie, and now they do. That all comes from 28 Days Later (even though it is not a zombie movie,most people see it as that) success.
    28 Days Later was in development before the RE movie, it was in development before 9/11 happened.

  • Steve

    You’re back, thank god. Diggin’ the new site.

  • Nokterian

    That laughing part nearly killed me,so great to see this!

  • So that he wouldn’t drown in the ocean of diarrhea this movie franchise is.

  • Handaerduvet

    ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • positivo

    Believe in your self.You can do it again.

  • Rahul Gairola

    can you review Dredd 3D (loved it) and Total Recall (2012) {didn’t love it}? Think they would be great for a Reboot discussion at a time where every 3rd movie released is a Reboot!

  • Dr. Mock

    Inspired mockery*

  • Last week I reviewed Resident Evil 5 on my blog, and I found a lot of the same problems you did. (I swear I didn’t rip you off. It was last week!) Resident Evil is bad and everyone involved with it should feel bad.

    Oh, and let me be the 3870th person to say MOAR RICH EVANS LAUGHING.

    Thank you.

  • MatthewMelange

    I’m pretty sure he was joking,

  • PalindromeemordnilaP

    You guys have to stop letting Rich Evans be a part of these. That laugh made this unwatchable,

  • LUH 3417

    When they talk about how this is just a product with only 3 percent artistry they should use the scenes from THX 1138 where he buys a product cube and disposes of it when he gets home.

  • A bruce

    Mike went full retard

  • Dr.Cock

    Hatters gonna hat.

  • Dr.Cock

    You forgot to take your pills.

  • Dr.Cock

    You see,it’s like poetry.It rhymes.

  • Dr.Cock

    To piss you off.Yes you.

    Also it’s been stated by qualified people that even the THE RESIDENT EVIL GAMES ARE FUCKING ABORTIONS OF THE RESIDENT EVIL GAME FRANCHISE by this point in time.

  • Dr.Cock

    ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • MonkeyKing1969

    The movies are just poorly conceived and very badly written. And, that is a shame because Milia Jovovich is not a bad actress, when directed with a character to play she is charming. She certainly is a presence on the screen. And, these movies don’t even have to be innovative. Get a crew of colorful mercenaries, get a person or people to rescue, get an enemy to fight and have at it. But the mercenaries are not colorful they are forgettable. The people to save are always people you rather let die, and the enemy to fight makes NO sense.

    Mike’s speech-impediment childish character came up with a better plot and story on the spot, as improve, then Paul W.S. Anderson could come up with with months of work…okay maybe just days or hours.

  • Dr.Cock

    Sometimes ,the upvote/downvote scheme can be really satisfying.
    In this case it really shows that you don’t have a clue.
    42 against 7 at the moment.
    42 people took the time to let you know they disagree with your whining.

  • Smeerik

    The whole concept of the resident evil series is that Alice is the only zombie on screen…
    Its vise versa. What a twist right?

  • Bill The Thrill

    Rich Evans’ laughter — sounds like a clown being murdered.

  • Mark Bisone

    My cock pills? I took nine of them this morning! I could paddle a boat with the goddamn thing right about now.

  • Wut

    You were almost a jill sandwich!

  • Bill The Thrill

    They were DRUNK (and up ’til 2 A.M.), genius.

  • Bill The Thrill

    Blade, Underworld, Resident Evil . . . it’s all the same GARBAGE.

  • shogun

    This is a great idea. Since they hate Plinkett and refuse to do any more actual Plinkett reviews, “Special Mike” would be a great replacement…

  • upyours

    no it was in the prequel novels, no wait the prequel comics….no…wait…it was in the expanded universe novels… no wait, you had to telepathically tap into the mind of James Cameron to figure it out… now wait…

  • shagadelic

    Ultraviolet, The Matrix, Aeon Flux and on and on and on…

  • guest

    Did someone get the Tenacious D thing?

  • guest 2

    And you’re assuming they hate Plinkett…why? The fact that they don’t churn out Plinkett reviews every other week is a GOOD thing. They understand that the shtick would get stale and just bring him out when they want to.

  • wape

    I have to point out that the advertisement selection program for these videos is a bit odd: I get ads from the freaking Netherlands and I’m Finnish. And curiously they seem to offer to sell some kinds of plants over the Internet. Hey, wait a minute… I’m going to start studying Dutch this very second.

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    I’ll file that under things I don’t give one shit about

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    Yeah those deleted scenes sucked – and diminished the movie

    In other words, everything you said above is horseshit

  • sanna

    A new Half in the Bag episode! I’m in heaven!

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    I like funny things when they’re funny because I like them.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    I’ve almost completed my life’s goal: After spending years at the University learning computer science and after many decades in industry writing system code, I’m sending my new video game to Hollywood to be made into a movie. I can see the BIG BUCKS NOW!!!

  • Mark Bisone

    Why are Mike Jay and Rich dressed like they are auditioning for different Wes Anderson movies? Also, why are they watching movies in some kid’s college dorm room?


    good to have you guys back

  • dongaroo

    I hope Plinkett reviews the premiere of fucking Brickleberry, because that looks like exactly the kind of garbage that he’s against.

  • JT

    Two words that describe the Resident Evil film franchise to a tee: “Creative Waste”

    Also, before the “also I’ve been robbed!” Mister Plinkett manages to describe what Mila Janovich’s expression says to me at every moment in these films whilst being Alice.

  • JT

    I’m thure he’d do it if there were more movieth that have Mila Janovich with Thwordth.

  • Rich Evans for president!

  • Joey

    I can now add Rich Evans to my list of laughs that make things funnier. Right next to Kevin Smith and Walter Flanagan.

  • Noise complaint

    If the big buff guys had characterization they’d be a rip off of the mercs from Alien cub3d

  • fido

    I called Phil. I got 411. πŸ™

  • Will

    What about A Half in the Bag episode of Dredd along with a review of the original with Stallone? Please?

  • JW6

    …but no one got the joke.

  • JW6

    Did anyone else see the Resident Evil posters creeping into the bottom of the frame and think, “Holy living fuck! Another ad!”? I get that websites like this are basically a business, but that would have been the third ad at that point.

  • Fucking Asshole

    The slomo reverse scene was probably a rip off of the Dead Island promo trailer/

    Also the Resident Evil games have the worst pile of octopus giblet plot threads that you could possibly imagine. I’d probably go as far as saying the Movies made more sense than the games themselves.

  • m0r1arty

    I liked them for what they were – I don’t know how they can even be considered anything more than they obviously are(?)

