Half in the Bag: Oz the Great and Powerful and Return to Oz

March 14, 2013398 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss all things Oz! As well as deal with Mr. Plinkett’s recent drug addition problem.

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  • LOL

  • Oh, should have made this episode a review of both Oz and Spring Breakers for the Franco effect.

    Still, new episode of HITB!

  • MrBlonde



    Dr. 8:::::::D~~~
    Attorney of fuck you

  • audio sync seems to be noticeably off

  • Kviii

    When is the next Commentary Track?

  • William Shatner

    Awesome stuff! Keep it coming!

  • Mr.Fuck You


  • obriencj

    Speaking of moments that are burned into your memory at a young age, do you recall the “Mysterious Stranger” scene from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

  • David T.

    Who fucking left that there!?

  • Speaking of darker children’s fantasy I’m curious where you guys would tand on the Harry Potter series as a whole. The third one on is pretty dark for for todays standards.

  • I never have anything better to do when there’s a new Red Letter Media movie review up!

  • Mark Bisone

    I’d like to dock my Franco in Mila’s Kunis, maaaaan. But they both suck at acting.

  • i laughed when Rich Evans called himself an “actor”. every episode is funnier then the next!

  • MatthewMelange

    I was laughing until he fell down because he tripped on a box

  • rhino

    i liked the afterschool special vibe of the episode

  • Dr. Mario

    That is one of the reasons why the series was so popular. It didn’t treat kids like idiots.

  • solidd

    Not drug addition! That’s the worst kind of addition!

  • I wonder if that hotline number is the same number Mike called that sold those “action figures”.

  • Kathryn

    I remember when my teacher made us watch Return to Oz in grade 1 because she didn’t know what it was about. Absolutely terrifying.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Rich Evans! You have not reviewed Animal Soccer World like I told you to! Where is it??!! And for that matter, WHEN ARE YOU FRAUDS GONNA READ OUT MY TWILIGHT ANSWERS THAT I EMAILED YOU??!!!

  • Dork

    I cant wait for the Citizen Kane prequel.

  • Thomas

    Holy shit, I had forgotten I’d watched Return to Oz when I was a kid but I remember the wheelers and the headless witch now. What a terrifying movie when I was young.

  • Floyd

    The problem is James Franco. He looks like a pedo. When he smiles you can just see him driving around in a panel van molesting children. He is incredibly creepy.

    And you guys mention dark children’s movies of the 80’s but you leave out The Black Cauldron which was pulled from theatres and not released for 3 decades after complaints from parents over how dark it was?

  • Brendan Paterson

    depends on the director man, the direction of those movies was all over the place.

  • I thought Mila Kunis did a great job during the first half of the film, I know – at least – she made me swoon more than once. But when the green which comes on seen later in the movie, all the witches portrayals turn to unmitigated crap; especially the green which who was apparently a cartoon character – because she sure as hell wasn’t believable or frightening or any other complimentary word I would have liked to describe such a classic character as.

  • pONgmasTER phong

    Now we just need Tim Burton to make a sequal with Johny Depp. and lotsa spirals..

  • Captain Imabadguy

    The ending was priceless. And I do believe that’s the first time we’ve ever seen Rich Evans in a suit!

    What a well-mannered and respectable young man.

  • Mr.Mister

    “Don’t you have nothing better to do?”

    You are right Mr.Plinkett.
    I need a job.
    A hand job.

  • sindegra

    So I looked up the phone number it belongs to this: http://www.easygirls.com/

    888-938-3825 = 888-WET-FUCK.

    You gaaaaizzz.

  • JoeJoe

    Hip-Hop E.T. will be played by Bieber in the new version. Fuck Hollywood.

  • Guest

    No love for The Wiz?

  • contagioned

    I’m just going to guess that is a sex hotline

  • JohnFr33man

    Oh wow, that was a “Very Special Half in the Bag” !

  • you’re just jealous that mike came up with it before you could

  • “she made me swoon” what the hell

  • qwert jr.

    So he not even acting in that up coming selena gomez movie…

  • qwert jr.

    Which which?

  • qwert jr.

    They’ll fix it in the special edition

  • neverending

    Thanks for the episode!

  • BMT

    You guys could’ve at least mentioned Return to Oz being directed by Walter Murch, one of the greatest sound design/editors in filmmaking history. Something tells me he won’t be remembered for his stab at directing with Oz. You guys made me so angry, that could be all the meth I just took though.

  • Maybe he’s a southern belle from the 1800’s who’s corset is too tight?

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  • Admiral Bone-to-pick

    was ruined by google

  • faggot

    What About Bob was good motherfucker!

  • Pemberton

    Serious, black box theater Rich Evans is my spirit animal.

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    Oz: The Great and Powerful raped my childhood.

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    This episode of HITB was so magical.

  • I really didn’t care for David Yates.

  • So Rich Evans shot first?

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    Tiny, tiny testicular cancer.

  • Fuck that.

    When’s the next Care Boars episode?

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    “Less pathetic than the Chipmunk movies” = damning with faint praise.

  • zm

    best. episode. ever.

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    A meth-addicted Plinkett? What is this BREAKING BAD . . . MOVIES?

  • “They have a chicken.”
    “A CHICKEN?!?!”

    I love “Return To Oz”, even as an adult.

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    The wicked witch.

  • DanceK

    ‘Don’t lie’ unless it’s because your carrying out a con against an old man.

  • Infernal Dude

    Hey guys, long time viewer first time commenter.

    What is the reason for the “ping” sound during the reviews? It doesn’t really bother me I just am curious.

  • Merolk

    This would’ve been the golden opportunity to review Zardoz.

    Or even better; have it in your next “Best of the Worst”!

  • scubby

    but Zardoz is one of the great cinematic masterpieces of our time!
    to include it in best of the worst would be grossly irresponsible.

  • Funy gui

    The whiched which

  • Elle

    pretty soon all Half in the Bag episodes will be one long DING.

  • “every episode is funnier then the next!”

    The fuck does that even mean? You used ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ and unless you meant to say ‘last’ instead of ‘next’, you’re basically saying that each episode get less funny.

  • How does one ‘tand’?

  • shhhh…..i dont want the people agreeing with me to notice….

  • Danny

    James Franco is really good in 127 Hours guys, you should see it!

  • That one ‘down vote’ isn’t even from me. I’m assuming it’s a Rich Evans fan being upset… or Rich Evans HIMSELF!

  • playdude92

    Every now and then a wizard will come along and show you, that you had the cash to spare for a mediocre movie all along!

  • Danny?… DANNY BOYLE?!

    Shameful self promotion detected. I might see your Trance movie. It better be good or else you’re a bigger hack than the hacking James Franco did to cut off his arm!

  • Woooooaaaaahhhhh Come the Fuck down Mike! I know you hate Natalie Portman (I mean who doesn’t) but she was great in Black Swan because…a fuck it anyone want a pizza roll…So yeah I have nothing else to say I guess….whose been fuckin with my meds….YAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Obfuscationist

    Interesting observation on the relative darkness of the two movies. From what I recollect of reading L. Frank Baum’s own sequel to the original novel, “Return to Oz” does seem to have used some of its elements. Baum himself included some violence in the novels that at the time was considered questionable in children’s books (notably some monsters called Kalidahs in the first that I don’t think made the film).

    I’m curious to catch “Return to Oz” now, as well as “Wizard,” which I haven’t seen since childhood. Thanks again, guys, I love your stuff.

    Though I do tend to drink way too much beer while watching it . . .

  • ChrisR

    One modern example of the darkness and sense of adventure you mention from movies of the past, is the kids cartoon show adventure time. It’s everything you talk about and more, and is genuinely enjoyable even for adults to watch.

  • MarkRSchulz

    I always thought that Return to Oz was almost like Total Recall for kids. When the doctor throws the switch on the electro shock machine we don’t know if Dorothy is lobotomized on the table and the rest of the movie is the result of her mind being scrambled, or if Oz is a real place.

    Mombi has many heads because she shows one face to Aunt Em, and another to Dorothy after they are left alone together. Notice how she gets to Oz in one of the cots that the mentally deranged used to be left in at the turn on the century? When the head nurse is taken away she gives Dorothy a look as if to say, ‘I know what you did.’ The adults are focused on the damaged patients, but maybe Dorothy is the one really responsible for the clinic fire and the death of the doctor (she did kill the Nome King).

    Maybe the whole movie is a mixture between the real world and Oz, meeting in the deranged mind of one Ms. Dorothy Gale as she moves through the clinic on a quest to kill the one who damaged her…

  • Not too far off of how I felt about Oz the Great and Powerful… It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be, had some nice Sam Raimi moments, a few particularly enjoyable parts (like the emergence of the Wizard), some horrible miscasting, and overall pretty forgettable.

