Half in the Bag: Step Up Revolution

August 7, 2012279 Comments

Mike and Jay have finally arrived at the VCR Repair Shop! They use the opportunity to discuss the latest Step Up film in great detail for an extended period of time, with absolutely no distractions or surprise cameos.

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  • Robotman

    All Youtube now huh?

  • Holy crap. My favorite worlds have just collided.

  • Andreas

    Season finale?!? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Jens

    oh my gooooooood! tim heidecker!

  • Guest

    No more Machinenima moneys?

  • fucking hilarious, loved it

  • drac

    That mask george lucas has is it from the movie they live?

  • Bimble

    Hilarious, absolutely loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    I don’t think they really saw Step Up Revolution. It’s amazing that they got George Lucas to be on the show, though.

  • Why are Mr. Lucas’ pants unbuttoned???

  • Pemberton

    This healed wounds I never knew I had.

  • Loved it!!! Very funny! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Santokes

    This episode is so ridiculous I just spit out my foie gras frappuccino

  • chrisfromwiltshire


  • It all makes sense now

  • Short, sweet and absolutely BUY FEEDING FRENZY no subliminal messages at all.

  • playdude92

    I bet a crafty fella could turn a VHS Version of the Original Star Wars Trilogy into a DVD Version or a digital download. Iยดd pay for that.

  • chrisfromwiltshire

    mind you its nice to see where all the auction money went….hahahahahahaha

  • you guys are the best

  • Darth Faggot

    Was hoping they’d do Total Recall next.

  • He didnt say series finale only season

  • Well.

    That was a short review.

  • MAJOR PLOT HOLE: Lucas would still have to track down and destroy all the Laserdisc copies.

  • MsThangRemembers

    Whaaaaaaaat??? You kids know Tim Heidecker??? The universe is collapsing in on itself!!!

  • That’s an excellent review! Looks like i’m gonna see Step Up Revolution RIGHT NOW!


  • StatingTheObvious

    that’s the kind of review many movies deserve

  • Guy_98989889

    Was that a mask from the “They Live” film?

    One of the best movies ever made with an epic fight scene so many you grow a full mustache when you watch it.

    Also, is this the season finale? I hope not. I LOVE YOUR SHOWS!

  • Guy_988989898


  • Leo Ladenson

    The season finale had all my favorite things: beer, Jocelyn, “Fuck movies,” beer, gratuitous mockery of George Lucas, beer, exploding alien heads, VCR repair ephemera, oh, and beer.

  • More Jocelyn.

  • Nadine please marry me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • the original. not the new crap.

  • StatingTheObvious

    They Live is indeed fucking awesome

  • this episode really reminded me of like a live action south park

  • Trent

    TIM!!! I can’t believe you guys got Tim Heidecker on your show! Many congratulatory handshakes and back-pats I give to you for this epic cameo, well played sirs.

  • stolliosis

    I love how when the cheesy music is playing when Mike is talking about Star Wars being in our hearts, as the camera closes in on Mike for the heart tuggging moment . . . he swigs the beer.

  • consume

    That was hilarious, especially everything Lucas did on the monitor

  • conscripted

    That was downright incredible.

  • Ace Allen

    WHAT!?!?!?! TIM!!!! HOLY SHIT! you guys are fucking gods

  • But but…. now I don’t know if I should go see Total Recall or The Watch. I have no alternative but to assume they are all quality Hollywood productions without any flaws.

  • redgauntlet

    So who was the fat guy at the desk who flew out through the ceiling? Is he famous or just a person?

  • redgauntlet

    Is there anyway you could work Jocelyn’s undraped knockers into the next skit?

  • XxSWFan92

    Tim Heidecker? But he’s awful… did he at least pay you?

  • Kevin


    Holy shit…this episode is kind of boring. Them pointing out how lame it is doesn’t really help.


    Chill runs down my spine.

