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May 28, 2012154 Comments

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  • I love Vanquish so goddamn much. I’d go so far as to say it’s the best third-person shooter ever made. I was so scared when this showed up in my feed.

    Luckily, Rich has excellent taste in games. Bravo for the review! …also, the wraparound plot is really, really good. …to be honest, I’m surprised that this has gone so many episodes. I thought you guys were just making fun of The Tommy Wi-show. Huh.

  • It’s gonna be great!

  • It’s gonna be great!

  • I enjoyed the game. My only problem was that it was too short. Two more stages and I would have been happy. 

  • “having been released…” passive sentences are a bit awkward, fwiw…

  • TastyCarcass

    These are definitely getting better, I’ll check out Vanquish as well, it looks fun. I almost thought we’d see Jay jump in to review the game, I think Jay and Mike would work well together, despite what the Super review said. I can understand if Jay would be too busy though

  • Kyle

    I really enjoy the half-in-the-bag reviews (and the Plinkett reviews, of course) because they provide insight into the films they review, the problems with the films in terms of plot and production concerns – and why these issues are in fact problems – as well as teaching me a little about the film production and marketing process … not to mention their dark humor.  The Gamestation reviews seem to be more like generic youtube reviews that just summarize the content of the thing they’re reviewing and give opinions about what they liked.  Additionally, this is probably a failing on my part, but I still don’t understand the point of the distorted introduction by the red-haired woman – is this supposed to be a parody of how other game reviews use an attractive woman to lure in viewers even though she has no relation to video gaming?  If so the elements of parody are extremely mild.

  • K.C. Cool

    Was that a render of Vault 22 in the background in the beginning? Looked a lot like a fan created one in the style of the first two games.

  • Guest

     “Additionally, this is probably a failing on my part…”Yes, yes it is.

  • Sokrates300

    I liked this one. Great job.

  • Rawrmonsters

    Best one so far. This show is really becoming it’s own thing.


  • Micha Ols

    Best Game Station 2.0 Episode by far! I like where this is going 😉

  • Lostinvain226

    You should review a Dead Rising title, I could’ve swore I killed a zombie Plinkett in those games.

  • Guest

    > is this supposed to be a parody of how other game reviews use an attractive woman to lure in viewers even though she has no relation to video gaming? If so the elements of parody are extremely mild

    Mild? Lol. It’s actually pretty fucking straightforward.

  • Peter Hardy

    just enjoy them for what they are, or go create a show where you provide an indepth review of your favourite video games. 

    give them a chance to grow, it’s only episode 3 or 4 ! I think they’re really great

  • Guest

     Average RLM comment: “I really enjoy your X because blah blah blah and don’t understand why you also make Y.”

    If you like X but not Y, then don’t watch Y and just watch X. This isn’t complicated stuff. It’s not like they’re dropping everything else and just making Game Station.


  • Cyber0strich

    So…..Mike and Jay found another job???…like outside of the VCR repair thing? or is this an alternate universe from the Half In The Bag series??? SOMEBODY PLEASE CLARIFY THE RLM TIMELINE FOR ME!!!

  • benjamin

    mike= its gonna be great 

    jay= its gonna be great 

    more ripping on Lucas ha ha 

  • Malchik

    This series is getting a lot better.

  • So disappointed that Cat Astrology has not been in the begining all I can say is “OWWW MY DICK!!!!!”

  • Burpfart

    Best one yet. I also like the idea of highlighting overlooked games.


    That isn’t Mike, it’s 913 or whatever his ID number is. And the Jay on GameStation is an alternate universe Jay, not the same one from HITB, if he was the same he would have mistaken 913 for Mike and mistaken Rich for Fake Mike from HITB Episode whatever I need a life. Cats.

  •  Why do people bum this game? It takes about six hours to finish then there’s no reason to play it any more, total waste of cash unless you can find it for under £10 Games should have a life cycle of at least 40 hours. If you ask me the games that are overlooked the most are all RPGs…Star Ocean especially!

  • Guest

    lol ”old, ancient game for video game standards” so true!
    You’re just basing this on nostalgia,
    get with the times!
    This is soooo 2010!

  • Amarsir

    Alright, I skipped the last episode, but seeing positive comments here I watched. And I agree, this was better.  Picking on Rich is comedy gold, no question.