    I’m glad you put Return to Oz in context… It’s very much a part of that Eighties Golden Age of children’s movies. I actually like Return more than Wizard because the latter is a little too overstimulating. I’ve never forgotten Return to Oz.

  • Robby

    Mike looks bored as fuck when Jay is monologuing at the beginning.

  • rghz<drg

    Rich Evens is my hero.

  • Sol

    Even just the few wee clips of Return to Oz shown brought back so many memories of that film.

    Just hearing the name instantly makes me think “wheelers”.

  • I like James Franco but I’ve only seen him in Pineapple Express.

  • Return To Oz was probably the scariest movie of my childhood. The wheelers and the headless queen scared the shit out of me,

  • jv

    Rich Evans continues to be comedy gold

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    I like James Franco, I don’t think they give him fair shakes.

  • Strange how hey omit Harry Potter from the conversation, a good example of kids’ movies with some genuinely dark and scary moments. You see characters die on screen in the Harry Potter movies, the fourth one is particularly dark, Makes the guys seem a little out of touch with the subject.

  • Joda

    Bridge to Terabithia is actually an example of a modern children’s film that tackles more complex emotions.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    You would think they would mention scary animated movies like Watership Down or The Adventures of Mark Twain. That movie scared me when I watched it just recently as an adult.

  • Grimmers

    That was my first guess also, but it’s a different one. He calls 1-877-315-6666 in that episode.

    Which means that they know at least two different phone sex lines, which I’m sure by the power of landslide logic means they have a shit ton.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    When anybody starts caring what you think ever.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    You realize there are people who actually think that.

  • LOL

    Mike was a kid when Neverending Story, how old is he anyways?

  • Grimmers

    Jay mentioned it in the last time they’ve spoke about him in an ep.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    28-29 I’m guessing. Though I don’t think anybody knows.

  • Obfuscationist

    Watching “Return to Oz” now, thanks to a Jap(anese) YouTuber.

    Thanks for the rec, guys. Many ideas come straight from the original novelist, and thoroughly enjoyable (with nice practical effects trumping crappy CGI).

    It’s like you’re riding to floor 200 on an elevator, and around the 100th floor the MUZAK suddenly plays, “Breathe . . . breathe in the air.”

  • By not proofreading :/

  • David T.

    I guess that would just be his father abusing him as a child… Sounds great!

  • Colin Brandt

    Is it the same phone number that they called from the Best of the Worst show?

  • Simple Answers

    Or that they can use the google.

  • The Black Cauldron hasn’t even been out for three decades. It was a 1985 release, though it was originally slated for a holidays 1984 release. A few of the “darker” scenes were removed and parts reanimated for continuity in the few month hold on the film’s theatrical debut. Also, it was fan response that led to a VHS copy coming out in 1998, thirteen years after the original release.

    But I’ll wholly agree with you on a separate matter that James Franco was one of the bigger problems Oz:TGaP suffered from.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Evans, you are a deity among men

  • Fake Sol Tigh

    Does anyone else here that frakkin pinging?

  • Astor

    It’s like I’m always sayin’, playgrounds should be made of blood-smeared spikes and charcoal. But kids nowadays! They never listen to you! They just run to their parents saying things like “Dad, grampa’s naked!” or “Mum! Gramps stroking his six-shooter again!” Bah! I curse ya’ll, you hear me?

  • cumguy

    meth is a hell of a drug

  • Undeadpool

    Adventure Time is ACTUALLY really great, pretty subversive, FAIRLY dark children’s entertainment. So worry not, it’s not an entirely dead art form!

  • mrbugaw

    There’s that fractional moment when even though I know you are mocking the whole Actors Doing PSA’s schtick, I’m still half believing that’s it’s serious; yet waiting for Rich to do something ludicrous, that delights me beyond measure. Even though I’m 87% sure that the ludicrous moment will come, I’m still unsure, and that uncertainty makes the payout all the better.

  • tjp77

    Jay’s uncontrollable fanboyism for Sam Raimi is hilarious.

  • On the Muppet Wizard of Oz – Quentin Tarantino makes a random and painfully unfunny cameo as himself pitching a fight scene between Piggy and Dorothy.

  • Duckler

    Today, on a very special Half in the Bag, a very special Rich Evans.

  • Mark Bisone

    The great thing about “Return to Oz”: is that it never stops being terrifying. The Scarecrow with his painted-on, paralyzed stroke-victim face really does justice to his name, and one of the main characters is a goddamned reanimated severed moose head chained to a couch. It’s like a cross between Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and a piece of lab equipment Sting would viciously hate-fuck in “The Bride.”

    And that Pumpkin shithead from nightmare land. Holy Jesus.

    Your heroes for the evening, kids. Sleep tight!

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    “They don’t make ’em like that anymore” Did anyone else here think about Pan’s Labyrinth?

  • Flokk

    Thanks guys. These HITB eps are the highlight of my week.

  • genius helper

    It’s a musician playing a triangle, genius. It’s part of the background music.

    You’re welcome.

  • Dick

    Oz was originally suppose to be played by Robert Downey Jr. He had to drop out for some reason. Nothing against Franco but RDJ would have made Oz a better movie.

  • Hobbitch. in the bilbo balzack

    Always expect the unexpected.

  • Scott

    They are remaking, The Great Gatsby. Might as well go all out with every classic.

  • Hobbitch. in the bilbo balzack

    BTW, this is my password to everything. When will I have Spacecop in my collection? Damne You Evans!!!!?<KP:

  • palpi

    But why did he named himself an actor? He is an internet legend, not a mere puny actor.
    I also like the CGI in this episode, like when they’ve added a visible big belly through and open shirt for fake Plinkett character. Maybe they’ve used a body double, that bearded hipster guy in glasses from the other series?

  • Niles Crane

    Yeah, that was completely unnecessary, he should be keeping up the serious formal tone to the end.

  • Hobbitch. in the bilbo balzack

    Space Cop!

  • sup

    You’re goin to movies with little kids now??? Hacks…

  • Hobbitch. in the bilbo balzack

    Stoklasa just broke the fifth wall by actually saying “that nobody likes likes Ja,es Franco.” You would not admit it, because. for some strange reason, media makes it seem like he is a great actor. Then, somewhere in the back of your throat some of these big stars leave a bad taste in your face.

  • Hobbitch. in the bilbo balzack

    Stoklasa just broke the fifth wall by, actually saying “that nobody likes
    likes James Franco.” You would not admit it, because for sure, for some strange
    reason, media makes it seem like he is a great actor. Then, somewhere in
    the back of your throat some of these big stars leave a bad taste on
    your face. If it is under the name Disney, You better bring some mental mints.

  • JoeJoe

    They’re called awesome. Do you even lift?

    Fuckin naked chicks mud wrestlin, Connery in an orange speedo, rape, murder, green bread, and Bethoven’s 7th. It’s the perfect fucking movie. Did I mention orange speedo?

    Only Death Race 2000 can compare to it – a masterful satirical look at Obama’s future presidency.

  • volbla

    Pan’s Labyrinth is not aimed at kids as far as i know.

  • Anonymous

    I am most anxious for the commentary tracks for Administrative Services Manager Dog and The Dog who Got Shot Out Back for Ruining Christmas.

  • It’s the FOURTH wall, and that really has nothing whatsoever to do with what you’re talking about. Although, come to think of it, I’m not sure if ANY of the human words you’re trying to use are relevant to your point. Maybe you should try some kind of grunts or squeals.

  • umph

    You call your penis a six-shooter O.o ? Why ?

  • umph

    I think they are all in their thirties.

  • Alex

    Isn’t that the number that Mike dialed from that episode of “Best of the Worst” ?

  • Mike

    I’m concerned that the first version used “taste in your face” then the second was “on your face.” Either way, though, is not how humans make a tasting. In, I guess, is internet-talk for “eating,” but “on” is like that foodfight in Hook.

  • Mike

    Maybe Spanish kids are like the equivalent of like honkey adults?

  • Mike

    Oh for Holy Shit. I’ve never seen this, now I may never. This moose!

  • Alex

    Other dark kid’s movies from that period: All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Fox and the Hound, The Land Before Time, and The Rescuers. I vaguely remember some sort of fantasy adventure film starring a really, really young Tom Cruise but I can’t remember the name of it. But yeah, this episode was a great comparison of modern trends in children’s entertainment to the past.

  • Mike

    Breaking Bag!

    Get it?

    Breaking (Half in the) Bag!

    Oh Christ I’m sorry.

  • Mike

    Legend, maybe. By Ridley Scott! And Tom Cruise is in it! I’ve tried watching it six times and fell asleep each time. I am not even shitting*.

    *my proctologist is very concerned! HEYO. πŸ™

  • Mike

    This has been mentioned a couple of times now, so I should probably check it out. If it doesn’t pan out, it’s your head.

