Half in the Bag: The Avengers and CPHPIX Film Festival

May 8, 2012404 Comments

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  • oh hell yeah motha fucka!! slap my bag and call me Travolta! new HiTB!

  • Rock_beast666jp

    What is the song that starts at 1:13?

  • Christopher O’Brien

    You guys have really got to see the Edward Norton Hulk movie.

  • That is one horny seagull!

  • Punishment

    Review this movie!


  • Halimashbomber

    fuck yeah!

  • Copenhagen, my favorite city in Scandinavia, and that’s coming from a Swede.

  • Gorash

    I was in that crowd, awesome evening!

  • Oskar

    I am in a Half in the Bag video (the audience). This makes me happy to an emberassing degree. 

  • Buildin’ a new set are we? 

  • nice touch that since you guys are broke, Mike is drinking a PBR instead of whatever the microbrew of the week was.

  • would you say that one of the reasons why the hulk can’t carry a movie is because of how the character of the hulk is basically someone who is out of control, and basically has no concept of what’s going on, which automatically makes him lose his and the audience’s connection to what is happening in the film?

  • This Guy

     So far I’m the only person i know who didn’t like Avengers, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t think it was great. It was meh, like something I would rent and fast forward through a lot of.

  • adw

    Mike is starting to look like a fun version of Stanley Kubrick. Good for him I guess 🙂

  • Perfect Strangers!

  •  well pbr is made in wisconsin!

  • Guest

    You guys are huge in Europe.
    We’ll take Mike as the king of Finland anytime.

  • thebertturtle

    I guess RLM can say legitimately now that they’re big in Europe.

  • I knew The Avengers would be discussed sooner or later

  • Holy crap Mike you read my mind, who WAS going to clean all that shit up from the last fight?! Second time seeing it that bugged the hell out of me!

  • sigaba

    The establishing shots and piano music at the beginning of every episode always remind me of the beginning of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

  • This Guy

    Damn still the only person who doesn’t like this movie, lol didn’t like Lord of the Rings, but didn’t like the books either so I didn’t expect to like Lord of the Rings. I don’t care about the liberties taken for the record I just don’t like the movie. Hated the plot

  • I heart pizza rolls

    Ugh the ending does look like transformers3, That somehow makes me hate transformers even more now. Glad you guys like Avengers and not giving it a total jizzpants review like some people are.

  • There was actually a comic in the 70’s or 80’s about people cleaning up the destruction that superheroes caused. Great review as always.

  • Oh guys, saying at the end that you wouldn’t recommend it is gonna bite you in the arse. The internet doesn’t take kindly to blatant sarcasm.

  • Mike sits on the right and Jay on the left? Confusiooooooooon !


  • Xarkov

    I hope Marvel will buy the rights back from fox and sony for x-men, spiderman, fantastic four with the money they made.

  • if you did not get girls in Denmark you are not a REAL MAN!!!

  • Micha Ols

    Well I guess you have been the foreign person in Copenhagen Mike 😉 (related to what you said at 28:00)

  • Stefan

    Guys, your stuff is kind of not stupid. I have no doubt another screening in Berlin or any other big city in Europe would be sold out, too. We love your stuff here.

  • Kezd

    I’m kind of getting the impression that your stuff is more popular in Europe than it is in the US. Most of the people I know have at least seen one of your star wars reviews. I guess we just love seeing someone get insulted for making idiotic crap.

  • I like how Jay somehow has the Gameboy version of Tetris on his iPhone.

  • Plinkett’s Cat

    Great episode. I love that the VCR repairmen sketches has an actual storyline going on and you can’t ever know what is going to happen in the next episode (You guys ending up in the streets, raping gay robots etc.)

    Ps. What did Mike think about the Iron Sky?

  • Guest

    Just got back from the Avengers, for the third time, and then there is a new Half in the Bag review. Pretty damn good tuesday imo.

  • theaceofknaves

    you guys are the dogs bollox. love the reviews.

  • Gavindcallaghan

    Best one yet!

  • Pederlyager

    “It’s a very weird country” haha. Glad you liked it here. Always fun to hear foreigners talk about our little country 🙂

  • Ludwigscroggins

    my ancestors come from denmark and i am one quarter danish. now i know why i am so weird, lol!

  • Jason Greaves

    Be honest, you guys just got tired of rebuilding that set.

  • Guest

    Dear Lord thank you for this day. Please bless and keep Mike and Jay and also give them a kick in the ass so they produce more episodes, more often, and thusly share their gift which thou bestoweth. Amen.

  • Guest

    why keep making the less popular series? Where is Mr. Plinkett?

  • Guest

    You guys were completely on the nose about Avengers. Great review. Also looking forward to how this plot thread plays out.

    Also, congrats to Mike for the film festival, that must be exciting!

  • peter file

    can’t wait for prometheus

  • Guest

    Plinkett’s a gimmick character. Doing those reviews all the time would get old real quick. The nice thing about Half in the Bag is that it’s honest reactions, not hidden behind a character.

  • Muahahah

    plZ review Iron Sky. 

  • it’s MINIBOSS you half nerds.

  • thelegitimateveteran

    Turning tricks isn’t so bad.

  • Ramon

    Mike seems exceptionally intoxicated in this one…what has he had

  • Guest

    Nah, it’s obvious that the Lord of the Rings movies didn’t do the characters from the books justice, Mike. Just as if the Avengers characters hadn’t done the originals justice there would be outrage.

  • Guest

    Ya, I had the same feeling that Jay had, that it kinda dragged in the middle. Poor pacing? or just not the modern conventional pacing that evenly alternates exposition and action every five minutes to keep the idiots entertained.
    It still worked, just not for all the dumb kids sitting around me that wouldn’t shut up.

  • Jorge Lucas

    LOL Dungeons & Dragons movie. I actually saw that in the theater…

  • I liked everything except that Loki and Thor dialogue is always lame. It’s the same from the Thor stories. Thor has a soft spot in his heart for Loki, Loki seems to have rapport but then stabs him in the back, EVERY SINGLE TIME!  
    So sick of that! 

  • Guest

    You say to those Euros “I am like a DJ, but for film. My work is a mash-up of multiple sources but the feelings are my own.” They will nod and say Ah, yes. And if they still don’t understand, they will go away feeling that it is their fault.

  • Heh. They did a similar thing to what I did 2 weeks back on my site. Except I actually did review the 1998 Avengers film on the day Marvel’s The Avengers was released in the UK. Possibly a dick move on my part. Liking the new approach to the show here.

  • Guest

     No, they don’t.

  • guest

    at 20:00 damn!!! you mike i like that movie WHY I  ADODDA

  • Guest

    Thought the theater set up was a jab at the people complaining you didn’t mention MST3K in your Zaat! review, but it’s just a joke about things with the same name…

  • Guest

     Fast forward through what parts…?

    Did you like Transformers 3?

  • Guest

     ARe you frm the fewture???

  • Guest

     ”Transformers 3 ripped off the Avengers!!!”  …Is what you will be seeing in the future.

  • Guest

     They’re that slutty huh? Good to know.

  • disbecool

    this was awesome+_+

  • Guest

    I reviewed your review on my site 1 week ago. Nobody cared about that either.

  • Ituel


  • Pal-Alladin

    Avengers was pretty good, but there were a few plot contrivances that were irritating. Especially the way the Chitauri Aliens were real imbeciles. The Alien Mothership explodes and somehow all aliens on Earth die too for no reason.

     I read it there first, so here’s the link:


  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Martin and Lewis; Abbott and Costello; Laurel and Hardy:  You guys are fast becoming an underground super hit intellectual comedy duo and your names will never be forgotten.  Keep up the great work Mitch and Jack !

  • Aurum

    The Avengers is not playing at the Oriental >_>

  • Riccochet Mouse

    Cool review. I like it when you add stories about your trips, whether it is Comic Con, Cphpix or other. Always entertaining to watch!

  • You left out Penn and Teller and Patrick Swayze and Pancreatic Cancer 

  • Kinda like you’re name being Guest and me inviting you over for dinner. 

  • I would say to those Euros I’m an American then a forty minute triad about how we landed on the moon. 

  • Dee

    I am someone who thinks Transformers is the death of cinema and an insult to IQ’s everywhere-but I thought Avengers was perfection. The ONE scene I would change was Black Widow hitching that ride-Iron Man should have just flew her up there. But really, the movies laughs, cool action and Hulk make up for that one minor point. 

  • Spell MINIBOSS backwards and you get me shoving you down a flight of steps leading from the second floor to the first floor or the ground level depending on how well you’ve developed the basement…you’re not pregnant are you? cause if you are then I suggest taking Omega 3 supplements cause its good for your kids cardiovascular system and congrats! You’ll make a wonderful dad.

  • Ur an Iron Sky

  • then don’t

  • B/c it’s free 

  • you guys should start charging us for Plinkett reviews or force us to send you dirty pics of our relatives so you can later blackmail us 

  • anon

    My prediction is that Mike will become the Plinkett from the Star Wars reviews.  The house is getting more and more messy/destroyed, there are bodies buried in the back yard, and his voice is getting more slurred every episode.  He will kill Jay and take Mr. Plinkett’s house and identity.  

  • anon

    “stop liking what I don’t like!”

  • Dee

    Not true. LOTR was perfection. This movie was too, to be honest.

  • This Guy

    If I was watching it for the first time I and I could fast forward I’d have fast forward through quite a bit, like when Black Widow fights those Russians early in the movie, among many other scenes. I didn’t like the movie, I have no intentions on seeing it again, so now I would fast forward through all of it lol. I never saw Transformers 3, didn’t like the first one, and that’s the only one I saw.

  • Mick Travis

    Great review guys, as ever!  All I ask is you return to the Plinkett set for the next episode.  Although Jay might after to blow a few more people so you can get the beer!

  • ann rain

    Really great episode.

  • ann rain

    Your show kicks the ass of Harry’s from AICN’s lame as fuck show.

  • Poe

    I thought the movie was OK.  I’m not a nitpicking nerd, or at least I don’t conscientiously try to be.   My level of interest throughout the movie wavered.  I didn’t like all of the characters (I didn’t watch the other super hero movies tied to this), but I liked Robert Downey Jr. and the Hulk.  The others appeared flat, uninteresting, forgettable.  To ME… my OPINION.  And… I got kinda bored towards the end. 

    It seems that a lot of those who like this movie are the ones that were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a complete disaster.  So the low expectations might have made the movie seem a bit better than it was.  Just an assumption.  Again, I thought the movie was OK.  Not bad, not particularly good.  A few redeemable qualities, I liked some scenes, but I don’t think I will be compelled to watch this movie again.

  • Is it just me or does the whole world stop when they release a new review? The new set is both strange and exciting, and I cant wait for the next review!

  • Congratulations, Mike, on your honorary trip to Copenhagen. You guys have been doing a great job so far- I’ve watched every video on your site over the past year and just now have decided to comment and express my appreciation for your work. I hope you guys are at Chicago ComicCon this summer, as we’d love to see you!

  • Guest

    …thanks to a Nazi war criminal designing the rocket.

  • Haha, Wow, I think this was your best one yet. Loved the extended introduction, love the new set (if it’s a new set and/or will continue) and just brilliantly fantastically hilarious in every way. Don’t ever change… except when you change things to be better.

  • Robby

    Hands down my favorite episode of Half in the Bag to date. All of your episodes are funny, but I think I laughed more during this one than any other. Brilliant stuff.

  • Eric

    Awesome episode of Half in the Bag. I loved it. Keep up the great work. I love this show.

  • Wewyllenium

    Love this episode. The only thing that annoyed me in the Avengers  (2012) movie is the mellow dramatic final act. I’d rather have it that the Capt. waited for Ironman to drop out of the wormhole before he called for it to close. Then they’d realize that IM is not conscious then the Hulk would do the catching business.  It made no sense for them to close the portal immediately since the threat was not present at that moment. They could even have Thor to investigate or something. I still love the movie.

  • Brian476

    Have you seen the DnD sequel!? I’d imagine such luminaries could spend countless hours plumbing its depths!

  • ashburn247

    i cant believe they didnt notice that any time loki went on a classic movie villain rant shit would not go his way. he’d either be blind sighted quickly or he’d give away too much info, realize it, and pay for it right away.

