Half in the Bag: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and That’s My Boy

June 28, 2012336 Comments

Mike and Jay hitch a ride from the worst green screen ever and discuss two more recent Hollywood flops: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the brilliant Adam Sandler’s latest masterpiece, That’s My Boy.

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  • Constantly refreshing has its benefits! Thanks for not making us wait too long.

  • MCBGamer

    YES, thanks guys, been waiting for another one.

  • soithascometothis

    Just thought I would mention that the horrible Asylum production “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies” is what Orwell would call “bad-good.” There is some super comedy in it. It might not have been intentional, but it was funny anyway.

    This might be the first Asylum “knock-off” movie that is better than its target.

  • soithascometothis

    Sorry, that should have read “good-bad.” Mild dyslexia, get over it.

  • You guys are great! But.. can you PLEASE some time review a GOOD movie? I like it when you discuss the actual elements of making good films. Can you talk about legitimately good movies?

  • Actually, it probably is a coincidence. On average it takes a minimum of one year for a book to be published once it has been accepted for publication. Once the publisher accepts it they require multiple revisions which takes time and then they finally send it to be printed.

  • yahoo

    They have reviewed good movies. Besides, how are they going to know if they’ll give a movie a good review before seeing it? (That’s My Boy being an obvious exception of course)

  • It’s really throwing me off that you guys have switched positions… JAY should be on the RIGHT and MIKE should be on the LEFT. Because I don’t like things that are different.

  • mr stinky

    i liked this movie. I went expecting a super campy no plot movie which would have been ok too. It ended up having a coherent enough story and the action was fun and well paced.

  • great episode as always

  • Lincoln Log

    The Washington Monument was completed in 1884 not in the 1860s! Immersion ruined!

  • I enjoyed “Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” for all it’s cheesy bad-goodness. I laughed more during this movie than during most comedies. I think it’s worth the price of admission just to watch Abe Lincoln swing an ax around. Just don’t go see it if you are expecting anything other than a future cult classic.

  • Why when you are pointing out how infantile Adam Sandler is do you have to sneak in a joke about the south? Incest stuff would be more of a Hill People type thing. Then again I live on the Alabama/Georgia line which is like living in a different centruy from west Alabama/eastern Mississippi

  • Adam

    It can’t be the end! Nooooo

  • Klopek? What is that, Slovac?

  • MatthewMelange

    That was nice, i enjoyed that, i actually expected you guys to appreciate abraham lincoln more, but appreciate it as a good bad movie, you guys were far too kind to the special effects i think, every special effect is just really noticeable, and the story is just really glossing over his life, it’s more like fight scenes with an ax and abraham lincoln in them

  • Jake

    Great review, once again guys. I’m sure you noticed this yourselves, but the green-screen is having some issues- Mike’s face is glowing green from the lighting, and near the 3/4 mark of the review, his face starts slowly disappearing into the fake-traffic. Your live action scenes seem way more professional and immersive than your green-screen stuff. I know nothing about film or sets or anything but it seems like lighting has been an issue with your guys stuff, and occasionally audio.

    I’m not trying to be critical or harsh, just some hopefully constructive criticism. I’ll watch any video you guys release at this point, cause I love it all. I can’t criticize your actual content at all.

  • Kyle Bartley

    Great episode.

  • Fuck you

    I love the reflection of the green screen on the rims of the windows and the seating.

  • Vass

    The joke


    mr stinky

  • Claus

    My OCD-like checking of RLM really delivered a treat! The confusing background was utterly mesmerizing. “Where the fuck did the white car go??”. Job well done on this episode, another two movies off my non-existent list.

  • I wish there were hot dogs at my cookout.. (T_T)

  • Mr.Tickles

    I like how you were talking about awful lazy effects and then you had that green screen. The traffic and scenery doesn’t even match up between camera angles. It’s great. I love it.

  • Asinus

    They started building it in the 1840s and had to stop. It remained half-constructed through the 1860s.

  • zzz

    how can they review a good movie when no good movies are out?

  • Wedge

    Loved this episode

  • Exterminatus

    My friend went to college with Alan Tudyk and u guys are correct.He was actually killed in the movie but it was cut.The funniest thing is they filmed him dying in different ways and muliple cuts of his death and they cut it anyway.If you guys get the chance check out Tucker and Dale vs EVIL. Its a spoof of slasher movies staring ALAN.its very funny.

  • The Lincoln-Douglas debates were over the Senate race, not the Presidential one. GAWD.

  • A guy

    I was pegging the drivers to be Scientologists. Or Lucasfilm.

    Good review guys. Keep up the great work.

  • Porkchop

    I had some great hot dogs the other week, they were really thick, like 50% fatter than your standard dog. I was all about it, but the missus says she prefers the normal kind, so I’ll probably just get the ones she likes next time.

  • thousandlegger

    thank God these two idiots are getting what they deserve. JESUS RETURNS 2012!!!!!!!1

  • thousandlegger

    WHAT MOVIE????????

  • thousandlegger


  • “You’re chanting, Ray! You’re chanting.” I have to say, I have not laughed in theaters so hard as I did when I saw AL:Vampire Hunter. The book was of course more subtle, with historical Easter eggs hidden throughout. If you go in wanting to see a movie that takes itself seriously in any way: you’re going to have a bad time. The more ridiculous it got, the more I was cheering.

  • TV’s Rob

    Your discussions are always refreshing to listen to. It’s also always a pleasure to hear you tear that shameful feeb Adam Sandler a new shithole.

  • SendMeAPizzaRoll

    Funny you say John Waters because was recently in one of Andy Sambergs music videos being creepy.

  • BlisterSlim

    I usually agree with your reviews but I have the complete opposite opinion on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and thought it had a great deal of faith in its audience. Do we really need to see Lincoln become president? We know that part of the story already.

    I will agree it felt rushed at points but that’s really the only problem I had with it. Rufus Sewel was especially great as the master vampire.

    A lot of discussions about movies recently seem to be about how Hollywood is content churning out the same old crap. And here’s a movie where a vampire throws a horse at Abraham Lincoln. I think that’s worth something.

  • Austin

    Yes finally! Hope the next one is out even sooner. You guys are awesome!

  • Guest

    Audiences have to be shown the iconic Lincoln first and THEN he can recall his past for em, is how it should be done. Feels like a lot of 80-90s movies did it that way.

  • I was very tempted to pay you guys for seeing That’s My Boy, but then, I realize that you might continue to go out of your way to see another Adam Sandler series of visual images accompanied with sound. I’d rather you didn’t slit your wrists, and then I’d get sued.

  • LOL Hans Klopek!

    The problem is that the reviews are so good they make me want to see bad movies. I really want to see “Jack and Jill” and “That’s my Boy”.

