Half in the Bag: Django Unchained and 2012 Re-cap

December 31, 2012379 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and recount some films they’ve seen in 2012 that they forgot about until just now.

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  • Fuck you Rick Berman

  • 2013. WHAT IS TIME

  • kja3000


  • Fjord.

  • modest811

    felt like christmas morning waking up to this.

  • Alfred Yim

    Just in time

  • rich evans

    Was that the kurlin nescar?

  • Sgt. Pepper

    inb4 predictable and no longer funny ‘so many layers/so dense’ Lucas quote.

  • Nooooooo they’re being positive! They’re dick sucking fanboys! They’re not vindicating our affected cynicism or helping us to feel like we know better than people who like things! Those monsters!

  • After Earth is directed by M Nugget Shizzlemuffin? And the trailer looked so good…

  • AdamCoates

    This episode had the funniest bits all year. What a way to end it.

  • Roller Coaster Geek

    I hate to point this out but… all of your wide shoots are out of focus.

  • I don’t really care for Tarantino movies. I disagree with you, Mike and Jay (haven’t in the past), with how long his scenes are and its the perfect amount of length. Beginning of Inglorious Bastards I was sucked into the scene fast but after awhile I just didn’t care anymore. Same thing happened at the bar scene in the movie. I was engaged and right when action started to happen, I lost interest because it took too long to reach it. Not saying his movies aren’t entertaining or he makes good points about movie making (the clip you used in this review and his comments about how Top Gun is a homo film), just sometimes he invests into certain scenes a little too much and it doesn’t pay off for me. I’ll still go see Django because you guys said I should. Happy New Year, guys. Love everything you do.

    P.S.- Rick Berman Sucks. He raped Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry’s dead body.

  • Topher

    Jay has the best slack jawed expression

  • playdude92

    I´d definitely be scared meeting that crazy lady on the street.

  • Manuel

    Happy New Year, guys! This is the best, touching, charming and warmth piece of shit of 2012. Thank you and good night.

  • Spede

    Is it just me or is Jay doing a lot more talking in the recent reviews? Not that I mind since he does a great job.

  • Carra

    Frauds can eat a dick!

  • JM

    I think I need a therapist after seeing some of the movies that came out this year.


  • I hate tarantino and everybody that likes him.
    Have a happy new year !

  • R

    James Cameron is a bland piece of shit

  • Elk

    Thank you for putting A Tribe Called Quest in the background of this video.

  • Mike LOVES rap music.

  • “And I loved this movie because because it didn’t have any skylarkings”

  • bob sacamano

    as i watched this, it ticked past midnight and into 2013 in my timezone. fuck new years.

  • pongmasterphong

    Yo plinkett, you need to like, uhhh .. you need to review the Big Labowski, well thats like my opinion man…

  • Another great review guys! I’m new to the commenting on your site but have been watching your videos for the better part of 2 years now. They feed my brain with the… knoaledge… know ledgers… heath ledger… OH knowledge! thats right KNOWLEDGE. Thanks for making awesome reviews that are both intelligent, comical and informative. Have a great 2013 and lookin forward to more new videos.

  • You know who else got unchained?

    Anakin Skywalker

  • He ruined this too?!

  • Russell

    I still think the extreme violence and gore, and even some of the lines take me out of the movie and diminish the impact of the work. When I see that much gore, the LAST thing, the very last thing I think of is a spaghetti western. Some of the music was good, but the rap music just made me want to scream.

  • playdude92

    Fuck You Rich Baumann.
    I think I ha-ad a coupl too many to trink…

  • That’s why they used it sparingly

  • Yeah, sorta like the drug culture references in The Hobbit for me.

  • CP

    Cheers to Mike and Jay for another amazing year. Great job and happy new year boys.

  • Robby

    I hate you assholes for waiting until I was already at work to post this review.
    I hope you both catch the HIV.

  • Marvin Falz

    Thank you, Red Letter Media. Happy New Year!

  • Chucky

    Kurlan Naiskos and my favorite crappy Final Cut sound effect FTW!

  • Chucky

    Nice review. I especially liked the Jan Wahl smackdown!

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    2013: It’s gonna be great

  • Chucky

    Look up “Alarbus’ limbs are loppd.” Shakespeare knew it, Titus Andronicus knew it, Tarantino knows it. Over-the-top gore, whether on stage or off, is meant to overload the viewer so that he can get past his squeamishness. (Counter-genre Rap might be the latest exploration into this theme.)

  • ava_81

    happy new year RLM. thanks for another great year. 🙂

  • MatthewMelange

    I liked the recapp episode, I wish you talked about more major releases that you didn’t review or did more shows on small indie movies

  • Joe Schmoe

    Way to make Mike look like he’s wearing bunny ears, surprised Mr Plinkett didn’t jump him. (Also, didn’t Mike sound a bit like him at the end, I wonder if… No, can’t be…)

  • Mynock

    Anyone else have issue with videos now that they’ll suddenly cut to commercial and then just end?

  • Terry Portidger

    Could someone tell me the name of the tune that they’re playing when the guys are partying at the end?

  • assinine

    While I agree about how Rick Berman can fall in a hole and die. I loved Django but I also think Inglorious Bastards opening scene was one of the most chilling explanations of anti-antisemitism I’ve ever seen captured in film. Some people don’t like that scene because it was “overlong.” But watch it again, because you totally missed the point. Christopher Waltz stole the show again in Django (as he did in inglorious bastards). Jamie Foxx was great. QT has a knack for showing and finding talent. I look forward to seeing both actors in other productions.

  • sanonymous

    the ending was classic

  • zxlkho


  • Marvin Falz

    Not me, but I download them. Watching videos in my browser slows my browser down and I hate that.

  • Marvin Falz

    Haha, yeah, the ending is marvelous.

  • That dog squeeking scene was something straight out of a David Lynch movie.

  • Kyle

    I never want these to end.

  • that list of movies coming in 2013 makes me wish the world did end….

  • Best Episode Yet.

    Please eBay the squeaking dog-head gun. You’ll get thousands.

  • Pain & Gain looked pretty good. I read the script way back in 2008, and as long as Bay didn’t make it into an action movie, it could be a great character piece.

  • Happy New Years guys! Thanks for the great year!

  • Trey

    Guys, please do an episode on Hollywoods shitty remake culture! Carrie? Three remakes?! What the fuck is going on out there?

  • JLA

    I knew the Showgirls joke before he said it. Oh….

  • pretendo

    The Comedy didn’t feel realistic. While it was done with the natural dialogue type thing. While it was obvious what they were trying to do with the characters, none of them were painted clearly or wholly enough to actually seem compelling and real.

  • guest

    That’s because people aren’t “painted clearly” in real life.

  • JoeJoe

    As a Tarantino fan, the scene length is my only real huge complaint about his films. It’s why Kill bill was 2 good films instead of 1 great film. Pulp Fiction, one of my top 10 films, really drags in the middle with the cab scene and it’s hard to believe that is was actually trimmed down. It’s just self-indulgent and adds nothing to the movie – except to say “the other fighter died”.

    Inglorious Basterds can be summed up in one sentence: let’s sit down and have an uncomfortable conversation. It’s the reason I’m one of the few people that dislike the movie as a whole. Like you, I got tired of the tension gimmick after the first girl-under-floorboards scene and cringed every time it was repeated (a dozen times?). Having to read half the dialog, also, wasn’t a great experience.

    His scene in The Four Rooms really shows just how long he can stretch out a single premise. While the payoff was great, it really, really stands out as extremely slow. The pacing is even worse because it’s sandwiched between other director’s scenes that have standard timing.

    Even though his editor is now dead, I don’t think his elongated style will every change. Hell, even Scorsese changed from his norm and added a fast-cut film with The Departed. That, however, took a few decades to happen.

  • > implying Michael Bay wouldn’t make an action movie

  • Leo Ladenson

    Quentin Crisp? Never heard of him.

  • Leo Ladenson

    First, there’s the Wilhelm scream. Now, there’s the Plinkett door.

  • Ooo… I can hear the beats from A Tribe Called Quest’s “Award Tour” playing during the Excision review. And here I was wondering how I could possibly love Half in the Bag any more!

  • Award Tour FTW!

  • Leo Ladenson

    What’s wrong with Tommy Lee Jones’s face?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Mike Stoklasa: “You know, I’ve been there. I once thought a person was a parking space.”

    Bravo. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

  • Jay: “Does Lincoln get shot in the fucking head in this movie.”


  • Leo Ladenson

    Get out of my life.

  • Sparkles Peterson

    Tarantino’s segment of Four Rooms WAS slow (Which is why it paid off), but it was also the only watchable part of that movie.

  • Davis32

    You marvelous bastards you saved new years eve for me. THANK YOU.

  • Guest

    Fuck you! It’s January.

  • This show is my favorite thing to watch.

  • Opinion

    Strongly disagree with the dismissive sentiments towards Leo. Frankly, he delivered the strongest performance in the film in my eyes (along with Jackson’s understated performance of a wonderfully deceptive character). The scene with the hammer and the skull was outstanding and is as far away from any stereotypical “DiCaprio trait” as you can get. The man acted ass his off in the film, and it wasn’t just thanks to Tarantino’s direction or writing. Waltz, while great as well, came off as rehashing his charming qualities from Basterds, only now as a protagonist instead of an antagonist.

