Fake Plinkett Orders His Prescriptions

July 16, 201278 Comments

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  • who’s fucking with my medicine?

  • snt


  • Not exactly obtainable through a pharmacy, but don’t forget your six blue-canned “fast kill, low irritant” cans of Raid!

  • redgauntlet

    Whatever happened to Nadine? She was fit.

  • asds

    “Second”? Really?

  • First! Also, nice radio.

  • konet

    Fake Plinkett is ballin out of control.

  • Where Twilight Review?!?!?!?

  • I’ve grown to like “Fake Plinkett”, even though Mike’s rendition will always be the true Plinkett, for me.

  • solidd

    The number of the post office is: 254-9356.

  • georgesiv

    how long they are goign to keep teasing us with these

  • jimmy sparks

    Until the comments read like a page from 50 shades of grey.

  • Joshua W.

    The best part of waking up is acid in your cuuup

  • Jimmy

    I work in a postal outlet inside a pharmacy, and this is my life.

  • Areola Pharmacy

    Mr. Plinkett,

    We regret to inform you that you have exceeded the monthly amount of Berfrimpton (TM) recommended by your physician. Regrettably, your HMO has also informed us that they will no longer cover your Berfrimpton prescription as of today. We are sorry that we can no longer help you…

    On a personal note, there are presently two men in a hatchback driving around the city with a glove compartment full of the stuff. Perhaps they can be of assistance. We haven’t heard from them in a number of weeks, but as soon as we do we will give you a call.

    Best wishes,
    E. “Ian” Palpatine

  • lmao.. didn’t see that ending comming 😉

  • Sydney

    This is great and all, but where’s the review? D:

  • Sounds like Rich has really been trying to emulate Mike’s Plinkett voice. Maybe the two of you will converge into one persona soon?

  • 17R3W

    As someone who works at a call centre, I laughed very loudly at “I hit numbers on the phone …. You mean I have to hit the right ones? Fuck you!”

    I have that conversation atleast once a day.

  • I love BOTH Plinketts!

  • From Gromly

    Mike’s voice + Rich’s faaaaaaace = perfect Plinkett in my opinion. Also, I can’t wait for new Plinkett! I’m thinking it will be either the Twilight series of the Bourn Identity series… What do you think?

  • I think fake plinkette would look fucking heroic as a Nazi military official like an military officer or general with his hair always wet looking and hairstyle like leon s. kennedys from resident evil 4! …Just saying, and if he played it serious? That one make for one hell of a dramatic movie!

  • C.G.

    You guys gotta get Fake Plinkett into a pair of deer antlers sometime… no idea how you will work it in, but that’s your speciality 🙂

    Otherwise, this clip would have been better if it was shorter: 1 min to 1 min 30 sec max… valid message and funny idea… just 30% too long.

  • Infy

    I look at RLM’s old short films and look at their quality now and shed a tear at how much their equipment has improved.


  • Absolutely. I enjoy both the light-hearted Plinkett of the “half in the bag” as well as the “review” Plinkett… For me, Plinkett will always be a character with many personalities

  • ebag

    I don’t know about you guys, but I always think of him as Plinkett’s Brother…

  • Much like how Alex Philippe can differentiate between a serious Darth Vader as seen in the original trilogy and the goofy pop culture Vader, I too can differentiate between the psychotic, senile Plinkett and the guy posing as Plinkett. Both are enjoyable, but it would have been better to never show Plinkett as a person in the Half in the Bag episodes to make him scarier and more mysterious. Kind of like a movie monster.

  • Don’t get me wrong, this was funny, but was this what the last video was alluding too? something was coming soon that wasn’t Half In The Bag? Because, wow, i’m really disappointed if it was.


  • Shazz

    ….okay I actually really like this interpretation.

  • Just make another fucking review. Don’t do this stupid LittleKuriboh shit.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Can you guys do a contest where first prize is a set of steak knives and second prize is getting to watch a movie with Rich and Jay and Mike?

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • *fart noises*

    Why don’t you write a message on a piece of paper tie it to a brick and throw it through Plinket’s window.

    You crybaby.

  • *fart noises*

    When did you grow a critics tumor on your testicales?

  • *fart noises*

    Until you cumm all over your computer screen.

  • *fart noises*

    They will converge…into your anus.

  • *fart noises*

    There’s is no difference.It’s all one person.He appears in Half in the Bag when he’s sufficientlly medicated and when he’s off his meds he tranforms into review Plinkett.Hence “Who’s fucking with my medicine” exclamation.

    Fuck the spelling.

  • *fart noises*

    Jay should play Plinkett atleast once just to fuck with all the idiot children complaining about fake Plinkett.Or do a couple of episodes with different plinkett every time.
    Start with a black dude.
    Oh sorry.
    African american gentleman.

    And then a chink broad.

  • *fart noises*

    Up your a-hole.

  • In the future, maybe don’t tease a new Plinkett review (or other content, for that matter) so far in advance. It’s kind of annoying to come back and see nothing new.

  • Robby

    All of those medications sounded exactly the same.

  • *fart noises*

    I approve of deer antlers idea.
    Also he should be in his undergarments.

    I just jizzed on my keyboard.

  • Ballsacklord

    Both plinketts rule my balls, you suck hymen if you think otherwise

  • Boggerman

    I assumed they were related somehow.

  • guest

    They’ve always put out a teaser a few months in advance of a review. Then they usually make another video announcing the new review is up.

    In the future, maybe you shouldn’t get so worked up over a review on the internet.

