Half in the Bag: Cabin in the Woods and The Three Stooges

April 15, 2012324 Comments

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  • Did they reshoot the intro or just re-color grade it? It looks different.

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    Wow, brilliant timing on this guys! I’m really starting to like the reviews of recently-released blockbusters.

    Looking forward to hearing what you thought of Cabin.

  • I liked the idea of Cabin in The Woods. Liked the story of the first 2/3rds of it, but the wrap up down below seemed like Joss’s wrap up of Buffy and Angel. There were some problems in the 2/3rds, ((spoilers))

    Towards the beginning you see a monitor with all the victims and it shows their heart rates, why did the Fool’s heart stop or did this huge tech savy corporation not notice he was still alive? Plus when they “escape” in the elevator/box, why didn’t these people know exactly what box that group of monsters were in? Plus why have all those boxes have access to the main lobby? Where did Ripley come from? When they entered the chamber no one else was in there. (((*brain explodes*))   

  • I am so glad you like Firefly. In my opinion it was pretty much the perfect show, and every single person that I have introduced to it has become a fan. You guys should try Buffy though, at least the first several seasons (after she goes to college Spike is the only good thing about the show). 

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    Loved it again guys.

  • Poor Plinkett. 🙁

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    This isn’t Gamestation 2.0 you lazy bums!

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    Can anyone confirm that there are no Cabin in the Woods spoilers in the review? I want to be completely clueless about the film’s content.

  • Still the best three stooges review!


  • Jcox2820

    How can you like this when you hate Baby’s Day Out so much?

  • Toni Anttila


    As you rightly say, taken as it is, the movie doesn’t make a lick of sense. But as I understood it the movie is about horror movies, why we watch them and why we need them. And watching the movie as an allegory / metaphor (I haven’t really thought it through yet) the ancient gods are the audience who watches horror movies and watched the ancient human sacrifices. For some reason we need to see these human sacrifices and they need to have necessary elements (tits) to enjoy them? I don’t know. Fun movie never the less.

  • Chucky’s Chicken

    My friends loved Cabin, and I enjoyed it too but I felt like there as something that kind of bothered me about it. The review made me realize what exactly I didn’t like. Thanks for that.

  • Jawsphobia

    Did you ever see the James Frawley TV biopic The Three Stooges which Mel Gibson produced?  Michael Chiklis from The Shield played Curley.  It is interesting but also gets into the sadder aspects of their lives.

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    Why did they even have the chicken eating scene? Is it linked with one of the movies some how?

  • Jawsphobia

    Typo.  Curly.

  • DRAMA!

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    it is extremely funny how obvious it is that the chunky’s chicken box is a Popeye’s box, guys.

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    do you not like things that are different?

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    You FUCKS made me go to some shit webzone…..GENIUS!

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     I think that was part of the humor in it.

    You have this big corporation run with military efficiency that inexplicably makes the dumbest decisions (like installing a “unleash all monsters into the base” button) and the pothead was poking fun at stoner films and the ridiculous logic of pot being the end-all be-all miracle cure for the hero.

  • Stephen Grillo

    Before the SPOILERS Jay gives a time to skip to for you to avoid them, just watch and enjoy!

  • Delightful. :3

  • Jay sounds just like Steve Buscemi.

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    I LOLed at the first “review”

  • There are huge spoilers. 

  • zaprowsdower

    The beer they’re drinking at the beginning is the same brand they used to simulate Plinkett pissing on the Phantom Menace VHS tape in the Episode III review. I’m such a Red Letter Media fan boy. I fucking hate my life.

  • Best the cliffhanger not lead to the end of these, otherwise I storm the plinkett palace and I bring my sad face with me…


  • Qbertmariostarfox

    I always thought that the Stooges were like the Monkeys, only instead of ripping off the Beatles they were ripping of the Marx brothers.

  • Stephen Grillo

    There is actually a chunkychicken web site as well as chunkyschicken, which is a much nicer webzone but has no picture of Mike.

  • ILDC

     Plinkett did.

  • Will

     but they warn you before they talk about the ending

  • ILDC

    Did the movie explain where the monsters came from? Were they from the gods? Did the corporation make them? Does the government know about this? (*brain also explodes*)

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    To be honest I didn’t like HITB at first, but now I really look forward to them. Perhaps even more than P. Reviews! OMG, I said it. *crying* 

    For real yo’s, I love HITB. 

  • ILDC

    Did the staff doing things like making bets say anything about the filmmakers?

  • I would forgive the unfunny slapstick if it didn’t involve religion.

  • Wolfsigma

    Don’t think you can explain cabin in the woods against a real world.  Thats because Cabin in the woods is trying to explain why a horror movies even DO exist.  WHy are they so formulaic?  Cause thats what some weird god wants.  Why does every culture have its own “shtick” horror genre?  Cause some weird god wants it.  Why all the horrible monsters?  Cause some old god made them.  🙂

  • I love Half In The Bag, but I always feel bad when you wreck the place lol.

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    Obviously Mike is Moe, Jay is Larry, and what’s his face is the other one.

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    Can’t believe they left out the Kate Upton bit.

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    God damn it. I’m craving some popeyes now you bastards.

  • Big Dumb American

    You magnificent bastards have done it again.  Thank you for being so goddamn good at making entertaining movie critiques.

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  • fred astaire vacuuming

    >ruining the three stooges is not something to get angry about.  ruining star wars, child slavery, these things you should get angry about

    genius! hahahahahahaha- 
    …. you-you’re kidding, right?

  • Doc Brimley

    Yeah, it’s a pretty clear self-referential jab at the fact that RLM got famous for it’s Star Wars reviews.

  • I heart pizza rolls

    I actually skipped to 13:11, Thanks for the alert.

  • Whore machine. 

  • “whore machine” 🙂

  • Mcfly

     Don’t listen to this douche. One of my ex-girlfriend’s tried to make me watch that Buffy crap. It’s absolutely terrible. Avoid it at all costs. One of my testicles stopped working after I watched that show.

  • Mcfly

     That’s not what he was inferring, ass-hat.

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    Did I detect a touch of The Long Walk Home in Rich’s exit before the cliffhanger?

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    I am disappointed that you guys didn’t register chunkyschicken.com and put some nonsense in there. Would’ve been humorous.

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    General whore-ish product placement / Product placement for fast food or restaurant chain

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    i actually went to http://www.chunkychicken.com.
    Weird part of the internet indeed

  • Matthew Phillip Chesterwood

     I think he was wondering if they were serious about child slavery. They were not.

  • Jegsimmons

    i was laughing my ass off at three stooges. maby because ive always was a stooge fan.

  • So, it’s basically Cube: Zero but less retarded?

  • Gghjkliog

    for cabin in the woods i got the impression they took a fair bit from ‘stay tuned’ where they set up the tv station to simply not only appease satan but entertain him as well

  • So wait… Three Stooges wasn’t terrible? Huh.

  • MesZoe

    WoW! Mike and Jay’s critiques have gotten more forgiving of movies…. Ever since Jack and Jill traumatized them so much.

  • Ahnult


    Jay & Mike, the ‘Gods’ were supposed to represent us, the audience. Again and again, we plunk down cash to see these types of movies, filled with stock characters, cliche situations and a standard repertoire of villains. We demand these characters die in entertaining ways and each country has their own unique sacrifices because audiences around the world expect different cliches in their horror films. The two behind-the-scenes guys were the filmmakers, engineering the characters’ fates for the bloodthirsty horror audience.

  • Deak Thefreak

    Cabin in the Woods is terrible. So terrible, I don’t think I will ever go see a movie in a theater again.

    Fuck movies. All of them.

  • Deak Thefreak

     And the ending was not a surprise. IT WAS GIVEN AWAY IN THE OPENING IMAGES OF THE MOVIE.

    Fuck movies. All of them.

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    You are what’s wrong with the Internet.

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    Just because it works on a metaphorical level doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t make sense on a logical narrative sense.

  • Daggoth

     I know, its like I can see how the mental scars of Jack and Jill have affected them in some way… in a way where they appreciate films a lot more now, and don’t take anything for granted…

    I guess that’s what happens when you watch a movie that’s so horrific that it manages to win every single razzie award nomination there is… it becomes a curse that destroys your mind, and your faith in film integrity forever…

  • B.R.Olvera

    maybe them being too forgiving is a late April fools joke…

  • Mornegroth

    Appreciated the spoiler heads up.

  • Boo

    Or maybe they just didn’t think it was that terrible. You know, like they clearly explain in the episode

  • Malchik

     Really? I was hopping Moe would ram a crucifix up Larry’s ass while Curly shat all over the Eucharist, and whipped with the Gospel of John.

