Half in the Bag: Box Office Number Crunching

October 10, 2016183 Comments

Mike and Jay take a break from watching new release garbage movies to talk about the garbage movies that have already come out this year. Mike also makes cynical predictions about the 2017 box office.

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  • Fartastic

    This comment section is so dead, I probably could have waited an hour and still would have been first.

  • tOmy`

    Last time it took me 26 minutes to work in something…

    … it hurt…

    … I was called…

    … damn, this shit is hard. No wonder you hack frauds are getting the big bucks.

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  • Adzl33t

    Pfft I knew about Kubo since like after Laika’s Boxtrolls

  • Amarzden

    I tried to get a pizza roll from Plinkett, but now my bank account is mysteriously empty. Can anyone help me?

  • BCFC25

    China has a massive hardon for World of Warcraft but had the movie opened at same time as Europe and China iam sure it prolly wouldve made more than 60 mil in the US. Now dont get me wrong the movie has MASSIVE problems but if you are a fan of the game and franchise its still a good movie imo and i certainly hope for sequels.

  • Adzl33t

    So movies released at March now considered summer blockbusters?
    Doesn’t Transformers have overt American military patriotism?
    Wasn’t that Alice Looking Glass movie flopped?

    Mike doesn’t even mentions Toy Story 4 for June, Mike talking Koba is maybe sadly probably the most he discuss about an animated movie
    Review Moana, hack Mike and Jay

    Magnificient 7 was fun, but no Samurais

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    Why do they hate movies? Just take the studio checks and cash in… I mean sell out! JACK AND JILL is still good! I’ve seen it with mine own diarrhea filled eyes!

  • The only thing Rene Zellweger is nursing after that new Bridget Jones movie is her psyche.

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    It’s still the only place I can talk about my stool sample. I mean my love for movies.

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    Rene Zellweger? More like the lovechild of Freddy Kruger and H*tler. Amirite?

  • Fartastic

    Yeah, playing a mother whose chocolate addiction caused her baby to be born with diabetes must have taken its toll.

  • *farts*

  • Are they factoring how much of that international box-office the studio sees?
    On average 1/3 of the international box office doesn’t get back to the studio as it goes to the local theater chains and taxes.
    That’s why American box office is still an important factor unless it’s a monster hit abroad.

  • HG

    How in god’s name did Jurassic World managed to gross that much at the box office?

    Were people that excited for a Jurassic Park sequel?

  • Fartastic


  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    Called my bluff good going sir. A+

  • Variant

    It’s entirely possible that fans of games over here are more conscious of the fact that video game movies usually suck, and have a more defensive reaction when it comes to their favorite franchises being tainted. But I don’t know that for certain. Like what I’m saying is I don’t know if Uwe Boll movies played in China – maybe they did. But I remember when that Hitman movie was coming out (The second one) and a lot of people were just going “well obviously that’s going to suck, I’m not going to go see it.” There’s just kind of a general attitude where everyone assumes they’re gonna get it all wrong. I think Hitman made money overseas though, so that’s probably not the best example (and I know it’s not a Boll film but it was about as dumb).

  • Variant

    You mean rebootquel?

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    People love AIDS.

  • rikkibarnes


    I was sitting in the theater lobby around the time JW came out, and I loudly asked, “Why are people excited for a Jurassic Park sequel” to my spouse. Some guy with a kid nearby came up to us, and was like, “Do you have a problem with Jurassic World? Because this movie is a gift to the next generation, like my son, so they can experience Jurassic Park the way we did when we were kids.” I couldn’t believe someone was talking to me as if they were on /r/movies but yeah. It did give me an idea of what some folks thought about when going to see it.

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    Oh no. Poor kid.

  • Fartastic

    So what about your stool sample? Got trouble with the old planet core?

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    I have a hard time adjusting to earth film culture. On Goonga we only make good films, like Phantom Menace.

  • bleurgh

    The Interstellar Effect. (An attempt to recapture the cultural phenomenon of 2001)

    And also Chris Pratt hype and good will from GOTG.

  • bleurgh

    Hey Mike and Jay. I know you read the comments here even though you pretend not to.

    Check out I Am Not A Serial Killer.

    Great independent horror / thriller / supernatural movie. Really creepy and disturbing.

