Game Station 2.0 – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

April 5, 2012306 Comments

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  • first

  • I see what you did there

  • Manzooka

    I’d like to see more footage of the beautiful lady interacting with the fatty.

  •  You’re cool.

  • Dffdfd

    This is dumb. Stoklassis makes this barely watchable.

  • flabslapper

    THANK YOU! I’m 27 and I’ve LOVED Zelda ever since I played Link’s Awakening, but ever since Spirit Tracks they’ve changed everything about Zelda that was good (the exploration) and replaced it with “innovation” (i.e. shit)

    It breaks my heart that I gave a Skyward Sword a pass because the story looked interesting but I just can’t get used to this waggle crap

  • Nellie Vaughn

    It was a wonderful game. I don’t know what you’re going on about.

  • Chris Degl’Innocenti

    dude… I literally just bought an Ocarina today so i could play zelda songs. I KNEW JAY AND MIKE WERE STALKING ME!

    I like the game reviews, you definitely need to do one on Minecraft.

  • kaidanmono

    I really shouldn’t find bodily harm this funny, but Rich Evans’ reactions crack me up every single time. Also Mike’s deadpan delivery is spot-on.

  • Guest?

    Are you guys going to re-purpose this set for your upcoming movie?

  • I love your movie reviews and HitB, but there’s way too many game review shows on the internet. That along with the fact that you are reviewing old games (anything more than a month old is considered old) makes these boring. I could be totally wrong here, but I feel like you’re only doing these to give Rich Evans something to do. 

  • Will Piercy

    Please continue viciously harassing Rich Evans with bricks. It’s good watchin’.


  • Robin Ottens

    Yeah, the skits are great fun, but they overshadow the review itself, which is basically a short, slightly less boring IGN video review. I hope these game station videos get better, because I’d love to see you do game reviews with the style and in-depth commentary of Half in the Bag. Something like GiantBomb’s quick look format would work for this site. Keep trying I guess!

  • Sebastién Bissonnette

    This comment was brought to you by some dingus nobody loves.

  • Kiss Gábor

    Evans saying aww my face, priceless:D

  • Kraken

    Just because something is being done a lot doesen’t mean it’s a bad idea to do it. That doesen’t make any sense. Try applying that logic to making movies or music.

    It has no effect on the possible quality of the product.
    “I could be totally wrong here, but I feel like you’re only doing these to give Rich Evans something to do.”That’s pretty offensive to Evans. I think that if he didn’t have anything to do, he’d find something to do, maybe this whole thing was his idea.

  • Cabbage

    The problem I see with the first two episodes is that there is not much of the analysis that makes Plinkett and HITB interesting. It’s so far been the kind of dry, informative stuff mixed in with sketch.
    Good luck anyway! 

  • Invisusmachina

     Congratulations. You have discovered opinions.

  • Sebastién Bissonnette

    It’s more of a parody of all those video game reviewers online who make up these stupid characters and stick with them. The first 15 seconds kinda gives that away.

  • Sector007

    I could watch Rich Evans get hurt all day..  really great reactions.  Seems like you guys are having fun making these.

  • redletterjay

    For those wondering, we shot four episodes of this all at the same time. It was originally done with the intention of giving it to Machinima while we were partnered with them. That’s no longer the case, but we’re releasing the episodes we already made because Rich Evans gets hit in the face a lot, so why not? Once those are all up, we’ll decide if we want to continue making more and how we want to change up the format. 

  • TV’s Rob

    Rich is actually a good reviewer. Watching him get hurt is just icing on the cake. 

  • guest

    Strike two, RLM.

    If the joke is that these reviews are bland and uninteresting, then you nailed it.

    Unfortunately, it’s not a very good joke.

    As usual, the opening segment and premise-based jokes are all funny, but the review is standard video game bullshit that we’ve all heard 100 times already from 100 “different” websites.

    You really have to alter this set-up. Give him a side-kick, and you can keep the bland review part as long as you have Rich and the side-kick have an actual conversation about the games. Otherwise…

    Actually, I guess content is content. And if this really is mostly Rich’s project, then I understand. You only have so much man power, and if Rich handles this mostly by himself, you can create more content for the site without slowing down production on the Plinkett stuff or HitB.

    Still. It’s bland. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. I read the comments of this first Gamestation 2.0 video and I was maybe the…. 15th person to have these complaints. So, I don’t know.

    Think about it.

  •  I feel that this show does add to the overall tone and humor that is prevalent within the RLM website. The show gives us, the viewers, more screen time with Rich outside his awesome Plinkett character.

    I would love it if you guys continued this show to please viewers in between Mike’s movie reviews, just like how you guys do Half in the Bag.

    I have no opinions on how the show should be done because that would be highly arrogant and ignorant of me. You guys know what you are doing, and should just keep on doing it until you find your stride, just like with the HiTB show.

    What I do like about the show is the lady at the start. She is a nice parody of other game review shows. I like the dialogue and action between Mike and Rich as  those two have wonderful chemistry. The pods design is nice, and I hope in future episodes it shows us more gadgets that come out of holes, the ceiling, more gases, robots (like maybe fuck bot), etc… It feels like a broke-dick James Bond tech room that a highly retarded Q would have made for a highly retarded James Bond to test his gizmos.

    As for the game reviews itself, I wouldn’t mind the length going to 10+ minutes, but I fully understand why you made this, and if you do make more, how busy you gents are with your personal lives and other projects. Rich’s reviews come off as a very honest gamer who doesn’t pander to the advertisers that support many review sites. I know this is going to sound offensive, but Rich comes off as just an average gamer giving his opinion, and that is a real breath of fresh air.

    Hey, I guess do have opinions, huh? Fuck you.

  • flabslapper

    agreed, all I really watch is internet review shows and Game of Thrones so it would be nice to add another show to my weekly rotation lol

  • playdude92

    I like to see Rich suffer. Is that a joke about video game violence?

    Anyway please review a game for adults next time.

    So many to choose from:

    Grand Theft Auto 4 plus Episodes, Mass Effect Series, Dragon Age Series, L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Starcraft 2 and the list goes fucking on.

    Till next time, you damn phonys…Ohh…Waait…

  • Every scene is just so dense — just so much going on.

  • Calum Nicholson-Walker

    I adored the motion control sword play of Skyward Sword (disagree with the waggling complaints too – you want waggling? Go play the Wii version of Twilight Princess, I mean, wow), and thought it had some of the best dungeons in the series, but the overworld was indeed a disappointment. Less so the “underworld” of Hyrule with the three areas split into Forest, Volcano and Desert, I liked that they were glorified dungeons, although they should have perhaps been bigger to have avoided backtracking. The sky, the real overworld, however, should really have had more effort poured into it, and yeah, should been more like the sea from Wind Waker, and not the empty mess we got in the game.
    Overall I agree with Rich about how the game felt too much like a Frankenstein of ideas, and that it lacked direction. I must also say that the game felt way, way too padded. With constant back tracking to older areas, and the likes of “Tad-Tone” collecting and having to reclaim your weapons in the Moblin infested war camp, it just felt like Nintendo had run out of ideas for new areas and things to do, and just wanted to drag out the game as much as possible so people wouldn’t complain about his length, but in all honesty, I’d rather have a good, relatively short game that felt like actual thought was put into it, than the overly long, boring game that we ended up having. A real shame too, because you could tell love was poured into the game in some ways, such as the visuals, and as said, motion control and wonderful dungeon designs. If only the rest of the game reflected those aspects.

  • these game station reviews are too short. and episode 2 sadly lacked a lot of the subtly veiled (lol) criticism of the games media industry that i loved in episode 1

  • CliveStaples

    This series is pretty awesome, love the self-awareness.

  • In an ideal world you would just be doing Plinkett reviews. But, as we all know, this is not an ideal world. We have  AIDS, Famine, resource depletion, fresh water depletion, war, poverty, disease and Game station 2.0

  • JewsOwnYou

    Well, I made it about two minutes in and had two options:

    1. Keep watching.

    2. Stick a red hot poker in my face.

    I chose option number 2.

  • Guest

    Give us what we want, you fat homo, nobody cares about gamestation 2.0

  • Zeke

    This is actually very well done. I see potential here. Keep it up.

  • Press A

  •  This comment says so much about the internet.

  • jorgen

    Awesome, keep up the great work 😀

  • Monster House

    screw the haters, I like it.  It’s true that the actual game review has to be more in depth.  It barely scratches the surface.  It kinda comes across as an afterthought even though it’s the subject of the review.  Still, anything you guys do is great.  Half in the Bag is my favorite.  I’d be okay if you never did a Plinkett review and focused on Half in the Bag.

  • Worth

    holy shit. pizza rolls advertisement ftw

  • scrooooge

    There’s only one button on there!

    Great show guys keep it up. And yes SS was a huge letdown.

  • bobslydell

    You should do a Gamestation on those stupid pizza rolls kidz. Great Work Evans, Rich!

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    Skyward Sword should have gotten an 8.  It doesn’t deserve that either, but big game reviewers are such whores that it doesn’t really matter.

  • Taylor

    i agree with most of what you said on the game, this game was a bit of a let down for me as well. however i still enjoyed the game and i think it is more than worth a buy

  • Chad Sims

    You should really use a high pass filter on that mic to deal with all of your plosives 

  • i can’t wait for 2 years from now when they rerelease this video with slightly different graphics and call it an entirely new review.

