Half in the Bag: Evil Dead

April 7, 2013366 Comments

Mike and Jay literally got to Hell to discuss yet another remake. This time it’s Evil Dead, a modern update on the Sam Raimi cult classic.

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  • Vincent

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I’ve been checking every hour on the hour for a video…OBSESSION!!! I REAAALLLY LOVE The Best of the Worst vids too….YAAAAAAY!

  • Averroes

    Great review, as always.

  • guest

    They just posted this four minutes ago. There’s no way you could have watched it already.

  • Tim

    Finally. I almost had to fill my time with something productive to do.

  • Averroes

    It’s always a good review.

  • Dr Suess

    Anyone prefer the original Mr Plinkett reviews? These are okay but Jay is …meh…

  • Rich Evans IS the original Mr Plinkett.
    He’s also the definitive Mr Plinkett. Mike does a fine tribute act though.

  • I’ve always thought that Plinkett’s house looked like the cabin from the original series.

  • Vincent

    Wow…the ending was really cool, i like how the special effects actually look better than most movies now-a-days

  • The Movie Guy543

    You guys should review Olympus has Fallen and the Host!

  • carrie_les

    who likes pink satin panties ? Would you like it if a girl peed them all over herself too ?

  • Aksiomet

    LOL at “I don’t think I’m a human anymore…”

  • captainjimmers

    that ending should have been in your jack and jill review

  • Red Rowz

    I loved your April Fool’s Day piece. I came here on the first of April expecting to see something, and there was nothing! Fooled me…

  • guest

    Welcome to three years ago, guy. Half in the Bag has been their main content for quite a while now.

  • Grim


  • You guys creep the hell out of me with your plot lines. It’s true love.

  • Thank fuck, almost had to resort to studying.

  • Caesar Rangewood

    Sometimes I touch myself at night

  • Mark Bisone

    If Mike had a song on his MySpace page, it would be subtle, barely audible, ambient instrumental music, punctuated by the occasionally upper register “ding” of a triangle that deaf neckbeards would mistakenly think was a subliminal device intended to highlight a word or concept uttered by these hack fraud internet cretins.

    (P.S. Jay, how did your Prom go? Did Jack put out?)

  • ouij


  • Number 736

    I think Evil Dead hit the right mix of bad acting, horror, and campiness from the originals without alienating a general audience or long-time fans.

    I saw Evil Dead 1 & 2 for the first time when I was 9 or 10. To my young self it was a big deal because of the mix of psychological horror and gore. I can imagine young kids today seeing Evil Dead (2013) as a right of passage too. That’s how I know it succeeds.

    If Sam Raimi and that other guy really have big plans for the series, they had to make a movie that could introduce a new generation to the series and pique their interest to check out the originals – while giving multi-generational fans the movie they’ve been asking for. It was a movie fit for 2013. It was technically impressive and I thought, a clever twist on the original concept.

    Evil Dead has a place on my shelf next to the originals. It protects the franchises legacy while giving it new life, and I can’t wait to see what they have for us next.

  • 1

    video is loading abhorrently slow

  • Yes! Great video. Now I know why so much time passed between episodes. You’ve made a quality production here.

  • Constantine1985

    Lol. Great ending.

  • Dutch Angles?

    Don’t go all Battlefield Earth on us RLM.

  • Mark Bisone

    Great tribute at the end there, but all that Duplassy shakycam was giving me a headache.

  • The Hell effects were amazing 😀

  • bacon ail ya

    I fucking hate bacon!

  • That ending sequence was just wonderful.

  • The dumbest thing about this movie is the beginning. Instead of starting it slow and building up to insanity, they have to throw all of the movie’s elements at you immediately. There are no reveals, it’s just: book, possesion, gore, and repeat.

  • Crippen

    The world would be a better place if more movie villains reacted like Rich did to being delivered a cheesy one-liner.

  • Getting the same thing here. It was fine up to the 7 minute mark.

  • Leorge Gucas

    *sniffs* It was lacking a CGI Jabba the Hut.

  • Doug Walker

    Hey! When are you going to review my awesomely made film Kickassia? Come join me and all the Channe Awesome gang as we HIL-lariously attempt to invade the micro nation Mollosia with hijinks to boot!

  • Windy Winston

    Are you gonna review The Host by any chance? It’s the type of box-office bomb that may be up Mike’s alley!

  • why are you guys holding empty beer bottles?

  • Dixon Bawls

    Evil Dead 2: Even Eviler

  • I have spent my last few hours arguing that Evil Dead 2 is a sequel and not a remake of the first Evil Dead. Because the sequel recaps the first movie in the opening scene, people get this idea that it is a remake. They are so confident I am actually getting threats against it. What is up with that miscommunication with the movie.

  • Asshole

    Review Host. You hacks.

  • Neil

    Fun Fact regarding blood loopholes: the trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining was not allowed by the MPAA to have blood in it. Kubrick convinced them that it was rusty water to get it passed.

  • I’d love to see a “Cabin in the Woods”-style Dude Bros Movie.

  • Next episode will be broadcast from prison.

  • Where was Jay during the fight sequence?
    I found a plothole. NURSE!

