Half in the Bag Extras: Copycat Films and More Styrofoam Beating

January 28, 2013129 Comments

Here’s a few odds and ends that were cut out of Mike and Jay’s Last Stand and A Haunted House discussion.

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    I hate copycats!
    When is the next Plinkett Review? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE?!!!

  • Hans

    I love you guys!

  • Gilmour

    Mikes scream is a priceless commodity, nearly as important as Rich Evans laugh.

  • Johnny


  • notJames

    ..all we need now is some “genius” to make an “insightful” comment how there is a “secret” agenda by black artists to make the teenage going movie public to feel ashamed and guilty for the bad deeds of their ancestors by making fun of gay white people …

  • Victor

    I don’t know why I’m laughing at your antics, but it never fails. Good health gentlemen!

  • Guest

    AAAAHHHH FUUUUUU- end credits. Brilliant.

  • sammie

    The more half in the bag the better! 😀

  • This is borderline experimental . . . I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

  • Marvin Falz

    “M.Wayans is a comedic genius”

  • Pete

    That ending was even better than the original video’s.

  • Marvin Falz

    Interesting thought that even movie history repeats itself (until the lesson is learned or what?) and that for example in the period of the silent film there may have been critics drinking beer .. no, wait, that’s not the point .. in this period there may have been critics who rejected movies with sound kind of like some critics today who reject 3D and high frame rates BUT with the big difference that sound enhances the movie experience while 3D and high frame rates don’t. I’ve never heard anyone complain about sound tracks in general but on 3D and high frame rate the people seem to me at least divided. In my opinion: 3D and high frame rates are unnecessary dimensions. They are not needed.

  • MaxWylde

    I know why a lot of modern comedy’s suck; the people who make them suck.

    Comedy is not all that complicated. What’s important to any kind of story is a relatable frame of reference for the audience to know the contrast to the situation that creates the joke or the punchline. Porky’s, for example, was all about a bunch of high school kids in Florida trying to get laid in a brothel in the next county, and it’s not just about that, but the lengths to which these guys go, and the hilarity of Ms. Ballbricker trying to check these clowns makes all of this rather endearing as well as funny. You may also notice the less-funny themes going on, such as the issue between the Jewish kid and the punk who wants to kick his ass, and how they hash that out. By the time we get to the climax, the destruction of Porky’s and the revenge they get on him, we generally like these guys and we want to see them win.

    With modern comedy’s, they tend to go for the cheap laugh; something quick and easy to write that doesn’t involve any character development whatsoever. Do we care what Marlon Wayans’ character’s name is in ANY of these “paradies?” No. He’s just Marlon Wayans.

    There have been recent exceptions. Bridesmaids was cool. The first Hangover film was cool. A Haunted House, no.

  • Bassbait

    Fun fact Mike – VCR’s didn’t exist until the 70’s.

  • Bassbait

    You don’t need to be able to relate to something in order for it to be funny. Case in point? Xavier: Renegade Angel. The most unlikeable character ever, in a world full of unlikeable characters, who treat him terribly, and he deserves it because he accidentally murders all of existence in any random episode. There’s really nothing you can relate to, but what makes it funny is the sense of insanity, the extremely morbid humor, and the twisted inner workings of character’s minds.

  • Leo Ladenson

    I think Scientology invented the styrofoam beating. Doesn’t L. Ron Hubbard mention it in Dianetics?

  • Leo Ladenson

    When is the next Best of the Worst?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Dying is easy; comedy is hard.

  • Christopher Kulik

    What’s up with everyone talking about SCREWBALLS all of a sudden? Haphazard posted a review on it for his blog (http://haphazard-stuff.blogspot.com/); here’s my review of it: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/screwballs.php.

  • E

    Mike’s AHHHOO FUUCK!! should be the new Wilhem Scream of the 21st century. Great show guys. I hope you review Bullet to the head or Warm Bodies next week.

  • guest

    Pretty sure that was a joke, smart guy.

  • tobi

    The last bit was so funny … unbelievible that it was cut out.

  • twat

    Some time this week, according to their twitter feed thing. They’ve been giving us so much content recently I feel fucking spoiled.

