Half in the Bag set time lapse

June 6, 2012164 Comments

In addition to hosting Half in the Bag, Mike and Jay are also the set builders. We recently moved studios and had to dismantle the HITB set to transport it. Everything needed to be unscrewed and disassembled to fit out of the doors and onto a truck. Everything then had to be put back together in it’s original form. This was a pain in the ass process to say the least. We work hard for our show kids! Thanks for watching and supporting us!

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  • Psyk

    Hope you guys enjoy the new space. Makes me wonder what prompted the move.

  • Wait, it’s all a set? I thought it was real…

  • golspie

    Jesus, do you two guys really do everything? Don’t you make any money out of this gig at all?

  • golspie

    I don’t mean to second-guess you but wouldn’t it just have been easier to trash the first set, mock-up something else in the new premises and just call it ‘another room in Plinkett’s house’?

  • You guys sweat and bleed for the show, and we appreciate the toil.

  • Film

    Sometimes I like to jab a finger in my ass when I take a shit so it sprays out like putting a thumb over a water hose.

  • ouij

    So, in addition to stealing some poor old bastard’s retirement, you built a replica of his living room?  What kind of sick game are you assholes playing here?

  • Slob

    Phew!  That’s a lot of work, thanks for all the effort you put into this guys, it realy pays off the show is great.

  • MakoKako

    … and then you trashed EVERYTHING. 🙁

  • Guest

    Guess that explains the set trashing and new locations for the last couple of HITBs. I thought you were just doing it to be different,..and I don’t like things that are different…

  • Martin Haugen

    You could probably take som inspiration from these guys:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJFgFKYdObo&feature=related

  • AC

    What is that music?

  • mliF

    Like when I poop and there’s blood everywhere cause the poop was too big for my anus and it breaks my asshole meat and there is blood.

  •  Continuity errors!

    Maybe with the new location, you guys will fix that Black Ninja lighting style (different color temp for each camera) ?

  • jobe

    I see what you did there and I approve of it.

  • FUCKBOT 5000

    They were kick out for vagrancy. They realize they had two hobos talking to a wall in a warehouse…

  • Chicken sacrifice

     Indeed, someone please clarify what the music is.

  • Craig

    Man, Plinkett’s going to be pissed when he gets home and finds out you’ve moved his living room.

  • Wait, wait, wait! IT WAS A SET ALL ALONG!?!?

  • That is a nightmare… sorry you guys had to do that. Glad you went through the hard work though. Your show is awesome!

  • benjamin

    why did you guys have to move studios

  • AdamCoates

    Maybe George’s cgi sets aren’t such a bad idea…

  • Greg Stearns


  • Balgorandvern

    I suspected there was a studio move happening. The last two episodes of you both wandering aimlessly had me wondering. Looks like I was right! BTW do you do studio tours like the big studios? I’d pay $10 for a tour and the chance to glimpse one of the stars behind the scenes.

  • I feel sorry for your continuity guy!

  • Also, if you worked that hard on Plinkett’s VCR, you’d be done by now.

  • Cocksucker

    Can’t believe Fake Plinkett’s house isn’t real……they’ll be telling us he isnt a 112 year old murderous molesteing sci fi geek next!

  • FillerCrowley

    “I swear to God Rich, if even a single beer bottle is missing you’re gonna need a wheelchair for real” -Mike Stoklasa(notice that Rich isn’t anywhere to be found after the first 1:12…)

  • m0r1arty

    Awesome post from the future!!

  • The Dude

    Hahaha! They rip on Rich so much

  • The Nonconformist Muffin

    Ah…the glamor and excitement of video production.

  • Adoring Fan

    Dear Jay,

    What does Mike’s asshole taste like?

    I bet it tastes like pumpernickel. 


    An Adoring Fan

  • I came here disappointed that they haven’t done a show reviewing that Piranha 3DD turd, but now I at least know why. Oh well. Get back to it soon, guys!

  • Jhales

    I like how the only time the set gets cleaned since it was built was when it was taken apart.