  • Mike

    Maybe it would be Worst of the Best, but I dunno. Lotta dink in that movie. Just banana hammocked dink. All served up in an orange sling.

  • Mike

    He’s not just an internet legend, he’s humble. By describing his vocation as “actor,” he gives us all (false) hope we could someday achieve what he has. With the thought “I want to be an actor, like Rich Evans…” he’s inspired a generation.

  • Mike

    You know she was off sneaking a sex with the gym teacher in the supply closet while you all were watching decapitated Moose heads.

  • Mike

    Unless they have safe search on. And I’d like to believe these two guys aren’t internet perverts who would dare to switch if off.

  • Mike

    I like to think Rich uses the internet from the library, and they probably wouldn’t let him make a Disqus account on it. So I doubt it was him.

  • Mike

    Or like, when you go to your friend’s house and play Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat on their Tandy PC.

    “Sup bro, let’s tand tonight.”

  • I wonder if that hotline is suddenly swamped with curious phone calls… Also I’m trying to imagine this movie with a young Bruce Campbell in it. It only gets much better.

    Hell, maybe old Bruce Campbell would have been just fine. There’s no real requirement for Oz to be young, is there?

  • Ain’t nothing wrong with Speed. Well, okay Keanu is a little stiff, but great movie.

  • Spindles

    Well done fella’s, well done!

    If there’s any movie that might be interesting to have a modern re-make it would be the Wizard Of “Oz”. A more direct
    adaptation of L. Frank Baum original story, with all the inherent
    creepiness and his sly, not too subtle political allegory intact would be kinda rad…

  • Spindles

    It’s a Gump.

  • cumming

    I whacked my wanker meat while watching the wicked witched witch of the west.

  • Will Hyland

    I felt like when Yates directed one book over two films, he had a better grip on the material with the extra breathing room, but when he had to distill 700 pages into one movie, he got lost and delivered a couple of poorly plotted, overly goofy movies that were barely redeemed by their climaxes. At the very least, Yates brought a modicum of directorial consistency (after going from “super-bland Chris Columbus” to “Alfonso Cuaron’s brilliant dark fantasy” to “Steady but uninspired Mike Newell”). Yates got a grip on the last two movies, though.

  • Jeff

    Return to Oz was a fucking master piece!

  • It’s not aimed at kids, are you mad? lol

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    When James Franco drives around in a panel van molesting children you can just see him smiling.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    “Not even a little tand job?”

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    ‘Sneaking a sex’ doesn’t sound very consensual.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Like “smarter than the average bear.”

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    And I’m willing to pay.

  • edyed

    You should review the Evil Dead remake. This is the second episode in a row when you talk about the Army of Darkness. You know what, review the original Evil Dead. Review everything.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    Now why would you think I was mad? lol

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    If that’s the case then Return To Oz isn’t for kids either. I suppose that would also apply to Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

  • bb-15

    Good Review. I don’t want to see James Franco as the Wizard in a CGI mess with an overblown battle at the end. Too much like the new Alice in Wonderland which I could not stand.

    Return to Oz was a decent children’s movie when I first saw it. Much better than the new overly happy kids films.

    The best children’s movies in the past 15 years have been done by PIXAR. Those films often have sad/scary moments so the happy ending works better.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    No, but then that proves their point no? It is not aimed at kids nowadays, but I can see something like Pan’s labyrinth being aimed a children in the 80’s. Just look at the Dark Crystal, stuff was dark man, life being sucked out of you and all. Sure most children would miss all the references to the war going on but apart from that, why not? Not trying to disprove them, just noting what was on my mind.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    This summer, you will believe that the penis is evil!

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    What’s the fifth wall? Is it the floorboards?

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Die Hard On A Boat, Dennis Hopper as the villain, classic.

  • LukeMM95

    This video really reminded me of why I hate modern day kid films. Every kids movie today is made with the idea that all kids are dumb, easily sensitive and have ADD. They could never release a film like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ as a family film today and that’s really sad.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    That whole movie is garbage. That scene was actually a high point for me, since at least I saw what they were trying to do (parody Quentin’s hyperactive persona), so I could imagine it done correctly in my head.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    6 cc’s

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Grace Kelly makes me swoon, kinda.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    The witch with the power.

  • Grim

    I have a feeling they will. A whole marathon of Evil Dead movies followed by the remake to top it off. It’s gonna be great.

  • d2i

    Unico in the Island of Magic.
    Gave me nightmares for 20 years. Everyone gets turned into blocks, and the blocks goosestep around and use their bodies as building blocks for the villain. Then because people hunt Unico, the West Wind carries him away to safety after he saves the day, making Unico forget his memories, even of the friends he made. He’s always alone. Dark, depressing, rips your heart out.
    Watch it on youtube, whole movie is up there.
    It has undertones of conservationism or something, never picked up on it when I was a kid. Just always remembered some people get handed a world of shit.

  • monster

    I can’t even buy a new couch without having it reviewed by Half in the Bag first.

  • Manuel

    I listen the commentary tracks at work. It’s great company while I desing things.

  • LeeEnfield

    In fairness, I found ParaNorman to be a pretty dark, awesome kids movie. That’s a recent one, and it rocked!

  • Jigsaw

    I saw The Black Cauldron in the theater at age 9 and it was awesome! I feel special now. Some parents are real douchebags…

  • Jigsaw

    What’s wrong with seeing a bunch of fisting images when looking for new gloves?

  • Jigsaw

    Yet you don’t get his name right… go figure.

  • Coco

    Nope, sorry. Kids aren’t allowed to feel fear, horror, sadness or disgust, until they are adults. The reason we do that is so that when they grow up, they’re completely unprepared, and when they come across something real that’s frightening or sad, they don’t know how to handle it. Thank you, and don’t make me realise my kids will get horny one day.

  • Coco

    Moonrise Kingdom was kind of mature, deals with sex, something some older kids can really relate to.

  • PaulWrightyThen

    Why does the christmas one always, ALWAYS come on after? Sick of that tune!!!!

    Great episode though. I love return to Oz.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    New HitB life is good again

  • Mark Bisone

    You just broke the seventh wall.

  • Bobo



  • Hi guys. You probably know this already but Evil Dead 4 is coming and it will actually be Army of Darkness 2. Should be fun.


  • Topher

    Have you seen the trailer for Springbreakers? James Franco looks amazing in that.

  • Guest

    A Very Special Episode of Half in the Bag.

  • deerstop

    I wasn’t horribly bored, but I went out of cinema feeling that I should have probably stayed home and read a book or something. On a side note, I was a little annoyed that all those gorgeous witches are so attracted to the main character. He’s handsome ( I guess?), but apart from that he’s just greedy selfish boring prick. Come on, give him at least one likeable trait, people. πŸ™‚ Overall it was just another decent movie for little kids. Meh.

  • I meant mad as in insane as opposed to angry. Just that I would never show that film to a child, the scene with the villagers being executed, that alone would traumatize any child for a good portion of their lives.

  • PurpleTopHat

    Poor Mr Plinket…

  • No. Children’s films don’t depict realistic scenes of torture and murder. Guillermo Del Toro was not making a kid’s film, it just had a child as the main character.

  • Again, return to Oz doesn’t show a drawn out scene of an elderly man being beaten to death with the butt of a rifle.

  • JD

    I actually like James Franco a lot but I haven’t seen Oz so maybe he isn’t right for the role I don’t know. But this episode was great. Mike and Jay should have talked about the Best Wizard of Oz movie which is of course Zardoz.

  • LibertyR

    Actually there was no overblown battle in the end of Oz. The trailer made it seem like there would be, but actually there was none. It was really very fitting in my opinion. The Alice battle was terrible and I agree with you on that.

  • Great episode guys! I am so happy to see that not everyone has forgotten all the old 80s TV tropes. I’m glad you talked about the 80s OZ movie, it was what I was immediately thinking of when I heard they would make another OZ film. I grew up with that! I completely agree with you about kid’s movies by the way; this is why Gen X is so wonderfully screwed up. Do you remember when Legend was supposed to be a kid movie? How about Troll? I saw that when I was in elementary school. Dark crystal also happens to be one of the best kid movies ever made in my opinion, glad you mentioned it. Yeah, Xers were subjected to film that is actually more sophisticated and nuanced than most ADULT film made today. This is a very sad commentary about how smart Hollywood thinks people are. IMHO; your brain is like a muscle and all those lazy slobs going to watch ‘Battleship’ would actually learn to think if they were challenged a bit; particularly in their formative years.

  • I loved Black Cauldron! That movie warped me for life!

  • I’m always right

    That’s the Yoko effect my dear.

  • sindegra

    Someone mentions below that it’s a different number. I just checked for myself and it’s 877-315-6666.

  • scubs

    that was hardly a movie for children, what with all the war crimes.

