Doc of the Dead Teaser Trailer

October 24, 201252 Comments

Here’s the first trailer for Doc of the Dead, the zombie documentary from Alexandre Philippe that we’ll be shooting some Mr. Plinkett segments for. If you’re not familiar with Doc of the Dead, you can go to their website at


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  • Admiral Bone To Pick

    Now I want to watch a zombie movie starring Harry S Plinkett.

    • redletterjay

      That’s basically what our segments of the movie will be.

      • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

        It’s gonna be great.

        • Strawberry Stallion

          It’s gonna be great.

        • Hairy Ass Plinket

          Gonna be great.
          I was watching an episode of Inside the Actors Studio.The guest was Harrison Ford and when he anwsered a question about then still not made Indiana Jones 4 with “It’s gonna be great” I died laughing.

          • jackinthesphere

            It’s gonna be great

            -anonymous star trek ensign on the upcoming away mission

      • Captain Nerfarious

        Every scene with Plinkett is so dense.

      • Assnaldo

        the engineers want to turn us into the living dead? why?

        • Wat?


      • JAIDSBauman

        Jay, I love you buddy but your profile pic looks like AIDS. As in, the entire disease.

  • RLMFan

    Aw man, when I saw loading I thought it was an episode of Half in the Bag. I’m assuming a Halloween themed Half in the Bag episode is being released next week. Looking forward to it, ’cause I love Half in the Bag. Won’t lose me as a fan just because of extremely long waits in between episodes.

    • LiefeldRules

      are you done sucking their balls now?

      • RLMFan

        Of course not. For one, I really do love Half in the Bag (which is why it was disappointing to see that it’s been 18 days and they still haven’t returned to HitB, even though the Twitter feed made it sound like it was done days ago).

        For two, I can’t really complain about free entertainment, especially considering I don’t donate or watch the ads. Basically, trying to quietly voice disappointment without seeming like a dick.

        • LiefeldRules

          just screwing with you man. One thing I like about this site is you can say profane stuff and they don’t delete your comments

          • q

            Sometimes they do.Depends on the context.

          • Testing That Theory

            Fuck! Cock! Balls! Shit! Piss! Barbra Striesand!

          • q

            Like stated above,depends on the context.I doubt they mind tourette’s.

          • Moneybags

            I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message

        • FLMFanLOL69

          How is this not RLM performing some weird, dark, ironic auto-fellatio? I think I prefer that theory to some bizarre obsessed fan.

  • Terrible Steed

    seriously 2014! Man, I can’t wait that long :)

  • Anon

    How are you frauds going to keep whoring out Plinkett without ever putting out another Plinkett review? Damn you all! (jk, ilu)

    • JK

      I do know that you love me.

  • Plinkett for President

    Zombies jumped the shark years ago. They are almost as douchey as vampires.

    • JM

      But less sparkly.

    • Leto_Atreides

      I don’t know if they “jumped the shark”, but they have certainly become ridiculously popular. Who would have believed years ago that gun manufacturers and outdoor store would sell “zombie survival” guns and merchandise. It’s getting a bit out of hand.

      • Hairy Ass Plinket

        God bless America.

      • TheSpiceMustFlow

        Fear is the mind killer.

    • everythingspolitical?

      Zombie sharks.That’s a concept.

    • decora

      Recently heard an amazing inteview with Henry Winkler. His entire extended family died in the holocaust. Then his parents came to America and he became a successful working actor, writer, etc, not just on Happy Days, but also with appearances on Robot Chicken, South Park, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, the Larry Sanders Show, The Practice, Law and Order, and a bunch of other stuff that would make many people’s lives complete just to be on one of those. If thats what jumping the shark means, then give me a shark and some skis right now.

  • playdude92

    Are there Zombies in this movie?

  • Leo Ladenson

    A little Plinkett leavens the whole lump.

  • me and my cat

    We don’t care. Give us what we want, another Plinkett review, or at least douchbags from Half in the Bag.

  • Thinginthemouthface

    Harry S. Plinkett’s misogynistic ramblings to a zombie hooker (possibly the victim of RAID Fast Kill Low Irritant?) during an ongoing zombie apocalypse will be such a refreshing change from the modern rage zombie shaky cam films.

  • Matias

    Man, Romero should really brush his teeth more often.

    • Malbongo

      It is not just lack of proper brushing. There are centuries of cigarette there.

  • Mynock

    Looks cool. Now remind me xmas 2013 or early 2014 as it’s much too early to give any of my precious shits…

  • masterdebater

    Doc of the dead sounds like a movie about a zombie doctor,a doctor for zombies or an actual zombie with a PhD.

    • bananna hammock

      I’d buy that for a dollar.

      • The Dick In Dichotomy

        Paramount would want 18 from you.. plus tax.

  • Rick Rickerson

    2014? What the hell is going to take them that long to make it?

    • q

      Zombie outbreak.It’s going to happen.Soon.Check your Mayan calender.

    • guest

      Here’s the funny thing about movies: you have to actually make them. They don’t just magically appear.

  • planet-ex

    Ghostbusters theme swelling…… ANNNNND….who you gonna call……*EXCITEMENT* ….ah fuck you -.-

    Great review guys!

  • shogunmaster

    2014?!!? The end of the world is 2 months away and we don’t get to see the documentary of how to deal with it until 2014?!?!

  • teaser

    Can’t wait, the Plinkett part teaser looks great

  • babyjew

    Note to self: Do not throw delicious pizza rolls at zombies…….it just pisses them off.

  • Ragism

    Disney bought LucasFilm! Episode VII is coming!

    But now for the good news:

  • Pete Zaroll

    2014? Jeez, how long does it take?

  • jackwagon

    I don’t care what y’all think, this trailer was sexy.

    • dollar store cashier wife

      necrophilia ftw

  • Shitbird

    Every image is just so dense, there’s just so much going on.

  • ThomasHFoolery

    Somehow i just discovered this. Cant wait and glad i didnt have to anticipate it for a year and a half

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