Half in the Bag: Grown Ups 2

July 16, 2013564 Comments

Mike and Jay check out the latest Adam Sandler comedy, and their reaction may surprise you.

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  • Reid Osborn

    The moment I saw a Rotten Tomatoes score of 6% but that 90% of the audience liked it, I, in Jay’s words, “don’t feel like [I] belong on this planet.”

  • Hooraychel

    …Mike and Jay liked this? I don’t even know how to feel anymore.

  • Wat da
  • Daniel

    watch the whole video….

  • stolliosis

    This is the real sign that the world is coming to an end. That or human intelligence is devolving. In 100 years, we will all be acting like chimps sitting around a television with this piece of shit movie playing.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Mike looks hot with a tan!

  • Bum Hewings

    Your finest review yet, gentlemen.

  • lemonjello

    If only the schmucks who paid to see such schlock had the same reaction in the theater.

  • Wat da

    Trolls trolling trolls!

  • GuardianAngle

    This video got increasingly terrifying. 😮

  • gega


  • stolliosis

    You could not pick up on the sarcasm? It is all in their tone.

  • lemonjello

    “Watching Grown Ups 2!” status update = immediate delete contact.

  • ShameonMe

    Generally the early audience review are really, really fucking generous. But it’ll still sadly end up with an average around 50 or 40%.

  • Magnus Ironfist

    It appears that watching an Adam Sandler movie causes more damage to the human body than piloting a Jaeger on your own.

  • Steven

    I love that synthesizer background music so much…

  • brian_mcgee

    I was starting to get cold chills in the back of my head, but then the music started and the world made sense again.

  • Yezzir!

    mmmm…. sarcasm and gore, my favorite elements in any video film review.

  • TJ Huck

    Mike and Jay really should have drifted before seeing this one…

  • Ozrin

    I was having a horrible day and this just made me crack up. Thank you guys so much!

  • Syrophenikan

    Whew! That was a CLOSE ONE!

  • can’t be arsed to log in

    Thank you both 🙂

  • Jonah Falcon

    Looky, looky, I refresh and there’s a new Half in the Bag 😀

  • Austin Sanner

    Oh, Mike and Jay…please, please, please never stop reviewing. With Ebert gone and an enviable JL and Grown Ups 12: The Quest for Peace on the way, I need you in my life. You two men complete me. In the best ways

  • Vincent Canby’s Ghost

    This… may be the finest film review that has ever been.
    All other critics in the world can stay home. Mike & Jay have it covered.

  • zzz

    Grown Ups 2 was in second place, idiot.

  • Baló Timár

    Gotta love Mike’s “Whadda you know, broah, Adam Sandler is funneh”. Terrifyingly accurate portrayal of my Adam Sandler fan highschool classmates. It felt like being 17 again.

  • Cirric Fylenco

    They had me scared for a bit. But when they started bleeding everywhere, I realized everything was going to be ok.

  • eddyk

    So that’s why there haven’t been many updates recently… Mike’s been on vacation!

  • Or worse, piloting a Jaeger with someone who has seen an Adam Sandler movie. Those are memories they shouldn’t be sharing. With anyone.

  • Joshua Weston

    The start of the review was actually more terrifying than the end. It’s like a horror film in reverse.
    Great work as always, RLM!

  • Sully

    That was the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life… and then the blood started flowing and everything was okay again.

  • john


  • Benzo

    This was really disturbing and, frankly, I had to look away. I shouldn’t have to see Mike in a baby blue shirt with no warning.

  • Jerry Jackson

    Chaulket Wasted is in comic sans. I will kill myself now.

  • loliput

    This piece of hackwork doesn’t count! С’mon guys. You can do better.

  • Erwin

    I recommend you guys @ RLM for not even trying to take Grown Ups 2 seriously. It obviously didn’t take itself serious, so why should you?

  • mr merp

    will there be a longer version or was this it?

  • Geahk Burchill

    That. Was. Brilliant!

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    Stay safe guys.

    Do you all have any interest in reviewing Monsters U and/or Despicable Me 2?

  • Did they survive? I wouldn’t survive after watching a schlock like this film.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I’m pretty sure Mike and/or Jay are in transition based on the Man of Steel HITB review. It seems they are selling a house or moving or something. I doubt they have much time right now to create full episodes.

  • mr merp

    That’s a shame if that’s the case. One of my all time favourite Half in the bag episodes is Jack And Jill

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    Mike’s wish came true; They were both killed by an Adam Sandler movie.

  • T.e. Post

    I KNEW that was coming! lol Excellent review!

  • Doker

    ha ha ha.. funny… NOW DO PACIFIC RIM!

  • q.

    Nope, they recorded 2 episodes of HITB and 1 episode of BOTW a few days ago.

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    I think this might be one of the first times I actually almost snorted my beer over my laptop from laughter. (in general) The anticipation of the earnestness of the 1st part doing a 180 just released explosively when the blood started poring. One of your best ones yet guys!

  • use an old meme

    Did he died ?

  • Geahk Burchill

    Are you saying BOTW 8? I saw that it was coming on facebook. They are making an effort to be prolific these days but there are a lot of clues that there are other things going on behind the scenes and the recent episodes have not been very ‘full’. At the very least they are switching up the Plinkett storyline and something else is coming down the pike.


    I hope Adam Sandler fucking dies, no joke, I can’t take this shit anymore, that fucker needs to die

  • create a new meme

    Dear Jay and Mike, and the entire Red Letter Media crew:

    I’ve noticed that there has been an alarming flood of whiny fanboy
    babies and dipshit assholes all over the comments section(s) of your
    page, more and more so in the past few weeks (months?). Particularly on
    this episode. On behalf of us all, I want to apologize for this
    appalling and baffling Zergling rush of irritating buffoons exclaiming
    that you did this review without seeing the movie, turned into cynical
    pricks, lost your touch, sold out to Marvel, or otherwise taking your
    opinions personally, etc. These young children and their tirades do not
    reflect the views of your actual fans. I think I can speak for all of us
    when I say that we eagerly, but patiently, await new BOTW episodes,
    HITB episodes, Plinkett reviews, and original films, and we are as
    confident as ever that you will continue being awesome. Hopefully this
    squabbling nonsense going on in these comments sections will start to
    die down after awhile and we can, once again, have nice things.

    A Concerned Fan

  • SeekerLancer

    Really they said all they really needed to say about Adam Sandler. It’s kind of beating a dead horse at this point.

  • Midlander

    It said I might be surprised and it was not wrong

  • Geahk Burchill

    Um. This is a nice thought but you posted this already.

  • q.

    Well, I just follow them on twitter… a little while ago they released the trailer for SPACE COP with the comment, that they are working on it right now.

    But yeah, they also recorded a new BOTW (Wheel of the Worst #2).

  • not a real Doctor

    You are suffering from sense of humor deficiency and possibly maybe lack of sense for sarcasm.

    Not saying that the previous post is funny but that is the intent.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I’m glad about Space Cop. I’ve been anxious to see it since they first started teasing it more than a year ago. It looks hilarious. Just seeing Rich in that costume is great!

  • Ben Dick

    So…I shouldn’t see Grown Ups 2…?

  • FlawFilial

    I loved Jay’s little quip about how “watching an Adam Sandler movie is like eating rat poison– it’s a really good idea.”
    That joke really connected with me, because “rat poison” was my admittedly desperate and ineffective method of suicide after I saw how much money Grown Ups 2 drew in.

  • mr merp

    yeah me too. These guys actually make good movies. It’s not like the people over at TGWTG (that guy with the glasses) ugh.

  • FlawFilial

    No, see it… just be sure to bring your own rat poison, because the price for theater rat poison is RIDICULOUS nowadays.

  • Geahk Burchill

    Yeah, well the talent in that team is clearly with Angry Joe (Though I was appalled by his Man of Steel review)

  • Mark Bisone

    I wanna get chocolate wasted, too!

    Of course, where I come from that means paying a black prostitute to take a shit on my ballsack.

  • SeekerLancer

    Good thing you survived so that you can see Grown Ups 3 in 2014.

  • Marc Greene

    I’m sorry that you guys put yourselves through that pain, though I can’t be sure what you expecting in the first place. It’s a shame. I was hoping to get your thoughts on Pacific Rim.

  • Benzo

    Wait, what are these noises in my brain and why do they hurt?

  • Jackhammer

    When’s the next Plinkett review?

  • i was waiting for the Anti-Monitor to appear at the end of the review..

  • FlawFilial

    Mike’s baby blue shirt was so distracting, I didn’t immediately notice that Jay shaved his beard.
    I guess it didn’t sit well with test audiences…

  • FlawFilial

    I’m 18 and just LEFT high school… the trauma is still fresh with me.
    Mike brought it all back… brought… it… all… baaaaaack…

  • Otto Torrens

    Pacific Rim a good 7/10 movie, I didn’t much care for it but it was well executed in that, they tried sense.

    But it deserves a Plinkett Review style breakdown for all the holes and inconsistencies. 😐

  • So…… they liked it?

  • Octopi

    Dear Mike and Jay, What were your thoughts on Pacific Rim? I personally wish it got more attention than Grown Ups 2, but I certainly would love a Half in the bag episode about Pacific Rim 2

  • whip

    Such an epic, deep, probing look into the film requires this will have some kind of HitB extras video, correct? I mean,you can’t possibly have covered everything, even in the massive amount of time you already spent at this.

    Looking forward to the extras and behind the scenes!

  • q.

    They recorded 2 HITB episodes in the past few days. The next “real” episode will probably online soon. Will it be about Pacific Rim? I don’t know.

  • whip


  • i know this shit

    I’ll do it. Plot flat like a plank of wood, good performances mixed with horrible, some plotholes, but great action scenes, and you really can’t demand too much from a movie with such sill premise.
    Now, happy?

  • whip

    Nothing is lamer then when people try to “force” a meme, which you’ve admitted before.

    It almost never works. Meme’s take off on their own because they are funny or witty or otherwise enjoyable. You can’t force them. No, you can’t.