  • Tay Jay

    I know how you can make more customers: RELEASING THE NEXT PLINKETT REVIEW

  • Granted, I’ve only see 1 and 4, but I actually kinda enjoyed watching 4. It’s so outlandish, over-the-top, and totally nonsensical that when pushed to such extremes it’s scary how much it approaches the concept of fun.

    Also, want to point out that slow-motion serves 3D well. Bullet time gives the viewer time to take in the 3D aspects which in most films rush by so quickly they can’t be comprehended.

  • Enosib Kram

    Well,go on then, paddle a boat.Don’t type with it,,cus that’s what it looks like you’re doing.

  • Adblock plus

    It’s ok,i forgive you.

  • Enosib Kram

    You are both funny.On the internet.

  • Enosib Kram

    As long as Mila Javonovich is using thwordths to kill thombies.

  • Enosib Kram

    They did not suck per se but they did not really fit into the flow of the movie.

  • overused meme

    I used to find her hot
    but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Enosib Kram

    It’s an event.People dress up at events.

  • overused meme


  • Enosib Kram

    Abandonment issues.

  • Enosib Kram

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    I’ve watched the first half of this review. I’ve got to say, listening to Rich Evans laugh for ten minutes
    is fucking boring – especially since what he was laughing at wasn’t either funny or funny bad.

  • Mike

    The new guys voice ruined the entire review. I couldn’t even start to watch it. Goddamn shame.

  • Jon

    Resident Evil: Retribution totally ripped off the Dead Island trailer with its opening. It pretty much copied Dead Island’s trailer frame for frame.

  • Aahnold

    The purpose of Umbrella corp in the 2nd movie is to contain the infection and test their projects: The Nemesis and Alice in combat situations. Everything past that movie loses any meaning.

  • Mark Bisone

    I am. It’s an old trick I learned in the Navy. That and juggling grenades with my feet.

  • guest

    The new guy? You mean Rich Evans, who’s been in nearly every episode of Half in the Bag in one way or another since the very beginning? They showcase his laugh from time to time because it’s so bizarre.

  • Don’t let that fat retard review with you guys because he laughs like a fucking twink.

  • For some reason I kept looking at the beer bottles on the table. The kept changing brands every now and then. Reminds me of the bath scene with the on/off water continuity error.

  • Xen11

    The first two films are great.

    The third starts out great, but turns into the first bad film in the series.

    The fourth film is utterly fucking horrible and forever ruined the series.

    The fifth still sucks, but its somewhat enjoyable in a “I expect this to be shit” way but I can’t help but really enjoy at least half of the film.

    So I agree with the above review about 3, 4, and 5. The first film is really great (the best one) and the second is also great (second best) in an intentional grindhouse way.

  • Xen11

    Silent HIll is a case where the settings and visuals create this atmosphere so eerie and wonderful, that the wooden side characters can’t kill it. It’s actually really great just for the “feeling” alone.

    And that retarded character Mike portrays is EXACTLY who they are targeting for these films. I can’t help but want to watch them though. I always feel embarrassed when these films end, but I remember that we are all retards that went in to see it.


    Hello, if Rich Evans’ weed dealer is reading this can you please contact me.

  • Marcus-07

    Guys, why don’t you do reviews of “The Moonrise Kingdom” and “The Master”?….Those are new films made by Andersons that are actually GOOD DIRECTORS πŸ™‚

  • I think watching Mike, Jay, and Rich laughing at the fight in RE4 was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Half in the Bag. I may have pooped myself a little.

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    if you describe any Resident Evil movie as great – then you have some really low fucking standards

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    they cut to them watching the film (ie Rich Evans possibly laughing) just a few times – never for 10 minutes straight, or even for 10 minutes cumulative

    So yeah, you’re full of shit

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    Naw, they’ll review Looper next. Because Looper’s premise is just so
    logically flawed, that it will be funny to see an entire film built on

  • Cameron

    Can we get anymore of you guys laughing at the movies? That last 5 minutes of Part 1 was some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen.

  • Nope. It explained why Ripley was the only one to bond with Newt.

    Well, Hicks WOULD have, but the little twerp almost bit his hand off.

  • noblo


  • truthoid

    Point taken. But it seemed like ten minutes.

  • truthoid

    Re: the apparent continuity error in the shower scene in Resident Evil IV.

    I just happened to be watching this movie after your review. In fact in the long shots, the water is actually *on* and falling. The reason you can’t see it is that the direction chose to shoot the mid-close-ups from aside-on, which show the water spray, and the long-shots from face-on, when the water is hidden/blends into the metal of the pipe.

    This doesn’t affect the overall clunkiness of the film but, well, there you are.

  • truthoid

    Future note: the laughter of Rich Evans is only funny for the first five unbroken minutes. After that, it’s just a fat couch virgin screeching to himself and you need to cut away from him to something that is intrinsically funnier. IE. Anything.

  • truthoid

    I agree. Once or twice, maybe, for counterpoint, but he#s a ‘funny thing’ and not ‘a joke’. Redletter, you taught us the difference.

  • JW6

    Do we need to review the meaning of the word “literally”?

  • arjumand

    This was really great, and I agree on everything (except the last RE movie, haven’t seen it yet) – though I think I liked RE 3 more than you guys did. It just went somewhere weird in the last third. It was doing quite well as a post-apoc zombie movie . . . and then there was the underground facility with the guys whose faces open up. Ohhh. I know they kinda had to do that to tie up with the game, but it felt like halfway through filming the producers were all “Oh Shit! We forgot to put any game stuff in it! Ok, they find a LAB.” Even the stuff with all the clone Alice corpses was very creepy, but seemed to have come from a different movie.

    With 4, the opening with the Tokyo scene, and the girl in the rain – very creepy. And then, oh lord. Movie review Mr. Plinkett could just transpose the whole “glad to be working” riff unchanged over this movie. Everyone in this movie was just glad to be working. Especially Milla Jovovich, at this point. I’m starting to suspect the whole series is just a way to give Milla a job.

    I’ll still watch the 5, though not at the cinema, LOL. I like that the heroine is female, and can seriously kick ass, though again, starting from 4, they seem to have “Underworldized” her, what with the skintight black catsuit and continuously pulling weapons from her back.

  • Ming

    I like the fact Jay dressed up smartly for the Resident Evil Marathon. What a nice, respectable young man.

  • Only a dedicated follower of the Resident Evil movies would post something like this. Do you find this kind of credibility in the Transformers movies, too? And, well, the films are clunky with or without continuity errors.

