Ghostbusters 2 – Half in the Bag Commentary Track!

March 14, 2014406 Comments

Hey all, we’ve got a brand new commentary track available! In light of all the recent Ghostbusters 3 talk, Mike, Jay, and Rich revisit the first and currently only sequel to the classic 1984 original, Ghostbusters II.

You can hear the commentary track on our bandcamp page HERE:

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  • Taft you FUCK

    RIP Harold Ramis. Not sure how good Ghostbusters 3 will be without Egon Spangler.

    • bluebottle

      i’m pretty sure it will be just as terrible.

    • Jason

      I’m sure Ghostbusters 3 will be just as good as the original, if not better. I mean, Hollywood wouldn’t make a third installment on a 30 year old film just to cash-in on brand name recognition and nostalgia. That really doesn’t seem like them.

      • WrongWithYourFace

        Ahem, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull calling.

        • Lars

          No way. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was made because Spielberg and Lucas had all these ideas still waiting to burst out for decades.

          It was an artistic tour de force for everything involved. At last, the original actors and creators were reunited to take one long, lingering look at the franchise and give us a structural and intellectual reassesment of the original material. Especially Harrison Ford broke ground finding new aspects and deeper meaning in a character that we all thought had been well established long.

          It’s like Goethe when he kept working on his Faust right up until his death. In both Faust II and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull we encounter creative minds reaching their intellectual and creative peak at the height of their maturity.

          In short, WrongWithYourFace: Jason is right and you are wrong. Sorry to be blunt, but there is no alternative way of putting it without distoring the truth beyond belief.

          I hope you appreciate me being candid, but in matters like that, honesty has to be more important than the rules of courtesy.

          • WrongWithYourFace

            I apologize. I am dumb. And the delete button didn’t do my bidding.

          • Lars

            My dear good sir,
            your apology is accepted, of course. You are a true gentleman for accepting your error. I am humbled by your ability to accept defeat.

            All I can hope that I will be able to behave just as nobly if the tables are ever turned.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            In Lars I trust.

    • Percy Gryce

      There’s not going to be a Ghostbusters 3–at least not one with any of the original talent (save perhaps Ackroyd).

    • Thanatos2k

      Ghostbusters 3 was the video game.

  • Lilgreenman

    I’m not sure whether I’d hate a reboot or sequel to Ghostbusters more. Dammit, can’t we leave well enough alone?

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      The slime will be CGI, though. It’ll be great!

      • Big Mclargehuge

        It’s gonna be great. Slimer’s the key.

        • Alex Lee

          “He’s a funnier character than we’ve ever had.”

          • Big Mclargehuge

            We just need to get him working

  • Mike Jakermen

    Whats wrong with Ghostbusters 2. Sure its not as good as Ghostbusters 1. But its hardly a bad movie.

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      I understand where they’re coming from with hating Ghostbusters 2 because they wanted the franchise to take a risk, or at least try something different. A lot of the stuff RLM brings up makes sense from a story-telling standpoint; the movie isn’t bad, but it could have been SO much better. I also didn’t realize that GB 2 doesn’t have any memorable one-liners, or really any funny stuff from mid-way onward. So maybe it’s an alright movie, but it failed as a comedy.

  • Percy Gryce

    I think my period is syncing up with Mike & Jay’s because, totally randomly, I watched the first half of Ghostbusters last night.

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      When great minds get together, their periods almost always sync up.

      • ident

        Theoritically, anyway. Great minds and periods tend to be…nonsympatric, let’s say.

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          Ohhhh. Did you learn this from Dr. Scientist in “Elves”? Because…. (He’s not really a scientist.)

          • ident

            I think that degree on the wall from the University of Phoenix says otherwise, sir.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Idiomatically we call them educated.

          • ident

            You may have your universities confused. It’s one step above a diploma mill.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Ah. I can attest to that. My dick-stabbing assassin degree from Devry has been completely useless to me.

    • Striker, Ted

      It’s nothing like poetry, it doesn’t rhyme at all.

  • Lars

    Just watching the commentary track and loving it.

    Incidentally, Jay is right: Max von Sydow is pronounced like this:

    (Though the V would be more like an F, so it would roughly be pronounced like “Fawn-Seedoe”)

  • WrongWithYourFace

    Oh, man! I need to borrow the movie from my friend now!