    I’ve also been around people who said that “That’s my Boy” was awesome and way better than Prometheus, and other people believed them, they didn’t automatically attack them and run them out of town. I really don’t understand what goes through peoples minds.

  • Cameron

    Man, that guy in the Honda SUV was tail-gating something fierce. Or maybe the camera was just zoomed in on it for the green screen or something. Kinda distracted me for a little while. But as for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a few friends and I went to go see it the other night, it’s not a good film by any means. However, we did laugh quite a bit. I mean in that horse chase scene, a vampire throws a horse at Lincoln, that’s just hilarious. Some of the one liners really got me as well. I think that was more laughing at the film though, I’m not exactly sure.

  • Jimmy Dean

    Paul Blart

  • Erp

    I like the direction this show is headed. Also, I would love if you reviewed Iron Sky.

  • Everything that was said about Adam Sandler was amazing and put into words i could not.

  • Its been out for Awhile! but it be cool if you guys reviewed “God Bless America” by Bobcat Goldthwith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz_WRWzkimw

  • Carsten

    “I want an Adam Sandler movie to kill me” Hahahahahahaha…

  • Tom Hunks

    da ‘burbs

  • damien

    Fuck blip.tv – I can never get their videos to work, they just sit there mocking me with some kind of little rotary fuck you symbol – doesnt work in Chrome, doesnt work with all my extensions switched off, doesnt work in IE with no extensions, doesnt work on my friend’s Mac either. Just. Doesnt. Work. Youtube works, but this episode isnt on Youtube. Why isnt this episode on Youtube, which just works, why, why, why?

  • Pemberton

    “Is this the end of Half in the Bag?”

    Please don’t break my heart, gentlemen.

  • Emily

    Mary Todd actually did date both Lincoln and Douglas at the same time. According to a memoir by her maid, Mary Todd always wanted to be first lady, so she picked the guy she wanted to marry based on who she thought would get further politically. Kind of like the episode of Clone High where Cleo picks Lincoln over Kennedy once it’s clear that he’s going to be elected class president.

    Not that that has any place in the Vampire Hunter movie; I haven’t seen it. But it’s neat to hear that there’s some factual historical background.

  • Anonymous

    Hans Klopek line was genius…!!

  • kiwimango

    do these 2 film snobs fags like any movies at all? or do they just go to the dark movie theater to jerk each other off

  • lunulaoblongata

    What the hell is that bell sound i keep hearing

  • Oh my god, you cant just leave on a cliff hanger like that! XD

    Ok, here is what should happen: Fake Plinkett should show up with a gun and shoot the two guys about to kill mike and jay and then tell mike and jay to finish repairing his vcr. Then mike and jay could do funny dead guy jokes and or remarks! 🙂

  • closedmouth

    Holy shit you guys like Party Down. That’s fucking amazing.

  • Anon

    The end of HitB? Say it ain’t so.

  • Minic

    Fun fact: both movies’ budgets are roughly equal. Wonder why.

  • pilgrimnotwanderer

    Wait, these videos all work fine on iOS, but not on Android Chrome

  • “Is this the end of half in the bag?”


  • Strelnikov

    Adam Sandler: I’m just in it for the money.

  • When he refers to Jay as “Hans Klopek” is that a reference to the underrated Tom Hanks comedy The ‘Burbs?

  • doesthings

    Big Fish killed Spaulding Gray.

  • Name

    holy shit dat greenscreen

  • theInquisitor

    I haven’t seen the last Adam Sandler Fuck-up, but the framework of the story actually sounds like a great premise for a social drama (directed by Darren Aronofsky for instance). Nevertheless I feel a great urge to urinate in Sandler’s face.

    Greetings from Europe. Keep up the great work.

    P.S.: Did you know that in Austria ‘Sandler’ (pronounced: [ˈzandlɐ]) is a very dismissive term for a homeless person?

  • ASD


  • Grim


    I knew there’s got to be some logical explanation for my dislike of Adam Sandler. I’ve seen parts of his movies and something about him that pisses off. Not really sure why but it scratched the back of my brain for years and here you guys came with the simplest observation.

    Thanks to your reviews that shed some light about his character, now I know why.

  • Grim


    For years this Adam Sandler dude pisses me off. I really don’t know why but even knowing his existence is enough to make me rolled my eyes in disgust. I’ve tried to watch his movies but somehow something about him made me stop. It scratched the back of my brains for years but I just couldn’t explain it.

    Then, you guys appeared and shed some light on his character with the simplest of observations. I feared I was hating someone for no apparent reason. For being a jerk or spiteful person. Now, I can hate someone and feel good about it.

    Thanks, again.

  • I want to contribute to Half in the Bag’s beer fund… by buying you two a beer! As a Red Letter Media fan who frequents Milwaukee, are you guys out and about often? What bars do you like, or recommend? I know you’ve probably received multitudinous piles fancrap that would probably choke a hippo, but… Free beer!
    Regardless, so much love for your series(es)! Keep them coming!

  • The only good thing about Adam Sandler movies is that you guys make reviews about them.

  • Random Dude

    There’s at least some consistency with the two formats. Every episode that doesn’t take place in Plinkett’s house has Jay on the right and Mike on the left. Avengers review, Battleship review, and this review. Hopefully there’s some comfort in knowing that.

  • Jawsphobia

    In 2001 there was a 16mm feature called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. It is by the director of Harry Knuckles. Funny that this movie isn’t mentioned in reviews of the Abe Lincoln flick. I had assumed JCVH was the start of it. Though I still want to see the sequel to Bubba Ho Tep, Bubba Nosferatu.

  • Cyvaris

    Was I the only one waiting for the green screen to star moving in the opposite direction?

  • Jawsphobia

    While I’m sure your protestations over politically incorrect content such as gay jokes are sincere, I’m not sure the appeal of Red Letter Media is its good citizenship image, what with your most famous reviews involving a woman Plinkett was somehow capable of trapping in his basement. I haven’t seen a Sandler movie for a while, but I expect that if the first joke in this one is a gay joke and the character is in high school at that point chances are that a gay joke would not be out of place. The idea of strippers not being attractive or having one in a neck brace actually does seem like a valid commentary. Are you saying that you have never been to a low-end strip club or don’t know anyone who has? I expect the climate of over-reaction against gay jokes and hypersensitivity will make them even more appealing – even refreshing. John Waters can be entertaining, but he is also telling stories from the fringe perspective and Sandler’s popularity indicates that the mainstream sensibility is still willing to make fun of the other – which is not the end of the world.

  • Cyphis

    1. You completely missed their point that the problem isn’t lowbrow humor in general, but that it’s lowbrow things happening in lieu of actual jokes.

