George Lucas Kills Star Wars

August 31, 2012222 Comments

This shocking VHS footage was discovered inside the case of a clamshell copy of The Little Mermaid purchased from a Goodwill in Gary, Indiana. It seems to depict a person who may or may not be George Lucas traveling around the world and destroying as many VHS copies of the original Star Wars trilogy as he can. It is unlikely that this footage was ever meant to be seen by the public.

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  • Calastir

    It’s him! Definitely! Damn you George!

  • asdfjkl

    Death by magnifying glass was the best

  • Saruma

    You’ll never find my copies George! Too bad I no longer have a VCR to watch them with.

  • Guest

    HALF IN THE BA- aw, shit.

  • pizzaroll

    Hey plinky , where’s the new reviews? There’s plenty o terrible films left untouched still.



  • Normal Dale

    I love you guys.

  • It was nice of George to edit the incriminating evidence before re-recording it onto this invaluable tape you found. There’s no stopping him!

  • thelionroars

    This begs the question, why were you looking inside a clamshell copy of The Little Mermaid…

  • Every shot of this is so dense, there’s so much going on.

  • Driver

    Thanks for this! All I have is the “George Lucas Kills Star Wars – Special Edition” on where the tape of ESB shoots at George first, and also the Blu-Ray edition when George yells “NOOOOOOO!” as he lifts the cinder block into the air.

  • me

    I want Rich Evans in my bed in that George Lucas costume. The things it does to me… Letterbox me, George. Letterbox me hard.

  • Bassbait

    I would have preferred more “George Lucas raped my childhood” stuff.

  • mrpepre

    rich evans IS george lucas!

  • Mark

    Why would he film his own crimes? That’s what dumb teenagers do.

  • Leo Ladenson

    My God, he even killed Empire.

    If it’s any consolation, he raped it first.

  • eyespy

    Take them to get copied on DVD.

    It’s so awesome to see the original films, even on the shit quality of VHS to DVD transfer.

  • Guest

    Lucas shot first

  • Mick Travis

    Academy voters, for your consideration….Rich Evans for Best Actor in….SPACE COP

  • Drink Coca-Cola every day

    Enough with Star Wars and enough with George Lucas. I do love your work RLM, but please don’t post Plinkett trailers three months in advance and fill your site with stupid things like the Plinkett animated series. Also, this video player sucks 🙁

  • guest

    Did it hurt you to destroy those original releases as much as it hurt me to watch them being destroyed? Or were they fakes? Nice job on the mockups then, they look like my copies from forever ago.

  • Guest

    The best part about RLM is they don’t care what idiots like you think. They release what they want when they want.

  • Muthsarah

    Wait…who filmed this? Why would Lucas let someone film him doing this, and let casually let the video go? And after putting in those special effects? No, no, this doesn’t add up at all.

  • marvinfalz

    That laughter at the end is scary.

  • Gus

    Store a copy of this somewhere safe. This footage will soon be re-released in DVD as “George Lucas Kills Star Wars – The Special Final Definitive Deluxe Collectors Edition”, with digitalized hi-def cleanup, non-anamorphic 4:3 video frame, Dolby 2.0 Digital Surround sound, a CGI Rick McCallum in the background and commentary track by Steven Spielberg. George himself will be edited to have his beard removed and his body will be replaced by Hugh Jackman’s. The package will be completed by 7 bonus discs with behind the scenes, making of, the trailer of “George Lucas Kills Indiana Jones” and a very emotional speech of George delivered in the backyard of his home in Marin County, CA, calling all Americans to stop being racist and buy a copy of “Red Tails” (which will also be re-released with new footage featuring Samuel L. Jackson. Jar Jar Binks will be added digitally in the role of a Jamaican liaison officer in the US Army). Cheers.

  • JM

    What a plowthole! Lucas is recording himself on a VHS while destroying VCRs? So, he’s not going to destroy the one that belongs to him? Meh.

  • JM

    Why not s George Lucas in Rich Evans costume?

  • JM

    So they act just like George Lucas?

  • elitist hick

    ya’ll is some straight up harley riders

  • deejay

    Draging that table to all those locations must have been a pain.

