How Not to Make a Movie (2013)

Both entertaining and educational, “How Not to Make a Movie” chronicles how the Red Letter Media guys all met and started making movies together, which lead to the disasterous production of the 2003 feature film collaboration Gorilla Interrupted. “How Not to Make a Movie” also shows the restoration process of remastering this ancient schlock no budget flop.


DVD: $15.00

DIGITAL: $10.00 [Gorilla Interrupted + How Not to Make a Movie]

  • The Pandaman

    it’s like poetry

    it rhymes

  • feh

    Oh got STOP, JUST STOP

  • feh

    god. I meant god.

  • Ding Dong

    These assholes are always going back and retouching their classic masterpeices. Hack/fraud/checkfacts etc.

  • It’s so dense. Every single comment has so much going on.

  • doug

    I find this re-release so fucking insulting. Just when you’re enjoying the movie, they keep on shoving a bunch of digital crap on the screen.

  • Grim

    Rich Evan was captured by aliens, about to be probed but escaped with some alien power he accidentally acquired…..reminded me the start of Cowboys and Aliens. Who left the script lying around?

  • It really annoys me that Monkeyman yells “NNOOOOOOOOOOOO!” before throwing Satan into the ventilation shaft. Really ruins his character.

  • Griffin Bain

    I will gobble this up just like I gobble up everything else you guys release. I think I’m going to get some of those shot glasses too. Dear god, someone help me.

  • TapewormBike

    Love Gorilla and loving the making of even more. Does anybody else get a douchey vibe from Garret? Mikes answer to his “What are you trying to acomplish with this movie” just proves his overally badassery.

  • winzentween

    ill watch anything these guys do.

  • Mr.Fister

    of course this movie is special…it has special needs 😀 😉

  • Workshed

    The Germans knew what you meant. 😉

  • Lat

    “I put Rich in costumes in my parent’s basement and threw things at him and make him embarrass himself for my own amusement.”

    Is that not exactly what they still do?

  • Booger

    What’s worse, is in the special edition they made the gorilla blink with weird cgi eyes.

  • Duckler

    I really enjoyed this episode of Before They Were Fat

  • Duckler

    Yes, but they have actual sets now, so totally different.

  • It your facts straight! They aren’t fat! They are old!

  • Kehnin Dyer

    i bought this 5/16/13 and lost the hard drive i downloaded it to… is there a way to recover the download?

  • odigity

    I’m confused. I see links to buy/download “Gorilla Interrupted”, but not “How Not to Make a Movie”.

  • odigity

    Nevermind, when I clicked the link and read the shopping page I found this:

    ‘Included with the movie is the retrospective documentary “How Not to Make a Movie”…’

  • Anders Hass

    There is no commentary track edition in the digital download

  • Grackene

    I realize that now….:(

  • Grackene

    They totally moved out of their parents basement like 5 years ago. So not exactly the same.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Looks like these frauds also don’t know how to moderate comment sections/webzones.

  • tOmy`

    How not to run your fanbase – 2015 edition.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    You know it!

  • TapewormBike

    Listen, my mom confirmed that we’re awesome, so….

  • tOmy`

    How Not To Make A True Detective Episodes 6 and 7 would have been a great title now if it wasn’t for the fact that these two episodes weren’t bad at all.

    I think the reasoning behind “success” of Episode 6 is quite simple:
    It featured everything good that was to be seen in previous episodes: Great visuals, good editing, generally well made atmospheric pieces.
    It ditched everything bad that was to be seen in previous episodes: Terrible acting, cringeworthy dialogue, b-movie level editing and filmmaking.
    And brought something new to the table: An actual pace… damn, this was probably the first time I even cared about the case, felt some kind of a progress, focus and vision.
    The orgy scene was pretty freaking neat, however I do have one (maybe silly) criticism: That is not how MDMA works. I know it made for a neat scene and that the panic attack was caused more by the “unicorn in woods” callback, but vomiting, not remembering and all the other stuff was a bit distracting to someone who likes to read up on drugs. But hey, I am willing to give it a pass because it looked pretty awesome.

    The 7th episode was pretty much less of the same – well made, somewhat interesting piece that moved the plot forward and brought us closer to the resolution. It’s a damn fucking shame that they reached current level this late. I am still rather surprised that all the secondary characters still have a place and a reason to be in the show; not sure if that is a sign of a clever writing, but that is one thing that will most likely stand out to me about this season.

    – “Everything is fucking.” I think that this line came straight from the HBO brainstorming session about a new station motto.
    – It shows how much the show failed in some aspects, when the final cliffhanger leaves you with a feeling of :”Oh. Okay.”
    – These two episodes made me feel like re-watching the whole thing will be worth it just to see whether this schlock works better when completed and when audience know, what are they getting into.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Apparently the final episode is gonna be 90 minutes long. It better carry the momentum of these last two episodes and not the first 5.

  • tOmy`

    I am kinda looking forward now. I really thought that after episode 5, I will just give up and finish it next year.

  • My ex wife

    She probably just meant you. I bet she thinks we are a bad influence on you and that you shouldn’t hang around with people like us!

  • My ex wife

    This is the way the comment end. Not with a bang but a whimper. – E.T Elliott

  • dollar store cashier wife

    is he hugging a giant black dick?

  • Drakkenmensch

    At 1:39, I believe we have the genesis of the “Rich falling down and hurting himself” running gag!!!

  • yonderTheGreat

    No, it’s a US Army Flack Jacket.
    Ask Jack.


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