  • It’s always the “fat virgin” remarks. Chances are you are one.

  • Twortdh

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    And you are a :

  • Rich Evans’ laughter.

    Now I know what it sounds like when doves cry.

  • Twortdh

    Yes,YESS,YESS!!*diabolical laughter ensues

  • Twortdh

    Because a sad and meaningless life is so much more bearable if fat people are virgins and the universe adheres to stereotypes and black and white world views.

  • Twortdh

    How many is that? Like two? Maybe three?

  • Twortdh


  • Twortdh

    The thing is though,it’s not a gimmick or a joke or some silly device of their show.
    That’s how he is IN REAL LIFE.What you are “demanding” is for him or even them to be fake.
    I doubt that will happen.
    the only way would be to take him off the show completelly .
    Yeah,that won’t happen either.

  • Twortdh

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  • Twortdh

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  • mindyas

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  • Mindyas

    I think we’re all forgetting to ask for the link on how to juggle our way to health and beauty…

  • truthoid

    Who’s asking to take him off the show completely? Not me. I’m just asking for them to understand that five minutes of a pudgy eunuch’s high-pitched cackling is not intrinsically witty.

  • truthoid

    What chances?

  • Christopher Kulik

    September 2014: RESIDENT EVIL: LUNAR EXTRACTION. Based on an idea by Mike Stoklasa,

  • John E.

    As a long-time fan of the game series, I can tell you the games have an infinitely more creative and interesting plot. The worst part about video game movies is that the formula for creating one is basically: throw out the plot of the game, slap the logo onto a movie poster, and take a shit onto a blank script.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Oh hai guys! Why didn’t you review The Oogieloves? I loved it and would like to hear your thoughts on it!

  • Guest

    The cacklings of Rich Evans could drive men mad…

  • Guest

    I’m betting you have a real whiny voice in real life. I can hear that tone in every post you make.

  • Mynock

    The coaster commercial has to go, it makes my head want to explode.

  • Fantastic show. +1 rep for Rich Evans as well.

  • George superman


  • George superman

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    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • George superman

    Upvote if you also want official full video of “Juggle your way to Health&Beauty”
    I NEED to see it

  • Janet

    I would pay to watch you three make fun of movies. Seriously, something similar to Rifftrax would be wonderful.

  • is there another way to view these videos? your new players refuse to work on my computer and i’ve tried chrome, firefox, and safari…

  • Works fine for my Firefox.

  • Every single image has so many things going on.

  • C Ohara

    Soo good to see you guys back!

  • William La Rochelle

    The retarded voice – politically insensitive though it is – may be the best estimate of the core Resident Evil audience. A logical de-evolution from Plinkett.

  • I want to splice the raw video of you guys laughing at RE4 and overlay it ontop of scenes from Schindler’s List. During Oskar’s tear-jerking ending monologue, I want to hear Mike say, “This is pure schlock!”

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    does not work in my version of Firefox either . But it did work in IE for me

  • JM

    I haven’t spotted the difference really.

  • Yes, and all these ultra-nerds fans who defend this shit as “funny” or whatever they think this is need to put down Minecraft for 30 minutes and look around at the filth they live in. If they want this to get popular past the 100 odd basement-dwelling pedophiles they have now as fans then it needs to be more than 40 minutes of padding consisting solely of some retard’s monkey peel shriek.

    Contact me for tips I’m a big shot Hollywood producer.

  • Lapan

    My opinion of the movies:

    1: Okay-ish but got little to do with the games
    2: Tried to use some more game cameos but was overall average
    3: almost fell asleep
    4: Tried to follow RE4 and RE5’s success by using Wesker a lot, but his scenes were the only interesting ones.

  • CaptainFantastico

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  • CaptainFantastico

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  • gala4711

    Jay liked RE3? Really?

    The series got downhill from movie to movie.
    I liked RE1 years ago (and prolly would still).
    I found RE2 OK – some less years ago (and maybe still)
    I disliked RE3 – confusing and unambitioned
    I laughed at RE4 (although not as hard als Rich Evans). This one was just a joke and incoherent mess.

    I hope Mike is right and RE5 is on the better side.

  • George Lucas

    I’m so glad I wasn’t part of this one.

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    Why wasn’t that enough? I needed two reasons.

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  • Well I guess you never played the games where the zombies couldnt climb up the stairs now that would have been more hilarious

  • Ookla the Mok

    Holy shit! The last 3 minutes of Part 1 is some of the hardest laughing I’ve done in DAYS!! So fucking GOOD!!

  • Resident Fail

    Resident Evil is so bad it fails to represent the game itself. Bad movies always have a public, is the same formula for politicians, selling an stupid idea and receiving awards designated for great scientists.

    The world is getting dumber.

  • thunderbrain

    How bad does a movie needs to be in order to become a bad movie? *sits down to reflect while eating a pizza roll*

  • toodie

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  • truthoid

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  • JoeJoe

    They’ll pick Looper because of the director, not the movie — If they pick it.

    Primer already tackled the whole time travel paradox very well, so it’s far from logically flawed. It’s just not easily digestible.

  • OAJ

    You know what’s really scary? I have actually had a conversation about movies with a person who basically sounded just like “special Mike.”

  • JoeJoe

    If you watched the behind-the-scenes stuff in Feeding Frenzy, the location is likely to be shown in it (if memory does not fail me).

  • JoeJoe

    Yes, because it has had several definitions over the last 500 years. The exact and original Greek definition is not what you think it is. Writers like Poe and Dickens used it in the hyperbole sense, so are you saying you know better than those writers? So, literally go-fuck-a-sharp-stick.

  • Murderin Murphy

    I suspect Mike is an alcoholic.

  • Jyri

    “It’s time to get Evans” (but it’s made to kinda sorta sound like “it’s time to get even”, you know?).

    Republicans, assamble!

  • Mr. Anderson

    Reviews of bad movies are more fun.

  • Gabagoo

    Organized crime sending people back in time to get whacked is logically flawed.

  • Lithp

    That’s retarded? I thought it was just a little kid.

  • If it was the 1970’s/1980’s we’d at least get some nice boob shots of Mila but alas, there is no reason to watch these films.

  • my biggest problem whit the movies as a old school fan of the game is tone. They should have been survival horror, mystery movies. What we get instead is stupid action. A movie based around a horror game should at least try to be scary.

  • joshash

    Resident Evil is horrible, good review!
    But the fat guy laughing all the time, ruined the video.