  • I can’t believe I just saw that… and was thoroughly entertained… o_O

  • UNF

    Very unfunny effort – Mr Plinkett, please gas your scriptwriters with RAID and pay the hookers some Pizza-Rolls to produce actually humourous material.

  • Teegan

    There’s some really odd choices of medication there. Gabazine is an experimental drug that *causes* convulsions, for one. 🙂

  • DrClown

    but Rich-Plinkett came first…

  • Like Wise

    “Them old folks sucking up all our healthcare money”

    BTW, I’m confused on the whole “Fake” and “Real” Plinkett thing. Isn’t it more like a inverted schizophrenia of sorts? Plinkett is Plinkett, like a fleeting narrative that casts a shadow over a piss stained mattress in a convalescent center.

  • It almost makes sense until you remember “The Revenge of Nadine.” I think of “real” Plinket as being Plinket’s POV while “fake” is how he appears to others. As far as the voice goes, you’ve doubtless noticed how weird recordings of your own voice sound? Same thing here. “Real” Plinket is how he sounds to himself, “fake” is how he sounds to others.

  • I bet they made this just to prank all the people (like me) who’ve been checking for updates every day since “Rise of the Plinket.”

  • Guest

    Just saying.

  • Andrew

    I started listening to the long list of medicines thinking “There has to be a payoff to this at the end. It’s RLM, after all!” I was right. I appreciate RLM’s little videos between reviews (except for the utterly boring and strange “Mike and Jay eat fried chicken”- I want that part of my life back).

    IMHO, Real and Fake Plinkett are different people- Mike even said in an interview that they are different characters. Fake Plinkett is way too senile, has no DVD player, and is no killer- real Plinkett would probably have buried Mike and Jay in his yard after figuring out their scam. If anything, they’re distant cousins, or just two people with the same last name.

  • Would love to see RLM/Plinkett and the Angry Video Game Nerd do something together…Please!!! You are my 2 all time favorite internet cinema reviewers, and can’t forget funny as fuck.

  • HurpDerp

    Plinkett is supposed to be like 100+ years old right? Couldn’t you guys dye Rich’s hair white or at least put an old man wig on him??

  • I said “it’s kind of annoying”, not POST THE GODDAMN REVIEW OR I’LL KILL MYSELF! …though the thought had crossed my mind…

  • bigolbastard37


  • boo

    Oh hello, 12 year old.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Oh, and more Game Station 2.0, please.

  • Guest

    Wait THAT was the best take you got out of him?

  • Cool radio.

  • Did he just read off the inventory of half of a drugstore?

  • NGsucho

    i found a glimpse of plinkett’s first retirement job as a hollywood cat wrangler


  • Faddlechud

    percocet… dercocet… mercocet…

  • Russell Watters

    Fake Plinkett is getting better and better!

  • James Hanson


    Low K+
    Mania / Agitation
    High Cholesterol
    Leg Ulcers

    And some other stuff its harder to more specific for. plenty of analgesia and antibiotics….

    Im curious to know how they came up with the list

  • Robert

    I want a Mr Plinkett review of Rob Zombies Halloween 2. That movie done to horror films what Episode 1 through 3 did to Star Wars. It lowered the quality of an entire franchise. Just a friendly request from something I’d like to see in October while giving you time to do some homework and review the series to see why us fans were so disappointed. Trust me, this will not be a hard review. Even as a segway you could do a mini review (maybe a part 1 of what will ultimately be a multi-part series of the second film) while covering the entirety of the second. The other 2 parts could consist of how they took iconic characters and turned them to shit (such as Dr Loomis in the first, and in the second Doctor Loomis, Hobo Michael Myers, and Laurie Strode. Also the protagonist paradigm of how in the original movies the protagonists were Dr Loomis and Laurie Strode, but the second I would best guess say it was Sheriff Brackett, or even the entire Haddonfield police department.) Then, in the second part list the inconsistencies between the first and the second movies. From small ones like why does Michael Meyers in the first goes from childhood into adulthood usually always wearing a mask, and now the character spends most of the movie outside a mask, to the fact that the mother wants Michael Myers to kill Laurie, which is completely outside her “loving mother” attitude of the first movie. There’s so much more, but I figure I’d give you that.

  • RoeCocoa

    I recognized most of the names from drug adverts on daytime TV. My personal canon: Plinkett doesn’t have any prescriptions, he just orders whatever sounds good to him.

  • cole.c

    twlight ?
    to easy
    bourne ?
    not bad or good enough
    in a plinkett review, mike needs something to really analize and talk about i think it will be the matrix sequels

  • cole.c

    but what about “harry’s next review”
    in that one their two seperate people

  • Mrs. Slaghoople

    You spelled Caulfield wrong.

  • m0rdac

    So Now Rich is officially “Fake Plinkett”. Wasn’t Rich the original plinkett? Is Rich being edged out???

  • Cameron Vale

    It makes sense since one of his earlier appearances established a ‘Plinkett family’ of sorts, and of course in the ‘Jack And Jill’ video he is shown to have a twin sister.

  • (Insert Penis Here)

    That’s not the first time you’ve said that is it…

  • Duckler

    I know he’s fake BECAUSE I SOLD HIM TO YOU!

  • joey

    I really love Evans strong emphasis on social commentary !! Without him RLM would have sold their last bit of class to satan and hookers…

  • fred

    There’s layers to this shit.

  • TheHutprancer

    It’s so dense. Every single image has so many things going on.

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