Space Cop (2015)

Space Cop is a sci-fi schlock comedy about a cop from the future (of space) who travels to the present, where he’s teamed up with a cryogenically frozen cop from the past who has been thawed out in the present. Out of time and out of place, these two unwitting heroes must work together to save the world from a group of renegade aliens and the re-animated brain of a mad scientist bent on global extinction.


BLU-RAY: $25.00






  • Noah R.

    Can’t wait for release, it’s gonna be great 🙂

  • what do you mean it isn’t out yet

  • The ketchup on hotdog saga begins?

  • Marvin Falz

    I can’t wait to see the story of a hotdog from space.

  • instant relief

    Wait, what? What is this? For a moment I thought, they released the movie.

  • instant relief

    Every saga has a beginning. Never heard that before.

  • tinakelliss

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  • Noah R.


  • Noah R.

    For me it wasn’t a heart attack, it was something far greater 😛

  • instant relief

    Got enough detergent?

  • Noah R.

    No, but I have bleach, which can help me forget everything!

  • instant relief

    You need to go with the Fast Kill/Low Irritant kind. It’s in the blue bottle, it works the best. You need about six cans though.

  • fred

    I really like this scene for some reason.

  • Doctor Andre Son of Thomas.


  • Why doesn’t this page tell me where I can find this on VHS, you hack frauds?

  • DoobzMcgee

    Ketchup on a hot dog ? ? Blasphemy !

  • SqualrusWalrus

    you hacks

  • SeekerLancer

    Somebody’s from Chicago.

  • Percy Gryce

    Space Cop better be in my Xmas stocking.

  • moisan4 .

    There’s a Patton Oswalt cameo, sold.

    Feeding Frenzy was great, and this looks like it could be even

  • So is this going to be released in 2016 or did I miss it coming out during 2015?

  • MT

    Looks great, definitely going to buy it!

  • pillowinks

    ketchup in general is just awful

  • the_antithesis

    So, no DVD release?

  • fred


  • You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the mustard/ketchup-ratio?

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Where’s the digital download chums? This is 2016, not some earlier year where people actually used physical media.

  • fred

    Well, technically the prophecy could be rigged.

  • Zac N.

    I have money. Money that I want to fucking give you for Space Cop. Get the goddamn digital download shit working you fucks.

  • Rod Steele

    I’d very much like to watch your movie and give you money, but the shop is out of blu rays and I’m in another country. DRM free download would be lovely kthanxbye


    i have a bluray player called your mom’s vag
    digital release so i can get it on kat

  • Drunk Tech Support

    I have a major credit card IN MY HAND!!! Why wont you take my money??? Are you trying to drive black market prices up? I am going to check ebay now…

  • Joshua Cunningham

    Digital download plzz.

  • Michael Tobin

    it’s like you don’t want it to sell 🙂

  • May Flyer

    Was going to be my first RLM movie, but I don’t have/want a Blu-ray player. 🙁

  • Nordel

    Where can I watch it!?

  • Skepticoid

    I get paid on Friday so have the digital release available by then please. Otherwise I’ll once again have nothing to do all weekend.

  • Dear RLM,

    I volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We have a very sick boy here, his wish is to see Space Cop and I’ve been tasked to make it happen! We love making wishes come true and I appreciate any support you can provide. Unfortunately due to licensing issues and a vicious ongoing dispute with Sony, none of the Wishes(tm) we grant can involve any Sony products at the moment. Streaming is our only option. He has a terminal melanoma of the face and his disfigurement has only deepened his fandom of RLM, in his words: “If people that ugly can make movie magic then maybe I can too, one day.” Of course we know that day will never come, which is why it’s so much more important to release Space Cop on streaming as soon as possible before his eyes swell shut.

    Thank you,



    Mike and Jay,
    Much like Erik and terminally ill little Billy, I cannot watch the Blu-Ray version of Space Cop due to not having any devices more advanced than a laptop and a PS1 at my disposal. Please release a digital download version of Space Cop soon, or I’ll be forced to buy the Blu-Ray and watch it at a richer friend’s house.
    A Big Fan Who Donated All Of $20 To This Project Back In 2014

  • BenignViewer

    You can watch blurays on most modern laptops if you buy (or pirate) a program like PowerDVD14; or get the add on for VLC (but this doesn’t work for every bluray).


    Billy has merged with the infinite. We are all heartbroken. But his backup wish was to buy the digital download anyway once it was ready and watch it with his memory in our hearts.

    We love you Billy, and we’ll suffer through this movie, just for you.

  • John

    Im sorry, but is this a serious comment? If so Im heartbroken….. My condolence to Billy’s family. R.I.P in peace….

  • lol sorry bro, no, just a joke

  • Dolce

    Will a DVD ever be available? Fuck blu-ray and digital download.

  • Jeff Go

    Holy Shit I’m laughing my ass off all the way through this glorious piece of sphincter reject! Good job Boys and Lady! Considering sending you guys more money for the Blu-ray… But seriously: RLM ought to be attracting the attention of serious players by now, no?

  • Jeff Go

    aunplayer is free and works great with a basic $50 BR drive. Good luck because you need to see this “movie!” It’s as incredibly badder than any worst of the worst could hope to being!

  • DFB

    They’re gonna make cinema great again.

  • Tempest

    $14 for a digital download?! LOL
    I’m not paying more than 4.

