Half in the Bag Extras: More Iron Man 3 Talk

May 13, 2013300 Comments

Some extra bits from Mike and Jay’s Iron Man 3 discussion, focusing mainly on the charisma of Robert Downey Jr.

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  • asdas

    what the fuck is going on with these fucking ads

  • Well worth watching. I suggest putting it back in the original Half in the Bag.

  • Nic Cage

    I feel like Iron Man movies have an advantage over movies with Thor or Cap or to some extent the Hulk in that Tony Stark can be separated from his superpowers since they aren’t intrinsically a part of him and instead contained in his suit.

    The scenes where Tony Stark is out of the suit in IM 3 were for me the most interesting ones. I especially enjoyed the action scenes in Tennessee and him storming the compound in his Home Alone gear. He was vulnerable guy forced to rely on his wits to survive and therefore more interesting to me.

    A bunch of empty suits flying around being controlled by a computer? Not so much.

  • Iron Dad

  • Jesus Christ these adverts you hacks!

    Anyway, can we have more extras and behind the scenes clips? These things are great and part of the reason this show is better than any of the crap you get on TV.

  • RDJ

    I can’t wait for your review of the upcoming Star Trek 2:Electric Boogaloo!

  • Priviledged Asshole

    One advantage of these 90 second breask is that I’m finally able to skip the Careboars in time.

  • guest

    “I hate the ads that allow you the ability to create content, but could you please create MORE content?”

  • gob


  • I actually disabled adblock plus on this site and although the banner ads are there there are no ads for me in the player. It’s worth doing to get rid of that annoying 90 second wait time.

  • heu

    Update your list manually.

  • Can you guys please disable the care boars from playing after any new content. Although I think it’s ridiculous and hilarious it actually keeps me from recommending this site to people because I know when they see it they are going to do the famous Mike Stoklasa “WHAAAAAAAAT!?

  • Mark Bisone

    The other great thing about RDjr as Iron Man is that he’s totally believable playing a rich asshole locked inside a metal can.

  • Mark Bisone

    Not sure why everyone is complaining about ads. I just use that time to masturbate to pictures of starving African children.

  • Be selective with your complaints about online ads.

    There are evil companies which deserve your hatred but it is not RLM.

    They need this money to do this and live. Have some fucking respect.

  • I’m glad that in Europe we don’t have those ads 🙂

  • Clearly he was being sarcastic, my brain refuses to believe someone smart enough to enjoy RedLetterMedia’s content could make a comment that stupid non-sarcastically.

  • Brack to the Future

    Myself, I got caught up on Syria. I watched some rebel cut out and eat the heart of one of his countrymen, with absolutely no regard to proper cooking times or temperatures. The horror.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    Fuck you. RLM is being lazy by relying on an outmoded ad based revenue model. I suggested memberships, a solution more equitable for ALL parties involved, but no one gives a shit apparently.

    If only 5% of the people who come here regularly paid just $5 a month in gratitude, they would never have to show ANY ads to ANYONE ever again. But as of now, “donating” to them gets you the same RLM experience the people who block ads are getting. So what’s the incentive?

    Similar sites, mostly political, have adopted memberships where you get no ads and members only bonus material. There’s even an Amazon program where RLM could get 7% of every purchase made through a personalized Amazon link. Either or both of these solutions would make them more money and be less annoying to us.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    The video we’re waiting to watch RIGHT NOW is a perfect example of what member’s only bonus material should look like.

  • OnceAgainDisappointedInPeople

    Can’t believe so many of you wankers let their ad blockers on for this side… go fuck yourself you freeloading parasites.

  • all that would do is give them less site traffic and all the content would get pirated and shared. If the shocking amount of people blocking the ads wasn’t a sign that people online aren’t even willing to click on ads or even have them on their screens you think they are going to pay for memberships. The ad revenue from these videos is a fine way to go about it even though I hate blip I think it’s the way to go for them over memberships for sure.

  • Josh Freeman

    Yeah, I did like the anxiety elements, Tony Stark was human number one, but when a god throws you out of a 50th story window and you ride a nuclear bomb Dr. Stangelove style into another dimension you might just realize that you’re not as tip top as you thought you were. My only issue with the anxiety is that he suddenly gets over it when the kid says, “You’re an engineer right? Why don’t you build something?” Tony had been building things for months and it hadn’t helped, why does building a power glove suddenly cure his anxiety attacks?

  • They did try to give Scarlet Johansen’s character some vulnerability in the Avengers. She was supposed to seem pretty “shaken up” by her encounter with the hulk. Though it wasn’t handled perfectly, it was written in.

  • pete smith

    you mean like the onion site. havent visited that page ever since.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    I think you guys give RDJr too much credit as an actor. The fact that he plays a billionaire asshole isn’t much of a stretch from himself. I like him as Iron Man, as an actor though… He’s more type-casted than Seth Rogen and the rest of those hack “comedians”.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    I donate about once a month. So ya I turn my on. Don’t you recall the fact that internet was meant to be FREE!? That’s why so many people turned to the internet over cable. Who wants ads shoved in their face every 10 minutes? So fuck you Mr. Sheep.

  • michael

    Oh boy. Where to begin?

    Do you have certain websites and information on the internet blocked in your country by your government? If you don’t, then YES the internet is free. That has nothing to do with a specific website’s decisions to have ads, you fucking moron. Try educating yourself before forming some completely idiotic opinion.

  • playdude92 .

    This movie was just a great time. Good jokes with lots of character, creative action scenes and a story with heart about a decent man with mental issues.

  • gest

    You seem very knowledgable on all this. Perhaps you should start your own successful website. I’m sure it’d be a big hit.

  • gest

    So instead of giving people material for free (that only requires sitting through 30 seconds of ads), you’re saying RLM should deny access to their content unless you directly fork over money? Yeah, that sounds genius!!!!!!

  • Dr. Boidzerg

    Whaaat, that’s aaall, bickering about Thor but no word about the Mandareeeen?!?

  • Dr. Boidzerg

    I just loved the hell out of Into Darkness.

  • David

    Lets have an argument about ads in the comments instead of discussing the video we just watched.

  • m0r1arty

    Goarramn care boars!!

  • JoeJoe

    You should tell your genius idea to Youtube. They seems to be hurting and need a retard to help drain them of all that extra money they earn daily.

  • Jawsphobia

    If they did have to replace Robert as Iron Man, where would filmmakers find another ex-coke addict?

  • Mark Bisone

    Finding another EX-cokehead in Hollywood? Odds are very slim, I agree…

  • Meanwhile, back in the real world, RLM is releasing free content that you continue to complain about.

    STFU or GTFO, ingrates.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Seriously, what is the problem with the ads? They come on, you ignore them. You can click off pop-ups in the video. You can skip some of the ones that come on before whatever video you’re watching at the time. Same goes for some of the ones half way through whatever video you’re watching at the time. I suppose it depends on whatever video you’re watching at the time.
    Do people get different ads, more ads depending where you are? Is that how it works? Are there people around the world being subjected to way more ads than I am? If not, what’s the problem? What’s to complain about?
    I’m getting really emotional about it now.

  • Am I the only one who genuinely likes the ads? I mean, the ads are the best part of television and radio! 😀

  • Half Machine Lip Moves

    I wanted to reply on so many comments related to the hole ad thing but “where to begin” indeed… obviously most people are misguided in so many diffrent ways I really can’t be bothered.

    The point is we can all agree Mike & Jay are good guys.
    They always joke about being sellouts but they aren’t and that’s good. They never asked for something. If you guys don’t like what blip.tv did with your beloved ad blockers you can still wait until RLM uploads this on YouTube.