    • Percy Gryce
      • WrongWithYourFace

        I’m too old skool for Netflix. If I want to see a movie, the first thing I do is check if it’s in the library. And my friend won’t charge me for it.

        • Percy Gryce

          I quit Netflix when it was only DVDs in the mail. And I was slow to come back for the streaming. But now having tried the streaming, it’s pretty great to have all of Star Trek and Firefly, e.g., on demand.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Don’t forget Xena!

          • ident

            We get it, you’re old. Quit bragging.

  • Chris

    Around the 40:20 mark, it sounds like someone is laughing who is neither Mike, Jay or Rich. I might also be losing my mind.

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      I think it’s Jay.

  • TapewormBike

    When I was a kid, the czech TV stations (that´s right, all three of them), had this weird habit of showing mostly sequels to great original movies. That is how I have an acquired hatred of this movie, Die Hard 2 and Robocop 2. The only one I appreciated at that time was New Batch, because, yay for Joe Dante not giving a single fuck.

    Anyway, saving this track for a rainy day (or rather a 12 hour nightshift, as is now my new tradition with HitB commentaries.). I am like 80% sure it will rock. The other 20% is reserved in case it turns out to be amazeballs.

    • Lars

      There were some TV-stations in Germany that did the same thing. I guess that these crappy sequels were much cheaper and they could still hope to draw a decent amount of viewers because of the appealing brand name in the title. (Right before the number which is a give away in regards to the quality of the actual product).

      • TapewormBike

        I figured it must have been that. It just made the waiting for the crappy soft porn movie at midnight all the more tedious.

        • Lars

          Did they place the commercials right about the time when people were in their birthday suits and ready to go on Czech TV back in the day as well?

          That was tedious. Just when you were ready to go, they’d switch to commercials and afterwards, they just had a few more seconds before switching to the next non-porn scene.

          Damn, back then, masturbation involved lots and lots of pauses. In my desperation, I sometimes switched over to the news, hoping for a female newscaster.

          • TapewormBike

            My 14yr old self feels the pains of your 14yr old self.

          • Lars

            Well, at least we were taught the virtues of patience and self-discipline.

            Something these youngsters today with their internet and fancy clothes will never be able to fully appreciate.

          • TapewormBike

            God, I cannot wait to be one of the new breed of creepy old men, shouting at kids “I been jerking it before Youpooooorn!”

          • Lars

            Yeah, we will walk into their front gardens and tap against the windows with our walking canes while shouting abuse and advice at them in front of their laptops.

            Oh, the benefits we are going to reap at old age…

          • TapewormBike

            “Y´all should get your Google Ass whooped ,´s what I say”

          • Lars

            Maybe we should get together and create a “Best of the Worst” tribute with shitty soft porn from the 70s and 80s.

            Maybe then those who came after us will understand our pain.

          • TapewormBike

            I feel like “shitty soft porn” is the most all encompassing description for most of the film production in the 80s. Hard to choose, but I like the idea.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            If BOTW did a shitty soft porn episode, that’d be hysterical.

          • TapewormBike

            You know what I want? XXX parodies of movies featured on BotW. – “Hey there sexy momma, need your wombspace oxygenated?”

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            “Only if you put your peanut butter in my chocolate, babycakes!”

          • Now I Get It

            I like how you put that in quotes, like it didn’t come directly from your own brain.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Rich Evans’ quotes speak through me.

          • Now I Get It

            I long for such a relationship with the Divine, but “So many canons, so little time.” …Hey, I just quoted myself.


          • TapewormBike

            Half of them does not even need their names changed for porn. Thunderpants, Night Beast, Alien Seed is too easy..Maybe Shapeshafter is the only one I think needed the rearrangement.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Shapeshifter will become a XXX grudge match between Furries and Bronies.

          • TapewormBike

            If there ever will be a movie with such subject, I expect the trailer narrator to say “In the world, where…” and then shoot himself.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Would that mean the Juggalos take over, then?

    • Hank

      Eh, it could be worse. In Turkey instead of getting the rights to the great American films or even the sequels, they just made their own, but with laughably bad quality. The Turkish versions of Star Wars and Superman are forever imbedded in my mind

      • Alex Lee

        Suddenly, the bootleg industry doesn’t sound so evil.

  • Som

    ah, i was wondering what movie to watch tonight and you answered my prayers … badly …. what a shite movie .. :P

  • Lars

    Just watched the commentary, but unfortunately it ended before the final song came on.