  • turtleface21

    Flawed as it may be, this is probably my favorite Zelda game since the
    90’s.  I like it a lot better than Twilight Princess, which just kinda felt like Ocarina of Time with a new coat of paint.  I had no problems with the motion controls, and I really like the fact that the overworld is now more puzzle-oriented.  This is the first time I’ve really been impressed by the overworld in a Zelda game since the Super Nintendo, though I agree that Skyloft was a missed opportunity and the backtracking was a waste of my time.

  • Mr. Sac Madig

    Oh my god Jay, finally, a competent person over here.You have to put an end to this baumann, this game reviews are painful to watch.
    You hear me? Make it stop or I will F’ you.

  • Remake the Kraken

    Video games are for losers who aren’t into science fiction.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Good job guys.
    I’m a long time fan of RLM and always enjoy to see Rich
    and the new guy behind the glass.

  • Lol, religion and politics, hahahha

  • guest

    Sometimes it’s nice to not hear someone screaming into their camera and being overly emotional about every single detail in a game. Keep up the good work.

  • guest

    The girl is hot. Would she like to go out for pizza rolls followed by bizarre sex?

  • Guest

    The ultimate reveal of where Rich is will be more fulfilling than the ending of Mass Effect 3.

  • Peter Hardy

    P-P-P-P-POP SHIELD !!!! 

    great review… love you Rich ! 

  • Peter Hardy


    You could start a game review show and try out all your great ideas.

  • Fjordielaforge

     …exactly what I was going to say

  • Guest

     ” which just kinda felt like Ocarina of Time with a new coat of paint. ” WHAT AN ORIGINAL COMMENT

  • random

    the two gamestation episodes are a littlebit short, but there is not much more to say about the two games for someone who played them. everything besides the review itself is also very nice 😀

  • Feitlebaum

     How (at this stage) could anyone not think it was intentional? How?

  • Rob

    I’d watch half an hour of Rich screaming.

  • Some Douche

    This is definitely an improvement from the batman review, I like Rich was more critical, now I’m interested on episode 3.

  • eldar_cavalier

    Great review Rich. I totally agree with you on all points. Looking forward to more Gamestation 2.0

  • Jeremy Pike

    Heh, I got a kick out of that one too. 

  • Peter Castellucci

     You’re not alone. When Jay shot Rich (playing the freelance VCR guy) in Half in the Bag I nearly soiled myself at Rich’s “death cry”. His physical comedy deliveries toe that ever so fine line between awkward and genius.

  • Trexpaddock

    Just one question . . . Is that location, by any chance, a set from the highly anticipated upcoming feature film ‘SPACE COP’?

  • guest

    Thanks for explaining, Jay. Now that I know all this, I’m back in.

    Looking forward to if/how you change it.

  • J Glassyocean

    My only problem is that it’s too short.

    …That’s what SHE said.

  • More content please. The internet is boring without you. 

  • Guest


  • M8R-1kpp341

    I like everything about the gamestation 2.0 except the reviews rich evans does.  It’s really boring and not very insightful, I wish this series went in another direction and did parodies of real reviews rather than parroting them in a dull fashion.

  • MasterMiller

    Who cares if the reviews are not deep enough, watching Rich Evans get hit in the face is always pleasure…

  • QuestionC

    I don’t get it.  Is everything about this supposed to be awful?

    Serious question.

  • 123

    Way to be right on top of those game releases guys! maybe the next review can be for

  • TheSupremeAdmiral

    Oh I get it! Rich Evans pisses us off by saying bullshit then is physically punished by Mike for our amusement! HA! 

  • guest

    oh, I get it. this show was put together to humor Rich Evans in the hopes that soon he would see what a stupid fucking idea it was. 

  • Don’t listen to these idiots, both reviews were spot on.

  • Mike

    If you review a game that’s almost 6 months old, at least say something nobody else said before you. This show is pointless and really not very funny.

  • Furious George

    Eh, I at least enjoyed this a lot more than the Arkham City review. *shrugs*

  • Youreabunchofnoobs

    Game reviewers, all of them, including Youtubers, are all noobs trying to be cool and acting like they’re elite players. 99% of them do not know how to review a game, much less know how to play the games that they review.

  • Sdfg

    this is pretty funny. the setting is so stupid lol

  • Metapatterns

    I like that you guys are going for more media reviews, but I do prefer the unscripted feel of Half In The Bag to Gamestation’s. Sure, HITB has scripted intros and conclusions, but when you guys chat about the films themselves, it’s very engaging, funny, interesting, and most importantly (to me) feels genuine. Gamestation feels a bit forced to me. It’s still a new project and I’m sure things will gradually change over time, but I think the general format could use some tweaks.

  • besides Evans getting hit in the face, It’s boring… you need more farts and poop… force Evans to slap the shit out of a gibbon monkey ball sack… o yeah

  • Jcox2820

    I’m not just trying to be a douche, but I really don’t get this. Is it supposed to be funny in an ironic way cuz it sucks? Is there some joke about the reviews being mediocre? I don’t understand.

  • Guest

    needs more chick … nice lips though

  • El Sypher

    Well I thought this episode was definitely funnier than the first it’s too bad I didn’t agree with the review at all. With Zelda (and basically every other series ever) it’s a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theory you (EVANS!) don’t sound like you are too much of a Zelda fan to begin with so it’s probably just not a series for you, most people would say that this is the best one since Ocarina of time and I agree and although I am I huge fan of the series (my favorite game is Wind Waker, I think Ocarina of Time is the best game ever and I didn’t really like Twilight Princess that know..a fanboy) I was actually pretty skeptical of this game and it’s controls but I bought it recently and i’ve loved everything about it (though you have a point about the overworld being very empty that was a bit disappointing Wind Waker’s was much better), but i’ll shut my fanboy mouth up now…in fact I think i’ll just go play the game enjoy myself and not waste my time bitching on the internet about hwy a parody review show is wrong about something.

  • Dave

     After you’ve played Skyrim pretty much everything seems lame and second rate.

  • guest

    that was not a new guy that was mike

  • trag

    Stop being haters! This stuff is funny in its own way, and doesn’t have to be compared to everything else they do just because it is new. I enjoy it, and I like to see the reviews because I am not able to play these games because I am sans console.

    Keep it up, Rich Evans– I like it!

  • Guestymcguest

    lol I see what you did there.

  • Kripto

    The girl at the front was a great addition. IMO the only two major faults are that Rich’s reading of his review sounded slightly dead / lacking dynamics, and while I found the side story of his torture / confinement in the gamestation great, the primary review portion doesn’t benefit from being interrupted by it. I personally prefer the structure of humor / review / humor. 

    BTW- Maybe an episode where Rich’s focus on some primitive game (Circus Atari?) is being tested through the presence of a bikini clad girl/alien dancing behind him, which would provide eye candy to the audience while Rich would receive shocks /punishment if he paid any attention to her. 

    Overall though, you guys are doing a great job and I look forward to the next episode of this and HITB!  

  • Guest

    Mike managed to talk about Cop Dog for 20 minutes… I think Arkham City and Skyward Sword are at least as deep as that.

  • Eldrewto55

    There isn’t much to discuss in a video game review besides it’s structure and design mechanics, unless they wanted to sit down and talk about the plot more in depth as well. 

  • Rob

    Since everyone else is giving their opinion I might as well. I think what’s lacking the most for Gamestation 2.0 is a co-host. They already have the girl doing the intro, why not make her it? It wouldn’t make much sense given that that seems to be Rich’s pod only, but eh, there are two Plinkett’s so who gives a fuck about continuity?!

  • yay!

  • Walter

    nice gamepad shes got there *cough* … (someone had to say it so why not me …)

  • Dislike.

  • Guest

    Great review – I totally agree with you, Rich. Just because it’s a Zelda game doesn’t mean it automatically gets a 10/10 pass, like so many game websites are inclined to give it because they’re fanboys clouded by nostalgia (*cough*IGN*cough) 

  • I thought this was a great episode. I do like the honesty of these reviews. The competition between review sites for scoops means that a lot of games will basically get the same review, regurgitated across several different websites. You rarely ever see reviews that go against the grain, because that would reduce ad revenue. So, it’s nice to see that there are people with differing opinions. Plus, Rich and Mike always give great performances. It’s the same formula that works for Half in the Bag, really. Good actors plus interesting opinions plus humor (and a little robot rape) equals a great show.

  • Even though I’m not exactly a pro-gamer I’d love to see some more Gamestation, it’s nice to see some new original stuff from you guys and if Angry Video Game Nerd has taught us anything it’s that video game reviews can be informative as well as hilarious. And as other people have already suggested the best things to change about it would be to increase the running time to around 15-20 minutes like Half in the Bag to give time for more in depth reviews and maybe have Mike join in on the review through the protective glass or have an idiot from an adjacent Unit joining Rich to review the game to give it a less scripted and more conversational feel… but don’t listen to me, MY CAT ATE ALL MY BRAIN MEDICINE!

  • Awesome input.

    So I assume you’re a professional video game critic?
    How much do you make for your critiques?
    I tried searching Youreabunchofnoobs on youtube to try and find some enlightening video game reviews, but didn’t find any.

    Or of course you probably don’t even know how to record video game footage, work a camera, and edit videos.
    Go back to watching Nostalgia Critic, faggot.