  • Dwfdsf

    The Three Stooges are the Fathers of comedy and the fact that you think Star Wars can even be compared to it just shows you guys are fags.

  • Philo


    They totally explained the sacrifice thing. they explained that everyone had to suffer. this is why the virgin’s death was optional, because she simply needed to suffer and experience all of these horrible things so that her innocence was basically taken away through the process.

    I think it’s only that one center had to succeed the sacrifice, as they showed” fail” running across everyone’s screen, because only americans were able to complete the sacrifice ritual.

  • FinishYourNewMovie

    I just want to say how awesome your dance around spoilers was in your review! The Movie (Cabin in the Woods) seems to be great and I can’t wait to see it myself.

    And since I’m drunk out of my mind –> Thanks for making me crave fried chicken at 3 am… in Germany…..assholes!

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    If you want to see a real modern version of The Three Stooges by the Farrellys, you should see Dumb & Dumber which did this perfectly, with Jim Carrey playing a composite of Curly and Moe, and Jeff Daniels playing an analogue of Larry.

  • Kyle P Wagner

    You guys crack me up. That suggestion for a Three Stooges movie called “The Three Stooges” were they are just dumbasses in current day–hilarious.

  • Tommy_Wiseau

     They did.

  • I less than 3 Plato

    Nice episode!

  • guest

    Plinkett forgot to do his voice at the end scene, fire him!

  • Ashhaas

    So, has Rich just given up on trying to act or sound like the Plinkett character anymore?  I’m not offended or disappointed since the whole point for me is the superb movie reviews.  I’m just curious.

  • death

    anyone else watch the entire 10 minute chunky chicken advert after this video lol

  • Meszoe

    Rich is Plinkett on Screen, … Who is Plinkett on the Uber-Reviews? Eh, Just go with it dude.

  • Fat Alf

    I didn’t think it really mattered that the background story didn’t make too much sense, in fact I think it was kind of the point. If the Elder Gods represent the Horror Audience and the ‘puppeteers’ are the movie studio then the fact it makes no sense is part of the ongoing criticism, the Elder Gods/Audience doesn’t really care for smart story telling or originality, every time the plot deviates from the norm the Elder Gods/Audience get angry and the address the issue of it not making sense with the “Virgin doesn’t matter” and “I don’t think Curt has a cousin” lines at the end, the Elder Gods/Audience isn’t specific when it comes to the plot, but knows exactly what it wants when it comes to gore and killing and any originality and deviance from this is met with an angry reaction from them, this is why the facility was filled with all the recognisable, mass-marketed, stock monsters, the Elder Gods/Audience didn’t want anything new and the Puppeteers/Studio knows that.
    All in all, the Puppeteers/Studio acts on the desires of the Elder Gods/Audience, if they don’t want original Horror movies, then the Puppeteers/Studio has to make the same dumb shit over and over again or the Elder Gods/Audience gets angry.

  • Tone

    Remember the Jack and Jill review where you called Adam Sandler a Fraud for using product placement?  Was that an ironic joke – was it intentionally hypocritical?  Who wants a pizza roll?

  • Jonny

    Praising The Three Stooges for not toning down it’s cartoony violence in a live-action movie.
    I’m pretty sure this is exactly what you bashed Baby’s Day Out for in the Plinkett Review.

  • Blah

    just posting to say I like your vids, thanks!

  • Quake

    lol, if you don’t realize that their baby’s day out is a joke review then i pity you.

  • boo

    You don’t know what product placement is or how it works, do you? Idiot.

  • Just watched your 10-minute long Chunky’s Chicken video.  I can die happy now.

  • Jessica Sanchez

    It’s all about context, though. The Three Stooges are three guys who go around fumbling things up and their comedy style is vastly different (albeit cartoony) to what they did in Baby’s Day Out.

  • Ass

    i want some chicken NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

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    i hope fake plinkett kicks your freeloading pieces of shits out!!!

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    Look again.

  • Sam Ciralu

    Ok. So

  • Sam Ciralu

    Is the Chicken commercial a big clue for the new Plinkett review?… hope so.

  • Fakeemail87

    I love Half in the Bag, and Jay is better then Sliced bread. (as long as he’s shaved) 

  • Mark Smith

    They look too healthy in this episode. They need to be more sweaty and bloated.

  • Here’s the Chunky’s Chiken theme… 


    Can you believe they made an entire record with this stuff? 

  • Darkwing Duck

    Having an ad play before or after a video is not the same thing as product placement. Merely mentioning a product is not always the same thing as product placement either. Maybe you shouldn’t attempt to insult people when you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  • Chrisrolla117

    I thought the same thing after seeing Cabin in the Woods The beginning reminded me a lot of rubber only funnier….

  • I just find all your voices so comforting

  • Note

     went for the low hanging fruit there didn’t you

  • Bobo

    Fuck you if you didn’t like The Three Stooges. Its low brow slapstick and its funny. The theater was packed with all sorts of demographics and EVERYONE was laughing the whole way through. Saying horseshit like “that type of humor is not relevant in 2012” is asinine. Slapstick is timeless, its YOU who have become a jaded motherfucker that can’t see it for what it is. What is “relevant in 2012” anyways? Dick jokes and saying fuck?

  • patrick mccormick

    Plinckett is suddenly quite lucid, apparently Jay & Mike have been pulling this fast one on him quite visibly, and only now he suddenly became aware of it. So does this mean that Plinckett is back on his meds, off his meds, or on a different med regiment? With regards to the latter, it’s possible his doctor prescribed him something different (i.e., something that WORKS, in a clinical sense that is), and so it would behoove Jay & Mike to get Plinckett back onto whatever it was that he was taking, back when he was hiring prostitutes and renting out his living room as a dance club.

  • I’m glad you guys enjoyed Cabin in the Woods. I saw it yesterday and loved the hell out of it. My thoughts….


    If we take it from the standpoint that the evil Gods don’t represent the audience:

    The Director (Sigourney) makes it clear that there are more than one evil God. So I came away interpreting that each God desired its sacrifice in its own way. The facility under the cabin had one God to appease while other facilities like Japan were assigned another, with their own specific instructions on how to do it. And I believe that the reasons for the monsters is because the God’s agreed to withhold their wrath under the conditions that the sacrifices are carried out by their minions. And they make it clear that the victims have to unwittingly choose their minion. Now, we see that other facilities all failed when the victims escaped their fate, so it all came down to this one facility and its two orchestrators to keep the human race from total destruction. So I guess that would mean as long as one God is appeased, all is well.

    Others could say my interpretation is ridiculous, but hey…it’s just one interpretation and either way it’s fun to discuss this movie!

    It wasn’t until today that I started engaging in conversations about the Gods representing we, the audience. So I have other interpretations going down that whole avenue but haven’t pieced it all together in my head yet.

    ___________________________END SPOILERS__________________________

    I haven’t smiled this big in a horror movie in a long time. There was so much insanity in the final act that I need to watch it again, and then buy it on blu ray so I can pause it and drink it all in.

  • I liked Cabin a lot. I understand the objections, but this is the only kind of movie Whedon can make well, so I am glad he did it this way. As for the “why didn’t they” questions: I think the movie did a pretty good job of establishing how lax the puppeteers had become in their bleached office setting. Who’s to say they don’t just suck at their jobs?

  • Sweetestsadist

    You guys gotta put the Chunky’s Chicken song on Itunes. You have one buyer here. I’ll buy it twice if you let us download a full ten minutes of the song.

  • —————-SPOILERS————————————
    I’m on the side of how the Elder Gods represent us. The gods are the audience, the director is the big movie producer and the heads of the horror are the directors. We, the people who go see horror movies, ask for these archetypes and typical scenarios. The only thing we don’t ask for is the creature. We want a new fun creature every time, but we want everything else to be the same old same old. We are also indifferent on whether or not the virgin lives or die. We just wanna see her suffer. We also want the archetypes to be of a certain race and look and such thus the reason why they have to change the personality of all of the teenagers. We want certain things and the director and movie producer provides it for us. 

    Also, different countries and cultures do horror movies different than how we do it. Of course we, Americans, wouldn’t get what stereotypes the Japanese enjoy in their horror movies. 
    ————–SPOILERS————————————–Basically, it is a metanarrative. I guess (I really liked the movie so I kinda disagree with y’all in some aspects) you can say watching the movie and then doing some deep analysis on it, things may not understand. I guess. I really didn’t see what you guys see. But if you look at it with the fact that everything is largely metaphorical and a satire on how we see movies, it is much more than two guys came up with this idea while they were high…. Which I would assume that’s how it happened. But hey! It works for me.

