Half in the Bag: Looper and Dredd

October 6, 2012358 Comments

Jay and Mike talk about Looper and Dredd. Meanwhile a charitable act leads to good fortune for Lightning Fast VCR repair.

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  • Rhubarbskerk

    Thanks for making my day. Keep up the good work.

  • http://twitter.com/kzap333 Andrew Coleman

    Personally Looper and Moonrise Kingdrom are my top two films of the year so far.
    It’s a good time for Bruce Willis, who isn’t the lead in either and proves he can be an actor not just an “action star”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.messerly.9 Matthew Messerly

      He’s always proven that. Sixth Sense, Pulp Fiction, his non action/ non lead roles are his best.

      • erhm..

        He had me at Moonlighting.

      • http://twitter.com/kzap333 Andrew Coleman

        That’s totally true.
        I sort of always knew that but in recent years, with Die Hard 4.0 (or whatever better title that got in the US), The Expendables and RED (which I personally enjoyed) I’ve been thinking of him more as a ‘collect the paycheck’ action star.
        Glad that he’s not and he clearly has a good agent picking some great stuff.
        Liam Neeson seems to be going that direction though, which is a career turn I would have never predicted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1241757598 Kevin Fuss

    Honestly, I never agree with your guys.

    • congrats!


  • eric larson

    What beer was being enjoyed in this episode?

    • wexer


    • Guest

      New Glarus Two Women.

      • eric larson

        Is it available in minnesota?

        • buster rye M’s

          no only in sconnie.

          • buster rye M’s

            its a dank-ass lager, tho

          • eric larson

            fuck this gay earth

        • wisconsin

          No. New Glarus beer is sold exclusively in Wisconsin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sed1er Seid Pepic

    Looper and Dredd were awesome. You guys definitely have to watch “The Raid” The action in that is awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/salvador.kapur Salvador Kapur

    That’s a very smart and entertaining discussion of both films, especially Dredd, and I’ll definitely be seeking out your reviews in future. After weeks of reading and watching idiots talking ill-informed pish
    about something they know nothing about, and with which they have
    singularly failed to engage, that was like a breath of fresh air.


    • erhm..

      Facebook is a scourge.

  • Rob

    Looper was a pain in the ass. I understand that sometimes you should just “enjoy the movie”, but that plot hole you mentioned where the wife is killed is the grand canyon of plot holes. Either the writer didn’t notice it, in which case he is stupid, or he couldn’t be bothered fixing it, in which case he’s lazy and/or thinks his audience is stupid. It’s just insulting.

    Also, the tone is all over the place. We go from the comedic incompetent gatman to surgical amputation and child murder. And did anyone else find themselves laughing at bits that were surely unintended to be funny? Why did Bruce Willis pull that stupid shit-eating grin when he saw his future wife for the first time? Love at first sight doesn’t involve shitting your pants. Gah.

    • bob

      Stop watching movies.

      • Rob

        Give it a rest. I don’t have to like every movie I see. I don’t have to pretend I do. If you have a proper response to anything I said, go ahead and type it out.

        • Name

          Proper response!?!! On the internet!?? MIND BLOWN.

    • http://twitter.com/kzap333 Andrew Coleman

      The wife getting killed was an accident. That’s why the thugs burned the house in an attempt to cover it up, obviously they would have got caught and gone to jail for it though, as the logic of the film suggests.
      But Bruce Willis wants to avenge her by taking down the guy who sent them.
      It’s not that big of a deal.

      • Rob

        I don’t think it was that much of an accident. If I recall correctly, they intentionally shoot her (whether they meant to kill her when they arrived is another matter, but when they pulled the trigger they meant to kill her). Anyway, I see your point that we can assume they were caught afterwards etc, but I think in this case (when the fact that murder is impossible in the future is the driver for the entire plot) the writer could have done a bit more to address the issue. Perhaps showing the killers being apprehended immediately by the local police?

        • E Robb

          It was a huge accident. The shooter, everytime we see him, is flop sweating and looks younger than the others. The shooting was a big fuck up, and that’s why they burned the house. This has been confirmed by Rian Johnson, so stop spinning your wheels. You missed the point, and that’s okay.

          • Reginald Tits

            I haven’t seen the movie, but from my understanding, whether it was an accident or not is really not the issue. The important point is, why didn’t they just kill Bruce Willis after having already made the mistake of killing his wife? Maybe there was some plot contrivance which made it so that the loopers absolutely had to be killed by their corresponding past-selves, but otherwise, I don’t see why they wouldn’t simply shoot Bruce Willis in the head, given that they’d already fucked up by committing a murder. What would be the harm in doing one more? “Oh, shit. We just murdered someone and now we will almost certainly be sent to prison. Okay, enough about that, let’s get on with sending this guy into the past as part of an elaborate scheme to murder someone without being sent to prison.” I’m pretty sure that that’s the plot-hole everyone is talking about.

          • JimTreacher

            Although it doesn’t explain why they didn’t just shoot Joe then and there. If the burning house would cover up one murder, why not two?

            Because then there would be no movie.

        • Pizzatarian

          Or how about the idea that the police deem it as Joe murdering his wife, then trying to cover it up by burning the house down, and then leaving town since there would obviously be no trace of him. Plus, given Joe’s prior record; it would be believable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730430121 Rob Thomas

    i liked how time travel and tk were used sparingly for believability “we could draw diagrams – that not important” and “10% of the population has tk – we thought we would become super heros, instead we can just float coins to impress chicks in clubs”

    • http://twitter.com/kzap333 Andrew Coleman

      That’s true.
      I saw the film after only having watched the first trailer, as I love the previous work from the director and didn’t want to be spoiled.
      So I knew nothing of the TK plotline, personally I thought it was cool and handled well.
      Another example of scifi elements being used believably were the hover-bikes, yes they exist but they’re really expense and don’t really work, the only people who buy them are rich douchebags looking to show off.

  • iamtravis182

    I will now watch Dredd solely based on Mike’s contrarian recommendation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      Go watch it!

      It is fucking good, and tell your friends about it too!

      It’s a movie that needs your money for a sequel. I wish it had beaten RE Retribution at the box office though

    • i am the law

      DREDD is a very good movie, well in the spirit of the comic book. When I first saw photos of Urban as a new DREDD I’ve thought – wtf, the guy will be awful. I was so mistaken… Comparing to this version with Stallone is a camp parody. It’s a sort of surprise that today you can have such a brutal movie with a decent budget. Maybe because it was created in Europe? Anyway, worth seeing, you will be certainly suprised how much is there on the screen.

    • JoeJoe

      Dredd’s not terrible at all, but I can’t quite recommend it. Unlike Die-Hard or The Thing, the single-location isn’t executed that well. It feels rather generic and confined. I got tired of it way before the movie ended and dreaded (pun intended) how much time was left. This, however, is my only major complaint — grain of salt.

      It does have a consistent tone and it doesn’t shy away from the violence. Dredd is not an invincible gunslinger, so there is tension and something at stake. Slow-mo isn’t just a cool effect, it’s used well for the sake of the grim tone. The tone of the finale, however, was a missed opportunity to show a real horrific death.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

        So a squashed face filling the screen with blood is not horrific? It’s better than horrific, it’s beautiful.

        • JoeJoe

          It was “beautiful”, and that’s my complaint. The cruelness of her deeds did not match her fate – she seemed to enjoy the ride. If you show a gun in act one, you fire it in act 3. Compared to the act 1 executions, she seemed to have got off very easy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

            Slo-Mo prolongs perceptions and sensations such as orgasms and pain. Dredd is as much the villain as Ma Ma and she was resigned to her fate as Dredd was resigned to Judging her. The Chekov quote is incongrous to the argument. DREDD as a film plays with the conventions of redemption and revenge that we get in the average action-film.

  • Brandon Daggerhart

    The Takening.

    • erhm..

      The Zooening.

    • D

      Taken Aback

  • The Mage

    Looper was awesome. totally missed that plot hole about shooting the wife! Did anyone else notice that it felt like Joseph Gorden Levitt was just doing a Bruce Willis impersonation? Especially in that scene where he has to go see the mafia boss early on.

    • MatthewMelange

      Did anyone else notice that Joseph Gorden Levitt has attached ear lobes while Bruce Willis has detached ear lobes? Despite all the make up they did on their ears


      Hey, asshole…”Loopers” was a piece of shit….cant believe these guys are recommending this dog turd for people to watch. Full of plot holes, predictable ending and boring as fuck after the first 40 minutes…..I’m worried these guys have sold out and getting paid to recommend shitty movies.

  • http://flavors.me/nielsblog Niels

    I always get a smile when you guys mention Paul Verhoeven. He is pretty much the only proper Dutch film director. And not only because he has chosen his place outside of the Netherlands (because the Dutch movie-industry makes generally total crap).
    And the way you say his name wrong makes me laugh.

  • moo

    Thumbs down, why did you have to go blurt out the end of Dredd.

    • thumbs up your ass

      Is it that hard to guess that Dredd will kill all the bad guys by the end of the movie?

    • http://twitter.com/thenewloon The Loon

      in all fairness Mike did say “spoiler alert” before they did so if you kept watching having the ending ruined is on you

  • Jason Matte

    That was great. Awesome job guys!

  • Michael Imbornoni

    Looper is based off of Philip K. Dick’s The Skull, a short story. You should read it if you haven’t it’s public domain. The time travel makes a lot more sense in it. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30255/30255-h/30255-h.htm

    • Conger

      thanks for that link.I could see the twist miles away but still a good read.Always up for some P.K.Dick.Inspired lots of great movies.Too bad they don’t adhere to the storylines of his novels to the letter,but still better than notthing.

    • Innocentbystander

      Not based on, but inspired by. Yes there are striking similarities but it’s not literally based on it. I’ve seen the writer of the film saying he merely had the idea while reading a PKD novel. He claims originality and they didn’t acquire a license for that story. Besides The Skull really focus more on the question “if you could go back in time and kill a Hitler type, before he actually became that, would you?”. And that’s not where this movie’s originality lies.

    • DrJaRule

      if Cameron directed Looper – all the hipsters would want him crucified for “Ripping off” …. smh biased ass niggas

      • bananna hammock

        Except that Cameron’s “looper” would be a completely different animal entirely, and so your analogy is severely flawed.

    • Jay Stein

      I’m a total “Dickhead”..

  • whoarewenow

    I needed this boost today. As always, you guys simply ROCK!

  • Ishimura

    You guys should review some south korean movies. ‘Old Boy’ and ‘The Host’ are very worthy of a short review.

  • Code_R

    Thanks for the both the great recommendation on Dredd and for not calling it a remake. More people need to see it. Also I enjoyed all the Paul Verhoven comparisons, though I miss real squibs. Looper looks great, it’s a good time for low key sci-fi movies.

  • granu56

    ”Taken to the Zoo”, the new film starring Liam Neeson and Kevin James.


      “Taken 2″ was totally fucking stupid but it was still more entertaining than “Looper.”

      • another asshole

        Try harder.

        • Rick Berman the Gaylord.

          …Can I haz A CHEEZBURGER from ur buwoowoo… Your burgeegee… Your hacklewoowoo?

    • amadama

      gonna take you to the zoo the blood zoo

  • Sam

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting for a new episode since the last episode.

    • Darth Pazuzu

      Smile so we can see Plinkett’s shit in your teeth.

      • Dawgs Migee

        smile so we can see the shit in yours.

        • http://www.facebook.com/skollerton Seano Ollerton

          shit so we can see the corn in yours.

          • Roderick Thorpe

            Corn so we can shit the teeth in Plinkett.

          • MrLahey

            Theres a shit storm coming bubbles!

          • Rick Berman the Gaylord.

            Shit is sexy, now let’s all have a corn-ballin’, shit storm, of shit in eachother’s winkies!

    • dan.gilbert

      As opposed to since the next episode?..

  • paul

    havent watched this yet but looper was rubbish and i haven’t seen dredd but it’s getting great reviews which is surprising. let’s see what you think…

  • toughdriver

    can anybody give a link to illegal download of Feeding Frenzy?