  • Cyvaris

    WRONG Mr. Lucas my copies of the Star Wars VHS tapes are hidden in a fire proof vault beneath my bed! YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE THEM!!!!!

  • babyjew

    Yeah, the women’s volleyball is great.

  • are… are you… covered in dandruff?

  • But I really would like to see a movie review in it.
    Well, we can’t have it all.

  • Trey

    Let just agree that while ‘They’ Live was trash… it was at least ENJOYABLE trash, unlike some other movies we could mention *cough* Phantom Menace *cough*. Plus it stared Rowdy Roddy Piper, what’s not to like?

  • Someone put Tim & Eric in my Half in The Bag!!!!!

    I also wish that that Rich had died as he usually dies with poorly delivered “Aw fuck!” while he flaps his arms before falling to the ground.

  • Guest

    I dearly hope๏ปฟ this is not the end of Fake George Lucas

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    That’s not a mask.
    His”face” was a mask.

  • Joshua W.

    DANNIT! SHE MISSED ONE! I own a VCR and Jocelyn didn’t fuck me. Just my fucking luck.

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    What’s not heart warming about a swig of beer.

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    They did review it.It sucked.The movie.Not the review.

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    How dare you.They Live is a classic.Nothing trashy about it at all.

  • Holy shit!

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    I approve.If you do it,it’s gonna be great.

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    At least there was no Jar Jar in that production.

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    That’s gonna be in the preuquels.
    See,it rhyimes.
    It’s gonna be great.

  • WhatswrongwithyourFAACEEE?!!

    Because he is a rapist of childhoods.

  • Sami

    You guys are so amazing! And Jay is so sexy <3!

  • Bob Boberson

    I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription; is more Jocelyn.

  • ThatOneGuy

    This is terrible and made me vomit in my mouth – 10/10

  • Hans Solomon

    “They Live” trash? The fuck are you talking about, you retarded slut? It’s widely regarded as a goddamn sci-fi masterpiece. Only dumb chimps who eat their own feces think its trashy.

  • NotHitler

    Season Finale!?!? When’s it coming back!!?!?

  • heartwarm

    This was a missed opportunity to review Step up and The FP at the same time. We all know which was the better movie.

  • Booger

    Tim probably thought the deal was getting worse all the time.

  • soithascometothis


    Unfortunately, it’s almost pointless for them to continue HITB. It’s all downhill from here.

  • Fucking awesome lol

  • StatingTheObvious

    Fake George Lucas at the screening of The People vs George Lucas was hilarious you dimwit

  • Charlie Koers

    I wish you could see my joy when I saw Tim’s face. I always thought in the back of my mind that your humor matched Tim & Eric’s. Thanks for answering that thought.

  • Jumpy

    I thought you had to wear the sunglasses to see that THEY LIVE!

  • simonsaidso

    Best review yet.

  • HalcyonX

    Bravo for getting Tim Heidecker on Half in the Bag. Twas a glorious nerdgasm seeing you guys and him on the same show. In fact I came all over (and thoroughly trashed) my physical copy of Feeding Frenzy in the crossfire

  • Lawnmowerman

    Good thing I have a friend with the original trilogy on Laser Disk.

  • Arch Stanton

    I’d post that gif of Orson Welles clapping from Citizen Kane but I don’t know how to post that shit……..I’m an old man……. will Jocelyn have sex with me?

  • /tv/

    Oh boy, more plebs in a bag.

  • kalzal

    When I saw Heidecker I got the feeling of Christmas, my birthday & toodle day all coalesced into an amorphous ball of happiness.

  • redgauntlet

    No seriously, I don’t know. Who is he? Is he a famous?

  • redgauntlet

    Jay look like Hans Klopka from The ‘Burbs and Mike looks like Faron Crush from Shock Treatment. By no means could either of them be described as ‘sexy’. Not even to a blind chimp on crystal meth.

  • Nitpicker

    So many plotholes! What about the laser discs, or the 2006 DVD, or torrents? You guys are worse than that overrated hack Christopher Nolan.