    2. You say you haven’t seen an Adam Sandler movie in a while, so I’m assuming you’re including That’s My Boy, but you still feel the need to jump to all sorts of conclusions about the context of the jokes in it?

    3. Are you seriously trying to defend That’s My Boy?????

  • Providence

    This was your most interesting review yet. For the sole reason that you both disagreed on some major issues that made the discussion far more engaging. Not that you need to disagree but it was refreshing.

    Also, that green screen was very impressive, I’ve seen a LOT of amateur GS attempts and yours is the best so far, don’t sell yourself short, you had the lighting perfect! Looked real!

  • JawsTopia

    what? are you ok?

  • The Reason

    Yeah, ummm, I don’t think you get it. Read the episode title again – it was actually a not-so subtle joke based around the shitty effects in the Abe Lincoln film.

  • Alf

    I believe that Adam Sandler’s is preparing a porn studio, simple things to produce using slaps, ethnicities, fluids, shouts and a little history.

  • Lol, if you get murdered by guys driving a hatchback you suck!

  • Snackzilla

    Keep the reviews coming, guys. And Party Down might be one of the most underrated comedies of all time. The polar opposite of any Adam Sandler schlock.

  • DrPoop

    You mean the other way around, right? Jay left, Mike right?

  • DrPoop

    Don’t forget the green light reflecting on the car’s interior. Immersion.

  • DrPoop

    Does anyone know if Mike, Jay or Rich has any day jobs? Can they make a living from the RLM productions?

  • cheese

    bounce light from the green screen kept making me laugh. come on guys, just put it back about 3 feet

  • Guest

    Who will save Half in the Bag? Will it be The Watchman? Officer Cooper? Nadine? Alexandre Phillipe? Will they just continue, as if nothing happened? Some other crazy shit from left field? Is George Lucas involved somehow? Were those two guys Scientologists? What about Mr. Plinkett?

  • Fuzzymotion
  • Fuzzymotion

    I had that same thought.

  • Asinus

    There’s also a moment where someone zoomed the camera they were using to film the traffic. It was weird and funny. I also liked the green reflected on the dashboard and other surfaces.

  • JL

    “Hey Hans Klopek!” Hahaha, nice, I love The Burbs, it’s definitely one of my favorite movies. That just made my day.

    (Rumsfield) “Pretty girl; friend of yours?”

    (Hans) “No, it came with the frame.”

  • thatstaken

    Now I want to see a Half in the Bag Red State review.

  • Jason

    I never thought I’d EVER be saying this, but, I think The Asylums version was better, in fact I loved Lincoln in that film.

  • Ok, I love you guys and your reviews but I have to take issue with some hypocrisy you regularly display. You often rant about movies that “make fun of minorities” or somehow wrong black people in your opinion, yet you’re constantly going off about “rednecks” and “southern incest”. Do you not see those as racially motivated attacks or do you think it’s different somehow when you do it? You remind me of self hating white liberals who think being racial towards other whites somehow redeems you for past wrongs.

  • jacob camacho

    there should be a law to stop adam sandler movies

  • Leo

    Excellent as always, chaps. Mike looks like a young Robert De Niro, as always.

  • A Christian name — Hans Christian Anderson!

  • HA! They finally mentioned Jay looks like Hans Klopek!! Great reference!

  • actually a man died some days ago watching too many football (or soccer, as some might call it) games http://myhealthbowl.com/latest-health-news/chinese-man-found-dead-by-sleep-deprivation-after-watching-euro-2012-match-for-11-days/

  • guest

    Context. Purpose. A Point of view.

    Red Letter Media has all these. Adam Sandler does not.

    It’s a shame you missed the point entirely.

  • A ‘Burbs reference?! YEA!

  • I laughed so hard at the ending I farted a few times. True Story.

  • TA4EVA

    when do they talk about rednecks or white people?

    you’re right that mike does say, “usually when incest happens it’s in the far south because there’s no other people around.” i figure he meant to say, “usually when incest happens *in movies* it’s in the far south” etc. just a guess.

  • Joe Kerplanski

    Leaping Lizards!!! Mike and Jay sure are in what the French call a Dill of a Pickle.

  • soithascometothis

    The family members of all the people that Jason Bourne killed are ashamed. If only he hadn’t driven that hatchback, then at least they would be able to hold them in their memories with some respect.

  • Kael

    That’s not bad green screen. This is the result of a deep psychological problem arising from Mike’s self hatred of his nose. Rather than get a nose job like any other hack, he chooses slipped the green screen in the take a bite out of it. So sad.

  • bargs

    Nooooo! I need half in the bag to tell me how I think about movies!

  • Pachazo

    I didn’t think TMB was too bad for an Adam Sandler movie. I guess when you hit rock bottom with Jack and Jill there’s nowhere to go but up.

  • Meta

    ….Is it wrong that I actually do a little dance every time one of your new episodes comes out? Favorite show in existence at the moment, Half in the Bag FTW.

  • Every time they make a serious point or an inside joke that only I can get they make a subtle chime that you can barely hear. Hope that’s illuminating. They have been doing it for a long time now! Its very subtle!

  • Random Dude

    You are correct DrPoop.

  • Guest

    I am interested in your ideas, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Lexi Adys

    Jason Bourne should have left the first comment.

  • Zantor

    It wouldn’t be their first Burbs reference……….

    (more dots)

  • Comment Section Litterbug

    I think it is part of the soundtrack

  • Ding

    Cry on your sister’s shoulder.

  • Encounter Group

    Sounther Incest is a race now? I guess it would produce one.

  • Adam Sandler

    Why are these two buttlovers reviewing my newest masterpiece?

  • Mr. Wepsley

    Awwww…. I was hoping they would review Brave 🙁

  • Guest

    Not the same. It wasn’t the soccer specifically that killed him. He’d have died if he had watched anything for that long instead of sleeping.

  • Guest

    I read this comment before viewing the episode and so was specifically on the lookout for instances of what you describe.

    I simply couldn’t notice anything out of place, even at the expense of the actual content!

    Please, help a simple man out…

  • Guest

    Hit a little too close to home?

  • Guest

    All of Nadine’s humor of being a hooker trapped in his basement is played of off in reverse.

    “I should been making reviews on youtube instead of shooting up and turning tricks…”

    “I’m gonna have another baby…even better than the one I had before!”

    *Standing on the street provocatively looking in disgust at people talking excitedly about how good Transformers 2 is, suggesting even a hooker knows it’s fucking awful.*

    If you can’t understand why this is different from the stuff that shows up in an Adam Sandler movie…you’re probably the target audience for an Adam Sandler movie.

  • lol

    Minority?! Really Jay?! 🙂

  • IamSamuel

    Is it Jay on my left as i look at the screen, or is it MIKE on Jays left from the perspective of Mike

  • FullmetalSP1

    Have you guys always noticed the similarity between Jay and Hans Klopec, or was it due to the comment I left on last weeks video? Cause that would be a fucking honour!

