Half in the Bag: The Amazing Spider-Man

July 8, 2012651 Comments

The string of quality summer blockbusters continues with The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Mike and Jay, along with their new friend Rich, discuss while wanting to kill themselves.

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  • Damnit i was just about to sleep!

    Anyways, i find the Amazing Spider Man to be unnecessary.

    I don’t see the need for a Spider man film reboot at all. Why should there be a new Spider Man reboot? Why not just retcon the third film and create a new sequel to Spider Man 2?

    It also begs the question: I’m okay with Gundam series being churned out every year and i’m always wanting a new Gundam anime to be released, but why do i get sick of Marvel & DC’s endless reboots and remakes very easily?

  • What a nice Rich Evans.
    PS: To American viewers, I would also recommend BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, which is also more visually engaging than TASM.

  • Josua

    the crane scene is so cringe worthy i almost killed myself

  • ASM Had plenty of problems but I gotta disagree with anyone who says the Sam Raimi ones were better.

  • Fagballs

    Kill thyself.

  • Andrew

    No way, the Sam Raimi movies are HORRIBLE. Absolutely, completely and utterly horrible. They’re so painfully bad it’s borderline indescribable. When people ask me to give an example of how not to make superhero movies I point them to the first 3 Spiderman movies.
    This one certainly wasn’t a work of art, but at least it was entertaining without being fucking annoying.

  • Mugglefucker

    I guess I’m going to wait for this to be on TV

  • Was really looking forward to a full review of Moonrise Kingdom. Looks incredible and I’m meaning to go see it.

  • /tv/

    Bad review 3/10 claps


  • I enjoyed amazing, and I enjoyed Raimi’s Spider-man, each had strengths and weak moments but both were good comic book movies.

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    /co/ here again. We hate comics too, we like prefer watching Barbie and MLP. Also Spiderman is pleb tier.

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  • guest

    Moonrise Kingdom was so disgustingly cute it made me vomit rainbow sprinkles. However, it heartens me to hear Rich Evans laughter again.

  • Americlap

    /co/ here, by way of /tv/. Raimi sucks. Fuck him and fuck you guys.

  • guest

    Shut up about 4chan you stupid retards.

  • Josh

    Interesting that you should bring up Wes Anderson during your Spider Man review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5KfHEoZDKI

  • Steve

    I enjoy your reviews!

  • guest

    Is /co/ a 4chan thing? If so, please return there and never come back. That place is for internet bottom-feeders.

  • Pemberton

    And you will tell your descendents, “We lived in a time when gods ruled the earth…gods like Rich Evans.”

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  • /co/

    /co/ here, I had my chocolate milk and I’m less angry now…you guys are alright guys.

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    Rules 1 & 2 guys used to apply, but then I took an arrow to the knee. Haha :p


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  • ThatDrunkenAssholeFromRussia

    At some point It sounded like Rich Evans` laughter finally overloaded the microphone.

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    u gusy mad??

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Don’t like melodramatic, character-driven scenes next to ridiculous genre elements? I’m guessing you’re not big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans (which was basically Spider-Man with boobs).

    By the way, tell Rich I recommend the Ultimate Spider-Man books, which are the best depiction of the character to date, and ironically started ten years ago.

  • /co/

    >spider man

    Babbys first comic more like

    Leave this site and never come back

  • dicks

    Suggesting that those making ASM don’t understand the source material when your “expert” Rich openly doesn’t really associate his Spidey with the original Ditko comics where there were a lot of series themes alongside comedy quips. Instead you want campy melodrama with upside down kisses and a female lead who is constantly kidnapped.

    The film was mediocre but it was largely a pacing issue and problems with important scenes being cut. Yes it didn’t hit the high watermark of Spider-man 2 but it was a hell over a lot better than emo dancing Spider-man.

  • Cyvaris

    Saw both earlier this week.
    Moonrise was great.
    Spiderman…was it a good movie? Who’s to say.

  • Anonymouse is legion

    ur breaking le rules 1 and 2 noob xD

  • Garcatch

    i liked this movie, dont hate

  • /tv/

    We’re to say. You fucking plebeian. Hitchcock is good, Anderson is good, Webb is shit. Get it through your thick skull.

  • whateverman

    28:28 to 28:54 is the highlight of the whole review, well done

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Could someone ban this troll, please?

  • Cyvaris

    Twas qouting my favorite line from Moonrise as a snide way of insulting Spiderman.

  • spiderpig

    yea. gimme money dude we make new brave interpretation of the Amazing 3d Spider Maaan!

  • BIG R

    Watching Rich Evans die is always good for a laugh.

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    You throw images at a board and hope they stick.

  • /co/

    I can’t wait for a Daredevil reboot with Matt Damon.

  • redgauntlet

    Faron Crush and Hans Klopeck killed that fat man!

  • adw

    Is it just me or did they overdrive Rich’s microphone so the clipping would make him sound less like Plinkett?

  • Frank P

    Great review as always guys! I just wanted to write to say that I am so glad you threw out a shout-out for Moonrise Kingdom which, as Jay said, was probably the best film all year. When will Hollywood learn that the best movies aren’t rehashes of old ones?

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  • BZalew

    Holy fuck, is this movie annoying. Sony just fucked us in the ass without a lube or even a nice word. They have rights for Spider-Man for eternity, fucking hell, we are fucked. Also, guys, if you’re reading comments (I guess not, who does?) watch “The Raid” Redemption”, this movie is just relentless, best action movie in decade, I shit you not.

  • Rantus Vil

    Why are all of the comments here flame wars or trolling? Oh right, I’m on the internet. Thanks RLM for bringing another fresh perspective to the movie world!

  • /tv/

    Review “A Serbian Film” next.

  • Rich Evans needs to turn in his “Spider-Man Expert” card. Let me get this straight: you haven’t read a Spider-Man book in a decade, you think Gwen Stacy was a “generic love interest” in the comics, and Spider-Man has no real arch-nemesis (*cough* VENOM *cough*). I like Rich’s work on the show, and I love Half in the Bag, but you guys swing and miss when you deconstruct comic book movies while comparing them to the actual comics. I enjoyed ASM more than Mike and Jay, but I agree with most points on the film.

  • Carcosa

    how have people not upvoted this to the heavens?

  • Do a better job stocking that vending machine next time, assholes.

  • /co/

    You guys should review Gravity Falls!

  • Jim Bob
  • Even back in Superman: The Movie Lex tells Superman he had a posion gas pellet that would be released all over Metropolis. Granted it was a lie, but still.

  • Guest

    Fantastic review; it’s about 73 times more entertaining than the actual movie, which is actually quite often the case with Red Letter Medians dot com.

    And I agree entirely about Moonrise Kingdom. If you can only see one film that’s out right now, fuck The Amazing Spiderman, fuck Snow White and the Huntsman, fuck Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and most definitely fuck Prometheus; Moonrise Kingdom it must be.

  • Boop

    Can’t believe nobody has mentioned the whistling noise that was going on for like the entire review.

    Also I disagree with most of this review but HEY, what do I know? Not much!

    Sorry about the audio quality issues! Hopefully they won’t be there next time!

  • Mehk

    You called it “Gorilla” warfare. Dumbass.

  • yahoo

    He specifically says he knows old-school Spider-Man and has been out of the loop for the last ten years. It’s not like he’s bragging heartily about something he knows nothing about. And wasn’t Venom introduced much later than Golden Age Spider-Man? That’s why Sam Raimi was so opposed to him being in Spiderman 3.

  • terratrema

    >/tv/ is one person

    Get the fuck off RLM

  • mortar_molten_vortex

    Aw man, new HiTB! I knew I stayed up all night for something!

    By the way, you guys are getting pseudo-raided by 4chan’s comics and cartoons board at the moment. I love /co/, but they probably don’t have the clout to take down your server or the creativity to truly enrage you. I think they missed the part where you guys have an incredibly dark and fucked up sense of humor. It’s hard to piss off dudes whose claim to fame includes a string of vicious rape jokes. Just snicker to yourselves at their nerd rage and enjoy the added ad revenue.

    Fucking /co/ for a minute, here are some things that I’m happy or curious about:
    1. Nice location. It doesn’t have as much personality as the Plinkett residence, but I’m okay with it for it a one-time thing. It’s kind of delicious because you guys piss off comic book fans left and right, so putting you in a comic book store is kind of a brilliant troll.

    2. Color coordinated plaid shirts. Like the fucking power rangers. Yes.

    3. Stella Artois. Yeah, Jay keeps the label tactfully covered for the most part, but I could recognize it anywhere. I’m going to go drink one. This is the most successful product placement ever, and you guys probably didn’t even get paid for it.

    4. Rich Evans as Rich Evans! But no silly laughing? A missed opportunity if ever there was one. Shame about all the phaser wounds.

    5. “Are you overestimating the audience?” Yeah. Yeah, he really is.

    6. The “creativity crash point:” fuck yeah. It’s time. If you guys actually read comics, you would know that the western comic world is in exactly the same place. It’s time to hit that breaking point. I’m sure there’s some Ted Talk I’ll never watch about the subject.

  • Please keep Rich on the review team! You guys make a great “Three Stooges” of film nerdom, and I mean that in the best possible way.

    And I agree with Rich that Mike may be over-estimating the audience (God bless him though). Maybe if they made a completely different version of Spider-Man every 2-5 years people would keep going in case the new one was better. That’s almost what they do with James Bond. The cast is semi-constant, but they have a new director and writer on each one. Didn’t like the last 007 movie? Well the next one might be good.

    I wouldn’t be bummed if they used that approach with superhero series. Keep Peter always around 20-25 by periodically replacing the actor, throw a new villain or villain-combo in there, and boom. Endless movie series.

  • Aracnads

    I can just see the report to you superiors after you clean out weapons and man power because of someone’s opinion on an Internet movie review site. I’ll call my friends in the media and tell them to standby for the story of the year

  • ArpeekA

    please exuse my being a smartass but that’s a disruptor not a phaser. (it should shoot green energy ball thingies instead of straight green liht stuff)
    I love your reviews tho

  • Great review guys! I personally lost interest in super hero movies. Usually they are the same anyway.

  • You seriously felt that was important enough to post? I’m a total ST nerd from waaaaaaaaaaay back and… just… dude. Let it go. It’s a frickin’ *color*.

  • Fred

    It’s not a phaser, it’s a disruptor. For fuck’s sake man!

  • Skcih Llib

    I refuse to allow Denis Leary’s name be heard in positive light. Bill Hicks: “I have a scoop for you. I stole his [Leary’s] act. I camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, I did it before he did”.

  • ArpeekA

    I mentioned nothing wrong about the color.

  • Well, ya got me there. Allow me to amend my previous comment to say, “It’s a frickin’ *shape*.” And as a result your point is obviously non-trivial. I yield to the superior intellect.

  • Stepin Fechit

    If you’re going to do this at least be funny, you thundering moron.

  • Did no one else think this is what Eduardo Saverin was doing during the summer instead of hanging out with Mark in California?

  • ArpeekA

    it’s not worth arguing over this. thing is: you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do, you can brag about my comments all you want but I will be there, and “troll” as much as I like (it doesnt get over the point where it’s considered trolling, I think), whenever I feel like, and you can’t do jack shit about it, this fact alone satisfies me enough 🙂

  • So what you’re saying is that you just came. Gross.

  • ArpeekA

    it’s not worth arguing over this. thing is: you can’t tell me what I can
    and can’t do, you can brag about my comments all you want but I will be
    there, and “troll” as much as I like (it doesnt get over the point
    where it’s considered trolling, I think), whenever I feel like, and you can’t do jack shit about it, this fact alone satisfies me enough 🙂

  • ArpeekA

    it’s not worth arguing over this. thing is: you can’t tell me what I can
    and can’t do, you can brag about my comments all you want but I will be
    there, and “troll” as much as I like (it doesnt get over the point
    where it’s considered trolling, I think), whenever I feel like, and you can’t do jack shit about it, this fact alone satisfies me enough so either you go fuck yourself or just let it go 🙂

  • But the really funny part is how Mike trolled you.

  • Alex Humphrey

    Overall, I enjoyed the film. I thought the death of Uncle Ben was flat and didn’t really move the plot along, I thought the crane scene was cringe worthy, and the whole “some promises are meant to be broken” thing in the last 5 minutes of the film made the previous 5 minutes worthless and unnecessary. Ultimately, I thought his complete lack of morality reflects the overall feel of our culture. So while he does good “because he’s suppose to”, he only does the good he feels like he should do at the time (only taking out blond long-haired criminals, re-dating Gwen after promising her dead on his death bed that he wouldn’t, etc).

    Even with all that, I still had fun seeing the movie and would probably watch it again on DVD or something.

  • I never have to pay to see a bad movie again! Thank you Red Letter Media! OW MY BACK!

  • Jawsphobia

    One of the best reviews in a long time. And actually mentioning the politics around why it was made! I’ll definitely see Moonrise Kingdom today and not The Amazing Stories Spider-Man. I actually like Martin Sheen and Sally Field but I prefer them covered in muck or running from Jackie Gleason respectively. They should have left Uncle Ben dead out of respect for the late Cliff Robertson. One note though about hack screenwriters in Spider-Man. . .
    Alvin Sargent is one of the writers, and though he got less input on everything but Spider-Man 2, his imdb page would not suggest he is hack. There was a draft “ready” for this reboot, before he was brought in for some additional scenes, so that helped push Amy Pascal to give Sony Man a reboot.

  • Jawsphobia

    I never read J.F. Lawton’s screenplay for Howard Stern that was never filmed, Fartman, but I expect it also had a poison gas element.

  • Darthcoupon

    Thank you so much for giving words to my pain. I am one of the few Spidey fans who want to choke Avi Arad and kick Sony in it’s cynical balls for this corporate product of a movie. When I share my feelings with friends they just don’t get it. Your reviews help remind me that I’m not crazy after all.

  • RS

    I figured you all would rip Moonrise Kingdom for its tonal inconsistency. Are we supposed to think this is a brutal world, where dogs die horribly and kids stab each other with scissors, or are we supposed to think it’s some cartoony shit where Ed Norton jumps across ravines and kids get hit with lightning and are barely inconvenienced as a result? I thought the movie was like a well executed surgery (getting child actors to do what they did was amazing) but then the surgeon takes a dump on the operating table of tone. I dunno. I usually like WA.

  • Darthcoupon

    I’m so sick of people blaming Raimi for Spidey 3. Raimi had a whole different script for 3 that had nothing to do with Venom, etc. Then Avi Arad strong-armed him into making that piece of crap and now every clueless fanboy who gets his news from Entertainment tonight blames Raimi for it!

  • guest

    You usually like Wes Anderson despite clearly having no understanding of the tone of his films at all?

  • Darthcoupon

    Indeed. Just like every 20 something in this culture apparently nothing good exists before their birthdate. And considering Venom: even Todd Mcfarlane thought the character was a drooling idiot (his words) that’s why he drew him that way. You know, Spiderman didn’t become a hero for multiple generations because of what’s happened over the last 10 years, its because of what Stan Lee and Steve Ditko did in the first 10-20. BTW, there was music before Lady Gaga too.

  • Ferris Bueller

    The title of this HITB almost made me think you guys liked the film…soooo happy to see that was not the case lol. Keep up the good reviews!

  • Welldrawn

    It’s interesting that you guys didn’t point the fact that both the original Raimi movie as well as this new one, both had similar cringe worthy, ham and cheese, ‘people working together’ moments in the final act

    – The first movie had that scene with the people on the bridge “This is New Yowk Baby! You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!” (obviously it came out less than a year after 9/11)

    -This new one had the goofy Crane scene, in which there was a crane on EVERY block of the city leading up the Oscorp.

  • I really shouldn’t leave a comment until I have seen the movie… But the thing is I dont want to see the movie. I knew this movie would suck from the beginning, I know it sucks now because of the trailers and the negative reviews. From what I have seen of this movie it just rubs me the wrong way. Its not a rage anger… But instead its a meh anger, like who cares?

    Awesome review guys, cant wait until your next plinkett experience, its more of an experience than reviews. Reviews are just a small part of what Mr. Plinkett is… Its almost like a short film in my opinion! A short film about a crazy movie reviewer! God speed Mr. Plinkette! God speed…

  • Big Boss Bruce

    Put the drinks down, idiots

  • Keirog

    Suprised you guys did not mention that the Spiderman franchise must contractually make a new movie every 3 years, or else the studio has to give the rights back to Marvel Studios (aka Disney). This is, IMO, the entire reason they rebooted the series – to avoid losing the rights to the Spiderman franchise. Never mind making a good film – just make SOMETHING to keep the rights.

  • Someguy

    love the Yoda t-shirt

  • Higaki Rinne

    funny that you brought up the Evil Gas plots and didn’t mention Moonraker

  • Fatpie42

    I do not even remotely understand how you found the Uncle Ben death scene BETTER in the original. Uncle Ben spouts some pop psychology BS about how “with great power”- wait hold on right there, what power? He’s a kid in high school. He has no power as far as Uncle Ben knows. And what kind of a line is that? “Great power”? Give me a break. Then Uncle Ben is killed very quickly and Peter Parker spends about two seconds looking for the bad guy, instantly finds him (with no idea what he looks like until he finds him – obviously) and then the guy stumbles off a building. What a stupid anti-climax!

    The Amazing Spider-Man is by far the best Spider-Man because it actually has character development for a change.

  • Fatpie42

    Wes Anderson makes movies with heart and soul? That’s a joke, right?

  • Asinus

    Can only vote this up once. Tragedy.

  • ApocalypseCow

    Yeah, Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy, thinks Raimi’s Spider-man was the best comic movie ever made. Beating even Dark Knight. There was a cheesy irony to Buffy that never took itself too seriously, even while resonating emotionally. Amazing Spider-Man fails in that regard.

  • Dan

    I liked the new Spiderman. It’s definitely flawed, but I still liked it overall.

  • Billy

    Great review as always guys. But I have to say that I humbly disagree with your assesment of the The Amazing Spirderman.

    I think you guys levied way too much criticism based purely on the fact that it just happpens to be an early remake and that it is was just a money laundering scheme of Hollywood instead of actualy citing real problems with the movie. What big name movie in Hollywood aren’t shameless schemes nowadays?

    The Avengers was just as much of a money sucking Hollywood contraption as The Amazing Spider-Man. And like you stated in the Plinkett Star Trek review, there is no denying that recognizable brandnames, especially super hereo films, are the only safe bet the movie industry can make right now. Can you really blame a failing industry for just trying to survive? What? Don’t believe me? Walk into the beginning of any Regal Entertainment Theatre nowadays and you will get that same promotional sequence where it’s ending statement says, “No movie should be watched like this, *t.v explodes* GO BIG OR GO HOME.”

    If that does not show how much Hollywood is losing money right now I don’t know what will. So, if they were going to make shamelessly cheap remake, the least they can do is make it good. And in this case I think they did.

    Sure the villain is just another run of the mill product of weird experimentation gone wrong, but that’s besides the point. What I was really looking for in this film was a profound departure from the Sam Raimi Spiderman that could establish new characters and older characters in a new light. And this movie definitely delievered on that.

    Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is A MILLION times better than Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. Stone is a better actress who portrays a better character who is more than just your generic cheesy girl next door love interest. Even though I have to admit I have a thing for Emma (honestly, who doesn’t?) I noticed I actually cared about her, which is more than I can say for Dunst…

    Aside from that, I am actually glad that Peter’s parents at least got a scene in this movie. I don’t even know if they even mentioned Peter’s parents in the Raimi films. And in all honesty, I think Peter got more development in this film than Toby Mcguire’s did in almost the entire trilogy. You saw him as he lost his parents, as he lost his uncle, and as he became an obsessed revenge driven crusader, to an actual hero.

    I could spend all day telling you about the things I loved about the movie but at the end of the day, ask yourself this.

    Would you hate this movie if Sam Raimi’s didn’t come first? Seriously, would you really dislike the movie that much if you didn’t like the Raimi films so much?

