Fuck Bot 5000 Has an Important Message

July 18, 2012251 Comments

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  • maximilian

    Lol XD
    Great work guys!
    It’s perfect timing for this joke about this mindless and stupid madness about rape-jokes crossing a line.
    poor Spoony, aka Noha Antwiler did get fierd because he meade a rapejoke. why is everyone so upset about this particulare sort of humor? it dosent make any sense with all the other jokes about much worse stuff.

  • Porkchop

    Oh god is he gunna be ok? will he ever fuck again?

  • Manu

    there are good points made here though http://jezebel.com/5925186/how-to-make-a-rape-joke

  • O no jokes are getting to offensive for people to hear. This looks like a job for Adam Sandler! O wait.

  • Noah Antwiler didn’t get fired because he made a rape joke.
    He got fired because when he was challenged about being creepy to a co-worker, he launched on a ridiculous Twitter-rampage in which he attacked literally everybody – fans, co-workers, employers, friends, etc – who came near him, metaphorically speaking.
    And that shit just doesn’t fly, in any reasonably-managed employment.
    There is a completely understandable and manageable mental illness involved, which explains how all this happened, but doesn’t excuse his behaviour.
    As far as the Spoony story is concerned, everyone just needs to calm down and leave the man alone to sort his life out, and get back to work in whatever way suits him, as soon as possible. He’s not a bad guy, in spite of some claims; neither is he a poor innocent victim, in spite of other claims.

    Crazy conspiracy theories are not going to help anyone. Rational acceptance of facts might.

  • Karl Bunker

    What about jokes about aluminum-foil-over-cardboard-box robots? _I’m_ an aluminum-foil-over-cardboard-box robot, and these demeaning, stereotyped depictions of our oppressed minority really piss me off!

    Not all of us are sinister-but-charmingly-ineffectual fuck bots!. Not all of us have brains that explode with really cheesy pyrotechnic special effects whenever we’re faced with the slightest little logical dilemma. Show some respect, meat bags!

  • Okay, I misused the word ‘metaphorically’, but I don’t think that impacts my point.

  • CW

    Daniel Tosh didn’t make a “rape joke” he suggested that it would be “funny” if a female member of his audience “got raped by, like, five guys, right now”. There’s no humour in that. Only the assertion that a woman being sexually assaulted by five guys in retaliation to her rudeness is amusing for him.

    The threat (and reality) of sexual violence and harrassment is something that women have to face every day – from cat-calling from cars, to date-rape, domestic abuse and even just anxiety about walking home alone (to name a few examples) – the fact that that threat exists and is a dis-empowering experience for women should not be the source of a male comics personal gratification (no matter what the context).

    I respect you guys and I think the approach your approach to film is smart and considered. I’m disappointed in the cheap way that you’ve dealt with this subject.

  • guest

    It’s already been confirmed by the comedy club owner that the incident didn’t happen at all like that blog post implied:


    It’s unfortunate that so many people are so quick to just accept a random blog post as a factual account with no further digging to confirm. It’s pretty scary actually.

  • localvagrant

    “Braindead brats” ahahahahahaha

  • Fuck-bot 8000

    I am horribly offended that you would attempt to make a joke about the death/deactivation of an obviously sentient robot and demand its removal and a formal apology

  • Steve

    Yes, he did, he made a rape joke, then the girl said rape jokes aren’t funny, then Tosh said that it would be funny if she “got raped by, like five guys, right now”, which, at least in my opinion would be ironic, and therefore funny.

    The point of this video is that many people are hypocritical about humor. They usually laugh at some types of sick jokes, while they get offended at others.

    The point is that most of those people who condem rape jokes would laugh at, for example, a racist joke. The point is that jokes are funny until you get offended. Also, it’s just a joke, and he’s not being serious.

  • TheRobotard8000

    I want to fuck more.

  • stagpool

    I’m disappointed by your inability to understand the point of this video. It has very little to actually do with Daniel Tosh.

  • Rest in peace, fuck bot. You will be missed.

  • Pokey

    Shut up fag.

  • guest


    Surprise, surprise! The “Daniel Tosh incident” didn’t happen at all like a total stranger’s blog post said it did.

  • ouij

    Ladies, please, don’t let this incident spoil rape jokes for you (or rape in general). The only reason it wasn’t funny was because it came from Daniel Tosh.

  • Guest

    You should now talk about the recent movies you’ve seen …

  • Name


  • Sugarpeep

    So long as you men are raping each other, and not us, have at it.

  • Yes, that’s how it works.


  • Frank

    I think you’ve missed the point of the video. Jokes are made about a lot of horrible things, like the holocaust, children born with mental/developmental disabilities, murder, etc. Hell, murder is on the low end of the controversiality scale. So why is it ok to joke about murder (“I’m going to kill you”) and not rape? The victim didn’t necessarily deserve either. Murder happens more often than rape but it’s ok to talk about. Rape is a horrible, horrible thing in real life, but jokes are made about a lot of horrible, horrible things, and frankly the idea that rape is a special untouchable topic really just makes rape victims even more shamed and isolated from a culture where the act performed on them is unspeakable.

  • john.o

    This is not the new Plinkett review

  • RLM are pretty much famous for giving no fucks. That’s just one part of the reason they are so beloved, and also part of why they matter.

    It’s pretty clear that this one short video is going to be the subject of furious and deeply stupid debate. All kinds of people are going to assume they know what Mike and Jay and Rich and… anyone else involved in the writing I guess… TRULY had in mind.

    Well, none of us know for damn certain. It’s going to be a case of trying to interpret the joke. We all think we know what they really think, but, NOPE, probably not!

    I’ll hazard a couple guesses, though:
    “Don’t take yourselves so damn seriously.”
    “Try not to be such assholes all the time.”
    “See if you can seperate these two concepts – dickhead behaviour, and an individual person.”

    Yes, that third one is kind of a reach. Chances are I’m completely wrong there. But I think I’m not too far off the beam with the first two.

  • Uncle Moops

    Wouldn’t it be funny if CW got raped by, like, five robots right now?

  • 69

    I find this offensive and demand an apology.
    Fuck-bot is clearly capable of processing all of the questions they attack him with and to suggest otherwise is really bigoted and offensive towards all cheaply designed and really crappy fictional robots .

  • 69

    Looks like you’ve been raped in your brain by political correctness.

    There is a difference between making an absurd across the line and maybe not funny joke about rape and actually suggesting to rape somebody.

  • Robotic Immunity

    Rape jokes: good
    Gay jokes: bad

  • thaneofmemphis

    C’mon, folks. Rape jokes are deplorable. Unless it’s prison rape. That shit is hysterical!

  • mortar_molten_vortex

    So far the only person who seems worked up or defensive is you…

  • Ady

    spot on satire

  • Witchdoctor180

    Abort the elderly.

  • Witchdoctor180

    Someone now has to give Fuck Bot head.

  • Daloolabell

    Daniel Tosh IS an incident.

