Half in the Bag: Pacific Rim

July 18, 20131,055 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Guillermo Del Toro’s sci fi fantasy monsters vs. robots film Pacific Rim.

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  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Half in Baaaag: FUck Movies

  • Aristotlol

    WOOHOO ps pls review King of the Kickboxers, it’s actually the best of the worst.

  • Pen Island


  • Grendelsan

    It’s Top Gun meets Independence Day with robots and giant monsters. Schlock!

  • Ghoa

    It’s a homage to old Kaiju and anime films, You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • bob loblaw

    jesus, you guys are drinking Jager now? you need AA

  • anon

    HAHA the jager Reference in this episode cracked me up

  • Travis Boswell

    Guys, you don’t have to drink Jaegermeister for us. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

    Thanks for it, though!

  • Grendelsan

    It might be an homage to those films, but it’s done in a way that mixes Top Gun (clear “You can be my wing man” and he’s a hotshot maverick) moments throughout the film) and Independence Day (aliens threatening the human race, destruction of cities, that obligatory fucking motivation speech facing down the end of the world). It’s rehashed schlock. At least in old Kaiju movies like Godzilla, the monsters had personalities. Here they are a just interchangeable killers.

  • Jeseabell

    I thought the movie was super fun. That was about it and thats all it needed to be.

  • Davoid

    Lol’d at the Jaeger on the table.

  • Harry Roberts

    The same talktalk commercial gets played before every video on this site for me, it’s driving me mad

  • Will Robinson

    Why it’s not HD? I like to see your ugly faces at 720p!

  • locolukah

    If only I could get my friends to go see this with me 🙁

  • Constantine1985

    People having *fun* at the movies?! WTF, man! D’you thinks this is a m#therf%cking game?! Movies are about giving money to Adam Sandler and Michael Bay, period! No one should attempt something new or creative! No one should try bringing different influences to the hollywood industry. NO ONE! MOAR GROWN UPS!!

    p.s. lol, it was a nice surprise to see you guys actually having a good time in the movies.

  • SkyDog

    Fair review, and I agree with Jay – this was actually one of the first times in a while that I was actually left wanting more, which is a nice change of pace considering I was completely fucking worn out by the likes of Into Darkness and Man of Steel.

  • I was getting Denny’s and their “pancakes that taste like America”, which I assume means pancakes that taste like smoke stacks and viagra.

  • putacorkinit

    Mike, please try to look more interested when Jay is talking for an extended period.

  • NNn

    Actually , the Asylum had made a mockbuster of this called “Atlantic Rim” and its even kinda better

  • Constantine1985

    Hahahaha. He seems to always do that.

  • Constantine1985

    Invite’em to see Grown Ups 2, if they take you up on your word, ditch’em 🙂

  • Chris Olejko

    Do you watch anime Jay or are you just professional enough to look up how to pronounce it properly?

  • judge dredds dirty undies

    Pacific Rim has to be the most warmly recieved mediocre summer blockbuster of all time.

  • Reid Osborn

    God knows, after all this Blood-Vomiting Adam Sandlery and joyless movies, it’s nice to get a ROBOT PUNCH MONSTER movie with an actual sense of fun!

  • Constantine1985

    That probably tells you more about the state of the industry than it does about the quality, or lack of it, of Pacific Rim;

  • Mark Bisone

    First chocolate-wasting now pacific rim-jobbing.

    Well, at least Hollywood is teaching kids a useful trade in these tough economic times.

  • Ben Foster

    It Is the best movie there is out there this year. It’s not pacific rims fault, it’s the industries that you’ve only got shitter things to watch.

    This sort of movie need to make big bucks to try and lift the industry out of shitfest

  • Clearly they aren’t your friends if they won’t go see this movie.

  • Chris Power

    The constant rain and splashing around made things difficult to see, but overall it was a fun summer movie. Shocked at the numbers frankly…

  • Because I delight in their pain, I’m really hoping for a full Grownups 2 review. Bwahahahahaha!

  • SkyDog

    I saw the movie in IMAX 3D, and they seriously do need to tweak the brightness and contrast levels for 3D screenings a bit more. Certain shots were simply too dark to make sense of, particularly in the “Shatterdome” scenes.

  • judge dredds dirty undies

    Personally I enjoyed Iron Man 3 more than Pacific Rim.

  • bob665@aol.com

    When I was young I saw a robot jocks at a video store and wanted to see it.
    Unfortunately I had to watch it with my parents which made it a lot less fun. I
    want to see another giant robot move ever since. They don’t really make them. Which
    is weird because Hollywood’s after so many niche markets. So I’m glad it got a
    good review

  • CIAN

    I drink a nagin of Jäger almost weekly. As just a starter even.
    …….But I’m irish so that’s not abnormal

  • playdude92 .

    This movie deserves me to be 15 for it. Sadly, I´m over 20. Ehh, I´l just get drunk and take some friends.


    Is anyone else not getting an HD option for this review?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    If someone told me their pancakes tasted like America i’d say “SO YOU LIKE THE TASTE OF IMPERIALISM?!”

  • Ignacio Rodriguez-Trelles

    “The wrong kid died!”

  • kenchun24

    You’re not alone. Lots of folk including friends of mine, and grazing review blogs across the web or YouTube (and folks that DIDN’T go and see Sandler Shit Sandwich part 2) enjoyed Pacific Rim plenty. Mike and Jay included. So even though the U.S. audience didn’t flock to it due to their built up “Looks like Bayformers/Power Rangers/Cloverfield – pass” prejudices, PR has a following.

    It’s doing well internationally,plus it hasn’t even opened up yet in Japan and China. So there might be more stories from the world del Toro created. But if not that’s cool with me. The film actually played out like the last part of a trilogy IMO so I will be getting the blu-ray for sure. Plus I already ordered the “Pacific Rim:Man,Machines and Monsters” production/concept art/making of book which received great reviews for those that are interested in knowing more about the PR world.

  • TyUnderwood

    Mike, the political and economics of “how do we survive in a world where a giant sea monster is smashing everything” is what Neon Genesis Evangelion is for. It’s about a lot of things, but that is one of them.

  • q q

    No. This movie was as impressive as the original Star Wars.
    I walked in ready to hate it and ended up crying 5 times. It’s that emotional and great with the characters.

  • q q

    Are you retarded? Pacific Rim was a Masterpiece.

  • q q

    No, the monsters are all unique.

  • Roger Sterlings Lucky Strikes

    They broke the 4th wall!!!

  • Kenlin Bros

    I’m looking forward to the Pacific Rim / Grown Ups 2 crossover, where Jagers punch Adam Sandler in the face for two hours.

  • jubalbiggs

    They watched the drunken movie discussions on Badass Digest and had to up the ante.

  • q q

    Atlantic Rim.

  • Sully

    Pacific Rim was the first movie in a while that I walked away from thinking, “I can’t wait for the sequel.” I actually want to know what happens next.

  • Roger Sterlings Lucky Strikes

    I’m surprised they didn’t mention that the end of this movie was exactly the same as The Avengers.

  • q q

    Because you are an idiot 😛

  • MichaelKz

    Hey, that was a good theory as to why Pacific Rim isn’t doing as well as it should be.

  • jubalbiggs

    I agree with Jay (unusual, since I’m usually with Mike). It was a good movie and I enjoyed it a lot but didn’t love it. As an old time anime fan I got a real kick out of how many anime references he got in there, but that is nerd-satisfaction. Maybe I’m biased in favor of giant robot movies. God what a shame what Transformers did… nobody will ever trust a giant robot movie again…

  • jubalbiggs

    I was a Battletech player and Robotech fan who sought out Robot Jocks back in the day. I really thought Transformers was going to be great, and was horrified by it. Trust me, you will really like Pacific Rim.

  • Mauro

    Last joke should have been “Too grown up” ore something like that.
    Because they’re huge.

    * chirp chirp*

  • Sully

    Is there a petition I can sign? How do we make this happen?

  • q q

    I LOVED it. Don’t be a sheep and take his opinion.

  • q q

    too bad it’s not.

  • q q

    As good as the Original Star Wars.

  • Ryan

    Saw this the other day and left wondering: where was Shia Laboomf? Was he cut?

    Just kidding this movie was awesome.

  • kenchun24

    Yup,I saw Robot Jox (in the theater,I’m old haha!) with my buds on opening day right after 6th period art class in 7th grade. Same buds I played Battletech with. Our parents would get annoyed with which kitchen/dining room table would get taken over that particular weekend.

    And yeah,Pacific Rim was great fun.

  • Sully

    There are no new ideas. Only cleverly reconstructed ones.

  • SkyDog

    One somewhat baffling thing I keep hearing is how many people were annoyed by the “love story”. What love story? It was camaraderie, with a couple slight winks of sexual tension that didn’t amount to much more than Mako being a little shy. It’s as if people are so jaded now that even the slightest bit of affection or devotion displayed between characters of the opposite gender is perceived as being “icky romance”.

  • Sully

    There was more romance between Chuck and his bulldog than there was between Mako and Raleigh. People are idiots.

  • jubalbiggs

    ….um because Avengers ends with all the Marvel heroes floating on life rafts in the Pacific? Yeah. Oh, right, no I forgot, because the robot pilots go to eat Felafel in manhattan! Of course, that’s it! Thanks for reminding me of that, I totally missed it.

  • Chuck

    HOLY SHIT that IS the feeling i got at first, big dum movie but from the first scene with the original theme playing, i knew it was going to be awesome.

  • playdude92 .

    Gonna see Pacific Rim right after my Prolific Rim (prostate exam).

  • MatthewMelange

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is overrated and riding on nostalgia for when it took 12 episodes for a super sayan to change a light bulb because DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho manga authors took forever to finish their manga chapters and story arcs.

    Eva also introduced angst to anime.

  • q q

    I don’t think it was dumb. The characters and emotional moments were really effective.

  • Wilburforce_Spunkmeyer

    Mike seems more fucked up than usual in this one.

  • Chuck

    no no i meant like they described as a big dum movie, i got that from looking at the poster but i wasnt dum at all, it was spectacular and memorable

  • kenchun24

    For sure. Raleigh and Miko’s relationship didn’t come off to me like a shoehorned romance at all. They both just picked each other up after having some previous trauma in their lives due to the Kaiju War. It was like Mike said,the main theme was folks coming together,or to “trust in each other” like Pentecost exclaims.

    Stringer Bell was good in this flick BTW, loved his “two things” dialogue and “Don’t F*%k with me” eyes he throws at Raleigh during that exchange.,

  • The script could have been a little better, but i didnt mind much considering the level of the blockbusters this year(again), this was gold imo. thanks to Del Toro.

  • kenchun24

    I know the summer has been rough Mike & Jay,so I’m glad Pacific Rim gave you both some throwback fun at the movies. I agree,it was a refreshing and welcome big budget summer flick,not only in execution but overall tone. Great points by both BTW – I haven’t been this interested in wanting to know more about a non-previous IP “movie world” in awhile. Probably since The Matrix. All shortcomings aside Guillermo and his collaborators did good. I had a blast with this flick.

    p.s. I wish I could “force mind meld” (ala Brandon Lee’s “Eric Draven” from The Crow) both of my “in theater” experiences of PR to the folks who passed it off as “another disaster porn/robot movie”. Both audiences were going nuts at all the same beats. Best time(s) I had at the movies this summer.

  • Dennis Cornetta

    What happened to Jaybeard :c ?

  • SkyDog

    There’s a bit of an Idris Elba bandwagon going around the internet right now, but it truly can’t be overstated how awesome a presence he brings to his roles.

    I was actually thinking the other day how great he would be as James Bond…

  • bluntdragon

    It did feel like the movie was bouncing back and forth between “Asylum acting” and “blockbuster robots”. The funny thing is if you look at character development for anime like Evangelion, it’s bad. The greatness lies in the world the story is told. Ironically both universes have that in common.

  • kenchun24

    I saw one review of Pacific Rim (Angry Joe Show on YouTube) where the guys really didn’t know Elba’s previous work at all from the The Wire or Luther. But it is a “gaming review” channel primarily, that does occasional movie reviews.

    I’ve heard Idris’ name getting thrown around for the next Bond as well.

  • Jeff

    It’s good to see Mike and Jay actually interested in a movie they’re reviewing!

  • El Ganso Dorado

    I really think that, given Del Toro’s track record of fantasy movies with good scripts and screenplays (and interviews to the same effect), the decisions with the script to be kind of “corny” were deliberate. This was a fun movie for sure, but I also kind of wish the script got a bit more TLC and the mythology of the world was explored a little more.

  • Sully

    The guy is everywhere. Thor, Prometheus, Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance, The Losers, RocknRolla, the Office. He’s even done a game or two (COD: MW3).

    Idris is awesome. He’s one of those few actors that makes even the shittiest movies a little better via his involvement.

  • Gunbuster

    Eva had poor character development because it all went in circles, especially the last 8 episodes.

    Also it’s nothing like Evangelion at all, unless you compare the broadest of genres and niches together.

  • kenchun24

    Yeah, Elba and William Fichtner are two actors that make some “not-so good movies” watchable. Even though Elba is more leading man and Fichtner is more of a character actor. Heck the only thing that kept me from totally falling asleep in Lone Ranger was Fichtner.

  • Roger Sterlings Lucky Strikes

    Spoilers: Hmmm…a guy in a metal suit goes into the alien world with a bomb to close the portal…now…which movie am I describing. Oh wait, there were two people in one suit. You’re right…no similarity.

  • Luke Opitz

    The comparisons come from the constant references. Not any sort of real similarities.

  • Luke Opitz

    He’s probably getting over the fork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the brain

  • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Imagine him being one or more of the mosters in the Pacific Rim. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • Angelo

    Lol. There’s a bottle of Jager on the table. Subtle Mike and Jay… Subtle.

  • Luke Opitz

    … It’s pretty dumb… Kinda like Roland Emmerich doing a monster movie. No dialogue beyond blatant exposition, large cast dwindled down to ethnic stereotypes, CGI orgy-fest, awful awful tonally dissonant comic relief “waaaacky scientist” character that nooo one believes but he was right allllll along! Yeah, the movie’s pretty stupid, but amazingly fun. Still probably not worth the $20 I paid to see it in Imax 3D, but a great time and worth a watch if you love bad movies.

  • Luke Opitz

    I love how they land in China and the only Asian they meet immediately begins speaking Japanese.

  • sosy1325

    Good film? Yes. Masterpiece? Hardly.

  • David

    They do have some good points but what I liked most about Pacific Rim is that I had actual fun in the theater. I mean I should have come out of the brooding Man of Steel going ‘man that was fun!’ when I was sort of bored half the time. Pacific Rim is how you should do a popcorn film and it is so different from Michael Bay films…thank god. Also I loved that there was no kiss or super forced fan service or fart jokes.

  • David Ben

    i can’t describe how giddy i get when i see a new episode of HITB up

  • John Jay

    I have a hard time with Del Toro’s films. I love his visual design [for example, Pan’s Labyrinth]. But, there’s always an odd emotional disconnect, at least to me, with his films. I would give Pacific Rim a B-.

  • Strawberry

    I feel that this movie’s biggest problem is that it feels like a good third of it was edited away.

  • Mark Bisone

    It warmed my heart to see that Del Toro built real, working sets for inside of the robot’s head. George Lucas must look at that footage and turn to fucking stone.

  • Jello

    The name “Grown Ups 2” would actually work, because there are indeed 2 Grown ups who have to pilot the Jager… which is more grown ups than there ever were in that Adam Sandler movie. THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT! I’ll be in Mr. Plinket’s comedy bar committing suicide.

  • Fayt Strife

    EVA also had 25.1 episodes of character development.

  • stolliosis

    I love how Mike hangs on the line before dropping the bomb that the movie reminded him of an Asylum movie.

  • jubalbiggs

    Riiiight. Ok, yeah, I totally remember Iron Man fighting off the Kaiju now. I am so glad you cleared that up. Because like there was, like robotic shit going on and stuff… yeah… Like how therez like spayce ship stuff going on in Star Trek so they Totally ripped off Star Warz Dood! Yah! Like… there’s boatth an thtuff in Master And Commander so it is TOTALLY a rip off of Pirates of the Carribbean! YEAH! Dood.. you iz smurt an thtuff!

  • Marozeph

    Too bad the Box Office doesn’t exactly raise hopes that we ever get to see a sequel. And we probably should prepare for Grown Ups 3…

  • Harry Butters

    Is it sad I don’t even watch movies anymore? I just watch this and pretend I know something about the movies they review…

  • Paul Schumann

    That’s the best commercial to have ever graced one of RLM’s reviews.

  • Guest

    For me, more than an Asylum movie this was more like The Avengers, same kind of ok writing, same kind of humour, same kind of fun, hell, even same kind of ost.

  • Remus

    For me, more than an Asylum movie this was more like The Avengers. Same kind of ok writing, same kind of humour, same kind of fun, hell, even same kind of music

  • HardManMcSpaceMarine

    A very bad movie, only the most tiny of minds would like it. Big robots fighting big monsters? What child enjoys this rubbish?

  • Roger Sterlings Lucky Strikes

    You’re right. No similarities.

  • Som

    Two half in the bags within days of each other, ooooh your spoiling us now…

  • kuzefra

    You guys have unbelievably impeccable taste in beer! Stella and New Glarus FTW. You have some taste in movies, too, I hear.

  • zzz

    Premise of this movie is too silly for me… I know, I know, you have to go view it with a proper mindset, but I can’t overcome the thing, that punching robots are better in fighting monsters made of FLESH (even no fancy alien armour) than the military hardware we have even today… Seriously, in what exactly a robot fist is better than an airstike made either before the monster reaches city, or after an evacuation? Yeah, in the trailer they have shown a fighter jet being destroyed by a monster, but only because a dumbass pilot decided to attack it with it’s cannons from close range. Same silly shit that Hollywood have done with transformers (the rocks rising around piramid AFAIR). Also that neural bridge is bullshit.
    I’m trying not to hate the movie, just don’t see why do people masturbate so much over it. Silly movie, with flat plot, and as I’m reading only few good performers (obviously Luther).

  • or pick a name

    More robots punching monsters.
    The end.

  • i speak the truth

    I’m annoyed with the need for a second pilot, that was pulled out of the writers ass. What’s this, Power Rangers? If you like that sort of the theme, the movie will be great for you, but for me its premise is just too silly. Whil I can understand why the military is innefective against i.e. Godzilla, I really don’t see why they couldn’t handle monsters from this movie withour these fancy robots.

  • Mark Bisone

    Come to think of it, Lucas would make for a pretty decent giant sea monster. I can picture that pale, frog-like goiter of his puffing out in super slo-mo, and then expelling toxic CGI gas all over a children’s playground or a petting zoo.


    Have you seen it? Go see it. It’s simple, well-executed fun.

  • Memoman

    OK, I fucking loved it, but,when Jay said something along the lines of “Some people are saying it’s the new Star Wars.” Something clicked and made me realize “Well, that’s a bit of a stretch.”

    I guess that within all the long awaited movie-magic joy rush, I felt also a little hope. Hope that movies can be heroic, fun and specially engaging again and that this particular movie was too spectacular to fail. Fleeting hope. But I did enjoyed it highly at the theater.

    Sure the characters were not really having a drama at a Ryan Gosling in Lars And The Real Girl level, but do I really want that from an action movie? Imagine that deep, morose, pensive kind of drama in a movie like Dredd 3D. I think the movie steers close to Science Fiction, because of the level of passion and geek clearly poured in it, but it’s ultimately just an action film, inspired by cartoons, anime more precisely. And for such a concoction, the level of drama it had was more than enough for me to care and relate. Imagine this same movie, same scenes all through out, except for the humans. Instead, replace them with Pixar humans. You’d give it an Oscar.

    And when the father yells “My son!”, he does so not as a warning, or trying to pay off any lose-canon references. It’s said straight. This movie is not cynic nor pretentious; it’s honest and upfront. In spite of it all, the bickering and fighting, that is his son. And he loves him like a father. Also, the wall scene when the monster runs through it like butter, that wasn’t satirical, it was conflict, tension for the fight. It was seriously played straight, as in the context of the robot program being canceled, with no hope for survival and this last offensive has to work. There’s no other viable option. The rich get to hide in bunkers, good luck with that. But the rest of the population, the vast majority, has only that good-for-nothing wall. That scene was another brick for the argument of “mankind’s last hope”.

    I agree, it makes your heart beat like a child again. Specially if as a child you were into animé cartoons. It hits the same sensitivity notes of childish wonderment. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will see it again and will never see Grown Ups 2.

    You should make an episode about the Deny’s ad playing in your website.

    PS: I didn’t have any Jaeger here, so I had some whiskey. I hope that’s cool.

  • 1classydude

    That’s exactly what I thought. “Another transformers”. I thought it was just another big dumb movie until a few days ago. If all the good reviews I’ve seen hold an ounce of truth, the fact that grown ups 2 is raking in more cash is discouraging (okay, anyone going to see that dump is a bit sad (i mean, you DO get to see a deer piss in adam sandler’s mouth…)).

  • zzz

    Left punching monsters in the face.

  • whip

    Does Pacific Rim taste like ‘murica?

  • When Mike said “They’ll whip it out”, I got the weirdest boner.


    You’re a moron. One of the things I really appreciated about the film is that their bond was one of comrades, not of lovers. There was no shoehorned romance, although Mako was clearly a bit attracted to him. But in the end, their relationship was about people who had gone through something harrowing and come out together, because of each other.


    It’s made by a Mexican and the main character is Irish. There’s also an overwhelming sense of international cooperation and understanding.

    So not really. It isn’t dumb either. Simple, but not dumb.

  • Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore

    I like the smell of imperialism in the morning.kilgore

  • IsolateMutate

    I’d love to see a fusion of Grown Ups 2 and Pacific Rim in which the giant monsters and the Kaijus team up to brutally murder the cast of the real Grown Ups 2.

  • name

    No, it was not. And you know why? Because in the Star Wars case the scale, and epicness of space battles was shown on the big screen, with great visual effects. That was no longer i.e. a campy TV show. Different scale, different ideas, and a good story.
    Here we have an overused idea (for most people those things are Transformers), and quite old one (numerus “chineese cartoons” on the subject, whole series of Godzilla movies etc.), with not that great plot. In sum the movie is OK, but is nothing that has not been shown before.

  • C’mon

    Woah! Easy with those annoying “pop up on the bottom of the screen” ads Blip. What the fuck…

  • Jan Kowalski

    Why doesn’t “Atlantic Rim” make sense?

  • SkyDog

    I am so confused by this… that’s almost exactly what my point was. Did you even read my comment?


    >not having adblock

  • Big Dumb

    Team work… Guillermo Del Toro for the JLA movie, perhaps?…


    Because the portal is in the Pacific.


    I think I thought you were replying to someone. Sorry.

  • hopeman

    Tell me about it. Those wussy Americans. That’s because of their crappy beer. They are so weak when partying and drinking. Amount of vodka that an underage kid in my country can handle without hussle is too much for most of them. They just chicken out when the serious drinking begins.

  • BunnyFooFoo



    They said it took them days and thousands of lives to take one down with conventional weaponry. It makes sense enough.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    That’s the sequel.

  • judge dredds dirty undies

    NO you are wrong and an idiots! It is the greatest most original film evar! And there are bright colours and stuff which means its fun! Superman and the batmans cant be fun because the dont have bright colours!

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    Cant remember but did New York City get destroyed on screen at all? or did they finaly lave it along since it gets destroyed almost as much as Tokyo.

  • hxtpjh

    Jaegar program? Jaegarmeister on the table? Coincidence?

  • bob665@aol.com

    Robotech I remember watching those on DVD. Have no idea what Battletech is. I do remember watching Gundam Wing, but it just wasn’t quite the same. Anyways I haven’t been to the theater since I think the second Star Wars movie the clone
    wars one. Might have to break that streak now.

  • SeekerLancer

    New York City isn’t on the Pacific coast so no, it did not.

  • Laura Truxillo

    And another thing! Why the hell does that spider-bit give that kid superpowers? He’d probably just have some kind of allergic reaction or die if the radiation was that intense.

    Because that’s the set-up. That’s why.

  • HardManMcSpaceMarine

    You are an fool, this movie is a joke.

    Baaaaa, little sheeple, baaaaa….

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    Have you seen Grown UPS 2

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    A much better film then MOS.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    you got walls?

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    The things I do not to see a 90 second “You could be watching ads” screen at the beginning, and to technically support RLM.

  • SkyDog

    I can actually kinda buy the whole “giant robot” strategy as it was presented… The movie did a good job setting up that the Jaegers were actually sort of “bouncers” of the cities they were guarding – meaning they needed something to actually physically restrain and grapple with the Kaiju on shorelines to prevent them from getting
    into populated areas, which is something that conventional weaponry
    simply can’t do. While rockets were shown to be able to take them down
    after doooozens of barrages, it didn’t do enough to limit their mobility, so they were able to wreak havoc while we unloaded on them.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    I bet if you play the Jaegers drinking game then you’ll be able you watch Grown ups 2.

  • whip

    Ya, well.. sometimes in the mornings I am petrified and can’t move. Then some idiot called me Taylor Swift. This made me so angry I went into a psychadelic rage. Reality broke down and I thought I was a cat wandering in a bizarre forest of feet monsters with eyeballs on each toe!

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    And then the Wheel of the Worst soon after!

  • redstormpopcorn

    I strongly suggest checking a map until you’re sure which ocean is nearest to NYC.

  • Harry Palm

    This is nothing but a 2 hour special effects demo reel. The plot, if you can call it that, was just the standard Summer Action Movie fill-in-the-blanks boilerplate with every tired cliche in the book. The characters, if you can call them that, are all the 2 dimensional cliche archetypes: The White Male Hero, The Love Interest, The Arrogant Jerk, The Sassy Technician, The Old Leader, The Wacky Scientists. They spent all this time and money on the effects yet couldn’t spend a least some time coming up with at least one original idea.

  • HardManMcSpaceMarine

    You are very foolish and naive! Giant robots are unrealistic and childish, only a foolish person would build one to fight monsters.

    In reality we would simply destroy the monsters with the most powerful weapon of all time the nuclear bomb which burns 20x times hotter than the sun and can obliterate entire cities in less than a second. We would not need to build ridiculous Transforming Autobot transformer robots we would simply kill these kayjes very fast and easily no puny animal can stand before the fury and glory of mankind!

  • whip

    I guess the MoS fans haven’t gotten over it yet.

  • Bob JaBopistan

    Is this a Beck song I haven’t heard yet?

  • a

    It should have showed Plinkett in his house catch on fire Grabowskis style.

  • Name

    The three arms Jaeger is actually Chinese, not Japanese. We only see Jaegers from USA (Gipsy Danger), Australia (Striker Eureka), Russia (Cherno Alpha), and China (Crimson Typhoon).

    Not sure about the unnamed, destroyed Jaegers. A couple of them were probably Japanese.

  • SkyDog

    Would never dream to argue that the concept isn’t schlocky or childish, but it is that was by design. What I am saying is that the movie did a fairly decent job of keeping the internal logic of that silly concept consistent in it’s own world, minus a couple of details (why not whip out that bombin’ sword earlier in the fight?).

    Also, troll harder.

  • Sully

    The Godfather Part II. More mobsters doing mob things. Any movie can be hyper-simplified.
    Pacific Rim set up a world, a scenario. There’s no reason the sequel can’t be more. Look at how simple Star Wars was compared to Empire. We’re not talking about a Michael Bay film here.

  • Mikey

    Mike nailed it…it’s an amazing Asylum movie. When I see the asylum movie posters this is what I’d hope to see based on the cover art. I for one liked Pacific Rim. One thing though. I have never been to Hong Kong. How wide are the downtown streets there? I couldn’t help think that when I saw a 250 foot tall robot swing a massive ship like a baseball bat and not hit the adjacent buildings.

  • Sully

    You’re probably right. Though I’m hoping Pacific Rim will gain a little strength via word-of-mouth. *fingers crossed

  • A guy

    Out of all of the summer movies that Jay and Mike have been reviewing, hell, even going back to the start of 2013, it’s absolutely refreshing to see a movie that makes their faces absolutely glow with delight. While I agree that it’s not exactly the new Star Wars, I can still feel joy, excitement, and and sense of wonder I haven’t felt in ages when I see a movie where giant robots smash monsters. Pacific Rim deserves so much better than Grown Ups 2.

    We need more directors making movies they love and want to see made and less Hollywood executive mindsets of “durr, Grown Ups made money so let’s make 2 and let Adam Sandler do what he wants.” It’s great to see real physical sets and CG used appropriately. The characters may have been stock, but I still was very entertained by their performances. I hope Del Toro manages to get Pacific Rim 2.

  • Rural Juror

    And here we have a major reason why Pacific Rim flopped in the US box office. You have Russian and Japanese and … Holy Fuck … The Chinese on equal footing with Murica!!! Fuck that BULLSHIT

  • whip-knighting

    Dear Jay and Mike, and the entire Red Letter Media crew:

    I’ve noticed that there has been an alarming flood of whiny fanboy
    babies and dipshit assholes all over the comments section(s) of your
    page, more and more so in the past few weeks (months?). Particularly on
    this episode. On behalf of us all, I want to apologize for this
    appalling and baffling Zergling rush of irritating buffoons exclaiming
    that you did this review without seeing the movie, turned into cynical
    pricks, lost your touch, sold out to Marvel, or otherwise taking your
    opinions personally, etc. These young children and their tirades do not
    reflect the views of your actual fans. I think I can speak for all of us
    when I say that we eagerly, but patiently, await new BOTW episodes,
    HITB episodes, Plinkett reviews, and original films, and we are as
    confident as ever that you will continue being awesome. Hopefully this
    squabbling nonsense going on in these comments sections will start to
    die down after awhile and we can, once again, have nice things.

    A Concerned Fan

  • Sully

    There are no original ideas. All you can do is take an unoriginal idea and do it better, which Pacific Rim did IMO. If you can think of a better Giant Robot movie, I’m all ears.

  • Sully

    Or die of alcohol poisoning and NOT have to. Win/Win.

  • Battle Salmon


    Actually the Chinese Jaeger (Crimson Typhoon I think) gets about three hits in on the flying kaiju, pulls off a sweet flip to set it up for a pounding by the Russian/German Jaeger and then gets killed off pretty brutally. We actually see the pilots get squished inside the robot.

  • Sully

    Yeah, because setting off nukes ever other week would be an AWESOME idea!

  • Charnelhouse

    I don’t think this movie is about teamwork *at all*, and I think this is one of its major shortcomings. Besides Raleigh and Mako, they give everyone else the short shrift and even kill off two Jaeger squads during the first major conflict.
    The teams aren’t just the two Jaeger pilots – they are the Jaegers themselves. When Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha are deployed to take on Leatherback and Otachi, there is little teamwork on display. In fact, expecting them to be able to handle two Level 4s when the entire Jaeger fleet had been decimated by Level 3s is pretty ludicrous. Killing off those two was a mistake. There should have been more emphasis on pulling the four Jaeger squads together as a real team, and having Raleigh and Mako be the ‘something extra’ that makes the team victorious.

  • vaginafarts

    I’ve been an avid fan since the first Star Wars reviews, and I wholeheartedly agree with my fellow fan above.

  • SeekerLancer

    I think the major reasons it failed were the marketing was crap, the title wasn’t descriptive and nobody knew what it was about other than robots and monsters.

    There are some conspiracy theories floating around that WB wanted to sink this film and while I’m not sold on them they don’t sound too far fetched considering how they handled the advertising.

    But yes, the lack of US military fan-wank was a plus and probably didn’t help it’s popularity.

  • Rural Juror

    There’s no such place as the Atlantic Rim. It’s like the difference between New York City and New Tokyo City. One is real and the other is made up.

  • Charnelhouse

    Because Pacific Rim is a geographic reference to the group of countries that lie along the Pacific. There is no such traditional reference to ‘Atlantic Rim’ countries.

  • Sully

    The Pacific Rim refers to the lands around the Pacific Ocean. This circle-like area is also where we have the famous “Ring of Fire.” This geological anomaly is where the portal to the other world is located. Not saying they couldn’t open a portal somewhere else, but the Pacific Rim is a real thing. The Atlantic Rim… not so much.

  • Battle Salmon

    This is what the writers get for trying to name an American movie after an obscure geology reference.

  • Jan Kowalski

    Thank you for this marvelous answer. Chaos reigns.

  • poopinpants

    If it wasn’t for your last sentence, I’d give you an upvote (as precious as those are to everyone). Fuck sequels, I bet Del Toro has many original ideas for completely new films.

  • Hack Fraud Secret Police

    Copypasta alert. whip-knighting is a copypasting hack fraud.

  • KarlBunker

    Great review guys. I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t say this was a “good” review because I agree with it, or a “bad” review because I disagree with it. I can only say that you sounded like you were saying thoughtful and intelligent (as well as fun and funny) things as you talked about something that you cared about.

  • Cyvaris

    Just as a note on the flat characters (which yeah that was bad) apparently there is something around an hour of footage cut from the film. So hopefully the inevitable director’s cut fixes that issue.