    • http://www.facebook.com/betamaxphoto Drew Hickman

      Just buy it ya cheap sack of shit – It’s only twelve bucks

    • redletterjay

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Now please never come back to our website. Ever.

      • paul

        wow that got a reply within 10 minutes. hmm…

        • res

          Don’t mess with redletterjay.
          But he’s right.
          If you are going to pirate their stuff,don’t advertise it here like an idiot.

        • Simulacrum

          These bro’s do good work, so yea, people can at least support their efforts by purchasing their products.

      • Simulacrum

        Based God Jay. Lil B told me to thank Red Letter Media for being trill.

      • high_horsey

        Well now I want to go and host a torrent of that movie just because you’re a douche.

        Nothing would impel me to actually watch it, however.

        • high_horsey

          Update: Apparently there are many, many torrents of a movie called Feeding Frenzy. Unfortunately it’s a (presumably unrelated) porno.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730430121 Rob Thomas

            unrelated? the red letter media porno remains unmade..

          • erhm..

            “I want to fuck more!”

        • erhm..

          So he is a douche because he reacted to some asshole saying (on their site even!) he wants to steal their stuff … ?

          Honestly,kids these days…

        • roger

          Yeah what a dickhead! How dare he not want people to steal from him!

  • solliosis

    Like any other time travel movie it has plot holes galore. But, I thought the action was good.I also enojyed the character arcs and I thought a lot of the direction were good as well. It is a servicable movie.

  • trust me i’m an expert

    kid blue and abe were the same person
    not father and son
    it would make no sense to send kid blue’s dad back in time to run things
    he’d be like 90

    • jaboobop

      Apart from the fact that Kid Blue dies when he’s on the motorbike…

  • http://twitter.com/WCodyBillings Cody Billings

    fun fact: Robocop took inspiration from the Dredd comics.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

      Fun Fact: Ed Neumier (writer and producer of RoboCop) was working on a Dredd film before he wrote RoboCop, he failed to secure the rights.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=25914690 Johann Schmidt

    really you guys haven’t seen The Raid yet? As 80ish as Dredd was The Raid did a much better job IMO of capturing that 80′s feel. In fact I’m not even sure if the movie used CGI at all, if it did they toned it way down so I wouldn’t notice unlike Dredd that shoved all their CGI scenes in your face.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

      DREDD is a futuristic sci-fi film about authoritarian fascists; the Raid is a martial arts film, your comparison is complete bunk.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=25914690 Johann Schmidt

        when did I say they were copying each other? Never that’s when. The only thing the same about them is they are both going for that 80′s action movie feel which one did better than the other IMO. Also news flash 80′s action movies had plenty of futuristic authoritarian fascists (Escape from L.A.) and martial arts (every fucking jean claude van damme movie). Get a clue.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

          I never said they were copying each other. If you had a clue, you’d realise I was talking about the CGI and with DREDD being a Sci-Fi film, of course it used more.

  • playdude92

    Jay and Mike are (Booze) !

  • Guy with question

    Posted on fb but this may be the better place…..

    watch the vid. Anyone know how to resolve the issue when it says
    “advertisement playing” but it just hangs with a little blue rectangle
    on the bottom of the screen? I’m up to date on flash etc if that has anything to do with it.

    intermittently and has only reared it’s ugly annoying head since the
    update to the vid player. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys. If
    not, thanks anyway.

    • Guy with question

      Not sure what happened to the formatting… I’m just terrible

  • Kaji

    Closest we will get to a live action Akira

  • Kevin


  • MatthewMelange

    Here’s a list of the comparisons of Dredd to The Raid
    Drug Lord
    Owns an apartment building
    Gang bangers trying to kill cops
    Drug lord orders gang members to kill police over a microphone
    Fight sequence in a drug lab
    Corrupt Police department
    Simple Plot
    One cop versus everyone
    Drug lord dies at the end

    I actually like both movies, and I think it’s worth noting that Dredd’s filming began in november 2010, while The Raid began in march 2011, just that the latter was released before the former

    • guest

      But does Dredd have a awesome brutal fire axe to the neck scene and stabbing first to the chest, then stomach fight choreography?

  • sam_s

    Aww, I was kinda liking the office environment, but I can’t tell if its a set or not so I can understand dropping it too.

    Also, Do you rehearse/do multiple takes? I can’t tell if it’s good acting or you’re genuinely talking to each other about the film the first time during these shows.

    • zz

      I’m not sure if they need multiple takes, but they definitely edit large segments out, so they could very well just talk for an hour and only show the entertaining segments

  • Dubs

    Why aren’t your movies on itunes :( I actually have money on there and I need to spend it on something, dammit.

  • m0r1arty

    So that Hotdog, where do I buy one from?

  • Astor

    the Plinkett is *obviously* faking it.

  • http://blogofthenorthstar.com/ Milo (blogofthenorthstar.com)

    The thing about the original Judge Dredd comic is that Dredd is supposed to be a pastiche of fascism. It seems the new movie reflects that much better than the Stallone one. I look forward to watching it when it comes out on Blu-ray.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

      Why don’t you support it at the cinema instead?

    • http://twitter.com/HipNihilist Mike Vasquez

      The creators of the film have said that they won’t be able to make a sequel unless it makes $50 million in the box office. It’s a shame that people like you aren’t supporting it while it’s in theaters. It’s totally worth the price of a ticket. It was an awesome film.

      • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.messerly.9 Matthew Messerly

        Maybe they should’ve kept it in theaters longer than a 3 weeks

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

          Maybe people should’ve gone to see it.

  • dongaroo

    That’s right, Jay!

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Haven’t read the comic book, huh? Big shock.

  • playdude92

    Dredd: Great action, okay story.
    Looper: Great story, okay action.
    Simple as that.

  • RRRRRRReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    You guys were weider than ever.

    I love it.

  • Fred Durche

    Is Plinkett blind? No? Then why does he wear sunglasses everywhere he goes?

    • erhm..

      Because his gaze might melt the universe.

  • Leo Ladenson

    I know what Jacqueline Bisset’s secret is: when the next Plinkett review is coming out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Afterburner/100000795300948 Chuck Afterburner

    I saw Dredd twice, Carpenter mixed with Verhoeven is exactly what I thought. Damn I want this fucker to get a sequel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      It fucking deserves one.

      The sequel as said would be based on the Democracy arc of the Judge Dredd comics, and thus i’d love to see an adaptation of the Democracy stories.

  • Leo Ladenson


  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.beeching.3 Ashley Beeching

    Glad you enjoyed Dredd. My film of the year. Looper wasn’t too bad either.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Who would rob Mr. Plinkett?

    Fake Plinkett.

    • erhm..

      That would be agreat twist.

  • Christopher Kulik

    The Raid: Redemption is one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen, although I’m more than up to see DREDD, no matter what the similarities are. Also down for LOOPER when it comes out on DVD.

    BTW, Bisset getting nude is the only advantage of watching SECRETS, which is about a husband, wife, and daughter who all have sexual experiences through the day, yet they must keep quiet. Trust me, Mr. Plinkett: jacking off to Bisset isn’t enough to watch.

  • cole1114

    I actually bought Feeding Frenzy and watched it. Amazing. One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long while, if not the goriest.

    • alligator

      That’s not how “if not” works.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Just got home from playing a concert at a venue here in copenhagen. Coming home from a good gig to find a new episode of my favourite internetshow is just about the loveliest thing in the world!

    • erhm..

      Quit bragging you can play music.

      Just kidding.
      Where can i here your stuff on the interwebs?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

        Almost got me there ;)
        Listening to our music would not be completely worthwhile as of yet, but we are working on making some good demos. This is a primitive recording from a rehearsal some moths back:

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    You make Mr. Fake Plinkett dementia.
    Me laugh out loud.

  • whatthefuck

    so what the fuck is up with this 90 second advertisement bullshit?

    • asd

      seriously WHAT THE FUCK? i have a 90 second advertisment that wont even fucking load, and within that 90 minute advert, i get another tgif sub-advert?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. ARE U GUYS FUCKING RETARDED

  • DoctorKillpatient

    As far as I remember there are two scenes in Dredd that I felt are almost mirror images when compared to The Raid. First one is the execution + introducing the main baddie scene – though they are visually different (Raid – bad guy uses the revolver then a hammer to execute his victims, Dredd – bad guy lets her goons do the work for her) the underlying similarities are hidden in establishing how brutal and heartless the main antagonist is. The second one is bad guy contacting the residents of the apartment block and notifying them of the situation via intercom system.
    There are also multitude of other little similar details – bad guy closing off the apartment block from the outside world, getting help from one of the residents to hide in their apartment, a supposedly good guy(s) turning out to be a bad guy(s), finding a full-blown drug lab on one of the floors, cameras monitoring your every move, one of the good guy(Raid)/girl(Dredd) falling to the hands of the bad guys.
    I’m sure someone in the future will do the scene-by-scene comparison on youtube – maybe it’ll be Redlettermedia (nudge-nudge-wink-wink).
    All that being said, these are only similarities. At no point did I feel as if one movie was intentionally lifting scenes from another. Plus it’s important to remember that filming on Dredd started in November 2010, while filming The Raid began in March 2011.
    The Raid in it’s execution is a lot more straightforward, while Dredd actually makes you think more about and feel for the characters (like Jay and Mike point out) – a rare treat when it comes to an action movie.
    Looper is also an awesome movie. It reminded me of 12 Monkeys minus the apocalyptic virus plot.

    I would personally recommend Dredd over Looper, simply because Looper is doing fine in the box office, and Dredd is in serious danger of falling into the one-of-the-best-movies-of-the-year-no-one-saw category (a la Kick-Ass) and not reaching it’s production budget. If one needs an incentive, Olivia Thirlby in her fake blond wig looks so frakking hot and vulnerable that her suggestive interracial rape scene made me come a little.

  • IronBuddha

    The make up on JGL to look like Bruce was hit or miss. Certain times I thought it looked pretty good, at least passable. But other times just looked horrible. I don’t know if it was certain angles or what.

    • http://deltaassault.blogspot.com Delta_Assault

      His lips were fucking huge.

  • http://deltaassault.blogspot.com Delta_Assault

    My issues with Looper:

    A Blunderbuss? Why did they use such a strange and bizarre weapon? You can’t hit anything further then fifteen yards away? I was puzzling the entire movie why he held onto this dumb weapon.

    10% of everyone magically gets telekinesis? Huh? What? How did this happen? Why did people become mutants? None of this is ever explained. I’m okay with cars getting solar panels stapled onto them in the future, but everybody getting TK is a little harder to buy. This was of course needed for the Rainmaker plotline… which I also wasn’t a fan of.

    In the future, killing someone is way too difficult because people are tagged. Okay, but apparently kidnapping is a piece of cake and arouses no suspicions? The tags don’t work against kidnapping?

    This crime syndicate has control over the entire city, to the point where he can send out loud noisy helicopters at all hours? There aren’t any police? No local government? Really?

    Joe is not a likeable protagonist. This guy has killed hundreds of people, just judging by how many silver bars he’s stashed away. Not to mention that he quickly gives up his “best friend” to an incredibly gruesome fate. Then in the future, he runs low on cash and ends up doing hits in China, killing tons more people. This guy is a huge scumbag.

    Okay, so he eventually settles down and marries a much younger Chinese woman. Fine, that montage was cool. But we find out he carries a watch with her picture in it, and he’s constantly struggling to remember her throughout the story. This is supposed to be the emotional core of the movie, but… it’s not executed well at all. I mean, it’s like the picture of Sarah Connor that Kyle Reese carries with him in Terminator 1, obviously. Or the picture that Marty carries with him in Back to the Future. That’s what Rian Johnson’s going for, I bet. But the picture of Sarah Connor actually paid off in the end. Here, I didn’t feel like that watch was all that meaningful. Once Young Joe hooks up with Emily Blunt’s character, you’re expecting a scene where the picture on the watch changes from the Chinese woman to Blunt. Or something. Something should happen with that watch. But we don’t get that. I dunno, it felt like a wasted opportunity.