    Also, I agree that is wavered between comedy and horror. I ignored the fact that it was horror or comedy. It was just a suspense or thriller with lots of comedic moments throughout.Since you couldn’t review this movie properly with telling all the major parts of the story, I really hope you guys consider making a Plinkett Review so I can see the parts that you guys believe didn’t make sense. I understand if you don’t I just hope you will. 

  • Fuck you, Bobo

    Yeah! Fuck them for having a different taste in comedy than you! How dare people not all like the same thing!!!

  • Well, how didn’t it make sense then? Please explain how.

  • One, if you see it metaphorically, you don’t need to know about all the little details like where the monsters came from and blah. It is more about satirizing us.

  • Ricky

    Very cool spoiler tag, thanks for that.

  • Both of your cheeks are a lot rosier than usual.

    Did you pop off in each other’s mouths before filming this episode?

  • Kucky


  • Malchik

     The whole song is on their Blip if that matters.

  • Deak Thefreak

     Cabin in the Woods is what’s wrong with everybody and everything. It was just bad. The zombie redneck pain family was just boring. But then, I guess they were kind of supposed to be since the movie wasn’t about them. The teenagers were boring, even when we were told they were starting to conform more to their stereotypes because they weren’t able to show it very well. But then, the movie wasn’t really about them, either. Nor was it about the NASA control room thing. It was about… an unoriginal take at deconstructing the horror genre. Maybe I’m just sick of deconstructions of genre films because there is little to say and that little has already been said. This sort of thing is a sign that the summer blockbuster genres are starting to cannibalize themselves because they are completely out of new ideas. And the human sacrifice angle is not a new idea. It’s not even a spoiler. it was already used in an episode of South Park. When you can say your big reveal was used in an episode of South Park, you need to go even further. This movie did not.

  • Obrighm

    I laughed so hard at that chunkys chicken website. Had to cover my eyes so I couldn’t look at it anymore.

  • DR

    i can’t believe i’m that big of a nerd that i would actually type in chunkyschicken.com to see if it really exists…lo and behold u’ve created a hilarious website!

  •  Yes. YES. YESSSSS

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    The Three Stooges aren’t cartoony exactly, since they aren’t inspired by cartoons, unlike Baby’s Day Out. Plus in that review Plinkett complains of Baby’s Day Out attempting something like The Three Stooges, but failing because they didn’t use professional comedy actors.

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    I believe that they called him a fraud because he raised lots of money to make a movie, but then he just cranked out the cheapest movie possible and gave the rest to himself and his friends.  Product placement was involved, but not in the way you seem to think.

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    It’s possible, didn’t Mike say in that review that he suddenly has a huge appreciation for Michael Bay, and not even jokingly?

  • The Three Stooges seems like the most inoffensive, offensive, yet not too bad, movie to ever exist.   No one asked for it.  No one likes it.  No one hates it.  It’s just there.

  • Ian

    Oh I was afraid it was an “experimental adult video” site.

  • Doug


    The way I see it, the whole “ancient god” plot twist was designed to bring every horror movie under a sort of Cthulu/HP Lovecraft mythos. Humans made a pact with these gods, being given free reign over the earth in exchange for allowing concentrated manifestations of the gods’ power (the monsters) to take human sacrifices. I think they made it clear every country was trying to see who could appease the gods first, since they only need one ritual. However, every other country failed, so it was dependent on America. 

  • Doug

    Thats from a narrative perspective, putting aside the obvious metafictional/ real world parallels Joshan pointed out below. 

  • you guys are delving way too deep into the plot of cabin in the woods. the movie is hilarious and the plot is ridiculous. I enjoyed it a lot and it worked for me. it just clicked. it was great.

  • On Cabin in the Woods and its early reveal; I was at Wondercon and got to watch the film on a panel with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard in attendance and asked them that very question. Whedon’s response, “If you show your hand early, it forces you to play with new cards.” I gathered that they intentionally broke the typical screenplay structure in order to find new ways to keep the movie entertaining, in this case, building the characters of the people running the show, and having them comment on the action in the cabin. I really enjoyed the movie, and though I’d be curious to see how it would play out with a slower reveal, I respected the answer. 

  • Sleeper99999

    They mention that the various specimens were from the world as it used to be, and were “provided” by the Ancient Gods in some manner.

  • Rorudo

     I’m just incredibly jealous you got to watch the movie on a panel with Whedon and Goddard.

  • I don’t have a nearby Chunky’s Chicken here in Cleveland, but my boss (who’s from D.C.) said it’s basically the most delicious fried chicken ever.

  • Daggoth

    I don’t understand anything about Chunky’s Chicken, or why it exists, or why there is a webzone for it, or why they are eating Chunky’s Chicken, or what it is, or what it means, or how I stand to benefit spiritually, psychically, intellectually, computationally, phonetically, prophetically or physically from it, or why there is a ten minute long video of chicken’s clucking tunes, or why it costs $72 for 24 piece chicken basket with cole slaw, mash potatoes, xxxtra thick gravy and 4 powdered sugar pies…

    Alls I knows is…

    “Here at Chunky’s Chicken, we use only the finest pieces of Z grade free-range battery farm raised chicken from Nenjiang. Don’t worry, we make sure that all our cages are hand tailored small enough to meet every one of our chicken’s personal needs, for the tastiest results. Because, here at Chunky’s Chicken, we believe that the cage seals in the flavor! Then, each chicken is lovingly mechanically separated in our mass sluicing vats with love, mixed to taste with the finest textured animal paste byproduct, a special dash of delicious chicken flavoring #14-a and our very own secret blend of chicken, herbs, spices and ammonia. Then, we ship every morsel to one of our fabulous locations!”

  • Hander87

    “Skip to this time code to skip spoilers”

    LOVE you!

  • Guy in the Hat

    It’s too bad I could see the Popeye’s logo on the back of the box, kinda ruins the joke a little for me, but otherwise I loved it.

  • I hope they’re gonna watch “LOL” looks like a totally AWESOME movie (if you are into S&M)

  • thegregster101

    another great ep. keep up the good work!

  • Yeah, that really was a good answer to a good question.

  • Lighten up, Francis.

  • Zanaderp

    My theory is that the gods want the sacrifices to be viewed by as many humans as possible. Since public sacrifices are no longer accepted by society, the subjects have to be killed in a way that is acceptable for the public to watch ie. dressed up to look like fiction.

  • No, I think it looks good, just curious 🙂
    Would you rather I just posted “first”?

  • hugebone

    Something tells me they aren’t really drinking beer…

  • Dilo

    Don’t delve into a plot of a movie? Are you aware that you are watching Half in the Bag?

  • anonymys

    Fucking cliffhangers

  • Yonkie

     Also, notice the subtle things, like:

    POWDERED SUGAR PIES…………………………. $4.99/each or 4 for $35.00

  • Some internet asshole.

    Three Stooges: I think it’s totally a movie you watch and constantly think about sending the film back in time to a 1930-40s audience, otherwise a drop-in-the-bucket comedy. 😀

  • Rex Feral


  • guest

    Allow me to blow your minds with the true nature of the Earth Gods.  All who view horror movies are “the gods”.  We require the blood of teenagers for our entertainment.  Look inside yourselves, you know I’m right.  

  • AdamCoates

    I was going to write that I appreciated the spoiler alert and especially displaying the timecode to skip too… but then before commenting I scroll down and the third comment I see is about what I assume the spoilers were. Congratulations “Zanaderp”…

  • Guest


    Bobbysnobby inferred Andrew Coleman did not like things that were different. 

  • Guest

    hahah, great episode.  had me laughing out loud several times.

  • sweetooth0

    I am admittedly a little shocked that you guys failed to understand the pretty clear metaphor this entire movie was based around…

  • Blah

    The metaphor is clear. But this isn’t some experimental film. It’s a linear story, and what works as metaphor fails as a logistical narrative.

  • blah

    Every film geek with access to IMDB is talking about this movie as metaphor because it’s easier than coming up with their own opinion. Yes, the metaphor that the “gods” are the “audience” is obvious. But this isn’t El Topo. It’s not an experimental film. It’s a linear narrative, and just because something works on a metaphorical level doesn’t excuse the fact that it makes zero sense on a logistical narrative level.

  • Daniel Yowell

    I could care less about what abstract aspects to the film they missed. They said they liked THE HUNGER GAMES and were “meh” about THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. what the crap.