  • Zacra

    Huh. I remember you guys enjoying Thor, back when it was released.

  • I think that Tony Stark being played by Robert Downey Jr. is probably the best superhero casting ever.

    No, seriously.

    They managed to hit the nail on the casting of Tony Stark with Downey Jr. Snarky, witty and brash is what Tony Stark is and it’s also what Downey Jr. was born as.

    If there was another Iron Man movie without Downey Jr. as Stark, it won’t be as good as the Marvel Cinematic Universe ones as there aren’t many actors that have the same charisma of Robert Downey Jr.

  • Half Machine Lip Moves

    Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

  • Fernando

    Bah.Ads are not the problem.It’s the white-knighting douchebags which feel the need to show the rest of us thieving scumbags how much superior they are with their brown-nosing by voicing support with watching ads.What they are trying to do is emotional blackmail and that really pisses people off.

    I don’t have a problem waiting for 90 sec while that notification informs me I am a bad person for not watching ads.But I am not going to turn off ad block.Too much work.

    It’s much easier to argue with those self righteous idiots.

  • FukY’all

    Wah wah i want everything for free wah wah wah gibsmedat wah wah wah daddy Obama

  • Fernando

    Scarlett Johansson.

  • Eurodork

    I´d be fine with paying a subscription for the ads to go away. But this is lame. Don´t tell me, that when you see all the unskippable crap on a DVD, you are just glad it´s not more.

  • Fernando

    DVD ?
    Who needs dvds when we have piratebay.

  • FukY’all

    “Some extra bits from Mike and Jay’s Iron Man 3 discussion, focusing mainly on the charisma of Robert Downey Jr.”

    Quick, insert pics of Scarlett Johnsonsonanansan to “prove” they’re not gay.

    But the joke’s on you because everyone knows “she” has a pee-nas

  • Fernando

    Yes I would .I would download a car if I could.

    And with advent of 3D printing I will soon be able to.

  • FukY’all

    Difference is, you pay for a DVD (unless you’re a shoplifter).

  • guest

    My new most hated term on the internet is “white knight.”

    “Booo this guy has an opposing view to mine! He’s a white knight!”

  • guest

    I think everyone complaining about ads should ask RLM for a refund.

  • Astor

    If all fails, we can always point ’em towards Chris Evans. It may be meth instead of coke, he may be fat and balding, but he’s got the most charming laughter this side of the 90s. He could have Hollywood in the palm of his hand if only he was ever given the chance…

  • Guy Est

    When I was in acting school, I majored in whore-fucking and coke addiction. Maybe I’ll be as successful as Robert Downey Jr.?

  • will

    I’m assuming you mean RICH Evans. Chris Evans is already Captain America.

  • Guy Est

    Or table manners.

  • Guy Est

    Ever heard of Christopher Reeve?

  • gnn

    You ‘merican turd.There’s bunch of us who are socialist communists europians.

  • pete smith

    I rather have 60 minutes of silence, than 30secs of “the dudeson” faggots trying to sell me a nissan

  • gnn

    No.You obviously don’t get the problem with white knights.

    hint: self righteousness

    another hint : sucking up to RLM

  • Guy Est

    Sounds like the new Plinkett review.

  • pete smith

    good point. perhaps hib guys should move here in scandinavia, where it doesnt really matter if you are working or not

  • Guy Est

    Really? All I remember about that review was their comments on Branagh’s constant use of the Dutch angle.

  • because adding redlettermedia to the filter list on adblock /once/ takes over 45 seconds

  • Guy Est

    My new rule: anyone who mentions the ads, ad blockers, the Care Boars, white-knighting, douchebagging, hack frauds, etc., etc. gets a down vote.

    I’m warning you.

  • Guy Est

    Really? The Care Boars are like the obstacle course at boot camp. If you can’t get your fat ass over the bars, then you don’t belong in my beloved Corps, er, uh, RLM.

  • Guy Est

    She’s the beard, right?

  • Guy Est

    You mean, they should post a director’s cut?

  • Guy Est

    And whoever gives me a down vote gets a down vote. Please leave your name in the comments.

  • JDDD

    Where’s the Great Gatsby review you hack frauds?

  • Guy Est

    But hasn’t the pendulum swung back and now isn’t “white knight” a funny insult?

  • JDDD

    RICH Evans should be Captain America! He is in my heart.

  • Sven Dorklundgren

    Why would they want to move to the one place in the world more depressing than Wisconsin? Based on the Scandi suicide rates, it doesn’t really matter if you are breathing or not, either.

  • everyinchofyou

    Shut it you hack fraud.

  • Brack to the Future

    Splinters, rope burn, broken dreams: those I remember from the O Course. Nowhere did we ever have butt-diddling Gorgons to encourage our progress. I feel cheated.

  • ugh

    Hope Mike and Jay don’t read the comments on these videos, god damn embarrassing

  • Akercocke Jones

    Thanks for releasing this extra, guys. I found the actual review to be kind of anemic in comparison to the usual RLM in-depth analysis, so it’s nice to get some extra discussion. Looking forward to your take on Gatsby. Keep up the great work.

  • retartarsauce

    You know whats funny? or sad actually. id rather watch 90s of silence than 30s of commercials lol
    i choose to support RLM from buying their DVD’s and products. im just glad theres an option to not force me through shit i hate, or used to anways.. But RLM has every right to make money from as many means as possible. But at the same time it kind of sucks that im punished or treated like a free loader when im not.
    im not mad or anything, it just sort of makes me facepalm. im happy cuz at least im STILL not forced to watch inane commercials. i guess its sort of a middle ground.
    im not even going to touch on piracy 😛 thats a whole other wall of text entirely

  • retartarsauce

    but if u had enuf resources to buy a quality car instead of printing your own shitty one, im sure you would do that too.
    and good luck assembling it!

  • Camberf

    Believe it or not, Jay and Mike aren’t in charge of Blip. It’s like this on all of the websites that use them for video.

  • retartarsauce

    RLM does… unless your fine with it disappearing cuz it made no money

  • bliparesexisthackfrauds

    I don’t think I can live with the knowledge that innocent people are getting down voted.

  • Brack to the Future

    I often wonder what late-80s RDJ would say to today’s wealthy Robert. “Dude, I did not put fake jizz on my face and pretend to be James Spader’s bitch just so you could fuck around like a half-assed weatherman in a neoprene union suit.” (You see, he was less witty back then, therefore much less brief.)

  • Gladly waiting 90 seconds of silence for my programming.

  • Snjorgen Borgen

    Have you seen scandinavian women ?

    Who needs to breathe when there are goddesses like that walking around.And from what I hear the whole region is pretty relaxed about sex.And booze.Fuck Wisconsin.

  • Snjorgen Borgen

    It’s called a joke.

  • kewjkbsjdnv

    u blur everything except his ass?

  • Snjorgen Borgen

    I hear she’s great in bed.

  • Snjorgen Borgen

    This guest guy keeps appearing on several interzones.It’s like he does not have a life.But one thing is certain he has no sense of humor.

  • Also this is nice because the Carebears video doesn’t immediately start playing EVERY TIME!

  • Snjorgen Borgen

    He was in that emergency duct port commercial ?

  • catch 22

    Is there are a way to block those banner ads since those are the sole reason I use adblock ? “Click this ,suck on that,give us your ass wallet “. I don’t mind the video commercials.Sometimes they are even entertaining.

  • stryker1121

    Fucking hell, man. The Ace Hardware ad campaign sucks, but that’s what mute is for. It also gives me an extra 30 seconds to contemplate the black hole that is my life.