  • This press conference was like watching Adam Sandler movie.

  • “…is it funny that I’m also fucking his retarded sister?” Pure win.

  • tjp77

    Jezebel has never made a good point about anything in the history of ever.

  • Sqwat

    Rape jokes…I love em!

  • Mike

    Love it!

  • I’ll Suck for Cake.

    I’m from England and rape is much funnier over here. In fact the only thing funnier than rape, is two rapes.

  • I’m raping someone right now, and I have to say… Yeah, quite funny!

    Only thing funnier, is jokes about fondling kids.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Fuck-Bot denouncing Daniel Tosh is like George Lucas denouncing Adam Sandler.

    Now where’s my vodka gimlet?

  • ashamed

    This is not funny. I have a cousin who had her head exploded once, and you should know that it is the most disgusting thing imaginable. You at Red Letter Media should be ashamed of yourselves. Everyone knows that if you make a joke about exploding heads, you fully condone and actively participate in head explosions.

  • stagpool

    It’s depressing to me how many people have missed the fact that this isn’t even a video about rape jokes.

    “Censors tend to do what only psychotics do: they confuse reality with illusion.” – David Cronenberg

  • Leo Ladenson

    Oh, and where is the RLM Droid app?

  • Jake

    Absolutely hilarious. I’m really enjoying the non HItB/Plinkett stuff coming from you guys, and you’re stepping up your production game as well. If you could churn stuff like this out just a wee bit faster, you’d be in even better shape. If this video came out even 4 days ago, it would be more popular for the simple fact that the Tosh incident was stupidly publicized, but will soon die down.

    Keep it up!

  • guest

    Sarcasm detected. The point has been missed.

  • DeadComedian

    I find it interesting that Rich is in the same scene as ‘Sexy Nerd
    Girl’, whom he admitted having a crush on via Mike in a HITB episode.
    Anything pan out with that? Or was there any Attack of the Clones-level

  • coyoterys

    May he be rebuilt as Rape Bot 10000. Amen.

  • clarence

    what the hell did I just watch?

  • ThirtySeven

    That was Sexy Nerd Girl? Damn, she cleans up nice.

  • Tosh is not funny. He should be raped. I know of a rather randy automaton who might be up to the job….

  • Mr. Lucas

    Rape is never funny. Just ask Episodes 4, 5 and (half of) 6.

  • Guest

    No. That’s Mike’s gf in this video.

  • octo7

    I don’t think it was the rape joke that was the problem, it was more the fact he told the offended heckler that it would be awesome if she was raped right then and there by five guys. So yeah, I don’t care about the rape joke, it was more his fucked up attack on the heckler. So the joke of this vid was kinda lost on me as I don’t see the Tosh controversy as people being overly sensitive, a man shouldn’t say to a woman “i would love it if you were raped by five guys right now” especially as a retort to her criticism, regardless of whether that criticism was valid or not.

  • live4ten

    I won’t dispute your overall point, but you are way off in saying that “murder happens more often than rape.” In the United States in 2010, there were 84,767 forcible rapes and 14,748 murders (including nonnegligent manslaughter). In other words, there were 5.75 times as many rapes as murders.


  • Ricky

    Everyone looks handsome in this sketch.
    Specially that fuckbot. Are its other orifices still functional?

  • Danby

    Mike has a girlfriend? I heard he was gay. Gay for penis. For penis in and around his special areas…….i swear i heard it from a guy…..

  • Scottie

    Daniel Tosh’s “rape joke” wasn’t funny because he showed the ACTUAL RAPE of a teenager on his show.
    Speaking of funny rape jokes: A rapist corners a woman in a dark alley. She picks up a pole and swings it, cracking his head. When he falls to the ground she just keeps beating him, shattering his ribs, breaking his legs, smashing his face like a melon, and with each stroke she shouts, “So a rapist walks into a bar! So a rapist walks into a bar!”

  • Obibbub Bubabbi

    Rape jokes! Haahhn. I love em!

  • hurr durr

    I don’t get it.

  • CW_Dult

    Hi, I’m CW. I don’t get things like “points” or understand thinks like “concepts”. Please feel free the abuse me for being stupid.

  • ?
  • Murderin Murphy

    Fuck-Bot 5000, Part 2: The Refuckening!

  • so this isn’t a joke about adam sandler movies?

  • Stick to the reviews, guys. Not this embarrassing shit.

  • Actually he was really cool about it and said she was probably raped by like 5 different guys and thats why she didn’t think it was funny, even though it was funny. Rape is Hi’larious! 😀

  • chewbacca

    nice ending

  • chewbacca

    whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ! this ugly guy didn´t deserve a fuck bot!

  • Malchik

    Fuckbot was built with no orifices — only appendages to rape, not receive.

  • Malchik

    Sarcasm fail.

  • Malchik


  • Malchik

    Spoony was never fired; he was put on a four week probation for negative feedback by fans who had negative encounters with him on Twitter. The rape gag was between two people and was settled privateley month in advance of the incident. Spoony decided to drop out from the channel on his own accord. This situation was made clear by both Holly of Channel Awesome and Spoony.

    The rape joke was only brought up again by a third party at the (right) wrong time.

    “Crazy conspiracy theories are not going to help anyone. Rational acceptance of facts might.”

    Yeah, about that…

  • Niia

    Daniel Tosh’s rape joke was actually a joke though (and funny). Adam Sandler doesn’t actually tell jokes. That’s the difference.

  • Malchik

    I think we’re supposed to laugh at how moronic this ‘Scottie’ guy is.

  • Ricky

    oh you don’t say! :S
    poor thing

  • Malchik

    He made a distasteful comment. He didn’t advocate anybody to rape anyone.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Was Rich Evans doing his Katharine Hepburn impression?

  • Kenshiroh

    Am I the only one who had never heard of Daniel Tosh before this incident?

  • Kenshiroh

    And that third party made jokes about beating her cat.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Umm, what’s happening in this movie?

  • nope32

    oh no. You mean they are doing thing besides giving you your free entertainment?!

  • what32

    oh no. You mean they are doing things besides giving you your free entertainment!?

  • fourhoseven

    yeah, normally she looks like fart

  • topical…? also daniel tosh, do people find him funny? It’s like this and the big bang theory I just don’t understand the appeal.

  • Gary

    He’s not gay? Damn. I’d let Mike be my Fuck-bot.

  • Robby

    This is awesome. The only way it would be even more awesome is if Daniel Tosh did a Web Redemption for this video and had them make an even more un-pc version of it. Also, when Jay delivery of “What about RETARDS? I’M a retard, and I get offended whenever I hear someone use the word…REEETARD” is so great.

  • what the fuck? Holy Shit!

  • Guest

    Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying…this is an analgy.

    Oh god this has gone too far. I’ve gone too far in a few places.

  • Guest

    She was so offended she stayed for the rest of the show, then after complaining accepted free tickets to come back!

    Read between the lines.