  • me

    I think its about time we have a plinket review dont ya think.

  •  yeah but its my first time watching this so not sure what that’s suppose to mean.

  • Guest

    That was the best commercial for fried chicken I have ever witnessed! So hungry now…

    I liked the stooges when I was 5, didn’t like them at 15, and now I love them 25.

    Hate when they leave stuff out from the trailer! Especially that part! It’s not that the part should’ve been in the movie, it’s that they used it to advertise to you, saying: this part will be in the movie, thought you could take that for granted.

    Skipped to 13:11, I’ll redbox it.


  • Spaulding

    dumb and dumber bitch

  • Luke

    The stooges were violent for their time. That is why people who like the three stooges were excited when johnny knoxville was going to be in it. It probably would have sucked shit but at least it wouldn’t be the garbage that got released. Nobody wanted this kind of shit. The evolution of the three stooges is Jackass. A respectful three stooges remake would have updated the act. 

    Also one of the main appeals of the three stooges is that all their tricks were actually quite violent and often not fake (talking about the poking in the eyes and hitting). See Curly and Moe were brothers and if you have brothers, and understand the sort of violence that goes on, then you probably have a deeper appreciation for the stooges. 
    Being harshly critical of a work of art is a choice, and you guys have recently chosen to not be harsh, why?

  • Shemp

     I don’t think a “respectful” Three Stooges movie would have updated it into Jackass.  That is not necessarily the evolution of slaptick.  It’s more like reality television, which is tv turning back into monkeys and losing control of the airwaves to superintelligent cockroaches with guns that shoot globs of slime at futuristic barbarians who ride around on slug horses and use sorcery to fight tyrannical beings bent on scavenging the remains of civilization for their own nefarious visions of life on the new shattered Earth and the Statue of Liberty is on a beach.

  • It’s a little difficult to blow our minds when that same metaphor has been analyzed countless times by so many others since opening day, oh messiah of the clueless masses.

  • Sy Burg

     Every other film geek is making your reply but saying logical instead of logistical.

  • Rob Thomas

    Man you’re over thinking cabin in the woods in true nerd style! 

    Seen Spaceballs? What was with the spaceship Spaceball One? Why did it have a Circus in it? And a Mall? Was that really needed on a military craft? Did it have to be so long? And only have one radar dish to jam? Makes no sense to me. 

  • Rob Thomas

    i wasn’t keen for 3 stooges til you mentioned all the violence

  • Bonkers

    Hey Mike and Jay,

    I saw the movie for a second time and I can tell you that a second viewing really helps fill in the cracks where your brain said “Whaaaat?” The pacing of the movie can be so fast at times that some helpful dialog either gets missed or misread if you haven’t seen it already. You both say you really liked it but Mike in particular had some minor logical problems with it. I’d bet you would like it even more a second time around.

  • Guest

    That is the least apt comparison imaginable.

  • Michael

    Judging from the Chunky’s Chicken site, the next Plinkett Review is going to be:

    – In The Mood (Based on the awesome Chunky’s theme)
    – Rock-a-Doodle or some other GREAT chicken movie?

  • You can see Jay wanting to argue with Mike’s incomprehesible nitpicking and ‘meh’ response to Cabin in the Woods; I wish they’d be more contrary and argue a little; Mike was way off in his overall perspective with this review and Jay obviously loved the movie, like most of us did.  I mean, Mike, really… don’t you get that most of Cabin is symbolic and metaphoric?  It feels silly to even point out the the _____s represent us, the audience, because it’s ridiculously obvious.  The wolf in “The Grey” was three times the size of a normal wolf, looked nothing like a real wolf, black as night and ect, obvioulsy represented death.  Should we fault the makers of that film for making an unrealistic wolf? 

  • Shutup and review a movie, you fornicators!!

  • guest

    “Audience As Participant” in horror is at least as old as Peeping Tom (1960). Pardon me if my mind isn’t blown.

  • Oakstave

    I don’t think it’s possible to actually insult you Mike.

  • Oakstave

    Your reviews are more valuable to me than any other. When I listen to a HITB, I know whether or not I will enjoy a movie, one what level, and if not why.

    Where were you when I spent $6.99 on The Immortals? We were transfixed by that fucking train wreck; and so help me God I watched the entire movie. It ruined an otherwise great night.

  • AnotherOakThing

     You have only yourself to blame.

  • Luke

    Respectful as it could have been, i’m with the guys that the slapstick of the three stooges does not work in modern society. I understand that your definition of respectful is probably different and I am absolutely not the authority on The stooges.

    And I think you have something there with reality television being the new dominant “slapstick” of today, because what is slapstick but laughing at humans being violent with each other? Reality TV being somewhat divergent because it is mostly based on verbal violence. I think a few years ago, maybe mid 90s to mid 00’s Jackass was more popular and can be said was the dominant slapstick act, it made sense to do the three stooges in a similar way. Also you got me thinking that a reality tv three stooges would have been pretty fucking interesting.

    I know that many view slapstick comedy as pretty stupid, and that is a valid viewpoint for a person to have.

  • Johnmatrixjmc

    Thanks again for a very good and humorous movie review. You guys are natural geniuses. I alwyas like to tune into Red Letter Media.  I recommend Red Letter Media to everyone.
    [ COMEDY DISCLAIMER: Okay kids, now listen carefully.  The above statement is filled with  patronizing lies.  In comedy it’s okay to lie, but in real life that’s NOT a good thing.  So remember kids, don’t lie and don’t be patronizing, (we’ll talk about what “patronizing” means later). Thank you.  I have to go back now to watching that Jersey Shore thing again since slapstick and porn go so well together. ]

  • whosaywhat

    Joss Whedon fan here, loved Cabin in the Woods. It was like watching a movie version of a Buffy the Vampire Episode.

  • Jppettis

    You all probably get a ton of movie recommendations, but Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is a great, self-reflexive, horror movie about a documentary crew following a serial killer. It’s on Netflix, check it out. 

  • Shemp

    I meant Jackass is more like reality television than like slapstick.  Laughing at real violence is different from laughing at mock violence, even if it is voluntarily risked or self-inflicted..  The “verbal violence” of reality tv is scripted anyway, I heard from a very reliable source. 
    Reality Three Stooges wouldn’t have worked.  It would have created awkward silences among the people watching it.  Even people who don’t find slapstick stupid would change the channel.  I think it’s important to remember that for much of the 90s and 00s, few professional entertainers knew what the fuck they were doing, or at least it seems that way to an old fart like me.

  • Luke

    “Also one of the main appeals of the three stooges is that all their tricks were actually quite violent and often not fake (talking about the poking in the eyes and hitting). See Curly and Moe were brothers and if you have brothers, and understand the sort of violence that goes on, then you probably have a deeper appreciation for the stooges.”

  • Luke

    Jackass was scripted. The jokes they were doing were just bits they had written or thought up. Similar to sketch comedy. 

  • Luke

    Yeah I doubt that sincerely buddy. If someone (mike) is making a logical point, even if it contradicts your emotional feelings, then the opponent (jay) probably should have something logical to say if he/she is going to disagree. I know Jay enjoyed the movie, but I don’t think he had an argument against what Mike said.

    Allegorical stories are supposed to be extremely difficult to pull off because they ask the creator to make them work *both* ways simultaneously and throughout. That is where the cabin in the woods fails. The excellent allegorical story exists at the same time as the shitty “real” one. They can’t just make up for each other, they are supposed to work together as perfectly as possible, otherwise you get a mix of good and bad.
    If you actually give a shit about an the involved in-depth allegorical story then you ought not lower your standards just because they are uncommon.Sometimes things don’t need to be declared as altogether good or altogether bad (I would say many of the HITB reviews fall in this middle ground). The shit and awesome aspects of Cabin are present in the movie. I don’t know him personally, but I don’t get the feeling that Jay is a pussy. Although i doubt you know him either, so we both don’t really have a valid opinion. Please don’t get butt-hurt because I insulted Cabin, try to understand that things you love are not perfect. Also to be clear, I am not the authority on cinema, and if you disagree with some of the things I said, I would not have a problem hearing why. 

  • Shemp

     I got it the first time.  I don’t believe it.

  • Shemp

     No, not similar to sketch comedy, unless you mean someone can draw a funny sketch of himself riding a shopping cart down a hill.  Is American Gladiators sketch comedy too?  Maybe, since it’s become a minor cultural punchline.