  • ScaredCanadian

    when are you guys going to review a Harmony Korine movie?

  • Christopher Kulik

    I got dibs on him when the Trey Parker-Matt Stone Tony-award winning musical “The Book of Mormon” comes to town.

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  • Guest

    I could see Mike playing a retard witness on Law and Order or some shit, that was nails dude, you are very talented.

  • taterboob

    Anderson also ripped off the scene from Day of the Dead when the newspaper with the headline “THE DEAD WALK!” blows into frame. It really irritates me how blatantly Anderson lifts scenes from the guy who’s job he essentially stole. Romero was originally slated to write and direct the Resident Evil movie, but the studio decided to go with this crap instead. I read a draft of Romero’s script, and while it wasn’t anything earth shattering, it was much better than the fanfiction calibur schlock we ended up with (not to mention much more faithful to the source material).

    To sum up my opinion on Anderson, a joke from the Future War episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000:
    “This is a case where parents should have crushed a child’s dream of becoming a filmmaker.”

  • Dillon McDougald

    Actually, it may do you guys good to check out Yahtzee Croshaw’s review of certain Resident Evil games to know why the source material basically damned these movies to be terrible.

    ^^Here’s a good summary of the relevant points.

  • “Juggle your way to health and beauty” had me laughing as hard as the gang when the fourth film “broke them.” I had to stop the review for ten minutes.

  • Thomas L

    I noticed you guys talked about how this plot was decent, while on the flip side you mention that they rip off a few things; which is true. I thought it would be interesting for you guys to know that the plot in this movie sounds a lot like the plot in the Resident Evil Novel titled “Underworld” written by S.D Perry. Where they are underground, and different area’s have environments shaped for B.O.W training. (Bio Organic Weapons)

    Love your show! that is all πŸ™‚

  • herper

    In the shower scene the water is on constantly. Just take a good look πŸ™‚ but yeah those movies don’t make any sense

  • Benzo

    Well, obviously you give enough of a shit to feel the need to point that out…

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    what you’re saying is – Mike kind of looks like a tard

  • xandercrews


    You nailed it on the head.

    RE Movies suck and have virtually nothing to do with the games. In no RE game do you run around like a “Matrix” character. Thankfully…

    RE 1 on PS1 was simple, “Aliens” meets “Night of the Living Dead”, how do you fuck it up? Leave it to Paul W.S. Anderson, to make a shitty “Matrix” knockoff.

    Please stop going to these movies people!

    And no, when Paul W.S. Anderson says he wants to reboot Resident Evil and “make a game for the fans of the game”, which he inevitably will claim, don’t fall for it!

    And to think, that hack had the gall to mock Romero…

  • xandercrews

    “make a game for the fans of the game”

    Er, meant a “make a movie for the fans of the game”

  • Agent Snott

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    I just got pulled my wisdom teeth.. and laughing is not a good thing right now!

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  • Chris

    Thank you! I don’t think I could sit through a whole movie with Rich Evans laughing like that. After a five movie marathon I would probably be insane.

  • Jerk Beefy

    It’s interesting that you guys mentioned the 5th Resident Evil employing the “slow motion reverse” shot. I can’t help remembering the video game trailer for Dead Island, a video game centered on the theme of – you guessed it – zombies.


    It’s… a little graphic. One wonders if the two scenes shared any similarities.

  • krashkow

    How you guys managed to notstrangle Rich Evans to death because of his incessant “Hey look how loud I can be!” laughter, I’ll never understand. You’re stronger men than I.

  • james

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  • redletterjay

    That’s just the way Rich genuinely laughs. He’s not doing it for attention. It’s sincere, which is why we find it so amusing.

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  • ws

    No it’s not.People were always dumb.It’s just more obvious now do to whatchamacallit super hyper media and the sheer number of people living on the earth.

  • Jeepers

    Actually the shower scene wasn’t a continuity error. It sticks out like a sore thumb and pulls you out of the scene sure, in fact my reaction was similar the first time, but upon a closer look there is still water falling. The problem is it isn’t lit well like the other angle used in the scene and it’s in line with the shower pipe from the camera’s POV effectively hiding it. But if you look closely at the floor you can still see water hitting the ground.

  • nah

    What if the couch is in the basement O_o ?

  • Calum

    “The “Zombie Revival” started with the Dawn of the Dead remake”

    Really? So it wasn’t with 28 Days Later which was released 2 days earlier?

  • Plonkette

    I enjoyed the first and third resident evil movie. I even kinda liked the 4th because of the 3d. It was reminded me of that movie Sunshine *runs away*

  • RealGameNerd

    The best part of these shitty Resident Evil movies is that Alice is not even in the games. The main characters are Chris, Jill, Leon and Wesker. That is why Alice has no character at all.

  • nobody cares about half in the bag.

  • kv11

    do the games make any effort to explain what the umbrella corporation are trying to do, other than try to kill everyone with a virus?

  • UNF

    Jeezis, that was profoundly boring! The only consolation here is that the excruciatingly unfunny intro script (phoned-in by a 12-year-old?) corresponds to the utter lack of talent of M+J as ‘actors’. Anything better would just be wasted on them. The inescapable conclusion is that Plinkett’s Star Wars Reviews worked so well precisely because they kept their ham faces strictly *out* of the frame and concentrated on the content instead.

  • UNF

    No, it isn’t! But it’s nothing a punch in the throat won’t cure!

    And Jay, in future please don’t wave your hands about like Rick Astley when trying to think of something ‘smart’ to say – it smacks of desperation. Chug your beer and relax like a proper slob, maybe just farting occasionally in disdainful retort to Mike’s more pretentious nonsense. Thanks.

  • MoRBiD

    Yes these are just movies based off a video game, but as a huge fan of the games that’s what pisses me off. I’m not one of those people that get angry if a movie isn’t exactly like the source material, but it should at least have the same tone. The games have a lot of creepy atmosphere and are genuinely frightening. Hell, it single handedly created the survival horror genre. Yeah, the story is B, however, it does take itself seriously.

    That’s why as a fan of the games the films infuriate me. It took something that should be horror and turned it into some cheesy action flick. There is no kung fu in Resident Evil!!! It steals all it’s ideas from other films like the Matrix. Why the hell didn’t they take more ideas from the source material if they weren’t creative enough for something more unique.

    Paul W. S. Anderson ruins everything. Remember how exciting the idea of an Aliens vs Predator movie was? Then we saw it. You would literally be better off taking a 100 million dollar budget and giving it to a random college film student. They couldn’t do any worse. How is this man still allowed to make movies?

