Did Red Letter Media Invent Slenderman?

June 15, 2017109 Comments

Mike and Jay recently saw the HBO Documentary Beware the Slenderman and noticed some odd coincidental similarities between the Slenderman myth and their own character from an older film they made.

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  • Murray Lothian

    Creepy-fettuccine for everyone!

  • John Luck Pickerd

    I know it BECAUSE I SOLD IT TO YOU!!!

  • DeL Keyes

    And in five years, they’ll tell us not to recommend Space Cop because it’s a piece of shit.

  • Bigfoot. Aliens.

  • Chomiq

    Whoever did that poster was a hack fraud – “Directed by Jay Bauman and Mikestoklasa”. It’s missing space!

  • I will say one thing – I have ALWAYS gotten down on the “creepypasta” fad since my 4chan-dwelling friend used to send me some and be like “ignore the grammar problems, think about the ideas” – and I was just like uh no – I can’t ignore grammar problems – it just points out to me that if there are interesting ideas in their short stories – and that’s what I’m calling them, fucking short stories (cannibalized ones at that) – that there are probably a whole fucking mess of ideas stolen from different sources. So it wasn’t important to me if some idiot who never graduated past an 8th grade writing mentality had interesting ideas in his fanfic stories, because they probably weren’t his. Dear internet: you’re all hackfrauds.

  • Ret Marut

    Hey Jay, did that guy flick matches at the girl? Just wondering.

  • SenorApplesauce

    I always figured it was ripped off from some X-files plot or character.

  • rov4416444

    Wait, you can’t sit there and tell us not to watch the movie, hint that there’s a big plot twist, then NOT SAY WHAT THE TWIST IS.

  • I.McHunt

    JAY: “I really like this movie”.
    MIKE: “I hated it”
    JAY: “Me too.”

  • Micha

    Considering the amount of great thinkers with dyslexia you probably are limiting your life a lot when you shut down other people because of spelling and gramma to boost your ego.

    To keep this at a context of entertainment and movies just look up Mohamed Ali and Steven Spielberg.

  • Brian Levine

    Oh my god…I’m FREAKING OUT!

  • I knew someone was going to say that and here is my response: it’s not JUST about grammar. I’m the type of person to use a lot of slang. I spell things the way I mean them, sometimes the way they sound – so it’s not really JUST that. That’s just the first red flag of many. The rest is like.. run-on sentences, fragments, catastrophic structural issues, the whole thing being stupid… here’s what I think: if someone was a self-respecting author of interesting short horror stories, they should not be classifying it as “creepypasta” and throwing it on some short story collaboration site – it’s like pissing in a sea of piss. And if you’re throwing it out there for people to see, the least you could do is look it over so it isn’t off-putting right off the bat or confusing. This has nothing to do with my ego – I am not a writer. I just not interested in immature internet short stories. The kinds of things I read (and this was years ago, granted) were written and structured in the types of ways I remember people doing things back in elementary school. It just feels like dumpster-bin material. And the sad thing is, the dumpster-bin shit is what gets passed around a lot – like a Saw movie. If you’re writing shock stories about gore – okay fine not my thing. If you’re writing creepy atmospheric pieces about something like Slenderman? Okay I can get into that – but don’t bludgeon it to death like a dead horse, and don’t sell it as some sort of ominous creepy thing if it’s not. I’m sorry but amateur internet writers thusfar have just NOT been able to give me the chills – at least not with anything labeled a “Creepypasta”. I am not having a go at dyslexia or people who don’t know how to spell right, that was more a microcosm of what I’m talking about .

  • Brian Levine

    It’s also about grampar.

  • Brian Levine

    Rich Evans is almost unrecognizable as The Businessman.

  • Kyle

    Pretty much haha

  • Jones

    I spot grampar errors in ur comment. Meesa so smart. But i know u not writer so like ‘muricas say, it be water of duck tail.

  • o noes teh gramur polees got me halp dont shot bulet at me plz

  • frankelee

    That wasn’t so special.

  • Shut up, grampa. Take your pills.