  • Bruno

    You mean… It wasn’t real…?

  • Wes

    And you thought your job at PetsMart was hard…

  • Guest

    Did you not see how gigantic their new studio is?

  • Tomeknatropachyeti

    Actually this was pretty awesome 😉

  • Everything you do is much appreciated.  I’m kind of surprised that you took the time to carefully pack up all those bottles and didn’t put any of them back out (at least not on camera, anyway).

    And as someone else mentioned in this post, do you allow tours?

  • golspie

    You mean, a bigger, emptier warehouse? Surely they must be able to afford a homeless to do their slaving for them? They’re famous aren’t they? There must be some money in  mocking George Lucas on the internet, surely?

  • Terry Eads

    For some strange reason, this video makes me want a Half In The Bag playset, with Mike and Jay action figures. Then I can can have them fight my Star Wars action figures. Or they could pretend to be working on the R5-D4 unit Uncle Owen almost bought.

  • JoeA-Z

    I was wondering why the most recent videos were outside… I guess necessity is also the mother of plot invention:) 

  • Wow, that’s a lot of work.  To tell you the truth, the reason I watch HITB is to see you guys talk about movies.  The Plinkett stuff I see as unnecessary, and often pretty lame.  I mean, I enjoy your sense of humor — the Star Wars Plinkett reviews, the short videos, redubs, re-edits, etc., but the Plinkett stuff in HITB is the least entertaining part, and is probably the hardest to film.  I could watch you guys just sitting in your living room and be just as entertained.

  • I’m digging the music. Is it self-produced or what? Probably get some killer samples going in the right hands. Good work guys!

  • Guest

    Listen not to this infidel my Lord Darth Plinkett!

  • Guest

    AHHHHHHHH I wish I lived near you guys! Thank you for the hard work!!!

  • Kikkeli

    Wow, I feel like now I’m a manchurian agent.

  • JimTreacher

    Wait, so… You guys didn’t do a show from a crack house because you just happened to walk past it?

  • Guest

    They were selling empty beer bottles for hundreds of dollars on ebay, so I’d say so.

  • Mailman Tommy

    Hey, guys! 

    Just wanted to remind you to leave a forwarding address with the local Post Office, so that Mr Plinkett can continue to get all of his mail. 

    Have a great day!

  • Dominic

    I half expected you guys to trash the set the moment it was re-installed. good vid though

  • Cohnwrithe

    If I were in the area, I would’ve helped you guys for free.
    That being said, shouldn’t all the furniture be piled up against the front door?
    For continuity sake, I mean?

  • Bill

    The time and effort you spend is well worth it.  

  • Lucas S

    Keep up the hard work guys. I really enjoy your work.

  • Guest

     Mama mia!

  • You guys are excellent film reviewers, and excellent film makers as well. My experience running a film blog hasn’t been ultra-smooth, and you guys do so much more work. Your sense of humor and timing is also top-notch. I hope to see plenty more from you all in the future.

  • Tinoperlick

    Can you post the video in real time, please?

  • Regan

    Yall do work hard, and it shows.  Great stuff; keep it up!  You’re getting more fans every day!

  • Guest

    And now the final step:  populating the room with tons of beer bottles!  You boys got some drinking to do…

  • lordish

    I guess you couldn’t fit even half in the bag:P great show keep it up

  • Hiver

     You destroyed the dream.

    Thanks a bunch. Assholes. Now youre going to tell me mr Plinkett isnt real either…

    I hate you!
    I hope one day you have to do all that work in real life speed!

    (the music was quite spiffy though)

  • Rskagy

    Why do you never credit Rich Evans?  I see him there helping you guys clean up!

  • Derpandamensch

    I just want to say that I’m a huge Rich Evans fan  I love how it was Rich Evans who cleaned up the beer bottles that the other two spilled at the end of the last episode.  And then Rich Evans left.  That was amazing.