  • disqus_vAoXv1wtwj

    Nice half in the bag episode. The first half was a little Tarantino dick ridey but Django was a entertaining film so you guys get a mulligan.

    Not that anyone gives a fuck but here’s what I thought were the best films of 2012 and in no order. Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, Dredd, Django and the Hobbit. Yes the Hobbit, because it was fun. Go back to your comic book movies you redbull drinking cunt!

    By the way you need more Game Station 2.0 episodes.

  • Oh no, you really had to read subtitles in a movie? I hope you are ok now sweety … Tell your story to Europeans, my brave hero.

  • I just sat through all 17 hours of Cloud Atlas, a movie in which Tom Hanks plays a Korean pirate from the future. I think that’s what it was about anyway.

    Any Tarantino film at this point would be a refreshment.

  • ny

    Lol such a funny episode!

  • A

    I love you guys. Happy new years!

  • long-tme fan

    Thanks for making great videos, guys. 🙂

  • was his nameo


  • sympathyopath

    ;_; rich evans is More of a symPATHETIC plinkett than we’ve ever had, which is way it makes me go a big softy, Mike is the real plinkett

  • Aron

    You guys forgot Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in 3D…….can’t wait for the Plinkett reviews in 3D

  • Hardin

    If you have better luck searching for the video @ 6:28 where Tarantino mocks the interviewer please post a link here so others can watch it. Relevant terms: “quentin tarantino jan wahl kron”

  • Daniel Lee

    I know beyond a shadow of doubt that Jay must have entered “Quentin Tarantino controversy” into google to get those clips. However I was entertained

  • Andy S

    Happy new year. Also, fuck off.

  • Kevin Bacon

    Why certainly, it is called Auld Lang Syne. Happy New Years!

  • best joke of 2012 bar none

  • crossing fingers in hopes that mark whalberg explodes

  • Andy S

    The film segments of Tarantino being interviewed by David Frost, make the former look like a twat.

  • faggotus

    ah come on,at least star trek 2 has benedict cumberbatch.

  • duckfuck

    fucking pleonasm

  • You guys did it again. Once more I ended the video trying to breathe while laughing my ass off. Happy new year!

  • Guest

    You guys should do Takashi Miike special!!

  • Balgorandvern

    Guys, you forgot to mention Space Cop! 2013 is going to ROCK!!

  • Jerk

    My dog went crazy because of all the noise makers in this episode.

  • Robby

    Life of Pi was also excellent.

  • Robby

    Where are the answers to your Twilight questions, you hacks?

  • who?

  • NotoriousPAT

    Yes! He must spend hours perfecting it.

  • RHCZ

    I also enjoyed/wanted to kill myself after The Comedy. Definitely an interesting film, glad to hear someone from Half in the Bag’s input on it.

  • Tyler Sypherd

    I disagree with you thinking the ending of Lincoln was dumb. I liked how he did it by not showing it, because at this point we all know what went down (except maybe those retards who didn’t know the Titanic was real) I was actually dreading to see that rehashed I mean who can you make a good tense scene out of that if we all know how it ends and at the ending of the movie at that. The point of showing the other theater was showing his son’s reaction to his father’s death. I mean it’s pretty obvious, how did you not see that geez! I guess you’re just too much of an emotionless cynical asshole to get that you hack fraud! Stop sucking Tarantino’s dick and get with the picture…asshole! But besides that you are right about everything as usual nice job guys keep up the good work next year…assholes…AND WHENS THE NEXT PLINKETT REVIEW!

  • Col. Sanders MUTH@F**K@!

    WRONG! So many layers/so dense RICK MCCALLUM quote is and always will be funny…it’s the key to everything, you see because it’s a funnier quote than we’ve ever had before…

  • Spindles

    Love the ending:)

  • silversmacks

    Looks like it- and glad to see him take a step out of Mike’s shadow. Jay is a much better fraud than Stoklasa. Seriously though, Jay consistently brings that laughs……my favorite RLM contributor.

  • Marvin Falz

    Jay definitely interrupts Mike more often to the point where it becomes slightly annoying.

  • Kimozabi

    I saw a review of a Tarantino movie and below the video this was recommended:

    “Pair a White Button-Up with Brightly Colored Skinny Jeans”
    That makes no sense. None of the women I see online wear any clothes.

  • Ben

    Holy crap, we have that same squeaky dog thing from the 60’s or whatever.

  • vernacular

    I think of it this way: Rich Evans’ Plinkett is campy Batman while Mike Stoklasa’s Plinkett is serious Batman. I like them both and enjoy them in different ways, same as Batman.

  • sweetsadness

    Excision looks exceptionally creepy – and is even creepier if you read the plot summary on Wikipedia. Me no likee.

  • Benzo

    Foreshadowing at the end: Mike saying “Happy New Year, Mr. Plinkett” sounded suspiciously like real Plinkett. Could this be the start of Mike’s descent into madness, Pizza Rolls and hookers? I’ll let you decide… but the answer’s yes.

  • i am so beautiful

    My theory is, that Jay speaks more, because Mike is busy withe eating, when camera is not pointed at him. Seriously, chceck some of their old amateur videos, and you Mike haf a size of current Mike.

  • Fullmetalvtr

    I thoroughly enjoy when a new technology is produced and people shit all over it when it isn’t perfect straight away.

  • Great reviews. I loved the squeeze dog gag, I almost thought that you guys were going to do some kind of repressed memory thing with Mike, because of his reaction to it. 😀
    I look forward to more!

  • Scotty McPuffinstuff

    You guys overlooked Cloud Atlas! Was really curious what you guys thought about it.

  • Guest

    You obviously have never been to Williamsburg. These type of people are very, very real.

  • Dolos

    I have no problem about positive reviews, but in my opinion Djano Unchained was mediocre and I was honestly surprised by their review, it’s subjective though, don’t go getting all angry over my opinion.

  • sweetsadness

    I wish he’d rub some ointment on his neck though. His skin condition looks like bubble wrap.

  • Hash Nazi

    Happy New Year

  • best part was hearing the crew crack up after he said it…and by crew I mean the guy that hits record on the cameras

  • t-h-o-r

    that line killed me

  • Leo Ladenson


  • so you don’t have the attention span or comprehension to appreciate long scenes. i take it you hate Stanley Kubrick then?

  • Marvin Falz

    @redletterjay: I find the idea of you making a movie appealing. Not only do I like the projects I could find on your YouTube account and on the Archive DVD, I also think it might help you with your disgust of the human body issue. I remember that you mentioned your disgust in a previous Half in the Bag episode. For reasons I don’t know I remember this kind of stuff better than artistic content which doesn’t mean that I dislike the content. But whatever this isn’t about me.

  • Applesause

    Wait… Did Mike just break the Kurlan Naiskos?

  • Mark Rodkin

    This was something called a Kurlan Naiskos

  • Jay

    I loved this review and I think you guys are awesome for praising a director. While I’m not a fan of all of Tarantino’s work, I do agree that MOST of the films he’s made are great pieces of cinema that will be watched for decades to come.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m glad you aren’t afraid to say how great a director Tarantino is, regardless of how you feel about him as a human being. Keep up the awesome reviews, please do another GameStation2.0, and bring on another Plinkett review! 🙂 Luv ya guys!

  • Jay

    LOL!! Isn’t it sad that trolls exist? 🙂

  • Jay

    Also, thank you for pointing out what an overrated and “average” actor Leo Dicaprio is! I’ve been saying it for years and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. He’s our generations Marlon Brando. You guys rock! 🙂

  • NotdirectorofStepup3D

    I thought Step Up 3-D …. Really …”Stepped” it up to the next level.

  • JarJarOReilly

    Or, maybe some people didn’t like the movie – and had valid, and even objective, reasons for not liking it

    But don’t let me stop you from cumming all over yourself because Mike and Jay validated your opinion

  • I actually think Leo has been great in quite a few films. Catch Me if You Can is his best performance, he has a great youthful energy.

    I would say the Master or 7 Psychopaths would take the prize of my favourite film of the year. Great stuff.

  • Richfan101

    Rich Evans has an amazing range I felt so sorry for poor mr Plinkett

  • Oh god. IT’S HAPPENING. The squeaky toy scene has confirmed our suspicions: Mike is losing his mind, soon he’ll murder Jay and the real Mr. Plinkett and take up the identity of the latter.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I want to hold him in my arms and tell him everything’s gonna be alright and then take advantage of him, then apologise while not feeling guilty in the slightest.

  • vile

    I guess even Mike and Jay didn’t see Cloud Atlas.

  • Ian A

    He’s a natural at acting pathetic.

  • searanox

    Mr. Plinkett was so sad when he said nobody turned up to his party. 🙁

  • Astor

    as someone who loved the first MIB and thought MIIB was really bad, I can too vouch for the third one.

  • Yeah I know, one or two of those in an almost three hour movie can do that huh?