    I don’t have own words that could describe this experience, so let me put it this way: I’ve heard things you people wouldn’t believe.

  • Thanatos2k

    That slapped on Rich Evans picture makes me crack up every time

  • KarmikCykle

    I don’t know why I laughed at “Milwaukee” being one of the tags.

  • Redblaze27

    Convert the Dialogue recorded for Ghostbusters The Video Game and use it to make Ghostbusters 3 as a CG Film.

    Ghostbusters The Video Game >>>>>>>>> Ghostbusters 2.

  • fragmer

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • redletterjay

    Read the descriptions on the bandcamp pages. They all say when to start.

    • shouji

      could you think about maybe not having that music in the background, as we already have the movie audio listen to.

    • ident

      Could you think about making the background music louder? The dialogue hurts my soul.

  • Alexandria Sanders

    this is going to be a good night

  • Hale

    Oh boy, gonna try seeing it with Netflix. Hopefully my computer won’t spaz out uncontrollably because I dare to have two windows open.

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      Can you play the mp3 on itunes while watching Netflix? I played mine with headphones on my ipod while watching this on Netflix. Mike’s heavy breathing was GREAT.

      • Hale

        For once, my computer didn’t commit virtual suicide, but that is a great idea for next time.

        • Domo_Konnichiwa


  • Kevin Eakes

    Just some random nerd movie knowledge: the actor that played Vigo, Wilhelm von Homburg, you can see quite well as one of Hans’ henchmen in Die Hard, and in one of my favorite movies, Diggstown, with James Woods. He was actually a boxer and quite a famous playboy type in Germany. Also, I read somewhere that the film score for this movie is lost or possibly destroyed, but no one knows where it is to distribute on CD or anything. It’s nice in it’s own way. The review was a bit harsher than I expected, but still entertaining as always. :-)

  • Tyler

    Never, they hate us.

    • AlienFanatic

      Well, we are a contemptible lot.

  • TapewormBike

    And a videogame.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Does my Ghostbusters 3 dream also count as a sequel?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Rocketboy1313

    The revised “Extreme Ghostbusters” cartoon from the 90′s was great. The characters were diverse, but that was to make the action figures more diverse, they all had good personalities and voice actors.
    They had updated equipment that still looked like it was cobbled together, and it has a better sequel hook than “Ghostbusters II”, with Egon working as a college professor and enlisting his students to help save the world. They even had the old Ghostbusters come back for the series finally where they convert a fire truck into a giant proton blaster and a dump truck into a giant trap to catch a ghost the size of an island.

    • Big Mclargehuge

      Though I did question the altruism of their equal opportunities policy when they had a guy in a wheelchair. When I think, haunted house, I’m not thinking they have considered accesible entrances

      Just saying, he ain’t climbing the stairwell up to Dana Barret’s apartment to face Zuul…

      • Rocketboy1313

        That is an issue in one episode, I think it was an old NYU Dormitory that had no wheelchair access. So he stayed on the ground floor, got a vantage point, and relayed directions about the building via walky talky with the help of the school staff.
        They used what they wrote.

      • Rocketboy1313

        That actually comes up several times. He is thrown out of his chair, he is unable to go into an NYU dorm, and he sometimes can’t keep up with the group. They treat the disability as a disability, in many ways that is very respectful of how disabled people can contribute while still having limitations.
        Kind of in contrast to someone like Daredevil, whose powers so effectively replace his sight that his blindness is barely an element of the story.

    • boobio

      Extreme Ghostbusters was dogshit, burn in Hell!

  • ident

    Is it really a sequel if it’s on a different medium? It’s more like fan fiction with a bigger a budget.

    • SeekerLancer

      Well it had the original actors and writers so calling it fan fiction would be going a little far.

      • ident

        Hyperbole. It hits you like a sledgehammer.

      • Cameron Vale

        ‘Spinoff’ would be most accurate.

  • SeekerLancer

    There already is a Ghostbusters 3. It was the video game, which was pretty damn good. They should leave it at that.

  • Ogrot

    Rich Evans hates that rap in Ghostbusters 2 because it reminds him of that time he wasn’t cool about fire safety.

    • Ogrot

      Too soon?

  • Muthsarah

    Oh c’mon, Ghostbusters 2 isn’t THAT bad. As far as sequels go, it’s actually one of the better ones. Murray’s still funny. Not AS funny, but still quality. Peter MacNichol is great. The rest…derivative. But had Ghostbusters 2 somehow been the first movie…totally decent.

