Half in the Bag: The People vs. George Lucas and Star Wars discussion

September 16, 2011


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Our thanks to Alexandre Philippe for coming on the show. You can find out more about his film The People vs. George Lucas at www.peoplevsgeorge.com.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/garth.gordon.richards Garth Richards

    when is part 2 ??

  • Grand Sorcerer

    Part 2….? Bueller? Anybody?

  • http://www.facebook.com/cole.christie.31 Cole Christie

    the thing is part two was a youtube upload when redlettermedia was making videos with machinema. . . there partnership is now terminated so. . .

  • Finster

    I think this blip video includes both parts.

  • bac
  • http://www.davidbrin.com David Brin (author)

    Get the book that inspired it all! STAR WARS ON TRIAL.


  • http://www.ebagpictures.com Gabriel Robinson

    …If Phillippe says “You know” one more god damn time, I will go fucking insane…

  • Jack P. Coleman

    So glad I discovered this movie at the library a few years ago.

  • Andrew Thompson.

    i prefer the XXX parody ‘Starwars BEHIND bars.’

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