    And just what is the meme here you hope to create anyhow? Some mindless fanboy drools and kisses their ass? What an effective, clever, memorable meme! So wickedly entertaining and cutting in it’s wit. Deep, speaking on so many levels! It’s so hilarious!

    Stop posing this stupid shit please.

  • whip

    Sense of humor deficiency? Really? Are you a Dunning-Kruger poster child?

    There is nothing remotely funny, or sarcastically funny, about the post. It’s idiotic. It’s trying to force a meme that is not funny, witty, memorable or in any way clever.

    Changing your name doesn’t hide your identity by the way. Not for those who have a clue.

  • DrByronOrpheus

    How droll. In seriousness, please share your thoughts on Pacific Rim! I’d love to hear Mike & Jay’s breakdown of the movie.

  • no

    Dear whip

    I’ve noticed that there has been an alarming flood of whiny fanboy
    babies and dipshit assholes all over the comments section(s) of your
    page, more and more so in the past few weeks (months?). Particularly on
    this episode. On behalf of us all, I want to apologize for this
    appalling and baffling Zergling rush of irritating buffoons exclaiming
    that you did this review without seeing the movie, turned into cynical
    pricks, lost your touch, sold out to Marvel, or otherwise taking your
    opinions personally, etc. These young children and their tirades do not
    reflect the views of your actual fans. I think I can speak for all of us
    when I say that we eagerly, but patiently, await new BOTW episodes,
    HITB episodes, Plinkett reviews, and original films, and we are as
    confident as ever that you will continue being awesome. Hopefully this
    squabbling nonsense going on in these comments sections will start to
    die down after awhile and we can, once again, have nice things.

    A Concerned Fan

  • rikkibarnes

    After watching Pacific Rim on Thursday, I walked in to see if there was a crowd for Grown Ups 2. Surely enough, the theater was packed (while PR had less than half of an audience). I managed to see the ‘deer pissing on Adam Sandler’s face’ part and, I kid you not, everyone began to laugh. One particularly fat fellow spat out his popcorn and began to honk loudly while clapping his hands at the, uh, ‘hilarity’.

  • someofususethenamepsaceasacomm

    Changing my “name” is not to hide my identity since it’s already hidden.
    Besides if you “know” it’s the same person why fret about it ?

  • fuck you nerd

  • bigstan

    This has been the worst year for movies in a long time.

  • rikkibarnes

    Agreed. I’ve only enjoyed five or so movies this year of the very many I’ve watched.

  • changing my name

    Somebody needs a hug.

  • Jacob

    I’m not sure if the joke is “I sort of liked an Adam Sandler movie, so I’m killing myself” or “we were lying about saying we liked anything about it”. Probably the latter based on their history, but still.

  • A movie like ‘Pacific Rim’ gets a pass on that sort of thing. Flicks like this have a plot intended only to move you along to the next gigantic battle.

    It’s shallow, and I’m completely FINE admitting that. It’s exactly what I plunked down my hard-earned coins to see: giant fucking robots beating the shit out of giant fucking monsters, and it delivered that guilty pleasure in spades.

    I will remember this flick for a long time, not because of (Spoiler!) Marshall Pentecost’s brave sacrifice, but because a hulking mech walked down the flaming streets of Hong Kong with a cargo ship in it’s hand and beat the shit out of a sea monster with it.

  • JimJim Geoff GeoffJim

    That was quite disturbing guys. I’m glad I didn’t watch it stoned.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I don’t know if I trust this review at all. Oh wait, I never see Adam Sandler movies anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

  • West .Raz

    ok so at first I thought they where being reall about this.. should of know better!

  • my childhood has been raped 3 times already since january.. and i can sense some Michael Bay/disturbance in the Force somewhere…

  • Groundhog Day

    Mark Bison makes a comment that has something to do with a prostitute.

  • MichaelKz


  • Derrick Cryderman

    When is the next half in the bag coming out?
    The one guest staring Guillermo Del Toro and a giant robot.

    Because fuck Grown Ups 2.
    No one gives a shit about that.

  • Beckoning Chasm’s Mom

    What a… redundant comment. That is pretty difficult to achieve since all comments are superfluous.

  • Mark Bisone

    It’s like poetry.

  • Harry Palm

    I’ve been saying that for years! I lived through the 80’s and 90’s when you actually had a hard time choosing which great movie you wanted to see, but now I don’t even watch movies when they come out on cable. I haven’t been to a theater in years. I don’t think it’s ever going to get better, either.

  • Harry Palm

    People like you are part of the Problem. There’s no reason why a giant monster movie can’t have a great plot. Idiots who say “Turn off your brain and enjoy it for what it is!” make me wish the planet would be invaded by giant monsters that destroy Humanity.

  • nohwanatol

    You guys want more new episodes of HITB ,Plinkett reviews or Space Cop etc now rather than later,then donate some money!.You are basically getting this stuff for FREE.Give Jay and Mike a break or pay up you bunch of ungrateful little bitches..

  • Guest

    See, I told you all this would happen if they reviewed this!

    I’m not bothered because I wanted to see them both have a breakdown on screen, but you all should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Miss Eris

    Well, people did post that they wanted to see a review of Grown-ups 2. Ask and you shall receive, apparently.

  • Doggle

    Do you work for them? Anyway, I have purchased goods from their webshop. I’m currently drinking from one of their finest pint glasses.

  • nohwanatol

    You know who i’m talking about..

  • Naes

    You had me going for a minute.

  • nohwanatol

    They had me going for 2:54 minutes.

  • Geahk Burchill

    Your story saddens my heart.

  • KittySaysOink
  • Dennis Cornetta


  • panagis papageno

    you deserved it after trashing man of steel

  • Bloo

    Why? Because so many fanboys have convinced themselves that MOS is a good film?

  • Bloo

    6% on Rotten Tomatoes.I doubt they like it.

  • Mr.Fister

    well in that case we shall build a giant Japanese schoolgirl so they can put their tentacles in her… oh my got I went too far…

  • kzap333

    Funny, that’s how I describe most of my dreams to my therapist.

  • Praiokles

    Nice! For a second I thought “Adam Sandler blackmailed them”

  • Constantine1985

    It’s unfortunate that the box office says otherwise. A shame really.

  • putacorkinit

    Dudes, ‘gross-out’ is not the same as ‘funny’.

  • Constantine1985

    That’s probably the most honest Grown Ups 2 review around. I can see myself leaving the theather and feeling that way. Actually, scratch that, I can’t see myself watching an Adam Sandler movie.

  • Michael Tenteromano

    I’m so sorry you had to witness that

  • Woo hoo! No freakin’ Blip Disneyland ad!

  • This is your show, yo mama

    Go to work, almost die from shitty astma, just a random shit day and then CHAULKLET WASTED just made it worth it

  • Geahk Burchill

    it was funny because it was smart. They gave a bad review in the most unexpected way possible, by having an aneurism trying to say positive things about it.

  • Dead_Parade

    Why is that so bad? Not all media needs to be a vast sweeping tale and thorough metaphysical exploration of the the human condition.

    There’s enough room in world for films that are just tits and explosions.

  • Shaun Higgins

    Well, it happened. A movie finally killed them.

  • Naes

    Don’t worry, it has just severely, severely crippled them for life.

  • DiggerNick

    Well, it’s exactly what everyone expected about this movie, since i sadly saw the first Grown Ups movie on the theater, and it was the worst theater experience i had in my life, nothing was funny, and absoultely nothing happened.

  • putacorkinit

    It didn’t seem smart. It just seemed crass.

  • NotoriousPAT

    I’m glad I’m not the only one around here who vomits blood.

  • Ssorc

    Man of Steel review: Too serious, failed to pull off “The Dark Knight”. Uncomfortably dark.

    White House Down review: Just stupid, but took itself too seriously.

    Lone Ranger review: Lots of boring parts, tone issues. A bad remake of something that shouldn’t be remade in the first place.


  • BlushingNewb

    This is so twisted. By the end of the review I was laughing so hard that there were tears.

  • Doctor Plinkett

    If you’re vomiting blood and you visit a hospital in Britain, they just send you straight home.

    STOP WASTING MY TIME, says the doctor.


  • Doctor Plinkett

    I have a prolapsed arsehole

  • FT

    RLM and the rest of the world deserve what?

  • Philip Kidd

    Awe man I gotta go see it! Shouldn’t have wasted money on that stupid transformers movie – I think michael bay’s really lost his edge

  • むね

    Same here. I haven’t laughed this much since the Zaat review.

  • Adrian

    Noooooo, what are you doing! Where’s new Best of The Worst??

  • Vaughn Fry

    When I saw the running time for this review, I knew I was in for one of those rare wastes of everyone’s time where Mike and Jay provide no evidence they even saw the film in question.

  • chuk

    That was hilarious. But seriously you guys should do a Pacific Rim review.

  • csadsa

    You’re right man. I hate fun too.

  • Grant Butler

    I liked Grown Ups, it was dumb and I cannot remember what happened in it, however it was a fun movie to just have a few drinks to and pass the time away. I can think of many other films that I just found to less entertaining, like Looper, my god was that dull and pointless.

  • VasiddisaV

    You wanna see crass, check out this: http://www.mikeisgod.com/videos/2-girls-1-cup

    That is crass.
    This review is hilarious. Quit being a pussy.

  • Grant Butler

    I even liked Just go with it…… in fact I thought that was one of his funniest movies and I laughed a lot, way better than most other comedies these days….. though that isn’t saying much.

  • putacorkinit

    Oh, I’m no pussy. I just prefer wit and style which Mike and Jay usually do. Not this lazy Sandler-type shit designed to appeal to twenty-two year-old Cheezit-stuffed basement virgins with no college. I hope that explains things, you little cunt.

  • chud

    Yeah I wish they would have just bitched about how the movie is bad instead of doing some creative.

  • Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum

    With this episode Mike and Jay have refined the satirical movie review. Look, when the only good parts of the movie are in the trailer, and that trailer is found wanting, then even Mr. Plinkett might not be inspired to proffer an analysis.

  • The Darian

    Wait, you guys saw Grown Ups 2? I’m sorry, but I cannot support a site which advocates masochism. Unsubscribe!

  • Take_A_Xanax

    I think you’re taking things a little too seriously. Especially the review.

  • putacorkinit

    Oh, I was just communicating to VasiddisaV that I wasn’t a pussy. Not being serious at all.

  • Paul Woodcock

    I don’t know how you live with seeing that. I hope there is a support group and/or charity for you and unlucky souls like you to seek guidance, therapy and find the good within humanity again. I wish you luck on your journey.

  • Steve

    Inspired to poop an anal…analass…

  • Steve

    Hey, you are what you eat. Pussy.

    You actually connected the dots in one of your responses, and it still went over your head? C’mannnnn…

  • Steve

    Yeah, you’re talking about Rick Berman.

  • My 2 Cents

    RIP, Mike and Jay

  • putacorkinit

    Yeah, I know that you’re trying to sell this as ‘Sandler satire’ but it just wasn’t. I thought it was crass. Plenty of other people loved it, just not me. Let it go.

  • Rick Berman

    And how long have you been a fan of RLM?

  • Rick Berman

    Fuck you.

  • George Lucas

    Wasting time and being on RLM.com are the same exact thing.

  • Clark Kent

    Man of Steel sucked ass.

  • The Ghost of John Belushi

    You couldn’t find anything better to do… like eat an actual piece of shit?

  • The Ghost of John Belushi

    Welcome to the internet, asshole.

  • Jake

    The main thing I took away from this is that Mike and Jay were actually drinking a branded beer for once. Obviously we can all learn a thing or two from Adam Sandler’s subtle approach to product placement

  • whip

    And still you watched it, and then decided to moan about it.

  • Griffin Bain

    Mike ruined his new shirt.

  • whip

    I hope you are trolling or joking. Otherwise congratulations. You are the target audience for this drek.

  • King Rim Anus

    So glad you didn’t waste a full episode on another Adam Sandler movie.

  • Ben Heckendorn

    Spotted Cow – which they normally drink – is not only a real brand, but one of the finest beers in the world! It is only available in Wisconsin at the moment.

  • Mark Bisone for president

    It rams.

  • don’t kill yourself

    Or a bullet.

  • changing my name..again

    whip-knighting like a champ.

  • whip

    whip-knighting? really? LOL.

    iActualCleverness=iPerceivedCleverness / 2;

  • wasslah

    So then you decided not to watch it and move on, because you were so offended that they likely didn’t bother to take the time to see a sequel to a half-assed alleged comedy from Adam Sandler, right? I mean clearly you didn’t sit through something you appear to have been so personally annoyed by.

  • williamsn411

    When they first started getting into the review I was like “wait, what’s going on?…have I entered another dimension?”.

  • nohwanatol

    Rick Berman,Rick McCallum..Hey why are so many assholes called Rick?

  • Alex

    Grandma’s Boy is hilarious. You should actually watch it before dismissing it. Adam Sandler isn’t even in it.

  • Mark Bisone

    Only Bisone can go to China.

  • Larrylongballs

    I’d respect you more if you watched necrobeastiality porn.

  • rick berman

    i can’t stop watching…

  • ZombieSlayer85

    I laughed at this, though I’m not sure why. Was the reaction at the end because they only said it was a good movie thanks to a shared massive brain aneurism, or was the fact that they actually found an Adam Sandler movie that was good what caused the shared massive brain aneurism? Someone tell me, because I am NOT going to watch this movie to find out.

  • Griffin Bain

    Reposting and meme-forcing something that was originally posted as a (semi-serious) rally against RLM’s discussion board turning into 4chan. Oh, the irony.

  • michael douglas

    we all hate fun

  • Grant Butler

    I don’t care what you haters say, I liked the first one, I’ve not seen the second and I thought Jack and Jill was just terrible……… well what I bothered to see of it. However I could sit through Grown Ups and laugh, thought maybe it was because I was pissed.

  • Griffin Bain

    What it means is that 90% of the people who went to see it liked it. Anyone with any taste or self respect wouldn’t go see it.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    I keep wondering who does their laundry, and who cleans up their sets after they trash them.

    I mean, it’s pure bliss watching them trash their sets and spray blood all over their costumes and clothes… but someone’s gotta be like “Oh man they broke all the beer bottles again?”

  • Murderin Murphy

    Sooooooooooooo…… It’s good?

  • commentingisseriousssbussiness

    Calling me stupid does not get it up for me.

    Your whip-raging on the other hand…job

  • Gabi Friedrich

    the much antisipated sequal to one of the worst buddy comedies ever made.. of course it’s gonna be the best film ever made!! move over citizen cane..

  • roflmao

    I love you man.

  • commentingisseriousssbussiness

    All roads lead to pedobear.

  • whip

    I think they made it pretty clear.

    If you like bleeding from multiple facial orifices, while having only brief moments of lucidity, in an otherwise foggy haze of your brain shutting down.. then you’ll LOVE THIS MOVIE!

  • Paul Schumann

    the way they said “those funny guys” tells me its utter shite

  • Wild in Wisconsin

    It’s okay rikki, you’re with friends now. The mushbrains can’t hurt you with their shrill soulless honking anymore, we’re here with you.

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    Adam Sandler is funny bro, what do you know?? Genius!

  • William

    I like to imagine there was a ‘scanner’ forcing them to praise Grown Ups 2.

  • asdf

    Ha ha. And sadly there are many dead-serious TV reviews of this movie that read just like the first 2 minutes of this clip.

  • Murderin Murphy

    Well, I’m not sure about all that but those 2 guys covered in raspberry jam seemed to enjoy it.

  • I don’t think they actually liked it that much.

  • The bleeding was a relief.

  • jubalbiggs

    I should have suspected something when I saw Mike in a nice, clean, new uniform.
    I guess they liked it. After all, there are worse things than a fork in the brain! 😉

  • You can see blood stains on the wall behind them from a previous clip. They probably don’t clean it that much.

  • CorbeauNoir

    They tweeted the other day that they filmed two HitB episodes (well, maybe more like 1.2 HitB episodes or thereabouts) and one BotW episode. I think Pacific Rim is a likely candidate for the second one they made.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Yeah the marketing executives of IHOP were fucking *pissed* after that.

  • Guest

    Either option is far more enjoyable than watching an Adam Sandler movie.

  • Guest

    So, a well made scifi movie with an intelligently written, original script is dull and pointless but a horribly written, unoriginal piece of garbage made for a quick buck is a fun way to pass the time. Congratulations, Adam Sandler’s target audience.

  • Guest

    *you’re Adam Sandler’s

  • Conan

    When is there gonna be a new Best of the Worst you lazy bums!?

  • Herostratus356

    Fork in the brain, fork in the brain, fork in the brain, fork in the brain…

  • bob

    I’m not entierly sure if they just hated it and are just acting like the lovable sarcastic dicks they always are, or they liked it and it is so painful too admit that they start bleeding from every orifice.

  • DoNotTread73

    what box office reports said Grown ups 2 was #1 last week? Despicable Me 2 was #1 2 weeks in a row per box office mojo .com?

  • General Grievance

    Grown Ups 1 was so unfunny that i couldn’t finish watching it….no need to see Grown Ups 2

  • Dante

    They hated it and are being sarcastic.

  • Just reminded me of them

    Mike heidecker and Jay wareheim

  • Octo Seven

    Just so you know, that blood wasn’t real.

  • Octo Seven

    I’m a fly-over cow. “Moooooo”

  • Ripsnort

    He looks hotter with blood all over his face mmmmm

  • capitandelespacio

    Are you fucking kidding me? A YouTube upload? Are you mental?.. WHERE’S THE NEXT HALF IN THE PLINKET WHEEL OF THE WORST REVIEW?!?!?!…. (blurp)… I… I’m not feeling… o… k…. AWWMYGAWHD, WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY…. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT… FACEEEEEEE… (choaked in my vomit) This review it’s like having sex with a horse… ARRRRRRGGGHHHH (uncontrolled diarrea coming up from my ass trhought my mouth) PLEASE MAKE IT SAPH!

  • Mark Bisone

    That’s what she said HURR HURR DURR HURRRRR.

  • vincent

    Really? Was it the oozing blood that gave it away

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That ‘man’ was actually a walrus judging by the clapping, honking, and the fact that he paid to see Grown Ups 2.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    No, keep going, I just unzipped my pants…

  • KrangdasVolga

    My head hurts.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I don’t think RLM gives a shit.

  • guest


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Therapist? The rapist?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “I don’t even know how to feel anymore.” Stupid. You should feel stupid.

  • Octo Seven

    Try removing the fork.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Try removing the brain. You’ll feel better in no time.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Make it ‘saph’? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  • guest

    When one’s skull is punctured by a foreign object such as a fork, knife, or axe, it is usually best to leave it in until emergency personnel arrive and a certified surgeon can assist in removal, as most of the threatening damage occurs post-removal – the weapon is blocking serious bleeding.

    So I’m thinking what he’s saying is, if you’ve watched an Adam Sandler movie and attacked yourself with a fork as result, go ahead and remove the fork, knife, chainsaw, whatever, before paramedics arrive. You might sustain sufficient injury to forget the Adam Sandler film entirely – or at least fall into a coma, preventing you from having conscious knowledge of the movie.

  • Albert T. Colon

    I fucking shot my wine out my nose and choked on my spliff for almost 8 minutes…. on some ‘get smoked like that blunt’ shit… lmfao… you guys are the best!

  • guest

    He should never have tried to pilot that Gundam by himself is all.