  • Doo Doo Face

    Dane Cook + Mean Spirited Adam Sandler Humor + Drama Department/Band Nerd = Daniel Tosh
    Tosh.0 is where fans of Smosh, SNL, and future fans of the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon go to be edgy.

  • Yup

    Actually no it’s the same stupid, unclever, and mean spirited joke Adam Sandler would say.
    Any hack can go up on stage and say offensive shit like, “9/11 was pretty hilarious”, and respond back to hecklers by saying; “Did your Dad die in 9/11? Maybe he should visited Disneyworld instead.”
    And that’s a Daniel Tosh joke. Like Adam Sandler, Daniel Tosh tries (really hard) to be offensive because he thinks dorking looking white people saying offensive and mean spirited things is somehow humorous, but fails at understanding what makes un-PC jokes funny or clever.

  • Tits McGee

    i like jokes about retarded 2 min teasers

  • I approve of this video because tgwtg lately got themselves in a big emo fuss over a rape joke when apparently jokes about literally ANYTHING ELSE is perfectly fine on their site. Someone link this video to that pathetic cunt known as Obscurus Lupa. Maybe then she will realize what a big sack of hypocritical trash she is.

  • FuckBob5000

    Are jokes about being a necrophiliac robosexual funny? Because a dead Fuckbot 5000 is sexier than a living one. He can’t say no.

  • soeverybodysacriticnow

    Stick to watching their videos quietly and don’t make embarrassing comments.

  • soeverybodysacriticnow

    Degustibus non est dispuntandum.
    Ergo shut the fuck up.

  • Sadam Andler

    Disney World ahahahaha

  • boo

    You know this isn’t a teaser, right? Do you know what a teaser is?

  • boo

    Why would anyone take the time to send anything to anyone from the pathetic TGWTG crew?

  • Igor

    And that’s reported rape. It’s obviously easier for a rape to go unreported than a murder.

  • MCBGamer

    RLM IS SEXIST TELL TUMBLR AND FEMINIST!!!!111!!1!!! BIG DEAL (obvious joke)

  • Rafal

    If I understand correctly the video is asking “why the hypocrisy of treating rape jokes differently”. I’m quite surprised that you guys are so clueless that you’d choose to flaunt your ignorance by making videos like this one. It seem like you’re rationalizing your shitty rapey scenes in the Mr. Plinket videos, that only detract from the quality Star Wars reviews themselves.

    I’ll attempt to be educational then but also apparently controversial considering the appalling quality of comments here.
    There’s a good reason why comedians increasingly don’t get a free pass for making rape jokes, namely that in a live show intended to elicit emotional reactions, people who have been raped can justifiably react negatively to a rape joke. Who gives a shit about an overpaid comedian? If he/she wants to do live show and shock people, then people will be shocked and react to rape jokes. If they don’t want their shows interrupted, then don’t do live shows where you shock people. You choose to shock people, people don’t choose the reactions they have when shocked.
    Even if a rape victim should’ve known better than to go see an “act” like that of Tosh, I still sympathize only with the rape victim. I have zero sympathy for someone who makes money from shocking people. At best, it is their own chosen profession and they should accept live audience reactions, at worst they’re societal parasites who make money off of other people’s misfortune.

    There’s a good reason stuff like murder isn’t received as negatively. Murder happens orders of magnitude less often, so it less statistically significant. A line has to be drawn somewhere and while I don’t necessarily agree that the current place is best, it doesn’t make Tosh’s behaviour justifiable. Additionally, people simply don’t tend to fear being arbitrarily murdered by a stranger nor do they have a post tramatic stress disorder after being murdered, unlike with rapes. But sure, if you’re a relatively tall able bodied male, capable of being physically dangerous and therefore to not fear being raped himself, then of course it’s easy not to give a shit about other people’s fears and make clueless internet videos about, pretending it’s social commentary. Well, it is social commentary, just from an embarrassingly naive, counterproductive perspective.

    I was hoping that you guys are on the right track when pointing the awfulness of Adam Sandler’s “funny” rape plot, but I guess you only care when the joke is about raping boys, which is the only time you probably felt vulnerable to rape.

  • gala4711

    TLDR… oh wait… Since I have an attention span a little bigger than an ant… I read it…. and it’s crap.
    Because: Everybody has the same right of being made fun of…

  • Sincerly, Fuck you

    I’m quite simply astonished to realized that more than half the people here aren’t even slightly in the same mind set as the RLM crew are. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why did you come here in the first place anyway? What did you expected? Like, seriously? ”I’m offended by this!” ”You can’t say that! I don’t like to hear that!” ”You can’t say this can’t say that, can’t call me like that or I’ll sue you” You’re a bunch of fucking pussies. Fuck victims, fuck faggots, fuck minorities, hell, fuck people in general. If you don’t like it when someone speak their minds freely, you can go live in china. I bet you’ll be happy there, they have a precise list of what you can do and when. Like good little brain washed drones. Fucking leave this place. And please don’t come back. Go be pseudo intellectual somewhere else.

  • Rafal

    I’m not at all saying that you don’t have the right to make certain type of jokes.
    I’m saying that you SHOULDN’T make certain types of jokes.

    A big difference.

  • Kokotoid

    “A line has to be drawn somewhere”
    No, it doesn’t actually. A lot of retards get offended by a lot of stupid shit. No use to pander to any of them.

  • Kokotoid

    She was ruining his set. That’s what you do with hecklers.. you make them shut up and make them go be a feminist somewhere else.

  • Murderin Murphy

    But, sadly, all the hypocritical, blind outrage did happen.

  • MarshMellow

    And who are you to even attempt to decide what a creative person “should” or “should not” do. Every creative person needs to make their own decisions with regards to their own bouncompdaries. If society, as a whole, never pushed on those boundaries, the world we live in would become stagnant.

    I’m not going to defend Tosh. I don’t need to. Stand-up comedy in a club is a creative endeavor between a performer and a live audience. Anybody who wasn’t in that room wasn’t part of the dynamic, and we have absolutely no context to understand whether what was said was funny in the context of that room on that occasion. And each individual in that room also had a personal context from which they viewed the event.

    None of us, unless we were in the room, could had been personally offended by Tosh. So choose, if you want, to never pay your money to see him, and avoid any free public appearances by him in future. But if you’re offended for somebody else, get over it. Give the offended party enough respect to be offended for themselves, and treat them as mature enough to deal with it.

    Sounds like they complained, got free tickets, and moved on. They got over it. So should everybody else. Stop being offended for others. And stop telling artists what they “should” do. I find that offensive.

  • Dancindazed

    This kids a noob fag.

  • Adam Sandler

    I would never make a joke about rape. That is disgusting.

  • Rafal

    No, you’re not giving me a good reason to shut up at all. Sounds like you’re being made uncomfortable by my comments and you just want me to shut up.

    Red Letter Media is giving me the privilege to criticize them and Daniel Tosh on their website. Until RLM takes this privilege away, I feel compelled expressing my view on where I believe the boundaries should be. In that regard, I’m not doing anything that everyone else is doing here.