  • stryker1121

    No, white knight is the most annoying insult on the Internet.

  • stryker1121

    ScarJo just doesn’t have the chops to pull it off, I’m afraid. Gorgeous she may be, but actressing-wise she’s flatter than a pancake. She couldn’t even sell Whedon’s lines.

  • capitandelespacio

    I think… you gone too far in a few places.

  • retartarsauce

    my mistake! i cant tell the difference between cheap bastards and sarcastic bastards here

  • Alex

    I’d just like to point out that Chris Hemsworth and the other male Avengers are also “draws” in the same way as Scarlett Johansson, just not to most penis-havers. Wimminz watch teh mooveez too guyz, geez.

  • I can’t fathom to put into words how over your head that joke went.

  • Harry Butters

    When the ad comes on for me I go pee pee, then when I come back the show is starting, yay. If there’s an ad in the middle that’s when I smoke weed and sit on the potty and go poo poo, then when I come back the show is back on, yay.

  • Hairy Butt

    You probably meant penis owners.Penis havers sounds like they like to have penis.In their butt.

  • Hairy Butt

    Yes but nobody cares about other websites.

    In fact nobody cares about Jay and mike.It’s just something to moan and bitch about.Or to be a self righteous tool about.

    You know,good times.

  • Hairy Butt

    Acting like a white night where there is NO FUCKING NEED TO is the most annoying thing on the internet.


    Also self righteousness is worse than AIDS.

  • George Knight

    Poop Thor… D;

  • Mark Bisone

    I vote thee down, for great justice.

    Here is your punishment.

  • Guy Est

    That’s from Andrew Sullivan’s Google Glass, right?

  • Mark Bisone

    His Google Glass is half full of hairy Nordic Santacock.

  • Guy Est

    Isn’t it a little early for Santa to be coming to town?

  • Mark Bisone

    Hey, it’s “The Atlantic.” They aren’t hemmed in by the rigid rules of your Western cultural hegemony, maaaan.

  • suck my dick get a new video

    i couldnt watch this fucking video because i have adblock and it was trying to force me to watch an ad. fuck this manure

  • Guest

    Even with all of the complaining about ads the comments on here are still way better than the ones on the Iron Man 3/Pain and Gain review.

  • Yes, i love him in SPiderman

  • James

    Cool extra. I agree, Robert Downey Jr. is the only actor I really hope sticks around for more Marvel films. Mark Ruffalo is a great actor too but practically anyone could play the Hulk and I wouldn’t give a shit. Same thing goes for Thor and Captain America.

  • circlingdownthedrain

    Give it a minute,it will change.

  • yu stu

    Where is the extra talk about Pain & Gain? I’m never going to see that film and I’m not sure if I’m clear on how stupid and awful it is.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    You see, before your time little one, when the masters of the internet were concocting such a thing, they wanted it to be free, for everyone. Once realizing that everyone indeed loves the internet, they decided to make it available to a broader audience and make you pay for it! Yay! Then, in the past, what 5 years (?), you may have noticed a trend of having ads, even commercials, on the internet. And I’m not talking about ads for other affiliate websites and such, but fucking car ads, McDicks, everything else that is marketable to the mass pig head fucks that wander this world. Why? Because of MONEY! Yay x2. So no, you fuck wad, you misinterpreted what I was saying.

    I go on the internet to escape that shit. But no, now you can’t even escape it here, sadly. Another sheep to the flock for you sir.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Oh, and P.S., the ad has to do with the player they use, not their own motives. Learn to live life and get back to me.

  • Bob JaBopistan

    Turn off adblock, turn volume down, look at tits for 90 seconds. Everybody wins.

  • Anthony Hopkins

    Why are you aholes ragging on “Thor” all of a sudden when you sucked the movie’s dick when you reviewed it?

  • Cameron Vale

    Those guys also like Hemsworth.

  • Cameron Vale

    Hell, you could be a producer.

  • Cameron Vale

    He’s saying that it’s overused you dimwit.

  • WhatamIdoingwithmylife?

    They do and by now I think they accept the low quality of discourse as a fact of life.You know,like Careboars after every video.

    Also don’t pretend like your shit does not stink.

  • Thors beard

    actualy Thor is not that booring in the comics.

  • Cameron Vale

    If anyone tried to reverse-engineer a movie based on that description, it would be fucking weird. I’m imagining a movie that is basically Rain Man with numerous gun-kata sequences.

  • Cameron Vale

    It gives him a sense of control I guess.

  • Well, he’s certainly not Marvel’s Hercules (now there’s a FUN character).

  • Cameron Vale

    Slam Thor all you like, but the plans for an Avengers film were pretty bleak before that movie appeared. The Avengers had been in the works ever since Iron Man, since that film did so well, but none of the other pre-Avengers movies worked. They even tried Iron Man a second time, and it was disastrous. Everyone was laughing at how doomed this planned Avengers movie was. Why do you think it came out so soon after Thor, and basically used its world as a blueprint? They were striking when the iron was hot.

  • Mark Bisone

    Slamming Thor all I like…

  • deerstop

    I’ve recently re-watched Thor, and I’ve been surprised to find that it was actually an OK movie. Well-acted (with an exception of Natalie Portman), well-paced, funny, with spectacular special effects, decent script. Apart from horrible romance, I enjoyed most of it, especially strained relationship between god brothers. Sibling rivalry is something I can strongly relate to. And it was kinda sweet to see a movie that focuses on family issues. Thor is not a clever film, but few movies are truly clever nowadays, and certainly not superhero films. Thor has a certain endearing childless in it. No, I totally disagree with RLM, I liked that film. I believe you’re wrong about it.

  • horse

    The content on this site is free, and you people complain that you have to watch a 30sec ad?

    You people really are pathetic. And probably teenagers.

  • Soundsl ike people are interpreting Jay and Mike too much in terms of black and white? They liked Thor, but still found it mediocre compared to, say, Iron Man. It’s okay to find a movie just okay, and compare it to movies which elevate their material.

  • Marvin Falz

    Let’s review ads. Let’s start an ad review show called Half in the Ad. Let’s do the same for porn movies and call it Half in the Ass.

  • Arseman

    I’d like to see more guests on Half In The Bag, like in some of the older episodes. They were pretty fun, especially the one with .. her name escapes me but the lead actress from Feeding Frenzy. A different insight is nice.

  • Guy Est

    I see you’ve gone back to the well, so to speak.

  • Arseman

    Also why are people moaning about ads all of a sudden? I got like one 5 second ad, about a stupid hotel finder website, which I mocked, so I even got entertainment out of it. Am I missing something?

  • Guy Est

    Sullivan is no longer at the Atlantic. He’s got his own membership-driven bloggy website. Just like that white knight upthread was proposing that Mike & Jay set up.

  • Marvin Falz

    Gillian Bellinger’s the name.

  • uatu13

    Iron Man 3 sucked donkey balls. It was a boring pile of crap, and barely classified as an Iron Man movie.

  • Mark Bisone

    What do you mean?

  • Guy Est

    Man, I didn’t think that image could get any scarier. I was wrong.

  • decora

    lora story was pretty cool too when she was on

  • decora

    it’s true that women like certain guys (i noticed you didn’t mention Samuel L Jackson, which means you are a racist)… but there are biological differences between the sexes and their decision making process.

    look at the porn industry. for women, its mostly text novels and books on tape. for men, its mostly video.
    think about it this way. if you published a line of text based novels about the Avengers, would any man give a rats ass about it? No. But if you put 50 pages of Black Widow thinking about her relationship with the Hulk and how she isn’t sure if she really likes him or not but then again she does kind of like him because he’s kind of buff but also kind of shy and his hair kind of …


    movies are a visual business, primarily.