  • SoItHasComeToThis

    Had the clean-up thought too, but being one of the so-called nitpicky comic book nerds I know what they are called; Damage Control.

    The Avengers is great and all, and I was stoked that they included Hawkeye(even though he was fairly minor in this one). But, I sooo want a Damage Control movie now.

  • Hiver

    Hahahahaha…. aahhh you guys… hahahaa….

    Wait what?… we need to have a chat about LOTR crapfest one of these days.
     And it AINT about some weird small details not being put in, mkay, guys?

    You guys are really slipping when mr Plinkett isnt around.

  • rob

    love the new format

  • Nemo3590

    “It made no sense for them to close the portal immediately since the threat was not present at that moment.”Orly? What about the NUCLEAR EXPLOSION that swept past the portal point seconds after it closed?

  • Joghurt

    Boy, Denmark was DAMN weird IMOH… or was it IMHO? And I come from Europe.

  • whatever

    please do a review on iron sky

  • Hans

    Diehard Fan here and this episode kinda stands out. Loved it!
    Now get the fuck back to work and make me more content!

  • Bluearmyclan

    Is it only me but your videoplayer really sucks, take 1 minute to load

  • Briann

    yeah, we europeans love your shlog.
    I read a pitch for ironman 3 that involves around the crisis in NYC… people and officials turn against Ironman, blaming Tony Stark for all the damage he indirectly caused by enabling an alien invasion right in the heart of manhatten with his (secret?) inner city arc reactor.

  • Doe

     You’re not a nitpicking nerd. You’re a hipster who is obviously better person than most of the mainstream audience.

  • Guest

     Look at this guy.

  • Samipoju

     This, this need to be done.
    by Mike and Jay or mr Plinkett

  • Damien

    great birthday present .. thank you

  • Strelnikov

    This was a nice break from the crumbling ruins of Plinkett’s house. I’ve heard Denmark is fun, and it was nice that everybody and his brother in the city of Copenhagen showed up to see your film….I’m sure they considered it a break from the usual arthouse fare.

    May the new set be as destructable as the old set.

  • Azisman


  • Smokey MacPot

    I wanted to see Mike shotgun that PBR in the theatre.

  • Hilarious, but you really needed to belt out “Get your cock sucked!!” You’re in public–take advantage of it.

    Now look you assholes, I sent you an e-mail offering to do your Space Cop box art for money, and you still haven’t gotten back to me. Is this how you treat your fans?

  • Jason E Medeiros

    Where are the people in Wisconsin? Are there no people walking around on the streets of Milwaukee?

  • Makes sense considering War Crimes don’t mean shit on the moon. Plus, sex in zero-g makes it close to impossible for getting your cousins pregnant. 

  • They tried, Sony and Fox refused to sell them, which makes sense from there perspective but is annoying for us.

  • Luke

    Do you know if we will get an Iron Man 3? and I don’t think the arc reactor was a secret, he was flaunting that his building was totally run on sustainable energy.

  • Chuck Freeman

    Good stuff guys. It’s nice to see you 2 actually happy about a movie 🙂 I felt the same way myself while watching it, and it’s been a while since I felt that way in a theater :-/ I had shivers during that team shot where the camera rotated around the whole team. It was great 🙂

    The fact that they gave the Hulk a personality finally made him relate-able as character. I think that’s why the previous Hulk films never worked. Without a personality, there was never anything to help us forget we were looking at a CG monstrosity. This time, thanks to the displays of his general grumpy attitude, it helped suspend the disbelief and he blended in nice among his other teammates. Maybe the character is not to blame, but the lousy writers of the previous Hulk films.

    Thanks again for this review, it was the perfect desert after the main course of awesome movie I had yesterday. Love the use of the theater setting.

    Fuck Movies!
    Chuck Freeman

  • Dance Jazzman

    Outstanding review. 

    It’s always great when you clearly had fun watching the movie and filming the review. I can tell Jay especially liked selling his sweet body for tickets. Congratulations on being featured at the European film thing. Well deserved. 

  • Ricky

    It’s so good you had a change of scenery. I felt dirty after watching the last episodes.

    Because of the sexy, of course.

  • I thought this reply was OK. I’m not a trolling prick, or at least, I don’t really give two shits if I am. My level of snarkiness throughout this reply wavered. I didn’t really feel like every pointed needed an ironic respone (I didn’t fucking spell check some of this), but I respected Robert Downey Jr more when he was on drugs and sexing up prositutes. The present state of mind seems flat, but heroine as they say is like black men both are super distracting when at a theater. To ME…my OPINION. And..I got kinda of bored being ironic point for point. 

    It seems that a lot of those who like Doritos like Mt Dew as well and for some fucking reason, ppl need to argue what’s better Taco John or Taco Bell. Who gives a shit as long as I know who ever picked these tomatoes got paid two-cents it all taste good. Just an assumption. Again, I got bored trying to be ironic writing this. So I’m going to eat some drink some dew and eats some fast food tacos so I can have this reply come full circle once I actually end up taking a two hour long shit. 

  • Baginthehalf

    Great episode, super/original/funny intro to get to the review, thanks!

  • Not to be a nitpicky nerd, but if you’re going to use felacio, even for satirical purposes, I think it would be best to have, at the end, a warning informing younger viewers you can still catch an STD from oral sex. 

  • Rbrtchng

    lol i thought it was C/PHP 9.

  • Obviously they didn’t see the version of Avengers with the schwarma scene at the end. That’s definetley their type of humor. I half expected, after the credits of this episode, to see Jay eating chicken for a uncomfortable period of time again.

  • Amarsir

    Nice review, as always.  Wasn’t expecting the new wraparound, but I’m on board.

  • GhostUnit

    The reason you felt there was too much action is because there were never any stakes in any of the battles.

    The outcome of any and all fights in the movie is obvious, so there’s no real tension to any of them.

  • Yeah so did I. It was for my birthday, with all my friends who were also D&D players. I walked out on that garbage towards the end, and left everyone else in the theater.

  • guest

    cant be that difficult to make a movie with good action and good plot and no laughable pin-up characters in it …
    the movie version of tony stark totally killed that caracter … a funny mitched as ironman a teenbitch a german looking cap.america, sven from sveden and that derp guy with the bow … seems I missed something when reading the comics back in the days   … is nobody thinking anymore?

  • guest


  • hobum

    you can also get arrested for murdering a cat by buzzsaw…you do realize your on a movie review site?

  • Screen something in Metro Detroit. You will get a pretty fantastic turnout. 

  • Guest

    Oh god… Plinkett review of Dungeons & Dragons PLEASE!!!

  • Guest

     Not to be a nitpicky nerd, but if you’re going to use the word “felacio,” you should probably know how to spell it.

    Also, oh God…please dear fucking God, I hope your post is a totally failed attempt at comedy and not a sincere request. Either way, I think you failed.

  • RedGiraffe

    Ughhhhh are you guys ever gonna review the Lord of the Rings movies? I’ve been waiting to hear what you have to say about them as well as Chris Nolan’s Batman movies.

  • Tery

    the movie was too predictable. sure, if you round up a few super heroes, they are gonna fight & argue & there`ll be ego issues. then they`ll come to their senses later & fight together to save the world. throw in a few good one liners. that`s it ? Zzzzzzzz…. i nodded off for a few seconds but it wasn`t totally bad of course. 7/10.     

  • Hiver

    Thats the job for mr. Plinkett.

    These two would just drone on and on how great and awesome it is.

  • Guest

     You know that Mr. Plinkett is Mike, right? And that Plinkett’s opinion would bet he same as Mike’s?

  • Tobias Roland

    I wish I could have been there for the CPHPIX-event. Damn.

  • Don

     -.- Even I got Hiver’s joke.
    And I’m stupid

  • Bigwang

     What do you consider a 10 / 10 movie?

  • Guest

    to be fair the whole super heroes fighting and arguing before teaming up is a bit of a cliche in comic books, as in it happens essentially every goddamn time theres a team up, he’s obviously blowing it out of proportion and being bitchy about it, but it doesn’t change how cliche’d that aspect of the narrative is (which I didn’t have a problem with myself, I’m just throwing that out there)

  • Guest

    considering how most of the themes associated with the hulk character are universal and he has a neat line up of villains to fight I honestly don’t think it would be hard to make a hulk movie that stands on its own, the edward norton one was fun, but the character is also suited for something darker and more thought provoking, I mean it’s a guy whose own creation turned him into a monster, its jekyll and hyde on steroids, then you’ve got the fact that the character has obviously deep seated emotional problems (bullied his entire life, had an abusive father who murdered his mother, etc.) struggling desperately to retain control over his anger, they just need to make something that’s like 70 percent banner and 30 percent hulk and more character driven, its worked very well in some of the comics back in the early 2000’s when it was essentially a horror title and the hulk rarely showed up at all

  • Vladimir Sergeyev

    I surely hope mr. Plinkett is away preparing that Matrix sequels review.

  • Silencio200

    so… what are your impressions on ironsky? 

  • Massivemeat

    So they didn’t recommend it!? I am AGHAST!!! But then again, I see where they’re coming from. Battleship starring singer and… singer Rihanna will be infinitely better.

  • jasonrjohnston


  • No

     It can’t be that difficult to apply proper grammar and proofread your posts.

  • chino

    Great episode!

  • This Guy

    I think Aliens is a good team movie which is very akin to The Avengers which is a 10/10 while the Avengers is about a 6.5or7/10.

  • Hmm, this is almost like an online insult by number. First, you critique spelling then pretend to question the irony then say ‘fail’
    Bravo sir, you have colored in the numbers good!


    My Response: a villanelle
    Your insult is typical online nerd
    Its unoriginal and by the numbers at best
    Bravo sir, you’ve colored in good

    But if I may say, I wish you would
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    And if, like Juno’s jealously stirred,
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    So with this, I leave you with these last words
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    So with this, I leave you with these last words
    Fuck spell check and ‘fail’s over use
    Your insult is typical online nerd
    Fuck you very much, you’ve colored in good.

  •  My Response: a villanelle

    Your insult is typical online nerd
    Its unoriginal and by the numbers at best
    Bravo sir, you’ve colored in good

    But if I may say, I wish you would
    Try come up creatively, lest
    Your insult make you a typical online nerd.

    You seems clever enough so I’m sure you could
    Insult me better, perhaps something racist
    Then bravo sir, you’ve colored me good

    And if, like Juno’s jealously stirred,
    You unable find an original way to express
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    So with this, I leave you with these last words
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  • My Response: a villanelle

    Your insult is typical online nerd
    Its unoriginal and by the numbers at best
    Bravo sir, you’ve colored in good

    But if I may say, I wish you would
    Try come up creatively, lest
    Your insult make you a typical online nerd.

    You seems clever enough so I’m sure you could
    Insult me better, perhaps something racist
    Then bravo sir, you’ve colored me good

    And if, like Juno’s jealously stirred,
    You unable find an original way to express
    Then, you’ll just be a typical online nerd

    So with this, I leave you with these last words
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    Fuck you very much, you’ve colored in good.

  • Guest Al

    Great review as always. Cool set. Almost made me want you guys to clean up and look like professional movie reviewers…then I remembered that drinking on the job would probably not be tolerated. Keep up the great work!

  • Jmart

     OOOOOHHHHHH. I thought there was a film festival in Denmark, Wisconsin. I live in Green Bay, and I was so pissed that I wasn’t able to go and visit you guys there (I was scheduled to work that day). Now I don’t feel so bad.

  •  No one has any idea what you are talking about.

  • Guest

    Nice Star Wars review Mr. Plinkett!

  • Double_DUbs

    The gradually more potent “Sarcasm” text made me laugh like other, especially since I was always worried some people would miss it on this show.

  • Yeah, several reviews I’ve read call attention to the baddies being sufficiently dangerous to justify the team-up, but they didn’t really live up to the dread pronouncements that overlord dude spake on the planet with the floaty staircase.

  • Briann

     check it out, just one of the bits floating around…

  • Ferris Bueller

    That was great! I’m glad to hear you guys liked the Avengers. It’s also really good to hear the Denmark Festival went well. Keep up the good work. You guys never fail to entertain!