  • magmonster2002

    I stopped watching after the 5th time I had to click on the Kaiser permanente ad which also stopped the video – so I had to restart it. Talk about lame.

  • Craggy Knob

    Yes, it is! Why would you talk like you know Rich better than his friends? I have a similar obnoxious laugh, and not for attention whoring. It’s a bit embarrassing, but what can you do? Faking it to seem more normal would just be dishonest.

  • RobinOttens

    Nope, well.. something about bioweapons and I believe there was some of the same reason used in the movies (the original scientist wanted to use the virus to cure disease). But from what I can remember the game’s version of Umbrella’s motivations is just as inexplicable and convoluted as the movie.

  • RobinOttens

    Wait, did you play any of the games since 3? By now four of the eight main games in the franchise feature matrix-like superpowered characters doing impossible jumps and dodging bullets. Since Code Veronica X gave Chris Redfield superpowers.

    Granted, that’s mostly restricted to cutscenes, but still. P.W.S. Anderson made a pretty representative movie for what the games were doing at the time. I agree that it would be fantastic if the movies would try to do something more in line with the first three games (and Resident Evil 0 too I guess), since those are the only games that really matter, but it’s understandable they went for the more action-heavy side of the franchise.

    Oh god, why am I replying to old comments.

  • piglette

    i got rich evans’ autograph!

  • Lg

    Is it just me, or does Mike act as if he’s frikkin bakd!


  • Jim

    You must hate your life.

  • Abject garbage ‘film’. If you enjoyed RE:R, consider a lobotomy. (…seriously)

  • Sondaljan

    When they call alice a bland video game character i have to object: most video game character today have far more deph than any character Paul W. S. Anderson has ever created XD

  • null

    I will gladly pay for the the audio of you guys watching these movies. It adds a very MST3K/Rifftrax feel that makes these movies enjoyable. I’m not kidding. The moments you showed were absolutely hilarious. Please consider making them available for purchase or download.

    A horrifying bit of trivia: the scene that “broke” you guys was almost a shot for shot ripoff of a cutscene from Resident Evil 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNs0pF5iCVo

  • CorbeauNoir

    I see we’re sticking with the Tim and Eric vibe for the intro…

  • This episode proves that listening to Rich Evans laugh makes every movie better.

  • Elle Esse

    Somebody needs to overlay the laughter of Rich Evans’ onto the maniacal cackling of Ricky Gervais. OH THE HUMANITY!

  • Karl Merchant

    I’m really surprised you didn’t mention that the opening is (or at least sounds like it is) a complete rip-off of the Dead Island (video game) trailer.

  • lolzer44


  • Lenin

    There is a script out there by Romero for the first Resident Evil film that follows the first game quite closely.


  • This is my new favorite review by you guys.

  • Shane Nolan

    Please for the love of God release the full videoο»Ώ(s) of you guys watching the movies as a commentary track.

  • (with true worry and concern) JAY: “What was her character?

  • MrKWalmsley

    Thanks to Rich Evans, I am now juggling my way to health and beauty.

  • Please for theο»Ώ love of God release the full video of you guys watching the movie as a commentary track. Seriously that would keep me laughing for days.Thumbs up if anyone else agrees.Start the petition

  • PwnPocalypse

    I would pay to watch you guys watch the full movie… That was hysterical. Rich’s laugh is infectious!

  • Wait, isn’t there always a motherly relationship dynamic with Alice, the lil girl in the 2nd one and the K-mart girl in the third?

  • wtf? you fail.

    Uh, in the resident evil series they are just infected humans. Not living reanimated corpses.

  • Nosada

    you guys do know that Alice is not from any of the games right? you referred to her as a “video game character” but she actually is not. any actual characters from the games would have been much more interesting. if these movies had any plot elements from the games they would drastically more improved.

  • Malevolence

    This is my favorite Half in the Bag I think, Man riche’s laugh makes me laugh lol

  • Trayan Iliev

    Most annoying laugh ever.

  • MikeA

    Watching a movie with Rich Evans needs to be added to the Make A Wish Foundation repertoire.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I could write the scripts that would make Red Letter Media the MEDIA KINGS they so devoutly wish to be But we all know where ego goes.

  • MikeP

    I had to check a few times.. the water in the shower is actually running the whole time!! they just used such a horrendous camera angle that the water is perfectly inline with the pipes. So they at least didn’t have a continuity error!

  • pantsoup

    i juggled my way to beauty and health.

  • can we talk about how Michelle Rodriguez is terrible in everything she is in.

  • Mr. Snow

    My god, please don’t let rich watch movies anymore. I can not stand his grating laugh.

  • fuckthat

    awful video. That fat prick has a laugh like a sandpaper blowjob.

  • Nice Post..Who know what will be the story of next Resident Evil sequel ..!

  • Jakoporeeno

    “Mr President, do you have the conference speech ready?… BWAHAHAHAHAHA!… Got it”

  • Jakoporeeno

    “If there’s like ten Mila Jovovich that would be amazing. I CAN’T WAIT!” hahahaaa!

  • Malevolence

    I’m thinking Paul Anderson just did these movies to keep Milla and show off her body and say, yep, that’s what I’m plowing every single night

  • The Rich Evans laughing is like I’m being raped in the ear.

  • whaaaaaaat ? who talks during a movie they haven’t seen ? Most annoying thing … was them laughing … I wish I can unhear that ! **shudder ** This is the Resident Evil movies … if you want reality blood splatter watch a Documentary … if you want depth and realism … watch A Terence Malik film !

  • Alex

    Ya know – Just as these two schmucks were talking about blood bursts and all that other stuff you expect to find in a cool movie with zombies and shit I noticed that the wall behind them looks like someone was recently shot in front of it *record skitter*

    I mean, that is what it appears to be… to my admittedly untrained eye…. From the pattern I’d say a .38 special to the the face.

  • Zardoz

    You guys must have a really outdated view of videogames if you use the term in a derogatory way. It’s not the 90’s anymore.

  • That Rich guy is kind of annoying.

  • stryker1121

    They’re not asking for a doc or some “deep” film, just a competent action film. I’ve seen the first and third RE movies and can say they fail to deliver on even the most simple, fun action front.

  • stryker1121

    Rich, your laugh is like an auger in my eardrum. Lucky you are completely awesome as Plinkett or I might have become annoyed.