    I think if I can make one person understand my point of view, which I believe is both more rational and constructive, then I see no good reason why I shouldn’t voice my alternative view on this topic.

    The fact that I’m rustling people’s jimmies here and yet no one is capable of writing a proper retort is further evidence that you have no counterargument to my claims.

  • Rapey Mc Raperton

    That was funny. Not Rape Joke funny but still funny.

  • Roman Polanski

    Everything is funnier when it happens to kids.

  • Name

    Time to post another rape joke on Tumblr.

  • dr.drake

    what i realy don’t get is why he snapped the whay he did? Spoony seemd so out of place in this Twitter-rampage.

  • Martypoo

    Issues of “rape culture” and social taboos aside: you started a sentence with “Even if a rape victim should’ve known better…” and that’s humorously unfortunate to me.

  • nyeh???

    Didn’t fuckbot rape the vcr dvd hybrid?

  • Rafal

    What I meant it as a hypothetical in which a person I’m arguing with refuses to accept that you shouldn’t expect a rape victim to cater to the rape culture.

    I wanted to rephrase it, but I don’t have an edit button. Sorry about that…

  • superior

    lol americans are so stupid ^^

  • Yup

    You are part correct about people coming here wanting to censor rape jokes, but at the same time you (along with the RLM crew) seem to miss the point completley along with the censorship people. A lot of people are missing the point because people act like Daniel Tosh just told the first rape joke in human history.
    The point isn’t whether or not rape jokes are acceptable, because there are ton of comedians who make rape jokes all the time, and you see rape jokes all the time in popular films and TV. Family Guy and American Dad come to mind as shows that seem to make a lot of taboo jokes all the time, like rape jokes and wife beating jokes. There’s usually a clever observation that go along with the taboo joke, so the joke works.
    No, the real point is whether or not Daniel Tosh’s supposed rape joke was funny or not? I mean comedians insult hecklers all the time, but for some reason Daniel Tosh’s insults seem closer to Michael Richards level of mentality than being an artist who makes clever observations. I’m not surprised the RLM people are taking a anti-censorship stance, but I’m really surprised that they are making a pro-Daniel Tosh stance. They are always pointing out how Adam Sandler is moron who makes juvenile jokes, yet here they are suppporting a guy who makes a living off of insulting 13 year old girls from the comfort of a studio. The fact Tosh had to make a phony apology to save himself from losing millions of dollars is proof enough that this guy isn’t a artist comedian, but a toolbag shill like Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook, Jay Leno, and a bunch of other sellout comedians.
    Like I said earlier, comedians tell rape jokes all the time. The reason those comedians don’t get flack for telling rape jokes like Daniel got was because either those comedians are not as hight profile as Daniel Tosh, or the most logical reason, the rape joke was actually told well.

  • I feel raped by your smug sanctimonious moral superiority.

  • wumpus mcgumpus

    I denounced Tosh.0 when I saw a dog eat shit from a dead elephant’s ass.

  • just because

    I don’t believe RLM is taking pro-Daniel Tosh stance as you put it.That’s just what you choose to read from this little video of theirs.
    It’s about censorship and fake moral outrage from people who like to think they have good tastes and know what is right and proper and blowing things way out of proportion.
    I also find it amusing when there is a controversy about anything people can’t seem to grasp the possibility that maybe not everybody commenting on the controversy is just maybe possibly not taking any specific side .Maybe they are just commenting on the absurdity of the situation.

  • guest

    I think it would be funny if you were raped by 5 guys right now

  • YOu

    Lets hear about TDKR!

  • Leo Ladenson

    Is it Fuck-Bot (with a hyphen) or Fuck Bot (without a hyphen)?

  • What if Tosh had simply said, “Drop dead.” That’s something people say all the time. It is literally wishing a person would immediately die, and it has to be the worst thing you could possibly say to another human being.

    Except that wouldn’t have gotten any attention at all. No one outside the comedy club would ever have heard about it, because wishing someone dead is, I guess, boring. People say drop dead without even thinking about it. But use the R word and you’re worse than Hitler, it seems.

  • very angry dude

    “Murder happens orders of magnitude less often, so it less statistically significant.”
    Tell that to the recent shooting spree victims at TDKR showing in Colorado.
    You sanctimonious prick.
    Who are you to decide what is inappropriate?

  • very angry dude

    …oh no…here comes the righteous indignation…

  • Jessi

    It’s with a hyphen. Fuck-Bot 5000! is the proper spelling with punctuation!

  • Rafal

    We as a society define the limits.

    You denying that it’s inappropriate is just as much of a decision.

  • Legolas

    Good Stuff.

  • ¨first the N-word and now this?¨
    thats how you people sound.


    Id like to finger fuck bots rusty bolt passage. Check out Peter Jacksons movie Bad Taste its class in a glass. Plinkett for President. Scotland Forever.

  • Adrian

    But someone has to point out what is funny on Youtube and the internet else it would be completely inaccessible to the masses. Without Tosh.O how could I possibly find a video of a guy getting hit in the ball-sack? Some kind of magical searching device… it would require indexing 10^100 pages, impossible with today’s technology.

  • hopeyougetnuked

    Hey! Show some really good bad taste & review the latest batman. Good going nerds. You grow more fucked up year by year. Decade by decade. Good thing that it has nothing to do with anything…. Burn their video games! Their books! Their CDs! Ban studying! (all or at least the most have been students or dropouts) … Really, as in really: What exactly were his parrents doing the past 20 years?

  • Robby

    Totally agree. As an entertainer, and especially for comedians, you have to keep in control of the crowd. I think it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Daniel Tosh didn’t actually think it would be funny if the woman were raped by five guys. He just wanted her to shut the fuck up. And the fact that this is even news is ridiculous.

  • BigDick McCallahan

    Fuck Bot 5000 Has an Important Message:
    And it reads,
    Do Something besides 2 min troll vids you uppity pubes. Why not just sit rich in front of a bad movie and put up a 90 min video of him continuously laughing at said bad film.

  • boo you is dumb fo real

    anything except a plinkett review that is released after a plinkett teaser is just another plinkett “teaser” or “2 min troll vid” until said review is released. So go eat a steaming pile of wrong. btw, what possessed you to try and neg someone with that type of comment anyway and not to mention fail miserably at it.

  • guest

    So what you’re saying is you’d prefer if RLM were more lazy? I’m glad they don’t think the same was as you.

  • guest

    lol (some) americans are stupid … and some will censor the heck out of you

  • DuuuuhOK

    In the words of the love guru:







  • Rape Bradbury


  • Rape Bradbury

    Fucking thank you.

    “Fuck old people. Fuck kids. Fuck everybody!:” –Plinkett

    Why are all these whiny indignant pussies coming to this site that is rife with rape jokes anyways? For some people, morality just doesn’t factor into their sense of humor, it’s a completely separate thing. It’s really just that simple.