  • Regan

    F*ck the pain away…
    F*ck the pain away…
    F*ck the pain away…

  • David Ben

    You two are unreal 😀 that’s not hyperbole, we fans know it it’s true. Not Judge, Parker and Stone, or McFarland. HITB. I recommend RLM all the time to people, and they always ask me, “What is it?” And I’m like, “It’s Siskel and Ebert for the 21st century, mixed with Monty Python.” Y’all are consistently the most originally funny program anywhere in the world right now. Do you deserve to get paid like those other guys. Yes. Will you? You never know. One thing is for certain, the internet is a perfect platform that allows you guys to be no-holds-barred in your comedy, beholden to no squeamish producers.

  • Plinkettbitch

    I too was a bit confused having never seen (or heard about) Grown Ups 1. Seeing how it got 6% on rotten tomatoes, they are being sarcastic.

  • guestless

    Zergling rush? Helloooo 1999. That is soooo ‘fetch!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    How did they survive sitting through the whole movie, getting back to their shop, and then saying all those lovely things about the film until they started bleeding from various orifices on their heads?

    Most people would have been dead within the first 10 minutes of the movie. These guys are legends!

  • Nancy Frye

    That’s alarming.

  • Colwyn

    I was expecting a Pacific Rim review, not Grown ups 2.

    Im not a huge fan of over-the-top action movies but its fucking awesome.

  • Marc-André Durocher

    Here’s hoping that’s what they have planned for their next episode.

  • guest

    Woah slow your roll there P.B. I’m pretty sure that % rating on Rotten Tomatoes is the number of people who DISliked it and that they were bleeding out of their eyes from the sheer awesomeness of Grown Ups 2.

    But let’s agree to call it Ebola 2 from this point on, okay?

  • Marc-André Durocher

    I hope you guys didn’t actually pay to see this piece of crap…

  • Niggerman

    I fucking love how sarcastic they get. It’s hilarious

  • GladiatorJohn


  • Vaughn Fry

    All I’m say is if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting together anything labeled a review, have the content to suggest you actually saw the movie.

  • Dick75

    For a second I was like, these guys serious? But then I was like Mike’s shirt is different, that must mean something. Then I saw blood and it all made sense,

  • rikkibarnes

    ::hug:: Thank you… You guys are like my keg of beer. You help me forget.

  • rikkibarnes

    It’s like four Hollywood execs sat around one night, chugging beer and one of them was like, “Hey. Hey. I bet my studio can make the worst movie of the year.”

    Then another is like, “No way. My studio churns out uninspired bullshit every month, we’d totally make the worst one of the year.”

    The one who drank the most booze goes on to propose this. “Let’s make a pact. We’ll each try to make the worst movies that we can. Whoever makes the worst movie gets to screw George Lucas.”

    “Nah, nah!” exclaimed the dumbest and, surprisingly, least drunk exec. “…Winner fucks Roland Emmerich.”

    I think we all know who won that bet…

  • Alan Smithee

    OMG Spoilers!

    /They got me too until I saw the blood.

  • Alan Smithee

    Seriously, I was planning to go buy a ticket thinking that Adam accidentally made a great movie…

  • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    When you plug Adam Sandler into the equation, I think you will find that the most likely combination is hate + sarcasm.

  • kenchun24

    Haha! RLM never disappoints. Expect the unexpected as I’m sure your nod to Pacific Rim could be viewed as either…

    A) You liked Pacific Rim equally as much as the recent Adam Sandler poop sandwich,and are ripping on both films (which I highly doubt,but could be possible).

    B) You liked Pacific Rim so much you decided to pay tribute via the “the drift” experience of sitting through Grown Ups 2.

    Whatever the end result may be,thanks for the laugh guys!

  • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Or a previous take

  • autonomousgerm
  • adam sandler

    i expected something like that

  • Peter Gorman

    chauklet waaaasted

  • AlanSmithee


  • MIltonThimble

    As in “sapphic erotica”

  • Gloomu Uptu

    They’ve already spent a grossly undeserved amount of time slaughtering and exposing the horrors of Sandler’s “work.” This is just their way of assuring us that, despite its success, it’s just more of the same garbage. Doing this (hilariously so, if I may add) allows them to focus on movies that actually matter while still saying something bold about this one.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I am fully prepared for RLM to rip Pacific Rim apart even though it’s a film I support. I honestly don’t know which way they would go in reviewing it. It might be just the kind of thing Jay likes because it’s fun and kind of goofy and it might be just what Mike likes because it’s Science Fiction. But they could just as easily hate it and destroy it. I don’t really care. These guys have so much artistic integrity that I am able to accept even the opinions I totally disagree with them on. I know they won’t half-ass it even if they are hack-frauds.

  • Robots punching stuff

    A great plot would have been a bonus. I sure as hell didn’t expect one.

    Did you? Did you REALLY?

  • buff_butler

    were the robots supposed to read poetry to each other?

    for action films IMO, it was above average which is quite an accomplishment.

  • Grown Ups 4

    I would have yelled out “WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE WATCHING THIS GARBAGE?” before leaving in disgust.

  • Name Goes Here

    Gosh I hope they’re OK

  • Adam Shitler

    You’re…..one of those morons who saw Grown Ups 2, aren’t you?

  • Hans Solo

    excellent as always. I hope you are all sweating bullets to get the next vid out to please the insatiable audience. You guys will be 60 before you know it! GO TO HAWAII!

  • William Shakesman

    Is there where people screw dead animals, or animals screw dead people?

  • Geahk Burchill

    Thank goodness Jay and Mike have a comedy genius like you to keep them in line when they falter.

  • Adam Shitler

    Did you see the trailer? Then you’ve seen the movie.

  • William Shakesman

    Is this the end of Half in the Bag!?!?!?

  • AnimationWorksNL

    This is so great, you really had me. I was actually happy for you guys, having seen a nice movie. Bought the whole thing, choke-ups and all. I was crying with laughter when the blood started trickling. Laughing at your faces and my own stupidity for buying into it 🙂

    Thanks guys. Hope you have a nice holiday soon, try not to watch any movies for a while OK?

  • Richard White

    God damn you guys i spewed my beer all over my monitor laughing at the ending to this

  • Ben Firth

    I don’t know if Mike and Joy read comments, but please don’t stop the VCR repairmen storyline! Of course the review part is most important, but the silly story stuff was part of what makes Half in the Bag unique! Long live RLM! 🙂

  • Ben Firth

    Mike and Jay*

  • Ben Parsons

    So did you really want an in depth review of goddamn Grown Ups 2? Clearly the video itself was a joke. (Refer to Gloomu Uptu’s comment ;).) And they already stated that they’ve finished another Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst, so just wait for those since I guess you clearly don’t get the point this video. In the meantime, I recommend that you go and watch the Step Up Revolution episode to hold you over. I think that you’ll probably find it highly informative.

  • kenchun24

    Ha! Same here,it won’t matter to me. I love the guys and the content they provide on RLM. Even though I have disagreed with their reviews before,I still dig the show(s). This was a part of my post awhile back on the Man Of Steel extras thread –

    “With that being said, I’m ready for some newish sci-fi action/film/IP
    stuff that’s not a sequel/prequel or re-boot of a well known property
    and cannot wait for the upcoming Pacific Rim and Elysium.

    I’m biased for Pacific Rim though due to the fact that I’m a Navy
    brat born in Japan and lived there from ’76 to ’81. So bad
    reviews or “movie science vs. real science” nitpicking cynicism due to my exposure and love for all things Giant Robo,Mecha/Kaiju/Shogun Warrior/Super Sentai TV shows will go right over my head. Even from Mike & Jay.”

    I think they may lie in the middle towards PR. Pointing out it’s simplistic/silly dialogue,story,characters and comedy bits like most of the films detractors. While praising the detailed world building of del Toro,the cinematography work of DP Guillermo Navarro and fun tone of the movie (especially based on recent reviews as of late). But for me I go back to the Ebert quote…

    “It’s not what a movie is about ,its how it is about it…”

    …to me Pacific Rim was “about it” pretty damn well. Not just from my biased POV (and personal experience with an audience both times I saw it) but many friends of mine were surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Seems to be the same sentiment over the web. From positive reviews across the board,or any YouTube Pacific Rim related video trailer/reviews comments sections since its release.

  • Ben Parsons

    My jaw literally dropped at the beginning of this video.. Then promptly pissed my pants with laughter.

  • Javier Marcelo Pacheco

    They’ve said they are not against product placement, but as long as it’s not as obvious as the Dunkin Donuts in Jack and Jill or Nike in What Women Want.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It really is a cut above Sandler’s more recent movies, probably his finest comedy since Chuck & Larry. One has to wonder if he’s seen your Jack & Jill review and decided to up his game. Good for him, I say, and as long as he keeps up to the standard he’s set for himself with Grown Ups 2, I say good luck to him.

  • SimpleCavemanLawyer

    Mongo confused, did Jay and Silent Bob like or hate Grown-Ups 2? Was that all sarcasm about actual funny sequences in the movie?

  • shf

    I agree, Adam Sandler is the messiah of comedy in our age. After his previous smash productions he’s come around to bamboozle the box office once again with a fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain.

  • Tony

    i enjoy you guys.

  • JD

    I never thought for a second that they actually enjoyed Grown Ups 2 for two reasons.

    1. The length of this video

    2. It’s Grown Ups 2

  • S G

    Way … too …. short.

  • JD

    I prefer ‘Mike and Joy’.

  • bob665@aol.com

    That was a great short. At first I thought is this a decent movie? I didn’t see
    the first one and don’t recall seeing previews for this one so I thought okay.
    Then they started ratcheting it up and I realized they were being sarcastic. I
    always thought sarcasm was something pretty hard to convey. When they did movie
    34 or whatever it was called it got old. It was like a long set up and no
    punchline. Here they started low worked their way up and just about as soon as I
    was catching on they were being sarcastic here comes the blood. It was very well

  • williamsn411

    I thought “Pacific Rim” was awesome. Mike and Jay probably won’t like it though, they normally give popcorn flicks a bad review.

  • KartoffelKongen

    Don’t worry, it has a 4.6 IMDb score. Humanity isn’t all that bad.