  • Another awesome review “in the bag”. I especially loved the end “evil dead-esque” action sequence… was that the fuckin mail man who is also the fuck-bot?? Like you know, the guy that you bitched out in your Transformers Dark Side of the… wait… No thats right, Wrath of the Dark Falling Moon Review. Anyways, great review, was waiting eagerly for this one.

  • kaas

    The Host killed Roger Ebert, do you want to kill Jay and Mike too?

  • Rufus

    I agree, hell looked absolutely delicious. Was that raspberry filling coming out of the chocolate volcano? It ain’t devil’s food for nothing.

  • To me the biggest injustice to the original was the addition of all the devil/soul garbage.

    —-SPOILERS—- The unnecessary rules like the demon needs to consume 5 souls before he can unleash the big bad demon, that ends up being pretty lame anyway.
    What was especially disappointing was the non-tree rape scene. The original was cool because the environment and characters were possessed because of the book. Now its the demon soul attaches to a vagina soul so that it can consume 5 other souls in order to release the soul-eater, that just gets killed by a chainsaw.
    —-END of SPOILERS—-

    The Evil Dead didn’t label any of the crazy shit that happened like the new one does, and its more interesting because of that.

    I guess Demons and Devils just seem played out, and shoehorning them into this franchise feels like a disservice.

  • Mark Bisone

    Whenever you catch yourself saying “I spent the last few hours” doing something, you should try adding the phrase “of my life.”

    In other words, imagine you are on your deathbed, succumbing to the final stages of superAIDS or the dreaded Anal Cancer, and you spend your last few hours on Earth arguing with fat, invisible, internet virgins about what qualifies as a schlock B-movie sequel.

    Satan would give you such a brutal, world-class wedgie, my friend.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    I love how you guys keep the camera tilted throughout the entire review.

  • Those hell models were awesome

  • It is interesting that your depiction of hell reminds me of my asshole after a meal from Chipotle

  • M. Noman

    God bless you Red Letter Media…God bless you…

  • Guest

    I can’t wait for the remake of the sequel of the reboot of the prequel of the interquel of The Dead Army of Evil Darkness 9.

  • Gooilt

    I can’t wait for the remake of the sequel of the reboot of the prequel of the interquel of The Dead Army of Evil Darkness 9.

  • kenchun24

    Totally agree. For as much hype as Evil Dead got (excluding the fact it’s a re-imagining of a classic) I thought it was a disappointment. Gory fun – yes, but it didn’t distinguish itself in anyway other than “mainstream cineplex gore filled movie release “. Dead Alive did that years ago as well.

  • Zerael

    Honestly, I used to think the same, because the tone is different, however when I started paying attention to the awesome writing, I changed my mind.

    To me, both Jay and Mike are incredibly talented and their insight in movies, and while I like other reviewers (tgwtg etc), the fact that they are usually critically just and fair, in the sense that they will rip a movie to shreds with no qualms, but also point out its merits, sells the whole thing.

    I always have a great time watching Half in the bag because I learn things about movies and moviemaking, and, but that is obviously a personal preference, find Mike and Jay’s humor, wit and chemistry absolutely wonderful.

  • Credo

    No wonder this episode took so long to come out – It’s friggin’ awesome!

  • Marvin Falz

    Now that was a fucking impressive ending. You guys get better all the time.

  • I think they only review real movies.

  • JokerTECH

    Well worth the wait

  • vaginapants

    Love Plinkett’s new dreads

  • Marvin Falz

    They both bring their own quality into the character. Mike’s Plinkett is darker and Rich’s Plinkett is goofier.

  • Wait, where am I?

    One penis. Several peni.

  • whatever

    hey Jay and Mike are you going to the housecore horror film festival?


  • Felt like i was watching a clip from deadly prey there at the end.

    Probably seeing this tomorrow, i’m glad you guys didn’t hate it.

  • Jay Kay

    The Host didn’t kill Roger Ebert, fucking polio did.

  • BJB

    Please, never stop making these. Half in the Bag is the shit.

  • Marvin Falz

    There is one scientific study I know of on desensitization caused by violence in media. The outcome was that one test group of children that the scientists used in the experiments were more indifferent in a staged violent situation in which they were supposed to call for help as the other test group. But life itself has some kind of desensitizing effect on humans I guess. More than a damn movie.

  • PizzaRoll95

    Oh my God, the ending was epic! Clearly, they should have let Jay Baumann and Mike Stoklasa direct the Evil Dead remake.

  • EVAN

    wtf you guys are sitting on the wrong sides. I DON’T LIKE CHANGE, YA KEEP IT NICE AND SIMPLE OKAY

  • GrampsHiro
  • Mark Bisone

    Is that what was wrong with his face?

  • Mark Bisone

    Maybe the kids could tell it was staged, like it is in the movies.

    Or maybe they were just faggaloos. There is one scientific study I know of on fagglery that says one-in-ten kids is a raging fagoogle, and that you can’t even cure it with footballs.

  • Lol they always manage to have a copy of Star Trek Generations in their videos. nice

  • bb-15

    Great ending!

  • Guest

    I loved the movie, it<s definitely not on the level of the original especially on the technical level and in it's inventiveness but i had so much fun. Also i wasn't a fan of most of the actors (especially Shiloh Fernandez, god he was bad!) but i have to admit i like Jane Levy (Mia) and Lou Taylor Pucci (Eric)

  • decora

    im not invisible.

