Half in the Bag: The Hangover Part III and After Earth

June 6, 2013488 Comments

In the epic conclusion to Half in the Bag’s “Hipster Trilogy,” Mike and Jay discuss the “final” Hangover film (unless it makes a ton of money and a Hangover part IV is rushed into production) as well as After Earth, the latest collaboration of two of cinema’s finest: M. Night Shyamalan and Will Smith.

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  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Half in the Baaaaag, its good to be alive again

  • TD

    Remember when Will Smith said WELCOME TO EARF in Independence Day? No, me neither.

  • Hobo with a laptop


  • Jay Pops

    No Fast Six review?

  • You guys should check out screenwriter Craig Mazin’s Scriptnotes-Podcast he does with John August.

    It’s beyond me, how this guy can review other people’s scripts and give advice. There’s an episode, shortly after Identity Thief came out (which he also wrote), on which he talks about, how he dealt with bad reviews. Testscreenings were supposedly great, so he really had high hopes. It’s kind of heartbreaking. In a silly way.

    On the latest episode he admits to not having read the reviews for The Hangover III.

    On another note: I actually liked the first Hangover, but the second and third one seemed to go from “raunchy” to “angry”.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    He hasn’t read the reviews for The Hangover III because he knows exactly what they’re gonna say (it stinks)

  • bizy

    You have a fan in fucking Croatia. Be proud of yourself. Or don’t.

  • I am & I don’t know these guys

  • FAST AND FURIOUS 6 and the “Fast” Franchise is perfect for Half in the Bag. VIN DIESEL DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT LOGIC AND PHYSICS.

  • Pizza Roll

    Can’t M. Night Shamalamaman just walk into the Arctic and die already?

  • the twist
  • slovenac

    Hrvat a ?
    Ima nas dosta sa Balkana ovde .

  • Sander Huissen

    Nice episode guys

  • Day_is_Over

    You were too kind to After Earth. What a mess.

  • Jing Li

    I watched the first 20 minutes of the first flick… lost interest

  • Jing Li

    God, it’s nice to know there’s still some intelligence in the world!

  • Mike Newman

    I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Mike Stoklasa is a genius. The other guy is good, too.

  • biyz

    Nisam imao pojma. super hehe

  • bizy

    You are what? Proud or Croatian?

  • bizy

    I was shoked by the fact that Jay’s mustaches weren’t real.

  • dafuq

    I can understand why there’s not an Android app yet. But why the fuck to you block it on mobile browsers?! That’s just rubbing salt in the wound.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Nice Elvis glasses Mike!

  • jt

    When’s the next Plinkett review you hack-frauds!

  • rikkibarnes

    Question about The Hangover III…

    Do they even get hung over?

  • Mike Newman

    I just watched it in Chrome for iOS. It doesn’t play on Android?

  • The Goo Experience

    There used to be a cream-filled hole in my body, but lately, about a week ot be exact, it’s been as empty as truck without gasoline, a pelican without eyes, a sauce without any Italian flavors… It has tormented my horns like an electric fence but now, after I suddenly see a new Half in the Bag posted, that hole is filled with cream of criticism again. It’s like having a half a bag with you, only to complete the bag with destiny during every passing minute as I watch your review of Hangover part IV. Pelican has it’s eyes a can, giving it freedom to fly towards…. the review of the critically acclaimed movie: Meet the Smiths, After Earth.

  • Your comparison of M. Night Shamu the Whale to Uwe Boll is an insult to Herr Boll, sirs

  • Close2theEdge

    Mike and Jay, please, for the love of all that is holy, please review After Last Season on Best of the Worst. It is by far, the worst, weirdest example of money laundering ever to be created on screen. Here’s the site http://www.afterlastseason.com/‎

  • Simon Aiken

    Oh you just know Harry has to review M. Night’s body of work now… “dismembering” The Happening and The Last Air Bender.

  • SpaceCop2ElectricBoogaloo

    people who liked Baps might like the Hangover 3: After Will Smith Goes To BOA Earth

  • Joecrapspants

    Nice touch with Eddie Murphy party all the time. Also, for the love of god please get a different advertiser, who the hell watches Bravo?

  • guest

    The reference to Plinkett’s stomping grounds of New Jersey maybe.

  • Gozer

    Oh hey, you guys drink Bawls

  • UCWhatIDidThere

    It’s nice to see Obsidian Jones’ mustache make a cameo. If only the character himself would now. It would a piece of solid motherfuckin’ comedy gold.

  • UnShame

    36:30 Did you really need to leave that fucking song playing on the background for a little longer? DID YOU?

  • thomas040

    I actually liked Jaden Smiths acting, and thus this is the first time I’m not agreeing with your review. But I enjoyed half in the bag as much as any episode. Please keep them coming. I’d pay for it if I could.!

  • Edyed

    When is the review of the Rains of Castamere coming out?

  • S G

    Damn.. you beat me to the Eddie Murphy thing.

    Nice touch, indeed.

  • Bizy

    Jade will become a drug addicted hobo by the age of 25.

    It’s gonna be great.

  • boo hoo
  • splimis

    I dunno, I almost burst into laughter when I saw the space chopsticks in the beginning of AE.

  • Jay

    How much do I need to pay to never watch another fucking Jersey Housewives commercial?

  • Silly

    Use Blip on Android silly to watch the vids

  • Bob665

    I’ve watched several movies on your recommendation before, but this is
    a first. I saw part of the first Hangover movie when it was playing on TV. I
    watched the first half hour before giving up out of boredom. I had zero interest
    in the second one but after seeing your review I think it would be kind of
    interesting to watch a movie where the director is poking fun at his earlier
    movies. That said I don’t actually want to watch it, but I want to have watched
    it. It’s very strange.

    As for After Earth well I don’t hold out hope for science fiction movies. I
    love science fiction but a good science fiction movie is such a rare

    Finally I must thank this web series. I had a garage sale last weekend and
    after watching one of your episodes I actually thought of putting out my old VHS
    tapes for a quarter. Believe it or not a hipster pair showed up and bought a

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Was this directly before or directly after punching an alien in the face? I forget.

  • Paul Schumann

    THIS. ugh I had to sit through 3 already. I don’t mind ads but this is the worst.

  • Ozrin

    Loved the episode. The Hangover Part III review got me interested. Not interested enough to see it anytime soon, but someday I might watch it. I was actually surprised when I saw that it was in theaters as I hadn’t heard anything about it at all. I guess I’m out of the loop.

    From that interview clip it seems that Jaden might know what’s going on, but he just stays quiet so his dad won’t have a breakdown. Will looks and sounds like he’s desperately trying to find words to use in a horrible lie that he’s forced himself to believe is true. Also his wife can’t sing worth crap. They didn’t even try to make her sound good. Sort of surprising with the use of autotune these days.

  • Day_is_Over

    I don’t get people who don’t love The Hangover. People who hate it just appear to be contrarians. Oh it’s popular so you know…I don’t like it. And then for a moment you become the very hipster douche bags you’re making fun of.

  • Day_is_Over

    Yeah life is so hard. Having to watch ads. My god…compared to the worlds problems we have it the worst.

  • Cayetano

    Da jednog, lol

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Mike’s fleeting british accent… I really want Sid to be reprised.

  • Holy fuck
    I had never seen any of the music videos from the Smith family outside of Will. Jaden walking around saying Hello hello, Willow repeating I whip my hair back and forth, and Jada’s hilarious attempt at singing were the comedic highlights of this review.

  • Constantine1985

    “Hey… asshole!” Hahaha. The Hipster Trilogy was great. MOAR!!

  • It was ok… I don’t think it was good enough to deserve two sequels


    Spotted Cow? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

  • Joe Bloggs

    How much for no more TalkTalk ads?

  • Mike Newman

    Not all Redlettermedia vids show up in the mobile apps.

  • Pasteface

    You’re comparing apples to oranges. The relation between wanting to pay to remove terrible ads and life being hard through-out the world is childish.

    Kill yourself.

  • blah blah blah

    Yeah.O.k. for one time viewing.More than that it just becomes meh.Did not watch the sequels.I don’t find any of these people that funny in the context of the movie to have to watch it more than once.
    Galanifuckingbeercans is sometimes funny in his other stuff but I don’t find him that funny as a movie person thing.
    Can’t stand Bradley Doucher in this set up.He’s o.k. in his more dramatic other stuff.Midnight meat train is good.Haven’t seen silver linings comic book but I hear it’s an overrated new version of politically correct “retard overcomes obstacles/ romantic drama comedy” movie,they don’t portray mental disorders accurately ,they romanticize the shit out of it when in real life it’s not fun at all.
    I will stop rambling now.

  • bald fat looser

    Who’s that hipster chick?
    “my mom was born in 1983”
    God .I am so old.

  • another asshole

    The link does not work asshole.

  • it’s just a stupid joke

    SRBIJA DO TOKIA! …uh …wait

  • just a comment

    For some reason after reading this comment i i suddenly feel the need to take a shower.Especially after the “filled with cream” part.

  • playdude92 .

    DeNiro, Pacino and now John Goodman… What´s it with these once great actors starring in shit?!
    Don´t they all have more money than they can spend? ARE THEY ALL SECRET IDIOTS OR SECRET ASSHOLES?

  • Juan Ricardo

    20:50 priceless!

  • lol
  • durhay

    Eagle Man has something for you

  • Bris Ben

    ‘Hey asshole’ … ‘What?’ That whole interaction made my lungs calapse

  • Memoman

    The Hangover is a comedy made for the still cognitively functional elements of the current ADD young-adult generation.

  • Dean

    Oh sure they say it’s the Hipster Trilogy now, I bet Part IV will be along soon enough. Hack frauds.

  • tjp77

    Sooooo, who’s the hipster girl?

  • arjumand

    “A Will Smith Inaction movie” – I just cracked up at that one!

    Re. the acting – obviously Jaden can’t act, and he’s doing his best, I guess (Mike playing Will Smith the overbearing paterfamilias made me laugh so much I missed a few minutes and had to go back), but Will Smith can act, after a fashion, so what went wrong?

    Surprise surprise, I’m putting the blame on M. Night. I think he must give instructions to actors to blandify ? homogenize? their performance or something. Or he just doesn’t guide them at all. I’ve only watched the Rifftrax of The Last Airbender and the Happening, and in the latter, Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel were just terrible. And they’re good in other things, so what happened? The Curse of M. Night Shyamalan, that’s what.

    Plus the fact that only a planet-sized ego like Will Smith’s thinks that he and his untalented son can carry an entire movie. Whatever, dude.

  • coyoterys

    I can’t wait for After Bearth on DVD, just to read the critically acclaimed quotes on the back of the box.

    “This movie sucked my balls!” – Mike Stoklasa RLM

  • lemonaidez

    Glad to hear you liked The Happening – which is clearly one of the best comedies of all time.

  • John Depp

    Living near Chicago I actually remember seeing the Eagleman commercials on TV. Eagleman was not the only commercial like that. 🙁

  • Benedict from Shrewsbury

    more British accents!!

  • lemonaidez

    People who don’t like what I like are hipsters.
    Also, this just in: The word “hipster” just lost all meaning.

  • http://xkcd.com/1220/
  • fukdis

    fukthjisshitt whensthe next plinket review??????????

  • Jordan

    20. 10. It has found you.

  • Jared Lanham

    “Hey…Asshole!” Thank you for that line….snot flew out of nose at work….thanks a lot!

  • RainbowNoodleWarrior

    No, that’s why it’s bizarre to call it that. In my opinion though, like Jay said, as a standalone movie it wasn’t bad.