  • An Adoring Fan

    What do they mean by “video looking”?

  • Dradeeus

    Hans Klopek? Is that a “‘Burbs” reference? I have never heard anyone mention that movie, ever. Awesome.

  • Tristan

    They didn’t recently take down and rebuild their whole set in a new location to end it two episodes later.

  • Jeremy77

    Anyone else find weird how this movie that is basically about an adult fucking a kid even be allowed to release? Oh wait, it’s because it’s an adult woman doing it with a young boy, I guess that’s cute and hot, right? No, wait, it’s still sick.

    If it was an adult guy doing it with a little girl, I can guarantee the movie wouldn’t even be produced and people would even go to jail for trying to make it.

    Funny how things work, double standards out the ass in today’s society.

  • iZoe

    Siskel and Ebert would never switch seats!

  • Colla

    The far south is a fine place you sons of bitches.

  • NetBoy®

    0:22 seconds in — product placement for the Chevy Aveo S?!

    True:? I did just watch an Aveo advertisement before this wonderful episode 🙂

  • Adam

    Wish I could actually watch the video 🙁

  • Anon

    Hans Klopek cracked my shit up

  • VastBubble

    This isn’t working on my Mac, is it just me having this problem?

  • sickboy1977

    The reference to The ‘Burbs was a nice little touch.

  • GandarDickFace

    Best show ever. Seriously. Ever.

  • Sean Adams

    I don’t mean to chastise those who wanted to laugh at another Adam Sandler “evisceration”, but Mike/Jay were right in saying that another one would be redundant after “Jack & Jill”. I really think Half in the Bag should not cater to fandom pressure.

    I absolutely love the show and don’t mean this in any mean-spirited way whatsoever, but I think this was likely the worst episode. But, no matter what (as a parallel to what George Carlin observed), there must be a worst episode, simple by the process of elimination, and I think this is it. Sorry!

    You guys tweeted, correctly, that there was no need to review another Sandler movie after your analysis of Jack & Jill. There was simply no way to improve upon that, and I hate to think you simply bowed to fan pressure. You know you have enough cred to review whatever the fuck you want to review!

  • Mateusz K.

    Unless your’e planning to switch to monthly plinkett reviews, I sure hope tha HINB will remain as a major part of this website.

  • drittzdourden2005

    If I had to take a guess at what happens next I’d guess that since this
    show is so well written, and every little thing ends up being
    significant from earlier episodes that the 2 people that gave them a ride are in fact part of a
    gang. Either Crips, or Bloods, because if you recall an earlier HITB
    Jay, and Mike talked about how they joined a gang while walking the “VCR Dog”. My theory is either that there was a hit put out on them for associating with each other even though they’re from different gangs, or it’s just one gang thinking
    they’re both in the other. There was also a 5 on the car that picked them up, which is a bloods symbol. I could of course be way off though.

    It’s funny how I care more about the characters in HITB, and what might
    happen to them than I ever could about the SW prequel characters. Suck
    it Lucas. Either way another stellar review guys. Keep it up.

  • cole1114


  • Guest

    That’s funny since it’s such a scrawny, emasculated car for a couple of kidnappers to be driving around in, and they looked so uncomfortable in the back seat.

  • AlbinoArmadillo

    I can’t wait for Deus ex Fuckbot 5000 to save them.

  • rococo

    OK, a woman fucking an excited young boy IT IS NOT sick. You know why? because that boy WILL BE NOT “traumatized for life”. That’s the freaking truth. I’m tired of all that “zero tolerance” crap…

  • klopek

    It’s probably not a good idea to be so vocal about your ignorance.

  • you are an idiot.

  • Manuel

    Concerning the originality of Vampire Hunter, consider that the author, Seth Grahame-Smith, also wrote a book called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”.

    So, I guess he didn’t plagiarize that TV show you guys mentioned after all. He’s just one of the hacks it was making fun of.

  • playdude92

    The two guys looked like Jehovas witnesses or Scientologists. Is Adam Sandler one of the two?

  • blah blah

    loved 2 trolls in the front metafore

    shut up !
    I love adam sandler !

  • blah blah

    also I actually hope they are on the way all this season love the visuals and the storylines – the ones in plinkets house were getting a little stale a change in scenery is a great idea

  • XanderCrews33

    I think so. “Hey Pinocchio, where do you think you’re going!?”

  • lol hans klopek. mmmmmm that’s some good referencing.

  • dennett316

    Just that…that it looked like it was shot on video as opposed to film.

  • dennett316

    Get the K-Lite codec pack….never had a problem with blip.

  • dennett316

    Geographical location relative to other locations is a race? What? I assume you mean bigotry in general…at least I hope you do. In either case, no.

  • Guest

    I had no idea Jay took a bullet for the eight hour workday. A true lion of the labor movement.

  • MakoKako

    If I could fuck a hot woman when I was 13, I would be more happy than traumatized.

  • “Do you think this movie intentionally leaves things open just like Prometheus.-It’s open for interpretation.” Better joke than this whole movie.

  • GhostUnit

    wait, wait… what if it’s a deliberate metaphor on the fake duality of left/right American policies and how both sides’ positions are actually the same and interchangeable?

    Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to debate Mike’s real intentions for ages. Like Prometheus.

  • Qaladan

    Target brand water, woot

  • Passenger seat

    Hey!! I LOVE Adam Sandler. His movies is good!

  • Twapw

    I don’t know if you are joking but I do a little dance in my chair too haha

  • FUCKBOT 5000

    Wow, you really milked that Pentium III with all that greenscreen to render…

  • I Liked the John waters comment, in very few words the compiled why he is so awesome. U Guys rock. i hope its not your end

  • Like Wise


  • Hmm two Adam Sandler reviews. Have you guys thought about doing a full scale Plinkett review of Sandler’s movie career in general? Perhaps we can figure out when he stopped being stupid funny and just became stupid. Or were our parents always right and movies these days suck.

  • Brilliant review as always. I give you so much credit for sitting through this shit. Hats off my brothas.

  • Dave D. Davidson

    Excuse me if this has been discussed before, but I have a technical question.
    What’s with the occasional beeps/rings in the audio? There is one around 20:46 for example, and others troughout the video.

  • An Adoring Fan

    I was thinking it was a commercial. RLM has a lot more bucks than they lead on.

    Also, that car is a Geo Metro restyled.


  • An Adoring Fan

    woman doing it and the movie is made by a jew. Jewish? Oh, it”s okay to do w/e you want.

  • Mugglefucker

    Hahahaha. “Hans Klopek”. Thanks for that.

