Half in the Bag: La La Land and The Bye Bye Man

January 22, 2017182 Comments

Mike and Jay watch two recent movies only because their titles are somewhat similar.

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  • I love you guys. Your timing is impeccable.

  • Alexander Simmons


  • Hooray! Now I know what to think about La La Land!

  • Adez

    Not much of a opinion on the music itself, I even liked the “crappy pop song” but that’s partly because I like synth keyboards

    “Not depressing enough movie”

  • Totally agree with “the ending elevated a lot of the movie for me”. It was one of those movies that felt like it was cruising into Average Town but it stuck the landing and ended up being slightly better than average.

  • RLMkeepitup

    sounds like a leftover mix of candyman, jeepers, and the ring. the gay guy reminds me of hotdog man in the happening.

  • Yes. VERY fraudulent.

  • RLMkeepitup

    just like Susan’s marriage to Harry

  • Paul S.

    mike is spot on re: la la man & manchester by the sea except for one thing – the opening song n dance thing on the highway was terrible.

  • Like Icare

    Mike likes a movie featuring a redhead. Big surprise.

  • Scott McCollum

    I like how every shot of Jay in this video is focused on the bottleneck of his beer. The phallic symbolism adds another layer of art to the Mr. Plinkett gay marriage gag.

  • i couldn’t understand what they were saying in the opening number. i was convinced something was wrong with the audio in the theater until the rest of the movie played out fine. Im guessing it was mixed terribly

  • Angela

    Mike likes musicals? Ok, I want a re:View of Xanadu, please.

  • RedLetterMediumsDotCorn

    Oh for fuck’s sake you frauds! I was gonna go to the gym! Rats…shucks…

  • More horror movie creations even lamer than Bye Bye Man:

    Yo Mama – Some asshole shape-changing demon is going around assuming the identities of all the moms in Springhill, Connecticut, and killing off their idiotic teenage offspring in horribly ironic ways.

    Talk to the Handface – A different asshole demon is turning the hands of horny teenagers who engage in masturbation into carnivorous handfaces! Invariably there will be a scene in which a pedophile priest gets more than he bargains for when he asks for a hand job.

    Chick flick – An escapee from a mental institution creeps up behind women and continually flicks the backs of their ears. When they turn around he guts them with a huge butcher knife. It’s how he rolls.

    APPartion – The vengeful ghost of an old lady possesses the smart phone that was stolen from her by teenage hoodlums and deploys a succession of unlikely apps to exact vengeance.

  • Matthew Alexander

    You guys didn’t do Passengers!?

  • The Summer of Jaws

    Lame Lame Land. Get it? It’s a J O K E… ya know, like the movie.

  • BarryLegg

    The Bi-Bi Men.

  • Black Santa

    Next time I go to the movies, I’m going to buy bye bye man tickets and sneak into something else.

  • RiverDevil

    Is this whole plot of getting video evidence of the plinkett-susan wedding just viral marketing for Red Letter Weddings?

  • Bubs

    Not to rain on your parade, but I’m not sure the “Bye Bye Man”/”La La Land” combined joke is anywhere near as funny as you think it is.

    I rate it somewhere between “meh” and “polite chuckle”.

    Also, I know you guys only do Commentary Tracks for movies that you like, but I would love a commentary track for a steaming pile of shit like Bye-Bye Man.

  • Crixxxx

    Mike’s Packers just got murdered like a Plinkett wife.

  • Cream-A-Thon

    Just steal the plot from Bowfinger and trick Plinkett that way. Harry could be fooled into thinking he’s in a movie about gay marriage as well. Just a couple ideas.

  • The Summer of Jaws

    Are they the type to enjoy Musicals.

  • The Summer of Jaws

    Apparently his fav movie is La La Land.

  • The Summer of Jaws

    Actually that rating applies equally well to both these movies.

  • The Summer of Jaws

    It sucked.. but you knew that already.

  • The Summer of Jaws


  • Bleurgh

    This review of La La Land was spot on. It was really impressive looking and well made, but the had some story and tonal problems, which I forgot about by the time it got to the ending.

    The lighting problems were based around the fact that they tried to shoot so much of it in one take, like how musicals used to be made. I don’t know if that was entirely necessary, but I think that’s one of the few technical criticisms you can make about it.