  • You know what? I don’t remember copious amounts of blood and gore in any stage play I have ever seen. one of the things I personally admired about Pulp fiction was that the violence was very minimal… except for the one scene in the car…

  • catsgopurr

    The reviews are getting way too predictable, whats the point of watching 2 guys agree with each other for 40 minutes

  • lemon aidez

    How the fuck can you have the attention span of a fly and still be a fan of Tarantino? That’s like an oxymoron.
    Wait a minute… this is just a post made to bash on Tarantino. JoeJoe you fuck! You buy your merkin at the Second Hand Used Sex Articles store! I know it because I SOLD it to you!

  • Sejanus

    Who was the idiot debating Tarantino on violence in his movies, and what’s the name of that TV show or what was that?

  • Rick Berman

    But Top Gun is a homo movie. You are going to hate his films because he pointed something out about another film. It’s called being a critic, which if you ever have studied film, they usually end up being some of the best artistic directors out there.

  • Shane

    Give Leo some credit. The dude spilled his blood (all over Kerry Washington’s face) for that movie.

  • Rick Berman

    Nah. Takashi’s Miike’s version of Django was whatever.

  • Katie Valdez

    You guys never mentioned Ted. Do you guys hate Seth Macfarlane? Ted did become the highest grossing R-rated comedy off all time, but I guess you guys don’t really care about those kind of figures huh?

  • That movie was like an obnoxious child screaming and jumping up and down for attention. I liked that they completely ignored it, like it never happened.

  • I thought this movie was really uneven and a little offensive, but it was better then I expected still moved fast 3/5

  • capitandelespacio

    I love this movie. It’s so dense, every single image ha so many things going on.

  • Chucky

    “the violence was very minimal”

    The anal rape doesn’t quite register for you, eh?

  • sweetsadness

    Bendink Cucumberpatch.

  • Kermit Clambake

    David Lynch called. He wants his squeak toy back.

  • guest

    Jackie Brown has even less violence than Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill has more than Jackie Brown. Inglorious Basterds has less than Kill Bill. And now Django has more than Inglorious Basterds.

    Why should he have to use the same amount of violence in every film? He uses what he feels is appropriate for the material. You may disagree, but you didn’t make the movie.

  • ReviewTheReviewers

    tom cruise playing les grossman was one of the best performances of our time. When is the next plinkett review you turds?

  • Murderin Murphy

    Happy New Year, Mike, Jay, Rich and all the hard-working folks at RLM!

    Thank you for the consistently high quality and FREE entertainment!

    P.S. My New Year’s resolution is to stop being such a mean-spirited, cynical bore.

  • Leo Ladenson

    You need an analyst-therapist, also known as an analrapist.

  • JarJarOReilly

    Ever heard of Youtube, genius?

  • I think you might be mistaken as to what my point was, and it was a pretty simple, obvious point so that makes me kind of sad for you.

  • Snickerbolt

    Seriously, you guys should teach at an university, there is so much to learn from you – happy new year, keep it going 😉

  • CorbeauNoir

    Oooh shit, eyeroll-inducing use of cheap sarcasm AND smug doling out of empty pity to sidestep the realization that you might actually be wrong about something. Looks like SOMEbody has thoroughly studied the art of opinionated leftist hipster blog-writing.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Shakespeare’s plays as they would have been performed in his time were incredibly bloody, especially his earlier work – Titus Andronicus’ final few scenes have about four or five murders one after the other. They’d use blood-filled bladders and animal guts to dramatize over-the-top stabbings and eviscerations, and more often than not they’d be hugely popular.

  • CorbeauNoir

    The thing is, if stuff like 3D and History-Channel-Vision are genuinely this life-altering objectively-improved change to the world of cinema why even give people the option? When talking movies came out it’s not like they released them in two different formats and charged an extra dime for sound, so why not just change everything wholesale and force everybody to pay the extra five bucks? If it’s truly that necessary and fundamental a change for the better what’s to stop them?

    Instead the industry treats them as gimmicks that can be used to artificially boost ticket sale revenue. Probably because they’re gimmicks that can be used to artificially boost ticket sale revenue. Adding elements like sound and colour to a movie – or in some cases, removing those features – have dramatic implications on the absolute basics of movie making. Things like acting, costumes, camera placements. I can’t think of a single example of a movie where I thought “Yeah that was pretty good but the main actor’s performance felt really limited by not being filmed in 3D at 48fps”.

  • Robby

    Watch the Plinkett Star Strek ’09 review.

  • i think you are mistaken i am right-handed

  • Robert


  • Leo Ladenson

    He needs an analyst-therapist, or analrapist.

  • bb-15

    Glad to hear that Miike and Jay got to the theater early and were able to get a good seat for Django. Do that from now on, OK!

    The ending to Mr. Plinkett’s party was classic.

  • StevieNigs

    Focus is way off in the 2-shot

  • Orko

    No mentioning of the “original” Django? Or that the Actor of the original has a cameo in the Tarrentino one? As a fan of the original Django I’m dissapointed in the lack of research ;P

  • playdude92

    Btw, I´m really excited to see “Fuck you It´s January” starring Bradley Cooper, dumb bimbo and Gary Busey.
    No seriously, why not do HitB´s on movies you guys really enjoy and cherish instead of exclusively what´s coming to theaters?

  • BOBO

    You dick sucking faggots need to stop being so pretentious.

  • guest

    Are you joking? Because no rational person could possibly give a shit that they didn’t bring this up.

  • guest

    And what do you qualify as being “pretentious?” Do you know what that word means or have you just heard that it’s a word you should use when you think someone is saying something intelligent? Considering that you’re the kind of person who would refer to someone as a “dick sucking faggot,” I’m going to go with the latter.

  • Ryan McKeon

    Here’s some valid Tarantino criticism, for godssake, for those who actually care about the art of cinema from an objective standpoint; Tarantino doesn’t make great MOVIES, he makes A great movie, and rearranges the era, “genre”, and cast each time he remakes it. Each film is the exact same (they even admit it in their review) pulpy, funny, violent, clever, and episodic experience, as if his entire career is a Quentin Tarantino Presents tv show. I’m a big fan, and I’ll probably buy Django Unchained when it comes out on DVD, but I won’t watch a movie in theaters that probably has more charm on VHS, like all his films, since it’s the SAME MOVIE, and while my favorite was Inglourious B, the reality is Tarantino hasn’t challenged his audience since Pulp Fiction. Argue all you want that Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained and Kill Bill are OBVIOUSLY different films, what with their unrealistic, comical violence, retro soundtracks, dialogue that sounds more like something Tarentino would say rather than what the character would say (which is RULE #1 of what not to do when writing a screenplay) and almost no strong female characters that dont sound like dude’s with tits (which is why Inglourious is my favorite, the women finally SOUND like women; in Kill Bill, you almost envision Tarentino’s face next to Uma’s, saying all the lines verbatim). When I heard Tarentino was doing a WW2 film, I honestly was excited, but deep inside, I was chanting, “please not Pulp fiction set in the 1940s, PLEASE not Pulp Fiction set in in the 1940s, Please not…. AH GODDAMNIT, ITS PULP FICTION SET IN THE 1940S!!

  • CorbeauNoir

    Except QT never just references one brand of cinema in his movies. If you didn’t
    notice from the plot there’s a hell of a lot of blackspoitation cinema being
    referenced as well, a genre that does delve a fair bit into cheesy
    revenge violence and out of place black-culture elements.

  • Chucky

    Wait … did I miss a memo? I thought “faggot” meant a Harley rider. Did it change again?

  • Guus van Voorst

    Brenda Clumberfetch?

  • Guus van Voorst

    For once they did something to benefit Plinkett… Which was so out of character of them… 😉

  • Robby

    Jackie Brown was a great movie. And not episodic. But I don’t disagree with your points, though his style doesn’t bother me.

  • Robby

    My OCD made me count all 75 squeeks.

  • m0r1arty

    Godamn Care Boars!!

  • JarJarOReilly

    I must have hit on something for you to reply to me with such vociferousness

  • ILoveMike863

    Couldn’t you do a warning before you spoiled the bait-and-switch at the end of Lincoln you fucking piece of shit cockmonglers?

  • Necrophagi

    Your love of all things Tarantino made me weep tears of blood. Such love only a man can show another man.


    oh dude. dude. dude.

    tell me what that word means.




    you’re smart.

    come on man. i dont have my dictionary.

  • guest

    It’s a tradition Worf!

  • The funny part is, he essentially called my unspoken text comment “loud”. But it’s cool, “smarter than you even though I’m totally not” is an identity, albeit one which is really annoying for the rest of us.

  • Leo

    Jay seems a little downbeat in this video. He is supposed to be the little optimistic ray of sunshine counterpoint to Mike’s deadpan cynicism. This is the Half in the Bag, this is how it works!!

  • Guest

    Jackie Brown is his best movie because it is the least Tarantino-ish.

  • I was agreeing with Tarantino about Top Gun and his point of movies today. His films are an art and I do love some of the aspects of it and respect it, it just doesn’t grab me as much as other directors/movies do. Thanks for the response Rick Berman lol

  • I love Kubrick. Ever since I was 5, one of my favorite movies is ‘The Shining’.