    They can control where the time machine teleports people to. We see that Joe’s hits always teleport out to an empty cornfield, while Paul Dano’s hits teleport out to a parking lot. And Bruce Willis enters the time machine when it’s located in China somewhere. So… if they have this much control, why don’t they just teleport the victims back to a location a couple miles under the ocean?

    Old Joe busts in and wipes out Jeff Daniels and his entire gang. But we never actually see how he breaks out of Kid Blue’s cuffs. He just randomly shoots Kid Blue even though he’d been taken captive?

    The entire Rainmaker plotline makes up the second half of the movie but it never felt compelling or interesting. Hell, we never even see the Rainmaker in the future, except for a shitty 5 second newsfeed. Why am I supposed to care about this Rainmaker at all? You never see how he affected the future, so you feel nothing. And the whole thing with the kid was like this random Carrie reenactment thrown into the movie. I didn’t care about the kid, cause you could clearly see he needed to be killed. Jesus Christ, yelling at Emily Blunt over and over like that? I’m with Bruce Willis, end his life. Of course, the levitation scenes also reminded me of Chronicle, which is a rather unfortunate coincidence, because I cared a lot more about Chronicle’s characters then these characters.

    Bruce Willis has normal looking lips, I think. So why the hell did Joseph Gordon-Levitt need huge fucking prosthetic lips? That thing on his mouth really distracted me.

    And yes, I did wonder about how Emily Blunt knew about loopers.

    Why is young Joe learning French? It’s to get away and move to France. Okay, but is he doing this to try to escape the mafia men coming to get him in the future? That’s understandable, but doesn’t he know that this is futile since he’ll have closed his loop, thus knowing that he eventually will get caught?

    And btw, how do these seemingly dumb mafia guys track down a guy in China after 30 years? Are they all Sherlock Holmes? How can they be so damn good at tracking loopers down? China in the future probably has a population of three billion. These mafia guys found old Joe in that? Really?

    And now that I think about it, how does the present criminal syndicate immediately know that a looper has failed to close his loop? In the movie, young Joe hands in his blunderbuss and some of the silver bars. I guess that’s meant to show that he did his job. But then… couldn’t he just do this without killing the victims? Just take some of their silver and let them go? The body ends up in a furnace, so there’s no evidence. Yet right after Paul Dano and young Joe fail their assignments, the crime lord somehow immediately knows that they let their victims go. How?

    It’s almost impossible to murder someone in the future, but they rather quickly shoot and kill old Joe’s Chinese wife. Huh? Why didn’t they just kill both of them and leave them in that burning house? Why go to the trouble of sending old Joe back in time? If you have to use time travel, why not send old Joe’s wife’s body back in time?

    In the montage of Joe through the years, we see him killing a whole hell of a lot of people in China. But wait… wasn’t it almost impossible to kill people in the future and get away with it? How is he doing this?

    They never explained why the Rainmaker was closing all the loops. You might say it was because his mother was killed by a Looper. But this would be incorrect, a Looper did not kill his mother. In the first iteration of the timeline, young Joe kills old Joe and goes off to Shanghai and gets married. Joe never meets Cid. Cid and Sarah live on a farm in peace. So Cid would have no reason to hate loopers. Then we hear that the Rainmaker is now closing all the loops. Why is he doing this?!

    • guest


    • dumbass

      All valid questions, so:
      Fuck you.You just ruined the movie for me.Now I have to have it explained.

    • JoeJoe

      Why do anything in a movie? Most of the stuff you complain about are just to create the universe that Looper lives in. Other things, you just didn’t pay attention.

      The guns were status symbols – low men got the shitty guns.

      TK is part of several themes used in the story.

      If everyone is tagged, someone driving and someone being kidnapped is identical.

      The movie showed you people getting shot in public with little reaction from the people. It’s spelled out rather clear that crime is prevalent world-wide.

      Joe is a scumbag, and? Guess you never watched any crimeflix like Goodfellas. You’re point is dumb.

      The picture was just an external symbol for old Joe’s singular motivation. If the picture “changed” in the movie, then old Joe would instantaneously disappear. This movie clearly defined it’s philosophy of time travel. The watch is also an important item for both Joes as they are both attached to it — it’s probably a nod to Pulp Fiction.

      Old Joe is wise and surrounded by kids. The reason he exists is because he already learned how to free his hands. Did you forget? They already showed him doing it.

      The Rainmaker is a MacGuffin. You don’t see what’s in the briefcase either in Pulp Fiction and it’s not germane to the plot anyways.

      The prosthetics where a distraction – so you’re score is now a ’1′ out of a zillion.

      Blunt knows about loopers because crime is prevalent and loopers are kids that throw around their money and brag about their status.

      Joe is learning French because of the waitress – did you forget what name was scarred into Joe’s arm?

      How could anyone not be tracked down in the future? Forget about the trackers?

      Closed loop knowledge? Don’t know – don’t care. It’s the future. They didn’t explain who invented time travel either and it doesn’t matter to the plot.

      Someone already explained the killed wife here. Go read it.

      There obviously was a period of time were killing people was still reasonable, but he had to retire.

      The entire movie was a paradox. The existence of Old Joe is only possible because of 2 possible parallel timelines. One timeline contains a pissed of Rainmaker and the movie exists in it. Jesus, fuck, don’t you understand anything about time travel??

      • http://deltaassault.blogspot.com Delta_Assault

        “You’re point is dumb.”

        Hah. Thanks for the laugh.

  • http://twitter.com/tweeterisawful Obviously FakeAlias

    Dissecting fascism and its consequences in perpetuating the violence and unrest it claims to fight against is in fact what the comic is about. Not that I expect Mike to suddenly start reading comics just because of a cool movie.

  • http://twitter.com/misterkevinoh Kevin Oh

    You guys should watch Dredd because it’s not making any fucking money.

  • Deweythai

    Hobo with a Shotgun, Robocop gory?

  • JoeJoe

    Why is there TK in the movie?!

    It adds texture to the “Looper” universe. It’s the same reason why there are status symbol guns, eye-drop designer drugs, and rusted out hybrid cars. It sells the premise that this is the future and some fantastical things are now possible and common.

    It continues the theme of immature people playing with and abusing power. TK’s float coins to try to “get laid”, kids are gangster pawns, time travel is controlled by the mob, children are sold, vagrants are shot at will. Lets not forget how the Rainmaker is going to use it.

    It gives young Joe a reason to kill the Rainmaker child – he’s not just a helpless normal child. After seeing the kid ‘asplode’ a guy in anger, he sees the kid as the monster that killed his “first” mom and will slaughter many – likely his “current” mom too. As an added bonus, old Joe would likely just go away as well if he splatters that baby brain all over the cornfield. No old Joe means no group of people hunting him down. I think young Joe did not choose wisely.

  • Omegasmash

    I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

    The only reason why I would bother to see Hotel Transilvania is because it’s directed by Genddy Tartakovsky and it’ll bring him a step closer to a proper Samurai Jack ending.

  • Me

    You guys always seem to have a great time with these, cracking up at each others jokes, I love it, keep it up!

  • nicework

    I’m one of those guys who usually comes here and tells you how unfunny you are and how bad each episode is. So take it from me when I say, this episode was awesome. One of the best ones yet. You focused on the movie reviews, you talked about the movies a lot, you kept the skits short and unobtrusive, and skits weren’t painful at all. Well done, bravo, etc.


      Hey, asshole…if you dont like the shows why keep coming back???

  • Judge Dudd

    These movie reviews were quite boring. Movie reviews can be informative, but unlike the Star Wars prequel reviews you don’t really say anything deep about the art of making movies in these. In the prequel reviews you were passionate about something and put together a brilliant analysis of what was wrong. These are just a couple of bros chatting off the cuff with a little amateur theatrics on the side. Not worth 40 minutes. Seems like half-assed filler designed to keep people watching the site.

    • DarthVaderHappyMeal

      “Seems like half-assed filler designed to keep people watching the site.”
      Uh, …, works for me.

    • Anon

      Are you not familiar with Half in the Bag? “A couple of bros chatting off the cuff with a little amateur theatrics on the side” is exactly what it’s about. The full-on Plinkett reviews take a lot of effort but Half in the Bag is quick and dirty.

      40 minutes is pushing it for what they had to say. The Resident Evil thing last time was worse.

    • face

      Clearly you haven’t seen the behind the scenes videos of them building sets for Half in the Bag themselves. Far from “half-assed.” And the show certainly isn’t “filler”…it’s been their main content for over a year now.

    • WatooSodomizedShmi

      As opposed to those oh-so-infomative 30-second reviews on CBS Sunday Morning – or on CNN Headline news – which amount to useless fluff pieces

  • Obrighm

    Hahaha, it would have been so great if after Jay got poked in the eyes he had bandages taped over them and was just nodding along

  • Leo Ladenson

    And thanks for the insight about small stories within larger sci-fi worlds. It was exactly the failure of JOHN CARTER (OF MARS) that it had to tack on the save-the-world story, when it could have been a wonderful smaller story of friendship, romance, and action (which would also have been much truer to the original material as well). It then would have had a smaller budget and even if not hugely successful it would not have become the epic financial bomb it has now become.

  • ex1lepr0

    I want to see both of these, but I’m a poor college student, so I may have to stick with one. Um……shit, they both sound awesome.

    • it

      wait, and redbox it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000185278075 Абдуррахман Ириыарраклиев

    kewl reviuws

  • anon

    The Dredd plot sounds exactly like the plot of The Raid: Redemption

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

      Here’s a Dredd / Raid Timeline –

      2007/2008 Alex garland writes first drafts of Dredd ‘Peach Trees’ screenplay.
      12/2008: Alex Garland publicly named as Dredd screenwriter.
      09/2009: Artist, Mark ‘Jock” Simpson confirms he has been creating visuals off of Garland’s Dredd script.
      05/2010: Dredd creator, John Wagner, confirms Dredd script is written.
      07/2010: Version 8 of Dredd script is leaked online.
      07/2010: Late July, Todd Brown confirms working with Gareth Evans on Berandal.
      08/2010: Somewhere between Aug. ’10 & Nov. ’10, Gareth Evans shelves the film Berandal due to budget and begins work on The Raid script.
      08/2010: Pre-production on Dredd begins.
      11/2010: Pre-production on Raid begins.
      11/2010: Dredd begins filming and finishes in Feb.’11.
      03/2011: Raid begins filming (unsure of finish date).
      Note: Evans has said he found out about the Dredd script during Raid post-production and rushed the release of Raid to get it out first.

      • WatooSodomizedShmi

        Or you could have saved all that trouble and just said New Jack City came out in 1991

  • crabbiekins

    Do the next one on bath salts.

  • WatooSodomizedShmi

    Nothing about this positive review made me want to see Looper at all

    • guest

      And what is anyone supposed to do with this information?

      • WatooSodomizedShmi

        Could care less what you do with it. I was commenting on the review – which is pretty much what the comments section is for

        Go cum in your pants over the latest Bond movie, or Hobbit movie, or whatever else Hollywood tells you is good

  • Kinepolis

    Know that, since Drive, everytime you recommend another movie, an extra movie ticket gets sold in Belgium

  • http://twitter.com/Tannerburgess97 Tanner Burgess


  • ficha13

    serriously should have put a spoiler alert, anyways great vid :)

  • Spotted Dick

    Eat Me.

  • Bazz

    Animated movies tend to cost 80 mil or more, usually more. Hotel T has the budget of Paranorman and half the budget of How To Train Your lizard

  • Ben

    Another great episode! I definitely recommend checking out ‘The Raid,’ if only for comparison’s sake.

  • Wewe

    Damn. I want to work as a VCR repair guy. :D

  • http://twitter.com/JoshfromRaleigh Josh

    I loved Dredd. I thought it was a better movie than the Dark Knight by far.

    • http://deltaassault.blogspot.com Delta_Assault

      Your punishment must be more severe.


