Half in the Bag: Iron Man 3 and Pain & Gain

May 9, 2013780 Comments

While business begins to boom at the VCR repair shop, Mike and Jay use their lunch break to talk about the latest Marvel film Pain & Gain, as well as Michael Bay’s newest product, Iron Man 3.

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  • HITB Fan

    HITB time is my favorite part of the week.

  • JDDD

    Thanks for uploading this! Let me go get my oxymorphone scrip refilled and I’ll be back to tell you hack frauds your review was WAYYYYYYY OFFFF….

  • solidd

    Didn’t watch it yet, but FUCK MARVEL

  • stolliosis

    Fuckin’ Betamax!! Shit paved the wave and then got steamrolled by VHS.

  • todd

    do you think gay dudes get turned on by their own weiners?

  • Day_is_Over

    Mike seems to be struggling to say he liked Iron Man 3. Almost seems forced guys. “Uhhh yeah…I like it.”

  • m0r1arty

    Feckin’ care bores

  • Guest

    *waits for talk about the Mandarin twist*

  • Day_is_Over

    11 mins in…no talk yet about stupid mandarin twist…

  • Oh hipsters haha.

  • Day_is_Over

    12 minutes in..still no talk yet about stupid mandarin twist….

  • Day_is_Over

    commercial break…still no talk yet about stupid mandarin twist…

  • guest

    Did you miss the part at the beginning where they call people like you a joyless asshole?

  • Joe Telford

    You guys sure like some shit movies.

  • Peder

    TY, HITB rocks πŸ™‚ Just one question to the other users – do any of you watch the plot bits inbetween the reviewing? I ask ’cause I always skip them, ’cause when I wanna watch a review, I wanna watch a review, not random stuff about a VCR repair shop. Just curious….


  • FM

    You guys should do The Comedy with Tim Heidecker. I’d be interested to see what you both had to say about it!

  • Day_is_Over

    It was at least worth discussing. And these guys have excused much dumber films and nitpicked them just as much. Being the very joyless assholes they claim others to be.

  • dbreed

    I’m really enjoying how the sign on the counter is cut off so that it reads, “On lunch break. Go fuck.”

  • Day_is_Over

    16 mins in….Pain and Gain review….still no talk about the mandarin twist…

  • Day_is_Over

    18 minutes in….still waiting for mandarin twist talk

  • Are these guys being ironic like the hipsters in the video? I REALLY didn’t expect them to like Iron Man 3… Like, at all. Maybe it’ll make sense after I finish the review

  • Day_is_Over

    20 minutes in…..halfway through pain and gain review….where’s the mandarin twist talk?

  • My rationalization for the big “plot hole” was that his computer system had to be reprogrammed by an 11-year-old, so that was the earliest he could call for backup.
    Maybe I’m giving the movie too much credit though. I tend to do that when they are actually fun to watch.

  • Day_is_Over

    24 mins in……mandarin twist talk…zero

  • Toasty

    These two aren’t big comic book fans, therefore I don’t think that they give a shit. + they tend to love stupid things.

  • ILDC

    He was one of the hipsters!

  • dbreed

    We got it.

  • Someguy

    The reason Stark wasn’t able to call the suits earlier is because the rubble had not been removed from the exit yet,

  • I too had a problem with the “Use ALL the Iron Mans!!” thing. Fuck that. I go to these movies for Tony Stark. The suit is a nice bonus but it’s not what I’m there for. To me it just seemed like they were kinda trying to compensate for Tony not being in the suit very much by shoving in…more suits.

    I also had a problem with the villains. They seemed way overpowered to me. Like, in the Avengers, Iron Man took a shitload of abuse and still wasn’t completely destroyed at the end of the movie. Now you’re telling me that these faceless grunt heat demons can destroy him with one punch? What?

    I don’t know shit about comics and I don’t care to so I don’t give a fuck about the whole Mandarin thing. I mean, I guess I can see how comic fans would be kinda pissed off about it but I view source material and adaptations as separate things. It’s the only way to stay sane.

  • Day_is_Over

    30 minutes…video over….still waiting for talk about the stupid mandarin twist

  • Toasty

    They always sound forced… Always!

  • Someguy

    The plot hole that bothered me was SPOILER Stark does not get the shrapnel removed until the end of the third movie. Why would he not do that after he almost died from the reactor being removed at the end of the first movie or in the second movie when it was poisoning him?

  • Why would you skip the skits? Those are some of the best parts.

  • MelvanaInChains

    michael bay including a HA HA SHE’S FAT GET IT FOOD! joke in his film is like the least surprising thing i’ve seen all week

  • m0r1arty

    It’s called subtext. It’s sort of ironic to watch HitB for reviews whilst overlooking what it’s actually saying outside of them.

    23 minutes and 9 seconds in and Jay sums it up nicely.

  • Toasty

    I do, I used to skip them but I started watching them since I watched the Step Up review where the entire thing is a skit, and I laughed alot, so now I give them benifit of the doubt to see if they do anything interesting.

  • You can stop now.

  • nick52

    they generally review the movies without considering the source material. they just review them as movies and since the Mandarin plot makes perfect sense in the context of the film, they didn’t think it’s worth mentioning, especially as something negative. In general, i’m disappointed by the plot, as a comic book fun. considering what they’re doing with Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, i think they could have easily made him something closer to his comic book counterpart.

  • What was with the random zoom in on Mike when he mentioned snorting coke? Was that drug thing? Were you being stylistic? WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

  • Day_is_Over

    Maybe if I play it again they’ll talk about the mandarin twist this time.

  • When it’s the next gamestation 2.0 review?

  • Toasty

    He never trusted anybody enough to remove it. Until the end of the this film.

  • I’ve got ADH…LOOK COWS!

    Screw the movies, these reviews are more entertaining.

  • I liked the fact that they put Tony Stark in unfamiliar situations too and made his character rely more on his brains than his suit but those first 2/3 of the film were so muddled and so all over the place it takes away from that and makes it boring and difficult to follow.

    I would agree too though that the film is still a good watch but in the opposite way, that the last third is the most complete and easiest to follow compared to the first two thirds. Tony Stark’s character doesn’t grow much to me, he just kind of relies on that same sense of wit over and over again and really doesn’t show off much else about his character.
    Once again though it was a fun movie so I agree there, just for different reasons lol

  • Hilo

    Because he might not have survived the procedure. He had to work through his fear and anxiety first. His anxiety goes all the way back to his experience in the cave.

  • joshg28

    Those hipsters were awesome.

  • I love you guys.

  • Hipster girl was very cute.
    In a non-ironic sort of way.

    Continue to love this series, guys, as well as the Best of the Worst stuff.

  • Toasty

    Yeah, but the movies they tend to pick apart tend to be monotinous, and have more things wrong with them than just plotholes or stupid twists they tend to have bad dialogue, poor writing, bad direction etc. Where as the only complaint here is you thought twist was dumb, which it was. But I laugh therefore I can forgive it.+ I don’t think they have read the comic therefore I don’t think they know that it isn’t canon.

  • The zoom drew attention to his little sniff, and brushing at his nose with his hand–probably to help you to the conclusion that Mike had been indulging a bit.
    I didn’t catch who edited this, but if it was Jay, and Mike hadn’t intended to do that, it becomes completely hilarious.

  • Hoagietime

    Why no mention of the horrific “twist” where Ben Kingsley wasn’t really “The Mandarin” but a drunken actor? You take Iron Man’s greatest nemesis and turn him into a farce. No sorry Guy Pearce was not a good Mandarin. You lose sir. Iron Man 3 was garbage.
    PS: Screw it if I gave it away. Because the twist sucked so badly that it doesn’t deserve the respect of keeping a secret.

  • James

    The only people that hate the Mandarin twist are fans of the comics and cartoons and Mike and Jay have never been fans of comic books. I highly doubt they’ve ever even read an Iron Man comic. So yeah, they don’t give a fuck. I’m in the same boat as them. I had no problem with the Mandarin twist but I’ve never watched the old Iron Man cartoons or read the comic books.

  • James

    Never happened. Their Amazing Spider-Man review established that Mike and Jay never read comic books. Rich Evans might’ve had something to say about the Mandarin twist but not Mike and Jay.

  • Finished it. What I expected:

    Iron Man 3
    -studio garbage bottom of the barrel entertainment for the dumb masses
    Pain and Gain
    -tongue-in-cheek film that you’re not supposed to take seriously, a pop-corn film in the strictest sense.

    What I got:

    Iron Man 3
    -tongue-in-cheek film that you’re not supposed to take seriously, a pop-corn film in the strictest sense.
    Pain and Gain
    -studio garbage bottom of the barrel entertainment for the dumb masses

    Y’know, somewhere in between the horribly cluttered mess of a movie with way too many plot points, so many continuity/plot inconsistencies, guy pierce’s hammy acting, horribly explained regenerative fire dudes, awful pacing, and weird editing, I’m REALLY, REALLY surprised HitB gave IM3 a positive review. My brain hurts.

  • Day_is_Over

    What makes it worse is that Kingsley’s performance up to that point was pretty awesome. Joker-Loki level of awesome.

  • A-HA! The first time Plinkett opened the door to the VCR shop, the door was reflecting something forbidden, and in the next shot the reflection was covered with blank copier paper!

  • Hoagietime

    Yes…Exactly up until the reveal I was captivated by Kingsley as “Mandarin” he was some sort of level of awesomeness only Joker had obtained and the movie was pretty good to that point. But as soon as he was revealed as a actor. I was livid…because everything you built up to that point of the film involving Mandarin was suddenly…well…not Mandarin the illusion was gone. And Guy Pearce was just a hokey villain who’s goal was “muhahahaha…I control the war economy…I have all the money…nannynannybooboo stick your head in doodoo” We’ve seen that garbage 1000x over for movie villains. You couldn’t have someone as intimdiating and radical as Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. This was the low point of the movie and to me and others who aren’t mindless dopes, it never recovered. Part of me thinks, Robert Downey Jr was holding them at gunpoint off-camera.

  • Toasty

    Calm down, not every person that does video reviews on movies have read the source material… They may have not realised, and why should they have for them the twist won’t have ruined the movie, therefore they enjoyed. I’m sorry you didn’t.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Fuck MOvies

  • wow really shocked at their response to Iron Man 3. I found the story offensively stupid.

  • Day_is_Over

    You sir are then a joyless asshole. But not being able to mindlessly enjoy Pain and Gain makes you an idiot?

  • Hoagietime

    Question: If Chris Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises decided to bring Joker “back” as the main villain but instead have him come back where it wasn’t really the Joker it was retarded cousin. Would the movie still be good? No absolutely not because it wouldn’t make sense. That’s your argument in a nutshell…the real Mandarin was in the first movie very briefly. Therefore this movie has no continuity was so ever.

  • Toasty

    Somebody else thats sees logic, thank you for brightening my day! πŸ™‚

  • By the way, the hipsters were so accurately portrayed that I wanted to punch the shit outta my laptop whenever they were on screen.

  • Sappho Sabine

    I think the reason I did not have a problem with all the Iron Man suits helping in the end is because they didn’t show them too much or make it look like DragonballZ. I also didn’t have a problem because I got the feeling that this was the last time we’re gonna see all these amazing iron man suits that are just so suited and conveniently placed for a certain scene. The whole point was that Iron man isn’t Tony Stark, Tony Stark IS Iron Man. Obviously when we see him in the Avengers 2 he’ll have to don the suit again. Earth will beg him to come out of retirement because something crazy is gonna go down, blah blah blah. I was totally happy with the “all the iron mans” scene because they were all destroyed and that is fine with me.

  • heh Plinkett exits in reverse. keep it up Mike & Jay

  • lol guy in the sean kemp jersey

  • Great episode guys!

  • Why do I feel like the shot glass scene wasn’t scripted and was just Mike being Mike.

  • spatulaboy

    That was one of my favorite parts. “Greatest nemesis”? I’ll reserve that for his former partner or some future villain

    Unless you just wanted a cool Mandarin movie. This wasn’t really a Mandarin movie. Someday there will be a awesome Adam West style Mandarin movie. That’s the thing. If you want a movie to follow comics more eventually that will exist. Plus the comics are still there. This movie negates nothing you have enjoyed and if you want a devious Mandarin movie someday someone will make it.

  • Smegma

    I’m with Larson on Iron Man 3 sucking. But I loved Pain & Gain at least for what it is.

  • spatulaboy

    Really? He didn’t say that much and mostly sat in a chair the whole time. If anything how much the performance got to you should make the real villain of the movie seem stronger as he was the one making sure everything looked right.

  • spatulaboy

    I hear that. Although I read comics I don’t mind if they change things as long as its good.

  • Toasty

    Yes, but the Joker is an icon due to the old batman films, and I sorry to say this to someone who is obviously a fan of the iron man comics but I have never heard of the Mandarin, I don’t even know what his abilities are (until I researched them later). I understand were you are coming from and I agree that you should be pissed but people that don’t have an attachment to the character, will enjoy the movie and have a good time, it does not instantly make the film the worst thing ever and should be hated by everyone, it has a tight script with good acting and direction. That is why Mike and Jay enjoyed it, as they are reviewing the film not the comic in comparison to the film.

  • Spacevagrant

    I used to work in a TV/VCR repair place that is eerily similar to this one. The opening scene of this video was pretty much the norm for me. You guys are great!

  • jordache

    Movies do not need to be accurate to the book they’re based on in order to be good. They just have to be good by themselves.

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    For what its worth I liked IM3 and had a good time. I don’t need direct comic copies and believe eventually someone will tell every type of Mandarin story on the big screen so I can wait.

    I liked a more vulnerable Tony and that for most of the movie it was Tony Star – Iron Man instead of Iron Man – Tony Stark. Basically he had to rely on his brains instead of repulsar beams most of the time.

    The kidxTony relationship was great. I groaned when I saw him because child actors are terrible but RDJ and the script made up the difference.

    I expected the guys to hate IM3 but I was pleasantly surprised they enjoyed it.

  • Opinions man. You can look at and say it was a forced twist that was only there to be a twist.

    But for me I thought it was a nice satire and an allegory to a post 911 America where the enigmatic and charismatic terrorist is actually nothing more than a washed up loser whose only purpose is to act as the figurehead for much more diabolical villains.

    I thought it was smart, well executed, and was daring move on Black’s part that deserves respect regardless of how you reacted to it.

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    “A dumb jock in highschool trying to write a poem”. Perfect description of P&G.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    I’ve seen better, you wouldn’t know them

  • No personally I thought the twist was brilliant, it was the first twist I’ve come across since 6. Sense that’s actually surprised me.

    Especially knowing the Mandarin more than your typical movie goer.

    For the first time ever I was totally WTF in a movie.

    It still kinda sucks for Mandarin fans though, and I know your pain (big Venom fan here). But there is always the possibility of getting a proper Mandarin down the line, either by the Kingsly finding proper rings and deciding to fully adopt the Mandarin persona (for what ever reason) or Guy adopting the persona and developing into a proper Mandarin.

  • P.S. Redlettermedia is not for comic book nerds that get upset when movies make an honest and well-intended attempt to try and move beyond the confines of their source material.

    I’m 99.9% sure none of them have read comic books or have even the slightest understanding as to why the plot twist in Iron Man 3 was so controversial to fanboys that want movies to slavishly devote themselves to the comics for no reasons.

    They are film fans who judge a movie as a standalone product. If you don’t like that, there are plenty of comic book fans and critics that are more well suited to pander to your fanboy-ism. This isn’t the place.

  • JoeJoe

    Yeah, the book was so much better!! Oh, wait … uh oh.

    I think that the notion of someone dressing up in a costume and calling themselves “The Mandarin” is so cheesy that this was the only way it would work in a movie that’s not completely schmaltzy.

    PS. HAHA (points finger), comic book nerd!

  • doucheknuckle

    the violent racist psychopath Mark telling us that Michael Bay is a funny guy while wearing a shirt with the logo of his new bottled water brand….God bless Hollywood!


    Maybe I expected too much from Iron Man 3, but since I walked in expecting crap I guess I was pleasantly surprised. My only real complaint is that the ending was stupid, the reasons why every character did what they did was stupid, and basically the entire movie is riddled with such huge plot holes it was hard to turn my brain off to ignore them. This movie is entirely character driven, as the plot makes no sense what-so-ever.

    Am I crazy, or did they edit out all the cut-away shots because of time constraints? I mean sure Star Wars did it way too much but sometimes it’s a good thing. It was baffling to me why they skipped over some pretty basic establishing shots as well. On top of that, they expected the viewer to fill in too much that they aren’t told. Some strange things went on in editing this film, I have a feeling the ‘extended’ edition DVD with director commentary will be a 3 hour movie.

    The movie’s blacksploitation end montage was by far the best part of the entire movie. It felt like a 70’s or 80’s television intro, and it was possibly the most creative part of the entire franchise.

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    I’m okay with a movie having firebreathers and superhuman women if they also live in a world with strong green people and Norse gods.

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    “muhahahaha…I control the war economy” Isn’t that more realistic than a guy with bling in a green suit wanting to kill the president for no reason?


    I almost forgot that Iron Man 3 breaks the third wall when Warmachine looks at the camera and comments on the bad guys breathing fire. It wasn’t 100% talking to the audience, but it sure felt like it. It was that moment that let me sit through the end, even the makers of the movie knew it was ridiculous and for some reason that made it ok.

  • You are an inconsiderate, tactless dickweed.

    Good luck with all that.

  • Talt

    that peter parker thing was hilarious.

  • jt

    Fucking hipsters were in my local video game store today. “Cool Snes” fuck off you damn whippersnappers!

  • tjp77

    Hipsters make everything more funny.

  • Marvin Falz

    Videorepairman Mike is a coke snorting, whisky drinking, bottle throwing dude. He’s probably stolen Plinkett’s meth after Jay had saved the old man. Now we finally know one reason why Lightning Fast charges the hell out of their customers.

  • OoklaTheMok

    I think you guys were too easy on Michael Bay

  • edyed

    When’s Jau Bauman’s next review of morning radio shows?

  • The Night Court theme is always awesome to hear.

  • Rumor:Trevor is Neville’s toad

    I want anyone at all to review everything about Jay’s huge mug. I didn’t pay attention to it at first, but when he took a sip from it, it was a true ‘Mother of God’ moment.

  • BOBO

    I hated Iron Man 3, not because of the twist and not because of any deviation from “comic lore”. I hated it because it was a boring piece of shit. I didn’t care about the characters, I didn’t care about the plot, I was not invested in anything happening and I didn’t find anything (besides Kingsley) even remotely funny. I get that people love the RDJ portrayal of Tony Stark but I have never seen the appeal. He is a boring actor playing a boring character that spouts “witty” sayings without ever making a face that doesn’t scream “I am doing this for the money”. I found Stark even more annoying than ever, the villain was lame-o and there was no hint of this being part of a connected “universe” other than a few throw away mentions. The post credits scene was pointless as well. It felt (and looked) like they filmed it 6 months after shooting wrapped because they forgot that these movies do that.

  • Jim Jones

    Were you guys drinking heavily in this to relate the fat blonde women and the black guy to brainwashing/influencing the audience? As far as your fans seeing you drinking and wanting to drink? Just like that scene was placed in there to purposely influence people? BLANDA/DRINK UP!

  • Marvin Falz

    .. and seeing the face of Harry the Hat, a character in the comic book Frasier. Or something.

  • BOBO

    Forgot to mention that I was at the midnight screening (someone else paid) so my being really tired may have effected my enjoyment of the movie. My friend (who is such a big Iron Man fan that he has a fucking arc reactor tattoo on his chest) hated it as well. I think the “charm” of RDJ finally wore off.

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    “I didn’t care about the characters” Why are you watching the third in the series of movies with the same people?

    Did you not see the others and decided to start with the third one?

    By your review it just sounds like you sat arms folded with a stern look on your face the whole time. Or that your friends or family forced you to go to a movie you knew you didn’t want to see from the start.

  • Did you steal that from JeremyJahns? Look, let’s be honest here, is the movie Mandarin or the comic book Mandarin anywhere near the same caliber of villainy as the Joker? That comparison seems to make it obvious that you came into this movie expecting Nolan style stuff. These movies are nothing alike and trying to force that comparison just because someone else did seems really cheap and contrived.

  • castlemonster

    You know, I’m kind of glad those hipsters didn’t end the episode as a pile of bloody, twisted flesh in the waiting room.


  • Marvin Falz

    I like the fun poking at people who write with feathers, at store managers who handwrite on paper signs and at customers who talk with each other. Awesome social commentary, guys! πŸ˜‰

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    Do you like the other Marvel movies? If so I hope you have a better time with them.

  • Gunga Hipster

    I’m going to make a 70-minute long video review about this particular episode of Half in the Bag, where I will carefully point out why your opinion about Iron Man 3 is wrong and mine is right. You watch your backs, frauds.