  • I almost skipped this, as I don’t have enough interest in Step Up: Revolution to even hate it. Glad I didn’t.


  • Has Jocelyn put on weight? She looks fantastic!

  • season finale!!! What about a review on Total Recall you lazy fucks, ps I liked the review ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Thank you for uploading to YouTube!

  • RLMvsILM

    I can’t take how awesome this was… I dont know what to do with my life anymore. my goal has been to rule the world this whole time and now, suddenly, I no longer feel the compulsion to enslave everyone and force them to make high quality movies for my entertainment. It’s as if jay and mike have fufiled my thirst by reviewing movies approrpriately. The simple act of slamming pop hit craptastrophies has given me satisfaction. Im still trying to realize whether this landmark in internet comedy has actually happened or if the men in white coats upped my dosage.

  • SoCoLdMD

    They Live

  • George Lucas

    Ha ha…ha…cute. You guys can’t even get my look right. Where’s my bullfrog neck that inflated in the mid 90’s? Plus, I burned the original negatives years ago. In your face, punks!!!

  • Someguy1336

    Tim Heidecker, wow! Red Letter Media is no longer esoteric, Internet crap for you have arrived!

  • Christopher Kulik

    They need to finish…SPACE COP. He came from the future, to the past…he knows on one thing….his gun….and his stories….

  • MatthewMelange

    It’s like poetry

  • JM

    What a bullshit. True George Lucas on Mike’s statement on how the original Star Wars is in our hearts would react by ripping out the hearts of all humans. What Mike should have said is that there are like zillions of copies of it on the Internet, and Georgie little hammer can not harm them.
    Also, we need more Jocelyn, just give her less clothes next time.

  • JM

    When have you checked them? I bet they are not there…

  • JM

    Duh, he’s in the Half in the Bag, now he IS famous.

  • JM

    She’s a great actress. I mean she’s playing such a “broad” spectrum of characters :-). In the other hand, she does have these two great talents for them.

  • DrPoop

    Less Jocelyn.

  • Cyvaris


  • CoolGuy2019

    Did you just misread what he wrote and then proceed to call him a dimwit? A guy with less class than me would probably point out the irony and call YOU a dimwit. But I’m not going to do that, because I’m cool and don’t internet fight.

  • JohnWaynman

    Don’t worry about Lucas – he’ll come back the next episode he’s in, and probably won’t be an alien anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Guest

    I feel this episode could have actually been a few minutes longer, perhaps adding a scene where they humorously and intelligently review a film and discuss its larger context in culture and film history.

  • Wow. Hard to verbalize how awesome this episode is. Seeing Tim Heidecker in the same frame as you guys seems like a perfect match. I hope you had tons of fun shooting it. But, as usual, Rich steals the show as fake George. I LOVE his fake George. All I can say is: Awesome show; great job!

  • Super Blah

    But not the one they need right now? Fucking Dark Knight…

  • JoeAconite

    This is the review for Step Up Revolution it truly deserved. Insightful and detailed, showing the painstaking work both filmmakers and talented actors took in crafting a dance showcase that might be a life changing part of many in this generation. The small cameo by Tim Tebow was a refreshi oh crap SPOILERS! Spoilers… oh sorry. Yes Tim from the football field to the world of internet review skits was amazing. Thanks again you dedicated and wonderful men and lady and Lucas of Red Letter Media: Makers of Plinkett Reviews and Half in the Bag (TM).

  • zxvzvzcz

    You guys are getting better and more funny, keep up the good work. BTW Evan is much better as Lucas! haha

  • zxvzvzcz

    The four of them is a nice team. As long as it stays silly and not “offensive” and start talking down to people. Like everything else these days …

  • Andreas

    ….His name? SPACE COP….

  • nkutz

    That explains how they could reveal his true form.