  • cyber0strich

    My only real complaint is the short length. Rich Evans is great at reviewing, and I think extending the reviews to more of an AgryJoeShow length would do some good. I also like how Rich didn’t feed into the massive Zelda hype and just praise it the entire time, but gave it a reasonable and objective look. Keep it up RLM! 🙂

  • Observer

     When I watched Half in the Bag for the first time, I just automatically knew that it was going to be a great show because it felt like the best method to economize the Plinkett reviews in such a way that a quick and dirty discussion could take place about movies. People who are interested in film plot structure, cinematography and all the nuts and bolts of film (like me) get a kick out of it, and all the others who were not as interested get an entertaining lesson on why movies made for solely for profit suck — all packaged for free in a fresh intelligent way.

    There is tangible value in there opinions, I think, and I enjoy their opinions because they know what and how and why things work in a story — its information you can use. I don’t see that I’m learning anything about video games as an art medium from this show. Doesn’t Rich believe that the video games he’s reviewing have standards? That’s where the real substance is. I’m watching a person flatly talk about a game as though they are assuming that I am seriously considering to buy and play it; as opposed to that being an aside (…you know, up to me?…), and being convinced into consideration.

    This show, though, just to voice my opinion going in with a fresh mind, is quite bland and standard for what it is. The laughs feel random for the sake of random, without any subtext or meaning. I know that the new Zelda game using the wiimote is gimmicky and its plot is weak from other review shows I’ve seen months ago; frankly, after watching this, I know how it didn’t earn 10/10, but not so much why it didn’t earn 10/10. They need to ditch the scripted lines for Rich and bring in another person, a foil, to tease more from the review.

  • Guest probably

    I wish this was funny. Like Half in the Bag has bad jokes but it’s done in such an obviously self-aware fashion that it’s acceptable. I don’t think there was a funny thing in this episode. I still less than three RLM in general, though. <3

  • Me again, I promise.

     oh shit, I forgot to mention, I think the review itself is pretty good, though. It’s reasonable and thoughtful. Everything else though. . .

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    lol “game for adults.”  only little kids believe that.

  • Enemyman1221

    I like these. I open up “real youtube game reviewers” in another tab and compare their stuff with the gamestation.

    -girl with game related cloithing and breasts awkwardly and often incorrectly announcing the game’s title and creators
    -nerdy man talking about a game, most of the time nostalgically rambling on about past games

    this show just needs more blatant product placement and pathetic cries for rates/subscribes to attain the perfect parody status

  • Bill Walsh

    Sigh, I wish Lora Story did the intros wearing a tight white tank top and no bra.

  • MAN


  • Rmyers808

    I demand more of these. I also demand you keep the premise painful for Unit 603.Idiot and ambiguous for us.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who hated using the Wii mote for this game and would have prefered a traditional controller.  I’m a huge fan of the previous zelda games but I really find this one tedious


  • Youreabunchofnoobs

    You’re one of those noobs I was talking about. I know more than you about video game reviews. That’s a fact. Stop being a fag too, it’s pathetic.

  • cajaquarius

     If you can’t see this is self aware and a mockery of game reviews and
    game award shows then I would suggest you look up Spike VGA Awards clips
    on YouTube. People outside of the US really may not have any idea just
    how truly awful, manipulative, derivative, this corporate shit is. At
    least these guys built a set – that is five more hours than most of
    these so called reviewers put in. American video game reviews are shit
    and these guys are pointing it out in a genius way. Bravo. I say keep
    them coming. Let detractors write up their 108 page rebuttals about how
    smelly and dumb you guys are and reveal just how much they miss the

  • Observer

    That is very reasonable and understandable, and I get it. I mean, I won’t lie, it wasn’t exactly clear to me before what the real story was behind this new content. But I think there is some serious potential here; and if decide to go on, I think you guys can really use the reputation that you’ve built here for quality, informative reviews to make something truly valuable for gamers, and those who just enjoy games as a medium.

  • WildPig

    I agreed with everything you said about this game.  The Legend of Zelda series is getting really stale and this is coming from a huge Zelda fan.  The Wind Waker was the last Zelda game I actually had fun playing.  Twilight Princess tried too hard to be like OoT.  Skyward Sword was completely boring to me, I actually returned it and never finished it.

    The main problem with the series is the fanbase.  The fanbase cannot let go of Ocarina of Time.  Nintendo needs to stop pandering to the retarded fanbase and completely reinvent the series.

  • BazzBrother

    excellent, we have a premise and a focus

    now we need some good, thoughtful writing

    we believe in youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Daggoth


  • Maxhummer69

    Mike and Rich = super awesome

    The girl = sucks… terrible reading

    Maybe if she got naked she would be a worthwhile addition to the show.

  • Is it just me, or did this game station sketch they do just get a million times better? Top notch stuff here guys! Great job, high quality, and very entertaining! -The Orgasmic Fire

  • more cheesy ’90s music and intros. give the girl more bad dialogue. maybe have her do a redundant re-cap of everything that was said in the review, but have her mispronounce everything, etc.  Right now she sticks out like a sore thumb

  • playdude92

    Next time a more mature game please. I think the majority of people here are adults.

    I don´t want Mike to think, that games are just cartoony childstuff. Show him!

    It´s good that you don´t seem to hang on the publishers tits though, like some other reviewers.

    Keep up the good work. Don´t worry about some of the comments, you are funny.

  • Lei

     ^This is what I’m talking about. Well, when I’m talking about the Zelda series to other gamers.
         For all the flak that Zelda II: The Adventure of Link got from people I know and the fans of Zelda games in general, at least it wasn’t simply rehashing its predecessor’s mechanics, and yet, it just blows my mind, to this day, how fun and engaging it was to play it. It wasn’t The Legend of Zelda with more places to go to with a new Link in a world filled with boring dungeons like every one of the games had that were in 3D, and puzzles that unlock items to reach more puzzles which, when solved, unlock more puzzles, all the while fighting monsters that were like puzzlesss which block your way to the boss’ room which is locked with a puzzle keyholefffffFFFFFFFFFUUUUU—
    When did it becomes passe to just enter a room full of 8 Darknuts and get locked inside and fight till only you were left alive, then feel accomplished about it? Nowadays it’s too easy to win. You can even die during a battle and it won’t matter because you have bottled fairies to resurrect you instantly. Then after you win the fight, it’s just ‘well, on to the next puzzle I guess’.
         Fresh, different, real innovations that are actually fun and not some selling app, these are the key elements to making a sequel work. They’re what the Zelda franchise (as well as almost every other franchise of Nintendo’s these days) need, now. The fans eff it up, but Nintendo isn’t without blame either. Zelda II and Majora’s Mask are just TOO different, and yet, those are two of the entries in the series that I feel attached to the most. Zelda II for the action and difficulty, and Majora’s Mask for everything within the game except for the dungeons.

    Skyward Sword just boils down to more boring dungeon crawling, a sprawling story with many long winded conversation with NPCs about nothing in particularly interesting (I might add that I spent my first hour of the game in just cutscenes and gameplay explanations that break the 4th wall without batting an eyelash, and given that this is the 16th installment in the series, it’s really annoying to be told how to move with the controller and do things. Such as how to target an NPC and talk to them from far away by using button combinations. The same things present in the series since at least OoT’s release), and puzzles. So many puzzles. Oh, yes, and there is a lot of hand holding given to the player. So I don’t see how this is a perfect 10 of a game for some reviewers, but it doesn’t surprise me, either.

    Bottom line, in my opinion, is that these games need more exploration and action while lessening the linearity and constriction. Or at the very least make them less of a chore by not daisy chaining the puzzles one after the other and implement  more rewards and decent challenges for the player who accomplishes them.
    I’ve got to give Skyward Sword some good praise, however: The items you can collect are fun to use in this game.

  • Guest

    I personally still don’t see the point of this. So far you reviewed two of the most reviewed games in the past years. Am I supposed to take this seriously? It wasn’t funny if that’s what you were going for. I suggest doing newer games so that the review itself is relevant at least. That’s just my opinion really, hope that helps. I’m sure you’ll be looking for feedback.

  • OH MY GOD!

    (keep up the great work guys – one of the only interesting things being done on the planet earth today, cheers.) 

  • Guest

    Needs more review so make it longer the jokes I feel overshadow the review not like in Half in the Bag which I feel has more balance between the two.

  • Guest

    Other than that I enjoyed it thank you.

  • ruuuu

    best reviewers on all the internets… love loyal fan

  • Squishee89

    still just a clone…tsk.

  • Guest

    This is awful and I think that Mike and Rich are smart enough to realize that.  Stick with the movie reviews.  This could very well be where RLM jumps the shark.

  • lead_sharp

    I think this could get a lot better as THIS one was better than the last one and everything improves with time, except Uma Thurman. She could only improve with a bag on her head. Anyway, it’s a good format, different to the movie format, works well looking forward to more and seeing what they come up with next. That Homeopathic thing looked good.

  • He’ll get there son.

    This show is just warming up to see if this concept can work.

    Expect the Mass Effect 3 review very very soon.

  • Rabidchapstick

    I dont care about these stupid guys talking to eachother, i just want the damn review.

  • crafted_lemon

    Pointless games? For people that value a good storyline you guys sure got it wrong. I will give you the world exploration bit, because it was indeed highly disappointing, but as for the story being important is just…terrible. Stick to movie reviews.