    I will start the review as soon as I have finished my 108-page long essay of explaining why the whole concept of Wheel of the Worst (in the hit webseries Best of the Worst) is not needed, and why the wheel should be spinned counter-clockwise direction instead of clockwise as a metaphor of rotating things against mainstream and all the Gungas of this rotten society.

  • but the latter is executed far more better. there are rules. there is ‘logic’ in the fantasy. Extremis was pure laziness.

  • Best line of this Half in the Bag: “That was literally a shot glass!”

  • caresaboutshit91

    yeah, I checked IMDB Mark Wahlberg is slated to do the next transformer movie. It’s a sad day for the cast of the Departed

  • UnShame

    I haven’t seen any iron man movies except the third one and thought it was horribly written… what the fuck was in the first two if this one had the best writing of all 3 of them?

  • You know what, I’m starting to doubt that they even saw Iron Man 3. Considering that they didn’t discuss the Mandarin twist or the Extremis people (both of which aren’t heavily depicted in the promotional material yet are VERY integral parts to the storyline), combining with their lack of the usual in-depth discussion of the film (in fact, discussion of BOTH films seemed really light and airy compared to just about every other episode of HitB), it would make allll this make sense. I can’t help but be skeptical.

    So, I guess I’m calling bullshit on you two, Mike and Jay! Prove me wrong, you hacks! Go fuck yourself! When’s the next Plinkett review?


  • Yeah exactly, a deliberately dumb, self-aware tongue-in-cheek lampoon of American values. Everything outside of that fucking ANNOYING fat chick actress was really entertaining.

    Michael Bay is over the top. That’s just who he is. and it’s really ashame, as well as immature, that Mike and Jay can’t look past the man making the movie and just focus on the movie itself.

  • Guest

    It’s the first rule of show business – give the people what they hate.

  • Donny

    Great episode guys. Fuck.

  • uatu13

    Iron Man 3 was complete trash! They took a huge dump on the Mandarin, Iron Man was only in the movie for like 15 minutes, there was NO reason for Iron Patriot to be there, most of the movie was boring as hell, and the “plot” made absolutely no sense. They should have just called this Lethal Weapon 7 or whatever starring Robert Downey Jr and some black guy.

    What a steaming pile!

  • james

    Thank you.

  • Guest

    Mike had a Freudian sniff.

  • i think people feel more evolved when they laugh at horrible things, like they understand them better because they can laugh at them. which is fine if the joke is actually well written with some moral truth involved instead of HEY BECKY GOT RAPED! LETS LAUGH AT HER!

  • There are much worse things in the movie asides MUH MANDARIN MUH COMIX MUH IRONMAN SCREENTIME to dislike it over. Don’t get caught up in little fanboy nitpicks. Other than that I agree with you completely.

  • Mike B

    I believe Mike and Jay take turns editing these videos and they like to leave in mistakes, blunders and other oddities of each other in the videos. Like when Mike burps and almost vomits in that one HITB after drinking too much, that was left in on purpose by Jay when he was editing it. Similarly I’d hazard a guess when in the previous Best of the Worst which had similar zoom on Jay’s beer bottle after he commented about ending up alcoholic old man. I’d assume it was edited by Mike to poke fun of Jay…

    Of course I can’t be sure about this, I might be completely wrong and there is no such act in place what so ever. They both know how to make fun of themselves well enough.

    Regardless, I think that little nose wipe by Mike was not a conscious thing, but completely accidental (or subconscious!) act by him. Perfectly timed act right after he affirms “cocaine too”. Funny.

  • Guest

    I can remember when a mandarin twist was a screwdriver served by a transsexual.

  • uatu13

    Taking a massive crap on one of Marvel’s main villains isn’t exactly a “fanboy nitpick”. It’s like if they had the second batman movie, and the Joker turned out to be just some actor in makeup and the real villain is Killer Moth or some stupid shit.

    They’ve been teasing and leading up to the Mandarin for 2 movies now, and for this to be the payoff is a slap to the face. I would have been perfectly fine if they had just used some generic terrorist guy in the same plot device instead of ruining a major villain for all future marvel movies.

    Also, I go to an Iron Man movie to see Iron Man, not fucking Robert Downey Jr just walking around and talking to a kid. He’s not even acting anymore, I think he just says lines in his regular voice and pretends he’s acting.

    Fuck Marvel Studios for making this boring turd of a movie!

  • Joseph O’neill

    I dunno guys. It was sort of established that people with Extrimis (or whatever its called) could rip the armor right off Tony. Calling in for backup in this instance seemed like a good idea. Plus the whole Hopping from armor to armor during that fight was pretty boss.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Most of Marvel’s stuff is nothing more then overly flashy stupid stuff devoid of any tension or stakes…just like the majority of comic books!

  • Josh Freeman

    When it was happening and he was looking around I kept expecting him to find and put on the rings and become the person from the first part of the movie.

  • Ugh. Nobody gives a shit about your comic books or your video games, or whatever. What matters is the movie. And the fact of the matter is the movie sucked, and the characters in the movie sucked, entirely on their own, without needing to rely on arguing that this person or that person is “different than in x source material”.

    You come off as if you’re saying that a movie NEEDS to be 100% exactly like MUH COMIX or else it sucks. And I know that’s not all you want to say about it, but it’s what stands out.

  • Josh Freeman

    Kinda made him more frightening, not knowing his motivation.

  • That’s fine by me; there’s plenty of other reasons why Iron Man 3 sucked.

  • keepitminty

    Fuckin hipsters

  • Yes because as we all know aliens, demi-gods, super soldiers and big green monsters are SOOOO realistic. Good lord this movie alone had Killian breathing fire but the Mandarin is clearly too far out there…

  • UnShame

    I am disappointed in your pain and gain review… I was hoping for something similar to what you did when reviewed jack and jill
    Also you’re like a year late to bring hipsters into the “plot” of the show.

  • DoctorKillpatient

    Michael Bay was a production assistant on Night Court…

  • Josh Freeman

    The plot hole was not, “Tony summons hundred Iron Mens out of nowhere to save the day.” They had been hinted at and some even seen throughout the movie. When he opened the pit at the beginning to lower the newest model down, you could see a couple. Pepper remarked something like, what are you up to now, 8? and the camera pans to his chest, Mark 47. Jarvis notifies him that the clearing crew had reached the cellar door and Tony told Jarvis to initiate operation House Party. The plot hole was why did they have to wait for the workers to clear the opening? The pit was full of 40 or so super strong, computer controlled, robots with lots and lots of weapons. Why did they need to wait for a back-hoe? They could have blasted their way out.

  • Ellie

    Mike, I didn’t know you had a hipster twin brother. Or is that you in a wig and a beard?

  • Did this movie ruin your childhood or something?

  • No?

  • Everyone is praising the Air Force One sequence which was coherent and interesting compared to the finale however the reveal of Tony remotely controlling the suit undermines the entire thing. Oh. Its now a giant videogame. WATCH OUT FOR THE TRUCK! *SMASH* No worries, folks! I’m just a conduit for flashy images that make you thirsty for your 64oz Coke.

  • Akercocke Jones

    Hey Mike and Jay, love the show. You guys are my favorite critics, and I look forward to each and every episode of Half and the Bag. That said, this one was disappointingly shallow to an unsettling degree. Iron Man 3 especially (whether you feel positively or negatively) has so much more content that’s worth elaborating on. You usually really plumb the depths of the films you discuss, but this time it just felt like you took some chunks out of the surface and called it a day. I come here for the deep analysis, and this episode just wasn’t very satisfying.

  • uatu13

    I’m not saying it needs to be 100% like the comics, but if you make an Iron Man movie and it’s actually Lethal Weapon 157 starring Robert Downey Jr and some black guy I think something is up. Why make a comic movie if you just want to tell some other story that has nothing to do with the source material.

    It’s like if Peter Jackson did the LOTR movies and decided they needed to be modern action movies with bullet time. I think some people would be saying “what the fuck” as well, not just LOTR fans.

  • rikkibarnes

    I nominate this guy as someone Mr. Plinkett needs to take into his basement and force into a plastic kiddie pool tub full of Plinkett’s colostomy bag contents while Iron Man 3 plays on a loop on the TV behind him.

  • Justsomeguy

    Mike drinks from Mr. Plinket shot glass. I see what you did there.

  • Guest
  • Justin Horning

    Apparently the comics are pure laziness too then. It’s a super soldier serum. Additionally, in the movie, overusing it can increase your body temperature to metal-melting levels. It has rules that are clear to anyone paying attention.

  • Justin Horning

    But the original Mandarin is just a racist caricature, why would you need that in a movie?

  • JimTreacher

    Well. Month. But yeah!

  • I loved the writing in Iron Man 3. Not only were there a lot of twists on typical movie tropes, but the writers did some really creative thinking to make things challenging for a guy in a super suit. They had him out of the suit most of the time, and the best part (as well as the theme that the movie ended on) was him finding ways to make do when technology didn’t work perfectly, and being very creative. I wasn’t thinking of Lethal Weapon myself; I was thinking of McGuyver. I liked it a lot (yes, there were things like this in the comics too, and I’m glad somebody picked up on them). All in all, it was clever plotting, good characterization, and a successful tightrope walk to make a superhero look like a major underdog for most of the film. Also, the actress who played his old flame was excellent.

  • disqus_bBVUQ5R18X

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Star Trek Into Darkness as a full on Plinkett review PLEASE

  • Guest

    Something felt a bit off about this episode, I mean outside of the actual reviewing/skits. I think it was the lack of music during parts, or maybe all, of it. Dunno, it just gave me a weird feeling. No random dings!

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    I actually really liked Pain & Gain. The performances were good, some of the jokes were funny, but really only if you ingest the sort of disgust for the human condition that Michael Bay has in this movie. I think Michael Bay is a nihilist, and I think this comes out in the movie. I liked it, and I think Mike and Jay completely misjudge it.

  • BOBO

    Oh I saw the first two. 1 was ok and 2 was a piece of shit. I went to this one because someone else was paying and asked me to go. Going into it I wasn’t predisposed to hate it but it just started weak and just got worse. Even the people I was with got bored and just wanted it to end.
    As for the other marvel movies, I enjoyed Avengers for the spectacle it was but didn’t care for Thor or Capt America.

  • booblety boop

    That little zoom in on Mike itching his nose during the word cocaine had me rolling.

  • tony f thurstin

    I love how Mike and Jay rip on hipsters, and then proceed to be hipsters themselves with their Pain & Gain review. Clever subterfuge?

  • James

    I haven’t seen Pain & Gain, but it seems like their biggest issue with the movie is Bay is treating the serious subject manner like a silly comedy. One of my favorite movies is Fargo, and it also treats a dark true story with a sense of humor.
    I’m just curious what makes one offensive and the other brilliant? I’m not defending Pain & Gain at all, I genuinely just want some further elaboration on why Bay screwed it up.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    I’m not entirely convinced he did screw it up. It’s just a movie about how loathsome human beings are, and viewed in that light, it’s fairly successful. The only non-loathsome character is Ed Harris.

  • Lemon Aidez

    “It’s very tongue-in-cheek. It pokes fun at itself a lot, especially a lot of the kind of cliches that appear in movies like this. It was witty.”
    There, Mike talked about the Mandarin twist. He finds the fact that the stereotypical comic book villain ends up being fake is witty. What else is there to say for someone who isn’t a comic book nerd?

  • Josh

    You havent seen it, yet you’re comparing it to one of your favorites, like its just as good. Of course you dont understand what the difference between the two is, because you’ve only seen one. Not trying to be a dick by the way.

  • Josh

    You’ve seen it, then?

  • Josh

    Classic RLM, man

  • Lemon Aidez

    Fargo was totally made up, man. The Coen Brothers are a bunch of hack fraud liars. It’s a shame their movies are too good for me to be angry at them.
    Anyway, the humor in Fargo was never stupid or over the top. I haven’t seen Pain & Gain, but from the trailer alone I can tell the difference.

  • Astor

    Fuck yeah!

  • DarthRandal

    Iron Man 3 is one of those movies that will eventually grow on me, but I’d be lying if I said I felt satisfied with it after the first viewing. It’s a bullshit argument to say “I was mislead by the trailer” in this day and age, but I really do feel like I was sold a false bill of goods, especially after some reviewers were comparing Kingsley’s Mandarin to Ledger’s Joker performance.

  • xtsquintx

    They really seemed to miss the point with Pain & Gain. Yes, Michael Bay is a stupid action-movie director and normally creates cinematic fluff, but I feel like that’s the sole basis for their entire review. As far as “doing justice” to the true story it’s based on, who the fuck cares? The true story is about a bunch of meat-head morons from Miami to begin with. As per example with 80% of all reality television, making fun of these kinds of people is A-OK, so why is it a problem when Michael Bay does it? If you remove the “Michael Bay sucks” mentality for one second, the movie plays as a satire and does a pretty great job with it.

  • Dan

    You’re just as immature for endlessly complaining in this video’s comments just because Mike and Jay have a different opinion than you.
    I’m a little biased because RLM gives me hours of free entertainment and you’re just some butthurt whiner on the internet who can’t get past the fact that RLM didnt like a movie you liked, or the hack director. They can “focus” on whatever the hell they please because its their website and their review. Get over it.

  • Holy shit, he was! What a weird thing to throw in there.

  • Yeah man, other internet review shows were making fun of hipsters before it was cool

  • I know nothing of the Iron Man comics and that character looked hokey as shit. Probably a smart move on the movie’s part.

  • bananna hammock

    Do you think hipsters have only been around for a year?

  • bitch cassidy

    By “friend with a tattoo of an arc reactor on his chest” did you really mean “me, with my self designed iron man fursona on my chest”?

  • Corporal Corpuscle

    Fucking vietnam shit.

  • you knew it was coming

    Iron man didn’t ruin my childhood. FUCKING POLIO DID!

  • boarsss

    careboars! every fucking time careboars

  • bananna hammock

    you could always turn off adblock and enjoy some Real Housewives of New Jersey commercial instead.

  • bitch cassidy

    It is actually nothing like that at all… Jesus wept, what a terrible analogy.

  • Rick Berman

    To be fair, Becky was a total cunt.

  • Leob81

    It was talked about in their last end of year round up video.

  • Pittsburgh Dad music!

  • Leob81

    You’re just desperate for him to share the same opinion with you on the film, aren’t you. πŸ˜‰

  • UnShame

    they became mainstream a year ago or so… now that i think about it, probably more
    year was just first to come to my mind

  • Jake Mandes

    100% of reality TV is shit. So is this movie, and they would have treated it like any other shit movie whether or not Michael Bay was behind it. But he WAS behind it, so that’s why he’s being bashed on here.

  • James

    Read carefully, I said I’m not defending Pain & Gain at all, in fact I’m inclined to believe it’s a really bad movie. I was just curious why one was offensive and the other was great, as in where is the line drawn in the “making fun of true events” spectrum.
    On the other hand, I forgot Fargo was largely fictionalized, so I guess that answers my question.

  • guest

    Real Housewives of New Jersey ARE careboars!!!

  • James

    Oh I guess I should also read your comment more carefully.
    Basically I’m asking for someone to spell it out for me because I really don’t want to have to watch Pain & Gain for myself to see. Because I’m a shallow person.
    I was thinking “is the only difference that one has more juvenile humor?” and forgot Fargo was fake.

  • shit for brains

    Customers, what the fuck?

  • So it’s only a matter of time before Michael Bay makes an action comedy based on the events of 9/11 then. It’s got big explosions and small laughs.

  • charles

    I think we all need to understand why the Mandarin was changed for film. It was to kowtow to Chinese audiences. If you say it was done to be original, you’re wrong: BATMAN BEGINS already did it with Ra’s al Ghul. If you say that it’s awesome they surprised us with a twist, you’re wrong, because twists aren’t automatically awesome, guys. In fact, a twist is only good once, and never again upon repeat viewings, except under the very rare ocurrence such as The Sixth Sense where you can go back and see what clues/hints you missed–there were none on IM3. If you’re saying we have to respect the filmmakers for making such a bold decision, you’re wrong, because we would’ve all been just as surprised if Tony Stark turned out to be secretly Thor…it would still be stupid. If you’re saying the Mandarin was a racist caricature that needed changing, you’re wrong, that was 50 years ago, he’s not been like that in 40 years, and besides, Red Skull wasn’t changed in CAPTAIN AMERICA, and he’s the epitome of “red scare” carictures. If you’re saying he’s an unknown and therefore it’s okay to mess with him, well, Loki was an unknown too, until now you guys are fawning all over Tom Hiddleston. If you’re saying that I have to respect Kingsley’s performance…you’re actually RIGHT about that, but his performance belonged in Tropic Thunder 2, not this movie, and you know it well.
    Face it, Mandarin was changed to kowtow to Chinese audiences. The film even opened up everywhere on planet Earth before it opened here in the U.S. a full week later. The foreign market is now more important than domestic. This is sad, considering it’s an American superhero, created by an American writer, published by an American publisher (Marvel), and starring a primarily American cast.
    China only allows 35 films in from America each year, and the way you guarantee that your film is one of those 35 selected you have to do a few things. First, you have to work with a studio like DMG, which is a Chinese filmmaking company (which Disney did), and second, you have to let them have script approval.
    Class dismissed.

  • guest

    I’ve been hard at work deciphering the intricate meaning of the dings. The silence of the dings must be just as significant. This changes everything. Everything! 10 more hand-washings and back to analyzing the dings and now absence of dings!

  • Kyle

    He didn’t call the 41 other Iron Man suits earlier because they were trapped under tons and tons of concrete. Once they were dug out he could call them.

  • There are few things I enjoy more after a long day than seeing there’s a new Half in the Bag. So before I even watch it, thank you.

  • JakeTacoGarcias

    Yeah – fuck Michael Bay, I didn’t even watch Pain & Gain, I don’t look at stuff objectively I just ride bandwagons, MICHAEL GAY!

  • OoklaTheMok

    You’re giving Bay too much credit. He doesn’t have enough brain cells to be a nihilist, or to adhere to any other kind of philosophy.

  • OoklaTheMok

    HA HA HA!! Plumb the depths of these stupid superhero movies! Ha ha ha!

    Here’s the depths. Robert Downey says a bunch of snarky stuff and collects a big paycheck.

  • You mentioned the news story about the alcoholic in Milwaukee. Isn’t that redundant? I thought everybody in Wisconsin drinks beer instead of water.

  • First off, Hipster Jokes really? Has anyone ever found those funny in the slightest? They make my skin crawl personally. I somewhat agree with you on Michael Bay, your attacks on his trashy stupid sense of humor, while true are missing the real issue with his movies, he has very little control of tone, or ability to convey the complexities of this script. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being trashy as long as you have it fit tonally with the movie. One thing’s for sure this is not a black comedy, I’m not sure if the writer intended it to be, and Bay just doesn’t understand how to convey it, or if it’s just a excuse for all the characters being horrible. As for Iron man 3, I found it largely lacking the charm of the previous two films, and pretty laboured. I did enjoy the way they use the mandarin and the scenes with the kid though.

  • God forbid fans of a site contribute to discussion in said site’s comments section. What kind of asshole would do that?

  • AghBowling

    I’m glad I’m not the only who is beginning to pick up on that. While I do agree that Michael Bay is a terrible director and makes incredibly immature and uninteresting films, I don’t go out of my way to see his films so that I can hate them on video. I understand that Red Letter Media is entertainment, and I know that a lot of their popularity was garnered through their negative reviews of bad movies, but I find it very ironic that Mike and Jay can sit there and be disgusted with modern film and bemoan Hollywood for making films solely for money, and not try to actively seek-out movies that aren’t bad or condescending to their viewers. It’s almost as if Mike and Jay WANT to be angry with what they are watching. The same catch 22 that they mentioned in their “Paranormal Activity 4” review applies to them, but in a different context: how can two guys who claim to love good films so much go out to movies they know they are going to hate? It’s a bit baffling.

  • Yab Leahcim
  • Yab Leahcim

    I played your mom as a satire and she said I did a great job with it.

  • Manioc

    have you tried morose code?

  • Yab Leahcim

    You know,there was this guy Ghandi…

  • Yab Leahcim

    Hmm…not sure if serious or an arrow to the meme…

  • Yab Leahcim


  • Harry Butters

    None of those hipsters had neckbeards dammit! Other than that, spot on review as always old sports. So what’s gonna be your next review old sports? Is it gonna be great it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be great??? Either way I will beat on, boat against the current, borne ceaselessly in the past.

  • CC

    Hating a retarded movie isn’t being a hipster.

  • Love this shit! Iron Man 3 was plot holy, but at least it wasn’t Pain & Gain. All for the money.

  • The fourth wall, you mean?

  • lurker

    Still not a plot hole since JARVIS would give Tony updates on how the cleanup is going on. The ENTIRE HOUSE was on top of the door so of course he would have to wait for the cleanup crew to clear a way for the doors. The doors probably wouldn’t even be able to open with an entire house on top.