  • A guy

    Del Toro has gone on record as saying that he wants to make a sequel already. I know that there’s all sorts of new and original ideas he has brewing in his head, but I know that he definitely wants to expand to this universe. A proposed sequel might actually be a prequel where they go through the golden age of jaeger combat, or a sequel where they take on the kaiju on other worlds.

    Besides, Del Toro wants to incude a Mexican Jaeger known as Matador Fury.

    Matador Fury. Yes.

  • FellowNerdsMakeMeSad

    Dear Mike and Jay,

    This movie seems to be bringing out the worst in internet nerds. Apparently their hearts have turned to stone after watching Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel which they swear are the worst movies ever and need to nitpick every detail. Cynicism is killing the average nerds. But there is still hope. There are nerds who can still enjoy a movie with Charlie Day as a scientist, acting like Charlie Day saying fancy words [which means lots of screaming and high pitched stammering]. We get it, you didn’t think the movie was all that. But it was good fun. This movie wasn’t made to please character-driven movie-goers. It was about giant god damn robots punching freaking godzilla. They did a good job with it, unlike Transformers. It’s the best movie of its kind, but please Mr Cynical Nerd by all means bring up that 1940’s film you swear did it better because nobody else has seen it. Ugh.

  • Percy Gryce

    All right, all right already. I got the message. Vacation’s over. I’m in the car speeding home. I’ll be there in about four hours. I assume there’ll be another HITB, two BOTWs, and probably an animated Plinkett waiting for me when I arrive. I promise never to take another vacation.

  • Rural Juror

    Thank God for that. I can now feel superior again over those inscrutable Orientals. Order has been restored. The Asian chick falls in love for the Big American Male. Phew!!

    Can’t wait for The Wolverine for more Asian Chick and Big American Male action.

  • Invidia

    The Big American Male and The Asian Chick don’t fall for each other, though.

  • rikkibarnes

    I got into an argument with someone who claims Sandler’s movies, particularly the two Grown Ups, are on par with Ghostbusters as ‘great comedy classics’.

    Shoot me now…

  • Geahk Burchill

    I appreciated that. After Superman mindlessly destroyed everything in range in his two-hour-long HULK parody called Man of Steel, it’s refreshing to see heroes who actually try hard NOT to destroy everything they are trying to protect.

  • Battle Salmon

    Del Toro has a massive chubby for Godzilla and similar giant monster movies.

    That’s what people don’t get. He didn’t make this movie for money and glory he made it because he loves monsters.

    Though I’m sure the big wad of cash was extra incentive.

  • meh

    So, why robots were not controled remotly? Today we have the technology for drones (used to spare the risk for pilots, whose training is time and cost conuming, to exclude human body limitations for i.e. mission time duration etc.). The movie established, that good pilots are hard to find, and very valuable. They operate their Jaggermeister (or whatever) via system of cameras anyway, there is no need to look out from i.e. window. Same environment coud have been provided in a remote base, or undergound bunker. There is no need to put pilots inside of these robots and risk their harm. Without the need to accomodate the space for human pilots, the robot could have been used for armour/weapons/fuel etc. Jaegers could also be placed permanently on the battlefield (returned to base only for repairs), as the pilot could start controling him any time, without the need to get to the frontline.
    The reason for putting pilots inside them is one.
    Hollywood drama.

  • poopinpants

    My mistake. I retract my first comment, and shall try to be more reserved in my utterances on topics I’m not sufficiantly informed on in the future.

  • Percy Gryce

    From your mouth to Rich Evans’s rear, er, uh, ear. That didn’t come out right, that didn’t come out right at all.

  • Rural Juror

    It also didn’t help that they had a foreign sounding director whose first name the majority of Americans cannot even pronounce correctly. Conversely if the director had “Bay” and “Michael” in it then I think Joe Paycheck would flock to watch giant robots.

    Another factor … no big American star name. Instead we’ve got a British BLACK actor! The only other British black actor Americans have been exposed to was that butler guy in Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  • Percy Gryce

    Gamera is a friend to children.

  • whip-knighting

    * takes a shot of Jägermeister *

  • Vogue

    So that the pilots can’t blame losing on lag.

  • Bazinga

    Because fuck you, that’s why.

  • ElleHarker

    Actually, the flashback scene showed us Coyote Tango (Piloted by Stacker), which was a Japanese Jaeger. We also get a glimpse of Romeo Blue (USA, Los Angeles stationed) in the beginning.

  • SeekerLancer

    Which is a shame because Idris Elba brings his A-game to every movie he’s in. He deserves to be a star in his own right.

  • BunnyFooFoo

    In related news the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy today, so I’m wondering who will end up with possession of Robocop after its assets are liquidated.

  • whip-knighting

    * takes another shot of Jägermeister *

  • SeekerLancer

    Were they vomiting blood by any chance?

  • rikkibarnes


  • Rural Juror

    Suddenly it now makes complete and perfect sense why Grown Ups 2 topped the US Box Office.

  • whip-knighting

    Were you?

  • FellowNerdsMakeMeSad

    Why does any movie do anything differently than your reality? Because that’s the director’s/writer’s vision. If they had to spend time to explain why they didn’t do it the way you wanted, we would have a 4 hour movie. If you asked me, somebody who didn’t work on the movie, why they didn’t do it remotely the answer could be as simple as: the technology wasn’t effective from remote locations. Or the pilots didn’t have the survival instincts kick in when they’re in a cozy apartment drinking tea. Maybe the design of the robot, with the mind-melding, was too complicated to do outside, and the connection of human body to feel what the robot feels was simply too great to not be done there.

    Guillermo could probably do it better, but suspension of disbelief is necessary in this movie. When we have the technology to join brains together and feel pain when a machine gets an arm broken off, then complain.

  • Battle Salmon

    The movie is actually not doing terrible when you factor in international gross. I think it made somewhere around 91 million during opening weekend or something? Not a bad take at all for something that was being decried as Battleship 2 during its marketing campaign.

    Websites are only reporting the domestic box office, which has admittedly been underwhelming though.

  • SeekerLancer

    It hasn’t even opened in China or Japan yet so that makes the International numbers even more impressive. I think it’ll make its money. Whether or not that will translate into a franchise I don’t know but I wouldn’t mind either way.

    As a lone island in a sea of cynical summer movies it does deserve to make money however.

  • ElleHarker

    Did you make sure they were after they said those things?

  • whip-knighting

    Where is the awesomely photoshoped picture of that ?

    what are you waiting for ?

  • Ryan Gilbert

    I really liked this movie as far as being a great summer flick to see on the big screen and in 3d. It’s everything I want in a summer film. I only have some minor things that bothered me, but nothing enough for me to not see the film again.

    One of the plot things that kind of annoyed me *minor spoiler* was the reason for shutting down he Jaeger program was kind of weak. Especially after they show how easily they could defeat that new “impregnable” defense option.

    The other thing was I want my standard issue, hot, asian girl to be a little bit hotter. She was bad, but they could have upgraded her just a tad and she would have been perfect.

    Again, overall I thought this was a great summer flick for the type of film I’m looking for when I head to the theaters.

  • Guest

    Finally a power fantasy made with good sense!

    This time be “super” requires a giant robot, the enemy is not a fascist group, interested in genocide to create a new chance for his kind, but a bunch of big dinosaurs. Is very well made, fun, with a simple message about trust in other humans, not necessarily about the “choosen one” bullshit.

    A good movie to take the kids and have a good time.

  • Daniel Kunkle

    I enjoyed Pacific Rim. The movie knows what is and doesn’t pretend otherwise and I went into the movie knowing this. The movie in a word was, fun.

  • MissingThePoint

    An unnecessary science explanation: water blocks radio waves, so you couldn’t control them under water.

  • Rural Juror


    Doesn’t make sense unless the Asian chick is some lesbian Dragon Lady dominatrix. Fuck these foreign directors fucking up the natural orders of things. Don’t they know all hot Asian chicks fall in love with White Americans no matter how nerdy the guy looks?

  • Nick K

    Just opened in the netherlands today/

  • Advancedcaveman

    If this film has really flat characters that’s a big problem. I like the fact that its a colorful and positive movie with some genuine love behind it in this cynical, grimdark obsessed world we currently live in. I want to see it because it really does look like a breath of fresh air. But characters are the most important part of all storytelling, and I can’t really abide by something if it has flat character building.

    I am completely disinterested in most movies nowadays because the characters just seem like safe blank slates specially made for an audience who doesn’t want to be challenged on any emotional or intellectual level. People who don’t want anything that isn’t safe, middle of the road, indistinct, plain jane normality. I absolutely despised Avatar for that; it was a film about a bunch of boring, flat bald space marines and generic regal aliens. I can’t get engaged in any sort of science fiction world or spectacle if the characters are just inoffensive mannequins filling basic trope slots in the plot structure.

    I want characters like Wikus Van De Merwe from District 9 or Greg House from House MD. I need characters that are enthralling in how distinct and multifaceted they are. The Lone Ranger review last week kept making me think of Dead Man and how that movie is so engaging because everyone in it (including bit characters that are only on screen for a few minutes) are completely distinct and have very pronounced personalities.

  • kenchun24

    Battletech was basically a Mech vs. Mech RPG/tabletop game like Dungeons and Dragons. Simple “Mech sheets” and roll dice for outcomes,paint miniatures etc…they did have Mechwarrior which was more of a character based add on.Create a Mech pilot,soldier,tank commander. Form clans/mercenary groups or share alignment with the many Houses within the universe. There was a cartoon as well but it was weak compared to Robotech. Battletech/Mechwarrior had some decent videogames though.

    Actually a lot of the Battletech Mech & vehicle designs were inspired from Robotech:Macross. But there was/is an ongoing lawsuit between Fasa & Harmony Gold because of this. Most of the Mechs/Valkyries pictured are in both Battletech & Robotech.


  • Battle Salmon

    I really liked the big crab monster in Japan.

    At first I saw it and I was like “okay, it’s a giant blue crab with horns” and then its entire face split open in about four different direction and it started chasing the little girl. That was a cool little sequence.

    Anyone have a favorite robot/monster/scene?

  • Constantine1985

    What really pisses me off is the fact that people actually prefered to spend their bucks on fuckin’ Grown Ups 2 than on a Del Toro movie. I know, I know, its labeled as a “dumb-robot-blockbuster”, but even then, come on!, Sandler or Del Toro… hmmm, let’s see… Heck, it’s cringeworthy.

  • Constantine1985

    You should check’em for Forkinthebrainitis.

  • rikkibarnes

    I’ll let our tax dollars do that instead.

  • Constantine1985

    I kinda enjoy the trolls around here. Most comments are kind of even-tempered, so it’s kinda fun, every now and then, like to see some trolls running amuck. It reminds me of how pitiful the comments sections of other websites are.

  • Invidia

    Most people don’t even know who Del Toro is though. He’s popular among nerd circles but that’s about it.

    I think the reason that people have trouble connecting with his movies is at his heart Del Toro wants to create fairy tales. His movies, even the darkest of his horror films have themes and endings that are often very upbeat and optimistic.

    Pacific Rim is at its core a adventure film about mankind’s survival and triumph in the face of an impossible foe. We’re living in a period where unless a film is a sneering, cynical and brooding mass of shadows and dread its considered nothing but “corporate trash” there’s no room for films like Pacific Rim or filmmakers like Guillermo Del Toro anymore.

    You’re either a Michael Bay or a Christopher Nolan. There are no other categories to fall into.

  • bob665@aol.com


  • Constantine1985


  • jubalbiggs

    OBVIOUSLY because if they were drones then humans would not be in imminent danger during the one on one monster fights! Duh. Next stupid question?

  • Constantine1985

    Idris Elba is a bad mofo. He should be cast in MOAR movies.

  • Constantine1985


  • jubalbiggs

    You should be VERY cautious here. Since they were aware of the existence of Ghostbusters and yet considered Sandler on par; you were probably dealing with a class IV body-posessor (yeah, it’s right here in Tobin’s Spirit Guide in black and white). These things are nasty; they inhabit the bodies of unusually weak-minded humans and spout off opinions designed to bring about —The End Of The World! Yes; see, Sandler is actually a dusty Babylonian god of evil incarnated in human form to torture mortals. We really need to call somebody to help with this…
    …but who do you call?

  • ElleHarker

    The Onibaba (crab guy) was probably my favorite of the Kaiju, too.

    Incidentally, my favorite monster scene is actually the short news reel we see where the Kaiju in Sydney breaks through the wall. Not that every other scene in the movie wasn’t really spectacular- I just loved the fact that it was such a clear shot (and during the day), really giving you an excellent visual scale of the size of the Kaiju next to a full city. That, and the irony of Striker Eureka having been officially decommissioned just days before the wall was wrecked.

  • Dennis Cornetta

    My favorite was the big crabby one too! A close second would have to be the electric-gorilla-ish one.

  • asdf

    I wouldn’t mind the adverts if they’d actually LOAD!

  • Sully

    My personal fave, monster-wise, was the opening Golden Gate Bridge Monster.

  • Sully

    OCP will just uproot and outsource its assembly line overseas.

  • Guestalt

    “One of the plot things that kind of annoyed me *minor spoiler* was the reason for shutting down he Jaeger program was kind of weak. Especially after they show how easily they could defeat that new “impregnable” defense option.”

    No, no that kind of thing happens.

    I was reading the memoirs of a German general from WW2 – iirc it was Gudarian – and he was relating some dumb decision that led to Germany – at the very height of the war – wasn’t building any tanks. There was this weird idea that tanks were going to be obsolete by like 1943, so they’d phased out all the tanks. Once he pointed it out and how stupid it was they had to turn around and fix things but it really did happen. Like gee, it kinda worked on France and Poland, the Russians seem to be relying on them, might want to not discontinue the tanks quite yet.

    Or a little later on, they could have built jet fighters – which would have been relatively easy – to protect Germany but instead spent all that time and money trying to build heavy jet bombers because they thought bombing was where it was at – just as Germany was really starting to get pounded by B-17’s and Lancasters.

    Or when they replaced the previous rifle with the M16 in Vietnam and US soldiers were being found dead in their foxholes with their guns taken apart and cleaning kits out… they’d phased out a perfectly good rifle in favor of one that was jamming up all the time.

    The whole “we’re giving up on perfectly good x and going to use y instead” and it being a huge mistake is almost a constant throughout history, particularly military history.

    I thought the whole little subplot about the wall was a cool nod to history, personally.

  • LynxAmali

    If they were controlled remotely, there would most likely be input lag, especially considering they’re fighting creatures capable of adapting on the fly.

    You really don’t want that.
    There’s also the idea that the long the distance, the less receptive the signal would probably be, especially given THAT ability that the one monster had. The gorilla.

  • jubalbiggs

    I agree with you, however, your request for a better Giant Robot movie got me thinking; I would LOVE to see Macross done like Pacific Rim. That would be really epic (if done right. Obviously, it could also be the crappiest shlock to ever excrete from Hollywood if the wrong guy got his hands on it).

  • Guestalt

    Well, part of the problem is there are so many shitty action movies out that the stock line is “oh well it was dumb but it was kinda actiony and stuff blew up so it was still entertaining”

    …so when something of much higher quality comes out and reviewers say it was a little dumb but actiony and entertaining, people assume Pacific Rim falls into the same schlock category as the others.

    It’s still a smart, charming, fun movie – not smart like some serious drama smart, but still an intelligently made movie.

  • wut

    “He’s a loose cannon, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the movie”

    Except when he disobeys orders and joins the Hong Kong fight. Other than that one extremely important and relevant plot point, not I guess not. I also think it’s funny how you complain about only one line setting that guy up as a dick, do you really wish they spent more time on that? He wasn’t the most important character, I thought it was handled fine.

  • Sully

    That’s the key. The “right people” are always responsible for good movies. Could you imagine if Zack Snyder made this movie? Or Michael Bay?

  • wut

    Let ME review you guys for a sec; You brought up the spineless politicians and the wall, but you should have further elaborated on how that had a deeper meaning. You can’t just build a wall to keep your problems out, you need to take them head on and be proactive.

  • Sully

    They liked the movie…

  • wut

    You wished they focused more on Politics? Are you guys just making shit up because you didn’t want to give the movie an A+? You wish there were more focus politics and average people in your giant robots fighting aliens movie? What the fuck am I reading?

    They talked about the politicians response, had MULTIPLE shots of politicians, showed people rioting in the streets, showed how people started worshiping the Kaiju… I guess they should have spent more time though man those politicians are just fucking exhilarating. When they were talking about the wall I popped a boner in the theater it was just so incredible.

  • jubalbiggs

    Everyone can imagine if Michael Bay made this. That is the whole problem with it’s US box office right now. Michael Bay killed Pacific Rim. He is so radioactive he didn’t even have to be anywhere near the project.

  • Guestalt

    Toby Maguire is working on your Macross film. Nic Mathieu has been picked to direct. It’ll be Robotech not Macross which on the one hand is annoying but on the other hand increases the chances of us actually seeing it as the whole Harmony Gold thing will get worked out to enable its release in the states.

  • wut

    Yeah but I’m a nerd on the internet I have to complain abotu something. The rest of the review was pretty solid, I totally agree with them about the stretch of boring in the middle and that I wanted more city fights. If they can like the movie but bring up points that they don’t agree with, don’t I have the right to do the same to their review?

  • Guestalt

    Yeah, nobody would be crazy enough to just keep spreading radiation all over the Earth, week after week after week…


  • kenchun24

    Hence why Bay and his “GM concept car porn meets U.S. military adverts” Transformer series did well along with the Hasbro brand name recognition/nostalgia. I’m sure Bay has the Pentagon Hollywood offices on speed dial and vice-versa.

    Agree that WB’s marketing of the movie was not good. More trailers earlier on of “Mako Mori“ as she was the heart of the film,and I was shocked that not one tie in with a fast food/convenient store chain was used for the marketing of PR. No collectible cups featuring Jaeger/Kaiju specs etc? I guess the WB gave all that to MOS as I know that movie featured product placement quite a bit.

    Maybe that’s why Legendary is done working with them and is now partnering with Universal. Legendary CEO Thomas Tull probably sees the NBCUni cable,network T.V. and themes parks as a boon. Plus to be more hands on than WB allowed I guess,especially when it came to marketing & release dates of Legendary’s films.

    Hmm…with Pacific Rim sequel talks from del Toro & Beacham,and a new studio to work with in Universal. Film plus theme park possibilities at Universal Studios? But I don’t know if WB owns the film rights to PacRim & Godzilla even though Legendary footed 75% of the bill for both I think.

  • Geahk Burchill

    That’s what I said! We can’t call these guys Hack Frauds anymore, their work ethic is too good.

  • Guestalt

    The characters were okay, they just weren’t fantastic. To Pacific Rim’s credit, they certainly weren’t the retarded insane malfunctioning robots that peopled Prometheus.

  • Geahk Burchill

    You’re a sad man. Go have your sad, sad man.

  • Sully

    Not my Macross film. Jubalbiggs had that idea. On the subject, though… isn’t there a Voltron movie in the works, too?

  • Geahk Burchill

    I want the movie on DVD immediately on release because I KNOW I’m just going to LOVE the behind the scenes featurettes.

  • Ryan Gilbert

    Great point! I hadn’t thought about in historical terms. Again, it really didn’t diminish the movie for me, but was just a moment where my brain whent, “Huh?”

  • Sully


    [just fucking w/ you]

    I actually didn’t mind the “boring” middle chunk. It left you wanting more, which is a good thing. You shouldn’t leave a movie thinking, “I’m so over THAT shit.” Wanting more is always the way to go.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I think that’s true. He is an effects artist and designer first and a storyteller second. I LOVE what he does visually but there is always some distance between the audience and his characters emotionally.

  • Guestalt

    Yeah, stupid Disqus. Clicked on reply for you, saw my error, clicked on reply for him, submitted… now it’s your Macross movie. Sorry, you’re stuck with it. Nothing we can do now.

  • Sully

    Touché. However, in Del Toro’s movie people are fighting FOR the planet, not against it, as is our reality.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I’ve meant to say this in the past, unrelated to the HITB episode, I fricken LOVE yer screen name.

  • Geahk Burchill

    …ork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the brain fork in the bra…

  • CorbeauNoir

    Very fitting that they mention that 12-year-olds would love this movie since the first thing I thought after seeing it was that my inner 12-year-old loved the fuck out of the last two hours.

    I wish that Russian jaeger had more of a presence, though. It had an awesome cold-war-like pseudo-Soviet bulkiness to it that I just love and it got completely cheap-shotted.

  • GabbyBD

    last two hours? how long is this fing movie?

  • guestalt

    Ah yeah, reminds me of that part of Catch-22 where one atheist says all these mean things about what the christian god would be like if he was real and the other atheist berates him, something along the lines of “Shame on you, the god I don’t believe in is a good, compassionate, loving god!”

  • kenchun24

    2 hours 2 mins 10 min credit roll.

  • CorbeauNoir

    I’ll probably get flamed alive for this but honestly the movie reminded me a lot of Jurassic Park. The plot is nothing special but perfectly serviceable, you can easily drive a dump truck through the science or the story if you really want to be a cynical asshole about it, and the characters are essentially just flat tropes. But everyone in the movie is given something interesting and/or relevant to do and the characters and the action fuel the story really well, which is more than I can say for any blockbuster-type movie I’ve seen this summer. It’s a really great popcorn flick, you just need to go into the movie expecting that.

  • CorbeauNoir

    …two hours, give or take?

  • Guestalt

    Same kind of rift letting in alien invaders that needs to be closed with a nuke.

    but it was still awesome, so it’s ok. I agree it was Avengers-entertaining.

  • guestalt

    I think it clocked in at EXACTLY the same number of minutes as the Avengers iirc, which makes me suspect some suit somewhere in the film company thought that was some sort of optimal time that would make a hit – like record producers insisting on chopping a song down to 2 and a half minutes

  • CorbeauNoir

    I don’t believe it’s been released in China or Japan yet either.

    I’m actually a bit surprised that after them talking about the international markets in the Lone Ranger/White House Down review that they didn’t comment on it here. The movie feels very much like something meant to transition really well into the asian market – which is probably as much a result of Del Taco having a love affair with giant-robot anime and kaiju movies as anything else but this seemed like a movie ripe for that subject.

  • Sully

    There hasn’t been a comedy on par with Ghostbusters since motherfuckin’ Ghostbusters. You did correct this asshole with a knuckle sandwich, did you not?

  • Geahk Burchill

    I agree. (Ur fake and GAY!)

    RLM creates great videos filled with insight and humor and they attract commenters who enjoy and mirror that. Trolls don’t last long because the average commenter tends to be smart and familiar with the entire history of the RLM crew.

    I really enjoy the feeling of witty, sarcastic camaraderie that has developed here. There is no other site I consistently comment on, as much as I might have interest to, anywhere else on the internet. The fact that I come back here every day, even every hour, to read what people are saying and comment and engage speaks volumes to me.

  • guestalt

    well yeah, right, cause in Pacific Rim, a giant ghost girl didn’t split into a gigillion little versions of herself, appear to each person in the world as the person they love most, then kill them by splattering them into a million bits while hugging them. And then eh, eating them? Sucking the life force out of them? Turning everyone in the world into a copy of herself? Or something. But anyway, THAT show really messed me up. I watched it right before going to bed and hoooeee talk about your weird dystopic nightmare dreams. So uh, I don’t recommend doing that. But I do recommend Pacific Rim.

  • CorbeauNoir

    There definitely seemed to be a few hiccups in editing. Most notable that comes to mind is that they make small vague references to Kaiju blood being toxic or somehow hazardous but never really make a clear point of it. Had the intro included a few lines about massive environmental disasters resulting from defeating the kaiju with conventional weapons the idea of defeating them in hand-to-hand combat with more advanced weapons used only as a last resort would have been a bit more digestible for the audience.

  • Ted

    jagermeister, drink it with your moouth, DRINK IT WITH YOUR MOUUTH… did you get it?! it was a dude bros reference? did yeah get it?

  • rich evans

    I’m waiting for Grown Ups 3 directed by George Lucas and produced by Rick Berman

  • Sully

  • Geahk Burchill

    I agree about Jurassic Park. Don’t get me wrong, I love the film but when my step-son was seven, he watched Jurassic Park somewhere near a hundred times. When you see a movie that many times you notice some things. The characters are all very well acted tropes but tropes non-the-less.

  • kenchun24

    Yeah I liked both of the “Mako driftback” sequences. The history of the Kaiju War intro was great too.

    Spoilers below
    I dug Leatherback and his Gorilla style movement and his “Godzilla foot crush” shot with roar. Otachi was vicious too,that tail and his “Rodan” esque reveal was a blast.

    Robot toy in the snow,Newtons Cradle,seagulls,”No pulse”,Cherno double fist bumps,rocket propelled swivel strikes from Crimson Typhoon’s “Glaive” like (Krull) blades.

    After reading “chain sword” nitpicking by detractors,I just thought of these points immediately after I clapped and cheered like a 12 year old…

    1- The “chain sword” weapon was not a part of Gipsy Danger’s
    armament until its rebuild. Mako Miro was the engineer in charge of the
    rebuild and added it in between the five years since Becket was absent
    from being a pilot. Sure,all of this description wasn’t on the screen,or within dialogue but that’s how I saw it.

    2- The “big sword” final weapon is a familiar trope within Giant Mecha/Super Sentai genres. Since del Toro is paying homage to those genres it fits well in how it was executed IMO. Ever watch Voltron? Same thing.

    3- It was a kick ass,classic “hero” moment that (again) fits well with the inspirations it came from. The music,the gleam when it fully forms,Mako’s tribute in Japanese,the final killing blow of Otachi within a silent,almost freeze frame shot. It’s straight out of any Super Robo anime.

  • fdaasdf

    movie rules gonna jam it in 3d


    Awww…Internet hug ,brah.

  • TyUnderwood

    Hm, well I’m no anime aficionado, I just watched Evangelion for the first time a couple months ago and then watched it again because I thought it was great. Yeah it’s angsty, but I thought it spoke pretty truly to what it feels like to be clinically depressed. On top of that, it has brilliant worldbuilding aspects to it. Maybe it is riding on nostalgia but I don’t really run in a crowd where I’ve ever heard anyone talk about it before, so I like to think I had a pretty good virgin experience with it and I thought it was brilliant.

  • johnsonvilletowncenterlake

    i loved it

  • TyUnderwood

    compared to Attack on Titan, which I am watching and I also like, Eva has quite a bit more subtlety and panache.


    People are not fighting against the planet, silly.
    They just don’t care about the consequences ..or they do and don’t do anything remotely efficient about it.
    Or as in most cases,they are just not aware of the consequences.

  • SkyDog

    That one upwards oriented shot of Leatherback breaking out a monstrous roar made me go “Coooooool” in a way that made me feel like a little kid again, truly.

  • Mendoza

    i love your American ads. It’s like looking 50 years into the past. I just got the Denny’s one:
    ‘The red white and blue, how does that taste?’
    ‘Like America’
    *smug face*
    It’s not even a parody!

  • Geahk Burchill

    Drunken, sloppy, not-gay hugs all around! I wubv you guys!

  • Luke Opitz

    Like I said, there are no real similarities, only references, such as the suits filling up with tang like Evas did, the mechs causing mental strain (which was actually just a forced plot point in PR to get the main characters into each other’s minds), the kaiju supposedly on the brink of causing an “apocalypse” (sorry, that word’s just so horribly misused all the time) like the Angel’s “impacts”, which only really counts as a reference do to wording at some points, etc etc etc. While I didn’t much like Eva, as I thought it was kinda stupid in execution but had such a nice concept, I would highly recommend Pacific Rim to anyone who wants to laugh at cornball military dialogue and hackneyed characters. It’s amazingly fun to laugh at, if not with depending on how intentional it was. It was just a liiiiittle too perfect…

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    There’s about 4 featurettes out and about now, each one focusing on stuff like set design, jaeger/kaiju design, concepts and comic con footage. Sometimes the features promoted before the movie are better than the ones shown on the DVD.

  • Cameron Vale

    If I wanted to use my imagination, I wouldn’t be watching a movie in the first place.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    Idris said he doesn’t want to be know as the first black Bond, so he’s not interested in doing it.

  • Cameron Vale

    The extra stuff alone was worth the price of the Dark Knight Trilogy special edition DVDs.

  • Casey Bryan Wright

    What so the monster check out a map to see which city is closest to them? are they map attacking monsters? its like they look at a map close their eyes and blindly pick out a spot to attack?

  • Cameron Vale

    But in a Spider-Man movie, the payoff is Spider-Man, while in Pacific Rim, the payoff is mechs that can only be piloted by two dudes joined together.

  • Michael Tenteromano

    It was Chinese Mike !

  • Advancedcaveman

    But there are things that you can say about the characters in Jurassic Park. Many of the recent blockbuster movies I’ve seen lately I literally can’t say anything about the characters at all; there’s literally nothing to them. Avatar is like that, Thor was defiantly like that from what I saw of it. They’re somehow less than tropes.

  • Cameron Vale

    Tagline: “No Lube This Time.”

  • Cameron Vale

    Don’t worry, they’ll edit out the American stuff for the foreign markets.

  • Cameron Vale

    Star Wars was an old idea.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I’ll disagree with you on the Avatar characters (Unless you mean The Last Airbender) T’sutay was very subtle and well rounded character as was Jake. Norm was a trope but no more than any character from Aliens. Colonel Quaritch was definitely a trope but no less dimensional than the villains in Jurassic Park. I didn’t think any of the characters in Avatar were incredibly deep but they weren’t as shallow as most modern movies either.

  • Alexandria Sanders

    Lol “unnecessary close ups of Ron Perlmen’s face.”

  • Cameron Vale

    “Fighting a war with monsters that come from portals” is a genre now, I guess.

  • Joe Average

    I think with the aussie dad thing, its about actually seeing him as his little boy, his son with a fragile life. Despite being connected and work together they never seem to express that “lets throw the boomerang around the yard” and the dad felt regret for not saying fatherly things out loud. Still cheesy (not a fan of it) but its a good bit for father son. if you have your kid you give him a hug thing.

    On side note I wonder if he knows the memory of being conceive since thats his dad.

  • Eric Brown

    I liked it but I would of loved a Vorhoeven touch like StarShip Troopers

  • Geahk Burchill

    “I now appear to be lost in a deep dark anus” Yes, Buzz, you are. Welcome to Disneyland.

  • Battle Salmon

    That’s probably why the son was such an asshole.Every time he mind melds with his dead he gets first hand accounts of the night he was conceived.

    If I had to go through that I’d walk around perpetually pissed off too…

  • Cameron Vale

    Obviously you haven’t seen the video you’re commenting on, and I don’t think you’ve seen either movie that you’re talking about. That’s very weird.

  • Cameron Vale


  • Ozric

    Regarding the 12 year olds liking this movie comment, Guillermo del Toro actually said in an interview that his aim was basically making the movie he would’ve loved watching back when he was a robot-obsessed 12 year old.

  • Cameron Vale

    And plenty of punching, destruction, and destrunching.

  • mattofsmeg

    No Blip TV HD version 🙁

  • Mark Bisone

    Oh, okay…

  • Cyvaris

    Yeah, the prequel comic fleshes that out better. I’m soooo waiting for the extended version.

  • Cyvaris

    Yeah, that cracked me up as well.

  • Cameron Vale

    This can especially be a problem with larger militaries; some new military idea comes along that promises to solve all their problems forever, and when it becomes apparent that the idea will not work, they start making up all these weird rationales to protect it, and lashing out at its opponents. A notable example is the former belief that a battleship could not be sunk.

  • YES

    They need to do a REAL drunk episode. piss faced

  • Cameron Vale

    I thought Hellboy 2 was a bad movie. I guess that’s better than Sandler’s record though. But if people are actually tired of dumb movies now, wouldn’t that have sunk Grown Ups 2 as well?

  • Cradock

    I wanted to see more of Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha!

  • Advancedcaveman

    All I know is can remember the hammy fat guy in Jurassic Park. I can’t remember anything about anyone in Aliens and I literally can’t distinguish the main character in Avatar from Thor or the protagonist of any generic movie/video game from the past 7 years. I also can’t really say anything about any of the other characters other than the fact that there was a general and some a CEO or something.

  • Mark Bisone

    That’s exactly what the NWO-MSM conspiracy wants you to believe. But I just heard a mind-blowing Alex Jones podcast that might change your tune about this so-called “Friend to Children”.

    For links and information, check out http://www.911truth.org

  • Dan Shaffer

    had to lol, wish he said mare-ka

  • John Bigbootay

    Oh crap, now that I know other countries are represented in this movie, I’m not going to see it. Thanks for the heads up!

    Good grief, what a doucehbag theory.

  • Roger Sarvis

    nice job.

  • John

    Hmm, I wouldn’t mind seeing this one. I’m having ‘cynical cash grab’ fatigue so if this is a movie that people actually wanted to make, then I believe I shall head on down to my flea ridden multiplex for a bloody good time watching monsters fighting robots!

  • bill

    Gives me a boner.