  • Mark Bisone

    “Adventures of Mark Twain”, but yes. Satan with a mask but no face. Creepy stop-motion at its best.

    I mean, it’s no “Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant”, but what the fuck is?

  • obriencj

    I think the part I remembered more than anything else was all of the newly created people being pulled into the chasm. That stuff sticks with you!

  • obriencj

    Even better knowing that the wheelers were her nightmare visualization of the orderlies and their squeaking gurney.

  • Heyo

    Haha, great episode.

  • Rupert Bormanoff

    A lot of Jews in this movie… Just sayin’…

  • Orpick Aname

    I didn’t grow up with the Neverending Story, but I did grow up with (and routinely watched) The Secret of Nihm and The Land Before Time.

    Both of course end happily, but Nihm is FILLED with terrifying (though absolutely beautiful) hand-drawn animation. First meeting the owl, the sequence with the rats being injected with needles… Ms. Brisby being chased by a faceless demon rat with a pitchfork.

    The Land Before Time is decidedly much less visually intense, but still has an incredibly emotional scene (similar to the horse scene in Neverending Story) with Littlefoots’ mother dieing. Since entertainment made for children generally shunned the concept of death entirely, to see this as a child was of course eye-opening.

    Both still remain two of my favorite films, standing as strong examples of how to make legitimate, compelling entertainment for a younger audience, and antitheses to the notion that if entertainment is made for children, it’s allowed to be shit.

  • fuck the care bores

    Dudes, give Natalie Portman a break….she was great in “Leon” and “Closer.”

  • get bores get fucked

    Dude, if you like movie chat when you’re doing shit go download some of the “Cutting Room Movie Podcasts” – they’re pretty entertaining too if you’re into movies.

  • Meester Smeeth

    You’ve just made me very happy :’) Hope they stick with it and it actually happens.
    Looking forward to The Evil Dead remake too, to be quite honest, and, hopefully, the subsequent HITB review.

  • Toy Story 3

    *complains about recent kids film not being dark enough*

    Hi guys. You should watch me.

  • Stand Up Individual

    IN 3D

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    Shouldn’t fans of RLM–of all people–be skeptical about sequels to genre classics?

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    “Human words.” That just cracked me up.

  • dude

    What the hell is that damn chime that keeps occurring during the review videos?

  • Piccadilly Bledsoes Gay Father

    Don’t be such a douchebag Piccadilly Bledsoe… by the way, I’m pretty sure who up voted your comment… so sad…

  • Krangdasvolga

    Hey, I tried calling this number, I just wanted to let you know… I think you have the wrong number to the hotline. At first I thought I dialed it wrong, so I watched the whole show all over again to make sure. I called again and well, they didn’t help with the meth. I did get a new girlfriend though. But all she wants is money. She got mad at me because I don’t have a credit card. She is feisty, but I like that. Thanks Rich Evans, I found true love because of you.

  • Hannibal_32


  • BunnyFooFoo

    Considering that being exposed to the horror of a vaguely gun-shaped Pop Tart is now apparently traumatic enough to require psychological counselling, showing kids something like Watership Down would probably cause a fucking mass extinction.

  • Mark Bisone


  • queer

    No one asked you faggot!

  • Lilith Crane

    I was laughing until I realized you might be serious

  • Guest

    These “new movie/old, conceptually similar movie” reviews are really great, by the way. Captain America/Rocketeer is one of my favorite episodes.

  • Jawohl mein kommendant.

  • jew

    Shut up you queer fuck!

  • Christopher Kulik

    I’m surprised nobody has made a movie yet spoofing/satirizing all those stupid-ass dog movies. There’s a script idea for you!

  • Christopher Kulik

    They didn’t even mention Fairuza Balk, who is now hot as fuck!

  • Christopher Kulik

    Actually, RETURN TO OZ was so faithful to Baum that the creators incorporated all of the original illustrations. It’s a sequel to a movie that never existed: as much as I love Wizard, it shouldn’t be taken as gospel. RETURN TO OZ was pretty much 100% faithful to the books, a reboot way before the term ever got coined.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Not really, given RLM themselves were certainly not skeptical enough about “Prometheus.”

  • Mister_Misinformed

    He wasn’t the only one.

  • guest

    Don’t worry, your friendly neighborhood multinational conglomerate Pharm company is waiting with open arms – but mostly with a variety of psychoactive drugs tailor-made (with some trial and error involved in the selection process – your doctor says don’t worry about that) for any resultant imbalances. Hey, waitaminute, what is your kid doing off ritalin?

  • zeitguest

    Nah, nah you got em all wrong.

    I know they’re actually just faking us out and working on a truly epic Plinkett review.

    I KNOW it. I would bet you a trillion dollars.

    What, you want to know HOW I know? Because I choose to believe it. This is how anyone with half a functioning brain cell arrives at a scientific level of certainty, what did you just get off the banana boat/fall off the cabbage truck/some third thing?

  • guest

    All I gots to say is, they sure don’t make kid’s films like Jacob’s Ladder anymore. Used to be you could just give the kids some drugs, pop em next to a whirling, confusing, psychotic bit of entertainment on the ol tube and have a quiet night to yourself drinking Jaeger. Oh wait, you can still do that, ha!

  • zeitguest

    If your kids enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth, definitely have them watch Devil’s Backbone as well.

    But seriously, have them watch Spirited Away – the kid’s version of Pan’s Labyrinth, sort of. Enjoyable for adults as well.

  • guest

    Woah, pretty sure he was killed by having his face mashed repeatedly with the butt end of a WINE BOTTLE CHECK YOUR FACTS

    but yeah, totally fun for kids.

  • George Lucas

    Look. It’s really VERY simple.

    If kids are supposed to like a movie, you gotta put kids IN the movie. Make sure got have plenty of them and having em doing dumb kiddie versions of cool stuff adults are doing. Kids love that shit.

    From there it follows if you got a kid in a movie, it’s for kids! You can always edit it later for re-release if you made it too horrifying – like add more rocks!

  • zeitguest

    Long ago I vowed to subject the dinging to a deep and comprehensive analysis to discover its secrets… then I realized I couldn’t be bothered. Still a mystery.

    But since it takes a lot less time and trouble, my working theory is, it’s some kind of Pavlovian mind control training. Some secret prearanged signal will send us out our doors in an instant like those rage zombies in 28 days later to do their bidding. Might be orders like “bring us a million dollars” might be “fucking kill James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio”

    And by the way have you ever noticed, and think about it now if you haven’t, how you could say “hey, what if we took DiCaprio out of movie xyz he was in and replaced him with Matt Damon?” …the reply in most cases would be “Say, I guess that could be pretty good.” Then if we ask “what if we replaced Matt Damon in movie XYZ with DiCaprio” …the response somehow ranges from a shudder to “Oh… well… I guess.” Isn’t it interesting how they’re sort of non-doppelgangers of each other?

  • guest

    ALL you jerks above are just a bunch of gay motherfuckers…. which makes you lesbian… which makes it a-ok with me, cause it’s a very specialized, narrow range of sexual deviance type behaviors that makes me go into an apopleptic rage. Just ah… film it – or at least TELL me you’re filming it for god’s sake okay? great.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    “What, you want to know HOW I know? Because I choose to believe it.”

    Nice use of one of the worst quotes from the movie… I wish I didn’t recognize it!

  • jfbrian

    Holy God! Those clips from Return to Oz completely mindfucked me. Nightmare fuel is right.

  • i saw return to oz when i was like 8, and it gave me serious nightmares. such an odd movie

  • justaguyDP

    James Franco has always been a mixed bag. I remember when he starred in the James Dean TV movie – he really delivered on that project. Ever since then… more misses than hits.

  • justaguyDP

    Talk about dark kid movies. “Bambi” would terrify little kids nowadays that live in a bubble.

  • It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. The mercy of forgetfulness changed it to a rifle to make it less horrific, until now.. : (


    a wacky hiphop alien? like Toejam and Earl?


    she also sowed her ass in a thong in Closer, which deserves some credit

  • MathiasAWK

    You may not find real life lessons being taught in children’s movies anymore, but they are still found in cartoons. A prime example is the season 4 finale and the two first episodes of season 5 of Adventure Time, that explores the consequences of changing the past. Or every single episode that explains some of the arch nemesis “the Ice King’s” tragic past.

    This show inflicts heavy nostalgia upon any viewer old enough to no longer be a child, while still being playfully happy and adventurous in tone.

    The setting of this show is also fantastic; a post apocalyptic earth transformed into a land of magic and adventure, with ruins of a past world war littered all over the place.

    I really cannot recommend this show enough.

  • Hike

    Like it’s that hard to make a fake account on Disqus.
    Take my account or many others on this here webzone masturba- I mean commentator section.

  • trees

    ..and that’s how you were born…

    *bag is also a slang for condom just so to explain ..yeah I know..the joke sucks..