  • I loved the movie. It’s definitely not up to par with the original technically and with it’s inventiveness but i had so much fun. I agree most of the actors weren’t very good (especially Shiloh Fernandez) but i liked Jane Levy (Mia) and Lou Taylor Pucci (Eric).

  • Also i wish they had done something with the dog. I would have loved a dog deadite.

  • Anonymous

    Please tell me there’s a behind the scenes for the hell shots. I can’t identify what the blood volcano fluid is made of and miniatures are so cool.

  • Guus van Voorst

    It was self-defense… he could have given Mike a papercut… the worse kind of cut…

  • Dave1105

    I love this site

  • Daggoth

    The ending scene here was brilliant; but then again you guys love your horror effects. Indeed, you work quite well with horror. Mike is especially awesome as an Ash-type character ’cause he looks so similar to Bruce.

    But after watching this I became convinced of something. I mean, come on, you guys know what works; what passes for quality and what doesn’t– so get those cylinders working on something you feel is all-it-can-be. That you feel is ideal to this day and age. Now if that scene (or like the one with the mutant VCR creature ‘thing’, which a neat cyberpunk/sci-fi horror concept anyways) was adapted to a quality horror plot using all of your movie-making knowledge and narrative expertise I would shelve out any amount of cash to watch it anywhere. I don’t give a shit if it’s on the web or independently released or a DVD or whatever.

    I absolutely believe it will be the independent film makers like yourselves that have the potential to easily surpass the original ‘Alien’ with some proper funding. If the success of this evil dead remake is any indication, the mainstream is ready to consider films of esoteric origin and direction. Just say the word; a limited budget has only helped horror movies in the past: the original Texas Chainsaw massacre (1974) only had an original budget of $60,000 as a non-independent theatrical release which it exceeded in editing to a lowballed cost of $93,000 (wiki). Heck it would be noteworthy to watch a prototype film from RLM like “Within the Woods”, which only had a production cost of $1600, and it could still get some market attention since you already have a fan-base.

    Whatever. Maybe I’m just too excited by the fantastical prospect right now to be rational. Maybe I’m just talking shit and I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I do see untapped potential. I really do.

  • Manioc

    Ya’ll guys should rename this show to “Mike and Jay At the Movies”. You probably won’t get sued now!

  • anon

    I had an idea — maybe you frauds, or that fraud Plinkett, could review The Thing (and the prequel if you have to) and They Live. Seems right up your alley.

  • Licktheenvelope

    Well done gentlemen.

  • Mike was using a lot of “likes” in his sentences 🙁 Otherwise, thanks guys!

  • Felix

    That ending, superb!

  • Ohnomovies

    I like to see a review where Mike and Jay see eye to eye. And by that I mean, dutch angels! The slight tilt makes Mike sit at level with Jay! Ah, jokes. Fun, those.

  • ohnomovies

    I am apparently incapable of spelling angle correctly. My bad.

  • Also, the best HITB ending ever.

    Nice prop work guys.

    Hopefully you guys do a Spiderman movie 20 years from now.

  • e949774


  • e949774

    Fool me once,put food on the family…fool me twice…wait…

  • e949774

    Not CGI..stop-motion or claymation or whatever that thing was, is Ray Harryhausen did…

  • Fuck blip

    Yay, it only took me 4 hours to buffer this 29 minute video, but I finally got it.

  • Jeremy

    The screen is all black. Other videos are working this one isn’t. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Fuck You, It’s January

    Happy 50th review!

    One thing: I felt like Jay contradicted himself when he said comedy is more effective when the production value is cheaper. Yet he criticized Jack and Jill for having cheap sets, particularly the Lakers Game scene. HackFrauds! Get a real job.

    Love you!

  • Roobs

    Your critique comes with an attached example. This is really good way of coming across with your point. I want to see more reviews like these or at least space cop.

  • one-in-ten-kids

    Dear Madam

    As a member of faggaloo community I find it extremely offensive that you would suggest fagglery to be a condition that needs curing,never mind you suggesting footballs is a cure for anything.quite the contrary footballs is a cause of many many horrible conditions such as dickbaggery and whiteknighting.

    Sincerely yours AdBlock Add-on


    So how deep can you brownnose ?

  • e949774

    I think they only review real movies.



    Mmmmmmm..ass cancer…

  • one-in-ten-kids

    So you can’t cummmm if you masturbate to Jay..big deal…just focus on his girlfriend Mike…


    “Not this shit again” .jpg

  • one-in-ten-kids

    You are just talking shit.


    Who ?

  • Ester

    Fuck blip…would you cool down a bit?..maybe go for a walk or something…

  • Best one yet!

  • Hash Nazi

    Mike and Jay you frauds, you have switched place

  • Andy S

    I noticed that too. It’s a sign.

  • Herpa

    Aw, no Spring Breakers review…

  • Czech U. Fax

    “Get your face in my fucking hand.”


  • Czech U. Fax

    The SPFX in this episode make Feeding Frenzy look like Troll 2.