  • The Goo Experience

    I understand.

  • A.H.

    EAGLEMAN! Yes! “Wooow… look at those looow raaates….”

  • Romeo

    This is a good example of suffering for your art.

    PBR is the worst beer ever. I’m fond of calling it premium marigold brew, as it tastes like boiled weeds. And i have friends that drink it normally -_-

  • Guest Guester

    The best Night Court ending of time!! Awesome!

  • LeGrand

    ‘Hipsters’: in certain parts of London we call them ‘Shoreditch Twats’.

  • The Winged Avenger

    After Arse.. Another lame duck from that famous hack fraud M Night Shamalamadingdong.

  • arekexcelsior

    You know, Jaden was really good in Karate Kid. It’s probably just shitty direction.

  • I suspect it’s like killing a man. The first time you do it you lose a piece of your soul – you’re wracked with guilt, and will likely vomit uncontrollably. But then it gets easier and easier to star in Meet the Fockers and Adam Sandler flicks.

  • bizy
  • dongs

    Ads for The Real Housewives of New Jersey every time. Blip sure knows your audience.

  • wait, you mean hipsters are not people with fake hips?

  • Guus van Voorst

    And the best part is, they still have a reserve tape in case it needs to be blown up again.
    Oh Mike, your awkwardness is still hilarious…

  • hipsters
  • hipsters
  • epigeios

    No wonder I liked the father-son dynamic in After Earth. It was actually realistic, especially for a kid that age.
    I actually liked the movie because of that dynamic. It’s rare to see a kid who is written as a kid, and a father who is written as a father.

    Unfortunately, it seems like everything I liked about the movie was done on accident, while I thought it was on purpose.

  • Geoffy Geoffy Geoff Geoff

    Jay the tash really suits you. And the hat. I’m not gay.

  • hipsters
  • panzi

    1983? That’s the year when I was born!


    I would rather shove razor blades up my asshole than watch that show

  • Night Court

    Jackie Chan was really good in Karate Kid. Jaden just bathed in his acting goodness.

    If Will Smith wouldn’t play a robot in After Earth it might have worked again.

  • Grant Butler

    The Hangover 3 started well IMO, it quick;y turned to shit however…

  • Robby

    Diggin’ Mike’s gross depression beard.

    When is the next Dudebros episode?

  • s

    Looks like someone’s got a case of the not gays.

  • Bob JaBopistan

    There is something more valuable to a celebrity than money, and that is noteworthiness.

  • ohmygawd

    And I would rather watch you shove razor blades up your asshole than watch that show.

  • ohmygawd

    He was nowhere near the original karate kid,Daniel-san.

    What ever happened to that guy?

  • Grant Butler

    Jaden Smith was good in that Karate Kid remake. I know a lot of people will hate that movie and I can safely say I will never watch it again or care it existed…. however I will feel that way about 99% of the movies I watch. I thought he was a good actor in that movie, especially for a kid and it was a good remake, especially for a film that wasn’t amazing in the first place.

  • Grant Butler

    I liked The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs….

    After that his movies were like the same but he was always on holiday while some team were making them…. I don’t understand how he went from 3 very good movies to creating shit. I mean The Village was ok………. however no one I know liked it like he previous 3 films. Then after that everyone thought each movie was dog shit.

    I don’t understand it, maybe he just doesn’t care any more.

  • The Pandaman


  • Mariani

    You haven’t mentioned the atrocity that was The Last Airbender, so I’m now assuming you’ll review sooner or later.
    Is not like you can ignore it. Such a thing just stays burned in our memory.
    Anyway, I don’t really pay any attention to celebrities, so that was an interesting insight on Will. Although it was kind of sad. But… is he really a bad actor?
    I remember seeing The Pursuit of Happiness and thinking that he did a good job on that.

  • In order to do a Plinkett review of Shyamlan’s The Last Airbender justice they would need to know / care about the original animated series. Somehow I doubt they have seen it. It seems much more likely Plinkett will review the Matrix sequels or something else a bit more mainstream.

  • not really angry but still…

    Fuck the Matrix sequels.I hope he does not even mention them once in the new review.

    And go make these stupid ass comments speculating about what the fuck he will review next into that idiot comment section under the star trek into reference video.Both of you.

    The fuck.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Mr Jay, saying everything Richard Kelly has done since Donnie Darko is awful garbage, or whatever you said with your words, is an understandable opinion. But Southland Tales is a defiantly more ambitious film than Jack & Jill, so it deserves your respect, at least. I smirk. The Box, well… honestly, if you’re one of those people who find an ambitious throwback to an old Twilight Zone episode that offensive, in a world where Adam Sandler does stuff for money, you should probably stop watching Adam Sandler movies. I smirk even louder. Ha!

  • Mr Flibble

    Will Smiths performance in this movie reminded me of Samuel L Jackson in the Star Wars prequels. Will should know where his talents lie, and make movies that reflect them. I’m not saying he should just make comedies, but lets face it, no-one wants to see Will Smith being boring.

  • Mark Bisone

    He can star in “The Hangover Part 8: The Hangovering.”

  • Meester Smeeth

    Mr Flibble says, “Game over, boys.”

  • ohmygawd

    I prefer him in his more serious roles..with obvious exception of this movie which I won’t even bother to watch…his over the top shuckin n jiving stick is really annoying and for some reason he feels the need to include it in his every comedic role..and sometimes serious roles too which just ruines the character he is playing…he is a decent actor when he is not forcing on the audience how much a cool and awesome dude he is.
    Ego is a bitch.

  • Richard Head

    The original Die Hard was actually a script to another movie too, not just the sequels. In fact, it was the originally the sequel to Commando, but Arnold was all, “Fuck this movie.” And they rewrote it into Die Hard.

    As far as After Earth is concerned. I kind of imagine Will Smith being like that old businessman who wound up being a producer in Ed Wood. “I want the movie to end with a huuuuuuuuge explosion!”

  • Mariani

    I can see where you are coming from and I agree with you, but even without the needed context that that cartoon would bring to the table, The Last Airbender is still an outright failure.
    Source material or not, it has bad-everything, and it deserves some pizza rolls.

  • girugamesh

    I actually want to see both of these now

  • I don’t really care what he reviews next. At this point I prefer HITB anyway.

  • Ryan

    Plinkett should review After Earth. He can open with:

    “After Earth stars the after birth of Jada Pinkett Smith.”

  • Ragnvaldr

    dear God, Will Smith is Citizen Kane

  • Captain Obvious

    Signs is fucking retarded for countless reasons. Oh well, I won’t judge.

  • Hey Asshole

    Go back to Twitter asshole.

  • Rene Lora

    ing they talk about how absent M. Night’s name was from the advertising. People know to avoid him by this point I guess.

  • narciso

    No, it was an adaptation of a Roderick Thorp novel from the 70s, Gruber was a terrorist in the original but he was more idealist, than the movie version,

  • CantBanThis

    Not really. It was an awful movie, familiarity or not.

  • aaron johnson

    Holy shit. You just blew my mind.

  • Alex

    You don’t know. tjp77 could be a secret lesbian.

  • aaron johnson

    The newer ones should. It’s really old videos and really long videos where things get choppy.

  • infernocanuck

    Southland Tales is bad and you should feel bad.

  • infernocanuck

    Happy 30th birthday, Grandpa

  • Manioc

    I’ve read that he does exactly that, forces everyone to be extremely muted. Because the last thing you want is to have your actors act.

  • Michael Jay Roper

    Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time was playing in the background if anyone watching was curious.

  • Bob

    Jay in a stache and cowboy hat… yummy!

  • Richard Head
  • Nick Q

    Brilliant episode, love you guys!

  • Percy Gryce

    Is Jade the wife or the son?

  • Percy Gryce

    Has anyone noticed that Mike walks really and exaggeratedly slowly? What the hell is he doing–conserving calories?

  • Percy Gryce

    Mike Stoklasa: “It’s gonna be about getting raped by a transsexual hooker with AIDS. Like, okay, I guess that’s funny.”

    What do you mean, you guess?

  • Percy Gryce
  • Percy Gryce

    They need bigger headstones.

  • bizy

    The son. Jada will become a pornostar in japanese tentacle porn.
    They will have talent in everything they do.

  • JRNiggerton

    >in cowboy hat

    Ahww yeeeah

  • Percy Gryce

    Thank you, Shazam.

  • Percy Gryce

    There’s an unofficial Android app. Works pretty well.

  • mk741

    Now Ed and Mike are one.

  • shame on you RLM

    You were way to nice to that piece of a turd movie After Earth.

  • true story

    Move to an another country. Blip does not serve ads for me.

  • Percy Gryce

    Not really.

  • i know that shit

    That’s technically impossible bald fat looser.

  • European beer rules

    Any American mass produced beer is shit. When I’ve visited ze America I’ve tried them. Cat piss tastes better, no to mention there is hardly any alcohol there…

  • Percy Gryce
  • or pick a name

    You mean kung fu kid, right? He was an average at best there.

  • i love peace

    All Balkan so called countries are a violetn shithole. It is like what, 20 years have passed since you guys were commiting genocide against each other? Fuck you all.

  • ssss

    Signs had a potential to be a great movie. I was quite excited when I’ve seen the trailers. That whole sings in the fields mystery, Mel Gibson – who I admire as an actor etc. But then… Then the movie came out and it was just so bad and stupid. Like the aliens running around butt naked when water is leathal to them. It’s not even the thing that why would they invade a planet, where there is like 70% of water on it, but even the simplest thing… FUCKING RAIN. You are a race that mastered interstellar travel, and go to a planet surface where a slight rain could damage you without any sort of a environemnt suit? WTF…

  • mk741

    Was anyone else perturbed by how far apart Will Smith’s eyes are in that interview? (ignoring his empty pretentious babbling about why his vanity project is “artistic”)

    Anyway, all you really need to do is take a gander at Jaden’s constantly resentful/ irritated expression he has throughout clips for After Birth and that telling interview.

    That tells you how much he enjoys being an actor.

  • infernocanuck

    It’s for humor.

  • mk741

    Cowboy hats AND Pabst blue ribbon?

    Your Lynchian erection is showing Jay.

  • whip

    When Mike said “After Birth 3: Electric Boogaloo” for some reason I thought he said “Half-Life 3: Electric Boogaloo” and it occurred to me that would be a great title if Valve ever actually makes it.

  • lemonaidez

    I didn’t like The Sixth Sense. Maybe the movie just doesn’t work if you already know the twist. I don’t know. But there was so much stupid stuff in it. Ah,whatever.

    For me, M Night Shyamabandan proved his comedic talent with The Happening.

  • Mark Bisone

    Here’s to your fuck.

  • proghead777

    Ever notice the weird way that a negative Half in the Bag review is completely indistinguishable from a positive Half in the Bag review, right up until the point where they state whether or not they recommend the movie?

  • sunpapushi

    Being ambitious doesn’t excuse Southland Tales and the Box from being shit films.

  • Kevin

    You really shouldn’t look at it as “negative” or “positive” because sometimes there just isn’t any way to look at a movie other than to be observant and analytical. Jay and Mike are already filmmakers so you’re going to get a filmmaker’s perspective which differs compared to that of an ordinary critic. Because in the end, I highly doubt these guys care whether the movie was good or not. This negative tone you seem to sense may probably just be the fact that Mike is a huge cynic which affects the show. But then again, I may be wrong, but that’s just what I get from it.


    Be nice to Jay. He would love a movie you might star in someday.