    The one criticism I have of RLM’s review is that whilst I agree that Emma Stone gave a better performance in this movie (in spite of the fact that she isn’t that great a singer) it’s worth noting that Ryan Gosling was actually playing the piano throughout most of the movie and absolutely crushed it.


    The whole premise of the movie I think, is that you can pursue and ultimately achieve career success or have a satisfying long term relationship, but you probably can’t have both, so you need to figure out which one you want more. Both characters choose their careers over their relationship and I like that the film doesn’t judge them for it, but instead just presents the facts. This is the life these characters could have had and this is the choice they made. What attracted them to oneanother was their passion, so they were always going to make the choice they did. Most movies would (rather annoyingly) shame the characters for choosing their careers over their relationship. Very few movies have the guts to go in this direction with this kind of story and depict it as maybe being the right choice, so I think the ending redeemed quite a bit of the movies weaker elements for me.

  • Bleurgh

    “Simply FABULOUS!”

    – Mike Stoklasa (Red Letter Media)

  • Bleurgh

    I thought the music was maybe the films weakest element. Nothing else in it really lived up to the opening song.

  • Pod Bay Doors

    This is going to destroy public support for gay marriage.

  • VanDerSm00th

    Cook flowers?!?!

  • Y’all should do The Founder! Fantastic film. Quality directing, superb script, and absolutely top shelf acting from the whole cast.

  • Troll Prince The White

    Finally “Fuck Movies” is back…

  • Jean-François Martel

    Some people are gay, Mike.

  • DanceOfBirther

    Jay: Mike! Mike!
    Mike: Oh.

    I love it when characters say each other’s names.

  • Alex Lee

    They should have made that movie. At least someone would have enjoyed it.

  • victorinus

    It’s been a long time since you guys last talked about Boyhood…I’m beginning to think you guys don’t want to. 🙁

  • Alex Lee

    It’ll take them twelve years to answer.

  • DanceOfBirther


  • ElectricPrism

    Just wait until the gay divorce where Jay takes the house

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Look at all this cool La La Land-themed swag I got in my GeekCrate! Landscape and vistas, muthafuckas!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    MIKE TO JESSI: “Bye Bye, Man.”

  • Pop Culture Reference

    The Bi-Bi Men should fight Biclops, a superhero sponsored by Lenscrafters!

  • Kevin Warnock

    Les Miserables was panned widely? It has a good rotten tomatoes score and was up for almost every academy award that year

  • Ret Marut

    Financial security, but at what cost Susan?

  • kylemz

    The “don’t think it, don’t say it” repetition reminded me of “numb” by U2.

  • Bleurgh

    By the way, Scratch Scratch, Here Comes the Ratch should definitely star Rachel Dratch.

  • Zek


  • Galactic Shawn

    Don’t see it don’t rent it, Don’t see it don’t rent it. Seriously though, why is Mikes hands so red? Was he back handing bitches?”

  • instant relief


  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Nobody here has EVER said that of these frauds.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Just get fat like the rest of us.

  • Against the grain.

  • Charnelhouse

    La La Land was extremely well made, with good performances and a great concept. But I couldn’t help thinking, like Jay, that this was engineered for a specific purpose. Oscar loves movies that are homages to Hollywood. The ending added another dimension to this – an homage to ‘the sacrifices actors make to be famous.’ I don’t feel sorry for celebrities if they can’t have it both ways.

  • EJ

    The funniest thing about it is how funny they think it is.

  • RLMkeepitup

    Well Mary Sue may be the last jedi, let that sink in.

  • EJ

    Went into the comments to see if anyone else noticed that. I think Bye Bye Man broke Mike’s brain.

  • bloodstock pussyclarts

    yo i havent posted here in a while

    suck my dick mike and jay the bye bye man is coming to greet me politely YOU FUCKS

    not homophobic BWUUUUUUUUUUUUH

  • I agree with Jay re: La La Land. Technically well done but I didn’t feel anything for the characters and found the movie kind of at odds with itself. Is it a whimsical throwback musical or a realistic, grounded dramedy? Gosling and Stone had much more chemistry in Crazy, Stupid Love.

    On the other hand I did feel emotionally engaged by Manchester By the Sea.

