Half in the Bag: Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4

October 25, 2012355 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the recent horror flops Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. Meanwhile, some creepy things begin to happen around Old Man Plinkett’s house. Could it be a Baghuul problem?

WARNING: This episode contains several very loud noises. You’ll probably hate us by the end.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501374086 Stephen Grillo

    Home from work today what a treat!

  • Don

    Please don’t ever stop making these :-)

  • http://twitter.com/thenewloon The Loon


  • Don

    Anyone that has extra change in their pocket, don’t give it to the neighborhood bum, give it to RLM!!!

  • Tony J B

    please watch all the harry potters and review them as films alone.
    great!! vids by the way.
    educational. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

    Hey, new HITB!

    Anyways as a foreigner,

    may i ask:

    Why do horror films deserve so many sequels?

    I mean, the only countries besides America that do countless horror sequels are Japan and Indonesia, and i still don’t get why there’s “Saw 20” and “Paranormal Activity 875”. The same apply to the latter two, with stuff like “Ju-On the Remix Beginning” and “Toyol 25”

    Seriously, why do they sell so well, enough to warrant countless shitty sequels?

  • Vince

    sinister was horrible

  • Don

    They are cheap to make, that’s it……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/mbrickner1 Mike Brick

    The American film industry will capitalize on any film series for as long as possible. Since people don’t expect much from most horror movies, it makes sense to keep making tons of sequels: people will expect low quality from them but see the films nonetheless. Why would they see these movies even though they know the films are bad? Various reason: some people like the cheesiness, others like the violence, but most people just like to shut their brains off for two hours and be scared just for the fun of it.

  • Tensen01

    I would say that on the whole they don’t “Deserve” them. But yes, they tend to be fairly cheap and make a good margin of profit so they keep getting cranked out. Most of us Americans also don’t see why there’s a ‘Saw 20’ either.

  • I am Guest

    “Middle of the road” means IT SUCKS!

  • Infusions

    Mike’s laugh at Jay’s Sequel wordplay was amazing.

  • Dr-G0nz0

    The amount of advertisment on these videos now is rife! Love watching these vids, but this advert crap is taking the piss!

  • ChickenWuss

    Okay so people I have a medical indisposition toward jumpscares (I really do, actually, it sucks) but I really want to watch this video. Can I ask nicely if someone bolder than me could pin down exactly at what point do said loud noises occur so I can be prepared for them?

  • http://www.facebook.com/liam.robertson.52 Liam Robertson

    I died at the Ghostbusters gag.

  • smashbro49

    Hey, they learned how to pronounce “guilt”. Good job.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Panzergoob Jon Fite

    You’re just going to have to skip this one dude.

  • Jay

    It’s not saying much, but Paranormal Activity 3 is the best of the bunch. It’s hilarious. You should give it a shot

  • ChickenWuss

    Really? It’s that bad? Damn it.

  • Erik

    Mike’s laugh at 13:45 is the most terrifying thing in this episode

  • http://twitter.com/bbhaver2 bbhaver

    It was Palpatineish.

  • Infusions

    19:38 – 19:41 (Music Sting)
    24:50 (Loud Laugh)
    24:56 (Alarm clock)
    25:28 (Loud Scream)
    29:39 (Loud Noise + Image Pop up)
    39:10 (Loud Noise)
    43:10 (Loud Noise + Image Pop up)

    I just skimmed the video so I may be missing one or two, but they’re pretty predictable since Mike and Jay are essentially making fun of it.

    There are no jump scares until they start reviewing the Paranormal Activity film, but you can expect that pretty much anytime they show one of the trailers, it’ll probably have a jumpscare in it.

  • max

    hey mike, and maybe jay. since you said you’re interested in those ghost investigation shows i’d recommend you check out a show called Ghostwatch. it was made in 1992 by the BBC and was banned shortly after it was aired. I don’t want to give too much away but it sort of put Britain into a sort of ‘War of the Worlds’ panic until it came out as fake. The Blair Witch people said it was one of the inspirations for their movie and one of my favorite things to watch around Halloween. i’d love to hear what you think about it. heres a link to the first part http://vimeo.com/43346940 the other parts are on there also. thanks for the great video as always.

  • ChickenWuss

    Thanks! You sir are one classy man.

  • James_Cobra

    Great as usual guys! I liked that little Evil Dead tribute

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Kaminski/759905343 Richard Kaminski

    I think they were pretty easy on Sinister. I thought it pretty dire.
    Apart from Ethan Hawke, the rest of the cast were absolutely dreadful. His wife delivered all her lines like she was in a commercial for laundry soap, and the little girl was even worse. I mean, I know she’s just a kid but jesus, she was really the best that auditioned?
    Also, the young cop seemed to think he was playing Dewy from Scream. WTF were those scenes about?!
    The worst aspect though was the terrible use of music during the majority of the playback of the found footage. Why did they ruin these creepy scenes with completely incongruous industrial metal music (or whatever the hell you would call that genre)? The scene is pretty much shot from EH’s POV, but this goddawful music is played over the top, actually synced to the super 8 stuff as if it is the actual soundtrack to what he is watching (eg it always starts and stops EXACTLY in time to the footage). But we know it isnt coz there is no sound to what he watches. So why use this method? Because it’s what horror movies always have and Sinister adheres to convention to the letter. But it totally breaks the spell and reminds you that you are watching a dumb horror movie. Silence would have made the scene really effective.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Well… if you only operate in hyperbole, it does. Otherwise it means “quite entertaining, but not anything great”.


    LMAO @ him dialing the phone

  • http://twitter.com/Billistic Billistic

    Ha, Mike and Jay don’t get that this movie is just a function for horny teenagers to go on “dates” to. They want to talk but they need an excuse for her to jump in to his arms. It’s the anticipation that they’re going to get to touch each other for a reason. With women Jay and Mike’s age you gotta use something like Seven to really scare her ass. Not some cheap startle.

  • Terry

    When Mike started dialing, I was expecting him to punch in either too few numbers, or too many. Still funny, even if expected.

  • alcoholic lemur

    so awesome, glad i was told to wait… y’know it would be interesting (and fucking hilarious!) to see a good fast &furious review. I just watched tokyo drift for the first time at a friends place, and…. the cuts between actual footage of drivers on roads driving and actors in a mock cab talking is… well, dumb.

  • playdude92

    Any Jack-O-Lantern has more creativity, character and craftsmanship involved than Parnormal Activity 4.
    It´s like reviewing oatmeal…

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.moulton David Moulton

    The haunted house gag is killing me! LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707535202 Chris Pendlebury

    this is better than the movie

  • Honk

    Man I hate these Paranormal actishit series. Great review and very cute ghost-girl.

  • Sajorij

    Were all those spoilers for Sinister really necessary? I was planning on seeing it on Halloween and now I hope all your spoiler bombs were a part of some great joke. Besides that, great episode.

  • YourFavoriteCustomer

    the ghost is so HOT!

  • Scott

    This is the first time I’ve disagreed with you guys. While the sequels were essentially copies of the first one with different locations and scare tactics, I really did think the first one was pretty entertaining and at times, original. Maybe it’s because I always find ghosts, etc interesting (although I’m pretty skeptical), but I thought there were a lot of little details that just made it legitimately creepy to me (footsteps of the demon/whatever scurrying away, ouija board fire). I don’t know… to each their own I guess.

    What’s funny is that I don’t find the ghost hunter TV shows entertaining at all, because it’s just a sham to me; I can’t get my mind to accept that those things are actually happening. Maybe I’m just not a believer. The Paranormal film on the other hand, I go into it knowing it’s fake and for entertainment, and that in the world that this film has established, ghosts/demons are real, and from there my imagination kicks in and builds upon the events unfolding. Yes it’s true, there isn’t much to a door slamming or footsteps, but it does give the viewer the opportunity to imagine what the hell is doing these things, why, etc.

    To me that’s just a lot scarier than the majority of these flicks that come out. I do agree it lacks any real structure, but I don’t think that was it’s purpose. I do feel, however, that it does a good job establishing an atmosphere, which in my opinion plays a huge role in all of this. I personally get freaked out with overwhelming silence like the ones found in the movie (and I’m sure I’m not the only one). I agree that long period silences disrupted by loud noises are a cheap way to frighten audiences, but the first one wasn’t entirely made up of that. To me the parts with very subtle movements and noises are what creep me out the most, because they were so similar to noises you actually hear in the middle of the night. The first film built something upon that relation that many audience members had. That’s just my take anyway, and why it legitimately scared me, although I will admit the sequels were just more of the same to cash in on the name, and it’s difficult to experience the same thing that was felt in the first one.

    Films like the Shining, Exorcist, etc deliver a different type of scare altogether, in my opinion, because you were drawn into the film, attached to these characters put into these horrific scenarios. That’s what makes them great. Paranormal gets a different scare out of me, putting me in situations I’ve actually been in, ie sitting in bed going “wtf was that?”, except in the film the sounds don’t go away like they do in real life. Was the first one a great film? Eh probably not, but it offered a scare that to me lingers longer than any of the big budget films like Sinister that all seem to blur together year after year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.murray.509 Alex Murray

    I met these guys!

  • silencio200

    on top of that, the ad’s are way to big and block the vision and focus of the video
    secondly the ad’s are Really really sad( or at least for me were) , about a bunch of Attention whores (todd on the shadows, the nostalgia chick, some ninja!?) really ad’s about attention Whores, dam they are really desperate.
    so i suggest please use another system besides Blip.

  • Bloody Cactus Dildo for Man

    Call Me!

  • DangerousRandy

    Bagoul reminds me of GooBoo, the Alien that was originally intended to run around with Indy in The Last Crusade

  • Sully

    I concur. If she’s looking for a new resident to haunt… or floor to sweep, send her my way.

  • MrTits

    Good video, but the Gangam Style was just unnecesary, everybody is fucking sick of it, don’t become the cancer of the Internet by putting that crap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Kaminski/759905343 Richard Kaminski

    It wasn’t banned, it was a one-off tv stunt who’s very concept precluded it being shown more than once. It did cause a number of complaints though.

  • Jay

    Those Universal Studios clips with Mike on the ride…best laugh I’ve had all year

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spike.Ghost Jean-François Martel

    I loved Sinister

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spike.Ghost Jean-François Martel

    Nice! loved the nod to Edgar Allan Poe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Macleod/654585243 Richard Macleod

    Except in this case middle of the road doesn’t mean quite entertaining at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rene.lora Rene Lora

    Sinister was sooo boring and repetitive. Its just Ethan doing the same things
    watches a film, stumbles around his house,
    watches a film, stumbles around his house,
    watches a film, stumbles around his house, but now with ghosts,
    watches a film, stumbles around his house but now can see the ghosts,
    watches a film, MURDERED!

  • Mingy

    Black baby jesus is scary now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wrenja-Czaczkes/100000276829636 Wrenja Czaczkes

    Agreed, I watched it the other day and really kind of enjoyed it. It is definitely the most interesting and entertaining of the four movies. The other three can DIAF.

  • JohnWaynman

    More like Jennifer Garner-ish. (Don’t believe me, watch the Alias outtakes.)

  • Heli

    You guys should do a special double review of The Recovered and Feeding Frenzy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Yungbluth/100000492345495 Jason Yungbluth

    Brilliant! Give yourselves a pat on the back. You know what was good? The noises.

  • tehcliff

    Thank you for posting a new Half in the Bag on my birthday! Mike and Jay might be frauds, but they’re entertaining frauds!

  • Bassbait

    Someone should make a hilarious satire of Paranormal Activity style films. Like the security cameras catching a guy on the toilet, and then some toilet paper flies up to the ceiling and he freaks out and you hear him evacuate his bowels. Then you see other angles of the nearby hallways of him running, crying, with his pants down, trying to get away.

    Now THAT would be entertainment!

  • Mark Bisone

    The PA movies makes studio execs and theater-owners cum HARD. They each cost about ten bucks to make, are 90 minutes long and gross a couple 100 million worldwide.

    Why do people buy tickets to see them? Because chicks jump into your arms when they hear loud noises. That’s the entire appeal of the movies. They aren’t even haunted house rides. They are “spooky noise” Halloween albums.

  • Mr_Katanga

    Mr Pipes FTW

  • BunnyFooFoo

    When it comes to horror movies, Mike & Jay are clearly much more interested in the “movie” as opposed to the “horror” side of things, so it’s understandable that the gimmicky concept might wear out its welcome quickly from a moviemaking standpoint. Also, I only ever saw the first Paranormal Activity because I felt like I basically got the gist of it by that point. It was definitely not a story that demanded a sequel (let alone three), so I can see how the concept might become more irritating the second, third, or fourth time around.

    Still, I think they answer their own question about how PA—the first one, at least—could possibly be considered scary. I agree that it’s important to differentiate between “jump scares” and a concept that’s genuinely disturbing. Sinister might make you uneasy while watching it because Ethan Hawke stubbornly refuses to turn on the fucking lights for no good reason and things pop out at you randomly, but unless you happen to live in a house formerly occupied by a family murdered by some ancient medieval demon, then there’s nothing truly disturbing about it. PA, on the other hand, was disturbing to me.