  • I’ve got something for you

    Oh shit you guys saw the Eagleman commercials too? I didn’t think they’d make it up to Milwaukee.

  • William Shakesman

    You watch them? I wander off and come back 25-30 seconds later.

  • William Shakesman

    If you didn’t watch the cartoon, it’s a bad movie.

    If you did, it’s a TRAVESTY.

    That’s the difference in the movies that Plinkett reviews. It has to be a travesty to the fans.

    And if they didn’t watch the cartoon then they can’t explain why it’s so bad.

  • Kid? I’m 35
  • Alcoholic Pervert

    Sixth Sense was good.
    Unbreakable is overrated.
    Signs is terrible.

    They’re right, he just lucked out into randomly creating a good movie.

  • mk741

    I figured it was clip from Rich Evans’ enormous stash of low-budget, 80s furry porn.


  • FUCKBOT 5000 mkII

    What an anti climactic ending. Where’s the epic battle at the end with hundreds and hundreds of computer generated warriors? Also, no one farted in the whole review. You guys are frauds. Unsubscribed!

  • guest

    LOL at Jada Plinkett-Smith and her “hardcore metal” band. Wow, each of those Smith family “music” clips is so damning and the Rebecca Black analogy is perfect. How much ego does it take as a parent to give your kid a horribly bastardized version of your own name–willow and jaden?

  • Day_is_Over

    People complain just about anything these days. A few seconds of an ad won’t kill you. And it pays for these guys to do their thing then I’ll watch every fucking add ten times. This shit aint free. I know the internet has told you different but yeah…people should be compensated for good entertainment.

  • DoctorKillpatient

    I love Signs.

    Yes, the premise is stupid. Aliens who can’t stand water conquer a planet that has 70% of its surface covered by water. Or some farmhouse in the middle of nowhere seems to be the epicenter of their attack. Even Battleship made more sense than this.

    But the last 10 minutes is masterpiece cinema.

    I love how all the story points and plot elements converge in one spot:
    A child with asthma
    Another child who complained about water tasting “funny”
    A loser brother who couldn’t swing his bat
    And the father who lost his stupid faith in god because of his wife’s death

    I love how they all stand still, stricken with fear. Add James Newton Howard’s music and impeccable camerawork and it will make you shit bricks.

    I can’t help myself. I want to hate it, but I can’t. Is there something wrong with me? Aaargh, am I insane with anger?

  • Day_is_Over

    You sure showed me.

  • stupidads

    lel ‘forcing’ people to watch ads, I choose what I want to have installed on my web browser if you are going to punish me for refusing which mind you is my right to refuse to watch ads then i will not watch your show anymore that simple, I advise you remove this restriction immediately.

  • Percy Gryce

    It’s the last 10 minutes that ruined Signs and exposed M. Night Shampoodingaling as a hack fraud.

    The whole idea that the dying wife’s prophetic last words would need to come so literally true is the idea of a child. The lack of understanding of metaphor and symbolism demonstrates an inversion and lack of sophistication. That ending sequence was like the Star Wars prequels: it showed, despite the technical sophistication, how bad the artist was and in fact retrospectively tainted his prior work. It makes Unbreakable look like Return of the Jedi, where you have a good story, but you also have a foretaste and preview of the shit that will follow in The Phantom Menace.

  • stupidcomment

    Nobody’s “forcing” you to watch ads, dipshit. You have the option of disabling adblock to support this show that you see to like, or you have the option of keeping adblock on and just waiting a little longer for the video to load. You say it’s your right to use adblock, and it’s Blip’s right to present their content in any way they see fit. I’m going to guess that you are completely unaware of what a hypocritical, entitled douchebag you sound like.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I didn’t say they weren’t shit, I said they were more ambitious than Jack & Jill.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I feel nothing.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    no1curr.go kill yourself.

  • scott

    Not a single sane man would turn down Jay in a 12 gallon hat and cowboy boots.

  • we are such assholes

    Not this shit again


    Every fucking comment thread under every fucking video.

    Or the Jessi controversy .

    Which ties into “womenz on the intertubez/feminzimnsnszz” controversy.

    Always some asshole with the need to rehash old shit.

  • idiot dillema

    Jada Plinkett-Smith.

    Does this somehow in marginally racist way explains Plinketts fondness for Black baby Jesus?

    Because even the slightest hint of possibility of racism is racist.

    I am an idiot when I wake up.

    Better go get my medicine.

  • grammar skillz

    But if they did that then they would be real hipsters since it would be done ironically.

  • grammar skillz

    Shhh.Don’t scare the children.
    The world is much simpler in black and white terms.Easier to deal with pointlessness of it all and the inevitability of death.

  • contrary hipster idiot

    Nah.This “electric boogaloo” stick is pretty hack.Unless you do it ironically .

  • can’t find relevant meme
  • parody?


  • dumbass

    Wut? Explain.

  • literal joe

    You are wrong.

    She could be 15,Her mom is 30 so she had her at 15.

    But that would make her white trash and not a real hipster,since those are usually spoiled privileged brats from upper middle class and higher.

  • you love dick

    Bad troll


  • Day_is_Over

    I’m not religious and I don’t believe in God or miracles. But I agree that last moment is pretty awesome. The idea that even the most meaningless events can have a meaning isn’t such a bad idea. And I can seperate my own beliefs and it’s pretty awesome to see this family come together in those final moments. The logic angered geeks but who cares what geeks think. It’s powerful cinema and I loved it.

    I love that aliens can be as stupid as humans. And that a wife’s final words saved her family. Shit that can only happen in movies.

  • Day_is_Over

    Ask geeks and nerds to believe in Superman and Batman, they have no problem. Ask them to accept that aliens are stupid and invade a planet with a substance they didn’t know can harm them…well that’s just unacceptable!!!

    Also it’s not the water that killed them its’ the germs in the water. It’s pretty much the same ending as War of the Worlds.

  • Stalin

    PLEASE someone must know the name of this qt 3.14 hipster girl… i NEED to ask her to me my waifu and send me pictures of her feet… does anyone have her Facebook or Twitter name? PLEASE RESPOND

  • Right_Bastard

    I turned off my adblocker to watch your video, as per your suggestion (so you can get paid). I sat through the ad, but the pop-ups every minute were unbearable.

  • filibusterz

    He didn’t punch it in the face. He punched it in the exoskeleton. Which still knocked it… which made no damn sense.

  • filibusterz

    It makes me nostalgic for the Denny’s commercial about the two nitwits eating bacon.

    Mmmmm… bacon.

  • sepiajack

    Yeah if anything I think the main thing Mike and Jay are against is internet Hyperbole, and hyperbole in general, and the ridiculous notion that message boards and talkbacks have given life too that movies can only ever be: untouchable perfect masterpieces, or utter shit with no redeeming qualities, and that 99.99999999% of all movies are the latter.

  • sepiajack

    I remember last year seeing a movie, and a trailer for DEVIL came on, and everyone seemed really intrigued, and then as soon as M Nights name appeared the whole audience groaned and dismissed it.

    He’s the only director I know who has to keep his name OFF of projects to help promote them

  • sepiajack

    Yeah I’ve read it, its a sequel to The Detective which was also made into a movie with sinatra


    Its very similar to the die hard movie, but some weird differences. all the terrorists are teenagers, the nakatomi company IS the real bad guy, the terrorist are just defending their homeland. Instead of holly being his wife she’s his daughter, John is Joe, and is 60, the book is pretty racist overall due to the times, and Holly dies in the end and Joe lets her die because he doesn’t like that his daughter has become a corporate douchebag

  • sepiajack

    Well you’re both right, these 2 facts are not mutually exclusive, but the original source material is the novel

  • playdude92 .

    Yeahh, I´m guessing attention-whoring too.
    Fame (in media), money (in business) and power (in politics/business) are such reliable motivators. Fuck us. Fuck humanity.
    Btw, I´d have watched After Earth if it had been Django slapping Jaden around and shooting CG-nature with 6-shooters. Or the terminator, stranded. Or anything but what it is.

  • whip

    Those commercials have been seen on Smoking Guns Worlds Dumbest. I saw it there. Maybe they saw them via that show, or just on youtube in general, ec.

  • Charon

    The Hangover III was pretty lame. It seemed like no one really wanted to make this movie, they just wanted money. Agreed, it’s only funny when Zack Galifinakis is on the screen; because the rest of those actors are so sub-par in comedy, especially Ed Helms. He’s really morphed into some witless, reactionary feedback-loop-of-a-person.

    I used be a big Ed Helms fan. He was great as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and his earlier stand up is pretty fucking hilarious. But then, he did terrible movies like Evan Almighty and Night of the Museum 2, in extremely pandering and brainless roles. Then, he did The Office and Jeff Who Lives at Home, and I thought to myself, why did I ever like this guy?

  • proghead777

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I get more out of these reviews than I do pretty much any others, for those exact reasons. I actually appreciate the fact that, even with movies they both like and recommend unambiguously, they spend more time talking about what’s wrong with the movie or at least what could have been done better. If they both loved a movie and spent the entire episode fawning and drooling over it wouldn’t be funny and it wouldn’t be Half in the Bag and it wouldn’t be any different from all the hundreds of other reviews out there. It just occurred to me while I was watching the Hangover III segment of this episode that I really couldn’t guess quite whether they were going to recommend it or not, and that’s usually true of most of their reviews.

  • I wonder

    Have hipsters pretty much replaced Jews as the internet’s most hated thing?

  • Marozeph

    Nah – they’ll just digitally enhance the old trilogy until it’s closer to their original vision. I heard Jay will shoot first!

  • Tyler Sypherd

    I laughed with glee when Mike said “This Movie (After Earth) Sucked My Balls.” It’s so enduring, like a famous line reused over the course of a movie series that reminds you why you liked it in the first place…in other words nothing like the Hangover Part III.

  • JordanB

    I’m surprised they didn’t try to compare George Lucas to M Night Shymadingdong. Lucky early in his career. Then a lot of shit after that.

  • playdude92 .

    Well it least it wasn´t “I wip my ass back and forth”. We wouldn´t want to be inappropriate, would we?

  • Bick Rerman

    I think Lucas actually just got worse (and he also probably had Spielberg keeping him from fucking up every now and then).

    M Night Sharman Ultra Soft had made far fewer good movies than Lucas and started to suck much more quickly. It’s not really fair to say that Lucas just got lucky.

  • Percy Gryce

    I do believe in miracles and meaning and purpose in life. But they don’t work the way that M. Knight Shamelessathon portrayed them–in some cartoony, simplistic, literal way.

  • Day_is_Over

    Sigh. Whenever someone makes fun of his name they just lose me right there. Come on now. You could have made your point without that part.

  • Day_is_Over

    It paints in broad strokes but Shyamalan isn’t a subtle film maker. He’s big and bold and puts it out there. I prefer this over say the “omg is he dreaming” confusion at the end of Inception. I’d rather a film maker make his point rather than hide behind so much subtlety he ends up making no point at all.

  • Benzo

    When you said you were interested in the backstory of After Earth, I thought you meant the actual exposition and stuff. The whole Nova Prime thing would make a much more interesting movie, IMO. But I guess that’s me, though; anything involving futuristic, outer spaceyness and I’m sold.

  • Percy Gryce

    It’s not a bold stroke to rely on a gimmick. What bothers me is the thinking that when the dying mother tells the introverted son “to swing for it,” what she really meant was that he should pick up a prize baseball bat and hit an invading alien in the head. I mean, it’s straight from the “To Serve Man” school of storytelling, relying on a pun or other wordplay for the entire meaning of the story. It’s great for a cartoon in The New Yorker but not for a major motion picture.