  • Ricky

    he is!
    he doesn’t tries to be so, though, neither does he care
    so there’s that
    just another person

  • UnitShifter

    If you’ve watched this half in the bag or are about to this video contains the best summation of the resident evil “story”:


  • pigsass

    OH MAN!!!! when you pointed out the “dolly track” my jaw literally dropped. that’s fucking incredible!

  • pigsass

    once again, that shower scene, holy hell! jaw-dropping! HOW IN THE HELL!?!?!

  • pigsass

    jesus… now that matrix-esque ‘bad-guy’ scene… LOLing right there with you guys… easily one of the worst things i’ve ever seen. regardless of how much milla is being paid for these movies, surely she must feel horrible inside, knowing what piles of shit she’s being cast in…

  • pigsass

    also, i love that you guys are using the same music intro/outro as “Foodwishes!” my FAVORITE youtube-chef! πŸ˜€

  • yinyangman

    Is there any way to watch them watching the other resident evil movies?

  • omegapirate

    -there is one Resident Evil. And there are many resident evil sequels.
    -there are SHINJI MIKAMI Resident Evil Games and there are Resident Evil games produced without THE MASTER himself. (Resident Evil 5, 6, Dead Aim…ZERO πŸ˜‰ )
    -there are Videogames adaptations like Final Fantasy VII AC…and there are Video games adaptations like Street Fighter and RESIDEN EVIL πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • omegapirate

    the Corporation wanted to sell bioweapons to make the big money. Thats all. And it used money to corrupt the residents of Raccoon City. Umbrella is not good or bad. It just did all to max the profit. Resident Evil original was a one 4h long game. no need for a complex backstory I guess.

    The main Villain of the game was Albert Wesker. An EX Scientist of the Lab where the Virus was invented. After the Outbreak in the Mansion he became a leader of the STARS Alpha Team (Special Tactics And Rescue Service). Umbrella wanted to burn everything down to ground to prevent the Outbreak to spread over the area and nearby town Raccoon City and to destroy all evidents. But Wesker wanted combat datas to show potential customers how effectiv the virus is. Story beginns.

  • omegapirate

    oh it would. Compare for example fans from X Files and Alien Vs Predator 2. You cant!!^^ and thats the problem we have here.
    And you compare here the Movies with Resident Evil 4 ..5. but the first movie was released befor that releases of games 4 or 5. If Anderson made the first movie OFCOURSE the fans believed he would follow the story of the games that were released to the date. Resident Evil 1, RE2, RE3, Code Veronica and Suvivor like he promised. The great atmosphere. The mystery. the characters we loved. Resident Evil is not about bad music or people painted like clowns.. πŸ˜‰ or alice. Its about survical horror.

    AND since when became a human a nemesis if he was scatched by a Licker?

    Nemesis is a Parasite produced in Europe Paris Lab and inplanted into Tyrants (you know…the BIG zombies >>) to increase their strengh and preserve some intelligence to use rocketlauncher for example. BIG mistake of the first movie. Nemesis in the apocalypse part even cried.0_o (A nemesis who is the character from the first movie who was scratched by a licker what is not leading into a transformation into a Nemesis…weird>> )

  • omegapirate

    the fans where used like the franchised was used to squeze more money out of us and the poor people who don’t realize (some of them until today) that the trapped worked perfectly. If there is an REAL evil Corporation it would be Capcom. I play the games and Im happy. No need for a movie. Well…no need for an Anderson movie^^

  • offerp

    The Walking Dead

  • Ed

    holy shit these movies look funny im gonna have to get some buddies over and watch these over a couple of beers

  • ForwardEarth

    For the record, there is no continuity error with the shower. The water is running the whole time. It’s just hard to see in the wide shot, because the stream is narrower than the structure behind it.

  • johnconnor

    end of part one you should repeat more often if you know whats good for you

  • DanceK

    They should make a video game based on the Resident Evil movies.

  • adamfox

    I cry laughing watching you guys cry laughing

  • Krackerjax

    The part with the shower turning on and off was confusing at first, but if you REALLY look, you can see that the water is still on. They somehow managed to get a shot SO perfect, that it kept all of the running water in front of the shower…. dispenser/thing. You can tell by the part where it hits the ground; it splashes. So you guys messed up, not that shitty director.

  • Scfart

    You know how you guys supply a time code to skip spoilers? Can you please provide TCs to skip your friend’s incessant cackling? Thx.

  • Admiral Bonetopick

    That’s because you yourself are a retarded neanderthal.

  • Buster Jackson

    Holy shit that is one shrill, irritating laugh. I’m not sure my ears can recover

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Alright, I’m REALLY trying to not go full nerd on you guys… I’ll try my best.

    When referring to “video game characters”, you guys seem to have a pretty biased or ignorant perspective.

    1) Alice is not even in the video game series… none of them. Paul W(hat) S(hlock) Anderfaggot is SO bad at adapting the movies to the games it sickens me. Resident Evil is a series I love. Sure the more recent iterations have their share of corny ass dialogue, characters, action, shlock, w/e. But this guy has literally taken these games, shat on them, had his wife Milla scrunt on them, threw them in a blender, drank that concoction, and shit again onto the film reels. How they even got rights to use the name makes me want to stalk the cubicles at Capcom with a riffle until I find out who sold it to them.

    2) Generalizing “video game character” to mean flat, boring, paper thin, terribly acted character is much like if I were to generalize the term “movie character” to mean the same thing. I’m sure you’ve seen how bad Tommy Wiseau’s character Johnny is in The Room?

    3) Some examples of amazing characters, their development, and their relationships with other characters, the setting, the plot (you know, believable reactions to their surroundings) are: Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, any character from the Mass Effect series really (each character, no matter how small or insignificant, has such an in depth character to them, it’s pretty impressive). Heavy Rain characters, Grand Theft Auto series… I can go on but you get my point. Just like there are horrible movie characters in terrible movies out there, the same goes for video games. Actually, as much as I disliked Resident Evil 6 (the fucking game!), Chris’s character development was rather refreshing. Seeing him drink away his career, after the shit that guy went through, to get his head back on his shoulders was a nice touch. Done pretty well IMO.

    Anyways, ya. Hope some of you agree with me. If not… FAAAAAAACK you!

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    How about the fact that she is married to the director. Let that one steam in your skull for a bit…

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    It doesn’t bother you that these movies make MILLLLLLLLLLIOOOOONNNNNSSSSS of dollars and are this TERRIBLE? Have we given up on humanity just a lil too soon, Miss?