    It was disturbing for many of the same fundamental reasons as Poltergeist. As Mike points out, PA, like Poltergeist, doesn’t happen in some exotic location like a haunted castle or a spooky, abandoned mental hospital. It’s just a normal suburban house, the quintessential safe refuge, and that’s the point. Both movies take ordinary things and twist them into something horrifying. In the case of Poltergeist, it was a TV, a tree, a closet, a swimming pool, etc. In PA, it was the everyday act of sleeping in your own bed. To me, that’s a lot scarier. I don’t go to many haunted castles, but I sleep in my own bedroom in my normal suburban house every night. If you can successfully shatter the expectations of safety that the audience takes for granted in those sorts of situations, then that’s when a movie can become truly disturbing.

    Of course, it’s open to debate whether PA was successful in the attempt. I’m a little surprised, though, that you would like Blair Witch Project while disliking PA, since usually people tend to level the same criticisms at both. They didn’t show anything scary; nothing really happened; the characters were just a bunch of stupid, annoying assholes; etc. When you talk about the “unraveling” depicted in BWP, though, what you’re describing is exactly the sort of shattering of safe expectations that I describe above, and I think it happens in both movies.

    BWP is basically about a bunch of arrogant college students discovering, quite contrary to their expectations, that the “here there be dragons” zone exists a lot closer to civilization than they thought. They walk into a wilderness, ignoring every warning they’re given, and witness the ground collapse beneath all of their comfortable assumptions of safety.

    PA is basically about two normal, affluent people discovering that they are completely helpless in the face of a totally alien threat that comes to them without reason. The arrogant boyfriend attempts to deal with the problem of the demon using all the bravado and careless assumptions that he relies on in everyday life. He denies it; he tries to bluff and challenge it; he tries to appease it; in the end, he tries to run from it. One by one, all of his tactics fail, while he ignores the warnings he’s given, and they are both destroyed for it.

    I’ll also add that ghost stories are fundamentally scarier than other types of horror movies, like monster or slasher movies, because there’s an even greater sense of helplessness. If you’re being chased by a monster, it may be bigger and stronger than you, but it still has to obey certain obvious, physical rules (unless the movie is completely ludicrous). In ghost stories, on the other hand, there tends to be a lot more fuzziness and doubt about what the rules even are, so in a way you’re trying to fight blind.

  • Otto

    Does anyone else get the video extremely zoomed in? I can only see maybe the center fifth of any frame.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    An important thing to note is that the actual people who made Paranormal Activity don’t know why it’s scary, that CGI’d face at the end proves it.

  • DeadHooker

    Well put, and you nailed what makes movies like the PA series (save for part 4, it was shit) “successful”. I think I enjoyed the PA series up to 3 for the most part. The series is shot the way it is to psychologically groom you to identify with the characters and places as they’re served to you in random slices of everyday life, average and perhaps mundane because that’s what real life normally is – no demons or ghosts or things that go bump in the night. When the out-of-the-normal events start to unfold in the everyday and normal kitchen/bedroom/livingroom, you may be taken a bit out of your comfort zone *if* you didn’t allow yourself to suspend disbelief. I sort of equate that kitchen or bedroom with my own and that makes things unnerving. I made that small mental investment and got a better experience because of it.

  • SirGeeeO

    Paranormal activity is familiar and people are habitual. I have only seen the first two, but they’re a fun movie to go to the theater and watch surrounded by a bunch of screaming idiots

  • nignog

    I can’t believe I find the “get fucked” at the beginning so funny

  • RamenSempai

    lol the tell-tale Plinket! Nice one guys :)

  • RamenSempai

    Am I seriously the only one that noticed the Edgar Allen Poe / Tell-tale Heart vibe? lol

  • 112233

    JAY: I’ve got it! Let’s go watch the new 007 movie!
    MIKE: Jay, that’s a terrible idea. Let’s go watch all the 007 movies!

    Pretty please?

  • North

    And here I thought we were gonna see the ghosts of Bambi and Plinkett’s other dead wives. Shyamalan’d!

  • http://www.facebook.com/grums.grumsgrums Grums Grumsgrums

    Wow, they have a shot glass from Safe House in Milwaukee! I love that place!

  • Clyde

    40 episodes in and these keep getting better and better.

  • Justin Petoskey

    Ah yes for a moment I forgot we lived in the real world and there are no such persons as the Ghostbusters. Thank you for pointing how stupid the paranormal movies are.

  • Richard Thompson

    Paranormal Activity: The Startling.

  • Cyvaris

    So if the image of Baghuul becomes itself Baghuul….does that mean Baghuul is a Weeping Angel?

  • DERP

    No, any retard could pick up on that.

  • guest

    I swear I have the clock with that alarm! It is fuckin’ loud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicktheofficeninja Nicholas Collins

    You have no idea I went to go see PA2 and when the movie was over and the screen goes black and white words come up the lady next to me goes “Ho my God!”

    You would have no idea how many stupid people are out there who think these movies are real. That’s fucking scary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.r.barry1 Mongo

    ‘You’ll probably hate us by the end.’

    To be honest I hated you before the video even started.

  • Ryan McKeon

    Slipknot was never scary or even disturbing, more like Tom Six; just desperate for attention. all I thought while watching them was empathy. True horror is the guy that plays Moriarty in Sherlock, the modern-day one. I had to stop watching the show for a while once they introduced him I was so disturbed. The guys from Slipknot just mad me want to offer a hug. Heath ledger in the Dark Knight, that’s how you use makeup to frighten; you need an ideology such as chaos and a clear motive beyond trying to say “I’m really crying on the inside”.

  • praetorfenix86

    If I have nightmares tonight it’s your guys fault, you should warn people before you show terrifying pictures of the Cosby’s.

  • CancerOfTheWebzones

    Oppa Plinkett style!!

  • CancerOfTheWebzones

    Oppa Plinkett style!!

    Opp opp opp

    Oppa Plinkett style!!

  • MJH_47

    This was perfectly written. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    The only thing I would add is to argue against the assertion that the movies are nothing but jump scares. They seem to have devolved into that over the course of the sequels, but one thing I liked so much about the first movie was that all the “activity” was very methodically and deliberately paced. The door slowly moving on its own, the bedsheets fluttering, the girl silently watching her boyfriend sleep for hours on end; these are all the exact opposite of loud noises and things jumping at the camera.
    The ending is of course the obvious exception, but that was tacked on by the studio since the original ending was too “boring” and would have precluded the possibility of any sequels.

  • mephitofthelake

    Ohhhhh Mike and Jay. You entertain me so. I would love you both with mouth. Yes homo.

  • CancerOfTheWebzones

    I think more like real life.
    Stuff like”Why aren’t you making more money?” or “Where is this relationship going?” or “When are you going to move out of your moms basement?”

  • CancerOfTheWebzones
  • CancerOfTheWebzones

    It has been discussed by RedLetterMedia in some review ,don’t remember which or on some other review show.The thing that is already in the public awareness is easier to sell so the obvious thing is to make sequels or to make movies about I don’t know ,Battleship or other toys.

  • John Tinkleberry

    Did the blood disappear from the pumpkin’s mouth when it changed to the 2SPOOKY NIGHT VISION?

  • CancerOfTheWebzones

    The ghost chick from Plinkett house is kinda hot.
    Is she going to be a regular character?

  • ~

    Paranormal Activity :The yawning.

    Paranormal Activity:The snorring.

  • Leo

    Ha ha, that would be about 20 parts long. Be good though..However I would have to watch it in installments.

  • cb750

    The reason people watch the paranormal movies is the shock stuff is sexually thrilling. Women love that.

  • Guest

    I admit I was waiting for Poltergeist to be mentioned in comparison.

    The “Rich White People” vibe can throw a person off of enjoyment of these movies – one difference in Poltergeist was they showed how hard the father had worked to get that house for his family, how they’d just moved in and they were new to it, just beginning to believe their life would maybe be better… you kinda sympathized a bit therefore when it was ruined for them and they eventually lost it – and they made the in-ground swimming pool scary!

    I always want to know, when stuff is getting panned, what you guys would like instead. The Thing? Evil Dead 1/2/3? The Fourth Kind? Mothman Prophecies? Devil’s Backbone? Pontypool?

  • Jean Baudrillard

    Mike watches ghost shows and is at least agnostic about ghosts? That was almost as jarring as it would be find out he is a Scientologist or KKK member.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.wardinski Nathan Wardinski

    Kudos on the review. One of you mentioned “The Last Broadcast” preceding “The Blair Witch Project” in the found-footage genre. There are at least two other films worth mentioning: “Peeping Tom” from 1960 and “Cannibal Holocaust” from 1980. They aren’t strictly found-footage in way we would think of them today but both are important precursors. “Peeping Tom” is criminally underappreciated.

    Also, your description for this video describes “Sinister” and “Paranormal Activity 4” as
    flops but they aren’t. “Sinister” cost $3 million to make while “PA4” cost $5 million. (How the hell the latter was more expensive than the former is beyond me.) Even allowing for advertising costs, these films were profitable in their first weekend. That doesn’t make them good (“Sinister” was okay, “PA4” was insultingly bad) but it does mean they were financially successful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cobey.cobb Cobey Cobb

    You fucking assholes!!!!! I shit

  • Guest

    Paranormal Activity is a pile of shit. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Guest

    Jump scares are not horror. PA is boring garbage.

  • Guest

    Rich Evans didn’t kill any wives.

  • Guest

    But was it ever real?


  • C.G.

    Mike and Jay are way too talented to be interfacing with this mainstream schlock… go back to doing old B-movies or something… like Black Ninja… or maybe “The Chipmunk Adventure”… a CIA primer for children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.t.hunter Joseph Thomas Hunter

    Seven Nights of Darkness. Ridiculously cheap, unscripted, but actually scary. I was shocked. Especially since its one of 20 different movies with the exact same premise, reality TV show shot in a haunted asylum. But this one really works. It had me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, and laughing at myself for actually being scared by the shit happening.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.t.hunter Joseph Thomas Hunter

    Also, do not confuse it with Episode 50 or Grave Encounters. Those are both horrible, but somehow they get much better reviews on the net.

  • Andrew Austin

    There were some legitimately creepy parts in the first Paranormal movie that weren’t jump scares. Like, when you notice that the girlfriend stops blinking during the last 1/4th of the movie.

  • Leo Ladenson

    I’ll be fine. I’m a little startled, but I think I’ll be okay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jspider.markl Jay S. Markl

    Pretty much the post I was thinking of making. I felt the first Paranormal Activity was better then the Blair Witch but they were really both similar aspects of the same concept for character degradation. I suppose what made Paranormal work for me more was the more mundane setting and the fact that you see alot more then what you see in Blair Witch. Conversely while Blair Witch showed me less it makes for a more compelling narrative in the sense that the characters are pitted more directly against the force that opposes them.

    The concepts for Paranormal Activity are probably stronger overall to me then the actual execution however. It feels like at least with the second one they were simply trying to tweak things to tell the same story better. Like a more passive camera system makes more sense then having someone run around with one (but they still put hand held camera scenes in) and they also had a couple of new ideas for the haunting. Kinda amazed Jay and Mike didn’t poke at the jump cut teleportation in the second one which wrecks the series idea of realism.

    I’ve seen the first three at various friends homes and while I initially suspended my disbelief for the found footage gimmick things start to fall apart pretty quickly as it goes on. For instance I liked the scene in the first movie were they research demons in general and find a story that parallels their own but doesn’t necessarily give clear answers. It seem to fit the feeling of hopelessness as the activity was increasing and becoming more violent.

    As the sequels go on you get more of the odd edits and weird camera cuts and in two you had them give the demon a direct motivation “it wants the first born son” and then you even had a character postulate “maybe our grandma sold her firstborn son for money but never had a male child”. Bam you’ve sucked out any scary aspect or realism because its no longer an every family or that odd monster I thought was in my closet when I was five. Now its a very specific chain of events and the demon has specific motives and you suddenly have a weird cult.

    I feel like its similar to the issues with I think it was the Devil Inside? A found footage movie having too much story or narrative for its own good. While none of the movies individually have much of anything the collective lore is sort of crushing the series. And yet the series is content to mostly repeat the same paces with every movie and not go anywhere while using its lore to drag viewers onwards.

    Honestly the better deal would have been to turn it into maybe an Anthology series were each Paranormal movie had to deal with some sort of different KIND of activity or entity (while keeping the same found footage motif and the presumption that this is the “real” world). It’d make it more interesting to see different creatures of different kinds of hauntings being tackled and recorded in different ways and not always the same demon that likes to move doors and throw things off cameras. How about a hitchhicking ghost story or something?

    Since they ARE building Paranormal Activity as some sort of collective series that leads somewhere though, they might as well just embrace it and have some actual forward moving protagonists in the next movie who try to summon demons or have an exorcism or something. Its actually amazing the film series hasn’t gone “meta”. Its supposed to take place in our real world as some sort of found footage the cops are letting be leaked? I dunno, at this point WE’VE seen the movies so the sequels should have characters that remember the movies too since most people have seen them. Then they’d be like “hey this is just like that movie!” and we would then have an excuse not to retred as much old ground and have something new or surprising happen.