  • No you are not

    For Plinketts sake..go to a titty bar…maybe than you won’t jerk off every time you see a woman person on the intertubes…you get used to them eventually..

  • trees

    Toby? Toby Wong. Toby Wong? Toby Wong. Toby Chung? Fucking Charlie Chan.

  • Uncle Paul


  • Hike

    No you numb nuts.It’s a wall in a room shaped like a pentagon.

  • Hike

    Well DUH he is on meth obviously.

  • Jason Ross


    Oh sorry, that’s my other Internet addiction

  • leroy

    Mike you clearly are an insane person, throwing Speed on the ground. That is a classic action film.

  • deerstop

    Lucky you, I still remember that scene and the torture scene in perfect detail πŸ™ It gives me creeps still, and I am 26.)) Definitely not for kids.

  • deerstop

    Wow that would be cool!

  • deerstop

    Mike always looks bored)

  • Sig

    Funny when the witch started casting lightning out of her hands that scene looks exactly like star wars.

  • Larry

    A bit of a rant…

    When they were going down the list of all the fairytale movies, all I could think of was, “Oh, I love that movie!” and “Oh, I loved that one too!” and “Damn, they forgot to say Excalibur.” I really, really miss movie making like that. When they were talking about those scary moments, I think of something like “Willow” where the witch slowly transforms and entire army into pigs, including her own daughter and it’s scary as hell. But that’s the lowest point in which you translate the pain of the characters to the audience and you feel their hardship.

    Today however, you never get the feel like anything terrible is going to happen, partly because the filmmakers don’t take their projects seriously and because everything is being treated like an in-joke with winks tot he audience that shatter the illusion that what we’re watching is actually happening.

    This episode had coincidental timing as I had just found learned that Nicol Williamson, Merlin from Excalibur and the Nome King from Return To Oz had died in late 2011 and my friend and I were trying to figure out which of the two movies to watch. I’m already jaded and cynical about today’s movie making but today I’m depressed that those moments of magic seem to be gone. When I watch old films I’ve never seen before, I still get those feelings, but the industry today, by and large, seems soulless, hollow and far behind the times now matter how much technological gimmickry they throw at me.

    A well made video game tells a better story than most movie’s I’ve seen in the past seven years or more.

  • Alex

    Did “checking for myself” involve a tissue and a locked door?


    When there’s a doppelganger episode of Mike & Jay and they have a cardboard cutout of Ted McGinley as set dressing, Half in the Bag will have jumped the shark.

  • And High Frame Rate (for the room-trashing scene)!

  • Mark Bisone

    She was hot in the late nineties. Now she is starting to look like Ron Pearlman in a comedy wig.

  • BunnyFooFoo

    Can somebody explain to me why Excalibur is considered such a classic and has such a following to this day?

    The first time I saw it was with a friend after he had raved and raved about how great it was. Well, I didn’t expect to be as enthused as he was, but I’m a nerd and I like that sort of stuff, so I ought to get something out of it, at least. What surprised me was that it wasn’t just bad: it was absolutely nails-on-a-chalkboard excruciating. I mean, it was nearly unwatchable. Sitting through the whole thing was an ordeal, like watching Batman and Robin; and I don’t have that negative a reaction to very many movies. Years later I ran across it on cable and figured, “ok, I’ll give it another shot. Maybe I was just having a bad day last time.” Nope. Same reaction.

    Seriously: what it is that people see in this movie? I’m genuinely baffled.

  • Mark Bisone

    I don’t recall the Baum book where Dorothy Gale is given electric shock therapy at a boutique sanitarium, which she then proceeds to burn down during a 90-minute psychotic break thinly disguised as a children’s fantasy movie. Was that part borrowed from “The Murderous Bastard of Oz”?

    Also thought the book Mombi looked like this, not the headless corpse of Daphne Guinness. There was some Baum bitch who swapped heads, but I don’t think it was her.

  • guest

    If you live in a Yurt, your mind was already blown by 2nd and 3rd wall, so by 5th wall, you’re most likely being carted of in a straitjacket for electroshock therapy.

  • sindegra

    Ssssshhh. NO ONE ELSE IS TO KNOW.

  • Cactus

    I kind of just expected Rich to just get a pie in the face after the spiel at the end. Its kind of funny how Jay and Mike talk about how kids don’t have the scary and edgy stuff today, but in three major animated movies last year there were some fairly disturbing things. In Brave you had Mor’du, basically an immortal bear, trying to kill the protagonist on top of her mother being transformed into a bear and nearly killed by her father. In Wreck-It Ralph you have the concept of hurting your friends to save them, heroic suicide, and I’m sure the “final boss” will be considered nightmare fuel to today’s generation 10 years from now. And ParaNorman… man, such an under-rated movie, and it had all kinds of stuff like persecution, zombies (a different take I promise… sort of), hero’s doubt. So the stuff is out there, it’s just not as prevalent as it was between 1980-1997ish

  • Man another half in the bag already,well I’m happy

  • must be said:


  • bananna hammock

    Same here… Except when I’m out of meth.

  • bananna hammock

    Someone fund it!

  • Crunch Clancy

    What’s that on the end-table behind Jay? Is that the script? Did you read the script too?

  • spic


  • justaguyDP

    The fantasy / fairytale like films that I’ve enjoyed over the years are…
    (In no particular order.)

    1. Excalibur
    2. Willow
    3. Time Bandits
    4. Legend
    5. The Princess Bride
    6. Lord of the Rings
    7. The Wizard of Oz
    8. Jason and the Argonauts
    9. Clash of the Titans
    10. Stars IV, V, VI
    11. Conan the Barbarian

  • wewe

    What drives a person to be so focused on one thing when one uses meth?

  • Really? Stop watching movies.

  • Amante

    Supposedly they were going for Johnny Depp originally (and someone else after he declined). Franco kinda lucked into it as their backup choice after other people passed.

  • Amante

    I enjoyed the thoughtful analysis of Return to Oz and other “dark fantasy” movies aimed at children in the 80’s. I saw many of those as a child and they left a strong impression on me that, over time, certainly added to my imagination and perception of the world.

    It’s a shame such works are a rarity in today’s very “sanitized” world.

  • Larry

    I will do my best for you, if you will read all that I have written for you. Allow me to explain that I watched this movie by chance, not knowing anything about it, no hype, no history so there was no potential for a letdown.

    First off, it’s a great story and watching the story of the sword and how it passed hands I consider magnificent. Secondly, every action has a consequence. Pendragon steals the girl but it leads to his own downfall. Author strikes Lancelot in Pride and breaks the sword, the affair of Lancelot and Guinevere, and so on. Third, I loved Nicol Williamson as Merlin and Helen Mirren as Morgana. You also get to see Gabriel Byrne, Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson is early film roles.

    Third, as far as I know, this was the movie responsible for the overuse of Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” (from Carmina Burana) in movies, but it fits so much better here than a movie like “The General’s Daughter” where it was just shoved in there. Fourth, the fights and battles were fun to watch and today, I appreciate them even more since they don’t have that overly-choreographed feel to them. When Author gets hit in the chest while jousting with Lancelot, it looked damned painful.

    Fifth, look at the scope of the story, the number of characters, the time span, the changes in perspective and for me, it never felt rushed.

    Sixth, when Pendragon rips Author from his mother’s arms and the baby is crying and clutching and pulling her hair, not wanting to leave… how does that not tear you apart? Also, the speech Author gives Guinevere before the final battle, about wanting to come back to her as a normal man when he owes nothing more to history and for her to know him as her husband was a beautiful piece of writing. But for him to end this line with “It is a dream I have…” breaks the wistfulness of his fantasy and brings him, and us, back into the reality. It is a sad, tender and very intimate moment where we get a glimpse into what he feels, what he thinks, when the job of being king and doing battles and quests are over and remind us, even briefly, that prior to finding the sword, he too was once a mere squire.

    I could go on, but that’s the stuff that sticks out in a movie I haven’t watched in at least five years, but can remember the movie well enough to give those details. I’ll also add that I’m not sure I’ve seen a better movie about Excalibur, the knights of the round table, King Author that didn’t have a talking owl in it. Would you prefer First Knight with Richard Gere?

    Is the film perfect? No. The sound effects are odd in places and was the first thing that stuck out the first time I watched it. Also, the acting is hammy in some areas and the dialogue can be clunky in other areas. The special effects are a relic of yesteryear, but I can hardly fault that since they were pretty good for 1981 (post dated 2013).

    But the story overcomes many of these obstacles, it feels real enough to get me invested if I were to construct a Top 100 movies list, this would be on there.

    To compare it to Batman & Robin is shocking as I’ve never had anyone react that way when watching it and find it very odd. But, to each their own, I suppose.