  • Variant

    If they don’t, I will. Sounds up my alley

  • lloydbeatz

    cannot play video:
    “No compatible source was found for this media.”

  • Fartastic

    On facebook, they claimed there were audio problems (which I didn’t notice). They are going to reupload it.

  • Now if they do watch it, they can never talk about it, as it would be an admission of reading the comments.

  • EJ

    How hilarious would it be if they re-shot the Power Rangers movie with Asian actors in all the dialogue scenes for the overseas market. It would be the reverse of how they made the TV show.

  • Joe

    Like the 30th comment wow!

    Great video guys, but when’s the next Plinkett review?!? It’s been too long.

  • Yezzir!

    If you asked executives whether Star Trek was a flop, privately they would probably consider a 35 million dollar take as a flop. They want big returns. Star Trek basically made enough to cover Paramount’s CEO salary.

  • RicksWriting

    On top of this, the US theaters get to keep more and more of the profits the longer the movie is in the theater. The returns that sites list are gross receipts but don’t say how much actually goes back to the studio.

    The articles I saw about BvS said that WB needed 800 mil to break even and they just barely broke even. My general estimate has been to take the gross receipts and cut them in half (I think it’s closer to 55% to the studio over time on average–more from US showings, less from foreign) Then you take the production budget and add probably 50-75% for marketing. So my estimation was BvS was 250M budget + 150M marketing making the total $400M. Since net returns are cut in half from gross, this now makes sense–they MUST hit 800M to see any returns at all.

  • EJ

    Wasn’t Warcraft the first time that a non-Chinese production made considerably more money in China than in the US? Obviously the Chinese market is important now for big-budget action movies, but AFAIK they generally expect it will make about the same money or slightly less in China than domestically.

  • EJ

    Welcome to Erf!

  • Variant

    Well that’s understandable to an extent, given that there were probably a lot of people involved in the making of that movie. I’m not sure how percentages get divided up, but I bet it didn’t amount to much to each party. I mean the thing is no one wants to just break even, and when you take it to a macroscale that’s essentially what that movie did.

    I was going over the user reviews on IMDB and it was kind of a shame everyone had the same thing to say: “This isn’t Star Trek at all.” Did they SEE the previous two films? I haven’t seen it yet but it can’t be THAT bad.

  • SDG

    You didn’t notice?! One of the title cards was silent and then in the middle of Mike talking the music started up jarringly loudly before disappearing to the back after the title card would have left.

  • UnhealthyNutter

    I heard The Force awakens didnt do to well in China because it had a black lead actor. Is there any truth to this?. Also another recent film from 2015 that did well was Straight Outta Compton(Budget 45-50$ million, profit $200 million, 87% rotten tomatoes). Shame RLM never bothered to do a review of it.

  • Mr.Fister

    Probably they should stop making movies about those comics…aways the same….doom’s day device, evil guy wants revenge or more power, the protagonist suffers a terrible loss in his family….bla bla bla

  • Variant

    Yeah I watched it twice and both times I looked up expecting to see a title card when the music started, and just thought maybe I had missed something.

  • Rellen Gibbons

    I really doubt you’re gonna get a profit on Power Rangers. Also did Mike randomly abandon his 2x rule in his predictions?

  • Variant

    Your 26 mniutes are up, Mike. Where’s that joke?

  • Hank_Henshaw

    I don’t know about that, but Boyega is nowhere to be seen in the Chinese versions of the posters.

  • Rene Zellweger was thrown out of the nursing home because she thought she’d be breastfeeding elderly men.

    That’s totally her fetish. And not mine.

  • Definitely the Captain Crunch of number crunching.

  • “Renee Zellweger”


  • I saw the trailer and I want to see it. I have a crush on a Pink Ranger since the first time I saw one at the ripe age of 12. Thanks for the boners, Kimberly!

  • I wonder what an angry Chinese National SJW would sound like.

  • Cakefarts

    “Next week Mike reads the phone book … and Jay perfects his Ed McMahon impersonation.”

  • Is number crunching replacing movie reviews?

  • RLMkeepitup

    jack and jill stole your asswallet but ghostbusters took your sanity #$$$$

  • RLMkeepitup

    I’d really watch a good documentary on whats going on, back by facts of coarse. With digital actors will hollywood become an open grave? spooky

  • RLMkeepitup

    really? that’s sad. I saw target censored the dvd cover of a movie called “Laid in America”. They covered up the word laid for some reason. censorship is so selective

  • Studio Executive

    Studio executives don’t get fired, they get promoted! That’s the real movie magic!

