Game Station 2.0 – The Amazing Spiderman Trailer

April 26, 2012269 Comments

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  • Did she say, ‘The Man of Steel’?!

  • Louis

    Did she just say Game Splaytion?

  • bizarre twilight superhero guy, where’s the game staPtion!

  • I still can’t believe there’s a new Spiderman reboot. 

  • Heh… XBMC background.

  • no

  • When are they going to get to the school closings?

  • listen to journey, then you can’t stop believing.. or else

  • Lillbumpa

    I see you’ve taken the advice to make the show more like half in the bag. Only now I miss the overlord…

  • Jeremy Pike

    Be more subtle Rich; more subtlety. 

  • Guest

    Well, it was better than the other GameStations, but it still has a bit of a ways to go.

    Definitely keep the 2-person conversation thing, it works better than hearing Rich drone over some game footage.

    Awaiting the next video, as always!

  • Afraid of Audio

    Game Splaytion 2.1 actually.

  • Guest

    As well as “The Caped Crusader”. Genius.

  • Capped crusader? Man of steel? lol! Love the hosts. Great show! 🙂

  • Grimoire Private Class

    hahah, nice.  The two person dynamic works great. 🙂

  • My favorite GameStation so far! Love to see a lady nerd representing, albeit that in order to be palatable to target demographic, she is of course a sex android. And how the building itself is becoming so menacing; that’s some Rosemary’s Baby shit right there.

  • Zasta_Krockett

    Gamesplation 2.1?

  • MaybeHitler

    Needs to be a bit longer. Too short!!!

  • I like this show. Make more! THUMBS UP!

  • guest

    What is happening to Tara? Did she survive a zombie apocalypse?

  • Peshtigo42

    Fantastic. Keep them coming!

  • “Yeah? What kinda data?”  So sexy! I love Rich!

  • this show is fucking awesome. no explaggeration. 

  • tophats

    Can’t tell if token female intro to nerdy show is supposed to be serious or not… 

  • Id rather watch Mr Plinket fucking his obese cat in the ass while listening to “Gooooooodbyyyye hooooorseeeees” than this crap. Give us Harry Plinky, eh………..oh.

  • Bill Walsh

    New chick needs a pounding. Can we get Lora Story’s tits back?

  • Not

    I thought this was about vidja gams. 😐

  • What?

     She refers to Spiderman as both the man of steel and the caped crusader. Gee, yeah I wonder if she’s supposed to be taken seriously?

  • Longdistancemerc

    what’s a vidja gam?

  • oh i get it, this is their ps3 launch special

  • Jabba The Slut

    I’ll have to agree with Rich, the new kid just doesn’t have a playful Peter Parker personality. He seems about as rigid and unnatural as Tara. Nahhhh, he’s not that bad, at least he doesn’t look like he’s reading a book report in 6th grade. 

  • Guest

    “Advertisement playing: 985 seconds … 984 … 983 … ” 

    Uh, no thanks. I’m not sitting through that for 15 minutes to watch some 10 minute Rich Evans bit which probably sucks anyway.

  • theig

    What’s “Game Splaytion”?

  • tjp77

    The new Spider Man movie is going to suck only slightly less than Game Station 2.0. 

    Although giving Rich someone to talk to does work better and actually makes him seem almost like a real person. 

  • This is fucking amazing parody/satire. Holy shit, this series can only get better and better.

  • Me

    talk about videogamesssss

  • Plugggg

    You can skip the ad dipshit.


  • She’s a sexy android.

  • I don’t get why people keep making this stupid Twilight comparison. We’ve already had the Spider-Man movie that isn’t really about Spider-Man but is instead about some Twilight superhero guy. We’ve had a whole bunch of them. What you are referring to there is Raimi’s Spider-Man films where he decides he can’t spend time with Mary-Jane and then spends all his time moping over her. Oh and hopefully this time around some of the bad guys WON’T have multiple personality disorder. Y’know, for a change…

  • Peter Hardy

    Yes ! I look forward to these as much as anything else on the web ! Keep ’em coming Rich you’re a ledge 


  • AychTeeAye

    Pretty sure he meant the Android. As the other girl has been here since the first episode and we’re assuming that tophats isn’t retarded.

  • anonymouse

    I’m still waiting for the cat astrology segment. Mr. McFlufferson is getting impatient.

  • Ricky

    Regular visitors of this page focus on women more often than not. I wonder if I don’t see many comments about how megacute is Tara because she is so out of everyone’s league. Or because I don’t read many comments.

  • Deak Thefreak

     I concur that giving him someone to work off is an improvement. Monologues are a tough sell.

  • Hiver

    I like this new stuff as much as the rest. Keep it coming.
    Also… nice looking android….

    Also, i kinda like that theyre going for original web production type. He is suppose to be a “bit” weird. And a mutant. 
    As for the actor… well i guess well see.

  • Fuckbot 5000

    Also, she’s wearing a torn bloody t-shirt. Hmmm…

    Palpatine’s behind it all!

  • Ricky

    Does Jay edit all of these?
    I think everyone is doing a competent job with half in the bag, the plinkett reviews and even  the game station. My least favorite is game station and I’m wondering if I should keep expending time watching them out of respect to people that have given me many laughs before, but certainly these aren’t interesting to me; them game station episodes have a charm while they lack wit… they are like a person shouting an opinion and asking “am I right people!?” every 5 seconds making those who at first cheered bored of the ordeal.As Robert Pigott said a couple comments down: this series can only get better.

  • Matt Bieker

    Suicide prevention!

  • Illuminatus

    This is definitely going to be drawing influences from JMS’s ASM run, as well as the Ultimate Spider-Man title. 

  • Daggoth

    I like the new energy this episode has, definitely an improvement. All the little touches like the blood stained shirt Tara’s wearing, are all good enhancements and make things more watchable. The other hot chick for more discussion was also a good addition. I also like the fact that the reboot spider man will have a more technology-based premise than the magical-bio-organic spider man; it makes it feel more like the 1997 cartoon series, which is my favorite spider man series.