  • Memoman

    Night Court was the shizznit!


    I laughed hella hard at Mike nonchalantly spilling the Jack…

  • guest

    They “missed the point?” Are you joking? There was no point to miss, other than “har har these guys sure are dumb, aren’t they?”

    You say it plays great as a satire. Do you even know what satire is? This movie was fucking stupid.

  • Spot on with the pretentious hipster fucks. Absolute gold.

  • bang

    Fargo has tact, wit, and intelligence. Pain and Gain has fart jokes, broad charicatures instead of characters, and an overbearing visual style.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  • tony

    How does not liking a shitty movie make them hipsters? Are you fucking stupid?

  • AlanSmithee

    I now want to hurt Michael Bay.

    I’m talking like a, duct taped to a chair, dancing around with a switchblade type situation.

    I want to hurt Michael Bay so bad, that he will question life decisions.

  • They’re only hipsters because it wouldn’t make sense for a VCR repair shop to have any other type of customer… except maybe the elderly… but they don’t have access to old actors…

  • Wyldstaar

    In Iron Man 3, there is a throw-away line which explains that the rubble
    of the mansion is blocking the armor vault door, preventing Tony from
    using them until the end, when the wreckage has been cleared.

    While this does plug the plot hole, it doesn’t excuse Shane
    Black for not showing us that this is the case. It’s a movie after
    all, not a book. We need to be shown what is going on so that we don’t miss it while a baby is screaming, or someone spills their M&Ms all over the theatre floor.

  • Yeah, I recall JARVIS mentioning that the crane has arrived, as the opening was covered by rubble previously, which is why the suits couldn’t be used until then. I kid of wished they had talked more about Iron Man 3, though.

  • Michael Bay has more talent in his pinky than these two hipster douchebags have in their entire bodies. The only thing worse than hipsters are Internet fags who worships them and joyless shit like CinemaSins.

  • They do. They are Internet Hater Fags that gave birth to abominations like Honest Trailers and Cinema Sins.

  • I thought they did a good job of portraying hipsters tastefully. Lots of people throw the term around at anything they dislike, but these ones were accurate. Also it furthered the plot- they needed a reason for the vcr’s being popular again.

  • DUDE.

    I spilled my M&M’s during the movie. ..sorry.

  • Richard Cage

    Somebody is a Michael Bay fan I take it. I don’t mind Michael Bay action but his humor is fucking horrible.

  • Starring The Rock as The North Tower and Mark Wahlberg as the South Tower. The terrorists that hi-jacked the planes will be the comic relief.

  • *cough* Troll *cough*

    No real human being would ever say that after seeing a Michael Bay movie.

  • mike bay sux

    mike bay sux

  • Shit, there were dings in other episodes?…

  • mike bay sux

    if the quality of my work was the same as Pain & Gain, I’d be fired from McDonald’s

  • That reveal had me a bit disappointed as well. It’s not very thrilling to watch remote controlled suits put in dangerous situations. There aren’t any takes.

  • Becky had it coming wearing that low cut shirt and trusting her friend to drive her home when she was hammered.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Iron Man 3 was an absolute garbage. YOUR OPINION IS WRONG AND MINE IS RIGHT!!1

  • Wait, when did he break the other two walls?

    Also, the fire breathing only happened at that one point in the film, almost as if they made him shoot fire just to have Rhodes say something witty about breathing fire. Rather lame, if you ask me.

  • ShameonMe

    Even Mark Wahlberg seems disgusted talking positively about Michael Bay.

  • You have polio? I mean, who DOES that?

  • “…make it look like DragonballZ.” Huh? They didn’t make them look like a 2D anime TV show for kids?

  • The Radneck

    Hey guys, huge fan here but I gotta call you out on this one. Sorry, but when it comes to Pain & Gain, you guys seem to have taken the hipster stance you yourselves make fun of in this very episode.

    You continuously mention Pain & Gain making light of real things that happened to real people. So what? Who gives a shit? Fuck ’em. And who better to say “fuck ’em” than Michael Bay? This was Bay’s Fargo and probably his most earnest attempt at making a real movie. (before I continue, Fargo > Very Bad Things > Pain & Gain)…

    Imagine a retarded painter who paints only with feces. One day, he manages to create a legitimate work of art.That’s the case with Pain & Gain. Your “I-hate-Michael-Bay-no-matter-what” review comes across like you’re just reviewing the retard for being retarded and making retarded shit. Never mind the fact he’s just made the greatest retarded shit painting ever. You’re reviewing the artist, not the art. I really expected better from you guys; I thought you were capable of enjoying something for what it was (Xtro) and not letting other factors (director, writer, actors etc) come in to play.

    Your dropped the ball on this one.

  • Has the rubble been removed form YOUR exit, yet?

  • infernocanuck

    To use your own analogy: It doesn’t matter if it it’s in the shape of a turd, or the shape of Mona Lisa. If it is composed of fecal matter, it’s shit. I don’t think calling a bad movie bad is “dropping the ball”. I do think you liked the movie and they didn’t, and you made some sort of long-winded shame-post to justify your feelings. So, really, who’s the fool in all this?

  • It’s only fitting that the violent criminal Marky Mark plays a violent criminal. You guys were harsh on Bay, he’s a genius when it comes to casting.

  • The Radneck

    I enjoyed the movie for what it was and I’m not ashamed to say it in the least. It showed that, given a decent script, Michael Bay can actually do something worthwhile. I dislike a majority of Bay’s work as much as the next guy, but I went into Pain & Gain with an open mind and I left happy.

    I will never blindly like or dislike a movie just because of the people involved. Nine times out of ten Jay and Mike do a good job of doing just that. However, with this particular review, it just seems they approached Pain & Gain predisposed to hate it just because it was Michael Bay; i.e a film snob’s/hipster’s point of view.

    Even though it’s cool to hate on “popular” things (in this case Michael Bay films) sometimes you have to admit those things are “popular” for a reason. Bay was on his A-game in this one, despite the fact there was a mere ONE explosion in the whole film. True, Bay’s A-game is like the Coen’s D-game, but still, the man came through on this one.

  • The Radneck

    But hey, at least you could be a dick about it.

  • CorbeauNoir

    The only people who don’t find mocking hipsters funny are the hipsters who are getting called out on their tryhard ‘ironic’ phony bullshit excuse of a lifestyle.

  • CorbeauNoir

    The put-a-fist-through-drywall-inducing mannerisms and turns of phrase were meticulously researched, especially when Mike throws the shot glass.

  • AnalogyShark

    Same, at first I was like ‘Really, you’re making the villain look like a middleastern Muslim?” But when the true Mandarin reveals he just picked him because Americans would hate him, I was like, “Yeah that is pretty clever.” I feel it’s consistant with when decides to kill the president for the oil spill, not because he really gives a fuck, but because the media will eat that story up.

  • Lemon Aidez

    From some of Mike’s comments, I really got the feeling he had hope Michael Bay might grow as a film maker. Like when he talks about how he’s still pandering to the same Transformers target group, even though he shouldn’t.
    I think you’re just trying to find reasons (other than the movie itself) why they disliked a movie you liked.

  • infernocanuck

    So. To sum up: You thought the movie was good. You disagreed with RedLetterMedia’s option. You argue that they hate it just because it had to do with Michael bay. They argue they hated it because it had a horrible tone, was unfunny and it was an overall distasteful movie. For some reason, you can’t accept this simple disagreement between viewers, and you decided to write paragraph after mind-numbing paragraph to illustrate a very simple concept. We get it. You liked the movie. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lemon Aidez

    Who would’ve known ‘Iron Man 3’ and a Michael Bay movie would be cause for this much controvery and discussion?

  • Memoman

    I wanted to applaud by the end of this episode. The editing, the dialogue, the delivery, the sub themes, the reviews and even Rich Evans were amazing! Bravo!

  • Because they earn money by making these reviews, if they absolutely loved every movie they reviewed we would stop watching their videos.

    Their viewership craves them being angry at at least one movie in these videos, so they go and watch them so they can talk about them.

    I mean I clicked on this video hoping they would hate Pain and Gain and wasn’t dissapointed.

    Same thing with Zero Punctuation on the escapist, Yatzee would love to make more possitive reviews but he has to review shitty games because his fanbase watches his videos to laugh at how he can hate on a video game.

    Also, I think they might be Hipsters themselves and this is kinda them poking fun at themselves, I mean, they themselves love VHS films.


    we are the lost and the damned

  • TomBoss


  • Granny

    Merry Christmas ya lil fuggers.

  • M. Bay

    I missed that scene, because of bad directing/editing.

  • M. Bay

    Because you touch yourself.

  • M. Bay

    Who molested your inner child?

  • Vaggy

    Make em look over powered.

  • Harry

    Likewise I’m sure.

  • fuzzywzhe

    For the love of GOD, please stop having the Care Boars follow every video.


    Thank you.

  • Nick

    Why? Care Boars are awesome!

  • AnimationworksNL

    Every new video you mean. But yes I agree, RLM please change the settings on your site. Have the player go to random shuffle or something. It’s too much of a shock to go from these brilliant shows like HITB or BotW to this crummy, nasty, awkward and unfunny cartoon stuff.
    Anyone agreeing please vote up the post above, or add a note in this thread so we might get through to these hacks.

  • AnimationworksNL

    This is starting to look like a YouTube comment section. Reviewers working hard on their shows, making valid points and explaining their views, and then nay-sayers posting reflections like ‘No you’re wrong’ or ‘you suck’ or ‘no, no, you see Michael Bay has lots of talent’. Wow, point well made. Thank you. Please move on to YouTube or a Michael bay fansite.

  • fuzzyboar

    Lying in bed. Last seconds of Half in the Bag rolling. “Dear God. The Care Boars are coming. I know it. I just know it.” I close my eyes when the screen goes dark and exhale. Dear God. The Care Boars are coming. I just know it.

    ..Somehow I can’t ask you to stop doing that, though.

  • I think they nailed both reviews pretty much. Especially Pain & Gain ala Michael Bay; when you’re in the company of the hordes of zombies that like these films you do start to feel like you don’t belong on the planet its a weird feeling, then goes away when they crawl back into their troll holes

  • I thought Ironman 3 was hot garbage. Worse of the modern marvel movies. Makes me worried about the future of the marvel movies post avengers

  • or pick a name

    I can’t wait for the Star Trek review… I mean such a recycled pile of garbage, with plot holes of the size of Ne Jersey… It was hard to handle even the beginning, come on, a federation ship violating PM by stopping vulcano to explode? And I’m not even saying about the part when natives saw the spaceship, but the “mission” itself.
    Poor, poor, Star Wars, the future looks bad.

  • I always need a daily dosage of the Careboars after a RedLetterMedia video


    So the guys that come up with FuckBot5000 think that a smirking Michael Bay’s crowded elevator fart is somehow beneath them?

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    I enjoyed it. Honestly I think they try too hard not to be silly comic book movies when they should really embrace the medium they are from.

    Obviously I want to see Fin Fang Foom in Iron Man 4.

  • Se Hyun Rozier

    I’m just saying he’s complaining about the guy motivated by greed being too much of a trope for movies but what does he want in its place?

    Asian Doctor Doom?

  • Guest

    Jack B. Sowards is probably rolling over in his grave.

  • charlie

    You’re telling me that 42 Iron Man suits couldn’t just, ya know, blast out of that basement, they had to wait on some normal CRANE to move all that rubble? *cough* bullshit *cough*. Not bullshit towards you, but I call bullshit on the movie’s attempt to try and make that make sense. Hell, there was even that large Iron Man suit that can lift heavy things right there at the end, you know, the big silver one that actually lifted an entire section of the ship as it collapsed?
    This movie was death by a thousand small cuts for me…and one sweeping crushing blow to the head by a mace to finish me off (pssst, the “mace” in this analogy is the lame-ass, out-of-place Mandarin twist, and I’m not even a Iron Man comic book fan).

  • guest

    Reading the comments section under Red Letter Media videos makes me really embarrassed to be a Red Letter Media fan.

    Anyone that gets horribly upset because their opinion on either of these stupid movies is different from Mike and Jay’s, so much so that they have to vent with long paragraphs about why Mike and Jay are “wrong,” needs to seriously re-evaluate their life.

  • guest

    You have to “call them out?” What the hell does that mean?

    You have a different opinion than them. It’s as simple as that. And you’re entitled to that opinion. But saying you have to “call them out” and then explain why they only hated the movie because it’s Michael Bay, DESPITE them explaining very specifically what their problems with the film were, make you look like the kind of person who will only hear what they want to hear so they can complain about it. But there aren’t really people like that on the internet, are there????

  • guest

    “I like Mike and Jay, but I disagree with them on this one movie, therefore they are wrong.”

    Jesus people are stupid.

  • guest

    If you hate them so much, then what the fuck are you doing here?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Just stop the video player its not that hard geez

  • ToonMonkey

    Thank you! I’m sick of reading all the gushing praise for Star Trek.

  • The Radneck

    Again, why are you being such a dick? I gave a reasoned response as to why I disagree with them on this one. What’s wrong with disagreeing with them?

    All I said was that for a Michael Bay movie, yes, it is good. It is entirely distasteful but that’s the point. And yes, some of the humor is lame, but the energy of the entire film makes up for it.

    To sum up your post: I’m stupid because I have a different opinion of one particular movie that I’m betting you didn’t even see and when you do see it will dislike it just so you won’t contradict your posts. God forbid you take something at face value. Also, you get off on being a dick online.

  • capitandelespacio

    It really feels that “Pain & Gain” was the movie wich you really wanted to comment. I was expecting a review of IM3 like the one you made for Thor or Captain America. In my opinion IM3 had this Michael Bay’s-stupid-movie-feeling all over it. The first part of the film it’s ok, but towards the end everything “stablished” in the first part doesn’t matter and just ends. Bored the hell out of me.

  • splimis

    FuckBot 5000 is fully conscious that its a stupid excuse to make rape jokes, Michael Bay actually thinks fart jokes are funny.

  • The Radneck

    Yeah, I never said that. Learn to comprehend the reading of the stuff, pal. Jesus, people are stupid.

  • Disappointed at the lack of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang mentions. You guys would love that movie.

  • Strelnikov

    “Pain and Gain” needed to be done by some other director….meanwhile Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones thought the movie was darkly hilarious, but then I think his taste has been warped by years of watching garbage cinema. Or maybe it was that he did a review of the movie in his car just after a midnight screening of it.


  • capitandelespacio

    The dings were not random, I mus say. They were strategically and methodically studied to driven the test subject (us) to agree with this two mid westerns hippies during their (so called) “movie reviews”.

    If you cannot hear the “dings”, you are now completaly programmed to nitpick whatever pile or garbage in the form of movie you can find.


    Sometimes parodying something enough can actually make you become the very thing you can’t stand.

  • Topher Hilberg

    interesting that you bring up the Cohen Brothers because one of my friends who saw Pain and Gain said that if it had been set in Omaha it basically could have been a Cohen Brother movie. I wish it had been.

  • jordache

    Dude, he’s just giving a comment, he’s not calling anyone stupid or making fun of Mike and Jay. Sheesh.

  • brett

    Just the trailer for Pain and Gain makes me want to jump into the screen and punch people.

  • jordache

    “I do think you liked the movie and you made some sort of long-winded shame-post to justify your feelings”

    I think you’re making up whatever would fit your argument because you have nothing to go by. If you’re somehow justified in complaining about someone who doesn’t like a video you watched, then this guy is justified in making a critique of the video. It’s called… discussion.

  • Cyvaris

    I like how you guys mention the visual effects people. I’ve had fun watching that part of the credits for awhile now. Avatar was freaking insane for that, specifically because it had size 2 font for all the names in block format. THAT was fun trying to read!

  • Harbinger

    I think the hipster joke was multi-faceted. Hipsters are pretty old hat now, they’re definitely not the center of pop culture any more, so partly the joke is about RLM being woefully out of date with modern society, a theme used extensively throughout many of their productions (see the Plinkett reviews). As well as this, not liking popular, Bay-type movies often makes you subject of the meat head masses’ ire, leading to the inevitable ‘hipster’ labeling, playing on the fact that Mike and Jay generally hate MB movies but, at the same time, ridicule hipsters. However, isn’t the overindulgent irony seen in Pain and Gain merely a caricature of these ‘hipster’ stereotypes?

    For, dear reader!, you see that Mike and Jay have made the very man, this Michael Bay, this hack fraud director, this beast, into a cunning part of their show. The hipsters are Michael Bay, lining up, desperately hoping to cash in on a culturally archaic sense of nostalgia, seen in both the story and setting of this film. But! Michael is also Mike and Jay, spite wells to their eyes and malice pours from their mouth, vitriol sprays across the screen in hateful rhetoric towards anything that might undermine them. The hipsters are frantically attempting to be relevant while still maintaining their individuality mired in the aforementioned nostalgia. And that, my dear readers, is the true irony.

    An interesting thing I also noted was the extent that this movie has truly defeated Mike and Jay. You can see the emptiness in their eyes. Mike, his soul crushed from the sheer confusion elicited by the bizarre amalgamation of themes exhibited by the film, and Jay, his hopeless attempts to connect with Mike and try to do away with the gnawing insanity growing within, his endless desire to justify and explain the horrors witnessed. The strings are pulled taut, but Mike and Jay refuse to dance any longer! It is an inevitability, my friends. For when you gaze towards the void for too long, it is bound to gaze back. Touched, caressed and taken, the poison takes hold. They were only human.

    Long live RLM.

  • OK I say this with tongue in cheek BUT my inner geek just can’t help itself so there you go…

    The reason he couldn’t summon the other 41 suits (mark 42?) was because, as Jarvis said, the vault doors where buried under the rubble.

    I know I know! Shush!

    Great reviews!

  • HA HA I do that! I’ve almost broke my arse getting to the off button.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    I wasn’t offended by it I just didn’t agree in the case of Pain & Gain.

    Get the fuck over your shit.

  • James

    I find it hilarious how you say they’re hipsters when they mocked hipsters in this video and gave a Iron Man 3, a huge mainstream blockbuster, a pretty positive review.

  • Charlie

    I just figured that the dings were someones cell phone ring tone behind the scenes.

  • James

    Okay, there’s no way anyone would ever seriously use the tern Internet Hater Fags. You must be trolling.

  • James

    It’s gonna be great.

  • James

    I completely agree, Iron Man 3 was pretty fun. I don’t really give a fuck if the Mandarin isn’t a direct copy of his comic book counterpart. For what it was, it was a very enjoyable movie.

  • James

    Would’ve never guessed this review would’ve caused such a shitstorm in the comments. It’s an orgy of “IRON MAN 3 SUX”, “PAIN AND GAIN WAS GOOD UR JUST HIPSTER ASSHOLES” and “UR OPINION IS WRONG AND MINE IS RIGHT”.

  • James

    I was thinking the same thing. Besides that, fantastic review.

  • GreyGhost

    Fart jokes ARE funny.

  • Matias Rivero

    yes! that christmas music haunt me in my nightmares, It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  • Storf Flinger

    By skipping the skits you miss some of the fundamental points Mike and Jay try to make in these reviews.

  • Studdle Poogerback

    Get over the fawkness.

  • playdude92 .

    Starring a black windowwasher going: “Awww Daawg, Heeell No!

  • Morose code? Is that the sullen and gloomy cousin of Morse code?

  • Don’t get me wrong, when that happened I burst out laughing, but after reflection and realizing it wasn’t anywhere else in the movie, I have concluded that it’s a “one-time thing”, just like Iron Man’s laser in Iron Man 2, the one that easily cuts all the robots in half and was only used after fighting them for several minutes.

    Anyway, the movie was ridiculously entertaining. It’s weird because I felt mislead by the marketing, but liked the movie.

  • Fucking Good Vibrations.

  • Ahh, I see. Yeah, that show really starts to go off the rails. One sneeze from those guys could destroy a solar system.

  • The Pandaman

    I can actually see Care Boars driving traffic away from this site. Any first-timer who sees their latest video and is then treated to that will go away with a sour taste in their mouths.

    RLM is much better off leaving things like Care Boars and the animated plinkett series to hardcore RLM fans who are more familiar with their style and sense of humour.

    “Just stop the video player” is not a solution. People are lazy and will let the player decide the next video for them. When it turns out to be the pointlessly foul and unfunny Care Boars, they won’t come back. If it’s another HitB or an original Plinkett review, they’ll be hooked.

    I hope Mike and Jay actually pay attention to this. It would be a more professional move of them if they took care of this problem. I know they don’t take this stuff all that seriously, but it would be a good fan service for them if they did.

  • The Pandaman

    “Oh god I’m calling Michael Bay a comedic director I am making a fool of myself.”

    He actually has that look in his eyes.


    4th wall then. ^_^ (Edited Lucas Style!)