  • Jonas

    Happy to hear about avengers. Looking forward to watching it a bit more now. It was also very nice to hear some about the trip to Denmark. Im not at all surprised the cop dog and the menace reviews filled the theaters, they are genious and deserve much more praise and recognition.
    Keep up the good work! Cant wait for the next episode of both half in the bag / plinkett review. Props from sweden.

  • It couldn’t be the worst waste of their time.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Mark Ruffalo, oh, yeah.

  • Pilditegija

     You know, that Hiver made a joke, right?

  • The Other Half

    Nice review. I was pleasantly  surprised to see the 1999 The Avengers movie at the start of the review. Can’t believed I watched that one when it was released. Thanks for the memory.

    Amazing movie too, this 2012’s Avengers I mean. It’s one of the few movies that  I can and have confidently told my friends that it was amazing. Also thanks for unveiling the Transformers 3 and The Avengers’ ending similarities. I thought something was scratching my brain after watching it.

    I am still troubled by the fact that the all powerful SHIELD -floating ships, VTOLs, stealth jets, being the biggest secret every nation can cover without Wikileak ever discovering, thousands of secret operatives and personnel- didn’t give the Avengers any help at all during the alien invasion. And the fact that SHIELD agents fought most of the time with 9mm weapons (especially Black Widow who fought off the aliens with mere handguns while the National Guard just cowered around with their M16s and the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard…where were they?). What happened to the confiscated Hydra laser guns that Captain America’s multi-ethnic commando team used most of the time?

  • You guys have great chemistry between each other.
    I love how Jay just cracks up at Mike’s jokes.  Makes me laugh even harder.
    If you ever review a TV show, review Galactica!

  • Lxesposo21

    well they are ALIENS

  • Guest

    Mark, put on these dirty clothes …. yeeeeaaaaahhhh

  • whoopsie

    As much as I love the Plinkett reviews – the more I watch Half in the
    Bag, the less faith I have in these guys’ ability to pick good movies.
    They give positive reviews to shit movies – and they often fall back on
    moviemaking technique as the criteria for a good movie. Technique is jut
    a building block, the movie can still be an uninteresting, unlikable, cliched piece of crap even if built on decent foundations

    I mean come one guys – the “knocking the punching bag off the chain”
    bit. Yes, if I have super powers, I’m gonna spar with a normal heavy bag
    so I can knock it 10 feet in the air and break its chain. That is just
    one example of many

  • whoopsie

    stop apologizing. The movie sucked. It was a mindless popcorn flick – nothing more

    The only thing it proved was, mindless action flicks can make giant sums
    of money. But then, we’re living in an age where 2 Snow White feature
    remakes can come out within a couple months of each other – so the modern
    moviegoing audience may not be real bright or hard to please

  • James Jammeson

    You’re nitpicking too much. Movies are completely subjective, so it doesn’t mean they’re bad, they simply have a different opinion. And are you implying that the Avengers is bad? Because I’m pretty sure YOU are the one with the unpopular opinion here

    As for the punching bag bit: it was pretty clear he was trying to stay away from the modern world, as he was in an oldschool style gym while using these punching bags, so I’d say that was just his preference.

  • Wolfer

    Denmark loves ya boys. og det passer

  • Copenhageners are very interesting people with a great sense of humor, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that there was such a big turn-out.

  • The Hard Truth

    nobody cares about new movies except for lowest common denominator shlubs from middle america, please review more old movies.

  • Ricky


    Every “shit” movie they give a positive review I enjoy the fuck out of, and even some they give a bad review and I pretty much don’t care about their personal taste while deciding what I’m going to watch or not
    I have a brain that I like to use for that

    And I also caught that reference to Ultimate Captain America

  • Guest

     Is this a joke?

    All those old movies you love so much were once new movies as well, you know.

  • buttstink

    Did everyone in your theater clap during the Avengers?

  • Trentonmarbon

    You guys could have sat closer together.

    I don’t really appreciate the anti-“Gay” message going on here.

    That two guys can’t sit next to one another and appreciate a good movie together.

    God forbid one of you should reach over and discover that the other has carved a hold in the bottom of his popcorn tub.

    Good job, homophobes.

  • cajaquarius

     Not homophobia, it is that men smell bad. They always smell bad to me.

  • cajaquarius

     I like that formula. It is predictable. I don’t like things that are different.

  • HalfInTheBagFan

    Great review guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and I’m a person who thinks that the superhero film has been drastically over-done. I agree with Jay on the point that the middle chunk dragged a bit long without any development/action. I think that Whedon did an amazing job, as I’m sure that a film of this calibur, and budget, had alot of studio heads giving input and suggestions. Like Spielberg, I hope that Whedon has earned his position as a grade-A filmmaker, and can continue making films with the writing quality and attention to detail that we’ve grown to love from him.

  • Surovomeso

     I really envy you two to get so entartained by some cheap speacial effects-storyline for 9 years old-2 hours of mindless action.Wow i bow to you.Or is  all about selling more crap to audience who can’t chew all this crap.The movie is retarded.If you wanna see good superheroes movie watch Watchmen and if you say you like action movies watch Tropa de Elite but common on this is just too heavy…

  • Guest

    Is this a joke? Please let this be a joke.

  • whoopsie

    If you think that everything is subjective then you know nothing about movies – or any kind of art for that matter

    Making valid points about corniness, lack of logic, and things that are just plain stupid in a movie is not nitpicking

    Also, was it lost on all the Plinkett fans that in Avengers, when the
    mother ship was blown up, all the invading aliens died – a plot point
    lifted STRAIGHT from Phantom Menace

  • Cause you’re a “Too Cool for the Room” Jizzbag.

  • me

     fuck you

  • Probably going to be in the DVD release but you probably don’t get the backstory of Cap. He’s 70 years out of his time. I would think he would do that (like any other cranky old man) in order to enjoy the familiar. Same old gym, same old neighborhood. It made perfect sense to me.

  • whoopsie

    aw – I like bright lights and computer things punching other computer
    things – I will call you names if you don’t like those things too

    good luck

  • I’m a middle-America “Shlub”. Go Fuck your Mother. I hope you get AIDS and hit by a Taxi you left coast shitdick.

  • Boo

     Yeah what a couple of dickheads for enjoying a movie that’s getting a universally positive reception! It’s popular so it must suck!

  • whoopsie

    and thus these kind of dumbed-down movies are written for you

    watch the Half in the Bag Avengers review again. The guys are repeatedly
    making excuses for the film. They say more than once that this is all
    we could expect for a super hero team movie. If you have to make excuses
    for a film, then guess what – it sucks

  • jnnx

    Its 2012. As long as you are clever and funny, and constantly “wink” at your audience, people will overlook plot holes and inconsistencies. These movies are programming you NOT to think, just go with it, Marvel zombie, OK?

  • I’m tired of action movies where you have to destroy a city to make people give half a shit.

  • Guest

    They say it’s well written and has good characters and performances. Yeah, such flimsy “excuses.”

    And fairly judging a movie based on its genre and general intention isn’t making excuses for it anyway. Would you complain that The Exorcist wasn’t funny enough?

  • Go back tou your moms basement and punch the clown to your special directors cut of “Watchmen”, shitdick.

  • I have an excuse for you, uhhh, lets see, the condom broke? Your dad didn’t pull out in time? Your mom couldn’t scrape together enough money to go to the clinic? I’m sure there’s a good one. I enjoyed The Avengers because I didn’t try to pull it apart. It’s not the Godfather for Fucks sake you idiot, but for what it is, it does it better than any transformers and nearly any other superhero film ever did. I hope you get cancer. Go fuck yourself.

  • Exactly my point Guest!

  • I love you guys! Keep up the good work

  • Steve

    Mike’s impression of himself toward the end had me rolling!

  • Carton E Bewer

    remove their balls from your mouth why don’t you

  • Aressar

    Finally, a review where Mike and Jay are actually both positive about a modern-day movie. A rare thing to see, but it definitely would be nice to see these kind of reviews more often. Unfortunately it seems not everyone seems to think that way, since the shitstorm in the Comments section looks worse than usual…

  • Oh, thats witty. Did you take all afternoon to come up with that one you goddamn homophobe? Why not be brave enough to actually post your name?

  • Jakob Lystbæk

    Out of curiosity.. what’s the song Mike sings in the beginning of the episode? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • redletterjay


  • exits

    Sarcasm can translate on the internet, but you didn’t really pull it off here.

  • Carton E Bewer

    No – I judge a movie on whether it’s good or not. If a movie sets out to
    be a mindless assault on your senses, then the movie is a mindless
    assault on your senses, not a good movie.

    See the difference

  • death

    a buffer seat? how gay do you have to be to actually use a buffer seat?

  • Well, I wouldn’t trust your judgement on what a good film is then. And that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What does Whoopsie mean anyway? Is that something your kind does in a mens room stall with another of your kind?

  • See, you Fucking snob. What makes you the “expert” art and film critic? Is that your profession? If so then what are you doing screwing here? I would think you’d have more professional artist critic type stuff to do then argue with us unwashed masses who like mindless films that assault our senses. You really are an Asshole. I’m just sayin…

  • Guest

    But The Avengers isn’t a mindless assault on your senses, nor is that what it’s trying to be. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you didn’t even see the movie. You just have to hate on it because it’s big and mainstream and in your simplistic hipster mindset that automatically makes it bad. Half in the Bag has done a pretty good job of discerning mainstream garbage from films that are genuinely trying to entertain. You, on the other hand, just come across as a typical “it’s bad because it’s popular” snob. If you dislike the movie and their discussion of it, why are you sticking around here for so long?

  • About as gay as your mom.

  • Here is a thought, maybe its possible to like both Watchmen and Avengers for what they are? #FB

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Did Mike see Reptilicus while in Copenhagen?

  • chumguzzler

    I think… the fact that you detected the sarcasm is evidence of the fact that they did pull it off? 

    Great stuff guys, I was laughing out loud at the “vat iz your film?” section near the end. I still need to see this movie

  •  Actually when Jay and I go out to a theater we usually sit right next to each other. Unless we have coats or popcorn or it’s a totally empty theater. I don’t care about sitting next to a dude in a theater. Totally fine with me. But to set the record straight on the developing “homophobic buffer seat controversy” we sat a space apart here so that we were far apart in our cross shots when we did the actual review discussion. If we sat right next to each other my head would take up half of his frame and vice versa. Not to mention a weird eyeline problem. It would have been over all distracting.

  • GhostUnit

    you don’t need to honor these dimwits with a response

  • thelubricator

    27:10 to 27:20 would make excellent prank call material.

  • redletterjay

    Whatever, homophobe!

  • Wolfgang

    Nice episode, thanks guys. I always enjoy how you take apart a movie. Wheter you like it or not, it’s always informative and entertaining.

  • M.

    Ok, so you guys are from Wisconsin and youre saying Kopenhaga is weird?

  • thelubricator

    Your bum smells like a fart.

  • jeff

    I really like your reviewing style and everything, and I do think this is a good review, but I just honestly hated this movie.  Couldn’t everything that has been said about the Star Wars prequels basically be said about the Avengers?  I know you guys said that you ignored the plot, and yes the plot was my biggest complaint, but still, it was almost incoherent.  For one thing, I didn’t really understand any of Loki’s motivations or what the fuck the cube thing had to do with anything.  And yeah, I guess that kind of shit can be explained, but that doesn’t mean it was made clear in the movie.  And again, wasn’t Samuel L Jackson miscast again for the same reasons he shouldn’t have been Mace Windu?  And tone, again.  Just the moments of dipshit “comedy” that didn’t fit in anywhere.  It’s weird, I actually really liked Cabin in the Woods.  Sorry to preach, just my opinion.  It’d actually mean a lot if you wrote back.  Thanks!          

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    Yes, let’s under-analyze The Avengers, and tell us to turn off our brains for that, but with the Star Wars Prequels we’re to pick apart every little detail?

    This is why I can’t ever take you guys seriously. You have no standards.

  • Guest

    You know how Conan O’brien is inexplicably popular in Finland?  I think it’s the same thing going on – you guys are inexplicably popular in Denmark.

  • whosaywhat

     Except the SW prequels are poor on several levels but the Avengers is pretty much as good as it was ever going to be.

    It’s fun to disassemble the prequels, point out the constant clusterfuck of images, clunky dialogue, awful performances, unnecessary CGI – but with Avengers people enjoy it. Avengers has been very popular (deservingly so).