  • Leo Ladenson

    I was, of course, joking. But thanks for the heads up.

    It’s a shame that they won’t be doing a B-Fest recap. I would be happy if they did nothing but reports from conventions–personally I think that is some of their funniest stuff. And I would even chip in on Kickstarter, or something, to get them out to the big San Diego Comic-Con.

  • it’s called progress

    Movies are also not needed.There’s theater .Broadway and the like.And books.

    I wonder what will the next generation of storytelling be.Holodeck from Star Trek? Virtual reality from cyberpunk ?

  • spacelizzard

    ..chemtrails…also the moon landing is fake…and there are aliens in Area 51…

  • 日本の女の子

    Maiku-kun! Jei-kun!

  • letshavesomefun

    ..whoosh..just above your head…the point…

  • letshavesomefun

    Godzilla is still chasing you?

  • letshavesomefun

    Eagerly awaiting your genius contribution to cinematic comedy.Make a movie if it’s that easy.Or try something easier,like stand-up.

  • letshavesomefun

    They also use the wrapping-bubble-plastic therapy.

  • letshavesomefun

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  • 二人の日本人の女の子

    Maiku-kun! Jei-kun!

  • lets

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    I am cumming everywhere.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Inka dinka doo.

  • The ending is fenomenal !

  • pessdrit

    There’s been a lot of new content lately. I feel kind of spoiled. Thanks guys. I’m addicted to your everything.

  • Liz

    I was thinking the same thing. Def checking the site more frequently now!

  • Mark Bisone

    Still no blood squibs on the styrofoam beatings, you lazy fucks.

  • Dudebro

    When is the next Dudebros episode?!?!

  • Handsome Pete

    That’s what makes the fact so fun.

  • Captain Prickhard

    “Re-enactment isn’t a joke.” –the little blonde kid

    So what was that Jay in leather-and-red-turtleneck shooting Rich Evans thing? Wasn’t that from a clip of a Turkish movie widely seen on youtube?

    You fucks are so fraudulent I’m surprised you can remember your own names.

    Fraudsters! Fraudsters! We’ve got fraudsters here!

  • Rick Berman

    I get the feeling of cumming when I make CG effects. I get the feeling of cumming when I ruin Star Wars.

  • Robby

    That’s two out of the last three Half in the Bag’s that you’ve cut. Stop it.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I think a difference between the spoof movies of the 80’s and those of today is the amount of money to be made. The spoofs of the 80’s knew there was a definite ceiling to what they could get. Today, the spoofs seem to be made with the idea that there’s INFINITE money to be made. I think that’s where the feeling of cynicism comes from.

  • SUGOI!!!!!!!


  • I jerked off to this.

    Is that like a sicko thing?

  • The thing about comedy nowadays is that people assume that parodies are easy and that “reference+farts”=funny.

    That is the fucking problem right there.

    Pop culture reference humor works when it parodies the aspect of that certain pop culture or when it adds in the pop culture reference with something that goes way beyond people’s heads. Take a look at either Gintama, Hot Fuzz and Louis CK’s Lincoln parody and compare them with the Friedberg and Seltzer shit. And you can tell why the former three worked and the latter F&S shit sucked.

    And while comedy is not complicated, comedy is still hard. Standup comedians and good comedy writers are self-conscious and very observant people, but the majority of people are not. So to be funny, you have to be observant and self-conscious and that’s fucking hard especially when we live in a narcissistic and arrogant society.

  • Marvin Falz

    Yeah, but movies, theatre and books are separate art forms, 3D and high frame rate belong exclusively to movies. A theatre scene with a nice fitting background is great but when the background gets too big and colorful it distracts from the play. Different textcolor in a book is a nice thing (like in the Neverending story where the colors green and red distinct the stories of Bastian and Atreyu) but it is not needed.

    Holodeck would be cool.

  • Agree! Please do not make any more of the Best of the Worst

  • As an editor, I would love to know where these two soundbytes came from: “HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” and the “LET’S GO!” which is also featured in other Plinkett works.

  • そうですよ

    Your screen name is Japan’s girl? Really? You forgot the 「人」 It should be 日本人の女の子

  • Bnold

    I stopped cumming.