  • RLMkeepitup

    thanks. this was educational and more interesting than decomposing the current # 1 #2 in America moopie. Those 60-70% drop offs after opening weekend speaks to the quality of the films themselves. profit means little now, look at the $ facebook makes for producing an ephemeral dopamine flow.

  • Brian Levine

    I’m pretty sure that Star Trek Beyond’s advertising budget was $12.50. No tie-in whatsoever with the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. And I wouldn’t underestimate the backlash from Paramount/CBS’s ridiculous new rules for fan films. They’re keep fan interest in your franchise for free, you morons!

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    Hear, hear.

  • playdude92 .

    Are you trying to get a job in Hollywoo, Mike?

    Also, Cop Car sounds like a RLM parody title.

  • Mugato

    Damn, I didn’t know you guys were so naive about the way Hollywood works, for some reason I thought you guys were smart about this stuff. They’re in the business of making movies that don’t make money on paper. That’s why Return of the Jedi and Forrest Gump were supposedly in the red.

    Do you really think that movies cost $150mill now? Or that marketing really costs 2x their budget? That doesn’t even make sense. Or that they don’t take into account video/download sales and merchandising? Product placement? Christ, guys.

  • I would show you the poster to a great movie titled
    Miss Zellweger’s Nursing Home for Elderly Men but the links are blocked.

  • Brian Levine

    Miss Zellweger’s Nursing Home for Elderly Men? Is that the Jerry Maguire sequel?

  • Both.

  • Brian Levine

    Doesn’t Pixels 2 come out in 2017?

  • Omis

    Did you guys forget to mention that movie studios need to share the box office gross with the theater owners? That’s why they claim the movie is a flop despite making millions more than the production cost.

  • Omis

    It’ll be big overseas and the nostalgia factor alone will make it money here.

  • Death Ray

    Thanks for pointing that out! I was thinking the same thing. Hey Frauds! What do you have to say about this??

  • RiverboatGrambler

    It is indeed very good, not at all like Green Room though. It’s more like Fright Night than anything else. They don’t take the “disturbing” vibe nearly as far as they could have, not that that’s a bad thing. Really great score, too.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    You ‘times’ and you ‘minus’. Classic.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Knowing a few people in the industry, I can tell you the typical figures are more like this: the theatres take just under 40% of the ticket sales (less in the first 10 days, more in later weeks, hence the pressure for movies to take all their money in opening week); the distributor takes 10-15% (sometimes the distributor is also the movie production company, e.g. Warner or 20th Century Fox if they’re not just distributing someone else’s movie). Marketing is closer to half what the movie cost to make. So if a film costs $100 million to make, and another $50 million was spent on marketing, and it takes $400 million at the box office, that’s a profit of $70 million. Of course, often the production company has promised up to 20% of the profits to various authors, actors, directors etc. Hence where the production company is also the distributor, you have “Hollywood accounting” to make every film look like a loss: they weight the costs in their distribution arm, so they can tell the authors etc (and the independent investors who paid for much of the film) that there is no profit to redistribute.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Actually, it IS a Chinese production company. That was the key to its success. When production company Legendary Pictures was bought by China’s “Wanda Group”, the studio gained access to a tonne of personal data on the types of Chinese people who were buying tickets for the film (in China, many more people book movie tickets online in advance of a film’s opening than in the West), and their digital marketing division used that information to mount a very successful social media ad campaign narrowed tightly on the type of demographic that they could see would like the movie, getting more of them to buy.

  • Mike Magnum

    I can’t wait until China to become primary market for Hollywood movies. Hey do you guys that goofy japanese scientist and other parts played by Gary Watanabe in 80’s. Loved him in Gung Ho. Well we can’t have Japanese Character in Hollywood movies anymore. It wouldn’t pass Chinese Censors. It would give them flashback to the Nanking Massacre. Hell we cant even a Karate Kid movie anymore. That about F##King Karate. I think if Independence Day Resurgence is anything to go by. Then the future of Hollywood Blockbusters is going to be Pandering, Pandering and more Pandering.

  • Palpatine

    I laughed when they showed the poster for Cop Car, mainly because of Kevin Bacon’s cop mustache.