  • Tim Heidecker has a different style of humor than you guys usually go for, but it was awesome to see you working with him. here’s hoping for a new Plinkett review soon to tide me over until the next HITB season!

  • Total Recall was full of things that kept taking my mind out of the story: too much newscaster-exposition; lots of generic film cliches–“You look like shit” made its way in there. The science-fiction-y stuff was full of a bunch of questionable things, which you can discover for yourself if you watch it. The Big Bad Guy does things to put himself in danger that were unintelligible.

    Now that the caveats are done with, here’s the good stuff: the action was intelligible, the pacing was mostly good–exposition didn’t slow things down too much to be unrecoverable. For all the head-screwing the story could have pulled on the viewers, it was honest and straightforward. I didn’t feel like I wasted my money on the thing.

  • a_blind_chimp_on_crystal_meth

    No,you are wrong.They are sexy.

  • Max Wylde

    11 Million. That’s a lot of work. George must’ve got her started when she was a child.

  • a_blind_chimp_on_crystal_meth
  • a_blind_chimp_on_crystal_meth

    *Fry squintning* Not sure if kidding or sarcastic.

  • a_blind_chimp_on_crystal_meth

    It rhymes.

  • a_blind_chimp_on_crystal_meth

    That’s gonna be great.

  • a_blind_chimp_on_crystal_meth

    Wrong spelling.
    It’s Machineninenima.

  • K.

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Captain_Turbo

    Dear RLM, your review of Step Up Revolution sucked.
    P.S. I loved your review of Step Up Revolution.
    P.P.S. No, fuck you.

  • harrycarrybigfoot


  • max

    Jesus Christ, stop coming to this site then! Every video has numerous comments by you under it complaining about how you don’t like these guys. Nobody’s making you watch this.

  • might_as_well_join_the_madness

    Gonna be great.

  • might_as_well_join_the_madness

    It’s gonna be great.

  • might_as_well_join_the_madness

    That’s great.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    I enjoy watching it, but I felt the “twist” was pandering and uninspired.

  • Daren_Gray

    That Bob Odenkirk cameo was off the hook/wall/chain!

  • Daren_Gray

    This wounded heels that came in with my dad.

  • Magnotronicspectromognifier

    Nadeen needs to lost some weight. Maybe Plinkett should kidnap her again.

  • snakes andert

    It heeled wounds here, it heeled wounds there

  • JB


  • Tim from Tim and Eric Great Job!

  • DarthSarlacc

    No. Lucas will just buy all of our hearts, and add some new CGI scenes to them to make them “better”

  • Whatever

    ‘StatingTheObvious’ – I read you before. You own a high Meditrolling count.

  • Whatever

    Who is Tim Heidecker?

  • “We don’t care.”
    Jay’s delivery is fucking hilarious!

  • Whatever

    Yeeah.. Movie was pretty ok…uuhm… ok…people are likely to eat their feces when thinking it is trashy… hmm.. I don’t know about that… I mean everyone has his or her opinion… being led to thinking that such opinions might lead one to dine on his or her own feces… well I’m not so sure about that… it appears to me as a rather harsh assumption… wasn’t that the movie with this elderly woman wearing a skull mask and talking to her wrist… or something… I kinda see how that might look a little trashy… and actually I had aubergine for supper… just saying..

  • ben

    Switch back to your old video player please. I don’t disable adblock on your site for nothing. Don’t give in to these “fans” that only want to watch videos on youpoop.

  • Tev

    Just watch Jay’s reactions to anything . . . I love RLM <3

  • guest

    I have been researching the future, there’s amazing things like commoder 64 computers

  • The Big Insane Happy

    well that sort of made my evening.

  • Dagget

    It heals wounds most everywhere!

  • Darrel

    Some unfunny shit the kids think is brilliant.

  • Green

    Haha, I’ve got that same Star Wars VHS set, unless Lucas destroyed it without me noticing.

  • Cap’n Ass

    This might be the funniest thing you’ve done yet. Great job, fellas.