  • here_we-go_again

    The best part about RLM is the comment section where people like to post their “acurate” presumptions about what RLM crew really does or does not think.
    Let the whiners whine.Who cares.
    RLM for president!

  • here_we-go_again


  • here_we-go_again

    Plowthole indeed.

  • here_we-go_again

    That’s some awesome soundtrack!

  • here_we-go_again

    Egomaniacal narcissism.
    He likes to masturbate while watching himslef destroying those videos.

  • here_we-go_again


  • here_we-go_again

    Jar Jar Binks filmed him.

  • here_we-go_again

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • Mick Travis

    Fuck you Rick Berman!

  • Poodoo

    Somebody likes to read his own comments.

  • drunkard

    President. of SPAAAAAAAAACE

  • Well… he/she uses the pseudonym “here we go again”

  • Pinky Dinky Doo

    Really? Another “found footage” movie? I’m really tired of that whole genre. Why the bad green screening? Shooting at real locations looks better and adds much more depth to the scene. The bad effects are really jarring and completely take me out of the story. Speaking of which, where was the character arc? The plot just seems to be a series of “things that happen.”


  • Dapur

    It’s like poetry, they rhyme.

  • Guys, I love what you do and constantly recommend your work to my friends who are struggling with their screenplays, but seriously. Can we move on? There’s nothing left of the dead horse but a greasy stain. What about the other villains of cinema? As you say, there are so many more bad movies to review…

  • here_we-go_again

    Egomaniacal narcissism 😉

  • Shane Nolan

    is he going to do the reviews he mentioned in the ending of the indy 4 review? ie, the matrix sequels and twilight series or even terminator 3 and 4.I miss plinkitt even though half in the bag is good for recent movies i need another old series that was bad to be garbaged.

  • asdfjkl

    Naw, Lucas is a villain of cosmic proportions – who has contempt for his
    fans and his own creations. As long as he continues tinkering with Star
    Wars and crapping out terrible movies like Red Tails, he needs



  • The Guy That Knows His S**t

    Look guys, and mind you that this is coming from the mouth of a longtime fan, I really think you are teetering on the edge of overdoing the George Lucas/Star Wars rage skits.

    I know how much it’s a part of your identity, but at this point you are just beating a dead horse, chopping its neck in half with a samurai sword, pouring gasoline over it’s dead body, lighting it on fire, and throwing it’s dead carcass over a cliff to smash into primordial ooze on the rocks below. It’s just overkill.

    Just one of the your Plinkett Reviews has enough word power to shut the mouths of just about anyone who has ever tried to defend the SW prequels. But there, you conveyed a message, an intelligent one, and a memorable one at that. Where as here, you are just rehashing used footage from an earlier video all in a needless attempt to illustrate a point that you already made very well before. Leave it at that.

    There’s no substance to Rich Evans dressed in a Lucas costume and mindlessly destroying pieces of cinematic art. Almost anyone can do that. But there are very few people that can make points as clever or as entertaining as the ones you have made on this subject previously. I think the intelligent people get the point. George Lucas is a hack. WE GOT IT.

    In the end, I am just afraid this is all you guys think you are. I know the need you felt to revisit the Lucas problem with the Crystal Skull video, and again, you said things that needed to be said. But now, I only hope that you can put yourself on a new path and create something we DON’T expect. And right now, those hopes are dashed by this juvenile video…

    Restore my faith RedLetterMedia. I dare you too…

  • Rick Rickerson

    It’s like poetry. It rhymes

  • Rick Rickerson

    What is it with Ricks?

  • The Guy Who Knows His S**t

    Yes, I know. Your not the only one that has made that reference a BILLION TIMES.

  • guest

    Here’s a thought: maybe they just do things they think are funny. And what faith do they need to restore? Who are you? There’s been 37 episodes of Half in the Bag, very few of which have had anything to do with Lucas or Star Wars (except for an episode about a current documentary about the man). They’ve also done feature films and short films that have nothing to do with Star Wars and hell, there’s more Plinkett reviews that AREN’T about Star Wars than ones that are.

    Poking fun at Star Wars/George Lucas is just one thing they do in addition to the numerous other things they’ve done over the last couple of years. Get over yourself.