  • “It’s so dense every single image has so many things going”

    -Sam Raimi, Producer for Star Trek

  • Wait, Mike composed “Jedi Rocks”?

  • Czech U. Fax

    Are you whiteknighting or dickbagging here?

  • Mark Bisone

    You’re welcome.

  • Only sometimes? My god, I wish I had that degree of self-control.

  • The Pandaman

    Jesus Christ, that ending was fucking good. And hilarious.

  • Stan Velijev

    Oh god did you really just rip off Deadly Pray?
    Also, not enough cream corn.

  • Trent

    Mike and Jay have switched places. You’ve been fucking with my medicine.

  • justaguyDP

    I thought Levy and Pucci performed well. The rest of the cast were forgettable. As a matter of fact, there were times, where I was like “Who the hell is that character?” I’m looking at you, “Natalie.” I wasn’t emotionally attached to any of the characters. The plot was paper thin. The film’s pacing was off. They could have woven the drug abuse angle, etc. into the overall narrative in a more efficient manner. It had nice practical FX. The lighting was nice. The camera shots were boring and unimaginative. It felt like they had to stuff nods to the entire trilogy into this one film. I honestly only went to see it because hopefully it will give the studios an excuse to green light a sequel with Bruce Campbell. If he’s not in the sequel, it’s a definite Netflix for me.

  • I suddenly really want a gifset of that ending.

  • MatthewMelange

    Very nice review.


    So how’s THAT going for ya?


    I think they may have gone too far in a few places.

  • Ash

    I liked this movie a lot more than you did.
    I think the “habit-kicking” element is more central to the story than you’ve let on. It’s true that they stop talking about it after the first act, but when the movie wraps up the way it does, I couldn’t help but see that that character’s struggle is what the whole thing was about. It was at once using the heroine as a plot device to enhance the realism of Evil Dead while also using Evil Dead as metaphor to tell a story about addiction; the loss of self control, the need for loved ones to bring you back, and the phyiscal/emotional toll it takes on them and yourself. I thought the final confrontation was a pretty clear, if corny, way of showing how it makes you your own worst enemy. It works on an intentional juxtaposition of the two most common uses of the word “demon”. I also thought it made some of the characters more sympathetic than you did, even if they weren’t acted very interestingly… except he central character was acted real well, you guys do know that was still her in the make up, no?
    I’m also surprised you didn’t talk about the specal effects at all. I mean really, after all the railing you’ve done on CGI, why wouldn’t you?
    Love you guys, but I give this review one rim job out of a Thai bath house.


    Dickwhiteing.You know,with cummmm.


    Just open your eyes.


    Dutch angels rule!


    What do you mean tilted ?


    He was watching and drinking his beer.


    And only at night…some people are lucky and don’t even know it…

  • Guest

    anyone prefer every other commet on this message board to this comment by “Dr Suess”? the other comments are pretty good, but Dr Suess is kind of like ‘blah’, especially the over use of ellipsis.

  • Mark Bisone

    It was good stuff. Still I was hoping that if RLM remade any Evil Dead scene, it would be this one:


    Watching a room full of furniture that laughed like Rich Evans would be like simultaneously getting a blowjob and a shot of high grade heroin.


    Death by 1000 paper cuts…all between fingers and toes…and behind ears…

  • Chip Chipperson

    What’s that ?

  • Orson

    I loved this movie. Parents had to escort their crying kids out of the theater like 5 minutes in. Boyfriends had to escort their crying and panicking girlfriends out as well. I truly miss being that square when watching horror films.

  • Hi Jay and Mike,
    This was a really great episode.Mike, I think you fucked up your right side burn.

  • Keanu Reeves

    Can’t believe how retarded the depiction of Hell was in this episode of HITB. So much worse than in the $100m movie, “Constantine”!

  • Wait aren’t postal workers like the president, you can’t threaten even for pretend?

  • Fuck the care boars

    I’m starting a petition here to get rid of “The Care Boars Save Christmas” at the end of every fucking episode of RLM output. All those in favor, add your name to this thread.

  • Um, if you prefer Mike’s Plinkett,

    then why just drown Rich Evans back in time before he was baptized as Mr.Plinkett?

  • Agreed. I’ve got Matrix-like expectations for Space Cop.

  • GuyMan

    For the duration of the video I couldn’t think of anything but how Jay and Mike are in each other’s chairs.

  • Astor

    Oh man! I can’t wait to see the prequel’s sequel to the “Half in the Bag” remake’s retooled third sequel, especially when it’s being advertised as the second tie-in to the “Best of the Worst” reboot that occurred after the sequel’s sequel to the prequel drove the franchise to the ground.

  • Marvin Falz

    You’re probably right, a study on the study concluded the whole experiment was staged to get the results they wanted. They bribed the kids with fake mustaches, footballs and heroin.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    Tell me again why Mike and Jay didn’t direct the Evil Dead remake…

  • Finally! I hope you guys do an episode about Spring Breakers eventually too.

  • Noah Dove

    Damn it, I thought this going to be a review of the original!

  • Renholder

    Beaches. I loved that Ke$ha song.