  • If this is about the Mohamed thing, I’m blaming it on the guy above me. I am also terrible at separating my paragraphs so this is what you get: block text.

  • Joe Syxpac

    I think they told us that the day it was released.

  • Joe Syxpac


    Though it would be the height of irony if Rich inspired the Slenderman.

  • Rob

    The terrifying reveal that Jay doesn’t age.

  • LameSame

    When you said “I have ALWAYS gotten down on the ‘creepypasta'”, it sounded like you’re into it. As in all about that shit. Down with it. But the twist was you hate it! And so do I. It fucking sucks. Okay, bye.

  • That’s definitely not what I meant thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  • LameSame

    Yeah, he had a lot more hair back then.

  • ObeyMyBrain

    Although it was back in his Hobbit days.

  • Micha

    And we don’t waste time with love.

  • This is an expression I am unfamiliar with – so at the risk of sounding coy I’m going to list your options: 1) Explain. 2) Ignore me and claim some sort of ironically egocentric victory by letting the point “fly over my head” because I’m too dumb to get it, or 3) We could call a truce. I much prefer the latter option as I’m not a fan of getting into arguments on the internet – I probably enjoy it about as much as I enjoy internet horror shorts.

  • TheVerySpecialK

    HOBBIT JAY is evolving!


  • ikdks

    I heard that the Slenderman originally appeared on a billboard next to the word “DIE”. And then the leaves blew away and it actually said diet. and that’s what really terrified Wisconsin.

    Then Leonard Nimoy showed up and it all kinda fell apart.

  • Suits are dehumanizing status symbols that imply an uncaring but wealthy/powerful person with control over your life. The less personality or distinctiveness to the suit the more alienating it is.

    I am sure in Ancient Rome there was a boogeyman figure that wore a toga. And I am sure there have been similar non-person manifestations of the supernatural thru all cultures. Wearing something nice, and otherwise having no identity.

  • RLMkeepitup

    isn’t that a quote between mic jagger and elton john?

  • RLMkeepitup

    and wisconsin is full of cheese, that’s why mike likes it so much. schlock flavor

  • I.McHunt

    A fat person being described as slender isn’t ironic.

  • It is just a creative writing exercise. You get better with practice and an idea made of the misassembled ideas stolen from other works can mutate into something of value and substance.

    If you don’t like reading it, that is fine, but you should not be down on it as a whole. These sorts of communities act as creative outlets for people who might not otherwise have access to the teachers or support groups necessary to cultivate their aspirations as writers.

    Try to encourage people to not only write something out, but to edit their work for typos, edit their work for word use, and to edit for punchy and functional length. Don’t just tell them that they never got past 8th grade, because the reason they didn’t probably has something to do with a lack of support to begin with.

    Be better than the guy who puts down amateurs for trying. Even if you are better, even if you are good, don’t be the guy who derides other’s attempts.

  • I apologize for the remarks regarding education that’s not really where I was trying to come from – not much education in a school system as just exposure to the artform of writing to understand what does and doesn’t work. I am though, if I am to critique my approach to this, being slightly (or incredibly) hypocritical – as a creator of sound in the beginning I made garbage. And I did in fact put it out there for other people to hear. However I’m not entirely sure that was necessary and to be brutally honest I’m not sure anyone’s critique actually helped me get better – generally I mostly rejected it. That’s not to say other people’s input didn’t help, but I eventually stopped posting my stuff to general audience forums cause it wasn’t really doing anything for me. What helped more was to hold back, and to focus on what I was doing, and get input from people who’s opinions I respected. But everyone’s different, everyone learns, grows, develops and evolves differently, and in that light I didn’t mean any disrespect to anyone, and I wasn’t trying to critique anyone’s lack of education privilege, only this long-running meme-esque nature of these “creepy pastas”. In my experiences it establishes a sort of meta-brand, where you sort of know what to expect from that kind of thing. My apologies if I come off that way. When I said that I looked down upon it this is the first time in ages I’ve ever even spoken of it so don’t take this the wrong way and think I’m going out there posting short snappy reviews about people’s amateur work. I just don’t read them anymore. My snide remarks implying use of grammar being a callsign of bad writing was unnecessary and not the absolute truth of the matter at hand.