  • Percy Gryce

    The malaproping of his name is just a gag. If that kind of thing bugs you, then I guess you don’t watch the Plinkett reviews or HITB.

    The real critique of Shyamalan is that, while he is credible director, he is a terrible writer. I had long hoped that he would team with a great writer and gain back his credibility. But instead he was the co-writer of After Earth with a somewhat inexperienced writing partner from a story by Will Smith(!). So I hope he was stroked a big check for AE, because after this disaster I assume he is done as a director of Hollywood movies.

  • Earthbound_X

    Was that an Outtake from Signs? I thought it might have been on of the Scary Movies at first, but that does seem to be Mel Gibson.


    He could totally seduce any homophobe with that roll?

  • DitzyDaffy

    After Earth just looks so bad, and it annoys me when people say that it looks really good (probably just because Will Smith is in it). I’ll also never again trust Shyamalan after what he did to my beloved Avatar cartoon.

  • Strelnikov

    “Was anyone else perturbed by how far apart Will Smith’s eyes are in that interview”

    He’s becoming Woll Smoth.

  • Captain Prickhard

    “Swing away!”

  • John Dietl

    I think this is because of Half in the Bag’s schtick. For every review, Mike and Jay spend a lot of time dissecting the movie’s most glaring flaws from their perspective as students of film-making. The difference between good movies and bad movies is where those flaws reside.

    If the movie sucks, they will spend a lot of time ripping the plot, the inappropriately poor special effects, bad acting, huge swings in tone, terrible directorial decisions, or an awful script. For After Earth, they tended to dwell on these things.

    For movies they like, they tend to dwell on features that are less significant, like smaller inconsistencies in tone, the odd out-of-place scene, whether a movie has some slow moments in the middle. For example, they liked the Hunger Games a lot, but complained about the odd costumes and the shaky cam. Or for The Dark Knight Rises, they spent some time making fun of the plot holes and the MacGuffin bomb, but excused these faults because the movie was otherwise competent for its genre.

  • Strelnikov

    I stopped watching Shyamalan’s movies after “Signs” because of the silly twist and the goofy reworking of “War of the Worlds.” Just for once it would be interesting to see an alien invasion movie where the invaders were a hoax or mass hysteria or a crazy experiment or it turns out we’ve been watching the point of view of an insane person.

  • Midlander

    Will Smith can -or rather did- do grown-up drama; Enemy of the State is a good, intelligent thriller I’d say. Of course, in that film he was sharing the screen with Gene Hackman and Jon Voigt, rather than Will Smith Junior.

  • stuart studebaker

    good work. Please do something though – at around 36min 15sec there’s a really nasty low freq hum. Just dump a high pass filter on it – you don’t really need anything over 50Hz anyway. thanks.

  • Guest

    Whining to RedLetterMedia isn’t going to change anything, they have no say in what blip does about adblock.

  • Guest

    I agree, the George Lucas comparison isn’t fair. George made a bunch of really great movies early in his career, M. Night only made one great movie.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m not even a minute into the video and I see that terrible fucking “Mac & Me” movie playing…

  • witnit

    Am I the only one who likes gremlins 2 over the first? Sure, it’s not as memorable as the first, but it’s more fun to watch.

  • Saruma

    They never really said it was worse.

  • Witnit

    A Will Smith in action movie, or a Will Smith inaction movie, oh I’m so confused… Fuck English!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’s in the movie. In context it’s not so strange.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


    I wonder what Mike’s whole laughing reaction was to Jay’s joke? Haha.

  • Witnit

    Mcknightshamblahblah likes twists, shoulda had it were the son gets to the transmitter and then doesn’t go back for his dad, fuck you dad! Bahahaha!

  • Witnit

    I believe the song refers to the hair of a sweet ass merkin being wipped back and forth, hows that for inappropriate!

  • Witnit

    He’s a brave little cow boy.

  • Earthbound_X

    I couldn’t tell, it’s been years since I’ve seen the movie, haha.

  • you are a hippy twat

    Your comment is not ignorant at all.

    No .


  • javelle

    Mike: Stop bouncing your legs around.

  • decora

    stop giving throat cancer to gibbons

  • decora

    god i do love 2. didnt scare the shit out of me like 1, and they didnt kill any old ladies either. (or am i wrong?)

  • Bill

    Loved the parody of hipsters preferring analog to digital music storage formats.

  • decora

    why am i clicking on buffalo ass?

  • Love_StarWars_Prequels

    Will Smith is truly a master of subtlety.

    “I want to pass the acting torch to my son, so I will make a MOVIE in which a FATHER (played by MYSELF) must rely on his SON (played by MY SON), and the SON will succeed in a manner similar to his FATHER. So you should all see this movie and make sure my SON succeeds just as I did, because it happened IN THE MOVIE. Get it? Does everyone understand what I’m going for here? Should I simplify things a bit?”

  • decora

    the trailer does look good, if you dont know anything about the director/actors, just as a trailer by itself.

  • decora

    spielberg has been involved in some stinkers. actually, every great director, and actor, has been involved in stinkers.

  • Ricky

    There weren’t enough hipster extras in the whole trilogy. But it still was very funny.

  • decora

    and Ed Helms thought to himself “holy shit, with two or three of these hollywood projects i can buy an actual car now that doesnt have pieces falling off of it. also my kids can have health insurance and go to the dentist, and my wife can stop selling her body for corn meal so we dont starve to death”.

  • decora

    almost like, you know, the time i lived under a bridge. except that was actually bearable. i didnt have to eat a shotgun like that girl on myspace. or you, apparently, since it was UNBEARABLE to you.

  • decora

    speaking about being forced. one time i was forced to blow mel gibson. he said, “i deserve to be blown”. also he said “i own malibu”. it tasted like, well, like chlorine, because it was in the pool.

    cum tastes like snot, though. theres not much effect from eating pineapple or whatever. thats mostly bullshit and lies propagated by horrible tv shows like Sex in the City and Golden Girls.

    so i spit the cum out. mel gibson told me, “what if i were christ, would you spit that cum out?”

    i said “well… “, and i was about to say yes. but i was afraid he would knock my other teeth out. so i said “no”. and he said “no what”. and i said “no sir”.

    he had a camera on me the whole time. you might not know it, but mel gibson runs one of the worlds biggest udnerwater blowjob sites on the internet. ever since he was blackballed by the industry, except for jodie foster, he kind of has to finds alternate ways to support his family.

    it felt good, like i was kind of helping him with his small, independent business. like, it reminded me of when i used to help my parents with their store. for every customer i blew in the back room, id get a tootsie roll. by the time i was 10 i was able to trade in the tootsie roll wrappers for a bike. i rode that bike all up and down the river front. those were good times.

    anyways one day i rode up and there was this dead body by the river. i wasnt sure what to do, but it smelled really bad. i ran back to the store, i was crying. i told my dad. he said, show me the body son. i showed him the body. he told me not to tell anyone and we left. he told me it was sort of our little secret, sort of like how you cant give away a birthday wish or the wish wont come true. that if we told anyone, the body wouldnt come back to life. but if we left it alone, the man would come back to life after a while and walk away.

    now, im not so sure he was right. i was never very sure. but he was very convincing. usually he just smashed my mouth with his fists to make his points, but the fact that he took time to explain it to me really made me feel important. grown up even. like, finally, maybe i am getting mature and maybe i can become more like my dad.

    anyways where were we? right. mel gibson. did you see the passion of the christ? we used to re-watch it in his bedroom. he would sit there jerking off through the whole thing. it was amazing. i have never seen a man ejaculate so many times in 3 hours, except for that time we watched the lord of the rings at the cineplex and Jeffrey Jones was sitting with us. You know that dick in the popcorn thing? He invented that. When I touched his penis, I tried to make that Howard the Duck sound, to mask my horror. He didn’t think it was funny. He kind of gave me this disgusted look. Like, he didnt even want me to touch him after I mentioned Howard the Duck.

    I was like, man, Mel, I dont think he wants to talk about Howard the Duck. Mel Gibson laughed. Jeffrey stormed out of the theatre. I never saw him again. Except of course in HBO’s Deadwood, as an enterprising, muckracking journalist who is not afraid to speak the truth in the face of naysayers and gangsters.

    Mel said that Deadwood was liberal trash, though. Not a christian in site, and it being the old west and all. I said, yeah. What do you expect from Jewish producers. Mel liked that. He took me in his mouth, his brave heart pulsing close to mine, beating in time with the music.

    We danced, and he held me up like that chick in Dirty Dancing. Patriick Swayze died of cancer, by the way. Did you know that? Fucking cancer. I hate cancer.

  • decora

    it’s really, really funny when you type his last name wrong. it’s like, almost as funny as when mike does it because he’s drunk. also it’s almost as funny as when they did it in that movie about the office space.

    have you seen that movie? theres this guy with cake. and hes supposed to be getting cake. but they didnt get enough cake. but hes the only one who can calculate the amount of cake there is, and divide it by the amount of people there, and then measure it against the size of the pieces of cake that are being cut by the office lady. and hes all, no, wait, those pieces are too big, and i wont get any cake. and shes all, no, its ok, i got this. and hes all, no, wait, theres not going to be enough cake. and shes all, no, its ok. i got this. and hes all, like, you know, no, theres not enough cake. then shes all like, well, i think there is enough cake. and she keeps like passing the cake out.

    now what happens in the end? guess what. there is not enough cake. so the dude was like , fucking hell, he didnt get any cake. it was like sad, and funny, at the same time, which is why i kind of laughed, but then i was like ‘awww’. like thats what i was feeling inside.

    that poor fat bastard piece of shit didnt get any cake. because that whore with the knife ignored the voice of reason. its like the triumph of the catholic church over galileo, but then he goes back to his desk and he’s mumbling, “and yet the earth moves”. yeah. fuck that pope. fuck you mr pope. how do you like geocentry now, motherfucker. this is 2013. we aint gotta take that shit no more. fuck geocentry. and fuck the catholic church.

    anyways. i did think it was funny when you spelled his last name wrong. because, you know, its like, hes not from america. hes from some foreign country where they talk weird. and so like, since you cant say his name, its like you just kind of shorten it to whatever. its like, its funny, because you are saying, like, hes not an equal human being to an american, so you dont have to pronounce his name. or. or. now wait for me. wait up a little bit.

    or you might be saying, like, hes an equal human to americans, but you know, maybe you arent smart enough to figure out his name. its like, you are being self deprecating. that is pretty funny too. its like, hey, i cant figure out this guys last name! because im a fucking idiot! its funny when guys do that. girls like it. or so i hear.

    anyways i encourage you to keep posting funny stuff like that. you know, maybe you could go and mispell his first names too. like R Nite Shamaly. I mean, dont you think that is funny? I kind of think it’s funny. Not as funny as changing his last name – because thats the real hard name to say, isn’t it? M is pretty easy to say, so is Night. Its just the last part thats hard.

    Once you get that last part down, you will be OK. I mean, everything will be good with the last part.

  • decora

    i think if you replace “ego” with “scientology” you will begin to get your answer. others on the web have pointed out the similarities between this film and scientology teachings. the ‘fear’ thing is straight out of L Ron’s ramblings.

    we shouldnt compare this to literature or sci fi films. we should compare it to Battlefield Earth.

  • decora

    thats not baby jesus, that’s plinketts first born.

  • decora

    perhaps you havent seen their review of Step Up Revolution.