    I know, 20+ year old apologia, but still. Needs to be said. Not one of the best sequels, but FAR from the worst. The characters are still fun, the new ghosts are interesting. New supporting characters are fun, same as in the first movie.

    Seriously, comedy’s fallen so far since 1989. How can you hate on this movie, unless you ONLY wanna view it in comparison to the first. Decent movie. Only bad in comparison to the almost-legendary first.

    • Wildo

      Yeah! “C’mon!”

  • Muthsarah

    And c’mon, the underground/railway scene isn’t creepy? That’s an awesome scene. The heads-on-pikes, the disappearing echo, the ghost train coming outta nowhere. You don’t need Venkman for that. Scene ain’t supposed to be funny. It’s short, fast-paced, and creepy as hell. BEST SCENE in the movie.

  • Muthsarah

    Seriously, you guys are so negative. The Statue of Liberty scene(s) don’t deserve this level of hate. I get the hatred of everything below the standards of quality 80s stuff, but you can do so much worse than this. It’s cheesy, sure, but I just don’t understand why you’re hating on everything here. Possessed Statue of Liberty goes down the street…and you’re commenting on the the physical strength of the street, and saying this makes the movie into THE WORST.

    I LOVE the first Ghostbusters. But even I am not this much of a hard-ass. And just two hours ago, I was under the impression that I was. I feel so….reasonable now. And I kinda don’t like it. And I really don’t like how you guys have collectively made me feel so reasonable. This isn’t what I paid one dollar for. I didn’t want my whole reality shattered.

  • Kram Sacul

    re: the movie not establishing New York is full of negative energy and a-holes

    The opening shot of Dana walking down the street makes it kind of clear that the city is full of negative energy with people yelling and insulting eachother. This ties in with how the mood slime materialized under the street and how Vigo gains his strength. It’s not really brought up again through the rest of the movie but it’s there in the beginning.

    • Joe Syxpac

      The problem is that’s normal for New York.

      They don’t establish that there is more negative energy than normal.

      • Kram Sacul

        That is true. They didn’t push it that far.

  • Manpuppy

    Wish I could buy this and listen, but paypal refuses to let me checkout without making an account. Even when I unclick and use an e-mail that has never had paypal, it won’t let me. I have no idea why so many companys use it.

  • Mk Ultra

    They fucking KILLED him.
    Oh wait a minute that’s alternate plinkett from the half in the bag universe that doesn’t matter as much as the true plinkett from the original reviews.
    Shit what’s next? CGI plinkett?

  • Kenshiroh

    How exactly are they “Wrong”? They discussed the video game in this commentary.

  • Kenshiroh

    Here is some info about the GBII deleted scenes:

    In the extended version the TV commercial the Ghosbusters make to advertise that they are back in business, they say “twice” a lot. Perhaps this was meant to explain why their logo changed to the “peace sign” logo. (But that’s just a guess on my part.)

  • Kenshiroh

    This behind the scenes video shows how they were originally going to have the Vigo painting come to life. I think this looks much better than what they ended up doing in the final movie (just having Vigo’s head floating there over the river of slime when the painting talks).

  • mikeohare

    I wholeheartedly agree with Jay on the subject of the Austin Powers sequels. Instead of throwing away everything established in the first movie, they should have made a sequel where Austin has a wife and kid, nd has to save the world without using his mojo at all, which he would have no idea how to do. Wouldn’t that be a funnier take on a spy spoof?

  • joel floris

    I am shocked and disgusted at the level of hate you guys all apparently have for this. I don’t believe that in 89 any of you were this pretentious enough to hate this move. I can tell from listening to this that there is some love there for it. But like most of your reviews, you throw around words like shit, bad, and awful…..and then go on to say you like a lot of it. I personally love Ghostbusters 1…and I love this one just as much.

    • Hale

      Oh no, they don’t like something you like!

      While I doubt they disliked the movie to the same degree then as they do now, I’m sure with age they were able to better articulate their problems with the movie and find even more stuff they didn’t enjoy. People’s opinions tend to change over time, especially opinions they had as a kid.

    • ident

      I liked this movie as a kid. I owned it. I watched it many times. I tried to watch it a few months ago and turned it off after 20 minutes. It’s called growing up.