  • Papa Figo

    I bet the Slenderman is just a new take on the Sack Man

  • Smiley_ie

    And you guys ?

  • That is an excellent example of the sort of folk figure I would point to.
    What is more, his portrayals provide an excellent contrast. He is often depicted as wearing the clothing of a poor person and is hideously ugly. In contrast to the faceless and well dressed Slenderman.
    Sack Man could speak to the ills of a nation that is fearful of the downsides and pitfalls of poverty rather than the detached and inexpressive malevolence of wealth.

  • Sean Wei Collins

    I wish Creepypasta was about horror stories -_-


  • Joe Syxpac

    What the hell are you talking about?

    “Slenderman” is Rich’s pet name for his penis.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Mike sure isn’t a slender … man.
    **stares at camera**
    **slide whistle**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Creepypasta is part of the Fazoli’s Shared Universe.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Hobbit? He has a Hans Klopek look to him.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I thought he called his penis “Insert In Droid Toy”?

  • OrangeChrome

    I haven’t watched the HBO thing, or RLM’s thing yet. I will say that I’ve known of Slenderman for a long long time though. So, unless RLM’s thing is older than that, I’ll call them hack frauds. Then I’ll call the HBO thing’s people even bigger hack frauds. If however, RLM’s thing outdates all the other things, then everyone in the world are hack frauds, except RLM. We shall see.


  • Pop Culture Reference

    DB Cooper vs.

  • RiverDevil

    It’s funny. so it’s ironic — Jack

  • Joe Syxpac

    Only in his Vader persona.

  • Exidor

    Le freak, so chic!

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    so this is your way to advertise your old stuff, huh? takin the bread from HBO and tryin to sell your old “boring pile of shit”-stuff (someone called it a -quote- “Low-Budget Gem”), yes? better take care of that amazon-offering (“This movie is currently unavailable”), guys.

    (can someone please rip “theRecovered” and uploaded it to Imgur as a gif? or whatever. after that “Gem” review, I really wanna see this.)

  • Movie Wan Kenovie

    Everyone is entitled to their ppinion…
    And I happen to agree with Variant!

  • Movie Wan Kenovie

    I gotta tell you frankelee, I’ve always thought your avatar looks like a slender Mike Stoklasa. Who’s that anyway???

  • Brian Levine

    Hint at the plot twist: Jack is playing the lead character.

  • Brian Levine

    Dang whippersnapper and yer new-fangled computers. In my day we had to make up our play lists using punchcards.

  • Yosef Ayala

    (“boring pile of shit”-stuff (someone called it a -quote- “Low-Budget Gem”), yes? better take care of that amazon-offering (“This movie is currently unavailable”), guys.
    (can someone please rip “theRecovered” and uploaded it to Imgur as a gif? or whatever. after that “Gem” review, I really wanna see this.) I like this!

  • Papa Figo

    I would rather say it is about the audience. Magicians used top hats because their audience used them. That is even more valid for horror purposes. You make the monster kind of like you but not really, and the uncanny valley effect blows the fear out of proportion.

    Take the classic Grim Reaper depiction for example. A dead man rotted to the bone, an alusion to the ever present fear of death, wielding a menacing scythe, a commom farm tool, and using an ominous dark wool cloak, like most people did back in the day.

    Give it enough time and all monsters will be millenials with smartphones that steal souls and make your wifi connection lag. Forever!

  • Hank Schkorio

    Please review “What the Health” on netflix 😀

  • Lexi Express

    The similarity to horror movie trash isn’t remotely coincidental. Its the kind of writing you get from people who don’t read and get all their inspiration from film and Youtube jump scare videos.

  • “Millennials Killed Folklore”.

  • Joe

    I feel like “Betteridge’s law of headlines” applies here.

  • EJ

    I thought it was from the Fugace Gabagool universe.

    Anyway, 24 is da highest number there is. I think we can all agree on that.

  • Yep.