  • Palpatine

    He’s on the Chinese versions of the poster, but he’s just really small and shoved in a corner.

  • Mike Magnum

    Well Thomas Rothman went from being the CEO of Fox to the CEO of Sony. That kinda like being Demoted.

  • Joe

    I really wanted/expected that after the credits for them to cut back to Mike doing his nursing home joke.

  • Sheriff Mitchell

    “We’ve gotta make $1 Billion to secure the cinematic universe!”

    Who said it? A nervous studio executive or a fan who is in no way employed by said studio?

  • Joe

    It’s actually a very solid movie for what it is. Don’t watch the trailer though it spoils everything.

  • Joe

    Do they not get that simply having Dinosaurs wasn’t what made JP good?

  • Joe

    It used to get like 1000s of comments from the same people not at all talking about the video, I wonder what happened to that.

  • EJ

    Oh, well that makes sense then. I was surprised that I hadn’t seen more discussion online about why it was so successful in China.

    Then again I largely avoided this movie for fairly irrational reasons – when it was first announced I misread the press release and for at least 6 months I thought that Duncan Jones would be directing a Warhammer 40K movie, so you can imagine my disappointment when I figured out it was Warcraft.

  • Jim Jabobson

    Apparently the studio gets back the entire gross of a movie and the theatre owners just play them out of the kindness of their heart. DUMBASS

  • Palpatine

    Jeez, that’s like going from the manager of an Applebee’s to the manager of a McDonald’s.

  • ikdks

    I really think you guys should have acknowledged that despite its production issues, Suicide Squad blew the curve.

    Something happened there, and nobody wants to look directly at it.

  • Hank_Henshaw

    You are right, he is there. You know who is really missing though? Chewbacca. Are the Chinese racists against Wookies?

  • Hank_Henshaw

    Wanda also owns the largest movie theater chain in China.

  • pvyuki


  • Mike Magnum

    I cant wan’t wait for China to become the biggest market for Hollywood movies. Then all movies with a over 100 million dollar budget. Will be required to have a Token Chinese Character who will remind you every 5 seconds that they are Chinese. While Drinking a coke that only sold in China. Kinda like “Independence Day: Resurgence” or “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

  • Jack Smith

    Frankly I can’t wait until China own all of the Hollywood Studios. That Way we stupid American will learn just how Awesome Mo and his Cultural Revolution really was. I mean it clearly wasn’t human tragedy of enormous proportions.

  • Kubo + The Two Strings was the best film I saw this year by miles

  • sigaba

    So I might be shouting at clouds here, but this isn’t how you figure out how movies are “profitable.” Production companies make movies but distributors and exhibitors are the ones who actually buy them and then resell them to viewers, production companies only see a fraction of the actual gross but on the other hand a lot of the costs (like P&A) aren’t on their ledger, either, and they have other income streams other than box office.

    Take Batman V Superman. The movie was produced by DC Films, DC is owned by Warners and headed by a WB production exec, Geoff Johns. The movie itself though was financed mostly by a company called “RatPac-Dune Entertainment” which is run by Steve Mnuchin. WB only had equity for a portion of BvS’s actual budget, and they had several taps on the revenue: WB distributed the film, so they collected the distribution agency fee of 30% of the gross (after exhibition charges).

    WB also provided production service to the film, they provided the cameras and equipment, the crews and the post services, and they charged all of these back to the production at a markup.

    WB did have distribution costs, since they were the distributor, but not in every country, as distributors are only country by country.

    Where WB gets bit is they have a limited upside, because of all their income streams only the theatrical distribution nabs a percentage of the gross. In many territories (like China) they aren’t the distributor, thus they don’t get that 30%, and the financiers (like Mnuchin) will often retain superior rights to things like sales to television and franchise rights.

    There are LOTS of different companies involved in producing content and they all have different models and angles, their contracts are all different and their breakevens are all based on different costs, the theatrical gross tells you very little about how much money one particular entity is making off a movie.

  • Captain Turbo

    Hasn’t that already happened?

  • Captain Turbo

    I believe instead of “come out” you meant to say “get flushed”.

  • Captain Turbo

    I wish I could get one of those sweet McDonalds gigs.

  • Captain Turbo

    You don’t want coarse facts. They chafe.