  • RedLetterMediumsDotCorn

    But…your syxpac! is your muscle mass localized entirely within your tummy? Like an aurora borealis in a kitchen?

  • Brian Levine

    Plus hamburgers!

    Sorry. Spoilers.

  • Joe333

    I saw “The Founder” last night

  • TheVerySpecialK

    If Disney can write fan-fiction, so can I. In my version of events, the Trade Federation has risen from the ashes with a new and even more powerful droid army! To stop them, the Rebel Alliance must create a clone army… comprised entirely of Luke Skywalker clones! The last Jedi? Think again, idiots! That’s right folks, Star Wars VIII: Some Ridiculous Fan-Fiction Bullshit is coming to theaters near you! Give me your fucking money!

  • EJ

    Change it to Nute Gunray clones and I’m in.

  • EJ

    God what a turd. There were like a half dozen different interesting stories they could have made out of that premise and they didn’t go with any of them.

  • EJ

    My favorite HitB reviews are when they absolutely despise movies that I like, so I’ll never get tired of them going on about Boyhood.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Quick! We need RLM to rush out a 10-minute video speculating about the significance of the red logo in the new Star Wars title! Is Rey the daughter of Darth Maul??!!?

  • TheVerySpecialK

    Maybe Rey is on her period.

  • Eric Topp

    La La Land is a musical for people who don’t really like musicals. That final scene though – I got choked up telling my wife about it.

  • MichaelPalin

    Just seen the movie poster for The Founder. What is it, a sequel to Birdman?

  • MichaelPalin

    Those gay people, they only wanted gay marriage to swindle old people! Luckily, President Trump knows a lot about swindles and will fix this right away.

  • Kelsie

    The best part is I actually had to check to be certain you were making up the first two.

  • fred


  • I hope you’re gonna review Split. I quite liked it.

  • Bleurgh

    In my version the trade federation launches another embargo and is successful this time.

  • bill

    It puts the lotion on its hands or else it gets the hose again!

    …that is all, carry on, move along.

    Excellent, review

    all is proceeding as I have forseen.

  • Sean

    Pass Thru from Neil Breen is out. If you guys could watch it so I don’t have to. I don’t have too many friends and its unbearable by myself.

  • bloodstock pussyclarts


  • RLMkeepitup

    been grumpy every day since it came out because i havent seen it

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “What’s the place for cooking flowers?” Damn, Mike, lay off drinking the acetone.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Rey is actually the daughter of Nute Gunray.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Nute Gunray, for those who think Jackie Chan’s acting isn’t broad enough.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Masturbating with acetone? Happens to the best of us.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Boyhood and The Third Reich: Both took 12 years to make.
    **slide whistle**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Like Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and J. Edgar Hoover. Mr. Plinkett has the same doughy body of a virulent anti-communist from the 1950s.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    You mean Pornhub?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    **President Trump signs Executive Order to gay marry Vladimir Putin; traditionalist ceremony and pee pee party to follow in the Map Room of the White House**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I Declare You Chuck and Larry needed a sequel?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Bring back Jessi!
    **gets off soap box**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Manchester by the Sea was funny, just not ha ha funny.

  • He did it for science, mann.

  • TheVerySpecialK

    Well that explains WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER FACE?

  • Spoiled Ants

    The red logo is the signal for the fans that they can start kill themselves.

  • Spoiled Ants

    If only Dexter-Jettster would get his fat ass out of retirement, we all know he was the Chosen One.

  • Spoiled Ants

    I want the early days of Nute Gunray when he and his wife were owning a supermarket in SpaceBronx.

  • Spoiled Ants

    Mike tried to be a vegetarian for one day, ever since then he has PTSD.

  • Buk Pravon

    First Oscar nomination for “La La Land”: Cinematography

    Just 24 seconds into the announcements.

    The Oscar bait seems to work perfectly. 🙂

  • Spoiled Ants

    That film has already been forgotten the minute it was announced, it’s this year’s The Tourist.

  • Buk Pravon

    OMFG. “Suicide Squad” got a nomination. -.-

  • Buk Pravon

    Best animated feature:

    Kubo and the Two Strings
    My Life as a Zucchini
    The Red Turtel

    Congrats @Zootopia. You’ll win this price for sure. -.-

  • Buk Pravon

    Most nominations: “La La Land” (of course)

    Haven’t count them exactly, but I’m pretty sure they did it.