    And yes, it was as if they needed to push it to the extreme to poke fun at themselves. At least the guy didn’t ‘accidentally’ breath fire when he belched from drinking a beer or something equally asinine Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t go that route but I’m glad they didn’t.

  • The Pandaman

    My thoughts exactly. I actually did a little dance this time.


    Too bad some of his Iron Man suits weren’t construction robots.

    Oh…wait…didn’t we see a ‘jackhammer’ Iron Man suit and a ‘car jack’ Iron Man suit trying to fix the giant crane at the end? Or something?

    I guess those robot suits were from some of Tony’s REALLY late night tinkering sessions!


    (Or, for that matter, aren’t those suits equipped with like Missiles and blaster guns and whatnot? Why does he even have a ‘secret’ hanger when he has like twelve suits sitting at the top of the tube exit? Were those suits ‘special’? Or is ‘the pit’ where he puts suits that have misbehaved?)

  • Guy Est

    It’s spelled Gandhi.

  • Jesse Campo

    Nice shout out to FM 102.1 and “that’s so Sheboygan”!

  • reggie

    Well, you see, there’s this thing called “context”…

  • That’s right. He was talking about you.

  • leroy brown

    You guys just don’t get Michael bay. His movies are like cartoons, he makes fun of archetypes of people and not the people themselves. If you think his humor makes him look racist or dumb the joke is on you.

  • guest

    I don’t want to live in a world where people will defend Michael Bay. Seriously, you put more thought into your post than he does into his movies. There’s nothing to “get.”

  • rvb1023

    Except for 11 people falling to their death. Even if Tony had been in the suit he wasn’t in any danger regardless.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Don’t get your hopes up. Mike and Jay will probably defend it and say that anyone who didn’t like it is an asshole.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    The Mandarin is “one of Marvel’s main villains?” Wow, I never knew.

  • He is definitely not satirizing, or making fun of, Archetypes. If he is, then he expresses so little control over his material that I cant even detect it.

    Michael Bay just making poop and dick jokes and expecting us to laugh because you dont talk about poop and dicks in normal everyday life. Its nothing deeper and isnt funny.

    Watch a Mel Brooks film. That’s some excellent satire right there.

  • leroy brown

    Ok, so either the millions of people that enjoy Michael bays films are crazy and or have no taste (this list including Steven speilberg, Quentin tarantino, joss whedon and many others) or you simply don’t understand them. Which is more likely?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I love HitB! Thanks, guys!

    I thought Iron Man 3 was boring. As soon as 3000degree fire breathing villains showed up, the film lost all tension and suspense for me. In fact, I believe that someone in the film mutters the line, “After that guy with the hammer [Thor] showed up, nothing surprises me.” So I guess that means anything goes now in Marvel movies. Kinda takes the surprise and tension out of any plot if anything can happen.
    I wouldn’t recommend spending $11-$15 dollars and two free hours watching it.
    But hey, my two cents. Thanks again, RLM!

  • guest

    Jesus, you sound like a mindless sheep. “Other people like this, therefore it must be good.”

    How about this as an option: different people have different tastes.

  • leroy brown

    Its not the dick and fart jokes that are funny, it is how absurd they come off as in particular settings. It is trashy but still (I feel) in the boundaries of good taste.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    “f you’re saying the Mandarin was a racist caricature that needed changing, you’re wrong, that was 50 years ago, he’s not been like that in 40 years, and besides, Red Skull wasn’t changed in CAPTAIN AMERICA, and he’s the epitome of ‘red scare’ carictures.”

    The Red Skull was a German Nazi. “Red Scare” refers to ’50s era fear of American labor organizers being Communists. The Communists fought the Nazis. “Red Scare” has nothing to do with Nazis or Germans.

    The Mandarin’s behavior and appearance were based on racial caricatures about the Chinese ethnicity that have since been properly rejected by Western society as harmful. The Red Skull’s behavior and appearance were not racial caricatures. At worst his behavior was an exaggerated version of Nazi evil, which is to this day reviled and has no defenders worried about harmful stereotypes regarding its adherents.

    Basically your point seems completely bogus. “Class dismissed,” indeed.

  • Corporal Corpuscle

    Whatever, I’ve hated people who don’t hate MBFs (that’s what we in the industry call Michael Bay Film) before it was cool to not hate Michael Bay.

  • Jim with Lightning Fast

    Don’t worry sir, he’s from the internet, and this is serious business.

  • bananna hammock

    I cannot think of any legitimate argument against that statement.

  • Dovauk

    I enjoyed Iron Man 3 but I consider it the ‘Spiderman 2’ of the Iron Man movies since it focuses more on Starks emotions. I did get really tired of the PTSD thing, it was way over done. I totally agree with Jay, would of enjoyed the ending more if Stark had beat the bad guy with the beat up old suit. I hope RDJ sticks to the Avengers movies, with Whedon he is in good hands.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Joker-Lokis — I hate those fans of the Insane Clown Posse.

  • infernocanuck

    “When did I ever say they were “wrong””

    Ahem. From your first post: And I quote: “You dropped the ball on this one.” (Translation: Your entire review was wrong) So, either you don’t know what colloquialisms are, or you’re just trying to save your ass. Either way, I think you and I have spend waaaaaaaaay to much time talking about your opinions on the internet. So, I will pick up my cane, hat an monocle, and travel to somewhere else on this series of tubes.

    PS: I actually get off on nice, tight, athletic brunette women. Preferably ones who have an ass that just doesn’t quit. Although I receive no sexual gratification on calling you out on your nonsense, I do have to admit that I’ve enjoyed it. Tata!

  • James

    “Other people like Michael Bay’s films so that must mean they’re good and you just don’t get them”

    No, different people have different tastes. Get your head out of Michael Bay’s ass and learn what an opinion is.

  • Herpaderpsplosions

    There are millions of idiots in the world. Why would you be proud of liking what idiots like?

  • bananna hammock

    I think its actually “Gandalf.”

  • Yes, because blowing up a vault from the inside is an act of genius, especially as there’s a bucket of rubble and a few dozen workmen around to mangle in the process.

    Meh, I am not getting drawn into this crap, it was a fun movie intelligent for a tent pole and people really want to gripe (not critique, GRIPE) about it let ’em. I had more fun than they did, I’m the happier guy.

    (Que “Your the thicker guy then for accepting box office bollocks” remarks). I wish I knew how to spell a raspberry.

  • Panties in a twist

    8 comments in, still no admittance of how much of a piece of shit you are.

  • Panties in a twist

    That’s a crock. I loved the Mandarin twist and I watched the cartoon all the way through.

    I loved how he even had all the ten rings on during his little videos.

  • Panties in a twist

    The Mandarin’s powers are magic based and there’s been very little of that in ANY of the Marvel movies. So they weren’t about to start now.

    So instead they go with a brilliant subversion.

  • Also the Care Boars are great

    Care Boars are to punish fucking thieves who ad block. If you didn’t have an ad blocker on it would show an ad instead, which you would of course stop.

  • William Shakesman

    Wait a minute….that Night Court tape was destroyed in a previous episode!


  • capitandelespacio

    I love you, guys… seriously. it’s not the alcohol talking… I mean it.

  • Manioc

    It’s like Morse code except Morse is an alcoholic hack-fraud who watches shitty movies all day.

  • Don’t fucking DARE try to spin this into any hipster shit.

    Bay’s film’s are legitimately terrible.

  • Morris

    The kid ruined Iron Man 3 completely, and you know it.

  • Oh we’re doing the “It’s meant to be that way” kind of argument? Sorry, that only works when it’s clear the director has something called vision and talent and the quality of his work exemplifies this kind of intentional irony. You are giving Bay way more credit than he deserves.

  • Manioc

    “No! We must mock the hipsters” Mike and Jay shouted

    The VCR said “No, Mike and Jay. You are the hipsters”

    And then Mike and Jay were hack-frauds.

  • Saltonstall

    Eh, I thought the reason that he couldn’t call the Iron Men army earlier was because Jarvis was offline.

  • Graceless

    If I promise to buy some RLM DVDs will you guys take down that giant “FUCK YOU” 90-second middle finger video bump? I’ve been using adblock so long I didn’t even know you HAVE ads. You jerks!

  • despoa

    Who knew that a superhero movie with armor suits would be more thought provoking than a flashy Coen brothers-inspired movie?

  • leroy brown

    Bay is a commercial director, when you watch his movies you’re not going for high art. But I think there is an over the top, adrenaline rush, pure excess style that would constitute as a true directors’ vision.

  • Well I loved both of them

  • It was because the debrey wasn’t freed yet. people don’t pay attention

  • To Me Pain And Gain is the best movie I’ve seen this year. It was like Fargo on Cocaine. Everybody saying Micheal Bay did this or that, he didn’t write the script, which was fantastic, and his frantic camerawork and choppy editing really paced the story well.

  • If I had one complaint about Half In The Bag sometimes it seems like they don’t like anything.. know it’s not true

  • Cassanova Fly

    That one guy, on the left, seems to be knowing what it is to talk about. That other guy, however; he likes to interrupt and ramble on most of the time and then the guy on the left just looks confused most of the time at what that other guy is saying. In other words, let Mike talk more and Jay needs to shut the fuck up.

  • I’m convinced people totally missed the point of this movie. It’s a satire of this meathead douchebag culture, it makes them out as idiots.

  • Wait…Mike says he doesn’t know what a hipster is… but in Episode 3×11 he called Jay a hipster! CONTINUITY ERROR ALERT!

  • Alex

    Hahaha, I totally have the same feeling about end credits these days. When I played through Diablo 3 and beat the game for the first time, I let the end credits play all the way through (which I usually do after finishing a game) and they went on for like fucking 45 minutes, not even exaggerating. More people worked on that game than there are people in some countries.

  • Jack

    I don’t support the big pen industry. Classic.

  • fuzzywzhe

    Well just for that, I’m never giving them any money ever again.

  • fuzzywzhe

    Oh, so I just have to wait until a new video shows up.

    I can do that, and in fact, I will.

  • Hahahahaha! Hipsters! Should have seen that one coming. Everything Is Terrible would be pleased.

  • splimis

    Remind me to never comment on anything ever again.

  • Id agree but not a very good one.

    Michael Bay cant focus the material well enough without making it look like its glorifying it sometimes. His direction got in the way of the average script. He cant elevate material. He just cant.

  • Thats true but because there are dick and fart joke in it, it shits the movie’s potential. I liked the positives but loathed the negatives. And the direction, to me, was a huge negative.

    Parts of the movie felt like he was glorifying them, like the upbeat, badass music starting when mark walhberg took an ax to those people he murdered.

    He needs more control and care in his projects and I suspect he doesn’t care in the slightest about the quality.

  • Jay knows what he’s saying, imo, Id say he can say more insightful things than Mike sometimes.

  • Lostcauz707

    If you actually think after watching this movie, you hate yourself… I’ve done a review on it, the plotholes, are just ridiculous…

  • DoctorKillpatient

    Hold on now.

    Did I miss the part where he was saying “This is so wizard” and shouting “Yippee”?

  • capnmorgan5150

    Yeah, but the trailers made it look like The Mandarin was gonna be the main bad guy. Then you get a big FUCK YOU in the middle of the movie. Thanks for that, assholes!

  • capnmorgan5150

    When they said that, they were referring to people who poke plot holes. The Mandarin is Iron Man’s archenemy. So having him turn out to be some hack actor was a HUGE fuck you to the audience.

  • Lemon Aidez

    Well, I guess we’d have to start worrying if the Coen Brothers said they liked Pain and Gain – wait no, that’s fucking stupid because it wouldn’t say anything whatsoever about the quality of the movie. That would be an argument an idiot retard would use.
    Yes, it is extremely likely that millions of people are just stupid – I thought that was common knowledge. What world do you live in? A place where Michael Bay films are good and people are all smart? Must be like a dream utopia.

  • capnmorgan5150

    What’s a bigger stupid twist than having Iron Man’s archenemy turn out to be some out of work hack actor? Fuck Shane Black.

  • Lemon Aidez

    I don’t like how, apparently, in your bizarro realm, films are judged by the amount of film celebrities who liked them. Not to be disrespectful towards the outlandish tribes of your people, but that just seems stupid to me.

  • DoctorKillpatient

    Just you wait for the massive shitstorm when they’ll review Into Darkness in a few weeks – when Mike & Jay say they “liked” it and only briefly discuss the plot holes.

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to people actually just enjoying the movie instead of getting hang up on every trivial fricking detail and discussing every tiny plot inconsistency ad nauseam. Then I’m reminded of the first time I saw Plinkett’s Star Wars Episode 1 review and kick myself.

  • Harby


  • Lego Penguin

    Not a fan of the telling off about ad blocking software. I have supported RLM by buying your DVDs (Feeding Frenzy and Archive Volume 1) and digital downloads (Star Wars Commentary and Gorilla Interrupted). I’ve done my bit.

  • James

    You watch enough movies and you tend to get jaded towards the more generic hollywood flicks. I’m more surprised that they actually liked Iron Man 3 than them disliking Pain & Gain.

  • hipsterfaan

    somebody notice that the hipster interrupts and ruins the conversation with stupid chatting, just like in real life???

  • belgian

    Thanks for the episode!

  • h

    seriously guys the ads are popping over and really intrusive.

  • h

    i’ll just sit through 90 seconds of nothing. sorry.

  • rikkibarnes

    True story. When I worked at Target, I got into a fight with an old man (who remarkably resembled Mr. Plinkett) who pulled out a pencil to sign his check with. I told him he had to use a pen and he flipped out on me, yelling that he had to use pencil because he hated the way pens write. So I guess that guy also doesn’t support the pen industry.

  • guest

    You bought one product from them, so that means that you deserve everything else they ever do for free? That’s like saying “Well, I bought the TV, so now all my cable stations should be free” or going to a restaurant and saying “I bought a meal here yesterday, so I shouldn’t have to pay for any future meals here.”

  • bb-15

    I liked the hipsters. Looks like they will be back since the episode ended with a cliff hanger.
    I was waiting for the HITB review of IM3. I will definitely see it.
    And I will stay clear of “Pain and Gain”.
    Love Red Letter Media. Keep it coming.

  • leroy brown

    No, i don’t see how it glorified the killers at all, when they are looking completely incompetent and retarded at every turn. Remember it is a movie and is told from the perspedtives of the characters . Context is everything, they may have their moment but it is just for you to see how twisted and evil they really are. And from there on out they deserve the worst.

  • Balgor Vern

    Wait until you catch the big, stupid plot holes in Star Trek II:II
    Made me weep for what’s going to happen to Star Wars.

  • The script was fantastic. It had good characters, good story structure, and Great dialogue. I think this was perfectly suited for his style, his frantic camera work made the movie feel really chaotic and the choppy editing really paced the movie well.

    I mean yes there are moments of “music video” , but there are a lot of character moments, and somber depressing shots

  • Nah I get it man, lol it’s like when they talked shit about Thor and Xmen First Class I was a little annoyed, because those are far from Generic hollywood movies, but it’s all good

  • Blarg

    Not really, considering companies who produce televisions and companies who produce television content are two totally different entities.

  • Looks like Blip have taken a pretty bold stance with AdBlock. Either 30 seconds of ads or 90 seconds of nothing. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  • Blarg

    Also, maybe if like… it was some sort of wonder restaurant… where like… you could take the food, but the people who owned it would still have their own copies of it and could still distribute it for a profit… and in this restaurant you had increased their profit margins by an exponentially larger amount than just about every other patron… and then you sometimes ate copies of their non tangible food that they still make money from other individuals (less than what you’ve given them in the past) when said other individual buy it… then sure… maybe the restaurant analogy works. Hey, I’m not saying that people should demand something for nothing. And people appreciate the hard work the folks at Red Letter Media put in to entertain us. But your analogy is deeply, deeply flawed.

  • stagwood

    Feeding Frenzy and Half in the Bag aren’t two totally different things? The restaurant analogy is pretty spot-on.

  • Is it to be completely ruled out that Plinkett is just hallucinating?
    Wouldn’t be the first time…

  • guest

    B-but I bought their Feeding Frenzy DVD. I gave them $12 a couple of years ago, therefore I am entitled to the literally thousands of hours of content they produce without having to sit through 30 seconds of ads once in a while.

  • leroy brown

    No my point is that even when the most educated film minds in the world disagree with them, the haters will keep on hating. And if that’s all you can do to defend your opinion and not create a valid argument, thats not differing taste that’s you having no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Whatever Blip did, it was pretty damn poorly implemented because all I did was update my filter and their message is gone now.

  • Erwin

    You should’ve reviewed that Pain and Gain movie like you reviewed that awful “Movie 43”. That would have been funnier than going over a bad movie in a boring way

  • jessie

    Why would you so openly admit to not supporting Red Letter Media on Red Letter Media’s own site?

  • I had blips ad servers excluded and was supporting RLM just fine and I STILL got the message. I was just tinkering around with my settings, updated my filters and AdBlock have ALREADY worked around blip’s little intervention.

  • Blarg

    >companies who produce

    When you purchase Feeding Frenzy, your money doesn’t go to Feeding Frenzy. The analogy always was about who the profiteer is, as the entire argument is based on profits.
    HENCE, the argument that a production company like Red Letter Media could represent both a television manufacturer and a cable company when both profit off of two different services doesn’t make sense. When you buy a television you give your money to a separate group than when you purchase a cable subscription, the same cannot be said for when you purchase Feeding Frenzy compared to when you watch HITB

  • Considering that it would literally take you watching thousands of hours of content to equal that $12 you paid them directly, it’s not as obnoxious as you believe. RLM would probably prefer you paying them $12 once than you seeing every ad on every video of their you watch.

  • leroy brown

    Wrong it may not effect your personal view but when someone with more education on the subject speaks on the quality their opinion is more valuable than yours. It is why you may want a doctor with a degree for an operation vs one without. And no it doesn’t necessarily make them right, but if you think you’re opinion is better informed then please explain why. IMO bay is a very good commercial director and the numbers and directors (and believe it or not, most critics) agree. So you have no argument and your opinion is completely unsupported. Sounds like you just have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • leroy brown

    intelligence is not necessarily a factor in taste.

  • Stellazzio

    Shhhh, no. Don’t be an asshole.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    Yep, it’s a bunch of bullshit. Used to love coming here, but I’m out for now until this is resolved. I’m not going to get into some high school argument with an inevitable white knighting shithead. The fact is ads are irritating and you’re going to lose hits because they suck to watch, end of story.

    Anyone can blather on all they want about “supporting” content with eye strain and blah blah what-the-fuck-ever, but it’s all pretentious horseshit. Lose the obnoxious ads or lose hits.

  • I, Claudius

    This is called argumentum ad auctoritatum (appeal to authority, i.e naming Spielberg et al), and it’s a logical fallacy known since Antiquity, as is argumentum ad populum (appeal to popularity, “i.e. millions of people enjoy this”).

    Aside from that stuff, saying Spielberg, Tarantino, etc enjoy Michael Bay movies presumes that they actually do – which they might indeed, and I can believe it with all 3 you named, tbh – but there are other motives for praising the works of their peers, such as advertising for them in order to rake in yet more profit for the interests invested in his films as but one example. See: The clip of David Letterman waaay overselling/overpraising Adam Sandler’s execrable ‘Jack & Jill’ in the HitB review of that movie, which you can also choose to believe is genuine if you like, but…hmm….

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    I should add that if Red Letter Media were to start some sort of “membership” where you can drop $5 a month to support them and not see any ads, I would do so immediately. I watch enough of their stuff and get so much enjoyment from it that I’d rather support them directly than have actual “Max Headroom” Blipverts shot at my brain.

  • 90 seconds before you can play the video now….

    Hopefully ad blocker will update a work around.

  • leroy brown

    i could have worded that better, see my other replies. And no you’re right it’s all a conspiracy

  • Lego Penguin

    Hi. I bought several products. Watching an advert is not buying something. Your analogy isn’t an analogy. I was complaining about the telling off, not the paying, which I’ve done and will continue to do. Back under the bridge, troll.

  • OoklaTheMok

    I have a complaint that I know is not true!


  • Okay in me saying it feels like they don’t like any movies, that’s almost more of an expression. i know they’re not one of those guys who sits around and talks shit about every movie that comes out except for the Oscar Bait movies.

    That being said They can be extremely jaded and off putting at times, and even a little pretentious. I remember they complained that Xmen First Class the submarine scene didn’t work and mentioned the angle of the shot they used was for comedic purposes. Now this is the most obvious example I can think of and they don’t have to love what I love, but most of us who aren’t indie film makers, and even me who is one, wouldn’t relate to that complaint.

  • amy

    Or, you know, you could turn AdBlocker off for this site and actually support these guys.

  • guest2

    “Anyone can blather on all they want about “supporting” content with eye strain and blah blah what-the-fuck-ever, but it’s all pretentious horseshit.”

    Wow. You’re a fucking idiot.