  • A3-21

    Come back when you demonstrate an objective morality with which one can measure what “should” and “shouldn’t” be said or done, because until then your argument is subjective, including your idea of what the ‘morality’ of society is, and is therefore of laughable relevance- no different than a vacuous argument over which opinion is right or wrong, just with larger vocabulary words than usual, and just as annoying as anyone else who thinks they’re making a contribution by pretending to be the local wise paragon, petitioning others with their own brand of moral compass. Furthermore, even if your approaching this from the position that videos such as this may harm the viewership, sponsorship and income of RLM, the fact that they planned, produced and posted it demonstrates what they think about the risk.

  • cole1114

    But if you joke about three rapes, you will be chemically castrated.

  • Wizkas

    I demand this robot be melted down and made into a statue of himself!

  • Rafal

    There are fairly common assumptions about morality, and what I’m doing is trying to appeal to the common subjective goal that is defending the vulnerable.

    Yes, if you disagree that defending vulnerable people is worthwhile and/or if you disagree that Tosh standup is counterproductive to the general welfare of our society, then of course my statements are of laughable relevance.

    A lot of people do believe in basic common decency though, and it is those individuals I’m appealing to.

  • John

    Sorry but rape is never funny… Well… Unless you are raping a clown…

  • MergansFoxhole

    If we as a society make that decision, and we as a society all differ on what that decision ought to be, then it seems you have two options. Either no decision can be made, and we can’t laugh at anything since we can’t collectively decide what is or isn’t appropriate, or everyone’s own decision matters and you should accept that, and not bother people when you decide they’ve crossed the line. If you can’t decide between those two, then fuck it, do whatever

  • Ryan

    How do you feel about Louis CK condoning Tosh’s rape jokes?

  • Rafal

    The third option is to talk about it and make progress.


    …and you is even dumber..
    “anything except a plinkett review that is released after a plinkett
    teaser is just another plinkett “teaser” or “2 min troll vid” until said
    review is released”
    If that’ not dumb thinking I don’t know what is.

  • Faggotron

    Give us what we want you fat homo


    By “progress” you mean let’s all take your point of view?


    Go get raped by five guys.


    Go blog about it.You won’t have any success here.Not really.

  • Faggotron

    only if youre one of the 5! ~_^

  • lets have a short bus war

    how can you not wrap your head around the idea that anything that comes after a plinkett teaser is only going to “tease” us even more until the plinkett review comes out? is it really that hard or are u only attempting to sound like a troll so you don’t have egg on your face in front of rando’s on the internet you’ll never meet in your life.


    -Captain Hook in Pirates of the Carribean

  • UNF

    A real Sex-Bot would have raped that dumb bimbo (Yes, that’s you, Jay, not the one with glasses)

  • Why short bus?

    Just because you are teased by anything they make which is not a Plinkett review does not mean that those are teasers.
    And I am not trying to sound like a troll,that’s just coincidental.
    I am just bored so I post stupid shit on the interwebs so I can get a hard on which makes it easier to masturbate .
    Also thinking about rape helps.
    See?Stupid shit like that.
    If you want to meet in person I am up for it.

  • Kataki

    I wonder if RLM is delaying The Dark Knight Rises review due to the shooting incident in Colorado? Retouching some bits that might offend some people. They did shoot the Comic Book Store guy at the end of the Spiderman review…so continuing on from that during a recent massacre…

  • Rafal

    Or at least you know, give me a half decent counterargument if you disagree, as opposed to making rape jokes and denying there’s such a thing as right and wrong.

  • tittyfuckingmadness

    wheres plinkett? i was promised pizza rolls and a review.

  • whoever

    O.k.Freedom of speech.Good enough argument for you?
    Censorship in the name of decency is still censorship.
    Arguing about taste is pointless.Arguing about what is funny is likewise pointless.Both are subjective.If you don’t like rape jokes,then don’t listen to them.Leave the rest of us to wallow in our filth.
    But to equate somebodies alleged poor taste to lack of morals is prejudice.If one laughs at rape jokes it does not mean one supports rape or wishes ill upon rape victims.

    And one more thing.If in an argument nobody gives you a good counterargument it does not mean you are automatically right.It just means the person you are arguing with is not as good at debating as you are.

  • Anyone here who’s fine with rape jokes, should talk to someone who’s actually been raped.

  • woof

    the thing is…it wasn’t a joke. It was more of a statement,
    which was meant to humiliate the heckler. That’s where the controversy came
    from. The point of comedy is to tell the truth by telling a lie, or to
    expose how fucked up shit is by making people laugh about it. So yes, jokes
    about minorities by say, Richard Pryor, or Paul Mooney fit the bill, because
    although these jokes are pretty raw, they are meant to expose how ridiculous
    the world is… that the shit they are saying is actually true. Good comedy is important
    in that way…because it exposes what’s wrong in the hopes that after people are
    done laughing, they will think about how fucked up the world/ their behavior is,
    and shit will get better. That was not at all the intention of Daniel Tosh’s “joke”.

    Addressing your point, here’s some more minority versions of Daniel Tosh’s

    ” Hey wouldn’t it be funny if a black guy were lynched right now?”

    “Hey wouldn’t it be funny if a gay person was beaten to death right now?”

    …. oh wow. Those are not funny either. And not only that…if any comedian
    said that joke to any minority person in the crowd (i.e. the first joke to a
    black heckler, or the second joke to a gay man) then there still would have
    been a huge controversy. Case in point, this controversy more reflects the fact
    that Tosh is a very shitty, unfunny comedian. Not that people are inherently
    hypocritical. Yes, comedians have to put hecklers in their place. But there
    should be a line. Because he should be a fucking human being…before he’s a

  • Rafal

    It’s not a freedom of speech issue, because no one is arguing that what Tosh did was or should be illegal. I’m simply saying we should not support people who make certain type of “jokes” because the jokes are not worth the price.

    The issue is like voting with your money/attention/support, and I’m simply advocating against certain type of voting. This isn’t pointless at all. This is the most democratic way of making social change – by convincing people.

    “If one laughs at rape jokes it does not mean one supports rape or wishes ill upon rape victims.”
    It doesn’t mean that they INTENTIONALLY support rape, but that’s not good enough. They help to create an environment where men tend to trivialize the problem of rape, simply because it’s not something they worry about. They replace thoughtful opinions on rape culture with cheap jokes and misplaced talk about freedom of speech.
    Then you get the situation where men suddenly become overprotective when they have their first daughter, because they’re shell-shocked when they finally wrap their head around how immature the society is towards rape.

    Just think about it: what if that lady was raped, had PTSD, and then Tosh allegedly tells her it would be funny if she was gang raped right now, and then on top of that all these people on the internet start to make rape jokes about her for the good of freedom of speech? Since when is that normal behaviour? People should stop acting like sociopaths for a laugh.

    As for not being automatically right, that’s true, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to win arguments when you’re closer to the truth.