  • Guy989898989

    What made it trash? It was pretty unique, it just didn’t have a huge budget. The ending scenes were silly, a nice touch.

  • Scottymac66

    I can’t believe Tim is taller than Mike.

  • DarthSarlacc

    Do you always want people whose opinion you don’t like to go away

    I guess you were the kid who would cover his ears and go “la la la”

  • Nate

    …somebody got a dolly and had to use it.

  • Reifingomortcepscinortongim

    You sir are gay.
    Not that anything is wrong with being gay,but Nadine is just fine.Mighty fine.

  • Thanks for another great season. Best of luck with space cop or whatever!

  • Tim Heidecker! Fuck yeah!

  • Mr. Fussypuss


  • Geust

    Nah, he’s just a (soon to be) legendary commedian who’s comedic IQ is just too high to be comprended by most mere mortals.
    Or he’s a completely stoned idiot and people (including myself…) are nearly as brainless for liking most of his (and Eric’s) work. I’d say no though, lol.

  • Christopher Kulik


  • Christopher Kulik

    Can i just say: Rich Evans is fucking amazing as Fake GL, but I can’t wait to see his epic performance as….SPACE COP

  • Robby

    I’m kind of intrigued. They made this a very short episode instead of a full-length one, knowing people would be disappointed that there wasn’t an actual review (not that Step Up: Revolution needs an actual review. I take that to mean there is going to be an epic conclusion to this season as only RedLetterMedia can deliver?

  • Daren_Gray

    The kids are right and you should be encased in ice with your arm elbow deep in a mastodon’s butthole.

  • Acid refucks guy

    Tums will quench that fire.

  • Joshua W.

    I am the Wourax I speak for the wounds

  • Guestwho

    We know

  • the laughing nerd

    Dear Red Letter Media,

    You guys are movie geniuses, police academy complex, brilliant and in order for you to have more viewers you need to do one thing… MAKE A PLINKETT DARK KNIGHT2) REVIEW Thanks much appreciated

  • Max Wylde

    I still have my original versions, George! You have failed! Han shot first, bitch!

  • Andreas

    SPACE COP is here. Out of time, out place. In a world, he didn’t understand.

  • Geiger

    I agree with Chris..Space Cop looks like the tits.
    But can i just say..as big of a fan as i am of RLM i am a bit disappointed that we didnt get a Total Recall Half in the Bag for its season finale…I couldnt wait for you fine gentlemen to validify all the issues i had with this Remake. Perhaps you could do a “While we were out: Films we saw during the break” little recap episode..just a thought. Keep it up fellas..

  • laura hannah

    still gots ma Empire and Jedi on vhs. sit on that, lucas

  • Alex Humphrey

    I have never seen a more thorough review of Step Up Revolution. I know now everything I need to about that film.

  • why am I watching this?

    You guys are legends xD!

  • that feel, bro… i know it

    Mike, Jay… awesome. Carry on with these spectacular shenanigans, guys.. I cant wait to see what you review next.

  • jacob_cooley

    Oh great, Half in the Bag sells out its millions of fans by having giant international superstar Tim Heidecker on.. hope the buildings full of cash was WORTH IT!

  • Dubs

    In all sincerity that was probably one of the best short films I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  • Like Wise

    That Tim guy. What a nobody. No chance for a career in comedy for film for that guy.

  • Christopher Kulik


  • Legolas

    That was great. Finally they moved the story arc forward and did some character development(I guess …) instead their usual monster(movie) of the week thing.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Hey Jocelyn: I have a VCR and several VHS movies such as MEATBALLS III, THE KEY TO REBECCA, THE WEDDING MARCH, and MASSAGE: THE TOUCH OF LOVE.

  • I was hoping to see Roudy Roddy Piper at the end of this chewing gum.

  • Stuckonearth

    Tim and RLM together? My mind has been blown…. GREAT JOB!