  • I agree with Mike and Jay, I liked it but didn’t love it. It’s fun, and it does Japanese Godzilla giant monster movies justice. However, if you’re a fan of giant robot stuff from Japanese animation (especially the likes of Giant Robo and Neon Genesis Evangelion) you’ll find that most of the sci-fi stuff is thinly veiled rip-offs of much better ideas.

    For example, the co-pilot mental compatibility thing is stolen almost verbatim from Evangelion, except instead of it being between pilot and robot, they mix two pilots together. This is similar to one of the episodes from Evangelion where two pilots have to synchronize everything to fight a pair of aliens. There’s also a moment in Pacific Rim where one of the pilots loses control of the Jaeger inside the docking bay which is a direct rip-off of a scene in Evangelion (with Rei, Makoto’s inspiration, no less), and it was less effective than it was in Evangelion too. And that’s not even going into the whole appearance of the monsters and how things continue to ramp up.

    I also think that Evangelion treats the subject matter, as ridiculous as it is, much more intelligently. For example, the robots have to be connected to a power source and if the umbilical cord is severed they have only like a minute of power. An entire city has to have its electricity cut off in order to power up a gun in one of the episodes.

    And like they said in the review, the characters in Pacific Rim feel very flat. They’re better than what we’ve come to expect from Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich, but that isn’t exactly saying much. But all in all I did enjoy the movie and would recommend it. It’s just as a fan of robots and anime from the good old days Pacific Rim feels less homage and more shameless rip-off.

  • Anononobody

    As nonsensical the story of Evangellion is when you look at it closely, I agree, it established a logic and played around it for every encounter.

  • Guest

    I do hope this movie is as entertaining as they say. I need something to get rid of the disgusting taste of Man of Steel.

  • Loo

    Sounds good to me. I loved The Avengers and found it great fun so hopefully I will with this.

  • Yeah, I don’t think they meant it as a dig against the movie. Just to adjust your expectations going into it. It’s not sophisticated sci-fi but more in line with cartoons, as one should expect when dealing with giant robots vs giant monsters.

  • Loo

    Guillermo del Toro and the late Carl Barks should team up and make a kick ass Ducktales movie!

  • Rick_Berman

    Yes, Adam Sandler is killed and Kevin James must sign a peace treaty to slingshot around the sun and time travel to save him but Chris Rock Hates sand and… Who’s been fucking with my medicine?

  • That ad’s weird nationalism gives me the creeps. Especially in light of all the NSA stuff.

  • CorbeauNoir

    I think it’s a little unfair to stack it up side-by-side with something like NGE. Some of the concepts with operating the jaegers is similar but the material is focusing on completely different things. Plus NGE had like 25 episodes and numerous movies to flesh itself out. Hell, the core of what NGE is ultimately about doesn’t even get touched upon until the series is like half-over anyway, until it starts getting all Freudian it’s a pretty straightforward robots-vs-monsters conflict. PR is really focusing more on the pulpy kaiju movie/robot anime side of things, it’s not trying to develop some message about depression or collectivist thought.

  • Guestalt

    I’m a huge Del Toro fan – I like his Devil’s Backbone as much as Hellboy and all that. And I totally recommend seeing Pacific Rim and think it was Avengers-level fun/enjoyment.

    That said, they both DID have an alien invasion coming through a rift that had to be stopped by a guy carrying a nuke through it. And I admit that’s a pretty specific thing to have in common.

    …it’s just that those two movies also are the only two action movies in a long time to create a certain level of enjoyment for me, to have that effect of feeling like I was a kid again and have me smiling as I walked out of the theatre.

    The life raft ending kinda felt like the end of Moonraker. Or like an anti-Moonraker or something.

  • Miles Dooner

    Independence Day 2: F*ck Michael Bay

    I could rant about this movie for a while but could sum it up in two point. Firstly, if your going to create a “real” universe where plausible decisions are key plot motivators, then stick to your guns and… put guns on your robots. If you are mentally connected to a robot then you would remember that you had SWORDS FOR HANDS. The entire strategy of the robots was weak and I was gutted to see the “last 4” bow out with such a pathetic fight.

    Secondly, Evangelion is a thousand times better then this movie – in every possible way.

    I would recommend watching Pacfic Rim and then immediately marathoning Evangelion Neon Genises.

  • Guest

    Nobody wants to watch your silly Mangas!

  • I know where you’re coming from, but look at it this way: People compared Avatar to Dances with Wolves and Fern Gully, but in this case far fewer critics will have seen Evangelion and attribute its ideas to Pacific Rim. That’s why you have critics saying dumb things like “it’s this generation’s Star Wars” because they don’t know anything about the giant robot genre. If there was any justice in the world the live action adaptation of Evangelion would have been made instead of Pacific Rim.

  • CorbeauNoir

    What’s the deal with the constant comparisons to NGE? They both feature robots that are controlled by a psychic link and they fight monsters and… that’s effectively it. That criteria describes virtually everything Japan has ever made involving giant robots and monsters.

  • Miles Dooner

    It was Charlie “two expressions” Ham-man who was the loose cannon. Get your facts right.

  • I agree especially the final fight was very anti-climactic and felt rushed. However it was still a fun movie and well worth seeing in theaters.

  • CorbeauNoir

    If you knew anything about the giant robot genre you’d know that practically anything that makes PR comparable to NGE also makes it comparable to practically any of the genre’s material anyway. NGE gets selectively picked because it’s the one series they’ve happened to have seen.

    To say nothing of, again, comparing a single standalone movie with a series that has had what, 40-something hours worth of material behind it,

  • Not really. The psychic link between pilot and robot was one of the original ideas that NGE introduced to the genre. Prior to that the robots in shows like Gundam and Macross were basically machines driven like any other vehicle. And you’re forgetting that there are scenes, like the pilots losing control of the Jaeger inside the docking bay, that was basically a direct rip-off of NGE.

  • TinyHarbingerofCalamity

    Evangelion is a mecha vs kaiju anime created by and for people who hate mecha anime and kaiju movies. Pacific Rim was created by fans of mecha anime and kaiju films for fans of mecha anime and kaiju films.

    You can see why people who like this movie are not fans of Evangelion’s navel gazing or the preening of its fanbase?

    In any case your “herp derp, this movie is just Transformers/Independence Day/Transformers fap fap fap Evangelion!” is about as predictable as the plot of this movie and not as fun to sit through.

  • dingus

    I loved the last 2 hours and 1 minute of the movie

  • Quentin Rodriguez

    why does mike keep showing us his beer-bottle-label? has this something to do with adam sandler?

  • guestalt

    If you liked Robotech and felt the Gundam stuff wasn’t the same, read on…

    You’ll want to watch these, all of which I was able to track down for free on Youtube (I’d buy it if Harmony Gold would let them market it…):

    Macross Plus – (happens after what you know of as the 1st part of Robotech that involves SDF1)

    Macross Zero – (Happens before SDF1)

    Macross Frontier – (happens even further after SDF1)

    No robotech masters, no protoculture, but you’ll realize where that specialness came from. A guilty pleasure from childhood – enjoy! They’re all at least as well done as the Robotech you remember fondly.

    You might also check out Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross – it’s what you might know as the 2nd part of Robotech. It’s got a soundtrack that rips off early 80’s Peter Gabriel and the interpretation of the characters is different – robotech makes the female lead out to be a goody two shoes and in the original series she’s a little more like a female Han Solo.

    There’s also Macross 7 but I’d go for that last.

    Part of the coolness of Macross/Robotech is that in the Macross and Super Dimension Cavalry stuff, the robots they use are standard-issue, they’re just ordinary people in the middle of a Great War trying to get through it. As opposed to other giant robot animes where every robot is distinctive and used only by one guy and the whole thing has a sort of narcissistic dream quality to it like the war is kind of about them in a weird way.

  • Yeah, insofar as the giant robot genre has similarities, no doubt NGE took many ideas from past shows too. But there are specific things in Pacific Rim that even the screen writer would probably attribute to NGE over other shows…

  • Cameron Hazer

    It would be a rip-off if the characters were angsty teenagers who spend the entire last third of the film waxing philosophical in the most tortuous fashion imaginable.

  • CorbeauNoir

    What I don’t get is why it has to be a one-or-the-other thing in the first place. They’re both great but I’m not retarded enough to think that PR is somehow trying to do exactly the same thing NGE did, The tone of them is so clearly and confidently different that comparing them directly beyond the most superficial of ways is absurd. It’d be like comparing your favourite war film and your favourite comedy film as if they’re the same genre and trying to extrapolate some kind of common basis of comparison because they both happen to share a similar time period.

  • ‘nother Guest

    And what do you know about NGE?

  • CorbeauNoir

    I’m actually going to back up a bit and say that it is in fact not like comparing Avatar to Dances with Wolves and Fern Gully. It’s more like comparing Avatar to Toy Story because they both happen to feature CGI characters in them.

  • blabbermouth

    The fact that the robots/pilots all hail from the allied side of WW2 (with the exception of Mako) was a bit off-putting though. Surely there should have been a Japanese team in a Japanese robot kicking ass given that this movie wouldn’t even exist without Japanese pop-culture.

  • Shotgun Ted

    Out of curiosity, has science developed a cure for anime yet? Or does puberty eventually just snuff that out on its own?

  • the pedantragon

    Actually, technically, I’m pretty sure Macross Plus came up with that psychically driving the vehicle concept WAAAY before Evangelion. Who’s the ripoff now?


  • dswynne

    Actually, NGE ripped off elements from ‘Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross’ in that regard.

  • TinyHarbingerofCalamity

    NGE is a anime about action, cynicism, despair and humanity being it’s own destruction.

    PacRim is a film about action, optimism, hope and humanity being it’s own salvation.

    But, Eva fans chronically need to impress upon everyone the “superiority” of Evangelion.

    Hence the dick waving.

  • the pedantragon

    Hahaha ohh yeah that was even earlier than Macross Plus doing the mental link to your mech thing. I totally forgot they piloted that way.

    What a bunch of hackfrauds these evangalion guys are

  • kenchun24

    Detractors of the film didn’t even know of the genres roots at all,with the non-stop “PR looks like Bayformers/Power Rangers/Cloverfield” comparisons. I’m sure Guillermo knows that the U.S. versions of anything Mecha/Super Sentai/Kaiju related were not his sources for inspiration.

    If there was any justice in the world (movie world that is) Transformers would have been helmed by folks that actually gave a shit about the property. Pacific Rim is as of now,a very solid addition to the 60 year old Giant Robo and/or Kaiju film genres,and probably the best big budget “live action Mecha anime” to be made. I also think that NGE folks have to realize that this Mecha/Kaiju genre is a lot more than just NGE which started in the ’90s. It goes back 60 years with Tetsujin 28,Johnny Sokko,Go Nagai’s Super Robo (Shogun Warriors),Gundam,Gunbuster etc…

    I’m sure they took inspiration from all of the above while trying to remain its own thing,nothing wrong with that…del Toro did good man. Enjoy! (or don’t, that’s fine too).

  • dswynne

    So imagining your father doing your mother gives you a boner???

  • J@ckH0ffD@leY

    And what about everything else (about 99% of NGE basically, lol…) ?

    I haven’t seen this movie (and maybe am basing my opinion too much on how it’s advertised?) , but I agree with CorbeauNoir, these comparisons don’t make any sense.

    NGE was a show with mech-like, things, and a whole lot of other interesting stuff (to say the least). I thought Pacific Rim was just supposed to be a straight forwards action movie (then again I haven’t seen it, so what do I know…)?

  • guest

    It’s funny how some Evangelion fans think a giant robot film is copying their show simply because their knowledge of mecha anime just doesn’t go back far enough. To them, it’s as if Eva created the genre, as opposed to things decades earlier that Eva copied. Not to mention all the live action stuff like Johnny’s Robot/Johnny Soko that came out before that.

  • Geahk Burchill

    “Youh not in Kansas anymouh. You’re on PanDORA, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact … everah second of every
    day. IF there is a Hell, you MIGHT want to GO there for some R & R … after a touh on Pandora.

    Out there beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies, or SQUATS in the mud wants to kill you! … and eat
    your eyes for jujubes.

    We have an indigenous population of humanaahds called the Na’VI. They’re fond of arrahs dipped in a
    neura-taxin that will stop your heart in ONE minute! … and they have bones reinfourced with nahturally occurrin’ caahrbon fiber. They are VERY hard to kill.

    As head of security, it is my job to keep you alive.

    I will not succeed.
    Not with all of you.

    If you wish to suhrvaahve, you need to
    CULtivate a strong, mental aTTItude. You GOT to obey the rules: Pandora rules!”

    Rule numbaah ONE! Do not talk about Pandora! Rule Number TWO, Do NOT talk about PANdora.

  • Joe Average

    I’m new to RLM

    All these complaints you saying are taken with grain of salt and glad you guys talk about them. Yeah I character was not deep to be oscar, but you look at it at what it is and the big picture, its robot and monster and that sci-fi we love to hate or hate to love or just simply love

    God i seen this movie twice and hesitate to see again but after that seeing that boat sword i feel something, idk what but its smile on my face as if i was 12 again.

    I never feel like watching a movie twice, even great ones if i like it a lot I it buy it and put it in my collection, and watch it when family/friend/special hang out maybe. Never understood “movie watch over and over again” till now.

    Its entertainment; fun. Past year i felt films wasn’t about entertainment. ( or whatever the movie magic/ wow factor for me is called)

  • Joe Average

    I bet he wouldn’t think that after that neural-handshakes

  • Joe Average

    that many*

  • Gigantor / Tetsujin 28go was remote-controlled, though. And shows like Macross and Gunbuster that had robots vs aliens were mostly fought in space. Gundam (until the most recent show, which is universally reviled) was about humans fighting one another, and didn’t even have aliens in it. But yeah, if you want to just gloss over the details then of course you can compare Pacific Rim to any giant robot show.

  • Sully

    Welcome to RLM… and America?

  • Sure, if you want to gloss over the fine details you can certainly make that assertion.

  • Joe Average

    Good sir its MURIKA!

  • Yeah, I enjoyed Pacific Rim and would recommend it. But you can’t just dismiss the similarities with NGE. It has much more in common with NGE than the earlier shows you mentioned.

  • guest

    The whole discussion you’ve been cherry picking very specific details to claim the specialness of Evangelion only to find out those details were not special or unique while cherry picking particular mecha shows to argue that they didn’t do what Evangelion did. At some point you should realize that you didn’t know enough to know that your show wasn’t that special. Not saying it is bad, but not as unique or groundbreaking as you seem to think. Give it up.

  • Maybe he wants to help promote the small, locally-owned and operated Milwaukee brew? It’s not like he’s schilling for coke and pepsi.

  • weaver

    No one who lives outside their mother’s basement cares about NGE or indeed needs to know anything about it.

  • What a joke. The devil is in the details. It’s the screen writers of Pacific Rim who cherry-picked the elements, not me. I’m not saying the entire movie / plot is a rip-off, just certain details.

  • TinyHarbingerofCalamity

    Yes, your argument and the argument of the rest of the Eva fandom is a massive joke.

  • I’m not saying the whole movie ripped off specifically NGE, just certain elements stood out to me.

  • ‘nother guest

    Nah, the world would be a better place if everybody knew about it.
    I mean c’mon, there’s not enough Shinjis, or Asukas, or Misatos etc. in this world… lol

  • pedantragon

    Keeeeeep backpedaling. You’re getting there.

  • Nobody is saying the two are identical, just pointing out some of the similarities.

  • guest

    Your strategic withdrawal, while adviseable, is not going far enough. Each element you insisted was from Evangelion has already been proven to be from something 10-20 years earlier in response. You have no specific elements left to fall back on.

  • I’m not even into anime anymore so don’t paint me with such a broad brush because it suits your usual troll hideouts.

  • I’m not backpedaling. Pacific Rim is one big homage to both the giant monster and giant robot genres. I can still single out specific details to make a point, but I guess people like you don’t understand that not everything has to be about one type of fan against another.

  • kenchun24

    Well that’s cool then. Folks who are not familiar with NGE may find out about it now after watching Pacific Rim and check out the series/movies. Maybe they garner interest of Gundam,or the ’90s Gamera stuff. Perhaps they end up purchasing a big ass classic vinyl Mazinga Z,Grendizer or Raideen toy on ebay. All of the above are good thing IMO.

  • I’ve fed you enough. We’re done.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    This film is the perfect antidote for Man of Steel poisoning. Heroes who are heroes and big action that is engaging, beautifully designed and shot, and never boring. And it’s corny, yeah, but in all the best ways – like Superman should be.

  • TinyHarbingerofCalamity

    Yet you have enough invested into the argument to make a claim that PacRim stole concepts that specifically originated in Eva and then in typical Eva fan fashion ignore all evidence to the contrary and call everyone who argues with you a troll.

    We’re all nerds and fans here, stop trying to deny it.

  • I’m not talking over-arching plot or characters just a few specific details that stood out to me.

  • Mark Bisone

    Coosin Sully, don be redacolus.

  • Im so glad you guys liked this film!


    In communist web-zone, troll feed you.

  • guest

    Every single one of which has been refuted. Your specific details in Pacific Rim that you think are from Evangelion are specific details from even older mecha.

  • SeekerLancer

    I think Legendary splitting with them is the big reason. There’s no future for WB in Pacific Rim. They are banking on the DC properties.

    And yes Legendary pretty much footed the entire bill which is another reason why I’d like to see it make some money and probably the only explanation for how this movie even got made.

  • Maybe, I’m no expert, all I have to go by is what I have seen and I haven’t seen every show in existence. Regardless, we can all agree that Pacific Rim doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the genre other than live action and big budget special effects.

  • guest

    Last time I fed you, you swore you weren’t going to feed me anymore.

    Exactly, you haven’t seen every show in existence. This guy said it best further down:

    TinyHarbingerofCalamity • 17 minutes ago

    Yet you have enough invested into the argument to make a claim that PacRim stole concepts that specifically originated in Eva and then in typical Eva fan fashion ignore all evidence to the contrary and call everyone who argues with you a troll.

    We’re all nerds and fans here, stop trying to deny it.

  • kenchun24

    Welcome,Red White and Blue pancakes served every day.

    Mmm…actually I kind of want some pancakes now.

    “Paannnncaaaaakes!!!” http://youtu.be/Bjbl2nLKp_0

  • Joe Average

    The sword was new, Mako was the lead restoration engineer Maybe he was stressed in the moment and over looked the swords, (but really it was for dramatic effect)

    The kaijus adapting and getting bigger too fast for Jaegers to counter and they world cant aford building the 32 (from what i read they cannibalized the worlds nuclear supply for the program, maybe thats why Canadain Rep LOOK SO SMUG since they sitting on a good chunk of uranium mines and Why aussie had advanced Mark 4 and Anti Kaiju missiles assuming uranium in nature and can afford to make more)

    Eva is nice mech but the character…drags on more than it should and too emo for my taste.

  • junkysam

    This movie could have been good if it had good acting and didn’t lift all of the major plot points for evangelion and other animes. I was really excited for this when I heard that it was guillermo del toro’s tribute to eva and it’s like but was let down when I saw he was just cashing in on good ideas north americans haven’t seen yet. I call blatant plagiarism

  • guest

    ..but I’ll just say my last little bit here, there is something about both the cartoon and live action mecha and mecha vs monster genre that captures a kid’s imagination and gives them a pretty cool adventure if it hits them at just the right age, a perfect one – one that inspires a surprising amount of loyalty to fond memories.

    So good on you Robotbling for your ardent loyalty to your mecha show – your only problem really was coming upon people with very similar loyalties to even earlier mecha. And then you got us to show our geek cards – who wouldn’t be embarrassed to mention Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross as a winning point in an argument if they were say, at work or out with friends? So keep geeking out and so will we. Furtively.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I hope people DO find Evangeleon! It’s a seminal Anime and still holds up great after more than fifteen years. I’ve watched the whole series seven times and keep finding new elements that interest and excite me. (Never saw the more recent remake though)

  • fffff

    They didn’t mention the most horrifying implication of this movie. The two pilots share each other’s memories. One team was father son. Does that mean the son remembered his own conception?

  • Benny Wenny

    “Jay Bauman” sounds like “J-Bombin’,” which is the PERFECT name for the Pacific Rim drinking game.

  • junkysam

    If this movie was not made for eva fans, why was it marketed as a tribute to eva?
    Also, there are so many ripped ideas and “wink, wink” moments to eva fans in this movie that I think guillermo didn’t really understand that he got it all fucking wrong.
    I can understand robot versus giant monster for fun, but don’t tell me it’s like something it’s not and don’t rip all major ideas for your movie from something I love

  • Dodge

    I totally get why you guys say it’s overblown to call this a modern day Star Wars, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate (then I’m going to watch Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves. Why? Because I hate myself…).

    First off, both Pacific Rim and Star Wars were released in times where tons of movies were made with a cynical tone. Star Wars, in a few ways, was a reaction to the heavier themes and more cynical environment of 1970’s Hollywood (a product of Vietnam and the distrust in government fueled a lot of that cynicism). Pacific Rim, by the same token, has been released in a movie environment where every superhero has a dark, psychological problem (Man of Steel, Spiderman), every movie has to be about something beyond simple fun, or every element in the movie is a cynical attempt to sell opening weekend tickets, in any way possible (Transformers). Jay touched on it, but Pacific Rim has absolutely no cynicism behind it, due to del Toro’s love for what he is doing. Similarly, and it can be argued, but George Lucas really wanted to make a movie that resembled old Flash Gordon serials, which is one reason the old movies feel more genuinely produced.

    Secondly, I think the characters are (mostly) similarly formed. In Star Wars (just for a single movie comparison, since there’s only one Pacific Rim), and THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, I think the side characters are far more interesting than the main pro-tah-gah-nist, Luke. It really boils down to how emotionally bland he is in the first one. He has a good, simple arc, and he’s not like little Anakin where nothing is in his control, but when he’s whiny in the beginning, he’s just blasse whiny. When he’s learning from Obi Wan, he’s corny. It’s not bad, but it’s not anything great. The side characters, though, steal the show. Obi Wan, R2, Threepio, Chewie, and Han (in the first one, he acts as Luke’s support in the end, so he feels like a bigger side character) have clearly drawn characters, as explained best by Mr. Plinkett in the Phantom Menace review.

    Pacific Rim is similar in that the main guy is pretty bland. I think his name is Raleigh? Anyway, he has the same hero’s journey as Luke, but replace farmer with construction worker, and he learns the value of camaraderie in the end. Honestly, I just can’t remember a lot about him, except generic raspy voiced white guy stuff. If that isn’t very descriptive, I just don’t remember much of him. However, like Star Wars, I remember and loved seeing the side characters. Charlie Day, the British scientist, Ron Perlman as White Dolemite, and Idris Elba as the Commander. Great lines and moments by all of them, and well-drawn connections between them all. The more connections characters can have with other characters etches them more in our mind, and we saw guys like Charlie who has a certain relationship to the British scientist, and another to Ron Perlman, and another to the Commander. If in Star Wars, R2 and C-3PO only talked to each other, they would be far more two-dimensional, but they interact with the entire ensemble. The side characters in Pacific Rim follow this mold, too.

    Those are the two big ones. I think Star Wars stands out a lot more, since it was one of a kind back in the day, whereas Pacific Rim is a generic title with disaster porn, like Mike and Jay touched on. However, the content in the movie really feels like Star Wars, and this may be a nerd staple for years.

  • Chief Joseph

    I have to agree. Seriously Eva fans, you can look up on YouTube some very thorough compilations of every super robot/mecha opening credits from the 60s-present. By the late ’80s, pretty much everything you could possibly do with the mecha/robot genre had been exhausted. Eva didn’t really bring much new to the table. Even the “creator takes out his psychological problems on his characters” had been done before by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

  • SkyDog

    Anime has to have some of the most unbearably nose-thumbing, snobbish fanbases on this damn planet… next to Heavy Metal music, perhaps.

  • pera

    Hi guys,

    first time writing, long time viewing.

    Here’s my and my friends take on the movie:

    a) on the positive side – it was intelligent in the political, economical, social and human aspect, all the stuff that american/modern hollywood movies lack these days

    b) on the negative side – it is so painfully obvious that del toro was handed a BIG check list from the producers with items like this

    – suck up to foreign markets – chinese, japanese, russians, australians.. (and minorities – gypsies?), [but what about africans, eu, arabs/muslims, hindus, south americans..?]
    – rip of star craft (marine suit, specifically from the sc2 intro)
    – rip of avatar monster design (specifically jungle monsters and flying monsters)
    – the president/leader is the black guy (this goes without saying now for years due to p.c. issues and it isn’t even questioned anymore), but why not a chinese guy? or a mexican, or an eskimo.. etc.
    – hiroshima/nagasaki bombing of japan reference, a HUGE checklist item!
    – berlin wall reference (also mexican wall, great wall of china… etc.)
    – communism/socialism reference (people are working for food stamps in factories, presumably there is no money in this world anymore? but how does the black market work? gold maybe?)
    (visual references to transformers/robot jox, godzila, anime… are obvious of course)
    etc. etc. to many to count and remember now

    c) cliched (to the MAX) stereotypes in portraying various world nationalities and.. their ultimate fate (according to these authors and their geopolitical/cultural worldview at least, as if they are saying – this is who you “foreigners” are and this is how you will fare…)

    – the japanese/asians (ninjas/martial artists) are attacked from both sides (east and the west) even though there are “more” of them (3 in one robot), and they loose/get their head ripped off, yikes
    – the russians (two cartoons with not even blond but white hair!) die also in a not so subtle kursk submarine sinking reference (the robot “sailors” die of drowning)
    – the americans/ausies/westerners… run out of fuel/power (who knew..?)

    c) toooo much fist fighting and wrestling without any reason

    they had plasma guns that obviously work – on their HANDS!? instead of on far away tanks or helicopters, airplanes, aircraft carriers…

    they had SWORDS an cutters and they use them in the later half of the movie!?

    i’d say punching is the last resort not the first.. but oh well, it’s all for the kids i guess.. :/

    d) a big missed opportunity (one of few) – the fucking intelligent alien race that sent the monsters in the first place!! they were so much more interesting then the kaiju.. the selves (basically bulls in corrida), there should have been more focus on them and their motives, civilization etc. (this reminds a lot of independence day)


    In conclusion,

    a) I guess it is impossible to make an original story/movie in hollywood, at least if you want it to be a big budget movie,
    but let’s face it, would you give your 5.000 or 10.000 dollar car to someone to drive just for a while, wondering all the time will they crash it?
    and knowing this, would you then give someone your 100k, 1 mill, or 10 mil, or 100 mill, or 200 mill dollar!! investment to drive arround?! without any reassurance that the investment will pay off.. of course not

    b) i’m wondering if movie executives look at directors and writers as “those crazy persons” who have wild ideas but no sensibility about the amount of money involved in big productions like these..
    so i guess it’s kind of a deal with the devil sort of thing, if you wanna go that large you gotta give up most of your originality, reason and common sense, go with the “film producers check list” and basically weasel and weave your way and your story around it as best you can

    c) the movie is (sorry to fans) bland and forgettable, the only thing i will remember is a few seconds of some flashy robots (already forgot the kaiju) doing something stupid around some cg cities

    the robots obviously don’t perform very well, so why keep building them instead of cheap plasma guns mounted on ships and aircrafts? oh yea, fake drama ofc, last robot at the last second right..?!)

    stupidity of this magnitude is unconvincing and therefore gets you out of suspended disbelief after a while :/
    [starship troopers/paul verhooven did this much better with their movies ending]

    d) this movie is obviously kids movie and a classic naive child fantasy (kids fighting the bad monsters [or playing cowboys and indians] in a school yard)

    e) however, compared to other shit coming from hollywood… this is a massive improvement
    the film did score a few intelligent and humane points (characters actually think and care about each other and the world arround them)
    but, even more important, it revealed a few things about the authors themselves and how they view the world, and what are their (dare i say?) political views are?
    [is this film more political, albeit very naively, than it seems?]

    anyway this is just what my friends and i thought of this particular movie,

    thats just our 2 cents/rant
    to each his own opinion of course

    bye and thx for the opportunity to post here!

  • wut

    wow, never saw it that way. I’m going to see it for the 4th and final probably time this sunday. gonna stop looking at PR till then. (just want a poster why is it so hard to find good one!)

    I know whats going to happen, what going to be said but wow…I thought I would get sick of it but seeing snips in this video that ship sword it doesn’t feel stale gets pumped!.

    Whats taking the god damn bluray so long.

  • BigWut

    > suck up to foreign markets

    I feel like “america is the only country” thing is getting old. I dont think they sucking up to anyone (gypsies where the heck did you get that!)

    I don’t know where to begin. You sir have a talent…

  • kenchun24

    I agree with quite a few of the points you bring up,and I did read some reviews of Pacific Rim (Ebert’s Matt Zoller Seitz,Badass Digest,Drew McWeeny,Kenneth Turan L.A. Times,Peter Travers RS) that touched on either SW similarities or the tone of PR being the anti “modern blockbuster hero” flick. More of an earnest throwback type of adventure. Mike & Jay mentioned that too in their review.

  • Ryu

    Hell the even have a Sci-Fi 50’s (or 40’s?) style Poster

  • Advancedcaveman

    The worst part about those ads is they’re a damn lie. If you lick the White House or The Statue of Liberty or any other iconic element of the American milieu you’ll find it tastes nothing like anything on the Denny’s menu.

  • guest

    Suck up to foreign markets? You clearly know nothing about Del Toro or what he was trying to do with this movie.

  • wut

    has to be a troll,

    I dont understand where he is coming from. it flew over his/her head which is weird since this isn’t a brain tickler movie…

  • Captain Prickhard

    Great show, Jiffybolt VCR Repair!

    First time, long time:
    I really tried hard to think, “Robots v. Monsters. Just sit back and enjoy the dumb spectacle. I really did!”
    But I’m not 12 years old, so I couldn’t. I just couldn’t get past the premise of the film: motiveless monsters from another dimension and the most ineffective way to combat them. I got past that (a bit) but kept rolling my eyes at small details that destroyed my suspension-of-disbelief: a wood-framed chalkboard full of chalky math and a tweedy professor, lame ethnic stereotypes, etc.

    Three things I want to point out that you didn’t mention:
    1. This was without a doubt the most foreign-market-minded Hollywood blockbuster I’ve ever seen and I think that sucked a lot of the verve out of it. No jokes (verbal comedy doesn’t translate well), Asian setting/characters (not a problem that they’re asian but it’s obvious pandering) and (I swear) weirdly bland and terse dialogue that seemed tailored for more easy dubbing – no crosstalk or snappy repartee, not even any Shia Laboeufing (“Go, go, go, go! No, no, no, no!” but I’m not complaining about that)
    2. I know that both animatronic and CGI monsters look more fake in bright light so moviemakers shoot them in shadow and sometimes with a lot of rain. But that was ok for 1993’s Jurassic Park – this is 2013. It seemed like every battle was at night and most everything happened at night in the rain or even at the actual bottom of the ocean. That was boring. However, shots in which we are reminded of the scale of the monsters/robots were the best: a fishing boat, walking down a city street.
    3. And what was with the Christmas tree color scheme?? By the 90 minute mark it had thoroughly bugged the hell out of me.

  • Percy Gryce

    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • kenchun24
  • splimis

    Space Cop.

  • Maricruz Villalobos Zamora

    I think the reason I love this movie is because I didn’t give a damn about the plot; I went to watch a movie about Giant Robots fighting Giant Monsters, and I got that WITH characters I actually care about

  • PoopMonster

    Would Mike and Jay have enjoyed MOS more if it hadn’t taken itself so serious and been so unnecessarily brooding and depressing?

  • Raphael Goettenauer

    Evangelion fans are bleeding….

  • Nope.

  • Why? I am an NGE fan and this movie was fucking amazing O.o

  • Vaughn Fry

    Sweet! A REAL episode.

  • Raphael Goettenauer

    I do agree… but what if it was a NGE film.. that would be mega awesome..

  • Gwolo

    This movie wont be in my theatre for another month and a half. Fuck. I think I’ll go see it though.

  • Baramos x

    It’s good schlock, though!

  • Baramos x

    The monsters in this all have different appearances and abilities. I mean, even the trailer shows the one that flies versus the one that has a giant blade on its nose versus the one that’s more of a sumo wrestler type.

  • Baramos x

    Yeah, I really got a Ghostbuster, Men in Black type of feel from it. Just a fun, entertaining movie, and done in a competent fashion instead of with shaky cam or confusing action (ala Transformers).

  • Baramos x

    This movie was basically the polar opposite tonally from Man of Steel. You watch it and just enjoy yourself seeing heroic people working together in harmony. The action was also easier to follow. Man of Steel isn’t the worst for that but it’s definitely a little confusing at times.

  • Baramos x

    It’s too bad they didn’t devote about 2 and a half minutes of the video to talking about that one.

  • guest

    I bet they would have enjoyed it more if it were an actual Superman movie.

  • Baramos x

    I had a similar discussion recently about why people loved District 9 so much–it’s definitely a good movie, but not as great as people made it out to be. But I remember it being the most enjoyable blockbuster movie that summer, because that summer saw the release of crap like X-Men Origins Wolverine and Fast and Furious 4.