  • decora

    well, i think they realize there is a certain audience for most films. like, they said the new Kevin James movie was for fat retards to laugh it. now, i , myself, being a fat retard, was excited. i laughed hilariously at the Appleby’s in-film advertisement (or was it TGI Fridays?). Anyways. After the film, I actually went to TGI Friday’s. I asked the waitress if she had seen the new Kevin James movie. She said she had, and she just loved that part in there where the talking bear wants to go to TGIF. So I put on a bear suit and we had sex for 15 hours straight.

    Thanks to Jay and Mike, I dont go to bed lonely every night nursing a bottle of jack daniels. Thanks RLM!

  • decora

    sort of like the word ironically?

  • decora

    Yes. Sam Jackson should stick to what he is known best for. Like that time he played a radio DJ in Do the Right Thing. Or that time he played a struggling teacher in a school plagued by gang violence in 187. Or the time he played Uncle Ruckus circa 1858 in Django Unchained. Or that time he played the talkative stupid robber Gin Rummy in the Boondocks. Or that time he played a guy analyzing the sonic vibrations of a violin in The Red Violin.

    Yes, he should stick to the types of roles that reflect his talents, and not be a part of a beloved franchise that the young generation has payed a trillion dollars to watch, collect toys from, wear costumes from, talk about, etc.

  • decora

    here is the problem. Last Airbender was a cartoon show on Nickelodeon in 2005. in 2005 jay and mike were probably in their late 20s / early 30s.

    why in the fuck would a man in his early 30s be watching cartoons on nickelodeon with any kind of regularity?

    “oh sorry, cant go to that thing, have to watch fucking nickelodeon”. i dont think so. unless you have a kid, its fucking bizarre and/or creepy. its not like watching batman the animated series. its more like those freaks who watch my little pony.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Same here, I just remember that Gibson and Phoenix run around the outside of the house trying to scare away an intruder, shouting odd things.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • HilaireBelloc

    I don’t know if I’d say ‘unbearable’ but I know what you mean. The ad breaks, though obviously not enjoyable, are fine by me but pop ups during the actual show are a bit annoying. At least they’re easy to close.

  • Mark Bisone

    Yeah, how can anyone possibly make fun of Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan by fucking around with the spelling of his totally legit, proudly unedited and unapologetically ethnic name?

    Sure, he’s a brown dude from (way, way, way) West Philly who insists everyone call him “M. Night” while displaying no rapping skillz whatsoever, BUT THAT’S NO REASON TO GET ALL RACIST ABOUT IT AMIRITE?

  • William Shakesman

    Well, it was a damn good show. If you like good shows you’d have known about it.

    And you can be sure I didn’t watch any episodes using the television. Even back then the torrents were rich and plentiful.

    And are you really some kind of loser that wonders what other people would think when deciding what media you like?

  • I’ve got something for you

    Shamalamaman hasn’t tried re-releasing the Sixth Sense with bad changes to it.

    Even he’s not THAT stupid.

  • Charon

    You missed the point. You really did.

  • bb-15

    The fellas got the hipster weirdness and Rich’s Plinkett humor just right in this one.
    And it fit with reviews of two baaaaaaaaad movies.

  • vausau

    Great episode – it’s disturbing how well that cowboy outfit suited you Jay.

  • guest

    Yes, our hearts are with the suffering correspondents on the Daily Show, scraping by on the lowest rung of society.

  • guest

    He looks like a “Whip It” cosplayer.

  • Jigsaw

    Don’t you guys feel ashamed about ripping off Craig Ferguson’s “In you region” joke. You know, covering your mouth and speaking in a different voice?

  • guest

    That joke was used on The Simpsons probably twenty years ago.

  • squats

    Watching Shyamaanotherjokeabouthisstupidassname movies is watching the point of view of an insane person .

  • put my hat on


  • I miss Jessi

    Why don’t you send a direct email to Mike Stoklasa?
    I am sure he will understand now that HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND !

  • Church of Plinkett

    Jesus IS Plinketts first born!

    Praise His name!

  • ganja

    I take it you don’t smoke pot.

  • Shotgun Ted

    That’s a steaming load of bullcrap. Lucas directed a grand total of six features in his life, and three of those were the Star Wars Prequels.

    His other three films were:

    – Star Wars (really great movie)

    – American Graffiti (really overrated movie)

    – THX 1138 ( “Brave New World” without the sex, injuns, clever dialogue, compelling characters or interesting theme).

    Both Midnight Shamrock and George Lukeass smoke hairy dongs in the directorial department. But Lukeass was luckier, because nobody wants to buy an invisible, bleeding Bruce Willis action figure (except maybe Demi Moore).

  • DitzyDaffy

    That would actually be pretty interesting. Somebody, start working on that idea now!
    …Not Shyamalan though.

  • Jigsaw

    I don’t care. The Simpsons suck and I live in the now. 😀

  • DitzyDaffy

    I suppose. It looked okay, not exactly the most original film in the world, but decent enough to go and watch at the cinema when you have nothing to do. Somehow though, I could already sense from the start of the trailer that this film is just Will Smith trying to force his legacy son onto us. After finding out it was by Shyamalan, I was just thinking, “this is not going to be good.”

  • uselesssss comment

    Are trying to be funny or you actually don’t get the whole joke?

  • Bick Rerman

    It’s funny that you say this, because when I look at Shyamalan’s filmography, he directed almost every movie he was involved with.

    I might have to retract my original statement. It would seem that both Lucas and M Night Shithebed directed the same number of movies (3) before they started to suck. I reckon M Night would have held out much longer if just stuck to being a writer or producer like Lucas did.

    What can I say, I was wrong on the internet.

  • Bick Rerman

    Oh wait, I’m wrong again. Shyamalan directed Wide Awake before he even got to make the movie he is known for.

    I guess he “got lucky” after he fucked up.

  • Percy Gryce

    There’s no way on earth that Jay watches Game of Thrones.

  • guest

    Well, you see, Jay is doing the Stan Laurel character.

  • Shotgun Ted

    It’s okay. Internet forgibs you.

  • Mark Bisone

    Maybe an even better comparison would be to Richard Kelly. Kelly accidentally made “Donnie Dorko” around the same time Shyamalan accidentally made “The Sikh Sense” (seewhutididthar). Neither would have worked with lesser actors — imagine Sixth Sense with Jake “Now This is Podracing” Lloyd instead of Donny Joe Osmond. And both showed early signs of the shitshows to come to.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    And Craig Ferguson doesn’t? I so confuzed

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Two words: Rambo Gizmo.

  • Cirric Fylenco

    Afterbirth 3 Electric Boogaloo hahahaha

  • Butt Chuck Aftersmack

    I deliver a thumbs up!



    Up your ass?

    Let’s face it,your disqus nick name kinda implies that.

  • Well right now you’re an asshole.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Unidentiflied Frying Odd-jets.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    They have something for that now…


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Drink it normally? Like, with their mouths?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    He’s quoting what Will’s character says to Jaden about a creature approaching.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    M. Night does that on purpose, apparently. He mentioned in an interview that he will take what an actor is known for [and enjoyed for] and make them try something else. In this case he made Will Smith serious and monotone, with a weird accent for some reason.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    M. Night mentioned in an interview that he will take what an actor is known for [and enjoyed for] and make them try something else. In this case he made Will Smith serious and monotone, with a weird accent for some reason.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    And, The Now speaks for all of us, when it says go back to where you came from.

    Craig Ferguson has never come up with anything on his own.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    And yet, Will Smith is a multi-millionaire douchebag superstar.

    You all think he just started to suck? Really?

    Never made one film, song, appearance, whatever, that didn’t depend on the audience’s stupidity for its success. His “superstardom” says more about our times and our tastes than we want it to, so, of course, we’ll have to turn on him and eat his spawn.

    Wouldn’t it have been easier if we had just admitted we’re all idiots when he was “Fresh Prince?” We could’ve skipped INDEPENDENCE DAY and all that MEN IN BLACK crap, read a book or something to improve ourselves, and we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

    Can’t wait for these guys’ review of the SUPERMAN II remake!

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    You’d say.
    People often just say s#!t.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    In fact, Shamma-lama-ding-dong would BE the current Spielberg, except Michael Bay has that sewn up.

    Spielberg: JAWS, and a buncha sentimental crap.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Far fewer?
    Two to two is EQUAL.
    And, I’m not sure I want to give Lucas two.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    A bunch?
    List them.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Mel Gibson homo-fan fiction.
    The internet.
    Worst Invention By Man, Ever.

  • Now I Get It

    Pssst! He thinks Jay IS Mike.

  • Percy Gryce

    Uh, Raiders of the Lost Ark? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    So, I take it you’re giving Spielberg credit for two good movies.

    That seems to be the average.

    And, you know Bueller’s not going to answer because he’s out being Bueller, not sitting somewhere watching B-movie stuff like RAIDERS.

  • Percy Gryce

    Did you by any chance fail to capitalize “Spielberg” because he’s a Jew?

    Or is lowercase just your thing ’cause I get it, man, I’ve read e.e. cummings and the goat-footed balloon man and whatnot.

  • Normal D

    Your mother hates you. You have no friends. You will die alone. Nobody will go to your funeral.

  • Guest

    What the fuck did I just read?

  • Meester Smeeth

    I have a cream for that. Please don’t rub it in.

  • Pa Kent is a faggot

    I agree,because it lets douchebags with heads up their ass explain to everybody how much better they are than the rest of us idiots.

    I am talking about you.

    Your posts reek of righteous douchebaggery.

  • Ö

    WÖll SmÖth.

  • decora

    chicks and ducks and geese better scurry, when jay takes you out in his surrey…

  • decora

    its actually because im a jew. i was living in iraq until 2006 when the golden mosque was bombed and things went to utter shit.

    my neighbors raped and killed my daughter in front of me and they cut off my thumbs, which is why i have trouble using the shift key to type capital letters.

    thanks for bringing up this painful memory you arsehole.

  • politikali inakurat

    You went too far in few places.

  • Percy Gryce

    Hey, I hear you. (They didn’t cut off your ears, did they?) Thumbs are overrated anyway, I mean, Henry Winkler is nearly dead and no one hitchhikes anymore, so, really, what good are they?

  • AnalBingo

    Stop fisting your mom

  • h

    thats a great idea they could call it “before after earth”

  • Kathy

    So stay home.

  • h

    they probably won’t see much ad revenue even if everyone enables them. don’t know why they do it in the first place. i forbid you guys from citing hollywood as only interested in making a buck until you fix this issue, since the intrusive ads on your videos are just as bad as blatant product placement in adam sandler movies.

  • h

    RLM can’t disable ads? ok. RLM should move back to youtube, where they give you ad control.

  • h

    i support RLM by buying fucking everything they put out. you can go ahead and stfu now.

  • Gorrister

    Just donate 10$ or whatever and turn on adblock. I’d consider that a bargain anyway.

  • Alien planet? No helmet!

    It’s asking people to accept stupidty with no explanation. It never works.

    See: character in Prometheus.

  • Entitlement

    lol “forcing” people to pay for things at stores, I choose what I want to take from the shelves!

  • DarthRandal

    Wow, I’m surprised that they said Hangover III is “watchable”. It kinda makes me happy they didn’t completely nuke it. I don’t know what it is about this series of films, but I’ve enjoyed each of them. Ultimately, they’re disposable entertainment but at least it’s a fun ride while it lasts. Can’t wait to see the third one now!

  • DarthRandal

    I hope there’s one take of Will Smith delivering his line like “This is Earf”. Someone must find this and make it known to all.