  • boo

    Their fake George Lucas is an established character in the RLM universe at this point. It’s like saying “geez, enough with Plinkett already” or “can you stop putting FuckBot into things every once in a while?”

  • asdfjkl

    Man you put a lot of time into that post – now will you shut up and go away

    Just because there is a comments section here does not mean that ANYONE wants or needs your analysis on the free content here

    If you’re such an expert – go make your own shit

  • stagpool

    I like when people begin their long complaining messages with “I’m a longtime fan,” like they’re trying to guilt the actual creative people into doing exactly what they want. Sorry, fella, but that’s not how creativity works.

    In reality, it just makes you look like a tool.

  • The Guy That Knows His S**t

    Wow… I really thought I could express my honest thoughts in a way that was respectable but apparently being an asshole is the only way you can get some respect around here.

    So what, I am not a fan simply because I expressed discontent towards ONE thing about them? What world do you idiots live in? No one is immune to criticism. Not me, not RLM, no one. Get into the real world you pricks, not everybody is a mindless sheep that follows the herd. If you have an opinion, I respect it. But if you have a baseless and senseless rebuttal against someone that wasn’t even calling you out, than don’t respond at all.

    I guess RLM is just like every other place on the Internet these days…

  • stagpool

    How is saying “I’m a big fan of your work, but you should really stop doing what I don’t think you should be doing” and then ending your post by declaring that RLM needs to win your faith back in any way respectful? They need to win your faith back because of one tiny video (it’s literally a minute long) that’s essentially just outtakes from a much longer and very funny and creative episode of their well-established series? You’re an armchair quarterback that seems to think you’re owed something.

    And as someone below already pointed out, RLM has done so much more than just mock George Lucas that your long-winded complaint about this one specific aspect of what they do makes you look like a nitpicky jerk.

    You are right though, this comments section is just like every other place on the internet these days, and it’s because of people like you that seem to think you’re owed some sort of respect for your criticisms because you declare yourself a fan.

    It’s not your criticisms that people are making fun of you for, it’s your attitude.

  • boo

    You post a bunch of entitled rambling and tell Red Letter Media they need to win your respect back, then get called out on it, then backtrack and try to say you were just giving “respectful criticism.” If you’re going to act like a whiny entitled fanboy, at least stick to your guns about it.

  • Murderin Murphy

    I don’t think that’s the real George Lucas.

  • Wow, I’m at the top of the comments for a RLM video. Fuck the pain away.

  • gala4711

    You are not getting the point. The SW Pinklett reviews are about the prequels themselves whereas Lucas-Bashing like the new HITB an the new “Found Footage” scenes are against George Lucas altering the original 3 films constantly and trying to suppress the originals.
    George Lucas said the originals will only live some decades more untill VHS will be worn out and only his “newer, better” ones will be available to the public.
    Too bad you didn’t understand the difference and why the exageration RLM did on “GL destroying” the old VHS originals is a legit and fun thing

  • We_all_”know”_our_s**t

    “I’m not a racist,but…”

  • We_all_”know”_our_s**t

    Here’s a dollar.
    Go buy yourself a sense of humor.

  • asdfjkl

    Hey dipshit – all they did was post fuller edits of their Lucas footage from the last Half in the Bag. Get over yourself

  • Stoopid

    Well its a good thing this guys face exploded, otherwise who knwos what would have happened. Maybe every VHS tape ever would have eventually been destroyed. Not just Star Wars.

  • thegregster101

    i love the pistol whip at the end.

  • Steve B.

    hilarious AND surprisingly easy to masturbate to!

  • hater

    Stoklosa, you are so lazy. You’ve filmed everything with a green screen and haven’t even put an effort to change a freaking table, or film on a location… I bet you were sitting in a chair drinking coffe the whole time too.

  • guest

    Are people ever going to realize that pulling from the Plinkett reviews and trying to throw it back at RLM isn’t funny or clever or original?

  • eatadick

    post moar retowd comewshals thay iz so fanny.

  • eatadick

    i just wasted another 2 minutes of my life checking this retarded site for an update that wasn’t some asinine attempt at d-baggery.