  • Dasby

    I thought the movie was really, really solid. Apparently more than you guys did. Really I went in and just pushed all thoughts of the original series out of my head and viewed this as it’s own thing, and in doing so I had a lot of fun with this movie. Comparing this to the original after years of built up nostalgia for the original just isn’t fair in my opinion.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Army Of Darkness: Dead By Dawn 2 Requiem – The Evil Dead 3 vs Jason.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    The greatest four minutes ever!

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Based on my own experience, I have a theory that enjoyably trashy movies are just good movies without a budget.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Wasn’t it imaginary? Also, didn’t he demonstrate the ability to disappear in the HitB Movie 43 episode?

  • Alan Smithee

    In one of the future Red Letter Media auctions will you consider auctioning that black velvet painting of a shouting black child?

    I want to bid on it.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    They can’t help it, it’s how Blip works. If they got rid of it, some other thing would appear and you’d rage on that.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    I think pretty much every torture porn film, as well as The Evil Dead, are metaphors for drugs.

  • JoeJoe

    You completely missed the points. The J&J “review” was about the fraud of an 80 million dollar con. The “charm” of the cheap original Evil Dead was accidental.

    Do you even lift bro? Or understand how decontextualized arguments are meaningless?

  • JoeJoe

    You mean ‘dutch’?

  • Sam

    “She has no nipples, she has no BUTT”

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    ‘s good.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    That’s right Jay

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber

    NOTHING could be worse than the freaking “Care boars” – it’s that fucking music that drives me crazy!

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Older movies didn’t look better because of shoddiness or anything like that. Movie visuals are like works of art, they need to be shaped to the last detail to look like something, otherwise it will just be a mess. Back then, the crew had to think about how an effect would work, so they thought a lot about how things would look; with CGI, no one is forced to do that anymore, so it gets forgotten a lot. Like if you look at Team Fortress 2, it doesn’t look amazing but it looks like something, so it looks good. Meanwhile, Killzone looks amazing but it doesn’t look like anything, so it doesn’t look good.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Obviously only the mustaches were fake, not the footballs and heroin.

  • DanceK

    Mike is on the right now. I don’t like things that are different.

  • Jay Leno

    We need more BOTW. I find there is usually only enough new Wizard hipster material in each episode to last 7 days.

  • Memoman

    As soon as I saw this review go up, I knew it was going to be special, specially for Jay, so I decided to see The Evil Dead trilogy for the first time in my life. I’m so glad I did it! You pulled it off in great style.


    I was born a poor shouting black child.

  • Russ

    I thought they did a great job. I laughed a lot during the fight/gore here and at the end when Mike kicks the corpse out the door. That was great. Very old school comedy. You note they should be working on something you feel is “all it can be?” Don’t we all wish we could do that with all we do? I have a suspicion that everybody who put this together knew what they were doing, why, and intended it to look this way. Great job in harkening back to what kind of SFX made the old Evil Dead movies fun, just like Jay said in the review. I for one think RLM is doing a great job, especially with what they have and what they are at this point. Really to be admired.

    Well worth the wait! Thanks fellas! Sorry about the decapitation Rich.

    “Of course this is Hell. We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

  • kenchun24

    First – Congrats Mike,Jay and RLM on your 50th episode of Half In The Bag! Keep on doing what you guys do!

    Second – I’m with Jay on this one,Evil Dead re-dux has it’s heart in the right place but was a disappointment compared to all the hype and rave reviews I kept seeing leading up to it’s release. It was a competent,technically sound gorefest,and succeeds on that level for sure. But as far as being a game changer of modern horror or “the most terrifying movie ever” (it’s not scary at all IMO) – nope. And that was what I was expecting based on the trailer and hype. Also it seemed the director had more interest in re-imagining The Exorcist instead of The Evil Dead in many ways.

    The $375,000 budgeted The Evil Dead inspired a creative manic dread,creepy scares,and got banned in a few countries – the $17 million Evil Dead redux inspires blood,gore,more blood,more gore and rain blood. Like Mike said,the films attempt to separate itself from the “young folks go to a cabin in the woods” cliche fails because of the weak script and forgettable characters. If you want the audience to empathize with the heroine,her brother/friends by creating far more backstory than the original The Evil Dead had – stick with it,don’t set up stuff via the script and just drop it completely once the “by the book of the dead” carnage starts. Otherwise it’s exactly the kind of movie that The Cabin In The Woods film is poking fun at.

    Actually I think Mike and Jay did a far better job of making me care about their characters in their descent into hell and inevitable gore filled battle with Deadite Plinkett. Good directing,good script,good acting,great effects – great job guys!

    In agreement with Jay – Evil Dead was missing the “surreal descent into madness” that Ash and friends go through in the original,the mindfuckery and teasing from the demons was non existent in this reboot. Step by step book,possession,gore rinse wash repeat. Although a fun night at the movies with a crowd for sure – Evil Dead isn’t a classic entry in regards to it’s predecessor(s) as it failed to bring anything new to a franchise that each original entry into the series (The Evil Dead,Evil Dead 2:Dead By Dawn,Army Of Darkness) succeeded to do IMO. The creative low budget original,the horror comedy sequel and the iconic hero Ash in the third movie.