  • Memoman

    Now when I see the show I can’t help but admire the great timing on the comedic cuts. It’s just so well edited, every single time. Just perfect. And the jokes are so clever and well executed. Are these guys really that effortlessly entertaining interlocutors?

    I need to stop watching movies and start meeting humans!

  • Memoman

    I also love how you actually drank the beer and honestly did not like it one bit.

  • Jack

    Are you the hipster from the party?

  • Martin

    Fuck you. It’s free. You can’t sit through a fucking 29 second commercial to watch a 40 minute show that you don’t have to pay for? Get a fucking life you stupid fucking bastard. People like you make this world awful. Go fucking eat poison.

  • proghead777

    I have not, but I will go watch it now and then I will come back.

  • proghead777

    Oh. I see what you mean.

  • Geahk Burchill

    Red Letter Media is on a GAWD DAMN ROLL these days. I’m gittin’ spoilt!

  • mk741

    Translation: he’s a terrible director.

  • smylexx

    American Graffiti is fantastic. Just shows what can be achieved in a super-short schedule. The soundtrack, the characters, the fact that the entire thing is a night-shoot…the list goes on as to why it’s a classic.

    I’m particularly impressed by how he gets so much variation in camera shots when shooting dialogue scenes inside a moving car. At that point in his career Lucas had energy and oodles of talent.

    THX is also intriguing. I don’t think it’s entirely successful but there was an interesting point made on the commentary which stuck with me.. we judge the film in a certain way because it’s an American filmmaker. If this was a Japanese movie, it would make more sense -that coldness, the alien culture etc. Try watching it with the perspective that this was made overseas and see what you think.

  • smylexx

    Crikey! We’re not giving him Close Encounters, Indy, Schindler, Private Ryan,Duel,Jurassic Park, Munich or E.T?

    How high IS that bar you’re setting exactly?

  • Jigsaw

    My mom wouldn’t like that one bit and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in most countries.

  • naive 13 year old girly girl

    But if they do that they won’t have any revenue which they get from using Blip services.This is just speculation on my part but I believe their contract with Blip tv allows them to maintain this website on the cheap and maybe even make some profit,which I doubt is the main source of their income to pay for shit like food ,clothes and their moms basement.The basics.By maintain I mean the revenue from ads pays for upkeep of this website.I don’t know the details of how it works but ad companies pay Blip tv to show us ads and the website content providers who use blip services probably get to cut down on their cost of owning/providing a website.They don’t have to bother with the content of the ads which is varies depending on the IP of the visitor of the website. I doubt they could do the same with using only youtube.No independent RLM website,no fun for us.I doubt they could deliver same amount of content just with some youtube account.Any respectful enterprise has to have it’s own site.

  • naive 13 year old girly girl

    I bet Jessi watches it.Which means Mike probably watches it too.
    Although the image of Rich Evans laughing at Lannister shenanigans makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    But they don’t review tv shows so …

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Not so high your average Olympian-wannabe couldn’t jump it.
    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. Lens flares are boring.
    “Indy” Was intended as junk-food. IS junk-food.
    SCHINDLER. Sentimental? Check. Historical revisionism? Check.
    PRIVATE RYAN. You can’t “narrate” a story with a character who hasn’t been present for most of it. SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE owns that b!tc#.
    JURASSIC PARK. Jeebus! You’re throwing soft-balls. “We can recreate dinosaurs!” “I know! Let’s make a theme park!” Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    MUNICH. OK, maybe, but I doubt it. I never saw it.
    E.T. Yeah, sentimental. Alright until the bike flies. I prefer MARY POPPINS. Cartoon penguins foam rubber puppet.
    Wanna go for LINCOLN? Historical revisionism and lens flares. Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee couldn’t save that one.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Aw, I hurt your widdle feewing so much you had to mock me with your cwever nickname.

    Righteous douchebaggery whatever douchebaggery yer selling.

    “The rest of us idiots,” indeed.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    True. And, probably true, but you never know about “most” countries.
    Your mother doesn’t hate you. She loves you, despite. You have friends. They sometimes wonder what they see in you, but then you say something funny and they remember. You will die alone. All of us will, even that guy. Someone will go to your funeral. Even if it’s only the grave-digger, someone ALWAYS attends a funeral.

  • pete smith

    damn didn’t know Ms. Plinkett had metal band

  • smylexx

    ‘lens flares are boring’, that’s your critique? As for historical revisionism, i think that’s accepted for pretty much any historical movie. It’s entertainment, not a classroom teaching tool. With Jurassic Park you appear to be having issue with the writer and not the director.

    The ‘Berg is one of the most consistently brilliant directors of the last 40 years -rarely sticking to the same genre and,with the exception of a couple of miss-fires, he’s constantly entertaining.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, of course but i’m curious as to what you actually consider to be high watermarks if you can so easily rip apart a career that has so many hits (both commercially and critically) in it.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I don’t know. After M. Night Stinkydong directed such wonderful films like Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Lincoln, it seems like he might just become the next Steven Spielberg.

  • hello hello

    is that hipster chick played by sienna miller? great to see her career moving forward.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Wait a second… Jada PLINKETT Smith?! Did Mr. Plinkett create this talentless cyborg to somehow reproduce with Will Smith to give us a whole family of talentless hack frauds: Jada, Jaden, and Willow?! Mr. Plinkett is more fucking cunning than I give him credit for!

    This must be part of some dastardly plot to get back at Hollywood for letting all those friends he was going to invite over for Christmas die without him knowing! Wait… that means he would have had to go back in time to be able to do so because he needed to create Jada first.

    That means he must have somehow used Jada to manipulate Will Smith into starring in MIB3 with a time travel plot so that he could get his hands on that time travel device to go back in time to create Jada to somehow get back at Hollywood for letting all those celebrity friends of his die.

    Wait, why couldn’t he just have gone back in time and partied with them then? How was Jada able to manipulate Will into starring in MIB3 if she hadn’t been created yet because Plinkett needed the time machine in the first place to go back in time to create her? Why didn’t he just-

    OW! My brain. When I think too much about time travel my brain starts getting hurty, like Bruce Willis in Looper… which is ANOTHER TIME TRAVEL MOVIE.

    It’s like poetry, it rhy-

  • Jorge Locas

    For his next challenge, M. Night will use a nail as a hammer and drive a real hammer into his forehead, which he will substitute for wood.

  • Topdek

    I’m impressed that this discussion hasn’t turned into flinging poo.

    I’d agree that Spielberg is a “populist”; a director good at appealing to the popular interest, i.e. emotion over substance. I also happen to be easily drawn in by emotion over substance. However, I would say that Spielberg can create some substance to accompany his appeal to emotion, so I don’t feel too cheap in enjoying his films.

    There’s also something to be said for appealing to the audience’s emotions at all. Directors like Spielberg and James Cameron might make heavy-handed movies, but there’s countless directors who can’t reach their audience at all.

  • Heywood Jablomee

    Man of Steel is gonna blow so bad with commando Superman.

  • ?

    I saw a guy in the checkout line buying Pabst today, and he just looked like a regular guy.

    Are hipsters like batman where they start being hipsters at night?

  • Jigsaw

    Now you made me cry. That was beautiful.

  • Midlander

    That they do. I, for one, make a hobby of it. I made a point, though, of specifically including “I’d say” to make it clear that I was giving an opinion, not stating it like a fact. Too much of that happens on that there internet.

  • erique johnson

    This video is void of comments because nobody cares about After Earth or the Hangover. Any of them. Plot twist – After earth gets signed to 2 sequels, everyone loses.

  • mk741

    “Man of Steel is Gonna Blow So Bad: With Commando Superman.”

    One of Rich Evans’ favorite porn series I believe.

  • ddd

    except that hes funnier and more creative on the fly than these hacks are with scripts. the difference in talent is hilarious

  • Hali

    HOW?!?!?! HOW can Shyamalan still be allowed to direct/produce/write any movie? Who is paying for it to be done? I just don’t get it ;/

  • h

    i buy a lot of RLM shit, happily, because i pay more than lip service to supporting indie productions. i’m involved with a couple as well, and its a matter of practical experience that ads do more harm than good. get a life/go outside.

  • h

    i doubt the revenues ad up to much

  • aaron johnson

    I don’t know I liked those things. I don’t have anything against levity which is why I hate that Will Smith wants to take himself seriously and whore his children out. I don’t like serious WIll Smith and his children should be going to school learning how to be math doctors like regular kids.

  • A surrey is a light four-wheeled carriage with two seats facing forward.

  • beavinator

    I love Gremlins 2. For completely different reasons than why I love the first one. It’s hilarious. And John Glover’s performance is sublime.

  • cajaquarius

    Craig Ferguson’s stand up is original, as far as I know. I don’t see anyone making YouTube videos of him like Carlos Mencia, claiming he ripped off another Comedian so I assume he must have original material there.

  • G. Xiong

    Just because people don’t enjoy a movie, it shouldn’t make your enjoyment of that said movie bad. Mike and Jay are just people like you and me with variety of taste and opinions, they are not the holy grail of movie criticism. A review should not make up an answer for you, you do.

    Things get dangerous when people jump in to curb stomp a movie because thats what everyone else is telling you to. Signs is a good movie, you should not feel ashamed of what movie you like.

  • Day_is_Over

    In what science Bible does it say aliens can’t be as stupid as us? Why must they be super intelligent? Btw, with the religion and faith angle in Signs, Night has hinted that they’re not even aliens they’re demons. The water hurts them cause it’s holy water.

  • Day_is_Over

    Yeah, his directing is pretty damn good. The writing always get’s in the way. And he can’t work on a project without dipping his toes into the script.

  • Charon

    Scientology has warped Will Smith’s brain into a mumbling, pretentious tool.

  • Charon

    STFU, you tacky malefactor.

  • Charon

    Lol. The dry, emotionless delivery of that line is hilarious.

  • Dan Hibiki

    no… that guy was probably just white trash.

    Hipsters have the tell tale sleeve tattoos and circus show facial hair.

  • RLM

    After Lincoln, it would have been less offensive in retrospect if they said shamalamalama was the next Jesus.

  • repoman_

    they tried a cloud atlas thing with the new(british)-accent-of-the-future

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You seem to care quite a bit about whether or not Superman wears underwear. That combined with your username, is there something you’re not telling us, Heywood Jablomee?

  • zeitguest

    Holy crap man you almost killed me just now by making me choke on my beer. Not PBR though.

    Although now that it has been on a redlettermedia video I will make sure to drink it while eating my Totino’s pizza rolls. Cause I am helpless before product placement. I’m trying to purchase a giraffe as we speak.

  • Diane Court

    We’re all about to enter the “real world.” That’s what everybody says. But most of us have been in the real world for a long time. But I have something to tell everybody. I’ve glimpsed our future, and all I can say is… go back

  • infernocanuck

    First of all, it’s “Welcome to Earf” Secondly, Will Smith never said that once. In the movie where the meme is from, Independence Day, Will Smith never once says the word “Earf” you can go to any video and see he clearly pronounces the “th”

  • zeitguest

    ehhh pretty sure they’ll need some stuff OVER 50hz – but your point is well meant and taken.

    Roll your shit off the top and bottom, whatever you don’t need, first rule of audio. I’ve also spent many pleasant hours cutting out particularly annoying whines or hums with the parametric eq. But I guess once you know what unwanted noises your basement makes you can always save it as a preset and just plug it in as needed, which I certainly don’t have the presence of mind to do, so it’s always geez how am I gonna cut THAT sound out…

    I DO like when the other mikes pick up Rich’s laugh and create an inadvertent creepy reverb though. What does his laugh sound like when you plug in a bathroom, large hall, rich plate, stadium, etc? I guess we’ll never know…

  • 80s nostalgia

    He did it on his own.
    Scientology just reaffirmed it.