      • Guest

        Growing up to be an asshole?

        • ident

          Because only assholes don’t like movies you like.

    • Tea Party Patriot 4 Obama

      I was a teenager in ’89 and most everyone I knew thought the movie was terrible. Even the elementary school kids ruthlessly bullied any kid who went to school with a Ghostbusters II lunch box.

      I thought the commentary did a good job explaining what made Ghostbusters so unique compared to Ghostbusters II.

  • Andreas Rayo Kniep

    Guys, I really like a lot of your stuff…
    … but this commentary is just plain sloppy! Exactly like you assess the screenwriting of the movie to be!
    It’s really bothering that the comments hardly ever match the video, the background-music is simply annoying (why can’t we here the audio of the movie play in the background like in normal commentaries), and you obviously being bored of watching this movie made me stop listening to this!
    I love Ghostbusters2, but I was really interested in your comments about it. Just as I like I like the Star Trek TNG movies, but I was also very intrigued and amused by your Mr. Plinkett’s reviews of them. In this case, however, watching the movie for the 20th time is a much better way of spending time than your commentary! There is no interesting content, just bored voices and stupid music.
    You can go much better, guys!

  • J from Raleigh

    I never realized how much Bill Murray wasn’t a part of this film. He’s never really with the main Ghostbusters group.

    I think it’s hilarious that so many people are butt hurt that you ripped this movie a new one. It’s a pretty bad movie.

    Also, I think the scene where they investigate the painting the first time equals when they investigated Dana and her apartment.

    The Bobby Brown song was my favorite jam that year.

    Gotta agree, the background music is annoying. Take it out please.

  • DisqusHound

    There already was a Ghostbusters 3….it was the Ghostbusters Video Game on PS3 and XBox 360. Written by Aykroyd and Ramis, has the entire cast, with the exceptions of Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis. And the story itself involves the ghost of Ivo Shandor, the Gozer cultist who built the temple at the end of the first movie.

    Hell, they even got Max Von Sydow to cameo as Vigo the Carpathian in a humorous little scene.

    • ident

      Hmm, you’re switching mediums. Why not count the TV show as Ghostbusters 3, then? Or the comic books? Or Dan Akroyd’s interpretive dance prequel The Short Life and Eternal Death of John T. Slimer?

      • DisqusHound

        Because the video game shared writers, shared cast and shared continuity with both Ghostbusters movies.

        In the same vein, the Star Wars books written after Return of the Jedi are all canon. JJ Abrams can kiss my arse.

        • Hale

          Shared writers and cast justifies the game as a sequel moreso than most other Ghostbuster-media, but by that logic, I don’t think most EU Star Wars material really counts, unless Lucas and other writers who worked on the original movies also penned some of the extra media.

          I know Lucas makes the claim the EU stuff is generally canon or whatever, but that has been reversed in the past. Take Boba Fett’s (supposed) origin before the prequels were released. Hell, lots of stuff that was all fine and canon with the movies before the prequels either had to be ignored or retconned.

  • Mk Ultra

    If it weren’t because I’ve seen bits of this dog pile on TV I wouldn’t even remember it existed. No wonder I never wtached all of it. It played like a safe boring knock-off of the original GB. But god damn I watched all of it for the first time. Fucking wheelof the worst has conditioned me to sit through shit movies. Rich’s laughter is starting to soothe me. WTF is happening to me? HEEEELP

  • DisqusHound

    Also….Vigo and the river of slime was just a coincidence. The slime was conjured by Ivo Shandor as a way to fuel his portal to bring Gozer over. It just happened to bring ghosts back based on negative feelings. Hence Vigo springs out from his painting, and the Scolari brothers are conjured from the judge’s memories of them.

  • Alexa

    Hate to say it, well actually not really, but I love this movie. Obviously not as great as the first one, it does have weaker writing, but its not “terrible” as you guys say. It was just a fun movie for me. Murray is still very funny, everyone is giving a pretty good performance and it still had some genuinely creepy moments. And yes, they’re doing what they did before, but at least its no Splash Too. And yeah there is a sequel to Splash…

    • ident

      Whenever a movie can be reduced to “just a fun movie”, that’s a great indication that it has serious technical problems (e.g. story, plot, characterization, editing, etc.) that would cause many people to disagree. There are movies I, too, think are “just fun”, but that just means there are reasons exterior to the movie that cause me to like it in spite of itself. Movies that I watched as a kid or happened to hit home with whatever was going on in my life at the time. I won’t even give examples because I know these “just a fun movie” movies are indefensible.