    However, the actual reviews still have room for improvement.  You have to resist the temptation to say things that are true but irrelevant to your point.  For example, you spend like 30 seconds listing weapons before getting to the interesting points about custom melee or how you enjoyed the knockback.  And the latter is great, I want reviewers to share what they care about.  But don’t list features just because you can.  I can read the box myself.

    Nice improvement though, keep it up.

  • The Riddler

    Loved this, but I can’t help but wonder it the android from the last episode and Tara were at Jay’s orgy… Now that is a video I would watch…

  • MatthewMelange

    I liked the previous episode more, but this really wasn’t as awful as the first 2, overall nice work, i feel the 3rd episode is new and that this is from when they had a deal with ign or whatever game site they made these outdated reviews for

  • Robby

    I think the reason GameStation doesn’t work as well as Half in the Bag is because the whole time I’m waiting for Mike or Jay to be onscreen. I don’t find Rich Evans on his own to be particularly funny. Plus, I can never tell what’s sarcasm in these episodes. Is the point of these to make fun of generic video game reviews? Or is this just a generic, boring video game review?

  • Luke

    I had never heard of this game before, I think I will check it out now. Does anyone know how long it is?

  • The most underrated game ever. 

  • Slergyern

    Probably a lot shorter after being shot by that bolt of electricity.

  • Guest

    Supposedly this was the last one, I think they only made four right?

  • Guest

    If that is a preview of how they are doing Space Cop, I am impressed. 

  • awem

    It’s all sarcasm. And Rich Evans is the funniest man in the universe[1].

    [1] The Long Walk Home, 2001, Red Letter Media

  • Superaids

    Whats to complain about. How could you not love this.
    The set is great, Rich is great, too. These guys really hate the video game nerds
    and it shows.
    I hope this show continues. I don’t think it will slow down any half in the bag episodes, and plinkett reviews are slacking anyhow. So, a great opportunity for our RLM weirdos to do more weird stuff.

  • Best one yet. You should have brought up the campaign time of this game tho. Its fairly short like 6 or 7 hours but regardless this game will stick with you so its still worth it. 

  • Guest

    I laughed at the “thats going to be great” mimicking george lucsuckass and steven suckszieballs!

    I enjoy this show but it makes no sense. Reviewing games you like that are a few years old. What, why? The opening also seems like it should be it’s own show. It is like a peanut butter chicken sandwich, good on their own, but not together. 

    Maybe if Rich was writing her dialoge, like it is a news feed that was sent to the masses of people. Like he was in a propaganda machine. As an example he had to write reviews for shitty games and make them sound good. And rich is beat when he tires to tell the truth. 

    Anyways that girl is hawt, what would be cool also is if she speaks all friendly american on the TV, but then she is a bitch russian and beats rich while he writes his reviews. Of course wearing sexy russian gear, as all russian military propaganda gals wear off camera. Right, that makes sense. 

  • Guest

    Agreed 100%

  • Mats Wistuba

    Owww….my dick!

  • Kartune315

    Half in the Bag brings the perspective of actual filmmakers, but Rich doesn’t make games! These videos don’t provide anything you couldn’t get from the thousands of other video reviews out there. Being someone who likes games isn’t enough to make Rich an authority on them.

  • Horton

    I enjoy the hell out of this series.

  • michaelstearns

    I don’t think a person needs to make games to be an authority, but I completely agree

  • Hamburger606

     Rich should be forced to do the next game station naked. Sexy time!

  • This show just keeps getting better and better!

  • BeatingsForGrannie

    God this series is fucking unfunny. The series should just be the reviews and nothing but. Keep the humor for things like Half in the Bag and Plinkett, because the “jokes” in this series is fucking terrible.

  • Please make Rich’s life worse each episode please.

  • Blazinghand

     I agree. I actually watch all of these, and they’re good reviews, but they’re not insanely awesome like half in the bag or plinkett reviews. good backstory though, it’s fun watching rich get abused lol

  • Bring_me_tp

    The problem with taking dead-pan humor to its extreme is that it’s often not clear what the point is.

    I know alot of the “mistakes” are intentional and ‘thats the joke’ but when Rich was saying ‘as they destroy NYC” and it’s clearly a laser beam hitting the transamerica pyramid.  which is one of the most iconic things in SF so i have to think it was intentional. like the joke is that the game doesnt care and rich doesn’t.