    And yes Mike,the “milky white Deadite” eyes were very much missed as opposed to the Darth Maul/Sidious contacts – that bugged the shit out of me. That and nail guns need an air compressor to work (but movies mess that up all the time *ahem* Lethal Weapon 2).

  • Zeraph

    Proper review, well done guys

  • Dr Suess

    Wow, 10 downvotes lol! Well I guess I had it coming…

    It’s not that I dislike Jay and neither do I feel that he doesn’t contribute to the reviews but the entire delivery of the original reviews were top class, I’ve watched them over and over again just for the entertainment factor even after I’ve digested the many valid points that were made. I think I’m going to get slaughtered for preferring “style over content” but I hope that you’ll understand that I’m not trolling.

    It is down to personal preference, I suppose. The humour seems drawn out and forced. Repetitive. I’ll stop now before the entire comments section melts down in outrage!

  • Dr Suess

    Yeah, I’ve popped in now and then to watch their reviews for some time. I kept coming back hoping that I would like them more than the last time, which hasn’t happened yet.

    As per my earlier comment, I don’t want to be shot down as a troll – I was merely (tentatively) voicing my opinion and looking to see if I was in a minority, which it seems I am!

  • caibre

    I thought you meant Bong Joon-ho’s film
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    Good job Mike, that guy always had a fucking attitude problem. -_-

  • “Mr. Plinkett… head’s up!” -It is said that our subconscious is the greatest force in the creative process, which is why the star so often finds themselves perennially running away from their most famous creation. It is not an accident that Leonard Nimoy originally entitled his memoir “I am not Spock”. So here we see on the screen the symbolic act of Jay violently dismembering his own most famous creation; Mr. Plinkett. The creator and created act out a reverse of the creation myth for the audience originally drawn in by the birth of the latter. Oscar Wilde once said ‘Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’ So here the man and the mask through which he reached for artistic truth struggle in close embrace before the man ultimately overcomes; symbolizing his conquest of self.
    Or, it could be that they had a few too many beers, watched a horror flick and thought that would be a cool ending… but we all know the truth don’t we? Over-analyzed? I think not. I think not.

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    Yeah I had a feeling someone would point this out. The difference is limitations and ambition. I mentioned Airplane. Airplane and The Evil Dead were obviously low budget movies trying their hardest to be entertaining. The seams showing ends up being part of the charm because they are so clearly trying their hardest. In a movie like Jack and Jill, they’re clearly not trying at all, despite having shit tons of money to work with. In that case, the cheapness comes off lazy, cynical and ugly.

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  • Also, I have a theory that the daemons kept Ash alive in 1 and 2 because they needed someone to torment.

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    I’ve been watching Half in the Bag since the first episode (and RLM since the first Star Wars review) and I have to say thank you. I have been cynical about movies for years now after originally wanting to get into the business. There has been only maybe three horror movies that I’ve enjoyed since 2002 and this had me laughing and clapping and reliving what it was like to watch movies as a teenager, like the Evil Deads or schlock like Hard to Die. You almost made me feel that there is hope for the future of movies, even though clearly there is none.

    Guys, sometime soon you’re going to have to stop dicking around, talking about other people’s movies and make your own legitimate production, off-the-cusp as Rami and the Coen’s did back in their day. You have that ability. Half in the bag is just practice.

    Thank you for a truly joyful experience.

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    Why I have downloaded all Half In The Bag, Plinkett review’s, audio commentaries and listen to them during my office hours?.. because my life is an empty shell.

    Congrats for the 50 episodes, keep them coming so I have not to live my life anymore.

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  • Mike, Jay, I really really really really REEEAAALLLYY hope you stayed after the end credits. It completely made the movie for me. Please tell me you did.

  • Maybe they were crying because of how emotional the brother sister plot was. Because it really got to me when the girl was yelling that he never did stuff, and then he said, “This is crazy”.
    It was a bold move casting a Dothraki extra as the lead, but it really paid off.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

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    All is indeed lost, the end times are truly nigh. This actually looks fake.

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    It’s just building sandcastles on the beach.And those are forever.

    Eat, shit ,sleep.Try to be kind to your fellow humans.Maybe recycle.Everything else is pretentious.Unless you are doing it just for the hell of it,you know, for fun.

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    Very nice ending, very nice ending BUT! I noticed that Mike let his bottle
    fall twice. First he let it fall at 25:47 and then again at 25:52. This
    ruins everything. This ending is bad, very very bad.

  • Unknown Film Critic

    This review is scarier and more exciting than Evil Dead.

    Mike needs a bigger chin if he’s going to play Ash though.

  • “I don’t think I’m a human anymore, Jay. I think I’ve lost my humanity.”

    I get that that was kind’ve a joke, but I empathize (sorta) with that. People are freaking out at these amazing things they see in the theater, and I’m just like: :I

    I don’t know if it’s me, or Hollywood, but someone is being a cynic here.

  • The Other Mike

    For a great bizarre and weird modern horror film, check out JOHN DIES AT THE END.

  • bill

    I have been enjoying your work for about two years now, so I hate to make my first comment a complaint, but why do you autoplay that “Care Boars” thing after every video? (you have no idea how close I am to typing that in all-caps, buddy).