    To me personally, I think The Amazing Spiderman suffers from the issues of the things that surround it. Not what is actually in the movie itself. Same goes for things like Avatar.

    At the end of the day Avatar is legitimately well made film. But it’s to the point where you simply can’t put down all the other shit that brings it down. If I was able to forget things like Dances with Wolves, politics, great movies like Aliens, and horrible movies like Titanic, I probably would have loved Avatar.

  • Jake

    It took me way too long to realize that you’ve been micing Rich Evans all wrong intentionally. At first I thought it was just poor audio capabilities, but for better or for worse, I’m pretty sure its for comical purposes.

    Wonderful review, excellent Half in the Bag. I laughed way too hard at Mike’s awkward over-the-top sexual innuendo’s in the middle.

  • Ercoman

    The “great power” line is in reference to the fact that Peter beat up a bully at school. Way to not pay attention. The new movie is lacking in character development, since Peter is a snarky douche from beginning to end, whereas Tobey Maguire made a believable transition from lonely nerd to vigilante to hero.

    This is why I’m glad people like Red Letter Media exist; they’re here to lay out proper film making so that children like you aren’t the ones doing it.

  • Wow… this will take, a few days to read… O___O’

  • I Am The Monument

    This movie was shallow and stupid. It’s adorable to me to see children in these comments pretend to understand character development. Bad things happening to someone is not character development, what matters is how it affects the character. In the Sam Raimi films, Peter starts as an awkward lonely nerd and then becomes a vigilante then a hero. In TASM, he’s just punk who talks back to people from start to finish.

  • ApocalypseCow

    Ben’s talking to him about growing up – aka. the power you have as an adult to control your life, to be who you want to be. As an adult you have much more power than as a kid, but your choices carry a ton of weight. Uncle Ben’s death is profound in the first one, linked with themes of both coming-of-age and the consequences of passivity– in this movie it’s like a non-issue. I liked that the shooter fell out the window. In both cases, Peter felt betrayed and as a result of his vengeful inaction, someone died. I thought it was pretty poetic how in both cases he lets the shooter go, when the second was unwittingly to his death. Also, what kind of climax did you want? Spidey walking the guy downtown in handcuffs?

  • guest

    innuendo? more like “in her end o”-ver and over

  • Kilel

    Am I the only one who heard the very obviously divine message cleverly disguised as a radio frequency or something?

  • I’ll Suck for Cake.

    What a perculiar person.

  • I’ll Suck for Cake.

    How often do you get asked for examples of how not to make super hero movies? I tend to get around 3.8 a month. Sometimes as many as 5.

  • sweetestsadist

    You forgot Mission to Moscow! That was the lowest point of Police Academy!

  • Leo

    Wow. You guys just confirmed every suspicion that I had for The Amazing Spider-Man. Watch Moonrise Kingdom instead? You got it. Cheers for the recommendation, fellas.


    at least this one doesn’t have a Chad Kroeger song on the soundtrack



    whoa, it’s you! greetings fellow av clubber

  • ChumGuzzler

    Hey. This is the same site that rips apart the Generations movies by pointing out all the little inconsistencies and continuity errors from the TV series(s). Any inaccuracy is fair game here.

  • Nah. I agree with Rich. It’s really hard to remain a Spider-Man fan when Marvel keeps rebooting the character. As Rich said it’s like Marvel doesn’t want me to be a fan. I had to stop reading after One More Day. I would say Green Goblin is the number one arch nemesis. Venom wasn’t until much later and I think at this point Spider-Man and Venom have teamed up more times than they’ve fought.

  • David

    How do you choreograph in 3d?

  • Leo

    Two things.

    a.) The only things that I really know Gwen for is being Peter’s first true love (not his first love interest though as that is Betty Brant) and being the girl who died. Gwen has achieved a mythical status now due to being the girl who died. Oh and now she’s also known as the girl who fcked Norman Osborn. 😀 Before that, generic love interest, sorry. Mary Jane is far more interesting.

    b.) Venom is a very one note villain and a 90’s product. Rick Remender has since made Venom interesting and to do that, he has made the symbiote bond to Flash Thompson, no longer Eddie Brock and he is now a hero character.

    Eh, that’s all just my opinion though.

  • Sam Raimi refused to come back because of studio interference during 3, and none of the actors wanted to come back under a new director, plus all of them probably felt 3 movies was enough. The studio was then faced with the choice of letting the franchise revert to Marvel (unacceptable since Marvel Studios would then make extremely profitable spidey films of their own) or forging ahead with pretty much nobody from the extremely popular 3 first films.

    Yes, they still COULD have just made it a sequel with none of the original actors, like the Batman films, or the Bond films, but instead decided to reboot it so they could do a markedly different take, to make the whole “raimi and mcguire aren’t involved” thing seem like less of a negative, and also to base the movies on the Ultimate line of comics instead of the original 60s comics. Things like giving Spider-man web-shooters and a new iconic costume probably factored into it as well. Again, maybe they could have done what shitty sequels of the past did and made all these changes without restarting it, but I’m not sure anyone would have accepted that.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I think this movie was necessary at all, and making a reboot so early is tacky no matter how you look at it. It also sounds like they completely fucked up the film itself, which means the idea of yet another reboot might not be so far-fetched, which is incredibly depressing.

  • I’ll add that they should probably have gone with an In Media Res thing even if they were going for a reboot, instead of making it another origin film. But as Jay pointed out, that’s the interesting aspect of superhero movies.

  • James

    “Would you hate this movie if Sam Raimi’s didn’t come first?”


  • Ballsacks

    Agreed. Let’s not forget the scene in Spidey 2 on that train when the citizens get between Doc Oc and Spiderman, then later lift him up in a christlike pose and crowdsurf him to another part of the train for no apparent reason.

    I see their point about Raimi’s cheesiness allowing for the tone to be more consistent when robot octopus men try to blow up the city with a homemade sun, but I feel like people are more angry at the fact that this movie was remade so quickly than at the movie itself; and letting that both rosy up their memories of the fun but flawed Raimi films as well as come into this movie already deciding they won’t like it. Let’s also not forget how much Raimi his careful balance of cheesiness to coolness in 3, which was just awful.

    No, this movie has no right to exist. Yes, this is a new low for Hollywood running out of ideas and just rehashing old ideas. But much like what Plinkett said about Star Trek the Star Trek, it’s here, so let’s evaluate the movie on its own credentials. We have to take it. Even if it’s up our ass. I dunno, I didn’t orgasm over this movie but I didn’t hate it either. I thought it moved along at a nice pace, the action was cool and the story seemed to move in a logical order. The ending messed a lot of that up with Peter deciding to forsake the dying wish of a man who saved his life, like “ah, but his daughter’s really hot, fuck Dennis Leary.” I kinda feel like they’re setting up for Spidey to get Gwen killed though. But I mean shit, I liked this better than the snoozefest Thor that these guys were pretty positive about. I think I’m alone in that though.

  • I have always respected the guys on redlettermedia…until they said Life Aquatic was a good movie, actually they said it was a great movie. Its a boring, uninspired, lifeless film without any redeemable moments in it. I think a little part of my love for them died today 🙁

  • stolliosis

    Moonrise Kingdom is the best movie I have seen lately. The Life Aquatic is awesome as well. I didn’t waste my money with Amazing Spider Man. Vampire Hunter sucked ass, and don’t me started on Prometheus.

  • J

    I couldn’t help noticing Rich Evans’s wardrobe. I guess the ending explained it.

  • dawaltco

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is fucking brilliant. One of my favorite films of this year. The other would have to be Magic Mike. If you can get past, you know, the male strippers, it’s a really solid, really well done movie.

  • Billy

    I love red letter media and i absolutely love the Sam Raimi spider-man films for as long as i can remember i grew up with them and they are a key factor as to why im a spider-man fan to begin with i even watched the first movie again before storming off to watch the reboot and i have to say i loved the amazing spider-man much more than the previous films. I am actually surprised at the fact that people still haven’t gotten over the fact that it’s a reboot and usually that’s the only complaint this movie gets i understand we loved the first2 movies but after the 3rd would really wanna see how a 4th movie would turn out and tobey wouldn’t have comeback either because of his back problems. I think the only thing holding this movie back is nostalgia and i more than anyone can understand that but there’s a little thing called being open minded and i thought the film (Excluding open ended plot points that ere actually in the previous cut but edited out later) was great and director marc webb brought a new dimension of realism to the dialouge and character that stan intended back in the day. To me when i go back and watch the raimi movie all i can see is cheese it felt to fantasied and nothing felt tragic even uncle bens death scene

  • Shoving in Venom might be what caused the initial problems, but things like making Sandman Uncle Ben’s killer and keeping all the Sandman/Harry stuff in the movie despite it being centered on the Venom plot were Raimi’s decision. The compromise between Raimi’s original intent and the studio’s edict is the reason the movie is a disaster, imho. It tries to be two entirely different movies at once.

  • stolliosis

    *don’t “get” me started on Prometheus.

  • ddddddddd

    Haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, but I’ll have to after this. My two favorite movies of the year: Beasts of the Southern Wild and Magic Mike. Least favorite… Another Earth. Please, god, I would love to see Plinkett molest that movie.

  • I want Rich’s shirt.

  • DrPoop

    I hope Rich will be joining Mike & Jay as the third host from now on. Oh please, oh please!

  • NemoNeedsSleep

    Because gundam series are independent stories. Gundam Wing has nothing 0083 which has nothing to do to do with Gundam Seed and so on. Other than the fact that they are telling a story about a war with robotos, they are all different stories with different characters and plots,

    Also Gundam is a series. You get 13-?? episodes of setting, exposition, character and plot development. Whereas movies get about 2 hours. You can’t use a movie to tell a soap opera story (which is what comics and anime essentially are). You have to change the story to have a coherent beginning middle and END. Otherwise its just same shit different day.

  • Yossun

    I honestly have no idea why it’s taken me this long to comment on Half In the Bag, but I just wanted to say you guys are pretty much my favorite reviewers. I think you both bring a level-headedness, humor, sardonic wit and self-depreciation that surpasses entertainment and transforms into art in its own right. This review was once again fantastic and please keep doing what you guys are doing.

  • Romeo

    Mike, you need to get over your ben stiller shit and watch royal tennenbaums. it’s great. It’s the direct same vein as life and darjheeling.

  • wildride

    Oh no — It’s DInosaur Neil. Quick! Get him some pants!

  • Mike

    is the movie in 3D?

  • ergergdfg

    I knew how it was all going to end for Rich Evans.

  • Farson89

    Venom is Spider-man’s arch-nemesis?

    I think it’s about time you actually sat down and read some Spider-Man comics.

  • Your mini review of Moonrise Kingdom was one of the best moments on the show yet. And you are right it was easily one of the best movies of the year. I saw it twice. I think the only movie i enjoyed more this year was Cabin in The Woods.

  • Ady

    i had my doubts about the way the new half in the bag was going but now i realise im a fucking idiot 🙂 nice work guys

  • For my Birthday today I decided to
    treat myself and see two films completely blind (not literally
    blind, that would be silly).
    Moonrise Kingdom was
    showing in my local theater and I’d deliberately avoided all
    trailers, clips and reviews (including this video), the most I’d seen
    was a group of people watching a trailer and the stuff written on
    It really was fantastic and deserves all the praise it gets.
    I was totally caught of guard by how sweet and genuine it all was,
    despite being so stylized. I also really related to the lead
    character which considering he’s nothing like me (except being an
    outcast) and I’ve never had any remotely similar experiences is
    an achievement. My favourite film of the year so far
    I just
    watched the trailer on youtube (which I believe I was right not to
    see before the film) and saw someone mention RLM in the comments so
    thought I’d pop by and post this.
    Gonna watch In Bruges now – no
    idea what to expect. There’s pink ice-cream, a swan and a gun on the
    DVD cover so that’s something.
    Then of course Half in the Bad.
    This is turning out to be the best birthday ever.

  • Best episode so far.

  • Also Webb is good. (500) Days of Summer was a good movie. Maybe even a great one (depending on who you talk to) but definitely good.

  • Crocuspokus

    I’m glad to finally hear your opinion of Wes Anderson’s films, they’re incredibly well made and such great quality. Especially the score. And Bill Murray.

    However give the Royal Tennenbaums another chance. Yes, I did groan too about the Ben Stiller parts, but everything else about the film is absolutely beautiful and more than makes up for it.

  • elsewhere

    Odd how you can hate on the prequels but praise Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.

  • JohnWaynman

    1) They didn’t really “praise” them here.
    2) They’re better than the prequels.

  • Murd0ck

    Great review as always guys!
    I think it could be called guilty pleasure but i liked some parts of the movie. As a whole is just a more brainless moneymaker blabla. However some scenes really enjoyed. For example, the romance moments between Peter and Gwen and the fight at Highschool.
    Of course its not a perfect movie Peter acts as dumb sometimes and the vilan is dumber. I believe the sequel can correct this mistakes, and make the movie more enjoyable.


    Great review as always guys! I think it could be called 3D guilty pleasure but i liked some 3D parts of the movie. As a whole is just a more brainless 3D moneymaker blabla. However some 3D scenes really enjoyed. For example, the romance moments between Peter and Gwen and the fight 3D at Highschool.Of course its not a perfect 3D movie Peter acts as dumb sometimes and the vilan is 3D dumber. I believe the 3D sequel can correct this mistakes, and make the movie more 3D enjoyable.

  • Ady

    Glad to see Half in the Bag back on track! great review. And great plug for Wes Anderson i saw Rushmore when i was at uni and fell in love his style.

  • playdude92

    This movie was fine. Certainly better than Thor and Captain America, which you recommended.

  • playdude92

    not to mention Batlleship…

  • JoeJoe

    Not Needed?

    I guess you forgot about that horrible, horrible mungbag of a movie Spiderman 3. That’s all the reason in the world to abort that cretin and start over new. I absolutely refuse to believe that this Spiderman movie can be worse. In fact, S3 is the perfect movie for Plink’ to review. Pick the absolute worst scene in the new Spiderman and compare it to the emo dancing Spiderman scene. If you can defend that, then the terrorist have already won.

    You “logical” argument would fall completely flat if the new Spiderman movie was great. In fact, just pretend that Batman Begins was a giant turd and say “it wasn’t needed”. When was the last time you ever heard of a really good movie described as “not needed”? You know, that Casino Royale movie was a great Bond film, but we have that horrid schlockfest called Moonracker, so we don’t need another Bond film.

    If you’re really, really trying to say that Spiderman 4 would have been better … dancing emo Spiderman … atomic bomb … zombies roam the world … Mad Max Thunderdome with a Kardashian as Aunty Entity … fuck me.

  • Gary

    Entertaining review, but I gotta disagree about Uncle Ben being glossed over. His death was the only thing motivating spider-man to catch criminals for most of the movie. Uncle Ben’s death didn’t inspire Peter to become a superhero, it inspired him to get revenge on a murderer (which seems a much more natural response). Maybe the death itself wasn’t as dramatic as in the original trilogy, but it had a much greater impact on the story….in my opinion, of course.

  • Brickchucker19

    You do realize that both Batman Begins and Casino Royale had done something new to their reprisented francises while The Amazing Spider-Man was just a rehashing of the 2002 movie, and done not so well from what I hear.

  • guest

    I see comments like this on almost every episode of HITB. “How could you hate the prequels, but like _____________?????”

    The answer is simple, idiots: nothing is as bad as the prequels. Nothing, ever. The end.

  • Brickchucker19

    Uh, are you sure you’re talking about the right movie? Peter never did catch the criminal in the new movie and his death was quite a big impact on the original trilogy.

  • Gary

    He never caught the guy, but the reason why Peter became spiderman was to track him down. I just liked how in this reboot it showed Peter being a hero for the wrong reasons. It made him more human. Uncle Ben played a big role in the original, but his death seemed to turn Peter into a traditional superhero instead of a kid dealing with loss.

  • I am not Rob Lowe

    This movie had a budget bigger than Avatar….. WTF!

  • Guest

    Plus Stiller’s character is hateful for all the same reasons Stiller himself is hateful.

  • Chris is crying tears of joy in his beer. The Long Pigs poster in the background made our day. All hail RLM!

  • Brickchucker19

    That kind of makes it more stupid. If he’s dedicating his life to find this one guy, then why is he fighting other criminals? It’s not like the killer was some kingpin behind some big crime spree, he was a two-bid criminal. The reason why I like how Uncle Ben’s death was exicuted in the 2002 movie is that when Peter realizes how he had let crime purposly pass him when he was the only one to preventing it from happening, he dedicates his life by not letting crime get away from him ever again.

  • GuyWhoSaysTrueStuff

    sanity alert: Moonrise Kingdom is not that good. It lacks emotion, and
    often the humor is flat – all because it is too concerned with being
    quirky. The lines are delivered in a quirky and “weird” way, on purpose,
    and the life is drained out of the characters and the movie.

    It’s a cute movie – mildly funny. But I’m sick of all the rave reviews

  • boo

    Did you ever think that maybe all the rave reviews are an indication that you’re opinion on the movie is in the minority? Lacks emotion? It’s one of the most heartfelt movies I’ve seen in years.

  • Larryballs

    You guys lost your charm and anything to say after the first Star Wars review. Get some exercise.

  • ”AWWW FUCK!” – Rich Evans

  • GuyWhoStillSaysTrueStuff

    Then you haven’t seen many heartfelt movies. Get out more – get some taste. Even when Bruce Willis decides to adopt the kid, I barely cared. Because all of the characters were like puppets – hollow on the inside. This is the director’s fault.
    He’s too concerned with being artsy and different, instead of being concerned with making a genuine film. This was a film that wanted so
    badly to be quirky that it sacrificed the humanity of the characters in
    order to do so. Sorry to break it to ya

  • boo

    You’re sorry to break your inept opinion to me. It’s okay, I’ll get over it.

    Whenever someone says a movie is “trying to be artsy” as some sort of slight against it, their opinion is immediately invalidated.

  • TickerTaint

    It’s good to share 🙂

  • Magic Negro

    I’m a little confused but is Royal Tennenbaums the one with Gweneth Paltrow because in one of the Plinkett Star Wars reviews you talk about how setting up a shot can convey a lot of information (I think in reference to Vader in his fishbowl on the Executor versus every shot in the prequels) and you show a still from a Wes Anderson movie where Paltrow is wilting in a corner. Mike said he hadn’t seen that one, or were the tracksuit twins that made him turn it off brought in after that scene?

  • FullmetalVTR

    “Im to much of a fan”
    “I haven’t brought a Spiderman comic for the better part of a decade”Ehh?

  • Guest

    Royal Tenenbaums is awesome. Love that scene where he lies about having cancer and she belts him for real.

  • stagpool

    I would imagine Jay suggested that shot’s use in the Plinkett review.

  • Guest

    Hey, I like Moonraker. That’s another “poison gas” movie too, coincidentally, and a good one.

  • brickchucker19

    Well that was around the time when Joe Quesada took over Marvel, and God knows how he pretty much defecated all over Spider-Man (“One More Day” anyone?).

  • Guest

    People of a certain age remember the old cartoon show, or even back when he was on Electric Company.

  • FullmetalVTR

    Its a shame, because the comic is really very good atm

  • what kills Wes Anderson movies for me is how totally fucked he would be if he found himself in west Oakland. His shtick is out-of-touch to the point of autistic.

  • boo

    Yeah, you’re right. And what’s with Woody Allen not making movies about hip hop artists? Why doesn’t everyone just make movies that appeal to every demographic?

  • it’s just my opinion, man. But his characters, undeniably, do live in a vacuum.

  • Roy Neary

    Moonrise kingdom WAS snobby hipster garbage.

  • boo

    What does Wes Anderson being in West Oakland have fuck all to do with the characters in his movies? You’re making up stupid shit for the sake of a flimsy argument.