    Hey, assholes….I hope you guys aren’t selling out and getting paid to recommend shitty movies like “Looper” now. If you guys genuinely like this crap I’m shocked…..you sit there picking over all the plot holes in a great movie like “Prometheus” then hardly mention one from the 100s that are in this shitty mess. If the movie was fast paced and entertaining then all the holes wouldn’t matter but after the first 40 minutes they spend the rest of the movie stuck in a fucking farmhouse talking shit right the way up until the tedious and predictable ending.

    • chud

      Go to Rotten Tomatoes. Did ALL those critics get paid to give it good reviews too? Not liking the movie is one thing, but that’s an idiotic accusation to make. Are you 12 years old?

    • dumbass

      Don’t you think they would have been paid by George Lucas and other crap producing folk with huge ammounts of money to sell their crap by now?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

      Prometheus, great? Not even Lindelof thinks that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.galloway.777 James Galloway

    The way you describe it, Judge Dredd sounds like a good video game.

  • William

    I figured out the secret of Plinkett’s house, how it shows the street in one shot and that brick wall when he opens the door. It’s like Howl’s Moving Castle with the door that rotates between cities. That’s how Plinkett can have a street address in Teaneck, New Jersey and in Wisconson, or wherever the crap Mike lives.

  • ZipperFace

    In Canada, Looper is rated “14 Years”. We’re not as uptight about boobs, and indeed the rest of the content felt safe for a more general audience.
    And there’s one time travel movie where the “branching timeline” logic is absolutely airtight: Primer. …oh, and 12 Monkeys adds up perfectly with the “only one timeline” approach.

    • DavidHilbert

      Who’s uptight about boobs? Certainly not the filth-strewn American media, yikes.

  • Plinket’s swollen tumor

    robocop bit was the best, also gotta love how ‘mericans pronounce Verhoeven

  • Karl Bunker

    Do you guys take personal checks?

    • WatooSodomizedShmi

      No. But you can E-mail them a pizza roll

  • http://www.facebook.com/elliott.mest Elliott Mest

    The video isn’t playing for me.

  • DanceK

    I know for a fact that Mike and Jay have seen all the Star Wars prequels, AND the Resident Evil movies. That’s why you don’t have any feelings anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.rotkel Brandon Rotkel

    If you guys want to see a real film noir movie with black and white by Rian Johnson (and also with Joseph Gordon Levitt), then you should see Brick. It’s on Netflix Instant Watch. It’s definitely worth watching, but I’d watch every movie Rian Johnson makes at this point.

  • Darth Pazuzu

    The only reason people are posting positive reactions to HALF IN THE BAG is because they’re desperate for another Plinkett review. “Maybe if I pretend I like their boring as fuck blogcast, they’ll hurry up with whatever the next Plinkett thing they’re working on might be!” Which, if it’s KILL BILL or THE MATRIX, will be a gigantic WHO GIVES A FUCK.

  • Zach

    God, the There Will Be Blood rant was pure genius. Thank you, because it perfectly illustrates those 12 year old reviewers who have no idea what they’re talking about.

  • pizza roll


  • Rahul Gairola

    Thank You for making an episode on Dredd! Awesome episode. You guys are the best!

  • Rahul Gairola

    Btw the director of Dredd wanted to show exactly what you said about the Dredd’s violence and the justification for it. You got that perfectly.
    The movie needs more support, it deserves it! Guessing it won’t have much chance at the cinemas anymore, so everybody needs to get the BlueRay n Dvd when they come out.
    Here’s hoping for a Dredd 2, There is a whole universe to explore that I’m dying to see in this style!

  • Bill

    I think the exception to Jay’s time-travel movie rule is Primer. They do it exceedingly well.

  • Bongo

    Taken Harder…….Brilliant!!!

  • anon

    You know, guy on right is getting fucking dumber and dumber by each episode. I can find faults in his comments and reviews in every single episode last months. Step the fuck up and stop being stupid and say stupid things.

    Also your comments on the Prometheus movie makes you an ass 4life and you are just as dumb as those whom love star wars episode 1.

  • googles

    The return of Plinkett! YAY!

  • Art Kid

    Looper is a western, through and through.

  • Henrique

    This player is better than the previous ones!

  • Cactus

    I love when the selling point of a movie is “It feels like you’re watching a movie”

  • http://www.facebook.com/krish.mitra Krish Mitra

    Shameless product placement at the end haha. It’s ok. I forgive you. Feeding Frenzy is quite entertaining.

  • Mynock

    Did Bruce phone it in in Moonrise? Haven’t seen it… wondering if he’s turning a corner or Looper was a fluke.

    • BlueChalkyDrink

      His performance in Moonrise was pretty flat and lifeless. But then that
      is the style of the film – and nearly every actor in it acted like they
      were dead inside

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Corr/100002915722983 Erik Corr

    Telekinesis in the movie was unnecessary

  • http://www.facebook.com/toph1980 Christopher Fischer

    See what you did there haha

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.inness Adrian Inness

    Paul Verhoeven also directed Showgirls… You can’t explain that.


    Stop trying to sound like a smart arse……”Looper” is nothing like “12 Monkeys” and therefore “La Jetee” was of zero influence. It’s like saying “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” was an influence on “The Hunt For Red October” because they both had submarines.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deejaytaufiq Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      But at the end of Looper, it reminds me of La Jetee in a way.

  • http://twitter.com/Slappy_SEZ SlaPPy

    News Flash, assholes: Green Bay was NOT “robbed”. They LOST. To the fuckin’ SEAHAWKS. The Packers are NOT that good.

    To your recommendation: You spoke about Judge Dredd for approx. 5 minutes. Whereas . . . y’all could not shut your YAPS about ‘Looper’.

    I’ve watched THE RAID. It’s over-rated. Though, Jay will probably enjoy the **sickening violence** therein.

    • trollhunter

      I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t have a very fulfilling social life.

      • Bill The Thrill

        Opening this ep — by bitching about a football from two an’ a half weeks ago — is pretty tacky.

        I’m going to state the obvious: You have ZERO social life.

    • Jay is better than you

      Your mama is overrated…

  • SuperToad

    Half in the Bag : My Little Pony! Please?

  • Jorge Locas

    Not watching Dredd because it’s in fucking 3D. I don’t care how fucking good it is I am not wearing 3D glasses on top of my regular glasses, and having to pay extra 10 bucks for it.

    • guest

      You do realize that most films released in 3D are also released with a 2D alternative, right?

  • http://twitter.com/jRam90 Joel Ramirez

    I Have to state that it’s ironic that when they both like Dredd in 3D, they did not complained about using 3D as the time when they reviwed another movie in 3D some time from now… it’s as ironic as when Judge Dredd threw Mama through the 200th floor with the slow mo inhaled having Mama doing that previously with her prisioners. I just wanted to point that out, I really thought that Mike and Jay were gonna stay solid in their arguments and points of view regarding the cinema industry and the many topics it can englobe.

    • joe

      Hey genius, did it ever occur to you that maybe they didn’t see it in 3D?

  • ScottTheCreep

    Hilarious as usual. Thanks you filthy degenerate perverts.

  • Bill The Trill

    Looper looks interesting. I keep hearing good things about that flick.

    I probably won’t bother w/ Dredd. Perhaps, however. I am intrigued by your ‘women secretly love violence’ statement. I think you might-could be on to something.

  • RetarDouglas

    This Looper is a spinoff of Prometheus? with Bruce Willis as an engineer, who tries to clone himself? Whats is this about dreadlocks 3d?

  • Tommy the Harp

    Pretentious and disgruntled comment about Hotel Transylvania being the directorial debut of animation icon Genndy Tartakovsky.

    Pretentious comment about Samurai Jack/Dexter’s Lab/Powerpuff Girls being awesome despite knowing the very scarce number of shits you guys have to give on the subject.

    • Smarmy

      They said nothing about Hotel Transylvania other then it doing better at the box office then Looper. They point they were making was that it was another Adam Sandler film with an over-inflated budget ($85 million). Looper was $30 million in comparison.They talk about why Sandler’s films are so expensive to produce in the Jack and Jill review.

      • Tommy the Harp

        No, I know. I was doing, like, a thing.

        • erhm..

          Pretentious and self congratulatory comment about your thing being funny and how most people commenting here are to stupid to get it with the genius exception that is my self.

          It is also a thing,don’t get your panties in a twist.

          • Tommy the Harp

            Ah, now see you’ve gotta preface comments like that with the warning that it’s a thing. ‘Cause by the time I got down there I’d already irrevocably twisted all the panties in the house.

          • Name

            Give it up for all the twisted panties in da house!

  • Chandler

    It’s not surprising that the film has that Noir feel. Rian Johnson’s first movie, Brick, was sort of a Noir parody set in high school (actually it was filmed at my high school).

    Well I loved Looper and Dredd, and both are ranking as some of my favorite movies this year along with the Master, Dark Knight Rises, and Moonrise Kingdom.

  • FUCK

    Love the spoilers guys, keep it up! Very Professional!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Octamed Cameron Bonde

      “Jay and Mike talk about…” not review.

  • TyUnderwood

    I think a lot of the nods in Looper were to classic sci-fi cartoons like Cowboy Bebop and AKIRA, that could be the source material that you guys didn’t see.

    • TyUnderwood

      Examples: AKIRA and looper are both about troubled youths you gain a radical amount of psychic powers in the future that a lot of other humans share to a lesser extent. The attention to detail was similar and to the same level of Cowboy Bebop in that Looper and CB both have a depression-like future that isn’t apocalyptic, jerry-rigged cars and carefully placed shiny future tech to make the rest of the world look old and haggard. Even down to the eye-dropper drugs that were the same as in Cowboy Bebop’s first episode.

  • TakenName

    A Noir Western? They should make Red Harvest sooner or later. . . . I know. Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood need cameos.
    BTW, shouldn’t the judges be speaking in english accents?

  • Slayer

    Jay said that the similarities between The Raid and Judge Dredd start and end with them both taking place in the same building, but Mike’s summary of the plot of Judge Dredd could easily apply to The Raid. Both involve police officers that are trapped in a gangster hotel that have to fight their way out.

  • Daenub

    Anyone else get distracted by the “Turkey in the straw” music in the background? I fucking guarantee you there is going to be a horror movie with that title in the near future.

  • tickingtime

    Oh guys, can’t you see Dread is everything evil about Hollywood? Pure corporate product and predictive programming to get us ready for the crumbling megacities and 1984 totalitarian society down the road, where the hero is a fascist enforcer murdering people for being potheads– oh there’s some cool violence so it’s a WONDERFUL movie. WTF, your standards are wildly inconsistent

    • guest

      Wow, you couldn’t have missed the point of the movie any more. Never occurred to you that the movie was COMMENTING on fascism, not endorsing or “getting people ready” for it? Don’t blame RLM for you being dense

      • tickingtime

        Really? The hero works for the police state, so what’s the deep “comment” there? Wake up and stop being a sheep afraid to disagree. Since this movie didn’t even make its budget back , at least most people aren’t falling for it. I’m sure me comment will draw mostly mob anger but if you have a shred of humanity, learn to think for yourself.

        • guest

          So anyone that disagrees with you can’t think for themselves and anyone that agrees with exactly what you think isn’t a sheep? Do you see the contradiction there?

          • tickingtime

            Not even remotely what I said man, if you disagree with THEM you generally get a
            shitload of dislikes. I mostly like Mike and
            Jay’s reviews, but they made a reputation deflating nonsensical
            eye-candy movies, yet sometimes discard those rules for empty propaganda like Dredd and
            poorly written Plinkett-worthy crap like Prometheus, it’s baffling.

            And this character concept itself is offensive, to celebrate government summary execution, do you see the problem there?

            Anyway I don’t want to enter a spiral of circular comments so I’ll finish writing about this one, glad HITB is back with episodes.

          • Bacchus

            Some information. Judge Dredd is part of a British comic that originated around the time of the rise of the rightwing leaning conservative (Tories) government in the 1980′s.

            In order to point out the inequities in society that to many had been caused by an uncaring and sharp move to the right by the Tories, Dredd was created. The ultimate fascist Lawman. He is a scary example of where many people felt the country was headed. At first readers (particularly the younger ones) did not grasp that Dredd was not a hero and so the comic had storylines involving Dredd handing out punishments nobody could consider fair (unbelievably long sentences for the most minor of infractions).