  • I saw the documentary on the reccomendation of this video.
    It was good.
    Not scary. Just sad.
    How many red flags do people have to see before something gets done? For fucks’ sake, the hallucinations should really have made the parents wake the fuck up.

  • Mugato

    Jeez guys, do you really have to be important that much?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Susan Powter wants me to be slender, man.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    So between Jay and Mike, which one is “sponge-worthy”?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I thought Fugace Gabagool was part of the Svengoolie Shared Universe?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Video Killed the Radio Star”

  • Pop Culture Reference

    She’s a very freaky girl … the one you don’t take home to momma!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    But Uganda’s version of Gene Shalit loved it!

  • psk

    is it me, or was it weird with Mike being on the right and Jay on the left?

  • Thanatos

    So when is Space Cop going to be on cable?

  • Thanatos

    The Olive Garden Cinematic Universe?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    The time traveling cyborg who hangs around with Deadpool?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    All these parentheses are making my eyes hurt.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Are they gonna fix those VCRs or what?

  • Casey D. Mann

    The beginning of STRANGER THINGS, when the kid is abducted, reminded me a LOT of “The Slender Man”. Kid in a barn, in the forest, can’t see the creature, etc…

  • Just when I thought slender-man couldn’t possibly be more “hack”…

  • Joe Syxpac

    It’s different, and your brain doesn’t like things that are different.

  • …Also, review Laser Mission already!

  • Bubs

    Wait wait wait, if slender man was invented in the late 2000’s, then where did Pixar get the name “Render Man” from? They’ve been using that shit since the 90’s. I always thought that was some kind of weird nerd-programmer in-joke.

    On a side note, with “Guy in a suit targeting children” not being the most original idea in the world, in that UDUCU montage, Frankenstein (tall creepy guy in a suit) hands a flower to a little girl in the woods. Did Mary Shelly invent Slenderman?!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Flenderman? The guy who does my taxes?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Laser Mission is no Laserblast.

  • Urdus

    The concept is much older. We for example know a slenderman type figure as “Bummel-luchs”. A guy/thing that walks around stealing kids. We mostly talked about him when it was stormy and the windows were shaking and sounds where coming from the roof. That was supposed to be him. He’s also known as “black man” (not in an african, skin color type sense of “black”. more like black as the devil, burned black) Probably just another proto christian remnant believe that survived the inquisition. Some old pagan god or spirit.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I thought the Illuminati did?

  • Bigfoot aliens run the illuminati.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Mark and Susan, please next review movie by my good friend Greg Sestero. It is called Beast F(r)iends. Thank you.

  • LameSame

    Ewwww, what terribly transparent self-promotion! You only get to self-promote if you can do it well, Greg! Those are the RULES, okay?

  • jimmy

    Does anyone else have a problem where the google ads, the video ones, force the scroll on the page to go down to watch them? And don’t pause or mute? I have to watch RLM stuff via youtube now.

  • alex doucet

    slender man meat

  • bernverdnardo

    Then who was phone?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I am phone?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I wouldn’t know about that. I use Adblocker.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Let’s ask these 4 shirtless dudes running if they have seen Bigfoot or DB Cooper?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Lawnmower Man consumed my brain.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Things that are different make me scared! Steve, bring me my blankie!” — President Donald Trump

  • Pop Culture Reference

    If I see too many red flags, my family and I hide in the cellar for fear that the Soviets are invading again.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    The real plot twist is this: M. Night Shyamalan is a hack fraud.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Like Tori Spelling and Gramma Moses?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “I thought Hillary Clinton did?” — Breitbart wit and/or Russian cyberhacker

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Stealing kids?
    **runs over and turns on the Black Cougar symbol**

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Did Tommy Wiseau invent method acting? Fact: Tommy tried very hard to be Johnny in movie film “The Room”. This is because of method acting. Now Jared Leto ruined method acting

  • LameSame

    Yes! Fuck that terrible writing, I say. It’s usually uninspired crap. Anyone who would scold you for such an opinion is taking it the wrong way.

  • Thanks, homie.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Not as good as a Shaq Meat Sandwich.

  • Mike Magnum

    Jared Leto Your Tearing Me Apart. Oh hi Mark.

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