  • RalphCifaretto

    Ghostbusters 2 isn’t nearly as good as the first one. But I don’t think it’s as terrible as these guys think it is.

  • Christopher Kulik

    For those of you who want to pay for the commentary but not the movie, here is a free YouTube version in German ( The background music is annoying, but the boys’ trivia and lines are awesome.

    “Why do anything?” — Mike

  • Cameron Vale

    I do like Ghostbusters 2, but hearing it dissected this way makes me realize that it’s mostly for reasons calculated to achieve that end. But I don’t think I agree that this movie was paying any serious deference to the cartoon show, because it fucked over the cartoon show in at least one way; it transferred Janine’s love interest from Egon to Louis.

  • DanimalCollective

    The only reason I have this DVD is because it came with the box set (the shiny green one) and I got it as a gift. Thanks for giving me a reason to watch it, because I otherwise would have never used it.

    Now do commentary tracks for Vegas Vacation, Neverending Story II, and the Substitute II through IV so I have an excuse to watch these movies that I own because I only wanted one movie out of the multi-pack.

  • Gene Parmesan

    I find it hilarious that they have mentioned Cone heads in two commentary tracks.

  • Roach Queen

    I LOVE Ghostbusters II. It’s not a bad movie. It’s just a not-as-good movie.

    • DisqusHound

      I LOVED it as a kid…and as an adult, I think it’s just “okay”.

      I always did get the impression that Bill Murray was distant…I always assumed it was Venkman just being a cynical asshole. Think about it…in the five years between movies, the Ghostbusters were “sued by every state, county, and city agency in New York”, reduced to working childrens’ birthday parties, and he lost Dana to another guy, who scrammed when she got pregnant.

      Though for the life of me I don’t understand why everybody in New York stopped believing in the supernatural, what with the 100 foot tall food mascot stomping his way down the street.

      It’s even more bothersome than everyone in Transformers 2 conveniently forgetting about the giant robot civil war that tore up Los Angeles in the first movie.

    • Duckler

      I saw it in the theater as a kid (11/12) and no, it wasn’t bad. As an adult, it isn’t actively bad, but it’s just not what it should have been.

  • DisqusHound

    The ghost train is a callback to the news montage in the first movie. News reporter: “Heck, my grandmother would spin yarns about a spectral locomotive that would rocket past the farm where she grew up.”

    • Christopher Kulik

      Wow! Didn’t even make that connection. Incidentally, there was a British horror movie I saw on TCM one day called THE GHOST TRAIN (1941), pretty good.

  • Mr Bighead

    I laughed out loud when Jay was theorizing that Egon had to fuck the slime tanks in order to positively charge them. RIP HR.

    Ghostbusters 2 is definately consistent with the production ethos of the time when it came to sequels. Such a shame because there was potential there. Great scene ideas like the slime filled subway, the haunted painting etc. The guys are harsh but largely fair in their comments. I’m glad they acknowledge Janosz though, he has the best lines in the film which I often use in everyday situations. Such as…

    “Soon the world will be mine and Vigo’s, well mostly Vigo’s.”
    “Everything you’re doing is bad, I want you to know this”
    “Oh but I woo.”
    “Quite enjoy”
    “So why are you came?”
    “A child.” (in Janosz voice)

  • Kenny Boutot

    First off, ditch your background music. It’s just the worst. How you feel about The Statue of Liberty scene is how I feel about your background music.
    Next, I know Rich and Jay constantly posit that they rewatched the movie exclusively to prepare for this, but wow half the commentary is you guys not knowing what’s going on. Yes, it’s a rehash, yes, there are massive plot holes, but you question plot points throughout that are explained.
    You complain about the movie not being clever, but this is a weak commentary. You get lazy in the way you criticize this very quickly.
    On the cartoon notes, it was far better than this movie. It was character driven, and actually plays the original movie as a “Based on the True Story” film within the cartoon universe, which I think is pretty genius.
    Lastly, I know it’s terrible, but I LOVE the Run DMC Ghostbusters II theme. I don’t know why. I’m not proud of it.

    • ident

      First off, love the background music. It’s just the best. Can it be louder? I can still hear the stupid words in the movie and I feel like they’re infecting me with whatever this guy has.