    One flaw in this episode–not enough p0rn! I said it once and I’ll say it again: Rich Evans = New Ron Jeremy and it needs to play that song in the background “Im just a love machine, and won’t work for nobody but you”  

  • Mindofwires

     i’m diggin the banter between the host and the android!  i want more!

  • slxslippy

    what’s with the RCA cables? rich, you need an HDMI cable for that shit.

  • The andriod , Tara and fuckbot 5000 need to get together for an episode now that would be awesome.

  • Mcfly

    Nope. Still not digging it.

  • Taterboob

    Three episodes in, and the game theme has already been abandoned?

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    If you want to see a messed up reboot of Spider-Man, you should see all the different recent versions of Spider-Man that aired on TV after 2000.

  • What?

     Why would you assume it’s been abandoned? Because there’s ONE episode that isn’t about video games?

  • Guest

    It’s funny because you’re not reviewing a game.

  • Why does everyone bag on Game Station? Yes, it’s not the same thing as Half in the Bag or the Plinket reviews. So what? I like game reviews and I like the way Game Station makes fun of other, clearly more cynical, online game review shows. 

  • Frankenbone

    Meh. I liked the first two, but you lost me on this one. I honestly didn’t even feel like watching it and kind of skipped through it.

  • Sleepyopossum

     He said “token female intro”, meaning he does mean Tara.

    So I guess it isn’t safe to assume he isn’t retarded.

  • I’m not into these Rich Evans videos. He’s great in Half in the Bag and the Plinkett reviews, but these, I’m just not into at all.

  • VancouverCanuckssuck

    Did you say redicurous?

  • CyborgWizard

    I like it, talk longer, the popcorn wasn’t even ready by the time it was over

  • Guest

    Gamestation about a film?

    I think HITB ought to stick with the films and GS should handle video games.

    These also might be more enjoyable if they were longer. Maybe if Rich had more time to talk and expand on ideas, Gamestation would be a little stronger.

  • Gotta admit, I’m not looking forward to this one.

  • Chunky’s Chicken

    Loving GameStation 2.0!

  •  I can’t think of anyone on screen as a real person. That’d just be weird.

  • Theamazingbastard

    That is one grubby ass outfit the “hot” “nerd” girl is wearing. Was this a test to see if we are looking at anything other than her tits? If so -A for me! I like the steryotype that you use here seems like all these sort of programs use something similar, so like bravo for that!

  • Rex Feral

    Best thing about this was the ad for pizza rolls before the video. 

  • guest

    Android is hot. Moar please.

  • M Spacecream

    This episode was boring, and the plot was stupid, but it looks like you are getting into something finally. I see you are going more for “geek culture” than only videogames, and i’m digging that. Maybe talking about a trailer wasn’t strong enough for exploring the new format (A more organic kind of review). I guess you were sort of testing. My only recommendation would be to make it much more longer (HITB duration should be your goal), and maybe let Rich have a more inspired topic, something he would want to explore more, not just the latest geek world news. I can’t wait to see how the new format will work for a videogame.

  • Pemberton

    It’s a pleasure to see Rich Evans in his natural environment, a biopod in outer space, masterfully seducing women with his opinions on comic book movies. He is the wind beneath my wings.

  • Punchmaster

    For every negative comment, she gets one more splash of blood, or tear in her outfit.

  • TV’s Rob

    That android needed some nasal spray.

  • anon

    i wonder how much money they are making with actual pizza rolls being advertized on their videos now


    Thanks for listening. I’m glad it’s a little bit more like Half In The Bag.

  • Kuristopa

    Getting better!  the ridiculous mistakes in the intro were awesome.  But J.K. Simmons was awesome in the original spiderman movies as Jameson that’s gotte be mentioned. The preview makes him see a bit more funny which i like, spidey is supposed to have the wit and confidence. The lizard looks a little too cgi-ish for me..but it looks decent. I hope the darker tone fits, and isn’t  just forced because everybody is in to “dark” superheroes since batman was rebooted.

  • Providence

    So good. You made the “nerd girl host” hilarious but a bit obvious. Still a great bit considering how many shows use hot girls like that who know fuck all about what they are talking about. Only thing is, not a game?…

  • Lol, “Tostinos Pizza Rolls” played before this. XD

  • cyber0strich

    Liked the conversation, and I can agree the Toby McGuire just didn’t fit the spiderman image (mainly in terms of personality). I remember really liking the spiderman movies as a kid, but when I watch them now as an adult, I some to notice how goofy they really are….especially the first… long as this new movie doesn’t have Willem Dafoe talking to a Halloween mask, I’ll be fine with it.

  • I always figured the stuff from the intro like “Geek Culture” was just an ironic thing for parodying that type of show. I think Rich Evans should’ve gone on Half in the Bag with Mike and/or Jay to talk about the movie. If Game Station starts discussing movies and Half in the Bag ocassionally reviews a game, you’ll have ruined the exclusiveness of the discussion points.
    More importantly, I just don’t find Game Station funny. The best bit in this one was the nerd girl host getting the superhero movies mixed up. Also, I don’t know why Rich Evans is worried Spiderman won’t have a funny side when at 2:20 he makes a joke. Spiderman being funny is a given, a check on the list of things a Spiderman movie includes like webs and science. Most people wouldn’t be worried about it until they actually see the movie and become surprised that he wasn’t funny.

    On top of that, no one was really giving a strong opinion on whether they would think the movie would be good or not until almost 4 minutes in. And when Rich Evans gives that opinion, I personally disagree with it. Maybe it’s me, but I didn’t hear him point to a particular reason to be worried about the movie other than lack of humor. Then he says something so…..profoundly out of nowhere that I have no idea where he got it. “it’s going to be a bizarre Twilight superhero guy”….there was nothing in the trailer to indicate any resemblance to Twilight. Twilight is a “romance” from the perspective of an evil manipulative girl. Spiderman is a superhero movie from the perspective of a guy who fights crime while resembling a spider. I cannot see your connection between these two.

    And no, I am not necessarily looking forward to the movie either, mainly because I can’t really predict whether it will be good or bad. I don’t know what to think. I am hoping it will turn out better than the Tobey Trilogy because this one is trying to go a slightly more serious direction without abandoning the Spiderman brand of humor.

