Game Station 2.0 – Batman: Arkham City (Pilot Episode)

March 22, 20126 Comments

Welcome to the Gamestation 2.0! A new series from Red Letter Media, the frauds that brought you Half in the Bag and Harry S. Plinkett. In this new series, Rich Evans will review new and old video games as he sits in his Gamesation pod. Rich Evans is a long time gamer and has a unique insight into video games based on years and years of wasting time playing them. See what adventures await Rich Evans as you click the dislike button and complain in the comment field below!

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  • ezsdxgf

    I was all ready to be like “FUCK YOU FAKE PLINKETTE POST THE REVIEW ALREADY” nobody cares about gamestation but instead i was actually pretty into this. good job you fat homos.

  • thisoneguybro

    Rich Evans is truly a glorious god amongst puny men.

  • Guest

    I’d been wondering if and or when RLM would do something like this for a while. Happy to say I really enjoyed it.

  • Daniel Bellfield

    rich is all slim and handsome

  • Bill


  • Greg

    5 years ago! … amazing.. I remember watching this when it was first released! .. Time flys…

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