    With Pacific Rim after the angst-fest that was Man of Steel, really dumb ones like Fast and Furious 6, or bombs like the Lone Ranger, it’s maybe shaping up to be the best blockbuster of the entire summer (or at least two months removed from Iron Man 3 which is also a contender).

  • Baramos x

    I think I liked it just as much. It was two months ago though so it’s far enough removed I don’t really compare the two too heavily in my mind. In my mind, I’ve been comparing Pacific Rim to Man of Steel and I just liked Pacific Rim so much more–it’s so much more fun than Man of Steel. It’s not depressing and grimdark.

  • Baramos x

    I remember thinking during certain scenes, “Man, I’m glad I saw this in 2D–I bet you can’t even see what’s happening in the 3D version during this particular night scene”.

  • Baramos x

    It was a bit confusing because not only did this one attract people wanting to see an action movie or sci-fi or anime nerds, but you’d think it would attract the younger set, like Mike said, the 12 and 13 year old boys and such. But maybe their families dragged them to Grown Ups 2 or something.

  • Baramos x

    It’s also about teenage angst and masturbating to comatose girls, though. So it kind of cancels out the good parts.

  • Baramos x


  • elrolly

    On your point about the “motiveless monsters”, the movie compares the invasion to a hurracane which it sort of is, nature needs not a motivation, sometimes the strongest try to eat the weak and that’s it, the world really isn’t that complicated. Also, on the stereotypes, It’s not to argue your point really, but I thought they were the most badass stereotypes, not negative in any way, if you were american, you would like to be the ebst that you can be, not the average, I never found it endearing to be the average joe, it just takes me away in movies like these, these are extraordinary situations which require these most badass aspects of every country, not to mention that it’s just like a cartoon. I am often a little bothered about the stereotype of the weed smoker with long hair and leather jackets who just goes to shows and drinks, but that guy does exist, and in large numbers, so to me it just matters that the character is likeable even ina shallow way, being a stereotype is not a sin in itself.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    I imagine, this movie started out as three, and it got cut down to one. That this would have been the culmination last shot (Return of the Jedi) movie. The other two got cut down to montages.

  • Jake

    I think more movies need to come out so we can have more red letter media reviews. You guys are the best. When does the Half in the Bag cable TV show come out? haha

    I had Dumb Fatigue, and now plan on seeing this movie. Boom.

  • Billy Nunez

    Fuck you Rick Berman! You ruined this too?

  • Jake

    go back to russia

  • I wish. I’m not from there.

  • Kaiji

    Cry /tv/ cry

  • Dick75

    I think there are two things that made this movie better than your standard sad hero disaster porn extravaganza. 1) It was colorful. The movie was bright and had colorful names. God I loved the crazy names in this movie. The good guys lived in the Shatterdome, the heroes piloted Gypsy Danger. That’s great stuff. They knew what kind of movie they were making and instead of trying to placate to the knuckle daggers it stood firm and was exactly what it was supposed to be. A movie about coming together regardless of race or creed, to punch monsters in the fucking face with our giant ass robots. 2) Del Toro wanted to make this movie. That makes all the difference in the world. This wasn’t some plea for money, or attempt to start a franchise. This was a movie based on something Del Toro loves and it shows in the movie. The movie was simple and at times dumb, but it was entertaining and I liked it. I didn’t love it, but I liked it and that’s not something I can say very often nowadays.

  • Silly_Hats

    I wanted to love this film as much as everyone seems to, I thought that it was okay. It does action well, but its way too long and the middle section doesn’t do anything exciting at all.

    If the movie’s purpose was purely for action, then they needed to refine and cut the story and characters. OR actually write an actual story with depth because the movie is too long with no depth. Just because it is an action film doesn’t mean that there can’t be a good, interesting story and it would’ve elevated the film onto a whole new level.

    It’s good, I just wish that the people salivating over it weren’t so aggressive to everyone else.


    I hope Adam Sandler dies of anal cancer


    what are you, STUPID!?

  • Baramos x

    Roland Emmerich is like the competent Michael Bay, though.

  • Captain Prickhard

    I like your point about nature not needing a motivation. I guess the portal between dimensions was some kind of natural phenomenon? With all the mind reading tentacles, I thought the monsters were somewhat intelligent if brutal. Anyways, it’s never a big deal in a monster movie.
    Re: cartoonish stereotypes, I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I like Star Trek, which is full of them. As I get older, however, I wince at them a bit more because they’re all stereotypes of other nationalities from a provincial American point-of-view, complete with bad fake accents and one-note characterization (“It’s because I’m Russian, you see!”)
    Thanks for the reply.

  • Baramos x

    I was waiting for the scene where Raleigh would masturbate to Mako’s comatose form, but it never happened!

  • Baramos x

    Nah, the avengers was a good 40 minutes longer I think.

    This movie was a comparatively breezy 2 hours and 10 minutes (breezy compared to all the other 3 hour long blockbusters this year). That’s Batman Begins length, and we all know how short Begins seems in comparison to the other two…

  • Luke Opitz

    Competent is a strong word. I guess he at least can tell a story, albeit an awful one, so maybe it works.

  • Baramos x

    I thought the sheeple all saw Grown Ups 2.

  • Baramos x

    To be fair, I never actually put two and two together and realized the only coastal cities at stake were the ones bordering the Pacific. Just sort of common sense thing that I never thought of until now.

  • Baramos x

    I’m really digging this squirrelking-esque trolling, man, keep it up.

    One could argue that they can’t use nuclear weapons on populous cities, or if they shot them off in the ocean, there would still be environmental fallout problesm

  • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Not a fan of minimalism then?

  • Baramos x

    Actually, a live human pilot would probably be better due to the reflexes needed to battle the monsters. You compare them to drones–drones are used primarily for covert assassinations. If you put one up against an actual fighter jet with a pilot in it it would last five seconds. So that would probably be an argument Del Toro could give if he gave a crap.

  • Baramos x

    The problem is that, for the last few years or so, unless a movie like this makes twice its budget opening weekend, it’s considered a bomb and the studio won’t make a sequel. So for people who liked it and would like to see a Pacific Rim 2, or maybe see Del Toro more easily get another budget for one of his other projects like At The Mountains of Madness, that’s not going to happen.

  • Baramos x

    Are you cherry-picking to make some kind of political statement? Sure they were all on the allied side of WW2–after Russia quit being allies with Germany a few years in. And of course there’s the fact that we were in a Cold War with both Russia and China for the past 60 years.

    The female lead was a Japanese character. The monsters are named kaiju after the Japanese Kaiju movies. Del Toro has gone on and on about how he based it partly on anime. How is that not enough representation of Japanese culture?

  • Baramos x

    The hermit crab was indeed my favorite kaiju.

    The robots were a little more interchangeable, but those cannons on the chest of Stryker probably put it at the top for me.

  • Baramos x

    But they had guns! They just ran out of ammo for them.

    Evangelion IS better–Pacific Rim lacked a scene where an angsty teenage boy masturbates to a comatose teenage girl.

  • Baramos x

    Watch out: no one hates on NGE like people who have seen it and didn’t like it. It’s a bit like how the best snark about how terrible LOST, Dexter, Heroes, etc. became comes from people who watched them from the beginning.

  • Baramos x

    It doesn’t help matters that Outlaw Star was cooler in every way. Space ships WITH ROBOT ARMS.

  • k

    But like Mike was saying, if you just have those helos that carry the Jeagers around, just carry around the arm canon that Gypsy Danger uses, the fight would be over. Or have em drop the sword on the Kikejew’s heads. Same as death by stalactite…

  • MrTickles

    Honestly people are going NGE waah waah (it’s not even that good, really) because far fewer super robot shows end up here than over there, and godzilla movies stopped getting mass marketed in north america a while ago.

    Except for the psionically controlled robots that existed since the 1970s? Scads of Gundam shows have psionics. “New-Type” is a fancy way to say psionics. Some pilots in Gundam controlled their robots without even touching the dial. Raideen is another one. More recently, SRW. No psionics in MACROSS? Is that a joke? Go watch Macross 7. Also, the aliens. And Macross Plus, where a character controls his robot with a brain connector thingy not a whole lot different from this show.

    In fact, quite often the robots sucked without the “kiai” of the main characters. Stuff like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Daitarn 3, any of those 1970s robots where they ‘psionically’ make their giant robot amazing.

    Evangelion didn’t have rocket elbow and swords pulled out of their bum at the last second. That’s the forte of the Ranger series (Power Rangers in US), rubber suit shows like Godzilla, Mazinkaiser, etc. They don’t even get a sword in Eva except in the manga.

    No annoying emo pilots in this show.

    Pilots losing control in the docking bay? First showed up in NGE? Is that a joke? Go re-watch Gundam. Or *any* show of that ilk. It’s a very common trope.

  • Joelist

    Pretty good evaluation of the film, although a couple of elements they thought were uncovered actually were covered. For example, Raleigh’s issues all stemmed from the trauma of having his copilot die while still in the drift. The main thing is they caught the key elements like the total absence of angst, dark and brooding and cynicism – these made the movie a breath of fresh air.

    Also, the movie is not a big tribute to mecha anime although there are giant mechs in it. Del Toro has said that his big influences were the Toho and Daiei Kaiju films of the past. The Jargers have some mecha anime inspired design elements but overall in form and function they hearken back to mechs like Mechagodzilla that predate the mecha anime.

  • GoBackToComicon

    There’s nothing worse than weeaboos who think that NGE is the only mecha anime in existence.

  • proghead777

    That’s fucked up. Rooting for cancer is NEVER cool man. I think what you meant to say is… Adam Sandler IS anal cancer.

  • Äääh…

    Who the balls likes to watch “Making-of’s”?
    Well, I guess you slowcoaches do…

  • TinyHarbingerofCalamity

    It wasn’t marketed as a tribute to Eva, it was marketed as a tribute to mecha and monsters. There were no ripped ideas either, no tributes or nods, it’s all your paranoid Eva fanboy delusions.

    Pull your head out of your ass.

  • Charon

    Try to pay attention next time, I get that you’re an internet blowhard with delusions of superiority but if you maybe deflated your ego you would have understood more of the movie’s explanations for what was going on. The monsters were there to wipe out humanity on behalf of their masters. Their world was dying, all used up. They opened a portal to colonize this one but found it already inhabited.

  • macadamia nut

    That guy has a awesome 50’s cafe in Nicasio, California.
    I can only recommend it.

  • bullshit

    That’s bullshit. These monsters were made of flesh, without superpowers or armour. Military hardware could easily take them down. Damn, even something similiar to single A-10 Thunderbolt could…
    But then, there would be no movie for faboys. I just don’t see why there was a need for these Jaegers, as monsters were just big animals, not a magical Godzilla, or armored in something alien etc.

  • cyanode

    As a someone that makes uf of the movie sillines, and does not believe that military could not handle the monsters as presented there, I do regret that they cut this out. If there would be an explanation related to i.e. monsters blood I could buy it. Without it, fancy robots just look like an overkill.

  • TinyHarbingerofCalamity

    Do you belong to the same internet armchair military “HNNNNG, DAKKA CAN DO ANYTHING NEEDS MORE DAKKA OR IT SSSUUUUUUCCCKKS!!!” circle jerk as HardManMcSpaceMarine or are you the same person post-medication?

  • pacific dim

    Aren’t they supposed to share memories? What a lazy script…

  • Eman

    I saw a mudcrab the other day…

  • AnonGuest

    Junkysam is the kind of Evangelion fan who thinks The Bible is a ripoff of Eva too.

    I wouldn’t pay his deluded rants any mind, he’s clearly not well in the head.

  • Constantine1985

    Hellboy wasn’t that great. But, at least, Del Toro is very competent at “creating an enviroment” to his movies, which was cool in Hellboy 2, even if the movie wasn’t that great. So, yeah, it wasn’t a good movie, but, still, it showed some kinda of technical concern, you know? Now, maybe people are accustomed with “dumb” comedies, more tolerant, and, on the other hand, a movie about giant robots fighting ‘alien’ monsters isn’t that alluring to US audiences, I suppose? To be honest, I simply cannot wrap my head around the fact that PR flopped…

  • thegorn

    I am still rooting for this movie to do well. I am a big Del Toro fan (I love Devil’s Backbone). I also like kaiju movies. Nevertheless, I was a little disappointed by the cliches, the bad accents, and the weird casting, e.g., the scientists. It could have been better.

  • sepiajack

    Probably, I know I would have, and it seems like most of the time my tastes and sensibilities align with theirs.

  • Guest

    Coast to Coast.

  • Dan

    Is Half in the Bag now sponsored by Jagermeister?

  • Will Spencer

    I liked this movie, a bit of something different for the summer blockbuster. I quite liked the characters and felt they were more established people, like you didn’t need arcs for them because somewhere back in time they’d become characters, it was as if the film was a snapshot of the event, perhaps captured by a camera crew sent to observe the last days of the Jager program. This film could really do with prequels and might actually do well with one.

    The one thing I didn’t like was the deaths of the Jagers, the big fight in hong kong harbour in particular, I’m not usually one for not liking death scenes, I watch a lot of action films. I think it was the personal aspect of their deaths, like was it really necessary to linger on their final moments, it was less “oh shit that’s unfortunate I hope they can get over the loss of that jager” and it was more “oh crap, no, ok i get they are dead i don’t want to see them drown or be crushed” especially when the other characters didn’t seem that bothered.

    Also I couldn’t help think that all their problems would be solved with Godzilla, he could easily waste any of those Kaiju and all they’d have to put up with is him occasionally attacking Japan

  • Geahk Burchill

    I’m guessing you aren’t particularly a creative person. Well, I can’t understand why you like watching people throw balls to each other so I guess we’re even.

  • Chris Power

    Agreed. People keep referencing the lack of stars but that theory has been shot to hell numerous times by J.J. Abrams. I guess people vote with their dollars, and by that logic you can expect “Grown Ups” to be a trilogy (at least). Sad, as Pacific Rim was supposed to be a trilogy and now, presumably, that’s not happening.

  • Grim

    It’s a great movie even though it does has some obvious weak points. It feel fresh because the heroes’ main base isn’t infiltrated, attacked or destroyed like in many action movies. At least it skipped that cliche. It did got hit by an EMP blast but that wasn’t even directed at them (which, on the other hand, gave way to the old cliche of there’s another. older machine that can save the day after the much more modern ones were disabled).

    And no unnecessary scenes of other characters saving some random people or doing other stuff that distract you from the main point! We have the main base talking to the fighting Jaegers while a scientist looks for answers. Simple.

    Still, Mike and Jay were right. The movie presented a very interesting world that I really wanted to know more about. Skipping the first 15 years of war made it much more interesting but it also made me wondered how the world had changed. The movie did great in explaining some of the changes. Except for politicians, they never change.

  • Guest

    Yep and also if it had fully developed characters and a real hero to root for, and an actual moral center.

    Basically a better script and director than what we got.

  • SkyDog

    He missed my point so thoroughly it has me waxing philosophical on the limitations of human abstraction and cognition.

    Besides, I don’t even think he saw the film, because the Kaiju were revealed to be literal alien bio-weapons that got stronger and more resilient with each wave… so “armored in something alien” is exactly what they were.

  • kenanthompson

    Evangelion for whatever reason had a much larger cultural impact than a lot of those mecha shows. I don’t know why you would act so surprised and disgusted when people are making comparisons to what is most familiar to them. Yes, believe it or not, not everyone has seen every last obscure classic mecha anime/film dating back to the 60s.

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    Stella Artois AND Jägermeister? That couldn’t even have sounded like a good plan at any point.

  • pera

    it’s not about del toro, it’s about the producers,
    it’s not really “his” movie, in the sense that not all the decisions are his,
    at least not when that much money is at stake,
    i’m criticizing the “producers check list”
    please read post again if you need to and if you missed that the first time…

  • catnep

    I think it’s sponsored by AA but don’t quote me.

  • catnep

    Mike & Jay, I like robots with low self-esteem. I don’t like when they step all over the planet. And I like my seamonsters with a side of Legolas.

  • Pewpschute

    See this movie!!! If you haven’t, go, drop everything, lock the kids and dog in the car, windows up cause you can’t trust people anymore, just go, please for the love of god a movie that doesn’t suck (at all, it DOESN’T SUCK AT ALL) comes out and it’s doing shitty at the box office… people we have to support product that is not a turd sandwich or else we eat the same turd sandwich as the people responsible for Rhianna… in movies, Rhianna is in the fucking movies….

  • Guest

    Stella is brewed in Milwaukee?!!

    Seriously though, I think the reason why we could see the label is so that we know he’s drinking both Stella and Jager, a lethal combo.

  • CantBanThis

    Doesn’t suck at all? You thought that dialogue was good?

  • Alexander Dinamarca

    There was nothing outright wrong with the dialogue. The script certainly isn’t a modern classic (and it need not to be one) but the dialogue was serviceable.

  • Sully

    By your logic Evangelion itself is a ripoff of other animes, but that’s beside the point. Guillermo wasn’t stealing ideas, he was just making a movie that fit his interests. It’s like saying, “you can’t make a movie w/ space ships and alien worlds because that would be a ripoff of Star Wars.”

    And what do you mean Americans haven’t seen anime? Everyone I fucking know is an anime fan, and most have been fans since the 80s (some longer). My personal opinion on the subject?

  • Sully

    70% of why I buy movies is for the movie extras. I’ll even buy shitty movies on DVD/Blu ray just for their behind-the-scenes material. The movie may suck, but how the FX, Sets, and Sound Design were achieved are always interesting.

    Why do you think I bought the prequels? It sure as fuck wasn’t for the hijinks of Jar Jar Binks & Co.

  • TyUnderwood

    The masturbation scene seems to be a comment by the director on the more otaku fanbase that the show gained, and how they objectify and fetishize the female characters. Through Shinji he showed how dark and horrible that objectification is.
    as for the angst, it seems to be more about clinical depression than normal teenage behavior; which makes sense because the director was severely depressed and is channeling that through his work.

  • Chocolate Wasted

    Del Toro actually cut 1 hour worth of Character development and building scenes from the movie because he believed it would bore the kids in the audience and make the movie too long

  • Sully
  • Chief Joseph

    It was one of the only mecha TV show during the ’90s (and not a proper one at that) to make it to the US and thus if you’re a ’90s kid, that’s all you saw. Guillermo del Toro would not have grown up with that show anyways. The Spanish-speaking world got a lot more robot anime than the English speaking world during the 70s and 80s. Culturally significant mecha anime were Tetsujin #28, Mazinger Z (and the other robot anime by Go Nagai), and the Mobile Suit Gundam series. Also Superdimension Fortress Macross and my personal favorite Armored Trooper Votoms were also highly influential. I know it’s impossible to see every classic show, but you should sample the ones I mentioned. Hideaki Anno also made another mecha anime called Gunbuster before he made Evangelion, and it’s a thousand times better than Eva.

  • Anony

    My mostly spoiler-free take (feel free to disagree): From the perspective of a long-time anime/manga fan, this film was kind of, but not completely, lazy in terms of plotting. I realise that it tried to go for a semi-serious schlock feeling, but everything in it has been done to death and done better in those aforementioned media. It appears to be an introduction to the media clichés of another culture, namely Japan, for a mainstream American audience and the clichés as presented here are racially awful and stereotypical. There were a million plots they could have gone with that would have made it a better, more aware, more subversive film (Mike just mentioned one) instead of a blockbuster action flick (I’d love to see a Joss Whedon-type post-post modern take on this), but I guess that is really all it’s trying to be, so, uh, well done, I guess?

    This film belongs to a particular group, a group that takes old plot devices from niche genres and tries to base an entire film on it (instead of on a real theme). Here, the story vehicle becomes the story. This is done very, very often in television (think monster or MacGuffin of the week). It tries to do this in a homage-y kind of way by referencing its influences directly as an attempt at a popular geek culture shoutout (you know, the thing that has become popular in this last decade as the geeks of old began to grow up into adults), but that’s all it really does. You see, this is no Watchmen and it cannot be that, because it’s neither the first nor best deconstruction of the genre. It rarely questions the things it gained from deconstructing its source material and thus becomes a fanboy-like amalgam of features that skimps on storytelling basics and doesn’t really tell a meaningful story either way.

    You know what this film’s structure reminded me of in a weird way? The Hunger Games trilogy. It takes features from Battle Royale (yeah, I know that she supposedly hadn’t heard of it), sprinkles some Lord of the Flies and anime-like hero-against-all-odds storytelling on top of it and voilà. She is aware of it, though. The districts, which each have their own unique “power” if you will, represents a type of human categorising into specialities or features instead of recognising a wholistic person. It is purposely dividing the state of the human being up into smaller, segregated chunks to make it weaker. At the same time, all the cross-pollination present in the story (hybrids of things; the mockingjay, the Greco-Roman names etc.) underlines the existence of a copycat, wannabe culture trying vainly to stand on the shoulders of monolithic, mono-mythic giants–and that’s what Pacific Rim, to me, is. It is TVTropes storytelling, refined to a powder that can be inhaled at will. It’ll feel pretty good for a while, but afterwards, you’ll ask yourself if it was really, truly worth it. It is, in my humble opinion, our present western, internet-based, half-globalised culture in a nutshell: Take what you want, discard what you don’t.

    Well, sorry for getting all philosophical there for a moment. So anyway, go ahead, see it, but don’t forget to turn your brain off and put on the genre blindness goggles. If you’re an average joe first coming into contact with media of this genre subtype, also go see it–but with an awareness that it’s really only scratching the surface. To me, anyway, this film felt like del Toro got to watch some Neon Genesis Evangelion, some Gundam, some Fafner in the Azure, some Patlabor, some Giant Robo etc. and thought to himself: “Damn, this is great! Let me see if I can somehow replicate their success in the west”. Sadly, those shows deal with the genre in better and more meaningful ways than he appears to be willing to reflect back onto the big screen.

  • Chief Joseph

    The Russians served their purpose. Ultimately, they were there to A) Establish this is a multinational organization. You need to be able to look at them and go, “Oh, there’s Russians” B) be cannon-fodder to establish the strength of the monsters. The movie wasn’t about those characters.

  • George

    and exciting AT TIMES” (my CAPS) sums up most of what I feel about this
    movie. Despite the alleged audience being younger folk, or fans of
    smash ’em up robot B-movie stuff, that’s not what the film really passed
    itself of as. There were attempts at drama that fell totally flat
    because of the way certain lines were delivered (I’m looking at you,
    lead actor guy). It just felt unbalanced between, as one guy put it,
    “cornball” moments, and the more “serious” content. Honestly, I saw
    elements of interpersonal conflict within the teams that echoed movies
    like “Top Gun”, but that were done better by Tony Scott. It’s hard to
    share in the excitement of the film when it’s blatantly apparent that
    the actors don’t seem to be having a great time. Ron Perlman seemed to
    be reveling in it the most out of all of them, which is why I think his
    scenes are the best in the film. Too many little “psychological gaps” in
    character, direction etc., that kept pulling me out of just being
    thrilled by the movie. I don’t think I’m being cynical, or overly
    analytic either. I think Del Toro set out to make a simple movie, but
    the film got bogged down with many lackluster elements. The reviewers
    don’t convince me at all as to their enthusiasm. It feels like they’re
    holding back, giving us simple justifications. And to compare it to Star
    Wars in terms of the world-building is ridiculous. Only the scenes in
    Chinatown, when the JJ Abrams-inspired scientist character goes is
    testament to this fact.
    MAY feel something in your heart”, the critic delivers this about as
    convincingly as many of the lines by the lead actor. Also, “fatigue” from other movies like Transformers does not make sense when you consider Man of Steel, which followed the awful Superman Returns, and performed admirably well, ALSO in spite of the spate of superhero movies that have been coming out every few months. Sorry, not a valid argument there. I still think, these guys are trying to FIND things to like about the film rather than really critique it.

  • Chief Joseph

    If the Japanese girl had NOT been there, I would have been pissed. This movie was directly inspired by Japanese kaiju movies and robot anime. Including Rinko is paying due respect to the movie’s DNA. A lesser director would have just tossed in one token shot of Asian people running in fear. Seriously, I’m tired of that gag. The Lost World did it, Austin Powers 3 did it, I think Emmerich might have done it (I’ve blocked out Godzilla ’98 from memory), and many other movies.

  • bigstan

    “Placate to the knuckle draggers.” I love how when someone likes a movie it’s because the movie is somehow “smart.” Despite it being about giant robots fighting monsters.

  • MrTony

    I am surprised that they didn’t puke after the video, Jager shots mixed with beer is a bomb in the stomach

  • MrTony


  • MarcusFrost

    That’s too bad, I would have loved to see the footage that del Toro left on the cutting room floor integrated into the film. At the very least he’ll be including some deleted scenes with director commentary on the blu-ray release, which is better than nothing.

  • MrTony

    Evangelion is so dense, every single frame has so many things going on.

  • Percy Gryce

    It’s hard to drink your coffee when your giant robot-head working sets shake and can drop your actors 15 feet really rapidly to indicate the drop of the robots’ heads.

    You might spill some java in that case. You might not get to savor every sip of your morning joe.

  • JamesDrox

    I watched it, enjoyed the movie for what it was. A original dumb down action movie. Other than that it could have used some more plot for me.

  • Mark Bisone

    Holy shit! Just found out Ray Harryhausen died a couple of months ago. I had no idea he was still alive, which makes me somehow sadder to know he just now seven’ed-out.

    R.I.P. Ray. I bet those punks at the Academy will forget to put you in that insipid “In Memoriam” reel, just like they did Andy Griffith. But fuck ’em.

  • Magnus Ironfist

    I don’t seem to remember anyone bashing Inception because it was a rip off of Paprika, nor Black Swan for being a rip off of Perfect Blue.

  • John Strandwitz

    Ron Pearlman=America’s Caveman

  • John Strandwitz

    I was played a drinking game with Jager once. We took a shot every time someone said “cocksucker” on the HBO series Deadwood. After 2 shows I was completely shitfaced!

  • pass the fork

    Why don’t the cocksucking hollywood producers let the man make at Mountains of Madness?

  • Magnus Ironfist

    I also liked how Gipsy Danger has a Dieselpunk aesthetic. Even her logo resembles that of an American bomber from World War 2.

  • Magnus Ironfist

    I just had a nerdgasm.

  • Anus

    I enjoyed this Pacific Rim review more than I enjoyed Pacific Rim.

  • Naes

    Looks neat. Still not going to pay to see it. Maybe I’ll catch 15 minutes of it on basic cable sometime.

  • because such a risk with no good ending, love story and (GASP) possibly Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise form the 20s, is not well received by Hollywood big wigs..Look at Pacific Rim, it got beat up by that fart-shit-piss ‘joke’ of a movie Grown Ups 2, People may be too stupid for such a riveting tale. But seriously, apart from casting Tom Cruise, they should got 100% behind that project…or hell, just do The Dunwich Horror, no love story BS, but a good ending at the end…sorta.

  • lemonjello

    Name the movie “Robots Fisting Monsters” = 100 million dollar opening weekend.

  • MarcusFrost

    I highly recommend that anyone who enjoyed Pacific Rim check out the amazing art book “Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monsters.”

  • whip

    Point of your comment?

    Oh, none, just blogging us your personal opinion like anyone gives a shit.

  • Naes

    You cared enough to comment on my comment so I must be doing something correct.

  • whip

    LOL, whip-knighting is still not remotely clever.

    If anything I take it as a compliment. Thanks mate.

  • whip

    Should be obvious how little intelligence he holds by the fact he thinks that whip-knighting is a clever name or somehow insulting to me for the fact I dared call him out for a stupid post. Now he’s a butt hurt baby about it. And I LOVE IT!

  • CorbeauNoir

    Oh and apparently Del Toro nixed the possibility of a director’s cut.

  • CorbeauNoir

    But most of /tv/ liked Pacific Rim

  • whip

    I still wanna know what the fuck you put on a Hamburger that is blue. They show burgers in the commercial as part of the mneu, but I can’t see anything blue on it.

    Red and White I can see. But blue? I don’t want to eat any burger that has something blue on it.

  • bitch cassidy

    FISTO: The Monster Fisting Robot

  • decora

    Crimson Typhoon was Chinese.


  • bananna hammock

    Did you think all that blood in the grown ups 2 review was fake?

  • decora

    I hope Adam Sandler takes his profits and donates it to scientists who will cure anal cancer. But hey. Not saying you are wrong.

  • whip the hutt

    Your reverse whip-psychology does not work on me master whip-knight.

  • decora

    think about it this way. both films are about fighting against an alien invasion. its essentially the same alien motive with the same desire, to colonize the earth and wipe out its current inhabitants.
    the difference is how the defense is accomplished, and what has to be overcome to accomplish it. and also how &&**(**( loud the sound is in the theatre

  • decora

    i loved the russian and chinese bots, wish they had more time on screen. it was great to see the nations have to work together

  • whip the night away

    Yes,your down votes clearly indicate that.

  • decora

    of course, Star Wars was about a rebel force destroying the existing, sitting government.

  • decora

    “herp derp, this movie is just Transformers/Independence Day/Transformers fap fap fap Evangelion!”

    … this is what i say every morning at breakfast. my wife says im crazy. i tell her, no, im not crazy… no. not at all.

    transformers = pancakes

    ID = syrup

    transformers = fork

    fap fap fap = fap fap fap

    evangelion is what i say right before it gets to my mouth

  • decora

    agree. i dont hate man of steel, but at no point watching it was i like ‘holy fuck… this is star wars’.

    at several points, i was like that during pacific rim

  • uuuungh

    Patrick Ewing’s ivory brother from a different mother.

  • CB

    The Godzilla movies take place after Pacific Rim, during the second Kaiju War. Realizing they needed to step up their game and abandon the robots for something more organic, humanity combines Kaiju DNA with the power of the atom, creating the King of Monsters as their ultimate weapon. They would of course try the robot thing again in order to restrain the uncontrolable beast.

    By the way, these movies always show the people of Tokyo running in terror from whatever is destroying the city that week, but you’d think anyone still choosing to live in Neo-Tokyo CII or whatever they’re on would be some hard-core, don’t-give-a-fuck mofos.

  • decora

    would people shut the fuck up about whatever the fuck evangelion is? i dont fucking know and i dont fucking care. When i was a kid there was Robotech, but only certain people had the connections and/or money to get into it. We had a hint of it with Transformers Jet fighter, and that was it. now whatever the fuck evangelion is, its a fucking ripoff of Robotech, which was like a 40 series soap opera or some bullshit. i dont give a flying fuck. the next big robot thing was robot jox, and Battle Tech and a handful of bad PC games, and thats it.

    in the intervening twenty+ years there has come and gone batman, transformers, superman, starwars reboot, all kinds of other stuff,,, Akira, Miyazaki, etc etc. even alien got rebooted, fucking even lone ranger got rebooted, even pirates of the carribean, a fucking ride at disney land…. and then twilight and zombies and vampires and all this crap and firefly and farscape and and and.

    even awful horrible shit like pokemon, power rangers, cowboy bebop (oh that fucking name) and even fucking my little pony coming back into style. you know what nobody has ever given a fuck about? Evangelion. Why? probably because its obscure, awful shit. its for douchebags who will correct you on the proper definition of Yaoi. i dont give a fuck what it its called, just like a fucking “live sushi” lobster, i dont fucking want shit crawling around on my plate when im eating. just get it the fuck away from me.

    shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.

  • decora

    “If there was any justice in the world the live action adaptation of Evangelion”

    oh for fucks sake.

  • decora

    all the idiots on this board talking about evangelion makes me want to never, ever get within 20 feet of an old vhs copy of it. it sounds like some kind of mind altering chemical that turns you into a complete asshole

  • decora

    how about i compare NGE to, i dont know, the Gospel of Mark, because then you know… oh wait, NGE is actually literally translated as ‘gospel’. I already watched a pseudo Jesus base epic of violence, Man of Steel, this year, i dont think i can take it again

  • decora

    probably because lunatics write borderline illegal fan fic about it?

  • decora

    if you were a child of the 90s then you make yourself look like an ass. There was something called Robotech and BattleTech . .. . holy christ

  • decora

    a lot of the ‘kids films’ are better than the grown up films these days. prime example would be Wreck It Ralph… thats probably one of the greatest ‘what if video game characters were real’ film ever made, but its aimed at kids so alot of adults wont see it.

    so… i mean. yeah. Pacific Rim is, to me, a better movie than Man of Steel, even though it’s “aimed at kids”.

  • decora

    number one killers of americans.

    heart disease, diabetes, … both linked to excessive consumption of sugar. Thanks Denny’s!

  • decora

    im just thankful you didnt try to relate pancakes to Evangelion

  • decora

    i know. id want to see Cherno Alpha go up against Iron Sky

  • Sully

    You cared enough to comment on his comment so he must be doing something correct. It’s also amusing you’re personally offended that someone doesn’t give a shit about your opinion on a movie you didn’t give a shit about to begin with. Oh do you think anyone will want to hang out with you if you appoint yourself website douche bag? It would have been a net gain for the universe if you had been aborted in a back alley clinic and then your mother (whom I know for a fact was a cock juggling thunder cunt) could’ve died of a snatch infection.