    I’m curious to see where Gamestation goes next, and since this is Redlettermedia I do hope for the best.

    tl;dr – I’m not sure why anyone made this video if not to be funny or state a strong opinion.

  • O808880hyah

    I think this show has great potential. Take the concept all the way. Make the editing more obnoxious with stupid ‘nerdy’ sound effects and maybe even audio of a “live” audience that cheers every geek/nostalgia reference.

    The hot chick is a good addition but I wish she was more evil. For movies, I think sticking to the nerd/geek aspects are key and ignoring all the film-related things that are for HITB to discuss. But comicbook/videogame inspired movies are fair game.

    I like the idea of Rich’s character being a good-guy geek who is bombarded by ridiculous geek marketing by the Industries (gaming and Hollywood). An antagonist character for the show could be a corporate asshole who thinks “you’re a geek so you’ll like this new product”. Then Rich represents us nerds watching and he defends beloved franchises and characters that are routinely violated by Marketing morons.

  • Fighting_Words

    No!  NO!!  NOOO!!!

    I actually loved the fact that in the Sam Raimi Spiderman trilogy, Spidey could organically produce his own webbing.  It was so much better than his webshooters from the comic book.

    Other than that heresey (sp.), I agree with just about everything Rich says.  Just going by the trailer, this Spiderman reboot just looks too emo.  And Spiderman ain’t emo!

  • Fighting_Words

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, I think Jay is super hot.

  • Aaaa

    GOOD! I liked it. But TOO SHORT. Seriously, you got interesting things to say and you don’t have any time limitations really. This in Internet. Take your time.

  • Guest

    I’m not a huge expert on artists, but I suspect that most of them don’t want to hear from others what their work should or should not be. I’m sure your feedback is meant in good spirit, and I could even agree with some of the points you make. But, I’d still, it’s a bit untactful.

    I also trust their judgement over yours (or mine). There is such a thing as not knowing what one really wants. What may seem awesome in your head might turn out to be bad in actuality.

  • MedRetterLedia

    Girl-Mike made me tingle in my man bits. Even though she kinda talked like she had a cold (which was simultaneously cute and annoying) I really liked her and I think she’ll be a great addition to the show.  And NOT just because she was adorable.
    I hope she can hold her own when it comes to nerd-speak.  And if not, I hope she’s good at faking it.

  • Robbiebuckshotlafunk

    Better intro. Now just have her reporting from Plinkett’s basement while frantically putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

  • WithAlmonds

    You don’t seem to like anything.  At best you’re the hipster of nerds.  Everything that you’ve reviewed so far, you’ve disliked for really subjective reasons, you jump to the most off the wall conclusions, and it doesn’t seem like you’re too big on checking your facts before you shoot.  I’m willing to forgive it occasionally on HITB because they at least try to offer some objectivity.  At the very least they offer insight on the actual film process that helps others to form their own opinions.  You just kinda bash stuff.  It’s not funny and no amount of attractive ladies is gonna make up for that


    Successful troll is successful, I believe.

  • GagReflex

    The intro girl is awful. Rest was creepy & good! 

  • Gin

    It got better!

  • playdude92

     Interesting, aren´t franchises allowed to be remade with a diffrent tone? Then there wouldn´t be a “The Dark Knight”, because Batman should really solve riddles with Robin and say wacky one-liners.

    I also hated the last Spiderman trilogy for a very simple reason. I didn´t like Tobeys face, constantly looking as if he would either start to cry or sneeze the next moment. Not his fault, but that made him just plain strange looking.

  • What?

     Wait wait wait…their opinion is SUBJECTIVE? No way!

    Also, they’ve liked plenty of stuff on HITB. Maybe You should check your facts before trying to insult people.

  • Guest

     That’s far too logical of an opinion for an internet comment section.

  • Guest

    Wow where do i start on how half baked your opinions are on this movie…. first off the spider-man from this trailer makes more jokes than in the entire Raimi trilogy, second why does everything have to be compared to Twilight???? Just because they have similar hair? my hair looks like that also but its just my natural hair i dont go and have it feathered. Also why bother going to the trouble of making a video if youre only going to talk about the trailer for 30 seconds??

  • A good guy geek fighting corporate Marketing Villains?
    That would be Angry Joe…

  • Tardisman

     Uh… can I just say: Who f’ing cares.  She’s amazing.

  • Jermh

    um spiderman isnt the caped crusader….

  • Guest

    He’s also not the man of steel. A little slow there, Jermh?

  • Hjkfdsajlk

    THANK YOU! This is exactly what Rich needed, someone to talk to! Keep up the good work!!!

  • guest

    it’s gonna be shit

  • Guest

     Rich can’t go on Half in the Bag.  He’s dead, remember?

  • Not

    Why are her clothes dirty and ripped. I don’t understand. . . .

  • Jjs Sanchez 01

    Rich Evan’s “What?!” at the end had me rolling.  Good job.

  • mktom22

    She said ‘Gamesplation’ ??? :s

  • Jeremy Pike

    There are a lot of female gamers who make YouTube videos that have rag-clothes on. Dodger sometimes doesn’t make an effort, you can find her on YouTube. 

  • Oakstave

    Uh oh… I think Rich is in love.

  • Guest2

     Not to mention the fact that she pronounces the name of the show incorrectly. This isn’t subtle stuff here, OP.

  • The best part is when Evan said he hated Toby Mac as Spider-Man. You are 100% right in saying that.

  • Lancer Pride

    Bathe the android and bring her to me so we can discuss “West Wing” and make good on my need for servicing. 

  • I loved this, it was very heart warming. At first I thought it was going to end real sleazy because of the dialog. But it ended on really good and humorous vibes! -Yours truly, The Orgasmic Fire! :3

  • LOL!

  • GreatScottie

    When I first found out they were making a new Spiderman movie, I was like “Great!  Marvel got the rights back and he’s going to be in Avengers?”  No, that was incorrect.

    So then I was like “Awesome!  My boy Miles Morales gets his own film!  He is adorable and I love him and he’s a great contrast to the Toby MacGuire films, it’ll be an interesting continuation of the series and you can do some original stories with the concept.”  NO, THAT IS ALSO INCORRECT.