  • decora

    smodcast does that. i think its like $30 for a year subscription.

  • decora

    the irony is that im sitting here watching the grabowskis, which features a guy murdering his wife, children, neighbors, etc, in various horrible ways, and the ads are full of happy couples planning their futures and stuff. its hilarious.

  • decora

    for some odd reason the hipster girl kind of reminded me of the Madonna papsmear woman in Slacker…. its is nice to know some things never change reallly….

    i almost thought i was watching Portlandia for a second…

  • decora

    i should add that one of the best things about offering ‘ad-free’ for-pay content is that the rest of us won’t have to read as much of the incredibly angry curse laden flamewars about ads and adblocking,

  • decora

    lol… did he not understand that someone could easily erase and re-write the payee, the legal line, and the courtesy box ?

  • decora

    also over time movies have started crediting more people, like the caterers and drivers and stuff. its funny and bizarre. no other business works that way. maybe they should?

  • decora

    quick add it to imdb!!!

  • Alex

    You should’ve clarified that Shane Black only WROTE Lethal Weapon. Richard Donner directed. I feel like people are going to watch this and now get the wrong idea.

  • decora

    so i went to your blog so i could see what a non-jaded, upbeat, positive kind of review would look like. here is what i found:

    “I hate Micheal Bay, I think he’s one of the worst directors working right now.”

    “Why Everybody Should Be Pissed At Marvel Right Now”

    “I don’t believe any movie should be over 2 hours long”

    “The Master – Why It’s Not As Good As Everyone Says”

    lol get outta here. you make mike and jay look like bily mays.

  • decora

    please stop shouting and calling people jerks. RLM didnt do anything to you. have you ever thought about maybe just, you know, asking nicely for ad-free payed content?

  • I’m like that on my blog, but not in real life, and the same could be said of Mike and Jay, but I wasn’t even attacking them I just had a minor complaint , it’s not like I said ” Man Fuck Mike And Jay they don’t like shit” and thanks for reading my blog, or at least skimming it because you missed the point on at least two of those quotes.

  • decora

    ive been trying to tell people the same thing about amos n’ andy for years. al jolson wasn’t racist, he was poking fun at racism. minstrel shows were powerful forces for integration and the enforcement of the equal protection clause of the constitution.

    i think we all remember fondly when martin luther king sang “yo baby, it’s upgrade time” on the steps of the reflecting pool in washington, d.c.

  • decora

    lets not sully poop and dick jokes… they are as old as aristophanes, and mel brooks movies are full of them. its the way that they are handled.

    “piss boy” in history of the world, versus a robot pissing on john turturro. both piss jokes. only one is funny if you are over age 12

  • decora

    thank god for podcasts.

  • decora

    because, like christ, there had to be a window of time between the death and the ressurection to everlasting life.

  • decora

    genius! but are you saying that 2009’s ‘trash humpers’ by harmony corine, the very definition of hipsterism, is now passe? only 4 years gone?

  • decora

    i always love seeing the “IO technician”.

  • decora

    you realize this is true for any internet forum? if shakespeare had an internet site it would be full of 13 year olds calling each other homophobic slurs.

  • decora

    i think the correction might be this.

    Michael Bay thinks farts, in and of themselves, by themselves, are funny. Just showing someone farting. That’s funny to him. The same way it might be to America’s Funniest Home Video or Youtube.

    People like Mel Brooks make actual fart jokes. Like, 12 cowboys farting over and over and over at ridiculous levels while they all have straight faces, that is funny, its playing on the classic idea of cowboys loving beans in western films but never suffering any consequences. He’s making fun of cowboy films while doing a fart joke.

  • decora

    its funny…. the shittier the theatre i go to, the better i seem to connect to the audience. i kind of prefer the second run discount theatres now even though the screen might be ripped or the film might melt.

  • decora

    yeah. They have done so much stuff that is better than Care Boars, it doesnt make sense to push that stuff.

  • decora

    lol thats what he was really thinking in the dead stare moments. . . .

    “i remember when i attacked that vietnamese guy, leaving him blind in one eye… and now im playing a violent criminal…. my therapist told me i should be careful, and now im not sure if this was the right thing…”

  • pretzels

    Dead on for Iron Man 3, on par with the rest of the trilogy.

    Pain and gain was a mindless crank-esque sprint. Bay’s work has always been insulting but I felt it worked here. What I liked about the movie wasn’t the crude humor itself but just how terrifyingly stupid the characters are. It’s when bay applies this style to hero characters/trying to make it epic that it misses the mark,

  • decora

    “. So what? Who gives a shit? Fuck ’em.”

    This to me is the irony. Guys who make videos about murdering each other and defrauding an old man, actually seem to have what coud be called the fiction-writer’s conscience. They care about other peoples feelings. They actually have a moral imagination and a world view that incorporates ideas like right and wrong.

    Your sentiment, on the other hand, demonstrates a sort of sociopathic view towards comedy. Comedy typically makes fun of those in power and of human foibles like vanity or arrogance. You are championing another form of comedy, one that makes fun of victims of crime. And in this case, it’s not just fictional crime victims, it’s real people. Bauman’s wacky DJ analogy is perfect, it’s just perfect if you have heard these wacky DJ types. The ultimate consequence of this Wacky DJ world view is the incident where two DJs caused a woman to die due to hypernatremia, while the brain dead audience laugh track just keeps playing. It’s, you know, kind of fucked up. A fucked up thing to do.

  • decora

    i dont think profitability and quality are necessarily the same thing.

  • decora

    to quote the great malcolm ingram…. dick tastes yummy

  • decora

    so basically you are saying Mike and Jay missed the “real issue” with Bay movies, then you go and list the real issues….. all of which Mike and Jay discussed, using the same words you are using (tone).

    and by the way, hipster jokes have been funny since Linklater’s Slacker and probably go back to the ancient greeks. Portlandia just finished season 3

  • decora

    ok Rupert Pupkin i marked your comment as inappropriate

  • FuriousGeorge

    Wow… some of you are honestly willing to wait 90 seconds rather than give people you love ad revenue for a third of that time. That’s a special kind of dick move.

    I seriously apologize, Jay and Mike.

  • Harry Palm

    I didn’t understand how each individual piece of his armor not only had the mechanics to propel itself through the air (steering itself to a specified point, no less), but also contained enough fuel to travel well over 900 miles. I mean, where inside his face-plate, for example, were the engine and the fuel to fly across the country?

    I also have to wonder why the bad guy blew fire once, but then never did it again and why, if Tony Stark could summon the all of the suits that he left in California to his position (no matter where it was), he didn’t just do that when he was in Tennessee.

  • decora

    because nobody would make a reality tv show about murderers.

    they made one about mob wives, which is very close. and its soulless and evil.

    imagine if Raising Arizona had been about a guy who kidnaps, molests, and murders children instead of about a guy who kidnaps a child for his wife. Is that a funny movie? No.

  • decora

    did he say ‘cunt’ alot?

  • rikkibarnes

    My co-worker and I tried to explain that to him several times but he kept claiming that other places just let him write checks in pencil. He probably ended up on the street after some check fraud scheme and he’s probably turning tricks in an alley somewhere.

  • decora

    i think he might be shilling the websites he keeps talking about…

  • decora

    wait didnt they just explain they hate the film because Bay is nihilistic?

  • decora

    thank you man, thats awesome

  • decora

    im disappointed in your comment. i was expecting something witty or insightful, or at least well written. perhaps a nice piece of trivia.

    instead we get this overly short, poorly formatted sort of “bleh”. you dont use punctuation properly and the quotation marks are not necessary. your grammar is bad and your logic is not sound. jack and jill is a very different film from pain/gain and their j/j criticism wouldnt work here.

  • decora

    that’s the thing about the Grabowski’s. Its a horrible man murdering his wife and child over and over again. But it’s funny because… why? It’s well written and it’s actually a satire. The target of the satire are the awful, soulless sitcoms of the 80s and 90s. Why should they be mocked? Because they trivialize real people’s pain and suffering.

    Let’s take Good Times. A great show when it began, but eventually the producers morphed it to entirely revolve around a catch phrase spewing quasi stereotype, and that is why John Amos, one of the greatest modern TV/film actors, left the show.

  • decora

    your comment was awful. i hated it. too short. it was profane without using any profanity. you used double caps whichs indicates shouting. i dont recall ebert ever needing to shout. you trivialize don cheadles repeat performance – and he is a very good actor. by implication you trivialize all similar buddy cop movies – and some of them are quite good.

  • decora

    i agree. when i saw Schindler’s List, i expected it to be about a list. The list is only in the film for like 20 seconds. Fucking blew.

    Spider Man and Super Man are two other failures. We spend all this time on the clark kent story – who cares? And the peter parker thing, i mean come on! With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – to show me some fucking fight scenes!

    I was so depressed after this, I popped in Matrix Revolutions so I could get my kung fu on. At least that movie has action.

  • UnShame

    why was you expecting something from my comment again?..

  • Som

    Can’t wait for your Star Trek Into Darkness review, it was so laughably bad I was rolling around the floor in the cinema. I would have had to be escorted out but no one else was there. For anyone who cringed when Spock says a supernova threatened to β€˜β€™destroy the galaxy”, in the first film than this film is not for you. But you should watch it anyway just for the shits and giggles…. so bad it’s funny ….

  • Lemon Aidez

    I don’t know about you, but actually donating money to them is my preferred way of supporting them. Watching ads is for plebs.

  • decora

    well the first red scare circa 1919 was basically against ‘radicals’…. before nazis existed really. the whole ‘revolutionary’ thing was sort of an amorphous cloud – the nazis started out as a theoretically socialist organization… but the enforcers of 1919 were essentially railing against radicalism of all types, they barely knew what to call their enemy because they barely understood it.

    but the various scares did come around and in germany the communist-vs-fascist-vs-whatever street battles, which could alternatley be described as street battles between decommissioned world war I veteran units (freikorps), demonstrated many kinds of ‘scares’ in a real and terrible fashion. and they did involve nazis and did involve germans.

    ironically the 50s instrument of congressional control, the HUAC, had actually been formed in the 1930s so that Roosevelts allies could ‘root out’ alleged fascists in the US government after the Business Plot. . . again, another link between the red scare and the nazis.

  • decora

    they dont want to spoiler it???

  • leroy brown

    i actually think that is an excellent comparison, al Jolson and Michael bay.

  • decora

    actually some of the biggest comic book nerds are the most forgiving. for example kevin smith loves iron man 3 apparently.

  • decora

    RLM is well known for having comments that are intellectually stimulating while also being fun to read and having a lyrical quality. yours did not live up to standards of, say, a Michael Little.

  • Amyisacunt

    Shove it up your cunt hole.

    There’s the donate button if you want to support them and if you have to advocate something advocate the use of that.Don’t harass the rest of us with your pro ad campaign.

    Advertisements are a bane on human existence.

  • jessieisacunt

    I use adblock and I am proud to say so out loud.

  • decora

    no, actually the bane of human existence are people screaming at each other over trivial bullshit in a chat room

  • ads are for idiots

    Nobody can “top” what happened to Star Wars in the prequels.Even Lens McFlare Abrams.

  • Amyisacunt

    It’s just a way to relieve daily stress.

    I really don’t care about any of these issues.

    I really don’t care about Amy being a cunt.

  • UnShame

    No, these comments are well-known for quoting stuff from plinkett’s reviews, you’re confusing them with something else

  • ads are for idiots

    It’s the lawsuits.It’s a way to cover every and any possible way of loosing profit.
    Goddamn lawyers ruined everything.

    Yay America

  • decorayourcunt

    How does shit taste like ?

    Yes I am saying you are a brown-nosing white knighting politically correct house wife.

    RLM definitely needs the likes of you since they are so helpless.

  • decora

    you think THAT’s bad, let me tell you what I had to go through.

    you see, last week was supposed to be my last week at the taco hut. and my boss said he would advance me my $300 paycheck because it was my last week and i had been a good worker and everything. and you know, since my paychecks run two weeks behind me turning in my hours, it was like, cool, i will get $300 for my last two weeks now, and $300 on top of that for my work two weeks ago.

    but he gives me the check and its only $300. im like boss, whats going on? I thought you were going to advance me $300?

    and he was like yeah, i was, but shirley said she couldnt figure out how to put it into the time system like that, it would mess up our accounting. and john was out sick so he couldn’t help her. so it’s like, wow. $300 is all i get? what is supposed to tide me over until i start my new job?

    my boss was like, “i dont know what to tell you.”. i was mad but i didnt cause a scene. i just walked out and went to get some smokes at the indian casino off route 9.

    so i was smoking and i was like, damn. what am i going to do now? i was supposed to get my computer fixed. it had a bunch of viruses on it from when my cousin tried to download a bunch of porn on it. and let me tell you that was a mess. he was like 15 so i had to tell his mom. you try explaining to your moms half sister that her son likes furries in bondage. its not easy. also shes kind of a screamer and a yeller, and i didnt want to have no part of that.

    so what i did was i sent her an anonymous email, with a link to her son’s furry fan fiction. i know some people will say thats the cowards way out. but it was the path i had to choose in the snowy wood man. and i dont want to hear no shit about it unless you been in the same spot as me.

    anyways. so my computer was broken. it kept coming up saying it was ‘connecting to website’ and then just sitting there frozen, asking for my password to my email over and iver. i kept typing it and typing it but it never seemed to go away. whatever.

    i called my buddy jeff. he is really good with computers. when myspace came out, he had the best myspace page. and with facebook, he is like a wizard. linking to videos and other stuff i cant figure out. so i called him over. i couldnt pay him but i offered him some beers and cold pizza – he seemed ok with that.

    he did a virus wipe with a special CD he had. he told me that i needed to stop visiting so many porno sites. i told him it wasnt me, it was my cousin. he was like yeah, whatever. i wont tell your girlfriend you are into tubby trannies. i was like, no, thats not me, i dont like trannies and i dont like tubbies. then he said, are you sure you dont like tubbies? because your girlfriend never seemed to get her figure back after she had that miscarriage.

    i fucking hate jeff. he is my buddy, but get a few beers in him and his mouth dont seem to know when to quit. so i told jeff thanks, and tried to get him out of my house any way possible. which means i put some old curry in the microwave. jeff fucking hates curry because he used to be an embassy guard in India when he was in the marines, before he got discharged for fucking the commandants wife and getting caught by the bell boy at the hotel. anyways.

    so i booted up my computer and it went to my home website, redlettermedia. and lo and behold, a new episode was up! but when jeff fixed my computer, he forgot to fix the flash. now, there was a message that told me how to fix it, but i didnt understand all that technical gobbldygook.

    thats right. i called up my 15 year old cousin. i told him i needed help with my computer. you know these kids, they are always eager to prove themselves and help an older person. so he guided me through the installation of adobe. and once i got that going, i was good. i could watch my youtube videos of Bruce covers, and also i could watch my Plinkett and boys videos.

    anyways. yeah. we all have problems when it comes to watching Plinkett videos, but in the end, dont you think all the trials and tribulations are worth it? for the insightful analysis of todays pop cultural products and happenings and goings on? shouldnt there be some source where we can find an honest opinion instead of someone who was payed by someone else to say something nice about someone else?

    dont get me wrong. i am all for politeness and for scratching one anothers back. like this one time down at the chiropractic office… well. let me leave that story for another time.

  • ads are for idiots

    Maybe he has several copies being a fan and all ?

  • Yawn


  • decora

    i prefer sucking off mike in the McDonald’s bathroom down on 18th and …. oh wait he told me never to talk about that or he’d kill my entire family… oops!

  • Amyisacunt

    Go die in a fire.

    Don’t forget to stuff your anus with dynamite prior to jumping into flames.

  • decora

    really? what kind of things are stressing you? what kind of things are getting you down? job? family? parents?

    me, i have discolorations on my scrotum. it itches alot but i can’t afford a doctor. my girlfriend says she won’t have sex with me until i get it fixed, but i told her it’s ok, we can just do oral for a while.

    she said… thats ok. i never liked straight sex with you anyway. i was a little hurt. i mean. all those orgasms were faked, i said? she said, yes, they were fake. i just wanted you to think you were doing a good job so you wouldn’t cry and cut yourself in the bathroom again. i said, i only did that one time, and i keep on hearing about it forever.

    that reminded me of a funny joke by Larry the Cable Guy.. but before he was doing the redneck act. Back when he dressed in a sweater vest and stuff and did improv clubs. He said something like this:

    “Boy, i tell you what. Here’s the difference between men and women. Women do something and expect us to forget about it and forgive them. But when men do something, women remember it for the rest of their lives.”

    He drew out that last sentence really long, emphasizing it. The crowd was really applauding… because not only was it funny, it was true. So true. That Larry. I’ll never understand why he changed his act.

    Anyways. This is becoming about me. What were you upset about again?

  • Amyisacunt

    Get a life.

    Your comments are too long.If I wanted to read I would pick up War and Peace again.

  • decora

    which two?

  • decora

    i wonder if he takes checks from johns?

  • decora

    it tastes good. i like to sit in a bath tub and smear it all over myself, while jerking off thinking about the geico lizard. i write GEICO in shit on my bathroom wall. then i write ‘Verizon’ on my window and the I write “T-Mobile” over my sink with my Kim Kardashian lipstick.

  • winzentween

    star trek something something darkness please!!!!! review that next…come on guys you love star trek so make it happen πŸ˜€

  • winzentween

    I pay money but still have to watch these awful ads but it is ok when it is actually a decent film ad. but rather just pay the money…i pay depending if i laugh hard (laugh hard!!!)…..so really any time they review old films they get some cash lol….i wish michael bay would get cancer..

  • Kamui

    i would turn off my adblocker but i was being harassed during the episode so i turned it off watched the 30 second clip and some of those in movie ones then turned it back on and watched the entire episode pure and clean.

  • AJ_Olding

    I’m surprised how much they liked the Iron Man 3 movie. I had the same problems with it as they did, but it ruined it a little more for me.

  • Add following to AdBlock exceptions:

    “90 sec” message will go away

  • Guest

    I prefer the simpler solution of just take down the Care Boars videos. Replace it with something decent, like the Dance of Birth.

  • againagain

    Bay, Bay, Bay, Bay, Bay, Bay, Bay, mmhm Bay I wanna leeeave you…

    I ain’t joking, Michael, I’ve got to rumble…

  • (Stone faced Mark Wahlberg) “people be really surprised at how funny he is ananananan how good he is at comedy. – not feelin’ the love there Mark!

    And why does eberybody who works with Bay have to gush about him in interviews? Is it in their contracts?

  • T-Dawg

    It blows my mind how the same guy who can tear the Star Wars prequels to shreds likes generic blockbuster movies like Iron Man 3 and The Avengers. I feel like the CGI gets overwhelming, like there is too much crap on screen at one time, like Mike picks up on about Star Wars. Or do people actually write that for him and he just reads what they wrote while playing Plinkett?

  • Rick Berman

    When is the next Careboars episode?

  • Not Mike

    I know I should have told you this a while ago, but I was kind of nervous.because of how much I like you… But the thing is… I’m not really Mike Stoklasa. I lied to you. I hope you can forgive me.

  • bitch cassidy


  • ” I hate Micheal Bay” I was being hyberbolic to prove a point, I then went on to praise him and the movie.

    “I don’t believe any movie should be over 2 hours long” once again I later went on to praise the movie I was reviewing.

    And the one about Marvel I praised them and called them the best studio in the world in other articles and praised Ironman 3 . I mean it’s easy to take a quote out of context, but you should read the whole thing first

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Thanks for the history lesson, but none of that makes a WWII Nazi villain “the epitome of ‘red scare’ caricatures,” so basically everything you said, while interesting, is irrelevant to my point. Have a good day.

  • cum

    Making fun of hipsters like this is 2007. Cool.

  • Balgor Vern

    No, you’re right, no disaster could “top” that horrible ordeal, but if anyone’s hoping for a return to form I’d caution them not to fly their expectations so high.

  • herp derp

    does the shitty blip ad even support rlm or does it just go straight to blip

  • JoeSyxpac

    Have you even seen the Star Wars prequels?

    The difference is that Iron Man and The Avengers have these things we call “actors”. These “actors” follow a script written by people we call “writers”. The Star Wars prequels used “mannequins” and a “self-important hack” instead.

  • Cameron Vale

    They rarely have anything interesting to say when they’re defending a movie.

  • ” I hate Micheal Bay” I was being hyberbolic to prove a point, I then went on to praise him and the movie.

    “I don’t believe any movie should be over 2 hours long” once again I later went on to praise the movie I was reviewing.

    And the one about Marvel I praised them and called them the best studio in the world in other articles and praised Ironman 3 . I mean it’s easy to take a quote out of context, but you should read the whole thing first

  • kenchun24

    Agree on Iron Man 3. There seems to be some divisiveness as some folk thought the movie was too Shane Blacky and disliked the way The Madarin was introduced in the Marvel Phase 2 verse which I can understand. But I always liked Black and IM3 definitely has elements of Lethal Weapon,Last Action Hero/Boy Scout and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I dug most of IM3,scratched my head at a few choices,but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t entertained.I was.

