The Recovered (2006)

The Recovered” is an atmospheric horror film starring b-movie queen Tina Krause (Bloodletting, Vampire Seduction) as a woman returning to her hometown after fifteen years to make preparations for her estranged mother’s funeral, only to be haunted by long-repressed memories of a childhood horror.


DIGITAL: $10.00 [Movie + Extra Features]

DIGITAL: $3.00 Rent / $7.00 Buy [Movie Only]


  • DrClown

    slenderman at 0:46

  • hrwilliams

    Man, that looks pretty decent. What are you guys hiding?

  • bananna hammock

    Its great actually, they put it up on the website last Halloween.

  • EXbob

    It’s not for sale anywhere anymore 🙁

  • Elvis Delvis

    Digital download is great and all, but nothing beats a hard copy.

  • Joey Hollywood

    I’d love to buy this on DVD

  • Rob

    “A boring, boring pile of shit” – Mike Stoklasa (2017)

  • M_

    That’s what she said.


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