  • Mr. Plinkett does not seem happy… I wonder what the hell is he’s problem 😛
    Now I have watched all Half in the bag, and I love it ! Thank’s for all the entertainment and for telling me about Samurai Cop, my friend and I laughed the entire movie :D…
    From Jimmie Torp in Denmark… 
    Oh yeah and I will see you (Mike) when you come to Denmark the 27 of April 😀

  • Luke

    watch any three stooges documentary. I suppose i do have more knowledge about them then you do. I do not mean that in an insulting way. Please research this if you are going to reply again. Moe usually maintained that the jokes were fake, but interviews with Curly and Larry tell otherwise. It is a part of their legacy that a lot of the small things were real because if they had been faked it would have looked shittier. Yes most of the time they poked above the eyes and they  do have explanations for how they do it.

    Liking Jackass, The Three Stooges, and Reality TV does not make you a barbarian. The only reason it is funny is because it is fake or inconsequential. The jackass guys voluntarily did all their stunts, the stooges didnt show up to performances with bruises, and nobody feels sympathy for reality tv actors. In all these cases nobody is getting truly hurt (except possibly reality tv). 

    I do not think the stooges would have had such a long career or be significant figures in history if they did unimaginative shit slapstick. That last statement is purely subjective. 

  • Luke

    Actual hurt=Miscariage, death
    Slapstick= hitting, yelling, and dildo up ass. 

    I do not think the kind of slap stick the stooges did works today, nor would I modern people to watch the actual stooges and enjoy it. I am just interested in them because I enjoyed them as a child and still do today.

  • Murderin Murphy

    Where the hell are the video game reviews???

    Fuck movies!!

  • Luke

    Do you understand what sketch comedy is? Do I really have to post the definition here? Do you need examples? 
    Chappelle’s Show, SNL, Madtv, Mr. Show, etc. 

    Jackass was largely improvised. Do you mean that improvisation makes something not sketch comedy? Do you consider Whose Line is it anyway to be a sketch comedy show? Be a little clearer in what you are saying.

  • Luke

    If you don’t understand why, a guy putting a toy car in his ass and then going to a proctologist and getting an x-ray and pretending to be surprised is sketch comedy then i don’t think i can explain it to you. 

  • Shemp

    I’m not sure how many people I’m actually replying to, but for the record I still disagree with most if not all of what Luke’s said.

  • Luke

    this has been the same person the entire time. do you have an argument?

  • Thestarsmydestination

    Whedon is a taleneted writer who needs to take a few years off to relax, get stoned, and come up with some new ideas, get sober, go take a pottery course, and get back to us when he’s got something really great to share.  I suspect Avengers will force that opportunity upon him.  He’ll never be forgotten, as his sycophant’s will never allow this to happen.

  • Joe

    Satire. Cabin in the Woods is just a satire. Stop trying to say it’s a metaphor, because that’s the dumbest thing you can say. The method used is not the important part. It’s clearly just another exploitation movie with a wink at the audience. It’s not even a subtle wink, it’s more like a club over the head and then a wink. It’s that loving moment after sex where the guy says, “don’t tell nobody or I’ll kill you”. Joss Whedon is flipping the bird at the movie industry, while at the same time caving to it. It was damn fun to watch, but all I could think of was how much of an Angel subplot it all was. Didn’t he already end a show with everyone dying and demons roam the earth?

    If you want a much better example of an exploitation satire, go watch Death Race 2000. No, not the Statham remake where Hollywood stripped everything special away from the original and made it a shitstain. I’m talking about the brain-dead gorefest that’s so clever about its commentary that joe-public never realized it.

  • gekidami01

    I havent even seen Cabin in the Woods, but just by the sound of it, the ‘ancient gods’ are us, the cinema goers who always want to see the same things in horror movies over and over. Like i said, i havent seen it, but it sounds like a critique of peoples love for old rehashed ideas.

    Otherwise, i found the build up to the Stooges review a bit odd, it seemed like it was about the movie being full of whorish product placements… But nope.

  • Cyvaris

    Glad to know you guys are Firefly fans.

  • Who called Jay a pussy?? You sound like a passive-aggressive, miserable little man. “Butt-hurt”.. what are you six?  Please forgive me for stating an opinion that Mike and Jay should argue a bit, that it would make HITB more interesting. Is that really an unreasonable opinion?

  • Tel Sutton

    You completely sold The Three Stooges movie to me..! Sounds great,

  • ScottValline

    My hopes for the cliffhanger is Plinkett takes his new lady on date…. to the basement… and watch a sci-fi movie,,, or something… I don’t know..

  • Luke

    Mike’s incomprehesible nitpicking and ‘meh’ response to Cabin in the Woods”

  • Luke

    “If someone (mike) is making a logical point, even if it contradicts your emotional feelings, then the opponent (jay) probably should have something logical to say if he/she is going to disagree.” Enjoyment does not equal a valid argument.

  • Luke

    I would much rather have a discussion about cabin with you, I did not intend to offend you. I had not realized that the term butt-hurt would set you off. Please read my point about an allegory needing to work both realistically (that is in the universe the story is set) as well as metaphorically (audience symbolizing old gods and whatnot). 

    I apologize if i offended you in any way.

  • thirdcinema

    The Three Stooges? Really?

  • You guys… Pinkette is gonna find out pretty soon you guys can’t fix shit.

  • Guest

    In OP’s defense, it’s hard to believe the same person who made the wonderful The Fall could’ve had anything to do with that terrible shitstorm of a movie called The Immortals. I thought at the very least it would make sweet love to my corneas with its gorgeous visuals. I was wrong.

    The Immortals raped my night at the movies, too. Live and learn.

  • Klappstuhl

    Cabin in the Woods ~ Scooby Doo

  • I sort of half agree with you. Watching Firefly and Buffy and Dollhouse (and especially some commentaries), it’s evident that Joss really does love metaphors, but I’m not entirely sure whether this was one or not. I do agree that if anything, he was flipping the bird at the movie industry and that there’s not a non-sarcastic bone in this movie.

  • I can’t wait to see him do Much To Do About Nothing. That’ll be really interesting to see.

  • You fuckers created a website to sell that chunky’s chicken joke? Bahahaha Wow.

  • guest

    theres an entire subgenre of meta slasher films, the scream films are probably some of the better known ones, but theres also New Nightmare, behind the mask, tucker and dale versus evil, theres some sarcastic humor in the evil dead sequels, so the premise isn’t really new, haven’t seen the cabin in the woods yet, just sayin’

  • guest

    I think his names pronounced “yoss” 

  • Joe

    Man Bites Dog – 1992. There’s nothing ‘new’ under the sun.

  • good point; it just seems as though Jay and Mike have that ‘great friends who’ve never passed the plane of arguing’ dynamic; like when you have a really good friend with whom you’ve never actually fought or argued with, so it’s really awkward when there’s a disagreement and neither person is sure of how far to carry it, if that makes sense.  As far as Cabin goes, yes allegory is definitely best when set in a realistic context. 

  • Kgradin77

    I really liked the movie but weren’t the main themes done much better in the films The Wicker Man, and Funny Games?

    Original Wicker man of course.  With Funny Games either version is good.

  • bluelettermedia

    peetsa roles!

  • Guest

     I seriously hope you’re joking.

  • Theecourier

    You gentlemen should do The Raid: Redemption.

  • Darren_w1

    I disagree with Mike. I like that they had the scientists and the facility from the start. If they didnt have those two storylines going simultaneously, then it would’ve just been a twist at the end of the Redneck Torture Zombie story arc, and that would’ve just been lame – like a Shyamalan type thing.

  • Resunas

    Wow, I actually got a tortino’s pizza rolls commerical.

  • Taterboob

    I totally agree. I haven’t watched it either, but that’s what immediately popped in my head when they were talking about the gods demanding an entertaining sacrifice and there being a preset number of scenarios based on the victims’ decisions.

  • LifeInPictures

    Hey guys, forget Plinkets VCR, fix Jays razor. He looks like the star of an Amish intervention. 

  • Guys, I love the show, but in all honesty, I could do without the Plinkett side stories.  I’d rather just watch you guys review movies.  I’d like to see the resolution of the cliff hanger be Plinkett retiring to Florida or something and leaving ya’ll the house.

  • Fuckyou

    this show is a bigger scam than jack and jill

  • Guest

     Care to elaborate? No. Oh right, that’s because you can’t. Thank Heavens the internet has allowed people to more freely complain for no apparent reason.

  • Guest

    I laugh more watching Half In the Bag then when my girlfriend tells her rape story

    Keep up the skits, keep up the A++ reviews, I hope this series goes on for a long time.
    I dont even need to see any fucking movies anymore thanks to you guys.