  • CowPie

    A very sexy and rape-able fart.

  • whoever

    Thoughts of a rape victim on this particular issue:

  • MarshallMellow

    I’m not sure where I ever said that you should shut up. In fact, if you actually read what I’m saying, I’m in precisely the opposite camp. I’m in favor of everybody’s right to speak, including yours. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the idea that anybody, anywhere, thinks that they have the right to make anybody else shut up.

    I believe that precisely because you believe your view is “more rational and constructive”, you’re failing to see the views of those around you that may be different, but equally valid. And that, in non-linear ways, may even support you.

    So you’ve missed the point I made and insulted me. And I support you. Keep expressing your views. Maybe you’ll say what you’re trying to say in a way that makes some sense to me, and I’ll learn something. And maybe you’ll listen and learn something to. That’s how things should work. At least you see that RLM is providing an open forum, and seeing that goodness in that.

    What “rustled my jimmies” is that you seemed to be saying that nobody should be able to say certain things, ever. That’s a position I do not agree with, and I oppose those who take it. For I oppose the idea that there should be guardians who can limit our freedom of expression. End of story.

  • Rafal

    You said: “Stop being offended for others. And stop telling artists what they “should” do. I find that offensive.” I missed the sarcasm the first time.

    But you misunderstand my point as well. I’m not advocating some comedy dictatorship.
    I think people should simply self police and not say certain hurtful things for no reason.

    I understand something like making fun of sensitive topics as social comentary, but there’s just no conceivable upside to Tosh’s comments. How can people feel anything but empathy for the lady is beyond me.
    Tosh’s supposed statements are the equivalent of Westboro Baptist Church behaviour – done for a reaction and purely destructive. Now you can say that they have the legal right to do the things they do, but as a society we don’t have to take their shit with a smile.

    Advocating against Tosh’s rape jokes and maybe even making them be not profitable is a good thing.
    The fact that Tosh will stop publically making rape jokes as soon as they’re not profitable isn’t because his freedom of speech or artistic expression was taken away, but because he’s just another guy without scruples looking for making easy money literally out of other people’s misery.

  • inky69


  • Murderin Murphy

    Wouldn’t it be funny if you were raped by your soapbox?

  • shedoesnotagree
  • woof

    awww….how cute. Does your mommy know you’re on the interwebs?

  • Murderin Murphy

    HA! “Interwebs”! I love it! Simply hilarious!! HI-LARIOUS!!!
    Of course, this is the very first time I’ve ever heard that not-at-all-overused-or-played-out term, which is why it’s so funny to me.

  • woof

    hey, you’re welcome man. Just glad I could help you laugh a little after that horrible gang-rape you had to endure.

  • Murderin Murphy

    See!?? Rape jokes ARE funny!

    You’re okay in my book, madam.

  • woof

    …I never said they weren’t! (please see my original comment)
    and you’re okay too, “interwebs” friend.

  • shedoesagree
  • Alex

    Mike’s girlfriend is hot!

  • billygutter01

    I see that you don’t actually know what happened that night, but are pleased to state your assertions as fact. There is a relevant blog post made by the woman in question. (Google is your friend) You might want to check it out before you illustrate your ignorance on the matter.

    I’m not sure I can post the link here, but I will try:


    Before you suggest “Read[ing[ between the lines.” you might want to take this suggestion: Read.

  • noonecares

    All humans make CPU hurt…

  • Duckman Drake

    By that logic there are a lot of subjects that should not be joked about, cancer would be one example.

    There’s probably several people in any audience who have lost a loved one to this horrible disease, there may even be someone there who’s going through treatment them self.

  • BD_Vlad

    No, Tosh was ruining his own set, by not being funny.

  • buckfotter

    i hope someone rapes all cancerous retards who are so puritanical they themselves help rape a portion of society by forcing their retardation upon others.

  • heckman13

    This film definitely had some great “moments”, and is also visually interesting, but overall, when you step back and view it as a whole film, it lacks. I am surprised these guys gave it such a quick label of approval…. I am hoping Plinkett does an 8 part review a few months from now…

  • heckman13

    Whoops, that comment belongs under the Dark Knight Rises review… not sure how I posted it under Fuckbot Press Conference.

  • fuckOff

    So let me get this straight.

    Adam Sandler is a horrible person who makes ugly and mean spirited movies and you guys relentlessly tear him a new one for it whenever you get the chance.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Tosh makes a meanspirited and ugly statment (read: not a fucking joke you hypocrits) to someone who doesn’t share his opinion about rape and you rush to defend him–going so far as to write the script for, act, and film a video to prove your point. I mean hell Jay, there wasn’t even a bait and switch.

    Well congratulations, in record time–2.26 minutes to be exact–you managed to direct a nuke right up the ass of all the good-will you accumulated for dogging Adam Sandler for doing the exact same thing in his movies from end to end.

    You guys are so full of shit i’m surprised your eyes don’t pop out of your head due to the pressure.


  • fuckOff

    So let me get this straight.

    Adam Sandler is a horrible person who makes ugly and mean spirited
    movies and you guys relentlessly tear him a new one for it whenever you
    get the chance.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Tosh makes a meanspirited and ugly statment (read: not
    a fucking joke you hypocrits) to someone who doesn’t share his opinion
    about rape and you rush to defend him–going so far as to write the
    script for, act, and film a video to prove your point. I mean hell Jay,
    there wasn’t even a bait and switch.

    Well congratulations, in record time–2.26 minutes to be exact–you
    managed to direct a nuke right up the ass of all the good-will you
    accumulated for dogging Adam Sandler for doing the exact same thing in
    his movies from end to end.

    You guys are so full of shit i’m surprised your eyes don’t pop out of your head due to the pressure.

    Go.fuck.yourselves. Twice.

  • stagpool


    Have they ever said that Adam Sandler’s mean, ugly comedy should be censored or banned? Nope. This video isn’t even about defending Daniel Tosh; it’s about the whirlwind of talk that sprang up after his “incident” about what topics should be allowed to be used in comedy and which ones should never ever be made light of, and the slippery slope those discussions create leading to stiffling our freedom of speech.

    You missed the point. Entirely. Try thinking for two seconds before immediately shouting “go fuck yourselves” to people that clearly put more thought into their words than you do.

  • fuckOff

    Deleting posts you don’t agree with are we? What’s next, are you going to say i should be gang raped? Like right now?

    Here we go again:

    So let me get this straight.

    Adam Sandler makes mean-spirited and ugly moves and you guys relentlessly and rightfully tear him new assholes on a regular basis.

    Daniel Tosh makes an ugly and mean-spirited statement (read: not a joke you fucking hypocrites) to a woman who doesn’t share his opinion on rape and you guys rush to his defense, going so far as to write, act and film a video to prove your point.

    Well congratulations, in record time–2:26 minutes to be exact–you’ve managed to squander all the good will you’ve accumulated for harping on Sandler for doing exactly what Tosh did.