  • phillip

    I can’t wait for these guys to see Movie 43 🙂

  • zeitguest

    as my college art teacher said in response to ANY and EVERY work of art, “I found this one to be disquieting and apocalyptic.”

  • zeitguest

    …but if you have any best of the worst of the worst of the best of the worst, well…. have at it

  • zeitguest

    In the future, to save on expenses, they’ll just download a memory OF having seen the film directly to your brain (and the memory of having purchased a mandatory quantity of refreshments with accompanying charges) eliminating the expense of the venue, employees, air conditioning, etc. March of progress continues

  • zeitguest

    right, right, but it’s not black artists, it’s THE JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ.

    …and the illuminati, and our secret reptillian overlords, and the rothschilds, and the Clockwork Elves, and the Nazis that escaped to the Antarctic, and the half-fish half-man people living in small towns in Massachusetts… well, okay to shorten the list, basically everybody but you, happy? It was going to be part of an elaborate surprise party for your birthday but now it’s ruined.

  • zeitguest

    Check your facts, man. Check your FACTS.

    “Ampex introduced the Quadruplex videotape professional broadcast standard format with its Ampex VRX-1000 in 1956. It became the world’s first commercially successful videotape recorder using two-inch (5.1 cm) wide tape.[2] Due to its US$50,000 price, the Ampex VRX-1000 could be afforded only by the television networks and the largest individual stations.[3]”


  • Marvin Falz

    That’ll be very convenient. You never have to step out of your apartment
    and today’s fat people will be slim. The fast food and refreshment
    industry will go against it.

  • zeitguest

    In the future, they’ll download a memory OF having seen the movie directly to your brain (along with a memory of having purchased a mandatory quantity of refreshments – with appropriate charges…) This will avoid the expense of buildings, employees, air conditioning, etc. March of progress continues, onward and upward…

  • stolliosis

    If you guys insist on beating the crappy movies out of your brains, you guys are going to be using cinder blocks by the middle of February.

  • Kamui

    haha great work as always guys

  • careboars

    Make the care boars autoplay after every episode stop!

  • pauleibye

    I feel the reason that criticizing shit movies feels more cynical is because general audiences think that they’re better than they are. People who went to drive in movies didn’t praise “Attack of The Squid Monster 3” as people praise cheapo films today.

  • StupidCunt

    Someone please make a gif of mikes mental breakdown at the end.

  • Kjelmann

    Jay. You are a master of comedic editing!

  • uhoh-fanboys

    I love your shows but sometimes the cynicism starts to get annoying. Eh, but that’s what you’ve given since the beginning, so why should I complain.

    I do wish to note that it’s also fun to watch you guys laugh and have a good time, when not being cynical.

  • Astor

    just 6 minutes of extra content??

  • Rick Berman

    Bert I Gordon making you think a cricket is giant is a lot better in my view than some shit clown at Asylum films making a Sharktopus movie.

    Bert had to put real effort into those stupid looking effects. The other assholes just made a badly rendered Sharktopus model and then sold their movie to the lowest common denominator.

  • Marvin Falz

    That’ll be very convenient. You never have to step out of your apartment and today’s fat people will be slim. The fast food and refreshment industry will go against it.

  • BucketHead

    I pulled my cock out and drew a smiley face on it. Used a permanent marker. My wife is going to shit when she goes to suck it. She’ll probably divorce me. Take all of my money. Maybe I’ll color the face in. I’ll color my whole cock and tell her that I have a skin disorder. Then when she goes online to research the skin disorder I’ll hang myself in the garage. That should fix it. What do you think? Type “1” if you think I should leave it as is. Type “2” if you think I should color my whole cock. Type “3” if you’ve had sex with a bird.

  • Maddison

    4. nobody cares

  • You HAVE to be the same guy from the AV Club. You used a JPG of Jay staring in disbelief to respond to a guy who said he hated “The Wire”, which prompted me to check out RLM to see if there was any new stuff. AND THERE WAS

  • There was a really great scene about that in “The Master”.

  • Are you Friedberg or Seltzer?

  • Larson

    I think another reason 80’s sex comedies aren’t as awful as todays “spoof movies” is the universal theme that teenagers will always be trying to look at boobs and get laid. Thank you, USA Up All Night!