    Either way it’s just kinda boring as far as humor goes. IDK, maybe I need context for video game reviews. and maybe there are some inside jokes that I’m left out of.  But,

    All the sarcasm and deliberately wasting my time just seems to grate against when he actually reviews the game.

  • Guest

    this show sucks.

    stop wasting time with this crap and bitch about movies or something useful.

  • Dave McFakename

    Love it. Keep up the good work.


    So where the fuck is the Quigley review you lazy cocksuckers?Ain’t nobody here want to see you eat bullshit fried chicken or review terrible video games all unfunny like,you hear?YOU FUCKING HEAR?

  • Guest

    It’s gonna be great
    It’s gonna be great
    That’s gonna be great
    It’s gonna be great

  • Guest

    Is Gamestation 2.0 telling the origin story of Space Cop?

  • Spaz

    OWWWW MY DICK!!!!!!

  • My only complaint is that the girl in the beginning wasn’t as much a satire as she was in the last ones. Still I enjoyed this installment. 

  • Small

    Dear god this show is awful. Why do you keep posting it? You sound out of touch and not really into it. Stick to film as that seems to be what you rock at.

  • Guest

    Who’s out of touch? Who are you talking to? You know Red Letter Media isn’t a human being, right? It’s a collection of people.

  • Keep up the good work.

  • me

    I enjoyed this one, good work,.

  • Youfofkg


  • Never

    Holy shit, when did Game Station become a real review show, oh it was this episode. I need to get that game now. Funny shit sirs. INTERESTING FACT: Whenever I say sir, I feel like a lesbian, but I’m a dude, go figure. #CharlieBrownEye

  • Dontkoppout

    Do game station restaurant reviews! Rich Evans, just returning from the local taco bell, questions the foresight in re-amp the grilled stuff burrito. “While the new grilled stuff is employing a new set of spicing” explains Rich Evans, “there’s a lack-lusterness that only makes the superiority of the old grilled stuff all the more obvious. The old grilled stuff;  despite its simplicity, held a harmony that this new version clearly lacks…”

  • Tara, you appear to be fertile and I am wondering if you will have 2.6 of my kids

  • Is MIke really Plinkett ?

    Is Rich played by really Plinkett ?

    Is bullet-time really Plinketts?

    Jay does not look like Plinkett.

  • Film

    Well, I’ve had to stab my eye with a fork. 


    Because I found that less painful than watching this garbage show.

  • Nowayehosaye

    This series isn’t working for me because the reviews themselves have nothing different or special about them.  The framework is fine, the humor is hit and miss with me personally, but what’s to distinguish the review itself?  In tone, the reviews have the feeling of those soulless magazine shows they play in movie theaters before the previews start.  They feel like filler.  The reviews need a hook.

  • Michael

    Holy shit, how damn entitled are some of you people? The show has only had a few runs and you want it dead immediately. I think it’s improved with each episode. This show fills a healthy gap between other content published by RLM. Instead of comparing it to HITB or Plinkett reviews (which are much larger productions), look at it for what it is: 5+ minutes of solid entertainment that’s better than most of the bullshit you find elsewhere.

  • Guest

     The hook is Rich Evans being mistreated.  What more do you need?

  • Ccc

    You are onto something here. I think it’s a great idea to separate the crazy game station screenplay from the actual review, Evans sounds now like a real game reviewer. And it was short! Quick to delivery the points, not enough time to get bored and plus to that, cheaper production. Yay!

  • Daniel

    completely agree!!  I personally want to see more of her, and less of everything else

  • Timothy Dayton

    I disagree with Tara being a hot russian chick.  Honestly, I would just be happy if the included her more in each episode, she’s got better onscreen presents than anyone else in this show!

  • Ruuuuu

    Love half in the bag. Gamestation 2.0 is good fun too. Keep up the good work guys! My favourite reviewers 🙂

  • It’s gonna be great… lol

  • guest

     I don’t think that game reviews need any “hooks” or anything and they needen’t be entertaining, I like game reviews that are informativa and also specify the reviewers own opinion and background info of what kind of gamer he is, and his arguments for the things and opinions he states from the game. Then I probably check some other reviews too and then I make up my own mind.

  • jramos7776

    I like when you review games that would be in my price range.