    His characters exist in a world that isn’t quite ours, yes, but they certainly don’t live in a vacuum. There’s a humanity and compassion for the way he treats his characters that you’ll never find in a big blockbuster turd like The Amazing Spider-Man.

  • Superman Returns was not ‘that’ bad.

  • if this remake culture is so prevalent, why the f*ck can’t we get Star Wars remakes? they might be crap, but at least they’d give me something to do.

  • listen, asshole. I told you it was my opinion. I’m entitled to my opinion. if you love wes anderson so fucking much then why don’t you masturbate to his pictures? and fuck off.

  • GuyWhoSaysTrueStuff

    I get it. You know shite about movies. Don’t know why I try to give free educations on the Internet

  • boo

    You’re right, it is your opinion, and you’re the one who felt it was important enough to post on here. Once a counter-opinion was posted, instead of backing up your reasoning, you’ve resorted to just saying “fuck off.”

    Maybe you shouldn’t post your opinions on the internet when you clearly haven’t thought them through.

  • Guest

    Seriously. Venom is Spider-man’s costume.

  • Guest

    Spider-Man got a new black costume for the Secret Wars, the fans hated it so the writers made it an alien symbiote that went solo after learning Spidey’s ways, and gave him back his original red and blue costume.

  • Providence

    Actually gotta disagree with Mike big time. I know he wants to dunst Dunst but she was TERRIBLE in the Raime films. Simply aweful acting. This movie was indeed a jumble, messed up, inferior in every way except the acting. Every character in this movie was acted better than the Sam Raime version, every single one. It was hard to keep up with the stupidity of everything around the acting, but I didn’t even have to pay attention to see that Stone, Leary, Sheen, Fields, and definately Andrew Garfield who is awesome in The Social Network and in this despite the material. So yeah, you are wrong there.

  • Either I’m stoned, or the concluding bit was actually funny.

  • spunkbubble

    I think Mike and Jay were determined to hate this movie no matter what going in. Because I’m looking around the web (hehehahahoho) and it’s generally getting positive feedback. More so than negative for sure.

    It’s a case of Raimi fanboyism imo. Don’t let their review persuade from watching a good albeit flawed film. Garfield really does nail Peter Parker. He IS Peter Parker. Not sure how or why they can’t see that. Surely you don’t think he’s worse than Mopey Maguire, right fellas?

  • MeowMeow

    You’re an absolute idiot. It sounds like you haven’t even seen the film…

  • anon

    They’ve done a pretty good job of being open-minded about movies. I highly doubt this is any different. They just thought it was a mess. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  • Ah man, you are missing out on Royal Tenenbaums. I like Life Aquatic and Darjeeling Limited but feel they’re weaker Anderson films compared to Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Royal Tenenbaums.

  • Mugglefucker

    Maybe after Lucas dies if Disney doesn’t keep extending copyright protections in perpetuity for the rest of time.

  • RC_cola

    I’m so glad you talked about Moonrise Kingdom, I wish you had given more time to it though. It is possibly the best Wes Anderson film EVER (definitely the best recently). You can just tell it was made with love, every character seemed hand crafted. Not to mention how great Bruce Willis and Ed Norton were when they play against type.

  • Gary

    I think both origin stories work. I just liked how the new one expanded on the ‘vigilante’ portion of Spiderman’s story. It’s a very intriguing concept that barely gets any screen time in the

    Peter’s motivation starts out as revenge. When the city is put into danger he realizes that he must get over his selfish quest for vengeance and help the people who need him.

    I don’t think it’s stupid to want to kill the person who murdered the closest thing you’ve had to a father. Is it a smart decision? No, but it makes perfect sense with Peter’s character, especially since he’s a 17 year old orphan.

  • MCBGamer

    I demand more reviews with Rich, he is fucking hilarious and you all laugh, just make sure you don’t do it there anymore, the mics were fucked up.

  • Ned L.

    How can you mention Wes Anderson and not mention Rushmore? Rushmore is the only movie he has made that has true heart and respects the characters involved. Everything else he did comes off as outlandish and over-stylized drivel. The Royal Tenenbaums is almost an exception to this but it tries to make you care for too many characters, with too many different problems, while being too ridiculous. It’s a good movie but not great like Rushmore. In fact, I think it’s pretty obvious Anderson peaked at Rushmore. Nothing of his since comes close. The Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited? Those movies were terrible. I like you guys as reviewers, probably my favorite reviewers out there, but here you come off as the audience you condescend to except that instead of being easily impressed by explosions you are easily impressed by music being played over slow motion sequences shot through yellow filters. Oh, and Andrew Garfield has no range that we can agree on.

  • Gwen Stacy was a generic love interest in the comics.

  • Nich

    I saw Moonrise Kingdom with my younger sister and father on the 4th instead of spiderman and I’m glad we did. Moonrise is a great movie.

  • This may be the worst Half in the Bag ever. For being such huge fans of movies they seem have a big problem judging a movie on its own terms without sperging about the behind-the-scenes drama, and this review seems to suffer a lot from that. Also having Comic Book Guy cry about how the movie (and the comics themselves) don’t live up to the way he thinks Spider-Man ought to be was a huge waste of time.

  • blastor138

    What do you think about Fantastic Mr. Fox?

  • guest

    They flat-out say IN the review that this movie in particular is almost impossible to judge on its own merits and they’re right. This is the worst Half in the Bag ever why? Because you disagree. Who cares?

  • Nick

    So an episode of Half in the Bag is bad when you have a different opinion than them. That’s a shitty standard.

  • That wasn’t a Klingon phaser… it was a disruptor. First introduced in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

  • TheDuder

    I don’t. I was glad when they stopped showing that tool drinking Diet Coke (while being overweight) and laughing like an annoying giddy school girl. I don’t watch the “comedy” bits these guys do and just fast forward until the actual review begins.

  • People watch Half in the Bag for two reasons: insight on movies, and humor. It’s why their Star Wars reviews went viral and why they got enough attention to even make HitB in the first place. In just about every other review they’ve even done, even if it’s one you disagree with, they do a good enough job supporting their arguments and being funny about it that you still learned something and felt entertained.

    This had neither. It was just 30 minutes of unfocused venting about how much they hate the movie industry and how they know better than anyone else how Spider-Man ought to be, and some stupid boardroom drama that’s just a hair above celebrity gossip in between. At the end they even admit that the review was a waste of time.

    If they’re so fed up with the Hollywood system then why not give Moonrise Kingdom more than a cursory endorsement? Give people a reason to want to see it, make them aware of it, show off the visuals, do something constructive. If I wanted to see an unfunny comic book nerd rant about how Hollywood doesn’t do his funnybooks justice I have the entire rest of the internet for that.

    Also, trying to dismiss somebody’s opinion by saying that nobody cares, when you yourself cared enough to respond, is kind of self-defeating.

  • DagobahDave


  • I liked the part where he didn’t contribute anything to the discussion and was awkward and not funny at all. I take that back, he did make me laugh once when he got angry that comic books are for kids.

  • It was a good movie, it just wasn’t a good comic book movie. Comic book nerds didn’t want a meditation on Superman as a messianic figure, they wanted him to punch things real hard.

  • Dick75

    I dislike the other Spiderman movies and I also disliked this movie, but not so much that it made me like the other ones. I will not compare crap to crap, it is crap thus it is all equally horrible.

    I really feel it’s a scale issue, the scale is always too damn high. Does the fate of millions always have to be at stake? When you put the scale that high it alters the tone of the movie and it’s forced to be serious. It’s hard to be funny and whimsical when tons of people are dying without looking like an asshole. If the fate of the world is always at stake then it’s hard to get excited about the fate of the world being at stake. See I bet you didn’t read that the second time because you already knew what I was going to say.

    And do I need an origin story for the villains too? It’s bad enough that I have to sit through the hero’s origin.

  • Obrighm

    I for one was excited that there was a reboot happening, being something of a purist. However, after watching your review… I feel less than optimistic.

    For starters, I was pleased that they included Gwen Stacy, as she was indeed Peter’s first love. I was also pleased that they included the web shooters, rather than some magical web ejaculate of the wrist.

    From here on is spoiler heavy, but nothing that people who have read a lot of old Spider-Man don’t already know.

    Spider-Man is a story that can be described as “always darkest before the dawn.” His entire life is tragic. He gets these powers, abuses them, and subsequently indirectly causes the death of his Uncle Ben. This haunts him and motivates him to use his powers responsibly, which interferes heavily with his life (school, work, romance).

    Because he chooses to use his powers in such a way, he puts the very people who love him in danger, and as a result Gwen Stacy is murdered by the Green Goblin, thrown from a bridge. Peter catches her by the legs with his web and thinks he’s saved her, but she’s dead when he gets to her. Unsure if it’s whiplash that killed her, or if the Goblin had already done it, Peter blames himself and then goes on to murder The Green Goblin, who is the father of Peter’s best friend.

    The entire city hates Spider-Man, his own aunt hates Spider-Man, he takes pictures for a paper that hates Spider-Man. And somehow, through almost all of this, he remains stoic and takes pleasure in the small victories, like the satisfaction of being thanked by a child amidst an angry mob. He even enjoys what he does, taking verbal jabs at his opponents and being incredibly creative from fight to fight.

    It’s very frustrating to me that a character so rich in source material is portrayed in so shallow a manner. Oh well. Like you said, “Better luck next time.”

  • Obrighm

    Correction: He didn’t murder Goblin, Goblin impaled himself with his own glider while trying to kill Spider-Man.

  • lkjsdafg

    Enjoyed it a lot, but the reverb in this room is really distracting.

  • Obrighm

    Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you stay current. I would say that someone who’s read Spider-Man faithfully for forty years and dropped off the last ten is more of a fan than someone who’s read the last ten.

    I can’t help but agree with Rich. Spider-Man has sucked lately. There have been some gems here and there, but the big stuff has mostly been bad (One More Day, as cited by brickchucker19). They also feel some incessant need to fuck with Spidey’s costume constantly.

  • Yo!

  • will

    weak movie.

  • Obrighm

    Also also, I meant to mention that I always loved that the school bully who picks on Peter Parker is Spider-Man’s fan, even heads up the fan club. I always loved that little bit.

  • Jeremy Cock

    Awesome! I love this show. Love, love love it!

  • JackofallJills

    I loved it but you left the sounds of the blood bags popping.. this made the laser sound weird. You guys rock though.

  • jimmyboo

    But that’s entirely the point. Uncle Ben’s death is the point where Peter grows up and learns an important lesson about responsibility.

  • Anon

    You’re right. If a movie gets more positive reviews than negative ones, all the negative reviews must be insincere and meritless. It’s not a matter of personal taste or anything. And your math is correct, Andrew Garfield = Peter Parker. If someone disagrees, they are demonstrably wrong. That’s just science. They must be stupid if they think people can have different ideas of how a character should be.

  • Aweful implies quality doesn’t it?

  • gsystem888

    1. Despite loving the first two, I hated the 3rd Sam Raimi Spiderman and wasn’t really expecting a lot from this one. So I thought it was likeable.
    2. Thank you for squeezing in the Moonrise Kingdom review. I also thought it was the best movie to come out this year so far.
    3. How many times has Rich Evans died on this show? (Either as himself or as a character)

  • TV’s Rob

    Damn. Another Rich in the morgue.

  • Daggoth

    I already promised myself after I watched the epic failure of Spider-Man 3 that I won’t watch another Spider-Man related film until they do Carnage. Unless they fuck him up too…

  • adamfox

    hey guys. wanting to be friends with online celebs and imagining yourself chatting movies with them is creepy and weird. so with that in mind can I cut off your skins and walk around in them talking to myself in the mirror? LET’S BE FRIENDS!

  • Joshua W

    a different spiderman? i don’t like things that are different…

  • baryl

    Bravo, great review. Probably my favorite one yet and I like ’em all. The reference to Moonrise Kingdom at the end was apt and justified. I’m sorry I paid to go see the new spider-man, what a waste, don’t normally pay for broken things. Thanks for all the entertainment and thoughtful commentary. Cheers! b

  • Well I already saw moonrise kingdom and loved it and I just really like emma stone and andrew garfield so I’ll see it. But I know what your saying I never really saw this as a cynical cash grab because I was never a big fan of the rami films and 500 days of summer was a great little romantic comedy so to me they were putting this francise in good hands.

  • Robby

    Thanks for the review, guys. I’m a bit surprised you were all so disappointed with this movie (I haven’t seen it), since I have heard mostly good things about it. I wish this review had been twice as long with twice as much thrashing of the soulless Hollywood machine, but I appreciated the brief review of Moonrise Kingdom and Wes Anderson’s other great films.

    And I also agree with Mike, Kirsten Dunst is gorgeous.

  • brickchucker19

    Well, okay, I haven’t, but after hearing numerous reviews (and I have read a lot) it sounds like a complete clusterfuck.

  • Mal


  • c_cuate

    Somehow, I don’t like this “Spider-man expert”…

  • Some serial-butt agonizer down-rated a lot of comments in a row. Hey kid, Spiderman sucks!

  • Bleh

    Wow look at all the people bitching just because RLM said something was bad. I saw the movie, and although it wasnt the best thing ive ever seen, it was at least an enjoyable experience. Much more enjoyable than Spiderman 3. Rather than just listening to someone elses opinion, go watch it for yourself. Make your own opinion you sheep.

  • Mugglefucker

    Yeah what the fuck was that high-pitched whine?

  • Brian

    the old superman movies SUCKED, even 1 and 2 in my opinion.

  • Tom

    Guys, I seriously cannot express how much I disagree with you in this review. Compared to this, the Raimi movies are laughable. Seriously. The Raimi movies were all cheesy and felt totally unrealistic; they were just too campy. This movie didn’t feel cheesy in the slightest. There were “comedic” moments, yeah, but the way they were done didn’t sacrifice the serious tone of the movie at all. I’m being completely honest here.
    Also, Uncle Ben’s death not meaning anything? Really? That’s what pushed him to be Spider-Man here. It totally escapes me how you guys, as intelligent as you are, entirely missed that.
    People claiming that this copies the Raimi movies for most of it are also being incredibly ignorant. Did you not notice the tons of different plot-points? This movie went incredibly in-depth with what happened to his parents. That’s what mostly drove the plot. That’s why it’s so different.
    We got a solid sense of who the characters were in this movie too. What movie did you see? Seriously. I cared about Peter way more than I ever did in the Raimi movies, and I loved Connors.
    Granted, that interview you read WAS incredibly idiotic. That was just…terrible. This movie is great, but the ending is not unique. That’s just a blatant lie.
    Honestly, this one review almost took apart all of my respect for your other ones. I’m really shocked that you guys missed so much of what was in this movie. I mean, did you actually WATCH it? Did you really watch it? It doesn’t sound like you actually watched the movie.

  • zzzzz

    the kirsten dunst sexual quips had me in tears XD

  • need starwars remake asap! preferably with hip youngsters with big gelled hairdo’s on skateboards in space highschool, alien bullies and darth vader played by Johnny Depp

  • NerdRage

    Perfectly geeking out, here. You both quit it before somebody gets hurt and starts to cry. I am gonna tell on you both.
    Now behave and later you might both get a happy meal and can choose a spiderman toy.

    Oh and I also doubt that a disruptor has a stun setting.
    *Geek* *geek*

  • Whomever decided the Lizard should look like a Koopa Troopa from Super Mario Bros Movie needs to be sterilized.

  • Tom

    Thank you.

  • cerberus

    Batman Forever + Batman & Robin combo review, please. Thank you.

  • check out dennis leary’s movie “Final” from 2001

  • get your crap together, Mike! you need to watch the royal tenenbaums

  • The Muffin

    Me? I’d serve crab legs.

  • Cameron Ohara

    Haha, awesome stuff. I was almost going to go see the Amazing Spiderman last night……. but then I remembered I’ve been giving Spiderman my money for the past 10 years….. and I don’t have any left……..

  • snd

    Yeah, especially on Rich’s voice I noticed the reverb a lot, almost sounding distorted at times

  • XxSWFan92

    “Honestly, this one review almost took apart all of my respect for your other ones.”

    1. They don’t care.
    2. Stop being so dramatic.

  • guest

    dem green plastic drum cymbals!

  • Okay, I was having trouble posting these. I feel very strongly that the artistic integrity exhibited by our fine screenwriters in Hollywood is not getting its due credit. I mean, we have had masterful works such as Transformers and any Adam Sandler movie that it’s difficult to accept hearing that their feature film grindhouses, uh, studios are failing to measure up in quality. 🙁

  • What the heck??? Gosh darn it! Betty Brant was Peter’s first love, not Gwen Stacy! This movie totally sucks! I am appalled! Check the source material, Webb! Blah, blah, blah, etc! I’m going to boycott the movie for this extremely minor discrepancy. Everything else in it was fine, I think. :/ Web-shooters FTW. Right? Right???

  • Try studio urgency to get Spidey 4 into theaters for 2011. Raimi didn’t want that kind of pressure while making the movie, so he backed out.

  • I actually thought The Amazing Spider-Ham was good.

  • dave

    They watched it, and their feelings towards it are different than yours. You would lose all respect for them because of that? That’s pretty stupid.

  • ouij

    Moonrise Kingdom isn’t playing anywhere in the entire state. That’s the worst part of this 3D cash-grab trend: Shitty movies now take up double the number of screens at the theater.

  • Red Beret

    Still strange Mike would use it as an example of a good shot and not watch the rest of the movie.

  • scrotum face

    Royal tenenbaulms (sp?) is really great you should watch it.

  • ThisGuy

    Wow usually I agree with you two (three this time) but this time I don’t. I actually liked this movie quite a bit. It’s far from being a masterpiece, and I will agree with one of the comments below that the ‘crane scene’ towards the end was cringe inducing, however over all I thought the movie was pretty good. I prefer this movie far more than the Rami’s Spiderman movies. This is much closer to the Spiderman in the comic books, more especially the Ultimate Spiderman. This movie pretty much is the Ultimate Spiderman version of Peter Parker, which is ironic considering it’s titled ‘Amazing’ Spiderman. Any how I think I’ll go check out Moonrise Kingdom, it would be nice to see some great cinema for once.

  • DuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhWhat

    What are you fucking people smoking? Norton’s character was so flat and
    characterless that it was ridiculous. He’s a loser who, what, happens to
    smoke. His “redemption” at the end, by saving Harvey Kietel (an utterly
    pointless character the way) was laughably unrealistic and completely
    contrived. Bruce Willis – like all the characters in this movie – was a
    cardboard cut-out trying to resemble a real human being – yet too quirky
    to be anything resembling a real person. The ONLY thing that made him
    sympathetic was when the chick from Fargo broke up with him

    You Kool-Aid drinkers need to wise the fuck up. The Marigold Hotel had
    more emotional and human moments in it than this quirky farce could ever
    hope to. Here’s a clue, if your characters don’t talk like real people
    and don’t act like real people – when you put them in a “human” moment,
    there is no way any audience member with a brain can feel an emotion
    toward them – because they are fake sock-puppets masquerading as human beings

  • Don’e see moonsrise kingdom

    woah woah woah! moonrise kingdom sucked, do not see it. it is NO GOOD, seriously it is stupid

  • Nader

    Enjoy your videos but I think I’m done visiting this place until you resolve the ad spam.

    Click to watch the movie – blasted with 30 second ad, fine. Even when I notice there’s another annoying ad laced halfway through.

    I pause it for a minute to go grab something, come back, unpause, and blasted with a completely new ad.

    Fuck this shit.

  • Ross

    Once again you guys are dead on. I was a bit kinder to the movie knowing what it would be going in, but i can understand your frustration.

    See its interesting with movies that people don’t demand their money back like other things. Well i won’t demand it back but i sure wont waste any more on this franchise.

  • guest

    Yeah, fuck that! One or two minutes of ads for 30 plus minutes of free content? That’s bullshit!

    So I take it you never watch television or listen to the radio either?