  • I never seen The Four Rooms. Anything like ‘Sin City’? Sin City rocked because it made me feel like I was reading different comic book stories. Pretty sure Tarantino was a guest director for that.

  • JarJarOReilly

    Well, if anyone is an authority on all things annoying, it would be you, Alex Massengill

    And I don’t know about affected cynicism, but you’ve got affected Internet intellectualism down pat

  • JarJarOReilly

    Yes, the only possible definition and word use for a word is the very first definition you find in an online dictionary, you unread chode

  • tempest81

    Django Unchained is the most anti-white liberal bullshit I have ever seen. More white guilt from the jew media machine.

  • Frodo


  • Frodo

    sorry, meant to say this movie is very good other, and any on who says a certain word was used to often can go screw themselves

  • Badass movie. Just saw it. Everybody is talking about the portrayal of slavery, but this movie isn’t really about slavery. It was explained in the film; it is Sigfried battling the dragon and walking through hellfire in shining armor to get his princess. This is a simple white knight story; hence, it is a real Western. I think a real (not tongue in cheek and not guilty) Western hasn’t been made in at least thirty years. The tower has to be high; the myth dramatic, and you can’t get much more dramatic than a plantation. You can’t get much better of a dragon than a bad plantation owner. Now, having seen that Hollywood can indeed make a real knight fable; and can indeed still make a Western, I would be even happier to know that Hollywood could become mature enough to actually portray a white good guy protagonist in that era and not explode through self-immolation and guilt overload. Anyway, I have no problem with a black cowboy Western. I’ll take any color so long as they are finally done beating up on and making fun of the genre.

  • 2 things; Firstly, while there are superficial stylistic elements that are similar between Pulp Fiction and Django for example (as you kind of have to expect with a very uniquely stylized film maker) the movies structurally and story wise are extremely different. They have many similar elements, and deal with subjects the artist obviously is interested in, like just desserts, etc. However, Django is a very linear, very very classic story which literally explains itself on screen as a faerie tale. Pulp Fiction has three “protagonists”, and sort of juggles between them to see which one deserves to be allowed to survive… this is about as different from a total focus on one character’s complete arc and building them up as a larger than life hero figure as you can get. Pulp Fiction was all about shades of evil and good, Django was black and white (pun intended). I never liked Basterds at all, but it was also very different from the perspective of story and plot than Django. This is doing so well at the box office partly because it is really easy to “get”.
    Second thing; Alfred Hitchcock also made lots and lots of movies that were very similar in many ways and shared very many characteristics. You can pick out a Hitchcock film after seeing only a very short bit of film from pretty much anywhere in the movie. He had a very clear and strong (sometimes perhaps too strong) style. Sound familiar? Having similarities between films and themes by no means diminishes a film maker or any of the films they made. Artists usually explore a theme until they have dealt with a certain set of subjects they are working with through their art.

  • You seem much angrier than this whole thing really warrants, which somehow just makes this more entertaining.

  • John N.

    My god, I never thought a web show could remain brilliant for so long. Keep up the good work guys. I’ve pretty much done a marathon of all of your reviews in just a couple days.

  • ryan McKeon

    Hitchock had many films of actually different genres; To Catch a Thief & Psycho are radically different films of completely different generes. Also Hitch didn’t have an insecurity about directing another person’s script, and he really challenged himself by shooting Mr and Mrs Smith, a screwball comedy with no suspense elements. You really think Tarantino will ever make a film without any violence in it? Pulp Fiction and Django are radically or even generally different films? PFFT; Pulpy, check; soundtrack disconnected from the supposed ‘genre’, IE, little actual scoring, check; clever dialogue, cinematography, and cinematic tricks that specifically pay homage to older films, with a vague feeling of ripping off said films, check; mainstream cast, check; a shitload of violence, check… the list goes on and on. In your other post you claim Django is a “real western”, um, like the Searchers was a real western? I don’t remember any John Ford film, or any other western considered a masterpiece ‘western’ film having contemporary radio-savy songs (plural) makeup the soundtrack, This is exactly why a lot of people consider 7 Samurai to be the best Western ever, because a lot of elements, including scoring, go into making a ‘Western’, I’ve never heard a “white Knight” theory before. You’ve basically reinforced my point by proving that all Tarantino films are actually the same ‘Retro Pulp’ genre. I’m not hating on Tarentino, I really like his work, as I f-ing stated, I’m just saying I know how each film is going to develop and end after just seeing one of his films and understanding the setup of each. Only Pulp Fiction out of any of his films will ever show up on any legit all-time greatest films list for a reason: they’re all good, possibly great films, but Tarantino is no PT Anderson, no Hitchcock, no Felinni, no Scorcese bc There’s nothing new and profound he has to say about life in any film other than Pulp Fiction, no reason to see any other film of his for the sake of your own inner search for truth before you die. He’s a Wes Anderson, a Chris Nolan, a JJ Abrams; total geniuses, as far as one-trick ponies go.

  • Ryan McKeon

    Oh, and the best aspect of Half in the Bag and Plinkett’s reviews is that, at the end of the day, the main point is to actually be educational, so the next generation has a chance to make better films than the last generation, no matter how good they were. I don’t care how much you love Tarantino. He’s a part of a generation that makes worse films than their predecessors, and only by being critical and not buying into the idea that movies like Tarantino’s are better then the films he’s referencing, or what this stupid generation claims is “like, the best movie ever!” the LOTR, where a fucking elf snowboards down stairs on a shield in half speed while hitting every fucking target he shoots arrows at, is a better “epic” than Lawrence of Arabia, because Lawrence of Arabia is “Boring!”. Fuck it, if you people just want to glorify your generation’s one-trick poney, cash-cow, egomaniacal film makers, no wonder every new film maker sucks so much that a generic new Tarantino film looks like fucking Goodfellas to you people. N wonder Jay and Mike look so disheartened while praising Tarantino; they know his film should be just another good film this year that they’re not afraid to tear apart. Why is PT Anderson’s follow up to THERE WILL BE BLOOD some shlock that meanders for 3 hours? Because these guys are DESPERATE for REAL criticism, not just subjective opinions like “it was too violent” or “I don’t get it”, or you people, the opposite side of the same coin, sucking their dick on que just because they’re not Michael Bay. If you don’t like my attempt to point out CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, then don’t read it, fuck off, don’t try to disprove it, that’s just completely fucking pointless. I’ll play myself out…

  • End Libtardation

    Hey, you guys should review the Tarantino movie where he racistly glorifies killing Black people instead racistly glorifying killing Whites ones.

    Oh wait, I guess he’s never made that movie.

    Funny how you didn’t discuss that glorification at all. I guess there aren’t already enough Black people murdering White ones every day to satisfy Tarantino. Glad to hear he “immersed” you though.

  • nkutz

    Pacific Rim. You’re argument is invalid.

  • Orko

    Well than I’m irrational. Ofcours I’m irrational as everyone is that
    overly likes some topic or person. And relates seemingle conected stuff
    to that.

    So taking the Titel Django for a movien and also using
    the same score for the trailer and i suspect for the opening credits
    (havent seen Django yet since I’m in germany and we take like 2 years to
    get the movies here). Also having the actor of the First Django movie
    in it seems to me that it is not a cooincident that the movie is named
    the same.

    Since it is a tarrentino film i suspect it to referenc
    alot different spagetti westerns and try to play tribute to them aswell.
    It would be interesteing to know how far the range of this would be.
    But i sence a lack of knowlede in that part to get all the references
    and who cares.

    Ofcours its a homage or tribute to the movie. But i can’t but ask the question how much is this movie like Django?

    I would like to know this bevore i go into the movie and invest the insane amount of money they aske here for a ticket.

    And since I’m a hughe fan of the Original I am not rational about this.

    let the fan boy rant begin.

    the chaingun? Does he kill over 20 men in a dual? Will he get his hands
    all messed up and still shoot the bad guy? Where are all the mexicans?

  • guest

    I like how worked up you get and say “if you don’t like my opinion, fuck off” even though you’re more or less just talking to yourself here.

  • Shitfuckdrunkhead

    Goddamit you guys are good. When are you gonna make a movie again?

  • supr_g

    Uh, no it wasn’t. Go check your “figures” first. The Hangover and Hangover Part 2 have grossed higher. Both rated R. Ted was also a lame, forgettable movie.

  • its will be one hell of a rim job

  • guest

    What do “figures” have to do with a movie’s quality, dipshit?

  • skagboy

    I’ve watched tons of Quentin’s interviews and he never seemed like an asshole to me. He always treats interviewers like friends and he always has something interesting to tell. I almost like his interviews as much as I like his movies.

  • Exverlobter

    Star Trek 2?

    There is just one Star Trek 2.
    The 2012-movie can be called Star Trek 12 or Star Trek into darkness but not STar Trek 2!!!!

  • nkutz

    Crap. *your*.
    It may be fine by Internet standards, but it’s not fine by my standards.

  • Yeah, I was surprised by how much I felt for him at that very moment…

    Which is why I thought they were going to shoot him and put him out of his misery.

  • I fucking burst out laughing when they said “It’s the Christian thing to do.”