  • Larson

    I’d watch a dude in a rubber suit over shitty CGI any day.

  • Yes, it is i.

  • zzzz

    Today vs. The old days, is that that it was a fresh take back then. monster movies of the 50s, rip offs of the 70s, even though a bunch had come out it was sort of new in that aspect. But now writers and directors should know that this has been done a million times. thats why we’re so cynical today. They should know better.

  • Tony

    Chrriiiiiisssstttt. How much would I have to pay for a subscription to avoid any more fucking adverts?

  • Mark Bisone

    Mike is starting to look like Bagoool. Get some sun on your fucking face you pale ass fuck!

  • Marlon Wayan

    And then someone farts.

  • HaydnHarry

    I watched the end billions of times already. It’s something to show my grandchildren

  • g

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    I stopped cumming over there.
    I stopped cumming everywhere.

  • Marvin Falz

    And still nobody gets the secret connection between Italian’s former prime minister (known for bunga bunga) and the pizza-loving Ninja Turtles (known for cowabunga). #OhMyGodThatIsSoLame

    Since I already mentioned God: is it a bad sign, when you adress God and the first thing he says is: “what is it you fuckface?”

  • kingofmadcows

    “Parody” films like Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans, etc. are much worse than crappy movies in the past. Old B movies actually had stories and characters. Even those made for TV mockbusters on SyFy have some semblance of a story.

    These “parody” movies have nothing. There’s no characters, no story, all they do is reference pop culture. It’s like watching an episode of TMZ or Access Hollywood from 5 months ago.

  • Bobo

    The original Three Stooges is “schlock”? You niggas dun fucked up.

  • jack


  • 123

    The comment was deleted.I am curious.What did it say ?

  • Benzo

    The Austin Powers movies are properly done spoofs. They picked on all the elements: ridiculous villains, OTT gadgets, easily-escapable traps, names with crude sexual puns, it had the lot taken to such an extreme it was funny. I’d never seen any James Bond movie before these, and they only got funnier as I got older and started to realise the parody.

  • Rick Mccallum

    Fuck you Rick Berman

  • zeitguest

    fantastic, you must have made it to disc 42 question 6, 356 What The Fuck Did the Engineer Say After They Woke Him Up (that’s how it’s listed in my companion guide anyway)

  • Rick Berman

    Ever read Brave New World? Yes, Feelies.

  • zeitguest

    yeah powers is an excellent example of what makes a good parody. unlike a lot of the excellent mel brooks parodies, austin powers had an inexplicably lovable protagonist-buffoon that hokily, ironically, yet genuinely managed to tug at our heartstrings a little bit even while we got the joke. super fine line to ride and they hit it perfectly.

    I’m guessing part of the success was a subtle tone, that the characters know theyre in a parody and we know they know and they know we know… and when powers is trying to explain the pump, he comes off as a genuine character trying to deal with being stuck in a parody kind of like how sometimes you have a dream that starts in the middle and you have to just muddle through… maybe you already robbed a bank, already are at school wearing just underwear, etc.

  • guest

    …keeping in mind that sometimes no means yes. but not necessarily right now. and sometimes it really does mean no. also sometimes yes means no, so yes definitely that.

    just keep that content coming on whatever time frame works.

    except, without rushing it, definitely hurry things along okay? btw whens the next dudebros?

  • Step one: install Adblock.

    Tutorial end.

  • grunting sound

    You should unsubscribe from breathing.

    Repeating a joke till it’s no fun anymore.

  • grunting sound

    ..thing is though,brain does not work like that….

  • NickStuff

    I love the way Mike’s screams always clip.

  • grunting sound

    Compared to The Marx Brothers they sure is.

  • grunting sound

    Step two: stop contributing to comment section.
    (meant for Tony not you Mats.You are great.Can I be your girlfriend ? )

  • grunting sound

    In reality,there are just a few stories with infinite permutations.Heck,the whole of human condition and its stories is and are nicely summarized in an average Tarot deck if you go beyond the mumbo jumbo of “divination” and actually look at the thing for real.