            It was/is a SATIRE of contemporary life in the way that Paul Verhoeven slyly managed to achieve with Robocop. Without even knowing the history of the comic Mike has totally grasped the themes behind it, especially regarding the public executions and the fact that the Judges are just adding to a cycle of violence. It can be misinterpreted as celebrating fascist law practices but then that would be just that: A misinterpretation. I hope this helps give you some perspective on where the movie is coming from.

            Having said that I do agree with you on Prometheus :) I wanted to get up and leave that movie, I only stayed because I was with friends. It’s not the worst movie ever, but because of the cast/director quality it has been one of the most disappointing moviegoing experiences I’ve had.


        • selfrighteous duchebag

          You must be one of those people who think Heinleins novel Starship Troopers is a fascist propaganda.
          Just because something is describing something similar to a fascist system does not mean it’s promoting fascism.
          I guess some of you need to have it explicitly and literally declared as anti fascist to get it.
          Learn to read between the lines.
          I find Dredd to be more a comment on violence in human society than anything else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TharosTheDragon Kyle Delaney

    Funny that you mention There Will Be Blood alongside Looper because Paul Dano was in both.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730430121 Rob Thomas

    The only big issue I have with Looper (loved that film, but this have bothered me since I thought of it) you kill off your older self to ‘close the loop’- so the cops don’t get you to spill? The payoff for doing this is a big pay day and 30 years to spend it.
    But for that to work the mafia would have to know where you are.

    Joe moves Kansas to China, that’s 30 years of keeping tabs on him, 30 years of reporting on where he is. Just the kind of stuff the cops would love to get hold of to nab him.

    That’s a helluva risk to the mafia, if they want to silence the loopers, better to kill them when their contract ended. But then, no one’s going to take the job.

  • HereWeGoYo

    “Daniel Day Lewis phones in all his performances.” LOL Great stuff.

  • Jordan

    If you want to watch another noir-like film Rian Johnson’s (the director of Looper) first movie Brick is also pretty damn good and has a lot of the same cast as Looper.

  • Dareka

    Looper was great. Haven’t seen Dredd yet. Nice review btw. Mike and Jay looked so pumped up.

    The thing that bugs me, a little bit, about Looper is the reason for the assassinations have to be done in the past. We see the police rushed, twice, to Abe’s club/hideout to help him find the two Joes. They don’t even try to hide the fact that they are working for the Mafia – bringing flashing squad cars and wearing uniform in broad daylight while entering a known Mafia hideout. We even see police helicopters working with Mafia foot soldiers tearing the city apart looking for the Joes.

    So why are they sending targets to the past when obviously the police, the authority, is under Mafia control for decades? Why are they scared of the future’s perfect human tracking system when they control the authority and the law? Besides, everyone seems to know about Loopers in the past.-even by some cane-planting former nurse.

  • Neophos

    Didn´t know, that Mike narrates ufo-documentaries… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqN-KLOCS5k&feature=relmfu

  • http://twitter.com/davidcl40 David A Cole

    The gfirst half of Looper I really injoyed but then they got to the farm and I reallt started to hate the film big time. The ending left a plot hole a mile wide.

  • http://profiles.google.com/shortylickens Shiz Niz

    Not enough horrific violence, except for all the Saw movies, and Hostel movies, and all the others.

  • http://twitter.com/VaughnFry Vaughn Fry

    I’ve given up on “the movies” in favor of saving money and watching Mike’s interpretation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mads-Bolding-Fenger-Poulsen/1513209391 Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Well… we should have done some dance-ish stuff… would be more interesting to watch?

  • JimTreacher

    None of the reviews of Looper I’ve seen have mentioned how awesome that little kid was. Damn. He was better than Bruce Willis.


    I`ve seen THE RAID , and it`s really similar. It would be a shame if this is just a hack.

  • Zalooooox

    this is nice, but we all kinda miss plinkett’s reviews :P

  • Tony J B

    would you please watch all the harry potters and give us your opinion?
    the second made me say WTF (what the fuck).

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiffy.jones.908 Tiffy Jones

    I’d love Jay’s creamy man sauce all over my HRRRNNNNGGGGGG

  • bno112300

    why do they keep uploading these videos to this host?
    their player is shockingly bad.

    I can’t see what their aversion to youtube is.

  • DavyTheEntertainer

    I can’t help but notice that on your phone, there’s no phone line connecting to the jack. Perhaps next time you might consider connecting a phone line to your brown phone.

  • Sally

    I don’t like that fake Plinkett, guys. I miss the real one. The one in the wheel chair with hookers in the basement. That guy was awesome!!! I really miss his reviews.

  • dms202

    You ought to give “In Time” a chance. I was really bothered when you didn’t do a review of it and now your quick rejection of it here…I don’t know man, I really liked it.

  • zack

    whats scary is that I have that same wall clock

  • Cassie

    There is one time travel movie that isn’t completely broken: Primer. Of course, it leaves your head hurting after watching it.

  • adam sandler

    U SUCK

  • http://www.facebook.com/clay.major Clay Major

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this (I’m not wasting MY time reading all y’all’s dumbass comments!), but watching LOOPER I was struck by how much better an Origin Story the little boy’s arc in this film would have made for the Anakin Skywalker backstory: Little Boy With Immense Power (substitute Force for Telekinesis) witnesses the violent end of his mother and starts showing signs of violence and darkness based on this early trauma. Young Anakin is then spirited away from his grim homeland to live with a Jedi master because the only hope for taming this immense power of his is to bring him wholly over to the Light Side of the Force. Substitute LOOPER’s Loving Mom for an older, wiser but world-weary and slightly arrogant Ben Kenobi who thinks he can shut Anakin of this trauma through Jedi training, but Anakin — like the little kid in LOOPER — must constantly struggle with balancing his knee-jerk, destructive rage.

    This was the most fascinating aspect of LOOPER for me, the idea of how such immense power in so small a child is tucked away beneath the most fragile counterbalance there is: Love. If Ben lost Anakin to Padme — or even better, sort of handed him over in the hopes that her love and devotion could heal Anakin and keep him from blowing people up with his brain — then the prequel could have kept us in constant suspense wondering if Padme’s love (like the Rainmaker’s mom’s) would be enough to keep Anakin sane and on the Light Side. Even though we all know it wasn’t.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NXP5MTCQW4FPC4EAME7IAAOGAA brendan

      trust me, a lot of us have thought the same thing. In fact, I’d say we imagined this is what Anakin would be like before the prequels were even announced (I know this is how I imagined him). Oh what COULD have been. Hopefully Lucas stays far, far away from the next one.

    • Yezzir!

      I always imagined Anakin as being charming and fun. I always saw him to be like Han Solo, or maybe the Anti-Han. There was obviously something everyone loved about him from the way Obi-Wan talked about him in the first movie. Lucas provided nothing of that.

  • Thomas

    CALL PHIL!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/FeedWhore FeedWhore

    14:02…. . . sooooo funny.. you guys are the best reviewers ever…
    The only ones i trust.. not that I always agree with you .. but man..
    your show is exactly like talking to my mates after a film.

  • GrizzlyNoodle

    Feeding Frenzy is great, I own it and so should you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronindave Ronin Dave

    Haven’t seen Dredd but I like that it isn’t a “save the world” type of film Hollywood always wants to do inexplicably with serial characters. Not every story has to be the big epic story of epicness. Then there’s cliche storyline like in the Stallone version of Dredd where the main character gets stripped of their power/authority and has to fight to get it back which is nothing about the original character!

  • Joseph Smith

    Haha… oh wow… makes me wonder

  • http://www.facebook.com/francis.wolcott.94 Francis Wolcott

    Taken to the Zoo! hahahahaha

  • Obi-wan Kanblome

    The Wayans brothers are doing a movie called “Paranormal Activity Schmacktivity”…..GET IT? The Wayans brothers. Cause they are stup….ehhh nevermind.

  • M as M

    They kill the woman? This is not a plot hole actually.


    As clearly mentioned in the movie, the mysterious Rainmaker appears in the
    future, gaining control over every clan and (supposedly over government)
    and begins to cancel the “looper-project” by.. you know how.

    This is not a plot hole. They can kill people and just don’t give a damn from that point.

    • Hale

      So…why not just kill Old Joe?

      I guess it could be a poetic justice type situation, but yeah, they never say or make it clear.

      I guess maybe, the Rainmaker was specifically trying to take out Loopers by severing them the old-fashioned way, and the one hat guy just got startled when he saw the wife.

      Still, they never really explain it. It’s a plot hole to be sure, but it’s not the worst one you could have.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skunkdave David Dobarganes

    Great observation that Bruce Willis hasn’t cared about a performance in a long time. See: Surrogates.

  • forgetaboutmary

    Well, the whole point about the Dredd character is that he has no feelings and only cares about ‘the law’. In the comics he did horrible things to people just because they crossed the street on red light and did not bat an eye. Good show though, guess you’ve got a new regular here.

  • Andrew_cow

    and thus another Sunday disappears in a haze of Red Letter Media.

  • t3rribl3on3

    where did bag o gouls live before cameras were invented, in cave paintings?

  • mcb359

    The guy that played Admiral Paris in Voyager that you showed was Richard Herd. The characters was also played by Warren Munson at one point.

  • Jack

    You guys should review, Primer.
    really see it.

  • Mat

    In the Raid and Dredd, the similarities go beyond a single location. Both have a drug making room, a lockdown of the building, the characters having to escape, the one in control of the building coming on the microphone and offering rewards for killing the heroes. There’s a lot more

  • http://twitter.com/NoNameBeef Moog Lee

    The reason they didn’t worry about killing the wife in the future was because the person they were working for was either in charge or was taking over.

  • Genki

    Wait, what, who, wait wha? Was that the voice of plinket just before the break or whatever it was?

    • http://www.facebook.com/geahk Geahk Burchill

      That’s fake Plinkett. Watch all the videos, it’ll be explained to you.

  • http://twitter.com/uncdan85 Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    Watched Dredd because of this episode, and I too found it thoroughly engaging. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • http://www.nostalgiajunkie.net/ nostalgiajunkie

    I just finished watching Dredd. Words cannot express the depths of my disappointment…

    …at the fact that this film was a box office flop. This movie went above and beyond my expectations. It’s one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a long time. I also saw Looper, which was decent, but I enjoyed Dredd more. I’m not going to do a lengthy comparison here, though.

    I’d go as far as to say that Anderson is really the protagonist of this film. She’s relatable, likable, and has an arc. Dredd doesn’t really have an arc, but that’s okay because he doesn’t need one. He’s a fucking hardened badass and sharp as a tack, yet he isn’t completely without humanity, which makes him likable (at least to me). He’s really more of a mentor character than anything, which is, frankly, pretty refreshing.

    Another great thing about this movie is they set up a lot of things and then every single one of those things pays off. I won’t go into detail here because spoilers, but I appreciate that kind of consistency.

    I also liked the visual style and feel of the film. It’s a nice example of “used future”. And I liked that the Slo-Mo sequences actually served the story rather than just being boring SFX wankery. Also those sequences didn’t look cheap.

    In a way, I’m a little glad this film didn’t do well, because that means we won’t get an endless parade of increasingly shitty sequels.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Agreed. A-FUCKING-GREED!

      • Jay Stein

        I would like a sequel though..

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Yeah, same. Perhaps we’ll get a reboot in the future that’s even better than this one!…

          • Jay Stein

            No, I want a sequel with my man Urban..

  • Matthew Osbourne

    Looper was pretentious crap. I’m not even concerned about the time travel crap, but the entire high-concept was poorly-executed and pretentious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KurtisDodd Kurtis Henry Dodd

    I just realized that the new Dredd movie is called Dredd 3d…and that there’s 3 d’s in the name Dredd…coincidence?