  • Pedro

    Rich could have mentioned that the game is a little short and maybe could have given more background info on the staff behind the game (Shinji Mikami and his previous works etc.), but otherwise I liked this review.
     Now for me the main issue with the show is that the review itself feels very separate from the rest. I can see how you tried to work it out by making him the outsider in the story too, but it just doesn’t work for me, more so when Rich is in a completely different mood in the review and in the acted parts. You sort of forget the setup during the review and then it’s like ‘oh’ when it cuts back to the acting.
     I’m guessing this is because Mike(?) is more responsible for the comedy and Rich is the one writing the review, but I don’t know the details so I’m just guessing. I’m probably not even making any sense with this comment but that doesn’t stop me from posting it!

  • Bring_me_tp

    Does the room/compound set-up remind anyone else of Cabin in the Woods?

  • Ewwww

    Watching this gave me cancer.

  • awem

    Actually, somebody else around here noted that they find themselves unable to distinguish the sarcastic parts from the actual review. This is why you need a clear line between the Game Station backstory and the review contents, and, in my opinion, it works great here as well as in Half in the Bag. People need to know and understand what they’re watching. Yeah, it sometimes stings a little when you notice it, but that’s the most reasonable way to go.

  • Thor

    “You are FUCKING UP PROTOCOL!” Love that line.

  • benjamin

    hi guys hows it going i love all the different shows you do on here but have you guys though of doing a show where you review just films from the 80s, not the really big hits like aliens but lesser known ones like leviathan and galaxy of terror i know you throw in the odd cheesy sci fi film with half in the bag now and then but a whole show dedicated to 80s films done by you guys i think would be very good    

  • Tomeknatropachyeti

    Lucas retires and … nothing happenes ? Really ?

    Also: Get of your lazy fucking ass you fat homo and give us what we want ! No one cares about Gamestation !

    2nd Also: I like this but it still doesnt work – you need 2 people talking or something happening to keep up the interest of the viewers – half in a bag shows little footage but sitll is way more interesting because of this.
    Why not try putting that girl from previous episode as a second reviewer ? You know the one that talked to Rich Evans about spiderman or something ? She could like taunt him all the time and than blow him off every episode or something ?
    Or make a few reccuring charaters that sit down and talk to Rich – like the girl Mike etc ?
    When you show pictures moving and put a voice in its boring. Things happening before and after is good (love them actually) but you have to keep interest in the review which is actually the worst part of Gamestation – its a good review but still boring!
    I can get youre trying something driffrient than half in the bag but you should try something else entirely I think.
    As I said you could put another person in each episode a diffrient one all taunting Rich.
    Or you could put Rich in diffrient situation in every episode (like for example hes taking a crap and Mike comes in and starts to elecrecute him or throw bricks at him untill he gives him a review hes behind on or something)
    Than you could make the episode a little longer and give more info in a way thats still entertaining

  • I like pretty much anything that you 3 guys put out. I know it’s different guys putting their efforts into different parts of your output, but I’m not gonna get into all that.So, please don’t pay much attention to any comments from commentating cats that think you should all only review new cinema releases, or just B-movies, or just video games, or just new video games, or just the items that they specifically request that you make them laugh about. Just keep doing what you do, all your stuff is funny. I never write sycophantic crap like this but it seemed worth it. The guy before me took the time to slag you off, eh?
    P.S. I ordered a 2nd-hand copy of Vanquish half-way through the video. Cheers!

  • me

    Jesus fucking christ update already, I want a new hitb

  • Pedro

    Yeah, I suppose. I guess when it switches back and forth between Rich talking to the audience and then to Mike & Jay it disconnects. In HitB M&J also get to be on the screen the whole time (save for the trailers) so the transfer feels more natural. For me it’s just a clash of styles since Rich has a fairly traditional approach when it comes to game reviewing. But you may be right pointing out that this is the best way to go with it.

  • Asdf

    These are getting better.

  • Fuckballs

    Do please stop feeling obligated to humor that autistic looking manchild. Stop doing this. More half in the bag. More real plinkett.

  • Luke

    1 week later and I finally understand your comment. 

  • Theman

    The gag with the girl is done. Stop including her. 

  • Anonyderp

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Guest

    Tell me you assholes didn’t vote for Scott Walker!! Also, where is my new episode of Half in the Bag.

