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A mysterious old man named Mr. Plinkett is keeping a deep dark secret locked away in the basement of a small-town hardware store: vicious, flesh-eating creatures with a mysterious past. Once these creatures escape, all hell breaks loose and it’s up to Jesse, an incompetent hardware store employee, to stop them from turning the town into a feeding frenzy! FEEDING FRENZY is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the rubber puppet monster movies of the 1980’s such as CRITTERS, GHOULIES and every other low-budget film that ripped off GREMLINS.

The Recovered” is an atmospheric horror film starring b-movie queen Tina Krause (Bloodletting, Vampire Seduction) as a woman returning to her hometown after fifteen years to make preparations for her estranged mother’s funeral, only to be haunted by long-repressed memories of a childhood horror.

In the tradition of SOUTH PARK comes the harrowing tale of Professor Charles Sunkyst and his fateful encounter with the diabolical Dr. Eggplant. After a mission in Bananastan to rescue the president, Sunkyst returns to teaching his class on advanced particle physics at the nearby university. But Dr. Eggplant lusts for revenge and slips onto campus to become involved in the annual science fair! During the violence and adventure that ensues, Sunkyst and his students must rally together to thwart Eggplant’s evil plot!

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  • mrsjane

    Hello! I wanted to comment on “The Recovered” film. I thought that the story was well written, the suspense was believable in every way and it felt like a great horror film. I watched it last night, and found it very fitting to this time of year. The effects you worked with were well displayed. I was drawn into this movie from the beginning right to the very end. The characters were well relatable, and well acted. I hope to see more movies from this site in the future! You guys always have great ideas with what to do, I love being suprised to find new things on this website!

  • Duckler

    “The Recovered” makes “Gorilla Interrupted” look like some other feature length film listed above..

  • RRB

    Really enjoyed all the films, was surprised by “The Recovered”
    for its slow burning nature, the restraint shown and the fucking creepy
    torture scene!
    “Gorilla Interrupted” is a crazy, unhinged, early days lighting in a bottle type film with all the schlock you could hope for!
    “Feeding Frenzy” is a well made, fun, alternative comedy with great amounts of goof, goop and gore!
    you love RLM and everyone involved the films are a excellent extension
    of unfiltered awesome that cant be found elsewhere and the documentary
    “how not to make a movie” will give you a personal in to the ups and
    downs of being independent and a lovely look at the younger versions of
    our favourite hack frauds, from shy, witty and sexy Mike to white men
    cant jump Jay to alternative universe Oscar winner Rich Evans, its a
    great experience that was well worth the dollar pounds!

  • Jake Thomas

    Is there any way to find out when you will screen Space Cop in Los Angeles? I’d love to attend


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