  • Jasiek

    “Killing them softly” is i movie i quite enjoyed in 2012. Think Mike and Jay should reveiw it.

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

    They’re sucking the Weinstein’s ball-bags.

  • Kate Winslet

    They’re licking Di Caprio’s asshole!

  • Morgan Freeman

    They’re sniffing Foxx’s hole!

  • Rutger Hauer

    They’re chowing down on Waltz’s German sausage!

  • Paul Michael Thomas

    Fuck Don Johnson!

  • bb-15

    I keep watching just the ending. It’s that good!

  • Chan

    But why does it need so much graphic violence.
    There is no soul in it. And women can’t be emporwed and stuff when there is no soul, or something.
    I hope Tarantino gets raped by a 12-year old on the street.

  • deerstop

    true story

  • dickfor

    You can’t trash the 48fps 3D Hobbit when you watched it from the worst possible seats in a shitty theater.

  • morris

    To point out, Greenberg and The Comedy are both realistic movies about someone held back in their 30’s and 40’s, just with two different characters. One’s a misguided neurotic normal guy, while the other’s just plain evil.

  • truth@live.ca

    django was garbage only liberal white guilt makes it enjoyable.

  • dern

    Yes they can. In fact, they did.

  • lee van cleef

    The original is a piece of shit dubbed by fucking retards,,,,it’s on youtube if you want to waste 90 minutes of your life, Tarantino has kept the theme music which is the only decent thing in the movie and used a similar style title sequence.

  • JeffryDoc

    John Dies at the End looks pretty good.

  • Jack Sadelstein

    Hunka Burninlove?

  • Jill Sadelsten

    Mrmma Nrrmanim?

  • kicass mccrass

    what horseshit are you telling me mike and jay enjoyed that ridiculous precursor KKK scene with the bags on the heads? That scene was so hokey I almost dropped the rest of the movie altogether. And then if that silly ass scene with the dancing horse didn’t happen at the end I would have definitely dropped it by then. And they can’t stop themselves from trashing the hobbit

  • TheDrunkandthePwned

    I’d love to know the name of that sweet glass breaking sound effect

  • Wow. The only one of the movies they listed at the end that could be good is Thor 2.

  • Guestie

    Never get tired of these.

  • Marvin Falz

    “Sound of the Curling Nascar”

  • Swede

    Seems they finally snapped out of their denial in regards to The Hobbit with a well-placed “fuck you!” to Peter Jackson. Django was great. Good story, good performances and great cinematography. Immersive!

  • guest

    They’ve never trashed The Hobbit, moron. They’re trashing the gimmicky “technology” surrounding it. Not the same thing.

  • rich

    Denial? What the fuck are ou talking about?

  • No Seriously

    While there is some truth to white guilt, it was violent, humorous and Christoph Waltz was badass

  • George Lucas

    Even the title of this series is wrong you punks. It’s called “Half in the Bag,” but there are 3 bottles and 2 are in the bag. Um…thats “Two-Thirds in the Bag” take that you punks!!!

  • Only thing I would disagree with is Leo being underpraised. His performance was one of the best in this movie. Note, when he smashed the table, he smashed it in real life on one of the glasses, that’s his own blood and he stayed in character for the rest of the scene. Most actors, fuck most people in general would stop and cause a fuss, and rightfully so as he needed stitches. But he didn’t, he went the extra mile. Credit where credit is due.

  • Swede

    I thought they were overly positive in their review for The Hobbit. You get that from everybody. “It was okay” followed by tons of excuses. It was a horrible movie.

  • Don Crux

    “but I also think Inglorious Bastards opening scene was one of the most
    chilling explanations of anti-antisemitism I’ve ever seen captured in

    Except for the part where it was entirely ahistorical and philistine, but of course actual history would be too boring for QT to cover.

  • Don Crux

    But would you still hate Tarantino if he made a film adaption of The Turner Diaries?

  • Wolvesmoke

    This has to be my fav episode for explanation of Django Unchained you guys are 100% on point. And no, you guys was not on his dick lol.

  • Guest

    I want to see non-related to sotry tarantino bullshit japping in 3d.

  • deadsamson

    I thought the best performances of the major characters, in order from strongest to least (strong), were:
    Christoph Waltz
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Jamie Foxx
    Samuel L. Jackson

  • I have hope for the Carrie Remake, the lead is a very talented actress.

  • Took a couple days to wade through your rant. 2 things;
    You don’t like Tarantino because he makes “the same movie over and over” but you like Scorcese? I love Scorcese, but he makes pretty much 1 film. I love that film and I’ll watch it every time he makes it, but seriously…
    Secondly, it is pretty universally understood that the Western is a modernized knight tale. The white-hat wearing good guy facing down the black hat wearing bad guy is literally a rip off of the ancient “black knight” trope of the romanticist genre of the 19th century which in turn was a regurgitation of the chivalric literature of the medieval period. How far back does comparing cowboys to knights go? Contemporary novels glorifying the freewheeling West and the “modern knights” who ride around out there like the Lone Ranger date to the 1830s or so; which means the gunfighter (“cowboy” didn’t mean what it does now and wasn’t used the way it is now) of the time was being compared to knights of myth even while the real events behind Tombstone were happening.
    You think that a western has to have an orchestral score to be a western? Who says? Is The Good The Bad and The Ugly a good Western? I vote yes, and it has a rather unconventional (and contemporary) score. The Western genre is as old as Hollywood and the first genre Hollywood did, and every conceivable combination of cinematic methodology has been applied to it. It is so ridiculous to say that a modern score disqualifies something as “western” I am shocked you even put it out there. Let’s be clear; a modern orchestra is no closer to the kind of music they had in the West in the 1860s than Django Unchained’s score is.
    What I meant about this being a real Western is that is is un-self conscious about the idea of a protagonist who represents a simple, virtuous moral code (hence the reference to a chivalric myth) and who kills the bad guys who represent evil. It is morally black and white (unlike several other Tarantino films). Not only this, but it is not tongue in cheek about the moral issue, nor pandering, nor slyly making fun of the simpletons who liked the old Westerns as it basically puts together a modern version of this genre.
    Hollywood grew up on westerns and some the very last of the real cowboys ended their careers as Hollywood stunt men. It is a fascinating story, really. You seem to have an extremely narrow idea of what constitutes the single most prolific Hollywood movie genre of all time.
    By the way; your answer to my comparison of Tarantino and Hitchcock is circular logic. You say Tarantino makes the same movie over and over. I said Hitchcock had a lot of similarity in his movies too and you said they were totally different because the latter made movies that were different. See; that’s circular logic. Don’t worry, I won’t try to disprove it because it is in your words “fucking pointless”.

  • Plinkett’s list should have just been people who died this year… implied they were all there the year before….. but what the fuck do I know?

  • Tommy Lee Jones looked really weird in Lincoln with that silly wig. Like a crossdressing civil war era grandpa. It almost took me out of the movie.

  • stuff

    tarantino suck. plz stop already

  • Leo

    I didn’t think that at all. They enjoyed it, but still thought it contained a number of flaws and explained them. The second part is your opinion which you seem to think that they should agree with by default. :-/

  • Micheal Moore

    Interesting female characters? Don’t they usually get fucked then killed?

  • Great review, guys! I think I mostly agree with your comments about the movie. http://moniqueblog.net/2013/01/13160/

  • I don’t really think you have the chops, as great as you guys are, to call Peter Jackson a hack…. just because you went to a shitty theater and got shittier seats, or because you hate 3d, and were given the 2d option, but decided to watch it twice anyway. The Hobbit was solid, and not even the subject of this review. I mean seriously you guys have made an art of trolling the trolls, but now you’re acting just as lame as the nerds you make fun of. If you stick to only liking that which is Old Skool, then you’re destined to start hating the thing you love.

  • Lawrence Whitehurst

    The Master was the greatest film of the year. Beautiful. A work of art.

  • JPH

    “He knows how to shoot things.” -Jay on Steven Spielberg

  • Beavinator

    When they were talking about Lincoln they forgot to mention the vampires…

  • Baramos x

    Thought it was hilarious when I realized that beat in the background when you were talking about the Master was “Our God is an Awesome God”.

  • Baramos x

    I think they purposefully stuck to sequels for the joke. Pacific Rim or Man of Steel would ruin the joke…

  • Who? No that’s Matt Smith.
    This is Holmes.

  • Rasmus Ernst Kvist Nielsen

    “Haha-Slavery is Funny”… Sounds like an Adam Sandler movie 🙂

  • Greg

    I tried to find that news clip on YouTube. Looks like it was removed. Lame

  • Orbital Wobble

    I have to agree, Django was a fantastic movie.

  • I hope they didn’t like Deathproof. The most boring movie I have ever seen, the only movie I have ever fastforwarded.

  • John

    The Comedy was one of my favorite films from 2012. It’s got such a thick existential atmosphere over an exquisite character study of an aimless 30-something year-old who is facing his father’s death.

  • dondi

    reminds me of my younger days when movies where exciting, tiphat qt!

  • Dammit, you guys, I didn’t know After Earth was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Now my interest in that move has gone from 5 to 0… out of 100.

  • Flaccid

    Can’t believe you cunts didn’t review Seven Psychopaths.. The fuck guys?