    Good job guys, this is really an impressive effort.  I can only imagine what it took to make the original set.  You guys put your backs into your entertainment and it shows.  I can honestly say I’m looking forward to your Prometheus review as much as I’m looking forward to Prometheus.

  • Plinkett was robbed?  On, Man!  They really did take everything!

  • Hamiltonway1

    There’s a difference between the Plinkett you’re referring to and the HITB Plinkett he’s saying he dislikes.

  • Oh, I see.  The elves just needed to move his house over an inch.

  • Thor

    I think of the most under appreciated aspects of HITB and the Plinkett reviews is the choice of music and how well it complements the visuals. This was a great video.  

  • Siechamontillado

    We love you guys!

  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah, but what did you do with the dead bodies in the basement?

  • Guest

    Yes. But they are some who like them both really.

  • Robby

    And not a single broken beer bottle in sight. Seriously…indestructible.

  • Marclhommedieu

    Holy crap, that made me tired just watching it.  You guys rock.

  • Kolby Heiss

    Nice one guys, can’t wait for the next review and/or my official signed Beer bottle to get here!

  • “What, are these super bottles?”

  • Im doing a time lapse on a stage build, yours is waaaaay more interesting to watch.

  • golspie

    Well, I hope so.

  • I’m not saying I dislike the Plinkett from HITB.  Just that it’s the least entertaining part.  The movie discussion is what I come to see, though I love the humor videos they put up on YouTube.  In fact, the Grabowski hardware store episode is still one of my favorite videos of theirs…and I doubt there are many people who are even aware of its existence.  Even big RLM fans.


  • Yup.

  • A question for anyone who cares to answer.

    Anyone else wonder why until a couple months ago none of the video here had any comments?  It was always 0 comments.  I felt weird when I left a couple, because there was no one to respond.  Then, all of a sudden, a couple months ago, each video got dozen or hundreds of comments.  What happened?

  •  Marketing …. and viral videos xD

  •  Mmmm well, I asked myself that very same question and I can guess that a) beer bottles now a days are done with world standard practices, you must also remember that those bottles do get refilled so the body of the bottle must be resistant in order to prevent broken bottles that lead to money spended by the corporations that produce beer.
    b) wooden floor can certainly somehow prevent glassy things to get broken

  • coyoterys

    Needs Yakety Sax!

  • coyoterys


    Synchronize the above link with the time lapse.  It’s like the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon.

    Mind = Blown

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    [ FROM: Previous renter of your new facilities. ]
    [ TO:       RedLetterMedia                                  ]

    Uh, guys, didn’t your realtor mention to you who and what is buried under the concrete?

  • Zabkar

    Actually comments have been ubiquitous throughout the site, due to some poor web design choices they just had two separate comment streams and miscounted comment statistics. 

  • Pete


  • Pssss

  • KarlBunker

    Man, I’d hate putting all that work into building something that looks so awful. I’d be all “Can we at least get some new venetian blinds, pleeeze?”

  • Dontkoppout

    sexual favors and free old magazines.

  • So much work!

    Would be easier if you guys just paint the new place’s walls green and digitally composite the old Plinkett’s walls in. That’s how billionaire Hollywood director does it so they wouldn’t get off their chair all the time.

  • Shhhhh! It’s all part of a nefarious master plan.
    1. Steal Plinkett’s retirement
    2. Use the money to build a replica of his living room
    3. Drug him and transport him to the replica room
    4. ???
    5. Profit!

  • I’ve never found it that noticeable (most of the time)
    Anyway, surely it could be fixed by white balancing each camera at the same time, not sure why you’d need a location change to do it.

  • Damn you guys actually put in work, unlike most of Hollywood now days. Here I thought you were just using some apartment room with permission to film or shoot. You actually BUILT that just for the show??? You guys rock. I especially like the excessive beer bottles and raggy blinds.

  • redletterjay

     Yes it was bad web design on our part. The older videos do have comments, they’re just not counted on the blog posts. It’s all been cleared up now though with the recent and future updates.