  • Chandler

    The only part in the whole movie I think I cringed at the gore was when that one teacher guy got his hand split in half with a crowbar. The rest I couldn’t help, but laugh my ass off at. Also the sound system for the theater we were in sucked and had this really old grainy sound to it which was perfect for this movie.

  • Trey

    That whole ending just looked like fucking blast to make. On another note I love the looks I get when I tell people that Evil Dead II is one of the best films ever made. They look at me like I just said my poop was pineapple flavored. But get a bunch of directors, or film buffs in a room and say that and you’ll get nothing but agreement.

  • IamtheWalrus

    Big Trouble in Little China is awesome. I know it wasn’t mentioned in the review, but I said it cause Fuck You.

  • I think those down votes are people who don’t know you’re referencing the Star Wars reviews. 😛

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  • Great review as always; you guys should storyboard your own movie and make it 🙂 storyboarding can take months or years to fill in though so good to start early

  • Duarte Boaventura

    This new ED movie is well done, enough to not be a total disappointment. Im glad its not a Prometheus or Phantom Menace level let-down. However, I really think the director has no concept of what it was about Evil Dead that made it so beloved. Its never been a “scary” movie. The original Evil Dead is cheesy and that’s why people love it. The real reason I think people love the ED series though is because of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. People love those two flicks because of the over-the-top one liners, the campy psychological melodrama, and of course the hilariously low-budget special effects. It was never about them being especially frightening If they really wanted to capture the things that make ED great, this should have been an even weirder, more comically cynical and over-blown camp-fest full of one-liners, madness, and WTF moments.

    Maybe if I watch this and Cabin in the Woods, back to back, I can get the effect Im looking for.

  • Saruma

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  • Anonymous

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  • Mark Bisone

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  • I too have been having more fun and noticing more stuff in movies because of them. Their work is how they thank you for donating I guess. 🙂

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  • SkyDog

    I kinda disagree, and have to go with what Jay said in this review about how people seem to mix up the first and second Evil Dead. The first one is a very genuine attempt at stark horror, and for the most part, is quite effective in that regard. I actually find it quite a “scary” movie. The fact that the seams show through, again as Jay said, adds to the charm.

    Having not even seen the remake, it strikes me attempt to replicate the experience of the original by adjusting certain aspects to modern expectations.

  • You guys should say “we’re not gay” at the beginning of each review. It would be funny.

  • Dude on the left, you always interrupt too much.


  • zero_miles_per_hour

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  • zero_miles_per_hour

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  • zero_miles_per_hour

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  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Originally they planned to sit that way, but they didn’t have the budget.

  • I think this is the first time I’ve watched a movie after seeing your Half in the Bag review of it. I must say that ending with the chainsaw was pretty much gore porn… how the character penetrated the thing with the weapon…

  • kenchun24

    Agree…The Evil Dead still works on the creep (even though it’s cheap) manic descent into madness and the WTF moments are still scary/weird IMO (Cheryl’s Deadite turn while the girls are playing cards,the teasing from the Deadite’s,her tree rape) the Evil Dead with all it’s flash and gallons of blood had zero scares and was pretty boring IMO. It’s not a terrible remake attempt but fell flat to me considering all the hype/reviews before it’s release.It was a fun night at the movies for horror fans (with a group like Jay said) but added nothing new to the classic series.Other than way more story/character development (and blood) than the original,which is why I was surprised at how forgettable it was after watching it.

  • Now I Get It

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  • Cognitive Schizo

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    How about ‘Crispin Glover dancing’.

    I don’t see this video becoming annoying in any way

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  • Too bad satan doesn’t exist and I can continue to do what I please to my hearts content with no remorse.

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  • CoHScrapper

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  • AlanMorlock

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  • Brimstone

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  • Needs more Bruce

  • Hey, Wisconsin is awesome!

  • :(

    Still what that incessant dinging! It’s all I can here watching the videos.

  • John Dietl

    I thought Plinkett lived in New Jersey.

  • jsmith0552

    The sad thing about an uninspired remake like this is that I was really looking forward to what Fede Alvarez was going to do with his first Hollywood film after all the buzz caused by that short film he did. I wanted to see what Alvarez’s vision was, not another hack job cashing in on name recognition.

  • miri

    It’s just a part of the background music, it’s not a separate sound effect.

  • It’s in every episode, and it’s terrible. Jay! Stop the madness!!!

  • Gary

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  • Chuk

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  • Chuk

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  • williamsn411

    I’ve never liked any of the Evil Dead movies. I’m not saying they’re bad movies, I just really don’t like em’.

  • dogcow

    this movie was not even that trashy and violent. You guys need to get out more. Check out “The Collector” one of the best horror movies in the last few years. Certainly the best post-SAW horror film. Trashy and nasty as they come with some fun as hell scenes AND it had a wide release.

  • Levi Everaerts

    The issue about the rain/blood is quite interesting. Reminds me of The Shining, where Stanley Kubrick avoided getting a NC-17 by telling the MPAA the blood coming out of the elevator was really rusty water. So yeah, that could be possible.

  • Levi Everaerts

    Funny you mention Saw, The Collector was written as a prequel to Saw. Personally, I liked The Collection a lot better.

  • Otto Torrens

    This is the worst synopsis I’ve ever read.