    As for Pain And Gain. I thought Bay was gonna do something a bit different this time out considering the true events the script/article was based on,but he didn’t. However,after seeing both Pain And Gain & Spring Breakers plus with Sofia Coppola’s upcoming The Bling Ring…that would be an interesting trilogy taking a look at a couple of recent generations vapid,narcissistic and decadent outlook on life.

    Good episode guys.I got nothing to say about hipsters other than since I grew up in Seattle,this episode made me miss the Supersonics and Shawn “The Reign Man” Kemp.

  • goober

    I recently realized how big of a dick I was to leave adblock on after over a year of being entertained by your excellent videos… Sorry, have your website whitelisted now.

  • czorczy

    on a somewhat unrelated topic:
    is it possible to obtain the ‘Half in the Bag’ reviews as mp3 files?
    They are quite longish, and I’d love to listen to them while travelling/commuting.

  • julie

    There’s a quick line in the movie about how the debris from the attack on Tony’s house was blocking the basement where all the extra suits are. JARVIS makes a comment that it’s been freed up, and as soon as it has, Tony summons the suits.

  • Sammy

    When is the next Grabowskis season?

  • Lego Penguin

    Hi Troll. Where are you troll?…hellooooooo? Why don’t you comment under your name? Is it because you are a troll? Helloooo? Is it cold under that bridge?

  • Oh my lord, will you listen to yourself? Ads are irritating, yes but you’re seriously gonna kick up a stink over a freakin’ advert in your video? Why can’t you just find something to do for 20 seconds? Oh, right… I guess it’s the principle.

  • Pookie

    He also loved The Phantom Menace.

    Kevin Smith is an overrated hack fraud neckbeared hipster manchild, nobody gives a shit what he thinks.

  • garryowen

    Were RedLetterMedia fans always such assholes?

  • I don’t think they always were, but I have seen more and more assholeness on the comments sections nowadays.

  • You’ve…never picked up War and Peace. Not once.

  • “You’re telling me that 50 million screaming fans are never wrong, I’m telling you that 50 million screaming fans are fucking morons.”

  • Hey Redneck, you forgot something about your little comparison – shit is still shit, no matter what it’s smeared on.

  • Dude, you don’t get it. If you’re offended, then they’re making fun of YOU.

  • passionofmartin

    I didn’t know how it worked. They don’t get paid if you have it on??
    I’m sorry. I just didn’t know.

  • Hurp Durp Durp

    The reason he didn’t just call in all the suits was because he was incapable of doing so.

    When the house was attacked the myself destroyed all the suits, hence the opening scene with all the armors blowing up.

    The “House Party” suits were created by the house and then deployed, these suits are of cheaper quality, explaining why Killian could just rip through all the other suits but could break open the Mk 42 or War Machine.

    He couldn’t even activate the house party initiative till Jarvis was fully operational

  • Hurp Durp Durp

    For whatever reason I wrote missile as myself, Im tired

  • Rick McCallum

    Fuck you Rick Berman

  • gtfo

    The content is free for a reason. Man the fuck up you whiny bitch and stop stealing from the internet like a leech.

  • Stfu

    Leeches like you are driving companies all over the internet into doing stuff like this. Quit being a whiny bitch and just ignore the ads like the rest of us.

    The content is free for a reason. If everyone ad blocked nearly every site would be out of business.

  • Entitlement

    I bought this movie from George Lucas in 1980, I should get every movie he ever makes from now on for free!

  • Splosions

    Michael Bay is incapable of writing satire.

  • I blog about movie!

    You have a blog? Hipster douche

  • I am absolutely worthless

    I’ve been leeching off the free content of the internet for years with my immoral ad blocker and companies are finally doing something about it! I better whine and throw a tantrum and show my entitlement to take whatever I want for free! I’m going to go pirate some movies and video games now!

  • Good, because he didn’t write the script.

  • Yeah, but I had one before it was cool to have one

  • John Bonham

    I’d like to say how much I appreciate this comment.

  • Thats because most movies made now-a-days are shit.

  • Hey man I understand this is not an attack, this is a minor nitpick

  • Not to mention they have momentuem and this thing called “pacing” by this guy called an “editor” .

  • So basically you’re saying Avengers and Ironman 3 are too mainstream. You’re right anything that doesn’t have subtitles or isn’t sent straight to DVD is absolute hollywood bullcrap.

  • Cognitive Schizo

    Of course we are all assholes, everything that comes out of us is shit.

  • I wonder if studios have tested whether or not having the *one action-movie trailer* over the last 5-7 years without Carmina Burana-style choruses will increase box office sales.

  • Just add http://ad.auditude.com/* to adblock exceptions and it tricks blip into thinking ads are allowed

  • T-Dawg

    Let me clarify that I was using the prequels as an example of how they
    are meticulously disected, whereas it doesn’t seem like Mike or Jay seem
    to really go into a lot of depth about movies they see for Half in the
    Bag. And I clearly only singled out the special effects from the
    prequels and compared them to what we see in most summer blockbusters

    My problems with recent Marvel movies is that they all
    feel the same, they lack a sense of style or identity, and their main
    stories could essentially be switched around as they’re so generic. Iron
    Man was a great film, the acting was great all around, the action was
    great and the little details made it all come together. The film felt
    like it was grounded in some sort of reality, being that the villain was
    a weapons manufacturer and not some super mutant. The same goes for
    Iron Man 2 even though that was not so great.

    Iron Man 3 on the
    other hand felt nothing like the other films and actually did have bad
    pacing. The story was a mess and it added to the long list of movies
    with super mutant antagonists. There were atleast a couple pointless
    characters, and I found the kid incredibly annoying – the movie could
    have worked without him it felt like he was just forced into the movie
    to have someone kids could relate to. Also, Killian’s motives for
    ruining Tony Stark were very out of proportion, all because of this new
    contrived short term memory trait that Tony has aparrently had for over
    10 years. My main problem is that the film didn’t go deeper into Tony
    Stark’s mental state, he was troubled and suffering from panic attacks,
    and everytime something effected him the situation was always made light
    of which almost cancelled out that anything serious was occuring.

  • Okay I apologize, it sounded like you were just angry because they were mainstream movies, but the things is the prequels are so fundamentally broken on every level. Production design, Direction, Editing, Story Structure, Writing, Pacing, Character Motivations, Dialogue, everything that can be bad on a film is in the prequels.
    Now While Avengers or Ironman 3 may have certain elements that you may not like, in the category of the big 3 writing, acting, direction, they’re decent to great depending on how you fall.
    Hope that added some perspective sorry for coming off like such a dick πŸ™‚

  • lego Penguin

    I don’t think I am a whiny bitch. I simply said I was not a fan of implied criticism by a site I have supported, without fair warning. A simple banner asking me to turn off my add blocker displayed for a week would have been much better. Or at least worth a try. Wikipedia handled this issue in a more enlisting, less coercive way. I don’t think I’m a leech. I have bought products I didn’t particularly want, like the RLM iPhone app, specifically to support the site. I even paid for the add blocking software I use. I understand the need for advertising. I’d be happy to whitelist RLM if asked. I actually didn’t know you could do that. Many TV shows and movies use product placement. I believe RLM does the same. That means it has to blend in more, to a show I already like, and is therefore more likely to be a product I would be interested in. Does your mother know you use language like that? Do you think she would be even more pleased to know that you do it anonymously, like some kind of toilet wall profanity scrawler? I think she would be more than a little disappointed to read your comment. Seriously, show that comment to your mother and explain that your ire was provoked by someone politely complaining about a change in policy on a movie website. I’m dead serious, show it to your mother.

  • kenchun24

    It’s just the usual progression of anything internet related – keen interest,spreading the word,positive support/community,peak,then hatred and assholes appear during the peak wave (which by no means hints at RLM having peaked IMO,just an example).

  • Marvin Falz

    True. Fortunately the majority of comments are still interesting, insightful, civil and humorous. And all that without any moderation by RLM.

  • Guy Est

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  • Guy Est

    Fuck you, Pandaman. The Care Boars are awesome.

  • Guest

    How about actually donating money to them instead of sitting there watching ads like an idiot?

  • Duckler

    There are numerous free programs and sites that can rip Youtube vids into multiple video and audio formats. That would be the simplest way.

  • Duckler

    Was this, like, a thing? I cannot even tell anymore.

  • czorczy

    Thank you for responding.
    I just wanted to make sure whether there is any other official way.
    But then again, whatever works.
    Thank you anyway.

  • Cactus

    I thought Tony didn’t call the suit army until the end because Jarvis was malfunctioning after flying him to Tennessee because he got his ass kicked by those guys in helicopters. And he didn’t call the suits when he was getting his ass kicked because he’s Tony Fucking Stark, his ego can flatten mountains (also he destroyed an entire terrorist camp in the first movie with CAVE SCRAP so you’d think the mark 42, even malfunctioning, could handle three helicopters.)

  • weird alien cumkovic

    Duuuuhhh *rolleyes* how ironic can it be that you don’t get the irony?

  • Lego Penguin

    I don’t think I am a whiny bitch. I simply said I was not a fan of implied criticism by a site I have supported, without fair warning. A simple banner asking me to turn off my add blocker displayed for a week would have been much better. Or at least worth a try. Wikipedia handled this issue in a more enlisting, less coercive way. I don’t think I’m a leech. I have bought products I didn’t particularly want, like the RLM iPhone app, specifically to support the site. I even paid for the add blocking software I use. I understand the need for advertising. Many TV shows and movies use product placement. I believe RLM does the same. That means it has to blend in more, to a show I already like, and is therefore more likely to be a product I would be interested in. Does your mother know you use language like that? Do you think she would be even more pleased to know that you do it anonymously, like some kind of toilet wall profanity scrawler? I think she would be more than a little disappointed to read your comment. Seriously, show that comment to your mother and explain that your ire was provoked by someone politely complaining about a change in policy on a movie website. I’m dead serious, show it to your mother.

  • Barf

    Mr Pinkett is going to disguise himself as a hipster!!

  • Marvin Falz

    Okay, done it. Whitelisted blip.tv in Adblock and Ghostery.

  • Super Dick

    Marvin… you have a fuckface. Sorry.

  • Marvin Falz

    lol, okay.

  • guest

    “I simply said I was not a fan of implied criticism by a site I have supported, without fair warning.”

    How has there been any criticism from RLM, implied or otherwise? You understand that they don’t fucking own Blip, right? They have no say in how Blip chooses to implement their ads. Don’t complain about something you’re totally ignorant about.

  • againagain

    no I think you shouldn’t do that, that is bad things

  • XxXSas00keXxX

    Shaddap Fag

  • XxXSas00keXxX

    Buncha Dicks

  • XxXSas00keXxX

    Ads =Fags

  • Dan Hibiki

    why didn’t he try?

    Just go

    Tony: “Jarvis, get me a suit”
    Jarvis: “cannot kumquat”

    Tony: “oh fuck. Guess I have to wait till the end of the movie”


    Jesus was the most famous hipster in history. And look what happened to Him.

  • Your Alcoholic Dad

    XxXSas00keXxX = Super Aids Homo

  • cocksaplenty

    I was never bothered like that; in fact, given what you just said, I think I might love Star Trek Into Darkness; it’ll certainly be a lot better than the disappointing Iron Man 3, you pretentious dumbass.

  • The suits were NOT created by the house, they were created by Tony during his many nights of insomnia and bad sleep after ‘The Avengers’. They couldn’t be deployed any other time [except perhaps during the helicopter attack, but perhaps he just figured he had things under control] because the house rubble was on top of the opening.

  • 1] I’m glad Air Force One only had a dozen people on it and that they were all sucked out. The pilots made it out the hole too, right?

    2] Putting a hole into the side of a pressurized airplane at that high of an altitude would cause a giant explosion due to the decompression of the cabin. They shoot a few holes into the side of the airplane without this happening, then randomly somewhere near the back explodes?

    3] After the initial explosion, the hole wouldn’t just suck people out of it like that. It wouldn’t be akin to a vacuum cleaner.

    4] If Tony were in the suit he would be in danger due to his fight with Savin.

    Regardless, I still enjoyed the heck out of this movie, even though I can clearly identify errors in what was happening. I just felt like the reveal lowered the stakes of the action scene we had just seen. I would even argue that it’s not odd that someone can both enjoy something and also be bothered but ultimately overlook plot holes and errors if the product is overall entertaining and fun.

  • This was like really well produced

  • on the credit, most of SFX names were filler to play with the people waiting to see the aftercredit clip…

  • rvb1023

    I guess I was just never worried for Tony throughout that entire scene, so the reveal at the end was just a bit of fun.

    Never said you didn’t like the movie, just said the stakes were clearly the people falling and the kidnapping of the president and very little else, unless you think something absolutely terrible was going to happen to Tony before the climax.

  • Josh Freeman

    Only at most a quarter of the house, the rest of it was at the bottom of the bay, and the footage showed that the vault was right at the edge of the cliff.

  • When it’s just the two of you in frame, the sign just says “On lunch break. Go fuck.” Still wondering whether that was deliberate or just a funny mistake. (It’s funny to me, I’m only fifteen, everything to do with penises and sex are funny!)

  • hipsters are gay

    fuck hipsters


    Wasn’t trying to call you out or anything, you prefaced your comment with ‘tongue in cheek’ so I’m pretty sure you had some issues with the movie too. I’m just trying to be funny. Overall it was an ok movie, it’s just that it was a buddy cop 80’s movie inserted into a totally different action/hero movie where it didn’t belong. You can cut out the vast majority of the middle section with the kid, arguably the best part, and still end up in the same place at the end.

    I’d have almost been happier if they cut off the start and the end of the movie and just had Tony Stark wander in the woods with some stupid kid he couldn’t shake. It could have opened with the final credits that made Iron Man look like a ridiculous show from the late 1970’s early 80’s. Would have been epic, but Hollywood don’t swing that way baby!


    Yeah, that’s all I really needed to keep from bringing up such an obvious gigantor plot hole.

    How utterly convenient that the construction workers cleared off his secret lair entrance just at the exact moment he needed his entire robot army.

    Good thing construction worker #3 wasn’t standing on the Iris portal when he called them too. Imagine his surprise as he plummeted to his death down a 100 meter shaft that’s ejaculating robots.

  • Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

    The hipsters were hilarious, awesome episode! You guys just keep getting better and better, it blows my mind you just do this show as a hobby. Your writing, editing, sound, camera work, etc is so legit and pro looking lately. I keep hoping you guys will get noticed by some cable network and get a show so you can actually do this for a living instead of just because you love it.

  • pete smith

    dear blip. I haven’t purchased product in my life because some faggot ass advertisement. stop fucking wasting everyones time and bandwidth for that bullshit. or at least direct that shit to niggers and women

  • Now I Get It

    I’m sorry to pick nits just when the discussion is rolling so well, but I can’t help myself. (Would any of us be on this site if we could?) But in Brooks’ films the action is burlesque, the costumes and make-up are caricature, and the dialogue is parody, without a frame of satire in sight.

    The more you know…

  • Guy Est

    Yeah, please get a better face. You know, one like mine.

  • Guy Est

    Please don’t cut and paste your manifesto into the comments without some onsite editing. Thank you.

  • stryker1121

    Iron Man 3 was great. I had a blast, and even the OTT “big” ending was very well done.

  • I just don’t think it is ever funny.

  • Yeah I realize they mentioned tone, my point was that tone and narrative control are the real issues and that humor isn’t. You must have a pretty low opinion of slacker if you think that whole movie’s humor can be condensed down to the lazy repetitive jokes of Portlandia. A show that feel like someone reading me a hipster joke book. I get it Hipsters are pretentious, and vain.

  • I guess, but is there anything more tired at this point, zombies maybe. Stay tuned for the new zombie episode of half in the bag where Mike and Jay give you some hot tips on surviving the coming zombie apocalypse, argh fucking kill me now.

  • If this was the 80s you would be talking about nerds. also how can something be a lifestyle if no one identifies as one, or agrees on what a hipster even is.

  • I liked Thor, and Amazing Spiderman more then Iron Man 3.

  • meh, It’s the Internet.

  • Nobody should feel too bad about blocking their ads, A. If you had them blocked you would have no knowledge of them in the first place, and B. There’s ads on the website so it’d be easy to assume they get paid that way.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Your mom liked her first two aborted babys’ more then you

  • Lego Penguin

    The screen said ‘We cannot load a message from our sponsors’. I assumed ‘our’ referred to RLM. So, no, I didn’t. My mistake. That’s why a banner explaining things would have been a good idea. Why do you feel the need to swear? Do you know everything? Even if you did why not take a different tone? What’s wrong with you? Not figuratively, literally, what’s wrong with you? I think that you must be a very small man indeed. Unless you are woman in which case, that’s just makes me sad a little bit. You are not a very nice person.

  • deerstop

    I liked Iron Man 3 too, though usually I’m very hard to please.)) I hated the 2nd film, for instance. I enjoyed all the jokes here, I loved Mandarin! And I was glad to see more Pepper (probably a feminist talking inside me, I’m always glad to see female characters doing something, e.g. Eowyn). xD

  • deerstop

    I don’t know how to do that T_T

  • Jorge Locas

    Are the hipsters suppose to symbolize Mike & Jay who despise the Michael Bay crowd? Is the VCR repair shop the metaphor for indie art films?

  • They may have gone too far in a few places…

  • tieser

    Irritating zoom on mike’s face while talking about cocaine.

  • stryker1121

    Bay would be halfway tolerable (or easier to ignore, at least) without the overall crass tone or his fuckwitted spoofing of blacks, gays, fat people, etc. Armageddon was somewhat OK cuz Bay’s lame sense of humor was backburnered a bit, and I could concentrate on the explosions and city smashing goodness.

    I enjoyed the hipsters and I have no doubt Mike and Jay were poking fun at their own “elitist’ film-snob personas. I feel the same way about Bay’s movies, though – his fanbase consists mostly of kids, Maxim-subscribing douchebags and idiots.If that makes me an elitist cock, so effin be it.

  • bananna hammock

    If you go to your adblock menu (mine is under ‘tools’ in firefox) you have an option of disabling Adblock globally, on the specific page you are on, or for the whole site… you want to disable it for all of RLM. Also… just for fun-zies… turn off adblock and go to you-tube. I realized how much I take it for granted, and donated some money to the adblock people too.

  • rick

    Actually, check out his profile, and look at all his other posts… Its actually kind of sad that this person must have a lot of regrets or something, because its just shitty non constructive insult after shitty non constructive insult. I have a lot of anger issues to deal with myself, but seeing people like this makes me appreciate how far I have come

  • Kyle Howard

    The hipster couple look very much like my next door neighbors. Also, I think that that particular variety of hipster looks like clowns as well. My neighbors are very nice and, more importantly, quite. So, it’s fine that they are hipsters.

  • Kyle Howard

    Amazing Spiderman was an awful movie and you are a terrible person for makinig that comment.

  • derp

    They just love to hate on Bay. Pain and Gain wasn’t a masterpiece but i was entertained, Bay’s GOAT for sure.

  • cacalips

    Your brain must function like your name. DERP.

  • deerstop

    Thank you so much! I spent quite some time trying to figure out how to edit code in ‘filters’ section of Adblock, and it turns out to be that simple. :3

  • The Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test?

    If Bay took that, he’d be a garbage burner.

    tfw reference drop.

  • stryker1121

    I understood that reference, sir. You and I share common interests.. We’re practically best friends!

  • Central

    Agreed?, I thought that was weird. It does seem to be a bit out of place to make fun of hipsters now. I mean, are hipsters even still a predominant sub group/culture? A couple of years ago, sure.

  • Pedro

    keep doing best of the worst! and also why not an episode with blamesociety (chad vader), they are from wisconsin too aren`t they?

  • proghead777

    Was the “suit army” actually an army of suits? Or was it an army of robots that did not have room inside of them for a person? I haven’t seen the movie yet but that was my assumption when I first heard about this suit army scene. They’re Iron Man robots, not suits.

  • I liked both the leads in Amazing Spiderman more then the originals. Tobey Maguire was a real problem for me in those movies and, Garfield fixes that, so does Stone. I acknowledge that there are problems, but for a show that was so forgiving to The Dark Knight Rises, you would think they wouldn’t be so harsh.

  • Wilmer Valderrama would be proud.

  • There both.

  • glide

    What’s wrong with your face??

  • Jumpy

    A VCR wouldn’t prevent you from skipping an ad, I kind of miss them.