  • Ricky

    That’s the best conlussion to an arc I’ve seen from Red Letter Media. That’s to say, it was ok.
    Rich Evans keeps getting better but keeps failing. The lady is still passable (as an actress) but not excersicing is catching up with her.
    All in all, you can see the effort put in this and is very much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • XxSWFan92

    So you guys are taking a break from HITB to work on Space Cop?

    I’m okay with this.

  • Malchik

    >Tim Heidecker


  • Greg

    Time Heidecker! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • bob

    “Total Recall” sucks ass!

  • Great job!

  • Douchehole

    Rich Who? That was the real George Lucas.

  • Guest

    I was first in line. They start with the end of last time, and there was Mike and Jay, and here comes the setup, and just as they started reviewing the film the episode ended – and all the kids cheered!

    But I didn’t cheer. I stood right up and started shouting, “This isn’t what happened last week! Have you all got amnesia?! They just cheated us! This isn’t fair! They didn’t review the cock-a-doodie film!!”

  • guy from Lithuania

    Just so you know, the scream Tim makes before getting away sounds a lot like “dick” in Russian.

  • DarthSarlacc

    Would everyone wipe Tim’s cum off their mouths

  • Ha ha! I have a copy of the original Star Wars trilogy on an RCA capacitance discs! Sure the picture quality sucks, but Han shoots first!

  • Carl

    Awsome show! Great job!

  • JimTreacher

    pep pep pep pep pep pep pep pep pep pep

  • That’s OK, since you released the original Star Wars set somewhere in the mid 2000’s on DVD for a “limited time” – so naturally, those versions have been transcoded to AVI and now are easily available for download,

  • cole1114

    I’m not even elderly, so it wouldn’t have been as gross as Mr Plinkett. But now the whole plan is ruined, so she has no reason to seduce me.


  • fRed Herring

    Talk about no substance. Worst episode ever.

  • Smokey MacPot

    I think it is great that RLM is running rings around Hollywood in originality and content. GO RLM GO!

  • NOPE

    No, the kids are not. Hopefully one day they’ll learn that the only point to Tim and Eric’s brand of humor is that there is none (unless you just project it), and that calling that brilliant is fucking stupid. Watch Monty Python or Mr. Show, kids.

  • Daren_Gray

    I love Monty Python and Mr. Show. And Tim and Eric. They are not mutually exclusive, grandpa. You just prefer old, narrow, and safe. To your eternal shame.

  • derpdeedoo

    was anyone else disappointed that they didnt review this with a slight seriousness and mild sarcasm. could’ve been great.

  • FlyingBustard

    Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars Fucking Star Wars

  • BigFan

    What about copies of the tapes on the Internet?

  • FlyingBustard

    Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TEMerNlE4tY
    Someone’s recreated Mr Plinkett’s living room in Half-Life 2. It’s good stuff.

  • Joel Nelson

    Yeah, MST3K would get a little too involved in the host segments too. But fans always love it.

  • Girls volleyball

    I am altering the fever! Pray I don’t alter it any further.

  • goldenfingun

    he lives in our hearts

  • i win again

    youd like that

  • Another George Lucas thing

    Were you anticipating something?

  • Chickenbutt


  • trifecta

    i poop on your head little gentleman

  • guest

    It could’ve been great.

  • JohnWaynman

    “That’s the best conlussion to an arc I’ve seen from Red Letter Media.”
    What “arcs” have they done before??

    “Rich Evans keeps getting better but keeps failing.”
    He and Mike Stoklasa have been the best and funniest (male) actors in any RLM material – if you wanna trash them, trash them both, but singling out Rich Evans only makes you look like one of those retarded audience members during SpongeBob’s standup show.

  • Ricky

    The one where fuckbot appears and that lady in red is queen of the universe of something. There’s the time where they repaired the vcr or something. Something something. Go watch them, they aren’t that memorable but they are funny.

