Feeding Frenzy now available for digital download!

June 13, 201229 Comments

Red Letter Media’s feature film Feeding Frenzy is now available for digital download! At long last we’ve entered the modern age! This is also the first time the movie’s been available in HD. Head on over to the STORE PAGE for more info.

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  • Why don’t you put it in the “App-Only Videos” section of your app? Kind of sucks the only “App-Only” video I get is the intro video for the app.

  • Guest

     Why don’t they put their feature film as an “app only video?” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess because it’s a FEATURE FILM.

  • When’s the Plinkett’s review for Feeding Frenzy?

  • No

    who cares, give us another plinkett review

  • Please make a remastered edition sometime like George Lucas

  • Bill Walsh

     So? As an app carrier I get the chance to watch it through the app. If I want a feature film experience I have to buy the dvd or the digital download. That’s the trade off, what are you retarded?

  • Guest


  • Nice

    Create controversy with Prometheus review. Get people talking and coming back… release digital DL.

    Good job.;-)

    /tips hat

  • redletterjay

    I wish we were smart enough to create that kind of “controversy” and timing on purpose.

  • Nice

    Jay, I am now going to masturbate as you replied to me and I now feel like an important person. The exhilaration makes my nipples hard.

    To everyone else, buy this movie to help out the the Red Letter Media crew as they keep us entertained and the movie is pretty fun.

    It also has one of the best DVD menu screens ever released but that’s probably not on the download version because Red Letter Media is assholes.


     So how about you fat lazy fucks get to work on releasing
    that quigley plinkett review instead of this stupid eating fried chicken
    and moving scenery around bullshit that nobody gives a fuck about. And where the fuck is my pizza roll again?

  • Stollberg

    Are you never going to do another Plinkett review?

  • Why do I get the feeling we’re NEVER gonna get that Plinkett Review for “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” with Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Betty White, like we were never promised. Mother fucker.

  • adw

    Just bought it last evening and enjoyed the hell out of it, especially since in 720p you can clearly see the cover for Death List in every other scene (but boohoo if Adam Sandler does it with hemorrhoid cream :P)

    My favorite scenes so far:
    – Plinkett telling Jesse to go get the surveillance tape from the basement in which he also keeps his big secret because he can’t go there himself because he is a cripple.
    – Christine saying “I see that this is important and all, since my friend could be in real trouble, but I don’t wanna talk to you right now so meet at my place when it’s nighttime”
    – Mike Hilton forgetting his accent

    It was surprisingly well executed, with almost perfect timing (both acting and editing) when it mattered, which is crucial for good comedy that isn’t quite slapstick yet.

    It’s a movie that I liked for seeing that people struggled making it (not retarded-struggle, but putting in a lot of effort-struggle). Of course you never lose yourself in a vast visual effects, but you realize how movies come together and why bad movies are bad movies.

    This is why I watch Half in the Bag, and I am glad that Feeding Frenzy lived up to my expectations.

    That said: I like the fact that it was in HD, and you should really think about re-shooting some of the scenes in front of a Green screen and make the Goblins CGI like it was your vision from the start. And there really should be a 20min scene with stuff exploding. You figure out why, I don’t care.

  • Bill Walsh

     This shit ain’t Citizen Kane.

  • Guest

    store link not working


    About fucking time.

  • cole1114

    I didn’t even know you guys knew how to internet, let alone reply to comments. Very very interdasting

  • Duke

    I’m curious as to how you came up with $7 as the digital download price. Surely someone who would pay $7 would pay $8 or $9, right? Or am I missing some extensive market research that you have completed.

  • Harv

    Mike, you should watch the movie “Primer”.  It’s a fine example of a low budget independent film made by a tiny crew- – plus, it’s slow, boring, technical science fiction, and involves time travel.

  • Spagodo

    Yay…. buying stuff makes me feel less bad about blocking all the horrible ads during Half in the Bag

  • ouij


  • Ge’ust

    How about an update, you all okaaaaaaay? Plinkett hasn’t murdered you two yet has he? Guys?…

  • As someone who has already brought the dvd, will be be entitled to download this version for free?

  • Ikindalikeyouguys

    Jesus Christ my ghostery and disconect.me addons block more shit from your site than a porn website, which is saying something. Why do you need so much of my personal data? Anyway, update your reviews please, I’ll even watch your ads! XOXO

  • jEN

    DRM-free, I presume?

  • S. Lapniewski

    Finally, I can f!#king watch this f!#king movie in f!#king Poland! Thanks a f!#king million, guys!

  • adw

    use tor

  • Navon Sensei

    How do I get to download it after the purchase and payment? Do I get a mail with a download link in time?

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