  • asdasd

    I really didn’t understand all the negativity surrounding Pain and Gain in this review. I think you’re taking the film way too seriously, and as a result of that, thinking that Michael Bay was trying to make a one track film. Each one of the characters have extremely selfish intentions and are constantly lying to themselves in order to make themselves commit crimes (Wahlberg’s character thinks the world owes him everything for his physical gains, Mackie’s character thinks that he has to help Wahlberg’s character or else he will never reach his goals, Johnson’s character uses religion as his motivation). The characters while extremely strong are constantly making obviously terrible, stupid decisions. The dark comedy aspects of it fit well with the general atmosphere of depressing undertones because when you take a step back the movie in essence is about three guys with personal issues (money problems, pride, addiction, self image) who try to cheat their way to fortune but end up getting screwed over by their drive to be “gods among men.”

    I didn’t even know this movie was directed by Michael Bay until this review. All the emotional pandering in the review makes me think you are just being biased and not watching the movie for what it is. It really hit me when you started talking about the dark comedy aspect exploiting the real people whom this happened to. This coming from two guys who did a comedy bit about meth addiction. I just really enjoy watching your reviews and hated the fact that you let personal bias cloud your judgement of the movie so much.

  • Hipster in the retro Sonics gear is a pretty good character actor. That’s exactly how those peeps roll.

  • Apotheosis

    You hate on Michael Bay a lot, and I get that, but not all of his movies were terrible. The Rock was actually a very good movie. Even the parts without Sean Connery were great.

  • engleshen

    Deactivating my ad blocker takes me 1 minute…so no thanks πŸ˜€ and by the way…keep up the good job guys πŸ˜€

  • bitch cassidy

    I wonder how long it take you to do a truly complicated tasks like “tying your shoes” or “not shitting in your pants”?

  • flea flicker

    There are a lot of unions and guilds involved with film making… at least in Hollywood.

  • engleshen

    Man. i have an old pc : gimme a break πŸ˜€

  • Captain Obvious

    Use Chrome. CTRL + SHIFT + N for an Incognito window which disables most extensions. Including adblocker. Open window. Problem solved.

  • engleshen

    There you go, nice guy saves the day…really appreciate it. πŸ˜‰

  • DarthRandal

    What is it with Ricks?

  • Mike and Jay: With great power comes great responsibility. Just because you *can* avoid nitpicking every little detail, it doesn’t mean you should.

  • I think ‘very good’ might be pushing it a tad.

  • I had to pause the video when I heard that chocolate-covered Raisinets joke so I could do some soul searching. You know, take some time and really reevaluate whether or not I want to go on living.

  • HumanAfterall

    This is probably the first time i was completely on the opposite spectrum than the Half-In-The-Bag Crew. I didn’t enjoy (note: Not hate, didn’t “Enjoy”) Iron Man 3 because of its overall “lets make it so everyone can enjoy it!” mentality, and I really enjoyed Pain & Gain, not from the way the story was told by Bay (whom I had no idea was directing this flick and I couldn’t really tell) but from the extremely well done performances from the Rock and Wahlberg.

  • Toasty

    Yes a stupid twist that THEY won’t realise is stupid because nobody except comic book fans and people who researched the movie before hand will know who iron man’s arch-enemy is. I’m sorry to say that, if you love iron man but it is the truth. But feel free to be pissed because if I had a character I loved screwed up I would be. But what I was saying in comparison to the phantom menace is in Iron Man 3 has 1 stupid twist + good dialogue, well directed action and good acting from RDJ and the rest of the cast. To Star Wars TPM has Bad Direction, Dialogue, Story, Acting, CGI, Action etc. With a 1 good villain.

  • RS

    I’m sure he would have liked having his robot army when he was zip-tied to a bed frame while Pepper was tortured, or when he had to save 13 people falling out of the sky.

  • TheCommador

    The chick hipster is wearing Rich Even’s raccoon sweater from the Space Cop trailer!

  • “Hey, I liked the new Peter Parker.”

    *crickets chirping*

  • I just now realized how the seated hispter was made-up to look exactly like The Mandarin.

  • mistermysteryguest

    Why didn’t the other Avengers help Tony out with his Mandarin problem?

  • From_Hell

    I like how I get an ad promoting seatbelt safety and as soon as it ends Mike is pouring poison down his gullet

  • “one of Marvel’s main villains”


    The Mandarin is and always has been at best a C-list villain. He’s only remembered at all because Iron Man has a shit rogues gallery and anyone who isn’t just another guy in a metal suit is going to stand out.

    He’s a terrible character, he always has been and will be. He went from racist caricature to one-note nobody and failed to grow a personality or become interesting in any way. Seriously, name one great Mandarin story. I can wait, because there aren’t any.

    I suspect that most of the people bitching about the Mandarin don’t actually read comics, it seems to be people who vaguely remember him from the 90’s cartoon and then read a wikipedia article and declared themselves authorities on the subject.

  • mistermysteryguest

    * They’re

  • mistermysteryguest

    He told Rhodey “Everyone needs a hobby.”

  • mistermysteryguest

    It certainly deserved to be ripped apart a bit more. I mean it wasn’t a great movie. Are they going flaccid?

  • Heraclitus

    “Mark Wahlberg is a hard-working guy who just strives for the American dream, and who ends up so desperate that he wants to steal it from someone else.”

    I love most of the stuff you guys create, but I have to say your review of Pain & Gain is unbelievably shallow at best, and dishonest at worst. This movie is in fact ruthlessly satirizing Wahlberg’s ‘American dreamer’ attitude, not holding him up as an example. While his character is earnest if not entirely honest with himself, it is beyond evident to a discerning viewer that Wahlberg is not the hero of this film nor deserving of much sympathy.

    Now, I won’t argue that Pain & Gain wasn’t campy, cliched, or burdened with tonal issues. But you two are in no position to bash Michael Bay for making light of human misery. Or do you plan on editing the Plinkett Reviews in light of the Ariel Castro case? I should think not–and indeed I hope not.

  • “Iron Man 3 was well written”?? Come on, it has so many holes, I almost had to shut my brain off to keep watching it!

  • AJ_Olding

    I think these two enjoy the comedic elements of the Iron Man series more than the average person. Its kind of a mean humor and I think Jay especially enjoys dark humor, so that’s the explaination I have for why they enjoyed the film more than I did. It wasn’t a bad movie, but I’m not gonna call it a good one either. If its on TV, I’ll watch it again.

  • J.R.

    Agreed. I’ve seen both films and was quite surprised by their reviews. IM3 was an absolute mess from beginning to end and they said it’s worth ignoring ALL it’s problems because it’s tongue and cheek and not supposed to be taken seriously? Did plot, consistency, and continuity suddenly become less important in a film just because it’s a superhero flick? I’m all about suspending belief, but come on, the villains (regenerative fire dudes) didn’t even make sense.

    Their Pain & Gain review sounded like a personal vendetta against Bay. By no means am I a fan of Bay either, but I have to give credit where credit is due and P&G was entertaining all throughout. Personally, I thought the story alone was fascinating to watch unfold. Even more terrifying to read the true story afterward only to find out how close the movie was based on the true story.

  • mistermysteryguest

    I certainly didn’t hate it, and there were some very good moments. I actually liked Guy Pearce a lot in IM3 too. But it was definitely the weakest of the three movies. I re-watched the first movie last night and it’s SO much better than the other two.

  • zm

    it’s only a twist for comic geeks. i went to the movie because i wanted to see a good movie. no one cares about the fucking mandarin.

  • Yeah I have to agree… IR3 was probably the worst of the 3 so far in terms of glaring plot holes and contrivances. I get that it’s a popcorn movie, and I did enjoy watching it still, but damn, it was difficult to ignore all the things that didn’t make sense.

  • I disagree. Michael Bay’s frantic direction helped pace the story.. And that’s what a black comedy is about. In it being a satire it has to be out of control . He took a great script and made a good movie

  • Thomas Czerwinski

    I agree. No story.

    Guys, if u don’t like the ending, u don’t like the film! And you forgot the whole butler-storyline, which was very stupid. Tony Stark seems to be funny, but he was crying all the time untill he went to the hospital, this is no story…

  • I find that it gets better after repeat viewings and it has no real plot holes except one minor one that nobody really thinks of I welcome a friendly discussion about them

  • No story? Like do you people watch the film every movie has a story, this had a very good story

  • nkutz

    I figure I’ll leave some Iron Man 3 points. Just, you know, right here.

    I find it hard to like it, and I loved Iron Man 2. I love Jon Favreau’s style and direction, I think he had a better way to make Tony Stark and other major players likable.

    Good Points in IM3:
    -Stark and the kid- everything in that segment was fun, consistent tone, paid off nicely in the end as Stark tries to amend his past. Surely not as extensive as the global Stark tech camps of the Extremis story, but a nice touch for summer movies. “You feel that? We’re done here.”
    -The henchman, who was more interesting than Aldrich. Because Aldrich should be dead, that’s a factor that movies the story forward. But the henchman was evil and he liked it, he also got a great death. He’s like the Emperor, and also Mallen.
    -Stark scraping up tech, like the one-off repulsor blast.
    – Destruction of Stark’s home- that place has been there as eye-candy, and to destroy it shows how much Stark has to lose.
    -The progression, where Stark solves the mystery of Extremis attacks. The fact Jarvis listens and takes him to Tennessee was a nice touch.
    -I liked the political thriller, pulled off surprisingly well.
    -Bonus Points: Stark says bye to Jarvis (in the snow). I think I shed a tear.

    Bad, overbearing points
    -Already said, Aldrich is so unsure about this dangerous project that his kills himself in the story. That’s a complete turnaround, don’t know why they couldn’t have a Mallen character.
    -The way the Mandarin twist is handled- I’d like if Mandarin was still a legitimate threat, but not magic.
    – Why in the World didn’t they utilize Rhodey? the few things he did, Stark probably could have done. Henchman utilized the Iron Patriot, while Rhodes used it’s phone.
    – Got too witty without really adding anything. aside from the kid, when the story was meant to slow down a lot.
    – I certainly liked Justin Hammer better than Killian, and Hammer may not have been too much of a threat. He was just interesting to watch, and almost tragic. Aldrich was some mad guy and his history was uninteresting.
    – Pff, Pepper was never too interesting, but she’s been better. Her fight with Aldrich was not interesting, looks shoddy. My brother says Stark should have got Extremis, and now I agree.
    – Yeah, don’t think Shane Black has a right to come in and try to end the Iron Man series.
    – Bonus deduction- Shane Black, stop with the Christmas crap. It actually aggravated me, no place int the story. It’s pretty much established that Stark doesn’t even care about holidays.

  • Butthurt Fanboy

    Iron Man 3 is a lazy cartoon of a movie.

  • Daniel Bakke

    You look fat and unhappy.

  • Epeecurus

    There are no hipsters in Wisconsin. There can’t be.

  • Joe

    Ok now I have to see Pain and Gain, only because I’m curious. The way they describe it, makes it seem just like Fargo. I KNOW Michael Bay can’t make a Fargo, but Fargo still takes horrific true events and makes it slapstick comedy.

  • who is that HIPSTER GIRL, getting my roofies ready for her

  • I love pain and gain, I laughed my ass off!!!

  • Samaritan

    Wow I clicked on your name and it showed me all your other comments.
    So I went to different places and got you all those information and brochures about euthanasia. You should really take a look at those.

  • Crumble Mixture Girl

    Ok… Wha?
    What kind of points are those? A. is so obvious that it need not be said. It isn’t really a point. It’s like saying: “When you never learned how to drive you can’t steer a car.” And B. is just wrong. Yeah sure, they get paid by the ads, that’s right. But when you use AdBlocker they don’t get ad revenue. But at the same time you say nobody should feel bad about blocking ads and … oh boy what a mutually contradictory mess. You are so misinformed!

  • ugly affair

    Hoho! Patrick you’re so naive it hurts a little.
    Look I explain.
    Cable Network = Big business concern
    Big business concern = Everything what is wrong with our world.

  • I’m going to have a field day with you. First of if A was so obvious people wouldn’t feel bad. your analogy makes no sense next time read it out loud before you type it. And Why should somebody feel bad about blocking ads. Unless I’m personally invested in somebody or a product why do I care if they make revenue or not. Please explain how I contradicted myself.

  • I think taking it seriously as a Crime film it’s one of the best I’ve seen in recent memory, and I put it up with Seven Psychopaths and Horrible Bosses as my favorite Black Comedies

  • I think he meant good for what they are

  • Milwaukee Native

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the wacky morning show they mentioned was Bob & Brian or the other guys on 102.1 (or someone else, don’t listen to much outside those two stations)?

  • Crumble Mixture

    Oh Lordy… are you really not accepting the fact that saying:
    “Nobody should feel bad about blocking their ads. If you had them
    blocked you would have no knowledge of them in the first place”. Is a superfluous thing to say? But You feel it’s not, because otherwise… people… wouldn’t feel bad about it??
    I see mostly complaints around here but, hey.
    And I don’t want to start an discussion about the use of adblockers. Everyone makes their own decisions. Makes you look like an irresponsible lump though. Watching videos, then scrolling down and writing comments about, how it is ok and you shouldn’t feel guilty. That’s not the case you know.

  • Sven

    Click on his name.
    Read his other comments and cry.

  • You are the dumbest smart person I’ve ever gotten into a debate with on the internet. Your comments are so poorly constructed it physically hurts me to read them, but okay you’re the only person who seems to think so.

    And I don’t use AdBlocker, and I didn’t say it was okay you dense dumbass I said nobody should feel too bad. Which is not a very obvious statement nobody has said it in the comments I’ve seen

  • SkyDog

    I’m seen some flimsy villain origin stories in my time, but “Drunk Tony Stark was rude to me in an elevator” may be the flimsiest (if not most unintentionally hilarious – me and my friend couldn’t stop laughing after thinking on it)

    Fun flick overall though.

  • The Oligopoly

    We know you did, as you are our target demographic. Thank you so much for watching our film! If you’d like to keep seeing quality movies like Pain and Gain, just keep paying exorbitant ticket prices and buying affliction t-shirts! Also, pay excessive amounts of money for UFC Pay-Per-Views and follow us on twitter!

    Thanks so much again for your support!

    The Liberal/Jewish Media Conspiracy

  • StopCivilisation

    Another splendid show!

    Pain & Gain is a piece of tard!

  • jsmith0552

    I agree it did have a story, because they got the bare bones of a good story from “Extremis”. What the movie did was take that plot and not handle it very well.

    So I agree with you in part. As to whether it was good or not is subjective, depending on how well you know where this idea came from.

  • No I think it depends on how well the movie told it’s story regardless of the comic book Extremis, it’s not even a direct adaption of the Extremis story they took several liberties and changed a lot of characters around even I know that without reading Extremis

  • jsmith0552

    Considering they didn’t tell us the effect on Stark after extremis leaves out a big part of the story. Extremis took Stark to the next level. Here we can only assume that the only effect it had was to cure his heart problem. They handled an intriguing idea as cavalierly as they handled the character of the Mandarin.

    The ending of the film seemed rushed to the extreme to the point that several plot threads were wrapped up with a voice over. That’s not good storytelling. Not saying I didn’t like the film because I did, it was much better than IM2, and I like that they emphasize Tony’s intelligence and resourcefulness, but they can do much better than this. Now it feels they’re just going through the motions.

  • That’s subjective I keep the source material out of my critique of Comic book movie except if it’s like Kickass or Watchmen where it’s a direct adaption.

    And again that’s subjective I felt like Drew Pearce had a real specific vision for the character, and I think that’s more of a problem with editing then screenwriting I heard they cut out about an hour from the final film. It doesn’t show for me personally normally when I hear that I can tell while watching it.

  • jsmith0552

    Yeah, Point on that one. If I had never read Extremis, I would probably not have expected more.

  • J Teague

    Weird…I actually hated this one. I felt like they tried to shove too much shit into it/ it was written by multiple persons/ It felt more like a parody/comedy than a real movie….and regenerating Fire people? really? πŸ˜›

  • Name

    For the record, Fargo is not in fact based on a true story

  • king monkey


  • king monkey

    I think most straight guys get turned on by their own wiener.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    This movie is awful and most definitely the WORST of the Iron Man movies in every respect.

  • what are you talking about

  • Ripsnort

    The events in Pain & Gain actually happened, that’s why they found it offensive. I don’t remember hearing about a prostitute named Nadine who’s baby starved to death after she was kidnapped by a 120 year old serial killer, so I don’t know why the fuck you’re criticizing RLM. And even if we were stupid enough to believe Pain & Gain was a “satire” about the American dream, a satire has no value if it’s not the least bit funny.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    He also looks most definitely right.

  • Kyle

    I wish you would’ve been more critical of Iron Man 3. One of my biggest critiques is that it just feels like the same movie we’ve already seen twice. I don’t know why everyone’s talking like it’s so different from the other two.

    You do mention that the ending is a big stupid action sequence. But the worst part is that they come up with a great clever way to kill the villain that wraps up the whole movie nicely, and then it doesn’t kill him. So I’m thinking whoa, if that doesn’t kill him then doesn’t that kind of make him invincible? But then they just throw a missile at him and he dies. What’s up with that?

    Also, they establish that he can breathe fire and then it never pays off because he never uses it again, like the writer just forgot.

  • Roger Sarvis

    Man, some of the commenters have some seriously lengthy and in depth opinions about movies. They should do their own movie review shows. Then I could watch their reviews in between best of the worsts.

  • Heraclitus

    To your first sentence–Reductio ad absurdum: “The events in Schindler’s List actually happened, that’s why I find it offensive.” Do you really find this objection tenable?

    To your second sentence–If I change a few trivial details like the names, ages, and occupations of involved parties, then my story about a deranged loner who kidnaps and tortures women and commits infanticide still bears ALL of its essential similarities to real life events. Of course, that argument (and yours) is irrelevant to my point. My point is that there is nothing inherently inappropriate about displaying realistic violence, so long as the intent is not to glorify said violence. Which brings me…

    To your third sentence–you may be right that Pain & Gain is “not the least bit funny,” yet it is still true that its intent was satirical. Therefore the film does not intend to glorify violence or the “meathead” lifestyle, therefore RLM’s criticism to that effect rings hollow. Now, tell me why Pain & Gain fails as a satire and I’m all ears.

    And to your overall objection, “why the fuck” I’m criticizing RLM? Well, because I’m a fan and frankly I thought this review dipped well below their usual standards, and I wanted to let them know someone noticed. My beef isn’t that Pain & Gain was particularly good, just Jay and Mike’s double standard. Criticizing a movie just because it realistically depicts violence smells like some weak hypocrisy coming from a filmmaker whose claim to fame is movie reviews littered with female abduction scenes. Got it?

  • Seth

    I think the biggest problem with Iron Man 3 is that the villains’ motives are very unclear. They’re also crazy-ass invincible, even for a comic book movie plagued with pseudoscience.

  • Purely based off the names attached if Pain and Gain was directed by the coens with no changes the movie would sweep the Oscars

  • Sanza

    Pain and Gain remained me alot of Four Lions and Snatch so I couldn’t hate it.

  • paul

    I love you guys to pieces but I just had to sit through 4min of advertising about fucking linnen sales and airforce recruitment half way through your diatribe. I just can’t watch anymore because of this bullshit. I’m sorry you guys are awsome though….

  • Nick

    Get AdBlock (or your browser’s equivalent) and use the Youtube link. Problem solved.

  • whip

    This is such a pitiful excuse and sense of entitlement people make. It really is. It’s hard to understand or explain how stupid this is to people.

  • whip


  • chuk

    Why the fuck is everybody so critical towards this and loving towards man of steel.

  • Not Mark Wahlberg

    Mark Wahlberg is the worst actor I have ever seen, why aren’t they pointing this out? fuck

  • Sully

    Cause Man Of Steel is full of ‘splosions and blatant pandering to stupid moviegoers. I have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed with Iron Man 3 either, but if I had to compare the two films side-by-side, I’d have to give the advantage to IM3.

    IM3 makes a few odd, if not stupid, story decisions, but at least they still make sense even though I don’t agree with them. MOS makes so many illogical story decisions that it just ruins the entire movie experience.

  • Bex

    Iron Man 3 has a lot of weird choices in it, but I can’t dislike it because of two reasons:

    1: Tony Stark has a genuine character arc, which is unusual and laudable in a third movie in a superhero franchise.

    2: The Mandarin. Both of them are amazing.

  • Floyd

    Good riddance. Why would you expect to get outstanding entertainment for free (and even with the ads it basically is free)? You should be happy that Mike and Jay are making some money off of the site- or at least helping defer some of the expense of a great show.

  • Fidel

    Did anybody notice the slight Zoom-in on Mike, as he’s touching his nose, right after the mention of cocaine use (22:22)? I was cracking up at it.

  • Fidel

    Sorry… I meant 20:22.

  • Tony Stark

    Four Lions??? really???


    I liked Pain & Gain but it’s not even close to Four Lions.