    Not expecting much though, upon hearing about their “novel” ideas of using an Xbox Kinnect I pretty much assumed this was the next Jack and Jill 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    It almost got the Rich Evans-level in how entertaining a laugh can be!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Well, that is one point of view. Out of many, but not less credible for that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    You should become a ghost and haunt them, then!

  • RedCanada

    That’s because PA3 is the most formalist of the four movies, so it’s easier to believe it’s possible in its own world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theblocksays Rory Block

    LOL I was thinking the exact same thing in regards to comparing that Baghuul thing to being tormented by a Slipknot video! Was that really the best creature design they could come up with!?

  • Sean Adams


    I guess I strongly disagree with this episode of Half in the Bag on 3 counts, which include past episodes:

    1. I’m willing to defend the Paranormal Activity series. Fuck yeah.
    2. Scream 4 was awful, despite it’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Fuck it. Fuck. (Fuck.)
    3. Prometheus was terrible. Fuck off, comments galore.

    Anyway, I’m not being sarcastic about the PA series… I honestly think that the series is worth defending.

    The Shining is my favorite horror movie (and even *that* movie incites debate). 0I could pretentiously list many great horror films that I feel are the best examples of horror movies, but that would be missing the point and make me look like a film-snob a-hole / producer of PA4. (Laughing outlandishly in long form.)

    As RLM states, comedy and horror are perhaps the most subjective types of film, but I *think* I can do PA justice, even if people ridicule me, or call me stupid / completely stupid / completely fucking stupid.

    Since the first movie, from a personal level, I’ve admitted that I’ve had no problem with people criticizing or *HATING* the PA movies. And by *HATING*, I mean, ***HATING***. As in “how the fuck could people enjoy these stupid fucking boring movies, much less ‘pay’ for them, with actual cash. I mean, you’d have to be an idiot, someone stupid, who both loves boredom and hype.”

    I don’t know if calling myself an idiot holds legitimacy, but I’m starting to think that by part 4, it doesn’t matter anymore.

    I think that PA3 was the pinnacle of the series’ achievement so far. (I admit, though, that citing the second sequel in a series is not the ultimate proof of quality.) Yet, I still recommend that people see PA3, as long as you didn’t absolutely despise the first two films.

    Regardless, I think PA has increased in quality from 1-3. Many people think PA2 was a step down from PA1, but among people who either love or hate the series, I think it’s a wash. I preferred PA2 because I was both intrigued and surprised by how much it held back, and how it introduced the narrative. But good lord, that doesn’t matter to people who don’t care for the films.

    I think *most* people (NOT ALL) who like the series beyond the original agree that PA3 is the best in the series. However, it still requires the same “does this scare you?” line of thinking. Either the home-movie shots bore you, or they bring you into the atmosphere. Personally, I’m a film buff, but the PA movies target me in a way that seriously taps into my imagination. Call me stupid, sheep-like, whatever, but they WORK for me. I’m a target. The “boring moments” don’t make me talk to my co-viewers; they make me tense up with the atmosphere, *not* with anticipating a jump-scare.

    I personally think it’s a shame that Mike and Jay didn’t screen PA3, because I think it was the most creative and scary entry in the series. The scares (except the first tongue-in-cheek scare) weren’t just meaningless jump-scares… The demon purposefully scared the main characters into doing its bidding, which I thought was both creative and scary. Scaring the shit out of the parents into going to Grandma’s house was both logical and frightening.

    In PA3, the actions of the demon had a clear, narrative purpose. I can’t speak for PA4 because I haven’t seen it, but this episode seemed to be focused much more on the series than part 4.

    Again, I have not seen PA4 because it looks really disappointing based on the trailer, but so far, I think PA culminated with PA3. I understand that I didn’t really explain why these movies work for me, but goosh-nash-butomm-tomm, if anyone has read this far and asks me to explain, I will.

  • Guest


    I guess I strongly disagree with this episode of Half in the Bag on 3 counts, which include past episodes:

    1. I’m willing to defend the Paranormal Activity series. Fuck yeah.
    2. Scream 4 was awful, despite it’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Fuck it. Fuck. (Fuck.)
    3. Prometheus was terrible. Fuck off, comments galore.

    Anyway, I’m not being sarcastic about the PA series… I honestly think that the series is worth defending.

    The Shining is my favorite horror movie (and even *that* movie incites debate). 0I could pretentiously list many great horror films that I feel are the best examples of horror movies, but that would be missing the point and make me look like a film-snob a-hole / producer of PA4. (Laughing outlandishly in long form.)

    As RLM states, comedy and horror are perhaps the most subjective types of film, but I *think* I can do PA justice, even if people ridicule me, or call me stupid / completely stupid / completely fucking stupid.

    Since the first movie, from a personal level, I’ve admitted that I’ve had no problem with people criticizing or *HATING* the PA movies. And by *HATING*, I mean, ***HATING***. As in “how the fuck could people enjoy these stupid fucking boring movies, much less ‘pay’ for them, with actual cash. I mean, you’d have to be an idiot, someone stupid, who both loves boredom and hype.”

    I don’t know if calling myself an idiot holds legitimacy, but I’m starting to think that by part 4, it doesn’t matter anymore.

    I think that PA3 was the pinnacle of the series’ achievement so far. (I admit, though, that citing the second sequel in a series is not the ultimate proof of quality.) Yet, I still recommend that people see PA3, as long as you didn’t absolutely despise the first two films.

    Regardless, I think PA has increased in quality from 1-3. Many people think PA2 was a step down from PA1, but among people who either love or hate the series, I think it’s a wash. I preferred PA2 because I was both intrigued and surprised by how much it held back, and how it introduced the narrative. But good lord, that doesn’t matter to people who don’t care for the films.

    I think *most* people (NOT ALL) who like the series beyond the original agree that PA3 is the best in the series. However, it still requires the same “does this scare you?” line of thinking. Either the home-movie shots bore you, or they bring you into the atmosphere. Personally, I’m a film buff, but the PA movies target me in a way that seriously taps into my imagination. Call me stupid, sheep-like, whatever, but they WORK for me. I’m a target. The “boring moments” don’t make me talk to my co-viewers; they make me tense up with the atmosphere, *not* with anticipating a jump-scare.

    I personally think it’s a shame that Mike and Jay didn’t screen PA3, because I think it was the most creative and scary entry in the series. The scares (except the first tongue-in-cheek scare) weren’t just meaningless jump-scares… The demon purposefully scared the main characters into doing its bidding, which I thought was both creative and scary. Scaring the shit out of the parents into going to Grandma’s house was both logical and frightening.

    In PA3, the actions of the demon had a clear, narrative purpose. I can’t speak for PA4 because I haven’t seen it, but this episode seemed to be focused much more on the series than part 4.

    Again, I have not seen PA4 because it looks really disappointing based on the trailer, but so far, I think PA culminated with PA3. I understand that I didn’t really explain why these movies work for me, but goosh-nash-butomm-tomm, if anyone has read this far and asks me to explain, I will.

  • Guest

    I guess I strongly disagree with this episode of Half in the Bag on 3 counts, which include past episodes:

    1. I’m willing to defend the Paranormal Activity series. Fuck yeah.
    2. Scream 4 was awful, despite it’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Fuck it. Fuck. (Fuck.)
    3. Prometheus was terrible. Fuck off, comments galore.

    Anyway, I’m not being sarcastic about the PA series… I honestly think that the series is worth defending.

    The Shining is my favorite horror movie (and even *that* movie incites debate). 0I could pretentiously list many great horror films that I feel are the best examples of horror movies, but that would be missing the point and make me look like a film-snob a-hole / producer of PA4. (Laughing outlandishly in long form.)

    As RLM states, comedy and horror are perhaps the most subjective types of film, but I *think* I can do PA justice, even if people ridicule me, or call me stupid / completely stupid / completely fucking stupid.

    Since the first movie, from a personal level, I’ve admitted that I’ve had no problem with people criticizing or *HATING* the PA movies. And by *HATING*, I mean, ***HATING***. As in “how the fuck could people enjoy these stupid fucking boring movies, much less ‘pay’ for them, with actual cash. I mean, you’d have to be an idiot, someone stupid, who both loves boredom and hype.”

    I don’t know if calling myself an idiot holds legitimacy, but I’m starting to think that by part 4, it doesn’t matter anymore.

    I think that PA3 was the pinnacle of the series’ achievement so far. (I admit, though, that citing the second sequel in a series is not the ultimate proof of quality.) Yet, I still recommend that people see PA3, as long as you didn’t absolutely despise the first two films.

    Regardless, I think PA has increased in quality from 1-3. Many people think PA2 was a step down from PA1, but among people who either love or hate the series, I think it’s a wash. I preferred PA2 because I was both intrigued and surprised by how much it held back, and how it introduced the narrative. But good lord, that doesn’t matter to people who don’t care for the films.

    I think *most* people (NOT ALL) who like the series beyond the original agree that PA3 is the best in the series. However, it still requires the same “does this scare you?” line of thinking. Either the home-movie shots bore you, or they bring you into the atmosphere. Personally, I’m a film buff, but the PA movies target me in a way that seriously taps into my imagination. Call me stupid, sheep-like, whatever, but they WORK for me. I’m a target. The “boring moments” don’t make me talk to my co-viewers; they make me tense up with the atmosphere, *not* with anticipating a jump-scare.

    I personally think it’s a shame that Mike and Jay didn’t screen PA3, because I think it was the most creative and scary entry in the series. The scares (except the first tongue-in-cheek scare) weren’t just meaningless jump-scares… The demon purposefully scared the main characters into doing its bidding, which I thought was both creative and scary. Scaring the shit out of the parents into going to Grandma’s house was both logical and frightening.

    In PA3, the actions of the demon had a clear, narrative purpose. I can’t speak for PA4 because I haven’t seen it, but this episode seemed to be focused much more on the series than part 4.

    Again, I have not seen PA4 because it looks really disappointing based on the trailer, but so far, I think PA culminated with PA3. I understand that I didn’t really explain why these movies work for me, but goosh-nash-butomm-tomm, if anyone has read this far and asks me to explain, I will.

  • http://twitter.com/Jesseraygarza Jesse Garza

    Words cant describe how awesome this episode is!

  • http://profiles.google.com/charlesp2009 Charles Petrosky

    It’s pronounced “goo-ilt” right?

  • Guest


  • Sean Adams

    I’m sorry, I posted an edited version of this as a non-guest… Not sure why it’s showing up as a “guest” post… not my intention.

  • Sean Adams

    I’m confused… I tried to leave an edited comment, but my unedited / preview comments were posted, and I could not change them.

    Feel free to vote this comment down, and down, then down, and down, and down, and down.

  • Sean Adams

    (But please help… I’m not kidding, I posted a carefully constructed, edited comment, and it appeared twice in its un-edited form – not once in its edited form.

    What is going on? Can I program this forum better in a couple of days than this team did in 3 months?


    I’m sorry to say that I got suckered into seeing Paranormal Activity 1 in theaters due to those ads

    and boy did I regret it, what a whole bunch of nothing that movie was, the best part was when a group of black people started making fun of it

  • redletterfan69

    Paranormal Activity 5: In spaaaaaaace!

  • another “guest”

    Get the fuck outta hear !

  • another “guest”

    What kind of an idiot downvotes comments which state the obvious truth about movie industry?

    It is a known fact studios will make sequels and make movies about brands already known to public because those are easier and cheaper to market and $ell than new original stuff.

    It’s not opinion.It’s fact.Ask any movie selling department.You idiot.

  • another “guest”

    Sean maybe you should wait a bit when you post your comments.sometimes the interweb gnomes take longer to assemble the site,making your comment appear later.
    Don’t know.Just guessing.

  • tjwb

    Thanks so much guys for bestowing HitB upon the world. I love how the show keeps evolving, and how the core review format you guys found just doesn’t ever seem to get old. I thought the fx at the end looked great, the quality of your work just keeps going up! Best of all though, I fucking can’t stop laughing at Sinister 2: The Baghuuquel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-van-Hoof/100002579891733 Rick van Hoof

    Hey there, I cannot claim I have medical reasons, but I just can’t
    stand jumpscares. The contrast to calm and shocking is too great.
    I watched this video, and I can give you advice if you realy want to
    watch it. I took Infusions advice, and I would add to the list:
    29:14 – Medium noise + internet pop up
    42:13 – Medium noise + image

    With that, I would add that the sounds are way more disturbing than the
    visuals (visuals are not over the top). So simple is to set you sounds
    realy low or off (24:56, 29:39, 42:14 and 43:10 are the loudest).

    You can say some trailer footage is jumpy, but I don’t think so, because you can expect them more. I think you can watch it, but ofcourse I don’t know your condicion, I’m just a easily scared guy.
    I Hope I helped. Good luck.