  • Percy Gryce

    China’s the name of a big prostitute, right?

  • Percy Gryce

    China’s the name of a big prostitute, right?

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Hey,assholes…….you never even watched the fucking movie! Sandler is the greatest comic genius of our time so fuck you if you want to rag on his latest screen gem without even taking the time to sit in the cinema on your fat butts and watch it! Good evening Mr and Mrs C, I’m talking to you Cunningham, heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Hey,assholes…….you never even watched the fucking movie! Sandler is the greatest comic genius of our time so fuck you if you want to rag on his latest screen gem without even taking the time to sit in the cinema on your fat butts and watch it! Good evening Mr and Mrs C, I’m talking to you Cunningham, heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Percy Gryce

    Okay, RLM, I’m still on vacation. How can I relax when you all are working so prodigiously? Fine, I’m cutting the vacation short. I’ll be home in a day or two. I’m sure they’ll be two or three BOTWs waiting for me at home on my little Internet box.

  • Percy Gryce

    pissed . . . on by a deer?

  • Grim

    So, that’s why they wore such crisp and clean costumes. Yeah, their super clean uniform distracted me for a while until the gore happened.

  • SomeGuyJustSaid

    I am a fly over cow .. MOOOWWWWW !

    I watched it two times now and i think I am going to watch it again 😀

  • SomeGuyJustSaid

    Same here. I thought they were going for some kind of clean shirted brain washed thing …

  • Now I Get It

    Oh, mother…

  • Now I Get It

    Ash looks like he just reviewed the same movie.

  • GuardianAngle

    I see your point.

  • grendl

    I bet you didn’t get “A”s in school.

  • Constantine1985


  • Now I Get It

    I agree. It said in creative shorthand what would have been boring to say (and hear) again at length.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Did Ash rescue any human beings? I know he tried his best to save Sigourney Weaver from choking by shoving a rolled-up magazine in her gob but she was having none of it. Ungrateful bitch.

  • Jay

    Adam’s Sandler’s comedic genius cannot be overstated. He really is the next Steve Martin, Woody Allen, and Curly Joe all mixed together! Killme. I saw Grown Ups 1 to preprare myself for the comedic onslaught that I expected the sequel to be, and let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! Deadchildren. Sandler exhibits such an admirable level of subtlety and guile with his comedic technique that I think his methods should be studied in drama schools all over the nation. He truly is a shining beacon of talent who will light the way for generations of comedians to come. Nohope. I think that when he gets around to producing Grown Ups 3, it will be the shattering conclusion to this epic funny trilogy. It will be the apotheosis of all that is humorous. So strap yourselves in and prepare for another round of FUN! Rottingcarcasses.

  • guest


    Christ, I’m sure glad you have no input in what they do.

  • Sully

    Come on. Is that really an accurate statement? They enjoyed the Avengers, John Carter, and even gave Battleship (of all fucking movies) a “not as painful as you’d think” stamp of semi-approval. It’s just most popcorn flicks are garbage these days.

    That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Pacific Rim. Don’t get me wrong, It was full of schlock, but it was at least *aware* of its schlockiness, and never took itself too seriously.

  • Now I Get It

    Hnhh. You know, I collected their first four seasons, but haven’t even watched them yet, because sketch comedy is so far down in my queue. But this sounds like a lead. I should watch them.

    Thanks bunchly for your casual remark, oh, Just Reminder.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Surely I can’t be the only one hoping for a prequel trilogy after Grown Ups 3? There are so many unanswered questions, no way can they answer them all in part 3.

  • Sully

    Are Sandler’s “movies” different? I mean, do they each need to be seen to be reviewed? They all feature the same actors playing the same characters (just the names have been changed to protect the investors), and they all follow the same story beats, and feature the same racist, xenophobic, and homophobic jokes. What’s the fucking point? If you’ve seen Chuck & Larry, you’ve seen Jack & Jill, and if you’ve seen Grown Ups, then you’ve sure as fuck seen Grown Ups 2 and should probably have yourself lobotomized.
    IMO, Sandler’s movies aren’t worth a REview, let alone an actual viewing. I wouldn’t give that hack $9 just to prove me right. Fuck that guy.

  • Now I Get It

    I can’t recall. I was thinking he’d just rescued Sandler. …But you knew that, right?

  • Meester Smeeth

    Oh, wait, now I get it.

    (you get it?)

  • guest

    I bet you’re a real blast at parties, Vaughn Fry.

  • Now I Get It

    I think what you say is true, just not in this context.

  • Now I Get It

    I read your review, saw the avatar, then thought, “God, that’s brilliant! That’s Ash talking,” followed by a dozen drafts of tricky composition.

    Now I Get It, therefore, I am. Wait, that’s Descartes and he was wrong. I am, therefore, I get it. I will get it. I have to. Because I am.

    Anyway, I thought your thing was clever, crafty, cunning.

  • Now I Get It

    But the pain was.

  • Now I Get It

    Like every guilty pleasure.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Why, thank you! Completely unintentional on my part, but thank you all the same, sir.

  • rikkibarnes

    I did that once when I peeked in on What’s Your Number and I got pelted by popcorn tubs and…empty tampon cases.

  • Now I Get It

    Unintentional. Which is likely why it wasn’t also cute. …Oops, late for work. I simply must get myself one of them portable devices.

  • Meester Smeeth

    You mean one of those newfangled fancy walk man audio cassette players? Fair enough, they are the future after all. Have a nice day, sir.

  • catnep

    This had me a little worried at first. Thank god for stage blood.

  • catnep

    May you be as beautifully bronzed as Mike Stoklasa.

  • Me

    A little disappointed when I saw the short 3min length… but by the time I got to the end I could say this is one of the best reviews they done. And not everyone is going to catch The Box reference,,,

  • catnep

    Jay, Joy, Joey. He’s just got one of those faces…

  • Oh, please, stop the drama. 😛

    It all comes down to what kind of movie you were expecting.

    You apparently thought there was going to be something deeper, and I’m assuming you walked away disappointed.

    I walked in expecting *exactly* what I got, and had fun.

    It’d be great if Pacific Rim had a better story. I’d be all for it. That would make an already fun movie even better. But on it’s own, even without a strong or even original narrative, the raw *spectacle* of the event — the bare minimum I expected going in — was enough to allow me to have a blast.

    The trailers promised one thing, and it delivered.

    There’s enough room in life for enjoying mindless bad-assery AND losing yourself in a compelling, well-written story.

    Sometimes both, if we’re really lucky. (Jurassic Park comes to mind.)

  • catnep

    Me too. I don’t know if Jay can ever get that bar thing removed from across his eyes.

  • i wont only blame the pizza rolls

  • Papa Lazarou

    This is just a saga now.

  • Percy Gryce

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Sad to say, though, I live in fear of melanoma and I’ve remained as white as the insides of Rich Evans’s thighs.

  • mooo

    Know how I know you’re a flyover cow?

  • Mars

    i love you guys

  • Fuck Bot 5000

    Yeah, too bad about the short running time, its a dead giveaway ..
    They should have like made a 20 minute episode, 2 minutes ‘normal’ the other 18 minutes throwing up blood, gore, hanging them selfs from the ceiling, lying or rolling on the ground in a puddle of blood in pain, etc .. now, that would have been epic.

  • Cobblestone

    I get that Jay and Bob have this well rehearsed shtick of shitting all over mainstream movies. It’s a nice antidote to the nauseating cycles of hype that surround that dross, but it doesn’t seem to offer much else. Are they ever going to review something genuinely good, and discuss why it worked? You know, so they end up recommending some films they enjoyed for being well made…Or are they just endlessly pursuing the same strained dichotomy of corporate cum-buckets v.s. snarky comedic/Internet assholes that critics (of every entertainment medium) seem to be universally falling for? Despite the fact that the whole point of film critics is to help the casual audience pick the odd gems out of a river of mediocrity.

    While these reviews are entertaining, I can’t help but ask myself “If these guys find this stuff so agonisingly tedious, and realise that most of it exists to make money instead of acting as an artistic outlet…why the fuck do they bother paying it any attention at all?”.

  • that guy

    I like the use of the insincerity gradient, one of the finest I’ve ever seen.

  • Sully

    Who da fuck is “Bob”?

  • Jay

    That’s right, Meester Smeeth. And it will be so fucking enjoyable that I will gouge my fucking eyes out with deer antlers out of sheer fucking excitement!

  • CorbeauNoir

    I believe jay made mention on twitter that he like PR

  • GAMcGhee

    “I get that Jay and Bob have this well rehearsed shtick of shitting all over mainstream movies.”

    You’re talking crap, they regularly praise mainstream films they’ve enjoyed, and are a hell of a lot less negative than the loudest voices on the internet.

    For example, Half in the Bag gave good to really good reviews for The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, and The Hobbit, 3 2012 films which a lot of people felt the need to complain and moan about.

  • The Pandaman

    This guy really has no idea where he is.

  • Meester Smeeth


  • Cameron Vale

    For fuck’s sake, this exact comment is on several other videos! Why can’t I flag this shit like on YouTube?

  • Cameron Vale

    Kermode’s still kicking.


    salutations internet heathens

    mike and jay used this groovey music, when they had questions regarding Prometheus. Is this musik on youtube? what is it’s title? thank you ever so much, you are kind, gentile and most importantly, good looking.

  • Cameron Vale

    Wasn’t me.

  • Cameron Vale

    Or every part of the movie Mac & Me.

  • Sully

    I’m guessing he thought he was standing out in front of Quick Stop. But I’ve got news for Cobblestone; this ain’t Jersey.

  • Cameron Vale

    Don’t do that last thing.

  • Baramos x


  • Cameron Vale

    No, it’s just this movie’s awfulness can warp spacetime.

  • Alexandria Sanders

    Was this entire segment sarcasm or did they actually like the movie and then get ridiculous at the end? I’d believe both.

  • Dixon Bawls

    A tremor in the force tells me they did not like this movie at all.