  • Ripsnort

    Lol don’t try to pull that latin shit on me you pseudo-intellectual cunt, especially when you offer up a straw man rebuttal. You were the one implying that RLM had no right to criticize Michael Bay for making light of human suffering because of their Nadine sketches, and I was telling you how utterly fucking foolish it is to think like that. The reason RLM found Pain & Gain offensive in its depiction of violence is because no respect was shown for the people who actually died in this incident. Schindler’s List is about as respectful as a movie made in tribute to the dead could possibly be, so of course nobody’s going to find it offensive. The Nadine sketches are about a fictitious serial killer and a fictitious hooker; if they had used the names Gary Ridgway and Wendy Lee Coffield you can bet that would have raised some fucking eyebrows, and not in the good way. I’m certainly not even the type to get easily offended, but when you’re trying to pull off dark comedy involving real events that happened to real people it needs to be approached with a modicum of respect.

    Take Fargo for instance, an effective satire that clearly inspired Michael Bay to inversely make this insulting piece of shit. When the traffic cop gets shot in the head or when Buscemi gets axed and thrown in a wood chipper you’re not so much laughing at the characters but the bleakness and plausibly absurd horror of the situation. The traffic cop wasn’t portrayed as a donut eating stereotype (which I’m sure Michael Bay would’ve done), he simply appeared to be a slightly irritated but typical police officer just doing his job. We even feel some sympathy for Buscemi’s character, despite that he’s a lowlife thug, because many people can identify with feeling frustrated and bored in a shithole town.

    And although I haven’t seen Pain & Gain, from Mike and Jay’s testimonials about how every element in the movie is obnoxiously stupid leads me to believe that the violence portrayed in the movie is anything but “realistic”. Considering it’s a Michael Bay film, I’m even more inclined to believe them over you.

  • Steve

    It’s pretty much self aware I think.

  • John Constantine

    Ahhh so…. “a joyless asshole who has nothing to do with their time” picking apart movies to find numerous plotholes. hmmm. just watched your Man of Steel and ST: Into Darkness reviews. not that picking apart those movies and finding plotholes has anything to do with what Jay said. nothing at all. no, no.

  • Charon


  • Rick Berman

    Say what you will about Michael Bay – but he did give us “Bad Boys” which is a rock solid action movie spectacular.

  • zompie

    …That’s the joke.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Never liked that movie…

  • anon

    Tarantino wrote the script… Pain & Gain has a good script too, but Michael Bay is over the whole thing

  • Patrick

    Because the target audience for comic book superheroes consists of sexually frustrated teenage boys who are easily pleased by mindless violence. They are so used to being the object of pandering that any deviation is considered blasphemy, whether the change involves giving more character agency to women, casting more minorities, or generally subverting expectations (the Mandarin, for instance). Simply put, Iron Man 3 took an interesting turn with the source material while Man of Steel played it as safe as possible.

  • I haven’t seen much Micheal Bay movies in my life, but I did kinda like The Island.

  • Liz Frazier

    Can someone please explain why “The Rock” and “Armageddon” were included in the Criterion Collection? On the website it says that the CC is about showcasing “important” films. Now I enjoyed both movies but I wouldn’t say that they are any more “important” than other successful 90s blockbusters.

    Seriously, I would appreciate it if someone could explain this. I start thinking about it every once in a while and I end up with a nosebleed.

    BTW remember when people were bitching about “Benjamin Button” getting a Criterion release? I don’t find that nearly as baffling as these Michael Bay movies being included.

  • ben kingsley

    i dunno CC also have Fassbinder movies so i asume it was just trolling

  • Dixon Bawls

    On Lunch
    Go Fuck

  • Mike Jakermen

    At least Iron Man 3 Didn’t out right butcher the character like Man of Steel Did. It wasnt like Tony was responsible for the death of millions or cause 911 times a billion. .

  • Mike Jakermen

    I take it you didnt watch Man of Steel.

  • Markus Jansson

    I really would like to know Half in the bag review Killing them softly. Pain and gain done right in my opinion.

  • Alex Lee

    But he didn’t that level of performance here, did he? Heath Ledger’s a good actor, but he wasn’t always that way.

  • Tropxe

    Superman kills Zod in Superman II as well. In fact, he waits for him to become depowered, effectively a defenceless human, before killing him.

  • Billy Nunez

    I love fat white bitches

  • Yukonses

    I agree. I thought Iron Man 3 was solid. I don’t care what they did with the Mandarin’s character. All that matters to me was how hard I was laughing in the theater with Ben Kingsley pulled off the switch-a-roo. Trust me, that was a far better outcome for the character. Having the real Mandarin as he exists in the comic world would have been death on film. Some things you just can’t do. If you want to have a good movie, that is.

    And this was Guy Pierce’s best performance I’ve ever seen. He’s bad, he’s smart, and he doesn’t wear socks.

  • Yukonses

    I don’t think the villain’s origin story really included Stark. Yes, the 1999 scene was a kick in the butt to the villain, but that’s it. He never looked up to Tony again. It wasn’t like the villain’s main goal was to kill Stark.

    Tony’s house was bombed because he threatened the terrorist on TV. The villain simply had to answer the call for PR reasons (remember, he’s crafting a fake terror plot). Killian hints to this in the hotel room. It was the botanist girl that included Stark because she thought he could help them with the error. Killian was OK with the exploding people error because his plan was to play it off as terrorism, which he was already doing.

    Botanist girl’s motivation: If the error was fixed, none of this Mandarin shit would be necessary and my life’s work would be a success.

    Villain’s motivation: It would be nice if Tony fixed the error for me, but my plan A is already in motion (fake terrorism), so I don’t care if he helps or not.

    If Killian didn’t bring up 1999 in the dungeon scene, you (the viewer) wouldn’t be thinking that “Drunk Tony Stark was rude to me in an elevator” was his MAIN motivation. The line should have been different, totally rewritten.

    And the fact that he kidnapped Pepper was totally unnecessary. It sort of hurt his goal. BUT we have to put Pepper in danger so…

  • Cameron Vale

    Meanwhile, John Stamos won’t even leave if you tell him to.

  • Cameron Vale

    Is it really so improbable that the comics are pure laziness?

  • Cameron Vale

    Da Mandarin.

  • Michael Totin

    I’m going to have to disagree with you guys on Iron Man 3. I don’t understand why they did Iron Man 2 anyway. It was unneeded and following the stupid formula for an over the top effects dependent action film(look shiny things!), just made me think less of it(like a Michael Bay film). There is plenty of really good source material. But they keep ignoring it or slightly referencing it and then writing this dribble.
    And that’s what they did with 3. The first problem is of course the giant plot holes, most notably the one that you mention several times that destroys the whole story. Next, through out the entire film I kept asking why. WHY? The Extremis comics are fantastic and all 3 does is kind of use part of them. Why? Happy dies in the “civil war” before Extremis and that’s one of the things that haunts Tony in this series. So, they shouldn’t have “threatened” killing Happy in this movie, they should have actually done it in the last film. They didn’t want to go through the hassle of developing a fantastic super villain like The Mandarin. OK, then just leave him out of it. But to introduce him as a front. Why? The ridiculous transformer style suit that flies to Tony in pieces. After introducing a one piece suit that flies to him in The Avengers. Why? Not infecting Tony with extremis. Why? Removed the Arc Reactor. Why? Destroying all of his armor. Why?
    At the end of the film, with all of these whys floating around in my head, I felt like they had just closed the book on Iron Man.
    Then I heard that plans are in the works for a Doctor Strange movie. And I figured that sealed the end of Iron Man. They are both narcissistic super geniuses, only strange has actual powers. Not enough room in the Avengers for those two egos.
    And so I finally asked myself one last, why?

    Shortly after that, I learned that Iron Man 3 was Downey Jr’s last contracted film with Marvel Studios. And then it all made sense, albeit really crappy sense that shouldn’t screw a potentially good movie. The entire movie is a negotiation tactic. They wrote is specifically so that they good pull the plug on Iron Man if Downey didn’t want to renew under reasonable terms. That’s it. That is the horrible answer to all of those “WHY?”s. πŸ™

  • Mark Bisone
  • Michael Totin

    Superman has been written and rewritten dozens of times. If you’re just sticking to live action film canon, there was a completely evil Superman in Superman III. If there was a version of Superman that you liked as a child and you can’t severe that emotional attachment, I’m sure you can find a similar superman somewhere. Look at the comics and the animated shows and movies.
    Stay away from The Dark Knight Returns though. That’s the one they are referencing for the next Superman film. In that comic they vilify Superman. He basically gets doped by the US government and they use him to expand and enforce their empire. At least from Batman’s perspective.

    This is a lot of what I covered in my comments on their review.

  • Michael Totin

    I saw that review and commented on it.

    Not exactly sure why you are linking it here.

    As stated, Mandarin being a poser was disappointing, but also confusing Mandarin is the archenemy of Iron Man. That would be like finding out the Joker was a fake in The Dark Knight.
    But now I know that they did it as a negotiation tactic, and have lost respect for Marvel Studios.

    Since I’m on the subject, this next Thor movie is probably going to suck balls, too. They should have done a Hulk and Thor movie and used real source material instead of pandering to idiots.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “I don’t understand why they did Iron Man 2 anyway.”


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Oh, and did I mention? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    911 times a billion? So, everyone on Earth is dead hundreds of times over?

    Oh, wait, you were exaggerating for comedic effect. Damn.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    He gave you a time-stamp which lead to Mike using his classic dopey-moron voice to sarcastically bash Iron Man 3 while somewhat praise Man of Steel.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Sometimes assholes are full of joy… and cocks.

  • Michael Totin

    No dren.

    The specific point of that question was my wondering why they didn’t use those resources to make something better than a crap Iron Man sequel. I understand that Iron Man was the first of the pre-Avengers films and that maybe thry felt the need to remind people, but I would have much rather seen a new Hulk film with the new Dr. Banner, or maybe a combined origin film for Hawkeye and Black Widow, or best of all, a combination of them.
    Hawkeye and Widow hunt down Bruce Banner and they all fall into a situation where they have to work together. We get more insight and back history about Hawkeye and Widow, and they all help one another to overcome a common foe and develop some trust. Then the Avengers initiative is introduced to Banner. This would have created a reasonable back story that would explain why Banner would help S.H.I.E.L.D. As opposed to in the Avengers when, after being lied to, he just decides to go with them. It’s a good thing General Ross didn’t think up that tactic. 😐

  • Michael Totin

    So, it should have worked like this link?


  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Yeah, I was quite disappointed in Iron Man 2. Iron Man 3, I don’t know. I’m kinda of torn on that one. On one hand, I appreciate that they subverted our expectations plenty of times. Mandarin being a hoax, Tony not taking that kid with him, his suits not working, that Air Force One scene was remote control, Pepper defeats the Killian, etc.

    It almost felt like a buddy-cop movie at times and was more Tony Stark Man than Iron Man. I understand that the whole point was that Tony Stark IS Iron Man, but you can sometimes subvert your audience expectations a little TOO much. I would laugh at all the antics of his suits not working, but when they keep falling apart time after time and being easily dismantled, it’s annoying. We want to see Tony kick ass as Iron Man, not beat people up as Tony. I think The Avengers found a happy medium with this between Tony and Iron Man.

    So, I guess while I enjoyed the movie it ended up being, it wasn’t quite the Iron Man 3 I was expecting. It was like going to a sci-fi movie and getting pretty decent thriller instead. While the film may have been good, but it tricked you and you didn’t quite get what you were hoping or paid for.

  • TapewormBike

    He also kicks ass of some hick who bullied him when he had no powers. I think he might be a bit of a dick.

  • TapewormBike

    You know you can jerk off while waiting, right? It helps me to watch their videos – I dont cum immediately after Rich Evans shows up.

  • Michael Totin

    I wasn’t tricked, I was disappointed. I went to see an Iron Man film and a got a RDJ special with Michael Bay style armor that rarely covered his face and broke, and he needed to fix, but he didn’t need to fix it, because he had 34 other suits that could have come to him at any time.
    I wouldn’t call it sci-fi either, as there was no focus on the tech. Which would have been nice. If you’re going to do a Stark movie, you should talk tech at least a little bit.
    If RDJ’s new contract has the same face time requirements, I think I may be done with Iron Man.


  • Hale

    At the very least, he tricked him in a somewhat clever way, instead of savagely break his neck to save people too dumb to run away from a slow-moving laser.

  • Matt

    I walked out of Iron Man 3 feeling disappointed, which was strange because it was a very enjoyable film. I think the criticism of this movie stems from the trailer. After seeing the trailer, I was so excited because I expected this to be a dark, desperate, more serious chapter for Iron Man and Tony Stark, which I was excited to see. While the third film had some elements of that nature, in the end, it turned out to be another extravagant, silly Iron Man movie, especially when it came to the Extremis/Pepper stuff in the conclusion. That’s totally fine, and its something I really enjoyed in the first two, but based on the advertising I was expecting a different tone and for that reason I left the theater feeling a little disappointed. Had I gone in without these expectations, I think I would have really enjoyed Iron Man 3.

  • TapewormBike

    I think that Marky Marks performance art – pretending to be an actor – is really inspiring for dumb people worldwide (ok, I liked him in Boogie Nights).

  • Guest


  • I love your hipster scenes. Spot on.

  • Damon Anderson

    “It was like going to a sci-fi movie and getting pretty decent thriller instead. ”
    This is how I felt about that fucking movie “Sideways”. Billed as a comedy, but it was only a comedy in the strictly classical sense that it ends on an up-note. I guess the flopping penis was supposed to be the funny part?

    Only mildly related, but this is a three month old comment at this point…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I have yet to see Sideways.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    ” Having the real Mandarin as he exists in the comic world would have been death on film”
    try telling that to delusional comic books nerds.waaaaa we didn’t got our generic two dimensional c-list villian! boo-fucking-hoo

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard


  • RC

    Randomly re-watching some HitB and hit this one. Just realized that Jay called it. At 27:40. Mark Wahlberg IS the lead in the next Transformers. Good call guys!

  • Pissernacht

    A good call or a horrifying one? I’m leaning towards the latter…

  • Pissernacht

    That hipster in front of the line at the beginning? I so want his cap…can’t explain it! It just looks fucking cool…

  • RC

    You’re right, maybe good isn’t the word. Accurate. But not good O_O

  • cathax

    Mark Wahlberg announced as cast in “Transformers 4” today.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    can’t be worse then shia labeef


  • Jason

    Always interesting to compare Hollywood “true stories” to what actually happened. As it turns out Michael Bay and the producers of this filth are arguably more disturbed and distasteful than the real life murderers they attempt to portray.
    Imagine going through a tragedy like the victims’ families did, only to have Michael Fucking Bay exploit it by turning it into a Three Stooges farce. It’s the sort of thing that takes MFB from merely being a terrible filmmaker of unbearable action-schlock, and makes him into a low-life degenerate that should probably be serving prison time for crimes against humanity.

  • Malevolence

    Great guess guys πŸ™‚ you were spot on regarding Mark Wahlberg

  • Mike Jakermen

    That Might Why i Enjoyed it. I don’t usually go into a movie with any expectation. Trailers are kinda like blurb on back of a book. Its mainly there to get you to buy it. So i kind of take them with a grain of salt. Also ive seen Great Movies with Horrible Trailers. and Horrible Movies with Great Trailers.

  • Mike Jakermen

    I watched “Pain and Gain” out for curiosity. And i have to say it could have been good. If it was written and directed by someone else. Also After watching documentary about the crime. The movie lacks any sensitivity for the victims. The movie makes it seem like “Well they are rich. So they must be assholes and so they deserve it”. And as usual Bay has to put in tons of immature jokes in it. Once i saw the hair waxing scene. I knew what i was in for.

  • Joe

    Pain and Gain makes so much more sense as a movie making fun of such a terrible culture that people like this could exist than it does as a sincere effort by Michael Bay to make a good movie with real characters.

    For the most part I think Michael Bay is a dumb asshole but then there is this tiny part of me that thinks he’s not dumb, but the most cynical person ever, which is why his movies are 95% insulting to the audience and containing 95% characters who are retarded.

    It’s just an interesting thought experiment. If Michael Bay wanted to make a movie that made fun of the Michael Bay audience and the culture that grows them how different would the movie be than Pain and Gain?

    If in that rarest of rare scenarios that Bay is in on the joke that is him, he just needs to encode something in his movie that tells us that. I guess I’d be curious of what Jay thought of this movie vs “Spring Breakers” because best case scenario this movie wanted to be that, making fun of the dumb culture, but I think the major issue is that Michael Bay puts a shot in the film where a guy does diarreha all over a wall and it so rattles the “maybe he’s in on the joke” train that it’s hard to recover.

  • Patrick

    Here’s the thing though, simply mocking someone isn’t a credible basis for a story. This trend of false satires (i.e. Pain and Gain, God Bless America, and the king of the genre, Grand Theft Auto) is a complete affront to actual dark comedies/satire. It’s not forcing an audience to face the inherent ironies of human nature by grounding horrible people in a sobering reality, it’s pointing and laughing at real people who have been stripped down to dehumanizing stereotypes.

  • Joe

    Like I said, I don’t think Bay is in on the joke or that it’s secretly really clever, I just had the thought in the back of the head. “What if?”. God Bless America was frustrating because it is a decent movie on paper. But the film’s tone celebrates the violence when really it would have been a way better film with almost the exact same script, but with the violence played straight, not “violence as fun” Tarantino style.

    What that movie should have been and almost was was “yes these people are terrible, and this premise kinda makes sense, but when you take things to their logical conclusion, where does it stop?”.

    Back on Pain and Gain, Bay isn’t smart enough to make the movie he came close to making, what I found interesting is he is just the right kind of stupid that clever satire of stupid almost makes sense to him as normal. Pain and Gain was one of his more watchable movies, just because it was the one that was the most puzzling to figure out exactly what he was trying and failing to do.

  • Stephen Grillo

    Jay totally has a fucking hickey on his neck. lmao

  • Rich

    “Cracking up” aye? πŸ˜‰

  • illidan4ever

    “he is just the right kind of stupid that clever satire of stupid almost makes sense to him as normal.”


  • Joe

    If somebody tried to make a film that is a clever satire of everything that is flawed with hollywood movies the resulting satirical movie would look remarkably like a sincerely made film by Michael Bay.

  • illidan4ever

    Ok, but I fail to see how that makes sense with your argument. So you’re saying that Bay is unintentionally satirizing himself by trying to pull off real satire? You know, you may just be onto something if that’s the case.

  • Joe

    Either that or he is in no way attempting to pull off a satire and in doing so creating the perfect satire.

    That’s why I find the movie oddly somewhat watchable, because the whole time I couldn’t quite decide if it was a horrible movie executed well or a good movie executed horribly.

    There is no question that it is bad, but genesis of the badness was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

    Because like, you can’t laugh at unlikable stupid people within a movie that is catering to unlikable stupid people, but that’s kinda what this movie is. Michael Bay may have made a movie that keenly makes fun of how bad it is. An Ouroboros of satirizing stupidity via stupidity.

  • illidan4ever

    I agree that there is something strange about it that makes it watchable once, maybe twice to show a friend.

  • Guest

    I saw iron man 3 about “3” times because of the dumb action scene at the end.
    After seeing mike and jays review of that piece of the movie…uh…don’t listen to mike and jay film directors?
    It’s really odd that the big budget part of an action movie would be the worst part to critic about especially for idiot people like me that just go to watch a movie to find some stupid entertainment.
    It’s almost like mike and jay really just want every movie to be Dog Day Afternoon

  • B-Row

    Michael Bay? is that you?

  • Fartastic

    It’s pathetic that it took me 2 years to notice that the hipster on the chair looks like the Mandarin.

  • Adam Baldwin

    “Tone deaf” is a great way to describe Pain and Gain. I hadn’t heard anything about it (and I didn’t realize it was a Michael Bay movie until the credits rolled), but I somehow ended up watching it. At first I thought it was a comedy, and it clearly was attempting to be at certain points. But the comedy bits (many of which were just crude jokes thrown into the movie for no apparent reason) stood in stark contrast to the serious and twisted tone of the rest of the movie. I love a good dark comedy, but the style of comedy that Bay tried to use here isn’t dark at all, it’s just wacky and stupid.

    It became a terrible slog, ridiculous, and ultimately not funny at all. It seemed like the actors didn’t respect the real people that they were portraying. I imagine that Bay somehow heard the story of what these guys did and then said “Look at these assholes! Let’s make a movie!” It feels like he’s intentionally trying to shit on all of the real people in this story.

    I just noticed that Iron Man 3 is rated 7.3 on IMDB and Pain and Gain is rated 6.5.

  • SqualrusWalrus

    Who were the hipsters. I would have done anything the be in one of their videos.

  • Brett Burrett

    When are you guys going to review Transformers – “Money Never Sleeps”
    Also I hear Bad Boys 3 is coming out, now with even more dead titties

  • Brett Burrett

    I like God Bless America. Just sayin.

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