Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant (2004)

In the tradition of SOUTH PARK comes the harrowing tale of Professor Charles Sunkyst and his fateful encounter with the diabolical Dr. Eggplant. After a mission in Bananastan to rescue the president, Sunkyst returns to teaching his class on advanced particle physics at the nearby university. But Dr. Eggplant lusts for revenge and slips onto campus to become involved in the annual science fair! During the violence and adventure that ensues, Sunkyst and his students must rally together to thwart Eggplant’s evil plot!



  • Jar Jar

    Meesa lookin’ sa forward’n toosa da prequel

  • Tadao Oadat

    I should have posted my question in here instead of youtube.
    I wanted to watch this tonight but it looks like all the stream links no
    longer stream it, or I’m an idiot. I could only find buy the dvd on
    Amazon. Is there a stream or download I can purchase instead?

  • Anders Hass

    No link to where you can buy it?

  • Adam Baldwin

    It looks really stupid and quite good at the same time. I’d buy it just to check it out. Can’t possibly not be about a hundred times better than Pain & Gain.

  • Matt

    I can’t find anyway to buy this other than DVDs on Amazon.


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