  • JohnWaynman

    Lolita. Who went to jail for that? Double Standard Criticizer should go observe elsewhere.

  • JohnWaynman

    The tweet was like days before this video was released, wanna bet they already were working on it and it was a joke?

  • chrissypoo

    the sexual tension between Mike and Jay is just too much. kiss already.

  • morgilicious

    right after watching your guys review on jack and jill I had to watch it myself to see how bad it was…..I can’t believe anyone could even call that a movie and I ended up shutting it off after 20 minutes lol

  • hansolo

    jeez! just saved my sunday morning with a new episode! thx suckers

  • mark

    Jay does look like Hans Klopek!

  • Manthony Loos

    Nerd rage!!!! nerd rage,,,,,, nerd rage? Oh, sorry, thought I was on the prometheus topic boardy thing. ,,,Sandler rage!!!Sandler rage,,….,,Sandler rage? Com’on, Happy gilmore works on so many levels. It has a freakin giant with a nail in its stupid head for freaks sake. Then there’s the whole fish-out-of-water-go-the-underdog-redneck sub-text. Or is that Sur-text. Or Super-text. Or Superliminal.
    Either way, love your work guys. keep it up. Don’t know how you’ve held your tounge on that whole prometheus topic though.Bitches be crazy, as the kidz say.

  • The Mage

    I haven’t seen it, but i don’t mind the premise for that’s my boy. It’s one of these cultural taboos where there does tend to be a double standard. It seems to depict Sandler’s character growing up to be pretty messed up so not necessarily celebrating it. good reviews as usual! thanks guys!

  • track

    The Half in the Bag, can start to prepare jokes to match its future reviews, for the next disasters. (all movies under conditions of remake or reload).
    – Ghostbusters

    – Blade Runner
    – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    – Mad Max
    – Total Recall
    – Robocop

  • You should just donate more money….

  • I like when you guys disagree. Makes for better reviews I think.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Mike and Jay: As always a good Movie Review
    & Skit / Tragedy & Comedy / Kabuki Dance & Snuff Film.

  • 16:12 = ROTFLMFAO

  • Aughts

    Anyone catch the license plate reference, 440 MHZ? Are these new bad guys ham radio enthusists? Always fun watching!

  • Xaeg

    All I noticed was the background (outside the rear window) eating into Mike’s face whenever he turned towards Jay.

  • Error:840

    Great review as usual. One question: why do I keep hearing a bell ringing every minute or so in the background? It’s faint, but you can hear it with headphones.

  • Iain Watson

    Spoiler alert: They sell Mike’s face on the black market to Richard Norris.


  • Is that the Birdemic van driving behind them in the background?

  • Sean Adams

    Thanks for responding.

    Due to the time it likely takes for them to film an episode, I would actually bet that you’re right, so I’m not trying to imply that they they were lazy. It could just be due to the fact that they are busy on their next film. However, the review of “That’s My Boy” provided no new insights like their Jack & Jill review… it just repeated the same analysis ending in “and that was the joke”.

    I think they could have given a better analysis if they focused on Samberg’s involvement, and how Sandler has an unfortunate influence on younger, more talented comedians, but in this episode, they just repeated the same criticisms and analysis from their Jack & Jill review, mainly focusing on how the humor lacked a setup and payoff (again, e.g., “and that was the joke…”).

    You may be right in that they had already planned on reviewing this movie before their Twitter post, but it doesn’t really matter, mainly because I’m focusing on the content of the review.

    I like when they provide a smart analysis of either a blockbuster movie, a low-budget film, or when they just have fun with an old-fashioned “good-bad” ridiculous film, but reviewing “That’s My Boy” just seemed pointless.

    Regardless, wow… I didn’t expect to type this much about a single review. I guess I’m just too enthusiastic about it.

    FYI, I edited this to correct syntactic mistakes, not to change any of my opinions.

  • Guest

    Wait so you’re implying that all men who have sex with underage girls will ruin that girl for life but won’t ruin boys the same way? While boys might be flirtier (is that a word?) around Female teachers, girls tend to aggressively hit on Male teachers a LOT more. And of course, the Male teacher pays for it in the end because he “should know better” while the Female teacher was simply being “lead on” by the Male.

  • Guest

    They already did in Jack and Jill. He’s a scam artist.

  • Guest

    That’s the difference. The boy wouldn’t know they were traumatized, as opposed to the other way around. It’s almost worse in a way.

  • LaeMing

    Your problem with the Adam Sandler movies is they are leaving your soul in a state of ‘too depressed to kill yourself’ ;-D

  • flydye45

    One thing you should be aware of. In 2009, this same author came out with “Pride and Predjudice and Zombies.” So it is the case of Hollywood ripping off from him for their show “Party Down” not the author ripping off the souless mass of idiocy that is Hollywood.

  • Sean Adams

    I don’t get why people vote down my opinion without responding to it with a reason. Was it really that inaccurate?

  • Steffen

    Hans Klopek!!! 😀 Hahahahaha F***ing brilliant!!! 😀

  • Alright, after first learning about your videos via the second Prometheus video i have watched every single movie review, you guys are really entertaining and honest (especially mike). Reminds me of The critic with Jay sherman.

  • Randomperson

    I just wasted 3 hours of my life on That’s My Boy, only to see my friend who I haven’t seen in ages.
    Not to defend it, but I think the statutory rape situation is very accurate of the culture we live in today and I think he was just (trying) to mock the situation in general. Men who experience sexual abuse are much less likely to receive any sort of treatment or therapy, either told to “man up” or forget about it. When the abused boy is taken advantage of by an older woman, they are often exalted and praised because they are “getting experience” and “becoming a real man.” This often confuses the child and they develop genuine attachment for their abuser in some cases. In the case of the weird incest, I got the impression that the woman started to abuse her brother when they were younger and she just screwed him up along the way. The explanation she gives could be how she justifies her abuse of her little brother. As for them experiencing abuse to explain the situation, incest between younger siblings maybe a result of abuse in alot of cases, but not always.

    Then again, that requires thought and I failed to see any in this movie, so perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

  • guest

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Best comedy (the title is hilarious).
    That’s My Boy – A deformed and retarded hybrid, born from a raped mother and a insane father. The modern society deserve a deeply study, if some people have “fun” with this kind of dirty circus.

  • Daenub

    Hans Klopek LOL!

  • Sardu

    Why don’t you two homos just kiss each other and get it over with?

  • Trebor

    I love the reviews, but I wish you’d stop with the sketches. Trust me when I say no one cares about the story continuity of an internet critic.It’s just embarrassing to watch and makes you harder to recommend to people.

  • dustmite

    Hahaha! “Trust me when I say…”

    Yeah because you’re some sort of authority on the matter. Just look through the comments and you can clearly see that you’re wrong that “no one cares” about the sketches.