  • Kezd

     I would guess that it took a little more than 5 hours to build that set, which looks awesome by the way! Really good work.

  • Kezd

    Still don’t quite get the show. I like the premise and the inter-review parts, but for some reason I can’t really get interested in the whole thing. I think it’s just not in-depth enough, since there isn’t really much discussion here yet; I hope that later on in the show the Overseer and Rich really get into discussing the games and maybe some of their background too. That’s part of why the Half in the Bag reviews are so good, because you go beyond just what we get to see on the screen, most extremely with your Jack and Jill episode.
    Now, I dont mean to say that I want this to be Half in The Bag for videogames, but the way Gamestation is at the moment, I can’t really get into it.

  • The story really wasn’t important, it was just an excuse to go to the same boring areas in search of more mostly pointless MacGuffins.

  • Zachrhoads

    The girl is perfect. It’s a parody of the other game review shows that have the “Hot girl” giving info on the game. I think it’s hilarious. The game may not be new, but it didn’t really matter to me. This was the first review I seen that was negative toward the game. I am shocked people are saying to make it like a discussion like half in the bag. It’s a video game, it doesn’t need to be as in depth. A thirty minute review of one game would be overkill. Face it, A good movie will always have a better story than a good video game.

  • Maclean Tk

    I don’t get it? Where’s General Grievance? 

  • Murderin Murphy

    New games are dumb. You should only review Fairchild Channel F games.
     The “F” is for fun!

  • Reticentbias

    I liked it. Keep up the good work guys.

  • I disagree with the motion controls being useless or not being fun. I do agree with the linear exploration this game offers. That said, my favorite of the series has always been Wind Waker, mostly due to the immensely deep exploration it offered. 

  • Lorean

    I love the style (of the show)!

  • Gfdgd

    Great idea for a show. I could see myself getting into it more if the reviews were current. It’s been said before, but you’re reviewing games which are at least a year old and have already been reviewed to death. Maybe check what’s currently being released.

  • analemissary

    I like the show.  Mike, your P’s are popping to the extreme through my subwoofer.

  • crafted_lemon

    I suppose you can say that about any game sequel then…

  • Walter

    Agreed. I like the overseer plot though. It really keeps you interested in what this gamestation is all about.

  • Rich could review any game made no matter how old it was and I’d watch it. Skyward Sword looks good, but I still like Twilight Princess the best of all Zelda games. I agree that button-pressing is better than Wiimote.

  • Actually, a lot of games have better stories than movies. If they were reviewing the story along with the gameplay, like for Mass Effect, then it would probably be a 30 minute long video.

  • Not really. A lot of games have good sequels. Examples are Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 2 and Evil Dead: Regeneration.

  • D6

    So, the review and the live action parts are completely disconnected from each other. You could reuse the same jokes for any other review. And for the review part itself, it lacks the pertinence of your movie stuff and is hardly justifying its existence at all.

    I hope you learn from it and get better.

  • M Spacecream

    I disagree, there’s a lot to discuss about videogames, the thing is, you sort of need to have an experience in videogame making to get more in-depth, similar to how RLM have made a couple movies before and therefore can give a more insightful review of movies. That’s what I think.

  • searanox

     Mass Effect the First has a very simple and easy to understand story, and the sequels are even easier to grasp.  You’re confusing “has a lot of additional world building and supporting characters” with the main story being told.

    Most games take this approach because a) many game developers are poor storytellers b) games are a poor medium for a non-interactive, linear narrative c) it’s easier to stuff a 40 hour game with a bunch of irrelevant crap than actually make a story that’s interesting for 40 hours.

  • Son of Jorel

    Concluding ad by Tostino’s Pizza Rolls. Well played, sir.

  •  I’m actually more interested in everything but the review.

  • Ricky

    Games have more time to develop its story and unique familiarity with players:RED DEAD REDEMPTION.p-e-r-i-o-d
    ” . “

  • Gaucho

    What all of you are too stupid to realize is that THIS IS A PARODY of a game review and not actually a serious review. If you look at the chick at the beginning it is obvious that she is supposed to be like a fake chick who likes games on the G4 channel, and this is actually a joke about the REAL SHOWS like this that actually exist on TV and the web that exploit women.

  • Kezd

     I really dont think people actually missed that, but rather, as someone at RLM once said, we are all boring and dry assholes, so perhaps we don’t want just parody, but also actual “serious” review stuff with jokes in them in good old Red Letter Media fashion or something. Of course the video games focus might just attract a whole new audience who dont give a crap about star wars reviews or movies in general, I dont know.
    All I know is that I’ll keep watching for a while and if  the show doesn’t get more interesting to me, I just won’t watch it anymore. The End.

  • RealZeldaFan

    Wow….never heard so much true words to this game before! He is absolutely right: a game isnt good only because it has “the legend of zelda” in its name….really sad, that many many people think so and have there fan glasses on! 
    Majoras mask was the last great zelda and even wind waker was better then this! And i believe, a good zelda game will never appear again.

  • JustPassingBy

    Zelda as being practically the only game I have played consistently for the last 25 years its by much my favorite. It gets a lot of Heat and praise for being “legendary” People both give it a pass free and a you must be perfect pass to it. Or people say its a children game because it isnt dark and edgy like everything must be now aparently.
    Your points agaisnt it are  true tough. But lets give credit were credit its due, on the overall I had fun with it, it wasnt as linear as twilight princess was, wich its always a plus and the story was very interesting, the art also deserves a honorary mention but I missed the exploration so so much, that is indeed my biggest complain about the game.

  • So… I’m to assume from the commercial, that eating Totinos Pizza Rolls makes you fucking retarded?

  • Idontgiveashot

     I feel a little guilty, here. I played every Zeldagame since Ocarina of Time, being some sort of 3d Zelda fan and I am one of the rare beings who doesn’t like ‘link to the past’.
    I also don’t like the first one that much. Zelda 2 and Links Awakening, however where fine games.
    On the other hand, I also started Metroid with the Prime series and played Super Metroid afterwards and discovered one of the best video games (at least to me). Have to play it every year, now.
    Back to the subject:
    I bought Skyward Sword in November, played it for 3 days (till the desert, I think) and since then it collects dust. In the meantime I finished Ocarina of Time 3d, Zelda 2 and Links Awakening. I wondered why this Zelda bores me so much. Evans mentioned the exploration parts being like extensions of the dungeons.
    Obviously I am a Zelda Fan since 15 years and I just found out, that I don’t like Zelda Dungeons that much…

  • Gunstargreen

    The best part of these is the “gamer girl” parody at the beginning. I don’t see how the reviews aren’t “in depth” enough. He talks about the same pros and cons that I’ve seen any other reviewer talk about, and quite honestly and objectively too. I think this series can really grow into something great.

    Video games fan bases are a lot easier to piss off than movie ones though. Saying anything ill of the Zelda franchise is going to get criticism heaped onto you. I’m glad they took the high road and gave their real opinions though.

  • VideoGameCunt

    Okay, I don’t usually post anything constructive in these comment sections because there’s little chance it will be read by anyone that matters, but I’m bored and have nothing to do so I’ll lay it on you anyway. First and foremost I think this has potential; videogames and their quality both in narrative and design have as much ability to be dissected and critiqued whilst interwoven with humor as movies do.

    Whilst the current format is a parody of the pretentious, run-of-the-mill videogame review, it at least demonstrates that of the people in the RLM team, Rich Evans at least, has a very insightful and varied knowledge of the medium and his ability to say the truth without any perpetual bias is just as classy as what Mike and Jay do in the Plinkett Reviews and Half in the Bag.

    In other words I don’t think this should be axed, as you have a real asset here with Rich and also the opportunity with the talent of the RLM Team to plow through the medium in a way that can educate and do away with the mediocrity present in the formula undertaken by most video game reviewers these days which is mostly stroking their own ego with overblown sketches and subjective outlooks which really saturate the quality and entertainment value of the analysis.

    This used to be the same thing for movie reviews too, until you guys did it right! You know how to strike the right balance and keep things classy because you’re filmmakers, and whilst this may be “video game” reviews, the medium we’re watching the critique through is very much still film.

    So to end my point I say whatever way you choose to continue to do it, don’t drop this! I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have it’s problems (mostly due to the fact that, whilst it’s a funny imitation, it’s gonna need to obviously transcend that to stay relevant and keep an audience), but right now I’m looking forward to what you decide to evolve this in to.

    Thank you for considering videogames to be worth the time of the Red Letter Media team (unrelatedrogerebertpublicityphoto.jpg) and look forward to watching more of your content!

  • Ralphlizard

    I look to egoraptor’s sequelitits series as reference; video game reviews can have the Plinkett level of depth. I just hope that that’s where this series is headed after the first four  episodes of Machinima level tshi.

  • Shandypants

    I love this review site. The games reviews aren’t really working for me. In the UK we have something called Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe. You should check it out it’s good fun if anyone is looking for a laugh. Glad I found this site though – Plinkett and Half in the bag are my favourite discovery on the net – well, a close second, but my first favourite was taken down because apparently those Japanese twins were being ‘forced’ to do those things to each other.. whatever.

  • Guest

    An honest review of Skyward Sword.  I’m shocked.

  • zaprowsdower

    We don’t really “have” a show called Gameswipe though. That was a one off show that aired over two years ago, so if anything we had it, and not for very long.