    See what I did there? I said what you said, except redirected towards you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go deposit these cool points into my piggy bank.

  • decora

    dont think he meant talking head politics, i think he meant stuff like you might see in robocop, the road, mad max, bladerunner, etc. how do ordinary people live? even in star wars we get to see a vegetable juicer and blue milk.

  • decora

    I dont know, there is no audience cheering for anyone who gets eaten in this film. (a slight chuckle… but not a cheer) so id have to say thats a difference with Jurassic Park. Spielberg has a certain cruelty to him than Guillermo does not. And id say the character of Mako in particular was interesting to me… and the reveal about her was also actually, i dont know, it felt like an actual reveal.

    of course others may have different experience. but i am a fan of character films like the Exotic Marigold Hotel movie, zhang yimou stuff, etc etc. this was not a character film but i definitely didnt feel “nothing” about them like i might in, say, Olympus Has Statham or whatever.

  • decora

    i was about to defend prometheus for the millionth time,,,, the i fucking forgot the main ch….

    oh yeah. Elizabeth Shaw. look, i think a lot of peoples problems with that film is that they dont spend much time around scientists, some of whom are insane malfunctioning robots. and one of the characters was actually an insane malfunctioning robot.

    at the end, if you remember, the same actor is playing a character who has to sacrifice his life to save the planet.

    Idris Elba is owed a lot by the Earth.

  • My 2 Cents

    relax, don’t do it. when you want to go through it.

  • decora

    agree with you 100%. plus, its called pacific rim. germany, italy, hungary, etc, aint on the pacific.

    on the other hand, how fucking cool would it have been to have a japanese robot? a korean robot?

  • decora

    some of us find intelligence to be hot…

  • decora

    the fundamental problem here is when people expect a known, proven sociopathic psychotic personality, adolf hitler, to make decisions based on logic and reason. if he had been logical and reasonable there never would have been a war in the first place.

    if you want to make it broader, the human race isnt logical or rational. if it were, then the people in germany would have chosen to assassinate him instead of joining his army.

  • decora

    the only logical problem with a standing army is that exists in the first place. there was no reason to build all those battleships in the first place. world war I was the stupidest, most pointless war in the history of mankind, and only proved the point that a lot of radicals were saying at the time – that governments and aristocrats of the era were, in and of themselves, evil things that harmed the innocent, which is what the victims of that war were. innocents. the militaries of the world do stupid things because they are based on a stupid premise – that nations should somehow solve problems by murdering each others citizens by the hundred thousand. “oh but what about hitler, gotta have armies to stop hitler”. hitler was a product of wwi. if there had been no World War I, which was a totally pointless, unnecessary war, then there would have been no World War II.

  • decora

    zach snyder gets to keep making films after horrific bombs, why not Del Toro?

    i think stupid people just like to argue about whether something bombed. with Video on Demand now a major player in the market, most numbers about movies profitability are now probably just wrong. more wrong than they ever have been.

  • decora

    maybe Sandler is pulling a Scientology, and just buying tickets artificially? did you ever notice how nowdays, people go see a movie just because its made money? its like the profit of a movie has now become part of the marketing – and marketing is basically lies for a lot of stuff (hollywood), so why wouldnt they just lie about the numbers ? its just part of the scam.

  • decora

    nobody wants to see a movie about drone pilots. pretty simple.

  • jnorris441

    Oh no they destroyed Plinkett’s house, including the editing bay in the back that we never saw where he creates his video reviews!

  • decora

    yeah sorry no.

    human pilots are obsolete. it started with missiles and progresses from there. the first problem is g forces. humans cannot take more than about 9 gs of acceleration before they pass out and/or die. robots can withstand dozens of gs, meaning they can turn around faster, move faster, survive drops better, etc. the modern missile will essentially destroy anything in the sky, regardless of pilot skill. send four of them against one fighter, the fighter is gone. and they only cost a few grand a piece, while the fighter cost 30 million.

    as for reflexes the speed of communication between a drone pilot and the drone is something like one ten thousandth of a second. meanwhile, the speed of a neurochemical signal between your brain and your hands, for example, is something like a tenth of a second. there is no advantage to being ‘right there’ with the robot – the signal time to get there is minimal compare to the time for a signal to get from your eyeball to your brain.

    its the same problem star wars has. those ‘fighters’ make no sense – a computer system could blast every one of them out of the sky with missiles and guided laser bolts. its like saying that a man could survive a run across a WWI trench with machine gun fire raining down on him. or better, like saying that humans can beat computers at computer FPS games. or like saying humans can beat computers at chess.

    we are at a ‘battleship moment’ with human piloted mechanized weapons. battleships were really ‘cool’ and people loved them, but as weapons they made no sense – and in WWII they made very little difference to the outcome of the war as a whole.

  • Ryan Gilbert

    Rating hotness by how well an actor can play at being smart is so insightful. Masterpiece Theater must be like porn for you.

  • decora

    no, the input lag is minimal. distance = rate by time. in this case, rate = speed of light. unless they are on the other side of the planet on AOL dialup, there isnt going to be any meaningful lag of control signal. especially when piloting a massive 500 foot robot that has to have a nuclear engine just to move a single joint.

  • decora

    which is why submarines dont have any contact with the outside world….. oh wait, they do.

  • decora

    they arnet connected to the robots thru the internet.

  • decora

    Thats right, your honor, this man has no dick.

  • rikkibarnes

    Maybe if I had a dick rather than a vagina, then that joke would work.

  • Naes

    Hmm… how should I respond? Oh yes. Trayvon Martin had it coming.

  • Q.Q


  • Q.Q

  • Q.Q


  • Q.Q


  • thegorn

    Now, Plinkett will really be operating a cemetery without a license.

  • thegorn

    Damn robot should fist Warner Bros for not promoting the movie.

  • pass the fork

    ..er-hm..it was a rhetorical question but yes…you are right…and I would not even mind Tom Cruise..whatever he gets up to in real life movies with him starring are enjoyable…

  • Sully

    Look at you, keeping up with current events! And you’re so opinionated; each one worth less than the last!

    That’s condescension, btw.
    [You know, when you talk down to people]

  • decora

    i dunno what you saw, but i saw kaiju blood being spit on a building and instantly melting it. not to mention that they killed, was it chernoy alpha? with the kaiju blood splatter all over its torso.

  • decora

    uhm Idris Elba and the Aussie Jerk both died in their teamwork with Gipsy Danger?

  • decora

    its like Tim Curry said in the end of Legend. without Grownups 2, there is no Half In The Bag review of Grownups 2.

  • Dick75

    The movie was simple not dumb. But I suppose knuckle draggers is a mean and ultimately incorrect way to put it. I just like to say it. People like what they like so I apologize, I shouldn’t be such a knuckle dragger about it. But I hate when they make movies like other movies just to drag in the masses. I’ve always maintained that originality while risky and often unrewarding should be supported in the hopes of leading to genuine gems. And I understand that a movie needs to make money so I don’t hate on remakes and reboots and sequels because by all means you should support your trend but someone has to set the trends damn it. I’m not sure if I made any sense there so to summarize, knuckle draggers was mean sorry and I think we should support this movie it was original.

  • decora

    at first i thought you said ‘matador furry’.

  • decora

    uhm, it didnt fail? why the fuck do people say that? jesus id hate to see you people as parents. “what the fuck is, this an 8 pound human that cant do algebra. throw it in the wood chipper”

  • decora

    stop upvoting each others comments. IT DIDNT FUCKING FAIL.

  • decora

    yeah. its almost like watching Flower Drum Song

  • decora

    fuck you, fuck your parents, fuck all your progeny, and fuck your little dog.

  • decora

    i would LOVE to see pretentious, idiotic anime fans put in a blender on a japanese game show.

  • Austin

    19:40 Can I take a shot for every time they say Yager 2 times?

  • decora

    pacific rim is doing fine. its not a failure. shhtop shhaying that.

  • decora

    oh horse shit. shoot a dozen MOABS into it, a few cruise missiles, it would be dead. have you ever seen the firebombing of tokyo or dresden videos? the modern air forces can do all of that, remotely, a thousand times over, in a single day.

    remember please that flare guns took out a single eye of one of the things. well, modern smart missiles can do that too with about as much explosive power as a small nuke.

  • decora

    the movie may have done a good job of suspending the viewers disbelief, and it may be a wonderful, fun, entertaining, awesome film, . . .. but that doesnt make it a pile of illogical horse shit. sort of like star wars – you dont need WWII dogfights in space, it makes no logical sense. its like people in 1895 imagining that the future would have massive battleships that were floating with hot air balloons and manned by 10000 people. now introduce a simple technological innovation like the single wing metal fighter airplane (1930s) and the whole thing falls apart.

  • decora

    if we stick to the logic of the film, then the creatures evolve constantly so you dont want to pull out a new weapon unless you have to, because they will evolve to defend against it. sorta like how many weeds are now able to survive Roundup. just sayin. yes i think the movie is silly, and wonderful at the same time, but the sword thing bothers me less than the premise in the first place. (Why did they need to ‘drop’ the head onto the bot??? thats a bizarre design)

  • decora

    its not obscure if you are

    1. not a fucking moron
    2. know what google is
    3. have ever asked yourself a question that did not involve stuffing your fat fucking face with more food, jerking off, playing a video game, and asking your parents for more money.

    its not that you are ignorant, its that you are fucking proud of it, and have a bizarre attitude that there is something wrong with people who know basic facts about the fucking planet they live on

  • decora

    its almost like Mike and Jay need money to buy food, clothing, shelter, and supplies.

  • decora

    have you re-watched star-wars lately? its actually kind of … not as cool as i remember. Empire is genius. Jedi? I remember being 12 years old and understanding that “one of these things is not like the other”.

    pacific rim might not be the ‘next star wars’, but its got some of the same cool shit going on. . . . fuck me, depending on the sequels, it might be better than star wars.

    imagine if there was no Empire and no Jedi. Just star wars, then episodes 1 and 2. and no cool toys. no books. no nothing. no cons.

    see what i mean?

  • Sully

  • decora

    you guys realize of course that without lucas this film wouldnt exist? i mean, for fucks sake ILM worked on the FX.

  • decora

    i am with you …. but its like Idris Elba said. they dont need people like us. they believe in giant robots, and you gotta believe in your dreams, because if you dont, what else do you have?

  • decora

    ILM worked on the film.

  • decora

    perfect description of Elba in Ghostrider. so much of that movie was weird/bad, but he came on screen i was like ..oooh.. this aint so bad..

  • decora

    its Schwarma you illiterate brute. Falafel is a fried mixture of mashed Chickpeas, sometimes fava beans …. schwarma is a meat mixture.

  • decora

    cant wait for the prequel either. cherno alpha!

  • decora

    yeah that, or, maybe, you know, a lot of anime is just fucked up eight ways to sunday and is made by and for people who write a lot of fan fiction and scream at you about the definition of ephebophile …. i just want nothing to do with these assholes and their self obsessed pseudo intellectual bullshit.

  • decora

    we are all trayvon martin. i wear a hoodie to work. in solidarity.

  • Q.Q


  • CB

    Except for copyright purposes, it’s not!

  • CB

    “suck up to foreign markets – chinese, japanese, russians, australians.. (and minorities – gypsies?)”

    You don’t suck up to a minority group by naming your hardware after them. Not disagreeing, just pointing that out.

  • Sully


  • Memoman

    Actually I haven’t seen them in quite a while, but the scenes and themes in Star Wars still resonate with me to this day. Of course I was a little kid, so I was much more impressionable. At the same time being a kid frees you from the cynicism and sarcasm that permeates your adult (and Hollywood-jaded) movie going experience. For example, when you start to predict the formulaic movie you’re watching, or when you start to wonder about the motivations of the creators behind a particular scene or line of dialogue. You don’t do that when you are a child, you’re just deep into the movie and its world.

    And that childlike glee came over me while watching Pacific Rim. I was at the edge of my seat, and I was invested and rooting for mankind and the brave guys giving it all in a such a noble and heroic manner. But also, as an adult, I got to relish in feeling hopeful and inspirited thinking about Guillermo Del Toro and his frankness, his noble ideals for a hero and the forthright way he dealt with such themes. How he made every scene in his movie with such heart. It’s been such a long while that I respected, admired a film and filmmaker in a moral level for both the final product and the execution of it. Specially considering the context of it being inscribed in the most cynical, cold-blooded, calculated age in mankind’s history. He masterfully pulled it off. And I get sad that in general, people are too worn out to appreciate it. Beaten down and unable to see this film for the monument to passion and honest dedication it really is.

    What I know for certain tonight, is that I’m going again tomorrow to see this film, and I’m coming along with a new batch of friends. The kind of friends I know can let go of all weary cynicism, egocentric pretentiousness and insecure arrogance, and just enjoy this earnest and genuine film. I’ll just spread the word, because this movie really deserves better, but some of us also need and deserve this soothing balm.

  • lemonjello

    Yes! It warmed the cockles of my cock, as well.

  • Justsomeguy

    Mr. Plinket shot-glasses shoved into our faces. Subliminal advertising won’t work in me you hack frauds!

  • Cameron Vale

    I know this terribly, terribly well.

  • Joe

    There is no such thing as an unnecessary close up of Ron Pearlman’s face.

  • Connor

    Mike seems really tired and/or apathetic in this video.

  • whip

    Wow, what a ruckus I caused lol. Sigh…

    Naes, I’ll apologize for what I said. I was out of line.

  • Pharos

    It’s called being drunk.


    You’re joking, right? That’s funny as a parody.

    There would be a kickback problem and an aiming problem and probably a power source problem if they were to carry the cannon, and also it was repeatedly shown not to be quite enough to kill one.

    The sword idea is just stupid.


    nigga you stupid

  • thanks. i thought it would rather get me some hate so that makes me pretty glad to hear that.

  • LynxAmali

    Wasn’t referring to that kind of input lag actually. I was referring to the time it takes them to input actions because they aren’t there. They’d have someone relay info to them which could take longer than if they were directly there.

  • kingofmadcows

    I definitely agree with the lack of pay off for some of the characters, especially with Mako. They make a big deal about how kickass she is but then when she becomes a pilot, she doesn’t really do anything special. Raleigh was the one calling all the shots and talking about how to fight the Kaijus. There should have been a scene where Raleigh and Stacker are discussing some strategy about how to fight a Kaiju and Mako just goes, “I got this,” and does something really awesome.

    I was also disappointed in how quickly the Russian and Chinese Jaegers went down. It would have been nice to see the other Jaegers do some damage before they get destroyed and the heroes have to save the day.

  • Wethewax

    Could everyone please stop comparing this movie to Top Gun as though it’s a good thing!
    Having your movie compared to Top Gun is a valid reason for suicide.

  • williamsn411

    I thought “Pacific Rim” was really good. Yes, the script wasn’t the greatest. Yes, it didn’t have real deep character development. But, for a summer popcorn flick it was awesome. I think that maybe the reason why it hasn’t done that well at the box office is because there aren’t a lot of big hollywood actors in the movie.

  • williamsn411

    Have anime fans always been so f**king annoying?

  • Yes, though – and this is going to sound crazy – it IS possible to enjoy some anime without committing your entire life to it and alienating/judging others around you and wearing cat ears and never having sex with anything that is not a pillow…. Rare, but possible.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Akroyd, we got your threequel plot right here.

  • SeekerLancer

    I’m mainly talking about the opening weekend here. I have no doubt it’ll eventually make money.

  • Adrian

    BEST OF THE WORST, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Weird internet question but do you have any recommendations for someone that thinks they could enjoy anime but get turned off by the fanboys?

  • kenchun24

    That and your average movie goer only flock to family fare and “brand awareness” sequels like flies. But some trade publications have been negative on PR from the get go. Variety is one of them. Plus it’s funny seeing articles where the headline is “PR gets pummeled by Grown Ups 2” when in reality it was close between all three (Despicable Me 2) on opening weekend in the U.S…but none mention how well PR did internationally especially in comparison to GU2 and it hasn’t even opened up in all international markets yet.

    Plus,the fact that Legendary is done with WB and is now with Universal errs on the side that CEO Thomas Tull was not happy with the WB’s marketing (or lack thereof) and release date when it came to PR. Especially since MOS was strongly marketed by WB – Nikon,IHOP,Sears,U.S, Military.

  • Anonymoose

    Try Black Lagoon, Big O, Planetes, Perfect Blue, Jin-Roh, Paranoia Agent, Monster, Kino’s Journey or Baccano.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I know fuck all about anime, really, but Akira is a good one. Good film.

  • Mark Bisone

    I hear they worked on Jack Frost, Wild Wild West, Deep Impact and Mission to Mars, too. It’s almost as if Industrial Light & Magic works on a shit-ton of Hollywood special effects these days, and that their signature on a project doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with George Lucas anymore.

  • Thom Denick

    Yes, that’s where the movie turned for me. I thought the pacing and build up was excellent. The Russian and Chinese teams didn’t even get a hit in, and it lost me from there. All of the suspense was gone because there’s only one team left. That means in every single battle sequence, we know our hero has to win or the movie is over. No tension.

    The other thing that really pissed me off is that the Cat 6 Kaiju looked exactly like the Cat 4s. I was expecting some Cthulu shit that would blow my mind. Another unmemorable Kaiju.

    Charlie Day carried the movie, without his arc, I would have tuned out much earlier.

  • GirIAfraid

    Is Mike… wearing pyjama bottoms?

  • Drunk Scotsman

    Mike is drinking the wife beater……Stella rules

  • Meester Smeeth

    I’m drinking Stella right now. I don’t even have a wife. PARADOX!

  • Mark Bisone

    Yeah. And neither would:
    Mars Attacks!
    Baby’s Day Out
    Deep Blue Sea
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fucking Fallen

    Thank you George Lucas… whoops, I mean Douglas Trumball, John Dykstra and Ken Ralston… for producing special effects on nearly every Hollywood studio picture for the past 30 years, no matter how wonderful or shitty the project.

  • Meester Smeeth

    … Jay?…

  • Äääh…

    Ya… that was my point… because everybody here loves to use the many quotes from the Star Wars behind-the-scenes DVD…

  • MC Whitey Creamy

    Ey Yo he just make that up ya’ll that shit has nothin’ to do with your original comment you punk ass snitch.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I read somewhere Del Toro discarded it because, apparently, A.T.M.O.M. was too similar a concept to Prometheus or something… which it isn’t, really. At all.

    Yet more proof that fucking Prometheus fucking spoils fucking everything, ever.

  • Adolf Goldstein

    Just when I thought I was cured from Antisemitism… Adam Sandler

    pull me back in.

  • kenchun24

    Haha! Yeah they are pretty neat.

  • temp

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

  • Smart Consumer

    My Adam Sandler action figure is getting a little runny.

    I think I also contracted a fatal disease from it…


  • Name

    Adam’s Assholes?

  • CorbeauNoir

    They were definitely cheering when Hannibal cuts himself out in the credits, though

  • Gorrister

    One does not exclude the other

  • CorbeauNoir

    That was pretty clearly acid being produced in a gland in its throat, and it was a weapon pretty clearly specific to that Kaiju. Intentionally shooting out geysers of its own blood as a weapon would be a pretty dumb weapon.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Typhoon and Cherno were ultimately there to demonstrate that the kaiju were adapting to stale techniques They both spent years fighting procedurally-difficult kaiju relying on the same strategies until Kaiju were sent up that were crafted specifically to counter them. Hence why Gipsy is able to take out both, and hence why in the next wave the very first thing they try to do is take out his swords.

    And for the record Cherno was beating the shit out of that one kaiju until Leatherback cheapshotted it from behind.

  • Adam Sandler

    Drink Coke. And Budweiser. Eat Subway. And my dick. Whatever, fuck you.

  • Bill

    If you’re looking for movies, check out anything by Miyazaki. If you’re looking for Giant Robots, Gundam is a must. G Gundam is probably the Gundam series that is most like Pacific Rim. I am exactly the type of person you and Faddlechud are describing, so I hope this is good advice.

  • Sure, why not. Here is every anime I can think of that doesn’t piss me off and is actually defend-ably watchable and fun and does not require you to be, you know, “cultural” about the experience… especially the last 3, because those are ones where they just threw out the original Japanese scripts and wrote whatever top of it. If you’re an RLM fan, you’ve probably got a similar sense of humor as me, so you’ll probably like most of these. (in no particular order). Enjoy.

    -Cowboy Bebop (dub)
    Fucking work of art, the music alone is worth the watch.

    -Outlaw Star (either)
    Fun stupid space adventure… kinda harem-y, but forgivable.

    -FLCL (either)
    Kinda like being on acid.

    -Dead Leaves (either)
    Feature length movie about escaping from a prion on the goddamn moon. Fucking insanity, made by the same people as FLCL.

    -Gurren Lagann (sub)
    The greatest giant robot story ever told, also made by the FLCL people.

    -Samurai Champloo (either)
    If you’re in the mood for samurais and beatboxing.

    -Rosario + Vampire (sub)
    This is more of a sarcastic enjoyment recommendation… with the right kind of eyes, it’s fucking hysterical.

    -Shin Chan (dub)
    It’s like a fine wine of poop humor.

    -Desert Punk (dub)
    Guns and tits and sand.

    -Cromartie High School (dub)
    For tough guys only. You’re probably not manly enough to watch this.

  • Sadam Andler

    You forgot to eat delicious Oreos while purchasing a blu-ray copy of Jack and Jill on your Sony laptop, while on a cruise ship to the fiery pits of hell.

  • Sully

    ohhhh… that’s not nice.

  • Sully

    The quotes are from the prequels sure, but Plinkett made them funny…er.

  • Ass

    Me and my brother watch Toonami and make fun of the contrived storylines and retarded protagonists. It is our thing that we do together. Anime can bring people together, you see. It is fun for the whole family.

    Although we kind of like One Piece for some reason. I don’t know why.

  • whip

    If these guys never give a proper lambasting of Prometheus I’ll be very disappointed. I gave them a pass for their initial review. It was clear that there was some bias going on. Some desire for the movie to be good, and to not second guess the “genius” of Ridley Scott.

    But there has been ample time since then for rationality to awaken and real, fair analysis.

    Plinkett needs to destroy that movie. It deserves it. I’m sorry Jay, but giving Ridley Scott the benefit of the doubt here was a mistake. I hope you realize that. Mostly due to the fact that they took a decent original script, and let Lindeloff the hack loose on it, and he ruined all of it. Shit made sense in the original version. It was supposed to be eggs, not vats of magic goo. Dr.Shaw was to have a traditional xenomorph in her, cut free with the surgery machine. Not a monstrosity created by an unfathomable and unpredictable series of events and cross contamination and impossible evolution and shit.

    Lindeloff is a hack. Seriously.

  • Peach

    This is how you know your life is a failure, you go into a comment board to tell everyone your opinion, as if anyone cares, and then get mentally unstable when you’re told the truth. Pathetic scum.

  • Peach

    try harder to get attention pls, your life will have meaning if you do that

  • Percy Gryce

    I know I’m being a greedy bastard, but are we going to get WOTW this weekend? I’m really Jonesing for some Wheel action. I got up this morning hoping that it would be waiting on my little Internet box.

    I wonder, will RLM ever consider a schedule for their shows? Something like HITB on Tuesdays, BOTW/WOTW on Fridays, animated Plinketts on Leap Days, and Plinkett reviews on major Christian holidays, you know, that kind of thing.

  • williamsn411

    I’ve never had jagermeister. Is it any good?

  • BotanyBuff

    Mmmmmm….. falafel.

  • PCZero

    It’s thick, sweet and nasty as fuck if you ain’t mixing it with something. Scotch plz.

  • CorbeauNoir

    it’s great but you have to drink it really, really, really cold. Like, keep a bottle of it in the freezer. Anything warmer than that and it tastes like licorice cough syrup.

  • fuckstick

    I thought Blue Sub Six was good, and Samurai Champloo is fucking amazing.

  • Advancedcaveman

    As far as I’m concerned the answer is yes. I’ve literally been screamed (as in really shouting and getting angry) at by japanophiles on multiple occasions for voicing things that I dislike about anime.

    There was an anime fan in an animation class I took who did nothing but sit around drawing anime people. She put in no effort to really do any work. Then I taught an animation class with an alarmingly similar student; she just sat around drawing anime people. Nothing I tried seemed to get her to pick up on anything and she never turned in a single assignment. It was annoying to say the least.

  • Obviously FakeAlias

    You can’t appreciate something that’s like the thing you like unless it calls itself by the same name and goes through the same motions?

  • Belisario

    Yea I think they should actually review the next Adam Sandler movie in best of the worst

  • TOP GUN is a good movie though. You can dislike it if you wanna, but I’m pretty sure most people kinda like it.

  • Ihateanimefans

    Basically, Samurai Champloo is the most American anime I’ve seen in terms of giving a shit about subtle characterization and not really being annoying, Cowboy Beebop is similar but personally I don’t really give a fuck about the characters so it kinda turned into a waiting game where I’d watch bored out of my mind waitning for awesome things to happen (thankfully lots of awesome things do happen) FLCL is fucking retarded as is Gurren Laggen, but they’re also completely ridiculous so if that floats your boat go for it just don’t expect a ton of subtle characterization, personally I’m a big fan of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D and most anime fans seem to hate those so go nuts, the first season of Big-O is also great, second season goes headlong into anime mindfuck mode so avoid it if you enjoy the nuanced pacing of the first season, Blue Sub Six also has some great ideas and is less about ridiculous anime bullshit than it’s about humanity’s propensity for violence, be aware that there’s a subset of furry fans who dig the mutant monsters in the show though, another thing to look out for would be anything based on the works of Osamu Tezuka, most of your standard anime fans don’t give a fuck about him even though he’s basically the godfather of modern anime, his most popular works were Astro Boy and Black Jack, both series are simple, straightforward, fun, and filled with some interesting characterizations

  • Istillhateanimefans

    I also forgot Afro Samurai, which manages to have it’s cake and eat it too with some seriously deep story elements dealing with the nature of revenge as well as being chock full of ridiculous action and characters

  • CorbeauNoir

    Mike is the hero humanity deserves

  • whoyagonnacarr

    For shame Riki, he was quoting one of the best lines of Ghostbusters. I miss classic Bill Murray; the man had some good delivery!

  • CorbeauNoir

    Mike is the hero humanity deserves.

  • Marvin Falz

    Mike is double hero.

  • Marvin Falz

    That is the most brilliant insight ever!

  • Marvin Falz

    I find the ‘whenever we feel like / whenever we have time’ approach to be more suspenseful. It’s like waiting for presents every day without knowing when exactly you’re going to receive them.

  • *sigh*

    Somehow I figured you guys would like Pacific Rim… You actually touched on pretty well all the same stuff I noticed when I saw it, but you were far, FAR more apologetic towards it than I was. I wish you made even half as many excuses for The Lone Ranger and Man of Steel as you did for this.

    Pacific Rim was a pretty average, predictable, banal, big dumb action that people somehow think is smarter or better than a Die Hard or a Fast and Furious or a Battleship or a Transformers because it’s a live-action anime/big-budget super sentai by Guillermo del Toro. As this and the Marvel Cinematic Universe show, all it takes is a little geek-cred to sell yet another banal action movie.

    It had some pretty okay, vertigo-inducing action scenes dragged down by uncharismatic, cliche-spouting characters that there is no point caring about who make only make choices on the basis of whether or not the script needs them to. It’s got the Mars Attacks problem that the only reason we’re watching it is for the fight scenes, but they insist on putting worthless talking heads on the screen. About half-way through I realized that this actually would have been better if it was a straight up anime series with enough time actually develop characters. Not good enough to be good, nor bad enough to be good. It’s not even bad enough to be bad. It is just another action movie that happens to exist.

    I liked Lone Ranger and Man of Steel FAR more than this. Between them they had more interesting visual and narrative styles, more charismatic characters, more interesting themes and subtexts, and better writing. Why they got crucified and Pacific Rim gets a fellating is absolutely beyond me… Fuck interesting, ambitious action-adventures, we want big robots smash things! Given these videos over the past couple months, I’m not even sure I can trust your guys’ reviews anymore; our respective tastes seem to be totally out of step.

  • CorbeauNoir

    so leave?

    I’m not sure how anything about MoS could be described as ‘ambitious’ by any stretch of the imagination, either.

  • Nice pick-up on the implicit meaning of my last line, champ. Talk to your mom about getting a gold star.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Ah yes, the biting verbal sting that can only come from a fedora-wearing 15-year-old from Reddit.

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    I was more referring to the quality of the beverages. They should be able to handle a couple of Meisters and beers by now, after the shit they have watched over the years.

  • Wethewax

    Top Gun is a macho cliche so huge, that it ends up looking homo-erotic. Most people kinda agree with that.

    It has a plot which you could write on a grain of rice, and it has some really awkward stilted acting (Kelly McGillis trying to look straight, Tom Cruise trying not to look like a weirdo, etc). Most people kinda agree with that too.

    Btw, just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s universally popular, in the same way that me disliking it doesn’t make it universally unpopular.
    But it should be noted that 95% of the time Top Gun gets mentioned ironically, IE: it has all it’s worst points brought up for the purposes of ridicule, and that usually boils down to pointing out it’s unintentional homo-eroticism.

  • kenchun24


  • Meester Smeeth

    Give the guy a break. I’m not sticking up for his writing or anything but he’s taken more than enough flack for Prometheus. Scott hasn’t taken a fraction of the shit for it that Lindelof has, and it is Scott’s film. At least Lindelof seems like he genuinely cares about what he’s doing, even if he is a bit shit at it. I don’t think Scott cares at all, not now, anyway. All he seems to care about is besting Kubrick and 2001, it’s almost like he’s jealous. Imagine that, the man who made Blade Runner, a film that ranks alongside 2001 as one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, jealous of Kubrick! Oh, he’s also made it clear that he cares deeply about pleasing his studio, getting bums on seats etc. Bollocks. What a waste.

  • Marvin Falz

    It’s some sort of secret signal to his drunk Freemason friends. It means: WE WANT THE WORLD AND WE WANT IT NOW! Stella is just a front. In the back Adam Sandler is planning a new coup to dumb down America and the rest of the world. In reality Mike, Jay, Rich, in fact all of the RLM gang and Adam Sandler and Hollywood are in this together. I’m going now to stand in the corner. I’ll put on my tinfoil donkey’s ears and stare at the wall.

  • Glabrex

    Pacific Mike

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Before you guys start bullying each other, can we all at least agree that Team Noloyer’s Man of Steel 2: Superman / Batman movie will suck? Thanks to Mopey Man of Steel: Breaking Necks for Hope, there’s no contrast between these two characters.
    “Oh, so you’re Superman?”
    “Yeah. Batman, is it?”
    “Uh-huh. What’s with the big S?”
    “It means hope?”
    “Why so serious then?”
    “I dunno. I’mma brooder. You know, like you.”
    “Oh. OK. Wanna quit this and go have a beer?”
    “Me neither.”

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Or, because there isn’t a market for Transformers v. Godzilla.
    I’mma gonna go with that.

  • cobrazombie

    That’s a problem. People has got used to average scripts. Settling for what’s on offer rather than demanding better writing.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Your “average movie goer only “flock to family fare” and “brand awareness.” Except for the geeks, you know, who are so smart and original and full of creativity they flock to, um, you know, their geek shit.

    Somebody needs their head stuffed in a toilet, again.

    “It did really well internationally.”

    That’s your go-to now?

    Reel ‘Mericans hate furreneers.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    I’m pretty sure you don’t speak for most people.
    Some, maybe even lots. Never most.
    There are billions and billions of people in the world. Most of them have never even seen TOP GUN.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    All macho clichés are disguised homo-eroticism. That’s a given.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Yes. But they’re nowhere near as annoying as Marvel Comics fanboys who are nowhere near as annoying as New England Patriot fanboys.
    All is relative.

  • LoL, if you say so. Thanks for the consistent insight. Your command of human psychology is profound.

  • Actually I think it will suck, but reasons entirely other than the unfounded assertion that because Snyder uses a darker colour palate and made Superman kind of an actual character, he’s all dark and brooding like Batman. It’s more a contrast of my hopes against reality: what I was hoping for was a really involved study of the dynamics of power between Superman and Lex Luthor, in much the same way that Dark Knight was an involved study of the dynamics of justice between Batman and the Joker. Instead it’s just going to be a banal movie about Batman and Superman punching at each other so that DC can later make a movie about the whole Justice League punching Darkseid.

    Hey though, for you guys who like brainless action movies like Pacific Rim and The Avengers, Superman/Batman will be fuckin’ awesome bro!

  • kzap333

    There was talk of Idris Elba being the next Bond a while ago but apparently he’s not interested and will be too old by the time Craig’s time is up.
    I think he should be the next Doctor in Doctor Who, but he’s probably too big now to commit to several seasons. Maybe he can just do it for a one off season like Christopher Eccleston.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with a little homo-eroticism… is this why you think someone would want to commit suicide if their film is compared to TOP GUN? Seems a little harsh.