    Unless you’ve spotted something in Avengers that will cause us to rethink this, that is.

    Mike and Jay were talking about that geeky nitpicking where you go to an unnecessary extend. I think they were justified to say that.

  • Guest

     Wouldn’t work.  Dungeons and Dragons is one of the “It’s so bad it’s awesome” movies instead of the ones that are just bad.

  • Guest

     Uh yeah.  See, the thing with the Star Wars Prequels is that they DID have standards – they should have been as good as the original trilogy.  They failed at that in every way possible.

    For Avengers – it should be as good or better as the individual set up movies that have come before (Iron Man/Hulk/Thor/etc).  It was.

    So, in summary, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • rlmfannorway

    If I had known that Mike were to visit Copenhagen, me and a friend would have visited CPHPIX. Sincerely, Redlettermedia fan from Norway. 

  • Prenticemonaghan

    Hey, I agree with some of what you say although I found this film more enjoyable than you did.  The plot IS totally incoherent for exactly the reasons you give.  I suppose the difference between this and the Star Wars Prequels is one of (justifiably) lower expectations.

    This film doesn’t have the same heritage as the Star Wars films in most people’s eyes and so I think it’s understandable if viewers are more forgiving of its shortfalls or willing to overlook them.  

  • Guest

     The Star Wars prequels have sloppy/incoherent stories, no likeable/relatable protagonists, flat direction and no sense of pacing. If you think The Avengers is anywhere in the ballpark of that level of poor filmmaking, then the problem is with you, not the movie.

  • tom

    The plot was a bit convoluted, but how could it not be with all those characters? I got the basic gist that the cube had infinite power which could wreak havoc when in the wrong hands. And the villain wants it to rule the world because he has daddy issues. For Star wars it was a mess of taxation disputes and boring Jedi who walk down hallways and talk about space trade.  but what made the prequels truly awful was not the mess of a plot as much as the unlikable characters and dialogue. The characters in Avengers were for the most part likable, and the dialogue and action entertaining. Some of it was silly but they had a good balance. I really did not want a dark and too serious avengers movie, it just wouldn’t have worked with a smartass Iron man and a corny but lovable captain america.

  • Tom

    The avengers was never gonna be some deep Cohen brothers film. I don’t understand what people want out of a film like this. It was not unbearable or insulting like a michael bay film, the characters were given story arcs which all had to converge in this two hour film, and they did it as well as possible.

  • Tom

    They pointed out the specific differences with these movies (which arent going to be deep, but are exciting popcorn films) and offensive, lazy schlock like transformers. They’re internet reviewers doing this for free, not guys with doctorates in filmmaking.

  • Farkthis121

    A movie gets the review IT DESERVES.  A crap film like Ep 1 deserves merciless dissection, while a good film like Avengers has earned leniency and goodwill.  It’s simple.

  • Farkthis121

    Jay’s adlib “I talk about how Star Wars is stupid,” was hilarious.

  • Disappointed beyond belief

    It’s kind of cool, because their Avengers review highlights that they’re basically Whedon fanboys in the way that the people who troll Plinkett reviews are Lucas fanboys.  Way to go make excuses guys for commercial diaherria guys.

    “They did it as best as they could…”

    In other words there tons of valid criticisms but they were too busy masturbating to the man on man action and don’t have the balls to criticise it.  If you’re comparing the ending to a Michael Bay movie then you can safely say you lost the plot.

  • J_legue

    Black Widow did NOT jump, Captain America pushed her up.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    Someone remind me why it was a good idea to keep Loki around? Let Thor take him back to Asgard. Banner and Stark we’re more than up to the challenge of tracking down the glowing portal box thingamajig. I think in time people will realize that while this film had interesting characters and fun moments between them it doesn’t hold up on rewatch, because it doesn’t have a plot leg to stand on.

  • Anon

    If the SW prequels had likeable characters, a lot more would have been forgiven.

    If the SW prequels had a lighthearted and fun adventure tone, a lot more would have been forgiven.

    If the SW prequels didn’t have horribly wooden acting and atrocious dialogue, a lot more would have been forgiven.

    A movie doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be TRYING to entertain and not be an atrocious soulless trainwreck. If you think The Avengers is anywhere near the horrible depths of the prequels, then you must be a miserable internet troll that can’t enjoying anything.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    It’s fun, because you didn’t like the film. I enjoyed the prequels and of course am extremely aggravated at the mindless double-standards fanboys have, especially in this instance. You can’t turn you brain off for one genre film, and yet go into maximum overdrive with the other.

  • What

     Admitting that you liked the prequels pretty much invalidates any point you’re trying to make. Why are you even on the Red Letter Media website if you enjoyed the prequels and are now trying to “out” them for what you see as a double standard but what any rational person can see as judging a movie on its own terms?

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    So in summary The Avengers can have a nonexistent plot, because the other films had a nonexistent plot? What is this logic? Never mind the films that preceded The Avengers or The Prequels. You should judge them based on their own merits. If Mike and company are going to ravage the prequels with mostly manipulated footage and specious logic, then they should do the same with The Avengers. 

    Why not pick-apart the plot of The Avengers, instead of just shrugging it off? When is it ok to do that, and when is it not? Is it only ok to do that with Star Wars(to an absurd degree) because it burned them so deeply? That’s why I’m saying they have no standards. They’re fanboys who let emotion and not objectivity dictate their standards for film critique.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    The Avengers does not have a coherent story. The Prequels were at least attempting something far more substantive.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    How has it earned anything? It’s just another movie.

  • Disappointed beyond belief

     The Avengers has no likable characters except those imported from other movies and then it fucks those up and/or kills them because Whedon can’t handle other people’s ideas.

    It has no adventure (they just wait for Selvig to set up the doom device) and no light hearted tone as the movie is two hours of people in stupid costumes arguing (and they’re supposed to be heroes)

    Everyone is referring to the dialogue as Whedon dialogue because it’s just like his tv show dialogues but coming out of characters that it doesn’t fit in the context of.

    It’s a soulless fanboy wank by Whedon to try to spend a budget on all the cool shit he wanted like Thor fighting Iron Man without any attempt to tell a story or continue the work of others.  Special effects and action scene porn with some funny one liners.

    That can be fun, but call it what it is.

  • Boo

    Holy shit, harrycarrybigfoot, we get it! You didn’t like the fucking movie now shut the fuck up about it! Get off the website message boards and go make some friends.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    I like some of their reviews, but I’m having a hard time coming to grips with what standards(if any) they operate by.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    No, I liked the movie(7.5/10), but was expecting a more comprehensive review…….

  • LamboCalrissian

    I love all of the Milwaukee Stuff, My friends band was playing a G Daddy’s. Plus I love how you made the Pabst Theatre the inside of the Oriental. I’m a native and proud of you’s guys for making such awesome stuff. I do stuff too we should colab. How’s about it guys?

  • Boo

    You LIKED the movie and you’re still this worked up over the fact that they weren’t nitpicky enough? A person gets nitpicky over a movie that fundamentally doesn’t work, not one that’s overall enjoyable despite some flaws. You are the absolute WORST kind of internet nerd. Holy shit, dude.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    I’m more upset at the inconsistent way they approach film criticism.

  • Boo

     Find more important things in the world to get upset about.

  • Poor Boo

    Gee “Boo”, someone tries to respond to your mouth spew in a reasonable way and you just can’t get over yourself. Poor Boo. Poor li’l Boo.

  • Disappointed beyond belief

     I don’t think you understand how critique works.  You pick it apart and then decide what it deserves.  You don’t start with “it deserves a good review” and then make excuses for it.

  • This is actually my favorite review, which is weird because it combines two common things that i typically hate on red letter media, conventions and positive reviews, 

    typically i think your negative reviews are far more entertaining, but this one was quite better, possibly because there was more to discuss, because the movie had a lot going on in it,
    and i usually hate your conventions footage, but it was actually interesting hearing him talk about the copenhagen convention, it’s a shame that you couldn’t film nicolas refn’s speech about hollywood,

  • i believe they needed loki because he knew where the tesseract was, despite how he said he didn’t, they thought he was lying, not to mention he was on earth, so the earthlings thought he was under their jurisdiction, 

  • she had to jump on his shield, 
    there were plenty of moments where the laws of physics were broken, iron man is constantly doing it, widow jumped onto captain’s shield, then bounced, then caught onto a flying object with her hand, now cars usually are slower than planes, but try to catch onto one with your hand sometime, watch your fingers not get ripped off or bent backwards

  • well he does look like the female prime minister of finland!

  • buffergate 2012!

  • Guest

    You guys are so necessary. You have no idea. Please keep doing exactly what you’re doing for as long as you possibly can.

  • yumph!

    Yes, I like that so many have responded here saying “Don’t nit pick so
    much” The EXACT same defense all of the prequel fans use when pointing
    out the flaws in those films

  • yumph!

    Avengers – let’s see. Stupid plot (if you can call that a plot at all),
    generic alien villains that exist SOLELY as cannon fodder for the
    heroes, snarky dialog – snarky dialog that is often out of character
    for the sake of snark, some dumb costumes, stupid cliche tropes like
    heroes fighting heroes.

    Shall I go on

    Why is it that people who like this move can’t admit ONE flaw that it
    has. They argue until the suns burns out about EVERY POSSIBLE flaw that
    gets pointed out. Look – I like Sucker Punch. I like chicks with guns
    looking hot. But I’ll gladly admit its flaws

    Now, put your blinders back on and forget everything I just said

  • Wolfgang

     Yeah! This fantasy movie is sooo unrealistic!

  • Wolfgang

    Nitpicky nerdism is something you have to feel deep inside … you can’t do it half-assed ….

  • Strangely enough the part where you guys think about a movie about cleaning up the wreckage actually has an analog in the Marvel Comics, a company called Damage Control that actually exists solely to clean up and rebuild after the superheroes smash the crap out of stuff. It even had a couple of it’s own comic mini series.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    But they tracked it down without any input from him, and all he did was push people’s buttons.

    Just came off as an obvious plot-device.

  • Mark

    I wonder who cleans the wreckage left by you guys….

  • death

    okay that makes sense. thanks!

  • Guest

     Couldn’t transport him back Thor didn’t have the power to do so.  Loki remarks how it must have taken a whole bunch of dark energy for Odin to be able to even send Thor after him.

    Only once Thor uses the cube to power his portal device can they both go back.

  • Guest

     “The Avengers has no likable characters except those imported from other movies”You do know….that was the point….right?  Right?

  • Guest

     Your argument was about standards.  Avengers meets/exceeds the standards set by the previous movies.

    The Star Wars Prequels do not.

    Nothing else matters.  You can nitpick stuff in both – or in ANYTHING – but in Avengers it’s just not worth it because the movie is already a success.  There’s no reason to.

  • Guest

     Additionally, the Star Wars movies are primarily plot driven.  Avengers is character driven – no one cares about the plot!

  • Guest

     Or, perhaps, you’re a bitter fool.

  • Guest

    If the opinions of two guys talking about popcorn movies on the internet is something you find yourself having a hard time “coming to grips” with, it may be time to reevaluate your pathetic, joyless life.

  • Disappointed beyond belief

    No it wasn’t.  The point was to tell an exciting story with the Avengers, a team of superheroes as the protagonists. 

    That leaves room for new characters as:

    * New Avengers (like Hawkeye, who is fucking stupid and boring)
    * Antagonists (like Loki’s staff – the thing that does all the work while Loki dicks around and pretends he’s a villain)
    * Assisting parties on both sides (Maria Hill, who was in spandex for sex appeal and did nothing but fill in as generic action / exposition)
    * Innocent bystanders (The whole city of NY being attacked and the best we get is a stupid cop?)

    All these opportunities were squandered, presumably because Joss needed every spare second for Thor vs Ironman, Hulk vs Black Widow, Ironman vs turbine (which made no sense), Avengers vs Aliens (where they forget that closing the portal will end the battle until Black Widow finally remembers after she runs out of ammo).

    These are major aspects of a movie and the failure to work them is a big failure. It’s not like this little stuff like Hawkeye having 200 arrows in his quiver that holds 50 or him having an extra arrow to threat Loki with after he is show to be out of them.  These are part of the movie experience.

    But whatever, we got to see Ironman and Thor destroy acres of wilderness over… nothing. Yay!

