Feeding Frenzy (2010)

A mysterious old man named Mr. Plinkett is keeping a deep dark secret locked away in the basement of a small-town hardware store: vicious, flesh-eating creatures with a mysterious past. Once these creatures escape, all hell breaks loose and it’s up to Jesse, an incompetent hardware store employee, to stop them from turning the town into a feeding frenzy! FEEDING FRENZY is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the rubber puppet monster movies of the 1980’s such as CRITTERS, GHOULIES and every other low-budget film that ripped off GREMLINS.


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  • Palpatine


  • This movie might be scary. But, if I buy it, I will be buying it on the off chance that Ms. Gillian B. does some 80s style boob-exposing, sexy-and-then-killed action. However, I’m sure that doesn’t happen, and instead I’ll see fake blood and Rich Evans screaming. That’s not nearly as appetizing as Gillian doing sexy stuff. Hell, even if Mike does sexy stuff, I’ll buy it.

  • AKsubplot

    Bought it. Loved it. Watched it with all my friends! Keep up the great work, really looking forward to Space Cop!

  • I might respect you hipster douchebags if you actually knew how to direct.

    Your films are terrible. Worse than anything Lucas ever did.

    And yes, Lucas cannot write.

    But neither can you.

    Sci-fi channel movies are better written.

  • Ayal Beeri

    Oh God, what did I just watch? This movie wasn’t thinking for me as much as I’m used to. I actually had to think about stuff for the first time in like… Three years! Aaww, my brain hurts.

  • DeColonise

    Thank you guys for making me entertained a friday evening with a bunch of friends. Your critters premisse is exellent.

  • TapewormBike

    Yeah. I think you might have a brain tumour..

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard

    Eighteen. Another winner.

  • Pete Zarrol

    Just watched this last night. Great stuff, especially to tie together some of those loose ends regarding Mr Plinkett (the wife… the son…) Going to watch with the commentary tonight.

  • I very seriously doubt your statement. What have you created?

  • Jaymz

    What have they created? Feeding Frenzy. With the amount of criticism that these hipster douchebags have given to movies like Star Trek Nemesis, Avatar, Christopher Nolan movies, just about anything covered in Half in the Bag (and yes, the “Damn, these could have been done much better” Star Wars Prequels), you would think that after all of that criticism, when given the chance to make a feature film or short movie of their own, these ex-film students would write a story that would be a do all/end all of movies. A movie, with a well put together storyline; the likes of which would be a statement to Hollywood, like, “There you go, Hollywood! That’s how you tell a story.”

    Red Letter Media, with their advertisement revenue (while bitching about product placement in motion pictures), having friends who own Grip and Lighting equipment and plenty of resources and willing bodies to crew up, not to mention their extensive knowledge of Citizen Kane, in the end, all they have to give to the world are bullshit, critique-free, purposely shit-made b-movies. All so that they can pat each other’s pretentious asses and smile at one another without calling it homo-eroticism.

    Maybe one day, when some friends and I, or somebody else, has the time and desire to put forth the effort, one of us out here will review some of the Red Letter Media movies, like “Feeding Frenzy”, or their fucking awful 48 Hour Film Festival entry, using the same kind of microscope that these j.asses whip out to scrutinize all of the movies that they review.

    Red Letter Media, please put your money where your mouth is and make a real movie. If you guys are so damn smart and know what’s wrong with Hollywood, stop bitching about it; do something right and make a smart movie.

  • Guest

    Oh wait. Thank you, AKsubplot,

    Prometheus sucked, right? But don’t worry, Space Cop is coming soon.

    Hopefully you didn’t hire Ridley Scott’s twelve year old son do the make up.

  • In your eyes, they will never make a real movie. Fact is, they don’t care about entertaining you, nor anyone else for that matter. They make movies because they love them. They use the kind of language and violence that they see fit, without worrying about a ratings system. And to me, although I don’t agree with everything they do, I admire them and their talent, which is something you clearly don’t have.

    You can talk and write about making movies all you want, but you still haven’t made them. Therefore, you must lack passion. Otherwise you wouldn’t wait to make them. This reminds me of a no talent hack George Lucas who also stated he wanted to make many films. Yet, he never made them. Maybe because he wanted them to be perfect, which is insane and impossible.

  • Let’s see how you use make up..all talk.

  • Jaymz

    Oddly enough, Tree Rock, that’s precisely what I’m saying to RLM. Go youtube their “Half in the Bag – Prometheus Review.” Watch the first 2 minutes of their sarcasm, then you’ll understand my last comment.

  • Okay, so you are not bashing RLM? You just want to see them make a serious A grade movie? Well, I bet that is RLM’s long term goal. But, first of all, they will need funding to create this kind of movie. The Patreon campaign was created for raising funds, and they are doing well with that strategy. Once they have the funding, they will be able to do more.

  • Jaymz

    Your earlier argument turned personal, without knowing me, or what I’m currently doing, and that’s fine.