  • bb-15

    I have no problem with the ads. It helps pay the bills for a site that I like.

    As for Thor, I liked it more than what Jay and Mike are saying. (Better than the last Spiderman for instance.)
    Thor was over the top with its special effects on Asgard (a bit different).
    The brother’s fighting was dramatic.
    Anthony Hopkins was effective.

    Sometimes good acting is enough and I don’t need to be part of Robert Downey Jr.’s “joke”. Downey’s sarcasm didn’t make up for the lousy script in Iron 2 which was a joke but not in a good way.

  • decora

    here’s a question. if you made a great video series on the web, would you read the comments? knowing that they are not, in fact, really representative of your audience, but are instead sort of self-selected to be the typical collection of internet trolls, cranks, and various other forms of naked aggression and immaturity?

  • decora

    i like to time my auto-erotic asphxiation ritual exactly with the running time of the latest RLM review.

    The extra 30 seconds is the difference between me blacking out and my parents discovering my cold, dead corpse and having to lie about the cause of death, and me living to masturbate again another day.

  • 123456789andten

    I want the drugs you are taking XD !

  • decora

    ok but if you come on and complain about white knights, arent you kind of you know, white knighting against the white knights? i mean, youre being self righteous about other people being self righteous. i mean, seriously, who are any of us to judge the white knights?

  • 123456789andten

    …and you are probably in your early twenties…kids that just got out of their teenage years like to be derogatory to teenagers….still wet behind the ears…when you grow some body hair in the weirdest places and become bald you will earn the right to speak like a man….

  • decora

    ok. one time i saw an ad. it said i should go to college for welding. i did. then i burned my left finger off. i only had 3 fingers left.

    i couldnt get a job at the bank because they want finger prints. they said ‘what happened to your finger’. i said i dont know. it burned off. they said ‘we need ten finger prints for you to work at the bank’. i said, well, technically, two of those would be thumb prints. the lady said i had a “sassy mouth”, and that she liked sassy, naughty boys. she took me in the back room and the next thing you know, we were getting married and she had twins on the way.

    that was when i come to find out that lester-earl and his boys had been poking around her house and she let them in and did a 5-way gang bang. so those twins, well, they werent really mine. i could tell because , well, im black, and they came out like little wrinkled pigs. all pink.

    she was crying and said, i dont know what came over me! i think i et too many twinkies. I said look. i cant deal with this. an unfaithful wife who is sneaking around behind my back. she said but i love you! i said, the thrill is gone. baby the thrill is gone.

    i left for memphis that night. i put my stuff in my 57 ford pickup and i drove across mississippi. lots of bugs that night. just so thick you couldnt hardly see through the windshield. hot as hell too. i stopped at a little dixie mart to wipe the windows and get a cold nehi soda.

    i walked in and there was the prettiest little woman you ever saw. she said her name was angel. i said hi angel. she said hi. i said im going to memphis. she said oh ok.

    so i was driving to memphis and then i came to the river. it was so deep and so wide that i was afraid to cross it. something about water has always scared me. its like, you know… whats in there? it could be anything. a few years ago the i-40 bridge between oklahoma and arkansas fell apart and people fell into the river. their cars just flew through the air, floating down like little leafs off of a tree. and they was flailing their arms and stuff.

    you have to ask yourself, what were they doing? right before they died? what was the last thing they were listening to on their car radio? was it a top 40 dj? was it a computer-programmed station that played the best hits of the 70s 80s and 90s? was it a hip hop station coming on AM, advertising the local clothing store in Springfield Missouri?

  • 123456789andten

    There were a couple of replies by Jay in some comment section of this here webzone so yes,they read our pile of shit comments.

  • decora

    right, but what did you think of Iron Man 3?

  • decora

    i was sold. i loved her in the island. and in the zoo movie.

    tthat may not mean much, but i should tell you that i have a degree in film studies from the Tidewater Community College. summa cum laude. class of 1996. my essay on Slacker won the jury prize at the local film festival.

  • decora

    undocumented feature: jerk off mode 3000

  • 123456789andten

    The fabric of reality will break at the seams if you push that word thingy you were doing just a bit further.

  • breakinginhives


  • decora

    i went to go fuck myself. i got to thinking, how do you fuck yourself? i googled it. not a lot came up. then i remembered i had safe search on. my wife makes me use it because otherwise i spend 8 hours a day jerking off with my laptop in the bathroom.

    so the problem was how does a man fuck a man, since i, myself, am a man? normally in the gay sex, i know from watching heath ledger, you spit on your hand and stick your penis into the other mans anus.

    i got the spitting part ok. the other part is hard. my penis wont reach backwards to my own anus.

    how else do people fuck though? i have heard of titty fucking. and elbow fucking. and armpit fucking. and even skull fucking. i dont want to fuck my own skull – i read that you have to remove your eyeball first. that doesnt sound good to me.

    then there is mouth fucking. but i know i cant reach my own dick. i know because when i was 12 i spent a whole afternoon trying. its fucking hard. i almost, almost reached the tip with my tongue, but it wasnt good enough. i guess if i practiced more, like an acrobat or gymnast, i’d be ok. but i didn’t have the patience for that. if there is one thing more powerful than the horniness of puberty, its the inability to focus attention on something for more than a half hour or so. i got tired of trying to self fellate and went and watched another episode of Brave Starr instead.

    so the question remained. how to fuck myself?

    thats when i hit upon it. the perfect solution.

    having watched The Majestic, i was aware that it was possible to clone oneself using 19t century technology, and David Bowie. so i took some steampunk items i got on ebay and plugged them into a copy of Labyrinth. Soon, i was cloning rocks, then eggs, then whole chickens. Chickens fuck themselves with apparently no ill consequences.

    it was time to clone myself. i entered the machine’s matrix and allowed the swicth to count down. 5… 4… 3.. 2…


    My name is Walter. I was ‘born’ on May 14 2013, fully formed as an adult, in a flash of lightning in a basement. Some intemperate fool attempted to anally rape me within 5 minutes of me coming into existence. I had to kill him, of course, but the police were quite confused, as there was no record of Mithris having had a twin brother.

    I tried to explain to them, the concept of a temporal matter-time phase subtantiator, but they wouldn’t listen. The fools. I was arrested for murder, but the jury found me not guilty. Apparently the fool had written about his sick, twisted fantasies all over some website called “Red Letter Media”. I have never been there, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go. It sounds, if it accepted comments from my deceased “brother”, like a horrible, horrible place.

  • decora

    I am glad too. Here in North Korea there are no ads either.

    Also no food. No heating in the winter. No clean water. Also no bathrooms.

    Other than that, it’s pretty good. Can’t complain. You know what they say, nobody wants to listen to a whiner!

  • decora

    what about Helen Slater as Supergirl?

  • decora

    its like this. imagine you were living in the alluvial fan of the tigris river. imagine that a 300 pound iraqi man they called ‘the gay bear’ came to your village and demanded a wrestling match. imagine that all of the villagers lost, and then it was your turn.

    what do you do? what do you do? who do you turn to?

    this is when Joseph learned that his heavenly father, Jesus, was watching over and protecting him from harm. Joseph immediately confessed all his sins and began to weep bitterly.

    The Gay Bear stopped cold, and asked him why he was crying?