  • Ripsnort

    They weren’t keeping Loki on board because they were expecting him to tell them where the tezzerect was moron, they were detaining him. Like the other guy said, Thor didn’t have the power to take Loki back to Asgard until they obtained the tezzerect so they were keeping him prisoner aboard SHIELD’s airship while Banner and Stark located the cube themselves. They needed to keep Loki under close scrutiny until they found the cube and a means to send him back to Asgard, I’m pretty sure they weren’t going to entrust him to some kind of fucking Guantanamo Bay prison.

  • Ripsnort

    Good lord you’re fucking stupid. The reason Mike picked apart the prequels so methodically was because he was obviously a HUGE Star Wars fanboy. It’s incredibly obvious they’re nowhere near as big a fan of Marvel when they talk about their confusion about the canon for all the movies leading up to The Avengers. Or even Joss Whedon fanboys for that matter, as the only Whedon show they expressed admiration for was Firefly. In short, the anticipation of the Star Wars prequels meant a lot more to Mike than the anticipation for The Avengers movie, it’s safe to say he was exposed to Star Wars more as a kid than Marvel comics. That’s why he was more let down than the vast majority of the average movie-going audience when he witnessed those abominable prequels in theaters, so much so that he made an hour and a half review dissecting the movies about what went wrong.

    Also, your pathetic criticism for this movie is purely objective with no real logic. I found the characters behaved realistically enough in every situation, but also with an ideal amount of wit and intelligence – you know, like every fucking well-written fictional character in the history of fictional characters. You want realistic characters go watch some shitty “found footage” movie like Cloverfield featuring a bunch of shallow non-actors being awkward in front of the camera and speaking with absolutely no grace or wit. How entertaining.

  • Farkthis121

    How has a friend earned anything, it’s just another person in your life, right?  Do I really need to go on?

  • Farkthis121

    No, you critique in your mind, decide what it deserves, and then write the appropriate review.  YOU don’t understand how writing a REVIEW works.  If you have any further questions… try thinking harder.

  • Ripsnort

    “The Avengers had a non-existent plot”…I’m sorry, what movie did you go see? There was a clear and obvious plot, if your brain has developed past the mental capacity of a 4-year-old you would see it.

    An extra-dimensional demigod comes to Earth and plans to enslave all mankind, as recompense for what was taken from him in his own world, with the help of an overwhelmingly powerful alien army that all our nations’ military defenses wouldn’t normally be able to withstand, so a team of exceptionally gifted people, or “superheroes”, team together to stop him.

    What’s so fucking hard to understand? This is an action movie, not some multi-layered, symbolic art film by someone like David Lynch or Lars Von Trier. Jackass.

  • Guest

    No question in my mind that the convention episodes have been some of the finest work. “Well I’ve … had … the time of my life … and I never felt this way before … “

  • Forum

    i was pretty bored by the film, I think I expected too much…

  • RI

    Jesus, acres of wilderness? Those bastards…

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    That’s a really stupid plan to send Thor to earth without a way back………….

  • Robinirwin

    story was predictable… and had boring sterile CGI….

  • ann rain

    I haven’t seen Avengers, don’t plan on seeing it. Not that I think it’s bad, I just don’t like any of the superheroes in it.

    Next episode of Half in the Bag please!!!! It has been a week already damn it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disappointed beyond belief

     It’s okay, I think it was Canadian wilderness… nobody will notice.

  • I came on to say something similar.  This show has developed so handsomely over the past year-and-a-half.  I enjoyed it in the beginning, but I feel like it’s gotten consistently better.  I really hate the characters and they make me laugh.  It’s great.

  • Chunx

    Loved the film, myself. And I am usually bored by CGI. In this case it served the film well.

  • The only problem with the CPH:PIX screening of the review was that a Youtube video doesn’t look too impressive when viewed on a big screen. It was slightly eye-watering. But it was fun seeing it with a big crowd – and I got my copy of Feeding Frenzy signed. Yay!

    Here’s a bit of footage I shot (hand-held, somebody hire me for the next Hunger Games movie and let me show you how it’s done): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VPicm9K8zU

  • Ugh this comment section makes me want to vomit…

    Avengers was pretty good, I thought Coulson’s death as a motivator for the team was the only glaring weak point (tons of other dudes died why care about just him?).

    I just wanted to comment about how friggin funny the bit about mark ruffalo being the only gut to get naked was great. My face turned red laughing about that part.

  • Simonruane

    So does this mean the right guy and mr. Plinkett are the same person?

  • Guest

    Difference on the audience turnout:
    That was at a film festival.
    If I’m not mistaken, those other examples were from stupid comic conventions. Only people who LIKE the Star Wars prequels go to those things.

  • Enherre

    I feel the same way as you. It was 2,5 hours of “meh”. I believe I feel this way because I never really cared much about the previous movies either.

    As Mike and Jay said, the opening scenes felt a bit cheap. And that set the mood for me for the entire movie. It felt a bit cheesy. I’m not saying the movie sucked, it just felt a bit cheesy.

  • MarxismLeninismMaoism


  • Guest

     Actually he looks like the  former President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

    Anyway, great job as always guys. Please do a review of Iron Sky,  it would be interesting to know what you thought about it.

  • Hey! I work around that area!

  • Asdf

    Can get nothin’ past you, Matlock. Pure genius.

  • Guesto

    I wish you guys had more exposure like on comedy central. But it would probably kill the show. All I can say is that you two and the people that help you are all awesome! Congratulations for taking reviews and comedy to a new interesting level.

  • volbla

    Hey! Tell us what you thought of Iron Sky, because i was very surprised by how much i liked it.

  • k a

    What would happen if Iron Man kneed Thor in the balls

  • the black widow kinda does have powers, pretty similar to wolverine in a sense, going by the wiki, ive always seen her do crazey stuffs in comics though never really knew what her powers were, she was however in maybe the worst named superteam i think ive heard “lady liberators”.

  • guest

    i would think of all the guys that died coulson would be the hardest hit because most the group knew him specificly ironman and the shield agents

  • Anon

    Saw the movie and really enjoyed it. Thought the balance achieved by Whedon was remarkable, but it was nice to hear someone else point out the Black Widow scene where she breaks the laws of physics. Maybe she has super powers in the comics, but she never has in the movies. While I understand the superheroes break all types of physical laws as well, I appreciate their gifts more when everyone else is grounded in reality. I would’ve rather scene the Hulk snatch a glider and hand it to her. My only personal complaint about the movie 
    *spoiler alert *, however, is Agent Coulson’s death. Again… reality be damned. You get stabbed through the chest from behind, you die quick. But more importantly, I would’ve liked to have seen Coulson’s death more idealized. I would’ve liked him to be unaware of the Phase2 weapons that Fury was building, to have him be a true believer in The Avengers, and that he only becomes aware of the weapons when Fury shoots Loki with one to give Coulson some time. I think Coulson’s realization of the weapons while he was dying would’ve shamed Fury into believing more fully behind The Avengers. I just think it would’ve been more emotionally engaging rather than the Capt. America card trick. In fact, I would’ve had Capt. America visit Coulson’s locker, find the cards along with a picture of Coulson with his California lady friend, which would’ve connected Capt. America to the reality that no matter what era you are from, loss is a universal experience…. and that would’ve tied in nicely with the Capt America movie. I know… this was a long comment where Plinkett would likely say ‘stfu’, but I had to say it. I couldn’t stop myself.

  • dont forget that Marvel/Disney doesn’t own the movie rights to Fantastic four, X-men, or Spiderman.

  • Nathan Rosario

    Great review and a great movie!  The only thing I would disagree with is the comment that the Hulk can’t carry his own film.  I think if they wrote the Hulk like he was originally written in the 1960s where he was literate, had full grasp of the concept of personal pronouns, smart enough to form coherent sentences, could hold down a part time job and even maintain a secret identity without changing back to Bruce Banner; then I think the character could easily carry his own film.  In fact, Hulk even outsmarted a few of his earliest villains.  Plus, we don’t need to spend half of every Hulk movie building up the anticipation of the big Hulk reveal.  Everyone knows that he turns into the Hulk by now, so it just wastes time when they try to milk that transformation for dramatic intensity.  In fact, I would like to see a Hulk movie where he starts out as the Hulk and stays the Hulk through the entire film.  The whole Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde aspect of the character is really kind of played out.

  • Eatyour_face

    I was sooooo pissed that edward norton didn’t get to be in this film, He played the hulk wayyy better than that other fag

  • Richard Habeeb

    I just don’t think this movie was as great as every keeps saying.

    What was up with Hulk being a team-player at the end of the movie? That really didn’t make much sense cuz he never seemed to be able to control himself in rage mode at any other point.

    Another thing that annoyed me about this movie was that it was like impossible to tell who had what powers/weaknesses. Iron man vs Thor was pretty evenly matched. Thor versus Hulk was also pretty evenly matched. Loki outsmarted Thor and stabbed him (which does nothing?). But Hulk pwns Loki in less than a second (funny but wtf?)

    It still annoys me that Iron man can do crazy things like absorb lightning or fall out of a building (he is just human). The climax is about Iron man’s sacrifice and not the avengers at all…

  • A Danish Guy

    hah! fedt at se en dansk reference i jeres virkeligt gode show. 

  • Paragon19

    So how about an Iron Sky review?

  • I definitely empathize with your feelings on the Hulk being a team player, but all-in-all, I feel that is mostly nit picky in the face of a movie that gets so many things right. Could this have been a better movie? Yes, but only marginally. The core aspects are great, and the majority of the execution is great as well. I’d put it as a 9/10 film, with a high difficulty to get where it is.

  • has anyone seen that scene http://youtu.be/TvwmKKi3LZE

  • Jarmam

    There are people on this forum that thing Avengers is in the same ballpark as the SW prequels?



  • dmb15000

    Those things in Milwaukee are no where near each other

  • Stollberg

    I think ya’lls take on the movie is spot on. I particularly
    agree with  the sentiment that the back
    end of the final battle was a tad too long. I also love the fact it did not have a lame love story.

  • togsolid

  • I liked this movie, alot of great action, but Captain America was presented as this character that was so outclassed by everyone else in the group

  • Great work getting into the film festival Mike, you deserved it. 

  • Lars

    Greetings from Germany – keep up the good work!

  • mr plankit

    Big dissapointing was last 30 minutes, sorry guys but main Villan and that army wasnt even a treat to the avengers what make me fell watching star wars.. come on.. that an army to take over earth? hahaha even woman was killikng this guys breaking their necks haha.. miserable.. i gues director forgot to put a good chalenge at the end of the movie.. 5/10 cuz of this crap ending even hulk vs thor or iron man vs thor was more challenging fights.. thanks for reading my comment,, please leave coment below and subscripe. dont forget to visit my web zone

  • beavinator

    Isn’t it a shame that all it takes now for action sequences to be considered good is that “you can tell what’s happening”? Michael Bay has really lowered the bar for everyone else…