  • Crane

    I highly suspect that anyone from redletter actually reads these, but I’ll give it a go.

    You know this ‘Tarantino’-guy you guys seem to like? The gore-splatter-grindhousey techniques he uses? You have not seen anything yet.

    (I am assuming you are american, you have explored mainly your own country’s cultural heritage and you are unaware of Japan.)


    Those two links are the Pandora’s Box of cinematographic history.

    Those two men are the main influences of one Quentin Tarantino.

    Those two are gods of movie.

    If you want to enjoy five good Quentin Tarantino-movies distilled in one, watch one of the following. (no. 4 in particular)

    1. Robo Geisha
    2. The Machine Girl
    3. Tokyo Gore Police
    4. Helldriver

    You will feel violated beyond repair.

  • Pootboot

    I think I realized why I don’t really like Tarentino movies. I thought at first it was his pretentiousness and that of people that hold him up as a golden god of filmmaking, but I think it’s just the content and it isn’t specifically his stuff, it’s just that I don’t like run of the mill dramas, quirky comedic elements or not. I really have to have something unusual and say what you want about Tarentino, if you don’t like the genre a director works in, he’s as unremarkable as any other.

  • WfrtM

    Please do not have background music playing while you talk. It’s annoying as fuck and for people with bad hearing it’s a nightmare. For all thing video making good and shit, why do that!

  • Xarkov

    I really hated The Comedy.

  • Syler

    Aside from the eye gouging mandingo fight scene, Django Unchained violence is highly palatable. I found Super (2010) to be much more disturbing. That said, I love both films.

    But of course Django is another league altogether, being that it’s pure cinema.

  • Hello. Excuse me. I’d like to discuss some lighting inconsistencies in this room near the end of this video… and how they don’t match between cuts…

  • Charlie Connellan

    Hey woah. The 21 Jump Street remake had a point blank dick shot too, that makes two!

  • Except the Western world will carry on collapsing and fewer and fewer good movies will come out in addition to non-sequels or reboots. Now I’m not saying someone in particular is to blame.

  • You died peacefully. Insane RLM amounts of laughter always appease.

  • I’m probably the only one who reacted to this, but I thought the way Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly flew off the screen when she was shot by Django was unbelievably cheap looking. It looks like a mistake, or that they intentionally put the worst take in the movie for some reason.

    Other than that, the movie was great.

  • WhatIsItWithRicks

    I agree completely. Django shoots her from a high, diagonal angle (from the top of the staircase, firing down) and she’s blown straight *backwards* as if shot by a cannonball directly into the center of her stomach. It was like Looney Tunes Ballistics. Totally took me out of that scene for a long while.

  • Well, I guess there’s no point in mentioning it. Nobody seems to care about the complete disregard for elementary physics. Didn’t seem to bother anyone when JFK got shot or when WTC collapsed, so why should anyone care about it in this movie.

  • Let me guess. You think Tarantino’s racist?

  • I don’t think Kerry Washington’s character was poorly written. It wouldn’t have made sense for her to be a stronger female character because there were already too many strong characters. Her character was a damsel in distress, the classic princess that needed to be rescued. Tarantino made that clear when he named her Brunhilde. She’s supposed to be a frightened little mouse and she played it quite well.

  • I wanna squeeze Mr.Plinkett at the end.

  • That dog noise maker makes me laugh so hard. I hope it makes another appearance.

  • TommyWiseau

    I definetely reacted to it, but I heard It is some way to pay tribute to old westerns in how cheap it looked. It was definetely intentional though. Quentin Tarantino would never put that in his movie if he didn’t want it to look like it did.

  • That’s a good point. It probably is some sort of reference, but it’s an odd place to put it in the movie since in the rest of the movie there is nothing to resemble it. Maybe we’re not big enough movie nerds. I was avtually half expecting RLM to mention it and explain it in some way in this review and I was mildly disappointed when they didn’t even mention it.

    That’s why I wrote that I was probably the only one who reacted to it. I haven’t seen anyone else mention it before.

  • The Dog Gun is being sold on Ebay! It’s already over 140 dollars! 😀

  • mvj

    I love these!

  • Sal Featherstone

    These episodes suck balls compared to Plinkett.

  • NegativeSpin

    I don’t mind the annoying commercials at the beginning that are 10 minutes long… I really do hope you guys are finding good ways to financially support this work.

  • dkitsch

    to be fair, everything sucks balls compared to plinkett


  • This movie reminded me a lot of “Blazing Saddles” with its humor.

  • Patrick

    What Tarantino movies have you been watching?

  • Jamie Foxx’s Nuts.

    I don’t get why you guys are so hard on Leo. Sure he use to be the little bitch young pretty boy actor, but I think lately he has really evolved as an actor. This movie probably being the pinnacle of his career. Its not just him putting on a voice. He brought Monsieur Candie to life. The racist pseudo-science species rant came from Leo when he was studying for the role. When he slams his hand on the table and cuts his hand, that’s not scripted. He really did cut his hand, and acted throughout the scene with a wound that needed stitches. That’s his real blood that he really rubs all over Kerry Washington’s face. If that isn’t great acting then I don’t know what is.

  • AlcaldeEste

    What you’re describing is more “the process” of being a method actor. “He says this” or “he does that”, therefore he is a good actor. I think the comparison to Tom Cruise is spot on. He can switch between “normal Leonardo DiCaprio” and “angry, shouting Leonardo DiCaprio.”

    To me, the defining moment of his acting career is the scene in the psychiatrist’s office in The Departed where he explains “My character has so many psychological problems. I have panic attacks, I throw up etc. etc.” and all the time the audience is thinking “Holy shit, this character has psychological problems? Why haven’t we seen that come across in the movie? Sure is news to me!”

  • Bill

    Wrong, here is why. Pick up a 200 page book and read a third of it, wait a year and read another third, finally wait another year and finish. Exhilarating right? That’s why the hobbit is terrible.

  • Plinkett

    Saccharin? Like a sweetener?

  • Adolf

    Django is such garbage, if it was the opposite and it had a White guy going around murdering black people it would be universally hated. It seems inciting racial violence towards White people is the only path to equality.

  • Akeuw

    Due to your political message, you are now just as bad as those people who yell “racist!” at everything. And a movie where some guy runs around shooting white people sounds like a boring idea. Django is running around killing slave owners for money, and he has to find the powerful bad guys and kill them. It is a simple but good plot. They weren’t shooting the slave owners because they were white, they were shooting them because they were slave owners. Reverse racism is real, but don’t make a huge deal out of it, war breeds war, am I right? And reverse racism is not apparent in this movie in the first place.

  • Adolf

    Tarantinos last film was about a gang of Jews running around murdering Nazis, now this film is about a freed slave running around murdering slave owners. Are you seeing a theme here? I don’t care if you think the characters deserved to die, that’s kind of the point. Tarantino is helping incite racial violence against Whites.


  • Akeuw

    I think the last movie portrayed the Nazi’s as better people then the Allies/Jews. Have you seen those movies which make Nazi’s out to be evil people? Well, Inglorious Bastards, which was an alright movie. it made the Nazi’s actual people. It showed how the Allies could be way more brutal then the Axis, at least in Europe. And that is very much true, as seen by the advance on Stalingrad, Russians are mean bastards. If Russians were to kill a large sum of people, which they did, they would do it by bullet to the head, not gas chambers.

    So when you hear the Nazi in the bar happy about his kid, you feel sympathy for him, and when he ends up getting shot by that one bitch, you hate her. At that point, politics don’t matter, any group can be evil. For example, you think Israel are the good guys in the middle eastern conflict, but you sometimes hear about how they blew up dozens of children. It is just human nature.

    So it is important to stop thinking of the world as the good guys and the bad guys. And it is also important to develop your own ideas, instead of agreeing with an online community just to fit in, /pol/ack.

  • Workshed

    ‘The Comedy’ was the best US film of 2012, possibly the decade (so
    far)… Martha Marcy May Marlene and Drive are the only others that came
    close recently, and Heidecker delivered a performance that I rank up
    there with the best Brando, De Niro, Lemmon. Me and the missis have watched this about 30 times already (and she loves it even more than me). How come Netflix are pushing it – AND MIKE AND JAY AREN’T! I bet you didn’t review this because you thought it would be taken by us as nepotism; nah…. tell everyone about how great this movie is chaps! As a Brit, I’m really happy to see great cinema coming out of New York again, rather than the boring, vacuous shithole that is LA.


    The movie is about the killings of people who own other human beings. I would prefer such people be tried and imprisoned, but I’m not going to argue with them being killed. I don’t care what color their skin is. And arguably the greatest hero of this film is a white German. I didn’t much care for Inglorious Basterds because I felt it could have had some moral complexity but abandoned it for a kind of silly vengeance plot. Django unchained was fantastic. The only slave owner who I felt sorry for was Dicaprio’s sister. Fuck the rest of them.

    And fuck your poor-me pity party.


    I don’t think the Israelis are the good guys. Neither is the Palestinian Authority. The good guys are the Palestinian people, who get gunned down and murdered on a regular basis by the IDF, and the Israeli people, who are randomly and senselessly targeted by extremists for the crimes of their fascist government for which they bear no responsibility.