    You guys are so full of shit i’m amazed you eyes don’t pop out of your head due to the pressure.

    Go fuck yourselves.

  • guest

    Your post isn’t deleted. I can see it directly below this one, and it’s equally stupid the second time.

  • dieie

    Since you’re deleting my comments, i think i should tell you that the following is just a joke. So if you delete this comment, then you’re in violation of what you’re railing against in your video. So get ready to laugh guys:

    Since you’re deleting my comments i have to assume that telling someone they should be gang-raped, by five guys, like right now, is far more appropriate than what i’ve written below because you’ve rushed to the defense of gang-rape but you’re deleting what i’m writing here. What the fuck kind of sick and twisted double standard is that anyway?

    Here we go again:

    So let me get this straight.

    Adam Sandler makes mean-spirited and ugly moves and you guys relentlessly and rightfully tear him new assholes on a regular basis.

    Daniel Tosh makes an ugly and mean-spirited statement (read: not a joke you fucking hypocrites) to a woman who doesn’t share his opinion on rape and you guys rush to his defense, going so far as to write, act and film a video to prove your point. I mean hell Jay, there wasn’t even a bait and switch.

    Well congratulations, in record time–2:26 minutes to be exact–you’ve managed to squander all the good will you’ve accumulated for harping on Sandler for doing exactly what Tosh did.

    You guys are so full of shit i’m amazed you eyes don’t pop out of your head due to the pressure.

    Go fuck yourselves.

  • oneMoreTime

    So let me get this straight.

    Adam Sandler makes mean-spirited and ugly moves and you guys relentlessly and rightfully tear him new assholes on a regular basis.

    Daniel Tosh makes an ugly and mean-spirited statement (read: not a joke you hypocrites) to a woman who doesn’t share his opinion on rape and you guys rush to his defense, going so far as to write, act and film a video to prove your point. I mean hell Jay, there wasn’t even a bait and switch.

    Well congratulations, in record time–2:26 minutes to be exact–you’ve managed to squander all the good will you’ve accumulated for harping on Sandler for doing exactly what Tosh did.

    You guys are so full of crap i’m amazed you eyes don’t pop out of your head due to the pressure.

  • anon

    Dude none of your comments have been deleted. You come across insane by posting the same shit over and over.

  • boo

    Click on the “discussion” tab at the top of the comments section and change it from “best” to “newest” and you’ll see your same idiotic, misguided rant four times in a row. Congratulations on not understanding the internet.

  • l.

    Hmm, my issue with this video is that it assumes people are generally angry about Tosh’s rape joke, while in truth I think they’re more angry at the fact that he joked about a woman who was in his presence, speaking her mind. Personally, I don’t think you should talk during stand-up comedy at all, unless you want to be laughed at, but Tosh’s reaction was really agressive. I understand the woman’s offense and the people supporting her. I don’t really care about this woman at all, and I don’t know if she was just being overly sensitie or what, but Tosh was being an unfunny asshole, and I have an issue with that.

    The real issue I have with Tosh’s joke, however, is that it wasn’t really a joke. I think it’s ok to make jokes, even ‘offensive’ ones, but it’s not fucking ok to just go “oh haha women getting raped is fucking hilarious lol” because that’s not a joke, it’s just a comment, and as a comedian you should feel ashamed. Also, it’s an offensive comment, which is ten times worse than an offensive joke.

    I don’t know, but I get quite angry when people are unfunny and lazy and expect others to just accept their shit-ass opinions as jokes.

  • Esper

    Jay Bauman is a huge hypocrite. Just read the boards. He’s a pseudo-intellectual, piss poor film maker, who cherry picks movies to bitch about, while praising others guilty of the same problems.

  • Esper

    Are you talking about Woof’s soapbox? Or RLM’s?

  • Esper

    Ignorance, and cowardice is easier.

  • Jlpsquared

    Something tells me you are not funny

  • jlpsquared

    If anybody laughs, it is a joke. There is no other defintion. I thought Tosh inviting that girl to be raped right now is hilarious, thus it is a joke.

  • JT

    Then there come the jokes about chemical castration!

  • So Seth McFarlane got his Oscars Lincoln joke idea from Rich Evans..

  • Where is Jean-Paul Sartre when you need him? He would point out from an existentialist perspective that Daniel Tosh is simply not funny.

  • MrBugaw

    Wait, you’re saying there’s a perspective where Tosh is funny?

  • MrBugaw

    You claimed there was a joke there. I looked, and all I saw was an angry misguided rant. Where was the humor? Was the joke that there was no joke? Or was it that your post wasn’t deleted like you claim so you look like a crazy person who we’re supposed to make fun of?

  • Joseph Frank

    Anyone here who’s fine with Jesus jokes should talk to someone who’s actually been crucified (preferably Jesus).

    Anyone here who’s fine with cripple jokes should talk to someone who’s actually cripple.

    Anyone here who’s fine with smoker jokes should talk to somebody that has lung cancer.

    Anyone here who’s fine with Hitler jokes should talk to somebody that got beaten a lot by his dad and failed art (didn’t even know you could fail art).

    Anyone here who’s fine with Tom and Jerry should talk to a cat that’s been hit multiple times with a frying pan.

  • Stephen Bryce

    I agree — why do you think I don’t joke about those things?

    It’s because I’m not a heartless asshole.

  • Joseph Frank

    So do you not joke about death? Death is pretty terrible. What about pain in general? Depression? Loneliness?

    What IS acceptable to joke about? Puppies and kitties?

    Isn’t a great deal of comedy all about taking painful things like personal failure and shortcomings, racism, poverty and injustice and making certain aspects of them (not the thing itself) funny, thereby easing their sting?

    Granted, what Daniel Tosh said wasn’t funny, partly because there was no real joke and partly because he is Daniel Tosh, but still…

  • Akeuw

    Tosh is pretty funny, and he does well considering the fact that he has social anxiety. He is no George Carlin and he doesn’t go in depth about anything, but he makes people laugh with slightly witty jokes, so he is a solid 6/10 comedian.

  • sputniqe

    i find him funny, but i guess i must just be wrong huh.

  • giganiggatron

    Yeah FUCK opinions.

  • Tommy O

    oh my god, i always thought im a monster cause i laught my ass of when i watched 911 live on tv. but now i feel better because it was all just a joke, i meen: i laught, and im anybody, so it must have been a joke, right?

  • wikiality

    >Tosh is pretty funny

    This is where my brained stopped listening.

  • Akeuw

    In an objective way I would rate him 5-6/10

  • wikiality

    Yeah but he lost all those points by having a tv show where he shows you internet memes 3 years after the fact. Since season 1 it was non-viral videos that everyone except the dumb masses either had seen a thousand times or were rip offs of better videos obviously for the purpose of filler. Also I gathered he may or may not have a vomit porn fetish. His time slot should be sold to Busboy so that John Oliver gets the talk show he’s earned this summer.