  • Bsh 555

    cool story

  • Jake Martinez

    Nice movie guys. I think I’ll wait for the VHS version though.

  • Max Payne

    I can’t seem to find a pirated version of this. Not even a Malaysian bootleg.

  • Third Position

    How the heck is this price so high? Ill give you jerks 4.99 for a youtube rental. get on it.

  • d0x360

    yep. $14.99 is tons of money. Im gonna need a second job and im going to need to sell my gaming pc and tv, I guess ill have to watch it on my phone but it will be worth it. shame that its so expensive though!

    Tell you what! I will buy the bluray and let you borrow it for $4.99 plus $9.99 shipping, you can keep it for 48 hours then it needs to be sent back with tracking. Every hour that I dont have tracking info you will be charged another $4.99

    Chances are they arent doing rentals because they need to recoup the money THEY spent to make the movie for their fans. Im sure it cost them more than $15 too.

  • Jim’s Father

    Will this blu ray thing work on my Commodore 64 computah? Surely it doesn’t need more than 1.023MHz of processing power.

  • KMAC

    Where the fuck do you get digital downloads for 4$ or less? I bought serenity on sale on youtube it was like 9.99$ and that movie came out in fuckin 2005.

  • KMAC

    I’m sure if it were true Billy’s real life make a wish would be to meet Rich Evans.

  • KMAC

    I dont get why someone would want to pay 5$ to rent something for 48 hours when they can buy it forever for 9$ more.

    Where are all you people getting digital downloads from that dont cost more than 10$? Im fuckin seriously asking because even on sale on google store/youtube most shit is 9.99$+

    And seriously: who the FUCK rents digital downloads? I cant’ wrap my head around this one. Why the fuck would I pay 5$ to rent something for 2 days digitally? I used to work in a real mom and pop movie store and you got to rent the fuckin DVD for 5 days for 4.95 and this was about 9 years ago before the great netflix boom of 2009

  • KMAC

    LIke I said above, I really do not understand why people rent digital shit for 5$ that they get for 48 hours. I worked in a movie store when I was in high school (not a Blockbuster, a mom and pop one that went under around 2010 from netflix/etc just like Blockbuster did), and rentals were 4.95 FOR A PHYSICAL DISC THAT YOU GOT TO TAKE HOME FOR 5 DAYS!

    Which means that, 9 years later, in 2017, people are paying for a TWO DAY RENTAL of a DIGITAL ITEM that has no costs associated with putting it on a physical medium for THE SAME PRICE.

    Talk about exploitative. I guess as long as people keep paying those obscene prices the prices will literally stay the same as they were 10 years ago when you got to rent a DVD for 5 cents less and keep it for 3 more days, and if you were smart you could even illegally burn it and basically buy the DVD for 5$.

    I see DVDs in the bargain bin at Rite Aid for LESS THAN A DIGITAL RENTAL of the SAME MOVIE. I just cannot wrap my fuckin head around it.

  • John

    A year later I cant believe someone would go on the net and make up a lie about a dying child and the make a wish foundation. This is a sickening world.

  • d0x360

    I agree, the pricing on digital rentals and even purchase is higher than it should be. I think the reason for that is because we are paying for the r&d and coding of the DRM plus the actual movie and finally the bandwidth.
    My biggest gripe is going to be the switch to 4k. I have a 4k tv so ive stopped buying digital and started buying uhd Blu-rays.

    I’m PRAYING that movies I’ve already bought in 1080p will automatically be switched over to the 4k version when they become more available on digital stores…but im not holding my breath…

    Also I worked at Hollywood video for about a year. I HATED that job. I went from part time to shift leader to assistance manager in about 4 months. Then I ended up getting shafted for 2 reasons. 1 I was salary and was now working so many hours per week I ended up making about $4 an hour at best and no benefits. I also got stuck working open to close on every holiday. I had to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, new year’s… everything. Nobody even came in those days but Hollywood video had a policy of being open every day of the year from 8am until 11pm

    It was AWFUL

  • KMAC

    I liked my job, but again it wasn’t a chain it was a local store. I made bomb ass popcorn.

    I think the pricing on digital purchases is fairly decent, if youre gonna buy it youre gonna buy it, and most people that are able to play DVDs or Blu Rays also have equal access to online digital media (not all, people in rural areas can get kinda fucked, but then again if they buy it they can download it at whatever speed/convenience they need to to accomodate that), but rentals I cannot wrap my fucking head around AT ALL.

    Its like………its the same price as it was back in 2008 except its not a physical media and you get to keep it for 3 days less…..What the fuck is that shit? Shouldn’t the price of a rental have gone down if you eliminated two huge elements: the first being the manufacture of the actual physical element and secondly the store that has to sell it?

  • d0x360

    I hear yah. We rarely rent movies especially since it seems like most of them end up on Netflix or HBO a couple weeks after you can actually buy them.

    Every once and a while we will do it. We use xbox live for most of them or the windows store… whatever you wanna call it these days. The reason being it has incredible quality for the bandwidth and they also lower prices on older movies so something new is probably going to be $6 but I’ve seen things go as low as $2.

  • KMAC

    Because its funny and sarcasti. Clearly sarcasm flies so far over your head its either a satellite orbiting the planet or you’re buried a hundred miles underground.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    So it’s a literary adaptation of The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James?

  • Novbert

    Is there any way to buy this without a credit card?

  • Manowaffle

    I would buy it if I could use Paypal


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