  • Captainjack4181

    I started watching firefly after seeing this movie and loving it.  I recommend you guys check that show out, its reallz good.

  • Anzariel

    Once again they made my day. Shared to my fans N’ stuff!

  • DasGav

    my GODS i want chunkys chicken

  • Bleakvision

    Cabin in the woods…
    Cabins in the woods are such a cliche that the word “cabin” would have sufficed to make me think of the woods. Ah whatever…

  • Folannolmar

    I thought three stooges was pretty funny, but that’s just me. Also, that part with the booby nun you said wasn’t in the final movie, was. 

  • Richard

    Thank you for the “skip to this time” spoiler alert.

  • Captain Literal

    your comment

  • Thanks for the warning! 🙂

  • Sdfdsf

    Someone needs to educate these guys about Lovecraftian horror, which was the obvious inspiration for the whole elder gods bit.

  • Jitterscaffeine

    Am I the only person who thinks watching someone eat fried chicken is disgusting? I mean, it’s like I can SMELL it through my monitor.

  •  a scam that costs nothing

  • Not an aspie

    The complaint about “why don’t they just put the sacrifices in a room and shoot them” is actually voiced by the black guard, and the answer given by the West Wing guy is that the sacrifices need to suffer, that the suffering, ie “punishing” is crucial to the ritual.

  • Cabin in the Woods was this generations “Saturday the 14th.”

  • Strelnikov

    It’ll give you eyelid blisters and assteeth….

  • imminentconundrum

    So here’s my take on what Whedon might be going for with the Cabin in the Woods Concept.  We (the audiences) are the ancient gods. I’m extrapolating the shit out of this, but this whole film was an allegory for the film industry. Jenkins was Whedon and Whitford was Goddard. Watching it from this perspective gives every line a commentary or a criticism of contemporary audience and what we expect and why they are forced to murder their darlings and pump out shlock to appease the gods. In that sense it’s kind of a whiney bitch artist complaining that “no one gets their work.” Basically it was a bare naked fist of contempt for the moviewatchers in general.  But it had some boobs.  So that was nice.

  • Was predictable. Was not meant to be unpredictable, but that just bothered me. Tucker And Dale Vs Evil is along this line and much better imho.

  • Izzard

    You can actually compare Dolph and dolphin acting in “Johnny Mnemonic” movie.

  • Cohnwrithe

    I love the fact that you can see the Popeye’s label through the Chunkey’s Chicken label. Hahahaaaa… win

  • Fakeemail87

    I thought Cabin in the Woods was dumb as shit. Angry gods that demand sacrifice in horror movie form? What the fuck. Lamest payoff ever. 

  • well if your girlfriend prefers not to be raped she should stop batting her eyes at me while she’s jogging

  • Notboring1

    Cleverest film I’ve seen in ages.

  • Notboring1

    Go to chunkychicken.com and you get to hear a silly tune.

  • Spaz


  • Malchazowski

    That’s not what the movie was about though. it was a commentary on the ‘horror genre formula’ through a metaphor. We (the audience) are the gods. We are the ones who time after time to see the same movie rehashed over and over again. it’s given away when the two “directors” say (about the topless girl) that they have to give them (the gods/audience) what they want. that’s why the one director was so upset that it was zombies ‘again’ because he craves originality with something that hasn’t been done before ‘Mer-Man’. The angry gods at the end was a metaphor for people like you discrediting the entire movie and hating on it, because the formula was broken. the entire thing is an expression of a filmaker lamenting the genre and his audience for not accepting new ideas and instead flocking toward the formula. 

  • Malchazowski

    This movie was filmed over 3 years ago, preceding Tucker & Dale, which is the same genre-breaking type of movie. but when MGM went bankrupt, the movie spent years in post-production hell. It was most likely finally released because of Joss Whedon’s connection to The Avengers, hoping to capitalize on his fame.


  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Why do you think that?  It’s not.

  • Jonathan

    Chunky’s chicken . com
    did you say chunky’s chicken.com?
    yeah i said that, chunky’schicken.com

  • LibertyHS2013

    <3 the show!

    I'm making a video for my school and that "chicken cluck" song is perfect for a certain part. May i know the name of it? 

    Thank you guys!

  • Guest

    Ray Stevens – In the Mood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sSeic3or-Y

  • james james

    we the audience are the “Gods”. They do the killings to try and please us, and when we didn’t get the normal horror story, we become angry

  • LR

    I can imagine someone making fun of The Three Stooges and the person next to them saying “oh leave them alone. They’re not doing any harm”.

  • Mattia

    The ‘smoking pot’ idea point reminded me of how I once (having gotten pretty high) thought up of the tv series COPS only with different kinds of waterbirds representing each demographic seen in the original series… Still think it’s a nice parody if it can be done properly with cameras! 😀

  • that feel, i know it

    i know that feel, bro

  • 2 points: I’ll never see a movie that has any of the Jersey Shore in it; and slapstick works well in shorts, but not in features.

  • Snake

    Some Spoilers:

    I think the idea is, that it is not important how exactly the teens were sacrificed, but that you make money with the stuff you filmed there. The way they get killed in horrormovie-style is important for later selling that stuff in the typical american horror-movie to the audience in cinemas. Thats the point where the movie-idea reaches it´s top and links to the real world. We go and watch these movies that are made in the specific way that is shown in the Cabin in the Woods and pay for it. Its both: sacrificing teens to evil gods AND making money with all the same stuff over and over again in cinemas. Which is a very clever way of showin the audience their own stupidity of watching the same stupid stuff over and over and over again.

    But that´s just my idea what it meant.

  • President Rex

    They are drinking Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewery, which is locally brewed in Wisconsin (althought it is distributed so widely in the state that it is arguably no longer a microbrew).

  • Colin

    You know…we never did find out what Plinkett was going to “figure out”….

  • Damn you two. After watching this video. I had to drive down to the states from canada just so I could have some chunky chicken.

  • Guest

    “Do the gods have this long written manual about how they want to be appeased?”

    Yep. Deuteronomy.

  • tim b

    this has to be the worst movie i have EVER seen in my life, hunger games was one of the better. even after seeing all of the explanations for why this is supposedly a good movie im less than impressed. so terrible

  • Pete

    I agree that the movie works as a satire of the realities of the film industry when it comes to horror movie convention and audience expectation etc. I also think it could be read more generally to reflect the peculiar and frustrating basic human demand/need for human sacrifice in our stories. As you said the details don’t need to add up exactly because they are secondary and just a means to get us to the blood. We need to see people suffer first. All the better if it is punishment for some transgression, but contriving the circumstance for the choices characters make and the rules they break is almost out of embarrassment for having this primary bloodlust. We need to see the suffering but it makes us feel guilty, so we construct a shoddy foundation for it.

    Take the “Saw” movies (I’ve seen only a couple), there we are meant to swallow that the main villain is doing all of this psychopathic torture/murder from the moral high ground. That a victim in that bleak scenario somehow deserves to be maimed and tortured because he put himself there by, say, not spending enough time with his kids or having a drug problem is of course ridiculous (It makes me wish there was an Ultimate Moralizing Torturer who would kidnap and torture moralizing torturers for the REAL transgression that is torture – like a horror movie villain Dexter who only kidnaps and tortures other horror movie villains – FREE IDEA).
    I think that you could also equate the repeated viewings of the grizzly images of horror films/ human sacrifice as a therapeutic release. And the fear of stopping, of the ancient gods rising, is the fear of what we would do or become if we closed the valve on our steady intravenous drip of suffering. The theory that violent stories give us a benign release for our violent urges, and that without release we risk exploding outbursts of real violence isn’t new. I don’t particularly agree with this theory, mostly because human brains are not hydraulic pumps that have pressures and flow rates as the analogy implies, but it is certainly a common idea and I think it could meaningfully be applied to the film.

  • $marta$$

    These two VCR-repairing douchebags seem not to get that the ancient evil monsters represent us, the audience, needing to see five stereotipical B-Movie actors to die every once in awhile for our sins and misery so hell does not brake loose on earth.

  • yeababy

    Do they not know about lovecraft?

  • Seth

    Regarding “The Cabin In The Woods” yeah it doesn’t make sense on a certain level, some of the elements the plot requires, but it does make sense on a satirical level, since the film is critiquing the formulaic state of horror films today. That’s probably why the movie works, because it’s doing something bigger than the plot itself.

  • MavenCree

    For want of a bag of weed, the world was lost.

  • Did Jay get a haircut immediately after the house was destroyed? Then come back right afterwards to survey the damage?

  • Tequila is my lady!!!

  • Jared Lo

    The “Gods” are movie viewers, it explains why they bothered with the horror monsters.