  • Akeuw

    Like I said, in an objective way. Now for me I’ve gotten to hate the word “meme” because of all the bandwagon jumping that happens on reddit and websites like that, but he is still a decent comedian from a standpoint different then yours.

  • wikiality

    Back in my day, “meme” meant something. What annoys me moreso than the overuse of “meme” to describe “joke” or “thing from the internet” (usually people mean /macro/ not /meme/) is the overuse of “trolling” to describe “flaming/arguing on the internet” or “being mean on the internet”. Trolling used to be an art, damnit.

  • Akeuw

    haha, I just want to know when the word “troll” became a buzzword for someone you disagree with, instead of tricking someone.

    If you go on reddit you see memes systematically laid out in a meticulous way, all to earn points. So much is wrong with reddit, just in their culture. They end up overusing, not understanding them, and forcing them. The big example here is “rage faces” which used to just be reply images, not used too much, but now you have the likes of pewdiepie slapping them all over the place and acting like a faggot. It is best to ignore all that shit and find something else.

  • wikiality

    Reddit is 4chan for people who thought 4chan was a scary den of hackers but gee whiz that advice dog sure is funny. You can tell this by the early days of post-Digg Reddit had a sort of combo of “those people” and chantards who turned 25 and the chantards just ended up leaving after a few months. I mean they managed to make hipster a major subculture about a year after it had kinda been a thing and died on its own. Everyone is offended by everything unless its bigoted against “people Reddit hate” and they think they’re at the forefront of some sort of anti-PC-ness free speech movement. They all have kids they’re planning on publicly breastfeeding until age 14 and really they’re just “gated community PTA parents” who don’t realize it yet because both them and us both know it’s just weird to slip into that mentality before 35. This applies equally to “knowyourmeme” and other “Diet Internet” communities that don’t have a quick snappy web 2.0 name that can be hurled like a slur at it’s users once the rest of the internet decides they’ve done enough.

    LOLS NEVAR MIND: My girlfriend drew me this picture of this post in bacon on toast. Boats. Linked to my Instragram, Pintrest, and Plurk. #nohomoyolo

    And if you all don’t chillax and be nice to me right now I will murder you and poorly “hack” someone with a name somewhat similar to yours BECAUSE I’M A GOOD PERSON AND GOD DAMNIT PEOPLE LIKE ME

  • wikiality

    This is one of those videos that’s forever going to be considered bad because theres just too much meta-meta-meta-oh god we’re back where we started.
    Lemme see if I can dissect this.

    1. It’s ironic FuckBot doesn’t like rape humor or jokes because that’s all he is.

    2. The “press” make the point of why is rape not funny when other degrading statements get a pass if they’re funny and well constructed.
    3. FuckBot can’t handle the amount of political correctness and public concern of today’s human culture and explodes.
    4. Plug the site.

    I don’t…get it. I mean I have theories. But you don’t want to have 6 theories you think it might be you want to understand the point. I get the feeling because nobody who made the video got the point of it either so it just ended up looking like one of the community college film projects that for some reason people still look at you like you’re the asshole if you don’t understand, care, or get them. So it didn’t really have one other than a vague and incoherent anti-PC culture political statement. And it reminded me of that Madtv sketch from a decade ago with MacWorld announcing going to war because I think halfway through I realized I wanted to be watching that video instead. Actually come to think of it everything would have made much more sense if it ended with RON PAUL 2012.

    Rape, retards, and midgets aren’t really funny by themselves, you need a joke or at least a situation. I dunno maybe to some people the idea of being 2 feet shorter than most people is inherently funny but even most offensive “midget humor” has some sort of situational set up and pay off. “Ha Ha You’re short!” will always fall flat if theres no reason why being short should be funny. Watch your own That’s My Boy video again. As the master says: Of course rape can be funny, picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd.

  • wikiality

    I get the feeling he’s going to become the new “Nostalgia Critic” to the fangirl fodder. I can easily see LJ HoYay yaoi fangirls and pervy angry gay guys from paheal going crazy with the slash. Especially if you start involving RLM girlfriends, Mike, or Plinkett. While at the same time I see Mike rising up as a sort of “slightly more sane nerd sex symbol” in the same way AVGN did to contrast from NC’s rabid fangirls’ perversion.

    Now we must pray for guidance to not immediately google “Rich Evans Rule 34” oh what is wrong with the internet.

  • Akeuw

    And by 4chan you mean /b/ right, because /b/ fucking sucks, /pol/ all the way, until I die. Hail Hitler.

  • wikiality

    The internet was different 5 years ago. Although a more simple explanation to why people misuse the word “troll” is just that we’ve perpetuated a culture of sociopaths for a good 30 years now so the very thought of someone disagreeing with you is more foreign than the concept of someone spending time and effort and receiving pleasure over holding a false opinion just to fuck with you. I’d say this is the same reason why irritatingly emotionally manipulative movies whether it be full of /feelings/ or /splosions/ are doing amazingly well at the box office. Cheap drugs for the uncaring and unfeeling. Here’s my 15$ bux, give me a simulation of what vengeance/joy/heartbreak feels like for I may never feel it myself at the most basic and obvious levels.

  • Akeuw

    I don’t know, hasn’t every generation had tons of shit movies, you just don’t remember them because they are unmemorable. I don’t think it’s all that much worse.

  • wikiality

    I’m pretty sure film stock was too expensive for people to be wasting their time and effort funding or making this crap for a long time. The emergence of crap happened with the 70s but it seemed a bit more clear-cut. And soulless emotionless people just did cocaine if they needed to feel something.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    Mike, Jay, and Rich all in ties all in the same frame? I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww blasted a hole in my computer monitor.

  • TapewormBike

    Please, tell me more about the thing you humans call “Sense of humour”

  • Providence

    All the butthurt. Take your PC and shove it up your ass. If you don’t like someone’s jokes, don’t listen to them. It really is that simple.

  • Rafe Ingvaldson

    Does Jack play fuck bot?

  • ohseanofnoise

    Yes he does.

  • Intheknow

    Do fuck bots feel love? Can they… make love?

  • Phil

    I laughed when I saw a guy get hit by a car.

  • Joe Syxpac

    The real question is: Do they dream of fucking electric sheep?

  • DrunkByDawn

    “I’m fucking my retarded sister.” Quote of the whole bit.

  • capnmorgan5150

    Seemed like it.

  • Ernest Seven of Borg Nine

    I love how Jessi’s only role in the thing was to get interrupted by Mike. HIL-AR-I-OUS.

  • MPJZ

    RIP Fuck Bot 5000.

  • nunurbiznis

    RLM is just siding with Tosh because they’re blatant misogynists, that’s been basically made clear at this point.

  • SqualrusWalrus

    is jack the voice/man in the suit of the FuckBot!?

  • Hannibal Rex

    A fuck-bot does not make love, a fuck-bot IS love.

  • Oc3anman

    Jack IS a FuckBot

  • LameSame


  • Lowrent

    This video triggered by balls

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