  • guest

    Wow that sucks, bro. Your life is so tough.


    Are you going to realize that this was a remark, that Plinkett was making constantly towards Lucas in his reviews? Duh.

  • uRrong

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.

  • uRrong

    I bet you waisted a lot more then 2 minutes doing shit that does not give you any satisfaction or purpose.Or doing things you find meaningful but are of no consequence in the big picture whatsoever.

  • uRrong

    It’s gonna be great!

  • uRrong no.It’s all live.every video you click on.It’s live.

  • guest

    Yes I do realize that. It was the whole point of my comment, idiot.

  • Rick Rickerson

    It’s gonna bew great

  • Art DeLong

    The VHS Tapes performance was rather flat.

  • Guest

    No, because they make quality things instead of crap.

  • Guest

    Or “Are you ever going to stop with the Palpatine impressions?”

    No. Never stop.

  • Guest

    That’s going to be great

  • Guest

    For a guy that supposedly knows his shit, why is it you appear to know very little?

  • Guest

    But the beard! The flannel! The B.O.!

  • shark

    The table was flat.The VSH Tapes were passive.But the best was the sun.It was hot.

  • shark

    It shows his determination,his passionate hate.

  • shark


  • shark

    It is going to be great!

  • shark

    He knows only his shit,not other shit.

  • ME

    Download the laser disc rip…just saying.

  • dats fucked

    I bet this was another funny one.
    I don’t know because another one of those annoying retard commercials about texting and driving loaded so I closed the window.
    Seriously everything, even the internet sucks now. We got bombarded with commercials down our throats on TV and now the internet wasn’t ruined enough with pop-up advertising etc.. so we have commercials before near every video out there.
    I’m surprised they don’t start loading in front of web pages themselves…

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    I agree with you there. A 30 second commercial for a 2-minute clip is fucking annoying. On Yahoo sometimes they have a 30 second commercial for a 45 second clip – stupid and unreal

  • guest

    First world problems.

  • Crookedcarrot

    This guy as fake Plinkett= meh. This guy as George Lucas= win.

  • Guest

    Ah, so you’d be willing to pay for every video you view online, yes?

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    Look around this page, you moron. Scroll up. Scroll down. Look all around the page. There are ads everywhere. An additional and overlong ad embedded in the video becomes nothing more than greed

    Grow up – you brainwashed prole

  • guest

    You do realize that ads are what afford RLM the ability to continue to make shit, right?

  • don’t be mean

    How about you learn to use add-ons for your browser,sonny?Say if you are using Firefox use adblock plus.It completelly solves your problem with ads.I’ve been using it for years,no ads,no pop ups,no shit just content of the site…well,that can be shit sometimes…depends on the site…not RLM of course…

  • don’t be mean

    ..also NoScript …use these two and you are set for ad free interwebzoning…

  • XxSWFan92

    Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what you want you fat homo. No one cares about George Lucas killing Star Wars!

  • asdfa

    uuggh. nobody. cares. stick. to. what. you’re. good. at. PLINKETT REVIEWS



  • Tybrone

    This is why I never come to this site anymore.

  • jerkface

    Congratulations! Nobody knows what the fuck that’s supposed to mean!

  • guest

    Hey I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the above comments and that after a long period of reflection (savage beating by my betters) I’ve come to understand the errors of my ways.
    I want to apologize for not understanding the joke and being a complete douchebag.
    Also, I touch kids.

  • eatabigbagof

    how bout some found footage of your fat asses doing more than eating chicken or having rich evans degrade himself by donning “the george” persona. srsly eat a bag. -yours truly casually classy

  • guest

    I think you should ask for your money back.

  • Guest

    I agree with the sentiment, not the tone.

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    You mean that’s not the real George Lucas??

  • stag

    And what exactly is the sentiment here other than entitled indignation that this guy doesn’t get more of what he wants when he wants it? This isn’t fast food.

  • Grant

    Hey Mike. I’m a big fan, but could you guys put something worth watching up sometime soon? Thanks.

  • Guest

    The sentiment is everybody wants to see a new Half in the bag, not another outtake reel released as a place holder.

  • asdasd

    Update this fraud of a webzone already

  • guest

    So entitled indignation?