  • Jouke

    Mila Kunis a great actress? Who’s been fucking with YOUR medicine? My monocle dropped right into my Martini glass. Could we get an example of a movie she’s great in? Cuz I only ever see her playing the role of eye-candy the stoner-comedies you mention. And stealing the show from Portman in Black Swan? Looks like more than just fake Plinkett have been smoking dat sweet, sweet meth!

  • supr_g

    I’ve never seen an actress so constantly miscast as Mila Kunis. She could do something real and instead accepts every stupid, dull and flat role available.

  • Bill Murray

    Wait a minute, what’s wrong with What About Bob? It was a classic. πŸ™

  • BunnyFooFoo

    Hey, thanks for your input. I was genuinely curious to hear an opinion from the other side, so I’m glad you took the time to write all that out. That why I like Half in the Bag: I generally like movies, and I’m always interested to hear people’s rationale for things like this.

    I mean, there are all sorts of bad movies. There are a lot of cheesy movies (like Clash of the Titans or Battleship) that I can still watch and find something entertaining in them. There are memorably shitty movies (like Independence Day) that I can at least tolerate for the unintentional comedy. There are a million forgettably shitty movies (like Snow White and the Huntsman) that just put me to sleep. Phantom Menace would have been such a movie if it hadn’t had the Star Wars name attached to it. There are even movies that I outright hated (like Alien 3), but which I could at least hate in a calm and rational way.

    Then there are movies that are like experiencing an assault and battery. Movies that are militantly bad; that bludgeon you with their failure; that almost physically hurt to watch. There aren’t too many of them (at least, among supposedly “legitimate,” studio movies that were released widely in the theater) that come to mind right now that I would put into that category of flat-out unwatchable.

    Uwe Boll movies. Armageddon. Batman and Robin. The Core. The Waterboy & Billy Madison. Attack of the Clones came pretty close. Probably any number of especially terrible attempted comedies. There’s got to be at least one Nicholas Cage movie that fits the bill. There are probably plenty more (like Battlefield Earth or Jack and Jill) that I didn’t hate myself enough to watch.

    So I don’t know what it was about Excalibur for me. The performances, I guess, paired with the dialogue. It’s been a while, though; maybe I’ll give it another try.

  • James

    Am I the only one that was completely taken out of the last half hour or so of the Oz movie because of the green lightening? I mean, almost every scene with Glenda tied to the posts felt like the emperor torturing someone with his force powers. It’s like there was a conscious effort to lampoon Star Wars.

    That being said, the reveal at the very end of the wizened version of the witch when she pops over the balcony for the scare shot was ripped straight out of Army of Darkness. I was the only one laughing in the theater during that scene; I loved it! Probably the most memorable scene for me.

  • suck my dick care bores

    Oz is a better movie that jack the giant fucker or whatever…miila kunis sucks my dick as a witch, shes fucking terrible….Bruce Campbell was actually in this movie and you didn’t even mention it…why is fake Plinkett being 2 people in this show, its fucking confusing…who does he think he is..Michael Parks?

  • trololololololol

    pop tart gun kid will grow up to be a mass shooter unless we stop him now.

  • trololololololol

    Any film with dennis hopper a the villian gets two thumbs up from me. Even Mario bros

  • haibane13

    Who cares if Sam Raimi is pretentious or not . His movies suck and so does he as a filmmaker.

  • guest

    Say, we’re fighting them in the playground and the lunchroom so we don’t have to fight them over here, well allright!

  • guest

    ’cause it’s the opposite of Narnia. Always Christmas and never Winter.

  • nebakhet

    really? i didn’t see a single shark

  • nebakhet

    if he’s so good at acting he wouldn’t have fallen over that box

  • nebakhet

    yeah come to think about it this movie is probably where i got my decapitation fetish from

  • NoBlipTV Please

    Any chance of migrating ALL the videos to Youtube?

    That BlipTV player behaves poorly with throttled internet connections. Either won’t load, or is choppy. At least with Youtube you can adjust resolution for slower connections.

  • bananna hammock

    Check out Mirror Mask, and INK for two modern day dark fantasies for younger audiences. They’re also both pretty decent movies.

  • Christopher Kulik


  • CecilMcW00t

    On a very special episode of Half In The Bag…

  • Larry

    There have always been bad movies. What’s different now as opposed to any time in the past is that the top earning movies are by-and-large the garbage that in yesteryear would have bombed. If Battlefield Earth were released today and had no links to Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard, is it a stretch to think that it would have a chance to be successful? Half of the reason people hate that movie is because of the links with the Hollywood cult.

    I think the days when movies went off the deep end was with the release of the Star Wars prequels They were all so awful, yet everyone went in droves to watch them. After the horror that was Attack of the Clones, I wasn’t going to see the third one, until my family pressured me along, promising to pay for the ticket and a Hamburger dinner afterwards. It’s not a stretch to say that I have a better recollection of that dinner as opposed to the movie and not for the sake of hyperbole.

    While there had been remakes in the past (Seven Samurai into The Magnificent Seven) and television show adaptations (The Addams Family), and series with too many squeals (Rocky, but mostly limited in the horror genre), it was never at this magnitude until the financial success of a bad string of films proved to the studios that you did not need to make a quality film in order to make money, so long as the series has a name to lure people in.

    And we can’t all enjoy every good movie either. For example, I never got into The Dark Crystal (again, like Excalibur, it’s a movie I rented on a whim, never knowing anything about what it is, what it’s legacy is or any of that stuff). I simply rented it and didn’t like it. Now, I haven’t given that flick a chance since I was a teenager, so maybe I should! My hazy recollection was that it was generic and the puppets looked silly. I also think that I turned it off before it reached the halfway point, so maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance. I hated Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas the first time I watched it, now it’s an adored favorite.

    So maybe Excalibur isn’t for you or maybe you haven’t found its wavelength. Time will tell.

    As for Nicholas Cage, his career makes me sad since he did such a fantastic job in Leaving Las Vegas and also Adaptation (although Chris Copper stole the show). If you want to hear something funny, in Adaptation, he said he ignored all of his instincts as an actor and did whatever the director told him to do. The result? An Oscar nomination.

  • Pizza

    It is worse when it comes to his fanboy-love for Riddley Scott, then it is like watching a guy watching porn.

  • Coolaidman

    You sick freaks. That number might have help my buddy Bob and now he thinks I set him up and won’t leave his house. We’ll probably find him dead in there next week.

  • Larry

    I love The Mysterious Stranger. Downloaded it off of youtube a few months ago and recalled seeing it as a kid (before it was banned?). A piece of art, as far as I’m concerned. As enjoyable as it would be to start quoting it, I would rather not spoil the gems for those who may be curious enough to go watch it on their own.

    Have you watched Claymation done to such artistically high degrees outside of this scene?

  • Harry Butters

    great job guys discussing the 80’s kids movies vs. the crap they churn out now. So many scary scenes were etched into my mind as a kid (tho i can’t remember any now because of the drugs) the last kid movie to have such a darkness to it that i can remember believe it or not was Toy Story, with the kid trying to blow up toys with firecrackers or something, but the ending in Toy Story 3 took it to a whole new level when the toys all came together and accepted their fate (to me one of the best climaxes of any trilogy ever) also those commenting on Adventure Time are 100% correct, just check out the episode Tree Trunks (first ep i ever watched) and check out the ending…. note: Cartoon Network forced them to add the last couple seconds to the ep because they felt it was too dark!!!

  • Rickie


    Because, because, because, because, because!

  • tjp77

    Seriously. The tone of his voice goes up three octaves and he gets all flustered.

  • guest

    Ink is atrocious. Tries to do too much yet doesn’t do all that much with a quarter million budget, looks like it was filmed with the family’s digital camera, dull cinematography except for a few moments. (the best scene in the movie kinda rips off the rhythm apartment building scene from Delicatessen) To its credit it has lots of punching scenes to the point where sometimes the punching seems like it will go on forever. Oh wait that isn’t a good thing either.

  • zeitguest

    It’s funny, I recently watched a Spanish film called Carol’s Story, perfectly good in its own right, but it was from the same time period as Pan’s Labrinth and Devil’s Spine…. they showed the Fascists running around dissapearing people at night and stuff, kept expecting it to go all Pan’s Labryinth on me but it was just the backdrop for the protagonist’s own mostly personal story. But Del Toro has conditioned me to expect a Faun to pop out of somewhere and someone to be gruesomely murdered by surprise if it’s 30’s Spain. Gotta love that guy. Looking forward to his Evangelion movie.

  • I would say that ParaNorman is a good example of a modern kids movie that is genuinely scary. The ghost/demon girl at the end would have fucking terrified me as a child. I also thought it was a nice touch that they made one of the main characters gay, very progressive. I don’t think many people saw it, I work in a movie theater and it didn’t run for very long, but it was fantastic and I encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in horror movies to check it out.

  • dingus

    What’s wrong with your faaaaace?

