Half in the Bag: The People vs. George Lucas and Star Wars Discussion PART 2

September 21, 2011

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    I think one thing that doesn’t quite get touched on in this AWESOME two part review is the legacy of various cast and crew members that George Lucas disrespects or outright abolishes in favor of his masturbatory misguided tweaking of the films. No doubt there were ILM crew members, technicians and artists who labored greatly for Lucas’ vision only to have their work changed or eliminated by Lucas decades later. Then there’s someone like Sebastian Shaw, who played Anakin in Jedi. Now he only plays half of Anakin (and in a way that makes no sense). And whoever did the voice of Boba Fett also had their contribution to Star Wars eliminated by Lucas in favor of a retcon New Zealander. It’s a disgraceful, dishonorable thing that George is doing to people who tried to help him achieve his visions. He should be ashamed.

  • Toffoli_73

    Jason Wingreen was the voice of Boba Fett. His ice cold delivery of a mere four lines of dialogue made that character iconic.

  • Michael Mercuri

    Holy shit that’s Jay in front of my local post office and bank that’s across the street from my school!

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    Compare Jay here to now… that’s some real thinspo!

  • diamond

    no he should not you entitled fanboy.

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