  • Urban Space Cowboy

    The combing is painful, and I don’t mean Rich’s wig.

  • Guest

    No, exasperated disappointment.

  • Herbie Hancock

    R.I.P. RLM.

  • Guest

    Oh, so you’d be willing to pay for every web page you view online, yes?

  • another guest

    You should ask for your money back.

  • you know…this delay in new content can only mean 2 things…SPACE COP!!! and new Plinkett review…make it so

  • don’t worry they were filled with copies of Howard The Duck

  • Why did you render this video with interlacing? It looks like ASS.

  • Guest

    Thirty dollars is more trouble than it’s worth, and I don’t want it back anyway, I want a new Half in the bag is that so wrong!! I just want to be loved!!

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    Are you really so fucking blind and braindead that you did not see the announcement that the Half in the Bag season is over. Or the NUMEROUS comments saying the same thing – and that Half in the Bag will be back in a month or two.

    Please answer me – are you that dimwitted, utterly clueless, or blind?


  • Erroneous

    I am shocked and appalled that when “Lucas” raised the cinderblock up in the air, you didn’t do the thing they did with the SandPerson in a new hope. (Raise, rewind, raise, rewind)


  • Bill Walice

    Heard one of your star war reviews played on a huge satellite radio show the other day! Congrats guys!

  • DerpShitMcGee

    Or you know they could keep doing these awesome 2 min videos where they pull an Adam Sandler and shit all over the place.

  • XxSWFan92

    lol @ all the ungrateful pricks throwing hissy fits because RLM hasn’t updated in like a week and a half. Have some fucking faith people. They have backlogs of shit to watch and re-watch in the meantime.

  • Kviii

    You are the fanboy that RLM makes fun of so often.

  • stag

    What does Adam Sandler have to do with anything?

    Ooooh, right because they’ve made fun of Adam Sandler before so now you’re trying to say they’re just like Adam Sandler because…um…

  • guest

    Don’t they make fun of the fanboys that are constantly demanding stuff from them? This is like the exact opposite of that.

  • George Lucas

    I think it’s time to edit this footage.. would be very good Rich Evans hide behind some rocks. Then we can cut and animate his image, jumping and smashing things. That’s gonna be great!

    you guys need better computers… the visual effects here are awful!

  • Some guy

    I know this site has really done a lot to expose people like George Lucas, but c’mon, he’s had his fair share of image hacking already.

    It’s time to show people like Michael Bay, Adam Sandler, and McG some hate. As far as reviews go, I have a laundry list that looks like this…

    1. The X-Files: I Want to Believe
    2. Terminator Salvation
    3. Troll 2 ( To talk about how great it is!)
    4. Alien Resurrection
    5. The Superman movies after I and II.
    6. Any of the Resident Evil movies…
    7. Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton version)
    8. Battlefield Earth
    9. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (I think this ones the worst, and you can review the rest of the series from the last like Revenge of the Sith)
    10. Batman and Robin
    11. Predator 2
    12. AVP movies
    13. John Carter
    14. Prometheus

    And etc…

    Just look at that long ass list. George Lucas was just the beginning of Hollywood’s problems as the overwhelming success of Star Wars and it’s unmatched legacy has also brought with it, an industry that pays big bucks for big blockbusters. Movies that while trying to recapture SW’s success, only seem to be even less and less memorable as the more and more “epic” cliches are repeated.

    He might have made this mess, but we need to explore the decay of the film industry from a much more progressive line in the history of film making. I think it’s safe to say that the dead horse has been beaten.

    Another enemy of the industry must be exposed. I’d suggest starting with McG in Terminator Salvation (Also to make fun of Sam Worthington’s repeated and generic white guy character in every movie he’s in)

  • Some guy

    Oh yeah and Green Lantern too

  • McG, hell yeah!!!! Isn’t he just excruciating in the bonus features of Terminator Salvation? From those condescending pep talks with his seasoned crew to babbling about obscure tributes in the films visual style…”now we have Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion going on their adventure”…WHAAAAT???

  • Emperor

    Where’s the new Plinkett review? It’s been almost 2 decades since the last one.