    Joseph said “For he has come to comfort me, and discipline me in the ways of the Lord, so that I might live by the rule of Jesus, and feel His power come over me”

    Then the gay bear said “I too feel the holy spirit, and will give lamentations for my sins. From here on, I only will fuck women. In the Vagina. No Anal. ”

    This has been a Jack Chiq production.

  • Marvin Falz

    Absolutely and also Alexandre Philippe.

  • DAN

    Cpt America is hands down the most boring character in The Avengers :E

  • kent

    The best thing about Iron Man 3 was that it open with that I’m blue bibbitidy biddity boo blah song from the 90s.

  • whatnot

    I like these guys a lot. But I think it is also okay to disagree with them, once in a while.

  • Nag

    Yes, better than Chris. Get over him.

  • Ninny

    Still less annoying than an ad. But clever, well played. Now I won’t disable it on principal.

  • Black night

    I’m a white knight for rape, you all are terrible for not raping.

  • Corporal Corpuscle

    You just crossed the fucking line buddy!

  • bananna hammock

    Not pathetic, just operating under some inappropriate notion of entitlement.

  • Witnit

    I can’t wait for the ads!

    Oh… I guess I’ll have too, cause they’re ads.

  • Dog mama

    Bitch, bitch, bitch, on both sides.

  • Sir Dixalot

    Plus more ad revenue too, oh wait, noooooo…

  • Rick Berman

    I actually had an ex who had a porn collection that put mine to shame. Thank goodness for girls with daddy issues.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    That’s probably true. He had absolutely no character arc whatsoever at any point in either his own movie or The Avengers. In the beginning, he’s a really swell guy who doesn’t back down from a fight. In the middle, he’s a really swell guy who doesn’t back down from a fight. And at the end, he’s a really swell guy who doesn’t back down from a fight. The only change he makes is the size of his muscles.

    Thor doesn’t really change much either, though. I mean, he kind of wants to commit genocide, and at the end he doesn’t, but there’s no gradual change that you can see happening within him. His experiences on earth don’t really have anything to do with him maturing as a person, and there isn’t all that much to show exactly how he’s changed or what made him more worthy to carry his hammer at the end of the movie that he didn’t have at the beginning… other than no longer wanting to commit genocide. What? he’s willing to sacrifice himself to save the earthlings? There was nothing to establish that he wasn’t willing to do that at the beginning.

    Anyway, I think it can be argued either way which one was more boring, but I think we can all agree that they were both pretty dull.

  • meh

    He was the best one! Great lines, saving those people, the teamwork, the leadership, the values. Then it’s Iron Man, then Thor, Banner, and the rest.

  • Zelda

    So that’s what Robbin Williams will be doing in the future… You.

  • wut?

    Well you were dropped on your head as a child. Now who let you out of your room…

  • punky brewster

    I actually turn my adblock OFF for RLM.

  • Mand

    Because the twist was great.

  • wut?

    Suck their dicks some more, they haven’t arrived yet.

  • wut?

    The point, yes.

  • Jim with Lightning Fast

    Sounds like a full time job, it might just be a wiser investment, with the long view, to just ignore the comment section all together.

  • Leo

    Ha ha, yeah that was great. Took me back. 🙂

  • Tino

    I received ‘Gorilla’ last weekend and had an amazing time watching it. The ‘making of’ was awsome, but you guys already know that. Too bad Paramount passed on yous… For the better probably, seeing how well you are still doing creatively now. Will disable my adblock next to support what I consider true original, passionate and unique filmmakers/cineasts. Don’t you ever stop doing these reviews! They are an oasis in my popular cultural life!

  • Leo

    I’ve been reading Marvel comics on and off since the mid 90’s when I was a kid/teen/whatever and never read much Iron Man back then. In more recent years (largely due to the movies if I’m honest) I’ve been reading a lot more Iron Man, both new stuff and classic runs from the past and he’s become one of my favourite Marvel heroes.. It’s because the Tony Stark character is so compelling.

  • bitch cassidy

    I dunno… Everyone knows a few guys who don’t even own their own anymore.

  • flea flicker

    Perhaps you could spend that time learning how capitalization and punctuation work.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Look, we all knew what we were getting into when we first got into what we’re into. We can’t blame RLM for our dangerous wanking habits anymore than we can blame our parents for being extremely loud during their sexual activities when I was 6.

  • Guy Est

    Hmm, this needs more hipsters.

  • Ether Ghost

    Indeed. Where was “Iron Man” the whole movie?

    I don’t agree with M&J that watching Tony Stark solve situations without the suit was interesting. In fact, they were the most boring parts of all:

    1) The infiltration of the Mandarin’s mansion with his homemade gadgets was stupid, and lame
    2) The infiltration of the ship was also pointless and boring

    and so on

  • Ether Ghost

    Robert Downey’s character and the abundance of “wittiness” and sarcastic quips start getting wearisome way before the movie is over.

    More Iron Man was needed… as in, less Robert Downey.

    But then again, all of the action in the second half of the movie was uncreative and tiring.

    Something different was needed.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Yes, it’s sad when the commentary in the “comments” sections, usually consisting of opinions, different perspectives, etc.., is dissolved to “OMFG let mei sux urs dixs, pwease!”, and anything to the contrary gets flamed. Can’t we all just get along? xoxoxo 8========}

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    I thought Thor was one of the best Marvel movies I had seen to that date. But opinions are opinions. Apples are banaynaise.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Oooo ooo ooo… don’t forget about the failed drama student/journalist/indie band music video director that doesn’t understand the difference between sarcasm and condescending dick hole (which is probably why he failed drama class) who thinks he’s the designated devil’s advocate in any social commentary because his perspective is SOOOOOO much more enlightened than yours since he rode an elephant in Thailand… what about him?

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Directors, uh… directions to RDJr in any movie he has starred:
    Drug Addiction Scene : “Just be yourself!”
    Pretentious Witty Prick scene: “Just be yourself!”

    Anxiety Scene: “Just be yourself… like when you’re in a line up at Dunkin’ Donuts!”

  • retartarsauce

    ya.. im actually going to do the same too. Just so i can throw them as much support as possible. since i gave up on TV (partly CUZ of ads) seeing them just makes me want to strangle someone lol but in this case ill make an exception. i wana see Space Cop damnit! 🙂

  • nagelbett

    Yeah, I felt it was better than the second (not saying much), but nowhere near what the first movie was. Downey Jr’s rapid, mumbled banter gets on my nerves, and some of the improvements were just over-the-top (wait, so the suits are robots now? Hold on, it can fly onto him piece by piece now?) Actually, I don’t understand the need to top that particular gimmick with each successive film. First film it’s truly a suit, second film it comes out of a briefcase, in Avengers his house takes it off as he walks, third film it flies onto him piece by piece. It seems like a silly thing to keep changing.

  • RDJ is one dimensional in his portrayal in his own right. His character is 99% wit and nothing else. His character barely changes between movies. Tony Stark is a waaaay more interesting character in the comics. RDJ is fun as Stark but his act gets old after 4 films. It’ like he’s telling the same joke over and over again.

  • styrOFoam fork

    Anybody who thinks he or she is enlightened is definitely not.

    Anybody who says he or she is enlightened is even less so.

    Anybody who acts as if he or she is better than the rest of human scum we all are is just funny.

  • styrOFoam fork

    Dude,you are trying to hard.
    Remember grasshopper: less is more.

  • I’m a fan of the site but with the 90 second wait BS I am not going to even bother anymore. Is there a way to get rid of this? I tried updating EasyList last nite doesn’t seem to be doing anything but I was watching some Blip videos on another site and they started working but now this 90 second crap won’t stop.