  • People are retarded. I liked the demo of this game! Maybe I need to go pick this up!

  • tjp77


  • BeatingsForGrannie

    >gamestation 2.0
    >Solid entertainment
    What’s it like to have autism?

  • BeatingsForGrannie

     Jokes that are actually funny prehaps?
    Fucking autists…

  • BeatingsForGrannie

     HOLY SHIT FUCKING AUTISM????????? 0—-0 #EatADick

  • BeatingsForGrannie

     And that justifies it being shit because…
    Fucking autists…

  • Rodney

    I’m liking these. Wish they were longer.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Good review and great skit.  I’m an FPS man myself but I have to admit that I’m now interested in trying “Vanquish.”  Thanks again.

  • Adoring Fan

    I was perfectly healthy before watching this.

    I now have rectal cancer.

    Thanks assholes.

  • Michael

    I wouldn’t know. What’s it like to call people autistic in 4 of your 5 posts so far? Either think of something original or post under a different name, because at this rate you might accidentally call yourself autistic.

  • me

    Best review yet! Has the main dude lost a bit of weight? Still big but face looks thinner. Best use of a shotgun since Doom 2! Rape jokes, i love it!

  • AndrewBarker

    I think this show would be better with looser scripting on the review portions. The contents OKish but the delivery is stilted. Thanks for the show anyway guys. 

  • Owwwwww, my dick!

  • Worstever6

    Game reviews are good/acceptable, fine reason to watch show.  Humor is excellent.  Continue pls.

  • Kaynen Mcarthur

    Cant believe some of this assholes in the comments, great video RLM team, you guys are hilarious. I too will be trying out vanquish soon because of this, thanks for the recommendation Rich!

  • guest

    Are the sliding doors a digital effect?

  • Vidiot

    I just picked up Vanquish based solely on this review. Having only having had a few moments here and there to play it already seems pretty friggin’ hard! What worse is whenever I die my XBox refuses to allow a “continue” and freezes up thus requiring me to restart the console.

  • I do not understand why people aren’t howling at this. Every time I watch this series I get at least 2 hard laughs out of them.

  • Love these videos, wish the reviews were way longer and the gurrrl gamer character in the intro was given more funny lines.

  • Jinixi

    My son is autistic prick.

  • Gunstargreen

    I had a Walmart gift card so I picked this up in the bargain bin after watching this. I’m not usually a fan of 3rd person shooters but this game has become one of my favorite titles on the 360.

  • default

    This is a piece of crap, lazy nerd-exploitia (get attractive student actor and then put superman shirt on her -job done) rubbish. im a gamer but please stop this rubbish

  • g-town

    My real problem with Vanquish was that the design was so generic. Just, super bland Japanese style robots. Some cool fourishes here and there but for the most part it’s six hours of wading through uninteresting blocks of metal. Not that the design is ugly or lazy or poorly done; just really really bland.
    Having rocket boots helps, but when would it not?

  • Kota

    Not a bad show, but the reviews should be going into more depth like Half in the Bag. There’s a lot to be said about a game like Vanquish.

  • Farts and Stuff

    This game deserves some attention. Fuck yeah RLM.

  • TeaNoSugar

    I really like Gamestation, i don’t understand the hate. If you don’t like it stop trying to ruin it for us that do you flippin’ duuuuhbrains!

  • Random Guy

    I wonder if they’re still making these…… . . . . . ?

  • joel

    Loving it. And i hate vdeo games. These episodes are funnier than plinkett.

  • DawgsMigee

    :l stop shitting and just watch a Plinkett review if you don’t like this. No one cares if you soil yourself over a fat guy taking about videogames in a cardboard set.

    Wait why do I even care about what you say?

  • Truthsuckshuh?

    Good stuff! My favorite actors doing video games. What else could be better? besides cold beer. So, yeah. Uhhh the only thing I did not particularly enjoy was the girl intro to appeal to the single geeks. So many youtube boys trying to find some girl to wear an overside nerd shirt and talk professional words but in a teeny boppy sort of ditsy way. I always feel like Im being talked to by a parent, and I guess those nerds with mommy issues enjoy masturbating to this shit, but I don’t like it.
    You will notice hot chick followed by the reality of nerdism, the fat over weight moron guy who is abused……..wait…….that s not nerds….ever notice the nerd crowd is never actually represented in these videos? That would smart tech students that work on mass quantum calculations then play games in their spare time….not going no where drunk guys…. IF you saw the television show: The Big Bang Theory. That is the only production that got it right. And they tied in a video game marketing in the show several times. Now image those guys in a skit as they review video games… CHA CHING! Problem is that those actors seem well cultured in literature and acting when interviewed off camera so I don’t think they can do a review of video games they really dont play or like. I guess in the end……. it is just us no life turds that play video games………

  • Andrew.