  • http://twitter.com/Silvo_Inc Fernando Silva López

    I love how there is a match cut between Bughuul and the door skull in 10:35.

    Yes it’s really spelled Bughuul which somehow makes it even dumber.

  • Daszek

    Paranormal Activity Universal Studio Tour made me fucking cry.

  • Honk
  • gala4711

    You reviewed mainstream, B movies, general schlock, comedy, thrillers, superheroes, documentary, scifi, horror, fantasy…. so, when it’s porn?

  • chris

    did i hear that wrong or did jay say Here Comes the Boom starring Kevin Smith instead of Kevin James? Not defending Kevin Smith’s sterling career or anything but I can’t imagine he’d want to be associated with that steamy pile of movie

  • Gwilt

    “Jay, you’re a gentleman and a scholar”

    “So how do we get rid of his dead body?”

    I love this shit, never stop you two.

  • http://twitter.com/Patrick_PHA13 Patrick Allen

    You guys should release a Special Edition. You know, so you can distractingly shove the ghost in every scene for no reason.

  • Martin

    Haha, this really made my day. Very fine work on this episode guys! Hope whoever edited these two films learn from yours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jubal-Biggs/686455551 Jubal Biggs

    F-ing hilarious. Thank you guys. I loved the girl ghost sweeping the floor in the end. The bleeding jack-o-lantern was a nice touch, by the way.
    One thing; everybody seems to think it would be a bad idea for Mike and Jay to have a show on HBO because there would be commercials. Every time one of these episodes ends, it immediately starts to play the Care Boars… I mean, yeah, creative, funny in a crack-pipe kind of way, but how is that better than commercials again?

  • LiefeldRules

    he does that all the time. He referred the William Shakespeare as William Shatner, and many other examples

  • LiefeldRules

    I stopped reading after you made point #1

  • Ganymede IX

    Fuck you pricks, I got a weak heart!

  • Bill

    I’m kind of dissapointed we never got a review of Argo. I really liked that film. Definitely restored some of my faith in Ben Aflec and Hollywood’s realistic perspective on things when it comes judging itself.

    I would be curious to know if you actually watched it.

  • aabbccdd

    Fargo? Yeah, good flick

  • warp

    hey mofos, newst comments should be on top. it doesn’t make sense that i have to scroll down to read them.

  • jojo

    man you worked on this all bromoorning!

  • Leo Ladenson

    TL; DR.

  • Heraclitus

    Eh Mike you’re not saying you even entertain the idea that those ghost shows have something more than mindless entertainment “value” to them are you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000185278075 Абдуррахман Ириыарраклиев

    mike & jay, you doughnuts! i love youse! (and fake plinkett)

  • guest

    Click on the “discussion” tab and set it to “newest.” Piece of cake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TharosTheDragon Kyle Delaney

    Dude, PA is just a way for movie studios to cheat. They spend no money and are guaranteed to make millions of dollars.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TharosTheDragon Kyle Delaney

    So if all the activity has been leading up to this, does that mean they’re done making these crappy movies? You know it’s not true. They just say that to get people to come thinking it’s the thrilling conclusion of the series and then they’ll make more. It’s like how the fourth Final Destination movie was called THE FINAL Destination, and then they made another one. It also reminds me of those preachers who keep predicting the end of the world and keep getting proven wrong when the date passes by but no one loses their trust in them and they just keep on making new predictions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TharosTheDragon Kyle Delaney

    I feel like people who say Paranormal Activity is so scary have never seen a horror movie before. Like it’s this new concept to them. “Oh, movies can be scary? Who’d have thunk?” It’s like how when The Hurt Locker received so much praise for showing war like it really is, it sounded like those people had never seen a war movie before.

  • kelp

    I don’t know if you guys read these comments, but you should review Cloud Atlas. I really enjoyed the film (as one of the unwashed masses), but I’d like to see a review by guys like you that know a little more about the inner-workings of movies.

  • aaron

    I can’t speak for why other people like or watch paranormal activity movies but I watch them because they entertain me more that anything else that comes out (horror). some big monster or some random a hole with a knife running around “saying i have a knife run and be scared” doesn’t do anything for me. the idea of some invisible thing i can’t really do anything to but can easily kill me scares me a bit. as for the whole looking down on jump scares. seriously its been over a decade since any movie actually made me genuinely scared and that was the exorcist which now is laughable to me. every horror movie relies on jump scares. the blair witch project was pure shit. you get some footage of the runniest nose i have ever seen and at the end the guy stands in a corner. lastly a house shaking and shit would just kill the entire movie for me.

  • aaron

    more than

  • Wayne Pollock

    Middle of the Road. OKAY, OKAY, OKAY. We get it. Its middle of the road.

  • http://twitter.com/heartofsorrow Michael Mikeska

    Please tell me you’re going to make the ghost girl into a regular character. It will be cool to hear a ghost talking about movies.

  • Notna

    I don’t understand how “real” paranormal video could possibly be more scary. When it’s in one of those ghost hunter shows, you know with complete certainty that it’s not actually going to be a ghost, because ghosts don’t exist. (Sure, there are some who believe in that bullshit, but like you said, smarter people know better.) In a fictional movie, the ghosts might actually be real within the context of the story. There’s at least a degree of uncertainty.

  • KadKaleen

    I thought their argument against Paranormal Activity made no sense. A chair moving in a “real video” like those paranormal investigators TV shows is not scary at all, because you know it’s not real. In the context of a movie, though, it’s very real and poses a real danger for the families affected.

    Even if you somehow believe in fairies and ghosts and all that silly nonsense, why wouldn’t it be scary inside a movie? You could invalidate every horror movie ever made with that argument, including the ones about real threats, like psychopaths and serial murderers.

    What it comes down to is they simply not liking the style of the movies and therefore being unable to get into the story. At that point you might as well stop watching, because it’s never going to be scary.

  • fran

    If they ever review a good movie i could not read that off them

  • http://www.facebook.com/yesthatwildride Wildride Robert Roy

    Who ya gonna call? Baghuul Busters!

  • http://twitter.com/jhohcable Jhoh Cable

    I would in no way want you guys to capitulate to me, but is there a way you could make a version of this video for pussies like me who are scared way too easily of sudden things? I say this without having fully watched the episode (in fact what I’m shocked by first is that I don’t seem to have any posts from you guys on my twitter feed!!!!!!!!) so I don’t know if the jump scares are even going to matter to me, but I always fall for them and I hate them. Yes even fake joke ones. BUT PLEASE don’t go out of your way for me. Really I’m more concerned for that other person down in the comments who has some medical problem, and I think, how awful, having a medical condition that prevents you from watching a Half in the Bag episode.

  • Fresno Bob

    I love you guys

  • …TF?

    Booring as always guys.
    Ps: You have a preety gay fanbase (staring at the comments below).

  • Dubes

    I have to say guys, this is by far your best Half in the Bag yet. I have friends that are into the Paranormal Activity movies and I, like Mike and Jay, just can’t see the value in them. I watched the first one last Halloween and was bored stiff…I mean I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t in a state of rigor mortis throughout most of the movie. You guys had me busting a gut during most of the review! Brilliant!

  • Leo Ladenson

    I’ve watched all the Half in the Bags and I never saw Sarah Johnson. I think they’ve RETCONed the whole series.

  • LiefeldRules

    they’re following in the footsteps of Lucas, and altering old stuff

    hypocrites 😉

  • gala4711

    This could easily have been your best Half in the Bag show. But it wasn’t.

    All of your Halloween special shooting was great. Effects, comedy, co-actors, technically good… but the review itself sucked.

    I acknowledge the fact you tried to understand why people are drawn to the PA movies (when you both are obviously not). But you failed at that and contradicted yourself.

    Yes, PA4 was bad. And your view on the whole series may have been overcasted with that and because you missed nr 3 – and nr 1 was too long ago.

    As others have pointed out already these movies live from the atmosphere and suspense. Yes, there are jump-scares but these are not the real source of horror which these movies offer.

    Something creeping into the normal living and surroundings, even into your girlfriend and turning her into a daemon-processed being – these are the things portrayed in a simple but yet scary way in these movies.

    Lack of story? Yes, but it works nevertheless. It’s normal people dealing with a progressing mystery.

    How can Mike defend “paranormal” shows and compare to a movie? Sigh. The show is fooling people. And it’s not a bid scary at all, because ghosts do not exist!
    Although the movie is shot “found footage”-like it’s obvious it’s a movie. And in the context of a movie everything can happen. As a viewer I can accept that and enjoy the ride… but I can only laugh at some mystery-shows.

    Jay missed the point, too.
    1st he assumed PA1 works only with jump-scares.
    2nd he explains the jump-scares did not work because the slowed-down timecodes announced something will happen soon.

    So obviously it wasn’t a jump-scare but Jay wouldn’t redefine his false 1st assumption.

    He missed the simple fact this was a planned method to tense up suspension. What will happen now? You may expect something, your eyes search the not-moving screen. You may think something terrible may happen, but a minor thing occurs. Later on you may think it’s a minor thing again, but this time it’s big… or nothing at all…

    It trained my eyes and cognition. When I walked through my own home after vieweing the movie, my brain and eyes were involuntarily still in this mode for a few minutes. That was scary! And I had to accept the movie delivered in it’s own way (talking of PA1). Something a blood-and-gore movie never would have.

    I hope you get your nimbus of razor-sharp reviews back. This one was far off although I enjoyed this episode very much. Thanks for great entertainment.


  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.lenski Robert Lenski

    19:38 Would any one of you take that beer?

  • starkiller

    1. Mike doesn’t “defend” paranormal shows. He says he finds them interesting.

    2. Jay clearly isn’t referring to jump scares when he’s talking about the time stamp slowing down. He’s just saying that showing it slow down is a dead giveaway that something is about to happen, thus completely deflating any sense of “tension” you’re trying to justify.

    3. I can’t believe there’s someone trying to defend these pathetic movies. They’re so cheap, obvious, and uncreative. The fact that they get churned just one year apart from each other wreaks of studio cynicism. There’s no art in these films, just pandering commerce.

  • gala4711

    >1. Mike doesn’t “defend” paranormal shows. He says he finds them interesting.

    That’s even worse.

    >2. Jay clearly isn’t referring to jump scares when he’s talking about the time stamp slowing down. He’s just saying that showing it slow down is a dead giveaway that something is about to happen

    That doesn’t help contradicting himself. Because something else than a jump-scare (which he assumed is the only thing this movies live of) is going to happen.

  • joe

    Anyone know what QT application you have to download to watch star wars III review?

  • Robby

    As soon as the giirl said “Wait there’s one more thing I want to show you.” I knew it was going to be Gangnam Style. And that just made it funnier to me.

  • LiefeldRules

    I would say try a different browser (if you have more than one on your computer). Since they changed their site, none of their videos play for me in Firefox – but they do play in Internet Explorer

  • Guest

    I’ll just add that I think it means a lot that underneath the crude sardonic humor, this is coming from people who truly care about film and make it themselves as well. Keep it going – the half in the bag, the plinkett stuff, the films. One day we’ll say we were there when you guys were first starting out.

    Have you considered a separate section with written reviews linked to an Amazon store or something? I’ve seen that done on other websites where if you click into a product via the website they get a cut of the amazon purchase. And if you click into them to get to amazon ANYTHING you put into your shopping cart and purchase via that session goes to the website owner be it films, camping gear, a large lcd screen tv, embarrassing sex related accessories, etc. I’ve heard it can work that way anyways. I’ve always wanted a section here where you tell us what to watch and besides, you could make a little something every time I buy useless crap from amazon.

    By the way, when’s the next Pl— awwww nevermind.

  • will

    people are fucking stupid, i hate humans.

  • Cicero

    Sorry Mike but you lose the right to call anything or anyone stupid after that comment about you finding the ghost shows “interesting”.

  • boo

    Oh delusional commenters that think they’re saying something valid, don’t ever change.

  • Neighborhood_Pedophile

    Who cares?

    Some people are just open-minded. Try it one day.

  • Ryan McKeon

    People, for your own sake, if you’re going to claim you’d defend the paranormal activity films then actually defend them. I’d love to actually hear arguments beyond “movie tastes are subjective” and “yeah, I’ll defend them, fuck yeah!”. And vice versa for films you dislike, don’t just say “fuck it, just, fuck it!”, unless you’re being sarcastic in general, because if you’re trying to get people to acknowledge whether a movie has merits or doesn’t, you’re going against your own self interests by posting nonsense like that for me to laugh at. Half in the Bag methodically critiques these films in a way that literally saves the actual film maker, such as myself, thousands of waisted dollars on a film school by making clear points that can be applied to any kind of film production to create a stronger film. When you post nonsens like aforementioned, if you’re general attitude is negative the filmmaker probably sees it as a positive, and vice versa; who wants a belligerent asshole in their fan base? you really think the film makers of the Paranormal sequels or of the Transformer movies aren’t calling you a sucker behind your back while they laugh their way to the bank? Have some self awareness and you’ll know the answer to that question. And I’m trying to help you guys; if you can’t clearly argue your opinions of a stupid film, you probably can’t clearly argue why an employer should hire you, why a girl should sleep with you, etc. I feel like shit laughing at you even behing my computer monitor, because I’m a nice person, so I honestly just feel badly for you after all is said and done.

