Half in the Bag: Red Tails

January 26, 20129 Comments

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  • Franz Fanon

    The reason that race is brought up in movies like this is because we still live in a society where structurally, institutionally, certain peoples are at a disadvantage economically, politically, educationally and in the labor market, simply because of the fact that they were born with a different skin color or whatever. This is the difference between subjective racism (calling someone the n-word) and structural racism. One of them has definitely decreased, but the other has a long way to go. This point ties into the notion of white privilege, the ease at which it is possible for the average white man to go through life in comparison to the average black man. It’s a scientifically measurable phenomenon.

    I liked the review, but I did not like the throwaway message about racial equality. It reminds me of the point of view that is satirized by Stephen Colbert when he says that he ‘doesn’t see race’. Very enjoyable review, though.

  • James

    Entertaining, as I generally find all your reviews, though I wonder at the hint of condescension, and scoffing at the idea that Hollywood is perhaps a bit shy about making films with predominately ethnic casts, or that feature a black protagonist? You might say that the idea of people not going to see films because of race might be outdated, but you obvioulsy haven’t seen recent research, or looked at twitter in the last year or so, where you can find people who admit to just that. Also why the “sorry Black people” quip? Red Tails is not a “Black” film, it’s a war film albeit one that happened to have special interest to Blacks specifically, but I’d dare say enthusiats of WWII era films were let down by Red Tails as well. I look forward to your review of Pearl Harbor in the future, and the “Sorry WWII vets” that I’m sure will be forthcoming.
    Last although Spike Lee says a lot of crazy stuff, that’s his schtick, and for the most part what he said was not as absurd as you tried to make it appear. He prefaced his statement by saying, “For the most part . . .” He did not say that films had “not ” been made. You then showed an assortment of films that were made in 1977, ’89, ’95; 2001, ’02, ’07, and finally ’08. What point were you trying to prove? That’s a span of 35 years and you show 7 films (3 of which were television movies), and none done in the last four years! Certainly makes what Spike said seem true considering you could probably find a white biographical films for each of those 35 years including this year.
    Like I said, I like your reviews, but am sad to see you fall into the trap of trying to convince people that the world’s now a perfect place and no one looks at race any longer and the only people who contradict that notion are people stuck in the past.

  • John C

    No one is denying that racism still exists. However for Lucas to play the race card because movie studios didn’t want to publicize an awful movie is rather a lame tactic. Particularly when it’s used in the year 2012 when we just elected an African American president to his second term in office.

  • AKA

    If you’re defending Spike Lee, you’ve clearly never been on his Twitter. He’s a fucking histrionic mongoloid. He really has a complex about racism. Most of his filmography is wrought with pseudo-intellectual musings about racial conflict. Pretty much all of his films are about the persecution of black people. Obviously, we know that racism is bad, but his incessant ramblings are just tasteless. To be honest, a better question would be: why are there no white people in Spike Lee’s films?

  • Joel

    No white people in Spike Lee films?

    Have you actually SEEN a Spike Lee film to say there aren’t any white people in his films? Have you heard of a site called IMDB to make that inaccurate statement that there are no white people in his films?

  • Lucas is a dolt. The fact that he would get all flippy about race, when in Star Wars blacks are either, dirty scoundrel “colt 45” drinking traitorous playboys, or horrible Jamaican stereotyped comic relief (Jar Jar was a black man), is a complete joke. The movie sucks and he needed some ego relief so he used racism to save his pride. Oh, and Mace Windu was decidedly neutered….come on, Sam Jackson played Shaft and Jules Winnfield, and Lucas wrote him like a sackless white nerd.

    There will always be racism…some people are just jerks….but in 21st century America, it aint a giant problem. Like someone said, we just elected a black man to his second term as President even though he is an incompetent liar who hasnt accomplished anything in his entire life (besides winning an election or two, of course). If that doesnt tell you that skin color doesnt matter i dont know what will. In fact, i think in todays PC society, most people go out of their way to try and be fair to everyone regardless of ethnicity….to a fault. (see the previously mentioned disastrous President)

    George Lucas is a self centered tool who ruined the Prequels because he was more worried about inserting his backwards political views than creating a good story.

    The guy is the worst kind of a-hole…maybe he wasnt always, but he is now and this situation shines a giant spotlight right between its eyes.

  • Very Important Penis

    Listen guys, its about time we put all of this black and white race conflict stuff behind us so we can all come together to stop the ZIonist Jew conspiracy.

  • NotRickBerman

    It’s gonna be great.

  • The HBO Tuskegee Airmen movie was really good with far less of a budget. Much less CGI and real planes.. I liked it. But I guess Redtails is one-dimensional and it’s stylistically designed to be that way.

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