  • Ensign Lynch

    Ok, so the abandoned warehouse from the Battleship/Dark Shadows episode is the new studio. My question is; what were those black panels that you guys removed from the celling of your old studio.

  • Oakstave

    Wow. Thanks guys. I mean, I’m still not sending you any money, but Thanks!

  • Smokey MacPot

    I was hoping to see you guys use your 4 foot bong with gasmask attachment in a post-set up celebration….I guess beers are OK too.

  • Kage Musha

    Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  • JDDD

    OK, where’s the Prometheus review already??? Get off your fat ass Plinkett!

  • Asdf

    I like it how Rich helped too but doesn’t get a mention.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Now the mystery is gone.

    But at least I know how you can drink all that beer and still stay skinny: you guys run really fast.

  • Grape Soda

    almost syncs to the second! AMAZING!

  • But I want to watch it in bullet time ;_;

  • guest


  •  I just got the outtake dvd last week. theres a bit where Mike is trying really hard to break one of the bottles. He has what looks to be a mental breakdown yelling repeatedly “What, are these super bottles?”

    Explaining this here is about as ackward as explaining this website to my friends!

    “You know the 70 minute Star Wars review?”
    “I think so yeah,?”
    “So like the guys that made that do a bunch of other stuff, they review modern movies and have even made a few movies of their own!”
    “Ummm, thats cool I guess…..”
    “You wanna watch some of it at my house after work?”
    “aw, shit sorry man I have something more interesting going on….. Like forever……….”
    “ok i guess (sobbing quietly)”

  • Dystopedon


  • Dystopedon

    Seriously, that movie had more plot holes than any of the crappy Alien movies before it.

  • Mstpeter

    I can honestly say I enjoy watching your movie reviews more than I like watching most of the movies you review.  PS:  why is “movie” underlined with red like its a typo on your spell checker?  

  • Mstpeter

    Ridley Scott smoked a massive bowl of crack, then lost control of his bowels. What came out was Prometheus.  I kept watching the movie thinking “Ok, any minute now, something profound is going to happen.  After all, it’s Ridley Scott”.  Alas.

  • About Prometheus :

    They said they want to explore the “space jockey” that everyone saw in the first Alien. It/He was sitting on that phallic cockpit with his chest burst open.

    But in Prometheus the space jockey was raped by a first gen face huger
    and the first xenomorph burst out of his chest in a human escape module,
    NOT while it was supposed to be on its own cockpit.

    Really though I was expecting that the ice queen Vickers to be impregnated by the first facehugger which would led to the creation of the first xenomorph Queen who in turn infected the space jockey while he was blasting off.

  • Smokey MacPot

    Don’t worry! There’s always the Blade Runner Prequel!

  • Ox Hg

    You: moving your own crappy set/props, still looking like bums
    Me: Multi/multi-millionaire,stroking my sexy beard and laughing maniacally.

    Fuck you and fuck your reviews.

    Best wishes


  • Erkha

    You all missed the point and substance of Prometheus, don’t blame the movie, if you do not understand it in the first place.

  • Add

     Hahaha, you think Prometheus is deep or clever.

  • Erkha

    If you would take the time to analyze what you saw, it becomes much more than CGI and crappy writing.

  • Erkha

    Not the same xenomorph, not the same engineer, not the same ship, not even the same fucking solar system. People calling Prometheus shit, because they did not understand it, and because it’s cool to not like things.

  • Add

    I’m sorry it really does not in any way, shape or form. Each minute spent analyzing this sad mess crystallizes just how much of an utter failure this film is, if held to the standard of “good cinema”.