    Instead it is the stupidest sounding thing I’ve ever heard.  It’s ANOTHER Peter Parker origin film, and with damn stupid shenanigans as well.  Yeah bro, I’m mad.

  • TickTock

     I think you’re missing the joke on the intro girl.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the new episode!

    I’d like them longer though 🙂
    Looked like a lot of work to set up the episode (intro, jokes throughout, outro) while the discussion itself was only 1/3 of the total running time.

    But i’m not complaining 🙂

  • JPH

    Get off your lazy asses and make more videos of you eating chicken

  • Guest

    like it, fake plinket and robo girl are good together. The weird girl at teh start is also good. But doesnt quite fit with the review section. If you could separate those two concepts out… or find some other way to put them together… it could work. Title needs to change.

  • Ahhhhh CHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuck

    Make a Feeding Frenzy sequel and more Half in the Bag!!! No one cares about Game Station 2.0!!!

  • Guest

    In case he still doesn’t get it, the ~*Gamer Gurl*~ in the beginning is a parody of other entertainment targeted at “gamers” featuring “gamer gurls” who obviously don’t know or give a shit about games.

  • Guest

    I hate to be the shallow asshole misogynist here, though I liked having the girl in the discussion, if you’re really dead set on playing up the “sex appeal” thing you need to do something w/r/t to the acne or else it’s kind of awkward

    Liked her thoughts though, best Game Splaytion so far.

  • So you’re naming her character “Liz” huh?  Real creative, guys!

    But seriously, how have I not had the “Spiderman swinging through New York by his ass” conversation with her!?

  • It sucks…

    (please make it a tear out of the outfit please… and I’ll be making a lot more negative comments as long as I have your word that it’ll definitely be a tear for every one)

  • I have my personal bias, but she’s definitely a bit of alright.

  • Guest

    This sounds like something….. a twitard would say!

  • Asdasda

    Pretty sure you’re using the old motorweek theme.

  • CaptianTightpants

     What the fuck is wrong with you? Although, I’m sure you’re some visual treasure, some Greek we should all aspire to look like. So clearly you can throw out comments like this.  Leave the android alone. She’s seems smart, she’s super cute. 

  • George Lucas

    Han shot first.

  • Ifwhatandhow

    That is your criticism? THAT is your criticism. Can you at least try to be constructive.  You couldn’t come up with one tailor or spider-man related thought?  Could you at least lend your brilliant insight on the dialogue?  What, were you so pissed off that you could “finish” before the clip ended that you had to blame your impotence on on some girl? A.) have a real thought b.) you probably couldn’t get close to that girl with out her spraying pepper spray at you fat, mouth-breathing neanderthal ass c.) Grow a brain and a dick that works

  • guest

    How is it that every female that works for RedLetterMedia has natural beauty to them? A for sure keeper for reoccurring characters. 🙂 Go Liz!  

  • Boneymcskull

    Anyway, I like the idea of Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker, despite the fact that we have to sit through the origin once again.  Even though Parker seems a bit melancholy and “broody” in the trailer, nerd reject that he is, I couldn’t help but notice that as Spider-Man, he cracks lame jokes and will not shut up. . . just like in the comics.  Also, they are rebooting the Spider-Man movie franchise shortly after the original movie run. . . not unlike how they reboot Spider-Man in the comics every 5 minutes or so.  Meanwhile, we’ve all been waiting for the Lizard since Connors turned up with his one arm in the first movie.

  • FuckYou

    Merely having a female on means they’re trying to play up “sex appeal.” You’re a fucking idiot. A woman with an opinion on the internet is not automatically an attempt to lure in nerdy men with “sex appeal.” That’s rude, insulting, and yes, misogynist. Seriously, get fucked, you ignorant asshole.

  • Greg2000ad

     John E?…. Greg S

  •  I liked Tobey Maguire as Spider-man

  • The spiderman reboot so soon after the other one ended is bullshit and its an origin story to boot. Hope everyone boycots it so they wont keep doing it but sadly probably most people will go see it

  • Can you guys do a review of max payne when it comes out

  • any chance we can get these gamestation reviews out a bit more quicker?

  • Farkthis121

    Why should we feel tension at Spiderman hanging by his fingertips off the edge of a skyscraper?  That’s what he does every day, in his fucking sleep.  It’d be like showing aquaman being tossed into the ocean.

  • the new spiderman movie disgusts me. Next we will see ‘The Dark Knight’ rebooted. This time even darker.

  • Kestrel

    The first Spiderman Trilogy has a terrible hero. Spiderman didn’t learn a thing and he’s the same geeky college kid in all 3 movies. One would expect him to grow in maturity after years of battling those villains and facing hardship.

    I’ve read boys became men in the first few days of World War One and became pacifists after it ended. It took a horrific act (Pearl Harbor) to get the whole nation into war decades later.

    Tobey’s Spiderman? A geeky loser with on-and-off superpowers from the first movie right into the third one.

    New Spiderman? Twilight with webs.

  • Guest

    Prisoner in a cell is a good metaphor for Evans’ screen presence. He combines the inanimate flatness of Charlie Brown with the physical graces of Richard Nixon.

  • Luke

    are you fucking kidding me? what the fuck dude. Seriously I’m a creepy weirdo and you fucking make me sick. 

  • Oh, that’s right. Well they could say he got better.

  • Why… why is she bloody and disheveled?

  • Uh, stick to game reviews. This was even more pointless than the Crispin Glover video, and I usually like Game Station 2.0

  • Cat Fan 64

    I don’t want things to change. I want things to stay the same. Where is Mike? I’m going to call the police right now. Congratulations assholes, you made my life more miserable.

  • petarded2

    this show is easily the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life and anyone involved in the making of it should be ashamed

  • Balgorandvern

    Hmm, one wonders if Spiderman had super abilities the way Liz pictured them would the series be titled The Amazing Sphincter Man? Anyway, love Liz, love Rich. I think with practice they’ll know when to let each other talk and when to interject. You can tell Mike and Jay have a long history because they know this about each other. The short and choppy pace of the conversation in 2.0 makes each point feel glossed over and I begin to wonder if maybe it’s the lack of beer prop. You should never underestimate the calming influence a good brewski in hand can have on a conversation. Looking forward to Ep. 4!