  • tjp77

    Hey Jay – Airport 77 was a GREAT movie. You should totally check it out on Netflix, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Raziment

    You can be mine.

  • antimuslim

    Shouldnt you be somewhere raping, pillaging, raping, killing? Shitsack.

  • Guest

    Why in god’s name did you cut out the ending when this part was so much better?

  • Adrian Galt

    I’m not sure about VCR repair shops in the 50’s… but seeing that it’s 2013… I’ll take it!

  • Ross

    now that the naked gun series is on netflix you should review those so people see what good parody movies are

  • dedete

    You don’t see what great potential is in those movies. In 30 years people will watch this with more nostalgia and interest than we watch movie about talking vagina from 80’s and that is because this is a piece of history. There is 20 memories in one scene – so it is fast, just like people of the internet era like to watch stuff. Kid will ask you who is this guy in this scene and you will tel him.

  • I think part of the reason it feels more cynical now is just that there’s so much more money involved than there used to be. And it might just continue to get worse.

  • Saddam Andler

    Adam Sandler is a comedic genius.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    The funny thing is that Seltzer and Friedberg’s inspiration is obviously Airplane, the superficial similarities are much too numerous.

  • RRRRrrroberto

    Seriously…this Blip player sucks ass. Gimme the YouTube link please.

  • John

    I was sure the ghost girl was going to do a jump scare again at the end.

  • Alex P

    I don’t expect the crew to read this but Loaded Weapon immediately came to mind as a past example that exactly fits the profile of modern “spoof movies”.

  • That guy

    Ok mister but why would you take so much tie and write all that

  • Antoni

    I can’t help but blame Family Guy for a lot of the “reference comedy” that has come out recently. Many movie makers now think that all you have to do is reference something that the audience is at least VAGUELY familiar with, and that’s apparently “funny”; that apparently counts as “humor”.

    It’s hard to write clever set-ups, or punch lines, or pay-offs, or even a scene where slapstick humor is genuinely funny. But it’s easy to reference a movie or mention something that people might be vaguely familiar with, or (in Marlon Wayans’ case) just add a bunch of fart and weed jokes to pre-existing movie scenes. And because teen audiences lap it up, there’s no need for these writers to write smarter comedy. What’s the point in using your brain when idiot audiences will lap up crappy fart jokes and movie references.

  • Antoni

    Most people COULD make a better movie if they had the money or the fame. Making movies isn’t hard. Friedberg and Seltzer have proven that.
    Getting millions of dollars to make it, and decent marketing is the hard part.

  • Whargoul


  • you FUCK

  • AlcaldeEste

    Airplane, Hot Shots, The Naked Gun, Top Secret and Spaceballs are all spoof movies, but they were like 50% goofy set pieces and 50% their own story.
    A modern spoof movie is just reference after reference with no attempt at a narrative or any attempt at making sense, or even any attempt at actual jokes.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    I think it’s because there are more people to criticize these movies.
    Also, Internet

  • AlcaldeEste

    Movies like “Loaded Weapon” and “Hot Shots Part Deux” spoofed primarily one particular movie, but threw in references to other movies where appropriate. However, as goofy as they were, they had a plot and characters.
    Have you seen any modern spoof movies? You can’t quite grasp how bad they are if you haven’t. It’s just reference after reference after reference with no rhyme or reason, no characters, and no story.

    It’s just “Oh, it’s … the two guys from Superbad. And someone we don’t know has to shoot them. Why? So he can curve the bullet like in ‘Wanted.’ And next to him is … Doctor Phil drinking tequila. It’s funny, cause Doctor Phil wouldn’t drink tequila? And next to Doctor Phil is … the girl from Juno.”
    Modern spoof movies make National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon look a masterpiece of effort.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Oops, just noticed I wrote basically the same comment when I first saw this a couple of months ago. Oh well.

  • TapewormBike

    Are you..are you serious….ly ill?

  • Ianuarius

    It’s kinda fun seeing this now, since YouTube sucks worse than ever and Blip is kinda decent.

  • Pissernacht

    Shit man, ain’t no thang…repetition isn’t bad, especially when you’re 100% accurate.

  • a thompson

    Jay has aged horribly in four years.

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