  • Bob JaBopistan

    I did some experimenting, and maximum awesomness can be achieved by playing the Andy Griffith music instead of looking at tits.

  • Spiderman

    RDJ is talented, but frankly, his performance as Tony Stark (as well as Sherlock Holmes) come off as nothing more than an actor going through the motions for a pay check.

    Does he have some witty lines to put a momentary smile on your face? Sure. But he’s playing the same character on an annual basis. It’s grown to be dull to watch and probably even duller for the man himself to actually play (a pay check that could crush the Hulk eases his pain I imagine).

    If anything, RDJ’s annual chewing of scenery sums up my feelings about Hollywood’s treatment of super hero films, which has resulted in annual installments of 2 and a half hours of tension-devoid CGI bombast, unchanging BRIGHT AS FUCK cinematography, stuffed with a cast of dull, throwaway characters and villains that never amount to more then momentary threats. These recent superhero films aren’t terrible (this includes The Avengers), but when RDJ’s phoned-in banter is the “highlight”, then you’re dealing with something that’s undeniably shallow and devoid of any real inspired content.

    I simply expect more from these films, given the money and obvious talent involved in making them. Given the extensive histories and enormous plethora of established work when it comes to comic book characters, there’s no reason these movies should feel as disposable as the latest Call of Duty title.

    With all of this in mind, I’m starting to appreciate the effort Nolan and Raimi put into their respective superhero trilogies. Granted I don’t particularly like either trilogy (Spiderman 3 being one of the worst films ever made), but their trilogies at least had some sense of consistency in terms of overarching visions for their treatment of Spiderman and Batman (again, barring the cancer-infested Raimi-clearly-didn’t-give-a-fuck Spiderman 3).

    TLDR: Hollywood’s shittin’ the bed when it comes to live-action superhero movies.

    I’ll stick with the recent (and much more involving) animated features.

  • Arseman

    Cheers for explaining it. Is it “I’m over entitled”?

  • T

    You could, I dunno, mute it and look at something else… just an idea.

  • capitandelespacio

    I’m not a fan of the so called “nerd rage”, but the movie was boring. Not for RDJr. but for the script, the pace, the whole movie was lame. It has so much to thank the Avengers movie, IM3 success is thanks to the Joss Whedon’s Avengers, and not movies like the Captain America or Thor.

  • deerstop

    That’s what a comments section is for! 😉 What I love about RLM, is that they not just voice opinions, but often state facts: “camera was good”, “too many gay jokes”, “no chemistry between the leads”, “numerous plot-holes”, etc. Even when you disagree with them on some points, it’s hard to argue with hard facts. You always kinda see what they’re talking about. Normally when I see a film critic praising a movie which I hated, I just think “F***k this stupid ass, never going to read his reviews again”. That’s what happened with Jeremy Jahns, for example (popular guy on youtube) after I watched the “Top 10 Best Movies 2012” (Looper, seriously? Lincoln? No Seven Psychopaths, no Descendants, no Life of Pi, for god’s sake. I don’t watch hundreds of films, and even I can make a better list). But with RLM’s reviews I usually think “Well, I disagree with such and such, but the dudes certainly have a point”. I very rarely get irritated. In fact they are the only critics that almost never piss me off. Tl;dr I’m at work, no customers, it’s boring. ^^

  • guest

    You could always turn your adblock off, which is the point of that 90 second wait to begin with. But I guess that would get in the way of your misplaced sense of entitlement.

  • lube

    There are ads? I just use adblock.

  • Guy Est

    Some fan.

  • Guy Est

    Bring back your old face.

  • As Mike would say, “It’s the Christian thing to do.”


  • What if an elephant rode ME in Thailand?…

  • I’ve spent 15 minutes reading comments and 0 minutes watching the video so far. Am… am I addicted to internet drama?!

    Also, I’m not sure if Canadians get that 30 second ad or 90 seconds of silence. Video plays normally for me.

  • I’m saying “I’m not sure if Canadians get” it because I’m from Canadia, that place with the majestic free roaming beavers and where weed is just kinda ‘frowned’ upon.

  • Marvin Falz

    Never! From now on I’m Heidi the Mountain Bitch.

  • some dude

    You aren’t a fan if you use adblock and purposely deny RLM income.

  • some dude

    You said it brother

  • Marvin Falz

    Or maybe not. =D

  • whocares

    Yeah, according to the 2 newest comments by lube and canadian pothead… it might be safe to turn your adblock back on.

  • I’m from Canadia but I don’t pothead.

    Also, I allow ads for this website. I useD Firefox to watch the video and no ads appeared using that browser either, even though I don’t have AdBlock on it.


  • Christopher Jones

    I support my favourite creators. If I like their content I either pay or just pause my AdBlock. They are not whoring for money, just need it to sustain themselves. What would you propose? At least (for me) it was relevant to film.

  • whocares

    Sure they dose. No offence, really. I used to be a pothead and have AdBlock.. so I am the ungrateful SOB ’round heres.

  • Witnit

    Support em with donations then you ungrateful sob, you’re not doing enough!

  • Witnit

    Why mute a silent 90 seconds? Just peruse some comments till the show starts.

  • Witnit

    They could’ve just asked. Fight passive aggressiveness with passive aggressiveness.

  • Saruma

    Assuming you meant the movie…of the main cast I’d agree, though he has his occasional moments. My girlfriend can’t stand Capt. America and I think if I see Winter Soldier it will be by myself.

    On the other hand the most pointless character was the one played by Cobie Smulders. Her character advanced the plot in no way, shape, or form.

  • Fluffy

    Get rid of stupid 90 second timer. I already wait a week or more to see one of these videos. Why would you make me wait even longer when you only make a couple videos a month? I’d think you guys would want to keep as many of your viewers as possible and this is a step in the wrong direction.

  • fucky

    “I already wait a week to see these videos that you are in no way obligated to provide for me. Why would you make me wait an extra 90 SECONDS????”


    Also, you do realize that they have no control over this, right? Blip does. You make me embarrassed to be an RLM fan. If you’re not paying for the content on this site, then turn off your adblock or shut the fuck up.

  • Kviii

    This is the only website I’ve ever been to that uses Blip, and it’s taught me that Blip is a piece of shit. Garbage in the truest sense of the word. Not sure why RLM insists on using the dregs of the internet when they’re otherwise a legit site/company, especially since I being me am entitled to better free service from hack frauds and they should know as much.

  • not sure how it’s garbage, but i’ll accept it.

  • Kviii

    it’s gar-bitch cuz i said it’s gar-bitch

  • Entitlement

    Turn off your ad blocker, you whiny leech

  • Lazy

    If you turned off the ad blocker you’d only have to wait 30. But hooray for clinging to your retarded entitlement like a moron.

  • JDizzleD

    I wanted to love this movie. If you don’t appreciate or have a background for comic books anyone who watches this movie simply will not get it. There are flashes of pure brilliance squandered by twisting the story and making it something the director can put his thumbprint on. As much as I love the past two Ironman movies I cannot stand by this one. I want to more than anything but crapping all over the source material, in my opinion, is just too unforgivable. Great job, but next time, please respect the heritage.

  • murshaq

    Some actors were born to play a role. Charlie Chaplin was born to play Hitler and Robert Downey Jr was born to play Tony Stark.

  • Mark Bisone

    …and Robert Downey Jr was born to play Charlie Chaplin.
    Circle of Life, my friend.

  • This is hilarious. I saw the timer and was surprised, I forgot I had adblock installed. I usually turn it off on sites I frequent, so it reminded me to go turn it off. Love the entitlement of some people. Why would they want to keep the viewers who are basically stealing their product?