    Half in the bag, you guys rock, I’d love a review of my first feature, Finding Justice, before it goes to major festivals, and I can’t wait to see your first feature film where you… well, where you actually try :)

  • moleman124

    As Always an excellent review! Viva La Plinkett. in the first paranormal activity movie, the end was edited after the inital release to have the stupid cgi scary face for american audieances only.

  • davefoley

    I hate to get finicky because I normally love these videos but for something I’ve come to enjoy as spoiler free reviews it was a little jarring having a spoiler suddenly thrown in before the review even starts. I realize its been out in theaters for awhile and it’s not a critically well received movie but I enjoy the horror genre and really enjoyed Insidious so I was looking forward to this one. I have medical problems going on so I can’t really get out to the theater and have to wait on DVD releases, so it’d be nice if in the future you could be considerate in that regard. Even if its just a simple text warning below the video.

    Don’t want my whole post to be negative so I’ll just end on thanks for the content. I appreciate all the effort you guys put into your work.

  • Jean-Michel

    People who like these movies tend to be religious nutcases that also believe in mediums and all that kind of retarded shit. I think it’s a sad state of affairs really, seems like the populace is getting dumber and dumber.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matias.nicolasmogni Matias Nicolas Mogni

    So, i was wondering: will you ever do a Half in the Bag episode discussing movies from The Global Asylum? Over the past few years my and my friends got ADDICTED to those movies, and not just their mockbuster films, but their “original” ones too!

  • http://mistermunshun.blogspot.com/ Carl Eusebius

    Another level of enjoyment of this review is the butthurt comments of some PA fans. Their “defences” make me want to see the films even less.

    I’ve written about laziness on my blog about Twilight and bad movies. Not bothering to even try to create something good is probably the worst thing a creative work can do, since I can’t really love or hate something so lifeless. If the creators can’t be bothered to put in any effort into their work, well, then I can’t be bothered to have a reaction to it.

  • searanox

    Is it just me or does this movie sound like it stole its premise from Alan Wake? Washed-up crime writer who hasn’t had a hit in X years, moves to a new place for inspiration to complete his next “great” work and get over his writer’s block, he deals with marital issues with his spouse all the while the very things he’s writing about begin to affect him in the real world?

  • Name

    Hottest ghost ever.

  • Toto

    So Samantha the hot ghost has been a character estabrished.

    Imprement in more review.

    Me would rike.

  • http://twitter.com/TheZaius DrZaius

    I liked the first Paranormal Activity. After the first few nights in the movie, I had already associated night time with something scary. So you kind of start hoping night time never comes because you KNOW each night is going to be scarier than the last. The movie was just this gradual progression of scares and the scares work because of the type of movie it is. It’s a found footage movie. It’s made to simulate the real world and in the real world, we never see this kind of crazy crap happening. And you don’t really see much going on at first either. You watch and you think to yourself, “Huh, was that some kind of ghost or was it just the air from the AC unit?” And it’s interesting to see how these characters react. The girl tries to avoid this paranormal entity and relies on her faith to protect her. Meanwhile, the guy wants to confront everything and has zero faith and starts playing with forces that he thinks doesn’t exist. Ultimately, his choice to remove the girl’s cross when she’s asleep is probably what dooms both of them.

    Never saw the sequels. Honestly, considering I haven’t heard great things about them, I’m not sure I want to.

  • Josh

    I liked the part where they criticized.

  • volbla

    It is -not- only scary if paranormal things happen in real life and might be real. It is scary as long as you’re immersed in the narrative. That holds for any movie about anything.

    I have seen very few horror movies because i hate them – i don’t enjoy being scared – but i saw the first PA by myself in the dark just to have the proper ambiance and so i could see what the fuss was about. I was scared shitless, like it actually made me physically ill, and i think the crappy, amateur-style filmmaking actually helped with that. That made it feel very real and palpable to an ordinary schmuck like me. Maybe not to you because you’ve actually worked with film.

    I don’t know, where does the line go between boring and tense? I, for one, found PA very tense with how slowly it moved and how it only added sprinkles of whatever was going on. I’ve heard a lot of people say, and i think there’s something to it, that everyone can relate to being alone and hearing a noise. Shit creeps people out. Similarly everyone can relate to the invisible ghost under the bed. The movies play on a very primal fear by being very simple. Flat characters might be to help the audience imagine themselves in those roles.

    Really i think this works a lot better in principle than the ghost hunting shows Mike mentioned, because i know that these things doesn’t exist in real life, so anything that tries to be scary by actually taking it seriously is just… nothing. Movies, on the other hand, is where fantasies and fears -become- real to a degree. Again, if we don’t take it seriously and rationally because we know it’s just a story we can immerse ourselves in that story.

    Also shame on you for watching trailers (and making me watch them). Don’t watch trailers! They inevitably ruin things.

  • Atermono

    Nice “Tell-Tale Heart” moment ^^ Love your stuff guys. Greetings From Greece.

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    this was the funniest half in the bag episoded yet

    you guys are amazing

  • Happy Hippocrite

    I second all of what BunnyFoFo said. Despite considering myself a dude quite similary to Jay and Mike in terms of movie interrests and general taste, Paranormal Activity (Part 1) scared the hell out of me. Maybe it is because beyond all rational reasoning I am not one hundred percent certain that demons might not actually exist? Anyways, it makes me glad for two reasons: 1) I was able to genuinely “enjoy” the first PA movie and 2) I may not be a complete total cynic like Mike and Jay.

  • Oaj

    I love the “booooooooooooohhhhhhh” at the beginning and the “hopefully we won’t get turned into vempires.”

  • Christopher Kulik

    So I guess Jay & Mike would have preferred to have seen HERE COMES THE BOOM instead, right? Another awesome episode, loved how you guys dressed the set and included the paranormal plotline. You really stand out from other internet reviewers (like that freaky fuck who hated STAR CRYSTAL so much he comes off like a whiny little bitch).

    By the way, where the fuck is SPACE COP?

  • Guest

    They also watch those shitty movies about exorcisms.

  • Guest

    It’s a movie. You know it’s not real. Come on now.

  • Guest

    Yeah it’s like people who claim they play video games and then you find out the only console they own is a Wii.

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    Quality stuff.

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    It’s in the Star Trek the Star Trek review.

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    OMG, cutting her into watching RE4 was hilarious. I even remember thinking “wtf is with all the space between them?”

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  • Quaker Oatburg III, Esquire

    Hey eff you buddy, I love me some plain oatmeal.

  • Brooke

    I don’t normally comment, though I love this site and I’ve watched every review, but I thought I’d comment here to explain the appeal of Paranormal Activity movies. I’m not a fan of the series, but I thought the first movie was enjoyable enough (of course, I rented it and I had not seen the commercials or hype because I don’t live in the US, so that might have helped… I literally had no idea what it was about other than “ghosts and shit”).

    I think what was fun for me about the first movie was how, as Mike or Jay mentioned, there’s the idea that a haunting can happen anywhere, or more precisely the movie picks up on things almost everyone has noticed in their own home and plays on the fears that this stuff isn’t just the wind blowing or whatever, it’s a demon or ghost, etc. I don’t have this happen much now that I live in a small apartment, but I remember as a teen living with my parents in a creaky two-story house (not rich white, but middle class and white people house) thinking some weird stuff was happening. The house made popping sounds, we had a really long dark hall upstairs that led to room nobody used, things mysteriously vanished (that happens when there are four people and a dog sharing a house), etc. Nights when I was alone, I remember thinking I saw movement or felt a breeze or whatever, even though there was nothing there.

    I think these movies (or at least the first) start out with little things (pots moving, cushions dropping, doors kind of closing– that’s the one thing that does happen in my apartment, doors will randomly open and close sometimes) are banking on the fact that people have these little experiences at home and the movie then builds it up to be something more than just little oddities. I also remember the build up was pretty fun in the first movie because I wondered what the demon would do next, if it would show itself, etc. I thought the ending was kind of lame, but I could relate to the girl in the movie who thought she was going crazy because of little things because I had that happen a lot when I was a teen.

    The second movie was pretty bad, though I watched it with a friend and we laughed most of the way through. I don’t normally jump at these kinds of movies, but I think one scene did make me jump… but overall I didn’t enjoy it and whatever charm the first movie had didn’t work for me anymore. It was predictable, silly, and I think the pacing for the first movie was much better. Despite what the guys said, the slow “nothing is happening…!!” build-up works for me. I like that not everything was obvious and sometimes you just barely noticed the door closing or a sheet being tugged at curiously. It doesn’t have replay value, though, so I am sure if I saw the first movie again I would be less interested in what was happening.

    The third and fourth movie I never saw and won’t ever see unless they are on TV and I don’t have to pay to watch them. So I agree in that I don’t see how there is a series of films that continue to be successful, but I do get the original’s premise and what the audience was drawn to. Personally, I prefer a slower moving spooky movie over a “four attractive teens go to a cabin in the woods to have sex and then OMG OMG OMG” scenario.

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  • adam sandler

    “”Jack And Jill” is a modern masterpiece of effort” – can I use that quote on the DVD case guys?

  • bagool

    Ah, the old “if you didn’t like it, you must be a cynic” routine. You realize you’re talking about the guys that gave favorable reviews to Prometheus, Cowboys and Aliens, and fucking BATTLESHIP, right? Just because someone hates something that you like doesn’t make them cynics.

  • Guest

    Instead of a wall of text, I will explain the appeal of the PA movies:

    “I think jump scares are what make a good horror movie. I am also an idiot.”


  • jojo


  • Flambrood Quitchmoustache

    One of my favorite RLM Web Games is Find The Crap Stock Image Jay and Mike Use For Their Videos, and I must say it made me fucking Laugh Out Loud to find that the VERY FIRST IMAGE in a Google Search for “Haunted House Ride Car” is the freakish piece of shit Mike is tooling around the house in: http://openparkdeveloper.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=2389

    This episode is one of my favorites, you guys make my day.

  • http://www.wiziwig.tv/ Rafael Da Silva

    Why don’t you look it up? Or better yet, do a baghoougle search.

  • http://twitter.com/pixiedolores pixiedolores

    I saw Sinister at this past SXSW, and I have to say that not knowing what the hell I was getting into made this movie less “middle of the road” for me. I pretty much agree with you guys 100% on the criticism, but I feel like the trailer gave away too much, even just in little ways. Yeah, I didn’t dig on the spiritual/boogey man aspect of it, and it did just sort of end with no real resolution. BUT I would recommend it almost for the 8mm stuff ALONE. That shit gave me nightmares.

  • jihad

    it is not cheating.
    Hollywood is called show business for a reason.

  • dirtygusset

    ” I’ve always wanted a section here where you tell us what to watch”
    you should be able to think for your self and decide what to watch.

  • Hobart

    Really enjoyable episode. Never watching it again. Thanks for the screamers, cunts!

  • Senyuno

    I will say the third outclassed the others by a mile, and while not legitimizing the series, at least takes it miles further than 1, 2, and 4. I’m not sure what twist of fate caused them to skip it, but its constant scares and plot-building kind of sets 1, 2, and 4 up as “god awful sequels that could never live up to the original”. Which yes, I know, doesn’t make any sense, but you have to see it to know what I’m talking about. It’s not QUITE “worse than the previous but better than the sequel” sort of mentality… for some reason it’s just the most well done.

  • http://twitter.com/ManaTeeRex Just Some Guy

    There’s a difference between being open minded and scientifically illiterate. Science isn’t subjective, there’s no shades of grey. There’s valid and invalid methodology. And the results of how experiments are run indicate things about the nature of the world. Belief in ghosts doesn’t demonstrate being open minded, it simply shows a subpar education in some of the most basic aspects of scientific methodology.

    I’m not saying it shows stupidity, any more than my shit grammar would suggest that I’m an idiot. But in both cases one can see evidence of blind spots in people’s education.

  • yadda yadda

    Just because science has not proved or disproved something it does not mean it does not exist.Maybe the “tools of the trade” are not adequate to provide any scietifically significant results.Still does not rule out the existence or the lack of so called “paranormal phenomenons”.
    It is possible there are phenomenons which get too quickly explained away by believers in the supernatural as “ghosts” or by scientists as “superstition”.Scientists are people too and people assume things.Idealy it should be objective but often it is not.It’s not some almighty thing which is perfect and omniscient.It’s not religion 😉 .
    Having said that I would still rather place my bets on scientists.Much more open minded.

  • adam sandler

    Dude, they aren’t going to review a movie by some guy they’ve never heard of that cost 40k no matter how much ass you kiss.

    I also hope for the sake of the movie that your sentence construction writing the script was a lot better than it was writing that post.

  • Gren

    Please do one with Silent Hill Revelation. I think I was scared more by the reviews jump scares, than that actual movie. Can’t wait for more!