  • Flyin Finn

    I had to rewatch the “HOWEVER” -part.
    Great reviews once again guys!

  • guest

    Shut up Adam Sardu´s! you gay rapist!

  • Guest

    Got tired of checking for new content so I just made this site my new homepage.

  • Holy shit. Get me off this crazy thread.

  • GunNmouth

    Please don’t let this be the end of Half in the Bag. This is literally the last fucking thing I live for.

  • Marcus Jones

    27:35 is when the film of the background traffic zooms.
    Also I noticed that the traffic footage went through at least two resets because I kept noticing the same SUV pull up close behind them and was expecting to see them actually IN the window driving behing the car they were supposed to be in.

  • Since I live in the Milwaukee-area, I try to figure out where you are filming whenever you have an outdoor scene. For instance, you shot your green screen footage while driving down Howell Ave/38 in Oak Creek. Neat!

  • Wait… Hans Klopek? The creepy kid from “The Burbs?

  • beavinator

    For the record, I’ve seen way worse green screens.

    Also, major props for the obscure ‘Burbs reference. I fucking LOVE that movie!

  • M.H.

    Who care if it looks like cheap digital plastic like a glorified fan film? It’s in 3D!!! It’s gonna be in your face and you can sit in a theater and paw the air like a moron and see if you can touch the Colorform cutouts as they leap out at you!

  • David

    “Were you talking to me?” “What?”
    Beter comedic timing than every Adam Sandler film in the last ten years combined.

  • dellarocco

    If you just want guys who stand in front of green screens for 4 minutes and give half ass reviews of movies, there are plenty of those on youtube

  • mazab

    I caught for or five senteces of what you guys said during that episode cause all I did was looking at cars and marveling at the decision to use a transparent bottle for water that gets eaten by the background (along with faces and hair), not having greenscreen spill suppression in color grading and the general awesomeness of using useless and badly executed special effects while talking about useless and badly executed special effects.

  • schludy

    Please stop reviewing those shitty adam sandler movies. they suck and everybody knows it.
    Also the lighting is really bad on this one. Mike has an orange face and you can see the reflection of the green screen everywhere.

  • Danby

    Didn’t ebert eat siskel because he wouldn’t switch seats?

  • Art Weingartner

    Calling him Hans Klopek….LMAO – that one had me in tears. HEY RUMSFIELD!!!!

  • Guy

    Sandler had Mike and Jay killed and their review taken down. The Jewish-run media strikes again. That was a joke ADL, oh, I am sorry, I forgot you can’t take them.

  • someotherguy

    Wirklich? Wird das mit Ä wie Sändler oder wie man’s in deutsch lesen würde ausgesprochen?

    Oh never mind these strange letters. It says: ‘Where is our next Plinkett?’, and ‘Review stuff I suggest!!’ also ‘Fuck the pain away’ .

  • angry viewer

    this is bullshit, its just a verizon 4g commercial, not even a show.

  • redgauntlet

    Nicer ‘Burbs reference too!

  • Craig

    Am I crazy or are there little “ding” sounds all over the place in Half in the Bag episodes. If so, why is that?

  • Er, maybe someone else noticed this, but Lincoln didn’t run against Douglas in the Presidential race. They were running for Senate, and Douglas won.

  • Concerned Viewer

    Does Mike have an drinking problem that is ruining the dynamic of Half in the Bag?

    Is that why they have decide to kill the characters?

    I happen to notice, more so in the second half of the review, that Jay seems to be very on edge. They remind of me to a married couple where the wife is silent about her husbands lushesness to avoid conflict.

    Mike says he ordered two beers in the theater. Then the story changes to he has seven.

    Also Mike seems to be drinking some can of some alcohol while Jay is soberly sucking down a bottle of ice water the whole time?

    Does Mike require an interventions?


  • Murderin Murphy

    I like how Jay’s hair looks fucking awesome in this episode.

  • Is there a green light in the back behind the seats? Is there a green light on the dash? Why is everything so damn green? What the hell is this, The Great Gatsby?

  • He means stage right, stage left. Obviously.

  • Bjorn

    This is sad. I must have watched every Half in the Bag at least twice now. C’mon guys, I need a new video! Review the weather!

  • Louis

    the next half in the bag should be on savages; that movie looks incredibly fucking stupid and i’d like to hear their thoughts on it

  • They almost always do what they say they dislike. Like with product placement, awful gags that go on too long, etc. I am surprised anyone would actually think they would be doing this for reasons other than being wonderful hypocrites.

  • Greg

    What if the trauma came in the form of a bad herpes infection? Or, like in the stupid movie, a baby?

  • greg

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks he looks like Hans Klopeck.

  • Louis

    got back from the theater and saw savages….not nearly as bad as i thought it’d be. thoughts from mike and jay in the next half in the bag!

  • Mr_Shadow

    Just saw an ad in the middle for TGI Friday’s. “SHUT. UP.”

  • tommy wiseau

    oh hai, Mike! oh hai, Jay!

  • tommy wiseau

    oh hai, Mike! oh hai, Jay!

  • sixteentons

    Haaaahaha, I just got a new favorite ship

  • sixteentons

    One thing that always surprises me about your reviews, both Plinkett and HitB, is that you almost never bring up politics. Not that I want to be beaten over the head with your personal views, but since I’m never going to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for example I’d be really curious to know how the political aspects of the movie felt to you. Is there really nothing problematic worth mentioning with rewriting such an important part of history to lose all its political meaning?

  • Sean

    I just had to say that I loved the throwaway reference to the Burbs in there. Brilliant.

  • mike l

    Budweiser was the real star of the movie, I noticed the logo appearing in the trailer about 50 times

  • PetezaDude

    “Hans, that’s a nice Christian name. Hans Christian Anderson” lol

  • DrPoop

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter would have been great if Matthew Vaughn had directed it

  • Adam Sandler

    That’s My Boy was still better than Prometheus.

  • some guy

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was a horror-comedy book though, so how is this evidence that hollywood is running out of ideas?

  • smartguy

    A grey Honda SUV was following you.

  • Hahaha, best under the radar reference to The ‘Burbs ever!

  • bioniclobster

    I haven’t been able to watch any of the redlettermedia videos that are
    only on blip, can’t get the player to work, and it sucks. I wish you guys would just
    upload all the half in the bag episodes to youtube.

  • jerry

    Hans Klopek!

  • theaceofknaves

    fun fact, the film “A Fish Called Wanda” also killed someone via laughter. Yes, someone had a heart attack because they laughed so much.

  • I don’t want my last conversation to be about an Adam Sandler movie. The mere thought is soul-crushingly depressing.