  • whip

    They gave good review to Prometheus and The Hobbit? Did you actually watch those reviews?

    Prometheus they weren’t exactly hard on, but far from glowing and high praise. Jay was much more enthralled with it, and seemed to be due to his love and respect for Ridley Scott. But to suggest they gave it a positive review is a bit baffling. They had many good questions about it (so many they made another video about the questions alone).

    But I may be inclined to give you that one since they did recommend it. Sort of.

    But The Hobbit? Seriously.. did you watch the review? They hated it. They complained about the pacing and the 3D and the frames per second shit and a bunch of other complaints. They called it “The Unexpected flop” and were very hard on it. And did not recommend it.

    But still, I also don’t want to give the original poster much credit. Mike and Jay have certainly given good glowing praise of many movies in their time. A substantial portion. It also drives me nuts when people say trite rhetoric like “Do you guys like ANYTHING?” And I often want to post something like you did in response.

    But then I see your response.. Prometheus and The Hobbit. Seriously, I’m not sure you actually watched those reviews. Those are NOT good examples.

    Maybe you were just really wanting to offer the most recent examples, rather than dated ones?

    Better examples of their true praise of movies would be:

    Cowboys and Aliens
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    The Avengers
    Iron Man 3
    Dark Knight Rises (as you listed)

    NOT Prometheus or the Hobbit. Prometheus was tepid at best. Hobbit they crapped on.

  • Jack Dunn

    I think they were being honest, but then made fun of themselves for liking it.

  • David Axelord

    When I saw the blood dripping from Jay’s nose, my first thought was that he must have drifted with Adam Sandler.

  • Cameron Vale

    It’s pretty funny but weird. I think that the villain might be a parody of John Romero.

  • Mikey

    Who cleans up the set? Also are you guys coming to FanExpo (Toronto) this year? I want a signed copy of feeding frenzy.

  • Cobblestone

    I re-watched the The Dark Knight Rises review and it’s a decent example of what I mean. They did five minutes of “it’s fucking awesome and epic” ten minutes of “this is why you should pick apart the plot holes” and the other half was “it’s good because it didn’t do all these shit things other movies do”. The problem isn’t that they’re wrong about any of it. It’s just that their only context for why it was good was that it wasn’t all of these other bad things…or was so generic as to be fairly meaningless.

    For example:
    (paraphrased) “A lot of it worked because of the musical score. If you take the soundtrack out of a decent film it will often feel flat and hokey.”
    (i.e. it works because it does)

    …where they could have explained that it reinforced the tone of certain scene by marrying movements in the music to the events on screen in a way that only an accomplished composer doing bespoke work can manage successfully.
    (v.s. it works because of [this mechanic], and they achieved by doing [this])

    Anyway, I’m not complaining about Half in the Bag. Like I said, it’s entertaining and fun. I was just wondering if they cover some the “film as art” stuff they occasionally mention in passing.

  • Cameron Vale

    Judging by the op’s avatar he’s way ahead of you.

  • Cameron Vale

    Step away from the bike.

  • Charon


  • Cameron Vale

    It’s not really about Grown Ups 2 but about movies in general. That’s why it’s so weird, because it’s metaphorical. I would bet that Jay and Mike are better than the average film critic, since they actually pay for their tickets and skip movies on occasion, which are the things professional film critics never do, and lose their connection to the casual audience as a result.

  • Cameron Vale

    The DKR HitB had problems (when they like a movie they generally lack for decent things to say, as you said) but the score thing was great. They were relating the common Hollywood belief that a movie’s sound is actually more important than the visuals, so you had it backwards; you should have complained that they didn’t show how the things on screen are helped by the sound, not the other way around. Which they basically did anyway, by way of an illustrative ET clip.

  • ForwardEarth

    I wondered why Mike was wearing a lighter color than usual. Then I realized it’s because it shows the blood better.

  • Rural Juror

    Surely a wind up? I know the stereotypical belief is that Americans do not understand sarcasm but I thought RLM viewers were a cut above the typical “Murica” cinema goer.

  • pomiauuf

    Dunn dunn DUNN!!!!

  • eurotrash

    Stupid people can like intelligent content too.
    Just read the comments.

  • badjokeaboutjewsandgrammar


    Surely you mean gentle.

    If not…are you tryint ot be anti-semitic ? I am confused

  • Wombat

    Or maybe the point was that people who like this shit, are brain-dead idiots.

  • Cobblestone

    You’re absolutely right about this episode. If there’s one thing these guys portray perfectly it’s the physical sense of revulsion you get from the mindlessly cobbled together, appeal to the lowest common denominator, cash-grabs-passed-off-as-movies and the people that pay to see them.

    I disagree on the Dark Knight Rises thing, though. They covered that it worked in DKR, and that the absence of music in a scene designed to have a musical accompaniment makes it suck, but not the whys and the hows of it.

    I was just wondering if they *will* cover some the “film as art” stuff they occasionally mention in passing.
    …because I’m a retard who doesn’t proof read his posts.

    More than anything else, I want to see these guys review A Field in England, and it annoys me that it won’t happen.

  • whips greatest fan

    Yes you got me.I’m Jay.

  • flag your mom

    Commenting on youtube is a hobby for retarded people.

  • whips greatest fan

    Oh look it’s whip.

  • whip

    I don’t understand it either..

    Do some people just really fail to understand sarcasm that badly? Or do they want to believe something else, and just tune it out?

    I mean, near the end of this.. the sarcasm is so dripping and obvious and torturous. I can’t see how *anyone* can miss it’s obvious sarcasm and not remotely serious endorsement. Escalation to ridiculous levels, purposely!

    It’s almost too obvious and overdone, as if they felt like some people wouldn’t get the sarcasm, so they needed to really pour it on as hard as they could.. and what do you know .. SOME PEOPLE STILL DON’T GET THE SARCASM.

    Do they utterly fail to understand sarcasm? Or are they just ignoring it or rationalizing it so they can make the review say what they want it to say? Like some form of denial?


    oops meant gentle. spelt it wrong 😀 please excuse, english is my first language. Do you know the song name from 1.50 by the weigh ?

  • DoNotTread73

    neither was the humor

  • Kevofthedead

    Best Half in the Bag yet. Been awhile since ive had tears streaming down my face.

  • Murderin Murphy

    I liked the part when they were disingenuous.

  • Duckler

    A bluejay squawked at me this morning as I took out the trash, to which I replied “That’s right Jay” and laughed myself into fits. I need to stop drinking and/or watching HITB

  • Jason Ross

    9.7 / 10

  • Michael Mansperger

    I thought they were serious for a while there, nice acting guys!.

  • Marvin Falz

    Jay’s wrong though with the notion that watching this movie is like eating rat poison. Rat poison’s a treat compared to an Adam Sandler movie.

  • Bacchus

    FFS I was eating a jam sandwich when I started watching this..

  • DualCore Professional Cecor

    I started eating one when this was over…

  • CorbeauNoir

    Well they DID shell out the extra 20 bucks to have Tim on the set for two minutes that one time.

  • Dick75

    spoilers? Why would you read the comments before watching the video . . . that’s . . . that’s madness.

  • Marvin Falz

    I like that Jay mirrors Mike’s over-exaggerated “one of my personal favorites” sarcasm from the last episode. Maybe Jay IS a figment of Mike’s imagination as the empty chair in the Movie 43 made-up-story segment suggests.

  • K

    No! That’s not true! That’s impossible!

  • Reuben Isuck Andsodoyou

    Not sure if troll or genuinely stupid…

  • bomb 20

    A tremor in my Bawls sez Dixon could be right!

  • asdfasdfafafafa

    the music is amazing

  • Gillen Hall

    Hilarious. I wonder if they actually saw it. The review would have been the same either way.

  • FlawFilial

    Hey, now… there’s room for Judge, Parker, Stone AND Half in the Bag, in my opinion. (Yeah, but FUCK MACFARLANE!)
    Half in the Bag has those elements that I love about the aforementioned artists, though. Their ability to emulate the mannerisms of idiots reminds me a LOT of Beavis and Butthead (and all Mike’s talk of “dumb masses” screams of ‘Idiocracy.’) It has South Park’s crassness and “Monty Python” flair. Plus, Mike and Jay have that kind of “dry humor” aspect to them that made King of the Hill one of my favorite shows.
    Carry on, you brave soldiers.

  • valou999

    Lol, I didn’t buy they were being honest for one sec when they tried to pretend they liked it. I know you guys WAY too well for that, but nice try! It gotta hilarious when your brains started to melt from saying such inane BS. xD

  • Sea Witch

    That Jay guy is actually a pretty handsome dude with his ‘woke up in the morning hair-style’
    I can totaly picture him in one of those L’oreal FX Gel commercials ^_^
    He looked pretty good in that Turkish death scene skit with the red sweater and the black leather jacket.
    But becausse of the personas they play (dim witted half drunk bums) there body language is all over the place, wich results in un-attractive .. ahhh the mistery of perception ^_^

  • FlawFilial

    That’s what I was thinking… speaking of Movie 43, Mike had the same sarcastic tone when he said “wouldn’t’ve seen THAT in the Titanic” before making the greatest face of all time.

  • decora

    they both actually had a viral hemorraghic fever, and decided to let the video get out there so that other people with viral hemorraghic fever won’t feel so alone.

  • Otto Torrens

    Prob should of used those knives since the pilots both knew about them cause of the neural bridge handshake to rocket slam the knife fist sword into the monster’s brain instead of wasting 5 minutes punching it and letting the other monster stomp around and kill people….. oh wait… or maybe cause he didn’t have to get the other guy’s son killed since he could have ejected like the main characters did?

  • decora


    just kidding!! ha ha ha.

  • decora

    you are, actually, complaining about half in the bag, in fact, you wrote about a dozen paragraphs where you complain about half in the bag. in fact, you point out its flaws and faults. without actually telling us why you like it or why you are even here. why do you even exist? why do any of us exist? why the roman alphabet? why is an A shaped like an A? I mean what if B was shaped like A and A was shaped like B? Would shakespeare be any less of a work of literature, if in some alternative universe, all the Bs and As were switched?