  • Captain Turbo

    Those Chinamen are so racist.

  • Captain Turbo

    It’s coming in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • Captain Turbo

    You got that backwards. They pretend to read the comments even though they don’t.

  • Captain Turbo

    One word: big fucking dinosaurs.

  • Bubs

    Hey… this ain’t a Plinkett review. What’s goin on here?

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Life officially bewilders me.

    I watched ‘Cop Car’. The most charitable way to describe it would be ‘incompetent’. When the trunk guy gets out and dances around the car, I felt like I was watching an Abbot and Costello movie without either major star.

    The writing isn’t stellar, but the direction is the clear weak link. It’s padding mixed with Zach Galifianakis flop sweat.

    And that guy is now getting a chance to direct a major film?

  • BCFC25

    I live in the US and iam a huge fan of the games and i must say there was massive hype surrounding this movie cause its been in the pipeline for so long. But why was there a 2 week delay between when it hit in Europe and China where it both did considerably well and here in the US where it bombed horribly? Now nearly everyone in my guild was pumped to see this movie and iam guessing they couldnt wait so they prolly pirated the movie like everyone else and thought it was good but not good enough to spend 10 bucks when it came out in the cinemas legit. Also when it first hit my multiplex it only had 4 showings while that godawful TMNT had nearly 10!. Now like i said the movie has problems mainly it doesnt explain anything to those who dont know the game and the lore so it left alot of critics and lay people confused. But it certainly shouldve made more than 60 mil thats for sure.

  • frankelee

    Big Fucking Giant replacing Big Fucking Hacks?

  • Winston Booth

    This was literally just a half hour of guys reading numbers. Please don’t ever do this again.

  • RiverDevil

    Needed more space politics

  • Variant

    I stand corrrected! I don’t play WoW so I wouldn’t know much of this.

  • Robotpals

    It funs when idiots math and language.

  • junkevil

    Isn’t that the plot of the next south park game?

  • Imesseduptheemail

    It won’t be long before Hollywood makes movies exclusively for China.

  • RLMkeepitup

    so things are going to get weird, I’m in

  • EJ

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that they’re looking more analytically at what the Chinese market wants. Until now it’s basically been “make a lowest common denominator big dumb action movie because that’s the only thing that we know translates culturally.” It’s probably too much to hope for, but perhaps some filmmakers might start figuring out how to make more sophisticated movies that appeal to both Western and Chinese audiences.

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    El no es Mr. Bean!!!


  • instant relief

    Besa mi culo, puto!

  • Like Icare

    What? You haven’t seen the newest trailer for The Great Wall?
    Boy… are you in for some cringing.

  • Like Icare

    Yes. That.

  • netcrave

    I think you are painting the picture a lot darker than it actually is. I’ve heard a podcast with David S. Goyer (yeah yeah, make your jokes) a while back and in it he said that almost every movie ends up making money – at least at some point, because there are so many ways in which movies generate money. You are acting as if the boxoffice is the only revenue, but it is not. After that there’s obviously DVD/Bluray (yes, still exists) and yes this still makes serious money and a lot of people don’t watch movies in cinemas anyway and wait for DVD releases… Then streaming services have to buy licenses to show this stuff, tv networks all over the world have to buy licenses to show these movies on the small screen. Then there are these merchandising objects that are sold, even if there isn’t an outright toy line for a certain movie. AND all of this money keeps coming in for a very very long time, even after these movies are already forgotten by people like you. They are still making money of movies which came out in the 1990s, each time when they are shown on german television or something like that.

    What would be truly interesting, was to see the actual numbers, which would have to go very far beyond the mere boxoffice numbers. I’m sure most of us would be very surprised.

  • RiverDevil

    You mean this (I’m assuming a direct link will be blocked, so take out the space before .be/kn7rBgAREcs
    https://youtu .be/kn7rBgAREcs

  • netcrave

    I’d like to add something, because this reminded me of the movie
    “Silverado”, a western from the 1980s. This movie wasn’t a financial
    success in theaters, but dominated the charts in rentals for quite a
    while. People wanted a sequel for that reason. Anyway, despite a failure
    during the initial release, they sure made their money after.

  • RLMkeepitup

    watched the trailer for Power Rangers. its more dramatic than the dark knight. Christ

  • fred

    It’s fine at 1.25 speed

  • “Something happened there, and nobody wants to look directly at it.” That much is certainly true.