  • RLM comments, a brief history:

    **In the beginning: Hey RLM, make more short films and shit, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PLINKETT REVIEWS! 

    **Months later: HEY RLM! Make more Mr. Plinkett reviews, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR SHORT FILMS AND SHIT!

    **Months later: Hey Mr. Plinkett! Get off your fat lazy ass and make more movie reviews, NO ONE CARES ABOUT HALF IN THE BAG!

    **Months later: Hey Mike and Jay! Make more Half in the Bag! Its the best thing on the internet, NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS STUPID GAME STATION CRAP!

  • Gunstargreen

    Ugh. I’m torn on this movie. On one hand it looks like a good mindless summer SFX fest and it does a few things better than the old trilogy. On the other hand I don’t care for the “darker and edgier” feel or the blatant Twilight influences.

  • Hafabee

    I can’t wait to see the reboot of this reboot movie next next summer.  I’ve heard we’ll get to finally see how Spider-Man got his powers, and how he decides to use them to help people.  Fucking finally…it’s a story that NEEDS to be told.  Again.  Again and again.  Awesome.

  • Kill me now

    This was painful.  

  • Chris_shafer

    never again

  • SoItHasComeToThis

     That is fucking idiotic. There is no redeeming quality of Peter having organic web shooters.

    What has the world come to…

  • Sticktomovies

    wow, that was painful to watch… well kinda watch and turn off due to the cringing.

    <3 you guys but this is awful

  • Melkiyad

    you two have good synergy 😉 perhaps make another “show” where you 2 review older movies or movies that Mike and Jay dont have time to review
    mmm more movie reviews
    make it happen. 

  • Burgers

    less of this trying-too-hard nonsense

    more Plinkett Matrix

  • Guest

    no i was saying why does it have to be compared to twilight because i fucking hate twilight its a pointless badly written piece of crap and i hate it when people compare stuff to twilight because it stops us from all forgetting about that stupid series, and from reading the comments it seems im not the only one who thinks the points they make in this video are completely stupid

  • Magicmanep

    getting warmer

  • Guest

    blatant twilight references? did you and i watch a different trailer?

  • Guest

    did you really think they would make a movie about Miles Morales?? that would be like the catwoman movie where catwoman is not selina kyle but is patience phillips and we all know how well that worked out

  • Guest

     The studios really do want some of that Twilight money, dude, that’s why they’re going with the “darkly tormented super being” that looks like he’s pulled from an Abercombe catalogue, given about the same haircut and put in an angsty high school relationship.

  • hal

    There’s a webcomic about a superhero who gets bitten by a radioactive spider. She has six arms and shoots web out of her ass.

  • Toni Anttila

    Waah waah, me complain! Bullshitr.

  • Guest

    at least there’s a pretty good chance the obnoxious love interest will die horribly in this one

  • Guest

    I want those movies rebooted, but more so DC can do with their characters in film what marvel’s been doing, I need a justice league movie while I’m still fairly young and not old and full of hate, also the idea of making them darker is just stupid even if you are joking

  • Leodardolarry

    Rich Evans is kinda sexy. I mean that in the most heterosexual manner possible. I swear I do not want to bone the guy. I just think he is incredibly attractive. 

  • ChuckleMcDuck

    Rich Evans is totally Spank-Worthy.

  • Lukeitsatrap

     Dude, do you know her or something or are you just like borderline stalkery? If you know her aces to you, if not you should probably talk to someone…

  • Lukeitsatrap

     Then you’re life sounds extremely sad if this is the one thing that made your life more miserable.  Not your lack of social skills or personal life.

  • Rob Thomas

    I like it – adding the android so Rich has someone to bounce stuff off is better. And while I’m always up for discussions on pop culture, analysis of a trailer is, eh, it’s a trailer, you can only draw so much from it. 

    RLM is a great place to draw some good nerdgasim insights off. And many times has really nailed the ‘what went wrong’ factor in films. I think Game Station 2.0 may be able to do the same. This works best when you’re reviewing something in hindsight, be it after a few days (half in the bag) or a few years (plinket). 

    Rich does a good review of games and covering why they don’t hit the mark. If he wants to review broader stuff, how about he revisits classic games or total dogs and explain what happened – eg: compare the recent Duke Nukem to the originals. Did the remake totally suck, or did the audience grow up? 

    When it’s out, I’d like Rich to review the new Spiderman and compare it to the Ramis trilogy and outline the pros and cons of both. That makes far more interesting watching than a trailer review (remember the Star Trek 09 trailer with kid-Kirk in it and the spasmodic ‘Anakin’ fury  over it?).

    Anyway, I’m enjoying everything RLM takes the time to make and put out for us. Thanks!

    (If you want other ideas, (which you won’t) here’s two)

    – TV reboot Trek from TNG, DS9, Voyger, and ENT: each one was different, was it better/worse – did it ‘lose’ anything over the years?

    – Why was Parker Lewis Can’t Lose more like the character of Ferris Bueller than the TV series of Ferris Bueller?

  • Mast3r Xak

    Daf Fuq happened to her shirt.

  • As in any production, a sure sign of a fading premise is the addition of a female lead.

  • that chick reviewing the trail with that guy was cute.

  • petarded2

    i feel like i’m watching a scream movie i can’t tell what’s sarcasm and what’s just fucking awful

  • The Advisor

    Finaly here I come to save the day and give you advices you REALLY need to save this show from failing towards a picky audience:
    – Change the setting every other episode. We need to see a lot more sets which makes
    us feel like the game station box is a small part of a big spaceship or something.
    – Make each episode like 3 hours long. Monkey gonna watch.
    – All girl characters have to wear sexy Mortal Kombat Cosplay outfits and perform fatalities on each other.
    – Rich Evans needs a bionic Arm.
    – Get Nicolas Cage as Sidekick for the Narrator Girl… perhaps dressed as Kung Lao or Goro or Blanka.
    – Send me money. A lot.
    – Why no Kevin Bacon?
    – Project some Alf Episodes in the background.
    – Make Jay eat someones Penis
    – Say ‘Penis’ again
    – ‘Noooooooo’
    – Seriously, get that bionic Penis.
    – Fucknards. The devil is my hairdo.
    – Pizza Rolls.