      • Kenny Boutot

        Your brain makes leaps in astounding ways. Please go watch a Madea movie and solve world hunger.

        • ident

          Are you trying to say Madea movies are the films they show at the “Home” clinics now where they euthanize people and turn them into Soylent Green to feed to the hungry people of the world? If so, I would prefer the nature documentary. Is that no longer an option? Or did my brain just make another astounding leap?

      • Wildo

        First off, keep starting sentences with “first off”.

        • ident

          First off, you shouldn’t just read a reply in isolation. You lose the context and you end up saying things like you said. Secondarologically, I smell almonds.

          • Wildo

            Secondly, “Secondarologically” isn’t a word.

          • ident

            Are you sure? I checked my dictionatomy and it’s quite clearly listed between secedarianism and secretimonious.

          • Wildo

            Oh yeah, I forgot. It’s right under Suck my Balls.
            Love that dictionary!

          • ident

            “Secondarologically” would be above “Suck my Balls”.

          • TapewormBike

            You made me do a voicesmile in my roomatorium!

    • dollar store cashier wife

      how about replacing the current music with I Squeeze Gats on a loop

  • Jordan

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • Jeremy Davis

    everytime I hear Rich Evans laugh, I make a mess in my pantaloons. This, of course, leads to the inevitable question… “Why am I drippings with goo?”

  • Guest

    Hey anyone want to go in one the 18 pack, I am not Jewish but you never know.

    • ident

      Who gets the yarmulke?

    • Jason Ross

      That website looks like it was built by a ree ree.

  • cabbo

    I remember watching the film as a kid (a very young kid) and being terrified of that baby snatching scene. about twenty years later, A bunch of my friends and I were watching shit on youtube a good bit into a drunk week. I brought up that scene and how terrifying it was, someone agreed, and we watched it and pissed ourselves. Mostly from laughing.

  • Wildo

    The dancing toaster scene I’m pretty sure is the equivalent of the twinkie scene in the first one. The extra scene at the end with the mayor has the Ghostbusters asking for permission to go to the Statue of Liberty, but it was cut in editing in favor of a surprise hard cut to the SoL. Also in the original script, Hardemeyer was absorbed into the slime mold at the end of the movie; a la Peck getting drenched in marsh-mellow.
    In fact the negative/positive mood reactions actually harp back to Venkman’s study in the first scene of the first movie.

  • Kishi Jugo

    Wanna make this movie instantly turn straight insane?

    All the slime in the film is actually a stand-in for blood. You have the two murderers who issue forth from the vial of blood in the courtroom. All the blood becomes animated when people get their blood up, so to speak. If the blood is on their clothes they get angry and almost come to blows. You have the shot with the blood flowing out of the museum doors just like the blood issuing from the elevator in the shining.

    On top of that you get a river of blood under the city which is similar to the one Dante finds in hell under the city of Dis that burns up and submerges violent murderers.

    “And Cain said to Abel his brother: Let us go forth abroad. And when they
    were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and slew him. And the Lord said to Cain: Where is thy brother Abel? And he answered, I know not: am I my brother’ s keeper? And he said to him: What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’ s blood crieth to me from the earth.” Cain murdered his brother out of envy at the acceptable sacrifice he made to God. The ghostbusters murder vigo in the midst of what they perceive to be unacceptable sacrifices and whatnot. Certainly Cain would have perceived Abel’s sacrifice as unacceptable.

    With this analogy, believe it or not, you then get a spooky parallel with the french revolution. The french revolution was born out of a specious cry for Liberty and the blood of untold numbers of opponents who perished famously by the blade of the guillotine. In one instance even, some of the architects of the revolution Christened a lady of the night the godess of Liberty and took her to a church where they put her on the altar. Ghostbusters 2 concludes with our heroes spraying a lady of liberty with blood. This blood gives her life and this goddess trounces the bland superstitious vague medieval European bad guy and his altar back to Europea.

    As slime the movie makes no sense. When it becomes blood it makes so much twisted sense you want to cry yourself to sleep every night for the rest of your life. I mean to go further The villain of the story is completely Dracula and Peter Macnicol is just Renfield right? Macnicol actually played Renfield in Brooks’ Dracula: Dead and Loving it. In this light the Ghostbusters themselves become weird vampires who offer the blood of the dead to their weird liberty goddess. Egon has sex with blood even.