  • pokey mcgee

    If you asked me a few years ago, I would have told you the time between the two Hulk movies was the brink of oversaturation for remakes. Didn’t they make those fucking things back to back? Whatever. This spider-man remake is slightly less worse, but is still completely unacceptable.

    Therefore, any further discussion about oversaturation of remakes is a bunch of nonsense. They could make a new remake every year and I’ve seen absolutely no indication that anyone would give two shits about it. The straw that broke the camel’s back isn’t some hypothetical future movie, its already happened. TWICE.

    That said, sequel oversaturation is kind of a non-thing. Talk about making too many batman movies when there’s only… what… 6 of them or something? Is just ridiculous. Godzilla and James Bond didn’t get to where they are via moderation. And there’s no lack of an appetite or fan base for either of them.

    I think you’re looking at the situation with a very narrow scope. “Oh, this many mainstream blockbuster hollywood films have been based on this property in the last 10 years” isn’t really a very compelling observation. This situation has happened so many times in so many climates in so many countries with such negligible results its not even worth the trouble bitching about retroactively.

    People have always gobbled up sequels, prequels, and remakes since time immemorial. They will continue to do so until the sun engulfs the inner solar system in a fiery halo of death. Audiences throughout history have shown us time and time again there is no breaking point, there is no oversaturation.

    There will always be an audience for those stupid fucking Saw movies. :/

  • I can somewhat agree with this review, most of what I disagree with is just personal taste. I didn’t like Raimi’s inclusion of self-mocking camp, his candy colored New Yawk, or his mustache twirling villains. A lot of that is replaced in this movie with a fairly convincing naturalism (particularly in the Peter/Gwen romantic subplot). I thought Garfield’s performance was varied and nuanced and charming. But then I also like Sheen and Fields, so there’s that.
    Plot was meh and series of thing that happen. meh. but overall the good (and individually voiced and well crafted good) outweighed the (group pooled, over thought) bad.

  • Tina

    Finally! someone who thought the same thing I did for Spider-man. I felt like I was the only one that wasn’t eating it up. It was just okay..

  • Mal


  • Wes Anderson movies are cheap cash grabs for liberal democrats who think they’re smarter than everyone else, but really they’re just dumb like everyone else.

  • Daniel Schroder

    Complain about the status quo for 27 minutes. Suggest alternatives for 3 minutes. Almost like you suspect more people will click through your advert heavy diatribe if you put the spiderman in big letters in the title. Go see Safety Not Guaranteed if you wish to make ammends.

  • oOo

    i’ve been wanting to see this but Mike and Jay told me its bad so now i won’t

  • We need to see a Spiderman movie where Craven is the villain. He is a fairly complex bad guy that, if written with some care, could come across as complex and very scary.

  • Since they HAVE to do more Batman after Nolan’s done this summer, I think the only thing that would be any good is if they did “The Dark Knight Returns”, the Frank Miller story. And why not have Robert Rodriguez do it? His Sin City adaptation was so faithful, I don’t know who else could do it. Joss Whedon? I dunno, but Dark Knight Returns would be worth actually going to the theater for.

  • Spider-Man Expert

    John is right about Rich needing to revoke his expert status. Gwen Stacy was more than a “generic love interest”. A poster pointed this out earlier, Gwen Stacy was captured by Green Goblin and tossed off a bridge. Spider-Man tried to save her but could not. Gwen’s death had a great impact on Peter since this was the 2nd person in his life that died as a result of becoming Spider-Man and the audience is shocked because this was never done in a comic before: the hero does not save the damsel in distress. By the way, this story was published in 1973, only old school fans would be familiar with the story. On the point of quality arch villains, Spider-Man had a few: Green Goblin was his main arch early in his life, then there was the Scorpion, Doc Octopus, The Vulture, Mysterio, The Chameleon, The Kingpin (later becomes Dare Devil’s arch), and even J. Jonah Jameson can be considered a major nemesis. Rich needs to do a little more research before he reviews the next Spider Man movie.

  • It’s not a phaser it’s a disruptor.

  • The sad truth about Spider-Man is that no matter how many times they remake it, the best adaptation already exists and is impossible to top. http://marvel.com/videos/watch/563/japanese_spiderman_episode_01

  • Consumed

    you guys gonna do a review of God Bless America? seems a shame a smaller movie like this flew under the radar, while Hollywood continues to regurgitate the same shit (and will continue to do so until people stop paying for it)

  • FactFlatulator

    enough with the pretentious indy recommendations already

  • Kevin Bacon

    Rodriguez would shoot it on the PD150, in 3D, and it would feature Shark-boy, Lava-girl, Gilmore-girl, and Kevin Bacon, er, I mean George Lopez.

  • Guest

    Shooting Rich Evans never gets old.

  • Guest

    ANYTHING is more enjoyable than Spiderman 3.

  • Bengi

    Who the hell is that 3rd guy! I want my reviews from the cinema duo, not a Ménage à trois,

  • Ragism


    That one is the best Spider-Man flick ever.

  • DO See Moonrise Kingdom!

    Woah, woah and thrice, whoa! Do indeed see Moonrise Kingdom! It’s a great film–entertaining, engaging and wholly original. The cast is superb and its execution is masterful. Possibly the best movie of the year so far.

  • Lenny

    Another great episode

  • Guest
  • Charlie K

    my girlfriend gets free movies bc she works at AMC. I asked if she would see Moonrise Kingdom with me and she said she would rather take me to Spiderman. (she has already seen spiderman) great 😐 I think people fear devoting time to moonrise kingdom when they are unsure if they will like it. I also hated the royal teneboms* and it would have sucked to be stuck in a movie theater with it.

  • Bill The Thrill

    GOD BLESS AMERICA delivers some **QUALITY** social commentary. It’s not perfect . . . but, it’s worth the watch.

    What I mean to say is: THANK YOU for mentioning said film.

  • Bill The Thrill

    P.S. Way-ta bring the Police Academy reference(s) ‘full circle’. **thumbs up**

  • Bill The Thrill

    So true: Denis Leary is known to have **ripped off** a number of comedians (including Hicks).

    That’s why most comedians hate him. It’s also why – whenever you see Leary on a Talk Show – or any unscripted setting – he isn’t funny at all.

  • Bill The Thrill

    Not-for-nothin’ but . . . MOST “spotlight” films — are ‘corporate schlock’. ESPECIALLY SO — during “the summer movie season”.

  • thomas040

    You guys always have me cracking up, god dammit! 🙂

  • fsgag

    That’s Plinkett actor you MAROON

  • JDDD

    If Moonrise Kingdom had a lizard villain planning to gas the entire earth maybe it’d be playing in your state.

  • Gary

    Hollywood wouldn’t dare to do a faithful Spiderman adaptation, as it would be perceived as too “bleak”. And, of course, a Peter Parker/Spiderman who is bullied and hated won’t be “Alpha” enough to appeal to female viewers, while male viewers will not like him for not being “dark and edgy” enough.

  • Gary

    Sony remade Spider-man so they could hold on to the movie rights. Marvel should be making Spider-man movies, as they tend to respect the source material. Its because of Sony that we can’t have Spider-man in The Avengers.

  • Epifanes

    Thank you for sharing the link. It was a true masterpiece.

  • morris

    Agreed, 500 days of summer ws really good and one of my favorites of 2009, and it leaked into the romantic scenes and storytelling in the amazing spiderman but unfortunately wasn’t anywhere near the classic-ness of what is spiderman.

  • Gus

    Here’s a thought! How about we don’t have to choose between a typical hollywood blockbuster piece of crap and a generic “indie” pretentious bore?

  • mo

    Have you guys seen marc webbs 500 days of summer? It’s quite good.

  • Jim Bert

    Funny you mention that scene from Gremlins. When I was a police sargeant years ago this kid who looked a lot like Steve McQueen tried to warn me and my lieutenant about this big red monster that ate everything in its path and just grew bigger and bigger. I like to think I learned my lesson after the horrible events that unfolded back then, but I ignored your warnings about this here new Spider-Man flick, and watched it anyway. Heh. I’m an idiot.

  • autonomousgerm

    I dunno guys, this is the first time ever I’m going to have to disagree with you completely. I really enjoyed the new take. They got Spider-man right, as Rich pointed out, and the more somber take on Peter didn’t bother me. I liked Toby Mac at the time, but in retrospect he was too dumb and goofy. Peter wasn’t really dumb and goofy, he could be seen as more of a somber introvert, like this guy. And I really enjoyed his and Gwen’s relationship.

    I’m gonna stop watching you now.

  • I loved seeing the possible space cop effects…. 😀

  • If HITB was Futurama, then Jay would be Fry, Mike would be Bender, and Rich would be Zoidberg.

  • anon

    No no no no no no no no no, guy. Spiderman is much more Steve Ditko’s than Stan Lee. Stan handed Steve a sheet with a couple bullet points and said “Here, do this”.

  • JoeJoe

    When’s the last time you saw it? I liked it as a kid, but watching it now makes Spiderman 3 look like Shakespeare. It’s beyond cheezeball.

  • lot

    My eye was drawn to that yoda t-shirt during the whole review and then you just ruin it at the end. Great episode.

  • JoeJoe

    Too bad you’re taking out your ass. The new Spiderman does the same thing as Batman Begins – it just fails to do it well. It actually steals many scenes from BB to the point that it feels cookie-cutter.

    Casino Royale was a prequel – it did nothing new but change the tone from hokey schlock to something more realistic. It’s unfortunate that Spiderman didn’t follow this 100%, because there are about 4 scenes in the movie that just don’t fit the tone at all.

  • JoeJoe

    I wouldn’t call it “fine”, but it’s surely about on par with the other two movies.
    What you’re hearing in the review is mostly overreactions. Spiderman has some rather large glaring flaws that screw up the other fine 80% of the movie.

  • JoeJoe

    Life Aquatic has moments of brilliance, but suffers from an extremely unlikable main character and some poor pacing.

    If you can’t find David Bowie sung in Portuguese inspired, then you’re more of a curmudgeon than Mike himself.

  • JoeJoe

    The villain was poorly used. The movie didn’t try to take time to bond the characters together in a meaningful way. That’s why it feels like Peter and MrLizard are just kinda acquaintances. The script also has Spidey performing great stunts and amazing feats except when he fights MrLizard. It really should have required Spidey to out-think such a more powerful opponent.

    Emma Stone was good, but her character was also very poorly used in the film. Think back to her scenes and there’s really little point to them (hey, let’s talk in the hallway, hey, let’s talk in my room)

    Peter’s parents get more than a scene, they get an entire backstory and a conspiracy surrounding them. There’s a scene in the credits that reveals more about it.

    Yes, the two are obviously Raimi fans (Evil Dead) and are extremely biased. The only good Spiderman movie he did was #2, the others were just pure cheeze. #3 is just an embarrassment all-round.

  • JoeJoe

    You had me until you the last line of your post. Spiderman 2 is just a well developed movie and story that makes me forgive it for the hokey crap it contains.

  • JoeJoe

    It’s on par with Captain America and Thor – and they recommending those two movies. So, now what?

    The new Spidey is nowhere near as bad as they make it out, but it is very flawed.

  • JoeJoe

    Those scenes are out of place in the new movie. That’s really the only difference. They went for something more realistic and shoe-horned in some crap to make the studio happy.

    The Raimi movies are set in a dumb world, with dumb people, and cartoonish situations. So, dumb doesn’t stick out so much because that’s the tone of the movie. Just imagine if someone just had surgery and is running and jumping around minutes later. It would only make sense if the movie wasn’t PROMETHEUS.

  • JoeJoe

    Crane Scene vs Emo Dancing Spidey – I’ll take the dumb Crane scene any day.

  • JoeJoe

    Why a reboot? SPIDERMAN 3. End Of Argument.

  • JoeJoe

    A hot pepper enema is more enjoyable than Spiderman 3.

  • John

    This film was such an empty, pointless experience. This whole “mainstream nerd” fanboy culture is artless and passionless, meanwhile you just spent another 10 (sorry, 13 for those extra dimensions) to argue on Rotten Tomatoes whether this rehash is better than the next rehash.

    Raimi’s trilogy was a mixed bag. The original had a good frame but felt awkward and disjointed. The second film was almost perfect: every scene had purpose and it earned it’s sentimentality. Third was a disaster, but it seems almost ambitious compared to this by-the-numbers formality. Emma Stone was the only notable positive: she charmed the whole way through the film. BUT OH LOOK NOW YOU’RE SAD CUZ HIS UNCLE DIED RIGHT?

  • JoeJoe

    It was a well shot movie that just felt flat.

  • JoeJoe

    Probably. The Fantastic Mr Fox, however, is well worth a look.

  • RHCZ

    What are you talking about? Moonrise Kingdom was the worst Hulk movie I’ve ever seen!

    lol, In all seriousness, I respect you guys and your opinions and can see why you guys didn’t like the film, but I strongly disagree and actually quite enjoyed the film for the most part. I dig Andrew Garfield as Peter, Stone as Gwen, etc. The characters, to me, were strong enough to carry this film.

    Tone wise it IS a mess. They say it’s “dark and gritty” with the whole murder mystery element added in, but there’s still some corny scenes (Uncle Ben phone message, Crane Dad, etc.) and it doesn’t feel like I should take it ENTIRELY too seriously. So, it’s different from the Raimi films, but not too much.

    The film looks like it went through a shit load of rewrites cuss the film leaves out a lot in terms of the comic book plot. Like, it got a lot right in terms of character (I really dig Gwen and Petey’s chemistry, it’s very natural-ish) but little things here and there seem amiss. Like, they never explain why Doc Connors went crazy. I assume it was because of the Reptilian part of his brain taking over his better judgment and wanting to create a race set solely on “survival of the fittest”. The Reptilian Brain is in constant battle with the Primate Brain, maybe coinciding with the Mammalian Brain since it WANTS a civilization, just not a weak one. … SEE! I just pulled that out my ass, with what I knew about lizards and how the mind works and THAT was a great explanation, better than “Oh, he is a lizard man and … he bad now … die good guys, die.”

    And what DID happen to Peter’s parents? … I mean, I don’t really care, but, damn, what happened? They built the mystery up so much, ya figured they at least give us- oh … I guess that’s what the sequel will be for … great. <_<

    It's a movie with looooooads of shit for me to nitpick, but I left the theater sadly enjoying it. The stuff I liked outweighed what annoyed me about it. The characters were likable (to me), the action was cool, I like some of the things they changed, I like how they did the bare minimum of at least giving Flash Thompson, of all people, an arc, I like Spidey having a goddamn sense of humor and a bunch of other small stuff.

    Is it a sad hollywood cashgrab? It looks like it, yeah, pretty much. But I still enjoyed it, for what it was. And as long as I'm not bored when Hollywood tries to "entertain" me, sucking my cock for 10 bucks (maybe 13 if I go with 3D (which I don't)), then I'll give it a pass.

    … I loved Moonrise Kingdom too. Mmmm … Ed Norton and those shorts, love to see him HULK OUT and shred those babies off. Raaawwr. ;P

    ( joke came to full circle, yay)

  • RHCZ

    The aftermath of Ben’s murder was different, intriguing, and had strong effects, I do agree. But the death itself seemed pretty fast and glossed over, the way it was handled. In the original Spider-man, it really took it’s time with that part and that was done really strongly. In THIS film, it’s like “Oh, this is the part where Uncle Ben dies … aw.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Martin Sheen (yeah, I said it.) and he did the part well, but honestly, Captain Stacy’s death seemed more stronger than Uncle Ben’s.

    If they wanted to really reboot the series and make this a brand spanking new Spider-Man, maybe they shouldn’t have killed Uncle Ben at all.

  • RHCZ

    Also there’s the issue with “that Indian Guy”, did he die? I completely forgot about him … Also, who was he? … I didn’t like him. So I guess it’s a blessing that I forgot about him … I dunno. <_<

  • wewyllenium

    Dumb and lazy movie. Poor interpretation of the origin story. This movie sucked.

  • wewyllenium

    So nice you people are brave enough to confront all the hating fanboys. Cheers to you people!

  • honest and real review! same things that I ranted after leaving the movie house.

  • playdude92

    Eventhough I liked it, the most true thing about Amazing Spiderman is that is forgettable.

    The Dark Knight Rises will wipe the floor with it anyway and overshadow it completely.

  • G-Pizzle

    I’d say the Batman and Joker dynamic is more order versus disorder rather than order versus anarchy. This would mean order versus order as anarchism is very ordered indeed – just from the bottom-up not from the top-down.

  • DiscipleOfTheWatch

    Just saw the movie with my gf. I watched the HITB review before we went and I have to say (at the risk of being odd man out here) for once I disagree with everyone including Rich, Jay and Mike . We both enjoyed it more than the Sam Raimi trilogy. Andrew Garfield was a little goofy at times and it was tonally all over the place, but still entertaining.

  • It’s good to share – that line cracked me up

  • Luke

    First off totally agree with them about Moonrise Kingdom, its the best film I’ve seen all year. However, I don’t agree with them about Spiderman, which is a first. Yeah it has problems, but I think that some of the criticism that they gave was just bullshit. I thought Andrew Garfield was great in the duo role, and he was not doing this movie as a cash grab. He has been a huge fan of spiderman since he was a little kid.

  • guest

    Nobody cares.

  • DesktopPriest

    Another great review guys, thanks for continuing to make such a great show 😀

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    What a horrible review.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    Seriously, watch the other Spiderman film and micro-criticize the film like you did with this one. Oh wait, that would involve real-criticism and giving the new film a fair shake.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    Emma Stone was amazing in this film…..and no Spiderman does not have to be corny or campy. A serious Spiderman film with fantastical elements is a perfectly valid take on the character. I’ll never understand why anyone on the internet holds your opinion above a common fanboy on youtube.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    I don’t think Jay(aka douchey sidekick) even watched the film? Glossed over Uncle Ben’s death? Are you drinking at all times, even during the films your reviewing?

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    So did my comments get deleted?

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    Anyway….awful review. You guys seem to have this sort of tunnel vision when judging Spiderman. Spiderman has to be light and colorful and campy(in your eyes). It’s not as though there aren’t light and colorful moments in this film, but it doesn’t derail the film by placing the camp in higher importance than the character drama. It isn’t a perfect film, but you’re putting the Raimi film’s on a pedestal where they don’t belong. It’s almost like bashing Nolan’s take on Batman, because the 1960’s TV show was campy and full of slapstick humor. Also it’s a crime that you aren’t giving the love story its just due. That’s what separates this film from the other incarnations. It feels more natural and real. And are you seriously going to attack the director of 500 Days of Summer as a nobody? Stop drinking, cut out the fanboy snark and actually review a film for a change.

  • AWS2

    When I first left the theatre, my thoughts were, “Generally, I liked it. There were tonal problems, I hated the score and they pretty much just copy and pasted Uncle Ben’s death but changed the location and lessened the emotional impact. But Andrew Garfield was good, Emma Stone worked well enough, Denis Leary was great, the movie held my attention and it looked great, even though the 3D wasn’t used well. It’s about on par with Spider-Man 1 and 2.”
    But the more I think about the movie, the more discussions I see, the more reviews I read and watch… the more I prefer Spider-Man 1 and 2. I’m not ready to go the whole hog and say it’s worse than Spider-Man 3, because I don’t think it’s that bad. But yeah, it’s not that good. Very uneven. Poorly edited. Lack of real engagement in the story. Nothing ever really comes together. It just feels like a lot of ideas that were thrown together without anything to tie it together aside from the fact that it’s all happening to or around Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

    The most irritating thing, to me, is that I feel like this could have been a worthwhile reboot. We did need one after Spider-Man 3. It was too soon, but that’s not really what bothered me. They just didn’t do anything with it that really gave us a reason to accept a new vision of the story. They changed the tone and the cast and a few specifics of the story, but nothing was a real grabber. The storyline about his parents could have been it, but it didn’t have the right sensibility to it. It felt shoved in just to add something to his character for the sake of adding something to his character.
    So yeah, all in all, it was a failure for me. I still enjoyed parts of it, though. The Stan Lee cameo scene was pretty good. And I liked when he spun the web in the sewers and waited for the vibrations in the lines. Just like how a real spider senses when somethings caught in it’s web. Pretty cool. I also loved the dinner scene between Leary and Garfield. Wish all the scenes had been that well-written.