  • Dshef

    Predator 2 shouldn’t be a part of this list.

  • Guest

    Yes, if they would only go after that fraud hack Adam Sandler.

  • Mmm?

    Sexy ass.

  • Guest

    They already talked about Troll 2. On Half in the Bag.

  • Some guy

    Yeah, but they need to give it the Plinkett Treatment

  • 1234

    Im sooo boooooooored? What am I supposed to do if not waste hours of my life by watching reviews of movies just for their entertaining value of two drunk loosers talking about movies? Get of your lazy assses and post something !

  • I’ll Suck for Cake.

    Need Input

  • wadall

    Post something you lazy asses.

  • Tyler

    Come on RedLetter, stop using Star Wars and George Lucas as your fallback crowd pleaser. It sounds very much like something….George Lucas would do. And the hating on Lucas/Star Wars trend has gotten old. Let’s see you start doing something new again.

  • Murderin Murphy


    Wait… Where am I?

  • LeeLee

    Where’s tha faaackin’ reeveeew beeeef faaaaaaaam???

  • Kviii

    Can I have my donation back?

  • imc440

    I caught shit the last time I said it but I’ll say it again because it bears repeating: STAY IN YOUR FUCKING LANE, GUYS. You do one thing really well. The Plinkett Reviews. Focus on that. Half in the Bag is pretty good as far as movie review podcasts go. The other stuff is mediocre at best. But everybody loves the one thing you do. I get it, it’s hard to make. It looks it. You guys do a phenomenal job. That’s why everybody loves them. But when you weren’t doing this other stuff you’d manage to turn a couple of them around a year. Look, I don’t need an hour and a half on every George Lucas movie. In fact, while they’re great, they may drag on a little too long. I loved your review of the crap movies like “Baby’s Day Out” and “Cop Dog.” They were great and they were, what a half hour. Focus on that. Every time I come here and see an update only to see some tired sketch, it’s like I’m getting kicked in the dick. I won’t mind seeing only 3 or 4 updates a year if it’s 3 or 4 Plinkett Reviews.

  • imc440

    That last comment sounds like an insult. It’s not meant to be. Just think of it like this. Say you’re Christopher Nolan. You’re putting out a pretty great movie that the public loves every year or two. But all of a sudden you’re putting out a great movie every 3 or 4 years because you’re focused on your fairly decent, but by no means spectacular radio show. That’s what this is like.

  • WatooIsAnakinsDad

    so you’re posting rebuttals to your own comments. Dude I think it’s time to go see a shrink

  • or pick a name

    This whole Star Wars thing is getting old. Stop milking the cow and move on.
    It was funny back in the day when the Phantom Menace review came out.
    We live in different times now.
    Different times mean different movies, different directors to pick on.
    Like, Uwe Boll, or Michael Bay, i dont know.
    You guys are too smart and funny to be rememberd as a one trick pony.

  • Guest

    Why? Plinkett doesn’t review good movies. Except Star Trek, which was a special case.

  • George superman

    Im so bored Im gonna shoot myselph! With a babygun!
    So unless you want an usless law student on your conscience update the fu**** site already you lazy fat frauds !

  • Hutch

    Are you guys done beating the George Lucas angle to death yet?

  • guest

    You do realize they’ve done a shitload more than just talk about Star Wars over the last two years, right?

  • guest

    That last post sounded like an insult because it is an insult, you idiot.

  • guest

    So you like the one thing they do and wish they would just do that and not do anything else in between? Just watch what you like and wait for the next one. There are plenty of us that like Half in the Bag, and yes even their weird little sketches. You sound like an entitled douchebag.

    Also, all this shit is free and they don’t have to do anything if they don’t want to. You’re lucky you get what you get.

  • AmandaHugandkiss

    You want more Cop Dog then

  • soithascometothis

    no, because the only things he watches here have “Star Wars” or “George Lucas” in the post title. He might venture into “Indiana Jones” territory; occasionally.

  • guest

    Even beyond the non-Star Wars Plinkett reviews, there’s currently 37 episodes of Half in the Bag. Most are at least 30 minutes long. RLM has done far more NON-Star Wars material than they’ve done Star Wars material.