  • Oh Dear

    I was also disappointed by Prometheus. I don’t know if there were plot holes – I don’t think so. I knew it was a different LV-xxx planet and I’d heard Ridley Scott in an interview say that there would have to be two more films before they’d get to the time of Alien. What I didn’t like was:
    1) I found it a bit hard to understand (and I’m not sure why…)
    2) I didn’t like the style – it felt like a lot of running around and “stuff”. It felt like McG had directed it, rather than Ridley Scott.
    3) It felt like it was full of tropes, which is weird because the previous Alien films are so diverse it should be impossible for tropes to even exist. I’m not sure I can say what they all are without re-watching, but the ***SPOILER ALERT*** one woman surviving at the end, the hurriedly getting into a spacesuit thing, the blowing up the ship thing, the android’s head getting knocked off thing, the android who’s nice then nasty then nice again thing.
    4) The monsters felt very silly – there’s a ***SPOILER ALERT*** super powerful zombie monster that’s introduced and discarded all within five minutes, there’s a wibbly octopus monster that is *shown* to be very powerful, but there’s no time for us to *know* that it’s powerful – thus the penultimate scene lacks tension, and that xenomorph at the end – it still looks like a dude in a suit, 33 years on! The digital ones in Alien 4 were better, and that’s saying something.
    5) I didn’t care about any of the characters and the methods to develop them were so awful and hackneyed (“hey, I’m not here to be your friend”…ten minutes later…”hey, we’re stuck together, so let’s be friends”). That silly flashback thing… And the unable to have children thing?! That felt like something the producers stuck in at the last minute because they thought a live caesarian scene would be cool and they needed a way to crowbar that into the film.
    6) Old man Weyland looked rubbish. Why not just employ a genuine old man?
    Overall this very much felt like a McG directed film of a script that had been fiddled with by too many producers. It’s hard to believe that Ridley Scott could put together such excellent films like Alien and Blade Runner – with such great ideas delivered so clearly and subtley and with such memorable characters – and then produce this!
    I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the guys at Red Letter Media for giving me the eyes to see why films like Prometheus are disappointing, even if I’m not as articulate as they are in doing so.

  • Oh Dear

    Oh, and
    7) I really hate cannabis references in films. They always seem to be appealing to a fratboy mentality, which is nearly always out of place except in fratboy movies. It always feels like the movies stops and the director says “Ooh, isn’t smoking cannabis naughty and fun, tee hee!!” Yes, it was fun when I was 16. I’m watching a SF film now, so can we leave that alone?

  • Guest

     That’s a lot of text. What does any of it have to do with a time lapse video?

  • Dystopedon

     Everyone here wanted to like it.  Ridley Scott has simply passed the Lucas-con.  Accept that.

  • Dystopedon

     Prometheus is such a failure by such a good director it needs a full Plinkett review, no Half-assed in the bag for it.

  • I actually like Prometheus. In fact I think I’m the only who knows what to expect when I went to watch it. I think the rest of the movie goers must’ve anticipated it to be another summer monster slasher movie.

    It’s just that the ending was a bit confusing. “Not the same xenomorph, not the same engineer, not the same ship, not even the same fucking solar system.” Good point, but that got me thinking again…

    …two ships carrying biological weapons sent to wipe out some unsanctioned terra-formed life on Earth crashed landed and both pilots were infected even though they are galaxies apart? Now that’s bordering on divine intervention. As if God Himself destined the Engineer to die on Earth, made Earth’s life forms and foiled the  other Engineers’ plan to destroy those life forms – not once but twice! The more I think of it, the more I suspect those bio-weapon making Engineers are either the Lucifer(s) in Bible times who go against God and try be Gods themselves or just typical unlucky aliens whose ships crashed a lot exactly the same way. There’s a huge head sculpture in the pyramid so the Engineers must think highly of themselves. There’s a lot of talk about  religion and faith in that movie.

  • Oh Dear

    Agreed. HITB is great, but Prometheus needs a full review. Not so much because it’s a failure, more because it was so disappointing, like Star Wars. I can just imagine it: “Prometheus was the most disappointing movie I’ve watched since…”

  • Oh Dear

    Straight back at you :-p

  • Guest

    Well maybe if you weren’t always smashing up the place, they’d have let you stay!

  • Guest

     He was there for like 2 minutes then flaked off.  Probably had to head back to his Gamestation.