  • guest

    A lack of strong characterization for the protagonist and strong motivation for the villain is “micro-criticizing?”

  • boo

    So it’s an awful review because you disagree with them? What a depressing world you must live in.

  • AWS2

    I also forgot to mention a huge missed opportunity with regards to Uncle Ben. When Peter got in trouble at school and made Uncle Ben have to miss a shift and make up for it that night… I totally thought he was gonna get killed at work that night. It would have been a great way to make Peter feel guilty about his death. When he’s at Oscorp and Uncle Ben calls him but he ignores it, I thought that was gonna be the, “I had a chance to talk to him one last time and I ignored it.” extra pang of regret thing.
    But then no, it was just Aunt May having to walk home… And then they slip in Uncle Ben’s death after. Big missed opportunity, IMO.

  • Toby Maguire

    I want to stick my Dunst in Kirsten’s Kunst.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    No, it’s awful because they’re almost deifying the Raimi films and not giving the film credit where it deserves credit(Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield). Don’t judge the film because it’s a reboot and certainly don’t tell me Spiderman has to be campy. Where does that leave other artists who want to tackle the material with a different voice?

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    Watch the original Spiderman films. The villains have really weak motives and get out of here with that “lack of strong characterization” talk. Parker in this film is far more fleshed out and his chemistry with Emma Stone can not be understated.

  • Manuel

    I’ve shown this video to my brother trying to dissuade him from spending money on The Amazing Spider-Man, and it worked like a charm. I can’t thank you enough.

  • Guest

    If only.

  • Guest

    I watched it probably six months ago. All the Roger Moore Bond films transcend their bad rap, Spy Who Loved Me is the best Bond film of all in my book.

  • saywhat

    Wow, you listed the Roman Coppola/Wes Anderson films over the Owen Wilson/Wes Anderson films? Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, and The Royal Tenebaums are much better films. As an experiment, watch all of the Owen Wilson written ones, then watch Roman Coppola’s film “CQ” followed by his Wes Anderson collabs. Hint: Coppola’s are the ones that sound like they’ve been written by some sheltered weirdo who replaces story/character development with zany happenstance.

  • guest

    The movie industry is under command of executive producers… where everything is amazing and wonderful always! the same shit in the game industry, everything is triple A, you will feel BadAss, with thousands of games full of glitches.

    Is like diarrhea … when you think is over, of nowhere comes back stronger.

  • dicktator

    Tastes is like asshole, each one have his own.

    The new spiderman is fast cash, very useless movie to stay with the public. But i dont give a shit for the recommended movie too, is extremely slow, need a determined taste.

  • harrypoter

    this movie is a waste of time.. – $

  • lol

    rich evens must die

  • MrChrisW

    “I can’t wait until we get to that point.”

    I can’t remember the last time I laughed so loud. I’m guessing another two, maybe three years and we’ll be there. Mark my words.

  • Venom

    I still don’t understand why people hated dancing spider man in SM3. I always thought Venom simply altered Peter Parker’s personality.

  • InternetCommenter

    we get it – you’re an uber-nerd

  • Pagliacci

    I’m almost always lockstep with these reviews, but this time I think you guys got hyper-focused on pissing yourselves off and missed or dismissed a lot of good things about the new Spiderman.

    For example: the bully character in the movie, rather than just being a dickbag that disappears after being dominated in the first act actually has a character arch. First he’s a dickbag bully, then he’s the victim of Peter Parker’s bullying (and you see him humiliated, defeated, thinking. not just shaking his fist…). In the beginning of Act 2 the bully is the one person in school to give Peter Parker condolences for his dead uncle, and by the end of the film the bully gives Peter Parker a hug. Why?

    Because Spiderman’s unmentioned power is the love and help of New York city. Maybe that’s why the crane scene was so cringe-inducing to you. I understand that reaction, but when you think of Spiderman as the Aquaman of NYC (he commands the loyalty of New Yorkers), the crane scene makes a bit more sense.

    About the gas: I noticed the Batman similarity while watching in the theater, and my first reaction was the same as yours. But, later, as I thought it over, it occurred to me that the gas thing (as well as several other elements, such as being labeled a ‘vigilante’ by police and being chased by police in a dedicated scene) also paralleled the recent Batman movies. This gave me the impression of a deliberate contrast being drawn by the film makers between Spiderman and Batman. That contrast being: While Batman works as a ‘loner,’ and can deal with being generally hated, Spiderman is just a nice kid in a costume with some powers. Peter Parker is trying to live a normal life, while Bruce Wayne is trying to look like he’s not Batman (but would of course prefer to be Batman all the time).

    The lack of philosophical opposition between Spiderman and any of his enemies, as contrasted with Batman vs. Joker, is also appropriate. Batman’s fight is personal, even if only indirectly due to philosophical differences, with all of his enemies (the memorable ones, anyway). E.g.: Batman, in many stories, is at odds with/fights Superman over ideological differences.

    Spiderman, however, is driven by responsibility. That’s the whole point of Uncle Ben and the origin. Spiderman fights bad guys because they’re bad. Why? Because he has the power to fight them and win, while others do not. This is true of Batman, at least superficially, but once you get past Bruce Wayne’s cognitive disconnect and rationalizations, it becomes clear that Batman is an ideologue. Spiderman is a Samurai (a servant).

    Which, of course, is why he commands the love and loyalty of NYC.

    I could go on and on, but this is already looking like a wall of text, so I’ll leave it there and wait for a comment…

  • benjamin

    I think you guys are way to harsh on the movie. It wasn’t that bad. Most the problems you guys are really upset about were pretty minor in actuality. It was a mediocre film, and an above average superhero movie.

  • ThisGuy

    For some reason I feel like texting and driving, and using proper Enlgish while I’m at it. First I’m going to need a phone and a adequate grasp of the English Language. I want my own Texting PSA/Commerical.

  • Robby

    Considering Mike is a huge Star Wars nerd, I’m assuming the mistake is intentional, which is something they do in the Plinkett reviews all the time.

  • Robby

    Do you see what I did there?

  • I figured it was intentional. I just wanted to be the first Star Wars fan to point it out. Fuck Lucas btw.

  • Guest

    Wes Anderson!? LIfe aquadic!!? such boring shit. And you can keep your corny crap! Ramii’s spider-man was too silly and Nolan’s batman is too serious for a man dressed up acting like a sneaky bat.
    Nintie’s toons are still the only one’s to get em, the comics mood/tone right, dagnabbit! And not because they’re drawn!
    I’ve said my piece, you may have the last word.

  • AssHat

    Best one yet. I would send you money but then I wouldn’t pay my rent.

  • The movie is full of cliche and the plot full of holes! Imagine a highschool-teenager as a scientist’s assistant, that stupid security protocol on a top-secret operation in a BIG company… and seriously… an agile skateboarder being a geek?! and to top that, Hydrogen on top of a building?! SERIOUSLY?!

    I do not get what they were aiming for this movie.. it’s like picking up a “The amazing Spiderman” comic book and gets slapped with disappointment upon opening it up and finding an Archie comic instead -_-;… it’s like that teen superman smallvill -____-;
    Watching it was painful and not at all entertaining. this movie shattered my love for superhero movies!

  • I watched it and it was a painful experience. It’s an origin story so why are you comparing it to Spiderman 3?

  • I agree please review this movie

  • Alex Skerdzhev

    Kind of nit-picky, but Superman Returns was NOT a remake, it was a direct sequel to Superman 2.

  • Bleh

    if you wanna go that route, why compare it to anything? As far as im concerned, this is a NEW movie. Its a different story, although some things are the same. you cant compare the two sets of movies at all, because they arnt part of the same story. All of that comparison stuff in this review are invalid.

  • HELP!!

    I’m questioning my taste entirely. I kind of liked the Amazing… you know. I didn’t love it, I won’t watch it again, and I don’t recommend to see it theaters either. What I tentatively will say is that I walked out of that theater in a semi-luke warm happy state. I don’t know why!??! Maybe it’s because I never really liked spiderman or maybe because I never fully sat through the first Sam Raimi Spiderman or MAYBE because I really liked Andrew Garfield in the Social Network. I don’t friggin’ know. Am I fueling the shit remakes, am I nothing more than a mindless cog, Do I have an opinion, WHO AM I!?! Damn you Marc Webb

  • Adam Sandler

    Fuck Prometheus

  • Was it me who compared?

  • The movie is full of cliche and the plot full of holes! Imagine a highschool-teenager as a scientist’s assistant, that stupid security protocol for a top-secret operation in a BIG company… and seriously… an agile skateboarder being a geek?! and to top that, Hydrogen on top of a building?! SERIOUSLY?!
    I do not get what they were aiming for this movie.. it’s like picking up a “The amazing Spiderman” comic book and gets slapped with disappointment upon opening it up and finding an Archie comic instead -_-;… it’s like that teen superman smallvill -____-; and the after taste of Halle Berry’s catwoman… yuck.
    Watching it was painful and not at all entertaining. this movie shattered my love for superhero movies!

  • Grim

    A friend of mine watched The Amazing Spiderman last weekend. I on the other hand watched the Half in The Bag review of The Amazing Spiderman that same weekend. I just couldn’t bring myself to burst his bubble seeing his gleeful praise of the movie.

    Plinket has taught me to be dead inside.

  • S G

    They should make a law against superhero-flicks. I’m so fucking tired of all those re-boots/re-imagenings/re- … whatever other lame term they come up with to make more money. And using a tagline like “The untold story begins” for a reboot made a mere few years after the last trilogy and one which tells the same origin story we’ve all known for decades is borderline cynical.

  • BenjaminSantiago

    For real it is important enough….Isn’t there one Half in the Bag where Mike wins a Star Trek trivia contest? Doesn’t he nitpick Data’s ‘motions chip. He can’t fuck around like this IT’S A FUCKIN’ DISRUPTOR.

  • George Lucas

    Lacked poetry in the new Spider-Man.

  • Jim

    Totally unrelated, but the trailer for the movie “Here Comes the Boom” staring Kevin James just came out…Looks to me like Kevin James and Adam Sandler watched the movie “Warrior” and thought, hey lets just rip this shit off. Keep a heads up for this one…Seems like its got Adam Sandler stink all over it. Fuck that asshole.

  • I think my favorite unintentional laugh in ASM was the stupid iPad “lock app” that protected oscorp’s spider chamber. You can just see the script writers saying “Peter watches the combination from around the corner” and someone in production pointing out that a keypad would look soooo 1985. Solutions? Ah just make it look cool. Are we done? Moving on…

  • CaptainOblivious

    I hear you. But in case you haven’t noticed – it’s not just superhero
    flicks. Every movie and TV show is now just a new version or sequel of
    an old property. Culturally, we seem to be out of ideas, and just
    circling the drain

    21 Jumpstreet, Total Recall, GI Joe movies, Ice Age 4, Dallas, 2 different Snow White movies this year alone…

    Eat it up

  • I think it’s because there is just so much more money pumped into the boring Hollywood blockbuster remakes and sequels than anime. If there’s a shitty Gundam series, who cares, it just another bad anime show. However just the money spent on one $200 million Amazing Spider-man type film could fund 20 Moonrise Kingdoms. It just gets so infuriating when you see producers funneling money into a mediocre cash grab like this and have to hear how incredible directors like Paul Thomas Anderson and John Hillcoat have to rely on the generosity of one billionaire heiress just to get their $30 million films get produced.

  • CaptainOblivious

    why would you have love for superhero movies? Didn’t you see Elektra,
    Green Lantern, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, the first Hulk, Daredevil, the 3rd
    Spider-Man, the 2nd and 3rd Batman, both Fantastic Four movies…..

  • Bleh

    No not YOU you, just people in general.

  • Marcus Quintus

    Why did no one say something about the similarities to Teen Wolf (1985)
    with. The Basketball thing, sitting on the roof, relationship to his
    uncle and so forth.

    When I already forgot about these the lizard talked to the cab driver: youtube.com/watch?v=Qon_ZRzQX0M

  • Did it bug anyone else that Spidey spends about 75% of the time not wearing the mask? It felt like he only wore it for like 30 seconds at a time, and only so he could dramatically rip it off and looked shocked.

  • Ana

    Please watch The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s amazing.

  • Robby

    I only saw the first half of The Amazing Spider Man. Is John Malkovich in the second half too?

  • Guest

    Batman is corny and silly. Schumacher was actually right. Read the original Batman books, and think for a minute about the premise. If you can describe the premise of the character arc and still take it seriously I will eat my Alien quadrilogy boxset.

  • Crystal Meth

    One advice for all US citizens, you need to strat using more TORRENTZ and fuck those bijatches in da ass, fuck their movies, don’t give them for $, like we, Europeans do. Get smart, punks


  • Crystal Meth

    Don’t give them your moneeeeeey people! Get smart, fuck them and their beautiful wife’s


  • Crystal Meth

    TORRENTZZZZZZZZZZ kill them, bam! right not, fucking Hollywood, to much plastic


  • Anytime you notice something like that, a wizard did it.

  • Obrighm

    Oh, I agree completely. And it’s a shame, because I think major facets of the original story are the most compelling.

  • Obrighm

    Ugh! I’ll have to go and see it still, to judge for myself. I’m compelled. But I’m really not looking forward to it now, haha

  • Bruce

    Eh…I thought Spiderman was okay. I certainly didn’t hate, but it wasn’t very good either.

  • asdf

    I feel like much of their passion in this review was that this was a quick reboot for a buck. Honestly I enjoyed the movie because of how it tried to tell the story. It established likable and believable characters that I cared about. My major problem was the lizard, which looked like shit.

  • Pooper

    I kind of wish you guys talked more about Moonrise Kingdom. You bashed Spidey, but gave it pretty much 90% of your time.

    You guys are great at ripping apart terrible movies and explaining why they’re bad, but I think it’s also important to explain the good points of a decent movie.

    Your skill with the compare/contrast of good vs terrible in your reviews is actually top notch, evidenced by nothing better than the Star Wars Plinkett reviews.

    Just sayin, if airtime = love, you didn’t give Moonrise enough love!

  • Guest

    Who says spidey can’t be realistically huh, your damn wife?

  • Guest

    Fuck you theif.

  • Somedudemaybewhoknows

    Just saying: Just because Gwen was a scientist’s assistant doesn’t mean she did any major work. She could have just been an understudy/unpaid intern. (Plus this is the Marvel Universe where Tony Stark entered MIT at 15, so she could be a prodigy in her field. Just saying.) We didn’t see him do any real agile skateboarding until after he gained his powers. (As far as I can remember, I could be wrong.) It was liquid nitrogen on top of Oscorp, still doesn’t make total sense, just saying it wasn’t hydrogen.

  • Guest

    Your gay batman has gotten enough show time, let the better one get some show.

  • Guest

    First Hulk and Fantastic Four were ok…

  • Guest

    And that’s why it sucked, it was time to reinvent Superman with some Dooms day and Darkseid, not Lex Luthor and kryptonite again! Just let go, let Christopher Reeve die already!… oh

  • Doo Doo Face

    *Rant Alert Warning*
    How do we know Webb is a good director? Yes I loved 500 Days of Summer like everyone else, but how does one movie and music videos determine he’s going to be a great feature length director. I hate it when certain people (hipsters) try to talk up music video and commercial directors as the next new wave, and while there are many good music video directors out there making creative and quality feature length films, some of the worst and most notorious directors working in Hollywood right now are music video/commercial directors (Michael Bay, Brett Ratner, Len Wiseman….well pretty much most blockbuster directors). Honestly some people (hipsters again) can ramble on nonsensically about the style and narrative of a Levi’s Jeans commercial, but it’s still a fucking Levi’s Jeans commercial and the whole point of it is to get you to buy a pair of 511s. Same logic with music videos, most of the time the whole point is just to get you to buy the single or album.
    So to get to my point, maybe that’s why Webb did this soul less producer driven crap of a movie, because his standards are not above doing that kind of work…being that he’s a music video director afterall.

  • Coke Head

    There are more people who own Resident Evil 5 than there people how own RE 4 Gamers are obviously fucking retarded. If gamers were smart we would all be playing Mass Effect on PC, and more people would be playing Half Life instead of Halo with it’s shitty ass broken control scheme the whole video game industry has been forced to adopt into their console shooters.

  • Pickles

    I guess it makes no sense why (spoiler) this movie again had a scene where New Yorkers for some reason felt compelled to help out Spiderman fight the main bad guy. I suppose in the first Spiderman movie it kind of made sense because it was right after 9/11 and that whole movie was one big propaganda film to make you feel good about New York and Americans, but in the Amazing Spiderman the scene felt like a retarded excuse to have a obnoxious 3D action sequence with cranes.

  • DKCO

    One of your better reviews, and I really liked the addition of Rich. My only gripe? Jay is totally correct, Mike. You’re missing out by not finishing Tennenbaums.

  • Doo Doo Face

    I’m going to say this because it seems like everyone is kind of dancing around this statement without flat out saying it, but The Amazing Spiderman might be one of the worst fucking comic book movies of all time.
    There are two types of bad comic book movies, those comic book movies that are so notorious for being a train wreck that they actually kind of fun and funny to watch for how shitty they are (Batman and Robin comes to mind), and then there are those type of shitty comic book movies that are just as flawed as a Batman and Robin or Ghostrider 2, but the film is so incredibly dull and dead serious about itself that you will force yourself to forget that movie was even made (like that shitty Wolverine movie we all forgot that we saw a few years ago.)
    I rather be tied down to chair and watch Superman 4 Clock Work Orange style for entire weekend, than force myself to watch the Amazing Spiderman just one more time. The fact this movie has a fresh rating on Rotten Tomato makes me question humanity.

  • justaguyDP

    The “Amazing Spider-man” was really disappointing. Where’s the imagination? Actually, the following game storyline would have made a better film rather than rehashing the ole “origins” story.


  • S G

    The Thing, Conan, Fright Night, Red Riding Hood (*shudder*) … and the list goes on. You’re right of course.

    The sad thing is that a lot of people don’t really seem to mind and don’t even see it as what it is: A cynical way of making money with minimal creative effort (at least WRT screenwriting/ideas). Just the other day I watched “Drive” with a friend who thought it was a boring movie and seriously suggested switching over to “Battleship” during one of the slower moments. And we’re not talking about a 15-year old here.

    You mentioning the Snowwhite-movies reminded me: Where are movies like “The Company of Wolves”? I mean: Movies that are based on established stories but actually try and take them to a new level and to add something to them?

    I really wonder if we’ll ever reach the “breaking point” the guys are talking about. Are people really going to be fed-up with stupid remakes and with being fed the same tripe in new, colorful packaging over and over again? Call me a pessimist, but I doubt it. It’s a bit like McDonald’s, I think: Everyone knows it isn’t good for you and that it will always taste the same.. but tons of people still eat that crap regularly.

  • Dirsten

    Love you guys……mmmmmmmm….if only they would legalize rape…

  • Shart

    What’s up with the audio?

  • Some Guy

    Two of my favorite shows on Machinima are Half in the Bag and Freeman’s Mind. Despite FM starting way back in late 2007, it has produced only 42 episodes. HitB has surprassed it in a year and is now my favorite web show. Rest of the Machinima, and their audience, sucks of course. Keep up the good work, RedLetterMedia.

  • CaptainOblivious

    I’d like to think that everything goes in cycles, and that movies will
    swing back to being creative and original. On the other hand, it seems
    there is a whole generation who has been raised on bland shit – and does
    not know quality when they see it

    In other words, it was not until I started watching Hitchcock, early
    Scorsese, so on, that I developed real taste in movies. If someone only
    listens to Brittany Spears and Lady Ga Ga, how will they know quality
    music when they hear it.