    I also find it interesting that in your first post you asked “everyone” to stop comparing the movie as if it was a good thing, and in your second post you seem to indicate the opposite. I’m not sure about your statistics, though… perhaps you’ve done some groundbreaking TOP GUN research? Hopefully to be presented soon in book form with illustrations, and titled “Why Does Everybody Like this Gay Movie?”

  • Oh man, two dudes! That’s borderline gay! I better pretend to think it’s dumb so nobody assumes I’m gay for liking it!

  • Joel Kirk

    I don’t recall him saying he didn’t want it, I think he said he wouldn’t campaign for it. He doesn’t want his color to be the aspect people focus on, he wanted his acting ability to be focus.

  • unsubscribe

    Misquoting the line, actually. The real line is: “Yes it’s true. This man has no dick.” A Murray classic for sure.


  • Sully

    “…all it takes is a little geek-cred to sell yet another banal action movie.”

    Man of Steel was brainless and directed/produced by comic book “geek” aficionados. Your argument is invalid.

  • kenchun24

    Pacific Rim was not your flavor,that’s cool…no generalized blanket statements necessary. I think people dig it because it was a throwback of simple fun with some wonder & awe IMO,and as opposed to most blockbuster fare it charmingly accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.Plus sometimes…

    “Its not what a movie is about,it’s how it is about it.”

    …And since you have been watching Mike & Jay’s reviews the past few months you could tell their plight for enjoyment at the movies was reaching it’s breaking point with all of the “well themed narratives” and “scripts full of subtext” coming out of the pipeline have still been ultimately being disappointing.

    Simple does not always mean brainless and “deep or interesting” does not always mean good or enjoyable. And yes,I enjoyed my time at the movies far more with PacRim over Man Of Steel (which I liked pieces of,saw it twice) or Lone Ranger and every other blockbuster fare so far this summer. If your movie is ambitious,yet bloated and overwrought that is just as bad IMO as having a movie with less ambition and familiar tropes galore but does a pretty good job with its presentation regardless. For me,I was grinning from ear to ear while joining in with an audience full of laughs,cheers or applause during Pacific Rim. I had a great time at the movies.

  • Asinus

    I was waiting for Main Guy to call Australian Guy “Iceman.” That tension was so contrived and obviously derived from other sources that it was funny. I laughed at it. I’d have been more annoyed if they had shoehorned in crappy conflict between the two, honestly.

    Even that sort of stuff, which was the weakest point, it didn’t make me cringe and I didn’t hate it. It was loads of fun and it was kind of fun to figure out which parts were derivative of (or, more probably, homages to) what other pieces of pop culture.

    This was probably the most pure, unadulterated fun I’ve had at a movie in a long, long time. Most other “fun” movies have so much crap that I just have to wince or hold my nose through, but the lows were never that low, and the highs were just totally fun.

    I LOVED the out-of-nowhere contrivances (e.g. the “SWORD” button. THat killed me. It was so aware of its anime roots).

  • Asinus

    Smokestacks? There aren’t factories here any more.

  • Percy Gryce

    I salute you Marvin for making a virtue out of a necessity.

    And I get that they probably throw the things online as fast as they can film and edit them. And I’m grateful for the larfs.

    But I wonder if they can’t build a bigger following with some measure of regularity. It seems to be working for the Epic Rap Battles guys and for Felicia and her Geek & Sundry crew.

  • Percy Gryce

    And I just found an animated Plinkett on Youtube from July 12 that wasn’t posted here.

    What gives?

    I know animated Plinkett is in some disfavor here, but I like it. It extends the whole Plinkett thing in a surreal direction that only animation can do, sort of like Terry Gilliam’s work for Monty Python.

  • Sully

    You’re not suppost to open it. It loses its value if it’s opened.

  • kenchun24

    To each their own. But yeah I do think the average movie goers decisions are affected by tried & true marketing tactics and brand familiarity. Sure I’m going to root for a movie or a director that I would to see be successful. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Whether it’s Guillermo or an American director. I liked Snyder’s Dawn Of The Dead and Watchmen. So after seeing the really well done (and well marketed trailers) for MOS I was excited and wanted him to knock it out of the park as a movie alone,the box office was gonna be big regardless,it’s Superman with Nolan’s name attached to it. But the end result was not as good as I hoped it would be. As for your “Reel Murricans hate furreners” comment that’s your view of things not mine,as I didn’t state that anywhere in my post.

  • thatguy


  • dickgoblin25

    You could also check out Zoids, New Century for newcomers and Chaotic Century for those who feel the need for a deeper plot

  • CorbeauNoir

    His secret weapon is quietly wheeling around the Kaiju occasionally banging his fist on a table.

  • HeftyJo

    It’s best to drink on a night when you don’t have to go to work the next day. Especially if its a night of drinking and an hour before close someone says, “Fuck lets get a couple of rounds of jager before last call.”

  • HeftyJo

    FISTO Vs. Fuckbot 5000

  • You’re the first person I’ve heard accuse Man of Steel of being brainless. Everyone else complains that it wasn’t “fun” or childish enough, and that it had an unreasonable expectation that people actually pay attention to understand what was going on. Did you actually see the movie?

    In fact, I’m developing a pretty good rating system for how seriously I should take someone’s opinion on movies based on how stupid their complaints about Man of Steel and Lone Ranger are. Saying that either film was dumb, or that Lone Ranger made no sense or Man of Steel was just trying to be Batman is an automatic “I have no fucks to give.”

  • HeftyJo

    I had a great time with “Pacific Rim”. Of course I grew up watching Godzilla, playing with transformers, and really liked Hellboy so this was right up my alley. I didn’t go into it expecting a fantastic plot or anything. Just wanted to see robots punch monsters and that’s what we got. When they used the rocket elbow and landed that big punch I reflexively yelled, “BOOM!” in theatre, and then was like, “oops that was a little loud, lol.”. I read a interview with Guillermo and he talked about how he wanted to steer as far away as possible from the “shaky cam” effect of other movies. Much of the movie is CG but they made a concerted effort to use cameras angles and positioning as if they were from the vantage point of a real human on the ground, or in a boat, or maybe flying in a helicopter. I was happy when I read that because I grew frustrated with the frenzied action of Transformers after a while.

  • Wethewax

    I considered explaining to you what I wrote the first time, but then I re-read my previous post and couldn’t find any ambiguity in my wording.
    So either you have a problem with reading comprehension, or you’re being deliberately obtuse. Judging from the tone of your first paragraph the latter seems more likely.
    Let me know if you ever evolve to the point of being able to converse without trying to score points. 🙂

  • “I think people dig it because it was a throwback of simple fun with some wonder & awe”

    That’s what I said: it’s an average, predictable, banal, cliche, big dumb action movie. It’s loads of “fun.”

    “And since you have been watching Mike & Jay’s reviews the past few months…”

    I don’t know what is going on with these two lately. I actually credit Red Letter Media (and Confused Matthew) with making me a more critical thinker about how movies are made and structured, and I knew that I could take their recommendations seriously because we were on close enough wavelengths. It seems increasingly like their choices are completely arbitrary though. I honestly have no clue how they didn’t like Lone Ranger or Man of Steel, both of which have a lot of really interesting narrative and visual things going on in addition to being genuinely entertaining (“Derp, Man of Steel and Lone Ranger are all dark and brooding like Batman.” No they’re not, and if you think so you didn’t fucking pay attention. “Derp, Man of Steel and Lone Ranger were bloated and overlong.” They were a whopping 10 minutes longer than Pacific Rim, and unlike Pacific Rim, actually managed to pack characters and story and a point into all of that). Not even a week ago they made a satirical review mocking people who gave a more positive review to Grown Ups 2, and then with Pacific Rim they said almost EXACTLY THE SAME SORTS OF THINGS but in all seriousness: It’s loads of fun, you just have to appreciate what it is without thinking too hard, its not perfect but it deserves a chance, blah blah blah.

    If you like average, predictable, banal, cliche, big dumb action movies so long as they have people wearing plastic armour in them, just admit it.

  • Sully

    Man Of Steel was probably the least logically sound movie I’ve seen in years. I mean it was worse than Prometheus in that aspect. Stupid changes were made in regards to the canon, things that shouldn’t have been changed. The logic behind many of the characters motivations were just dumb; reporters being allowed onto top secret bases, fathers dying in tornados and advocating the deaths of dozens of children, the list goes on.

    Once you factor in the hundreds/thousands of deaths, many caused by Superman himself, the non-villainous villain, the lack of shit to do for the actual protagonist in the film, and the problems become overwhelming.

    I’ve said this before on the HIB Man of Steel forum, but the movie felt like a sloppy first draft that got waved on through. Maybe the project was rushed, maybe someone decided to *trust* Goyer after his Batman success and they didn’t proofread his story, I don’t know. All I DO know is… shit didn’t work.

  • “Stupid changes were made in regards to the canon, things that shouldn’t have been changed.”

    I don’t care about that and neither should you, nerd.

    “The logic behind many of the characters motivations were just dumb; reporters being allowed onto top secret bases, fathers dying in tornados and advocating the deaths of dozens of children, the list goes on.”

    Shit like this is where you have to actually pay attention during movies. I know it’s hard, but follow me on this… First of all, canon-nerd, Lois Lane should be allowed everywhere because she’s Lois Lane. However, she actually had a reason for being everywhere, which is that she and Ma Kent are the only humans Superman had any connection to. The military has an obvious interest in her because she was the only publicly known figure to have any knowledge of him. Zod was interested in her for those same reasons. While on the ship, Jor-El taught her how to make and arm the bomb, which justifies her later making and arming the bomb.

    Pa Kent’s actions are those of someone who doesn’t know what exactly to do about his son. He knows that Clark is capable of greatness but he also knows that his abilities would make him justifiably feared. A lot of people seem fixated on his “advocating the deaths of children” without actually listening to the whole of what he said, which is “Maybe… I don’t know…” His willingness to die in the tornado rather than have Clark expose himself was him putting his own life on the line – not just others’ – to protect him. You cannot understand how Kent acts unless you understand that HE doesn’t even know exactly what he should do. How COULD he? How could any of us?

    Anything else you need me to clarify for you?

    “Once you factor in the hundreds/thousands of deaths, many caused by Superman himself”

    Living in a world with superheroes would be terrifying. Depicting WHY is not a problem with Man of Steel. The problem belongs to The Avengers and other superhero movies NOT showing that. However intentional it may or may not have been, Man of Steel deconstructs the juvenile power fantasy of superheroes, including how alienating and confusing it would be for everybody and the human cost of god-men punching each other around.

    “I’ve said this before on the HIB Man of Steel forum, but the movie felt like a sloppy first draft that got waved on through.”

    You not paying attention is not the script’s fault.

  • kenchun24

    That could all be true. I just think PR was the opposite of what most studio fare has been churning out when it comes to “tone” or being too bloated etc. in regards to some of the more highly anticipated movies. But even some with a similar fun factor didn’t roll over well with them (White House Down review). For me, MOS and Lone Ranger had a similar “not sure what they wanted to do vibe” too many cooks,egos I don’t know. The MOS trailers that I saw really got my anticipation hyped for the movie,even with the hit & miss Snyder directing. But the movie was muddled to me,like Ranger. But hey it works for some and not others. Guess it depends on what Mike and Jay were in the mood for. I’ve always been interested in knowing what kind of other non-big studio fare movies they like just for curiosities sake. Maybe someday.

  • True enough, you listed 3 reasons why someone would want to commit suicide after having their movie compared favorably to TOP GUN: homo-eroticism, rice plot(?), and gay actors pretending not to be gay (sub-paragraph weird actors pretending not to be weird). I picked the most fascinating one and called you out on it. Still awaiting a response to that, but I’m less hopeful now.

    Moving on… Who gives the points? Also: what are they used for? And finally: how do I see my point total?

  • Sully

    You missed nearly every point I brought up. The military didn’t even know who Kal-El was when they discovered the alien craft in the arctic. Why, at that time, would they allow a REPORTER onto a top secret military expedition base? They wouldn’t. It would’ve been more logical if she discovered the base was there and snuck on. That being said, why would the military hire a John Doe nobody to work on a top secret arctic expedition to handle luggage? They wouldn’t. They’d give that duty some dipshit Private.

    Pa Kent’s death was stupid because it completely ruined the point of his death in the comics. When he died of a heart attack in the comics it taught Kal-El that as powerful as he was, he was not God and could NOT save everyone.

    The way Pa Kent died in the tornado 50ft away from everyone, they could’ve run over there and grabbed him in the amount of time that stood there exchanging “meaningful stares.”

    Pa Kent advocating civilian deaths in order to keep his son’s secret was selfish. You could argue that they (his parents) didn’t know the extent of his powers, and were worried about his well-being, but in truth, the government couldn’t have hurt him, even as a child. That’s beside the point, however, it would’ve made more sense if they said “You did good, Clark, but now we have to move.” This would’ve illustrated both good values and cautious parenting.

    Shall I get into the logical fallacies concerning the Kryptonian technology and Superman’s powers, or is this enough?

  • Oh, you were talking about the ship in the Arctic. Lane was doing a report. What is so difficult to understand about that? Why was Clark hired on? In the movie, lots of people were. It was coherent within the movie’s own scenario.

    You preferred Pa Kent’s death in the comics. Okay, that’s fine. Now let’s talk about the MOVIE, shall we? Nothing about what you said there is actually a critique of the movie. You don’t think the Pa Kent character handled the situations well. That is also fine, but you’re not Pa Kent. THAT CHARACTER made different choices. The movie itself questions them, by virtue of the hang-up it gives Clark about using his powers for so long. You have to disentangle how you think you would act in a situation from how the character in the movie does act. The only thing that would make it bad or illogical in the movie is if Kent’s choices were incoherent with his own character. They’re not.

    “Shall I get into the logical fallacies concerning the Kryptonian technology and Superman’s powers, or is this enough?”

    I don’t think you understand what a logical fallacy is (logical fallacies have to do with argumentation, not events in works of fiction). Nevertheless, the inconsistency between Superman’s power coming from solar energy but his powers getting taken away by Kryptonian atmosphere was an actual flaw in the movie (not just one of your made-up, couldn’t-be-bothered-to-pay-attention ones). I could see that they were trying to come up with a new play on the idea of Kryptonite, but Kryptonite doesn’t even make sense in the comics (that would be like human beings being lethally allergic to quartz), so I’m happy to give that a free pass. If that is the best you can come up with, the Man of Steel has done really well.

  • “But even some with a similar fun factor didn’t roll over well with them (White House Down review).”

    That’s because White House Down is just a regular average, predictable, banal, cliche, big dumb action movie. It wasn’t an average, predictable, banal, cliche, big dumb action with guys in costumes.

    “For me, MOS and Lone Ranger had a similar “not sure what they wanted to do vibe” too many cooks,egos I don’t know.”

    Man of Steel is a deconstruction of the concept of the superhero, both for what being a superhero would psychologically do to the person who is one and how terrifying their existence would be for everyone who is not.

    Lone Ranger is a comedic deconstruction of how the United States mythologizes its history, especially in Westerns and classic Western heroes like The Lone Ranger.

    If you want me to elaborate on that, I’d be happy to. They only appear muddled if you’re not prepared to invest in them as being anything more than big dumb action movies. For example, The Lone Ranger deliberately lampshaded Western and heroic cliches, which isn’t going to play well if all you want are the cliches (because they’re “fun”!). If someone is not prepared to invest intellectually in them, that is not the movies’ fault.

    “Guess it depends on what Mike and Jay were in the mood for.”

    That’s kind of a problem, I guess. I need more than what Jay and Mike are in the mood to like this week.

  • Sully

    Even works of fiction have to behave logically for them to be taken seriously. How are we suppose to buy into this more “realistic” Superman movie when nothing in the movie behaves as it would in reality. That being said;

    “Lane was doing a report. What is so difficult to understand about that?”

    I suppose you’re right. I mean Wolf Blitzer can just waltz onto Dulce Base whenever the fuck he wants to do an exposé on UFOs, right? I mean the military in the movie was annoyed that Lane showed up early. In real life she would’ve been indefinitely detained on sight, if not “disappeared.”

    Pa Kent’s death in the movie was the second time he exhibited selfish behavior in the film. He didn’t give a shit about how his “son” or wife felt about the whole situation. He was stupid, and took no one else’s feelings to heart. His death equated to that of a suicide victim. It made him impossible to empathize with and ultimately unlikable. Fuck him.

  • Louis

    Despite the promise of the 1st film, Bayformers is a lost cause. Unlike MoS (this from a DC fan), I walked away from PR feeling good.

    Watching the Jaegers and Kaiju going at it, I felt like a kid again watching the Toho films, Voltron, a few Gundams, Robot Jox, Evangelion, and Big O. It was a simple film w/o overly brooding characters, w/ huge fight scenes that leveled cities and, unlike MoS or Bayformers, did not overlook the human element and were legitimately choreographed.

    It certainly isn’t w/o a shortage of plot holes but by and large the characters, imagery, and action brought me back to the theater a second time.

  • Characters in Man of Steel do behave in a coherent manner in the context of that world and who they are as characters, EVEN WHEN they act in illogical ways. Like I said, you can’t say Man of Steel was a bad movie because Pa Kent behaved in ways you wouldn’t. I wouldn’t have made the life choices that Zod made either, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. Maybe you would have done things differently as Pa Kent, but SO WHAT?!? You’re not Pa Kent. I don’t give a shit about how you think you would have behaved if you raised a superpowered alien baby into adulthood.

    So again, let me repeat this important point you missed, even if you think Pa Kent behaved selfishly, that does not make Man of Steel a bad MOVIE. That might make Kent a reprehensible character in your view, but that is an entirely separate and distinct issue from the quality of the MOVIE. Personally, I am empathetic with the problem he was faced with, even though I too would have made different choices. I actually agree with you somewhat, about how it would have been better for him to teach heroism and be willing to put the family on the move afterwards. However, my disagreements with his character do not equate to Man of Steel being a bad or illogical MOVIE.

    As for Lois Lane being at the base, your only objection is “that wouldn’t have happened in real life!!1!” so it’s not really a serious objection. I guess STAR Labs wanted the publicity, okay. I can accept that minor point in the universe of this movie.

  • Sully

    I’d believe a man could fly before I’d ever believe a reporter would be allowed on a top secret base camp in the arctic that was on the dig for a UFO.
    As for Pa Kent. The writers are entitled to their changes, I suppose, and if you’re fine with them, then that’s fine for you, but personally I like to LIKE my good guys in movies, and I found nothing particularly likeable about Pa Kent, but my issues run far deeper than Pa’s stupid choices.
    To each his own, I suppose. I just don’t like a movie being advertised as “a realistic” take of the Superman mythos, then watching a movie that isn’t at all realistic.

    On an semi-related note, and in regards to your original comment; I *will* agree that Lone Ranger is being under sold. I watched it and found it enjoyable. It wasn’t the best movie of the year by far, but it’s not as bad as critics are saying. It’s def not your average “Disney” family movie, which falls into the tonal issues Mike & Jay had with it, but that didn’t ruin the experience for me.

  • Fred Cochran

    Just saw this for the 2nd time, best movie this year. Buildings destroyed, robots destroyed, monsters killed, people die(wow those Russians got it bad)
    I liked MOS but for all the wrong reasons, I saw it after watching the RLM review and liked it as a disaster movie. Hard to believe but more buildings were destroyed in MOS than Pacific Rim.

  • dasdsa

    If they already know it will not win why put it in Best of the Worst?

  • Sully

    That’s because the Jaegers were built to “save” people.

  • Getting Impatient

    Would you two just fuck already?

  • Sully

    Now without flowers and a movie first…. A “good” movie.

  • Percy Gryce

    Don’t cross the streams.

  • William Shakesman

    My first thought after the movie ended: “So uh, what happens if the aliens just open up another rift?”

    Thank god the plot didn’t matter. Punching things was all I came for.

  • William Shakesman

    Do one for Space Cop

  • Plinkett

    He keeps looking at that computer monitor to his right. What’s on that monitor? Is that the script!?

  • jay stein

    We all had that,..and yes

  • Rick McCallum

    Actually, I’m hoping Pacific Rim rakes in cash from foreign markets, it seems like it would do pretty good overseas.

    Grown Ups 2 on the other hand won’t get anything from any other country but the US.

  • Paranormal Activity

    What was that? That scared you right?

  • Genji 2 is an action game…

    You didn’t immediately think “And here’s this giant enemy crab….and you attack its weakpoint….for massive damage”?

    Come on!

  • CockJenkins

    So much win in one picture.

  • Arquinsiel

    What happens is a sequel. With more robots.

  • Man of Shit

    But Man of Steel IS awful…

  • Sully

    Grown Ups 2 = $8.5 mil foreign box office + 79.5 mil dom = 88 mil total

    Pacific Rim = $110 mil foreign box office + 68 mil dom = 178 mil total

    Let’s just hope PR can keep up the momentum overseas so the sequel (which is already in development) doesn’t get canned.

  • putacorkinit

    There’s a *script*?

  • Plinkett

    Seriously, just having them save that boat at the beginning automatically makes them just “feel” more heroic. In the end, that’s all I really want… to FEEL things…

  • Plinkett

    How can anyone like The Lone Ranger? That movie was terrible. Did it have one of the best action sequences of all time? Yes, but otherwise a terrible movie.

  • Amnestic

    You realize this is a joke referencing a well known line from the Plinkett reviews, right?

  • Nick Name

    Then go and do it yourself. I don’t mean that to be an ass, but if you really feel like you’ve learned some things from Mike and Jay, and if you’re confident that you can pick these movies apart on your own, try your hand at creating some content.

    Doesn’t even have to be videos.

    Half in the Bag episodes are reviews form a film-maker’s perspective, boiled down for the average internet user’s knowledge level.

    It would make sense that at some point you would outgrow the basics, and if you’re an avid fan of movies, that your own instincts and biases would start to assert themselves.

    Besides, you’re biting tone would probably be more appreciated tearing apart big dumb action movies than attacking beloved internet sensations on their own site.

    Or be an internet troll. Whichever suits you.

  • Marvin Falz

    Thank you Percy. I was actually refering to one HitB opening from 2011 where Mike greets the audience with “Hello and welcome to this whenever we feel like HitB.” So I assumed that they need to do everything in their own time and that this is crucial to their work.
    I guess they would have to try that out to see if it works. I have the impression that the whole thing is running by itself.

  • I could explain why I like it, and why I think you’re probably just aping the media narrative without any fair consideration of the actual film itself, but would there be a point?

  • Plinkett

    Quite hypocritical of you.

  • Why do you assume I don’t have a blog or a YouTube account of my own? Is it your business to go white knighting around comment sections which, by their nature and purpose, invite debate? Can I see your badge?

    If you are curious about what I have to say about Lone Ranger, my review is at http://voyagesextraordinaires.blogspot.ca/2013/07/disneys-lone-ranger-2013.html. I don’t have any for Man of Steel or Pacific Rim because those don’t fall within the genre subject matter of my blog. As for spending time tearing about big dumb action movies, I generally try not to see them. Pacific Rim snuck in covertly. I thought it would be, I dunno’, something good. I would much rather have seen that movie Mike suggested about the economics of living in a world with giant monsters.

  • Plinkett

    You don’t understand. I don’t give a fuck what critics say, it’s a bad movie. Yeah, on a totally superficial level, it’s simply OK, and the final action scene really is one of the best I’ve ever seen. But I left the theater feeling empty and depressed because the movie is empty and depressing.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m sitting here losing my shit at just how bored Mike looks while Jay is talking. How have I not noticed this before? It’s so fucking awkward. I’m crying from laughter.

  • If all you watched it on was a totally superficial level, then no wonder you didn’t like it. You missed most of what the movie was even about. The Lone Ranger deliberately lampshaded the banal, predictable cliches of Westerns and action movies, and did so quite intelligently (despite the odd misstep). Maybe you just LIKE the banal, predictable cliches?

  • Plinkett

    Why are you being hostile and assuming things about my character? Please stop. And although that may have been what the movie was trying to be about (which is really subjective by the way, so I wouldn’t throw money down that that was the ONLY thing it was about), it totally didn’t come off that way at all. It just misses the bare basics that’re supposed to make movies enjoyable to watch. You’re making “The Lone Ranger”, not a morally ambiguous and violent picture that’s supposed to make you reflect on the genre. And if they were trying to do just that, why spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it. You could probably make a better gritty violent western that makes you reflect on the genre for $60,000.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I take pills so I can feel things…

    Like the feeling of having the contents of my bowels released…


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Hopefully one of the robot loses its voice box and has to use a bunch of radio clips to talk and they can morph into things and everything is bombastic and and and fork in the brain fork in brain the in in in in brain the fooorrrrrk brain brain Michael Bay brain robots that fork dark of the fallen moon brain OPTIMUUUS!!!1! bewbs splosions fork 9/11 challenger explosion brain help help help help fork

  • T.a. Grey

    I loved this movie! I went and saw it twice. 3D both times! It’s awesome!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Is that Grown Ups 2 action figure going to be on sale on your website? If so, I want to buy it. I have a few shitty relatives that deserve that gift.

  • Why are you guys all so hostile that I didn’t like Pacific Rim? Or did like Lone Ranger? Pot, kettle, black.

    As for what I said about the movie, no, it’s not subjective. The interpretation of films is not nearly as subjective as cultural relativists make it out to be. There are justifiable, well-reasoned, well-supported interpretations of artistic works and there are bullshit interpretations by people who one would swear never even saw the movie in question. If you’re at all familiar with the genre of Western films, the history of Western settlement or the Lone Ranger character, all the queues are unmistakable. If you missed them, that’s your fault, not the movie’s.

    In respects to how they made it, I’m sorry, but Lone Ranger is not a gritty, violent, joyless, morally ambiguous, dark movie. It had gratuitous moments, but for the most part it was a COMEDY. If you think it was dark n’ gritty then you seriously have no idea what you are talking about.

    But maybe that’s it… A lot of reviews seem to have a problem with it being a badly done dark n’ gritty movie. It wasn’t supposed to be a dark n’ gritty movie. It’s not a dark n’ gritty movie. I don’t know anyone who actually saw it (i.e.: people who liked it) who thought it was supposed to be. Most people I know rightly viewed it as an entertaining action-comedy Western with charismatic leads and a punchy pace, even when they didn’t pick up on all the subtext I did.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I want to see a 100 ft tall Mike slowly, awkwardly flail in the sea while making those Transformer noises he does while fighting a giant sea monster. He’d win by sheer confusion.

  • Plinkett

    What in the world are you talking about? I don’t care whether you like Pacific Rim or not.

    Look at a film like Fight Club, a film where people took the completely wrong message from it and began forming actual fight clubs. When you explain that the film is a satire, it totally makes sense, but when the film itself does not portray that you can begin to see why people when ape-shit over it. A film like Lone Ranger is simply begging to be taken as a dark movie, which makes all the humor in it feel plain weird. The movie lacks a lot of color, it sticks to this depressing gray-brown palate, everyone is constantly sweaty and dirty, there are cannibals eating hearts, slaughtering of Native Americans, war, greed, a possibly crazy Tonto, dead fathers, ETC. Like, what the fuck is so comedic about this movie? A horse wearing a hat standing on a tree? THATS the joke?

  • solidsamurai

    This comment killed a man.

  • Wethewax

    Top Gun attempted to portray the machismo of fighter pilots, and did it so ineptly that it ended up being unintentionally homo-erotic. My criticism is of the ineptitude, not the homo-eroticism.
    Which is what I said the first time, only in more words.

    The plot is thin to the point of non existence, hence “it could be written on a grain of rice”.
    Which is what I said the first time, only in more words.

    Kelly McGillis has been quite open about her sexuality, and the struggle that she was having with accepting it at the time of shooting Top Gun, and how it may have led to a somewhat stilted performance.
    In addition to that Tom Cruise was, apparently, somewhat difficult to work with, particularly when it came to his scenes with Kelly McGillis. Some people have suggested that this was because of their height difference. This also contributed to a somewhat stilted performance.
    My criticism is of the stilted performances from certain members of the cast, not with their personal lives.
    Which is what I said the first time, only in more words.

    My flippant remark about suicide was based around Top Gun’s shoddy tone, acting, and plot.
    Which is what I said the first time, only in more words.

    Are we done?

  • Arquinsiel

    I’d prefer them to replace the drift system with a guitar, but that’s just me.

  • Marvin Falz

    “running by itself”

    What I mean is that I think that RLM has put enough activation energy into their own production, marketing and distribution system so that a chain reaction has started. RLM is already a part of (internet) culture and about to stay, since they’re filled with enough power to keep the reaction running. A lot of energy that they’ve invested returns from their fans and they’ve received some prominent shout out’s, from Patton Oswalt is one I remember.

  • Now I Get It

    I thought it was a little qwerky.

  • FT

    In the ocean of expensive movies, he is the best of 2013.

    The best part? there is no nazi alien talking about his superiority, or some weirdo as our savior from the outer space, or any kind of “the choosen” crap. Is not a spetacular movie of course, with a casual result from the actors, godzilla plot, in the sense to match a monster invasion, but is a nice and fun movie.

    The final result for all those amazing visual effects movies of today is… I dont give a shit for a sequence! one is enough!

  • “A film like Lone Ranger is simply begging to be taken as a dark movie, which makes all the humor in it feel plain weird.”

    Which is why all the trailers made it look like a comedy. And its so full of jokes. And even a lot of the dark n’ gritty parts are pretty funny themselves. And why Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp are mugging and chewing their way through the scenery all the time.

    What I really think is going on is that people are just getting so used to dark n’ gritty movies that they just assume that blockbusters are dark n’ gritty if they have any kind of violence or introspection in them at all. When they’re really not dark n’ gritty, they go looking for it. The colour palate? Come on, it’s a Western. Sure the cannibalism was gratuitous, but it was well-written into the themes of the story AND was so over-the-top that it was impossible to take it seriously anyways. I did feel that the slaughter of Native Americans in the battle was unnecessary, but it lasts for all of, what, 3 minutes? Yeah there’s war and greed, which is, y’know, a story. Them all sitting in a circle singing old Gospel hymns is not. Even the original Lone Ranger radio and TV shows had that kind of stuff. Tonto being eccentric is used for humorous purposes, which is an interesting contrast with his strength of character, and is a key part of the film’s whole subtext.

    Honestly, it’s just NOT the dark n’ gritty movie you’re trying to interpret it as. All I got from your Fight Club analogy is that you’re one of the people who misinterprets it. Why is it so important to you to defend your misinterpretation of The Lone Ranger?

  • bean

    We’re just making a big deal out of Pacific Rim because its so rare now to have even a “good” action movie come through. And with grown ups 2 kicking every action movies ass this summer. I fear not only for cinema, but for society. Hence, we’re making a big deal out of it in the vain hope that filmmakers wont just abandon us and follow the Adam Sandler blueprint for making the most money possible for either the least amount of work of the most amount of bullshit.

  • bean

    I’ll bet money Japan has a movie like that lol

  • Meester Smeeth

    Next auction, perhaps? Along with the blood and blood-puke spattered Lightening Fast VCR Repair shirts and Jay’s beard from the Grown Ups 2 review. SOLD!

  • Now I Get It

    I don’t know about Anime, but Metal fans do have that “We are legion” but “Nobody gets us” paradox, which the Dunn-McFadyen documentaries have acknowledged but without really exploring.

  • i saw what was there


  • deerstop

    As my brother said when we were leaving the theatre: “If only all bad movies were that good!” Yes, it was predictable and stupid (no denying the facts), but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Ohhh sheer epicness of the battles between gigantic robots and cool-looking monsters! Guillermo del Toro never fails to deliver the weirdest creatures imaginable. I really liked the technology, visual effects, and basically the look of everything. And – ohhh – the massiveness of every single thing! You can really feel that yeah, it’s a battle of giants. During every fight I was nervously cheering for Evangelions thinking “MWAHAHA Yeah Punch that ugly face, my steel baby!” and “Cut its insides with cool-looking stupid anime blade!” and “Poor pilots, they are so tiny”.

    So many plotholes though. Normally I do not even notice them, but some
    holes were just to obvious and funny here. Why didn’t the army build a
    wall around the crack, if monsters were coming from one spot? But they
    chose to build a wall around the whole continent. instead Why didn’t
    they construct a base around that magic crack and nuke monsters the
    moment they appear from the water? Why not put a big steel thingie with
    gigantic thorns under the water, so that the monsters would be
    immediately pinned to the thorn after the appearance? Why government decided to
    close Evangelions Project and finance the Big Useless Wall Project, while it’s
    painfully obvious that the wall was totally useless? Really, Pacific Rim could use a better screenwriter and smarter dialogues. Still, it’s absolutely clear who wins my personal “The Summer Blockbuster” award. No offence to Superman lovers. 😉

  • Now I Get It

    “Dieselpunk.” Love the term, love the art, but I wonder if “punk” is becoming the new “-aholic,” like “-phobic” before it. Those two I’ve never liked.