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    oh btw you should be able to have like a sense of humor that enables you to understand what people are saying like a human being instead of being some sort of overly literal space alien robot.

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    Obese condom devourer.

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    Playing videogames is not “an alternative lifestyle” anymore.It’s mainstream like toilet paper.

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  • FiachSidhe

    The scariness if PA comes from the idea that this is all going on, while people are unaware. While sleeping, etc. It is psychological. It puts it in your mind what could be happening while you sleep, or when you look away from mirrors, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, the movies are awful. But some of it is frightening. It’s just more subtle.

  • FiachSidhe

    I do agree, that most of the scares are the cheap jump variety though.

  • James

    When I first heard the news of Disney buying LucasArts and announcing Star Wars ep 7 for 2015 the first thing to come to my mind was “Well, now I know when the next Plinkett review is out”

  • LiefeldRules

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  • I chopped my own fingers off.

    these paranormal activity movies are complete garbage.

    please stop making them.

    like really what is the point of numbing your ass and skull in the uncomfortable

    theatre chair waiting for something “scary” to happen?

    and to think that there’s gonna be a 5th one OMG talk about sell out all they care about

    is making money and not even caring if it fits in with the last movie or even makes


    like really a house full of witches—ohhhh how fucking original!


    pfftt sounds like a cheap ass disney halloween special or something.

    (you must be 11 years old or something to be afraid of this flaming garbage that

    also smells like dogshit or horseshit)

    fuck these “films” I have better things to watch.

    christ I can find scarier shit around MY house without having to watch this fiflth.

    if you want to get a good scare watch “The Shining” or the urban legend video

    “Slenderman” on youtube…not only will it save you money but it will give you a

    chill…plus you can make your own delicious popcorn and have your booze and

    dont have to put up with those “terrified” morons in the theatre screaming at every

    fucking thing that moves.

    hell I bet being on the “TITANIC” when it was sinking was much more scarier

    cause unlike crap activity it was actually fucking real and not fake!

    christ even on “Community” they talk about how boring and dull it is I was like yeah

    tell it like it is!

    hell even going to the fucking dentist is scarier!

    running into a black dog only to have that sonofabitch kill my four year old cat

    is much scarier!

    god for fucking bid the “writers” of these shit movies actually grow a fucking pair

    of nuts and actually write something scary in.

    bunch of pussies pfftt.

    they’re worse then “Liegh Whannel” the writer of the never ending “Saw” series
    who got dull after he wrote “Insidious” god that was bad not even scary just


    it’s like these fucking idiots got writers block or something.


    christ I write alot of scary scripts and im actually not afraid to write in gross shit

    and scary scenes cause I actually have the guts to do it and are not a total
    fucking pussy!
    and that storm “Sandy” that is destroying homes and shit yeah she’s much more

  • alcatraz’s scariest ghost

    I really hope you are kidding.
    these are the worst movies in the whole goddamn world.

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  • im highly suicidal


  • Magnus McCullagh

    Re: New Star Wars

    I remember what happend last time… but maybe… maybe this time… it’ll be okay… Maybe this time he won’t just get drunk all the time and shout at the kids. Maybe this time it’ll be like it was in the beginning. When we were happy together… Maybe he’ll treat me okay again… Maybe he won’t hit me… Maybe I won’t have to keep telling my family that I slipped and fell… maybe…

    I just love him SO much…

    But I don’t want him to hurt the kids again…

    please… don’t look at me

    DON’T LOOK AT ME!!!!

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    Holy shit guys Disney just bought Star Wars. You can’t just let that go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patric.bates.1 Patric Bates

    Dude, are you serious? I don’t think you really understand what makes a movie scary, which is strange considering you just wrote a freaking essay about it.

    Ghost stories are fundamentally scarier than other types of horror movies because they deal with the subject of the unknown i.e. what happens after death. Honestly, who isn’t afraid or even anxious at the thought of what comes after death? You’re apparently trying to assert however that ghosts are scary because they’re better at chasing people than other monsters because they can pass through walls or whatever. Fear of the unknown is why I think a ghost movie is FAR more thrilling than your average “creature feature”. Like when you mentioned the “fuzziness and doubt” about how to fight a ghost
    in a ghost movie, that ties in to the whole “fear of the unknown” factor
    and adds to the tension and thrill.

    But just because your movie has ghosts or other supernatural elements that deal with the unknown doesn’t mean it’s instantly going to be scary. A truly great horror movie is all in the presentation. You need atmosphere, you need a gradually heightened sense of apprehension surrounding the protagonist, and most importantly you need realistic character motivations and reactions. If the audience can’t connect with the protagonist(s) because they walk into a dark room alone calling out someone’s name after already experiencing unusual supernatural events then all the tension in the movie instantly goes out the window.

    What makes movies like Paranormal Activity and its progressively worse sequels bullshit however is that they rely solely on the unbelievably predictable “jump scare” which I personally find not only distasteful but not at all entertaining. Like Mike and Jay pointed out “jump scares” aren’t actually scary, only startling. Being startled is only entertaining if it’s someone else, who’s humorous reaction to being startled is witnessed by other people for comedic purposes, such as a prank. When you’re sitting in a dark theater with no one to laugh at you for getting startled, especially when you KNOW it’s coming, it’s just fucking obnoxious.

    Call me old fashioned, but I actually enjoy being scared, and I mean TRULY scared. I enjoy feeling chills crawl up my spine, I even enjoy having trouble sleeping because I was so creeped out by a well done horror movie. I remember after seeing The Ring I didn’t want to sleep in a room with a television that same night. The movie actually made me afraid of fucking television sets for christ’s sake. That movie was actually the last movie I’ve seen that legitimately scared me, and although it wasn’t perfect I felt it dealt with the three elements I mentioned earlier rather well (atmosphere, building apprehension, realistic characters/reactions), as well as having an intriguing mystery plot surrounding the origins of the ghost girl Samara. As opposed to movies like Paranormal Activity or Sinister, which simply tells the audience it’s just a demon, that wants to do demon things because it’s a demon.

    And I actually fairly enjoyed The Blair Witch Project. I have no idea why anyone would group the same criticisms for Paranormal Activity with the Blair Witch, in terms of character realism at least. The Blair Witch Project was simply about 3 college kids filming a photo documentary about an old legend, but then desperately try to escape the woods when they realize their situation starts to get fucked up. In Paranormal Activity, after numerous tell tale signs that their situation is fucked up, they hardly do anything to resolve their plight besides Googling about it and calling a priest to come to their house only to shit his pants and leave. After realizing there’s obviously supernatural forces at work in their home, they make no effort to leave and head to a god damn church or whatever to get the girl exorcised. Even if people generally consider the characters in these types of movies as douchebags, I found myself relating to the characters in Blair Witch Project a little more simply because I realized I’d be doing the same thing in their situation. In essence that makes the movie much more thrilling, to me anyway.

  • DrunkandthePwned

    Half in the Bag…nam Style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7KzY82j-Oc

  • JT

    Honestly it’s true of many genres like the talking animal kid movie. Hollywood is notorious for running shit into the ground. I call it “slash and burn entertainment.”

  • BunnyFooFoo

    The particular “fear of the unknown” that’s relevant to terror that horror movies seek to generate is the fear of what the unknown can DO, not philosophical questions about life after death. That’s the point I was making. Yes, monster movies like Alien or The Thing can still do a very good job of creating terror through atmosphere and tapping into our natural bodily fears and such, but I would argue that ghost stories have an easier job of creating a certain paranoid fear of the unknown. A monster may be hideous and scary, but it’s still just a physical creature, and barring a truly absurd story it’s pretty easy to comprehend what it can do merely by general comparison with other creatures. A ghost? Well, who knows what it can really do. You could at least imagine ways you could stop Michael Myers. How do you stop Samara?

    The Ring is a perfect example. All the bizarre stuff–the video, the phone call, the fly on the video screen, the water, barfing up the electrode, the hideously twisted victims, etc.–was made even more frightening, as long as you were willing to suspend your disbelief, because it wasn’t clear what it even meant, and it seemed like there was no escape. It was also a much better horror movie than Sinister because all of its disturbing imagery and seemingly random scariness actually built up into a coherent story, as compared to Sinister in which random stuff just leaped out of the dark at you for no better reason than to be arbitrarily startling.

    I can certainly understand Paranormal Activity not resonating with people, but how can you possibly characterize the first one (as I said, that’s the only one I’m talking about; I haven’t seen the others) as jump scares, when it’s exactly the opposite? Most of the events shown in the movie are, if anything, very understated. A door opens and closes. Strange sounds are heard. A ceiling lamp moves. A Ouija board moves and catches fire. Footsteps appear on the ground. A bedsheet moves. The girl stands motionless for hours and behaved weirdly. Yes, they become more overtly threatening and violent as the movie progresses, but the only real genuine startle is the last 30 seconds or so. The rest of it was intended to be scary more by the implications of what was happening as the situation escalated than by things leaping out in your face like a jack in the box. Whether or not you agree that it worked, those aren’t the sort of cheap scares that you describe.

    As for the characters, I see their attitudes as being similar in both movies. The boyfriend in PA is warned repeatedly to stop antagonizing the demon and seek outside help, and he ignores everyone because he’s afraid of admitting that he’s not in control until it’s too late and demon destroys them both (incidentally, they do make an effort to leave at the very end, even though they’re told point blank that it won’t help, but by then the demon has already grown too powerful). His behavior may be awful, but it’s not really inconceivable that some typical know-it-all asshole might act the same way. In Blair Witch Project, where the film students ignore all the warnings they’re given and wander off into the woods, and because they refuse to admit they’re not in control of the situation they maintain a pose of denial even when things start going bad until it’s too late and they’re trapped. They both seem to be stories about people being punished for their arrogance.

  • Billy Joel

    It’s only logical Lucas passes Star Wars to Disney. It’s like Hitler passing the evil baton to Bin Laden. The bastardization of Star Wars and Indiana Jones just got a whole lot more money behind it.

    Will the sequels be better than the prequels? Probably, it doesn’t take a lot of vision or skill to do that. Will the sequels do justice to the original trilogy? Probably not. No matter what you do nothing will ever be what episode 4-6 was to film, and to society in general. At this point the best you can do is get the franchise back on the same level and quality of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings film franchises. There is a whole generation of people who have no idea what the force is about besides giving you superman powers thanks to the prequels. The force is much deeper than what you see in a lot of these crappy Marvel movies and Harry Potter films these days. The sequels have to go back to what made Star Wars so prolific in the first place. George Lucas and the franchise started losing it’s way when they stop following the teachings of Joseph Campbell.

  • Kezd

    Would you call Phil already?!

  • Me

    I thought this was funny, its unrelated but I wanted people to see it.

  • Steve B.

    I can just hear Tony Soprano slamming the refrigerator door and yelling “Who ate the last of the fuckin’ Bagool??? I was savin’ that Bagool!!”

  • Zaloooox

    Starwars is now Disney’s property and StarWars 7 is coming any time soon. Plinkett, I think it is time to get back on the horse

  • sean

    i fucking love these get more enjoyment out of watching these than most movies


  • Ryan McKeon

    For Halloween you should give yourselves a break and review/ at least watch SUSPIRIA, one of the most ingenious old school horror films ever made that you’ll never hear about; about a beautiful girl who moves into a ballet school in Germany back in the 70s, ends up being a covenant of witches (think that’s a boring concept? you-have-no-idea). The opening scene makes the shower scene from Psycho look like it’s best merits was inspiring THAT scene. It makes David Lynch’s style look like he’s ripping off this film, he just hasn’t got the talent to be coherent, since the style of this film is just like Lynch, only it feels more more natural, and it’s an actual coherent film (not to discount Lynch’s genius, or the purposefulness of his incoherence). Nothing from the acting to the blood looks realistic, yet you’re jumping up and down going “this is pure genius “; an incredible example of how a true genius film maker with a true vision creates art, not escapism nor realism, with cinema. Hitchcock would’ve been jealous (and he’s arguably my all time favorite auteur), I saw it right after Cabin in the Woods tonight 4 Halloween and had to rush and post this, it brought out how terrible that film truly was as a horror piece (at least once that final 15 minutes starts and and a good film maker understands that a dumb-ass will think “best scene everrr!”, and Hitchcock would think, “fucking tedious”) . Its your guys ‘kind’ of film, too coherent to be cultish, too artistic and minimalistic to be hollywood-esq. Every film student should watch it if only because it’s arguably the best use of LIGHTING of all time, and you guys said you could use some serious strengthening in that category in your “black ninja” review, hence why I thought of you guys :)

  • ron

    Great review as always. could you guys review “The Comedy” starring Tim Heidecker?

  • David Rosen

    cause scary

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ano-Feynman-Coulter/822802590 Ano Feynman-Coulter

    I just assumed that Billistic meant “Seven of Nine”

  • Steve

    OMG, you can’t bury him under the floorboards because PLINKETT HAS A BASEMENT!!!!oneoneone

    I’m going to make a 90 minute video nitpicking the shit out of this point.