  • decora

    thats what she said! right before she said this:

    “I’m innocent! I was raped! I hope you get raped! Scumbags of America!”

  • decora

    you can also watch them tear down the whole set and rebuild it in a new location … they do alot of (if not all?) their own shit. there are other clips showing jays behind the scenes magic (for example Feeding Frenzy)

  • decora

    that reminds me of a guy i used to know who turned off the car radio while it was playing Pink Floyd’s “learning to fly” because it was “boring”. he later was arrested for child molestation and is on a sex offender registry. so there ya go! he may have a few faults, but at least he knows what ‘good music’ is.

  • decora

    that’s funny, because Adam Sandler probably never watched it either. But you dont get all high and mighty up in his grill, do ya?

  • decora

    you would really like him in Feeding Frenzy. very attractive character.

  • Acanthus Lux

    I imagine Rich Evans has clean-up duties…
    And they’re probably throwing stuff at him while he’s doing it…

  • Acanthus Lux

    I’m so glad someone’s finally broaching this subject. I’ve always thought Jay was the handsomest RLMer by a fairly wide margin (despite the bushy facial hair he often sports giving him a sort of “in-bred Mennonite” look), but I’d never felt there was an appropriate place to share that observation. And now I have one. Thank you Sea Witch!

  • Yes indeed

    Jay reminds me of a young Steve Buscemi.

  • Duckler

    I don’t think that’s a persona..

  • Before watching this, my hairdo was NOT the devil…. but afterwords…



  • Drjimbo32

    The three top comments….are essentially the same.

  • Here I was, getting all settled in for another hilarious HITB take on Adam Sandler’s continued downward spiral into low brow, lowest common denominator “comedy” “film” making with a nice hot meal, only to find I couldn’t taste anything and soon I couldn’t hear as the blood started pouring out of my ears. Goddamnit now there’s goo in my keyboard.

  • Heart Strings Operation

    I knew Mike was full of shit when he mentioned becoming sentimental over something

  • Sully

    Kinda like Adam Sandler’s movies. Always on top… yet always the same. Where da fuck is my tinfoil hat?

  • Heart Strings Operation

    I knew Mike was full of shit right when he mentioned becoming sentimental over something.

  • Sully

    Déjà vu

  • jay stein

    They don’t clean the set

  • dingus

    their reaction didn’t surprise me

  • Pockets

    Shame, I really wanted to hear them review Pacific Rim. Maybe next movie I see :

  • Jack Dunn

    After watching this hilarious video 10 more times I take back my statement. Forgive me and whip me for I have sinned.

  • Jack Dunn

    God damn it! Stop that! You have to be the 12th to do that!

  • Daniel Williams

    i wanna get chauklet wasted

  • Marvin Falz

    Mike gets a lot of comedic body language out of his character. All Jay needs is more body control, you often see him stifling a laugh during their skits, while Mike seems to be in total control of himself during the show (which is probably one reason why many viewers think he’s depressed or without emotions). I also think Mike and Jay do a lot of improv and are always in a process of finding themselves / inventing themselves as a comedy duo, working on their comedic dynamics.

  • Rob Rose

    They are not, nor do they claim to be, film critics. They’re film MAKERS… they enjoy creating small and low budget films… from that perspective they obvious have a love for film in general and enjoy talking about the intricacies of the movie business as well as the technical aspects of movie making how it look and is directed to the screenplay itself, to the acting, everything that makes up the profession and art that they enjoy creating for.

    From THAT PERSPECTIVE they give their opinions and have a discussion about movies they have seen. Whether it be the recent mainstream movies in HITB or the old school B movies in BOTW. They make movies, they love discussing movies. The end. They’re not professional critics. If they were they wouldn’t put a video up where they literally have brain hemorrhages from watching a movie,.. that they obviously didn’t even actually see. But they’re not… so they do. Because they can. And they want to.

  • Cameron Vale

    In my eyes, there’s been blood loss and pain
    I don’t know if I can face it again
    Can’t stop now, I’ve watched these so long
    To force this lonely laugh…
    I’m getting chauklit wasted
    I want you to kill me
    I’m a flyover cow
    I know you can milk me

  • Marvin Falz

    Haha, that face. I noticed that Mike used this kind of face and posture in the Grabowskis at the end of a joke that’s not funny while the non-existing audience laughs at that joke.

  • Winkler

    I like how they used different costumes for this episode because they didn’t want to get their regular ones covered in fake blood.

  • eddyk

    I think it’s because light blue goes really well with a tan.

  • Sage

    Déjà vu

  • Sage

    Come on people. Who cares who you think is attractive? Not a single person. Seriously. Not a single one cares.

  • Sage

    I honestly would have laughed watching you do that.

  • Sage

    …. It’s a tarp.

  • J from Raleigh

    PACIFIC RIM! 7/11/2013

    Never forget.

  • T.e. Post

    This is perfect! It’s exactly what it needed to be! lol

  • Adolf

    Every sound is so dense, every sound has so much fork in the brain going on

  • catnep

    Ow. There’s a visual!

  • Thomas Sanchez



  • bean

    Ahhhh shit… We lost them.

  • AnimationWorksNL

    Jay and Silent Bob maybe? Maybe this guy is on to something, Mike could be Kevin Smith in disguise …

  • AnimationWorksNL

    Beg pardon?

  • Sully

    I believe we stumbled across that assumption already, but yeah… this guy has no fucking clue where he’s at. Looks like the troll got off at the wrong stop.

  • SomethingHeavy

    I guess this is as good a place as any to bring this up: I’ve always felt that Rich Evans’ laugh is the most sexually attractive thing about RLM.

  • Guestieguest

    Seek movie medical assistance immediately. Go watch “The Godfather”, STAT!

  • SomethingHeavy


  • Thomas

    Why did you switch from using blip to youtube?I liked blip

  • Now I Get It

    Deja view.

  • Brendan Tynan Buck

    They only do so, it seems, when they do short videos like this one.

  • fartastic

    Are you sure those were tears? In case you’ve seen GU2 shortly before, you might want to consider seeing a doctor.

  • Sully

  • Now I Get It

    You know, ’cause we were all viewing the same pair of comments twice? …Or does “vu” in French already mean “view” in English?

  • Sully

    Déjà = Already
    vu = Seen

  • Now I Get It

    Ah, thank you. I refund to you one of my upvotes. I think it came from “Guest.”

  • Vaughn Fry

    Challenge accepted.

  • vicomtepicabia

    FAKE blood!?! Now I’m disappointed.

  • Acanthus Lux

    Mike, is that you?

  • Vaughn Fry

    Jack and Jill drove me to quit movie criticism. Do some research before you commit libel.

  • guest

    Do some research? You mean research ON YOU? You’re just some guy making comments on someone else’s website. How would anyone here know/care that you also do film reviews? Check your ego, dipshit.

  • KA$H

    I don’t think Adam Sandler used enough failed SNL friends in this movie. I mean, come on, what’s Ellen Cleghorne doing these days? Or how about Chevon Fallon?

  • SamN

    fuckit, have another

  • I hope those were actual quotes from comment sections that they were saying there. Those sound like pretty typical Sandler defensive remarks from his fans who object to bad reviews.

  • Sig

    The ending cracked me up loved it!

  • kenchun24

    Hey what do you know?! Mike and Jay liked Pacific Rim (Jay a bit more than Mike) but overall both were very positive – actually Mike said folks should “Absofuckinglutely see Pacific Rim.” So maybe he liked it more that he eluded to in this review.

  • Geahk Burchill

    Was that posted on Twitter? I missed it. I’m glad to hear they liked it though!

  • Geahk Burchill

    Oops, I hadn’t seen that they put up their review already! (Wow, these Hackfrauds are working overtime these days, really gettin’ the reviews out quick!)

  • bretweir

    Adam Sandler: “HAH-HAW LAMBA LAMBA DOO!… now give me $20 million!”

  • flyingbustard

    When the sarcasm started I couldn’t wait to see where they would go with it. I wasn’t disappointed. They can’t top this.

  • Vaughn Fry

    Keep hiding behind that guest face.

  • Murderin Murphy

    The entire review clocking-in at under 3-minutes was a pretty good indicator, as well.

  • Cameron Vale

    In its defense, it wasn’t like a Michael Bay or JJ Abrams movie, totally superficial and terrified of actually going anywhere. People want to say that the Hollywood business model is unsustainable, the only thing around here that’s unsustainable is constantly making those boring-ass fake movies and hoping the audience never catches on.

  • Murderin Murphy

    “It’s a TARP!!!”


  • snakes andert

    Hey, I like Mike’s blue shirt!

  • Yes.

  • Patrick

    I wonder if the “CHAULKLET WASTED” bit is a reference to that scene in Jack and Jill when that cockatoo climbs into the chocolate fountain. Because he got wasted on chocolate. Or that the chocolate was wasted on a cheap gag.

  • Gandalf’s Big Weird Hands

    Holy Shit guys, that was awesome

  • bb-15


  • Not Patrick

    It’s a reference to a dumb joke from the trailer for the first Grown Ups, in which the kids ask what “wasted” meansThen one declares she wants to get “chocolate wasted”. It’s retarded.

  • snakes andert

    Man. I SAW Grown Ups 1 and I don’t remember that.

  • snakes andert

    Thank you for your avatar!

  • decora

    t-shirt worthy?

  • Cameron Vale

    You’re thinking of Yahoo News.

  • Marvin Falz

    – “A song for me,

    a song for you.

    Let’s have a song

    in a big brown shoe.”

    – “This guy is brilliant, here’s 30 million dollars!”


  • whatever

    Sorry to say that, but HitB really is some kind of feeding the audience with funny bits and keep them entertained untill the next Plinkett Review. Which I very much prefer to waiting a year for the next Plinkett review, for HitB isn’t that bad.. it is just not as in-depth and well scripted as a Plinketting.