    If the next generation of filmmakers has been brought up on Rush Hour and Transformers – how can they turn around and MAKE quality films

  • CaptainOblivious

    First Hulk featured Banner transforming into Hulk for the first time
    because he tripped over a mop bucket. First Fantastic Four had the Thing
    in a ridiculous, utterly laughable rubber suit – pretty much the
    opposite of rocks, which he is supposed to be made of. It also featured
    the worst version of Doctor Doom anyone could have brought to film –
    played by the asshole from Nip Tuck – a guy who does not give off any
    kind of evil dictator/genius vibe. I could go on, but why bother

  • tysonatthemovies1984

    Wow, really, Superman 4 around the clock is better than the Amazing Spider-Man in a second viewing?

  • tysonatthemovies1984

    You make some excellent points.

  • tysonatthemovies1984

    I hated that as much as I hated that in Spider-Man 3, Venom’s “mask” is likewise off most of the time. And, they did the same damn thing in Avengers to Captain America. What’s with this? We go to see the super heroes/villains, not another Hollywood mug shot from People magazine.

  • Guest

    Machinima is dead.

    The channel are infested for “let´s play” with groups of nonsense guys, shouting bad words and the same games, without build anything original. Kids need a better YouTube content those days, not stay watching such groups of parasites.


    Freeman´s Mind – is 100% the best use of ingame + original stuff. Smart guy too.

    Half in the Bag – is way beyond the Machinima channel for sure.. those guys are great.

    All history belong to Us – is a cool documentary about the game industry, like Freeman´s Mind, a smart use of the media.

    Anyway.. Machinima is one of examples, about the 99% of the YouTube storage today, a waste of server data.

  • Kingchuffalo

    They should have used a purple space bazooka.

  • BruteChaos

    seeing the new spiderman doing a twizzler commercial before the movie was even released. never have I seen a leading man whore himself out so soon into his career, what a load of shit this movie turned out to be. sadly it made enough money so you know a sequal is on it’s way. 3 mediocre spiderman films building up the lizard character and then a new director comes and shits on it…fuck

  • klingons use disruptors…not phasers

  • Mynock

    Agree or disagree, I’m normally okay with HitB because of the honesty behind the reviews. That being said, this review felt unfair and seemed to shit on the film because that’s the cool, film-hipster thing to do.

    I didn’t like Amazing much either but as a summer popcorn movie, it passed the test.

    To compare it against its peers, it was about as good as Captain America and Thor… that is to say, it wasn’t Avengers or Dark Knight good, but it also wasn’t SM3 bad. It was not Ghost Rider bad. It was not Fantastic 4 bad. It was not Superman 3 or 4, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Daredevil, X-Men 3, Wolverine, Catwoman, Crow sequels, Elektra, Green Lantern, Ang Le Hulk, Judge Dredd, Punisher, Supergirl, Transformers bad. It was middle of the road.

    And to be frank, with the exception of about 60-70% of SM2, the Raimi trilogy was a mess of poor choices and f-u’s to comic fans. I’d rather have this sub-par Amazing flick over any crap that Raimi and crew might’ve shit out for SM4. SM3 was unforgivably retarded and to put that trilogy on a pedestal now is equally dumb.

  • I’ve seen some shitty comic book movies in my day. The Amazing Spider-man isn’t even in the top 10.

  • John G.

    That was the best episode I’ve seen in a while. It was really funny!

    My only quibble is that I think sometimes Spider-man villains manage to be more than just mad scientists. Like in the comics the great part about the Lizard is that Spidey really cares about Doc Connors. He is one of Spidey’s best friends and Connors has a wife and kids and Spidey is always trying to save Connors while trying to stop the Lizard.

  • Sure he has an arch-nemesis: Jonah J Jameson! I’m actually pretty serious about this.

  • This narrative is going nowhere.

  • JohnWaynman

    Um, Wolverine wasn’t anywhere as bad, I honestly don’t understand the extreme distaste it receives – sure, it had some flaws; the claws didn’t look as good, some cliched scenes (the idyllic love plot and the skyward scream at the… end of it), no Brian Cox, and some plot holes to round it off (the girlfriend’s fake blood etc).

    But at its core, it was a strong, intense movie. Hugh Jackman was as good and furious as ever, Liev Schreiber was just fantastic, and an emotionally strong revenge story. Wolverine’s rage was literally bursting out of the screen, and the way it was subverted and evolved after the twist was beautiful, as well.
    To round it off, also some really entertaining side characters and dialogues. All in all, while somewhat simplistic and cliched, it felt rugged, gritty and real as a movie, and pretty much delivered the “Wolverine” in its title on an Adamntium tray.

    As a backstory to the original movies, particularly X2, it felt maybe 85% “real”. Couldn’t really buy the young Stryker, and again, some scenes and plot elements felt either a bit obvious and formulaic or tacked on. But overall, a very positive impression, I’d warmly recommend it.

    In terms of your comment, it neither took itself all that seriously (half of the movie is cool fights, FUUUURIOUS raging Wolverine and funny one-liners), nor was it dull and dead… by God how it wasn’t.

  • JohnWaynman

    Not to disregard the rest of your thoughtful comment, but can anyone explain me what the big deal with the web shooters is??

    Seems to me like the kind of complaint that should be reserved to ironically old psycho-nerds mumbling about it on internet video reviews.
    Scenario 1: Guy gets “spider skills”, and thinks he should add some web shooting since that’s what spiders do.
    Scenario 2: Guy gets spider kills INCLUDING web shooting.

    So… now the comics went with one route while the movies took a different one (and did that pretty well). What’s the big deal? Seriously?

    On a side note, since we’re talking about alternative ways to imprint animal skills unto a human – I’ve always found it fun to ponder the various alternative ways someone could’ve thought of while creating superheroes named “batman” and “spiderman”.

    Why is the Batman dark and brooding while the Spiderman is kinda lighthearted and all-American? I understand it’s subversion and all (Aesop did that, too), but shouldn’t the spider be creepy and mysterious while the bat is kind of a silly animal?
    Think Frodo in Shelob’s nest… except Shelob’s Spiderman, and Frodo’s an evil car thief. Then imagine the glee on the car owner’s face! Never again shall they wrong him again…

    Anyway, I’m rambling. Nevermind 😀

  • I’m going to have to disagree with you guys on this one! Which is a first! All of the people I know who are avid comic book readers love this movie, and so did I. I mean, I still had gripes about it, but it didn’t ruin the movie for me. It was fun and entertaining, some parts did make me groan, but I think this is the best Spider-Man movie that Hollywood can put out, in that sense.

  • It did, but that shit did NOT belong in the movie. It’s like the director lost his fucking mind and started laughing hysterically as the movie burned all around him.

  • JohnWaynman

    It technically shouldn’t be, since both shows often address current major movie releases and a bazillion of other movie review shows, blogs and magazines do just that at the same time, but as someone who follows both RLM and some parts of TGWTG (don’t worry, RLM’s better), it’s kinda amusing to me to see Half in the Bag parallelly taking on the same movies as Doug Walker in his Bum Reviews (not the actual bum reviews, but his own below).

    Both have that casual style in common, and are delivered by captivating, entertaining personalities, so it’s kinda fun to compare.
    Doug doesn’t edit and repeats himself a lot, and also doesn’t have the productive dialogue of Half in the Bag, but there are always some points and perspectives not found in HitB (as naturally should be expected).

    I haven’t yet seen Spiderman, but it’s interesting how the two focus on different aspects of it – RLM focus on the rehashing and poor pacing and what not while showing a few fun moments from the trailer; Walker complains a bit about those weaknesses, but was generally impressed by the “charismatic” performances, humor and “strong” female leads.
    It’ll be interesting to look for the synthesis between the two when I’ll get around to watch the movie (as soon as it comes out on DVD – no HQ pirate copies on the web until then 😉 ), especially in terms of the main character – inconsistent and chaotic as according to RLM, or Doug’s “he is everything, x, y, z and and and!”?
    The latter one from someone who criticized exactly that kind of thing in Spiderman 3.

    Captain America I have seen since, and it’s more or less the same story – RLM appreciated the stronger “origin half” but ultimately dismissed it as a half-assed product “resembling” a movie and just leaping through the action beats in most parts.
    Doug Walker on the other hand had more positive things to say about the movie’s self-irony (or how it translated the comics’ silliness) and the fun performances.

    I’m kinda inbetween – really, really enjoyed it, thought it was an inspiring, entertaining adventure film with delicious performances and humor, but obviously, the second half DID feel a bit tacked on, the characters, while likeable and identifiable, the main characters acted very… reserved most of the time, and that plus the movie’s kinda foggy atmosphere (probably to convey the “retro” setting) that makes it feel a bit like experiencing the story through an opaque glass (of time ITSELF!!) really made it look like something “closely resembling” a movie, but not quite being one – unlike its other Avenger counterparts.

    (If anyone cares, which is unlikely, I thought the Hulk was the weakest link in the Avengers franchise – quite cool otherwise, but kind of ruined by Liv Tyler’s character; an utterly bland, weak, timid “female love interest” role, phoned in to such a degree it took me out of the movie; the few attempts at “humor” between her and Norton were slightly more bizarrely awkward than Lucy from Scubs 9, and not quite as awkward as the usual RLM skit, and while my brain frantically tried to wrap its head around that, the movie literally broke in half… until the next scene. Ouch)

    So yea, while Stoklasa and Bauman certainly aren’t being “cynical grumps” in this show, the one or other fun flick sometimes does get a pessimistic treatment here, and may still be a lot of fun depite being “not recommended” by either (for their own good reasons).

    So check it out anyway if you feel like it! But then I believe that’s the idea anyway… 😉

  • stagpool

    “It’ll be interesting to look for the synthesis between the two when I’ll
    get around to watch the movie (as soon as it comes out on DVD – no HQ
    pirate copies on the web until then”

    I love how casual people are about FUCKING STEALING these days.

  • anon

    “I like HITB because they’re honest, but because I disagree with this one review, they must be jumping on some kind of bandwagon, despite showing no history of ever doing that.”

  • User

    RedLetterMedia is all about be completely negative, or just half negative, all the time.

  • fatboy do see moonrise kingdom

    Woah woah woah woah goah seah it

  • dbsr

    i agree with you totally. the self-made webshooters maybe are more authentic, but in a movie, it’s just dumber. sure, he built it! what? how?

  • Well, I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man. Probably just because I really like Spider-Man itself.
    I understand you guys didn’t like it because it signified as a cash grab and that its a fad of one of the hundreds of remakes out there. But you know, whatever. Opinions.
    I’ve go to go for a drive to see Moonrise Kingdom. Its a shame that the studios don’t think Wes Anderson’s films are profitable.

  • Ouija

    Rhys Ifans, you plebs.

  • Ishmayl

    Have they ever said anywhere what their thoughts are on the new Batman movies?

  • Leob81

    Well it’s not all bad with superhero flicks. In the case of Batman, Warner Bros have hired an intelligent director with a vision and just let him do his thing (for the most part). Of course that will probably all change after the next Batman. Warner Bros will probably just think that any crap with the Batman name will sell, cut the budget, get the hacks in and interfere like hell.

    I also really like the stuff that they’re doing at Marvel Studio’s. Captain America and Thor weren’t perfect, but they’re solid origin stories using characters that are very hard to make work on film. They chose suitable directors for each film and they understand their own characters and their concept/tone. The Avengers was fantastic. In Joss Whedon we got a guy who loves and really understands the material and it shows. Next up is an Edgar Wright directed Ant Man movie, fck yeah!

    Unfortunately the market is saturated by studio driven crap which help to drown out the genuine fun comic book movies being made. I wish that Sony had lost the Spider-Man rights back to Marvel.

  • Venom’s first appearance was in 88′. That’s about Spider-Man’s halfway point between now and his first appearance. If Raimi was so concerned about being “old school”, he should have started with Betty Brant or Gwen Stacy.

  • I’m 36, btw…and I’ve had Spider-Man comics since I was 4.

  • I have hundreds of them if you would like to join me….

  • Yeah…that’s why when Spider-Man is near death, he mutters “Gwen” instead of “Mary Jane”…

  • Quadpod

    Great review redlettermedia!
    I just wanted to say that i saw Moonrise Kingdom and that was the best movie i have seen in a…… long time.
    Would love to hear what you guys thought of it. Probably wouldn’t be a long review but i enjoy hearing your opinion!
    Cant wait for the next review!

  • JohnWaynman

    “it was about as good as Captain America and Thor… that is to say, it wasn’t Avengers or Dark Knight good”

    Opinions are going to divide on this kind of comparisons, but I wouldn’t say Thor was weaker than the Avengers, in fact along with Iron Man it was probably the best out of the Avengers forerunners.

    X3 and Wolverine were somewhat inferior, but still pretty good movies especially going by your “it’s a summer popcorn movie” standard. Ang Lee Hulk was somewhat… weird at parts, but still solid and with lots of strong scenes. Putting those in the same group as the camp overloads that were Judge Dredd and Schumacher Batmans, well… seems arbitrary to me.

  • Have you seen an iphone lock? That’s what they look like. Why wouldn’t the door have one?

  • Be fair, that’s terrible advice. If I’m in the mood for Spider-Man, Moonrise Kingdom’s not going to cut it. Completely different kind of film. It’s the Roger Ebert “Shaolin Soccer” principle.

  • jramos7776

    Are you guys going to kill Rich every time he appears (as himself) on HitB?

  • I just want to leave a quick comment to say thank you to you guys for doing what you do. You are the first movie critics I’ve EVER listened to. Who knows? Maybe one day you two could make a bigger difference on preventing the bad movies from making all that money… Or more likely humanity’s quite hopeless. Either way, cheers. I’ll be watching.

  • Jonathan Lewis

    This is going to get lost but I have to suggest a terrible movie for you guys:


    looks like theres a sequel but the original is what im talking about. Best part is, i think they’re genuine about the whole thing.

  • First of all, if this wing of Oscorp is a BIO-tech research facility don’t you think they would have had a BIO-metric eyeball reader or palm print analyzer? The Avengers turned this into a cool scene with Loki and Hawkeye. Second even a mundane office job will give you a combination I.D. / pass key that functions as a reader for opening doors. My point was that this was laaaaaaazyyyy writing Brian. You can’t deny that.

  • Bigdogexpress

    I love watching your guys reviews but I would seriously hate to be you when you see a movie. Being involved in making movies yourself has clouded your vision of what a typical movie goer sees. Enjoy your gift / curse… Red Letter Man..

  • Jermac

    Just saw it today and I have to say…
    It was RIDDLED with corny cheesy teenage emotion, soooooooooooooo much sap I thought they were trying to make maple syrup. No seriously, the cheese factor in this movie was off the charts. The fighting was decent, a little cgi heavy with the Lizard, but I liked his parts. The use of webs was good too. I could have done with less of the teenage twilight love story though, it was very cheesy and annoying at times. Also the little school scenes as well. I understand you’re trying to approach this new social network hipster generation but bleh come onnnnn, lol!

    The early parts of the movie felt way too much like they were trying to connect with teens on the level of “parents yell at you and you gotta feel bad” type scenarios. I hated how much they focused on his relationships. I would have rather they went into the real back-story about peter and his connection to cross species genetics that his father was engrossed in. Ah but I digress, I found a site that highlighted the untold bits of amazing spiderman at collider(dot)com, all in all I’d give it a 7/10. It takes a while to start up, drags a bit and has way too much emotion, but with web shooters, a variety of interesting action snippets and the use of webbing in fights it slightly redeems itself.

  • Benjyy19

    I like turtles.

  • guest

    Yeah it must be a curse to have standards.

  • Thank you so much for this review. I’ve been surrounded by people who for some reason loved this film, and it has been killing me. Watching this made me feel completely justified in the uphill battle I’ve been waging.

    Did you guys laugh when they zoom in on the lizard for his ‘big reveal’? I just burst into laughter. Or the scene where Gwen Stacy is hiding in the cupboard and the sudden sharp piano sound is played?

    I just have no clue how so many people liked this film.

  • Jarmam

    To my horror, I actually agree except I actually even bought the silly love plot. Its not set up at all, but its effective for what its supposed to convey and the actress playing Silverfox hit home for me to the same extent as Liev Schreiber.

    I really, really dont get the unfathomable amount of shit this movie gets. Its not great, it has many flaws etc, but holy shit do people hate this movie for… some reason. Hate the bone-claw idea, but wait thats not even the movie’s idea – as it turns out they ruined the genius behind the claws in the comic books?

    Its biggest problem, to me, is its forced tie-in with the old X-Men movies which was handled very clumsily. Everything that links directly to the old movies is terribly mishandled. But on its own its a self-aware fairly entertaining action movie whose biggest problems lie in expectations to the story it was supposed to tell (yeah, I dont know shit about X-Men, I dislike the huge focus on Wolverine in the old X-Men-movies and even I expected more interesting stuff from this movie) and its tie-in with said movies which apparently they had absolutely no idea how to handle so they just kinda did in the last 5 minutes before releasing it. But how anyone can say that this movie is worse than X-3 or Spiderman 3 is beyond me. I dont care about comic books at all and I felt insulted after watching either of those.

  • Leo

    Eh. I’ll just wait till September and watch The Avengers again then.

  • cole.c

    why do you guys have to be so right about movies i kinda liked

  • The Prolific Mr. Anonymous

    Excuse me? Spider-Man doesn’t have an Arch? What about Doctor Octopus? Doc Oc? With the exception of Goblin causing him to kill Gwen Stacy, Octavius has been part of all of the biggest moments in 616 Parker’s life. Aunt May’s kidnapping, and the extremely memorable sequence when Spider-Man is lifting that tons of wreckage off him so he can cure his Aunt’s poisoning, the plots that resulted in him leaving the FF most recently… They also both have similar motifs and themes and parallel developments.

  • SeanoftheBread

    I, personally, thought Peter Parker/Spider-Man(For those of you who haven’t caught on to that little secret identity thing yet) and Uncle Ben’s character developments were solid enough to be able to walk without sinking to a drowning level. The drama was there, but not as much as other better films, the story was coherent it’s been done a million times before and there were some comedy scenes that felt misplaced.
    The story’s resolution seemed a bit rushed. Primarily with Gwen getting the antidote and the fact that that scene felt so rushed and it made the antidote seem like a Deus Ex Machina because they couldn’t come up with anything else. Uncle Ben’s death and it’s effects were also just in there to be in there.

    Even though this movie had big flaws and was really made just so Sony would keep the rights to the Spider-Man image, I’d say it’s worth a dollar. If you have nothing to do, you’ve already seen Moonrise Kingdom, and you have an extra dollar laying around go see ASM at your local Dollar Theater.
    I’d give this film a personal rating of “Eh.” Better then “Meh” but nothing that stands out.

  • Joe

    God Almighty F^ck Denis Leary he sucked in this movie and does the same sh1t in every movie I’ve seen with him. The acting from Garfield and Stone were solid but at the same time whether it was the script or the director they somehow felt disconnected as their own characters. While TASM is better than 3, it still is a far cry from the original spiderman and spiderman 2.

  • guest

    What the frick Rich, the technology wasn’t the that it was a mortar, it was that it would that make the compound an aerosol to spread it a great distance. And the timer is the default command before he had a chance to launch it immediately, if he wanted to, but he wouldn’t have had the chance before Spider-man knocked him away from the controls, I am ending this sentence and starting a new one. See? You don’t have it spelled out for, your mind should fill in the gaps. Yes it’s typical movie convenience but…

    And Mike, they showed him ordering the material for his suit online, like Kickass. But it would’ve been nice to see him assemble it, still not as bad as how Raimi did it though.

    Both versions fail and win alternatingly.

  • Guest

    NO, it’s Eddie Brock, Venom!… or the Kingpin… at least in the animated show.