  • soithascometothis

    Yep, but he’ll never see that stuff because he only looks at the things with Star Wars or George Lucas in the title.

    Look up “confirmation bias.”

  • Fake Red Letter Fan

    Fake Lucas > Fake Plinkett

  • To the people disappointed in no Half in the Bag in…..a long time: Well, after Dark Knight Rises there haven’t been any good movies out anyway.

    To the people wanting another Plinkett Review: I think we’re actually gonna get one this time. I’m guessing it’s Last Airbender, or the first Twilight.

  • Rick_Berman

    I’m sure you guys are probably working on another Schlock-fest movie but I would even like another Game Station 2.0 at this point, God dammit!

  • formerRLMfan

    Stop recycling your own ideas and impress us by coming up with something new (or totally sick at least)!!!

  • Plonkett

    Hurry up and put out a new Plinkett review you dirty communists.

  • PeterPeter

    Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want you fat homo! Come on Mike and Jay! Give us more shit crushed gold! We love you for it! Life is depressing enough without this void in RLM content!

  • Murderin Murphy

    I heard there’s a new iPhone.

  • Eric Cartman

    Plinket! now! we musst … have…. new… PLINKET! PLease! Bringe us the good stuff! … Plinket! Plinket! Plinket!

  • Red Rowz

    Put something on your siiiiiiiiite please XXO

  • dickjob



    Move your lazy fat American asses and entertain me! If not Plinkett review, at least HITB, or even Rich Evans and his Gamestation… Anything. Well, just not that animated crap.

  • Please Move On

    We get it. You’re the Star Wars guys. We know.

  • HSP

    Stop messing with the layout of this fraud webzone. I don’t like things that are different. Do some proper work.

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    Why the fuck did you have to change the layout? It was fine the way it was but then you just changed it for no reason and filled the screen with unnecessary crap. The events on this fraud of a website just seems to be a series of ‘things that happen’

  • I like the new site layout, looks like things are moving forward! Feeding Frenzy was a lot of fun. I’m glad I grabbed a copy while you were in Toronto.

  • old cop

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    for a new Plinkett review – but the next film getting the Plinkett
    treatment is Beverly Hills Chihuahua

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  • hobo

    Face it, these guys aren’t really very good actors, their reviews are all too often predictable, and they have to shove in this comedy stuff to make up for it. These comedy routines are often very funny, but… this whole thing started out as a way to avoid doing Plinkett reviews, and yet, Plinkett is the heart and soul of it all, without Real Plinkett, eventually, this will all get old and stale. (Maybe it already is?) RLM is quickly becoming Half Assed in the Bag, and is going to reamed by its own fans, just as Lucas is being reamed by his own fans, simply because they’ve forgetten what it was all about.. ironic eh?

  • Plin Kett

    He’s obviously bashing VHS copies of the Star Wars Christmas Special.

  • Squirrel up in the ass

    New Half in the Bag will up by end of the week according to RLM facebook page. Burying the animated Plinkett series is also positve change. The only negative in all this, is you unleashing the teaser trailer of the next Plinkett review 4 months ago Come on now, the Matrix sequels are waiting.

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    I understand you have stylistically designed the site to be this way, and you can’t change that. But can you at least diminish the effects of it? Thank you.

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    After everything i haven’t done for you. Damn fascists!

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  • Guy with broken glasses

    We all know that it is not how George Lucas killed Star Wars. He actually whole time was sitting near two monitors drinking shitty coffee, while his impostors did the job for him, because the asshole was too lazy to actually put any effort in destroying the series.

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    People may have already pointed this out, but when talking about the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special George Lucas said, “If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it…The Holiday Special does not represent my vision for Star Wars”. Now, fair enough, he’s talking about the Holiday Special here, but considering how he also believes now that the original Star Wars also doesn’t represent his “true vision”, maybe, just maybe, there may be some scary truth to this after all.

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  • BitchFists

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  • Andrew Thompson.

    RLM usually uses stock music. but this might have been made by them.

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  • BitchFists

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    Youtube version of this video if you forget to replace the blip video with it after blip is shutdown

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  • Actually Disney killed Star Wars, and is selling the corpse bit by bit.

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