  • George Lucas

    Omg, I could pull a better chroma key with VHS footage and sitting in my directors chair with two cups of coffee in my hands. What goes around comes around punks!!! LOL look who’s laughing now.

  • Guest

    Except they made the movie just based on the name. 😐 . Read it.

  • Flobadob

    I know you mostly do reviews of modern cinema releases, but I love to hear what you think about comedies such as Withnail & I. For me it’s just perfect and I’ve never had a better laugh regarding ‘situational comedy’ in a film before. It openly admits it has zero plot, but their dire state as unemployed actors at the end of ‘happy hour 60’s’ gives every line a sense of weight. Don’t know if you’ve seen it (of course you have), but I’d recommend it if you haven’t. I will admit I liked Happy Gilmore “You’re gonna die clown!” and the rather strange ‘you want more sloppy joe?’ scene, but Adam Sandler seems to have taken a dive for the worse recently. Paul Thomas Anderson casting him for Punch Drunk Love was spot on and his best moment, shame he never built on that.

  • I shall make it known that I’ve just watched Pink Flamingos and now feel viciously and brutally violated…..and I loved every minute of it.

  • The spectre

    Even my dick has balls.

  • Solo4357

    Wow watching this again with the part about having the movie kill Mike kinda took on a little different meaning after the events this weekend. Not offended, don’t change it, I’m just saddened that a very funny section is now less so thanks to some crazy person. Time will fix that.

  • mick

    Please put this on youtube. Blip stutters a lot and makes me sad.

  • You cant title a movie Vampire Hunter and have as little action as that movie had. Also, vampires can’t make themselves invisible.

  • John Macleod

    I love the ‘burbs reference at the end haha he so looks like hans klopek a.k.a. hans christian anderson haha

  • boba fett

    what was the name of the music track used from the beggining of the episode till they get into the car. I MUST KNOW

  • boba fett

    what was the music in the backround from when the episode begins till they get in the car called, i must know

  • Fuck Movies

    Same here. I always thought I was just some horrible asshole for not liking Adam Sandler. I mean the Billy Madison and the Happy Gilmore and all that shit…the other kids love it. You make me feel sane. Go west, Occupy Wall Street!

  • JohnWaynman

    “What if the trauma came in the form of a bad herpes infection?”
    I’ve read kids are like 50 times more likely to get such an infection, and then be traumatized by it.

    The problems with pedophilia aren’t primarily about STDs, you clown.

  • JohnWaynman

    “the boy wouldn’t know they were traumatized”
    While there are cases where people are traumatized and don’t know it, trauma here specifically is connected to a bad experience, and if it was a pleasant experience, then, well…

    Point is, you don’t get to tell someone they’re traumatized without even knowing it, if you don’t have damn solid evidence for that (say, judging from their problematic behavior etc.).

    This is all about probabilities. Relationships between minors and adults are way too risky, there’s too much of a power imbalance, the likelihood of psychological damage is high.
    But if, in a given case, it’s completely consensual and shows NO damage, then, well, you don’t get to stand there like a zealot and insist that damage happened because it does in all those other 95% cases.

  • killbot

    Hey, nice ‘The Burbs’ reference!

  • kv11

    “their social and mental development gets all fucked up” – whoah! I came here for reviews, not in depth psychological analysis

  • killbot

    I’m glad I’m one of the 5 people in the world to get The Burbs reference!

  • If your going to write a fiction book and make a movie about a real person who’s veiws and actions are well known, don’t try and change history and force the person to be nice by todays standards! Lincoln wasn’t a rabid abolitionist, and did all the Southern HUMANS who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg just not tell anyone about the VAMPIRES? Wouldn’t the movie have been more interesting to have worked with Lincoln’s conflicted veiws of slavery, and how HIS own WIFE was from a HUGE slaveholder family, and most of them fought for the South? I know haveing him fight vampires is a HUGE deviation on history, but they play that off as part of his private life. However, when you tke tiny snippits of speeches, letters, and actions(most of them out of context), then make other real ppl do things and be places where they never where, just to feed the insane plot! The movie could have went either the “Snakes on a Plane” , OR had a deeper more complex plot that had Vampires in both the North and The South haveing their own mini-Civil War, and makes a deal to help kill the Southern Vampires just to keep the Union together, later as the Union Army is nearly ready with its well supplied Vampire armies that will slaughter the southern armies, then the ppl including slaves will be one big feast. After the South is Destroyed, they will move on to South America to feast on the ppl and slaves there. Lincoln is torn apart by his deal. On the weeks before Appomatox, he shows the vampires hiding in the ranks to Generals on BOTH sides, and they are convinced to help him kill them, and calls-up vampire hunters on both sides to make their own vampire killing reguments to kill ppl in both armies. The Vampires put aside their differences and and start killing all humans in Richmind, VA. Lincoln depends on both Grant and Lee to stop it and the succeed, but the main bad guy escapes in the evacuation of the city. But Lincoln makes the trip down there to finish him off (Lincoln DID go there against all advice and danger to himself). They meet, fight, Lincoln wins, the few surviving Vampires leave, both sides go back to fighting a normal war that the South is doomed to loose, but will not be slaughtered because Lincoln goes easy on them, and the rest is history!

  • Sandler’s Next big movie is :CANDYLAND! I’m serious, he is staring in a movie about the 4-12 old board game about colors! I mean, at least with Battleship you had battle scenes, but CANDYLAND?!?! I mean, unless you make a credible plot for it thus making it Candyland in name only(Like “Real Steel” a “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot” movie that changed the title to get Jackman to do it and appeal to a larger demo. It still says “Based upon the game RSR availible at stores everywhere during the credits) to sell products(PC, P33, Xbox, Wii, and a updated version of the board game)to kids who maybe have played the world’s most easy and simple game, or to just give Sandler another product placement movies. Just to make sure the tiny bit of credible actor dies a quick death. Fun Fact: Sandler is the ONLY actor to make the sound, “HYNEHYNEHOOONOOOHOONEEE”!

  • Astor

    Well, I did like “50 first dates” as far as “Adam Sandler movies” go.

  • indischrot

    I know I’m late to the party but I’m very curious how this episode was shot. Jay or anyone else associated with RLM, if you read this, get back to me. I have some questions about this and another, older episode. Thanks. :o)

  • OOO



  • Leigh McG

    Might wanna take that car in for a tune-up, looks like the spill suppressor is on the fritz.

  • Justin Petoskey

    The first time I watched this episode I didn’t realize what name the driver called Jay, but he’s right Jay does kind of look like Hans Klopek from the ‘Burbs. I thought that was pretty funny. look http://theburbs.wikia.com/wiki/Hans_KlopeK

  • Slow motion should be banned in cinema.

  • Yuoyop

    Holy shit, I thought I couldn’t love you guys more and then you go and reference Party Down!