  • SomeDude

    So what, is “Best of the Worst” done with already? I was enjoying it.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    Saw it and loved it. Abby was probably Jodelle Ferland’s last appearance as ‘the creepy little girl’.

  • k

    Making light of rape, murder and drug addictions. Bye.

  • stoopsmcoops

    So he’s a damn good multitasker is what you’re saying?

  • stoopsmcoops

    “He looks like an effigy of Fred Astaire built by Sid and Marty Krofft.”
    Holy fuck.

  • Mackinstyle

    Toy Story 3 does a good service to kids. As an adult I cried when they all gave up and accepted their fate in the incinerator.

  • guest

    Bye bye! You won’t be missed!

  • OoklaTheMok

    this was already covered in the Tosh-0 Fuckbot press conference

  • Graceless

    Heck, I grew up with Anastasia and Titan A.E. Don Bluth is so cool.

  • nope

    fuck off back to tumblr no one cares

  • dingus

    With all the talk about James Franco I’d be disappointed if you guys didn’t review Spring Breakers next. Totally supports your theory about his acting career.

  • czar

    i think someone already has and the one in production is the reboot of the reboot of the prequel

  • chiyonosake

    where is the new “best of the worst” you lazy hack-frauds? I have an addiction worse than meth….I am addicted to watch neckbearded hipsters and Yoko Ono discuss bad movies….I did not notice first….but my brain did….

  • It’s all because of those homo neckbeardaphobics who complained about the last one. *shakes fist at said bastards*

  • Tosh was an asshole though, I thought RLM may have been a little quick out the gate to his defense. Nothing is sacred when it comes to humour, but pointing at a woman and saying “I hope she gets gang raped” is a little too severe and lacking of wit to be defendable from my point of view.

  • Smell you later!

  • If you guys wanna do a real auction, you guys should make a bid to guest star on Half in the Bag (even if its 1 scene), watch some movies during the Best of the Worst, or just watch some other movies in general. I think you could, would,get a lot of money from this.

    Also, you better be making Space Cop, I don’t need any more lies or broken promises in my life! πŸ˜‰

  • fasdfsa

    There will be a gritty remake were he suicide bombs his slay into the theatre because they didn’t clap.

  • Mike


  • OoklaTheMok

    Well thank goodness we have people like you in the world to police the jokes of those who are smarter and more talented than you

  • psycrow

    hey now that you’re on the topic of children’s movies how about you guys do wreck-it Ralph in comparison to like, Brave or The Croods

  • MumblyDan

    Man, those practical effects in Return to Oz look so much better than the digital effects in The Great and Powerful Oz.

  • castingcouch

    When are they getting married?

  • I would really like to see you guys review Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers that will be in some select theaters, or maybe is now, or maybe on DVD soon

  • I didn’t police anything, asshole, I expressed my opinion.

  • I watched Oz and didn’t like it. Then I played back the film in my head, but this time imagining Bruce Campbell as the lead… and the film was fucking awesome.

  • Edelbaum

    Yo Jewstein and Greasy the Greek in your next video you guiz should make out.
    Why you say? Because it gives me pleasure.

  • Oh cripes. For a second there I though Rich Evans was going to seriously say something about his parents being junkies. I wouldn’t have minded if it ended on a serious note, but whatevs

  • I laughed so hard when Rich fell.

  • OoklaTheMok

    “Tosh was an asshole”
    “I didn’t police anything, asshole”

    Learn some new insults, dick-brain

  • Doesn’t work,guys, and I keep wondering why you have abandoned Plinkett to try to force this schlock on us.

  • guest

    They haven’t abandoned anything. The Plinkett reviews have always been few and far between. Would you prefer they do absolutely nothing except one or two Plinkett reviews a year and just let their website sit here with no updates the rest of the time? Also, Half in the Bag’s been going strong for like two years now. Pretty sure they wouldn’t keep doing it if nobody was watching or cared.

  • How about no, asshole.

  • Manaconda

    Bravo gentlemen, great show!

  • I saw The Muppet Wizard of Oz. Tarantino plays himself in a scene where he’s trying to sell ideas for the movie to Kermit. They’re breaking the fourth wall like the muppets do. They know they’re in a movie.

  • Kane G

    I hope there are more extras about Return to Oz.

    It’s one of my most-favorite sequels/not-a-sequel.

  • OoklaTheMok

    Well thank God Tosh can’t tell jokes – but you can come on the Internet and call people assholes

    I love how you said ‘nothing is sacred when it comes to humor’ – and then proceeded to tell us what we can’t make jokes about

    Thanks for proving you’re brainless

  • nintendozapper

    Want to see the worst movie in the history if ever? Try “Erased James Franco”. and be tortured.

  • OMG i so i agree with Mike regarding Childrens stories, how they are meant to be a little dark and how todays society tries so hard to protect kids when thats really doing them a diservice!

  • Rich Evans kinda sounds like Martin Scorsese when he does his serious voice.

  • Workshed

    Right after I wed Bruce Campbell.

  • Rick Berman

    Mmmm I’d like to fuck my cat

  • Rick Berman

    I love it! Can i direct it.

  • Corporal Corpuscle

    You sure it wasn’t playing “Hide and go get it!” with your creepy uncle?

  • Teddy

    Garak seemed to think the moral of the boy who cried wolf was “you should never tell the same lie twice” If only my meth smoking, DS9 watching ways could be cured by phoning a hotline of some kind, unrelated to that I’ve really developed a taste for these sex chat via teletype things. And StarBuckers Inc… for shame

  • Is it just me, or would Nathan Fillion been pretty good as Oz in this film?

  • ellesig

    I agree, the choices were odd for this movie. I was really annoyed that the Wicked Witch was innocent and trusting, all she wanted was peace. Oz deflowers her forgets her like all the other women he has known like a total douche. She was upfront with her expectations of Oz he just nodded without technically promising anything to get his way. Heartbreak coupled with encouragement from her sister who she also foolishly trusted, she becomes wicked. Though supposidly they can’t kill, Glenda kills her sister avenging her father and Oz acts like the Wicked Witch should just get over all the disappointment and loss she’s had to endure in this story. Her sister was in the wrong and deserved to be punished but it felt like the Wicked Witch was victimized by the whole outcome of the story when she only wanted to save the world and find love. She suffered for being a naive idealist. I felt like there was no balance to the story. Oz is constantly winning, while the Witch who was not yet Wicked was circumstancially punished over and over again. Who wouldn’t become wicked if they were used like that? I don’t get how this is a family movie. Oz is a womanizer and is some how considered a “good” man. A good man would do right by others, not go through other women like klinex while supposidly having one woman in mind he actually loves. He was a slut and if there was realism to his kind of life style he would leave sad fatherless children all over the place. The inhabitants of oz cannot kill anyone which was weird, they wanted their enemies to be killed by accident, then rejoice at the villan’s death with a little song and dance on their grave. I really wish the town would have all been munchkins to.

  • sean

    I just noticed that *ding* sound (an example is at 25:05 in this video), and I can’t un-notice it. I’ve heard it in a couple of their reviews now, and honestly if it’s going to continue to be a thing, I’m just going to have to stop watching them.

    what the hell is that?

  • cannotunhearding

    Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you.

    Dear god.
    Fuck you.

  • Basically; contrasts are good.

  • Patrick

    So I’m not going insane, there’s just something wrong with their audio equipment? Awesome.

  • :(

    Can’t. unhear stupid fucking ding!

  • BigBabyJesus

    I know that there is an ad break halfway through. But they are starting to play after 2 minutes or so and take over 20 minutes to load. Why come you did that?

  • jsmith0552

    Can Hollywood even make a movie that can potentially last 90 years anymore?

  • G. Jardoness

    You mean like last year’s remake of “Total Recall”, or …… nevermind πŸ™‚

  • SteveC

    Yeah The Die Is Cast!

  • Memoman

    Yeah. Contrasts are what create tension, rythm; you know, it makes things not dull.

  • kjellmakrell

    Theres no “ding” at 25:05 wth are you babbling about?

  • Patrick

    I don’t think they kept the little people out because it would be politically incorrect. They already changed some aspects about the village, they could do the munchkins without it being offensive or insulting. I think it’s more along the lines of what Mike was thinking, that it may be more expensive to hire little people. Ultimately, I actually think it’s because they have low expectations of the audience (rightfully so, since movies like Transformers and Man of Steel make tons of money) and think that the Average Joe would rather see a village of “normal people” that he could relate to rather than the munchkins. This is entirely speculation though, so feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Wall-E quickly came to mind for me as well, when it seems like his memory gets erased at the end.

    Pixar in general seem to have a pretty good grasp on working old-school emotional contrast into their movies, even if they haven’t been quite so great as they used to be as of late.