    Also up there: “Moonlight”, “Hacksaw ridge” and “Arrival”.

  • La La Land..? Bye Bye Man..? La La Land…? Bye Bye Man…? …..La La Land.

  • Robotpals

    I enjoy Half in the Bag. It’s a fun/funny review show. I also like the rare, occasional Plinkett Review. Even Previously Recorded passes the time and is at least enjoyable for how clueless Jack is.

    But I’m twitching uncontrollably because it has officially been one month since the last Best of the Worst.

  • Thanatos

    Don’t rent it
    Don’t pay for it

    Don’t rent it
    Don’t pay for it

    Don’t rent it
    Don’t pay for it

  • fred

    Jay: Stop watching this, it’s ruining your life.

    Rich: Jay’s only kidding folks, keep watching and be sure to TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

  • fred

    Might as well fuck Emma Stone for the 35th time.

  • fred

    Not after that Packers game…

  • bernverdnardo


  • Crixxxx

    They need to do a Breen BOTW with that and his two other films besides Double Down.

  • Duckler

    Some critics actually seem to think that ByeByeMan isn’t a terrible, terrible thing – but actually some kind of clever satire of horror films? They’ve written these things.. Fork in the keyboard.

  • Why not? This place is free isn’t it?

  • Welcome Back Otter

    Not sure if you heard, but they didn’t like Rogue One much either.

  • Welcome Back Otter

    Coming to theatres in 2018: The Slobber Man.

  • Welcome Back Otter

    Well they didn’t see or pay much attention I guess. Mike scoffed at it for being the movie where “Wolverine sings” when Hugh Jackman started his career starring in stage musicals.

  • Welcome Back Otter

    Not a great idea to bring in John Legend when your two leads have such weak voices though.

  • Welcome Back Otter

    Strangely enough, the ending felt kind of similar to that of Arrival – both examining the choices people make and what the impacts are.

  • Bleurgh

    I kind of feel like that’s what all good movies do.

  • Duckler

    Jay is wearing three shirts and somehow looks slimmer. Kudos to your graphics department. Jack?

  • playdude92 .

    Don´t think it. Don´t say it. Cause every time you do, a few of your brain cells commit suicide.

  • BMT

    Yet another inspiring ending to a Half in the Bag episode. Oscar worthy.

  • BMT

    You should be happy they do any more Best of the Worst episodes at all after that last Wheel of the Worst episode that looked to be genuinely damaging their souls.

  • Brian Levine

    So do they ever explain what the Bye Bye Man’s deal is? Why does he want to kill people? He mad about Hillary or something?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    He’s mad Trump’s Inauguration Cake was made of 90% Styrofoam.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Can Mike and Jessi host a re:View episode for “Cabaret”?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Jack looks best when’s shirtless and shutting the fuck up already.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Queef Man? I find that problematic on so many levels.

  • Sloth

    Seeing as how Jessi went missing from RLM content several years ago, prolly not.

  • Sloth

    They should drop the Wheel completely.
    BotW is easily their best show
    But only when they’re talking about actual movies.
    The conversations about the videos they use for the wheel have gotten kinda samey.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    The Bye Bye Man curse could be really effective if used against hippies leaving a music festival.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Jack is the Jar Jar Binks of RLM.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Way ahead of you, sir.

    **begins to unzip pants**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    What? Jared Leto didn’t get nominated? My campaign has been a waste of time! Oh well, if you got lemons …

    **begins mailing semen-filled used condoms to the new US Congress**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Wait? Neil Breen and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are two separate people?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Did she take the plastic shopping bag off your head?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Do you want fries with that comment?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    They did have a callback to the time Mr. Plinkett ate all those cheeseburgers.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Dear Mike,

    Adding butter to your whiskey doesn’t make you a vegetarian.

    A Dietician

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Perhaps they didn’t pray enough to Reggie White’s homophobic ghost?

  • He’ll make them all have bad acid trips.

  • Brian Levine

    I hear that the wall will be too.

  • Lute Hende

    the Marker toying with our minds in Dead Space was much creepier. And I doubt Visceral Games invented this idea of some entity fucking around with our thoughts. That idea goes back at least to the time of b/w movies.

  • Brian Levine

    Seems like The Later Dude would be more effective today.