    I would like to ask you, when you talk about the talent of RLM that you admire, I am honestly interested in what that is? Tell me what movie of theirs that you admire most?

    And I’m being serious with you, there’s no sarcastic bitching match that’s going to happen from me to you.

    Do you watch their review and how they shit on film makers? “Hack” is a hack term, by the way. I think I’ve heard Christopher Nolan referred to as a “no talent hack” and that’s straight bullshit, if you want to get serious for a moment.

    I don’t think you get the point that I’m trying to make. There are countless internet people who review movies, wanting to be the likes of a modern day Siskel and Ebert. Then there are indie-movie makers who are making their own mark in film media.

    RLM is both. But when they want to compare storytelling of modern day cinema, be it Transformers, the Amazing Spiderman movies, Star Trek, or Episode 3 and compare that to Citizen Kane(??), there is no comparison.

    Watch their movie reviews first, so that we’re on the same page; then continue your argument with me, if you like. But use reference to the point I’m making, right now, in this comment:

    If these guys are going to be so brash as to shit on other people’s movies and analyze them as intensely as they do, while, themselves, being film makers, why is it that when they have the opportunity to make a movie of their own, they don’t incorporate their knowledge and resources to make a movie with original characters, using the same kind of story arcs, cinematography and direction that they claim are so absent from the movies they critique?

    Art is subjective. But if one calls themselves an artist in addition to being a critic (and everyone’s a critic), then your art should hold testament to what you preach.

    These guys don’t have to write and produce “The Godfather”, but if they can take whatever resources they have access to and make, even a short film, that has a thought provoking idea and all of the elements that they bitch about being so needed in cinema today, and make a piece of work to say, “There. It’s small, not a big budget, but it tells a solid, creative story and was shot the best I could do, with all of our knowledge.”

    I would respect that.

    Lloyd Kaufman never pretentiously wrote an article about how Superman 4 missed it’s mark, and could have been more like 2001: A Space Odyssey, if it had just done “this…”, or “this…”, only to turn around and put out The Toxic Avenger Part 2.

    And Lloyd Kaufman is cool at what he does.

  • I haven’t seen their movies because I don’t care for their content. However, they use their craft everyday making movie reviews, spoofs, skits, and commentaries.

    If you know anything about making movies, you should know it takes an enormous amount of talent and time. These guys edit audio and video well. They mix music and sound effects well. I can’t speak for their movies, but judging from their Half in the Bag reviews, they seem to know how to light scenes properly. And, if you wanna talk about camera shots, Jay is known for hating shaky cam. His camera work is easy on my eyes, unlike most of Hollywood films. RLM makes props, builds sets, and draws concept art (aka Rich Evens). Also, Jay has knowledge and experience in handling a budget and crew.

    As to their writing abilities, I will agree it is one of their main weaknesses — profanities, shock value, and gore is a proof of that. But, like I said, it is their company, and they can make whatever movie using whatever content they want.

    Yes, I also agree it is easy to analyze and criticize someone else’s movies. However, making it a form of entertainment is not easy. They don’t rant on movies like most people do. They take time and effort in pointing out the good and bad in lighting, cuts, shots, timing, pacing, plot, dialogue, acting, music, sound, special effects…etc.

    As to their acting, I’ve seen them improve over the years. They have gained confidence and are improving with time.

    As for your project, I hope you do make an intelligent movie. But, since you don’t understand why I admire RLM and had to ask why, I have my doubts. In my opinion, you should at least know the basics of making movies before attempting to make one.

  • Randall Flagg

    Holy crap! I love this movie!
    Also, I saw that only Mike has his picture up on IMDB.
    Considering that there are exactly ZERO quotes on the Feeding Frenzy IMDB page, I will now begin posting quotes from this movie on there.
    If Jay and Rich don’t have pictures of their mugs on their IMDB pages soon, I’ll continue posting quotes!
    Blackmail! I love it!!

  • mmp

    “Do you watch their review and how they shit on film makers? “Hack” is a
    hack term, by the way. I think I’ve heard Christopher Nolan referred to
    as a “no talent hack” and that’s straight bullshit, if you want to get
    serious for a moment.”

    That’s not true at all.

  • shane willett

    this looks great… Trauma look out !

  • shane willett

    Redletter is the Trauma of Chicago – plus Chicago has Sphenghoulie ..

  • Grackene

    ooh I went to buy the DVD just now, and it says the papal account is invalid. Is the DVD not for sale anymore? 🙁

  • Homo Demons

    No you can still send money to the Pope

  • TheJanitor

    Unfortunately you entirely miss the mark here ma’am/sir. RLM makes indie super low budget films. They critique corporate multi-million dollar budget films.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Mad cause bad.

  • Alex Three

    Yall should release this shit on amazon instant video so’s I can watch it on mah tv.

  • Tim Brawn

    Not available on DVD anymore? That’s bull

  • alex cutter

    This should really be a free download, with the option to purchase afterwards.

  • Luke

    Love you guys but not really worth it without commentary track.

  • Ethan Evans

    Make the commentary available you hack frauds!


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