  • that girl liz is really cute!

  • Guy Incognito

    Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that Tara is overplaying the whole bimbo part just a little…

  • Cat Fan 64

    Yes, my life is sad. The only things that I like are cats. And Mike. They have taken Mike away from me. Maybe you can help me, Lukeitsatrap?

  • Superdingus

    Where’d the games go?

  • is her shirt dirty?

  • Is her shirt dirty?

  • It’s not as though comics/games/movies about comics and games aren’t some holy trinity of merchandising anyway. 

    It doesn’t always have to be about games.  Viewing this with an open mind without preconceived expectations based upon what’s already out there, I’m linking this more and more (despite my suspicion that’s it might be mise en abyme – building up to something else).

    Only bit of critique is not necessarily a critique….I get it that the subject matter attracts a nerdier audience, and I get that (after years of making shitty self published comics) nerdier audiences demand very lucid and concrete humor to let them know that it’s humor so they know what to laugh at – otherwise they blow you off as amateur because they’re actually a bit too intellectually lazy to absorb context and layers that aren’t explicitly obvious. It’s okay to make the humor a little more obvious, I just politely request that you don’t completely obliterate the subtlety as you go either.  There’s that fine line between Dan Whitney (Larry the cable guy) pandering exclusively to the proven intellectual parameters of the demographic, or Stephen Colbert (obvious humor mixed with covert context which sometimes even insults the very people who think they “get it”). 

    Regardless…screw the haters.  Moar nerd girls. I’ll admit I was put off by Android 221 (Liz) at first, but she grew on my really quick, which is a rarity (and she’s cute to boot). There’s been wayyy too many cocks discussing movies and games on the net. 

  •  And meanwhile, TGWTG prematurely tried to make their working model into a corporate one, watering down the creative content to what it is today… a site about crossover reviews that aren’t entertaining and overall content that’s censored for the benefit of all the easily offended religious subscribers.  Apparently they’re more dependent upon their commercials now than ever. 

  • Guest

    I still don’t see it dude. And i don’t see why everything that ever comes out has to be compared to Twilight. I can’t talk about the Hunger Games without someone mentioning Twilight and now a frickin Spider-man movie! It seems like everyone wants to forget Twilight ever existed and yet they keep talking about it!

  • That Parker Lewis/Ferris Bueller paradigm always bothered me too.  They nailed the kid playing Ferris Bueller not being able to act, just like Matthew Broderick, but Parker Lewis really captured the essence of FBDO. 

  • Sd

    These are awful. Why do you keep making them?

  • Kevin

    I just go with all the youtube videos that tell me it will get better.  I was not to sure about Half In The Bag at first. Now I love it.   Just give it time….It gets better…..

  • Fighting_Words

    Nope, I disagree.  Although, it’s hard to disagree with you because you do not give any reasons for what is actually wrong with the movie Spiderman’s organic webshooting ability or why mechanical webshooters are superior.  

    Anyway, I feel Spiderman’s organic webshooters are superior for several reasons:

    First, the most recognizable trait of the biology of spiders is their ability to produce various types of silk with different strengths and uses.  Although, in the Marvel comic book world, it is not inconceivable that a high school student can invent mechanical webshooters, I feel that it is more in tune with spider biology if Spiderman can produce webbing organically.

    Second, people are going to willingly suspend their disbelief that Spiderman gets superpowers from the bite of a radioactive spider,  powers like: spider sense, super strength, super speed, super agility, and the ability to walk on walls.  If people are going to willingly suspend their disbelief that Spiderman gets these superpowers, it is not really much of a stretch to believe that Spiderman also has the ability to organically create webbing.

    Third, continuing the theme of suspension of disbelief, if Spiderman gets superpowers from the bite of a radioactive spider, it does not really make sense that he would get all of a spider’s ability EXCEPT the ability to create webbing – which is the most recognizable trait of spiders.  And, arguably, webswinging is Spiderman’s most recognized ability.

    Fourth, as for the common criticism that “if Spiderman could organically create webbing, it would come out of his butt,” I think this is false.  It has been discovered that some spiders, tarantulas, have silk nozzels on their legs to facilitate climbing.  Also, some spiders have silk glands in their mouths.

    Fifth, as a follow up to having organic webshooters in the wrists as opposed to abdoman, there are two points.  First, biologically, the ability to create and shoot silk webbing is glandular.  This means that spiders create silk in their abdoman because that is where the glands are located.  It would be conceivable that Spiderman would have webslinging glands in his wrists/forearms because that would be the most logical place for them to be.  Second, it would make sense that if Spiderman had organic webshooters, that they would come out of his wrists as opposed to his butt because that would be the ideal place for them and that would be the easiest place for a “Spider-Man,” as opposed to a “Spider,” to access them. 

    Sixth, if the webbing is organic, Spiderman does not need to worry about carrying around, and losing, his mechanical webshooters.  He also doesn’t need to worry about running out of web solution.

    Finally, this should be obvious, but the appeal of Spiderman comes down to the story and how it is written.  A good story does not depend on whether Spiderman has mechanical webshooters or organic webshooting ability.

  • Some Guy

    Sorry, I don’t usually nit-pick like this, but did she seriously just call Spiderman “the man of steel?” That’s Superman. Duh.

  • Oblitetron

     …wow, if thats not a blatant troll you’re dumber than she was pretending to be

  • Oblitetron

    wow these are… just, not good. ill give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that they’ll get better but so far, they kinda suck.  mostly because they’re so damn short. a five minute video in which three and a half minutes are usually taken up with hijinks to try and make it watchable- the arkham city review told me less about what the game is like than the back of the damn box

  • Jay

    Personally “pulled from an Abercombe catalogue”
    is not a stock phrase I would use to describe Andrew Garfield. Yes he is better
    looking than Tobey McGuire, but that’s not exactly saying much. Compared to 75%
    of the actors in Hollywood, Garfield is barely average looking at best.

