Half in the Bag Highlight Reels

June 24, 201238 Comments

A new Half in the Bag will be up soon, but in the meantime, here’s some highlight reels of our first 30 episodes:

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  • jEN

    Convention Highlights are copyright-blocked in some countries because of sweet, sweet Jennifer Warnes. You can use safefrom.net to download anyway: http://en.savefrom.net/#url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=vjyOUtloDeM

  • ouij

    Soon? More like…not…soon.


  • Guest

    Seems like (emptied) beer bottles are your most imortant stage props 🙂

  • Claus

    The Simpsons also did clips shows in their early seasons…. and now RLM. Just kidding, I could…no..AM watching old stuff every day. It is terribly addictive.

  • obc

    i know this sounds horrible but could you guys give an estimate on how long soon really is so that i don’t have to refresh the page every 5 minutes 😉

  • arlo

    Who says you *have* to refresh the page every five minutes? Go read a book. Or, how about being at a job at 1:30 on a weekday afternoon? *There’s* a radical idea.

  • Emily Peterson

    I have to ask after watching the skit reel, do you guys break actual glass or do you get some sort of stunt glass?

  • obc

    i live in germany and its 20:27 right now, i already finished work for today. also google comedic exaggeration *there’s* a radical idea. 😉

  • joe

    Love the show, my favorite moment is when you shoot Rich Evans.

  • damn, watching this reminded me that you actually made a ton of these. Congrats!

  • Mike, you put up some weight didn’t you ?

  • Jason Skelter

    “Brave” should be the next Plinkett review because of how disappointing it was.

  • Guest

    Hurry up and review Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter you FRAUDS

  • Guest

    The fraud ratio has gone from 50%….to 100%!

  • Guest

    I ain’t never read any of those Star Wars books, or any book in general, and I’m not about to start.

  • TA4EVA

    heh. ol’ internet really turns us into a bunch of vicious of savages doesn’t it. why, i bet in his real life this one’s a mild-mannered pediatrician!

  • TranceRufus


    Brings me to tears of laughter every time.

  • mexicancounciloffood

    I would say if your workrate was any slower you’d get a parking ticket but its quality product everytime! RedLetterMedia – ALMOST as efficient as a Japanese POW.

  • Name

    So, is it coming today?

  • rick

    Welcome to the end of privacy!
    Prepare to deal with the cursed race of online trolls!

  • cole1114

    I know that music! In the conventions one, that’s the same music that Comics Continuum uses! Love that show. Local comic book/movie/video game news. Hot host too. They come to my hometown sometimes, but my dad’s buddy’s shop has never been featured. Even though they just had a major car wreck involved with one of the walls.

  • Define soon…

  • Robby

    The set from the earlier episodes looks really strange now without dozens of beer bottles everywhere.

  • Guest

    You kids and your definitions of ”soon”
    Just let the men work for pete’s sake!

  • Daniel Löb

    You just saved my computer from being yelled at.

  • Guest

    Well, reviewing the latest Adam Sandler scam would be acceptable too.

  • Random Guy

    WOOOOAAAAAAHHH! I love those fucking convention highlights!

  • ac1d

    MOAR Plinkett to please! Thank You!

  • simian

    I never realized how much shit and vomit could be involved in movie reviews.

  • Guest

    Maybe I’m completely out of the loop on something but…can someone please explain the chunky’s chicken thing?

  • Naysayer

    Half in the Bag is actually far better than the Plinkett reviews in my opinion.

  • Con highlights is some of my favorite stuff from you guys. While I’m excited to see you guys out at San Diego, I’m nearly as excited to see your review from SDCC.

  • Guest

    Soon equals 4 days fyi

  • Random Guy

    You guys should have put a photo album with all the pictures of Mike from No Brand Con in the Great Red Letter Media Auction.

  • redgauntlet

    Which review has the hookers in it? Quickly, tell me!

  • joeyd

    Chunky’s Chicken!?!?

    bakbak bakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbak bak… bak!

  • and perverts. You forgot a bunch of unapologetic perverts. 🙂

  • I love how you can see “Popeye’s” through that Chunky’s Chicken seal.

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