  • talkinouttamyass

    It’s easier to run a Hollywood scam under a name of a known director than find a new one.Shyamalan is perfect because he is delusional.And apparently so is Will Smith.

    Let’s face it .Most Hollywood movies are just scams.

  • decora

    the real question – does he laugh when he comes?

  • mk741

    I hope I’m the only one who got a severe Battlefield Earth/ money-laundering cult/ Scientology vibe from After Birth.

    Granted it lacked in the tasteless dutch angles, Trovolta’s immortal performance in the art of chewing scenery, and poor Barry Pepper regrettably stuck in one of the greatest cinematic fuck ups of all time.

    Then again After Birth has Shamalamadingdong writing and directing, with Will Smith’s male offspring regrettably forced into carrying a feature film, doesn’t have the incredible camp value of Battlefield. Perhaps worst of all, it’s apparently just boring.

  • mk741

    1. His terrible films are hugely profitable. (Despite being reviled by every human being in existence, Airbender made 320 million.) Hence why other directors like Bay, Emmerich, and Phillips are paid to make inflated Hollywood crap for a living.

    2. Brand recognition. People like to buy into the same thing, for multiple reasons.

    – Operating under false pretenses of certain level of quality being
    delivered because of a director’s previous work (*looks at poster for The Village* “hurr i no sixfh smense
    dat muvie gud derfore dis one gud”).
    – Too lazy and fearful of finding/ supporting actually good entertainment.
    – Not understanding (or expressing with their wallets) that Dingdong is a
    clueless hack, whose now solely exists as a pun to a joke.

  • whip

    I think many of them wouldn’t even consider it scamming either. More just this is the formula to making money. I mean, almost all large/corporate entertainment anymore is not at all about the art at all. It’s about that formula of a+b+c makes them a movie or show that returns them XXX profit. That’s all they think in. They don’t care about the content, or the story, or anything other than this formulaic crap. Just pump them out as disposable entertainment to maintain a money stream they are used to.
    That’s it.

  • whip

    I guess you got the mistaken impression that only hipsters drink PBR? that’s far from the truth.

  • I love how they call every sequel of everything “Electric Bugaloo.” So dumb, but it still cracks me up very time. These guys are the best.

  • Ah, but then the fault ultimately lies with the public as well, for accepting this trash, for buying the tickets and contributing to the X on the other side of the equal sign in that equation and making the formula work.

  • Charon

    I saw After Earth (I didn’t pay for it), and yeah, it’s super fucking boring. The CGI looks terrible and it’s an obvious vehilce/vanity project for Jaden Smith. That’s really all I can say about it, other than it’s just like every other movie in the genre currently – extremely cliche and homogenized.

  • herpderp

    …and that is how McDucks makes its money…people are willing to eat shit…

  • JCain

    2 sequels? shit… avatar, afterhape and a lot of shit is coming.

  • ?

    I had heard that Pabst got popular again when it started to be marketed toward hipsters (oh the irony) but I guess some people would have had to have liked it before that.

  • guest

    But they could do the irony WITH irony to make it a double negative plus! Or did they already?

  • i know nothing – JS

    Three words.
    Wild Wild West
    I wonder why so many people forget about this flop movie… It’s not like that Smith was a sure win at the box office. The only uplifitng thing that I remmeber from that movie was Salma Hayek <3.
    I've never found Smith to be an exeptional actor, he was well suited in few blockbuster movies (but that was more of his persona, than acting skills, like i.e. MiB), had some devent ones like i.e. Public Enemy too, but other than that he's just a medicore actor with enourmous ego.

  • tiny tiny testicular cancer

    When is the next I’m Going To Make Whine Out of Your Testicles?!

  • RLM

    As others have said, equal blame is on the shoulders of the consumers, the proof is when people start bitching about why a batman movie didn’t get a best picture nomination. My first feature is an original Hitckockian murder mystery that deals with sexism in modern society and on college campuses. It’s gotten stellar reviews at private screenings, but we currently have to re-edit it to be more “idiot-friendly” to get it into Cannes, which rejected it the recent year it instead favored the new indie movies starring the twilight cast. My personal experiences have me confused as to whether the current state of ‘art’ is fucked up or funny?

  • PekoponTAS

    Great episode! One of the best in a while! Though I have to say, I’ve been re-watching the 2011 episodes recently, and I miss beardless Jay. : (

  • Jordan

    Wahoo! Take that, Satan!

  • Jeremy

    You guys should review VHS 1 and 2. I’m interested in your thoughts on them, and they tie into your VCR repair-men schtick (for lack of a better word).

  • RG

    But Night Court didn’t start until 1984!

  • Patrick

    I’m surprised you two didn’t go into the whole “Will Smith is trying to make Battlefield Earth,” thing.

  • deerstop

    After reading a couple of reviews on After Earth I expected it to be the worst film ever. Oh boy, was I wrong. Again and again I learn one simple truth: do not trust the movie reviewers. Always form your own opinion. Ha, people praise Oblivion (one of the most boring, bad-acted and stupid films I’ve recently watched), and then they criticize After Earth, which is like 200% better film, even with Jaden Smith’s shitty acting. 11% ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes? You serious?

  • zardoz

    so lame

  • F. Prefect

    i love that i can watch these just for laughs. i havent actually seen any new movies in a while. the review are much better.

  • corporal corpuscle

    You are gonna have to convince me that you’re not Will Smith.

  • bitch cassidy

    I think Jay should just go full on Wild-Man beard for a season.

  • Tommy O.

    I actualy liked it too, couldnt say anything about jadens acting ether.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Hurry up and give us your review of Elysium already, you frack hauds!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    deerstop, go oxygenate your wombspace.

  • Bahareh Khosravi

    they do that to all actors. Americans and foreigners alike! Ed helmsly? plinkett smith? I think it’s more the fact that he makes garbage movies.

  • Bahareh Khosravi

    I have a feeling that the Smith kids are just doing their best to please their parents. Even Jada seems to be doing a lot of things just to keep up. We’ve all been there, where we hide our dreams to cater to our parents craving to vicariously live through us so they’ll be proud of us, or love us or whatever. LAXATIVES?

  • AnimationWorksNL

    This is going to upset a few people but here goes: apart from making profitable stinkers like Airbender, I think M. Night Shyamalan has done some great work.

    Like Jay said, Sixth Sense is great, Unbreakable is interesting at the very least, and I think Signs is a very enjoyable film. I love the weird story, the fact that the film actually plays with themes like fate/coincidence and most of all the acting. Crazy Mel’s best performance, and Joaquin Phoenix is really cool in it.

    Also, M Night has a rare quality that not many other filmmakers have: he really understands kids and knows how to get good performances from them. Not just Haley Osmond, but the kid from Unbreakable and the Culkin kid in Signs: they are all really good characters, as good as the older experienced actors. I think that’s a great achievement.

    As for the Village, it wasn’t bad, it was just boring and a little pointless. It would have been great as a short film I think. Same for Lady in the Water.
    The only BAD movies he made were Airbender and Happening. So what?

    And finally , I really appreciate the fact that he wrote, directed and produced almost all of his movies. Good or bad, at least he has ideas. They are original stories, told in a unique visual style without pandering to audiences who want to see crazy-paced action stuff and cheap CGI.

    Hardly deserving of comparisons with Uwe Boll, or even the Donnie Darko guy.

  • JCain

    A lot of movies around the world are scams, crap. The difference is a “made in Hollywood” become global very fast.

    Here in Brasil there is few movies, majority under domain of rede Globo.. and grand part are shit. Bollywood sux as well, with a lot, and so on.

  • Guest

    Hi Will Smith!

  • deerstop

    lol Hi my dear fans xD

  • watchit

    Anyone else having trouble with all Blip vids lately? Just stopped working a couple of days ago. All I’m seeing is an endless loading indicator on a black background.

  • RG

    So you’re basically saying if 89% of people say something stinks, then there are still 11% who like it. Which I agree with. But you also make it sound like that 89% are willfully trying to mislead you, or are wrong in their opinion, or that an overwhelming consensus about a movie means absolutely nothing. Which I disagree with.

  • Chuckles McGraw

    It has been TWELVE days! I’m fiending! Please, give us more!

  • stolliosis

    Seriously, you hack frauds, get to reviewing damn it.

  • AnimationWorksNL

    Yay … he finally changed his f***ing outfit!

  • deerstop

    Actually, yes, an overwhelming consensus about a movie means nothing. For example, according to IMDb Top 250 the best movie of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is The Return of the King. And in my opinion it was the weakest film of the trilogy, with many stupid “Hollywood kissing” and hugging scenes. In the above-mentioned IMDb rating The Dark Knight has a higher position than Schindler’s List. Inception is in Top 20, Blade Ranner didn’t even make it in Top 100. Come on, does Rocky really reserve only the 199th place? And that’s just random examples from IMDb, the first website that came to my mind. Nope, consensus is only good for democracy and Wikipedia, but I think it should stay away from art (any forms of art, not only films).

  • ben stiller


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Would this not also render your own view of a movie ‘meaningless’ except for yourself? You’re arguing against consensus using your own subjective views of movies, which are just as subjective as any other person’s opinions. I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing with your points, just giving some food for thought.

    Yes, it’s difficult to rate art on a scale. If I were a reviewer, I’d try to explain what I felt worked and didn’t work, give my own opinion of it and a rating, then perhaps give qualities about the movie [pacing, acting, tone, visuals, etc.], saying that if you enjoy/don’t enjoy movies like this, than this film may/may not be for you, leaving it up to the reader to decide based on my experience of the film.

    RLM does a good job sometimes saying what type of person would enjoy a movie, but at the same time they also use hyperbole for comedic effect, so you have to take things with a grain of salt sometimes. Not sure what else I have to say about this subject, so this is the end.

  • Guest

    Plinkett shops at Walgreens? I appreciate his taste in pharmaceutical
    storage devices, as I just bought the same giant rainbow-colored
    pillcase this weekend, replacing the one with the giant blue letters on
    it that is next to it in the review as I have even more pills than he
    does. I’m thinking of getting a spice rack to store all the bottles on,
    any suggestions?

  • deerstop

    “You’re arguing against consensus using your own subjective views of movies” – Well, I’m certain that everyone can find their own examples. That was my point: think for yourself. So called consensus is a thing so pressing that you told me (in a comment below) to “go oxygenate my wombspace” because I defended a movie. You’re being so rude and confident because this movie had bad reviews, so in a way you think you have a right to tell me “fix my brains”. Would you say that if bunch of critics were positive about the movie? No.

  • deerstop

    idiot me, how did I even dare voice my opinion after everyone happily
    agreed that After Earth was the worst thing since the starving children
    of Africa. 😉

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Oxygenate your wombspace” is a quote from a video RLM viewed. I honestly just came onto this message board and found a comment that had down-votes and used that quote. It’s a complete throwaway comment [it also doesn’t make any fucking sense], so don’t take it personally.

    That small quip shouldn’t devalue my above comment, though, which is where I voiced my true opinion. I agree with forming your own opinions, but I also think that critics are a tool that audiences can use to help aid them in decision making, especially when you don’t have much spare money to spend on tickets. A good way would be to find critics that share similar qualities to you and see how they feel about the film instead of a consensus.