  • WhiteThorn

    I loved Looper. It’s raises interesting questions, it’s fun, and it has emotional weight. The ending really doesn’t work on a logical level, but it made the girls I went see it with in theaters cry like small children and I can’t say I didn’t shed a manly tear or two. I would say the movie is a mixture of The Terminator and 12 Monkey’s (which also has Bruce Willis going back in time to stop an evil group from creating a dystopian future).

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.captein.9 Jack Captein

    A realistic depiction of modern White men deep into individualism with no sense of empathy.

    • Anon

      Whereas you’re overflowing with empathy.. right?

  • Kronon

    The Judge Dredd comic actually touches on the society perpetuating the issue with the Democracy storyline. Where by the Judges accept they have lost control of the situation and they’re basically hanging on by power alone and offer the citizens a vote on the matter of whether to abolish Judges and reinstate democracy. And the citizens vote it down. They’re so used to the system of Judges and the fascism of the state they vote to keep the Judges in power despite how the society is. Dredd is actually pretty realistic take on the comics which is my favourite thing about it

  • Bacchus

    Loved Dredd but with the marketing it got it was destined to do poorly
    at the box office. I hear It got next to no promotion in the US while
    here in the UK we got a shitty trailer with a crap La Roux song in the
    background emphasising both the slo-mo and 3D aspects of the film
    without really showing any of the action, thereby putting off the target

    It’s a crying shame because the filmakers have
    obviously proved they can handle the material well and I would love to
    see a sequel with a bigger budget. The only way that will happen is if
    DVD/Blu-Ray sales are big so I would urge anyone who enjoyed the film to
    go out and buy it. It would also be cool to see more of the satirical
    humor in the sequel. It was the only thing missing from Dredd which for
    me, was as close to my perfect Dredd movie as I think I’m ever going to

  • Yezzir!

    Mike brings up the plot hole about the black hatted men killing his wife and how in the future it’s harder to get away with crime, so why would they kill her? To me that’s not really a plot hole. It makes sense because at that point the Rainmaker is so powerful that, most likely, anyone who tries to arrest him or his men would be murdered on the spot anyway. I take it that the Rainmaker’s people don’t care about getting caught anymore and the reason he is closing all the loops is to solidify power, out with the old.

    • AlcaldeEste

      Alright. Except none of that was in the movie. And they kill her to kidnap Bruce Willis to send him to the past because they can’t kill him in the future.
      Sure, you can make up a different super-specific reason why they can kill her, but not him, but none of that was in the movie.

      • Yezzir!

        To me a plot hole is something that doesn’t make sense given the logic of the film. If a plot hole can be explained according to the film’s logic then it’s not a plot hole. If the film establishes enough supporting logic, it doesn’t have to literally explain everything.

        In the case of his wife, the film does enough work to establish that the Rainmaker has become powerful enough to not worry about law enforcement.

        But that does raise the issue you just presented, why didn’t they just kill him if they can kill her? It’s been a while since I saw the film to know if there was another reason, but that does look like a pretty big plot hole now that you mention it.

  • omgnoway

    “Taken to the Zoo” lol XD damn you guys. I agree about There Will be Blood. At least Cop Out didn’t have some stupid scene about milkshakes and deaf kids. And that mustache that looks like Mr. Flanders. Oh my god, you killed me also with the Mr. Magoo part.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    I was gonna be butthurt if they didn’t like these 2 movies. These were a couple of my faves from 2012.


    I thought Dredd would be shit and it was fucking superb.

    I thought Looper would be good and it was pretentious BS. Well-made, though. Sad Dredd didn’t do better. What a stupid world.

    • Yukonses

      I agree. I thought Dredd would suck and it was the opposite. In my opinion, it was the best R-rated movie of the year.

      Why did it fail at the boxoffice? I don’t remember seeing much advertisement for Dredd. That’s my theory, a failure of marketing.


        There was actually a shit-ton of advertising for it, it was just terrible. The things it highlighted were that it was a movie where people got shot and that it was in 3D. You would never have known it was the best onscreen version of the 3000 AD universe ever, or how smart it was.

        • Yukonses

          I hear ya. I would not see a movie like you just described. I would make fun of it and the people that would see it.

          What a crime. It reminds me of a trailer I saw for Ghost Protocol. It was 100% action and had some hiphop song playing over it. This trailer was advertising a completely different movie, like a fast n furious movie.

  • Alex Lee

    I can get why Bruce Willis does not want to be in Cop Out. He probably said, “Fuck! I got to be in a buddy-cop movie with a loud, talentless buffoon!”

  • Some Guy

    I loved Dredd as well, but I know that people are pretty polarized in their opinion. A lot of people seemed to dislike it. Just an observation, but in listening to this review, and noting the age range of Mike and Jay, I think it definitely appeals to guys who grew up watching Robo Cop, and They Live, etc. It has that “old school’ sci fi feel to it, which I really dig. I’m 36 btw. Maybe the younger crowd just can’t get it into it, I don’t know, but it was the most enjoyable Sci Fi film I’ve seen since Minority Report. Looper was decent, but I feel it has no replay value. Dredd I could watch over and over again.

    • Jerry Jackson

      Agreed. I am 37 and thought Dredd was awesome. I am also a collector of the comic.

    • Yukonses

      I agree 100%. Dredd brought me back to the old days of Predator, Robocop, T2, Die Hard, Aliens, and the other Dark Horse sci-fi genre crap I grew up on.

      Today, I’m 33, married with kids, and don’t appreciate excessive violence and brainless acting. I like my movies smart, don’t waste my time or money. For some reason Dredd really worked for me. The violence was artistic and never felt over-the-top. The lines were generally necessary and to the point.

      Looper was good too, but Dredd blew me away. I know what you mean about replay value. I movie can be good on first viewing but never inspire you to watch it again.

      • this guy who has some brain

        Everything you just said there is exactly the same for me.

        Even the part “33, married, kids, etc” wow coincidence!

  • Yukonses

    It could be straight-to-video like Bambi 2. ha ha

    I dig what you say, but I did want to mention that time travel plot device. Your opinion seems to be a popular one these days. Many people complain about time travel anything, whether it be Star Trek episodes or big budget sci-fi films. They just poopoo it immediately.

    I don’t agree with this. I think time travel stories, when done right, can be great sci-fi that challenges your brain. Some people roll there eyes and say that all time travel stories have been done. Yet quality shows like Doctor Who manage to pull off story after story with increasingly complicated stories. There are great Trek episodes highlighting time travel (and bad ones). Terminator, Primer, A Christmas Coral, Time Bandits, Bill n Ted, all with unique takes on the concept. These aren’t all favorites of mine, just what turned up when googling time travel movies.

    Some of these work and some of them don’t. But to say that time travel has been played is nonsense. To say that the science isn’t sound is funny considering that time travel doesn’t actually exist. Time travel can work as a plot, but the story has the responsibility to sell it effectively.

    • Michael Totin

      Bill and Ted and Time Bandits are comedies. I’m happy to accept a ridiculous concept for use in a comedy(you forgot Hot Tub Time Machine among many others). But any fantasy or sci-fi that tries to take itself serious and then uses a ridiculous concept for the primary plot device, is just that, ridiculous.
      I recall an episode of ST:Voy in which Harry Kim questions the Captain about the paradox they were creating via a very stupid time travel episode and the Captain replied, telling him that it was best just not to think about it. ??? Just like in Looper. Don’t present a serious story and then tell me not to think about it, because the story is stupid and doesn’t make any sense. Once you do that, you’ve separated me from the story and turned it into a parody.
      “Primer” is a bit different, as time travel wasn’t a plot device, it was the plot. “Primer” is an attempt to have a conversation about time travel and its effects. It introduces a fairly simple plot mechanism and then brings in some human effect. Even in it’s presentation “Primer” tells the audience not to think too much about the mechanism, as the story will unwind. They apply some structure and rules, which is a step in right direction, but what you’d really need to do is spend the whole movie explaining how it works and it’s effects without any gaping wholes in order to do it “right”. And no body is going to do that. Time travel is a cheap “do anything” tool that is used by writers that can’t come up with anything better. And is sold to a public that either can’t think or is fine not thinking. I imagine it’s like going to church. :D

      You’re right, time travel doesn’t exist, but unlike most other science fiction concepts, It can NOT exist. It isn’t possible. Unlike matter and energy, time doesn’t really exist. It is a unit of measurement created by man to measure change. There is no physical thing that you can hold and measure and call TIME. Unlike what some attempts to do this have done, like sci-fi that has created time particles like chronometric particles, chronitons, etc. Star Trek is well known for misusing the theoretical particles known as tachyons. Tachyons are particles that either have a negative mass or are made of negative energy. As a result, they can travel faster than the speed of light. If you apply outdated Eisensteinian theory to this particle you could argue that the particle is traveling in “time” in that if you could ride the particle, your perception of the passage of time would be drastically different from others. But you can’t ride particles. And modern quantum mechanics and string theory have overwritten such applications anyway.
      “Time” is an abstract. You can not travel in “time” any more than you can travel in “happiness”.

      • Hale

        There’s nothing wrong with it unless you get so bugged up your bum you try and overthink it (or the story does). Next you’re going to say magic should never be used in any story because it can’t exist either.

        • Michael Totin

          Why can’t magic exist?
          In any decent fantasy there is magic and there are rules and limits to the use and application of that magic. It can be and typically is explained.
          As I’ve already stated. You can spend an entire movie trying to explain time travel and never finish. If you can’t resolve the most fundamental of complications like paradoxes, you can’t explain it. If your “work around” is to tell the audience that it can’t be explained and just don’t think about it, you’ve turned it into a comedy or a concept for complete idiots, which would be included in it being a comedy.
          I really do enjoy repeating myself.
          I am a fan of films like Time Bandits and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
          If Looper was supposed to be a comedy, then I change my opinion of it to being one of the worst comedies I’ve ever seen. As I didn’t find much of any of it funny outside of the ridiculous concept of time travel that the entire plot relied upon. While the rest of the movie seemed to try to take itself seriously, which frankly just doesn’t work.

          • Hale

            “In any decent fantasy there is magic and there are rules and limits to the use and application of that magic. It can be and typically is explained.”

            You realize the exact same thing can be said about most any time travel story, right? In some media, the ramifications of time travel are fated and unalterable. In others, going back in time creates a parallel universe due to the changes made, or the characters outright travel to another universe in the past. In some, time in the past and time in the future occur simultaneously, although that’s a really bizarre concept if not done correctly. If you’re not satisfied with a particular story’s explanation of time travel or can’t muster any suspension of disbelief for any time travel story, that’s your own thing. But saying all (or most) time travel stories are “cheap and contrived” for using it is facetious.

          • Hale


            Whoops, that last word made no sense.

  • Hale

    I thoroughly enjoyed Looper, but that plot hole with the wife getting shot really does bug me. I’m usually okay with a contrivance like that if it helps move the story along and ultimately doesn’t diminish the main theme, but what bothers me is how easily it could have been fixed.

    Instead of the hat dudes shooting her, they could have taken her as well as Old Joe. Maybe they’re separated before they get to the warehouse with the time machine, and it could be implied that she’s being sold to slavery or any number of horrible things.

    Maybe she COULD have been pregnant at that point, denying Joe the chance to ever see his child at all. He’d still have a strong motivation for trying to change the past and save her. I suppose the one problem in this set up is that killing her was permanent (as opposed to them being separated and him having the slim chance of finding her again), and thus absolutely needing time shenanigans to solve. Still, I think it’s a more forgivable leap in logic than a guy outright shooting her.

  • TapewormBike

    Man, I really liked Dredd. Karl Urban looked like a doofus the whole time (Stallone has that face, he has to make it) and that just really added a layer of B movie quality.

  • Hale

    You’re being anal precisely because you want every little ramification listed in a story where time travel is used when such details have no bearing on the overall plot. Unless a story is focused solely on the machinations of time travel and all it’s impact, it’s still a tool to get a story moving it it serves a greater theme, and I would say Looper itself is a fine example of this. If you completely ignore what’s actually important to the plot to nitpick over small details, then you are being anal retentive.

    It’s one of those situations where you should repeat to yourself, “it’s just a show, I should really just relax”.