  • Wolvy

    Anton Yeltsin was #1 at crunching this year.

  • Crixxxx

    And it loses money, yet the freaking 4th Chipmunks movie garbage makes $230 million. Sad.

  • Crixxxx

    If you’re going make tasteless jokes about the tragic death of a young, well-liked guy you can at least get his name right.

  • Variant

    Yeah don’t make fun of Antonio Yelkovich

  • Orson Hyde

    You want tasteless?… ahem: “Hey RLM I heard you guys were RAPISTS over at Birth.Movies.Death! Wait I mean, Hey RLM, did you hear how the head editor at Birth.Movies.Death had to resign? (editors note… Birth.Movies.Death called you RACIST, I got confused because I’m old.)…

  • Orson Hyde

    I like your style kid! If anything, discussions about film’s financials should involve more of stuff like this.

  • Astro Zombie

    The Rock and Kevin Hart are the like the new Stallone and Rob Schneider (sad slide whistle sound).

  • Bigphil2695


  • Jessica Meyer

    Recently I was browsing movies to watch and noticed Shelley, a foreign Rosemary’s Baby remake looked interning. The trailer was adequately creepy, but then I noticed that somehow the movie had a 100% Rotton Tomatoes score. No matter how good the movie may be, I just have a hard time believing this is a valid score. Moral of the story: Don’t put your trust in RT.

  • Bubs

    I’ve never heard of “Birth.Movies.Death” so I looked them up. The first article I found had this as a headline “SAUSAGE PARTY Is A Hilarious Movie So Unwoke That It’s Woke AF”. “Seth Rogen’s animated food comedy is legit amazing.”

    I immediately uninstalled my internet. Sorry but if you’ve ever said “Woke AF”, I need you to have an eye exam with a loaded shotgun.

  • M A S K E D P U M K I N

    To boldly go where no man has gotten squished by an SUV before. At least he died while doing what he loved.

  • Buk Pravon

    “Kubo and the two Strings” comes to theatres here at 27th October. So maybe it will cut even after all.

    I will watch it on it’s first weekend for sure. 🙂

  • Evan Foster

    Chinese audience: “Alright! A film about that thing we do for 16 hours at a time in a non-airconditioned building that we are locked inside of until it’s time to go home!”

  • Orson Hyde

    I was going to say ‘Hey, they’re good when—‘ and I didn’t have a way to finish that sentence. That headline ended any curiosity I had to see sausage party. There was a writer there, he’d shit on the DC movies, he resigned because he was a pussy grabber. Does that mean Batsoop is good now because a SJW was a hypocrite?

  • So the takeaway seems to be there’s no clear consensus on how budgets work, what movies actually make, how films are funded through a variety of means, what ancillary products or technology can come out of a production, what percentage of overseas box office actually makes it back to the US company, how costs are split between production companies, and so on. And if people who work in the film industry and openly speak about such things are to be believed, no one is actually sure what makes a film successful- having stars doesn’t mean as much as it used to, recognizable properties doesn’t mean as much as it used to, effects don’t mean as much as they used to, etc. But given all factors, stars/ recognizable properties/ effects are bound to help a lot more than they hurt.

    BTW in regards to Disney live-action remakes all being successful, they had two massive flops this year with Alice + Pete’s Dragon.

  • Brian Levine

    I though it was Anton Chekov. Hey didn’t he write The Brother’s Car-a-smash-off.

  • Air.TV is horseshit by the way. How the fuck do I make this thing pause? For every other media player in the world, space bar is the standard pause button, but not for Air.TV apparently.

  • ikdks

    Thank you for making my point.

    Suicide Squad made $742,500,155 worldwide. You can dismiss it with a snide quip, you can call the people that lined up to see it weirdoes, but people responded to this movie.

    I’ve never understood the hipster need to tell other people that they shouldn’t enjoy things. You’re feelings are invalid cause you’re dumb! I’m so smart I never enjoy anything!

  • (A joke)

  • Thanatos

    You click the screen, like every other media player in the world….

  • Hank_Henshaw

    Was worth it just for the “Transformers to Bollywood music” bit.

  • Thanatos

    Warcraft did well in China because of all the fucking gold farmers who play World of Warcraft. It would be like a Starcraft movie doing well in Korea – not a big surprise.