    Anyway, don’t take comments online too seriously. Perhaps you thought I was being rude, but that’s probably just because you haven’t oxygenated your wombspace yet. You should really get on that.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Not being able to get wifi for your iPad while taking a dump on your toilet [indoor plumbing] is far worse than starving children in Africa. They don’t even know how easy they’ve got it.

  • Cashin01

    Does this mean no more gamestation?

  • wollsmoth

    That promo interview with Will and Jaden is so fucking painful to watch it’s keeping me from rewatching this episode as often as I usually do.

  • deerstop

    Well I wasn’t terribly offended by that comment, I just thought it was some internet troll, and then I was really surprised to find a meaningful reply from the very same person. xD Okay no problem!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Well, being snarky on the internet is fun, but sometimes you forget that it can affect real people.

  • hafabee

    You haven’t been missing much, although The Great Gatsby was really good. I agree, these reviews are absolute gold, I think I’ve seen them all and some I’ve watched multiple times.

  • AlcaldeEste

    IMDb’s list is not a reviewer list – it’s user review list. Which is why semi-decent movies with cult followings like The Shawshank Redemption and every single Christopher Nolan film ever made ever are in the top 20, while actual quality movies are being snubbed.
    Yeah, stay away from the IMDb list.
    P.S.: I find it ironic that you start out by saying “Everyone should form their own opinion” and then that the critics who disagree with you are “wrong.” They don’t agree with you, therefore they are wrong, and you are right. They can’t have a different opinion. I hope you appreciate the irony?

  • Rab Lerowser

    Dat ending

    Wat a tweest

    If someone has made that joke before me suck my balls i dont gaf

    Keep it up guys

  • Memoman

    “I don’t fucking know or care if you should watch this or not.” Says Jay.

    And Mike’s totally, 110% chill with that. Spotlight and cue the music. Genius.

  • Cedhollywood

    You guys were laying it on kinda thick with the Smih family and their career’s.

  • Reece Morris Jones

    Its not out yet. How would they be able to review it?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’s almost like I purposely chose a movie that hasn’t been released yet…

  • Reece Morris Jones

    For that there would have to be the obvious attempt at humour. I see no evidence of that.

  • John Smith

    Was that Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time? WHY DO I KNOW THAT?!

  • bonery

    that’s such a beautiful line

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I used ‘frack hauds’ instead of ‘hack frauds’.

    Pure comedic genius.

  • Mike Jakermen

    So in the future they Perfected Space Travel. But yet they forgot how to make a Uzi.

  • Topdek

    I don’t know what’s worse, Will’s empty comments and frantic “uhs” and “ers” or Jaden’s numb, wooden stare

  • Jonah Falcon

    I love Mike’s delivery of “He’ll write the checks!”

  • Smith Family Special Friend

    No they weren’t.

  • killa6910123xxxyzabcunnilingus

    never seen either of these movies, but, afterbirth joke killed.
    rofflmtfao, etc.

  • killaxxxabcdp

    the hipster jokes are amazing as well.

  • UNF

    These 3 assholes have run out of ideas; visiting the site has become a tedious and sterile exercise.

  • Floyd

    UNF: Then don’t visit dumbass. This goes for all the dipshit fags (not gay people, just stupid pussies) who use the phrase “sterile exercise” and take the time to complain about website content on very same pages obviously visit.
    Keep up the good work Mike and Jay.

  • Alex Lee

    I can explain why people don’t remember Wild Wild West. It was because it was so traumatic to everyone that we just blocked it out of our minds.

  • Justin Wood

    Calling bullshit on the sterile part. After visiting the site I usually have to make a trip to the K-Mart for special shampoo with the little brush.

  • Baron Teapot

    “Everything has evolved to kill humans.” Animals do not evolve to hunt a single life-form they have no interaction with, and not in a mere one thousand years. This annoys me; imagine a sci-fi film with a line like “we need to move faster than light, so we’ll have to go faster than 28 miles per hour!”

    The accent sounds a little like South African.

  • ikilledacat

    The Hangover movies have always been more fratboy humor that I never quite got. I thoroughly despised the second one that felt more like a gay porn with all the penis (jokes, etc) they showed. I can’t tell, is Zach even funny anymore (or was he ever funny?).
    Once I realized M Night Shamalamadingdong directed After Earth (it wasn’t publicized as such – probably on purpose) I knew I was getting myself into. He lucked out with Sixth Sense and has been going down ever since. I’m surprised he’s still getting work.

  • Pissernacht

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only shitty accents…

    and bad direction…

    and horribly inappropriate nepotism…

  • Bort

    everything has evolved to kill humans.. yeah EVERYTHING… lets think about that.. that word.. everything.. it kinda means every single thing on earth..thats a lot of things… makes for a nice sound bite.. but it makes no sense… it makes no sense.. and that pretty much sums up shyamalan.. and basically i heard that line, and thought… this movie is just too dumb for me.. to even bother thinking about that line.. does my head in.. even thinking about that line erodes what little brain cells i have left.. if i watched that movie i would literally be dumber for it..and i cant risk that. i wasnt that smart to begin with

  • Bort

    so what shyamalan we got killer dolphins now.. flipper carries around a switchblade now? when he sees ya he flips his shit.. “oi muthfcker im flipper”.. yeah he uses a breathing thing cause the air is all fcked up but… air gets in through the eyes… the bare skin of his hands.. they say the air is bad.. well the one thing that does evolve is virus.. he blatantly lays down on the grass… his face is bare naked on the grass.. would not the grass try to kill him.. would there not be squadrons of attack ants? “hey isnt that a human”, they say in their squeaky little voices ” yeah lets get him!” ..better watch out over that hill i see a killer bunny.. and you thought you only saw them in monty python movies.. “yeah i’m a bunny man and i’m packing heat, its a 45 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world… and it can blow your head clean off.. say jayden ..do you feel lucky punk?”

  • Let’s say it’s true. There’s no humans left on the planet so wouldn’t everything die off without their food source that they evolved to kill? Or did they evolve to have normal animal lives plus killing humans for sport? So I guess no sports until a human crash lands?

    Or maybe M. Night is a horrible fraud.

  • Bort

    yeah lol.. good point.. everything has evolved to kill something that isnt even there… and…. hasnt even been there at all for a thousand years… why shyamalan why did it do that…THAT makes no sense.. unless they explained it in the movie an i missed it.. …by the way there are mites and other microscopic bugs that live on us even as we speak.. mites that live on our eyelashes… did they evolve to kill us too.. there are deep sea creature that have NEVER seen man… lol.. ever…. why would they evolve to kill us… how if we aint even there in the first place lol

  • It’s another lazy “mankind sucks” movie that gets old. There are great Sci-fi stories about man’s hubris but lazy hollywood produces gems like:

    After Earth
    The Core
    The Day After the Earth Stood Still Tomorrow
    and Urban Cowboy.

    It just gets old.

  • Bort

    lol dam thats a poor night out at the movies that.. imagine that as a midnight marathon lol …. ya’d hate yaself come morning

  • @15:20 Did anyone else notice that Jay says, “…Woll Smoth plays Cypher Raige and his wife, Jaden Smith plays his son…”

    OH JAY!

  • Marvin Falz

    This is probably more entertaining than the whole movie. (“Probably” because I’ve never watched After Earth and I don’t intent to ever.)

    “Jaden Smith’s Nonsensical Tweets Actually Make Perfect Sense As “Garfield” Comics”

  • Meester Smeeth

    I really enjoyed The Hangover Part 3. I was surprised how much I actually cared about the characters (or some of them), which I genuinely must have to shout “Oh no!” at the screen when Zack Gallyfannyackis nearly fell off the Ceasars Palace. Plus Bradley Cooper says “It is it” – I can’t remember which episode Mike said it in, but either way, STOKLASA, YOU HACK!

  • A203

    so in after earth, mankind evacuates earth and re-settles on nova prime, did we know that aliens would be there before we went? or did aliens stumble across us while we were there? was it one thousand years from now we fuck up the planet, and so we have only been on nova prime from a little while? or have we been on nova prime for a thousand years? i must have missed that part, and where the fuck were we taking the ursa? we wanted to use it as a training exercize, but where? obviously we have settled more places than just nova prime, cause it required an interstella flight to get to whereveer the fuck we were taking it, i mean thats how we come upon earth, we must have settled a minimum of 2 places, and each one a long way away from eachother, far enough we have to go through our own solar system. so basically in order to become a ranger all you have to do is run about and climb some rocks? and not stutter when it comes to a oral exam? and you can hide from an ursa in a bubble? kitai is hiding in a bubble type thing when his sister gets fucked in the ass, so why cant we just put entire cities in bubbles and be done with it? ahh maybe i didnt pay enough attention, i must have allen asleep in the theatre

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    Yeah. I feel like I’m in the minority here, but I like Unbreakable a lot. Like, a lot-a lot. But the rest of his movies are bad.

  • Junkie

    I genuinely can’t tell if RLM are making fun of this guy or not. They’ve spent so many videos ripping on how awful his films are and now they’re asking him for help on Space Cop?

  • Wyldstaar

    Even when they made fun of Len’s movies with the review of Skull Forest, there was still respect. They went out of their way to point out that Len gets all of his films distributed, and that they look forward to each new film. One of the reasons RLM is so popular is that they give a detailed breakdown of what does and does not work with any given movie. Simply saying that a movie sucks or is great isn’t particularly helpful, and is no indication as to whether or not you’ll like or dislike it as well. At least now that Len has seen their reviews, he knows that there is such a thing as too many Dutch angles and close-ups. He also learned that if he’s going to pay someone else to edit his films, he should be sure to hire someone who actually understands editing basics like correct aspect ratio and eliminating black frames.

  • Joel Farrelly

    All I have to say is…

    “It’s the curse of the WOLF!”

  • sssblackhawksss

    Anyone notice that the blue LED on the tape only works sometimes

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    I’ve never seen any of the Hangover movies and don’t really care for them, but I can’t help but point out RLM’s… uh… hypocrisy? That’s a strong term. I guess what I’m saying is, you guys criticized Hangover2 for being a carbon copy of the first movie. You two seem so confused by how different this movie is… but isn’t that what you wanted? You didn’t want another bachelor-party-nightmare, right? Because this sounds a change from that formula.

  • Ricky Spanish

    I’m so hooked on ‘Half in the Bag.’ Never thought I would be. I stumbled on Red Letter Media when I was looking for Phantom Menace reviews. Don’t ask me why I would go looking for further explanation on why TPM sucked balls, but I was. I found the Plinkett review and then went on a binge watch of all the Plinkett reviews. When I first saw ‘Half in the Bag’ I was pissed that some hack was doing Mr. Plinkett. Eventually, I got it and now I think I’ve burned through damn near every ‘Half in the Bag’ upload I could find. NEED MORE!

  • Spaxspore

    Like.. hello…. i wear my hair back and forth..

  • Robby

    Rewatching these old episodes, Jay has gotten a lot better about not interrupting when someone else is talking.

  • yodgonbooze

    yeah they never use cuts, its just one long extended shot, so you really can make an informed opinion based on what takes they chose to keep, they wouldn’t watch it back at all, and edit out anything, but then again maybe they keep what you see in, because that is what they want, but again its so easy to make an informed opinion based on what they chose to air

  • Robbie

    Because reviews that rips movies apart are kind of fun. I love whenever there’s a new Adam Sandler. Not because i Watch the film but because the reviews are hilarious.

  • Deacon Cole

    Donnie Darko was horrible shit.

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