    Dan Akroyd isn’t just nuts now. He’s been nuts for a long time folks, and so has everyone in Hollywood. Get out while you still can.

    People think “the truth is stranger than fiction,” is a cliche. The truth of things is so incomprehensible it turns the mind inside out backwards and reverse and makes it explode. Remember, you heard it here, on this obscure comment section on the internet, first, for no apparent reason.

    • Wildo

      “never studied…..”

      • TapewormBike

        HA! I fiund iou Wildo!

        • Wildo

          Yup, here I am in all my digital glory….
          who is this…?

          • TapewormBike

            Well, nice to meet you. I am a guy who makes apparently not very obvious jokes based on stranger´s nicks:)

          • Wildo

            Oh, no…that’s me. That’s what I do.

          • TapewormBike

            God, I finally met my match. Knives, pistols or dwarf dachsunds?

          • Wildo


          • TapewormBike

            Wait what? Trying to name a lo-fi punk band here.

          • Wildo

            Oh…I thought we we’re going to beat each other to death.
            Winner is king of the Internet.

          • TapewormBike

            Presuming Rich Evans gives up the title willingly of course.

          • Wildo

            a man can dream.

    • Mk Ultra

      Yup. That’s exactly what I thought.

    • Kishi Jugo

      Um, allow me to point out an odd coincidence between this commentary and your other recent AVP commentary. At the heart of Ghostbusters 2 is the Dantean river of blood below the city. In the Inferno, this river travels all the way down to the very bottom of hell where it pools into a massive frozen lake where the devil is frozen forever. In AVP there is a frozen place below the earth where the queen alien is frozen forever. On the surface there is an abandoned frozen whaling station. Job compared the devil to leviathan which resembles a giant sea creature not unlike a whale. “Canst thou draw out the leviathan with a hook, or canst thou tie his tongue with a cord?”

  • ident

    How many joyless sociopaths are saying this right now about Howard the Duck?

    • TapewormBike

      That one scarred me when I was kid. Although it might have been because the second half of it was retaped by my uncle with crappy german porno.

  • playdude92 .

    Bill Murray didn´t tell the creators of this to fuck off, so it must be good, right?

  • JOnn

    When is the Things commentary coming out? I think that RLM comments might make that movie watchable.

  • Torgos_Giant_Knees

    At the time, there was “Masters of the Universe” branded slime being sold that was green, so the “Ghostbusters” toy people needed to differentiate themselves somehow. That’s my theory behind the pink versus green slime, anyway. I also predict that Ecto 3.0 will be a Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt.

  • Gordon Chapman-Fox

    I can’t believe I just listened to a commentary track for a film I’ve only ever seen once, 20+ years ago. Thanks guys!

  • Drain

    Great commentary. It made me realize what a cash grab and copy/paste the movie was. Since I was never really a fan of these and didn’t see them once in probably 15 years, I didn’t know much about them.

  • Freak #1

    Lord. Now I have this film’s garbage soundtrack stuck in my head.

  • Paul Garrison

    The commentary tracks are great! Keep them coming!

  • Chuck Burly

    You dinks. What possessed you to think your commentary needed background music? It never was needed on DVDs, MST3K or countless Youtube videos. The person that suggested that to you as necessary is a dope.

    Good work otherwise!

    • ident

      I asked them to put it in. They owed me since that one time with the thing.

      • Chuck Burly

        Goddamn you George Lucas! Must you put your effects in everything!

    • Rob Rose

      it’s stylistically designed to be that way.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I get that you guys didn’t like Ghostbusters 2, and that’s fine. I liked it, though. Janosz and Egon did have some of the best jokes, and that painting of Vigo the Carpathian is one of the coolest prop pieces in any movie. Also, this is my favorite part of the movie:

    He’s talking trash to his own god. To me, that’s brilliant.

  • mikeohare

    Man of Steel had a 37 year old woman as it’s leading lady, just saying.

  • Pingback: wyposażenie biura

  • Greg G Gould

    Good news everyone. Ghostbuster 2 has an official release date for blu-ray. 9/16/14, and it’s not a bare-bones release this time. It has deleted scenes, a Bobby Brown music video, and a round table discussion by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd. Now, I just need UHF to come out on blu-ray.

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  • Pork Frankins

    Everyone in the world that is not Rich Evans needs to get “STFU” tattooed on their foreheads. That way Rich Evans will know what to do at all times.

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