  • i really don’t like it when that guy from half in the bag interrupts the review, it feels like they think that the video game review can’t stand on its own

    it’s like the new star wars, where you’re interested in what’s going on, but they keep shoving crap on the screen!

  • Kaj

    Review the Mass Effect 3 ending… I dare you.

  • i’ve ate totinos pizza rolls and i haven’t fucked a retard… yet

  • i do hate g4

  • i wouldn’t say they’re “better”, just longer, i mean is gears of war really that complex? i really liked alpha protocol, but even that is pretty simple, 

    i do think it’s weird that a 1 & 1/2 hour long movie gets a longer review than a 20 hour game

  • mass effect 2 was shit, nothing you did mattered, and in the end all you do is choose between a blue or green explosion, and yes, i’m talking about 2, not 3, where you get to choose between a blue, green, red explosion,

  • i think it’s awful, but i think it can get better if they stop interrupting the review and keep the skits at the beginning and end

  • i actually hope they save a mass effect 3 review until the dlc endings

  • yeah, i really want to like her, but i feel like her dialogue isn’t delivered properly, not that she’s a bad actor, just that it’s not being comedic enough

  • i think it’s better than the last, but only because this was a more negative review, it’s better when they hate it!

  • how do you know that? i said how do you know that? did you read the script too?

  • please stop jesus! he’s coming back from the dead soon!

  • i can’t stand capitals

  • covered in cold water

  • plus two points for using the term “foil”

  • i actually wouldn’t mind her being the cohost, and she could literally be “the boob”,
    a naive co reviewer who doesn’t really know anything about critical thinking and thinks everything is great, but they kind of already did that with their “super” review

  • alpha protocol is better

  • i wish hitb would disagree with eachother more, it seems like whoever says what they feel first is how they both felt about the movie, and when they do end up disagreeing, they just recommend another movie, crank?

  • i kind of get the feeling that these reviews were filmed a while ago, and the’re just getting semi more recent

  • ironically awful, then awful, then a little bit more irony

  • more like video games are for losers who can’t read books

  • skyward sword should’ve gotten an order 66!

  • nazis are always a letdown

  • i guess that’s why the reviews are so short

  • Shandypants

    Well it’s still worth watching. I was thinking of the whole ‘wipe’ series (of which there were more than one), and I think they are set to return at some point. But thanks for the unnecessary pedantic comment. It’s great to be corrected. 

  • Diabolo

     TV shows that arent in my country and serious reviews that i dont want to see. So for me, i dont get what they are parodying if i never saw the original material. Nice job on the review anyway

  • Diabolo

     And since when videogames arent worth anyones time?

    The reviews on this show in particular just happens to be honest reviews and that is it. It pretty much something that anyone play that game, that isnt a fanboy, could do. The problem lies that this is the RLM team and we expected to see more analizis or even a comparation on film making techniques aplied to videogames or if the latter has better ways to immerse into the world and the narrative than the films.

  • I think a lot of viewers don’t really care about the game review so much. I for one preferred the extra stuff to the actual game review. There are plenty of nerdy comical game reviewers out there. I like these guys for their movie reviews.

  • Guest

     since they’ve wanted to play em.

  • Guest

    fuck, and you

  • guest


  • DradeeusOmega

    Some constructive criticism, I want to like this show, but I come to red letter media because Plinkett and Half in the Bag go into greater detail about movies than other review sites. They offer a lot more insight, and bring more to the table. This review however, (not counting the humor segments) , was shorter than one on a mainstream site like gamespot would be.

    Again, it seems like you did a lot of cool setwork and worked really hard. I just want a lot more substance.

  • Daggoth

     yes I did.

  • Ricky

    Attacking people will get you nowhere.
    I know what you are saying and that it is true yet my first (shameful) reaction was to say “eat dick”. And I’m on your side!

  • pkow

    Useless shit, and not funny at all. Give us another Plinkett review, or at least douchbags from Half in the Bag…

  • Guest

    This has potential, but doesn’t quite have the charm or engaging qualities of Half In The Bag yet. The parody stuff at the beginning is funny, though.

  • ZeldaIsDead

    I feel with you bro….i also like links awakening, the two oracle games and oot/majoras mask the most. “A link to the past” wasnt so good as the other 2D games except of zelda 1 and 2, which are probably “to old” for me so i really dont like them.
    I think even wind waker was better then twilight princess and skyward sword. What i noticed in any current nintendo game is that they use some sort of tricks to save development time. In skyward sword it is this heaven where you cant discover anything. In super mario galaxy there are no real worlds (like in mario64 or sunshine), there are only small planets which are probably very fast to develope then a real huge world. And even in wind waker you have this cell shadding graphics with textures that have only one or two colors in it….
    What i want to say is: Nintendo no longer has the means to develop high quality games like they did with ocarina of time or majoras mask. This is probably because the competition is to strong and they dont have the time they must invest to create great games again.

  • Camm


  • top stuff keep it coming!

  • Nomail

    Not bad, plenty of  the fraudulent richard evans being physically abused


    Wait, these are produced by Rick Berman right? 

  • Guest

     It’s a scam! I wonder when Mike and his twin sister will show up?

  • Spaulding

    Yes! I liked this!

  • Soooooo Kinect star wars is coming out…..Lucas is raping Han Solo and Lando in a dancing game. Could be a very funny review for your new show.

  • Ferretchimp

    That comment hit the nail on the head, without being too impolite. Good comment on a good series.

  • Guest

    Quick Question: RLM’s non-Plinkett updates typically garner an average of 0 comments. Who linked to this review, that it receives more comments in a week than all the other content has in years?

  • Prout

     Meh, I don’t really agree with the criticisms here. The game’s not perfect, but I thought the new stuff were a nice addition to the series, the motion controls were neat, the exploration on the ground was a cool part of the game, and overall I thought it was a great game through and through. Maybe it’s all very subjective, I don’t know.

  • Guest

    The video game reviews aren’t working and aren’t for this site, especially when a new youtube sensation called “egorapter” is already stealing Plinkett’s/RLM’s style and content to make his own video game reviews. You’re a bit too late to cash in on Plinkett’s unique style, now that guy’s going to profit from it. 

  • Zelda is a dead horse that they keep beating with a stick. All the magic it had in the 80s and 90s is gone. It’s only gone downhill since the Gamecube. The issue is that you just can’t use that old obsolete formula in a modern game and expect it to be any good… not when other games are similar to Dragon Age and The Witcher with far more in dept RPG elements. With Twilight Princess they basically flat out refused to update or innovate the series in any way except shoving in the motion sensor gimmick, thus dooming it to fail. I didn’t like it at all. It felt like a rip off of Ocarina+Majora’s with a shiny new paint job.

    Skyward Sword looks like they finally tried to put new things in, but just by looking at the previews and reviews and game images I know it’s bad. Link and Zelda look horrible and even in this video I see him flying around with a bird… doesn’t look anything like what you’d expect a Zelda game to be anymore. I just don’t like all this new stuff. I didn’t like Super Mario Galaxies either. It was basically just another “Go farm all the Stars” formula over again with fancy new platforms. Nintendo really has lost every bit or originality and needs to come up with NEW STUFF instead of just rehashing the same characters for 25 years.

    Then they said this is yet another prequel? Seriously? Really? ANOTHER prequel? That’s like, what, the 10th one now? Why try to pretend it has any relation with the other games when it clearly doesn’t? Just say it doesn’t. Wtf would be wrong with that???

  • Fuckbot 5000

    You are wrong! Do you know why?

    Because FUCK YOU. That’s why.

  • Guest

    Atcually, Egoraptor’s videogame analysis are quite similar to Plinkett’s movie reviews applied to videogames. Consider his megaman analysis, explaining how the first stage is prepared in every single way to teach you how to play without explaining it.

  • Daggoth

     It like poetry, they rhyme

  • Daggoth

    nice MGS reference in your profile name…

  • E

    Don’t listen to the humorless gamer cunts guys. This show is funny. Keep it up.


  • TheLoneGunman

    I really can’t agree with anything in the review. I do understand that all of the criticism in the video is subjective, but all of this just feels to me much ado about nothing. For example, how exactly is it a bad thing to offer different options for dialogue instead of just having uninfluenceable? It’s like bitching about the game not having voice acting. Also, I don’t see how it’s a bad thing that the Sky had little to none area to explore. It was meant to serve as a hub, a safe haven and home, to enter the three regions with the dungeons and all.

    Sure, the three regions were like big dungeons, but I think that was deliberately made so to make the game feel more action oriented. I mean, would you really have liked the empty fields of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess so much more? I’d really want to hear more about how the back-tracking was bad, because when you re-entered a region, it either had changed drastically or you entered a new subregion altogether. I really don’t see how that’s a problem.

    I am also having hard time digesting how the game deserves the very few mediocre scores just because you don’t like it. (Most of which, if not all, by the way, were given for very questionable reasons. For example, reviewer failing to understand the controls (I’m looking at you GameSpot) or because the game happened to have Legend of Zelda in the name and thus being the same old even though it reinvented just about everything possible except the core gameplay and story elements, you know, the things that make Zelda)

  • Guest

    I’d like to care… really, I have a PS3, I’m old, out of touch… I like RLM’s sarcastic humor, but really you shouldn’t stray to far from the formula… review at least 2 games, If one or both suck, give recommendations of games that are better examples of what the programers were trying to do. 
    It’s obvious that RLM aren’t as passionate about games as they are about movies and have just created this because games are popular and popular gets views. Guys, at least get some gamer geeks in to flesh out this idea. It can work, but not with movie geeks.