  • It’s literally free to support them, are you so busy you can’t watch an ad? I happily do, because I like to support what I love.

  • You could always… wait the 90 seconds. Or turn off adblock.

  • Hamster

    Well, the movie is crap, but fun crap. It’s hollywood, so once you accept that it’ll never challenge your brain or soul, you can still indulge your funny bone.

  • Mendoza

    stop posting

  • Captain Jumpto Conclusion

    ..so ..wait.. are you saying Tony Stark is Hitler !???



  • sucky

    “You make me embarrassed to be an RLM fan.”

    What’s him being an asshole have to do with you being an RLM fan ?

    So we like the same shit.It’s not like we are all now married in some weird bisexual polygamy marriage thing and are therefore responsible for the behavior of each other.

  • creepy guy from Cleveland

    If you are not giving them your youngest daughter then you are an asshole.
    If you don’t have a daughter go and make one and then give her to them so you won’t be an entitled asshole.

  • facebooktard

    KONY 2013!!!!!

  • edgy and cool

    This needed more hipsters before it was cool to need hipsters.

  • Brooke

    I have yet to see the new Iron Man movie because… well… I don’t want to? I really liked Avengers, I love RDJ and have for years and years, but I don’t like Iron Man. He’s such a boring hero. I like Tony Stark and would rather just watch a movie about a playboy millionaire keep his company afloat with clever quips and zingers. Basically, I like all the Iron Man scenes that aren’t action scenes… I just like RDJ. I used to make fun of my brother for liking Iron Man when we were kids, but it was Batman or nothing for me at that age.


    I think Thor showed so much potential to be a really fun movie. The stuff when Thor is interacting with humans, getting hit by vans, breaking coffee cups… love love love those moments in the movie. They were funny, and seeing Thor roll back his head and laugh heartily while Natalie Portman was mortified made me think I had a new favorite superhero. But then everything from the SHIELD base scene and onward was boring as hell. Loki was boring (until Avengers, when suddenly he was a much more interesting and fun character to watch), and their planet looked kind of… silly. But had they continued the comic routines I think I would have loved it instead of fallen asleep both times I tried to watch the movie. The previews for the second movie all look too serious, so it might be a rental but I won’t go see it (unless Jay and Mike praise it, but I am not anticipating that will happen).

  • meh

    Glad you love the entitlement, we’ll keep it up for you.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    Half In The Bag Extra: Jay Finally Comes Out

  • Jason Alexander

    “Cpt America is hands down the most boring character in The Avengers”

    I like to think that he’s so boring that Mike forgot to mention him. That’s how fucking uninteresting and forgettable he was.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    I guess you have no idea how those ideas actually work, and are currently working for other sites with more brains than to piss off their fan base with spam.

  • 90 seconds man

    This atrocity in the beginning doesn’t spoil video for me. It made review even better.

  • i liked the captain america movie,the new spider-man and most Marvel films for example but do i go in a rampage when we disagree ? No

    maybe disappointed they didn’t enjoy it as much as i did but whatever

  • Witnit

    You’d rather have 2 ads interrupt 2 times in the middle, than 90 silent seconds at the start? To each his own I guess.

  • What is the point?

  • Worst of the Best

    Hello all. Welcome to the Internet. You must be new here . . . STFU about the ads!

  • Kviii

    No, this site owes me everything and I owe it nothing. I am the entitlement generation personified and this website is my bitch. Ad block is there to block ads, turning it off to indulge the worst video player on the net is the opposite of using ad block wisely. I will keep the hack frauds from earning their pennies off of ads and continue to complain in the comment section. You will continue to white knight the hack frauds in hopes that somehow they notice your comment and include you in their lives. Your neckbeard is showing.

  • Panties in a twist

    Anyone who disagrees with your retarded ass is not a white knight.

  • It’s not entitlement at all. I have a program to block the ads, and I use it. Do you never fast forward ads on your DVR? Do you skip past previews when you watch a DVD? Well then you’re just as much of an evil entitled monster as I am!

    Don’t throw around these stupid catch phrases like they mean something. I’m fucking allowed to block ads, if I wasn’t then the video simply wouldn’t play at all, right? When they do that, I’ll fucking shrug and whitelist blip. However, 90 seconds isn’t inconvenient enough, so that’s that.

  • NCS

    Well, if they absolutely can’t afford Downey Jr, they should consider casting Matthew Broderick with the same facial hair pirate combo he had in Glory.

  • MikkeB

    Other than Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, I can’t think of any superhero movies where the character would still be interesting enough to make a movie about if they were just a regular person and not a superhero.

  • Matt

    Uh.. did you guys, like, um watch Thor? I’m pretty sure he was “really vulnerable to stuff” and “knocked down a peg” when he was stripped of all powers and banished to Earth. Then he did a selfless act and had one of those nifty arcs you guys always talked about.

  • thor-sucks

    Just because a character has an arc doesn’t automatically mean his personality isn’t boring as fuck.

    Thor’s personality is boring as fuck.

  • impressive

    What a thoroughly stupid opinion.

  • TocTep

    Where is our beloved pollack ?

  • Meh

    Gadget NO!

  • Meh

    You are when you whine about it.

  • Zacra

    Yeah, they did comment on that a lot too.

  • Tyler Sypherd

    Why are they insulting Thor so much, when they reviewed it they said they liked it or at least for what it was anyway.

  • Tyler Sypherd

    Why are they acting like Thor should be something more than a movie about Thor? It’s okay to have movies like that every now and then you know, as long as they are decently made and not insulting like a Michael bay movie than what’s the problem? And I actually like the Thor character btw, but hey that’s just my opinion.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    Step one, turn on the video. Step two, get up, go get a beer and some pizza rolls. Step three, go back and watch the video. Now look at that, you just got a beer and pizza rolls, and Red Letter Media just got some ad revenue to keep this site running. It’s a win-win situation!

  • jsmith0552

    While I agree that Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man films is inspired casting, and he’s carrying those films on his screen presence and personality, Iron Man 3 was not very good, and the ending and the way everything was wrapped up was completely unsatisfying. What’s the number one rule of filmmaking? Show don’t tell. Yet all the resolutions we’d been caring about are given to us in a voice over in 2 minutes of screentime? WTF? I understand the movies are intended for mainstream audiences who don’t read comics, so why use the Mandarin as a villain at all, they could’ve just as easily made up a villain from wholecloth as the average filmgoer didn’t know the Mandarin from Adam. It’s like throwing the middle finger at comic book fans. Fact is, we as film goers are in a bad period for screenwriting that even attempts to tell well thought out stories anymore. Especially if like me, you are a fan of genre films.

  • jsmith0552

    Obviously they’ve never read Thor, or the Hulk, because they’re not even aware of all the interesting things writing teams have been doing with those characters which is far more interesting than anything we’ve gotten on screen to date, and I don’t mean that from a geek perspective, but from the perspective of someone who likes character development, and a good story, with some honest originality to it. Like Sf in films, Hollywood is at least 20 to 30 years behind the actual comics.

  • Tyler Sypherd

    I agree

  • tellitlikeitis

    Are you fucking kidding me? When it comes to storytelling, immersion, narrative, dialogue and character development comic books are the worst!

    When hollywood plunges into the comic world for its material they’re relying on the fact that comic books are a clusterfuck of gradiose ideas and iconic images, not because of their stellar storytelling and character development. They’re instantly marketable and occasionally go off the rails to try something new, but they’re no Shakespeare.