    You are saying I have to like two separate things that you like just because I like one of them? mmhmm… and you call me retarded… ok. Go gives a shit.

  • asshole

    Hey, assholes….get off your lazy butts and review “The Bourne Legacy” and “Total Recall”…they both suck major ass!

  • Blue Eyed Devil


  • Omg I love this site so much. Mike is a sexy beast. Jay is…..Jay.

  • Brooke

    Please review the Total Recall movie. The latest one. Please.

  • TheBarl

    Season Finale? What the fuck does that mean? Do we gotta wait until fucking February to see moar? I feel like I oughta build a time machine so I can go to the past and threaten childhood mike with a gun. And then go forward in time and see if George R.R. Martin will actually finish A Song of Ice and Fire. Then use my knowledge of the future to become rich and buy out Red Letter Media, and force them in the present to make more HALF IN THE BAG RIGHT NOW.

  • help

    when will there be the next plinkett-review?
    i realy need my shot.

  • Scirocco

    This was the most comprehensive and agreeable thing I’ve read.

  • Scirocco

    It could’ve been great.

  • Mynock

    It could’ve been ok.

  • Mynock

    screw that, what about all the copies of the original version on dvd?

  • steve-polykernopolis

    Taking the winter off and going into hibernation. Didn’t know gay bears rp’d like real bears though. Maybe we should submit this activity to some scientific journal and share this fact with the world

  • Marcin

    Best review ever.

  • JohnWaynman

    “The one where fuckbot appears”
    That… was a SHORT MOVIE, you dumbass. Not an arc spanning over multiple episodes.

    “There’s the time where they repaired the vcr or something.”
    That wasn’t an arc with a “conclussion”, though, just an ongoing thing that never got “resolved”.

    “Something something.”

    “You are saying I have to like two separate things that you like just because I like one of them?”
    In theory, you’re right. In practice, pretty much the only reason some people trash Evans and post retarded comments like “I know he’s your friend, but c’mon”, is because Stoklasa and Bauman jokingly keep making fun of him on this show, and they, being the complete idiots they are, actually take those jokes seriously.

    Either that, or they think his Plinkett is inferior, not having seen anything else he’s done.

    So yea, you are retarded, you type like you’re retarded, and you’re just a retard – fuck off.

  • Carl

    I’m fine with the episode, but they are calling this the season finale. Does that mean no Total Recall review? A movie like that is about as up their alley as it gets without being Star Wars or Star Trek.

  • JDDD

    I’ve never even heard of Step Up Revolution until this review, thanks alot for nothing.

  • charlie

    Great Job!

  • Richard Peck



    took rlm off my bookmarks. shits ovi. peeeeeace.

  • leo

    so like who didnt see this coming

  • ItsTrueGuys

    I told you before. STOP WITH THE FUCKING ACCENT. It’s bad. Really bad. Worse than anything you’ve ever done, worse than anything you’ve reviewed. Seriously. You’re fucking up your own thing. Stop trying to be funny. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY. You know some shit about movies, so talk about the movies. Stop trying to be Monty Python because they are funny, clever, and educated and you are none of those.

  • DavidFullamIsAStupidCunt

    David Fullam. You are so wrong and stupid that it makes me angry and I honestly wish for your death. If I could pay three dollars for someone to kill you right now, I would do it. Honestly I would.

  • guest

    What accent? Who has an accent? What are you talking about? Who are you, and why do you think the success of Red Letter Media rests on what you think? What does Monty Python have to do with anything? Am I going insane?

  • pressed button

    Can I get him on my show??????

  • Sully

    Hey, George!!! You missed a fuckin’ copy! MINE!!!
    *insert sinister laugh here*

  • JohnWaynman

    You sound like a complete dumbshit.

  • DarthWatoo

    You have to be educated to be a comedian now?

  • JohnWaynman

    Given how they’re at least one step ahead of you and lampshade this “lame” twist right in the video, your criticism is entirely pointless.