  • RLMkeepitup

    watch moar bad movies

  • Spoiled Ants

    It is more likely that he switched to Bison Grass Vodka.
    Baby steps.

  • 24601

    Bye Bye Land … La LA Man….

  • Pop Culture Reference

    So La La Land is a sequel to Drive? Or is it a prequel? Soft reboot? Soft seaboot?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Or bad acetone trips, as evidenced by Mike slurring his words.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Mike Pence is entirely made out of Styrofoam. Or is it Plasticine? What I’m saying is his head looks like one of those cowboys from that one Primus video.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    It’s still football season? Just … why?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    The Long Island ice teas he makes with absinthe and shelf-stable lard can’t be good for his tummy either.

  • I wouldn’t know a thing like that.

  • fred

    Drive is a much better film made by different people.

  • Buk Pravon

    I watched “La La Land” on friday and I was disappointed. 🙁

    The very first shot took me out of the movie, when I saw the dented cars all over the place. I guess using new cars for every take would have been to expencive, but couldn’t they just have tried to remove it digitally? :/

    In general: I hated how some of the frames where picked. The onsies were cool and the choreos were fine, although too short and too less for a two hour musical… but at least I can recognize the effort they put into it.

    But most of the story just bored me to death and I don’t give any craps about Jazz, so there was nothing in it for me.

    Funny they mentioned “Casablanca” at one point. Because the piano piece was similarly repetetive and annoying, but not as catchy as “As Time Goes By”. 🙂

    So… yeah. Absolutely agreeing with you on your points too. 😀

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  • Frank Lovejoy

    So Damien Chazelle makes an amazing, unique, incredibly well-written and well-acted movie with Whiplash and few people see it – it’s a “drumming movie” – and except a nod to JK Simmons it gets nothing.

    Then he makes a shitty ‘musical’ about Hollywood auto-fellation and it gets … all the awards.

    Calexit can’t come fast enough. God I hate those self-absorbed jackasses.

  • John Albert

    I can’t believe you guys have never seen Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror.

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  • Buk Pravon

    Aaand they won it. -.-

    “Suicide Squad” just won an Oscar. … What exactly are they even worth any more.

  • Buk Pravon

    Because there were no real Oscar discussion over here this year, let me summarise the highlights in the comments to this review for you:

    “La La Land” won 6 Oscars… and for a brief moment even the one for best picture. ^^

    Even though I didn’t like the movie all that much… it felt a little slimey to me in regard of Hollywood praising itself… I felt a little bad for their cast, when they realised, that “Moonlight” won the best picture Award. Must have been harsh for them, standing on the stage and being full of joy and then suddenly see, that the wrong name is written on the trophies. :'(

    “Moonlight” got 3 awards and thus won second most of them.

    Third most awarded movies are “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Manchester by the Sea”.

    In every other respect there were no real surprises during the show. The usual suspects got the awards. Bolder attempts of story telling and film making went away empty handed… although I can’t speak here for the foreign movie award winner or the short and documentaries. But for the animated feature for sure. “Zoomania” was absolutely not the best of this five movies. I would have given the price to “My life as a Zucchini”. 🙂 That one was really good. (But I still haven’t seen “The Red Turtle”, so I may change my mind on this topic.)

  • Jazz is the bees knees. That being said, I don’t really expect a movie made by hollywood that is praising hollywood to “get” jazz.

  • susan.thorp@mail.ru

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  • Jonny Edworthy

    I wrote a screenplay for a movie.
    It’s a heartwarming comedy about a lesbian’s coming out and her zany adventures on the gay scene.

    It’s called “Bye Bye, Men”.

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  • Dr. Acula

    says a self-absorbed jackass

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Better than being a jack-absorbed self-ass.

  • Dr. Acula

    u mean like u?

  • Frank Lovejoy

    I’m water and you’re glue.

  • Papa Figo

    Watch it, it is awesome. Watch it with your window open so your neighbors and pedestrians on the sidewalk can hear your laughter. Not as good as Faithful Findings though, but hey, nothing will ever be.

  • Summer B


  • thismachinekillsfascists

    La La Land takes place during Drive in Gosling’s dreams during the few minutes he passed out from blood loss near the end of the film. Then he wakes back up in the last few moments of Drive and he drives away.

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