  • Guest

    Would you be open to making the reviews a bit longer and more comprehensive? It’s a good concept that I hope you run with.

  • Zelos

    This is the most meaningless argument against a Zelda game just because it was a Zelda game I’ve ever seen. Allow me to quote you :

    “Zelda is a dead horse that they keep beating with a stick.”
    “Skyward Sword looks like they finally tried to put new thing in…””I just don’t like all this new stuff.””Nintendo…needs to come up with NEW STUFF…”

    You call for innovation and complain when they deliver it? Seriously dude? >_>

  • Guest

    I hope, it true that this is a sarcastic humor and not serious because if i take this seriously
    i could go on on a depression (because I like red letter media and I, myself personally didn’t find this show funny)

  • if you read a lot of the comments, it seems like people really hate anything that isn’t part of the review, they seem to like the girl at the beginning though, the comment above and below this one both talk about the review, but maybe i’m just seeing what i want to see

  • To fellow RLM fans: Shows take time to find their feet. I didn’t like Half in the Bag til about five episodes in, best to roll with this show and give it time to take off. Don’t demand anything. It’s free. However we all have opinions and at the moment for me, this show is running on 50% batteries. Crank everything up to 100 and I’m sold!

  • guest

    nope, can this show.

    dont follow suit of the other cheap reviewers out there.

    stay true to your original works.

  • Opinions, all opinions.

  • Guest

    Rich. Lose some weight. And fuck sake learn to dress yourself. Who the fuck wears a ghostbuster tee with a yellow longsleeve button up?

  • William Tinker

     I’m not sure about this, guys.

    I agree with others here that your passion for movies shows through in the Plinkett stuff and Half in The Bag, and your love of twisted humour shows through in The Grabowskis and things like those Pabst Blue Ribbon shorts.

    This just seems to have less of the ingredients that make your other material such fun to watch.

    Still think you’re awesome though.

  • None

    The problem with Game Station 2.0 is that, unlike Half in the Bag, where the hosts actually know a lot about film production, Rich is just an average game player with zero knowledge of video game development, hence his complete inability to provide any worthwhile criticisms in the review. It is his uninformed and unprofessional opinion that is so boring to watch and that is why this new RLM show sucks. I don’t know why RLM is bothering with this show, when we already have Zero Punctuation and Angry Video Game Nerd.

  • Shredder11111

    This isn’t as good as Half in the Bag or Plinkett Reviews.

  • vicomtepicabia

    I love this comment.  Like, this guy just always wanted to see a kinda portly guy doing CBT to a monkey, that was his ultimate fantasy since childhood, and finally, FINALLY, he found a venue to express it!  Or maybe he expresses it all the time, like his friends are just so tired of him constantly bringing it up in every social situation.  Either way, Rich should really consider it.  

  • This review series needs something…  Having Mike as kind of a weird, disconnected Big Brother whose jokes with Rich are entirely disconnected from the review itself is a bit strange, and it seems pretty clear that Rich is the only guy affiliated with RLM that actually has any interest in videogames.

    He needs an adorably scrappy but ultimately expendable sidekick, like that other guy from       HitB.  Preferably someone who can add to the discussion with a knowledge of how game production works behind the scenes from experience in the independent games industry.  I nominate me.

  • The_Asinus

    I have to agree. This game may have turned me off of buying any future Zelda games. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s more like DLC for any previous Zelda game. Also, the game needs to decide what it is– is it an RPG or is it an adventure platformer or a sandbox or a glorified puzzle game or what? It gives you the illusion of freedom to explore, but there’s only one way to do things. It’s not about finding out how to get from place to place or from goal to goal, but finding out how the designers want you to do that.

    The motion plus stuff was a BIG selling point for me, and I’m actually impressed by how well it works. And by “how well it works” I mean “how well it tracks your movements.” It does that, it can’t tell how I’m swinging the sword, the direction of travel, etc.– but the combat is so stupid with instant-reflex enemies that there is almost no actual skill required. You can’t hold your sword in a way that lets you block, that’s just a button press, and you can’t outskill the enemies because you can only hit them when the game wants you to. So, yeah, it just becomes a series of wild flails– we’ve been given a cool precision instrument to carve up a brick. It’s frustrating and hugely unsatisfying. I really wanted something that felt a tiny bit more visceral.

    If the combat had been satisfying, that might have made me more interested in future installments, but since I see that nintendo is just going to, essentially, make OoT over and over and over again now that they’ve gone to 3D, I’m out. And before anyone points out plot differences or different stories– that’s not what I mean– I mean the skeletal structure of the game is identical. The games may have gotten bigger, a little nicer looking, but when it comes down to it, it’s just a puzzle game now with short, annoying interludes of unsatisfying, repetitive combat.

    I continue to be amazed that the designers are so set in their ways that they can’t even add a jump feature and it all has to be that stupid automated jumping system which, quite often, leads to link leaping to his death while I’m trying to skirt the edge of a cliff. Are their level-design skills so weak that giving us a jump option to expand our mobility to that of even the most rudimentary of modern games would completely collapse their ability to make an area of play?

  • The_Asinus

    Because the choices don’t matter.

  • The_Asinus

    Cool people who don’t give a shit what you think

  • The_Asinus

    In my mind, each Zelda game stands on its own with no relationship to or any other game nor existing on the same timeline. They’re all just different (well, to varying degrees of difference) ways of telling the same story. I’m okay with that. The weird attempt to make them part of a continuous timeline is unnecessary and absurd.

  • But most people are average gamers.. Plus, who knows if he’s a mlg or something.. But anyway, I also think you’re looking too deep into it. He makes valid points and that’s all that needs to be done. Just because the game took twelve million hours to develop, doesn’t mean it has to have a twelve million hour review. Or even a half hour review. We don’t have to talk about things that didn’t matter. He touches on the major points of gaming that people look for in these games; story and or gameplay. I don’t need to talk about the brilliant and childish color force fucked into my eyes. Or the eskimo sword man that didn’t matter. Or the goofy red haired dude straight out of a disney film. Or why Impa just.. goes away at the end for no reason. Or how having motion plus didn’t make the game better or worse, but just different. The reason it doesn’t really matter is because nearly nothing in this game made an impression on me. But I can still remember what trees in Link to the Past have bees or a fairy in them, the ocarina song, the lost woods song, and how fucking amazing the dashing was. That game had an overly simple and uncomplicated story, but i’d play that game 200 times over again than play the new one. I’m a huge final fantasy seven fan. The graphics sucked shit, but it just didn’t matter. The story mattered, and the gameplay mattered. I could explain any of these things in less than 2 minutes. I think I see what you’re saying, about appreciating what goes into making a game. I can’t even imagine the time and effort involved. I watched the making of Skyrim, and after 20 seconds I felt like a microbe. But in the end, it’s what’s delivered, not how much time or money went into it. 

  • Typhaeon

    Three words for your next Gamestation episode:

    Star Wars Kinect.

  • Oldmanriver

    The ads here are horrid, stopped me from even watching this episode (I watched the last). There’s no way I should be able to mute, tab-out from an ad, read multiple emails, tab back in, and the ad is still playing. Good-bye.

  • Spaulding

     This was much more informed, professional and clever than most reviews for this game.

    “Each combat in Skyward Sword feels like a game of chess” – IGN

  • TheLoneGunman

    Actually, different dialogue choices prompt different reactions from the characters Link is discussing with. Doesn’t seem much, but it deepens the characters’ personalities and gives at least some incentive to replay the game.

    Also, I still fail to understand how it’s a con. I get that it might not exactly be a pro for some people, but to list it as a con is just being overly negative. It’s not like it hinders anything.

  • Bvandenberg737

    Don’t worry, Mike has confirmed that the next reviews will be of Kill Man: Blood Armageddon, Bullet Shoot, and Ammo Fight. So yes, they reviewing some hardcore mature games for all of you hardcore mature adult gamers out there. XD

  • Bvandenberg737

    So THAT explains it. I was wondering why you were reviewing games from 6 months ago and not newer releases.

  • The_Asinus

    I don’t think it’s a con, it’s just how I can see how it would be singled out as a weak addition. In fact, I never even thought about it one way or the other. I think that the game has enough other problems that the choices in dialog wouldn’t even be something that I’d complain about.

  •  ad-block, no more commercials, done

  • Corey Schaff

    Mass Effect series review….I wantsssss

  • TrenchAce

    stick to movies

  • TrenchAce

    it’s genre is “Action-Adventure”

  • TheLoneGunman

    Well, all I need to know about your opinions is:

    “If the combat had been satisfying, that might have made me more
    interested in future installments, but since I see that nintendo is just
    going to, essentially, make OoT over and over and over again now that
    they’ve gone to 3D, I’m out. And before anyone points out plot
    differences or different stories– that’s not what I mean– I mean the
    skeletal structure of the game is identical.”

    You are bitching that the “skeletal structure” in the series is the same? Wow. Might come as a big shocker, but as I originally said, that “skeletal structure” makes Zelda games what they are. Take that away and they no longer are Zelda games. And I really don’t see a problem with not doing that when just about every other thing changes in the sequels (except for the main characters). Compare OoT to Majora’s Mask, compare Majora’s Mask to Wind Waker, compare Wind Waker to Minish Cap, compare Minish Cap to Four Swords Adventures, compare Four Swords Adventures to Spirit Tracks, compare Spirit Tracks to Skyward Sword. They are like from different planets. Change the main characters and remove the Master Sword and you wouldn’t even notice they were Zelda games if it didn’t read in the title.