    Maybe the way they acted tired about Lucas appearing again, and tried to amuse the viewer with this “self-consciously pandering anti-reveal”, was “uninspired”, but you hadn’t thought this far had you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pretentious humour analysis, I love it!

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    I’ve moved on……so should you.

  • guest

    You’ve moved on by…continuing to come to their website and comment on their videos?

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    harrycarrybigfoot โ€ข 12 days ago

  • hiver

    Im with Jay on this one. Olympics suck.

  • chris

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  • Patrick

    The weirdest thing, is that I somehow noticed that it was Tim before he even said his name or lowered the newspaper. Totally was not expecting it though.

  • jcwoolse

    For the love of God. Please watch a movie and talk about it. I know pickings are thin this time of year, but there are real everyday working men and women (and people who don’t work at all) across the globe who maintain a semblance of sanity with a periodic ration of Half in the Bag. Heard a guy in Calcutta bitching about withdrawal last week. Trust me on this. The cross is yours to bear, and I know it must suck, but there it is.

  • David Lee Kersey

    And Lucus totally forgot about the Laser Disc versions that I have.

  • Okula

    I love you guys. But, ugh. Sheila’s accent. I can’t stand fake southern accents. Please make her to stop.

  • Okula

    Correction: Please make her stop. The typo makes me sound like a Bulgarian immigrant.

  • Devils_Advocate

    Actually…I…can’t…tell…what…you’re…saying…because…of…all…the…pauses…also, as for what you responded to: hyperbole. Really popular with the kids these days.

  • James

    Hey, I love all those shows and no disrespect personally, but I think the Internet is funny because calling a skit that includes Confucious giving a yellow card to Niche for “accusing Confucious of having no free will” during the Philosophers World Cup or a boxer who jogs 45 miles every morning before eating a lunch consisting of rubbing gravel in his hair or a multi-fourth wall breaking skit about how every person is ruled by the Old Lady, Biker, Gay Guy and Japanese Man voices inside them all under control of the dominant “False Doctor voice” to put it in your words, “old narrow, and safe” is just ridiculous. Red Letter Media is great.

  • Shorty

    I had that black box version of Star Wars. PSA: The special edition DVD collection includes the original versions in addition to the new/improved versions.

  • oh my god they killed lucas
    you bastards

  • Most honest “to the point” movie review ever made ๐Ÿ˜›

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    Question about the soundtrack: The action music is referencing Predator, right? What is the ‘sad score’ referencing during the ‘Star Wars is in our hearts’ speech? I gotta know this for some strange reason.

  • Brendan

    George forgot to destroy all the laser discs, betamax, and CED (capacitance electronic discs) movie versions…. good thing I only watch film on vinyl

  • I can’t believe you guys had the gall to kill a George Lucas effigy.

  • schlongdong

    argh i’m trying to figure out what that chanting/music is from, during lucas’ demasking. can anyone tell me?

  • Martin Long

    It’s the theme from “Navajo Joe” by Ennio Morricone.

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    So those are George Lucas guts on the wall. I had always wondered.

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    I sure am glad I still have my original VHS copy of The Phantom Menace. Now I can always watch the original just in case Mr. Lucas decides to “make it better”. Plus I never bought the copy, I just never gave it back to a friend who is not a friend anymore. I win thrice.
    I’ve done my part now get back to work.

  • I was going to call you a horrible monster for stealing from your friend but then i realized Ive never had a friendship that was worth more than an original VHS copy of TPM. So cheers.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Cameo by Tim Heidecker? Cameo by Tim Heidecker.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Mike’s reaction is pretty great, too.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m seeing comments on here from 2 years ago asking about Space Cop.

    We were so naive.

  • Hilary Manfat

    Are you George Lucas by any chance?

  • Hilary Manfat

    I’m glad you gave Step up Revolution the attention it deserves!

  • fucker

    it’s like the perfect combination of everything good in this world

    in one video

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