    Here Here, a fantastic little series (Hope they review other thypes of games, not just action games, a bit of Red Alert or Company of Heroes, etc. I’ve had my eye on Arkham City for a while so loved the review. Please ignore some of the complainers, I love this!

  • Painted Chips

    Fark more of these should be done. If people don;t like the game station stuff then don’t watch it. Whats the problem with us wanting to see more just because all you guys care about is seeing mike all the time

  • Richter Belmont

    You don’t have to make a certain thing to have authority to do a review of those kind of things. Do you think all movie reviewers makes or have made movies? Do you think every game reviewe makes or have made games?

  • gilles

    When’s the next one coming? Come on! We want more Rich Evans!

  • Dixon Bawls

    came for the review, stayed for the picnic etiquette.

  • Anon

    Well, guess I’m going to gamestop tomorrow.

  • We are overdue for a new Game Station!

    Sure, not everything RLM comes out with is “OMG awesome” out of the gate, but FUCK THEM if they were! I’m a fan of what they do because I’m in tune with the ‘tone’ of what they do. It’s a four-letter word that nobody seems to care about anymore. But I do. I want more Rich Evans, more Tara, more “WTF is going on?” game reviews!

  • should_be_smarter

    It annoys me that this video made me laugh so hard at “ow, my dick”

  • CorbeauNoir

    The pointless gamer gurrl insert always cracks me up

  • decora

    i love the sort-of commentary on what its like being a ‘non employee employee’ – whether you are a temp or some kind of contract labor (janitor) where you constantly hear about the perks and events that ‘real employees’ get, while you, doing the same work, are just sort of ‘there’.

  • I would like to see more of this show. I mean, the efforts making this set have not paid off yet. Besides it covers up a medium otherwise completly unacknowledged.

  • Pretentiousname

    Good stuff.

  • Chip Chipperson

    Tsst, this show should be called fail station or sumptin, tsst.

  • Grumpy Space Doctor

    Hey, why am I over here? Everyone is now at the Plinkett into darkness short-rev-whatever it is and demanding Matrix, Terminator Salvation, Prometheus and the last Airbender as the next full review.

    I like my Gamestation 2.0. Do Sim City next.

  • Very Important Penis

    Dude, shut the fuck up. Jesus Christ.

  • Sam

    This is a great idea. Please make more.

  • J Matrix

    I love the fact that the android really did seem to want to allow Rich to dock in her loading bay. MAKE MORE!!!

  • Nick

    I’d love to see some more of these. They maintain that RLM charm while looking at something a little different, and giving you more opportunities to make fun of Rich.

  • StopCivilisation

    Vanquish was easy one of the best shooters this generation of consoles. A bit on the shortside though but a fun ride from start to finnish.

  • Guest

    I don’t even like video games but these were fun. Why did these stop?

  • Anonymous

    Please bring these back.

  • Ianuarius

    guess they had to tear the set down

  • Joshua Barkdull

    If I got shot in the dick by lightning I wouldn’t make another Game Station 2.0 either.

  • Punkster

    This show is good, pity there aren’t any more but it’s okay I’ll just have to struggle on without it.
    You folks do good work, no matter what you do.

  • Dionysus

    Home Run Chippa’!!

  • Poor RIch Evans xD

  • Joel Farrelly

    Has Rich Evans ever asked a question that didn’t end with him screaming, “Ow! My dick!”

  • Rich is lookin kinda scrawny in this…

  • Pekka Riihonen

    I’ve been following RLM since 2011 and somehow I entirely missed this show until today.
    It’s great though, and a terrible shame to have not continued!

  • super kal

    Make more! I love the game reviews as much as the movie ones!

  • Fuck Off Ghost

    Rich Evans you fat fuck

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    another redhead chick.. redheads are freaks, you freaks!

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