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    They all die. Everyone. Everything. From the cast, to the director, to the film crew, to the boom mic kid. Horrible set disaster! Built on top of native burial ground and ancient spirits revenged all over the set with ghost axes to the face and peace pipe anal rapings. Or gas line hit digging a hole. Something. Please, Lord, stop these movies. Whatever it takes…

  • Mendoza


  • AghBowling

    HAHA! Team Three Star! ^_^

  • RMCarpenter

    Why is Jay dressed like a Social Studies Teacher?

  • sepiajack

    So was this the prototype for Best of the Worst?

  • adanmgarcia

    You guys are retarded.

  • Marijana

    It’s pronounced YOVOVITCH, sorry just a pet peeve.

    Great review otherwise.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    I was just thinking that.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    Why is Rich wearing an enormous, red jacket vest? Why is Mike wearing a straw hat and Hawaiian shirt? Because they can.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    You should put up a download of Rich Evans’ laughter, because I want it as a ringtone on my phone. Seriously. I’m not joking.

  • RMCarpenter

    Yeah, but Mike and Rich look perfectly normal in that. Jay looks like he’s playing dress-up. It just seemed funny.

  • The grating laughter really adds nothing to this review… It’s damn annoying.

  • BDeanMiami

    Say what you want about his laugh but I think it would be awesome and hilarious to sit through a ridiculous movie with these guys.. That said, I would be embarrassed as hell if i went to the theater with Rich in the group

  • steve

    Nah, it was digital, and they forgot to put the stream on the wide shots.

  • Rob

    I like Rich Evans, but his laughter ruins some of these reviews. I mean this in the least offensive way possible; more of just a notification to him.

  • Taft you FUCK

    Get out.

  • Taft you FUCK

    You get out too.

  • joe

    Get Out Jew*

  • AlcaldeEste

    Resident Evil the games have some of the worst writing in the history of anything. The plots make no sense, the dialogue is corny beyond belief, and the actors … oh my God, the actors. That’s the true horror of the Resident Evil series, that someone would make a movie that was faithful to the games.
    Jill: “Oh, Barry!”
    Barry: “That was too close. You were almost a Jill Sandwich!”
    Paul W.S. Anderson: “Even I can write better than that…”

  • Stonewall

    Well first and foremost, it’s his laugh, and that’s the way it is. I don’t know any other way to put that. I mean, he laughs the way he laughs, just like all of us have our own unique little laughs. How can you tell a human to laugh differently? It’s like telling someone to change how their voice sounds, or change the color of their eyes, or change how their face looks. It’s just the way they are, and that’s that. You can’t just “notify” him that you find his laugh offensive or irritating or any other adjective, and expect him to just say “Oh, sorry my good sir, I’ll laugh differently next time.” And you honestly think throughout his life he hasn’t had some jackass say something to him about his laugh in person?

    Secondly, honestly it used to annoy me too, and I thought it ruined the videos. But now, I love it. It really grows on you. Every now and again I kind of think in some of the videos Rich’s laughs do sound a bit forced, as if he’s just trying to laugh for the sound bit, but again, that could just be his unique laugh as a human. But seriously, after a while, it grows on you. And now I find Rich’s laugh to be great, I hardly notice it in any form other than a person laughing, and I find it seriously contagious, and I laugh when he does. And I’ve come to really love the way he laughs. So like I said, at one point a long time ago it annoyed the ever-living shit out of me, and I just couldn’t stand it, and thought it ruined the videos. But just give it a little while, it’ll grow on you and you’ll find yourself liking it and laughing along with him before too long.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Barry: “Here’s a lockpick. It might be handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.”

  • Andrew Herlihy

    While they are cracking up during the last fight scene in pt. 1 I was just staring at the screen while my jaw was hanging from my face in disbelief. Was that all unedited? (the fight scene in the white room)

  • littlemisspiss

    fuck you everyone loves rich

  • Rosy Abate

    Nah, it’s real. And I can relate. We saw RE5 last year and it snapped our brain. It was the first time I’ve ever laughed AT a movie in a movie theater. I was literally on the floor with tears in my eyes… I honestly hope they’ll make 10 more of these. I wanna know how far they can take this shit.

  • guyinthehat

    While I’ll be one of the first to defend video games, Resident Evil is not a good example. The concept is good but the writing is absolutely dreadful and it takes itself way too seriously. That’s what put RE4 on the top for me, because it seemed to be the only entry in the franchise that was self-aware. Sure the characters are more developed than the ones in the films but they’re still pretty bland.

    The later examples you use -sans Solid Snake and the characters in Heavy Rain- are much better arguments for the medium’s integrity.

  • guyinthehat

    You guys should release all the footage from the RE marathon either as it is now with the film playing on the bottom of the screen or as a commentary track.

  • TapewormBike

    Anybody saying shit about Rich and his laugh should get a pizza roll.

  • In this episode, Mike and Jay have a Ba-guilt problem.

  • Lit Like a Firework

    Its not a laugh, its a laugh-gasm.

  • dennis larsen

    such a good game and such a bad film!

  • Rene Lora

    It took me months to realize the prank caller is Rich Evans …

  • Thanatos2k

    Resident Evil the games have become like Resident Evil the movies – awful stories, retarded characters, nonsensical plotlines, and laugh inducing voice acting.

    So yeah, this probably wasn’t a good example when trying to claim how good video games are.

  • Thanatos2k

    Resident Evil 6….

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Moot point because I’d rather watch the opening scene from the original Resident Evil game on repeat for 2 hours than watch a single minute from any of the movies.

    Need I say more.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Can’t argue there. I just hear the guys use the term “video game character” a lot. I just chose to rant here πŸ™‚

  • guyinthehat

    You know… you’re absolutely right. That opening sequence surpasses all of the Resident Evil flicks in terms of entertainment value. Plus we’ve got infamous lines like “Jill sandwich” and “master of unlocking.” I stand corrected-ish lol.

  • Patrick

    What? The characters in Heavy Rain are all horrible stereotypes with little to no characterization beyond their role in the story. David Cage may put narrative before gameplay, but that doesn’t mean the writing is actually any good.

  • guyinthehat

    Hence the reason I said “sans Solid Snake and the characters in Heavy Rain”. I’m aware that Heavy Rain is not well written.

  • Patrick

    Oops. Well, I guess I just revealed that I don’t know how “sans” is generally used.

  • Joshua Barkdull

    I wish Mike and Jay could set up a deal with a local theater that would let them film themselves watching movies in the theater. Maybe a special sponsorship where they can come in after hours, have the theater to themselves and just film their reactions.