  • Sgt. Pepper


  • Vinny

    You guys should review MAMA…..worst shit ever

  • I have a sentimental weakness for the 3 Stooges. Not a great movie, but I’m glad I rented it.

  • It’s funny that you act as though the Three Stooges are this horribly outdated comedy when they’re still loved to this day as timeless icons of the early days. There’s far more to their humor than hitting each other. There’s a rhythm to it–a sense of timing. Many of their jokes are multi-layered, which you’d know if you actually looked at it rather than down at it.

    What’s really great is that these old guys who liked to hit each other went down in history as legends, while your three dozen fans will forget you exist in a matter of years.

  • Cabin in the Woods is definitely not supposed to be taken seriously as a thing that totally makes sense, but its a absolutely great film.

  • Zaaaaalox

    This movie sucked, Im not sure if it was supposed to be a comedy, but it was classified as a fucking horror movie and it wasn’t scary, not in the slightest.

  • Connor

    They need to get attacked because the Virgin has to be the last one, it doesn’t matter if she lives or dies, just as long as she suffers. She suffered through watching her friends die, thus appeasing the god(s)

  • New Glarus Brewery is the beeeest

  • Bhut Hertz

    They need to take back what they said about Dolphin Lundgrand.

  • I face palmed a couple of times. Were they kidding, or did they not get the idea behind the film? Yes these gods want it in a specific way, yes they wan’t specific people and yes there are different gods/audiences. It’s hinted all along the way, showing how every country keeps failing (at making decent horror movies) except the US and of course Japan who has made a bunch of really good horror movies. There’s also a point when they say “Remember the times where you just had to throw a girl into a volcano?” and he responds “How old do you think I am?”. They are referring to how something that simple could be thrilling back in the 10’s-20’s thus satisfying the god’s/audience.

  • Mittens

    I’m a bit worried about the fact that I’m sort of aroused by the footage of Jay eating that chicken..

  • bb-15

    I agree with Mike. Controlling people in a fake area is a sci-fi premise (“Truman Show”). But the sci-fi wasn’t that interesting because the control of the area was spoonfed to the audience from the beginning and so there was no mystery.

    Also I understand that the “gods” were a satire about the horror movie audience. But this was such a minor part of the story it was not enough to make the film work.

    There are clever moments in TCITW. But since I’m not a slasher/gore horror film fan often TCITW was not that interesting for me.

  • Joao Marcos de Aquino

    Go watch Joss Whedon stuff, man! Seriously. Specially Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog. I don’t particularly liked Cabin in The Woods, but that’s probably cause I’m not big on the Horror movie genre. The guy is brilhant! And there’s no thing as “too witty” dialogue!

  • Jordan Kucharski

    It’s Vonnegut quality satire. Pure and simple.

  • Ed Riccardi

    Gee whiz you guys were kinda hard on The 3 Stooges. I was fun and charming. I do agree about the disclaimer BS. Course I did wait for the DVD but would’a went to the manatee. Not many movies worth $8-10…

  • Now I Get It

    Parody kings David and Jerry Zucker made “Brain Donors”, a similar film with a similar intent, back in 1992, only their movie was mostly in the -esque of the Marx Brothers, with a tag-team of other screwball influences thrown in, including the Stooges. So, maybe the real tradition the Farrelly brothers see themselves in is that of the Zuckers: producers who remake whatever they want out of pure scholarship. …Which might explain why neither film found an audience.

    P.S. In “Brain Donors”, John Turturro plays a dervish version of the Hebert Stempel character he would play to heart-breaking amusement two years later in “Quiz Show”.

  • AghBowling

    “Mike! What are you doing?!”

    “I’m throwing chicken away from myself.”

    HAHA! ^_^

  • AlcaldeEste

    Lol, I would definitely pay to see a Saturday Afternoon Manatee 🙂

  • Sully

    My 2¢ on Cabin In The Woods:

    The Gods are actually the Titans from ancient Greek lore. They require sacrifices to keep them appeased (each god has his/her own taste), but those being sacrificed must “choose” to die, hence the decisions they made in the basement.

    Sure the office guys can kinda sorta cheat, fudge some data, and push the kids into doing what they need them to do, but ultimately the kids have to choose their fate (reminded me of Ghostbusters in that sense. “Choose the destructor.”)

    I don’t think the Gods in the movie wanted people to die like in the movies. I believe that, in this universe, every horror film (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween) are all a part of this system. The kids at Crystal Lake summoned Jason Voorhees, Jamie Lee Curtis brought forth Michael Myers, those kids on Elm St. awakened Freddy Kruger. They might as easily of summoned a Mermaid if they only chose the conch shell.

    Thanks Joss Whedon for forever altering those movies for me. Now, whenever I see some half naked blonde tripping in the woods, I’ll know that there are a couple of guys behind the scenes that made that tree root pop up out of the ground. Whenever I see some hanging fog, I’ll know it’s actually a gas designed to alter the mood of the characters. Whenever I see Barbara’s brother, Johnny, placing that floral cross on that grave, I’ll know that if they would’ve chosen a bouquet of flowers it might’ve been werewolves instead of zombies.

    I liked Cabin In Woods a lot (as you can probably tell), and the cleverness of the characters I think worked perfectly for *this* film. Everytime a cliche popped up, they were right there to call “bullshit” on the whole situation, which just added to the fun IMO.

  • Levi Everaerts

    Actually, the Ancient Ones are the audience, the horror fans who keep coming back for more no matter how shitty mainstream horror has become.

  • Levi Everaerts


    Am I the only one who thinks that this movie not making sense on a logical level was kind of the entire point? It’s a satire of the current mainstream horror culture, where most movies don’t make any sense whatsoever (and not just because of the cliché characters, some of the stuff just really don’t make any sense plot-wise). People still pay for the mindless, torture porn-esque “horror” flicks, which will only result in more being made.

    The thing about the monsters also has a double meaning for me. All these monsters have been seen in horror before. Look at the board with all the monsters on it, there’s not a single original character. What does this mean? Remakes. This movie was originally made in 2009, the year horror fans know as the year of the last decent Saw flick, the remake of F13, the announcement of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, etc. The people from the organization (let’s just call them Hollywood, or mainstream media) have all these characters stored and ready to be let loose because that’s what brings cash into their pockets. Even the 2 guys are like “Really? They want this shit again?” Obviously, this is a commentary on the fact that remakes and reboots make money because it’s all been done before.

    Now, are Whedon and Goddard aware of the fact that there are fans who are tired of this same old stuff? Absolutely. This is a movie for them. They described this movie as a “hating love letter to horror fans”. This movie is basically them saying “Hey, look, we hate this crap too, but apparently a lot of people still want to see it, so we don’t really have that much of a choice.” If you don’t like this movie, don’t give the people behind this a reason to make a sequel. How? Simple: Stop watching the same old crap, or at least stop seeing it in theatres.

  • Sully

    tomato potato

  • Levi Everaerts

    Why reply if you don’t care?

  • Sully

    I was merely pointing out the difference in the literal and metaphorical aspects of the story. It’s like saying Dawn of the Dead (’78) is literally about people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse inside a mall. Metaphorically, the movie is about consumerism. Tomato / Potato.

  • Marvin Falz

    “A dolphin is a better actor.” This one gets me every time.

  • Winky

    The Gods of the Cabin film are the audience. It’s a metaphor for the formulaic plots of most horror movies, which are designed to recapitulate tropes ad nauseum.

  • Alex Lee

    I can’t help but notice how Mike is using the beer bottle as a phallic symbol.

  • Pj N

    I always figured the horror-movie themed rituals were,not to satisfy the ancient gods, but rather, to entertain “customers”. In other Words: Rich weirdos pay a fortune for absurd reality-TV style Entertainment, thus the whole operation under the cabin gets funded. Or am I way off?

  • omgnoway

    excellent points all around. Then they ask, “Why do they have all these specific monsters we’ve seen before in those cubes?” That’s also the point. More satire. I’m surprised the guys didn’t see this, or maybe didn’t want to. Why do all the same cliched people in “scary” masks come to houses? Like for example the new film “You’re Next” or the recent asinine “The Purge?” They come from cubes of course! I really like your take on sequels too, and the Cabin in the Woods even has the perfect remedy to cure that… destroying the universe. Though… I guess prequels are still possible. o.o

  • vinjugna

    I think they’re a metaphor for horror movie audiences. So in the movie universe, the ‘Gods’ are real things, but in the context of what the filmmakers were trying to do, they represent the entitlement and bloodlust of the horror moviegoer. They need everyone to suffer, but only after they transgress – they need to bring their fate on themselves.