  • Black Person

    Thank you. Thank you for noticing that stupid fucking ding, and now I can’t unhear it. Fucking asshole.

  • Topdek

    Maddox, an internet comedian, says that Sam Raimi copied his own movie Army of Darkness, to make Oz the Great and Powerful:


  • VasiddisaV

    Here you go Jay, this is Tarantino’s scene. Pretty classic kids movie schlock. Tarantino chewing up scenery (as usual).


    Rich Evans turned in a really good performance there.

    Also, I forgot how cute Fairusa Balk was before she became a weird art person.

  • Akeuw

    That sex hotline keeps calling me.

  • littlemisspiss

    James Franco has box office draw because he’s fucking sexy

  • AlcaldeEste

    We don’t know yet. Just don’t jump on the logical fallacy bandwagon that goes: “I don’t know any films that were made 50 years ago that aren’t classics, but there are many movies now that won’t be watched in 50 years!”
    Is that because every movie made 50 years ago was automatically a classic? No, it’s because only the good movies are preserved, and the 98% crap movies that their filmgoers had to suffer through have not been preserved.

  • kuato amore

    Kudos to reminding me that Maddox existed… it’s like 2006 walked up and patted me on the back.

  • jsmith0552

    We don’t know for certain, because their are variables, that weren’t around when movies like Citizen Kane, The Godfather, or even Raider’s of the Lost Ark came out. Some of those factors are that audiences and their expectations have changed, and that we have become a much more media disposable culture. The fact is there’s a good chance that the likelihood that Hollywood of today can produce a film that stands the test of just 20 years is debatable and that’s doesn’t even depend on whether the film is actually good or not.

    Poising a question doesn’t necessarily mean someone is falling into the trap of fallacy — merely that the question is interesting to ponder — that is if someone actually takes the time to contemplate all the variables.

  • MartΓ­n Galarza Flores

    MAYBE movies like Toy Story, or Monsters Inc, or The Lord of the RingS Trilogy, or The Dark Knight Trilogy could achieve that.


  • jsmith0552

    It’s quite interesting that none of the films you mentioned are about real people in the real world say like, Goodfellas, or even Casablanca. Of course that could be because we’re on a forum talking about Oz the Great and Powerful : )

    I could also disagree with you. Stepping back from my geek perspective of the films you named, I think that Toy Story and TDK are the only films of that list that people will be analyzing decades from now, at least TDK. Toy Story is just a damn good story period in the same vein as the original Wizard of Oz, or It’s a Wonderful Life are solid pictures. You could have replaced it with UP, which might be an even better film. [It’s strange that some of the best writing in the industry now is for animated films, and that says a lot in and of itself]

    As good as LoTR was, and it has definitely earned it’s place in history for making High Fantasy feasibly in the eyes of the industry the same as Star Wars moved Sf out of the B-catergory into the A-list, it is what it is. Technically fantastic, but not the definitive example for the genre — just the one that made the most cash. Will people still be watching it 90 yrs from now. IDK, depends on how good the inevitable remakes are.

  • MartΓ­n Galarza Flores

    – Yeah, I didn’t mention old movies, just relatively new ones that, in my opinion, could potentially last as long.

    – X-Men and The Dark Knight revived the superhero genre. X-Men proved that superhero movies can be succesful both financially and critically after the Batman and Robin fiasco, and The Dark Knight proved that superhero movies could be dark, realistic and serious and still be damn good. The Dark Knight isn’t arguably the best superhero film of all time out of nowhere. And Up is not as important to the animated industry as were Toy Story, or Monsters Inc.

    – LoTR has already gone down in history. Return of the King is the first and only fantasy movie that has won an Oscar for Best Picture, and the whole trilogy has won 17 Oscars. That’s no small feat. Return of the King alone won 11 Oscars, and is tied with Ben-Hur and Titanic for most Oscars ever won by a single film. LoTR is one of, if not the best trilogies of film ever. No other adaptation of remake of Tolkien’s work will ever achieve what Peter Jackson’s has.

    – I know that. It’s when studios let the filmmakers do what they want that we get things like Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Jaws, or Star Wars, or The Lord of the Rings. Classic and everlasting movies aren’t made by studios. They’re made by the filmmakers. Sony didn’t get in the way of the director, we got Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. Sony does whatever the hell they want, we get Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man. Things like that happen all the time.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    Thanks on wanting to punch James Franco in the face. He comes the MFA program during the summer at my old college and everyone says he is renowned as a douchebag.

  • TenuousLynx

    Good to see pay it forward get the treatment it deserves.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    Why does there always have to be a fucking prophecy. every damned movie

  • ikilledacat

    Oh lawdy, this movie was a trainwreck. I despise 3-D in general, but this movie proves it’s biggest failing…when scenes are manipulated to throw in 3-D elements which are out of place and derail believablility/progression of the scene. The biggest problem with this movie is the blatant sexism. We have 3 very capable women in their own right. They individually meet this incapable conman (I refuse to sully the word artist) who so clearly is awkward, non-confident, and *not* this supposed prophesized “Wizard”. So instead of disregarding him as they logically should, they act like incompetent doting housewives that swoon at his feet and throw praises at him encouraging him to be this thing he clearly isn’t. Female charas have come a long way and this movie just throws them back into 50s stereotypical roles shamelessly. Add to this the story fumbles about incoherently, the acting is pretty atrocious, and the cgi isn’t all that good. I ended up walking out of the theatre. It was insult to my intelligence and women everywhere.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    If you’re going to leave the kitchen and preach to the choir on the internet at least use correct spelling and grammar.

  • Pissernacht

    Whoa, whoa, no name dropping here bruh. Besides, check your facts, Maddox wouldn’t call himself a comedian. He’s deadly serious about his opinion. If you find it funny, well he’d just nod and say that it’s your problem if you find correctness hilarious.

  • Pissernacht

    Son of a bitch…you did it here too! What the fuck is stopping you from typing the whole word of “character?” Seriously, aside from the “lawdy” bit, you used near perfect English…so why you woudn’t spare the additional four button presses to go from “charas” to “characters” is completely fucking baffling…

    I was all ready to defend you against that bigoted jackass down there too…which reminds me!

  • Pissernacht

    I’m going to assume you’re just being a pretend bigot against women and not blacks as well, given that “lawdy” tends to be spoken with the drawl common to blacks in the south, but some feminist-sounding wording by ikilledacat up there is no reason to dismiss their point about James Franco’s non-character…

  • Bort

    james franco…. sux ..thats all i got, n frankly thats all i need

  • Jason

    Can’t really blame Franco for being a bad Oz, anymore than you can blame Samuel Jackson for being a bad Jedi. Neither are good actors, but both do well enough when cast in the role they’re suited to play (those being dim-witted idiot, and black-guy-who-yells-and-swears, respectively).

  • Jason

    Because it’s a way to give the protagonist motivation and get the story moving without actually having to do any character development. It’s what people in the movie business call “being really lazy and stupid”.

  • Jason

    nah, it was a PC thing for sure. A segregated community of just little people? Might as well dress ’em up in KKK costumes while we’re at it. No, we must have a diverse community, with all shapes, sizes and colours, living together in perfect harmony, like a multi-cultural rainbow! But I didn’t notice any Asian, Indian, or Pakistani people included, so fuck this racist movie.

  • Ryan Menchion

    Mike’s face when that asshole Jay says “I’d recommend it if you’re following the career of Sam Raimi”

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    This is over a year ago, but I’ll still respond. Pan’s labyrinth is a multi-layered movie. The ending can be interpreted in two ways, an adult realist way (a tear inducing sad ending) or a happy innocent child ending. Just because Guillermo left the ending so open for interpretation, I am going to say out loud that Pan’s labyrinth is in fact also a children movie, there is no extreme violence or gore and no too obvious sexual themes. Yes it has scary and serious pieces, but children can handle that just fine and are in fact fascinated by it.

  • I just re-watched Mike smash “Pay It Forward” a half dozen times and only stopped to let you guys know how much I enjoyed it.

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    I’ve always been curious… is “Mr.Plinkett’s house” an actual house or is it a set? They seriously trash that place with more beer bottles than a UCLA frat house on thirsty Thursday.

  • Tim Brawn

    Love the China, IL. Frank picture

  • Blu

    Thank fucking god, I just made an account so I could reply. I’ve been noticing it since the first episode I saw! I have been trying to piece together what it means, listening to what they say just before or after it happens, if it happens at a regular interval?? I don’t think I will ever know…

  • Mike Magnum

    I don’t know. Plan 9 from Outer Space isn’t that good and people still watch it.

  • fucker

    they bump the walls and the walls shake. it’s a set.

  • Some random asshole

    I think this is an underrated movie. I feel bad for Sam, he makes great films.

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    james franco is hot and he was great in freaks and geeks, that’s why he’s a draw. doesn’t mean he should get cast in movies like this, though.

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