  • user

    Critics gonna criticize

  • my bad… yep liquid Nitrogen it was. Still protesting Gwen Stacy’s status in Oscorp because she, unlike Tony Stark, was still in Highschool and Peter Parker’s Classmate even. I guess I’m just a clutz because I did try skateboarding and DANG Could not keep myself from falling…lolz am just saying… why did they put skateboarding in PP?

  • Willi

    This infographic says it all really…
    source: http://www.shortoftheweek.com/2012/01/05/has-hollywood-lost-its-way/

  • Undeadpool

    It is BEYOND me how anyone can prefer the Raimi movies. I’m not sure if ya’ll have seen those recently, but besides 2, they REALLY don’t hold up. I mean 3 was always terrible, but 1 is actually pretty craptastic.
    And I didn’t LOVE Amazing Spider-Man, by any stretch. But at least the female lead had something to do, as opposed to Raimi’s script where ALL SHE DOES is get abducted and scream directly at the camera. Spider-Man quips more in the trailers than he does in all three previous movies. The villain doesn’t look like a Power Rangers villain. Having seen the Raimi movies recently, all the problems that ASM had are multiplied in those (besides the tone, which I’ll agree was FAR more consistent in the Raimi films).

  • Kyle Delaney

    Not the first time Rich Evans has been shot on the show.

  • Don’t forget about Italian Spiderman!

  • Avariano

    You’re seriously panning Raimi’s Spider-man??? That’s blasphemy!!! No -one can touch that movie.
    FYI: The Green Goblin started as a criminal & His heists just kept being foiled by Spidey… Like Luthor (at first) & Supes.

  • Batman: The Killing Joke would be a perfect film, now that’s a fucking origin story. That is thee Joker, even though I like the Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson versions.


    hey…guy who looks like Corey haim (not the black haired guy)….nice fade on your haircut this episode…..who does your hair?

  • Like Wise

    Mentioning the budget to profit ratio : diminishing marginal returns. Execs and producers think like farmers…that next years crop will work as long as it’s the same as this years crop with a little more steroids. The flooded market lowers the value of everything because nothing is unique anymore. I also can’t wait until the big crash, major bottleneck and subsequent post consumer age. No more genres, no more scenesters (they will be eaten).

  • Fleischwurst

    Damn Good Episode!

  • Dee

    UMMM MIke The Royal Tennenbaums is THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER. Watch immediately.
    Also, when is your review of Magic Mike coming?

  • guest


  • I pretty much had the same problems with this film that u guys did….plus I also had alot more ultimatly the raimi films capture the tone and feel of spiderman way more then this movie did. the raimi films are better all around lol

  • Chandler

    Moonrise Kingdom definitely is the best movie of the year! I’m not even going to give Spiderman the time of day.

  • Evan R.

    I liked the movie a lot. And so did my token spider-man fanboy friend. Hmm.

  • Amante

    Moonrise Kingdom is delightful. Save the money you’d waste on something terrible like Spider-Man and go and see Moonrise instead — you’ll be glad you did.

  • S G

    I agree about Batman.. well, mostly. The thing is that I’m pretty much fed up with superhero-films in general. Mostly because superhero-stories are so formulatic. There’s a guy who somehow gains spectacular powers, has to learn how to control them/live with them, then has to defeat a supervillain and probably rescue the girl. The end. And, as Mike and Jay have pointed out on several occasions, none of them seem to know what to do with the hero once he’s been established. Just look at the finale in “Batman Begins”.

    Plus: By design, almost all superhero-flicks lack balls. There’s no swearing, no sex, no realistic violence. Of course, that’s what makes them so attractive to studios – by their very nature they earn the coveted PG-13-rating almost automatically. Even “TDK” was much too “clean” for my taste. I had hoped for a cinematic version of Miller’s masterpiece “The Dark Knight Returns”. Now there’s a superhero-story that should be put on the big-screen. But since that film would have to be rated R to be faithful to the graphic novel, I guess it will never happen.

  • Somedudeguymaybewhoknows

    My only guess would be some Hollywood big shot was all: “What do kids these days like? I always see a bunch of em skateboarding…. Put that in there, they’ll like it!” 😛

  • shitfuck

    This felt like a movie made by a CEO with a checklist:
    Patriotic scenes, check!
    Love story, check!
    Action, check!
    Motivational monologue, check! (Like four times in the last 15 minutes)

  • crosko23

    Moonrise Kingdom made me glad to be alive. Definitely best movie I’ve seen this year.

  • guest

    Why was this cable system in place?

  • Z

    I’m a total geek and I skateboarded for years. That’s pretty stupid to say that a “geek” can’t be “agile” and a skateboarder.

  • jmg

    Am I the only one that found MRK visually distracting? I was thinking all the time in how all things were at straight angles to the camera and how people we always walking directly to it and then turning exactly 90 degrees.

    The story is not bad, though. But the characters are not that interesting.

  • Robocop rules

    I am kind of disappointed that the end where you guys take turns shooting Rich didn’t turn into a nod to Alex Murphy’s death scene in Robocop.

  • Just Me

    Yes, its a really good. Especially the kids are surprisingly good. But anderson tried a little bit too much to be artsy. Sometimes it felt a little bit too much, some sceneries (especially at the beginning) didnt get time to breath. They are like the last Burton movies: great director, but a little too skillful in his arts.

  • JohnWaynman

    “I actually agree except I actually even bought the silly love plot”
    I agree with all that, but it’s a bit of a cognitive dissonance thing I guess – it delivers emotionally, but a few scenes just look a bit formulaic and cliched.
    I kinda felt both sides at the same time, you know? When she told him the “Wolverine” story, I was like “oh Jesus no”, but at the same time it’s a nice moment they have together and it’s understandable why Logan would pick that name after what happens, if only for that association.

    “Hate the bone-claw idea”
    I actually liked it 🙂
    Well, whatever 😀

    “Everything that links directly to the old movies is terribly mishandled.”
    I liked how they subverted the flashbacks from X2, and how he ran out in full awareness and fury rather than shock and confusion.

    Haven’t really analyzed the logic, but I remember there were some gaps…

    “worse than X-3”
    Maybe I don’t remember it that well, but while it was disappointing on many levels after the X2 set-up, I thought it was still really fun, witty, spectacular and enjoyable.

    But Origins had that character arc tying the film together.

  • JohnWaynman

    They didn’t say it sucked because it was camp, but because it didn’t manage the combination of seriousness and camp, and overall felt badly edited, rehashed, and rushed through.

    I’ve not seen the movie, but that’s what they said, and you’ve completely missed it. Sod off, PLEASE, you’re a sloppy hack.

  • Lala

    There was much symbolism in the camera angles. For example, they were used to show mirror images of each other in the two major characters. Its really subtle, but adds a huge degree of the depth to the movie. It was all done on purpose…

  • JohnWaynman

    “Nolan’s batman is too serious for a man dressed up acting like a sneaky bat.”
    This kind of argument annoys the shit out of me everytime I see it. “Silly” fantastic concepts have been told in a “serious” tone since the dawn of time – mythology, classical adaptations of myths (Goethe etc.), lots of fantasy and SF.

    ESB was serious, but it had an asthma guy with a silly helmet!

    With Batman, for all the flaws those movies had, I think they delivered the key concept just fine – Batman dresses up like this in order to be a symbol and theatralic, not just because it’s “silly”.
    A lot of people in those movies that don’t know him consider him crazy or make fun of him (or the Joker) – until they realize that that crazyperson in a Bat mask can fucking appear out of nowhere and fuck them up. The fact is that he’s technocally CAPABLE of doing that – how he dresses up is secondary, and the people’s reactions are believable.

    There is no cartoony “oh noooo… a huge baaaaat!!! look at the baaat! we should be afraid because it’s a baaaaat!!!” anywhere – the asskickery is what produces the fear, and THEN the bat element enhances that.

    No one takes the Scarecrow’s shopping bag seriously until their brain is fucked up with chemicals, etc.

  • MrNoName

    Let’s be fair here, you were somewhat hostile to begin with.

  • Mike sometimes turns into Jon Lovitz. I mean that in a good way. . . I guess.

  • I agree for the most part….However, even though he skates, it’s “kinda” shown that he’s not a very talented skate till he gets his powers.

  • zeek

    Most I’ve ever disagreed about a movie with you guys. But I won’t be a baby and whine about it, interesting to see a different perspective

  • nkutz

    This is the first HINTB where I’ve actually been angry at you guys. It may be a Nolan syndrome- I actually really prefer comic book movies if they’re played straight. But Garfield, Stone, Leary, Ifans and Sheen did a fantastic job in this movie. I don’t know where you got this Parker is stupid idea- Parker saved lives on the bridge and whatever the thing was got away. Then, he gets sneak-attacked and almost drowned. For all he knows, Connors may have been involved, but it could easily be thief because Connors gave him no reason not to trust him. As soon as the scales show up, Peter waits because he needs the information to save him because the serum was so volatile and he could see it driving the respected doctor mad.
    Of course he’d use the anti-serum to stop Lizard. That’s a comic book staple, and the machine showed the frightening idea of a chemical dispersion weapon in a highly populated city.
    Finally, the relationships in the movie- much stronger than Raimi’s. Peter’s powers, along with his parent’s secrets, secluded Peter from his aunt and uncle. Emma Stone is a better actress and showed real affection for Peter, as opposed to scripted moments in Spider-man 1, some in 2, all leading up to the mess of Spidey 3. And both Gwen and her father helped Peter realize how dangerous his actions were to people around him, with police on his trail as well.

  • nkutz

    It left the story open, as Parker realizes his responsibility after hearing Ben’s message at the end. It also left the impact of him saving that child in the burning car. I liked how it was handled, they could’ve done it the “original” way and it probably still would’ve worked.

  • nkutz

    However, (and I had to stop and think about Moonrise Kingdom) I did appreciate your mini review. Moonrise was a bit hard to sit through, especially with all the kids, but it was a good story. Edward Norton was still my favorite part because Wes does so well at writing adults, even with 18 year old Jason Shwartzman in Rushmore. Speaking of Shwartzman, I was really disappointed that was in so little- he married the kids and I didn’t even care that he did or understand why. Then the landscape painting at the end really brought the film together, and that was the best part of the kids’ story anyway.
    In the end, though, just give Bruce Willis a spiked bat and the movie is fantastic.

  • Markovian_Process

    Honestly, I liked Amazing Spider-Man. Maybe its because my expectations where rock bottom when I walked into the theater, but I did find myself enjoying it. I mean, the movie had a terrible script, but I actually really thought the performances where solid and they drew me in despite that. Though it needed more Denis Leary.

  • RichardHell

    Mount & Blade music! Hotdamn, I want to play that now.

  • MatthewMelange

    to your point about budget to profit ratio, the james bond series has a great graph for this


    real plinkett and fake plinkett in the same room! PARADOX

  • cole.c

    “Of course he’d use the anti-serum to stop Lizard. That’s a comic book staple, and the machine showed the frightening idea of a chemical dispersion weapon in a highly populated city. ”
    i see you’re point but that was,as they said,the plot to batman,batman begins,x-men and now this movie,the idea of a doomsday device that will transform people into something involing the villian is a cliche at this point and since they feel the script wasen’t very good it makes cliches like this more reconizable,more annoying,and makes the movie feel like it as writen by studio execs

  • cole.c

    and they say prometheus was going to be the most controversial movie of the year,seriously i haven’t seen people get such polarizing reactions to a movie, well . . . in a long time

  • Leob81

    It’s the superhero origin movie problem. A franchise ends and then a reboot happens, origin all over again. With the MCU, I hope that when they need to recast an actor that they don’t reboot, just continue on and then they can expand upon the heroes universe much like the comics. I think this is what they plan to do and I’d welcome that.

    I guess I’m more optimistic about the genre. I hear what you’re saying and get your points. I might not agree with all of them (such as them needing an R rating), but I can understand them at least. I’m torn because I love comics and superheroes, but groan when I hear news of Warner/DC rushing out a Justice League money just because The Avengers did well. In a perfect world, only the comic book movies that I want would get made. :p

  • Leob81

    *Justice League movie

  • Jesper Bengtson

    Funny. I actually preferred this spider man to all three of the others, mostly because I really think Garfield did a much better job portraying the webbed guy than Toby.

    I will, however, concede that the whole villain plot was lacklustre and dumb…. also the crane scene…. where should I even start with that. It’s one of the most stupid scenes in cinematic history.

    I’m split down the middle on this one. Spiderman is a lot better, but the villain is bland and boring. I do like that the love interest is not just a dumb blond.

    On a positive note, Half in the Bag is really starting to grow on me :).

  • the616kid

    That’s an incredibly asinine comparison. There’s a BIG difference tbetween a review show making a mistake and the ACTUAL STAR TREK making the mistake… BIG difference. Also, how sure are you that the mistake wasn’t intentional.

  • ghostofandy

    I love how they can pinpoint exactly whats wrong with movies. I knew I didn’t like ASM, and I knew which scenes I didn’t like, I just couldnt articulate why I didn’t like them. I’d just keep yelling at my friends “IT’S STUPID! AND YOU’RE STUPID FOR LIKING IT! FUCK YOU!” TY Half in the Bag

  • idontgiveafuck

    sam raimi has always been whacky, the first two spider man films are chock full of goofy moments

  • Is it just me, or was Peter Parker more like Anakin Skywalker in this film?

    * Dumb, quasi-brooding expression? Check and check.
    * Has a lot of cool abilities? Check and check.
    * Emotional, yet poorly defined as a character? Check and check.

  • Gus

    fucking yeah

  • Blanket

    You gotta love an ironic review, but calling the Sam Raimi shit anything but absolute shit and Tobey Maguire anything but total shit as Spider-Man just isn’t quite realistic enough to carry to joke, but I appreciate the effort.

  • haibane13

    OK I get it , these guys get drunk BEFORE they do a review . Makes more sense now .

  • JohnWaynman

    “technology wasn’t the that it was a mortar, it was that it would that make the compound an aerosol to spread it a great distance”

    And then Metropolis, a nice city, became vaporize with great attack!

  • JohnWaynman

    What, was it any different in earlier days when Lars Ulrich listened to those tapes of his? 😉

    Theft is when you take away a product – watching something for free doesn’t take away anything from anyone.
    In the position I am right now, I’d hardly be watching ANY movies if I had to pay for them, so no one loses a cent.

  • JohnWaynman

    The naked premise “guy dresses up like a bat that doesn’t look like a bat and fights gangbangers” may be silly, but as soon as you dress it up with a certain execution, it can either become believable (he dresses up to make an impression on his enemies, and it works), or eccentric and weird (he’s a bat… because he’s insane / a bat inside, cause dark and brooding, and the entire city is populated by strange freaks) – eccentric and surreal doesn’t mean silly.

  • that was, hands down, the best part of SM3.

    Man, people just don’t understand what Sam Raimi was trying to go for. He was essentially doing the Evil Dead trilogy with the Spider-Man movies. The first one was mostly serious. The second realized the goofiness of the first and made fun of it while keeping shit good. And the third went fucking insane, like Army of Darkness.

  • The issue with spiderman is not his villians have no connection with him. Green goblin hated Peter because of his relationship with Harry and other stuff like that.

    Comics have evolved since the last twenty years.

    The movie sucked ass because they did not stay current with the comics.

  • Spider man is colorful.

    But he IS NOT CAMPY.

    Sam Raimi movies sucked. I did not like them. Other than the second one.


    But Sam Raimi took campy too far.

  • nkutz

    I started watching this review and remembered why this is the HINTB review that I can’t stand. I love how the movie is played straight, that reminds me of Mike’s comments in Sexy Nerd Girl’s interview that Sci-fi should be played straight and I see this as a sci-fi hero film. So obviously the complaint is that it has sci-fi elements and human drama elements, and I see no problem with that especially because the dramtic scenes are done well, I thought Garfield is a more than capable actor for that. He even passes off as a teenager with teenage problems despite his height.
    So I stopped watching after the scolding of the Police station scene- this scene was perfect in the movie. It was very deliberate- it brought up the question of whether people could actually believe in a lizard monster even if Peter told them, it was slightly comedic but definitely showed urgency, Garfield was fittingly frantic then annoyed, and Leary’s reaction set up a conflict that would make the two of them trust eachother in the end. Even I thought the scene was out of whack at first, me being an audience member who knew the Lizard was there, but I started to realize exactly what Captain Stacy was saying, and in the end he still reserves that Peter may be telling the truth. Great scene, and I feel like I could defend most other scenes in the same way (I mean, science facts may be wrong but on that note even Avengers was a disaster).

  • Christopher Kulik

    I don’t care what you motherfucka’s say; PROMETHEUS > THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN

  • Driscol

    Dancing DOES NOT belong in a spiderman movie. Spiderman is supposed to be dark, brooding, and serious. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!

  • Guest

    The best part of the movie was Denis Leary? Damn, it must have been bad.

  • G-Town

    Rich Evans needs more Hero shots 🙂

  • Nicola

    That guy with the green Yoda shirt really suck at movie reviews 🙁

  • You guys hit the nail on the head. Batman is a dark character
    with a lot of dark elements but Spiderman is a nerdy high school kid. That is
    why I love the Sam Rami movies. They were fun and felt like comics. Just
    because a movie is “darker” doesn’t make it better.

  • CrowDraven

    Uhhh what, dark brooding & serious? Wrong superhero, buddy! Think you meant Batman.

  • Ryan McKeon

    the first and third spiderman films were terrible, spider man 2 was ok, deemed great only because it was by comparison, Raimi’s only good film was Army of Darkness and as a film student I sat through most of them. Sure they were successful, but so were the Transformers movies. Looking at Tobey’s face is akin to having lemon squirted in your eyes, only in the second film did the special effects not look like a pixar movie. Kirsten Dunst is not an appropriate romantic interest; she has the body of a 10 year-old hunchback boy, her face is nearly wider than her shoulders, and her lips are less feminine than Tobeys’. I appreciated from a critical point of view the necessity of a reboot so more than completely out-of-shape nerds and 10 year olds can enjoy a character with such potential for great fx moments. I feel a lot of empathy for children raised on this trash when even my generation, from the 90’s, still had the original Star Wars trilogy to watch a billion times over before the prequels destroyed that legacy. Why are editors pandering to children’s growing issues with ADD, instead of slowing the pace down, thus doing these poor kids a favor in the long run? I sat through The Empire Strikes Back when I was 5 years old, and it changed my life for the better. All that said, a reboot of Spiderman directed by a guy named Webb is, well, clear proof that this was not a reboot out of critical necessity. Talk about feeding your kids to the wolves so they’ll stay glued to the TV while their parents try to get laid on facebook.

  • Franklin Benjamin

    Some of these points could be made in far less time.

  • Logical

    So TAM had an inconsistent tone because it mixed absurdity with over-dramatizatiod … and exactly how is that any different from Raimi’s Spidey flicks?

  • Biodom

    i did the same thing with royal tennenbaum… 5 minutes in i checked out! … and i love wes anderson!

  • Lycanomics

    Finally got to see it tonight….waste of time. I’ll be very brief here, its a very tonally uneven movie and as a whole plain forgettable. I never got the sense that I was bearing witness to something great, it just felt so devoid of enthusiasm. I really do have much more appreciation for the Sam Raimi movies now, and for Tobey Maguire too. Not everybody liked his Peter Parker, but at least it was consistent and not frustratingly dour.

    As for Lizard man…sometimes when you have a really off the wall villain, you should keep his motivation simple. Look at TDK’s Joker…his motivation? Anarchy. Accomplished how? By blowing crap up and killing people without compulsion. Simple, effective. Lizard dude wants to turn people into other lizards…in order to destroy people? No, no…it was to perfect the human race or something…reminded me of a villain from The Wild Wild West. Its like some half-assed Bond villain stuff. Should have just had the guy run around the city killing people at random.

  • Nosada

    Klingon Disruptor not phaser.

  • how did you get the real owen wilson?