  • what

    I don’t get it.

  • Wethewax

    I’m afraid we don’t learn songs by weight.

  • Wethewax

    A short list of mainstream movies to which RLM have given good reviews: Django Unchained, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Dredd, and Iron Man 3.
    This list could be longer, but I can’t be bothered to trawl through their back catalogue.
    In essence what I’m saying is that your point is completely wrong. Your words read like a purely emotional reaction, with little to no real thought applied.

  • Wethewax

    This isn’t sarcasm, it’s scorn.
    Sarcasm is SUBTLE.
    Scorn is burning vitriol.

  • Wethewax

    Do you truly believe that Mike and Jay expect people to take this video seriously as a review?
    This is obviously a comedy piece.

  • Jesus H. Christ

    Good stuff , fellas.

  • AJ_Olding

    Given the opening, I don’t know what to think of the end.

  • Rocky

    I can’t give this enough thumbs up. Oh. My. God.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I would have died from laughter.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Am I a Grammar Nazi if your usage of ellipses [two periods instead of three and with varied spaces between] annoys me, even more so when you spell and use grammar properly everywhere else?

  • deerstop

    I was like “Mike looks good in this new T-shirt, way to go, man!” and then it was all covered in blood T_T

  • Charon


  • Charon

    So, my girlfriend and I went to see Grown Ups 2 (her pick). While I can’t say it’s the worst Sandler film – in terms of pandering, having hackneyed writing and storytelling elements, and the ever-prevalent and obvious corporate tie-ins, but I can say this – I thought about breaking up with my girlfriend immediately after she chose this movie.

    “It’s not you, baby. It’s me.”

  • Supermeerkat

    Oh yeah!

  • Rocky

    This…. this is beautiful…

    Chaw clit way stead.

  • Kyle

    You’re right. That did surprise me.

  • GZ

    I got an Adam Sandler DVD a while back just to see what his films were like. “Click” because it has David Hasslehoff and a woman with big tits jogging. Chris Walken was in it too.

    It was a very strange movie. I really don’t know what to think.

    Maybe Sandler got the idea for the movie from this PORNOGRAPHIC COMIC STRIP:


  • GZ

    I bet these HACKS never even watched “Grown Ups 2”.

    How can you review a movie you didn’t even watch?!

    Stick to “PACIFIC RIM”, you FANBOY NERDS!

  • poopchute

    nice try sandler

  • db61

    Wheres world war z? that movie was bad but not nearly as bad as any adam s movie

  • General Grievance

    Listen Jerky, I don’t need to talk to you!

  • Deadpool

    The new Wolverine movie was pretty good so HITB will hate it.

  • AnthonyMcEdwards

    So when you guys decide to move out of that set into a larger or better one, are you going to clean all the blood off the walls before you leave?

  • Averroes

    You dumb?

  • David Summers

    Your relationship can only end in pain and tears. For her – when you finally crack and psycho murder her because of the ungodly awful films she keeps recommending you both see. Best break up ASAP.

    Otherwise, might I suggest a…
    Fork in the brain.
    Fork in the brain.
    Fork in the brain.

  • whip

    Should I bring my fucking tools?

  • Otto Torrens

    I find this review to be misleading.

  • Christo

    What’s wrong with your face!!!!!

  • Chevy Chase

    You guys need to watch this and review it for real…..I just watched it online for free because I’m a fucking masochist and it’s just as bad as “Jack And Jill”……90 minutes of retarded sketches and zero story. Your check-lists would be filled 5 times over. I can’t believe Steve Buscemi sold out to appear in this embarrassing piece of crap.

  • Murderin Murphy

    “Fuck you! It’s Adam Sandler!”

  • Beer

    I figured they were vomiting up blood because they were drinking Stella instead of New Glarus.

  • Satan

    $80m mofoing budget!!!! That’s not much less than the new Wolverine movie!

  • jigsaw

    “The Conjuring” cost $13m and looks like it cost twice as much.

  • Deadpool

    The movie takes a bit of time to show us stuff instead of fast cutting from start to finish so the audience doesn’t even have time to break wind. I almost forgot what that was like in a mainstream Hollywood movie.

  • Judge Reinhold

    You are a fucking idiot if you paid to watch that piece of shit! It’s retards like you that mean he will make GU3 and yes, it is his worst ever movie because at least he attempted a shitty storyline with J&J. GU3 is just a series of retard-ass sketches containing his SNL buddies getting paid like $1m for 5 minutes fucking work where they probably improvised most of their shitty lines anyway just in case giving them something to do might constitute hard work.

    Sandler is like a pimp who takes cash off punters up front before ushering them into a darkened room with promises of an insatiable cock-hungry whore lying in wait for them on the bed only for them to turn the light on to find a deflated rubber doll with jizz dripping from ever orifice and Sandler running down the street in the opposite direction laughing and counting their money.

  • Ron Jeromy

    That metaphor may work for people going to see one of his movies for the first time but doesn’t explain why other people keep returning to fuck the jizz filled doll.

  • Strelnikov

    “You are a fucking idiot if you paid to watch that piece of shit! It’s
    retards like you that mean he will make GU3 and yes, it is his worst
    ever movie because at least he attempted a shitty storyline with

    He did it for his lady and the film nearly made him ditch the bitch, so calm down.

    We can get rid of Sandler if you just PayPal me 4 million dollars; the account name is “nothisisNOTascamaccount@paypal.com.”

    I WILL use dynamite.

  • Barnaby Jones

    This makes want a Subway footlong.

  • Murderin Murphy

    Is that true? $80m?

    What a bunch of assholes.

  • GoodLarry

    The motto of the struggling hack is “I’m just happy to have the work.”

  • Boiler Bro Joe

    No World War Z review or Wolverine review. They don’t like “Wo” movies!

  • N7 Commander

    What’s the name of the music which starts playing @1.51?…I’ve heard it before in there vids and i really like it, so please could anyone out there tell me what its called.

  • RainbowNoodleWarrior

    Adam Sandler is the key.

  • Patti

    He’s in a lot of Adam Sandler movies ( I don’t know why); The Wedding Singer, Mr. Deeds, The First Grown Ups, Big Daddy, Billy Madison

  • Alex Lee

    Yikes. Did she think it would be a romantic comedy? Cause it certainly didn’t look that way in commercials.

  • Cartoon video games.

    They don’t know what the word “guilt” means, they think Myspace is still popular, and they throw Margaret Thatcher off of a bridge.

    I think that’s a persona.

  • Rob Rose

    The only thing that surprised ME was that baby blue shirt….wtf was that?

    Should’ve added 10-15 minutes of a black screen or something to the end of this video to fool the regulars into thinking you guys really reviewed it. Just sayin’… next time…

  • ohseanofnoise

    Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain.

  • stabby_kat

    The brain will work pretty hard to repress memories like that. It’s a defense mechanism.

  • Dong Pirate

    This video left me confused about their feelings on the movie. Vomiting blood implies they loved it, but crying blood implies they REALLY loved it. Having some intestines spill out of Jay’s nose would have made their level of appreciation clearer.

  • wikiality

    I think he might like money.

  • Cameron Vale

    That Jack ‘n’ Jill one was pretty good.

  • Cameron Vale

    really glad to be working

  • Alex Lee

    “He’s a funnier character than we’ve ever had.”

  • Alex Lee

    He’s one of Sandler’s friends.

  • My Titties Ache For You

    The most unbelievable thing about Grown Ups 2 is that Salma Hayek’s character is married to Adam Sandler’s character. I mean Come On…

  • Pebkio

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about… the blue shirt was what he always wears. But what was up with Jay’s dark brown shirt? And since when did they bleach their skin and shave?

  • Attedus

    We need more Mr Plinkett, ffs!

  • Philippe HAGE BOUTROS

    YES WE DO!!!!! A Special Verhoven review when robocop is out, plz plz plz

  • rainflyx

    When the brain is being legitimately raped, the mind has mechanisms to shut down memory storage…

  • Anthony D.

    It’s gonna be great.

  • RRB

    Still one of the best vids of 2013, I love showing it to people who are unfortunate enough not to digg RLM and see their little brains have a overload of WTF!

  • Tree Rock Creations

    I do believe they are being sarcastic? LOL

  • Moo. Moo indeed.

  • Jason

    They stole used your idea advice for their April Fool’s prank! Sadly, they didn’t give you any credit, though And gave you full credit! 😀

  • Rob Rose

    I immediately remembered saying this after I saw that April Fools video, lol. But I don’t need credit, nor would I expect them to have either seen or remember seeing this comment. I think I thought of a pretty clever way to trick us regulars, and I like these guys because they’re clever, therefore, ergo, vis a vis, concordently it make sense they would realize this clever trick on their own completely without my help.

    I will pretend however that they totally stole my idea because it makes me feel way more important.

    EDIT: Your cross-outs did give me weird false hope that makes me disappointed in myself for a moment that they did actually credit me.

  • Jason

    giving false hope and disappointment is my speciality. just ask my parents.

  • Winnson Smith

    So they liked it? Awesome! I’ll check it out soon!

  • I Shot J.R

    It’s like brain, they fork.

  • Fuck Off Ghost

    I think there’s something wrong with my flash player…

  • Gary V

    I’d wager this was funnier than the movie they were reviewing.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    the saddest part is mikes whats the most obvious comedy movie stuff list would make a much better movie.

  • Jon

    You guys are awesome! 🙂

  • Anthony D.

    Stop thinking, brain, you’re going to hurt yourself.

  • ccw_clan:rewired


    Pronounced like “vèrhooven”

  • guest


  • SqualrusWalrus

    if we can just get him to work

  • SqualrusWalrus

    this is true art

  • Benadical

    The second they said that they were touched by this movie, i knew my suspicions of fakeness to be true. These guys guys could watch an African child cry while slowly dying trapped under a giant car while they’re both sinking into a mud pit and not elicit any emotional reaction. I mean they are really that dry.


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