    “One day we’ll say we were there when you guys were first starting out.”

    Why would you care who was ‘there’ when they first started out? Need your hipster points that much?

    Just enjoy the content.

  • fobang

    that plot device was long wrought out before alan wake. like ….. every other steven king novel.

  • fobang

    i play video games and i can’t afford toilet paper

  • Malevolence

    Sad you both haven’t seen PA 3, was the only good one

  • http://www.facebook.com/travis.dennis Travis Dennis

    …Was that a Five Iron Frenzy reference at 13:41 ???

  • guest

    Are you some kind of moron that doesn’t know the difference between expressing encouragement and approval vs “hipster points”? Seriously? Are you like, autistic or have some sort of personality disorder that precludes understanding the meaningful content in human discourse?

  • guest

    Stop it. You’re embarrassing us. And by us, I mean yourself.

  • guest

    I’ve been thinking about dirtygusset and JAJAJAJ’s (probably the same person’s) responses and it actually, in a microcosm, gives an illustration of why the Plinkett reviews work so well.

    To start out, just a simple axiom:


    To use the above comments as sort of a microcosm as how this applies to the failure of the star wars prequels… and as I must assume I’m explaining to robot space aliens, I will go into Plinkett-leve detail on how this works.

    The initial post by Don says “Please don’t ever stop making these :-)”

    Now, from one simple phrase we can tell quite a few things. The poster is expressing that they like the previous Half in theBags – as indicated by his wish for future episodes. Certainly they wouldn’t both think the ones that already exist suck but want them to continue. The smiley face underscores the general air of friendliness to the post. Generally speaking, this is a comment meant to be supportive and encouraging to redlettermedia.

    Most people can understand this message even with just the rather simple, short phrase – they would function on the basis of “normalcy bias” which basically just means that they would tend to interpret information with the expectation that what normally happens is what is happening. They wouldn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that Don is a sociopath who is literally JUST saying keep making these because he gets personal enjoyment from them and wants them to continue so he can experience more pleasure from them. It’s instantly understandable to most people that within the simple phrase is a host of messages, which, going with one’s normalcy bias, most people will interpret accurately.

    A sociopath, psychopath, or even someone with cluster b personality disorder, as well as someone with any of a variety brain related disabilities or injuries that affect social skills very well MIGHT have trouble correctly interpreting such a simple message. This is because they lack the “normalcy bias” benchmark that aids in interpreting these messages. Instead, they implicitly assume that others do things for the same motivations as themselves. Their responses, thus give insight into the tone of their own posts as opposed to the posts they respond to.

    Moving on, the next post, from Guest starts with “I’ll just add that…” This immediately gives the reader a clear cue as to the context of the remainder of the post and what is going to be going on within it. They let us know they are continuing in the same vein as the original post’s general sentiment, as they want to add TO it.

    They first express encouragement with the various redlettermedia projects, express their appreciation of them, some well-wishes for the future. The next paragraph shows that Guest was concerned about redlettermedia having additional success and had thought about one possible way they might be able to get additional support for their projects. They include a joke-y phrase that makes light of their own suggestion, which goes with the humorous theme of the reviews and site as well as implicitly being self-depricating about the suggestion ie an admission that although they are trying to help their suggestion may ultimately turn out to be a silly or foolish one in some sense.

    So keeping with the general axiom/theme of this post, that meaning is a function of context, the post from Guest is in context with the post they are responding to, the reviews, the general efforts of redlettermedia etc.

    so when dirtygusset says “you should be able to think for your self and decide what to watch,”

    It fails on so many levels due to being unable to correctly percieve context:

    1. They completely miss the context of humor within the quote which goes along with the Plinkett humor on the site along with the tacit admission through humor that perhaps the request could turn out to be a little absurd.

    2. They completely miss the context that they are posting on a website primarily dedicated to movie reviews, in a response thread about a movie review yet saying just think for yourself when deciding what movie to watch

    3. Of all the posts to nitpick negatively in response to, they choose one whose sole intention was to be encouraging of redlettermedia’s efforts. There are something like 4 million views of the Phantom Menace review yet there are only a few hundred responses per video in the comments ie this is where the diehard fans would go, so in that sense there’s a contradiction, in that they are posting essentially in opposition to a post that was in support of the redlettermedia site they were at – and in addition per #2 their comment invalidates redlettermedia’s reason for existence

    …so either dirtygusset truly fails to understand the post or they understand it but want to twist its meaning. This opens up a lot of potential for public embarrassment for dirtygusset because whether they understood or not, they publicly give the appearance of not being able to understand the original post nor do they appear to be able to understand how fucked up their response is.

    JAJAJAJAJ chimes in with an even more autistic response

    “‘One day we’ll say we were there when you guys were first starting out.’

    [Why would you care who was ‘there’ when they first started out? Need your hipster points that much?]”

    Now, when Guest says “One day we’ll say we were there when you guys were first starting out.” what remains unspoken is implicitly understood by the reader – one day we’ll be PROUD to say we were with you when… ie guest is saying we are proud of what they’ve already done, that they are saying there will be things done in the future that we will also be proud of. It also implies that there will be more people who know about and take interest in redlettermedia in the future (else who would he say the phrase to in the future?), implying future success, the additional implication being that the person writing this post hopes for future success for redlettermedia. This is a way for guest to convey their general well-wishes and appreciation to the makers of half in the bag – we can tell this from the context – that they are adding to a previous supportive post and that they’re making a comment within a half in the bag comment section.

    …so like dirtygusset, JAJAJAJAJ exposes themselves to public self-embarassment by either not understanding or pretending to not understand the post they are responding to, because regardless of what prompted the post, it gives them the appearance of incomprehension. It makes them look foolish, stupid, and emotionally obtuse. Just like the characters in the Star Wars prequels, their actions don’t make sense within the context. Since meaning is a function of context and these characters never mean anything to me, I can’t ever bring myself to like them or to be interested in what happens to them.

    This example illustrates why the Plinkett reviews work so well. The original comment from guest is just a few sentences long, yet if you are explaining the whole thing laboriously to someone who is too cognitively challenged to immediately grasp the very simple things being said, it takes several paragraphs. Now, either due to continued incomprehension or in a desire to discredit the explainer’s points, the obvious response is that I must be crazy to carry on in such detail at such length – which of course ignores the obtuseness that necessitates that level of detail in the first place.

    The mental/emotional obtuseness of the prequel fanboys necessitate the same level of detail just to parry their out-of-context points. So Plinkett’s reviews end up being a tour-de-force in the illustration of the axiom that meaning is a function of context.

    First, plinkett shows the jarring discontinuity of context of the movie itself, that obviously the Phantom Menace is a star wars movie, therefore it exists within the context OF the star wars franchise. Next from within the movie he shows how there is a constant lack of context, conflict with context ,or inappropriate change in context that constantly destroys meaning within the film. At the end of the day, films create meaining ie if they successfully mean something TO us, we get something out of it and we like them. And we should take meaning in the broadest sense here. Not necessarily an emotional, intellectual, or sentimental point although that would certainly do, but it has to mean SOMETHING and convey it successfully to be a successful film. Star Wars prequels fail due to the weird, jarring, shifting context that kills meaning and leaves us unmoved because it simply didn’t mean anything to us – it’s also why anyone who loved the first trilogy feels betrayed, as Lucas actively attacked the meaning of the first films through the new prequels as well as modifications to the old ones. The jarring discontinuity of JAJAJ and dirtygusset’s posts are a perfect min-demostration of what destroyed star wars.

  • guest

    …and I’ll just add to that, that shifting or changing context CAN be used very artfully as opposed to being a no-no.

    For instance, in 6th Sense, we get so wrapped up in Bruce Willis’ efforts to help the kid, when the perspective “pulls back” as it were and reveals the true context, that WIllis is dead, the failure he had with the previous patient and his regrets about it, it informs everything that came before with additional meaning.

    Some directors go so far as to get a shot with a fisheye lens and zoom out or otherwise change perspective, giving a visual confirmation to the mental parallax that is occurring as context widens/shifts.

    Or for instance The Matrix… the audience is a little bit ahead of the protagonist on what is going on – Neo is not the sharpest tool in the shed – but we go with him on a journey of discovery in which the context of reality is radically altered over the course of the film.

    I’d add that the genius of The Matrix wasn’t merely that the character’s actions were congruent with him having to go thorough the changing context – though they were – the directors/writers/actors recognized that to be congruent doesn’t mean the protagonist has to be always right. His stupidity, inability to think fast on his feet, or cowardice can be an additional stone he carries on his back which we might sympathize with or become frustrated with and hope he overcomes – he or she can still be well-meaning yet imperfect – or learn to be well-meaning over the course of the movie. Some directors seem to take congruity in the narrowest sense and make the protagonist always right, unbeatable, etc. It’s sad that what happened in matrix 2 and 3 didn’t matter nearly as much to me as the first one but that takes us back to meaning…

  • Ashley

    I find the Paranormal activity movies creepy because I’m the kind of silly goose who gets creeped out just sitting around the house by myself. I have to have the tv on so I’m not just by myself with creepy silence and my own mind. Even when I have something to distract myself with I have to worry about my imagination wandering and coming up with horrible things that might be waiting to pop up in a window, or creep out of a darkened room or a face that might be hidden in the pattern of the wall paper. These movies just give my stupid, evil imagination more fuel for for freaking myself out over nothing.

  • Richard

    What is up with the random ding sound effects… Anybody else hear those? (example 8:34)

  • jubalbiggs

    Wrong. It totally depends on how the house was constructed. You could have space between the floor and the sub floor, and then some kind of acoustic tile or something for the ceiling of the basement. He mentions having a “crawl space” in the Phantom video I believe. Basically, some houses may have a couple feet of space between the load bearing studs in the floor where you could conceivably stuff a body if you were so inclined. …Not that I know anything about such things of course… bodies I mean… oh nevermind.

  • jubalbiggs

    Help… can’t…breathe… man, some of us fans are sick fucks huh?
    Trying to breathe… laughing…

  • http://www.facebook.com/zaak.edwards Zaak Edwards

    I held off falling asleep during the movie because I told myself it would get better. I was wrong.

  • Alex

    I made the Inactivity joke when I walked out of the first movie. Just throwing that out there.

  • koziol

    “must be a brownout or something” gag nearly killed me. well done

  • Jason Ross

    No pumpkin ale of any recognizable label?

  • Jon

    Guys, I just watched the old cowboys & aliens review, in which you guys appeared to be getting a lot of flak for being “nit-picky” and going into films just looking for things to criticize. I just want to say, I’ve seen every review you’ve done and I’ve loved them all. Not to say I agree with every little thing, but that’s just preference, it does not take away from the fact that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Don’t change a thing.

  • http://twitter.com/skins2153 Jack The Lollygagger

    Guys, please do Cloud Atlas!

  • Nick

    PA4 is just a skinner box. People know they’ll receive a jump-scare/pellet(s) at some random time/amount when they watch-“found-footage”/press the lever. It’s profiting off basic animal psychology.

  • Matt

    I think you guys miss the mark on Paranormal Activity. The 4th is the only one that’s really been panned by critics. The previous 3 have all had various levels of competence. And a couple of them are rather good.

  • guest

    They missed the mark on their opinions? How does that work?

  • Danv

    Ok… are you guys ripping off Spoony, or is Spoony ripping off you guys? You both reviewed the same movies at nearly the same time and talked about almost the exact same things point for point.

  • Sissy Wetpants

    I wish I’d skipped it. It’s not worth it to me. Any salient points or humor takes a back seat to the screamers.

    I had to stop watching the Phantom Menace 3D review because of the fright noise in it.

    Checking the comments to each video before hand to see what/where to skip is tedious. Maybe they should just stop doing it?

    Also, that skull with the eyes is the creepiest thing I’ve seen this Halloween season. If that had been the image that popped up, I would have closed my laptop on the spot!

  • rupert

    what beer are you guys drinking? and love the show guys..just picked up my copy of feeding frenzy

  • mvw1998

    I like the part where you pretend that you were being humourous

  • shawn

    That amp energy can is REAAAAAALLY distracting guys

  • Luke

    The first paranormal was scary to some christians.

  • Jakoporeeno

    is it PLinkett’s dead wife?

  • Drain

    People calling jump scare movies “scary” is what’s wrong with the horror industry. It’s not horror and there’s nothing actually in the movie to frighten you or strike you with any depth or lasting tension. It’s just loud sudden noises designed to make you JUMP like a startled horse. It’s an exploit vs human senses. You hear a loud unexpected noise, you jump. That’s how it works. But it’s not scary… it’s just annoying and anyone with an IQ above the gutter hates it. If I yelled in your ear out of the blue and made you jump; you wouldn’t call it horror, you’d call it fucking annoying. Movies like Drag Me To Hell are a disgrace in this regard. Goddamn jumpscares every 5 seconds because the writers had no idea how to actually write something scary. It’s the “last resort” tactic. Don’t know what to do? Just do a jump scare.