    There has to be an orgy of blood, they have to be split up and killed off in order, and then the ‘virgin’ has to die or survive. You see these common elements in varying amounts and combinations in pretty much every single slasher-type horror film.

    And if the Gods (moviegoers) aren’t satisfied, if the story doesn’t go as expected, they destroy everything (the film is unsuccessful, no more get made). The world of that film is a metaphor for the slasher genre, and we, said genre’s entitled, inscrutable, bloodthirsty audience, are its gods.

  • keith

    I love Whedon but I didn’t get this movie. Movie critics didn’t reveal the premise as a ‘twist’ but it wasn’t a twist, it was the premise. For the entire film – until the climax – we know more than the characters. So what’s the point? I appreciate the cleverness but I don’t see the point of it as a film.

  • AlcaldeEste

    I’ve heard that interpretation several times, but the analogy breaks down for me completely if it’s that precise: “The gods represent the audience.”
    Obviously this movie began with the question “Why do events in so many horror movies play out exactly the same way?” and the movie plays with “What if there actually was a reason why there are apparently so many teenagers being killed under the same circumstances?” It’s like asking “Why do men in jokes always walk into a bar or go to the doctor and never anywhere else?” Scream made the same observation.
    But the answer in real life is NOT “because the audience demands that the movie always follows the same formula.” No one ever said they didn’t want to see Silence of the Lambs, because it didn’t have “The Jock”, “The Slut”, “The Fool”, etc. Also, is the audience supposed to be very disappointed at the end of Cabin In The Woods?
    That’s why that very precise translation of the plot doesn’t work for me.

  • Hale

    That’s because Silence of the Lambs isn’t a typical slasher or horror film. Cabin specifically mocks the cliches that have popped up repeatedly in alot of THOSE types of films. Alot of sequels to established horror franchises and direct-to-dumpster slashers are guilty of this.

  • AlcaldeEste

    So, you agree with me then? Because I said that Cabin In The Woods mocks the clichés that many horror films employ and that some horror films don’t follow the same formula.
    My point was: Some people interpret Cabin In The Woods as saying that it’s the audience who demand that horror films are clichéed, and I don’t agree with that interpretation.

  • I think the answer is this:

    *WE*, the public, are the “gods” that must be appeased. The makers of horror films are the organizations in this film that set up the scenarios to appease us. The head of the organization is even called the “Director.”

    All societies have different ways we want to witness human sacrifice, which is why the different “gods” want to see different variants.

    So if you just replace the gods in the film with the audience in the real world (since we can choose at a whim whether one of these fictional worlds ends after the first installment or goes on to spawn sequels) it’s not that deep.

  • AlcaldeEste

    It’s not that the movie is too deep for me.
    It’s also not that I don’t understand what you are saying, which is the same that Hale is saying and vinjugna and Winky and a lot of other people on these interwebs of ours are saying.
    It’s that I do understand and I still disagree with you: The way the gods are presented, demanding the exact same formula each time and then becoming outraged if that formula is not followed, I think is a terrible analogy for the audience for the reasons stated in my original comment. Film makers make unoriginal films because *they* are unoriginal, not because the audience is opposed to originality.
    And if Josh Whedon himself intended the gods to represent the audience, with the way they are presented, then I still think it’s a terrible analogy.

  • Hale

    It’s less that people demand cliches, just general bloodlust in horror/slasher fans. The different countries have their own methods of sacrifice, and they’re the ones who ultimately make the tired tropes. Most american slasher movies revolve around a serial killer or supernatural monster disemboweling “typical” highschool or college kids.
    Again, this is just a generalization based on region, similar to when most people think of J-Horror, they think of a spooky ghost girl with pale skin and long black hair (a la The Ring or The Grudge).
    It’s not that other types of horror films aren’t made, or are widely appreciated and viewed, but alot of “horror fans” just get off on watching people get murdered violently, and most of the films made for them BY studios just stick to this generic formula. And yeah, these types generally aren’t clamoring for anything new or formula-breaking, they just want to see sluts and jocks get bisected.

  • Lee Boucher

    You’re still missing the point. Regardless of how original a
    writer or director is; writers, directors, producers and studios regurgitate the same horror schlock because it’s what sells. If something sells, it’s what the “audience/consumer” demands. Obviously not every movie is House of Wax, but they’re not all The Shining either. I think the movie was Joss Whedon’s challenge to movie creators to stop doing the same thing and try something new.

  • AlcaldeEste

    I don’t think I am missing the point. I think I understand your point, but I still simply disagree with you.
    If “the ancient gods” were to be literally meant to represent “the audience”, then this is the message of Cabin In The Woods: “Don’t try anything new. If you do, it will be a disaster, because no one wants to see anything new.”
    I agree that when filmmakers are pressured financially, they do tend to go down the trodden path because it does limit their downside risk somewhat, and we have seen a lot of that lately. However, I don’t agree that that is the point of Cabin In The Woods and – with the risk of repeating myself – if Joss Whedon himself came out and said that the gods represented the audience, then I would say that they were not a very apt analogy.
    Now, I have tried to express my opinion and what I base it on in a number of different ways and frankly I don’t much care to go over it a fifth time. So to the next person who is going to reply “You don’t get it! The gods represent the audience!”: If I don’t reply to you, it’s probably not because you’ve convinced me.

  • TapewormBike

    I always took the hand smashing at the end as sort of a play at the reaction of fans and critics, sort of predicting a collective “FUCK YOU” at the strange endiing. Btw, who the gods are is debatable, but the manager guys are for sure filmmaker surrogates – they obviously had the most fun writing that part and I enjoy it the most.

  • Seth

    I know this comment is 2 fucking years old, but as a hardcore Buffy fan, I must correct you here: ALL the Buffy seasons are absolutely wonderful in nearly every single way. They all have their rough moments, but for the most part it’s pretty awesome…except season 7. Fuck season 7.

  • Andy

    I understand if you weren’t entertained by the movie, so I’m not trying to say that your opinion is wrong, but here’s why the premise worked for me.
    We don’t necessarily know more than the characters, just what the characters that know a lot know, if that makes any sense. It does seem predictable at times, especially because we see people trying to literally make things happen in a predictable way, but we don’t have any clue if they’re going to succeed. In fact, I’d say it felt incredibly unpredictable because of that.
    I guess if the entire point of a movie is to scare you are thrill you, then yes this movie is “pointless” at times. But personally I was very entertained wondering what was going to happen next.

  • roaroar roarar

    what the hell

    why was the song on chunkyschicken.com so lon
    ur customer of the month
    whut r u coproate selllout ?

  • capnmorgan5150

    I’m guessing by your screenname that you’re a big MST3K fan.

  • Manly Chicken

    I love how the Chunky’s Chicken box is clearly just a shoe box with pieces of paper with a logo printed on it glued to it.

  • Dobrosław Strzelewicz

    those different monsters are in boxes because those gods are the ‘massive dumb horror movie audience’ that wants the same crap over and over again. they want 5 stereotypical characters to be sacraficed to them (the audience) in specific order with a virgin dying (or not) last. and whichever cliche monster (box) they happen to “stumble upon” – kills them. this is how you make horror movies today. and of course, if the requirements are not met – the audience (gods) rips the world (specific movie) apart. 🙂

  • jimmy

    It’s actually a Popeye’s chicken box.

  • Kutulhu Mythos

    Funny Games was much meaner, as the killers refused to follow any of the rules of such a film. They knew they were being watched, so it was about torturing the AUDIENCE.

  • Haydee Mahmood

    I think the best way to approach “Cabin in the Woods” is like a Joss Whedon comedy. You’re not meant to be scared and you’re not meant to be in the dark as to what’s happening; the movie gives you a premiss and you just watch the madness unfold. It’s that simple. As such, movie lovers are able to enjoy seeing the “reasons” behind typical horror-movie tropes and cliches, while also enjoying Joss Whedon’s brilliant comedic timing and writing. It becomes a much more lighthearted and fun film, imo, if seen in this light. It was never meant to be taken seriously. It was a “what if” concept, based very loosely on historical and pagan beliefs (which I think are a brilliant add-on). Just sit back with your popcorn and admire the corn-syrup.~

  • frankelee

    Cabin in the Woods is a clever movie, but I didn’t expect it to fly clean over these two’s houses. Ahh well, they’re still good at making fun of stuff that sucks.

  • Brett Burrett

    Chunky’s chicken is fuckin awesome

  • Brett Burrett

    Wow I think you may have a point

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