  • laserwolf65

    Sorry, but you guys are way off-base here. Mark my words, in as little as five years everyone will re-evaluate The Amazing Spider-man, and they will realize that the Raimi films were universally bad.

  • The public demands more Rich Evans.

  • dennett316

    Raimi’s only good film Army of Darkness? Bullshit. Evil Dead 1 and 2, A Simple Plan, Darkman, The Gift (to a lesser extent) and Spiderman 1 and 2 are all decent to great movies. Even Drag Me To Hell has it’s moments, even if, overall, I didn’t like it.

  • I completely understand Mike, how he’s pissed off about the industry just following the money making formula. Still, art,any form of art will be used by the system to make money. The only problem with movies is you can’t MAKE a movie without money, and that’s what’s turning cinema into shit. To write a great poem all you need is apen and a piece of paper, but movies… only if you sell your oul to the system will you be able to make any idea REAL. And these days we’re living in are not good days for ideas. We’re living in the era of money. No money, no movies. Poems?Songs? sculptures?paintings? sure, you might have a slight chance….but movies… you’re fucked, man.

  • Thank you.

    K, bye

  • CoyateRVA

    500 days was okay. TASM was an MTV music video that was boring, atrocious and while there are some good things in it (rare to say), it feels like a Micheal transformer film. (RoTF). The music,editing,writing, directing where terrible. Acting was mixed at best, and the costume design….moving along form crap. Spider-Man has flaws, but it was a more complete film,music was great, Costume design was perfect and as cheesy as its rep is, it was FUN. and like Christen Bales batman, Consistent!! Sam Rami actually is a wonderful experience fun director, Webb is an MTV hipster douche who looks like a pedo. agree, dissagree, whatever your opinion is, but thsi is jsut a bad film.

  • CoyateRVA

    No Webb isn’t good, he’s not shit. when it comes to indie films like 500 Days thats his element and he works well int hat, as to TASM it’s jsut soulkess while it’s partly the the producers fault, and writers, he (Webb) had a huge part in the final product of what we saw, and honestly i tihnk he jsut likes talking out of his ass.

  • Hash Nazi
  • Would you guys please do a review of ESPN’s bowl coverage? They are shameless.

  • What bugs you the most?

    Me, I can’t really stand watching anything on the major networks or cable anymore. Very little worthwhile programming and tons and tons of stupid advertising.

  • Greg

    i wanna stick my dunst in kirstens cunt, and there is spit all over my monitor.

  • I remember living in Birmingham AL when A Mighty Wind came out. It wasn’t playing anywhere in the city. I waited on Parker Posey’s parents who were on their way from Mississippi to Atlanta to find a theater that was playing it. Small towns are a drag.

  • Maddison

    Mike! You gotta watch the rest of Royal Tenenbaums!

  • They didn’t even talk about the Decay Algorithm, which isn’t an algorithm at all.

  • gvfvgh


  • Whargoul

    Love half in the bag. Glad they reviewed this pile.

  • Wes Anderson is a good writer, but his directing style upsets me, a lot. All it makes me think of is that artsy queer-bait kid from American Beauty filming the bag floating around.

  • wile

    again, he bend metal with a football, this movie was shit. i rest my case.

  • Justafan’sopinon

    Personally, I enjoyed Amazing Spider Man more than the Sam Raimi ones because I’m not a huge fan of the “Freak accident” Super Hero movies (another example being Fantastic Four). This one came across like there was a little more to do with spiderman being a hero than just “I was bit by a spider. I must be a hero.” In Amazing, Spider man had to build a lot of his own gear, and I found the way he used his powers to be more creative. This is just my own opinion. As for the review, it was really good, although I had two problems, one being they didn’t talk at all about the action, which I thought was better than the Sam Raimi versions.

    Secondly, I think you guys are a little too cynical about Hollywood being money grabbing bastards. You don’t always throw out that criticism, but when you do, you seem to overly accuse anyone involved with any Hollywood production as devoid of any artistic attachment to their work. Yes, there are those people and maybe it is the most famous individuals that do this type of thing, but your accusations kind of feel like they flow over to some well known filmmakers who, although they still make large quantities of movies, still appreciate film as an art.

    Whenever you say such general things as “Hollywood being soulless businessmen lying about the quality of the film” (not a direct quote obviously) it comes across as some sort of hipster statement that all people should watch are these small budget, small audience films, which of course is nothing like how you view film. I guess over all it is simply used as a form of rhetoric, but like Jillian said, when you call people stupid or retarded, she’s one of those people, and clearly she isn’t. I love the reviews, but maybe tuning down the generalizations might be a good idea.

  • disqus_Xb9vj9ZAxX

    That’s a disruptor. A Klingon disruptor. Someone’s already told you that, right?

  • HeadlessMarvin

    While I agree with a lot of the complaints about The Amazing Spider-man, half of this review is just bitching that it’s not a Sam Raimi movie (even though Spider-man 3 was garbage, and Spider-man 4 was looking exactly the same). It was a mediocre movie, but Spider-man doesn’t HAVE to be corny with an over-saturated color palette. Also, we get it, you aren’t excited about reboots, but complaining about Man of Steel and the next Batman movie without knowing anything about them resembles the sentiment of an angry teenager rather than an actual reviewer.

  • Guest

    Any love for Rushmore? It’s my fave Anderson film. I couldn’t stand Royal Tenenbaums though. Dunno why, just seemed a bit off. Kept watching hoping the characters would hook me in but they never did, save Bill Murray who was ace as usual. As for Spiderman; dunno not seen it. No plans to either. Liked the first two movies but the third was awful and this reboot is both pointless and makes me feel old.

  • Thraggdrasil

    this movie just made me feel tired.. i can only hope for something better in the next one… at least, since its a direct sequel, we wont have to watch uncle ben die again.. and maybe the Rhino will be a nice simple antagonist.

  • Patrick

    Honestly, it seems like the actors and director are talented enough to craft a decent character based film out of the Spider-man source material, but it’s hard to tell considering their script was rushed out as fast as one of the Star Wars prequel scripts. The movie seems to hit right between my worst fears and my best hopes going into a Spider-man movie, making me leave the theater feeling nothing. I think Rich Evans said it best: better luck next time. Maybe the new Spider-man movie will have a decent script to work with, and actually have a pay-off for what’s advertised in the commercials (What the fuck’s up with his parents?). You guys do seem to REALLY hate these lazy attempts at dark re-imaginings of popular characters though, so I can’t wait to see your review for Man of Steel.

  • abe

    rich needs a beer

  • Sully

    I lost my shit at the 18:10 mark. Hahahahahahaaaa…

  • Bill

    Klassy Komment Kreator

  • Bill

    Well, at least Rich can string together a coherent sentence.

  • williamsn411

    I normally love Mike and Jay and the rest of RLM. However, in this review they come across as arrogant hipsters that only like low budget/independent films. BTW. I never understood the appeal of Wes Anderson films. I’m not saying Anderson is a bad film maker, I just don’t get his movies.

  • Max Fischer

    Dude! Rushmore is my favorite Wes Anderson film. I agree with you about Tenenbaums too! Everybody else loves that movie to death but I dunno the whole thing just felt wonky and strange. I didn’t like the suicide angle, either. Really offputting. But! Moonrise Kingdom was amazing, and I hope the Grand Budapest Hotel is rad, too.

  • Max Fischer

    Queer-bait? What is this, 1982?

  • Dippo


    Blind man reviewing the same movie!

  • Sully

    I guess jokes are a seeing man’s game?

  • Sam

    There’s a difference between Campy and GOOFY. Spider-Mans 1 and 3 are goofy. Spider-Man 2 has goofy moments but it perfectly captures the characters and the personal dilemmas of the characters in this colourful world. Campy is when the comedy is basically “see this? isn’t this silly? huh? *wink wink*”. Batman and Robin is campy. Raimi’s Spider-Man is goofy and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Mr.Fister

    This toxic gas thing has been around since 1914 not since 1989 you may heard about that it was a little worldwide event – The Napoleonic Wars! – oh my God learn your history right

  • Michael Poirier

    Me neither.

  • Michael Poirier

    Just watched this movie for the second time: mediocre, joyless, lifeless, boring. Only good things about it are Emma Stone and Dennis Leary. Every other aspect of it is TV-level melodrama. 5/10

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    As one of the biggest Spiderman fans ever, I totally agree with Rich many times along this review. Particularly about the portrayal of Peter and Spider Man and about Marvel not wanting us to be his fan anymore.

  • Roger

    18:15 best Stoklasa scene, ever.

  • RyanC

    You know it’s a quality episode when Rich gets murdered.

  • JJtoob

    The Amazing Spider-Man was an attempt to be what Dark Knight was to its previous trilogy. Except it was confusingly serious and corny in different times. I still don’t really get the “yeah, but those are the best kinds” line because it makes me not like him, and I honestly felt embarrassed to watch when Peter uses a spider web to grab the girl’s hip and spin her into his arms. However, one thing these guys got wrong is that it’ll be rebooted next year, because the movie hinted heavily at a sequel. The next movie will be the attempt at the equivalent of the first movie of the last trilogy. And it probably will suck a little.

  • omgnoway

    I’m surprised being such a huge fan of Spiderman Rich Evans doesn’t or didn’t know it’s owned by Sony and not Marvel. Don’t blame Marvel Rich!

  • D

    …And the theme for bad guys these days is terrorism and so what are your options for killing/mutating the masses? Gas or a bomb. I really can’t think of anything else. So as long as terrorists are the real bad guys the comic baddies need some form of mass destruction.

  • d

    Ooo – you are missing out, Mike. Tenenbaums is THE WA film. The living dollhouse at it’s best.

  • Mr.Fister

    EMP Shockwave, poisoning of drinking water, the destruction of the agricultural industry resulting in starvation (some virus or insects), giant robots punching each other or the cloverfield monster, gozilla, giant loudspeakers playing Nicki Minage on endless repeat and the probably worst possible event – menstrual synchrony of all chicks in the world

  • Rick Berman

    You’re a retard.

  • Angela

    I think you mean Batman Begins? TDK was the sequel.

  • Alex Lee

    He invented a machine that turns Golden Retrievers into humans.

  • Debao

    why do they hate martin sheen and sally field? is it because of their political activism?

  • Dr. Death

    “What about Ben Affleck?”

    Indeed Mike. Indeed.

  • cabbo

    I hate Sally Field because I played ‘Scene It’ for nine hours two nights ago.

  • El_Runko

    10:12 = Mike’s magical disappearing bee can trick.

  • Frank

    Not only are they cynical enough to make a sequel, but “Amazing Spiderman 4” has already been confirmed by Sony.

    God, I hope the next one tanks so they lose the rights to Spiderman and we get rid of this god-awful “franchise”.

  • Hale

    I miss the days where they just robbed banks and built death traps…

  • Gene Parmesan

    Guys, guys, guys. I think queer-bait is an accurate description of the kid cause it doesn’t mean that he is a gay, just refers to his queermoe looks.

    That was his whole thing in the movie, you expect him to be a cocksucker cause he looks like one and his dad yells at him for it. Then it turns out his dad is the cocksucker and his kid in fact loves the sliz, especially the one on that bitch with fat tits.

    So I hope that clears up the queer-bait thing and shows my sensitivity towards swishy fellows and the fagolas in general.

  • DapperDon

    Whoa whoa Blankman was great

  • charman

    hahahahahaha, you really are blind do you, they need this sequels to build a big complex story and a spider-man universe, this is the perfect spider-man movie, so your argument is invalid you just dont have taste in films.

  • charman

    no it wasnt trying to be the dark knight that is how spider-man is in some comics,learn your facts before posting nonsense.

  • charman

    yeah right hahahahaha keep lying to yourself.

  • charman

    ignorant review really this guys think is good to cry like babies for a movies they didnt like but the point is that this was the perfect spider-man movie even better than the last ones this guys dont know nothing about being a critic.

  • charman

    totally not true

  • charman

    bad review.

  • JJtoob

    Yes, you are right, I’ll correct that, thank you.

  • JJtoob

    Oh yeah it was. Understand that I’m making a comparison between older movies and recent movies, not comics and movies, “I ain’t never read one a ‘dem … books, or any books in general for that matter, and I ain’t about to start.” -Mr. Plinkett. Some recent super hero movies are using that dark/lense flare style, like the recent superman reboot, batman more recent x-men movies and spiderman. I haven’t really seen the other ones that had movie series in the past. I can tell when they made this movie, someone wanted us to take spiderman a little more seriously than you would from a comic book, or from a previous movie series, I mean, c’mon, the previous movies were pretty much a cartoon.

  • TapewormBike

    Hey, umm, I heard you are looking for a place to live and this seems ideal for you (contact me for details):

  • Keldroc

    One day, when you’re older than 12 or so, you’ll understand that Amazing Spider-Man is one of the most boring, badly made superhero movies since Spawn.

  • heyheyhey


  • Frank
  • Frank

    I thought you were joking. How sad.

  • Cicero


  • jim jones

    I’m surprised Rich didn’t bring up Venom as an exception when they were discussing the typical “Jekyll & Hyde” Spiderman villains. IMO that’s one villain that could be a worthy “Arch-Nemesis” similar to the Joker from the Batman universe… except that it was totally shat upon in Raimi’s Spiderman 3…

  • ikilledacat

    Couldn’t hear what Jay said over his mouth being sealed around Sam Raimi’s cock.

    I for one thought the Raimi trilogy were atrocious movies and this reboot was phenomenally better acted and developed. But then again, I despise campy humor, so that isolates me from most Raimi hamfests.

  • Dhan

    Oh no!!!they killed Rich Evans!!!

  • Tolkien77

    This review leaves me scratching my head. This movie was very good, as a longtime spiderman fan I despised Raimi’s trilogy. This was far better.

  • Louis Gonzales

    I definitely agree with this review. The movie was woefully miscast (Andrew Garfield doesn’t portray the sense of helplessness that I’ve come to associate with Peter Parker prior to getting his powers) and it was lazy in terms of writing.

  • Xavier

    It was an okay movie, but as a long time Spiderman fan, I preferred the Raimi movies, especially 1 and 2. I understand the studio’s desire to keep the franchise inhouse and not let the rights revert back to Marvel, but what they produced in Amazing didn’t feel amazing to me, nor did it have much heart or make me feel inspired, it went through the motions, and afterwards, I felt nothing for the new Peter Parker, Gwen, Curt Connors, and was a tepid introduction to a new trilogy.

  • Raimi was closer to the source material (not that I am a expert on Spiderman) but when I heard Gwen was a part of the new one my expectations skyrocketed. To this day I will never forget what happened to her in the comics and I felt that the Raimi story lacked that darkness that the comics sometimes had. *spoiler from comics* What perhaps disturbed me the most was how Peter Parker showed cruelty towards a sick Harry Osborn. I remember Harry Osborn being on the ground begging Parker for something and then Parker just looked at him with anger. Really emotional stuff. *spoiler ends*

    Then I saw the movie and… Everything they said in this review pluss more. What I found most annoying was that it was clear that Peter Parker actor was suppose to be a teen heartthrob and that therefor they decided to take off his mask constantly. His identity was revealed I dont know how many times in this movie.

  • No, I dont agree. As they said in the review, the death of the uncle in the Raimi movie was far more emotional and had depth while this one was just something they had to get trough.

    The Raimi ones had a playfulness that to my recollection was also in the comics. They are not great, but far better than whatever the latest one was.

  • hacketh mcfraud

    this is already almost 2 years old? what the fuck am i doing with my life

  • Mike Jakermen

    Frankly i can’t wait for them to tear the sequel to tear to shreds. It looks horrible. Which is also getting good reviews. You know i wonder if a lot of these film critics are just Fanboys who went to film school. Or their being paid by the studios. I don’t know how so many poor movies are getting good reviews. Even Man of Steel had a majority positive reviews.

  • Charlie Wilkinson

    After seeing the amazing spider-man 2 yesterday(I live in England), it is just a bad remake of Spider-man 3 with poor villains, undeveloped characters, over the top action sequences and a cast which nobody cares about. Also the tone and is bizarre and the comedy is terrible. I also cant wait to see a half in the bag on the film.

  • Boehm

    Of course Rich would save the day! Also, 3D its gonna be great

  • Leo Silva

    what happened to the audio?

  • Leo Silva

    same here.

  • Leo Silva

    I want to stick my… what?

  • killian long

    So just like spider-man 3 then?

  • OzymandiasAeonis

    2 years later and it’s still impossible for them to make a Spider-Man movie that is just fun and has little to no hackneyed melodrama. I know they are being faithful to the comics with that bad soap opera stuff but fuck that.
    Honest Trailers pointing out how often they reuse the same set of plot points in the first three movies is pretty hilarious.

  • 0mega140

    the sam raimi trilogy is not funny is very lame

  • Cacktowl

    Here’s the thing about the “chucking your wad thing” though, Although i definitely agree with Mike, i think the people would be willing to accept something as long as it is very very good, the fact that they are remaking the series for specific monetary purposes is magnified by the shittyness of the movies but let’s look at the numbers… 230 MILLION DOLLARS SPENT on making this movie, so why not spend that money wisely? Because i don’t see this as sony just dishing out a piece of shit, it’s also wasting money (potential), they could make a smart great movie, and still have people like it and go see it, only that it would be great and even produce good rep to the people making it. Sad really.

  • kidpax .

    The Spawn movie wasn’t that bad considering the source material.

  • Daniel

    i love Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore

  • Justin Lee

    Rich Evans is GOD!

  • Justin Lee

    Spider-Man two is the only film out of the series that put Peter Parker in a real dilemma and it was nice seeing that. Sure it’s campy sometimes, but it was a great ride.

  • Roy O’Connor

    Even though I liked The Amazing Spider-Man, I whole heartedly agree with Jay and Mike. So many original films (like Moonrise Kingdom which I loved) are being over shadowed by the same old that we’ve seen time after time.

  • sonicjrjr14 .

    Why do you guys hate Superman Returns?

  • Nicky Thompson

    This review is way harsh. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are great in their roles. The origin is much better handled than Raimi’s Spider-Man 1 even though the plot was weak.

  • Mike Hawkson Yu

    Agree. That movie goes on my favorite movies of all time list.

  • Helmed

    3 years old now.

    what the fuck were you doing with your life 1 year ago?

  • Leo Silva

    Dude… your question is ripping me apart.

  • Nick Agriesti

    Nah, they did that because Andrew Garfield, or whatever the hell his name is, just wanted more screen time. I bet he had it written into his contract.

  • MUGENwonder

    Nah, your standards are just too low

  • Rich

    Agreed. Rich love’s Spider-Man so much his standards are too high and Jay/Mike tend to be over critical of comic book movies. I adore the Amazing SpiderMan movies. Hated Sam Raimi’s flicks; he over relies on cornball humor to tell his stories (see also, Oz the Great and Powerful). Garfield and Stone were far more relatable characters and their chemistry was palpable. The comedy was goofy enough without being cheesy. Stone’s Stacy is also not a damsel in distress like Mary Jane in the last movies (Raimi often has weak females, like in Oz, who relied on James Franco to “save” them despite him being a conman *sigh*) – even though yes she was caught in the cross hairs she was willing to fight the villain or outsmart them. Yeah the story in this movie is a rehash and is silly and falls apart in the third act, but it’s a Sony comic book movie. You can’t set this movie to the standards of Nolan batman or Marvel studio films. This is Avi Arad we’re talking here, he’s like the Rick Berman of his generation. But to each their own. People can hate this movie franchise all they want, I’ll know it’s superior and enjoy it none the less.

  • Sam

    When Jay says “Sam Raimi eff tee doubleyoo,” I get the douche chills.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Meanwhile, a new Spider-Man will appear in Civil War 4 years after this movie, and one year after that they will give him a movie which will be yet another remake.

  • Earth

    Because fuck you.

  • frankelee

    It’s weird how people forget how well received Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man movie was critically and commercially. It, much, much more than the X-Men, initiated this entire era of super hero movies. It was a massive success and genuinely good movie.

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