  • WithAlmonds

    I was referring to Rich who didn’t like anything; not Mike and Jay. They reviewed one of Mike’s favorite movies, so I’m aware that they like a few things from time to time. 
    Like I said, HITB offers some objectivity on why they disliked some of the movies they’ve reviewed. Rich just seems to genuinely not like anything, and when he does offer bits of praise they’re so heavily coated in sarcasm that it’s hard to take them seriously.Also, when reviewing anything you have to try to be objective. They’re providing you with an “honest” overview of a product. If you present facts as opposed to opinion and fallacy you can make a real argument instead of just complaining. Rich just complains a lot. Mike and Jay complain as well, but they offer legitimate film reasons to their complaints. They back themselves up where Rich simply doesn’t explain why it is that he’s so upset about whatever he’s reviewing

  • WithAlmonds

    Batman is already slated for a reboot after DKR comes out to go alone with Man of Steel. Nolan might be done with Batman, but WB sure as hell isn’t

  • WithAlmonds

    Not likely. Unless Green Goblin shows up in this movie somehow, Gwen will stay alive for at least another movie

  • I love Game Splation 2.1. Anything with Rich Evans is welcome in my book. That “…What?” in the end had me in tears.

  • Guest123

    PLEASE STOP. These are just not good. Focus on Half in the Bag and such. There are countless movies you could entertain us with review. Seriously. Love ya guys, but PLEASE STOP.

  • The best part of these is the intro with the “gamer girl”

  • ggg

    i like these…

  • Foo

    This guy gets it, listen to him.

  • matafaka

    why  is a game guy reviewing a movie trailer? Shouldn’t he be analysing the Spiderman in the new Marvel Vs Capcom 3 ??

  • Seriously?  It comes off that way?

    I know her… but I could understand someone stalking her.  She’s awesome!

  • Bigblackcox4rich

     I think the set is the star of this production.  It’s certainly more interesting than the characters.

    This offshoot reminds me of one of those hair-brained ideas I get that I’d like to try with my friends that I just keep putting off sharing while I’m with them — even when I’m drunk.  Then eventually, I get really really drunk, and I can’t help myself and I ask them if they’re interested.  They, of course, agree, since they’re good friends and don’t want to disappoint a friend, but also because they’re central players in your idea and it boosts their ego.

    In other words, this series is anal sex among friends — something you sometimes consider trying because it might be fun, but you know you probably shouldn’t *really* do it.

  • Fakeemail

    The first film with Toby McGuire was a great film, I don’t see the need for a reboot or remake. And everyone in the film acted well.

  • Rascally Rabbit

    You know, for how little i know about Rich Evans, I kind of like him. He’s pretty funny and I’m glad he’s getting more screen time. And the spin-off isn’t too bad either. I don’t know, I think it really does give that “something for everyone” feel. You got new release reviews from Half in the Bag, the satirical in-depth analysis of Plinkett reviews and now, with Game Station 2.0, you get the pop culture and digital entertainment side. Pretty nice spread and a good diversity in video lengths.

    In short, I like it. Good job guys.

  • Guest

    It’s almost as if Hollywood knows that the world is going to end at the end of 2012 so they feel the need to pump out as many horrible movies to make as much money as possible, rebooting a series that barely had one foot in the grave…

  • MonkeyKing1969

    Dirty…and full of holes.

  • MonkeyKing1969

    I like this, I don’t understand why people are saying this series is bad.  

  • Why are you guys wasting your superb talents reviewing movie trailers? I like the idea of a Half in the Bag take on video games, but the actual review portion of the show is just so bland. Listening to Rich Evans talk about games and movies is like listening to a Gamestop store manager read off a list of features and things he likes about a game to some one’s grandmother. He can do better.

    The Overlord is hilarious, and the Android whats-her-name had a decent start. Her delivery needs work but she’s smart and cute in a genuinely geeky, Felicia Dayish sort of way. This show has potential. Use it!

  • HangingWang

    I still don’t understand why some people dislike the way the web shooting was implemented in the old Spiderman movies. It doesn’t affect the overall story in any particular way.

  • Get Nicolas Cage as Sidekick for the Narrator Girl”… At first I laughed… But oh my God! That would be amazing!! You put a mental image in my head of Nicholas Cage standing next to that girl in the intro. Think about it, Nick cage standing next that weird girl in torn up clothes in the introduction, Nick leaning in towards the camera like he always does as he is standing and talking, with a modest hollywood smile about him. Then cut to Rich Evans walking into the game station room. Mike or Android girl pops up out of no where. Then they talk about whatever for 5 minutes. Then roll credits… Master Piece!

  • Hiver

    Gee so many spoiled brats around here…

    Games take time to play through people… these guys are not going to do some half assed reviews. Let the pros do their work.

    Better to have a slow start and then see the raise and everything becoming better as it goes on then overblow it with first few then never reach that quality.

  • Wolfgang

    “Yeah? What kind of data …”
    Hillarious 😉
    The new “having a dialogue” format of the show works for me. I would like to have more “backstory” thrown in randomly to keep me interested in the setting. Stuff like that Rich is the illegitimate clone of a person yet to be reveald … I dont know … make shit up 😉

  • MostGamesAreStupid
  • DR

    Tobey Maguire was perfect for the role of a geeky and funny Peter Parker…I don’t understand how you guys didn’t like Maguire

  • Ian A

    I like Goon Slipshot 9.$…….whatever it’s called……it’s funny stuff. Amazing Spider-Man looks to be really good, with a starting point that doesn’t seem as ceremonial. I like Denis Leary’s casting, but meh follows the other “stars.” Don’t know how complex of a story they can enact for the Lizard, but the urban vigilante Spider-Man should make most of the film entertaining…….this better be good.

  • SoItHasComeToThis

     I can agree with your last paragraph.

    The whole point to the mechanical web shooters and development of the web solution in the comics was to show the genius level intellect of Peter Parker.

    Outside of the story, and probably why the character doesn’t have organic web spinners, Stan Lee was inspired by the abilities of the common housefly. But, since that’s not internal to the story of spidey, it has to be disregarded.