  • Hank_Henshaw

    I’d be ok with a movie featuring Kerrigan, the Zerg, the Protoss, Jim Raynor… the StarCraft character, not to be confused with the Jim Raynor who wrote the 108-page rebuttal of the Plinkett reviews.

  • Thanatos

    People probably took their kids to the Star Wars prequels with that same logic. Good lord the trauma.

  • Thanatos

    They didn’t respond to the movie, they responded to the marketing.

    That’s the missing key to all this – how effective the marketing was. Movie quality barely even matters.

    Suicide Squad had marketing so good, people sued them because it promised them a much better movie than they got…..

  • They also give you the option to use spacebar.

  • Jawsaconda

    next logical thing to do is to actually start just making the movies in China, why not, everything else is made there

  • I would expect a cameo from that Jim Raynor though.

  • Ah, Silverado. The second worst “Jeff Goldblum pretends to be a cowboy” ever.

  • First a disappointing Plinkett Review, now a disappointing Half in the Bag. Oh God, is Landis coming back for the next BotW?

  • They said “2x the budget” for marketing, but what they meant (and what they did with the on-screen numbers) was double the production budget to include marketing. That’s relatively close to accurate.

  • Only a small percentage of Star Trek fans know or care about the fan films, and a sizable percentage of THEM probably don’t know or don’t care about Paramount’s new guidelines either.

    Meanwhile, Star Trek fans weren’t the intended audience for Beyond anyways, any more than (as Mike/Plinkett noted) they were the target for the 2009 film.

  • The Japanese remake of “Samurai Pizza Cats” is going to be amazeballs.

  • R725

    Mr Scientistman would be proud

  • Glyph Wright

    You need to send your second bank account info to Mr. Plinkett, so that he can reimburse you. Make sure NOT to call the police, or your assets might get arrested.

  • netcrave

    Which one’s the worst? 😀

  • RLMkeepitup

    can we get Rich’s reaction to the new rogue one trailer.

  • Brian Levine

    I’m good with that, as long as he flushes afterwards.

  • Black Santa

    You never said what the 4th movie to lose money was.

  • Aaron Baugher

    So the Magnificent Seven remake wasn’t even interestingly bad enough for a review? Darn. I was hoping for that one, after seeing the same preview on Comet TV about a million times.

  • That’s true but not all that ancillary revenue makes it back to the movie studio. Like Warner Bros. will make a mint on Justice League/Batman merchandise, but who knows how much of that money actually makes it back to the studio. Time Warner will look good because that’s fattening their bottom line, but WB still has a black mark on their record because the film division lost money. And you can see the effect it’s having because WB has laid off a thousand employees and is also trying cut over $200M from their annual operating budget. So “all movies make money” but that money doesn’t necessarily benefit movies.

  • Yeah but Rat Pac-Dune is in a financing agreement with Warners so while the money moves around on paper, it’s still the house’s money. This is why movie accounting is so fucked up, they spread it around like you’re describing but at root, the money is still coming from the same place. They just put, say, half the costs on a financing partner so that if the movie is a success, they can still claim a loss because they have to “pay” the co-financier. But essentially they’re paying themselves because it’s just the right hand paying the left.

    See also: Warners declaring Harry Potter movies a loss despite record profits on paper.

  • Not every movie comes with a massive marketing spend, but you’re not selling a summer blockbuster with less than a $100M price tag on marketing, and $150M is common and some studios (ahem, Warners) regularly go over $200M. Some of that will be defrayed by sponsorship deals and licensing partnerships, but you’re not putting Batman into theaters on $50M. That’s the whole problem with the math on something like Batman v Superman. No one outside Warners knows what they really spent, but there’s no way the marketing was less than $150M, and that’s being conservative.

  • You’re taking these budgets as legit? They’re not. Why do people talk about Batman v Superman and X-Men as flops? Because the reported budgets aren’t the real numbers and the marketing spends are CRAZY. A movie listed at $250M probably cost around $350M to make, but tax credits will kick it down to around $300M. And the marketing for superhero movie is going to run you around $200M. And that’s if everything goes to plan and you don’t have any problems. Batman v Superman had problems and carried marketing expenses for three years–I would not be the least surprised to learn its real cost is like $700M.