    Comics are behind even Hollywood in that department and things have to be adapted so heavily for screen simply so that they’ll make narrative sense. Just look at the article, comic books practically invented retconning, one of the most egregious literary techniques out there!

    They’re good as an ‘imagination swirly’ of interesting ideas, but to turn these things into film they need to be able to masterfully take the mishapen clay and turn it into something interesting, engaging and relateable.

  • jsmith0552

    That article’s a tad bit biased. I could just as easily write an article entitled Bad habits we come to accept regarding “the heroes journey”. Point is there are some very good comic book stories out there and the Hollywood adaptations you’re seeing pale in comparision to the originals. For example the extremis storyline they borrowed so liberally from in this third Iron Man film has more character development and drama than a quarter of that film. The introduction of Bane and the Knightfall story from the Batman comic made more sense than that mess we got in TDKR. Hollywood screenwriters seem to be frightened of stories that require the audience to think so everything has to be simplified and spelled out, so films made from comics on the whole are not going to be able to compete with the writing in comics. Go and read Greg Pak’s World War Hulk, Matt Fractions’s Iron Man run, or Bendis’ work on Caption America, and tell me movies come close.

  • Once burned

    At least it’s not dailymotion.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Actually, these superheroes are all very profound characters. The problem is that the writers on their movies had no idea how to make them. Thor is about arrogance and the responsability of being a god. Hulk is about loneliness, depression and also about the limits of man before nature. Black Widow is about redemption and so on.

    Joss Whedon was able to show a little of their true characterization (because he is a comic book nerd), but I doubt other directors were able to take the hint. And Joss can’t do ALL of the Marvel movies for them…

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Iron Man 3 is an horrible movie, Red Letter Media dropped the ball on this review. It had to happen some day.

  • Tapeeater

    Wait a fucking moment… There’s a Greeley Estates bill on that wall?
    Talk about best of the worst.

  • TapewormBike

    I think Warner Bros. went a bit Asylum, hoping people are gonna go to Man of Steel thinking they’re gonna see the Robert Downey Jr. movie. Also, is either of these movies in russian cinemas called “Stalin”?

  • JCain

    I think the review is more about a well made movie, is not about a good movie. For the Marvel comics fan, another huge CGI event with good actors, and a shitload of damage in story.

    But.. is ok.

  • cum

    does jay have the ghay??

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Well, I am a Marvel comic fan too and I really like to see Iron Man doing awesome things. Actually, many of the scenes would work on their own, had they being presented alone or into another context.

    But as a movie, as storytelling… it just fails on a very basic level. It has tons of plotholes, too many elements thrown in, you can actually see where they’ve shamelessly and careless rewritten the script, it pisses all over the build up for the Mandarin (that’s been going on since the first Iron Man), too many plotlines go nowhere, the ending is not just unecessarily big it also defies believability, at least two characters (little kid and evil scientist woman) are completely superfluous to the story, it’s too funny where it doesn’t need to be. It’s just a mess.

    It’s by far the worst Iron Man movie and one of the worst on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (although I will admit you can find much worst movies with Marvel characters outside of the Marvel CU).

  • Bacchus

    Iron Man doesn’t get a free pass anymore. Normally I’m carried away by RDJ’s humor and charm but this movie relied too heavily on that aspect. I also agree with the other comments; the act is getting a bit stale (but I would add that it is the most entertaining portrayal of a superhero we’ve got)..

    They tried to mix things up for Stark (panic attacks, trauma etc) but they fudged the tone and it came off awkward and unsatisfying. The movie didn’t know what it wanted to be; buddy movie, rat-a-tat comedy of witticisms or character study.

    You can have this sequel script outline for free;

    Tony exposes wrongdoing in the DoD, is framed by a baddy and has to go on the run to clear his name. Hackneyed I know, but then it would give us a chance to get a buddy movie with RDJ’s Stark and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner evading the authorities together.

    Banner knows what it’s like to live on the run and so he could be a sort of guide for Stark, but there’s bound to be friction and look out Banners freaking out and smashing stuff. That’ll keep enough action in to satisfy the numb brains in-between the cool character scenes with Tony out of his armored suit, when the characters most interesting.

    Pepper Potts could be having to search for Tony to find him before the bad guys do, thereby ACTUALLY GIVING HER SOMETHING TO DO. Also keeping Tony and Pepper apart heightens the impact when they finally meet up in the final reel.

    Tony gets his suit back, infiltrates a military base, gets the evidence he needs and then gets discovered and needs to fight his way out. Just when all seems lost back comes Banner (who had previously fallen out with stark on the road) and they team up to fight their way out.

    Just as the military are closing in on their position Pepper uses the evidence Tony sends her to convince the president (why not get a cameo) to call off the attack and jail the nasty people behind the frame job on Tony.

    Tony’s given the chance to work with the government but turns it down, instead opening a science institute with Banner as director and jetting off on holiday with Potts.

    It’s not brilliant but it at least has a clear idea of what kind of movie it wants to be. A round of drinks says this is more coherent than what we get.

  • Michael

    In addition to all of this, it bothered me more than I care to admit that after going to lengths to establish that Tony would end up in Tennessee, they didn’t bother to cast a single actor with a Tennessee accent. The sheriff had one, but he had a total of 2.5 lines of dialogue. How hard is it to mess up simple extras casting of this type? Find some Joes from Tennessee, pay them 50 bucks a pop and shoot the scene. Maybe the director doesn’t realize that people in the “Deep South” don’t sound like they have lived there whole lives in Southern California!

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Well, to me this problem wasn’t as apparent, since I’m from Brazil. But now that I think about it (and having been to the USA and having watched many American movies with original sound…), you’re right.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Why? Are you cruisin’ for a piece of ass?

  • AlcaldeEste

    Is that a defence of the movie Thor? Because they are talking about the movie.
    When something in a movie doesn’t work, it doesn’t really matter WHY it didn’t work. If there is additional backstory that is not explained by the movie, or it was explained better in some other medium, or they reshot the ending, or whatever. It doesn’t change the fact that the character in the movie didn’t really work, due to the choices made by the filmmakers..
    And there is no real Thor out there crying into his pillow over Mike Stoklasa’s hurtful comments that you have to stand up for and say “No no, in reality he’s an okay guy, he was just portrayed wrong.”

  • Mike Hawkson Yu

    I have to agree Thor is the most boring but Black Widow had some characterization in the Avengers arguably (none in IM2). She shows fear a bit of back story and some character with her dialogue in that movie.

  • Cameron Vale

    It was pretty hokey in ways, almost like an old Republic serial. The hero has a comic relief sidekick, there’s a big important guy who’s secretly the villain and kidnaps the hero’s girlfriend, the hero keeps travelling to new settings where he has to outwit the villain’s thugs, the movie keeps setting up little things that will save the hero later on, things like that.

  • Alex Lee

    Kenneth Brannagh really isn’t familiar with the comic books in general, so if it’s not Shakespeare, he’s out of his element. I think Thor would have been far more interesting if there were no Earth scenes. Anytime they’re on Earth, it’s just an excuse for stuff to happen there.

    Now, I think that a Bruce Banner movie would have to be told like The Dark Knight due to his inherent isolation. The problem is that we wouldn’t see much Hulk in such a movie because it’s really about his reaction to his isolation. Another problem is how fundamentally unrealistic it is to transform into a big, dumb thing and still be considered a hero afterwards. It’s like that lizard guy in The Amazing Spiderman.

  • Adam Frisk

    Iron man is the most relatable SH after Batman.

  • K.L

    I really love the lower backstory of Black Widow

  • frankelee

    Here’s an extra: Iron Man 3 blowed.

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