  • deerstop

    Yes please, more epicness! 😀

  • deerstop

    I loved Russians in this movie (I’m Russian myself). Piloting old and rusty robot and protecting Siberia for years with it – that sounds just like us. :))

  • kenchun24

    For sure, I actually recall the WHD & Lone Ranger HITB review thread and posted a link within the discussion with you regarding the guy who took over for Ebert, Matt Zoller Seitz’ review of Lone Ranger. And he pretty much pointed out the same things you did about the movies themes,but also included some faults as to why the film could be “misinterpreted” upon a first viewing. So yeah once rental/streaming time comes around for Lone Ranger,I’m sure I’ll check it out again. At the end of the day,I love movies. Heck John Carter got lambasted by critics and I ended up really digging that one once it hit rentals. Bought a Blu-ray copy and everything.

  • deerstop

    Thanks, I will give it a try.

  • bean

    Funny thing, when i first saw the trailers my exact thoughts were: “Oh this is like some big dumb battleship thing…”

    Too bad they marketed it that way. I only went to see it because it got pretty good reviews and I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Day_is_Over

    FAST SIX was pretty damn fun. Oh right…no geek imagery so the nerds hated it.

  • Charon

    Dude, you run a hipster blog with gratuitous steampunk bullshit smeared all over it.

    You have no room to talk. Nostalgia addicts are assholes, plain and simple.

  • Almost. I’m still unclear about the point system we discussed. Do we get points based on how many words we type? Or is it more of a subjective thing, with judging? Who are the judges?

    Also: I appreciate you distancing yourself from your earlier comments with some better explanation… it did sound like you were coming out against the film because of the sweaty dude-on-dude shirtless high-fiving, and I (incorrectly) assumed that was because it made you feel uncomfortable. I’m glad you’re cool with it.

    Feels like we made some real progress.

  • I feel like the world is a happier place today, for some reason. A more wonderful place.


  • Actually I self-identify more as a Goth, but calling my blog Steampunk is about the worst insult you could have given it (I don’t know how you could call it gratuitous when the blog is ABOUT Victorian Sci-Fi). Pot, kettle, black on the accusation of being an asshole.

  • Percy Gryce

    But “whenever we feel like” is a pose, right? That’s mugging for the cameras.

    My impression is that the RLM boys know they are in their stride and they want to keep putting out good stuff while the iron is hot and while the ideas are following. And there is no gainsaying that these guys work HARD:


  • Charon

    Something you should always remember – “When you label me, you negate me.” – Soren Kierkegaard

    You labelled yourself. Your argument is invalid.

  • Charon

    The most important point regarding Pacific Rim – it was a movie.

  • Quoting existentialists, and you call ME a Hipster. How’s the coffee where you’re conspicuously using your laptop?

  • Charon

    I just paid attention in school.

    Hipsters are using iPads and Kindles now, because laptops are just too “average”. But I guess you wouldn’t know that, being stuck in the past and all. It’s great that steam trains and Mini-Victrolas are getting all the credence they deserve because of your “learned” perspective on culture and sociology.

    You’re doing the world a favor by enlightening us about an era drowned in its own petard.

  • Charon

    Cory’s just upset because his pseudo-intellectual sensibilities set him up for disappointment, especially when interacting with people.

  • Percy Gryce

    Honestly, there wasn’t really that much–if anything–left to ruin.

  • DanHibiki

    only after the early 90s

  • Percy Gryce

    I think you’re talking about a perpetual motion machine, which doesn’t exist.

    First rule of internet culture: feed the beast, more content, posts everyday, updates every hour.

  • slicing_eyeballs

    I am sure this has been asked before but can people recommend something similarly amusing / intelligent to watch while waiting for the next RLM thing? Ta

  • BunnyFooFoo

    “If only all bad movies were that good!”

    Heh. That’s the perfect one-sentence review, I think.

  • Happy Merchant

    Oy vey! Go back to sleep like a good goyim.

  • bitch cassidy

    The comment was stylistically designed to be that way.

  • corporal corpuscle

    Tell him about the twinkie…

  • Mark Bisone

    But not the hero it needs right now.

    Humanity needs a hero with a face.

  • whip

    Hah, is that pic from the “RLM asks questions about Prometheus” mini-review? His looks of confusion and inability to answer the questions was quite well done.

  • corporal corpuscle

    Its only gay if the balls touch.

  • bitch cassidy

    My pants just mysterious shrank… and I have another creepy and overly specific fetish to deal with.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    “best movie this year”

    In order for that to mean anything we need to trust that you actually watched good movies.

  • Plinkett

    So your interpretation is the only correct one? Things can only be right because you think it’s right? When did films become so black and white? Where is this hyperbole coming from? I understand art is not purely subjective but that doesn’t make what the Lone Ranger was good. I’m sure it does everything you think it does, but when it comes to whether the movie was well-made or not in a totally craft sensibility, it sucks. But please, tell me more about the ending to Fight Club, and how it told you to start an anarchist group bent on destroying society.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Especially since they don’t like being called “gypsies.”

  • whip

    I’ve recently discovered a guy who does interesting reviews of Science Fiction shows such as Star Trek (all series and movies) and Doctor Who. He also touches on other series like BSG, Firefly, and Farscape. He also has movie reviews such as the Matrix and Blade Runner.

    I find him insightful and interesting. I discovered him through a link from someone else on these discussion groups.


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Punching things was all I came for.”

    You came? You’re either a sadist or a masochist, then.

  • Kyle

    Nice Half in the Bag, but where is the next Best of the Worst you fucks?!

    Love you.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I want a Mike and Jay face masks. Is that too much to ask? That way I can say, “That’s right, Jay!” and “Kill me” while looking the part.

  • Percy Gryce

    That’s what I call Jay’s “Mennonite on meth” look.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I don’t understand sarcasm so I hate you.

  • howlrunner31

    At 6:22 into the review, the cameras pans to the reviewer drinking Stella Artois? Was that an intentional plug? If so, go capitalism!

  • Miss Eris

    I read a professional review that compared this film to both “Star Wars” and “The Wizard of OZ.” Talk about hyperbole. I’m not saying the film’s terrible. Its exactly what it promised to be – monsters fighting robots – but its absolutely nothing more than that. I’m not surprised its gotten such a lukewarm reception at the box office.

  • Topdek

    I really liked this movie but I think it blew its wad on the centerpiece action scene, which was just spectacular. After that, the movie lost some steam: two of the Jaegers got destroyed too early, leaving less action for the final battle, and the characters’ sacrifices near the end didn’t have the emotional impact the director wanted. I really wanted to feel something for Pentecost, because he was a likeable character (if a complete trope) but I just couldn’t. I wasn’t happy with Raleigh’s casual decision to sacrifice his Jaeger. At that point, the machine is more like a person and I wanted to see it get a proper send-off. Finally, Raleigh and Mako magically surviving a dimensional rift felt like a tacked-on happy ending to satisfy the studio execs, as did their romantic scene, which felt especially awkward after Pentecost had just died.

    In spite of all that, I still really enjoyed the movie. The world-building was great, the Jaeger cockpit sets were really well put together, the centerpiece action scene was tremendous fun, and as I’m a big fan of Sons of Anarchy and It’s Always Sunny, I felt that Charlie Hunnam/Day earned their roles as hunky action star/comic relief scientist for a big budget summer movie, respectively.

  • You don’t seem to understand your own metaphor. You brought up Fight Club as an example of people who misinterpret a movie so badly as to arrive at conclusions opposite its intended meaning. That is you. You’re the one who would be starting up your own anarchist group inspired by Fight Club.

    I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to think mine is the ONLY right interpretation of The Lone Ranger, but I do think that mine is a defensibly reasonable one and have attempted to support my argument with evidence from the film. That necessarily contradicts your interpretation, which I think is indefensible and unreasonable, but there is no sense whining that I’m not being “fair” to your point of view. The only reason you’re whining about me thinking that my interpretation is right is because I’m not agreeing that YOUR interpretation is right. No, I’m not taking your word on it that it’s a bad movie. Demonstrate that it is a bad movie, or slink away with your tail between your legs. Don’t whine about how unfair it is that I disagree with you and can explain why.

  • Plinkett

    Explain the logic of me telling someone something is bad when they’re already on a website with a video that tells them it’s bad.

  • Can you reword that sentence into something a bit more intelligible?

  • rmeaker

    Drinking game: take a shot every time they say kaiju. Stupidly excessive use of the word, I’m a huge fan of monster movies, they did the whole “in this world they dont exist” shit, similar to zombie movies. If you’re fighting something you dont refer to it as JUST one thing, any soldier can tell you that. but I loved this film, gave me exactly what I wanted in a monster film and did it well.

  • “Hipsters are using iPads and Kindles now, because laptops are just too “average”. But I guess you wouldn’t know that”

    So much for my being a Hipster then. Thanks for retracting that accusation!

    And steam trains are awesome. I don’t know what you’ve got against them. Are you one of those shallow “old things are dumb because they’re not modern things” type of people?

    (Incidentally, the phrase would be “hoist with its own petard”… A petard is a type of bomb, so it’s impossible to be drowned in one)

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    So would Asylum make another sequel named “Indian Rim?” Because that would be so, so dodgy of a title.

  • Sully

    Southern and/or Arctic Rim have a nice ring to them.

  • Sully

    In real life the military usually develop a thousand nicknames for the enemy, but in film and literature, they tend to stick to just one for the audience/reader’s sake.
    Black Hawk Down = Skinnies
    World War Z = Zekes

  • Wethewax

    You failed to read what I wrote with any clarity at all, you then started to imply that I’m homophobic, for reasons that only the chips your shoulders can understand.


  • Wethewax

    You enjoy looking for homophobia where their is none, don’t you?
    Here you are pulling the same schtick on Cameron Vale.
    I think you’re just barking at shadows, little puppy. 🙂

  • Guestieguest

    I saw this movie in IMAX 3D. It was a big, dumb, loud, fun ride. Loved it. Not the best movie in many respects, but. They put real effort into what they thought was an enjoyable film and they had fun making it and it shows.

  • Eh, whatever

    Well, the wall wouldn’t work at the portal site since all the monsters can swim. Y’know… Would swim over it. Also, I think getting a team down to the bottom of the ocean to actually build a wall would be nigh-on impossible, even without giant monsters constantly attacking the project.

    The wall obviously wasn’t effective anyway, but I think they literally just didn’t have the resources to keep up with the robot project. Every one of those robots has to cost hundreds of bilions of dollars.

    As for nuking the robots, well the suicide bomb bot at the end of the movie seemed to basically have tsar bomba strapped to its back, (think it was like 50 megatons) and one of the kaiju survived a direct hit to the face.

    Assuming we fire a nuke right away, these sea monsters are pretty fast underwater. I don’t know if we have any nuklear torpedo that could keep up.

    Finally, as we learn in the film, none of that would have worked anyway, since more and more monsters keep coming.

  • Paul Schumann


  • catnep

    Oh yeah, I want this on my lawn.

  • Eh, whatever

    Just looked it up, in case anyone was still listening to this rambling. Anyway, in the fluff, they nuked the first few kaiju, but actually blowing them to smithereens, as opposed to savagely beating them to death with robot fists, was self-defeating. The kaiju are massive polluters, filled with amonia and such, and blowing them up constantly would wreck the ocean ecosystem. Luring them onto land and ripping them apart is more environmentally friendly, apparently.

    In unrelated news: I really liked that the kaiju were built, and had two brains, and were basically like alternate universe versions of the jaegers. You see it’s like poetry, because it rhymes.

  • Liz Frazier

    Hope they do “The Conjuring” next. It looks really interesting in the trailer, but I’m still surprised it’s doing so well at the box office considering it has to compete with all these big budget releases aimed at general audiences.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    A vote for Jay is a vote for stuff!

  • MarcusFrost

    It also cost a lot less to make, which means it would need less overall ticket sales to turn a profit.

  • Dixon Bawls

    “…a nice RING to them.” funny.

    How about just “The Lord of the Rims.”?

  • Eh, whatever

    So what if the movie panders to people who like giant robots? The important thing is what you ‘feel’ during a movie. I felt actual excitement, and became emotionally invested in this movie, I was emotionally effected at the beginning when the protagonist’s brother is ripped out and their robot dies. It had great imagery.

    In contrast: (Since I didn’t see superman or lone ranger) in star trek into darkness, I felt almost nothing during the whole movie. It’s like I was heavily medicated the whole time, and watched moving images on a screen in a sort of fugue state. I think the only part I liked was when kirk kicked the reactor core. I guess I’m a sucker for people struggling almost in vain in the face of certain death. Of course, Kirk’s heroic death was made worthless by his resurrection, so whatever. It was exciting at the time, when he died.

    Also, it bugged the hell out of me that spock “turned off his emotions” or something. I thought vulcans fought their emotional natures through logic and discipline, and didn’t just magically turn them off. That seems way too easy, and makes vulcans come across as bigger a-holes for judging everyone else. Spock’s almost-sacrifice in the volcano was awesome, since he seemed to be keeping calm and carrying on in a very noble way, until they flat out say he just turned off his ability to feel with no effort. Made me lose all connection with that scene, and spock.

  • Nathan Seymour

    They said dinosaurs had two brains as a fact as a way of trying to validate their statement that things as big as Kaiju needed to brains which was to validate the need for two pilots. Dinosaurs did not have two brains, this is an old myth and it infuriates me that Del Toro would dredge up such scientific misinformation just to make their idea for this fantasy story seem to be more scientifically accurate. Just fucking say they have two brains because they fucking do and those are the rules of the world. Don’t teach viewers a myth as a fact when they would buy your made up world regardless.

  • Sully

    I think that’s the title of the next ‘Fast And The Furious’ movie.

  • I agree with you about Star Trek Into Darkness. What I’ve noticed about both of these rebooted Trek films is that virtually the only redeeming feature of them is the interplay between the characters. Everything else is pretty dreadful. Into Darkness is probably the last one I’ll bother seeing.

    How you felt about Into Darkness is pretty much how I felt about Pacific Rim. It was dull, unemotional, unengaging, uncharismatic, totally predictable, nothing but a big dumb action movie. I very carefully chose the word “banal” to describe it: “lacking originality, freshness, or novelty.” “so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.” Good soundtrack though, I’ll grant it that.

    Besides finishing off characters’ sentences in my head, the main thing I was thinking as I watched it was that it would have been better if it actually was an anime series. That would have given it time to develop the characters (I could even peg which episode of the series each scene would be… “Oh, here’s the episode where we would find out about the girl’s tragic past… And right about here would be the obligatory recap episode.”). There’s a fine line between being an original homage to something that sheds new light on the genre and just being a hackneyed rehash that makes me want to go back and watch the real thing. The Lone Ranger succeeded in the former, Pacific Rim failed by being the latter. If anything, Pacific Rim made me realize how completely stupid the strategy of building giant man-shaped robots would be if we actually did have to fight giant monsters. Thanks Guillermo.

  • binaryTuxedo

    Some dissenting opinions, respectfully. I would have loved the two Jaegers to not have been destroyed so quickly. But, they had to be for any sort of dramatic tension. They were fighting a losing battle that was on the brink of completely overtaking them. Raleigh’s casual decision wasn’t really casual so much as completely necessary to achieve the mission objective. And since you saw it as a more of a person then I believe the ending did have some of the emotional impact that that you said was missing. Not sure how you got magical survival of the rift. Also, I didn’t see the ending as romantic so much as an embrace of friends and brothers in arms after almost losing the other. Considering they didn’t have romantic interest before that supports it not being romantic. Of course, that’s just my opinion, and I can definitely see where yours comes from.

  • binaryTuxedo

    To add on with Eh, whatever. Nuking the creatures constantly would absolutely destroy us. Polluting our oceans with radiation. The thorns also has a problem, which it shares with nuking. It’s completely non-adaptable and easy to work around. As for the wall, the Kaiju’s got bigger and bigger every time, so the wall may have been viable earlier on, and as Eh said, it was probably cheaper.

    You may want to revisit the movie later. Even though the dialogue is predictable, the visuals of the movie tell a whole lot more of the story for characters.

  • binaryTuxedo

    If they do then the fight starts over! Though, clearly they didn’t have complete control over the rift’s stability… and one could infer they wouldn’t have control to just make another then. They weren’t just flooding the planet with Kaiju’s they had limitations on the amount they could pump into our world, despite the fact that they have hundreds ready.

  • binaryTuxedo

    Well, the lingering deaths was essentially character building. The fact that you were unsettled by their deaths is a testament to the film. The Russians are barely given any dialogue, but every scene they are in builds their characters to be essentially complete badasses. Crimson Typhoon did some fancy moves and then was slain in one attack. Cherno Alpha had to be dissolved with acid, double teamed, crushed, drowned, and exploded. All during which the female Russian is screaming angrily towards the Kaijus. Not sadness, or despair, or surrender. But screaming pure hatred and fighting to their last.

  • binaryTuxedo

    Dinousaurs don’t have two brains, but our universe also doesn’t have Kaijus. Perhaps in the Pacific Rim universe dinosaurs did have brains? Though, even I will admit this is somewhat of a cop-out. Also, they never used the Kaiju dual brains to justify two pilots. They said in the beginning that the neural load (whatever that means exactly) couldn’t be supported reliably by one brain. It had nothing to do with Kaiju biology.

  • Eh, whatever

    Well to be fair, the only giant robot show I ever watched was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, so I might not be up to date on all the giant robot cliche’s. Although Gypsy danger’s visor does look curiously familiar…

  • CorbeauNoir

    It’s a godzilla reference, not sure why they associated it with dinosaurs tho. Tying it with godzillasaurus?

    Whatever, who gives a fuck?

  • Chris Pendlebury

    I too squinted my eyes when I heard this remark. I am more of the opinion though that the people making the movie simply didn’t know it was false. Pretty much everyone I know in the world wouldn’t question this fact in the screenplay if they were directing. Del Toro is as old as my old man, and my old man would have obliviously left it in there.

  • Chris Pendlebury

    I ‘liked’ Pacific Rim on facebook months ago, and they have been putting up posters- trading card style- of the various robots that fought over the years, along with the country that built them etc. There is so much background design work that went into this.

  • Helel

    The “two brains” deal was perhaps partly a reference to old dinosaur knowledge, but mostly its about a Godzilla movie where he has two brains to control his movement, just like the Kaiju. You’re making snap judgments about a group of people not doing their research, when you clearly have not done any yourself on huge inspirations for the movie.

  • Now I Get It

    “…and they’ve received prominent shout out’s, from Patton Oswalt…”

    Which seemed to coincide with not only the 2013 Webby Awards but also a significant upward spike in the number of user comments on HitB’s reviews.

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    I almost sure the dinosaurs in PR universe are Proto-Kaiju, that why the two brains.
    Or the two-brains “dinosaur” fossils are pre-historic Kaiju, and i give a huge mofo spoiler.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    it was like poetry.

  • Meester Smeeth

    What I really want is a Rich Evans action figure that laughs when you pull the string in his crotch.

  • Chief Joseph

    Yup. The attitude that the pop culture didn’t exist until the ’90s baffles me.

  • jnorris441

    I wonder if Mike will look somewhat interested while Jay is talking in the next episode

  • Nakor

    Thanks, more nerds talking about stuff. I hate how Ill watch all of it.

  • vinny

    Mike and jay should fuck

  • CB

    Yeah spoilers…

    That’s what the scientist said, not that it made any sense… Dinosaurs were the dominant terrestrial lifeform on earth for hundreds of millions of years… If they were sent by the aliens, then they succeeded in taking over the planet the first time. Why did they wait for their monsters to get wiped out (minus the birds), then another sentient life form to evolve, then develop an advanced technological civilization capable of resisting them, before trying to take over for reals? The same scientist also said the environment back then wasn’t ideal for giant Kaiju and we’d terraformed the planet for them… but like I said it seemed to have worked well enough.

    *shrug* Whatever, I don’t really care. It’s just one of those things like “Kessel Run in 12 parsecs” or “This is unobtanium!” where I just chuckle and move on. If I really wanted an in-universe explanation, the scientist was just confused from drifting with a damaged kaiju brain on his own.

  • CB

    They tossed out code names for just about all of them, though the only ones I retained were “Knifehead” and “Leatherback”. They went by pretty quick, weren’t referred to again, and really weren’t important.

    Except “Knifehead” since the name referred to exactly how they got owned…

    On a different note, I like how in Walking Dead different groups of survivors have different names like “walker”, “biter”, and I think one called them “dead heads”? Heh. Though each one remains consistent, like you said it’s just easier on the audience that way.

  • CB

    Fair enough but with the current state of action films anything that takes a step forward in one direction deserves to be rewarded. Pacific Rim had extended action scenes that kept me engaged the entire time, where I could tell what was happening, where giant robots felt like giant robots not welterweight kickboxers, where it felt like there were stakes and actions had consequences instead of immortals punching each other to no effect… SPOILERS When Gypsy was hobbling along on one leg and one arm using a sword as a crutch, I felt something that harkened back to Die Hard and John McClane shuffling along with bloody feet.

    So, well, now we just need writing as good as Die Hard and a character as good as John McClane. Baby steps, people. Even Die Hard has forgotten how to make a good action movie.

  • CB

    Ooh, I like this game. It’s because it’s easier for you to believe that everyone else is just a mindless sheep-parrot than believe that people could form substantive opinions of their own yet still somehow disagree with you. Am I right? What do I win? There is no prize? Damnit I should have asked that first.

  • Thanks, guys. Been meaning to see this movie when I find the time, but after watching this review I think I’ll have to rush out now.

  • They should have called it ‘Grown ups, too”.

  • I would suggest following the rest of this thread to find out why there probably wasn’t a point in my explaining. I’m perfectly fine with well-argued, well-reasoned opinions that differ from my own. The mindless sheep-parrot part comes in when they make complaints about the film that are the same ones you find in the media that have no actual basis in the film. When you challenge those mindless criticisms, you get the circus that you saw between myself and everybody who I’ve been debating with, where I have to keep explaining basic plot points and narrative structure, as well as point out the absurdity of complaints that it’s too long or too dark. In reply, I more or less get called a stinky poo head. One guy didn’t even bother raising any points, but just started attacking me as a person because he didn’t like how my blog looked. “Plinkett” eventually started whining about how unfair it was that I was disagreeing with him.

  • mangalores

    There was no kiss! For Hollywood that is a freaking revolution!

    It also felt far more real and intimate than the male and female lead frenshkissing just because it is the end of the movie.-

  • Marvin Falz

    What does “qwerky” mean?

  • Marvin Falz

    No doubt about it. They’re working really hard. I wonder if they’re sleeping at all.

  • Marvin Falz

    More of a chemical reaction, which also needs to be fed energy to go on. There must have been a time when their productions got them little in return, so they were doing it just for the fun. Then success kicked in with the Plinkett reviews, people wanted more and more reviews and besides some trolls a large and creative internet crowd gathered. Often the commenters are in the same or in related professions as RLM are. That’s what I mean with “a lot of energy returns”.

  • Now I Get It

    “Qwerky” is a play on two words: “quirky”, which is what I called Guest’s insight to play along with your “brilliant,” and “QWERTY”, which is the name of the keyboard that Guest typed his insight on.


  • Now I Get It

    “Just fucking say they have two brains because they fucking do and those are the rules of the world.”

    Exactly so. The two brains detail is what David Mamet called “an antiseptic rather than a creative consideration,” to wit: “The audience will accept anything they have not been given a reason to disbelieve.” [p. 50:ft, On Directing Film]

    In other words, they didn’t need to include it to keep the story moving; they needed to omit it to keep the story from stopping.

  • Sully

    That’s somehow LESS accurate.

  • Nicodemus-Rexx

    Went to see the movie in Imax 3D Yesterday.
    Now, I’m not a big fan of 3D, and Imax is expensive, but I thought this might be the one film where it would be worth it…

    Guess what? Mind = Blown (!)

    If you were even vaguely considering the possibility of going to see it in Imax, I can’t recommend it enough; if there was ever a film that took advantage of Imax’s scale it’s definitely this one.

    And at this point in the run you’ll probably even get the theater to yourself. -_-*

  • Nathan Seymour

    Regardless of the homage to Godzilla, when they said “like dinosaurs” they made it clear that they were not just validating their world’s rules simply through monster movie precedent at that point: they were attempting to root it in reality, but did so with a known myth.

    If they meant it as a reference then leave it as a statement that is true in the world of the movie, people who know where they are drawing it from will get it and like it, those who don’t will still go along for the ride; don’t try to validate it with known falsehoods, respect your audience’s intelligence. If you aren’t going to educate them through the science you reference, at least do not do them the disservice of mis-educating them.

  • DUDE!

    I am beginning to feel like you made up the whole thing about points.

    Still though, this has been a good dialogue. Robust and fruitful. Like two oiled up, sweaty fighter pilots playing doubles beach volleyball. What a team! And hey, you know what?

    You can be Maverick.

  • Marvin Falz

    Aaah, now I get it, Now I Get It!

  • Guest

    Fuck off, you pointless turd.

  • Wethewax

    I prefer The Holy Grail, and you should play the part of Sir Not-Appearing-In-Wethewax’s-Inbox.

  • Bim

    So.. Basically, this is a Hollywoodified Neon Genesis Evangelion-adaptation?
    Also, Mike starts jacking off after the Jägershot. Just thought y’all should know!

  • Now I Get It

    Oh, my great HOYVIN-GLAYVIN!

    Alright, then, I’ll just take a moment, now, to plot you, here, on this graph – GIGOYVIN! – with the one other person who – WHEY-HEY! – gets my jokes (many of them naw-awt so funny) after I’ve explained them.

    Welcome, young FLAYVIN, to the Dennis Miller Ratio!


  • FT

    I must confess, when the giant robot shows in his arm a giant sword, i laugh loud. Probably because of the same shit during one of the Transformers… i cant remember, a giant “cartoon” sword.

    Actually.. i almost forgot everything about this movies, Pacific is more fun and enjoyable, but nothing really stays after a time.. just few cool scenes with robots.

    This is my last try with a big movie about effects telling the history.

  • Jeez, fine. You can be Goose.

  • Nailed it 🙂

  • CorbeauNoir

    Except it has nothing in common with NGE aside from a few concepts with operating the jaegers.

    I’m seriously mystified by how often this comes up, to the point where I genuinely question if you actually watched what you’re comparing. NGE was a blatant deconstruction of the mech genre to the point where the mechs are practically pushed aside as sideplot, PR embraces the genre wholeheartedly. The differences in tone and the focus of their respective stories are immediately obvious.

  • beavinator

    How sad is it that the most positive reviews one can expect to hear of a movie these days are things like “You could actually tell what was happening during the action sequences”, or “They actually made a half-hearted attempt at character development”, or “It’s not as dumb as it looks”…? It’s like Michael Bay single-handedly demolished the entire industry and all we can hope for is that someone else will occasionally pull a few recognizable bits from the wreckage to show us…

  • meh

    they pretty much explained that Dinosaurs were the aliens trying to take over with Kaiju initially but the environment killed them off, after thousands of years of o-zone depletion and air pollution though the world was now a stable environment for the Kaiju, I don’t know why so many people missed that point, sure I saw it twice but I was able to grasp the concept the first time I watched it, in this universe Dinosaurs were alien monsters from another dimension with two brains, I thought it was silly but laughed it off and moved on

  • meh

    there’s also the fact that once you pilot a Jaeger together you effectively know everything about your co-pilot, that would create a bond far deeper than any romantic relationship, they know literally everything about each other

  • CB

    Yeah, that was perfectly clear, and what I’m saying is that explanation isn’t just silly, it’s literally the opposite of what happened: Dinosaurs DID take over the planet, and thrived in just about all environments on earth for hundreds millions of years!

    So the movie posits that dinosaurs were alien monsters in an early invasion force, fine, but in what sense did that invasion fail?! That’s what was such a head-smacker.

    But yeah, I laughed it off too at the time. Heck even this mockery I only mean in good fun, as I’m still basking in warm fuzzies from the film.

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    Well maybe, one HUGE motherfucker Meteor hit Earth and Everyone have motherfucker bad day after that.
    Alien Invaders: “Well, thats sucks.”

  • meh

    my comment was more addressing everyone, you just happened to be at the bottom of the list of comments, I figure they didn’t put a ton of thought into it but he does say that the environment wasn’t suitable to them at the time, sort of like that episode of the simpsons where homer goes back in time and his sneeze kills all the dinosaurs, when they were writing it they probably didn’t really care that the idea falls apart on closer inspection, it was just meant as a little throw away line which sort of supports the dinosaurs having two brains line, they had two brains because they were Kaijus, it’s an overall meaningless line and I’m surprised its garnered so many comments, this movie wasn’t made to be analyzed and stand up to scrutiny, it was made to be fun and it succeeded, so I was happy 🙂

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Found out about this guy a few weeks ago. Freaking brilliant! 😀 I enjoyed his WALL-E and The Matrix reviews. I think I found him because of a link leading to his bitching about the Wonder Woman TV show pilot.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I feel the exact same way.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “You could actually tell what was happening!”
    “It’s not as dumb as it looks!”

    Mike’s quotes will make the BluRay/DVD cover.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Do you want to fuck me?”
    “That’s right, Jay!”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I wish more of this stuff had made in into the movie and less of the awkward humour [humour being a loose term as I found them grating] from those two scientists.

  • deerstop

    It’s not Michael Bay’s fault, it’s our fault. Sad thing about Transformers is that people pay a lof of money to see these crappy films. Just check Box Office Mojo, All Time Box Office: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/

  • beavinator

    Yes, you do have a point…though sometimes I wonder if it’s more of a “chicken or the egg” scenario. Do awful and dumb movies make tons of money because people are dumb and like awful shit, or are people dumb and like awful shit because they are inundated with it and nothing but, thus having no outlet to expand their minds, nor any basis of comparison for stuff that’s actually worthwhile?

  • CB

    Ah, thread-structure-based assumptions led me astray. Anyway, the line was pretty pointless since it didn’t really relate to the plot at all (unlike “ours is analog!”) so if I had my drothers it just would have been removed. But oh well it was indeed a shed-load of fun.

  • johnnypnumonic

    Great episode of Half in the Bag. Snappy and super-on-point.

  • Dr. Cakey

    No, these people haven’t seen Evangelion, it’s just the only giant robot anime people have heard of. I DO have to admit that I can’t think of any other anime where giant robots fight giant monsters as opposed to other giant robots, but I know they exist.

    I do appreciate how Eva’s getting a bit of buzz due to Pacific Rim, though. For the folks coming in, prepare to be amazeded, disappointed, confused, and/or revolted.

  • bb-15

    Because of this review, I went to see PR. And I enjoyed it. I’m a longtime fan of the old Godzilla movies and that helped with my enjoying PR. (As well as having seen the old Gundam and Robotech series.)

  • Charnelhouse

    What separates this from a film like ‘Star Wars’ (among other things) is the lack of a clear protagonist. If, say, Mako was the film’s center instead of Raleigh, it might have been more engaging.

  • FT

    Is not fair compare with Transformers, my bad. Hum.. in a very smaller scale, but about the same kind of robot and human pilot, we have Avatar… there is a “cartoon knife” attached in the mech unity, oh god, is getting worse, is unfair compare with Avatar too..

    But the cartoon sword stays in memory! even after so many visual effects… is this the best feature about giant robots?

    Fuck you Rick Berman! Fuck you and your cartoon swords!

    Wait a minute.. what is it with Ricks?

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    But that is his bit. He never acts interested in anything. Like he has a brain injury. Then occasionally he will just burst out in laughter so loud and sudden it shocks everyone else present. I get the feeling that Mike has been incredibly flat and dry in his delivery of everything he has ever said, and has looked disinterested or pensive about everything he has ever heard.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    It is a movie about Giant Monsters and you are complaining that they tried too hard to base it in reality with references to debunked dinosaur science?

    I think you might just want to let it go.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    I don’t think it would take more than one punch. Two hours seems like an excessive run time for that.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    Don’t ask them to shoot you. Ask for that person to be shot.

  • CorbeauNoir

    I saw PR again on the weekend and decided to stick around for the full credits. There’s actually a In Memoriam credit for Harryhausen at the very end.

    Speaking of sticking through the credits, I cracked up at the custom-made song with the movie-relevant lyrics. Another little element that echoed those big dumb fun action movies in the 90s when they all had to have to have an ‘official’ tie-in song and then there’d be the vaguely-spun-off music video that featured spliced-in footage of the movie in question.

  • SayWhaaa

    I wish this film had been as engaging story wise, as it was visually
    It was definitely a bittersweet experience. Especially considering Del Toro was behind it

  • Marvin Falz

    On the show he seems to be a man that is hard to please. In one of the previous HitB’s he says that he thinks he’s lost his humanity, cause he watches brutality in movies and feels nothing. Well, I guess it’s hard to stay interested in anything, except your passions, when you see too much of the same. In these moments one might walk to the window, open it and shout out “where’s some fresh wind?”, then become aware of the baffled looks of the neighbors and close the window forever. No wait, that’s just me talking nonsense on the internet.

  • Rolo Thomasi

    “Geeks” was my favourite Walking Dead moniker for the zombies.