    “The games may have gotten
    bigger, a little nicer looking, but when it comes down to it, it’s just a
    puzzle game now with short, annoying interludes of unsatisfying,
    repetitive combat.”

    You are entitled to your opinion, but it might be the most uneducated opinion I’ve ever witnessed. Zelda is not a puzzle game. Tetris is puzzle game, Peggle is a puzzle game, World of Goo is a puzzle game.

    Zelda games (except for the second one) have all been action-adventure games. I really can’t believe how anyone who is intelligent enough to read and write couldn’t notice this in at least the first fifteen minutes in the game. Have you ever even played Zelda games?


    You guys said everything I said.  Just in less parts.  And with more blunt objects.  So you did it better.

  • The_Asinus

    There is a lot to like in this new game– the use of the motion plus instead of the sensor bar is a nice step forward, but just a different, smoother way to do the same thing. I love the control of the sword and how promising that is for future Nintendo consoles– it really seems they’ve gotten this motion control thing working pretty well.

    I’m not talking about the handheld releases. Those are all products of their hardware’s limitations and designers had to come up with creative ways to work within them. The mainline games have been, graphics notwithstanding, identical. I never said that I hated the games, just that they’ve gotten kind of lazy in their design (or at least it comes off that way) and in moving the series forward. I think that ANY of the mainline games on its own is actually pretty awesome. I’m just saying that they’re not moving the the game design forward in the same way that they did on their first 3 consoles. I get that they came up with a great formula with OoT– I really liked the combat in that game, it was a lot of fun. But it’s still exactly the same but you wave your arm now, and it makes very little difference how most of the time (and it could have been SO much better).

    And what i mean by saying it’s reduced to a puzzle game is that there’s no more exploration (which is a criticism in the video). The removal of overworlds and worldmaps has become a trend in games that I find to be a little bit of a bummer. There are also other ways to make games puzzle-like without feeling like you are simply a rat running a maze or playing a complex Skinner box.

    The ONLY thing I think is flat-out bad in this game are the interminable, redundant, and unskippable dialog/cut scenes. I think that was a poor design choice. The rest, in isolation, is fine. Of course it’s fine because it’s the same as previous great games. I didn’t mean to say that the game was bad, just that the experience of playing it is essentially identical to OoT, MM, WW, and TP. If this were the first Zelda game I’d picked up since LttP, it would be just as awesome as OoT (though probably in reality more so).

    And, no, I don’t have a single answer for how I’d like it to be different– if I did, I’d probably be applying for a job at Nintendo 🙂 First person certainly would NOT be the way to go as it was for Metroid. Something a little more open and less restrictive like a sandbox with a modern version of LoZ’s Hyrule that can be freely explored. The dungeons can stay more or less how they are– that’s what dungeons are, after all. I wouldn’t say that it should go so far as an Elder Scrolls game in openness, but just something that hides the rails and the hand-holding just a bit. I know that it still has to be accessible to children, but kids aren’t incapable of dealing with a little complexity.

  • guest

    Why would you use a clip showcasing the final boss of the game?  

  • TheLoneGunman

    No need to start rambling. I don’t care about your uneducated opinions and seemingly education doesn’t get through your thick head.

    Removal of exploration does not change an action-adventure into a puzzle game. Skyward Sword didn’t magically change into a game like Tetris. Nobody with access to video games and internet should be mentally challenged enough to think so, but apparently health care failed somewhere along the line. 

    “I’m not talking about the handheld releases. Those are all products of their hardware’s limitations and designers had to come up with creative ways to work within them.”

    Oh, so the handheld games are somehow creative and the home console ones aren’t? Even when the handheld games use the same skeletal structure that has been in every Zelda game, just like the home console ones? I really can’t tell if you are mentally challenged or just trolling. I’m guessing both.

  • Hamlet

    You get this content for free and these guys are extremely funny and talented. For me everything they do is a breath of fresh air and they do it on an amazingly regular basis. The ad is 15 seconds long and it allows these guys to keep putting out videos. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself that you point at underdog creators who make things for free and out of passion and then refuse to watch them because they put a 15 second ad at the beginning.

  • Bigswag

    Less gags and add more depth into the review. Nintendo pretty much walks your hand through learning the controls throughout the entire game, so failing to master the motion controls should not be a flaw in the design. The review also failed to mention the soundtrack, graphics, and replayability of the game. Overall pretty good review that brings up some good points that other game review websites overlooked.

  • The_Asinus

     I have no idea why you’re getting so defensive and weird about this like you have some personal investment in the Zelda franchise. I’m sorry that I was hoping that they’d make some innovations to your favorite game and that there are some little things that I don’t like about it. I’m sorry that I said that every game in the series was great and whatever else set you off like that. Not everyone is out to get you or trying to pick a fight, you need to relax a little bit.

  • TheLoneGunman

    “I’m sorry that I was hoping that they’d make some innovations to your favorite game”

    They did. There were lots of new things in the game like stamina, shield durability and counter-attack, impaling objects with your sword and carrying them on it, having a bird as a mount, crafting, etc. You just didn’t notice them because you were too busy bitching about the “skeletal structure”.

    And I’m not angry that you don’t like Skyward Sword, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m angry because you don’t answer my questions and then when you’ve been caught with your pants down you start rambling and insinuating that I would get angry because someone else has a different opinion.

    Maybe you shouldn’t have replied to me in the first place if you didn’t expect some defense for the game. I mean what exactly did you expect, moron?

  • Guest

    This movie site needs more gaming comments:

    The enemies don’t block all of Link’s moves.  You’re just not good at games.

  • Guest

    If the ads on their videos annoy you so much get ad-block.

  • Guest

    You don’t understand the Zelda franchise at all if you don’t think the story is important. Just go back go smashing buttons and banging your head on the television.

  • Koch96barom

    Plz… review next: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

  • Guest

     Which Zelda game is known for it’s great story? The premise to all Zelda games is more or less the same, these games are about adventure and exploration. That’s why they skipped over the story part.
    And if you say “Ocarina of time!” I will say “You mean the one where he saves the princess?”

  • BiggieDickson

     She saves you in OOT, cockjuggler.

  • gameguy523

     Actually, Majora’s Mask is an incredible video game story. The characters in that game have more depth then many other video games out there. So yes, Zelda can most definitely be about the story.

  • gameguy523

    The one review that this site has ever gotten wrong.

  • Eero Salmenmäki

    This has gone too far for a joke. (And I have problems believing you could be serious with this crap) So let me tell you a life’s wisdom.
    No matter how much fun you have when excreting a turd. Even if you do it with your pals around all laughing. NObody wants to see it. Or smell it. Or taste it. Or hear about it.
    Turd is a turd. And so is this video.

    Shame as we really NEED professional reviewers for video games. And may I add that now that several video games are closer to movies then ever, like latest CoD and BF campains and Asura’s Wrath to name few famous ones, we could certainly use reviewers with movie background.
    So whether you do this seriously or not how about you next review a game where you reviewing it would make sense.

    Hell, Dear Esther. Review “Dear Esther”. You must. I have tried to find a decent review of it for moths but nobody has been able to make one yet. It’s so much closer to a art film then a game that no game reviewer can properly analyze it.

  • Chandler Price

     You guys are a bunch of butt hurt fanboys. He wasn’t as hard on it as I have seen elsewhere (see yahtzee’s review) and most of what he was saying was spot on. The upgrade system was unnecessary, and the over world especially was incredibly boring. I much preferred Windwaker’s over world too. And personally, I thought the pastel art style this game had was really mediocre. I actually prefer twilight princess’s grungier look, or even the cell shaded look of Windwaker. The only people really defending this game are giving it a pass on exactly Rich said, because it has “Legend of” and “Zelda” in front of it, because as I’ve seen in the comments none of you jerks have any thoughts or reasoning behind bashing this review. 

  • Man, gamers are so serious.  I was a teenager when Zelda first came out, and I still can’t believe they’re making Zelda games. 

    I’d like to see this series develop.  The long standing game review sites and personalities are more polished because..well …they’ve been at it for a long time.  That doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for RLM to give it a shot. Not everything has to be Plinkett-centric just because a particular branch of the following thinks it should be. 

    Everyone has something to offer, and everything that’s new in an already established venue is rejected upon first glance.

  • localvagrant

    Haha!  Rich Evans got hit in the head with a paint can.  Again!  Again!

  • Joe

    Played through and enjoyed this game. Review was spot on.

  • ThePonchoNinja

    I liked his review and what he said about the overall game in the end but seriously…”hacking and slashing will get you nowhere, precision and timing is important.” WHY do people mention this in every skyward sword review as if its new or something?  hacking and slashing didn’t get you past certain enemies/bosses in previous zelda games; remember dark link in the water temple?  you had to wait for stalfos’ to drop their guard, and even in a link to the past and link’s awakening you had to hit enemies at JUST the right angle or timing to land your hits.  basically what i’m getting at here is that the timing/precision thing in skyward sword is not new and its been done before; the whole motion aspect of it was just expected to go in that direction.  sorry for my long rant!

  • dude.