    So how about you fat lazy fucks get to work on releasing that quigley plinkett review instead of this stupid eating fried chicken and moving scenery around bullshit that nobody gives a fuck about.
    And where the fuck is my pizza roll again?

  • Guest

     Actually you can see them sweep together a bunch of broken glass before they uproot the floor.  Some of the bottles must have broken!

  • JDDD

    Well it is not as bad as Battleship anyway.

    It just felt like it had too much crammed into it, some of it making NO sense. Sending a trillion dollar spaceship because 2 people found some cave paintings? Why would a trained biologist try to grope an alien life form acting just like a poisonous cobra? Why is Guy Pearce playing Ebeneezer Scrooge? Since Michael Fassbender is playing Peter O’Toole, why not get Peter O’Toole to be Weyland? That would have been great since David is like Weyland’s surrogate son, but maybe Peter O’Toole thought the script was shit. Why is Sean Harris playing the same character he plays on The Borgias? Anyway it just seems like alot of loadup for a movie that’s the prequel to a franchise that ends with AVP 2, like watching a movie about the invention of the combustion engine, what it means for humanity, then at the end realizing it’s the prequel for Fast & Furious.

  • JDDD

    And if you don’t think Prometheus is deep and clever then you’re stupidpants! It is like a very deep game of chess in which the players don’t know they’re playing chess…

  • Disfigurative

    ” Hahaha, you think Prometheus is deep or clever.” – Directed at Erkha

    While I admit that the movie attempts to be more philosophical and high-brow than it really is, these weak links do not take away from the fact that the movie is still extremely well orchestrated.

    Did anyone really expect a masterpiece after the first few legitimate reviews came out?

    The tone was consistent throughout, cinematography was gorgeous, editing/pacing was smooth and complimented the story being told, the effects were a perfect combo of practical and CGI and the sheer scope of the film was impressive.

    On the other hand:
    Scott’s execution was…well…not entirely distinct, the story posed interesting questions but never followed through with interesting answers, however vague, and the majority of the characters were shallow at best.

    Seems to me that the two major flaws were the script (especially character development and interpersonal relationships) and Scott’s direction of his actors.

    This film was definitely not a complete failure.  It was disappointing.

  • Disfigurative

     “…two ships carrying biological weapons sent to wipe out
    some unsanctioned terra-formed life on Earth crashed landed and both
    pilots were infected even though they are galaxies apart?”

    How do we know the original ship in Alien was heading towards Earth?  🙂

    Beyond that point, it’s quite obvious in Prometheus and Alien that the Engineers, as formidable as they are, were no match for their own creation.

    “As if God Himself destined the Engineer to die on Earth and make Earth’s life forms”

    The planet at the very beginning of the film was not earth.  I know this, sadly, because Scott doesn’t like to keep his mouth shut during interviews like a good director (Kubrick) so the audience can figure it out on their own during repeat viewings.

    Apparently the planet and that sequence can simply be seen as a general metaphor for intergalactic farmers spreading their seed (har-har) through self-sacrifice.

    And you’re right on with the rest of your post.  Scott wanted the Engineers to be “dark angels”. He had the fallen angels from Milton’s “Paradise Lost” in mind.  He originally wanted to title the movie “Paradise”.

    I know these things because I’m a HUGE fan of the first, groundbreaking Alien (Aliens is also very good).  Just wish Prometheus could have been groundbreaking as well.

  • Koenraad1982

    I guess the speed of the time lapse video must’ve reminded a lot of these guys, whom are talking about Prometheus, of the pacing of Prometheus. I loved Alien because it moved so slowly (well amongst other things off course) Prometheus has a magnificent look to it but it feels rushed. Maybe tight editing for the theaters, i don’t know. The other thing that i didn’t really appreciate was ***SPOILER*** Vickers death-scene. It would have been so much more interesting to have one more conflict between Vickers and Shaw. Because it felt like she didn’t really had much to do in this movie. The way I see it, they both should have gone to the crashed life pod, had a fight or something, Vickers gets smacked in the wall by the Engineer, thinking she’s dead, so he leaves her there. When the pre-alien gets born, she awakens and become the first prey of this beautiful creature. It bites her face of revealing her as a human or android. i don’t know, i think it would have been more exciting that way. And to see an Alien kill someone is always pleasant.