  • strongliketheoak

    I think the first and most glaring fault in The Avengers was the total lack of a main character with a specific, focused emotional arc that the entire plot could be built around. And as such the movie is almost completely devoid of any consequential drama, which sort of turns the straightforward goodguys versus badguys storyline into nothing more than a big sequence of events, instead of a story about people. The things that happen in movies aren’t what’s exciting, its the way the characters react to those events and without those reactions a film feels not only dull, but completely weightless. Now, I get that this is an ensemble film and that all the characters should have something to do, but I can’t think of another team movie, or even a buddy movie for that matter, that doesn’t have a clearly defined protagonist. The Incredibles, for example, pinned it’s plot to the hopes and dreams and fears of Mr. Incredible and gave each of the other three big characters little mini arcs. Maybe I’m wrong. Can someone tell me who the main character was? And what specific personal goal they were trying to accomplish that wasn’t just saving the world? I also understand that all of these characters did have arcs in their own respective movies, but a sequel can’t be devoid of real emotion just because it existed in the previous outings. Without it, the movie can never stand on it’s own merits.
    It seems like there is a really quick and easy fix to all of this, that not only would have left all of the well-done elements in the film in place, but added everything that was necessary to make the film sing. Why not make the film about Captain America adjusting to his place in a new, unfamiliar world and struggling with his rise to become the leader of the Avengers. Start the movie with the character bitter, lonely and alienated in the modern world. He’s down about the girl he never got to go on a date with from the end of the first Captain America movie and maybe even give him an inferiority complex. He is, after all, a product of antiquated science while Iron Man and the Hulk are both products of a newer more advanced science and they are way more powerful. He could feel outmatched and useless. So Nick Fury gets everyone together and outlines what going on and what they need to do. Then have Cap be the lone holdout. You can give the other three heroes simple, clear motivations for wanting to be in the Avengers. Iron Man is an arrogant prick who wants in for the fun and glory. Thor feels personal responsibility given that it’s his own brother who’s threatening the Earth. Maybe Hulk is even willing to join reasoning that if he can use his destructive powers for the good of the world, he can redeem himself for all the bad things he’s done. I think giving each of those three characters a clear stance would have really strengthened their roles in the film as well as have set up little mini arcs for each of them. During the film Iron Man can come to terms with the fact that he’s no longer the only hero in town, Thor can have some emotional breakthough with his brother or , alternately, fail to have an emotional breakthrough with him, and Hulk can learn to accept his powers. But mainly just focus on Captain America resisting against being part of the group and have this parallel his larger resistance against being a part of the outside world. Maybe there’s even a scene where Nick Fury tells Cap, “I need you on this mission. Your country needs you. The world needs you.” With Cap responding, “It’s not my country. Not my world. Not anymore.”
    Then as the movie progresses, everytime the Avengers have to deal with a threat, we see Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk all trying their best to help out, but ultimately being derailed by their giant egos and petty bickering. Cap stands in the corner and broods until the moment in each action scene where he reluctantly jumps into the fray to save all the others. Cap refusing to fight could even directly lead to the death of Agent Coulson. Then, when Coulson dies and Fury presents the bloody trading cards, it would actually feel like a big emotional turning point with Steve Rogers realizing the loss that his inaction caused and that without him the heroes are merely super, but with Caps leadership they can be something more powerful. They can be… THE AVENGERS! Once he accepts this role, Steve also gains not only some new allies, but some new friends which would be just what he needed to feel connected to world again. You wouldn’t even need a big speech to show any of that. It could all just happen organically. And then, the last scene of the movie could be Steve Rogers putting flowers on the grave of the girl he never dated symbolizing that he’s ready to bury his past and embrace his future. I think this not only would have given us a reason to care, but also would have better explained why Captain America is even part of the team. The other three main characters are vastly more powerful and Cap’s only discernable physical super power appears to be running fast and punching extra hard. What has always made Cap super, however, was his spirit, his courage, his selflessness. And while they do portray Steve Rogers to be a kind, old fashioned guy in the film, they never really show that this quality is truly vital to the team’s effectiveness. That the team only works with everyone of them bringing their best to the table. Steve should carry the film and we should care just as much about him getting over his issues as we do about Loki being defeated. The last thing Cap should be is the second lamest Avenger.
    On top of this, all the delicious fighting and dramatic interplay between the main characters that should be there is either missing, or clumsily handled if it’s present. Yes, the characters casually snark at one another through out the film, but it’s not enough. I mean, other than the sequences where they fight each other physically, theres really just one dialogue scene that is narrowly focused on character drama, the scene on the bridge of the Hellicarrier. Everybody gets testy and we see Cap and Iron Man getting in each others faces, but just when it seems like we are about to learn something about these characters and whatever compelling reason they have to fight (like why not have Iron Man and Cap have differing political views or something? ), we learn that the reason everyone is butting heads is because the badguy’s magic staff is in the room and clouding everyone’s judgment. Not because the characters have, like, real differences with one another? Differences that they are going to have to overcome? Loki implies this was in fact part of his plan,to turn the heroes against one another, and that’s fine. In fact it’s a great plot point and says something about how clever and devious Loki is. But, if the only time the characters really have drama with one another is when they are either confused about each others identities (like when they first meet) or when the bad guy is brainwashing them into being angry, then there isn’t any real drama present anyway. So why even bother?
    I also want to point out right here, that this was the scene in which Bruce Banner should have involuntarily lost control of his powers. I was just waiting for the moment when his teammates would inevitably push him too far and he’d Hulk out on them, and then everyone would have to deal with that. Instead, Banner somehow manages to keep his anger in check during his interactions with the others, but loses control when a support beam falls on his head. This really undermines everything that exciting about watching Banner be a member of a team. Everytime the character’s argue, we should be feeling nervous that the Hulk will appear at any moment and cause major problems. But were not, because the Bruce Banner in this movie has has no real interpersonal problems other than mild annoyance with everyone. The film makers knew that it was important to have a scene of an out of control Hulk. But they didn’t realize that the whole reason a scene like that would be compelling is because the other Avengers, or perhaps a one-on-one interaction between Banner and the villain, would have caused it. Hulk’s anger should be the byproduct of emotional drama, not randomly being hit on the head.
    Anyway, like Banner says in the preview “We’re not a team. We’re a timebomb.” That should really sum up the dynamic between these characters, at least for most of the film. It would be fun to watch and really make you wonder if these idiots were going to be able to pull there heads out of there asses and put their childish bullshit aside long enough to save the world. Instead it just a bunch of people who kind of give one another shit, are vaguely apathetic about being part of the mission, kind of argue one time because the bad guy made them, and then, because some character dies, through no fault of any of theirs, they decide to be the Avengers. That was the plot?
    If the Captain America thing wouldn’t have worked, any of the other characters could have been the focus. I guess the main point is, that without the drama the movie can only be so good. Sure, The Avengers succeeds at being fun. And 10 years ago that would have been good enough. But now, after The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2, superhero films really can be more than just fun and exciting . Because they can be about more than just superheroes. They can transcend the genre by telling a story thats human and relatable despite all the crazy comic book elements. This is true of basically every other non-realistic genre as well. I mean, can you think of one really superb horror, sci fi, western, or superhero film with a character story that couldn’t be told just as well without using any of the genre trappings? Isn’t the Dark Knight basically Heat? Like a story about two guys on opposites of the law who, despite there differences are also really similar and the implications of that similarity. And isn’t Chronenberg’s The Fly just a story about a woman in love with self destructive guy whom she ultimately cannot save. Like couldn’t you tell that same story only replace the degenerative fly disease thing with like alcoholism or depression or something. Doesn’t Spider-Man 2 crib every theme in Hamlet? And then there’s The Avengers. Sure all the genre elements are fun. The characters are fun, the action is dazzling visually. But take away the fact that all these characters are superheroes and fighting aliens and whats left? A story about what exactly? The emotional stuff doesn’t need to be super complex or anything. It just needs to be there. And this is also the real tragedy. Because Joss Whedon was basically born to make that kind of movie. The reason that Buffy and Angel and Firefly are so popular, and worked so well, is because Whedon knows drama. Buffy was less about kids fighting demons, and more about kids fighting their own metaphorical demons. Like growing up, having new experiences, both good and bad. It was about first love, first heartbreak, first responsibility, first loss. The vampires were just window dressing. In fact, given the budgetary restrictions of his TV oeuvre, the action in his shows was usually pretty lacking putting nearly all of the pressure on the drama. With the Avengers, Whedon had everything at his disposal. Great characters, great actors, and plenty of budget to really make the action work just as well as the drama. But he didn’t have a script with any drama in it. It seems like there was a checklist of things that had to be in this movie like a fight between Hulk and Thor, a fight between Thor and Iron Man, a sexy Black Widow scene, Nick Fury in action, the Helicarrier, etc, but no one thought that a main character or genuine, human interactions were as important as these things.

  • J Matrix

    King Vainamoinen 2!

  • Kimozabi

    The place where I really thought logic was missing is in Cpt. America’s shield. It’s supposed to absorb vibrations, but it still bounces off things and repelse Thors hammer, which is opposite absorbing something.

  • John

    So I just watched this at the library because I peed on my computer. Long story. Anyway holey ads batman. Why did you think that every 3 minutes a pop up banner should appear? Instead of feeling bad that my chrome aps had been blocking all of you’re ads, I now feel like batman, destroying the evil ads that plague our city. So stop it.

  • You know, I like them in their position that they have now. Fixing shitty vcr-machines, They’re fine on the level they’re at. Didn’t think It would turn out this way, but I actually enjoy half in the bag more than the plinkett-reviews. The plinkett-stuff has massive quality, but half in the bag is quantity and quality. Would you like one really great ice-cream, or several tasty ones spread out over time?

  • Cactus

    I don’t like the Cosmic Cube being called a MacGuffin, because there was about 20 minutes devoted to why it was so dangerous and wanted in Captain America. It is literally “of the Gods” (the Asgardians). MacGuffins are supposed to be things completely unrelated to the plot of the movie other than being something the bad guy wants (most of the time), but the Cosmic Cube actually has relevance to Captain America and the Avengers. It’s incredibly unfortunate that they are bringing in Thanos so soon, because HIS weapon of choice will make the Cosmic Cube seem like a water pistol. Everything else I pretty much agreed with, at least Mike’s side

  • kronenberg. Good beer.

  • Justin Petoskey

    When I first heard about Half in the Bag I said, ” I want more Plinkett!” but after watching several of these I’ve come to enjoy them almost as much. Would like to see more Plinkett but enjoy this very much. Kudos!

  • SnowBall

    One super-good ice cream.
    I say that because my #1 best ice cream (well actually it was a Sorbét) got discontinued. I still miss it so fukkin much. Even with all the good high-quality ice cream and B&J stuff that I’ve tried since then… 🙁

  • ex1lepr0

    They should review the Dungeons & Dragons movie.

  • Bimmy

    You got your “but”s and “and”s around the wrong way.

  • Sarah

    I think you guys are fantastic, i’ve been watching your videos all day. Keep it up

  • Logical

    The Avengers was no different than the Star Wars prequels. Soulless cgi wank with no story to speak of. If the bomb inside Anakin’s and his mother’s head is the worst plot device ever, then Loki’s scepter was the most abused plot device of all time. Seriously every time they tried to explain something it was, “oh, the scepter was behind it.” Not to mention, all of the nonsensical things the characters did. Like fight in the woods amongst themselves for five minutes with Loki unattended. Also much like the force speed running in PM, the Hulk could suddenly control his rage when it was convenient for the paper thin plot.

    I’m sure people will figure it out eventually and The Avengers thankfully won’t age well.

  • Jonathan

    Good god I would love to watch the Episode 1 review in a room full of Danes that love it like I do.

  • Hello Mike And Jay,
    Always enjoyed every review you put on the net, was starting to go into comedy and review for myself and you two were one of of many people that inspired “me” to go for it. For every movie you given the 411 on, ends up saving me 15$. Just was watching the Avengers review and for all intensive purposes I agreed with your outlooks towards the movie. Not that my opinion even carries weight or anything, there is one thing that might make the “Black Widow” Jump on speeder thing seem less cheesy; There was a pretty decent 2 part movie that Marvel came out with that said she was a solider and shield then real quick in a way to make “her” character not seem so fragile they say she had a crappy version of “Super Solider” Formula and it gave her heightened Agility same thing that “Tim Roth’s”. character is given by the general when he flips and jumps all over the “Hulk” in Hulk 2. I also feel that many people didn’t even notice few years back Marvel came out with 2 hype cartoon movies to make children remember “Captain America”, “Iron Man”, and Forget the first hulk movie and force parents to take them to see the live versions in a couple of years. When you look at how fast these Avenger characters became all Popular again was very well planned out. 2 years after the straight to DVD, Blu ray Cartoons “The Avengers the Movie”, “The Avengers Black Panthers something something” came out (05-06) then the second hulk movie in 08 well it’s very good netting and seed planting. They still managed to make 4 out of 5 good movies, “Thor” was garbage “Natalie P.” has a shirt of a tap dancing/rollerblading rainbow smiling thing on her shirt when “Thor” dies in end of movie, if a movies wardrobe consultants don’t know what a character should be wearing in a movie that means something is wrong. But that is another migraine. Thanks Again Cliff Bolin Santa Cruz, Ca

  • Loki didn’t want to escape when Cap… and I.M and Thor were preoccupied fighting because he was planning for his team to attack the invisible Shield ship. He didn’t know where it was and wanted them to be distress it blew up or something. Don’t really care, The Hulk had trouble keeping his anger under control cause he and the black widow fell in that room of pipes and “It Hurt” so Hulk being simple minded thought he was under attack and stuff during the confusion. The two things that i would point out instead ii. When black widow is hit to the right buy The Hulk during his short sprint through i beams he smacks her out of frame to the floor, Tim Roth aka “Abomination” got slapped by Hulk in “Hulk 2” and was crippled until he healed up hrs later (Depicted by edit of movie) with the same slap to her body she loses her breath and runs away. I find that to be crap. But i wouldn’t say E 1,2 or 3 would ever be the same at all in plot or story or anything. way off

  • Sarah

    Weird, how come you’re not calling Mike and Jay fucking snobs for taking down all the movies that they do? Oh, that’s right, it’s only bad if someone criticizes a movie you like.