  • On Adam Sandler’s hate list you got “minorities”, sure…all minorities except one…take a guess!

  • HA HAHAHAHa he called him Hans Klopeck

  • Free Food

    Please review The Hobbit. I am a New Zealander, and this country has an embarrassingly religious devotion to Peter Jackson and all that he does. We’re rather small. It would be ever so enjoyable to see your thoughts. Chur.

  • Biffa Bacon


  • Oh yeah, Adamal Sandler sure is a bully. Its people like him that makes the world worse.

  • proghead777

    The green screen wouldn’t be all that bad if it didn’t keep eating chunks of Mike’s face and the tip of Jay’s right ear. That kinda took me out of the scene, if you know what I mean. Not that it matters at fucking all. Great episode, as usual.

  • Feelitmon

    “‘Bate and switch,” heh

  • huurr

    Can you imagine the reaction to this movie if Sandler’s character was female?

  • When Richard Roeper came in, Ebert switched to the left.

  • Cereus

    Do you guys have any thoughts about “Reign Over Me” and “Funny People”? Before those movies I always found his films to be enjoyable but nothing special at their best and lazy and formulaic at their worst. It was after he did two genuinely good films (in my opinion anyway) that he seemed to go off the deep end and make stuff that was offensive not for the humour but just for being so bad.

  • Shame about Vamp Hunter, if it had been more stupid and outrageous I would have wanted to watch it. You guys tearing into Sandler is great, keep it up!

  • GenkiJAM

    Man, I wonder how much of this show is improv. You guys do such a great job that I can’t tell half the time when you’re just playing off each other. Maybe it’s just the editing.

  • LOL! He called Jay “Hans Klopek”! The first time I ever watched HITB I left a comment saying that I couldn’t get over the fact that Jay looked like Hans from The ‘Burbs. This made my day 🙂

  • Krackerjax

    So uh…. uh…. what happened to your shirt Jay? Were you attacked in the theater?

  • Adam Sandler is a technical minority as a jew.

  • hansklopek

    I’ve been waiting my whole life to pick up on a vague “The Burbs” reference, and I looked back at that shot a few times and completely agree with the Hans Klopek comparison. Well, now that my life is complete, I’ll just go kill myself via an Adam Sandler movie…but which one?

  • Waddafu

    My eyes haven’t rolled this many times since that demonic possession

  • Samuel Pérez García

    The badness is on purpose

  • AlcaldeEste

    I’m guessing that minority is right at the top of your hate list?

  • Liam Swan

    50 First Dates and Click were pretty good. I actually liked them. Then again, I saw them a while ago so maybe my memory isn’t so good.

  • G. Jardoness

    And He who moves behind the rows —- He comes for you Malachai!

    Long Live Courtney Gains!

  • I suspect that RLM might’ve used a green screen for the car scenes…

  • Lord humongous

    That Hans Klopec line was a stroke of genius.. Was always struggling with who Jay reminded me of.

  • Waldo.Pepper

    Guys Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter predates Party Down and Lincoln by nearly a decade. But in the uptight USofA – the main character could not be Jesus.


    JCVH has the best tag line. “The Power of Christ Impales you.” Even though it is an absolute shit movie.

  • Kyle

    I think this is the first time that Jay gets actually pissed at a movie.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I like how Mike and Jay really disagree about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode where one of them liked the movie and the other one didn’t, though. I would love to see that.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I failed to see Jay in that historical recreation, where was he? Or was it a joke?

  • AlcaldeEste

    The documentary is called “The Making of Milwaukee.”
    Jay Bauman is no. 2 guy from the left who gets shot. He’s wearing a yellow vest, brown wig and a fake beard.

  • Morgan Jones

    That teacher never should have had sex with a 13 year old kid but it’s hardly rape if the kid genuinely wanted it.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    the car scenery kinda takes away from the review

  • Andrew Herlihy

    He chose not to drink? I don’t trust Jay so much after that.

  • Bill

    You can see the green glow from the light bouncing off the green screen in the car, just saying

  • Dylan Grant

    It’s considered rape/molestation if the younger person is under the age of consent (normally 18), and the older is above

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    Jay and Mike are frauds!

  • Patrick

    Right, just like having sex with a passed out drunk is perfectly acceptable. Jackass

  • your name

    is that a blue screen? or youre racists?

  • akr

    you know whats kind of funny; jay describes “that’s my boy” as being “painful, repulsive, ugly, and mean spirited, and awful”. Thats the exact same reaction I had when I first saw “indiana jones and the temple of doom”

  • Patrick

    The words “good for an Adam Sandler movie” seem to circulate around Reign Over Me and Funny People, even disregarding that he had as much to do with them as he did with Punch-Drunk Love.

  • TapewormBike

    You really have a beef with that movie, don’t you?:)

  • TapewormBike

    “Once he got the beard, I was on board” Oh Jay, now we know where it all began.

  • stripeyunderpants

    I liked AL:VH the book, but never saw the movie. I was worried it would be big on special effects and low on story. I had enough of that crap with George Lucas’ 3-part crapfest.

  • christy kei rei

    that’s my boy makes me further question humanity in so many ways

  • Guest
  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That’s incredibly fucking stupid. First of all, he’s a 13 year old kid and the teacher is an adult. That’s statutory rape by law. On TOP of that, the teacher is in a position of authority over the child, which worsens the situation as it gives them extra power over the child, making it easier to manipulate them and/or force them to do things. Would you be saying this inane dribble if it were a 13 year old girl instead?

  • Leo Silva

    It’s so fucking interesting the fact they don’t have the same opinion about a movie.

  • Leo Silva

    Oh, come on, it’s so fucking funny.


    Umm, okay?

  • Don

    these guys need to start reviewing every single movie out there…. they fucking rock!

  • a_tired_dude

    Nah, Click sucked.

  • Manly Chicken

    Wait, did this episode really happen?
    It’s so realistic that I can’t tell if it’s just part of the show.

  • Ricky Spanish

    Man I miss when they did stories to connect the episodes of Half in the Bag.

  • Sam

    “Hans Klopek and Fat Guy.” Fucking genius.

  • Now I need to re-watch JCVH. Would be interesting to see Jay and Mike talk about it. There’s a lot of crazy film making choices and weirdness in there.

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    i loled at wicked big shlong… well, I’m a masshole…

  • Captain Hackfraud

    How did they not mention that Adam Sandberg had named his boy in the movie “Han Solo”? That’s right, Han Solo Berger.

  • Recreational Outrage

    I’ve tried to find the boston massacre reenactment thing Jay was in but couldn’t. Can anyone help?

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    Click was half good. Some bad writing and acting as the norm for modern Sandler films, but as soon as it gets dark it really picks up.

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