  • TapewormBike

    Is Mike in the watching the movie scenes going for Andrew Garfield look from Social Network?:)

  • TapewormBike

    To be honest, direct adaptation of the game storyline would be really bad, you really would have to go for a bit of a horror camp vibe, because characters and dialogue in the games is just atrocious. I really liked 4, obviously, because it has the best gameplay, most wtf moments and it really does nt take itself seriously at all.

  • Alex


  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    How much characterization do you need in a movie/game? Just because we don’t know what cereal they eat for breakfast or which is their preferred brand of toilet paper, doesn’t mean there’s no characterization. That game is FILLED with indirect characterization. Albeit, it is a game so facial nuances and mannerisms are hard to define, but they are there.

    Effective characterization gives you as much information as you need to make it believable that this character is in this situation and would act as such.

    This isn’t Forest Gump. We don’t need to go back throughout their entire life to understand ones character.

  • TapewormBike



    watch that and then watch Mike:)

  • Zigga

    I’m recording rich evan’s laugh and making it my alert tone for everything. phone calls, text, alarm. rich evans.

  • stripeyunderpants

    Holy shit, that’s a great idea!

  • Darren Higham

    I thought Resident Evil: Retribution was a lot like Underworld Awakening. Both had the main leather clad female ass kicker suddenly being handed a teenage “daughter” to look after, both had giant versions of a monster from past movies (giant Licker for RE and a giant Lycan for Underworld) and both were shot in 3D

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Haha, Oh Mike and Jay are my best friends, I know them!!!!

  • Alex Lee

    I also want to point out that even in the context of over the top Matrix fight scenes, the live action version looks terrible. There’s no gravity or tension in the live action version. At least in the original game, stuff looks like it hurts, which is more than I can say for the live action version.

    Oh, I had to turn the sound off in order to bear watching it.


  • ScottMintred

    This is the second time that Rich Evan’s laugh has caught the attention of other people at my office. It’s highly undesirable when I’m trying to fucking waste time by not doing work.

  • Ryan Menchion

    I really enjoy these episodes

  • SkaMP

    He went full Stoklasa

  • Xavier

    I watch the series mainly for Mila doing some aerobatic a$$kicking, though the series is way past its prime. Next they’ll be introducing time travel or terminators (though the time for robot on zombie on human warfare seems to have long been past in a burnt out world).

  • elgatoblanco

    I like the films. I’m a fan of the games and have always felt that these movies wouldn’t have much to offer to people who don’t play the games. I didn’t like that they invented this ‘Alice’ ‘character’ who wasn’t in the games at all but at least Milla’s non-acting doesn’t distract from the rest of the films. She’s kind of like Keanu Reeves, just a blank slate that slightly reflects the rest of the movie.

  • Patrick

    I’ve heard some fans of the Resident Evil games complain that the movies suck, but a lot of the points Jay and Mike make about the films are easily as applicable to the games.

  • Jason

    yeah, that’s the point: these movies have the plot and character development of a video game. it’s basically like watching a 2 hour Let’s Play video of a game you can’t actually play yourself, and without any interesting commentary on the gameplay (in other words, minus the reasons people actually watch Let’s Plays).
    now imagine this Let’s Play cost $60 million to make and they’re charging $20 to go see it, and you have the Resident Evil franchise in a nutshell.

  • NotRickBerman

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Alex Lee

    True, but even the games have more interesting characters than the movie. Let’s compare…

    RE4 Leon S. Kennedy
    -wanna-be ladies man

    Ada Wong
    -Femme Fatale
    -has a soft spot for Leon

    -I don’t remember that character.

  • It’s just a reference to a Plikett review.

  • ThatGuy

    The Goongus?

  • Justin Lee

    Rich Evans ftw

  • UnderBlackFlags

    This is the absolute funniest episode I’ve ever seen RLM do. Bravo!

  • Adam Cleverley

    Rich, Mike, Jay I am re-watching again. Because its FUCKING AWESOME!

    How do i know? BECUASE I SOLD IT YOU, YOU FUCK!

  • xalener

    “is there anything less cool than a movie soundtrack trying to sound like rock?”
    DOOM had better be an acception, cuz as terrible as that movie was… god damn it’s soundtrack was good.

  • xalener

    “is there anything less cool than a movie soundtrack trying to sound like rock?”
    DOOM had better be an exception, cuz as terrible as that movie was… god damn its soundtrack was good.

  • Just dropping by again for a giggle…

  • DanceK

    Alice’s character is the bumbling sidekick… she is prissy… she is the comic relief… a thief with a heart of gold, that is her character.

  • Robby

    Well yeah, cause Clint Mansell does fucking amazing scores. The Fountain had what was probably my favorite soundtrack of all time.


  • mine too^^

  • VvdD


  • Bubs

    She’s Liam Neeson… with the beard.

  • NotRickBerman

    We need a commentary track for this series.

  • WJF

    You’ve gotta be crapping my balls.

  • fuckstick

    By cracky!!!

  • harry

    god the fourth one was so, so bad. It’s just a bunch of paper thin characters fucking around in a prison for almost the entire movie, barely anything interesting happens, and you see a zombie for like 5 seconds.

  • Brundlefly

    About the shower scene in Afterlife; the water is in the shot the whole time it’s just faded against the column – you can see the splash at the bottom of the stream except for when the floor is out of the shot, in which case its still there. It’s easier to see in the close up side shot because; 1 its closer, and 2 the shot is angled at a light source which brightens the water.


  • JAY!! At 20:42 of Part 1, I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW, why did you say “Oh no, K-Mart!”

    Is it because that you guys joked about the actress looking like a K-Mart model? is it her clothes? Or something else??! I NEED TO KNOW!!

  • ChimChamChum

    2:05 is what you’re looking for. It’s a callback.

  • Miranda

    Yeah that doesn’t make any sense. He’s saying Walmart took over the world, and then “Oh, no K-Mart” at the blond chick? I want this answered!!!!

  • GBJoker

    It’s the character’s name. In the third movie she said that since the world ended, she could name herself whatever she wanted, and decided on “K-Mart.” Weird and dumb, I know…

  • Foreman 371

    A RE movie shouldn’t be like a cheap action flick. The very first thing we do in Resident Evil is INVESTIGATE. Police work. It should be slow, methodical. There should be a crime (murdered people), a secret (the mansion and Umbrella) and a revelation (the lab, the monster and the traitor). Churches, graveyards, wood decorated rooms. That’s what we want to see. No mobile phones ofc. And classic music only.

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