    Fucking sucks.  Nuff said

  • Hwgw

    haha unit 603 idiot

  • Nathan Rosario

    I’ve been a fan of the Zelda franchise for almost 20 years now, but I was highly disappointed by this game.  I think the review is spot on to everything that was wrong with it.  In fact, they took all of my favorite elements of the franchise and removed them almost completely.  By eliminating the overworld, they removed that sense of freedom and exploration that made me fall in love with the series in the first place.  In Skyward Sword, you essentially just warp from one dungeon to the next.  Plus, I think the shield damage meter is easily one of the most despised additions to any Zelda game, IMO.  

    As for the controls, I had surgery on my left arm about 6 weeks before this game came out and all of the movements I was required to do with the shield caused severe pain in my arm.  It’s something that all of the proponents of motion-control gaming seem to be forgetting – not everyone has full range of motion in all of their limbs.  I spent most of the game simply wishing for a traditional controller and I think the reliance on motion control is what kills my interest in this game.  Finally, Nintendo’s claim that the motion of Link’s sword mimicked the motion of the Wii controller 1:1 is greatly exaggerated.  Only about 30-40% of the movements that a real human arm is capable of achieving were represented onscreen and about half the time the game couldn’t even interpret those movements correctly.  I was constantly frustrated by the game misinterpreting my movements (even when I over-exaggerated them) and costing my character his life.  Unless, some severe restructuring happens at Nintendo, this will probably be the last Zelda game I ever buy.

  • Nathan

    Thank you for this review. Honestly, this game was terrible. I played it for about a week, and quit out of boredom/frustration with having to recalibrate my Wii Remote Plus every 5 minutes. It really seemed odd how poor the motion controls seemed to be. I had more fun playing Wii Sports Resort, simply because the controls work in that game.

  • Rjeffberg

    These reviews need to be much longer.. And don’t be afraid to develop the cut scenes.. They’re awesome!!! WHaaaAAAAttT?????

  • Auberondreaming

    Meh, loved this game, completely disagree with the entirety of what you said in this review.   

  • Brian

    How can you say that this is exactly the same as other zelda games but with a motion control gimmick. Did you even play the entire game, its so unique and does so many things different and breaks so many zelda tradition so i don’t what you’re talking about

  • Hey guys, I actually liked the review, but there is a whole channel on YouTube called The Game Station ( If you were making these for Machinima, maybe this is the reason why this was never aired on their youtube channel network and you already know this? I don’t know, but maybe just change the name and keep on doing them!!

  • Miles

    Shallow review. You need to be more in depth.
    Also saying the story in Zelda is ‘pointless’, are you kidding? I think the series has vast and deeply interesting stories and plots. Go on any Zelda fan site and you will be able to find tonnes of fan opinions and theories about the games themes and timeline. Yeh the basic premise is still save the princess, but when you look past that you begin to notice there is alot more going on. It’s one of the few games where I actually do care about the plot and how everything in the game relates to each other.
    Anyway overall I find Skyward Sword in my opinion is a more average game (good, not great) and I agree with your point about skyloft, flying is slow and there is hardly anywhere to land and explore. However skyward sword does have some excellent dungeon and temple designs I have ever seen, and I thought the control scheme was great. Most people who complain about it are people who just want to waggle the wiimote without thinking to much which as you said can unsync it, which therefore leads to complaints that ‘It doesnt work’. But in fact it does, you just have to think before you swing wildly all over the place.
    Also as a side note please DONT show footage of the last boss battle ever again, unless of course you clearly state there will be spoilers. It’s very unprofessional. Remember there are viewers who are checking your review before considering buying or renting the game.

  • MRM

    Holy crap! is that the chick from the overly attached girlfriend youtube videos?

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    This was the best review that I have seen for this game, and this is coming from a die-hard Zelda fan.

    All the points you stated were spot on. The story was the main reason why I purchased this game as it was supposed to be the earliest chapter in the timeline, however, the gameplay and upgrading caused me to put it down after a week and not pick it up since.

    The motion controls, although an innovative attempt, hurt the overall experience as sometimes it simply did not register my movements correctly – especially when I faced the major villain for the first time. It could have been the distance I am from my TV, size, whatever…but it does not matter – when the game design and mechanics prohibits you from progressing, that is a frustration and fault.

    As for the upgrading…the ever constant broken shield having to backtrack was annoying as it seemed to draw out more unneeded time instead of focusing on your mission.

    OOT has always been my favorite followed by Link to the Past for its solid story and gameplay. I am looking forward to the WW HD but this game which I will eventually go back to is low on the list.

    I wish you did more video game reviews. Definitely spot on and worth listening too since Game Review sites have been sucking pretty badly lately.

    Thanks guys and keep it up!

  • Orphan937

    more gamestation!

  • RLM and videogames together?!.. I must of been good in this life.

    With that said I read some of the comments below. I disagree that Rich Evan’s reviews aren’t good in this series that they apparently stopped. I think that Arkham City was a pretty simplistic experience. There are some decent moments, but overall, it was just as Mr. Evans says: it’s a game focused on fighting multiple enemies at a time that feels like an rhythm game and there are stealth elements. I liked his review of Arkham City because I view it in the same light. I am a Batman fan too, and the animated series was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. While I haven’t played the Legend of Zelda, I think I’d agree with Evans here too. I played Twilight Princess and it didn’t look that different from Skyward Sword. TP was a very mediocre game for me. Well I’d say that it was probably less than that. If I was to play an rpg in this day and age I’d just play Dark Souls or The Witcher. These are the examples of rpgd that will be hailed in the same way as the old Zelda games are revered.

    His reviews should go a little deeper I’d admit, but they are honest. Much more so than many other game reviewers I’d say. I think they should continue this. Mike and Rich are so funny together. Someone mentioned in the comments that Mike could chime in each review and I think they could come up with a better discussion that way.

  • panzi

    And some things even got worse since Twilight Princess: In TWP you finally didn’t loose money if you opened a treasure chest and your money bag was full. In Skyward Sword the money again vanishes to the non existent ether.

  • JFM

    Can’t believe this game is almost 3 years old. Feels like I just got it, played, and was disappointed by it a few months ago. I think that is partially because of the developers lauding it as the game that would revolutionize the franchise.

    As someone who was two when Ocarina of Time came out and has subsequently played almost every game in the series, I have never really found the series to be stagnant or repetitive as some people say. I feel that this sentiment is really only caused by Twilight Princess, seeing as that game tried to emulate Ocarina in just about every way to win back the “hardcore” fans who started walking when they saw Wind Waker. Now many critics say every Zelda tries to be Ocarina, but really Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker are very different games from OoT, at least in my mind.

    Now when they were saying all this stuff about Skyward Sword and how it would be revolutionizing the franchise in ways such as the field-dungeon-field layout, even saying that there would be times when you would not know you were in a dungeon. Thing is, when I played the game I always knew I was in a dungeon because there was a dramatic cutscene of Link walking into it.

    But the single thing I hate most about the game is the (nonexistent) overworld. I mean come on! Its an adventure game with a smaller, more restrictive, less interesting overworld than Wind Waker, a game that is now ten years old. Zelda has always been about the overworld and people in it for me. You can say what you will about Twilight Princess’ big empty field, but it at least bothered to create the illusion of content. The whole game comes across as very condensed and sort of “trimming out the fat” but in an adventure game you need fat, at least more than you do in a platformer, strategy, etc. There’s an old saying “never trust a skinny chef”, and I think that is applicable here. Skyward Sword seems like it was all about condensing everything, and I just don’t think that is a good idea for an adventure game as adventure games rely on having a lot of extra content for you to discover.

  • capnmorgan5150

    What’s wrong with Rich’s face? Oh yeah, it got hit with a paint can.

  • Stonewall

    You were 2 when OoT came out? Thanks for making me feel older than dirt. >_>

  • Cameron Vale

    “stealing,” that’s funny.

  • Cameron Vale

    I have to agree about LttP. It was made by Takashi Tezuka, whose games are always good but never great; however the majority of LttP’s flaws go unnoticed, because they were copied by later games and thus became series staples (especially the whole cliched “do you want me to save you, or not?” complaint).

  • TheSwamp

    Need next installment of Game Station.

  • Punkster

    This show is good, really good. I wish other game reviews ere this interesting and funny.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    Seeing RLM reviewing video games is like seeing a dog walking on its hind legs. It gives be a boner.

    Also these need to be longer, although Matthewmatosis already crucified this game Plinkett style in a forty-minute long review.

  • Ted

    Damn it, where are those lice removal tips and tricks? This pubic lice is driving me crazy!

  • Good jerb

  • dungeon master

    I liked SS, but I have to admit this is true.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Eek, a girl!

  • Top_Jimmy

    RLM has a serious red head fetish. I approve.

  • B S


  • Foreman 371

    Zelda was great in a time when there where only few action adventure titles out there. Here and there Nintendo tried something new out but they never build up on these spinoffs titles and as a consequence Zelda universe stayed small and as a franchise grew old. Now Nintendo has panic and comes up with titles like SS or Breath of the Wild a classic Zelda fan can’t rely to that well and younger gamer don’t care much.

  • Foreman 371

    “Different” and “new” is not enough. It has to be better than the old stuff. SS is different but is it better or even on the same level as the older titles? No. SS has no open world, Breath of the Wild no interesting Dungeons or bosses. That are the big elefants sitting in the room but there are much more if we go into the details.

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