  • Haitchpeasauce

    Finally a fun, simple, entertaining movie that has at least some setup and payoff at plot and character levels. Despite the B acting and horrible Australian caricatures (I’m Australian and laughed frequently at their bad Aussie accent, appearance, and having a bulldog), this is the first time in a long time that I felt anything for the characters, and that’s something. Excitement, engaging action, rising tension and danger. Loved it.

    If there was a How It Should Have Ended moment in this movie, it was when Marshall Pentecost and Chuck Hansen decide to detonate their nuke. Pentecost could have sent Chuck away in the escape pod. I was very surprised when Raleigh put Mako in an escape pod: “WHAT, Jaegers have escape pods!?!?”. Sure, the ocean was somehow blasted away by the explosion, but if Raleigh can survive his Jaeger going [nucular], so can Chuck.

    Then Chuck can return to his dad, to his great surprise and relief, and they would look each other in the eye with a new found connection and full of respect, and then kiss.

  • Jake

    I actually enjoyed this movie. I’m glad I took Mike and Jay’s advice and saw it. Charlie Day and the other scientist made the whole movie for me.

    But the plot holes–the needless death of the son when he could have ejected–the awkward pauses of filler during the action sequences where the monsters suddenly twiddle their thumbs while the humans get their shit together. This movie was very flawed, yet still managed to not be too boring or offensive like other action blockbusters.

    This was a forgettable teen movie, but worth a watch. It should definitely have done better than Grown Ups 2 in the box office; and its a shame it didn’t.

  • Haitchpeasauce

    If I may indulge in a little over-analysis: although PR had the simplest of plots and characters, I enjoyed the little subtexts and breaks from convention that Del Toro has worked into the movie.

    – The politicians preferred to build walls rather than find a proper solution, which is common in history. Walls that the Kaiju easily destroyed.

    – That the work of a united world was to build monsters. Once we started to win, we got cocky.

    – The horror to learn that the Kaiju are a race who go from world to world, invading and stripping them bare of resources. This echoes humanity’s own tendency to destroy nations and rob nature of resources – a nice inversion to remind us of our nature.

    – Although there is only one female lead, she had a decent backstory that paid off in the plot and an interesting character.

    – The (mostly) subdued sexualisation of the characters. There is no pointless sex scene before the last battle. At the end the hug was more meaningful than a kiss.

    – Although the main character was a white male American, he was not the most virtuous, complex, or pivotal character to the plot – the represented nations all played important roles, but sadly were poor caricatures.

    – The main setting was not America, it was Hong Kong.

  • Toshiba

    This movie is about bullshit, expensive piece of visual work directed for kids, or nerds, the modern excuse to call something “cool” even when is just bullshit! The history is flat, dont pump, the actors just copy and paste of some kind of hero, wise speecher, the most random military and sacrifice BS… inside a thematic robot head to show a stupid giant control, in a nice power rangers coreography.

    Is just BS, not Adam Sandlers BS, but is just BS! Who loves japanese monsters and robots? better, who gives a crap for such bad tv stuff?? is just kids crap. The expensive fucking ticket to watch some kind of cloverfield meets tranformers plus 3d glasses, wow, hurts after watch this BS! Whats next? the vídeo game requires a fuck oculus rift? Sony exclusive for japanese “homage” as the current excuse to another shit product? Is not man of steel or after Earth craps.. but fuck this!

    Go back to make good movies, like El Laberinto del Fauno! do not start make more BS!

  • Haitchpeasauce

    Memorable because the sword dispatching the Kaiju with ease was at Mako’s hand. This was huge catharsis for the character, who as a girl was helpless and terrified. Later on the swords were of little help and so did not dissolve the tension of the fights.

  • Haitchpeasauce

    Oh don’t stop, this is excellent reading. I just got out the popcorn!

  • urinato

    why shit movies always deserve so much attention? is just a shit movie, less shit, but still a forgettable movie.


  • urinato

    you suck on this review, everywhere! not RLM, but you! pacific defender!
    this movie is just bullcrap.

  • I loved the winks and in jokes in the film. The corniness, the over the top complication of technology (not since Buckaroo B.!), the basic characterizations…it was all made with love and that is the most obvious thing on display in Pacific Rim.

    As Jay and Mike said, if I was 12 when I saw this, it would be my Blade Runner.

    The one thing Del Toro managed to duplicate from great sci-fi of the 70s/80s is the complete lack of interest from the general public. This film will go on to cult status and have an amazingly long life, I predict.

  • Connor

    You know what, no. Fuck your shit.
    You think you can just spout off bullshit about nobody liking japanese monster movies and/or robots, when not only are both awesome, but this movie never claimed to be anything other than an excuse to show awesome visuals dedicated to the legacy of those movies.

    You clearly didn’t even bother seeing the movie. You just saw the trailer and raged because people were enjoying something.

  • Billy Blanks

    Who are you, the Del Toro police? And why do you come off like a whiny bitch. You don’t like the movie don’t watch the movie, but then don’t complain when the studios won’t be on board when he wants to make his HP Lovecraft movie because this one didn’t do very well at the box office.
    It’s cause and effect you arrogant prick, you may not like the feel of this movie, but these days you can’t just make artful and well crafted films unless you line someones pocket first. Now go back to your musty, cum-kleenex filled apartment and jerk off to Suspiria.

  • NNn

    I’ve seen both. I thought about that after they were laughing at Atlantic Rim wich I’ve found more entertaining.

  • dfhfjhhgj

    Why is the next review taking so much time? Are you going to review The Wolverine?

  • dfhfjhhgj

    Why is the next review taking so much time? Are you going to review The Wolverine?

  • Burgerlord

    I only got 1 word for this movie….


  • Ted

    why not?

  • Koen Timmermans

    Nothing else to discuss at this time perhaps?

  • DanHibiki

    And to think, NGE doesn’t even have robots in it.

    Well ok, there’s that one with a nuclear engine but it does nothing but walk a bit.

  • zm

    i agree so much with everything in this review.

  • cobrazombie

    What are you talking about? The public loved the great sci-fi movies of that period.

  • cobrazombie

    Well said.

  • cobrazombie

    It says a lot when you remember the names of zombies types in The Walking Dead but can’t remember the main characters’ names.

  • cobrazombie

    They apparently filmed both kiss and no-kiss scenes and went with the latter.

  • cobrazombie

    Hey, it worked for Man of Steel.

  • Jon

    I had a dream last night that I was at a party at Mike’s house and Jay was there too. I got in to a fight with a friend of mine and Mike broke it up. Then I ran out of beer and went out to get some more, even though I could barely stand up.

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    Remember, Atomic Bomb and two Kaijus wait for him after he eject, so is die in a Blazing Gloy or Die eat alive, take your pike. And PR made much BETTER in the Box Office in another country.

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    Urinato, go fuck yourself, you already comment about don’t like the movie, now go get a life.

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    Try Gunbuster, is more similar to Pacific Rim and MUCH better then Evangelion.

  • DanHibiki

    the new one or the older one?

  • Darcy Dettmann Junior

    The old one. I like like the new one, but the old one have more in common into PR.

  • you knew it was coming


  • No they didn’t. Blade Runner was not a hit. Buckaroo Bonzai: not a hit. Aside from Back To The Future and a small handful of others, sci-fi movies did not perform well in the eighties.

  • Drain

    Don’t forget Adam Sandler. His movie outsold Pacific Rim. If his name wasn’t on it; no one would have cared. He still has a big fanbase of sheep that love all his crap, for some reason.

  • Stan Spiropoulos

    I loved it for what it was a Saturday afternoon matinee movie, I took my 12 year old son to see and walked out of the cinema happy, Will definitely buy it on blu-ray..I found this movie better than the man of steel.

  • Runadumb

    I went in hoping for some dumb fun but the level of dumb threw me. It is clearly a film for 12 year old’s, which I wasn’t really expecting, that’s on me.
    I didn’t hate the film, it was okay(ish) but around the 2nd big battle I had said “wait, what?” so many times that the house of cards just collapsed. After that I pretty much lost all interest and ended up just critiquing the hell out of the rest of the film.

    I like a big dumb film as much as the next guy but this film, this fucking film really requires you to turn the brain off. If you stop to think about anything that’s going on at any moment in the film its over.

    I’ve been WAY off with jay and mike for a while now. Hated Iron Man 3, loved Man of steel and thought Pacific Rim was pretty bad.

  • winzentween

    Funny as always and it is truly sad that GU2 was even made let alone made more money than an original franchise like PR (though AR look hilarious and the acting about the same lol). I support the guys with their opinions as I want to support the film and see a sequel but seriously the acting and script and most of the story was terrible…tv quality and not in a good way which I found unacceptable for the money involved. My real issue was that I could not see the monsters in the rain and I have seen the art work which is epic but in the film they are less than, as you just cannot tell wt f is going on. I wish the other foreign robots had more screen time and I wish the wall, political aspect had been developed and an explanation why they would cut the program when they knew the wall was failing. good film, great review 😀

  • Carol_Shelby

    I HATE new movies, all shit. This was alright, least worth watching if the GF wants to go…
    My biggest complaint would be all the FUCKIGN sparks in the “head” control room everytime the damn thing touched anything or otherwise got hit… it was way over the top and it kept on happening.

  • Gagarin

    Who knew RobotJox would be so hard to beat in the logic department?

  • Frustrated

    Where the fuck is new half in the bag?

  • Frustrated

    If you guys are working on Space Cop, and there aren’t gonna be new episodes you should tell your fans, so we don’t keep wasting our time checking for updates.

  • gab

    I was very disappointed in this movie. The action and the visuals were stellar and had me upright in my seat. I went into the movie with the expectation of a dumb action flick – i looked forward to be entertained, turn my brain off, munch popcorn and watch big things hitting other big things.

    And that part was spectacular. The sound vibrated through the theatre, I found the action very engaging… but the plot… had me in enrage. It would not have been sooo much of a problem, since i was not expecting too much, but for that kind of flat, stereotypical plot, there was simply too much time put into this. Ever unimportant detail explained… I would have loved to watch that same movie with the badass russian team as the center team, maybe in point-battle with the chinese guys. Trying to beat each other on bad-assness. That would have been even stupidid..iter. But maybe more fun. Instead i had to watch two american-themed teams, an insecure eye-candy women with a father complex, weird connections and choices. The first time that really ripped me out of the movie was the female character turning up at the command base after her first desastrous test-run. After this incident and the scolding that followed, who would have put her into that machine?! If these robots were the very last chance, i would have never taken that risk… such an unstable person in walking nuclear reactor… just considering her AGAIN…
    Gnah, so many stupid scenes. And the dialogue. They did not feel like they were talking to each other.
    Besides that, I have to agree: This movie was fueled by passion. The stupid dialogue and weird way consequences worked, might have been some editing-problem… I never understand, why such a common denominator script fueles a 200 Mio project. I am very glad, that tel toro got to do what he loved and that the team seemed to be very involved. The movie did not feel half assed. It probably comes down to my taste…

    But i really do wonder… I would love to see a movie of the entertainment level of the fifths element again – visually interesting, entertaining, also flat characters and a pretty basic story – but nevertheless, that movie is campy as hell and still fun. or leon the professional as an action movie…

  • LynnJynh931

    I find all these critics hilarious: “the story is so thin, the characters underdeveloped”

    Have these people ever seen a Godzilla movie?? The plot and the characters AREN’T the appeal. Truth be told, for the genre, the characters are terrific… but this genre is about the spectacle… and Pacific Rim is one hell of a spectacle.

  • Alex Lee

    That they did work for Twlight really tells us the brand isn’t quite what it used to be.

  • Alex Lee

    In my defense, I went-and only for the first one-on the recommendation of a friend. I didn’t quite realize how poor his taste in movies are at the time.

    …But then again, I went to see Ultraviolet on this same friend’s recommendation, so I guess I had fair warning.

  • deerstop

    LOL Ultraviolet was created by the director of Equilibrium (an awesome film). So giving Ultraviolet a chance made sense.

  • hate

    I love this reviews when they pretend a shitty movie is actually good, it gets me everytime !

  • Alex Lee

    That’s the problem with Godzilla movies, and it does amaze me that they are as popular as they are.

  • Alex Lee

    I guess all the twelve-years olds went to Grown Up 2 instead.

  • Alex Lee

    Given how there are fairly smart TV shows, I’m inclined to say that stupid people with way too much money on their hands are the cause of stupid movies.

  • Alex Lee

    Yeah, it was a people-story first. Even though NGE had really cheesy episodes, the beginning with the Oedipal complex subplot and the end with the journey of existentialism was actually interesting. And the blood was really over the top.

    I think the reason why the Japanese use the giant robots is the same reason why lightsabers are cool. They’re a tool that makes the character powerful enough to alter the course of the story. Used properly, it makes characters more interesting. Used improperly, and it just gets ridiculous and impractical.

  • Patrique

    What? Two pilots have to link emotionally in in order to control a fighting machine? That’s a straight knock-off of Simoun, an anime series that is MILES ahead of anything presented in Pacific Rim.

    Hollywood, stop ripping off great ideas! You’ll only ruin them!

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    when you mind meld wth your dad don’t you see him fucking your mom??? that would fuck me up for life!!!

  • This review is SOOO SPOT ON. Absolutely sign it. Liked it A LOT, didn’t love it, for the reasons you are naming, mostly the flat characters. But Del Torro created an amazing and exciting world. The film felt like a great real-life Sunday morning cartoon. Best Blockbuster since Avengers 2. And the production design is Oscar-worthy.

  • Drew

    It’s interesting, I always considered the father-son relationship between Herc and Chuck Hansen to be a result of the Drift and connecting their minds, not necessarily a biological thing. After a bit of research, I sincerely think that would have been a better idea. That sort of intimacy establishes a much more profound bond than anybody might realize.

  • David D. Davidson

    Actually Del Toro is actually a fan of Gaint Mecha anime, if you look closely you can find a lot of other references to other animes, that’s just one of them.

  • deerstop

    A total mystery! I really liked older Sandler’s comedies, but I just have to admit – his recent movies suck so much. The last film that I moderately enjoyed was “Don’t Mess with Zohan” back in 2008. At some point I just stopped caring about his new films at all. Why so many people watch his recent crap?

  • Kyle

    Avengers 2 isn’t out…

  • Kyle

    Evangelion, anyone?

  • AlcaldeEste

    If they made the original Godzilla today, in 2013, with the story and the acting of the original Godzilla, it would receive a lot harsher criticism than Pacific Rim.
    Yes, it may have the appeal that it’s fun to watch a guy in a rubber suit stomp on cardboard box houses and laugh at it. Yes, it was an original concept, but it’s not a great piece of cinema in any way.

  • Baramos x

    The drone pilot is taking a tenth of a second to send the signal to the drone, too, though. He’s in a bunker with a joystick and controls. How is there an advantage to piloting remotely as opposed to actually being there in the cockpit on that basis?

    What you are assuming is the invention of AI that can outhink humans on the battlefield. In the universe depicted in the movie it doesn’t seem like that’s been created.

    I agree on the g-force thing, of course, but again we are running into a different context, as they are not having aerial battles.

    Star Wars I’ll give you since they clearly have intelligent AI-equipped droids that could probably outthink human pilots.

  • Stephen Grillo

    HEY JAY, NICE SPACE COP PIN! Sorry about the caps I’m excited.

  • Brian Levine

    Loved the movie, but why not just make Evangelion, The Movie? Because everyone would hate the ending?

  • Jerk Douglas

    Foreign directors always have trouble with polishing the delivery on lines delivered in english. Remember the Alien: Resurrection problems? French guy director managing a cast of signature overblown Joss Whedon characters.

  • Alex Lee

    Evangelion had serious trouble trying to resolve the end, and the way it’s set up, it’s just meant for a tragic end and anything else is just too weird.

  • David D. Davidson

    The main problem is that it’s well Evangelion. The series is a bit too weird and fucked up for the studios to pick up and give it a good enough budget to do it justice. I however think that Gurren Lagaan could make for a good big dumb fun movie. Give it to a good director who understands action, cast Neil Patrick Harris as Leeron and Ron Perlman as Genome and you would have yourself a hit.

  • Cameron Vale

    I had a muted version of that argument (I thought Sandler was losing his lustre, the other guy disagreed) and a really interesting thing came up. In a whopping majority of Sandler’s comedies, he plays someone who has an amazing athletic natural talent. Sometimes it’s obvious (Happy Gilmore’s phenomenal swing), and sometimes significantly less so (Jill’s unexplained super strength). Even before I’d heard or thought about any of the specifics, I strongly sensed it was true, and now I can’t stop wondering if I’ve somehow caught a glimpse behind the veil of his appeal.

  • TapewormBike

    Have you ever seen a Billy Wilder movie?

  • Alex Lee

    Yeah, I guess it would be, except that I can see how a director can fall for the cartoony trap and make it look like Scott Pilgrim, which looked as awful as its premise was stupid.

  • AnnJoyViewster

    I often hate new movies, too. But this one was fun.

  • Hale

    Because it’s based on the old mecha anime that Eva itself was based on. The premise was a really common one for old-school mech series before Gundam.

  • stryker1121

    Way late to the party but just saw this tonight..It was OK, a couple of great monster/robot fights (the HK battle in particular) but the film is about 30 minutes too long and the big character moments fell flat.

    In essence there was no need to try and create something epic and meaningful in a movie about robots fighting monsters. 1 hour of stock characters going thru the motions and NO monster fights is a bit inexcusable. Pacific Rim needed to be like a martial arts movie when there’s a fight every 15 minutes. I don’t watch a monster vs. robot flick to be moved emotionally.

  • Mike Jakermen

    Frankly i love Godzilla Movies. They dont usually have the best acting or stories. But they are fun to watch. That was the same feeling i got Pacific Rim. Sure it could have been better. But as a homage to Monster/Mecha Movie its not too bad.

  • Alex Lee

    I have to agree with Mike when he said that the audience is exhausted of “big dumb.” And the blame is on Michael Bay for creating the Transformers movies. The reason why lies in the way Pacific Rim was marketed was to get the Transformers crowd. Big. Dumb. Loud.

    So fuck you Michael Bay. You not only make bad movies; you ruin other people’s movies.

  • TapewormBike

    You can pin some of the blame on the guy for sure, but the trend of the big dumb blockbusters being what draws people into cinema in summer really began with Jaws and Star Wars (both of which are awesome and well made, but “big dumb” is still somewhat applicable). So, we have Spielberg, who also produced Transformers and Jorge to blame even more. Btw, I loved me some big dumb Pacific Rim from big smart Del Toro.

  • Alex Lee

    The problem with Michael Bay in particular is that I have no idea what happens in the Transformer movies AT ALL. I don’t care about the characters, how they fit into the story, or the plot progression. There’s a reason why “it’s just shit on a screen.” At least with Spielberg and Lucas, while they’re not as smart as Welles and Kurosawa, at least I can figure out a sense of order and relate-able characters.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    Well I agree with u, redlettermedia inc people. It was a decent movie that could have offered even more. I was ok with having a flat hero character (he had a little luke skywalker side) but i think the lady and the general were a bit off characters. Apart from that and the stupid ending (fuck nuclearbombs, btw) and the lack of effort for going a bit deeper into the politiclal/économical/social aspect of this recreation of an apocalytic near futur (instead of focusing too much on building stock characters), it was definitively worth watching.

    A looooot better than transformer 1 and 2 (haven’t and will not see the 3). I personnally think the world would be better off without Michael Bay making movies.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    Please no. Hollywood is not even remotly ready to deal with animes and mangas. And i’m really not ready to see most japanese character turn to americans for marketing reasons. I probably never will.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    I agree on Scott Pilgrim : it was really an overrated waste of time.

  • Alex Lee

    I think that the buffer/block (all a matter of perspective) is the failures of movies converted from anime. Let’s (not) remember Dragonball: Evolution and Scott Pilgrim. Studios would be freaked out taking a chance of anime when those movies failed so miserably.

    Another problem is that many anime titles are not relate-able to an American audience. Death Note is a vastly marketable product in Japan, having succeeded in making this transition. But the show is just so Tokyo-centric that people in, say, Kansas or Arkansas simply wouldn’t get those references.

  • TapewormBike

    Jodorowskys Tranformers. Aynone?

  • DeColonise

    Good review and I agree with most of what you say.
    For me the first half and the giant battle at sea and later inland was fucking awsome. I did not care at all about the characters and their stories. And the whole underwater battle at the end lost me completley.
    It just looked so fake and unreal.
    Sad, because it had me going for the first half and a little bit longer…

  • brutal_sushi

    I love the effects they do for Mike whenever he goes all Michael Bay… Also great review, the issues that they bring up don’t really ruin the movie for me… It might also be the fact that my favorite movie as a kid was Robot Jox…

  • TapewormBike

    Fucking Eh man, I knew there has to be at least one other like me! The VHS with Robot Jox was worn out to death when I was little.

  • brutal_sushi

    HELL YES!!!

  • jammybastard

    I thought this movie was as boring and flat as that Stella Artois you’re drinking. Well, worse. After you saw the first battle scene in the prologue, you had seen them all. And they just kept going on and on and on and on and on. There was hardly 60 minutes of content but the film took over twice that much. Boring shit with cool factor -666 is what this is. Giant robots…ffs

  • Mel B Toast

    Necro-posting, but in case you get notifications–there’s a podcast I listen to semi-regularly that covers all things nerd. One guy is English and the other is American, so you get different perspectives.


  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    I agree with you (sorry for late answer btw). Btw, let’s (not) remember all the j-culture based fighting games adaptations (Dead or Alive, King of Fighters and omg Tekken) which tells a lot about how uncapable Hollywood is to get even the simplest thing about why those titles are popular (excuse my english, btw). I mean those franchises were all about character style and fighting scene and they even managed to miserably fail while adpating them, so what could it be with a Evangelion or a similarly ambitious titles.

    I think the main reason to that is that Hollywood is to self-centered : they just don’t know how to shoot “non-american”. It’s as you say a cultual problem but on both sides.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    I’m pretty sure you liked Transformers. All of them.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    I saw man of steel recently, and i’m pretty proud to inform you that i fell asleep in front of it. It was “OMGodly” worthless.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    Right on the spot, dude, even if i think that the plot deserved a bit more attention. But Pacific Rim was definitively an organic movie like those which made me dream when i was a kid.

  • Alex Lee

    To be fair, the problem with fighting games is that everyone has their favorite character, and everyone wants their favorite to be the protagonist. Because a story has to pick and choose, only a few are selected while the others are reduced to cameos. The general plot of a fighting game is “there’s a tournament, and the people who organized it have a trick up their sleeve.” It’s so dumb that there’s very little to do in a story like that.

  • Khyron

    Oh! thats a new one!

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS


  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    I agree on most of this. That said, most fightings game usually have their star and main secondary characters and their main plot (basically a tournament with one or several potential evil dudes). Bluntly:
    King of Fighters : Iori/Kyo (Emo Japan)
    Street Fighter : Ryu/Ken (Japan/US)

    Tekken : Mishima family (Tradition/Japan)
    Mortal Kombat : Liu Kang/Kage (Japan/Us)
    Soulcalibur : Mitsurugi/ Siegfried (Japan/White boys)

    Dead or Alive is a special case as most characters are really shallow, the main interest of this game being the tits.

    The Tekken example is pretty interesting : while the live action movie sucked really bad, the animated one (Tekken Blood Vengeance) had quite an ok scenario given the material. My best charcater wasn’t on the cast but i appreciated the experience nevertheless because all the rest was really well built. So ok, it’s easier to recreate virtual charcaters with a full CGI movie or cartoon, but it’s also true that the border with Live Action has become thinner the past few years.

    As for the story, if Stallone’s Expandables scenario are bankable, i believe that a tournament scenario, if well done, would be easily bankable too. So to me, it’s just a matter of lazyness or cultural self-indulgence from Hollywood.

  • Khyron

    Ridiculus micronian

  • William Crafton

    Hey. Scott Pilgrim is not an “anime” movie, it’s a comedy movie. It’s pretty funny and somewhat subversive.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    This movie definitelly left me jaeger for more.

  • andrew thompson

    evangelion, rip off, stuff…. whatever i give up on hollwood.

  • Daniel Ashe

    Ooh yeah because Evangelion was sooo original and was in NO way a rip of Godzilla or King Kong. You anime obsessed people are funny.

  • ikilledacat

    Although this movie was a dumb/loud movie, I was highly impressed with the restraint they showed by not having the male/female leads fall in love. They were around the same age, attractive, have past traumas, and are psychically linked – the love story practically writes itself. Soooo glad they avoided that. Kudos.

  • andrew thompson

    anime pays homage, hollywood rips off… no you are right. evangelion was a mixture of everything, ever!. it was the careful work of the producers if “rim job” never to mention evangelion as even an influence that was disingenuous. given there are shot for shot bits taken from it.

  • andrew thompson

    my fave anime rip-off thing is when the macros makers sue the makers of transformers cause of their transforming f-14 tomcats… shame the USAF didnt sue macros for ripping the f-14

  • andrew thompson

    i hired a team of crack addicts to analyse the end of the series… after months of deliberation they decided they needed a research facility in Argentina. so i gave them US$500,000… still waiting to hear back……

  • Memoman

    Whenever I see this review, I also end up watching Movie Bob’s review over at The Escapist. I love Red Letter Media, but this review is a bit of a downer.

    (I usually end up watching the whole movie too!)

  • Pissernacht

    Dumb? It had the most interesting science fiction bits I’d seen in years combined with badass, balls to the walls action.

    Though I’ll agree with you on how good it was we weren’t…treated…to yet another bullshit love story in a movie.

  • Pissernacht

    Jay: “…unnecessary close-ups of Ron Perlman’s face…”

    I’d call that a draw myself, though I’ll acknowledge that all of my friends know only one guy who caresses himself during the intros to the Fallout games (me, hint hint), so I’ll grant it’s reasonable to say I have an unnatural attraction to Ron Perlman.

  • RRB

    A close up of Ron Perlman can make me sit through any crappy movie, get him and Bruce Campbell in a close up with Sam Raimi and Guillermo Del Toro and I don’t know what will happen…most likely fluids!

  • JohnathenFlick

    Movie Bob made me stop visiting the escapist, too pretentious.

  • Memoman

    Really? He does come off a bit on the posh side, but he’s gleefully geeky, and I can certainly appreciate that.

  • Patrick

    It also bothers me that he’s more of a nerd than a critic. When a superhero movie comes out, he doesn’t seem to give a shit about the quality as much as he cares about the characters being done the way HE wants.

  • kenchun24

    Hey an old HITB thread…as far as I’m concerned, Legendary is two for two with their daikaiju/giant mecha revival franchises. Del Toro’s take on the genre was the
    Saturday morning cartoon action/adventure that brought joy to the 12
    year old in me. While Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla had me simultaneously gasping in awe and grinning with glee. Like a fresh with his driver’s license
    16 year old and his first trip to a Saturday night drive in circa 1954. Loved these movies.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    I’m sold! Which direction do I throw my money?

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    This movie was awesome. You guys have some good points but this was movie of the year for me.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    It’s an homage because Del Toro openly admitted it was based on animes he saw when he was younger, and you don’t need to mention the original work by name for it to be an homage. Most well known animes almost exclusively pay homage to western movies and series, never mention any of them, and anyone with a brain calls it an homage not a rip off.

    Del Toro is a class act, he probably understands Evangelion better than you and I ever will, and made a movie mirroring its story because he in fact loves the original work. This movie was made out of a passion, not a money grab. You just don’t like it because it is “westernized”. But to be honest, and I used to be quite a fan of anime features when I was growing up, Anime is really not as high brow as you think it is. Most of it is pretentious and comes of as mysterious and intriguing not out of depth of the director or writer, but because of bad translations and bad writing/plot development. Western fans of anime think it is all really high-brow stuff, but in Japan anime is considered mostly dumb kid entertainment or just schlock, just like how we see mainstream Hollywood.

    A few years ago Del Toro attempted to direct a Mountains of madness movie, for any fan of Lovecraft that was a match made in heaven. He stopped working on that movie because no studio would let him film the movie the way he wanted. Del Toro and Tarantino might make movies you don’t like, but at least you know they have artistic integrity and you are watching what they wanted to make, not what a boardroom decided to show us.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    I am pretty sure both of them employed native English speaking writers.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    Ok but all of the examples you are giving (Dead or Alive, King of Fighters and Tekken) have almost non-existent and rubbish stories to begin with. Most Anime does actually, even the ones based on Manga. Their plots are not nearly as highbrow and artistic as many western fans like to think. Their stories are overly pretentious and complicated with no underlying structure, characters are typical Japanese stereotypes, on steroids. The theme of the story is rarely subtle and usually hammered into you by repeating the same lines over and over again. And the character arc is almost exclusively the same “guy/girl has hidden powers but must go through hardship to “unlock” said powers, which they do of course at the most critical moment”.

    It is only western fans that worship anime in this manner, mostly because all the mystique, intrigue and sense of a deeper story comes from bad translations and the fact that we westerners perceive boring Japanese stereotypes as “fresh”. Only a handful of anime are worth a second look to understand a possible deeper meaning, the rest is just schlock like most Hollywood movies.

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    Well if what you say is true for most basic fighting manga/anime (where the purpose is to see some fights), I’m sorry to say that I don’t agree with your point of view for several reasons :

    1) The theme of manga/anime stories is, on the contrary, often quite subtile, and, i a way, much more than most western movies/comics, if you get out of the Dragon Ball circle. Evangelion is one (amonster attacking, human building robots, mistery link between the monster and the robots), Akira is another (Unknown bomb detrioys Tokyo, decades later, some street bikers will unveil the truth behind this), Gunnm (in a scrap city, a scientist find a 200 years old cybord head still alive), Death note is another (killing notebook gets in the hands of a elite psycho and faces elite detective), Berserk can be counted in (actually one of the few with a good western produced anime adaptation-i’ll let you discover this one ;)), XXth century boys (a group of men realize that a sect is recreating the story they imagined when they were kids), Ghost in The shell (in a cyber world, an new form of AI rises from the network)… and I’m only quoting some best sellers. I still can add some names, on the go : Claymore, Hellsing, Trigun, Gantz, Jojo bizarre adventure, City Hunter, Drifters…

    2) The hero in most of those don’t necessarly have super powers or will.

    3) There’s a big difference between extending a story for serialization (which leads to repetitive lines) and a shallow story. However, I agree with you that it can sometimes ruin the plot a bit. This is where a screenwriter should be able to take the best of it and rebuilt in for a movie format. So far, it almost has never been done, mainly for the reasons i stated below.

    4) If you really want to understand the depth of eastern anime stories, you should firts start reading the manga (comics) most of them are inspired of. Also, i suggest you check two vintage anime that are atypical : Berserk (old version 26 ep) and trigun (26 épisodes).

  • andrew thompson

    that was my point! this was totally a “what a boardroom decided to show us.” movie.
    it was not up to Del Toro’s usual standard… and Tarantino should not be shamed by association with this poorly made rubbish!
    and if this was the movie he wanted to make Del Toro is a fuckwit!

  • andrew thompson

    there is no science in this fiction….

  • Alex Lee

    It really moves more like Big O, which is a pretty good show with quite possibly the dumbest premise ever.

    Premise of Big O: Bruce Wayne pilots a giant robot to defend an entire city that suffers from amnesia.

    Turns out, the best parts is everyone trying to uncover the mysteries of their past lives and the giant robots are just an aside.

  • Alex Lee

    Wouldn’t that mean the translations actually make the work better? Now, I agree that most mainstream (e.g. Bleach, DragonBall Z, Naruto, Sword Art Online, Inuyasha, etc.) is just horrible schlock, there are anime that does handle their subject matter in a non-stupid way.

    Short list of what I’m familiar with:
    Requiem from the Darkness
    Ghost in the Shell: SAC
    Cowboy Bebop
    Samurai Champloo
    Macross Plus

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    Yes those are all great features. Most of the time because they break the anime cliches and sometimes even borrow from Hollywood or at least a western style of storytelling. I just don’t like it when people compare Hollywood and anime and pretend anime is some kind of artistic medium that is making everything out of passion and Hollywood is the exact opposite.

    It isn’t, in fact most anime studios are animation factories, churning a certain amount of frames and colorings a day, and that’s it. Most people working there don’t even know what movie they are doing the coloring for.

    Sometimes the translations make the feature better… and sometimes not, it’s all over the place. When it comes to sub or dub I tend to go sub because I am European and I am used to and therefor prefer seeing things in their original language, that includes French and German etc. But you would be crazy if you can’t see most anime is full of pretentious beat-you-over-the-head bullshit watching either.

  • Leo Silva

    Are you kidding? Japanese pop culture fans are all around the world, only because you don’t like or know those kind f things doesn’t mean we all agree.

  • Leo Silva

    Gunbuster is a proto-evangelion.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    i can forgive almost all the MASSIVE STUPID in this move because punching monsters in the face with a giant robot is cool… but not the sword… never the sword. FUCK YOU STUPID MOVIE!!!!!!

  • Mateus Loner

    again, evangelion rip-off

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    This movie sucked. So boring. How can giant mechs fighting giant monsters be so boring.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    fuck off nignog

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