    I loved The Comedy, but I’m not sure it isn’t too sad and depressing to watch it again.

  • Adolf

    If this was a movie about a White guy going around murdering black people, regardless of how evil they were, would to still be making these same arguments?


    If they were slaveowners? Yeah, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. That wouldn’t make much sense in a historical context, but sure. I mean, you could make an action film where a white hero kills a bunch of small-time criminals, most of whom would statistically be black and Latino, but that would be a bit more morally complex.

    Petty criminals like that, gang members and hustlers and the like, would span a wide scale of people ranging from those guilty of brutal rapes and murders to those who held up convenience stores or sold dope to help their families and ended up in prison and from prison to the life.

    But if they were slaveowners? No, I don’t give a fuck what color their skin is.

    And before you latch onto my comment about how small-time criminals are statistically likely to be black or Latino, know that I categorically reject any explanation for that rooted in anything essential about either ethnic group. It’s explained by systemic inequalities built into the fabric of capitalist society.

  • Workshed

    It stands up to many repeat viewings…. I find it hilarious but then I’m one sick individual.

  • guyinthehat

    If the script doesn’t have any scenes regarding his psychological problems and for the most part portrays him as relatively sane then that’s on the writer for telling the audience rather than showing. That’s no fault of the actor. I’d also like to point out that regardless of the lack of scenes involving panic attacks an throwing up, DiCapprio’s performance does make it pretty clear that his character is troubled.

  • Malevolence

    Wow… who was that fat obnoxious bitch arguing with Quentin Tarantino?

  • Akeuw

    Never mind on what I said, I actually saw the movie and you were right, it is well made but, at the same time, stereotypes white people as rednecks. And they made it very clear that Django was murdering white people, not slavers.

  • Adolf
  • AlanSmithee

    I don’t know of a time where black people were the baddies oppressing white people. In that case, a white guy running around killing black guys would probably be O-tay.

  • Baron Teapot

    You’re taking it out of context. Any violence against a white person by a non-white person is racially motivated?

    Both ‘Django Unchained’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ are power fantasy movies: you’re fine with the violence because, in context, the people being murdered are associated with horrible, horrible deeds.

    The fact that the German infantryman was celebrating with his friends gave a Nazi a more human side, and that contrasted with the idea that all Nazis could be butchered en masse due to guilt-by-association with the Holocaust. It’s not one of my favorite movies, but it’s certainly well-made and a lot of fun in places.

    I don’t think he’s interested in using movies as a vehicle for some half-arsed, wishy-wash political or racial message – it appears far more likely that he enjoys showing us characters who’re justified in their kickass murder-sprees.

    The Bride kills people who tried to kill her.
    The Basterds kill nazis in order to win a war.
    Django kills slavers in order to gain his wife, after they were both tortured by slavers.

    It’s supposed to be “this is amazing and you don’t have to worry about morality because they’re all assholes, so just enjoy the awesome fight scenes!”

    “Tarantinos last film was about a gang of Jews running around murdering Nazis, now this film is about a freed slave running around murdering slave owners. Are you seeing a theme here? I don’t care if you think the characters deserved to die, that’s kind of the point. Tarantino is helping incite racial violence against Whites.”

    Tarantino’s last film was about a gang of adults running around murdering adults, now this film is about an adult running around murdering adults. Are you seeing a pattern here? I don’t care if you think the adults deserved to die, that’s kind of the point. Tarantino is helping incite ageist violence against adults.

    See what I mean there? Your argument can’t be all that well thought out if I can just poke massive holes in it right there. The fact that the characters are bad guys (and in a movie featuring a cool revenge story, what’s wrong with having villains?) is what matters, not their skin colour, age or whether they have mustaches or not…

    When in history has a predominantly black civilization enslaved a predominantly white one, before building almost their entire economy upon it?

    Your argument is utterly dumb. 🙁


    Um… the argument you’re responding to wasn’t an argument that I made or agreed with. Although I think Inglorious Basterds in particular wanted to be about more complicated things than you give it credit for. It abandoned those themes, but it started off trying to be something better at least.

    In fact, if you’ll go up further you’ll find a post I made defending the violence in Django, because it’s against slaveowners, and slaveowners can go get fucked no matter what color their skin is.

    I’m going to assume you meant to respond to Adolf. Who is indeed an idiot.

  • BLT

    I believe they said underwritten, not poorly written which is noteworthy because Tararantino usually writes very strong female characters.

  • Sphincter

    Why would I watch this awful japanese schlock? Whether it inspires Tarantino or not is irrelevent.

  • Quitch

    Wow, I’m starting to feel genuinely sorry for Mr Plinkett at this point.

  • Marvin Falz

    I felt the same at the end of the episode where Mr.Plinkett tells the guys they’re his friends and then the two scoundrels charge him for their not-done-work. Made me wanna kick their asses.

  • Marvin Falz

    To be clear: I didn’t felt the urge to kick Mike’s and Jay’s ass. I felt the urge to kick Mike’s and Jay’s ass.

  • Baron Teapot

    Oh, I wasn’t talking to you, you’re absolutely right. But It’s a small shame that people can take a single detail of a movie and focus on it, completely ignoring everything else about it. Then again, I don’t know if they weren’t just a troll. 🙂

    Slave owners certainly had it coming. Leo’s sister, in the movie – did she deserve to die? She may not have been a violent slaver, like her brother and his sadistic manservant, but nonetheless, she took part in it.

    She was raised in a world where slavery was commonplace, accepted and even considered ‘good’ and ‘righteous’. Obviously, with hindsight being what it is, we can now say that slavery is absolutely abhorrent. But, at the time, her friends, family and even her god were likely all for it.

    Could refusing to take part in it make a difference? Would Django still have killed her if she’d been an anti-slavery protester or something? Being female was probably difficult enough. Maybe I’m thinking too deeply about it

    Hehehe. 🙂

    Anywa, cheers, and enjoy your weekend.

  • Hale

    Sorry, but I can’t take someone calling themself “Adolph” whining about “reverse racism” seriously.

  • Patrick

    Wow, someone’s bitter. Have mommy issues or something?

  • TapewormBike

    I enjoyed Lincoln, but being the asshole that I am, I think that the movie needed to be a bit more distant and heartless, so Spielberg would not be my first choice to direct it. Call me Mr. Obvious (really, please do that and say it slowly while you let saliva drip down your chin) but I think it would have been an incredible flick, if the duo Fincher Sorkin teamed up on this material. Also, why haven’t Day Lewis and Fincher worked together already? It’s not like he hasn’t worked with perfectionist directors before (Mann, Anderson)

  • TapewormBike

    Oh come on, if there ever was a woman I would call a bitch it’s her.

  • phaedruss

    I have to disagree about Leo. He is a great actor. The Departed was an amazing movie and Leo did a great job there.

  • Pissernacht

    I’m loving the Recap bits where we see Mike and Jay talking over Plinkett review muzak. Shit’s fucking workin’ for me!

  • avianeddy

    even the anchors seemed heavily annoyed by her

  • RisingZan

    I wouldn’t use quite as strong of words to describe her, but that’s Jan Wahl. She is (or was) the main movie critic and reviewer in the San Francisco area, like their version of Ebert.

  • Its_So_Dense

    A Tribe Called Quest? Wow. I’d never listened to this episode with headphones, so I never noticed it. I always noticed the Gang Starr in the Plinkett reviews, but damn, you guys definitely like some dope hip-hop. I feel like there should be a joke in this post, but all I have is a boner.

  • montechristo88

    and it shall be sufficient!

  • Stephen Norman

    Excision is so fucking good.

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    Django was great… until the hip-hop/rap shootout at the end. The movie just betrays its tone and loses all sense of subtlety.

  • Joel Farrelly

    You know who has a lot of boners? Phife Dawg.

    …Yeah, I got nothing.

  • Nate

    Yeah… I don’t often find myself disagreeing this strongly with you guys, but I gotta speak up here. Django started out promisingly but went to pot at about the halfway part. It just started being… random and there was that whole middle section where NOTHING HAPPENED, just a bunch of flapping heads. I generally like Tarantino’s work, he makes awesome films, but this one was just… I don’t even know the word for it, really. They could have taken out that middle section and lost pretty much nothing.

    At least you both recognised that it dragged on for longer than it needed to.

  • jared

    100 black coffins by rick ross is somehow a good choice for a western film? 2 and 1/2 hours of boring shit, and the ending definitely doesn’t pay off. this is tarantino’s worst film and he had to stick his ugly mug just so he can be known for his amazing australian accent.

  • Eddie Engelhard

    So, you’re kind of an idiot, huh?

  • Dionysus

    Recently re-watched this movie. Pretty enjoyable overall, but yeah… the ending climax definitely jumps the shark. Maybe if he came back with an army of freed slaves and killed the slave owners it’d be more interesting. But when you have a single protagonist shooting it out with dozens of enemies and killing them all and not even getting wounded, it dissolves all the tension which makes it boring.