  • so pumped for the inevitable Prometheus review.

  • Guest

    Am I the only person here who thought Prometheus was a very well-written and thematically complex film? 😛 I think a lot of the fans here are more eager to nitpick individual moments of a film like their beloved Plinkett rather than giving a film that didn’t live up to their expectations on a visceral/superficial level a fighting chance. Honestly, I thought Prometheus was almost as cerebral as 2001 or Blade Runner. 

  • Tap Yatoes

    No, it’s okay. There are people who liked Prometheus. And then there are non-retarded people.

  •  “Beyond that point, it’s quite obvious in Prometheus and
    Alien that the Engineers, as formidable as they are, were no match for
    their own creation.”

    Something our own scientists should consider as priority during their research. Cloning, GM food, war drones, fusion, black holes on Earth…

    Movies are windows to the future and scientists really need to take heed.

    Prometheus was OK, I guess. I got me thinking for a couple a days. But yeah, I too wished it’s more than merely OK.

  • Looks like there might be some extra room in the new place.  Either way, fantastic.  Your efforts are appreciated.  

  • yubnub

    Oh, dear… It seems that, in your haste, you forgot to relocate the Game Splation set.

    …Oh… …Dear…

  • truth serum

    This review totally missed the mark about what is wrong with the film. The problem is not the lore. The lore of the storyteller is what it is, deal with it. The problem and its fucking huge is the characters and how the act and react in totally ridiculous and unrealistic ways.  This review never touches on that so….whatever, I recommended a  co-worker rent it. 

  • What do we have here?

  • What do we have here? frame 00:03:87:69

  • Guest

     That’s not a real time code.

  • Fast

    They are too quick! Is about the use of suppositories? used in horse racing and olympic sprinters?

  • guest

    Probably bafflers to help the acoustics of the set.

  • The Dave

    Jesus, find a basement. Unless you’re making serious bank with this situation or need a hobby, this is overkill. Of course you seem young and enthusiastic. Suckers.

  • firebrando

    made me appreciate this fine program even more.

  • Not Rick Berman

    Oh man I was expecting it to end with them pouring out the containers of beer bottles everywhere.

  • Russ

    Labor of love. Hot, annoying, exhausting, filthy labor of love. Now I see where all the beer bottles come from. Due reward for all the hard work. Thanks fellas. We out here on the other side of the camera appreciate it.

  • Wow, brings back some memories!! It’s like the never-ending student film!

    So it was just you two? Where was everyone else? Typical when it’s moving time.

  • If you think it’s well written you are clueless about screenwriting and basic narrative.

  • Not only fratboys smoke marijuana, that’s an ignorant view. Is Bob Dylan a fratboy?

  • Why is this comments section filled with pseudo-intellectual assholes falsely claiming that Prometheus is an intelligently written film?

  • set building is a pain in the ass. very nice guys.

  • Dan Shaffer

    The point isn’t that only fratboys smoke it, its that only fratboys get a chuckle out of it when its in a movie. Hell, I’m 42 and smoke it occasionally (ounce a week), no big deal.

  • Jay Stein

    I love the music..Looks like fun!

  • uncle bobby

    I need more Mr. Plinkett !

  • RussM

    The music is by Testube from the Usable Frequency Response album,
    available online. The track is called Ribcaged. Great music if you’re
    interested in the whole album.
    Great choice RLM. Were you guys really
    moving that fast??!!??!? It’s like the old Star Trek episode Wink of an
    Eye. I bet you guys sounded like insects to normal humans.

  • Paul Howard

    What are the materials you use to make the walls?

  • Joe Syxpac

    Looks like foam board insulation.

  • Paul Howard

    Thank you.

  • snikt1
  • Grayson Perkins

    I am very thankful to you guys for doing this!!!!

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