    We need more movies like 1408. THAT was horror and an amazing movie without resorting to ever using any lazy PoS jumpscares. Damn I loved that movie. I would fuck it if my dick could fit in the disc hole. It was exactly what the industry needed, is an all around work of perfection from beginning to end, a true instant classic masterpiece. But sadly it will not be seen again anytime soon in movies. Hollywood is still clinging to lazy ass jump scare movies because people happily pay tickets for this crap. I can’t believe the sales PA 4 got.

  • Drain

    Hard to believe you typed all that shit. Biggest wall of worthless shit I’ve seen in a while. You really think people are going to read all of that? Lol?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Drain-Blut/100001687703474 Drain Blut

    Send her over to my house. I’ll happily take her off your hands guys.

  • Brandon

    What kind of stupid douchebag actually sits around watching “ghost shows” on television, and then calls people “stupid” for watching the same thing in fictionalized movie form? “Eh, I don’t understand why you’d watch Sons of Anarchy when smart people just watch documentaries on the “Hell’s Angels”!” And that analogy doesn’t even work because nobody would ever accuse the Hell’s Angels of “not existing”.

  • James Grimaldi

    I found the review of Paranormal Activity very comforting. I hadn’t watched horror movies for years, was bored with some time off, so hopped on Netflix and watched Paranormal Activity 2. I kept waiting for something to happen, and at the end, when I realized a fourth movie was being released, I figured something must be wrong with me, because I couldn’t comprehend anyone watching this crap.

    Maybe due to the fourth movie’s release, or Halloween, the third movie in the series was (is?) on Netflix. I watched it, and it was much better. Not great, of course, but it addressed almost all the issues you mentioned about the serious, had decent action and pacing, and a few creepy moments.

  • LQ

    The bell is driving me insane.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaaShinn Matthew Shannon

    people must think, “oh, this is boring and slow… it must be cinematic and artsy! im a like a film conasewer!”

  • pancake

    New Glarus! :)

  • Rahul

    The only found footage movie i ever enjoyed was Grave Encounters…

  • Stillwell Wackaway

    I’m gonna be honest, this movie was fairly difficult to masturbate to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnctibbetts John Tibbetts

    To be honest with you, I kind of enjoyed the first one. The schlocky story was only briefly brushed upon, so it didn’t take over the film. I have seen parts 2 and 3, and the whole demon storyline which is supposed to explain WHY any of this shit is happening makes the movies a complete joke. Any of the scares in the movie that involve the story elements of the cult or whatever the hell it is are so laughable it’s embarassing. The 3rd one was easily the worst of the ones I’ve seen, and the 4th one sounds awful. I cheated and read the synopsis on wikipedia, which reads like it was written by the 14 year old target audience.

  • http://twitter.com/Dekolonize Dekolonize

    those paranormal activity movies makes me question humanity.

  • http://twitter.com/THEHOWLINGMAN a posh wank

    Baghuul 2: Electric Baghuuloo

  • kaka

    After reading the all shit, i finaly understood i was a space alien robot….my all life is making sense!!! ……PREPARE TO DIE FUCKERS!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Mc/100000152293904 Eric Mc

    You do realize Carlyal from Spill.com wrote the script.

  • Anon

    You guys are great, that’s all.

  • http://twitter.com/Vik_Vdot Vik V.

    People mistake anticipating a loud noise for extreme suspense, basically.

  • Iktomi

    Man, this was harsh. I liked/hated the first paranormal activity, precisely because it wasn’t in a cliche old house with cobwebs and a scary history. I liked the characters, I liked the setting, and I liked the lack of explanation. It was the first scary movie i’ve ever seen that I couldn’t finish by myself. For a horror movie to actually scare the living hell out of me like this one did is unprecedented. It wasn’t the jump scares that got to me, it was the oppressiveness and feeling of inevitability. The doors opening and chairs moving and all that was demonstrating a gaining of power, and watching it is feeding that power, but you can’t look away. But, then again, I subscribe to the Yahtzee school of horror, in that all something really needs to do to be frightening is hand you a sheet of sandpaper and shout encouragement as you vigorously massage your own undercarriage.

  • Chris

    Was that a Tell-Tale Heart reference? The Poe short story? If so, nice one guys!

  • http://www.nostalgiajunkie.net/ nostalgiajunkie

    As for trying to prove that hauntings can happen even in Rich White People houses, I liked it better when Poltergeist did it 30 years ago.

    My main problem with the first Security Cam: The Motion Picture was the fact that almost everything about it had been done before, and done better. The only original thing was the security cam/home movie gimmick, and even that wasn’t THAT original. “Oooh, but this movie is cool because they made it on a budget of five dollars and seventy-five cents! And it’s, like, got a fixed camera and shit! And doors that close ALL BY THEMSELVES!” *facepalm*

    I guess the people who like these boring-ass movies are too young to have seen stuff like Poltergeist and The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror. The whole thing just makes me feel fuckin’ old. Who’s fucking with my medicine?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bahareh.khosravi.5 Bahareh Khosravi

    yeaaaaaaah. I like this review and have only this to add: wasn’t it
    obvious like 20 minutes into the movie that the missing kids were
    committing the murders? also I was with Ethan Hawk on the legacy thing. You gotta give them kids something to be proud of, no?

  • Erec

    Just Some Guy,

    You have no understanding of the scientific method – that or you just have an arrogantly washed out opinion. The very foundation of the Scientific Method is Empiricism. If you can’t see, measure or verify it is unempirical – and therefore the Scientific Method does not apply.

    That is why the idea of a God is overlooked, not because it is impossible for one to exist, but rather because it is outside our ability to verify. Because we cannot scientifically verify whether or not one exists, it is beyond our ability to state as a fact – rather than as opinion or belief – whether or not a God exists.

    The same stance is taken towards ghosts, demons and whatever else goes bump in the night – we have no method to observe or measure, this inability suggests the idea is unempirical, unempiricism suggests we ignore it as a possible area of scientific study – hence pseudoscience. Blind spots in education indeed.

  • Gerome

    I hate that noise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TharosTheDragon Kyle Delaney

    Dude, OF COURSE they love evil dead. They’re B movie fans and aspiring filmmakers. Feeding Frenzy is practically and Evil Dead tribute.

  • jroldo

    XDDDDD, ooooooOOOO GET FUCKED, bets video opening ever

  • Krackerjax

    Jesus Christ those screamers were loud. They weren’t even scary… I just think my ears are wet with some sort of red liquid. Whoever added in those sounds can fuck off. I had to watch the rest of the video at like 3% volume. Could barely hear anything.

  • Alistair

    I think something that really enhanced this for me was going into it having NOT seen any trailers. It isn’t clear that the murders are actually being done by a spooky ghost thing until right towards the end, so you are left guessing as to what is behind it all. The trailer spoils this, so you lose this aspect of it.

  • Jakoporeeno

    Fuck off, ghost!

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    “…there’s nothing intellectual, or interesting, or creative, or engaging about any of these movies… Smarter people know better.”
    Why wasn’t this printed on the movie posters? Smart movie goers are the minority, I suppose?

  • Jeremy

    I want you guys to review The Blair Witch Project. It’s one of my favorite films, and I feel embarrassed saying that because of all of the hate that film gets. I NEED VALIDATION!

  • AlcaldeEste

    First of all, Half-In-The-Bag reviews premiere films, not 14 year old films. Second, if you’re looking for validation, it’s quite a big risk to ask them to review it, because … well … it’s not very good…
    I would imagine the phrase “I thought this would happen … it didn’t … instead nothing happened!” would be uttered quite a few times in that review.

  • Fabio

    I think I’ve heard them say something positive about Blair Witch Project. In any case, the film is not bad. It’s not a masterpiece, but it was creative, atmospheric, and the characters feel genuine, it’s definitely not like those shit Paranormal Activity movies where we just sit watching at a shot for 40 hours until we get the expected jump scare.

  • Not a Rapist

    That one chick is hott

  • Scrat from Ice Age

    Would it make a difference if they were wealthy black people? Or working class white people? Would it make a huge difference if it was poverty stricken East Asians? I guess the types of furniture that moved would be different.

  • JimJim Geoff GeoffJim

    When the scary laugh happened (24:49) I wee’d in my pants, and then when the alarm noise happened (24:56) I poo’d in my pants.

  • Jay Lehmann

    hear that “smarter people know better”

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    I’d like to see Mike and Jay review Grave Encounters, especially since Mike says he watches ghost hunting shows. It’s a found footage film about ghost hunters who are hacks that actually find real ghosts and then loose their minds, fun stuff. It’s not a work of art, but it’s much better than most found footage horror films.

  • omgnoway

    I saw the Last Broadcast, was really good. I liked Sinister too, because with Insidious they both had endings that I didn’t expect at all, even if the films themselves were pretty run of the mill.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    I almost spit my drink out when Mike whipped out the 1.75 liter of cheap vodka from behind the desk after they saw PA4

  • Terrets

    Is the dead woman from this review the woman plinkett killed in the Titanic review?

  • Cameron Vale

    I don’t understand

  • Cameron Vale

    And who does Liefeld rule, the large dark non-Euclidean hidden feet people?

  • Cameron Vale

    What KadKaleen is saying is that you can laugh at paranormal investigation shows for claiming to be real, but you can’t laugh at Paranormal Activity for the same reason, because it doesn’t claim to be real.

  • Cameron Vale

    It’s Vigo.

  • Cameron Vale
  • Cameron Vale

    I’m sure that voyeurism figures in the appeal of Paranormal Activity, just because this would necessarily apply to found footage in general.

  • Hale

    Yeah, I remember how Zaat, Things, Troll 2, Flyin’ Ryan, Samurai Cop, and Galaxy Invader only came out a few short years ago…

  • Franklin Floratos

    Then why did Spill.com tear this movie to pieces?

  • Franklin Floratos

    Agreed. The first one was actually decent. The second I also enjoyed. The third I found a little anticlimactic, because it had actually been building to something (though I never found out what). And the fourth was just abysmal.

  • EmceeLucas

    Mike’s beer foams over at 34:05, they cut just in time. :p

  • VEF

    I think Mike answers Jay’s question unknowingly why people pay to see the paranormal activity movies. Why do people pay to go through haunted houses? For the “experience” and to feel that jolt of sensation/adrenaline. Identical scenarios in function, just the movie is more appealing since it is more of a social experience, requires no physical activity / has food & drink involved, also one has control since they can leave if they want to. No matter how lame the delivery of the sensation is and the nonsense surrounding it, it still works.

  • Ryan Menchion

    what the fuck is wrong with you you took that troll bait hook line and sinker

  • SkaMP

    Do you introduce yourself like that to the ladies as well? 😛

    (but yes she’s indeed purty)

  • Random guy

    I’ve had diarrhea for a few days now and I have to say I might lean towards seeing Paranormal Activity 4 instead.

  • HNSZ

    I still went to see Paranormal Activity 4, because I really enjoy watching footage of underaged girls sleeping. I also love rewatching these old reviews.

  • flint

    Why did I try to go to sleep to this episode? Fuck…

  • Shakes_McQueen

    I hate these movies, but I think part of the scare appeal might be people envisioning this kind of stuff happening in their own, suburban home. As opposed to lots of horror movies, where they take place in locales people can’t really “relate” to.

    Aside from that, it’s pure cheap jump scares.

  • Esco

    Spill.com all liked it – I think you’re thinking of Insidious, which Corey despised. But everyone in the Spill.com review gave this a positive review.

  • Esco

    I would say Sinister was one of the better horror movies in years – it used some jump scares but it was a lot scarier when it used pure symbolism and/or disturbing, highly imaginative imagery to scare us. I will agree that the supernatural element was the weakest part, but I thought the script was probably the best of any horror movie in the past 2-3 years, primarily because the characters and dialogue were well crafted.

  • Franklin Floratos

    This is the fourth movie you’re talking about, right? I know that they loved the first one. I did also. I think it’s a horror classic. But the fourth one is terrible.

  • Esco

    No – they hated Paranormal Activity 4 – the script that Carlyle wrote (that the original poster mentions) is Sinister. They liked that movie.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Oh… Fair enough. But the fouth Paranormal Activity movie is terrible.

  • Mikus

    Yeah, I cant watch any of these PA films as I know they’ll get under my skin – the scariest thing for me is poltergeistish activity as I inevitably start waiting for it to happen in my home. The scariest scene in The Exorcist for me were the knocks coming from the loft. The rest of the film is fun.

    It sounds like these films play out how it would feel to be scared of a knocking sound at home – you sit in silence waiting, waiting, waiting, and then the tiniest sound scares you! Or you think you see something in the corner of your eye. Im a rational person who doesn’t believe in ghosts, but these films would definitely work on me – once I get in that jumpy mood it takes a while to get out of it

  • Amedeus

    Watching the clips you showed of the night vision cameras, and the dog laying there and all, it made me start to think that Paranormal Activity could have worked better as a video game. Where you’re switching between the cameras on a live feed, watching for spooky things and doing… something. Sort of like if Night Trap tried to actually be kind of scary. And with more subtle moments than the movies or Night Trap ever displayed.

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