  • Hale

    You stated your opinion, and I happened to disagree with it quite strongly, and thus stated my own opinion. If you think that’s “trolling”, then god help you if you ever wander into the dark bowers of Tumblr or 4chan.

    And no, time travel in and of itself wasn’t a “small detail” in Looper. HOW time travel worked was. And this in itself was because the time travel aspect of the movie was only part of a greater whole. The TK element was an equally important part, and all we needed was a line of explanation that it was a mutation, in order to get the story going. You could easily spend as much time nitpicking that as well (Well what caused it to develop? How does thinking make objects move? Why was the kid so special? blah blah blah).

    If the movie was focused entirely on how time travel worked and was a detailed exploration of how it’s ramifications affected reality, then yes, the vague explanation would be a huge problem for everyone, not just people who are over-analytical when it’s not warranted. I don’t really care either way if you liked the movie or hated it, but dismissing it and other films because you find a fantastical and often explored concept “cheap and contrived” is bonkers.

  • this guy who has some brain

    First of all, i gotta say ‘thanks’. this discussion made for an interesting read.

    Now my 2 cents…

    Time travel, magic, fictional science, or any other concept that doesnt exist can be (and are) used effectively in all sorts of entertainment media.

    With any of these concepts, at a certain point they break down and make no sense. That, of course, is where you lose your audience.

    In my opinion, the trick to using fictional concepts that cannot be explained in the real world is not to try to show how they work (because they don’t – if they did they would exist in the real world).

    The trick is “Don’t show how it doesn’t work”.

    Time travel is a fictional concept just like magic, teleportation devices, warp drives, titanium skeletons, etc. The trouble with time travel is that it is almost always not a concept that fits within any storyline, but a concept that encompasses and changes the whole story (a “game changer”).

    Time travel is a concept that could (and probably has) been used effectively, but most often it muddles it’s own mechanisms and ends up coming off like a corny soap opera twist à la 1980′s Dallas/Patrick Dempsey “I didn’t die because the last two seasons were just a nightmare”.

    • TapewormBike

      For the most part I side with the opinion that anything can serve as a way to get a plot going (time travel, aging backwards,guy finds out an old homeless guy is a former space knight..) and you can set a tone without making excuses for craziness of the premise, But the rules have to be established in ,say, first act and then you have to show how that story device affects characters. By showing the rules, I dont’t mean suffocate the story with exposition. The thing that bugged e about Looper was that it, for me, took place at fisrt in a cool sci fi world and then took a swerve into fantasy with people having superpowers. Dredd did that sort of as well, but I was focused on Urbans chin, so it did not bother me as much.

      • Yukonses

        Focused on Urban’s chin. That’ll be the name of my autobiography.

        Everyone has good points. We all have at least one time-travel that we enjoy and respect. The good ones are (as you said, Tape) the ones that establish their clear parameters and then, and this is the most important part, stick to them.

        I think I can agree with Totin that sloppy story and sloppy science can kill a time-travel story. What he said about time-travel encompassing a whole story is true, you can’t escape a plot device like that. And with so much riding on the validity and believebility of the concept, a lot can and often DOES go wrong with the story. To top it off, a particularly learned individual such as Totin is less likely to be sold on such an improbable device.

        But we’re talking about movies here. Time travel stories should not be held to the fire for their choice to include such an all-encompassing device. They should be simply judged against another stories that have attempted to do the same and they’re ability to entertain us. Avengers entertains us, but I don’t see anyone upset about their unbelievable powers. If the story works, then we let it slide.

        PS: Looper’s TK was there to explain where the kid gets his powers. Why does the kid need to have powers? So the protagonists and the viewers can fear him. Remember, the kid is not only the film’s mcguffin, but is also its silent antagonist. We have to fear him. TK is the film’s root method of attempting that, for better or for worse.

        • this guy who has some brain

          well i agree with everything you guys said, but i still think that, in a nutshell, the trick is to “not show how it doesn’t work”.

          everything you guys mentioned, including a (Wolverine’s) titanium skeleton, teleportation device, time travel, etc can be used in a way that works as long as it doesn’t contradict itself.

          take for example wolverine’s titanium skeleton (yes I was referring to that) and apparently infinite self-healing flesh and organs. in real science, all of that makes no sense and is nothing short of ridiculous (except of course, for the occasional prosthetic knee).
          but in the context of the movie, (for what I can remember) they didn’t show how it doesn’t work, so it sat well with the audience. i personally took no interest whatsoever in x-men, but millions of other people did.

          “set phasers to stun!” – there must be some rare breed of trekkie that actually knows all the pseudo-science behind that, but 99% of the audience just needed to know two important things:

          1. Doing so stuns the target instead of frying them, and;
          2. (Most importantly) Somewhere behind the story within the well-established theme, there is a reasonable (fictional) scientific explanation of how a stun phaser works.

          The audience doesn’t need to know how everything works, they just need to believe that it works enough to see how it fits into the movie.

          Time travel is an unusual candidate. As I said before, it’s an ugly duckling because it is most often used in a way that is so prominent that it becomes impossible to avoid contradicting itself and losing the audience.

          Let’s imagine for a moment that some side character in a science fiction movie takes occasional trips to a distant past or future time – something that is not central to the plot, but supports the plot in some way. As long as it fits into the larger principal theme, it wouldn’t ruin the movie.

          On the other hand when you have a guy go back and kill himself (or cause himself to suicide), suddenly 99% of the audience instantly figure out that such a paradox wouldn’t make sense, and boom! Audience vote down the drain.

          Looking at you, Looper!

          • Yukonses

            Phenomenally wise words. I agree 100% You should run for president.

          • TapewormBike

            Maybe he already is one?

          • Michael Totin

            I think he went back in time to cover for Teddy Roosevelt after he was secretly assassinated. :)

          • TapewormBike

            Now we’re cookin!

          • this guy who has some brain

            So that settles it (yeah, as if anything online was ever “settled”)…

            Time travel should work just like any other fictional concept in a movie, but it doesn´t because they usually fuck it up by making mistakes with it.

            Yes… It would make much more sense to have newer contract killers kill off the older ones. Maybe something like a fixed number of total killers, and to become one of them you need to kill off one of the oldest ones to take his slot.

            Oh but the whole pretext of the movie wouldn’t exist and it would just be called “Replacers”…?

          • Michael Totin

            Well, at least “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is using psychic time travel. That will prevent any conflicts in logic, linearity or paradoxes. :D

          • this guy who has some brain

            hah that sounds so lame that I am glad I dont actually watch X-men stuff.
            in fact i think the only x-men i saw was the first one where magneto tries to kill all non-mutants (?)

            gotta at least give them credit for trying to find some way of including time travel with some kind of ‘safety mechanism’ in place to prevent the conflicts as you stated.

          • Michael Totin

            During a discussion this evening with a friend, the topic of “Looper” came up. I was reminded of another point that I don’t think was brought up in this very long chain.
            Assuming that you are willing to accept the nose, time travel, the wife murder, etc..
            If you were the mafia of the future would you have your “in the past” hitmen finish their contract by killing their future selves, when there would be the obvious and problematic potential problem of the hitmen avoiding that? A problem that occurs often enough to have a nickname “letting your loop run”. That just doesn’t make any sense. Why not contract your killers for a certain number of hits and that’s it. No big bonus pay off and a lot less mess. If you want the loose ends tied up, you have the hitmen kill each other. A lot less cost and trouble.

            Of course, just killing the people and then sending the bodies back in time would solve all of that too.

            But I digress.

  • Hale

    Okay, first of all, there is a world, a WORLD, of difference between a “turn-your-brain-off” movie, and a story that puts more emphasis on the feelings and emotions of the characters. And how a more emotionally-driven movie wasn’t inferior, just different, to a more intellectually-driven one. There was another video on this site that mentioned this, and how a good example was Star Trek vs Star Wars. Trek put more emphasis on tight plots that explored the logic and science of the future, while Wars was more about the journey of the characters and their interactions with each other. And while both franchises still have elements of the other side of the spectrum (Trek in particular), they didn’t do so in a way that harmed the stories of their respective franchise. Nobody complains that how lightsabers, blasters, star ships, or even the Death Star work in the Star Wars movies. These minor, inconsequential details are never addressed, because knowing HOW they work has no impact on the story. WHAT they will do, however, does. They’re essentially tools to get the plot and characters moving along to serve the greater goal of the film; making an emotional connection with the audience. A “turn-your-brain-off” experience is about looking at cool explosions and stuff blowing up and action and all that. And a Trek-type story is about rewarding an intellectual experience. Most time travel stories work under the more “emotional” category, and put greater emphasis on the character’s personal journey and the themes of consequence, or facing the emotional and psychological causality of the past or future.

    My problem isn’t that you disliked this particular movie, it’s that you have an outlook shared by an entire generation of wannabe critics that looks solely for an intellectual connection to a piece of media when it’s neither warranted nor intended; where a plot is air-tight, totally logical and dominates all other aspects in the tale. As if you’re analyzing a real-life event and not a fictional story. It goes back to the “rule of the internet” that Mike or Jay brought up in an earlier video, where no one can ever be satisfied because something doesn’t live up to unrealistic expectations or standards. It’s a way of dismissing any other factor in a story because one element isn’t up to snuff; like everything else is pointless fluff meant only to serve the plot. Especially when it’s a pretense you bring with yourself to a movie, and not one that’s actually part of it. This is why I haven’t bothered addressing your “points”; they’re factors you bring with yourself to the movie rather than what’s presented in it. By definition, you are indeed being “anal-retentive” and “over-analytical”.

    But hey, you brought up that Mike didn’t get the TK element either? Jay summed it up quite well: it was simply to make the villain more untouchable and unstoppable. It’s the difference between a Kingpin-level master criminal and a Magneto-level super villain. You see, this actually follows appropriate thematic logic: Sure, a guy like the KIngpin who controls all crime is a threat, but he can be dealt with realistically (assassinated, incarcerated, etc). But a guy who can drop a whole building on you or even an army (especially when he’s the only one who can do that), requires something more drastic.

    Or the “paradox” you bring up? Old Joe just disappearing as soon as he escpaes? It’s clearly established that only irrevocable physical changes to an individual (the death or mutilation of their past self or someone important to them), would cause guy from the future to disappear. The paradox is precisely what I said; a pretense you brought with yourself to the film. They COULD have spent a long period of time explaining precisely how it worked, but that would detract from the emotional arcs of the characters. It’s like in the review of the Evil Dead remake, Jay points out that the film never bothers to mention the characters don’t have reception or even phones at all. Logic would dictate that as soon as trouble started, they would panic and start trying to call for help, only to lead to the cliched scene of “Oh no! I don’t have any reception!” This would have added nothing to the film, so leaving it out entirely ensured it moved (somewhat) better.

    As I said, I really don’t care about whether or nor you liked this particular movie, but your reason for it was utterly inane. I genuinely despise this attitude towards storytelling because it’s toxic to how people approach not just films, but all media.
    You would enjoy many more stories if you learned when it was appropriate to ceaselessly nit-pick the illogical nature of a story (one that’s actually trying to reach you on an intellectual level), and when it’s more important to emphasize with the characters and their feelings. And how an intellectually-stimulating movie isn’t superior to a more emotional one.

    • Michael Totin

      A very well written and thought out response. Thank you.

      Star Trek and Star Wars are too very different genres. To me Star Trek is(or was) more real Sci-fi while Star Wars is more space fantasy. Since Star Wars has expanded to a much larger universe full of comics, books, video games, etc.. People have worked to define and explain the technologies in order to use them. In three fantasy films this isn’t needed and would actually ruin them if someone tried to force them in. It would be like trying to explain how the force works or where it comes from… oh yeah, midi-chlorians. :(
      What was wrong with the Millenium Falcon and what Chewbacca was doing to fix it, in detail, on Hoth isn’t a concern, because it isn’t a detail essential to the story. But a space ship is a simple mechanism. When it works, it transports characters from one geographic location to another. This is a basic, agreed upon concept that doesn’t need to be explained. Movies try to do that with time travel. They try to boil down the very complex mechanism of time travel and use it like a car. It isn’t a car. The ramifications of moving a character from one geographic location to another is very easy to explain and the effects are simple and linear. Moving a character in time is not. As I’ve stated, If you want to make the concept stupid and put it in a stupid film, I’m fine with that, but don’t get all butt hurt because I think it is stupid.