    The main problem I have with the organics was not their location. Aside from making Peter Parker less remarkable pre-radioactive-spider, they weren’t executed plausibly. In some of the shots he makes with his organic web shooters, he’s easily excreting a quarter of his total body mass. It might have been more believable had the webs not been so bulky, but they wanted them to look like the comic.

    And then, in the second movie, they backstep due to fan criticism, and by golly, Peter develops a measly nozzle that gave him limited ability to control what the web form was. Woop dee fuckin’ shit.

    In short, the web shooters not being part of the consequences of the spider bite is just as important to who Spider-man is because it gives us a piece of who Peter is without having to just blurt it out and make his character completely pathetic sans spider-bite.

    It’s not until much later, relatively speaking for a comic book, in Peter’s life until he develops the fusion of his innate intellect with the confidence Spider-man gives him.

    It might sound weird, but there is too much importance given to the spider bite with organic web shooters.

    They have no redeeming quality. The circumstances of their existence make the character of Peter Parker completely secondary to the character of Spider-man. And thus, completely missing the point of the comics, the entirety of the Spider-man reality, and ultimately the super simplified “lesson” of the movies. If Spider-man is all that matters, then we don’t need to ever see Peter, and the whole supposed impetus of the story falls flat on its face; the movies were pointless.

    Yes, mechanical web shooters really are that important to the story.

  • My Precious
    Dick Evans: A Villanelle


    In the
    Gamestation, your cute little half-smile

    During every
    minute of this review just heard,

    Get’s every
    boner cumming so wild


    Yes! Yes!
    Call me a Dick-Evans-phile

    And Yes, my
    screen holds dry cum-curds

    But in the Gamestation…GOD! Your half-smile


    Makes me
    cock-mope the bathroom tile

    Til I’m
    slipping on floating tub-turds

    Cause RICHARD! My
    boner’s cumming so wild


    Yes! Yes! I
    just did it doggy-style

    With a WWF
    stuffed Macho-man turned

    Into a cum
    covered Dick Evan’s half-smile


    So if loves
    a battlefield, I’ll be the Nuremberg Trials

    Finding Dick
    Evans cuter than I should

    In a
    gamestation with your precious half-smile

    Getting every boner cumming so wild!

  • Riddler

    kind of in love with Android 221.

  • This isn’t a game, you jackasses.

  • FiachSidhe

    Because he wasn’t funny. He was weepy through most of the films and maybe cracked wise twice that I can remember.

  • FiachSidhe

    To be fair, if you don’t have a video game to review, you don’t really do a video game show. You wait until you have something, or you talk about something related to gaming. 

  • FiachSidhe

    Something doesn’t need to intrude upon the narrative, for one to not like it.

  • rich evans you need to break more shit! keep up the good work!

  • I think a lot of you guys are just not smart enough to understand the joke.

  • That android girl totally looks like the porn star Gianna Michaels.

  • Gianna Michaels totally looks like a porn star…when her face his covered with cum that is.

  • Well I think you’re a lot of guys. 

  • whatev David you’re not a game. 

  • guest

    why would one build a female android looking like that?

  • Hiver

     blah, blah, blah…blarrghh, blaarghh, uhhghhh… who cares, you spiled (oh sorry, a spelling mistake there) demanding brat?


  • Hiver

     Why the hell not? Eh? EEEHHH?
    I certainly would.

  • Riddler

     second that.  I’d take one of those.

  • Guest, On the day of ur birth I’m sure it took the doctors several minutes to figure out that it wasn’t your mom’s vagina but your face popping out.

  • My favorite Game Station episode has nothing to do with games.


  • This is too current, i demand you review the trailer for last of the mohicans or else i will call you racists!

  • FiachSidhe

    The real question is why isn’t anyone building androids that look like that for real?

  • Stuart

    This show needs retooling. I mean Your man there’s fine. But Tara just doesn’t really add anything and the name of the show is gash. Gamestation 2.0 aye it’s an alright name for a public access kids show from the early 90’s.

  • Batman

    “Caped crusader”?

  • He wasn’t funny.

  • Guest

    “it’s an alright name for a public access kids show from the early 90’s.”

    I think that’s the point.

  • Guest

    liz is very hot

  • Damian

    I have it on excellent authority that Tara not only writes the entire bits for GS 2.0, she also created the Plinkett character. Haha do some research before posting on a forum!

  • The Man of Steel

    That’s the only deliberate “mistake” you caught?!!

  • When is the Next Episode?? I love how they mistreat Rich Evans.

    GAWD PEOPLE ARE DUMB, they completely don’t get real sarcasm. These Retawrds probably watched the Plinkett Reviews because they felt cool watching it but didn’t get half the jokes or sarcastic on top of sarcastic quips.

  • MatthewMelange

    Why is tara’s shirt torn up?

  • g-town

    Ah, fuck you

  • Andrew

    Fantastic stuff, more game reviews please 🙂

  • Adrian

    Why aren’t there more episodes out?

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe


  • Sully

    “Game Splation?”
    Tell me, someone else heard that?

  • Joe Chapman

    She also said “2.1” and “Man of Steel”. It’s a joke.

  • Sully

    I got the jokes. “Splation” was a Freudian slip.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    id hit it

  • Cameron Vale

    You can’t beat Animated Series Spider-Man for funny.

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    So Liz is a one in 6000 years occurence in a game station pod, meaning that the [likely underground] facility has millions of pods.

  • Jesus

    No time for video games, too busy with Spaaaaaace Cop!

  • FiachSidhe


  • dollar store cashier wife

    how about rich evans watches the not so amazing spider man 2 trailer?

  • Pissernacht

    I’m fairly certain you don’t know what a Freudian slip is…

    Don’t try to sound smart, especially since the rest of us don’t care either way.

  • Dat Feel

    moar gamestation pls. its rly noice

  • Xor


  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Where did Plinkett kidnap this one from?

  • Grackene

    Clever, she keeps making mistakes of the content because she’s a girl….(sarcastic HAHA) *sigh

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    All of those episodes were amazing.

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