  • Sarah

    “Because I’m pretty sure YOU are the one with the unpopular opinion here”

    Ha ha, because the badness or goodness of a movie is determined by majority rules. I think that’s the conclusion Mr. Plinkett came to in his recent review of Titanic.

  • Sarah

    Barton, I’d love to see how you handle real-life disagreements and how many times you tell people you hope they GET CANCER AND DIE because of something so inconsequential as their stance on the latest blockbuster. Jesus motherfucking Christ, take a step back from the computer and get a goddamn grip.

  • Sarah

    Seriously, if you are not a twelve-year-old boy, I am embarrassed as hell for you. “Shitdick”?

  • Sarah

    What is the logic of one internet person telling another internet person — via the internet — that they are lame and need to go offline and make some friends? After all, the first person is also wasting their time on a commenting section in the defense of some movie, and not engaging in the real world with friends. Unless your friends are all already here, on this page.

  • Sarah

    I think you need to look up what “nitpicking” is.

  • Sarah

    The threshold has been drawn! Being a homophobe online is bad, but wishing someone’s death isn’t! Check.

  • Thank thee.

    K, bye

  • Good one

  • EdG4MES

    i think it is totally possible for the hulk to carry an entire film. or should i say bruce banner and his alter ego with a good story and supporting cast.

  • Poops McGee

    At 15:22 Mike says “she’s not a super-hero.”

    She’s TOTALLY a superhero. That’s the point, and that’s why she can do that kind of stuff.

    Also, Loki IS the minor boss.

    Comic book storytelling. They nailed it.

  • I’m really curious about what you thought of Iron Sky!

  • Bart Biggum

    Upload this to YouTube! Cant watch it on my PS3 till then.

  • you guys glossed over the wince-inducing post-death-of-Agent-Colson speech by pirate Samuel Jackson with the baseball cards… or the similarities between the Loki prisoner on the airship/Joker in the MCU in Dark Knight..

  • Jonii

    I’m kinda curious, what did you guys like Iron Sky?

  • Go back to sleep, grandpa.

  • English Speaker

    How does one subscripe?

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    I love how Jay’s all “no big deal” to going to the wrong movie. How many cocks did he have to suck to get in there?

  • Matthew Holmes

    Wait – you guys LIKED Avengers but HATED Man of Steel??? I’m sorry, did we see the same films??? Avengers was borderline boring. The climax was trashy. (Some) characters were fun, but that was a big videogame you couldn’t actually play. Yet, you rip MOS apart for being excessive and over-the-top? (Plinkett voice… )”WHAT THE F******K?????”

  • Black Lac

    Avengers is a quality film. Man of Steel is a piece of shit. Simple really.

  • Matthew Holmes

    I would say MOS and Avengers are almost on par with each other – (personally I prefer the darker tones of MOS to the lighter tones of The Avengers.) Both are slickly-directed, professionally made, with good casts, fast-paced scripts, state-of-the-art special effects and helmed by two of the most in-demand young directors in Hollywood. To write off MOS as ‘a piece of shit’… is simply not true. Does it have flaws? Yes. Does Avengers have flaws? Yes. All of these films have flaws. It’s like Mike and Jay are praising one and dissing the other – they’re virtually the same thing! I just hoped these guys would be a bit more objective in their opinions.

  • Lilgreenman

    Having watched The Avengers for the first time after Man Of Steel, I definitely agree with Mike and Jay here. I think the biggest difference is that Avengers is about a team while Man of Steel is about one guy: Avengers had more humanity and emotion to it, with our multiple main characters and their obvious relationships having an effect on the story and the action.

    The reeeeeally long final battle, I think, is a good contrast of the two films’ styles: The Avengers has a real sense of levity and triumph to it, with lots of memorable moments like Hawkeye’s exploding arrow, “Hulk Smash”, the tracking shot, and so on. It shows people being affected by the damage and helping each other out, while managing to keep the idealistic tone to it by having almost everyone we see staying safe and sound.

    Meanwhile, Man Of Steel has all violence all the time for almost twenty minutes straight, while barely deigning to cut to the Daily Planet staff to show, in the words of Mike and Jay, “Oh yeah, there should be humans in this movie!” We barely see anything other than Clark, Zod, and lots of buildings until the very end at Grand Central Station, and it diminishes the impact.

  • Matthew Holmes

    When I first watched Avengers, I was bored by the time the final battle occurred because I didn’t really understand the threat. And I didn’t really know what the villains were capable of, what they were and it all looked very fake. Those alien things zipping around on fling jetski’s were silly, and those big flying machine snake/fish were impressive looking, but I didn’t know what they were going to ‘do’. And not many civilians were killed, so the threat didn’t seem too dangerous. But that was the Avengers ‘tone’ and that’s fine. MOS was made with the same approach as The Dark knight series – what if this were real. This is much closer to reality. I thought the villains were threatening, their plan was obvious and the destruction and death showed that they meant business and unless Superman saved the day, humanity was fucked. I loved that it was violent and shocking; I’m tired of superhero movies that play it safe. MOS had serious balls – both in the storytelling and the story. Massive respect for approaching a beloved character so differently, and I think MOS is a vastly more emotionally intelligent and sturdy film than any of the Marvel films (though I still love Marvel films). I believe MOS will garner more and more respect as the years pass by. I still can’t believe that in a world where people flock to Transformer movies (which I fucking hate), fanboys are hurling mud at MOS for the action packed climax. At least it was two characters with clear motives bashing the shit out of each other – not clunky fake-looking robots with stupid voices.

  • Matthew Holmes

    BTW, I’m not advocating that we hate Avengers and love MOS – I’m just wondering why people can’t love both.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    The problem with MOS is that you cant do a dark toned superman film it just doesn’t work if the film was lighter and they had more fun with it then maybe it would have been better, my problem with MOS is the characters and dialog, it was just bad what I liked about in the avengers wasn’t the battles or visuals but the characters interacting with each other and playing off one and other, I could care less about the battles or villains plot which was simple in the Avengers I don’t see how you couldn’t follow it, but in MOS the only enjoyable parts were the visuals which were great but that was it, the thing about Marvel is they went with the fun and entertaining part of comics which is what most of them are, there are a few comics like Batman that can be done dark and gritty but not with Superman it just doesn’t work, if they put more effort into a story and characters with interesting dialog in the next one then it will a much greater film that’s all i’m asking for, visuals don’t make a movie if you want proof see Django a film I enjoyed probably more then the Avengers or any comic book film I’ve seen yet.

  • fuckstick

    I’m glad the MOS argument spilled over into avengers cause this is a good change of venue and perspective. Here is a simple approach, I care about the characters in Avengers, like or dislike, i want some to achieve there goals the others to fail. That is successful drama. I don’t care about the characters in MOS, and it doesn’t matter to me if some achieve their goals and the others fail. Its just about a simple truth, in dramas, as both of these films are, the audience needs to sympathize and or empathize with the characters, the tension between sharing in one’s joy and delighting in another’s misery, drives the narrative or vice versa.

    Some movies don’t need this, they succeed on cinematography and concept alone, like Goddard’s “Weekend” or Brunuel’s “Exterminating Angel” or even some parts of Kubrick’s “2001: a space odyssey”.

    If you did feel that way toward MOS then it succeeded for you as drama, but it is clear that for a lot of people it did not, and we believe that these element is essentially lacking from it because of the screenplay and the acting. To go one step further we also believe that the concept is incoherent, particularly in the context of a Superman movie.

  • Matthew Holmes

    Look at the lighter tones of the earlier Superman films. Those films, as much as we love them for nostalgic reasons, are outright corny and cheesy and would not hold up today. Even Bryan Singers version didn’t work. Why are people refusing to accept this edgier take? I found it to be exactly what the franchise needed. And MOS wasn’t nearly as dark as The Dark Knight trilogy, in fact I was surprised at our light they kept it. It wasn’t so much ‘dark’ as it was ‘real’ – they just made it grounded and threatening. And if you want drama and emotional connection, there has to be something real about it. If Superman is winking at the audience, it just becomes something for children. And as far as MOS having a bad characters and dialogue – that’s just not true at all. You’re mistaking zippy one-liners, quirky insults and snappy, witty batter for “good and interesting movie dialogue”. It’s not. If anything, it’s the opposite and can easily derail a film. Dialogue is there to serve story, not the other way around. Sure, it’s entertaining and fitting for something The Avengers, but it’s not a writing style that suits every film, and certainly not MOS. The last thing MOS needed was Superman and his opposition hurling witty insults and all talking in smart-ass Joss Whedon quips. Again, I’m not an Avengers hater – I just don’t see why every superhero film has now be judged by Avengers standards. There are two Avengers sequels on the way – we’ll get all the smart-ass, trashy banter we want then. to go darker is Warner bros/ DC Comics ‘edge’ that they are bringing to their product, whereas Disney/Marvel are going much lighter. And both are perfectly acceptable. And David Goyer is a professional Hollywood screenwriter with 3 decades of experience and he does not write ‘bad’ scripts. If you wanna break down the MOS script in a serious way, you will find it is an extremely well-written film that ticks all the boxes, gets us from A – Z efficiently and tells a big story very, very well. Sure, some extras character moments instead of action would’ve been preferable (in my opinion) but to simply pass of the whole script as ‘bad’ is just lip-service. It’s not actually fact. Is it a perfect script? No. But neither is The Avengers. Or any script for that matter. Just embrace MOS for what it is – and go along for the ride. You’ll enjoy it a lot more with an open mind.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    Well firs of all superman is a character created for children which is why dark tone doesn’t work, in the beginning superman was marketed to children and immigrants since SM was from another world and just wanted to fit in even thou he was different, second of all yes the Dialog was bad it bored me to death, I don’t know if you know what good dialog is probably not since you liked MOS did you like Transformers as well probably, I wanted a superman that was superman, I’m trying to hold these guys accountable for this trashy film, Superman Returns was better in that superman was still superman< when he first makes an appearance on the screen he saves a security guard from a guy with a way to big Gatling Gun, in MOS which Jay and Mike pointed out he doesn't save anyone that isn't Louise, In Superman Returns at the end when Luther starts his island crating whatever that is SM races back to Metropolis and saves people, in MOS he lets everyone die and saves a family at the end by killing ZOD, and like Mike and Jay pointed out again if they established before that SM doesn't want to kill ever then that would have been a great ending, but they never did probably were to busy with the visuals then the story and character development to notice these things, There was an article I read about this film were someone pointed out the same thing happened with The Hobbit were people couldn't accept the fact that it was a bad film, well not bad just wasn't what it should have been, ill call this the hobbit complex where no matter what I say or what fact and there are a lot of facts biggest one is reviews, people just wont accept it as a bad film, and as for the "real" take on SM what is real about him he is anything but real the real take worked on Batman cause in theory he could be real but not SM he is pure Fiction you cant do real with fiction that's like Peter Jackson says I wanted to do a Real version of lord of the rings or George Lucas saying he wanted to od a Real Star wars, again "Real" doesn't work with SM another thing in the Very Long List of things wrong with the film, And for reference if you watch Django you'll see what Great Dialog should be, and if you want to see what SM should be watch the original film or the cartoon, since there are people in the world who seem to understand SM just none of them worked on MOS.