      I disagree that Star Trek isn’t character driven. Roddenberry’s Star Trek had very well developed and dense characters. More so in TNG where he got to do a lot of the things he wasn’t able to do in the original series.
      I enjoy quite a lot of movies that I have particular issues with. I like the lord of the rings films. I disagree with some of what they did and can detail those, but that isn’t what we’re talking about. Over all I think that they did a great job of telling the stories that I grew up with and know very well.

      As I’ve stated multiple times, I’m open to mechanisms that add to the story, but to date, I haven’t seen time travel used for anything other that a contrived devices used to make a new story because the writers ran out of ideas.
      Throw it into a comedy or a dumb action film and I’m fine with that.

      Finally, in order to have an emotional connection with a character, I need to care about them. I have trouble connected with undeveloped 2 dimensional stereotypes, or cartoons, as Mike calls them.

  • this guy who has some brain

    I thought Dredd was gonna suck ass because it immediately reminded me of the mindless action presented in the 1990′s Stallone version.

    In fact, I only agreed to watch it because my wife likes mindless flashy action bullshit (like “Fast and Furious”).

    Oh my dear God. I was so caught off guard. Dredd was a pretty awesome movie.

    I’m not saying it’s perfect but if there were are flaws they certainly didn’t become apparent to me during the movie, so no problem.

    Erm… I suppose a good analogy is when you use a computer that never bluescreens or freezes: You don’t cheer every time it works, but if you’re like me you almost put your fist through the screen when it doesn’t.

    Dredd achieved everything it tried to do and did it well. The fact that nothing amazing stands out is itself a testament to it’s brilliance.

    PS: The whole thing just looked and felt fucking awesome; It felt like some kind of current-day Blade Runner.

    • TapewormBike

      Your excitement is catchy man, now I have to rewatch it.

  • Yukonses

    I agree that time travel was used in Star Trek: The 2009 as cheap way to wipe the slate clean and generate a half-ass excuse for the fanboys. But that’s just bad storytelling.

    Name some ‘good’ time-travel movies? I’ll take the bait…

    I think you yourself respect ‘Primer’ as a time-travel movie. I personally think Primer suffers from a too-low budget and confusing dialog, but I find Primer’s take on time-travel to be particularly solid and refreshing.

    I personally like movies such as 12 monkeys, Source Code, Harry Potter 3 (no science necessary), The Time Machine, Back to the Future, Terminator 1&2. And shows like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Gargoyles (the Avalon eps). Before you attack these, I know that the science is not explained in any of them, at least not to a real scientist’s approval. But what is there to explain? It’s time travel. This thingy here makes it work. Yep, that’s how. If it was to be truly explained, then it wouldn’t be a movie, it would be the Nobel Peace Prize Awards Ceremony. And if the movie actually did explain time-travel to a satisfactory end, then there wouldn’t be any space left for a STORY. You know, that thing we watch movies for.

    My bother-in-law is sitting next to me, he mentioned the ‘time-travel’s wife’. I sure do love my bother-in-law.

    • Michael Totin

      What you just described is kind of what I’ve already been saying. The only way to use time travel is to have a movie about time travel like Primer, or boil time travel down to a simplified concept and try to use it as a simple mechanism. Basically make it stupid. It is this making it stupid that bothers me. As I’ve stated, I’m fine with time travel in comedies and dumb action films. A dumb concept in a dumb movie.
      Bill & Ted, Back to the future, Time Bandits = dumb comedies.
      Terminator(s) = dumb action films.
      I would list Star Trek:First Contact as a dumb action film, but I honestly hate that film too.

      If you want to accept Looper as a type of dumb action film, that’s fine, that’s your choice, but my experience was that the movie took itself a lot more serious than that. They tried to develop characters and work out some kind of story despite the time travel.

      Very often in stories, you will see characters transported from one geographic location to another. Whether its in a boat, a car, a train or a spaceship. This is a simple mechanism that everyone understands. And you use these mechanisms to set an environment for the characters, or separate them, or bring them together or bring them to a new location or environment. When you try to transport a character in time with out addressing all of the fall out and variable effects, you have taken a complex mechanism and applied it as a simple one. In doing this you have made it stupid. You have removed yourself from any accountability as a storyteller and destroyed the story.

      But that’s my opinion.
      That people keep arguing with me about. As though an opinion can be right or wrong. ???

      • Yukonses

        Relax, you’re my friend. I like this conversation.

        I know exactly what you mean about geographic location. I’ve always thought that if you traveled back in time from one location in space, you would arrive back in the past but at the exact same location in space, not Earth. That means that the Earth is no longer in the same place in the universe, it has rotated elsewhere and the solar system has drifted a tad bit. Congrads dummy, you’ve travelled to 1890, in SPACE!!!

        I don’t think your opinion is that far off from mine. Seriously, I see exactly what you’re saying. I had time-travel beef with Looper too. If lil Bruce killed old Bruce, then that’s it. Lil Bruce can’t make a different decision and carry out a new timeline. Nothing gave him an advantage over his future self, he had absolutely no new information on which to make different decision. But he makes a different decision for no reason. Lil Bruce WILL die just as old Bruce did, any other outcome than that requires serious explanation and it better be solid. But there was nothing.

        And then they do it again with the kid. For no reason, the kid is expected to make a different decision in the future. Because he witnessed something different? But he can’t witness something different because that’s not how it works. And if the kid grows to be a swell guy, then none of this gangster crap would happen. Lil Bruce would never get a job as a looper. He would never save his money and meet his future wife in China (the motivation of old Bruce). It’s bulldroppings. The time travel of Looper was full of holes and I noticed it on my first viewing.

        I did like the scenes in the farm house with lil Bruce, fine young mama, pet cemetery boy, and the frog beeper. I didn’t really get into the movie until it got to the farm house, what most people probably thought was the ‘boring’ part. And there wasn’t any time travel in those scenes. Just actors.

        • Michael Totin

          The opinions comment wasn’t specifically at you. Just a general aggravation I’m starting to experience on here.

          I agree completely. When I was young I used drive people nuts with the whole movement in space thing. I would go on and on about how Marty McFly would have just appeared in the black void between galaxies and died instantly.

          This is how a sitcom using time travel should actually run. :)


          • Hale

            You know, you might be experiencing so much aggravation due your generally condescending and smug comments and delivery, not so much your own opinion. I don’t think many people would care if your comments weren’t along the lines of;
            “Basically make it stupid.”
            “A very well written and thought out response. Thank you.” “Yep, different people like different things. That’s part of what makes them different. I think I figured that out when I was maybe 4.”

            Or the fact that you get on other people’s cases about their own opinions, but cry foul when it happens to you.

            Or that you keep trying to plug your own “reviews” and are trying to send them to RLM like you’re contributor.

            You’d probably mildly irritate less people if you just said your piece like a normal guy and not a total prick.

          • Michael Totin

            And the saga continues.

            I’m the prick?
            Your very first response to my comment on this page, wasn’t even a response to my comment. It was an interruption to an exchange I was having with someone else(Just like the comment I am responding to right now). And your response was a direct attack on me.
            “There’s nothing wrong with it unless you get so bugged up your bum you try and overthink it (or the story does). Next you’re going to say magic should never be used in any story because it can’t exist either.”
            You should notice that I provide context to the quote I just posted, and your entire comment. Something you failed to do with your “quotes”. Contextomies or “out of context” quotes are meaningless. However, that is very “Fox News” of you.

            And your example of me openly attacking someone is where? Oh, you didn’t provide one. Because no such thing exists.
            Slanderer, there’s another fun adjective for you. We can put that in next to troll, stalker, hypersensitive, and maybe even delusional.

            Plugging my own reviews? Once again you make reference to something and provide no evidence. I have never submitted anything to RLM and I have never even posted a link to any site that I host or features me.

            Oh yeah, and one of the quotes that you copied, out of context, “A very well written and thought out response. Thank you.”, was a sincere comment. As is pretty much everything I post, as sarcasm can be difficult to convey in writing. Yet you took this comment as a insult, somehow. Once again, demonstrating a severe form of hypersensitivity that may be a sign of a disorder. I continue to recommend seeking some help, before hurting yourself.

  • this guy who has some brain

    At Walmart I asked the attendant for a greement and she just nodded.

    I then asked for clarification about where exactly I could find a greement, and she just said “right here.”

    I asked her to show me a greement, and she just nodded again!

    Fucking Walmart!

    • Jay Stein

      Well I happen to have a few greements that I’m fermenting in my cheese closet…You’re more than welcome to have a couple.

      • this guy who has some brain

        Sounds good. We are in a greement.

  • Greg G Gould

    I saw both movies based on this review. Both are great. But that, was a long time ago. I just had to find this review again specifically make this comment on a good name for the Taken sequel. I didn’t want to read all 358 comment, but I hope I’m the first one to come up with this title.

    Look Who’s Taken Too.

  • ikilledacat

    Couldn’t agree more. Dredd is a fantastic ultraviolent feast for the eyes. Watched another review and one of the reviewers clearly did not get that the movie was intentionally minimal in chara development and plot coherency. Yes, normally these are detriments, but not when the movie makes it clear to the audience that those things don’t matter. It esp works for the Judge Dredd chara who is already well established in comic books. It’s so frustrating to see comic book movies drudge up chara intros (and often fail in doing so and add to run time) when they really aren’t necessary. If you wanna know the chara, read the comics because that’s the source material. Movies about these charas should just dive right into the action, esp charas like Dredd who doesn’t need characterization he’s just an unstoppable force of wanton violence. Great movie!

    • http://www.meatspin.com JudgeDredd

      Despite it’s name the film was much less about “Dredd” and far more about the world Anderson and sometimes even the story…which was by no means deep or complicated but it was more than enough to drape violence and asskickery around…nothing wrong with that. So yeah a minimalist story with great visuals, perfect tone, pacing, and mes-en-scene and interesting characters who despite our not knowing much about do are worthy of investment. While I agree that the character development was almost nonexistent I contend that the story itself was functional and perfectly coherent (wondering if you typed that by mistake).

  • Alex Lee

    So, I get on and take a supposed survey from RedLetterMedia, and as a reward, they offered me weight loss pills, skin cream, or E cigarettes.

    They must think I’m a chain-smoking fat guy with skin problems.

    • TexasDice

      Ya ain’t harry plinkett, ya fraud!

  • Copyright101

    The reason Dredd might seem to be riffing on Robocop is quite simple – The original Robocop was a straight ripoff of Judge Dredd (the 2000AD comic character). Taking a scene from Robocop is thus sending a message “We’re taking this back”

  • a_tired_dude

    Nobody thought that the mafia guys… with their super powerful time machine that could send anyone not just to any time in the past, but to anywhere… couldn’t have just beamed guys to the bottom of the ocean, or something?

    Super surprised Jay and Mike didn’t think about that.

    The movie was good… but… that’s a fairly large plot hole. It’s like they said… don’t worry too much about the details of time travel, or you won’t enjoy the movie.

  • RRB

    We should thank our lucky stars that we got a badass R-rated comic book movie in DREDD. After the Watchmen film missed the mark in terms of how to use violence and make it have impact, I thought the chances of a hardcore, violent as fuck comic book movie were ruined, then DREDD came out and delivered the goods with plenty of sick kills, badass one liners, cool imagery and disgusting moments that others question your sanity for finding funny! Thanks for being badass DREDD! Hopefully more people will go and see the sequel if we are lucky enough to get one.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Oh no… unleash the furries-fanart!

  • asshole

    My question is: If you can hide a super illegal time-machine why can’t you hide a body?

  • Steven Simmons

    I don’t see the complaint about the rating. He even said he really enjoyed it. When you shoot people, there typically isn’t as much blood as most movies show. Even no cursing never bothers me.

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