  • Otto Torrens

    I got so board I had to go get food from the concession stand and that made me miss the first scene where something actually happens, also fuck the retarded opening of the film.

  • 38woifawoefi

    You don’t get it! They didn’t TRY to make a horror movie with the original, they did make a horror movie. Ramai proved how fucking disturbing you can be without money. Absolutely nothing about the remake is disturbing or intriguing as a genre film. Ahhh. Why? Why can a talentless director remake a classic? He’s making it worse. Ugh. How dare this movie be a success. This is also a rant from someone who waited to see it on video, thank christ. It’s easy to be duped by the audience experience when watching it in theaters.

  • Andreas Miles-Novelo

    I loved the original “The Evil Dead” but I also really enjoyed the remake. I thought they made a movie that could cater to a new audience but had enough nods at the originals to keep those who saw them entertained. I was more than pleased and I thought it was a fantastically entertaining movie.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Did Mike and Jay just… switch places?

  • guyinthehat

    I like to think of the Collector as a sequel to Home Alone.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Evil Dead was okay, but Evil Dead 2 needs to be directed by Edgar Wright, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

  • Cameron Vale

    They are not the greatest critics in the world, yeah… no, this is a tribute.

  • Matt

    Awesome work and effects, im listening through sennheiser 555s and all id suggest is mixing your ADR channels a tiny bit better. during the demon sequence with mike on the ground hes too far to the center/quiet and not back right where his dub should be coming from

  • Eric Anonymous

    Oh shit! The mountains are erupting ketchup!

  • Jakefrom state farm

    too much shaky cam.

  • TapewormBike

    GROOVY! idea

  • boodomi


  • AnimationWorksNL

    I’m collecting down-votes today, so here’s a different opinion on ED:

    I only recently watched the original for the first time, never got around to it for some reason. But all this ‘cult classic’ talk made me very curious. I get the shock value, especially for that day and age, and I can sort of see the fun in 1 or 2 scenes, like the water mirror and the ‘demon cam’. The sound is amazing, both foley and mix.

    But I actively disliked most of it. The cheesy titles, the muddy colours, the idea that any teenager would spend a minute in such a dump, or that any girl would walk into the woods in the middle of the night because she heard something. (Note: she calls out ‘Who’s there?’ so she KNOWS it’s a person. A stranger. In the dark. It’s like a bad joke in Scary Movie or something).

    I didn’t understand the characters, not even the famous Ash. Most of the time they just stand still and watch everything happen. And then onto the grand finale: macaroni & cheese animation! It looks like crap, just as fake as modern day CGI.

    I really do not see how this can be anyone’s favorite film, especially when it was made in the same time as Alien, Shining, Road Warrior, Blade Runner, Empire and Raiders. I don’t get it, what makes this film so special? (Honest question, I’m curious to hear some fans about the stuff they like and why)

  • TapewormBike

    Well, the thing is, what really attracts people to this series is, I think, the progression from honest attempt at horror to self awareness to parody.

    The first Evil Dead, was them getting as much money as they could and experimenting in genre they hoped guaranteed they get their stuff distributed. You can pinpoint many many “mistakes” and clichés – some became clichés because the popularity of the movie (The Matrix really cannot be blamed for the millions of insufferable bullet time jokes) .The plot is barely a blueprint, few simple devices to show off what they can do. But they can do lot, as far as cinematography and sound design goes, only the script is lacking.

    The second one is the best one, because what Raimi, Cambbell and the rest clearly did, is to look at their previous work with all the cheesiness you mention and turned it up to eleven (in case of Cambell, twelve). So, now, still within the boundaries of the horror genre you have a film which is constantly making a joke of itself, without ever breaking in a laugh

    The third one is a straight up comedy, horror nowhere to be found. But again, there is a lot and lot of charm in it and Cambell really plays to his strength there,

    So, in closing, if you have seen the first one, I would really advise you to not stop there. They are all good movies in my opinion, but they are a great trilogy.

  • Man, Mike could be Bruce Campbell’s young brother.

  • andrew thompson

    bruce and sam made it with no money. (that is sam ramis car) bruce cambell had no stunt double and was made to suffer nearly as much as his character. its funny, creepy and cleverly made…. maybe you just had to be there…

  • bruce wayne

    While I love Plinkett’s reviews, I am coming to appreciate 1/2 in the bag with each episode I watch.

  • bruce wayne

    Now I love me some Mike, Rich and Jay, but seriously dude? Mike doesn’t look a thing like Campbell in any respect.

  • Malevolence

    Mike could just be that fatter, hairier, half brother who borrows money all the time and the family never speaks about

  • My ex wife

    I enjoyed this more than the remake.

  • Miguel Angel Teran Mendez

    And finally … after all these years… it seems closer than ever …

  • Guss Aznable

    It has soul and charisma

  • Cachabacha Turcoglick

    i don`t get it either

  • Brett Burrett

    So good to see how excited these guys are as they talk about this one. Sometimes it’s like they’re just crunching through the HITBs (unavoidable given the frequency with which they have to put them out). But here you can really see their love of movies come out. The love. The motherfucking movie love.

  • Brett Burrett

    Fuck high def graphics. Sound on the other hand..good sound makes it something else entirely..rumble rumble

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