  • Matthew Holmes

    Superman saves a plethora of people in the film; the soldier that falls from the chopper, the kids on the bus, the guys on the rig, – and ultimately the entire frikkin’ planet from Zod’s plan. So, again, its not true that MOS’ Superman does not save anyone but Lois. You’re clearly LOOKING for reasons to hate this movie. And even if Superman was created for kids originally (75 years ago) its the adults who want to enjoy these films too – hells its adults that grew up with this character. Some of us adults do not want to subjected to childish films all the time yet want to have some escapism. Again, there are plenty of kid friendly versions of Superman around, but MOS is the version for adults. And I ask – whats wrong with that? Why not have a more serious version? And FYI, I loathe the Transformer movies. I’ve only seen about a third of the first film and was so bored and insulted by its stupidity, I turned it off. And I never bothered with the sequels. So leave your assumptions at the door. Its clear you want to piss on this film, so go ahead. I had a great time and I don’t take these things so seriously. It’s just a film, and all that matters is that I was entertained for 2 hours and didn’t want my time or money back. And for pete’s sake – why is everyone so hung up on SM killing Zod in the end? Sure, SM doesn’t ‘kill people’ – but Zod doesn’t count as a person. He’s a Kryptonian. And he’s unstoppable and evil and will kill everyone if SM doesn’t take him out. But I’m not a SM purist; so I really don’t give a shit if SM kills someone. And its not like SM didn’t give Zod fair warning. Anyway, I’ve stated my case in the hope that people will chill out about the film. But clearly the haters want to hate it. So be it.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    Alright ill go really slow this time, Superman did save those soldiers but not the kids that was Clark and not the men on the oil rig that was hobo Clark, now as for the planet he could have destroy the machine in the city and saved a few people but instead went to the other side of the planet to fight it which was the worst scene in the film, all he had to do was push it over instead he flew around trying to dodge some tentacle, all he had to do was take out a leg and watch it fall over there done saved the world, lets look at Avengers they tried to handle the aliens within the city however over time their numbers became to great so they shifted their focus to the portal, found a nice way to shut it down which wasn’t the best way but it worked, an then they added a nuke, and who doesn’t like nukes, IM grabbed the rocket guided it and took out the mother ship , but they had a few nice moments like when Captain A ran down the road to save the people and get the police organized, or when he took out those three aliens to save the people in the building, those kind of moments reminds us that during all this action their number one priority is the saves as many lives as possible, now if he had gone to the city saved a few people and took out the machine instead then that would have been much better instead he lets thousands of people die wen they could have showed him trying to save people while trying to take out the machine, which would have been much better then the crap they gave us, now you seem like a smart person but I just cant understand why you like this film so much maybe your 3D glasses were on to tight so they cut off circulation to your head which made the movie more bearable, luckily I saw it in 2D so I was able to think while watching the film, and as for ZOD I didn’t mind that SM killed him I just wish they would have made it clear that SM doesn’t like to kill never once does he say that he hates killing this was touched on by Jay and Mike which I agree would have been a lot better, and another thing id like to point out is that I didn’t like them force feeding us all that destiny crap, telling Clark his whole life he will be a great hero who will defend earth, imagine someone who never saw SM and knew nothing about him, why is he going to be so great just why? from what they showed later he isn’t that impressive I mean I wouldn’t want him around if all he is going to do is let people die and save one woman who cant act I would prefer the Avengers since they seem to care about people, I mean why didn’t he save Morpheus that would have been a nice scene show up and save those three, why didn’t they do that because that wouldn’t have had enough action in it, its like they trying to out action Michael Bay, If they don’t do a better job in the next film then I tell you know there will be something that kills SM and that’s lack of profits, from people who refuse pay for something so terrible, Marvel is destroying DC and DC and warner Bros seem to be trying to rush so they can catch up and, that’s killing these films.at this rate they will never catch up to marvel and they will only be hurting themselves and their fans.

  • Matthew Holmes

    Superman-Clark – same person, same character, doesn’t matter what he was wearing at the time. And again, leave your assumptions at the door. I saw the film in 2D because I hate 3D. So, no – my glasses were not affecting my eyesight or blood circulation (…Jesus… why can’t people blog without hurling childish insults) PS – Amy Adams is as fine as actress as anyone, have you seen ‘The Fighter’? She can act. You’re broad sweeping statements that are simply innaccurate. Clearly, you WANT to hate this film, so there is no point in me trying to convince you or the RLM boys any different. So do what you like, its a free world. Whatever nitpicky faults you can find in MOS, I don’t think they write-off the entire film as ‘shit’, no more than Avengers’ many faults do not write off that film. PS – Superman did save Morpheus – he stopped the machine that was about to crush him and the other two, in the nick of time. And watching SM swooping in and carrying people away from danger all movie would be pretty dull. Though I do agree with you that the action sequence with those tentacle things was a too silly and the scene would’ve been better without it. That was going too far in my opinion. But if 5% of the film was bad, I’m just glad the other 95% was fun. So we disagree – fine. My beef is not with your opinion, but with RLM’s inability to be objective in their reviews and give due credit, despite their personal grudges. Good reviewers are objective. For example, I personally don’t like Tarantino movies. They just do nothing for me, I have no interest in them. But I will not say that they’re shit, or rubbish, or badly made, poorly acted etc – because they’re not. Tarantino’s a talented dude, clearly – I just don’t like his style personally. But I give him due credit – he makes his type of films well and his audiences like them. So I would recommend them to certain people who like that sort of stuff he makes. THAT’s being objective. I think most animated kids films are pretty awful, like the Ice Age series, but I can see how a 5-year old would think its awesome. So I credit it as being ‘good for kids’. This is my whole point that I want RLM to understand. That’s all. Peace.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    Alright ill hate this awful film and you can like it and lets leave it at that.

  • Baron Teapot

    If Loki is a minor boss, who is the final boss?

    To me, the “cannon fodder” enemies at the end were like robots controlled by a hive-mind, with zero individuality or character to them; they could easily have been an amorphous blob of evil or an army of giant spiders; their identity, goals and abilities were absolutely trivial, for all we wanted was a spectacular climax with all of the fighting that we’d been expecting throughout the movie. ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor’ (and many other superhero movies) have a huge battle at the end and that’s one thing we were all looking forward to.

    I loved the movie and thought Loki was a fun character—the bits with he and Thor arguing were great at showing just how evil he had become, as he’d hurt strangers, but could he attack and aim to murder his own brother? He really does seem to just vanish for a while near the end, though. It’s supposed to be his fight for the subjugation of the planet, so where is he?

    He needed more of a presence during the climax, or what makes him different from the legions of robot enemies—apart from being easier for toy manufacturers due to fewer moving parts?

    This film didn’t have a good plot, just an excuse for these characters to work together with Agent Phil. We didn’t want to see it for thrilling drama: we wanted to see it for the characters and they thankfully provided great on-screen chemistry. Even when they were just talking and bickering, it was great fun.

    I love ‘Half in the Bag’. Keep it up, you guys! 🙂

  • Matt

    I liked The Avengers and MOS. I accepted MOS’s weird take on drama because the newer comics are styled in pretty much the same way, excessive destruction and all, as well as I think that there was no other way Hollywood would make a Superman movie considering the success of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. That being said if MOS makes sequels hopefully they’ll get someone more competent that Zack Snyder.

  • RMCarpenter

    Loved the movie, loved the review. One thing I don’t understand is how so many people miss the point about the Hulk. When he’s on the Heli-Carrier, he’s being manipulated by Loki. He’s angry and distrustful of Natasha, he’s hurt from the attack, and that’s a big reason why he’s out of control. By the time he makes it back for the big fight, he’s refocused, back in control, and ready to kick Loki’s ass.

    There’s no big plot hole or discrepancy, folks. It’s story-telling.

  • RMCarpenter

    Oh… and if DC is really intent on building a Justice League franchise, they need to stop trying to recreate to the tone of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and take some pointers from Whedon. This is how you make an enjoyable, successful team movie.

  • AJ_Olding

    DC shouldn’t make the Justice League. The cartoons were too cheesy to transplant the needed elements into a non-animated film. Marvel was always the grittier and darker of the two and that’s why they transfer better onto film. Sure, you can point out Batman and say he was pretty dark, but the dark batman comics that allowed for the inspiration to great films were created by Dark Horse. The Batman comics created by DC simply had a style to them that stripped the grit away.

  • Dante DiAndrea

    justice league wasnt from the cartoon

  • MatthewMelange

    I’m semi shocked you guys never uploaded this to youtube.

  • AJ_Olding

    I’m pretty sure that there were multiple Justice League Cartoons.

  • DerekCinema

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. The only Batman comics Dark Horse published were horrible crossovers where he would fight Predator or Mask or Tarzan.

  • splimis

    I guess its not a bad movie, The Avengers. I was just bored by it. More my problem than anything, because people like this movie. I just found it to be boring.

  • Mike Hawkson Yu

    Well thing is it had a lot to do with character development and how everyone plays off each other. I think that’s where a lot of it came from and that’s what made it good. If you’re a person who doesn’t like dialogue in movies, I can see why you wouldn’t like it but to most, it was amazing BECAUSE of how well written and developed the dialogue and characters were.

  • Rosy Abate

    Well, I love dialogue heavy flicks, still found it boring…

  • TapewormBike

    I agree with splimis and Rosy. And the problem is the exact opposite, I did enjoy some of the dialogue scenes, but the action (yes the celebrated third act as well) bored me to tears. Plus, I really don’t think there was much of a character development. There was a team dynamic development, sure, but then, the initial animosity between the characters, while well acted, felt forced for me, plotwise.

  • Lennart

    The best social security system in the World, and the first thing you show in your Denmark video is a guy you found sleeping in the street. Really, Mike?

  • Michael Totin

    My mother taught me that only boring people get bored.
    To date, no one has proved that theory wrong.

    My review of the review to follow.
    I will say that I liked the film over all.

  • Michael Totin

    WB has been trying to make a JL movie for years. They have had far more failures than successes with comic book films. And with that I’m fearing that the sup/bat film will be a disaster.
    p.s. they had Whedon. He was the last contracted writer and director for a wonder woman film. The studio rejected his script(the fifth script they rejected and gave up on the film). Now he works for Marvel and made them over a billion with the Avengers.

    DC needs to drop WB and start their own studio like Marvel did.

  • Frank

    “The only thing that bugged me is… who’s going to clean all that stuff? All the Avengers property damage”

    Oh Mike. Oh my sweet child of summer. If you only knew what awaited in Man Of Steel…

  • Cameron Vale

    Didn’t the Hulk start out dumb in the 60s, and become smart in the 70s?

  • Michael Totin

    I have $10. Is there an alley schedule?

  • Hale

    Funny thing is, Marvel’s done the whole “hero vs hero” thing so much, it’s downright annoying now. In the film though, it was great, and fit the story well.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Danes are subhuman barbarians.

  • boodomi

    Why haven’t you reviewed Iron Sky you HACKS!

  • stripeyunderpants

    “Where should we sit?”
    “I dunno…right here?”

    I fully expected them to just sit down right in the middle of the aisle!

  • bullzeye1423

    Avengers was a great movie. I don’t know what to think of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk though,It’s been played by three different people.

  • The Ubiquitous

    … but the Justice League cartoons were not the original source of the Justice League.

  • diehounderdoggen

    Swede detected.

  • scott autry

    +3 stars.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    “Out of 50.”

  • Marty Willer

    I’m from Denmark, and yes, it’s quite weird here. Nice video 🙂

  • HNSZ

    Fantastic. Now I am not allowed to get bored with anything anymore.

  • Gary V

    Best portrayal since Bill Bixby IMO. Ruffalo seems to get and portray that vulnerability that Bixby always had during the TV show.

    On a side note for those other Hulk fans who may read this comment, Jay and MIke are pretty much correct when they state that the Hulk doesn’t work well as a stand alone film. Story wise it only works where Banner is the focus of the film, but then people would cry like the did over Iron Man 3 because of lack or Iron Man or in this case Hulk. Even though Banner is easily the more interesting character. The other way would be to somehow adapt the comic storyline where Banner becomes the Hulk, fully, ala Doctor Strange or something and is a big strong green genius. Though that really does lose some of the charm that the Hulk has. Having Banner chase his “cure” was always more interesting. Maybe having him find it and choose to reject it because of…. reasons…. might be interesting.

  • Andrew Thompson.

    so mike thinks his weird art house shtick is not art house. sorry mike you made an art.

  • Islam Equals Terrorism

    Sean Connery confirmed as black.

  • Chris Metzinger


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