  • Jegsimmons

    i dont think Django is a good western, its kind of….stupid and too many dumb ideas in it.
    and the editing is odd, the pacing isnt very good and the characters do complete 180s that kind of piss you off.

    its nto bad…but id consider it QTs worst film

  • Gary V

    Watching these older videos I realize that once Jay got his teeth fixed it took him only 3 years to grow his beard.

  • Gary V

    Beast Beer Jay? Seriously? You two do well drinking Spotted Cow, why would you dream about The Beast? Fuck, you should have just gone full retard and dreamed of Milwaukee’s Best Ice. Cause that’s some poor man’s beer piss right there.

  • Gary V

    “It’s almost midnight” Clock on the wall says 2 am….. party witth Plinket shows 10 minutes elapse. Fuck that guy.

  • James Andersen

    I’d seen Django Unchained on TV a year ago – I saw the second half first and the next night watched the first half before going to bed. I finally saw the whole thing straight through and I have to say I think it’s pretty darn good though I wouldn’t say I liked it as much as some of Tarantino’s other movies, with Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown being at the top (in very different ways) and having never seen Reservoir Dogs or Death Proof. I’ve never really been able to see the angle of his detractors, and not the idiots like that woman arguing with him on the news, but the internet posters whose favorite word is “overrated.” I sometimes feel like someone is screening them different movies than me, but I guess it’s just simply differences of opinion. My only real gripes with the movie are that, as you guys pointed out, Kerry Washington’s character is a bit underwritten, though I don’t think the movie needed the memorable Tarantino female character to be good as it was still good in its own right. The other and more serious problem I had was the ending. If Django had been wounded somehow during or before that scene (not the big shoot-em-up scene, that was great in it’s over-the-top-ness, but the final sequence) and had to dispose of the remaining of Candie’s people without any coolness factor or bad-assery and had to do it with his arms busted and bullet-ridden. That would have added a bit more tension that I think was needed there but overall it was entertaining as all Tarantino movies are, at least the one’s I’ve seen.

  • bassbait

    I have only seen Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. Both were utter garbage to me. My favorite directors happen to be Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, which both create much more emotionally and intellectually compelling movies than Tarantino does. I know that’s not the point with Tarantino but that’s what I’m looking for. Tarantino feels like calculated, by-the-numbers film-making that has no sense of real artistry. That’s just me though.

  • James Andersen

    If you watched an interview with Tarantino you would never claim that his films are “calculated, by-the-numbers film-making that has no sense of real artistry.” He clearly has a passion for the craft and the energy of someone less than half his age and shows no signs of slowing down. Again, I feel like you’re seeing different films than me because Tarantino’s films always have a lot of creative visuals, artistic camera angles, and skillful pacing and while I can see someone arguing his films are style over substance (especially with Kill Bill), is doesn’t mean the substance isn’t there. You’re entitled to your opinion and all but “utter garbage” is laying it on pretty strong when referring to two films made with unabashed love and care for the art form, even if you did not care for either. (By the way, Pulp Fiction is one of my two favorite films of all time (the other being GoodFellas) and I love Kill Bill although it is my least favorite Tarantino film I’ve seen).

  • Adolf

    It’s called the Barbary slave trade, millions of White people were kidnapped and sold into slavery by black pirates during the 1700s in Europe.

  • Adolf

    Glad I could help.

  • Anthony D.

    I know “everyone is entitled to their opinion” is a phrase people like to throw around when they’re trying to sound PC while talking about movies but no. “Calculated, by-the-numbers film-making that has no sense of real artistry?” You clearly know nothing about filmmaking if you would, with a straight face, describe Tarantino’s films that way. It’s fine to say you don’t like them but that’s going way, way too far. You’re in irrational hatred/trolling territory with statements like that.

    And Pulp Fiction is every bit as much a landmark in filmmaking history as anything made by Kubrick or Lynch. Whether someone personally enjoys the film or not, it’s impossible to actually disagree with that.

  • Phillie Em

    What Gang Starr song did they have in the Plinkett reviews? Mass Appeal?

  • harry

    finally, a hero has come along to defend the rights of literal nazis and slave owners

  • Adolf

    There were a lot of Black and Jewish slave owners in the American South, the first slave owner in the American colonies was a Black man and most of the slaves bought from Arab slave traders were sent to the Spanish Empire which included all of South and Central America.

  • Just another guy

    Finally saw it. First half was good. Second half was weak and contrived. Not like anyone cares.

  • Jason

    So Tarentino’s made revenge-porn flicks for women (Death Car, I think, something like that, not looking it up), jews (Inglorious Basterds) and blacks (this pile). All with a white cismale patriarch as the villain (duh, oh else?).
    So, I mean, we’re all about equality and sharing and all that goodness, right? So how bout the next revenge-porn flick is for white men! Now I know what you’re thinking, hear me out. Make it about the Barbary pirates who terrorized European coasts and captured over a million white slaves over the course of 300 years. Not a single Hollywood movie has been made about this, it would break new ground!
    Ok, opening scene. Year is 1611 (kinda like 9/11, get it? it’s, like, subliminal or some shit), Charles Martel (no relation, coincidence) is just a humble farmer, working, providing for his Christian family. All is well and wholesome on this humble parcel of coastal farmland. But then…PIRATES! He can only watch as his only son is brutally murdered, and his wife and daughter raped, then chained up to be sold as prostitutes for some hairy mohammaden ape, where they are taken, he knows not. They sail off. Normally, after torturing and humiliating the white man for a few days, the moslems would simply kill the kafir and be on their way, but, years of working the farm have made Charles exceptionally strong, they think he’ll make a good work slave and fetch a fair price, so they chain him up and bring him aboard.
    It is on the ship that he has a vision of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and this gives him the inner fire to break his chains and murder his captors. He then spends the rest of the movie tracking down the location of his wife and daughter, eventually freeing them from the aforementioned hairy ape and returns to Europa to rebuild his village and assure his fellow countrymen that they can fight and win against these moslem invaders. Roll credits.
    Whatcha think, Quentin? Hit me up, we’ll do lunch.

  • David

    Are you honestly this fucking stupid or are you trolling? You’ve decided to take “Nazis are villains in a WWII movie” and conclude that “it’s anti-white”. Think about the fact that you’re apparently identifying with Nazis and slaveowners. There are good cis white men in these movies too. Christoph Waltz’s character in Django basically makes the whole thing possible.

  • Jason

    Nah, I’m pretty sure it was the Weinsteins who made Django possible. And “I’m siding with slaveowners”? Did you get the impression the Barbary corsairs were the heroes in my story? Or is “slaveowner” some kind of slur reserved for “cis white men”?

    also, fucking lmao at “cis white men”. tumblr-tier faggotry. when did RLM get so pozzed that these are the kind of viewers it attracts?

  • nautonnier

    Quentin, do you think that recording digitally is somehow not recording a series of still frames? Oh luddites. Amiright?

  • grenadeh

    Why do you fuckwits exist? Literally. RLM and all of their absurdly tasteless stupid followers, I am asking you why you exist.

  • grenadeh

    A Tumblrfag ridiculing tumblrfaggotry. That is indeed hilarious.

  • Jason

    you know people can see your comment history right? your profile reeks of stale cheetos and mountain dew. go read another video game review and then kys.

  • lysergic43

    I know what you mean jay: my tailor-made movie is Lost in Translation. I spent my whole life in foreign countries; the movie speaks to me in an extremely intimate and relatable way.

  • lysergic43

    What you’re looking for is period movie script about the battle of Wien. No one has done that

  • lysergic43

    He can’t squeeze a load to Uma Thurman’s feet if it’s not film, it’d be my guess.

  • lysergic43

    If it has corn it’s not beer

  • lysergic43

    The only Tarantino movies I can appreciate outside a superficial scope are Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Those two have a solid, crafted dramatic core.

  • Colorless Green

    whenever I hear idiots complaining about increases in frame-rate or resolution, like we don’t need it or that it will never catch on, I’m reminded of Martin Van buren’s letter to President Jackson in 1829. In this letter, he laments the advent of trains as transportation, saying that “The Almighty certainly never intended that people should travel at such breakneck speed.”

    Technological progress is going to happen whether you mouth-breathing Luddites want it to or not. Just because higher frame-rates are off-putting to you now because your primitive ape brains aren’t used to them, but give it time, you come to prefer it.

  • Marvin

    1.) Trains are practical for mankind, they help make life easier. What practical gain for mankind comes from the introduction of higher frame-rates in movies? Please explain in detail and provide some examples.

    2.) Mike and Jay are not campaigning against higher frame-rates in movies, they merely state why they don’t like higher frame-rates and why they think higher frame-rates are unnecessary.

    3.) Maybe you’re right and brains adjust when they’re exposed to higher frame-rates long enough.

  • Colorless Green

    do I really need to explain an analogy to you? The common thread is people being apprehensive about leaps in technology, then eventually getting used to it. I made my point the first time.

  • Marvin

    It’s a bad analogy. I did get the common thread you’ve explained. You have made your point and I still think your point does not justify higher frame-rates in movies as something worthwhile.

  • Colorless Green

    It’s not a bad analogy, you’re just an idiot.

  • Brett Burrett

    That fucking cat has fallen over! Put the fucking cat back up!

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