    But you look at what’s publicly listed, do your 2x math, and then keep in mind the distributor only gets about 50% of the gross, suddenly even movies making $700-900M aren’t actually earning money. At least until you factor in merchandising and licensing deals. The parent companies will keep signing these checks because of the ancillary revenue these movies generate. BvS is going to cost Warner Bros. money, but Time Warner will make a billion a year off merch, so they’ll keep letting Warners lose money on this shit.

  • Riposite

    Buckaroo Banzai of course 🙂 but its horribleness is so sublime it raises it to the the level of art

  • netcrave

    Well, uhm, if they wouldn’t benefit from it in the end, they wouldn’t have organized it this way.

  • Right, which is why I said the parent company (Time Warner) looks good, even as the film division flounders.

  • netcrave

    So what’s the problem? This probably even helps with taxes or something.

  • If your goal is that Time Warner is a successful company there is no problem. If your goal is good movies and also a thousand people not losing their jobs, then the problem is that this isn’t sustainable.

  • netcrave

    I’m honestly not following. If Time Warner is a successful company, then it is sustainable. If it wasn’t, they would be gone already.

  • The issue is with the movie studio itself. Time Warner is making billions off ancillary revenue, “all movies make money eventually”. But not all of that money is flowing back to Warner Bros, the studio. They’ve had to lay off a thousand people and cut hundreds of millions from their operating budget because Warners itself is having problems. Ultimately this isn’t sustainable–regardless of how the parent company is doing, there is a threshold where the studio has to be efficient withing itself. Look back ten years to the mess MGM got into, this is how it happened. These ludicrous spending habits will kill superhero movies before audience fatigue.

    This is a problem at more than just Warners, but particular to them, Time Warner is not invested in their quality control at all. The mandate is just to keep cranking out franchises to sell toys (thus five new Harry Potter spin offs, instead of the planned three). They’re not making decisions based on passion or interest or a desire to actually make good movies, they just want new titles each year to sell new toy designs. (At least at the exec level, I know there are people there who do care, but these are the circumstances under which they’re working.) If you care about movies, this shouldn’t be okay with you.

  • sinewaves7

    You didn’t revisit the nursing home joke you hack frauds

  • netcrave

    Oh it’s not okay with me, but what I think is completely irrelevant. I just thought that they wouldn’t do that if it was bad for them, because if companies care about one thing it’s obviously to have economic success.

  • Strelnikov

    Mo Tucker?

  • Malevolence

    Bridget Jones nursing her scarred up face after massive plastic surgery

  • Winston Booth

    Props where props are due, that was fucking brilliant. I didn’t mean to be so mean. If I am its just because I have such high expectations of you guys. I KNOW how good you guys can be!

  • sigaba

    My reply has been in moderation for five days now for some reason…

  • Variant

    I find that often that’s just a symptom of a movie not having very many reviews, especially since the overall score is just an average of people who thought it was positive. Even if everyone gave it a 60%, I think that would fly as 100% for the average.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Chris Pratt is Zaroz. Make it happen, Hollywood!

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  • Ethan K. Ellis

    It’s been a full year since this episode and let’s see how close Mike got with his guesses:

    The Mummy (prediction): 36% score, Budget $120m, Domestic $28m, International $100m. The Mummy (actual figures): 16% score, Budget $125m, Domestic $80m, International $329m.

    Beauty and the Beast (predictions): 74% score, Budget $120m, Domestic $110m, International $300m. Beauty and the Beast (actual figures): 71%, Budget 160m, Domestic $504m, International $759m.

    Power Rangers (prediction): 26% score, Budget 120m, Domestic $50m, International $200m. Power Rangers (actual figures): 43% score, Budget 100m, Domestic $85m, International $56m.

  • Ethan K. Ellis

    Transformers (prediction): 21% score, Budget $200m, Domestic $230m, International $900m. Transformers (actual figures): 15% score, Budget $217m, Domestic $130m, International $475m.

    **MIKE thinks the 5th film will begin to wane in popularity compared to the other films in the franchise. HE WAS DEFINITELY RIGHT ON THIS POINT!

    Spiderman (predictions): 72% score, Budget $200m, Domestic $300m, International $600m. Spiderman (actual figures): 92%, Budget $175m, Domestic $333m, International $575m.

    Can not comment on Justice League or Jumaniji yet but both of these movies come out in November so we shall see.

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